Sup, bitches?
Sup, bitches?

In the immortal words of A Christmas Story’s little Ralphie: “Ooooh, fuuuudge!” A wrench has been thrown into our planned trip to Asia for the second year in a row. Last year, we were going to hit Hong Kong and Tokyo but had to cancel because things were looking busy on the pet shop front for Fondy. This year, it was going to be Hong Kong and Shanghai. Same story. Fudge indeed. And while I suppose I could just hang around the house with the dogs and read, I’ve been doing a lot of that lately and it’s dawned on me that I haven’t really gone away on vacation in close to two years. And, no, visiting relatives in Montreal doesn’t count.

So, what to do? Well, I suppose I could…still go away! Yep, hop on a plane in late November and set off on a solo culinary odyssey to the Far East. But, of course, I won’t be alone. Not really because you’ll all be joining me via my daily blog updates. True, there may be instances where I’ll be doing a fair imitation of Steve Martin’s The Lonely Guy (Table for ONE!”), but I’m a fairly sociable guy and, thus, should have no problem making fast friends with every concierge, cab driver, and sidewalk takoyaki seller that happens to cross my path. Time to dust off my Fodor’s Tokyo.

Well, I was in the office yesterday to do an on-camera sit down with Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok for the season five Deleted Scenes DVD Extra. I introed three: the longer version of the sword fight sequence from Broken Ties, the uncut version of the McKay-Beckett scene from Whispers, and a deleted Woolsey-Shen scene from Remnants. In the case of the sword fight, I explained that cuts were made, not so much because we were running long, but because I felt the sequence was more dynamic in its paired-down version. In the case of the McKay-Beckett scene, I explained that the conversation was significantly trimmed down because the episode was running long. In general, when it comes time to edit and episode for time, the best case scenario would be to fine an entire scene to excise. This opportunity rarely presents itself because the reality is if you CAN remove an entire scene without missing it, then that scene didn’t belong in the script in the first place meaning you, as a writer, have somehow failed in your duty to create a nice, tight script. I then moved onto my intro for the Woolsey-Shen scene which I was able to entirely excise from Remnants. Ahem. We WERE nine and half minutes over.

To those of you wondering – I forwarded Executive Producer Brad Wright all your questions. All twenty-six pages full. I aim to invite Marty G. over to talk about Brain Storm once that episode airs. And, finally, if Rob Cooper is feeling chatty, maybe I can get him to swing by once Vegas airs. Other upcoming guests, questions have gone out to costume designer Val Halverson, composer Joel Goldsmith, and stunt coordinator James Bamford.

And now, I’d like to start gathering questions for SGA’s Master of Mayhem, the Excelsior of Explosions, none other than our Special Effects Supervisor Wray Douglas. Wray has been with the show since the early SG-1 days. He and his team have been responsible for everything from squib hits and car stunts to menacing fog and the fiery blast that took out the beloved doctor Beckett. So if you have questions for Wray, start posting.

Speaking of upcoming guests, a perusal of the right sidebar should serve to remind everyone of the special guest authors who will be dropping by in the coming weeks. The week of October 27th, we’ll be joined by John Twelve Hawks as we’ll be discussing his novel, The Traveler. A brief call back from a September entry:

“Okay, this one is interesting for two big reasons. One is the book itself. The second is the mysterious author (Twelve Hawks isn’t his real name) who, apparently, lives “off the grid” and has never even met his American publisher. My initial reaction was to dismiss this as a slick PR stunt but, in looking over the author’s official website, I have to admit that Twelve Hawks, whoever he is, offers up some smart, oft-times scary food for thought.

