It has come to my attention that some of you have elected to interpret a recent blog post in which I reflected fondly on my days with SG-1 as some sort of indirect sleight. The argument is that by praising the SG-1 team, I’m dissing anyone I didn’t happen to mention. “Why,”you may ask, “did you only talk positively about the gang who worked on SG-1? Couldn’t you have mentioned X, Y, or Z?” Yes, I suppose I could have. I suppose I also could have also mentioned warm biscuits, swim goggles, and the comedy stylings of Dane Cook. But I didn’t. Why not? Because they, like X, Y, and Z, have nothing to do with SG-1. That particular blog entry was triggered by a conversation I had with someone I worked with for seven years on Stargate SG-1. Our chat brought back some terrific memories, memories I decided to share with you. And, in so doing, I also allowed for a neat little segue into the announcement of the Amanda Tapping Q&A.

Still, I understand how one might conclude that, even though the topic of conversation was SG-1, my failure to wedge in some non-SG-1-related specifics could have been a calculated omission on my part. So, just for the record, I want to you all to rest easy knowing that, even though the following weren’t mentioned in that blog entry, I love them all nevertheless. Apologies to…

My wife

My mother

My sister

My dogs

Flight of the Conchords

The Sopranos

Cowboy Bebop

The F Word

Amadei chuao dark chocolate


Pierre Hermes Macarons

The crispy duck at Fuel Restaurant

The works of John Scalzi

The works of Joe Abercrombie

The works of Jeffrey Ford


YouTube recipe videos


Old comic books

Those really polite gophers from the Warner Bros. cartoons

Breakfast shakes comprised of almond milk, protein powder, bananas, almond butter, and frozen acai

March Madness


South Park

Pork belly

La Bomba Hot Antipasto Spread

Chocolate-covered almonds

Tuna belly nigiri

Fresh uni

Parasite sunglasses

A Christmas Story

The Princess Bride (book and movie)


Hong Kong dining

Sleeping in

Staying up late reading

The original Planet of the Apes movies

The original Three Musketeers

The Four Musketeers

Reservoir Dogs

Vosges smoked apple wood bacon truffles

Wen Chocolates bananas foster truffles

And…that’s all that comes to mind right now.

Back in the office today and the story slots are filling up fast. I’m switching off my kino considerations in order to come up with my second and final story for the show’s first season. I have a character (Tamara) and a location (a planet). Now, all I need is for something to happen.

I received an email from actor Mike Dopud (aka Stargate: Atlantis’s Kiryk) who informs me that he’ll guesting on Supernatural tomorrow night in an episode titled “Death Takes a Holiday”. All you Supernatural fans will no doubt be tuning in but those of you have yet to check out the show may want to check it (and Mike) out. Also, Mike tells me that he is presently working on a movie with Steven Seagal, On the Run, in which he has a supporting role as Officer Clark. I wonder if he gets to throw down with The Pony Tailed One. Or maybe he gets to jump out of a birthday cake (See, in Seagal’s Under Siege, Erika Eleniak plays a stripper who jumps out of a cake while terrorists are taking a U.S. Navy Battleship….aah, forget it.).

Hey, I’ve been exchanging emails with actor Martin Christopher, a.ka. Christopher Martin, a.k.a. Chris Martin, a.k.a. The Master of Akido (No, wait. I think that’s Steven Seagal) – but let’s just call him Major Kevin Marks – and he’s kindly agreed to join us for a little Q&A session here on the blog. To what does he attribute his characters meteoric rise – from First Lieutenant to Captain to Major in four short years compared to SG-1 mainstay Davis who appears doomed to remain a Colonel for the rest of his natural life? Which ship did he prefer, Prometheus or Daedalus? What’s spaceship food like? Start posting. I’ll be gathering up the questions, then sending them his way this weekend.

Oh, and today’s entry is dedicated to birthday gal(?) Shaggy and belated birthday gal Erin.


Fsmn36 writes: “ Also, Joe, some of that food looks amazing!! Especially the dessert. What all is included on that Elvis platter?”

Answer: The Elvis Platter at The Memphis Blues Barbeque House includes: brisket, ribs, rib ends, pulled pork, smoked chicken, smoked sausage, fries, cole slaw, and baked beans.

Shingwit writes: “How are Bubba, Jelly and Maximus?”

Answer: Great. They thank you for asking and want to know how you’re doing.