From Publisher’s Weekly: “Twelve Hawks’s much anticipated novel is powerful, mainstream fiction built on a foundation of cutting-edge technology laced with fantasy and the chilling specter of an all-too-possible social and political reality. The time is roughly the present, and the U.S. is part of the Vast Machine, a society overseen by the Tabula, a secret organization bent on establishing a perfectly controlled populace. Allied against the Tabula are the Travelers and their sword-carrying protectors, the Harlequins. The Travelers, now almost extinct, can project their spirit into other worlds where they receive wisdom to bring back to earth—wisdom that threatens the Tabula’s power. Maya, a reluctant Harlequin, finds herself compelled to protect two naïve Travelers, Michael and Gabriel Corrigan. Michael dabbles in shady real estate deals, while Gabriel prefers to live “off the Grid,” eschewing any documentation—credit cards, bank accounts—that the Vast Machine could use to track him. Because the Tabula has engineered a way to use the Travelers for its own purposes, Maya must not only keep the brothers alive, but out of the hands of these evil puppet-masters.”

The following week, we’ll be joined by an author who is reputed to be one of the friendliest on the con circuit – David Anthony Durham. He’ll be stopping by to field your questions and comment son his fantasy novel, Acacia:

“From Publisher’s Weekly: “In this sprawling and vividly imagined fantasy, historical novelist Durham (Pride of Carthage) chronicles the downfall and reinvention of the Akaran Dynasty, whose empire, called Acacia, was built on conquest, slaving and drug trade. The Acacian empire, encompassing “The Known World,” is hated by its subjugated peoples, especially the Mein, who 22 generations earlier were exiled to the icy northland. Having sent an assassin to kill the Acacian king, Leodan, the rebel chieftain, Hanish Mein, declares war on the empire. As Acacia falls, Leodan’s treasonous but conflicted chancellor, Thaddeus Clegg, spirits the king’s four children to safety. When the Mein’s rule proves even more tyrannical than the old, the former chancellor seeks to reunite the now adult Akaran heirs—the oldest son Aliver (once heir to the throne), the beautiful elder daughter Corinn, their younger sister, Mena, and youngest brother, Dariel—to lead a war to regain the empire. Durham has created a richly detailed alternate reality leavened with a dollop of magic and populated by complicated personalities grappling with issues of freedom and oppression.”

And finally, one of the most well-respected writers in the horror genre stops by as we discuss his groundbreaking novel Necroscope. Brian Lumley will be here to answer your questions the week of November 10th:

“ From the publisher: “Harry Keogh is the man who can talk to the dead, the man for whom every grave willingly gives up its secrets, the one man who knows how to travel effortlessly through time and space to destroy the vampires that threaten all humanity.

In Necroscope, Harry is startled to discover that he is not the only person with unusual mental powers–Britain and the Soviet Union both maintain super-secret, psychically-powered espionage organizations. But Harry is the only person who knows about Thibor Ferenczy, a vampire long buriedin the mountains of Romania–still horribly alive, in undeath–and Thibor’s insane “offspring,” Boris Dragosani, who rips information from the souls of the dead in a terrible, ever-lasting form of torture…”

Incidentally, in a recent review, SFSignal’s John DeNardo wrote of Necroscope: “I can’t remember the last time I wanted to return to a book as much as this one.” You can check out the 5-star review here:

My thoughts on your thoughts on The Lost Tribe:

Yes, Todd set the Daedalus on a collision course that would have wiped out everyone on board but, really, what choice did he have? First, the device was a huge threat to his kind and he was in a position to put an end to that thread. Second, he assumed he’d been double-crossed by Atlantis, that they were responsible for initiating the Attero device, so, in his mind, they deserved to be “inconvenienced”. Third, as I believe Das pointed out – if Ronon hadn’t taken out the weapons systems, he wouldn’t have had to go to his last resort: crashing the Daedalus. Still, yes, he almost did wipe out the ship and everyone on board but, at the end of the day, he had little choice. But I’m sure that whiny, narrow-minded Sheppard will take it as a personal affront.

How was Keller “mean” to Ronon at episode’s end? She was in an awkward position and felt it only right that Ronon know she was interested in someone else.

The reveal on the alien was a cool twist compliments of Rob Cooper who came up with the idea when we were first spinning the story. He also came up with the explosive side effect of the attero device.

Today’s video: Behind every good Asgard are at least two great puppeteers.



105 thoughts on “October 11, 2008: Fuuuudge! Upcoming Guests! My Thoughts on Your Thoughts.

  1. Hey Joe!!!

    just wanna say that i LOVED The Lost Tribe. It was such an awesome episode, and i really love rodney and daniel working together as a team!!! they work soooo well together, and they’re so much fun to watch!!!

    The twist with the Asgard was awesome as well. even though i knew it was coming before i saw the episode, it was awesome to see my favorite aliens back in a completely new role. that was some awesome stuff!!

    And I agree with you-I dont think that Jennifer was nasty or mean to Ronon. She was in a tough spot, and i believe that she did it in the nicest way possible. What would’ve been nasty would be to lead Ronon on to thinking that she liked him too. I was really happy to see this scene as well, because McKeller is amazing, and I really, really can’t wait for Brainstorm!!! the new pics for the episode look awesome!!! It has me super excited!!!


  2. Veeery cool that the Asgard were the aliens!

    I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s episode. When I saw the scene with the shirtless Sheppard, I immediately thought the Shep-whumpers would appreciate that. 🙂

    Nice homage to Kaylee with the mechanic genius on the Traveler’s ship. Whose idea was that?

  3. Wow, am I first to comment? Oh, the pressure!

    Nifty behind the Asgard vid, Joe, thanks!

    Well, that (my comment) was anticlimactic, wasn’t it?


  4. I didn’t think Keller was mean. She did what she had to and you have to respect the character for being upfront about it as soon as she could. That’s been pretty consistent in the character, her willingness to be blunt and honest. If it was painful to watch, it’s because rejection is painful. Jason played the scene pretty well.

    I’m reading “The Traveler” this weekend. I’m liking it a lot so far and look forward to the discussion on it.

    I don’t think I could do the travel thing alone in the Far East, but then this gal is not as sociable as you seem to be. I need known companions for buffer. How long will you be on the road?

  5. Sup, bitches?

    Ohhh, my sides. Seriously, that cracked me up. I thought it was cool that it was the Asgard in the suits – glad I remained unspoiled on that.

    I look forward to your on-the-road posts. I was planning a month in France christmas next year, but looking at how the Australian dollar is doing, I think it’ll be a while longer before I go 🙁

  6. Oh, and a question for the man with the coolest job ever – Wray, what has been your favourite explosion on SGA, and why?

  7. Three cheers to Fondy for letting you go on the Asia trip when she herself is unable to. Glad you’re getting your overdue and well deserved vacation. Doesn’t hurt that you’ll be giving us updates on your misadventures either.
    26 pages of questions? Even with overlapping and repeated questions, that sounds like a new record. I admit to being very interested in some of his responses, and I’m not talking about the questions I asked. I’ve spent a bit of time arguing certain matters with other fans, and I’m curious to see if his insights match my own suppositions.
    Reference Lost Tribe. I didn’t have a problem with how Todd used the Daedalus as a guided missile. Besides having no other options, there was the wonderful symmetry of him destroying a valuable Ancient installation using the same tactic Sheppard had utilized destroying a valuable Wraith installation. In fact, my only real suprise in how Todd handled the situation was in making a promise to return the Daedalus after accomplishing his mission. He could have been lying, of course, but he didn’t have any real reason to do so. He had all the leverage he needed with the threat of feeding on, or allowing his crew, to feed on the Daedalus crew.
    About the Keller issue. I thought about how much screen time she had in these episodes, and decided it made sense. Certainly justifying Ronon’s presense on the Daedalus would have been much more difficult to pull off without Keller present. And the final scene with Ronon made perfect sense. Woolsey’s comment about Ronon’s constant presense around her was the catalyst in her recognising that Ronon might have motives other than simple friendship for being around her. Given her repeated viewings of McKay’s “confession”, it is clear she was at least considering the possibility of a relationship with McKay. So her warning Ronon at the first opportunity after becoming aware of his interest in her was the only honorable course of action. Points to Keller. Though the anti-Keller fans no doubt would have preferred to be able to moan about her bad treatment of Ronon had she not in fact brought the issue up.
    That said, I’ll agree with one thing many others have said. I’d like to see more Teyla. Preferably not in Wraith form, and with fighting sticks in hand. Better yet, with her singing. And I’m still bummed about the demotion of Caldwell to non-entity.
    Finally, one question, on the chance you’re in the mood to answer. Will we hear or see more of the Asgard in any of the remaining episodes? The use of a “lost tribe” of Asgard as the villians was a wonderful move, and it’s enough to make me grind my teeth thinking of how many stories are not going to be told about how their return will affect the Atlantis team.
    Thanks for the post, and the video, by the bye. Or is it bye the by?