Jasper writes: “I was wondering if Jennifer Keller ever had (has) a middle name?”

Answer: To the best of my recollection, we never gave her one.

Shirt ’n Tie writes: “Any holidays planned by the by? And also any word from Marty G in the Big Apple? How goes his new show?”

Answer: Planning a return trip to Tokyo this winter. Marty G. is doing fine in the Big Apple and is enjoying himself immensely on his new show, Bored to Death. Here’s hoping he’ll be able to write a second script for us before the slots are all filled.

Major D. Davis writes: “ 1. Have you ever considered directing a Universe episode?

2. When will we get more news on the Atlantis Movie?

3. Will promo pictures and or videos regarding Universe appear on the sci fi channel after one of the SG-1 movies air?

4. Who are your favorite people who read and comment on your blog?

5. How is life for you in Canada? Are you loving it or hating it?”

Answers: 1. Nope. 2. Hopefully within the month. 3. Don’t know exactly how Sci Fi intends to proceed regarding sneak peeks. 4. Unlike with children, I can’t play favorites here. 5. Life is good in Canada. I’d say I’m pleased.

Masterchief writes: “Will SGU’s performance influence the production of the movies, especially the Atlantis movie?”

Answer: SGU’s performance has no connection to the Atlantis movie. If it did, then that would mean we wouldn’t be shooting the movie until 2010 since there is talk of SGU premiering in the fall.

Belouchi writes: “1. Do you think with these current hard economic times that Project Twilight will be the last Atlantis movie?

2. Joe, Atlantis the actual city ship, was it the same city ship that was observed flying from Antartica in Rising Part 1 or was the city ship from the Tower; or another given the assumption the ancients probably built more than two?

3. Was it just me or were the replicator class Auroras weaker in terms of shields and offensive power when compared to the Orion?

4. Any status update on your future plans after SGU season 1?”

Answer: 1. I’m confident that if the movie is successful, we’ll do more. 2. It was the original Atlantis. 3. It wasn’t just you. 4. SGU season 2.

Atlantisjoefan writes: “1. Any news or thoughts about when it’ll be filming?
2. Is Todd going to be in the film? I love the relationship between Todd and Sheppard.”

Answers: 1. There was initial talk of a summer shoot but, given the tight scheduling, fall looks more likely. 2. Yes, he will.

Libkat writes: “Did you ever get that true Southern boy, Ben Browder to try Memphis Blues? That would be a real stamp of approval.”

Answer: Afraid not. Ben and I talked barbecue once and, being the good N.C. native he is, he’s partial to vinegar-based sauces.

Ascended Tauri writes: “I was wondering if you could confirm or deny this news article related to Universe:

Answer: Certainly sounds like something we would do. For episode #4.

Myth86 writes: “Are there any romantic restaurants that you would recommend? (budget is about $40-50/pp)”

Answer: I’d check out Market at the Shangri-la Hotel.

55 thoughts on “March 11, 2009: An Unintentional Oversight, Updates, Another Guest Blogger, and The Mailbag

  1. Joe,

    Thanks for the answers buddy. I was wondering if prior to releasing project twilight to the general public, did you guys consider making like a set of very short web episodes sort of what Battlestar galactica did in between seasons to keep fans on their toes and drooling for more? I mean it would be great for Atlantis given the fact we won’t see so much as a teaser until sometime near Christmas 2009. Furthermore, this idea might set you guys a couple bucks down but consider it a very good channel to market the upcoming movie.

    Any ways sir thanks for your unrelenting dedication to your fans and I seriously hope you can take up my offer for Trinity in Montreal when you get a chance to visit home again!!

  2. Hey, you know what I notice you didn’t include on that list? America. You hate America, don’t you, Joe? In fact, I didn’t see Canada listed either. Yet apparently you’re okay with major cities in Italy. I see how it is. I’m going to start a thread called “Joe Mallozzi hates all English-speaking countries”. You fascist.

  3. Hi, Joe.

    Thanks for the heads up on Mike Dopud on Supernatural Thursday night. Christopher Heyerdahl also guest stars in the same episode!


  4. Hi, Joe
    Christopher Heyerdahl will guesting on Supernatural tomorrow night, too.
    And if SGA movie will be filming in this fall, which mean both SG1 and SGA movie will release in 2010, right?