  8. Have fun in Tokyo, I’m looking forward to seeing the food blogs. Oh, and in hong kong, if your looking for something different to try, Balut is something your not likely to see anywhere else. 🙂

  9. Oh Joe,
    So sorry to hear you have to fly solo… but I am sure you know that there are at least 100 women and men who frequent this blog who would volunteer to go with you… so no worries mate! I, like you can make friends with a rock if need be when I’m on my own, so I am sure you’ll do just fine and dandy… Just like a hard candy Christmas!

    As to the DVD extra’s…so glad to hear that there will be deleted scenes! However, is there any chance we, the fans of SGA, will be treated to some extra, extra’s? Are there any plans to put more than just a few extra features on the Season 5 DVD’s? Or maybe to have a whole separate DVD full of all the special features that Ivon did not get published over the last 5 years? If not, what do you think, it that a possibility?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.



  10. Who voiced the Asgard in this episode? I thought I remembered seeing the Michael Shanks voiced some of the Asgard on SG-1…same thing here?

  11. Wait. Wot? Who are you and what have you done with that Mallozzi fella? Did you just actually defend Todd? *blinks*

    I’m soooo confused…

    I actually have to correct something I said in error – it wasn’t Sheppard who made the decision to destroy the base and device, it was Woolsey (Sheppard just carried it out). I just haven’t watched THAT part of the episode as much as the other part of the episode. 😳 After all is said and done, I do hope that Sheppard has a healthier respect for Todd now, seeing as how the Pallid One is his elder. 😉

    I just want to add something…I can’t remember if I said it here, or not. Even though Todd was willing to let those humans die, at least he didn’t humilate them by allowing his crew to feed on them first. As far as he was concerned, those humans – those ‘perfectly good resources’ – were as good as dead anyway. So, why not feed on them? I think this speaks volumns for him, and his intent.

    Besides, he knows Sheppard well… knows that he’s a man who will do any and everthing in his power to rescue his people. By leaving the humans alive aboard the Daedalus, he at least gave them a fighting chance, though I am sure he doubted they would be saved. Still, he DID give them that chance, and they were saved.

    I think I can just about justify anything Todd does…lol.


    Joe – Although we know the Wraith have used their ships as weapons before (The Siege), in this case did Todd decide to crash the Daedalus into the base after witnessing the effectiveness of such a tactic in Spoils of War?

    Regarding Keller. First, I loved the way she handled it. She didn’t lead Ronon on, which was kind of her. A woman can usually tell when a guy is interested, and if she just wanted an ego boost she certainly could have played him, allowing his feelings to grow even deeper – and THAT would have been mean. Instead, she let him know in a very straight-forward – and yet gentle – way that she was interested in another.

    Now, to figure out if that’s Rodney, or Todd. 😉


  12. Joe,

    I think that the Asgard were destroyed as they were fleeing the planet, but now I’m reading comments that say they will be back. The editing was kind of sketchy during the last bit, so I guess my question is did the Asgard get away or did we kill them all?

  13. I didn’t persoanlly think Keller was mean to Romon either — I just felt bad for him for being turned down. And bad for *me*.

    I should be looking forward to “Brain Storm”, being that it’s Rodney-centric and Gero-penned, but now I’m really dreading it. XD I was supportive of Keller herself in the beginning; I didn’t think she was whiny in “Missing”, for example — and I tried to keep an open mind about McKeller despite the total lack of spark in on her part in Last Man, feeling it was nice to see Rodney have a relationship taht started out as friendship. But the more McKeller I’m seeing, the more repulsed I’m finding myself. I’m *not( threatening to stop watching, mind, by any means. I’m just sayin’ how i’m feelin. An hour of no McShep is bad enough, but potential hour of McKeller in it’s place does not sound like my cuppa. 🙁 Well, maybe it won’t be like how I;m worrying it will be like. *crosses fingers*

    I have to say, though, that I agree with other comments yesterday that Keller seems to be playing a bigger role than *Teyla* of late: she was the abductee in Tracker (and will be again, yes?) and really, didn’t even need help, handling things on her own — she even showed up Rodney while they fought the Wraith; she was the one the worst infected in The Seed; she saved Rodney in The Shrine when none of his friends couldn’t figure out from the get-go that there might be an actual reason the shrine offers a temporary cure, something that ought to have been studied right away (I’m sorry, but Sheppard should have seen that possibility from the get-go, he’s smarter than that), and “protected” him from the others; and she both stood up to Ronon and tried to fool Todd in the last ep. I’m all for strong female characters, and applaud her for not letting Roonon boss her around and for learning to take care of herself, but the show’s not supposed to be Keller, Space MD.

    We never would have seen Janet or Carolyn get *that* involved on such a continuous basis, and it doesn’t seem to me that even Carson had as much off-world time when he was a regular as Keller has been getting. We know more about her than we know of Zelenka; that’s staring to bother me. She shouldn’t be showing up the core team. She’s swiftly fitting all the Mary-Sue criteria: a newer character who comes in, wins the heart(s) of the lead(s), becomes the center of attention (see paragraph above), is exceptional to the point where they outshine the leads or their peers (chief of medicine at such a young age, was able to fix Carson when he failed to fix himself, out-thought Rodney & Sam in “Trio” with the bar bet, was able to fight a Wraith pretty effectively when Rodney fumbled with his gun despite his having years of experience on her, and was able to figure out how to shut down the tracking device rather than the task falling to Rodney). On their own, these are small points, and even explainable to a degree, but when it causes her to outshine Ronon, Rodney, Teyla, etc, so often, it starts to add up to more than I ever wanted to see of her — she’s become a lead rather than just supporting, and I never wanted that, even when I kinda liked her. I’d rather Carson had been brought back full-time instead, in that case. (Thank Gaia Woolsey hadn’t been as overused in my eyes.)

    Not to mention that I thought the whole point of Rodney’s relationship with her was that it was supposed to be a more mature one than the one he had with Katie, yet it slipped into a scenario awfully similar to the Katie thing once he admitted his feelings. Now, it made sense for him to act that way, all insecure and trying to impress the girl, to be sure, but at the same time, been there, done that — I would have rather the relationship had taken him by surprise, that she had fallen for him first and made all the moves. Or else would rather have seen them discover mutual feelings for each other at the same time, friends slowly becoming something more. That’s when I went from tolerating McKeller, despite the lack of physical chemistry, to slowly coming to hate it. 🙁 *sigh*

  14. So…I didn’t see that one coming either!! I thought it was a cool twist. Will we get to see more bad “Ass”gard in the rest of this season, or perhaps in the movies?

  15. Hi Joe

    Still haven’t answered the question on Cadwell. I loved the episode but his disappearance just didn’t make sense. I understand that Mitch P had to other commitments but we could have had at least an explanation.

    How did Brad react to 26 pages?

  16. Oh my goodness, you said so many things I wanted to comment on. I’ll start with what you said first. Ronon/Keller thing–I think they’re a descent match. I merely believe her reaction to him, is life’s way of saying “okay, it’s time to grow up…it’s costing you opportunities.” This could be a good thing for Ronon, meh, develop his character a bit.