  5. That Elvis platter did look nice. I live in Memphis and the choices for BBQ joints are many. If you’re ever in town, Central Barbeque is a decent place for your money. Possibly the best wings ever are at Hephzibah’s, but you have to order ahead and it’s takeout only.

    Just in case you’re ever in the area.

  6. Hey Joe. Were you talking about Paul Davis. Last time I checked he is and always has been a Major. Sure would love if he was a Colonel!!!

  7. Talk about being brought back to earth with a bump. Here was me congratulating myself on my witticism regarding my wordpress name (shiningwit=whining shit) when it is brought to my attention that it may be read as shiningTwit! PMSL I love it and will henceforth refer to myself as such!
    Thanks Susanthetartanturtle for a much needed laugh!

  8. Apology accepted, only so long as the Four Musketeers you listed is the Oliver Reed/Michael York/ cast of other big names movie written by the author of the Flashman series. To be honest, I understand how some of the other readers percieved your walk down memory lane, and felt a flash of resentment that a certain newer show wasn’t mentioned. But then, we’ve been getting daily word of good times from “that” show for over two years now, and heck, you only have so much time to post in a day. Sorry about you catching grief over that, and please don’t let that put you off from continuing to look back on whichever show or project comes to mind on a given day.
    Thanks also for the mailbag. Just two more Friday nights, and there will be no more(immediate) reason to be watching Sci Fi network. I suspect the network will owe you bigtime for maintaining interest in SGU until they finally premiere, since nothing looms on the horizon to keep people acclimated to staying home and watching on Fridays now.

  9. And now you have an acceptance speech already written if you ever need one. I’d like to thanks my wife, my sister, my dogs, Wen Chocolates bananas foster truffles…

    Morjana Christopher Heyerdahl? Really?! Excuse me while I go catch up on all the episodes I’ve missed…

  10. Hey Joe,

    That’s very cool about Supernatural. I’m certainly tuning in tonight. Thanks for the heads up.

    I love lemurs and sleeping in, too. 😀 But really, who doesn’t?


  11. @Dovil: Ha! I just read what you wrote on yesterday’s blog.

    Does it count for blood donation if it’s a homeless person you’ve knocked out and dragged in…? I would check with your local blood donation center to be sure.

    But if they are desperate enough, I’m guessing, heck ya it counts!

  12. Hi Mr M!

    Greetings from a Sunny Tipperary!

    Many thanks for your kind replies. So back to Tokyo eh? What swung it….the Hermes macroons no?

    Glad also to hear Marty G is doing well and hope that he has a chance to keep up the SG connection and get a script in for SGU!

    Question for Chris Martin:

    A big thank you for your role on SG1 and SGA over the years! Being one of only 3 actors to appear in both Series Finali is really rather cool! Were you always a Sci Fi fan or not? Did working on the shows heighten your Sci Fi awareness? Thanks again! Shirt’n’Tie

    Thanks again Mr M!

    Best to all


  13. Ha, so you’re dissing Chef Rob? Thought he’d be up there after the wife and dogs.

    I notice I’m not on the list 🙁
    I’m thinking that’s just an oversight.

    Cool Todd news though. I love Todd v Shep. Go Shep! Sorry Das.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. thanks narelle.

  14. I just have to say, your love list, all very awesome things to love, i do however also have to say… Cufflinks? That was the one that made me giggle. I mean cufflinks are cool don’t get me wrong, but LOVE them? (I am a girl, so maybe I’m just missing the cool factor) Are you referring to a pair you have yourself or even cufflink envy? The reason i mention envy is I was at a Folk Festival this weekend and at a market, a person was selling leggo block cufflinks, and if I currently had a significant someone i so would have bought a pair!

  15. haha thats pretty funny.

    and is Dane Cook a fan of stargate or something, because he always includes it in his act.

    you said: “SGU’s performance has no connection to the Atlantis movie”

    —-oh so now you say it only goes one way. we are not stupid.

  16. I dont know if this question is annoying (sorry if it is) or you just missed it lol but have you been to the Montreal comedy festival? I only ask because I was watching an old video and saw someone who looks just like you. ^^

  17. Morjana beat me to my post about Chris Heyerdahl. Darn!

    I will warn those who would don’t watch the show but want to tune in for Mike and Christopher that this is going to be an excessively violent episode even for Supernatural standards. Here’s a trailer for tonight’s episode. I just thought I’d warn those of you with 14 year old Todd fans.