    As for Todd, aside from me being a wraith fan, I really believe that if anyone is honest with themselves–he didn’t do anything wrong whatsoever.

    The one thing I would have to slightly disagree with you on is Todd’s attitude toward the Lantians. After how closely he and Shepard + crew have had to work together (especially on pulling off charades like the queen) I would be incredulous to say that Todd actually believed Atlantis was behind the whosie whatsit device surfacing. After all, the whole reason why he and Shepard have a relationship is that they are people of their word. Sure, we don’t know what Todd’s ultimate goals are, and ultimately whether his goals will be in synch with the human’s goals, but in terms of his basic MO, he and Shepard ARE allies for a reason–they know they can work together. As soon as Shepard says “we’re not behind this” You can tell by Todd’s relieved facial and physical demeanor that he’s relieved. How many times has Todd embellished the truth with the Lantians? Often. However, when he earnestly wants Shepard to believe him about whatever “I had no intentions of leading you astray…” “I had no intention of harming you…” or whatever, Shep WILL believe him. Why wouldn’t Todd believe Shepard. I think the more likely scenario is that Todd is posturing for his fellow wraith. He has to show a front of unity, otherwise he would risk alienating his crew. There is so much evidence in the episode to directly and logically imply that Todd believes the Lantians. I would be psycho/paranoid weird to not believe them.

    Joe, I urge you and insist: you should really check out our conversation on this very thing at the WDC. Why pay for market research, when you can get a VERY good idea about how most fans would process this conflict dynamic between Todd and the Lantians/Todd and Shepard?


  17. Second thing I wanted to say, it seems that most of my colleagues are leaving for Asia…? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve will eventually get to Hong Kong and Tokyo, but why so many people, and why now? One colleague’s husband is a biologist and is working off of some remote Island in the Java Sea. He makes those look see into the sea documentaries on Discovery Channel. I’ll have to ask her again. I’ll have to ask her where his documentaries are shown, it’s somethin’ somethin’ about this in the ocean,and this and that in the sea off the coast of some remote Asian country I couldn’t pronounce, ever. But this trip makes sense, it’s his job, but everyone else? Is it cheaper right now, to stay for long periods of time and travel far and wide in Asia, somehow I don’t think so. Hmm. I hear tall people suffer in Japan. I’d like to find out.

    Finally, about writing a tight script: you always eventually leave little details about how you think on a particular subject, and I suppose because I’ve posted here for a while I can piece together those bits and pieces of thoughts and attitudes.

    Even though you may not think of yourself as an artist, you are a commercial artist. So, with this in mind, does it ever occur to you that some stories–some of the most interesting, and intriguing stories are finished, when they’re finished being told?

    In other words, you can’t “fail” as an artist, unless you’re measuring yourself with non artistic standards such as 1)does this fit into the budget? 2)does it fit into the time frame 3)is it sellable –fitting one’s work into a narrowly scripted formula such as say…a Harlequin Romance. As far as I’ve heard, all you need to do to be a Harlequin writer is mail away for the formula. They send it to you; you write two hundred pages, then you send it in and get five hundred bucks. That’s not bad eh?

    An example of this was Lost Tribe. I think you were being a little too ambitious with the show. There were too many story lines they did not get completely developed. There was the McKay/What’s his name science anthropologist, there was Shepard/Laren thing thing thingy; there was Ronon and Keller thing; there was the crazy asguard thing–life is going to hell in a wraith basket, there was Zelenka worried over a fifteen year old savant (I mean protegee ;)) There was Todd’s initial heart break over Shepard.
    There were too many stories. This really required a three parter to do it justice. And why not Joe? Just because the statistics say “never do bla bla bla” with a television audience, those things are broken all the time. This would have been much better as a three or four parter, and why not?