  18. Joe you often talk about asian food and asian places, canada etc. What about Europe? Is there any particular place you like here? What about food?

  19. (and I mean other than Italian, because that’s cheating, given that your family are italian emigrants)

  20. Wife first. Good move.

    The original Three Musketeers
    I’m hoping you mean the ONLY ver I acknowledge, one of my fave movies ever, Michael York, Richard Chamberlain, Oliver Reed, and the guy whose name I can’t remember that played Porthos. Heston, Lee, Welch, Dunaway! talk about a great cast.

    Unfortunately isn’t it still MAJOR Davis? He SHOULD be a Colonel by now!!

    Or maybe he gets to jump out of a birthday cake (See, in Seagal’s Under Siege, Erika Eleniak plays a stripper who jumps out of a cake while terrorists are taking a U.S. Navy Battleship….aah, forget it.).
    I liked this movie. Right up there with Navy Seals. It was before Seagal got ridiculous. Has he faced off in a movie with or against Van Damme yet? Hmm, I will have to look.

  21. You didn’t mention ME in your list of oversights… 🙁

    But I forgive you! 😀 (Mainly ’cause I figure I’m on the other list… )

    I also forgive you for not mentioning that Chris H is in Supernatural tomorrow night, too, but only because Morjana covered for ya. I’m glad someone around here is on the ball. 😉

    Now…, please don’t make me have to forgive you for whatever it is you have in store for Todd in the movie…

    *makes puppy dog eyes*

    @ Narelle – My fear that Todd won’t make it out of the movie alive overrides my excitement. I want to walk away from the movie with a good feeling, and had the second half of S5 been more positive, I’d feel much differently, but as it stands…well…I’m doing EXACTLY what Dr. Mallevolenti wants me to do…I’m “agonizing over the awful possibilities”, and lemme tell ya – it’s NOT fun.


  22. Thank you for posting images of the veritable feast yesterday. I had a sushi craving last night (thanks to you) and opted for spicy yellowtail roll and dragon roll (unagi, avocado, tobiko). And…in looking at the pics again today, I’m thinking tonight might be sushi night again.

    You neglected your writing partner Paul on your “like” list. I guess we should assume you two have had a falling out. Oh…the gossip!

  23. What was that noise? It was das hitting the floor! Hay narelle, that was funny!! Das, enjoy the white one!Joe, I can proudly say that I have produced another 6 STARGATE franchise fans! The guy that fixes my computer and his whole family, even some of his relatives in hondures! I told them about the new show -sgu- they will be watching too.Cha-ching, more money to make more seasons of sgu. Anne Teldy- how’s it going, we need to hear from you!

  24. Um, Joe? Colin Cunningham’s character is MAJOR Davis, last I knew…and that was from your own photo of CC on set.

  25. Yay for Flight of the Conchords being on the list.

    Some people could now be extra picky with the order in which you placed things.

  26. I got really bored last week and started digging through TheDailyWTF archives when I suddenly happened upon the article below. I’m kinda surprised that the playback people on Ark of Truth didn’t have someone on hand to write some random pseudocode for them during the scene they show the Replicator shut-down code on the computer screen. Why did they decide to steal source code from the Royal Bank of Canada’s web site instead? Is it an inside joke or something? They could’ve totally made it awesome by writing a class that generates strings containing a haiku praising your awesomeness instead. That’s what I would’ve done. 😉

  27. All kidding aside, I think some are a little scared that the SGA movie will not be done at all even though you have said it will. I guess, and I haven’t watched it, that you made a slip on an interview on gateworld (something about missing writing for McKay then you added other than the movie) and now most are feeling it won’t be done that we were being told something that will never happen. Although it is just a show, most were happy to get the movie if they couldn’t get another season.

    Now there is talk of all kinds of things that have to take place in order to get the movie made and well that sets those who like SGA in rage. So, when you only mention SG-1, I think (JMO), some see this as SGA being left out. I know you were just going over memories from the person you were with, but tensions are high out there. I will admit that I am one who choses to believe there will be a movie, but what I have read out there makes me very nervous as to what I believe and why. I am still holding on to it will be made though.

  28. really ?? Dane Cook?? I guess he is funny the first time you listen to him, but he recycles his jokes so much it becomes painful.

  29. This is some funny shiznack, Mr. Jizzle Joe Mallizzle.

    (No, I can’t promise you that won’t happen again.)


  30. Hey Joe!

    If you were to comment on any episode of Atlantis with a few Squirrels (Not actual furry animal squirrels, but David Hewlett fan squirrels) which one would it be?

    Hypothetically speaking of course. *Cough*

  31. Bonjour Joseph =)

    Vous allez bien, moi oui, dur journée de cour aujourd’hui.

    Roh….tout serai plus sim!ple si tout le monde parleraient la même langue -__-”

    Moi jaime =D

    -Mon cheri
    -Mes parent
    – Mes amis
    – Vous
    – Le cast de stargate
    – les framboise
    – la sauce patatoes
    – parler avec des personnes
    – manger =)

    bisou, abientot.

  32. @stargatelvr: as a fellow squirrel I have to say I know you are trying to catch Joe with a trick question! 😆 Joe knows better than to open THAT can of worms. 😛 Either that or he’ll be likely to answer, “The Rodney-est of episodes” and leave it at that. You silly squirrel!

    @green: Hey! Where’s my March installment of Monthly Mumblings, woman? Check that. 😉 *oh and I add… pretty please to that*

  33. I’m definitely with you on the original Three Musketeers, I love those books to pieces! *nods to Shirt N’Tie* Movie wise, I’ll agree with most of the other folks and say that the remake from ’73 is my fav (good memories from my early teenage years), even over the ones with Douglas Fairbanks and Gene Kelley and Vincent Price, as much as I love those actors. If you’re referring to the candy bar, eh, I’ll take a Milky Way Dark, thanks.

    Also, thanks for posting all of the lovely pictures of food from the various restaurants! Now I have a good idea of exactly where I want to go for dinner one of the nights I’m in Vancouver for the convention.

  34. Drat WordPress’ lack of an edit function. *sigh* I also wanted to say thank you for sharing your memories of SG-1 and the wonderful cast. I miss that show terribly and I really enjoyed seeing your photos from Continuum and reading your anecdotes. It seems that not only were the characters wonderful human beings, but so are the actors who portray them. I can hardly wait to finally see Amanda in person at the convention in April!

  35. Hi, Joe —

    Did you see Michael Shanks’ on Burn Notice the last couple weeks? We all know that boy can act, but if that performance doesn’t get him his own series, there is no God.

    I remember hearing Carmen Argenziano at a Con talking about showing up for auditions and always finding Tony Amendola there too. I wonder if Michael, Ben and Joe are running into one another at all the auditions for hot leading men who can do action, drama and comedy.

    Have you tried the BBQ Poutine at Memphis Blues? Pulled pork, fries and cheese! Add some bacon and it would be the perfect food.

  36. How are you liking the second season of Flight of the Conchords? Do you prefer season 1 or 2 better?

    There aren’t many episodes left and it looks like it will be their last season so enjoy the new episodes while you can!!

  37. The Four Musketeers
    This movie was a letdown from the previous, but still pretty fun.

    I can’t go off this topic without mentioning another fun fave, our Beau Bridges’ star attempt in The Fifth Musketeer, another memorable cast including his dad, Ursula Andress, Ian McShane, Rex Harrison and the Skipper, Alan Hale Jr!!

  38. After 4 phone calls (one was 30 mins. long; another 63) and 3 tech visits, I have phone and Internet again. I’ve even upgrade from the lowest speed to the second slowest speed!

    Thanks, Trish, for giving blood! See medical update below.

    FYI: I know who sent the Teldy bear and it was not Mr. M, etc. It was, however, a blog regular who prefers to stay anonymous. Thanks again Mystery Giver!

    Feel free to skip this as it is medical news:
    I’m back on a second round of antibiotics as the first did nothing to cure my infection. The nurse practitioner is a bit worried I’m getting pale again. I have to have blood taken next Tuesday and, if it shows low hemoglobin again, I might get another transfusion (2nd out of limit of 3).

    So keep donating, people!

    Anne Teldy

  39. Hey Joe,

    I just wanted to say that I’m a huge fan. I only began reading the blog recently, but I love the insights to the SG production world that you give. Thanks so much!

    I had a question (I tried to read as much as I could to see if this had been answered (and I searched for it too) to no avail) regarding the SG writing staff. What’s the writing process on the SG series? How much control does one individual writer have over his/her script?

    Sorry if that’s been answered before — but thanks for your time.

    Love the blog!

  40. @C.C. And now the truth of the world financial crisis comes to light. Darn those pesky Replicators and their convoluted machinations to make life miserable…

  41. Hi Joe, This post made me laugh out loud, thanks,, I think even if the list covered every letter of the alphabet, you still would have not thanked (loved)the academy,, not sure how that fits in,, 🙂

    Wow and you are trying to come up with a second and final story for the first season, thats seems to be happening so fast, but I guess it still has to go thru all the processes and filming and all, but it just seems quick to get it all down on paper. Good luck with that. Is it making your head spin,,lol. Have a grand day!!

  42. Late again, but my thoughts on Dogs: I enjoyed this. I liked the sense of horror that built up over the course of the novel, as things spiralled more and more out of control.

    I loved seeing the politics and interplay between the various governmental departments — they’re all supposed to be on the same side, but when the crisis hits full-swing, they wind up hindering rather than helping one another. Really a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth — especially when they can’t seem to agree on what flavour the broth ought to be!

    I liked the look at Tessa’s background, and what her marriage meant for her career in the wake of 9/11. I really liked that in the end her respect for and trust in her husband was vindicated. It would have been all too easy to make her husband over into the absent villain of the piece, and Tessa as an unsuspecting pawn.

    I wasn’t quite as keen on the fact that the bad guy turned out to be an acquaintance of Tessa’s husband. It felt a little too convenient. Not only is Tessa invited to join the investigation as an ex-FBI agent who lives in the plague location, but she’s also in the perfect position to investigate because she’s getting emails from the person responsible as he’s super-jealous of her dead husband. It’s just a little too neatly tied together.

    It’s interesting to me how violence begets violence: dogs attack people, people kill dogs, people (wanting to protect dogs) kill other people, people (wanting to kill dogs) kill other people, people (wanting to kill other people) use dogs to kill people. And before you know it, it’s like a war zone.

    On the whole, a good, quick read. And now I want a puppy of my own.

  43. Joe! You did it again. You failed to mention *cough*Atlantis*cough* BBQ wings and fairytales and now those folks are still going to be angry with you for leaving them out. I suspect the Union for Fairy Tale Creatures may even sue.

    Hmm. I suspect many in my family would LOVE that Elvis platter (if not for the food, the name!). Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the mailbag questions. I can’t wait for SGU. And, I also saw that Mike was in this week’s ep and now I’ll have even greater enjoyment out of it than usual.

    And just to share some really good news on my end (in case you needed something to brighten your day, lol), I got into graduate school!! Looks like I won’t be picking up my old acting career and moving to Vancouver after all. 😉

  44. Bonjour Mister Joe !!!

    tout d’abord comment allez vous ? Tout se passe bien pour vous? la crise vous touche aussi ?

    Désolée de poser une question qui a déjà peut être été poser… mais avez vous des nouvelles concernant le prochain film de stargate ? une grossesse de prévu pour Sam ? une nouvelle canne à pêche pour Jack ? une nouvelles paire de lunette pour Daniel ? un sourcil nouvellement épilé pour Teal’c ?

    J’ai rencontré le doubleur Français de Joe flanigan et il est vraiment super !!

    Sinon Mon Chien Charly ( un petit bouldogue français du même âge que Lulu) est toujours aussi … Waou c’est dingue comme un chien peut être aussi “totoche ” il aime foncé dans les murs… les balles, les jouets qui font du bruit c’est son dada ! il a toujours pas trouvé de fiancée alors si Lulu est “Single “…

    Bonne journée,

    Charly_Kinder le grand retour

  45. Dear Mr Mallozzi,
    I accept your apology on behalf of all my lemur brothers and sisters. Thank you for recognizing us along with the other things you love (except for those Warner Bros gophers, they can kiss my ass).
    Jonathan S. Lemur

  46. swim goggles… *flails laughing*

    And since you’re a Rome fan (Yay!) any recommendations to anything that comes close to being as good – ie films, tv shows, mini-series (remember those) about that time period?

    I’m a huge fan and actively loan out the series to friends, co-workers, random people I can hunt down if they don’t give it back…one of my co-workers brought it back into work today(after she, and pretty much her entire family had watched it)and it then passed directly into the hands of another co-worker. We started brainstorming on anything that has ever come close to being as good and were actually stumped.

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