    I’m really tired right now, I want to write more but the crazy relatives are over, and I’m wiped out.

    Please, please if you get a chance read the insights the goils had at the WDC. I think you’d find it interesting.

    Finally, whatda think if the peeps at the WDC wrote down a whole bunch of questions for Christopher Heyerdahl and then you passed them along to him. If he saw the questions, he might be compelled to twist the arm of his agent who implies he can’t do these types of Q & A sessions, and actually come down and answer those questions here.

    If you think this is a good idea, growl like a wraith.



    Take care, and don’t get too lonely. Have some tea.

  18. Questions for Wray:

    1) How have the special effects changed over the years from when you first started on the show?

    2) Are there ever any real dangers that come with the special effects and how did you deal with them?

    3) Has there ever been a great idea for a special effect that you weren’t able to realize, due to budget, time constaints, etc.?

  19. Overall I am impressed with TLT.

    Though the only thing that left anything to be desired was more me than anything. Something about nearly crashing into the TV screen as I came skidding into the room at a high rate of speed(as I had forgotten that it had moved to an earlier time slot thus upping its airing in my house from 7 to 6 pm) left a little to be desired during the intro. Must remember for future reference not to come *running* upon hearing the theme music.

  20. One thing I can say about all the comments is that we are group of people who know what we like, and what we don’t – and aren’t afraid to be honest about it.
    Unlike the “Hollywood” types you describe in a previous blog.
    (although I question if we would be quite so up front in a face to face meeting! I admire you a great deal for opening yourself up for all this)

  21. Wow… 26 pages for Brad. That’s a lot of questions. I couldn’t think of a question and then my brain has left me, hopefully only temporarily, with my new job. Maybe next time.

    I wanted to tell you that I loved the Lost Tribe. I was eating dinner when the Asguard were revealed as the aliens and I dropped my fork and said, rather loudly, “WTF???” It was a nice twist and it makes a little sense that they could still been around in the Pegasus Galaxy. It raises so many questions. I love it.

    So I have been thinking the last few days why Tyler McClendon looked so familiar (without the Wraith makeup) and tonight I got my answer. I’m watching the third season of Supernatural on DVD and I forgot he was in the episode that Peter DeLuise was in. I looked him up on IMDb and must have over-looked Supernatural.

    Did you guys there in Vancouver decide to share some snow with us or did that storm choose to skip British Columbia? We just had a storm pass through the Owens Valley that came straight out of the north and drop quite a bit of snow in the mountains and made it way too freakin’ cold here in Bishop. One day we’re enjoying a high of about 70 degrees F and then the next day we have a high of 50 degrees or colder. It even snowed here today – a few flakes here and there, nothing to brag about but it’s too early for this. I was supposed to go to Mammoth today but passed since the roads required chains and I didn’t want to put them on.

    I’m just glad I wasn’t out in this cold, windy, snowy weather for the Lone Pine Film Festival, even if it was rumored that the original Lois Lane from the radio show was going to be there as well as a few other pretty famous actors from the ’40s and ’50s. Maybe I’ll make it next year. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried getting Robert Downey Jr. to come since parts of Iron Man were filmed up here.

    Now I’m just babbling so I’ll go read my book. I’m trying to hurry and finish it so I can start The Canticle for Lebowitz.

  22. I have some questions for Wray.

    What got you into blowing shit up?
    How does someone like me get to blow shit up?
    Do you consider yourself fortunate to be blowing the shit up that you do rather than being incarcerated for blowing up shit you’re not supposed to?
    What qualifications do you need to blow shit up?
    How much explosive and what type of trigger should I use on my exhusband?


  23. My question for Wray:

    What explosion or special effect was the most disappointing in terms of the outcome or just didn’t work the way you guys planned?


  24. I did have one question about the Lost Tribe – What happend to Caldwell? I sure hope he wasn’t a snack for Todd.

  25. Please, please DON’T put spoilers in the first sentence!

    If you write “about the Lost Tribe…” those of us who have not seen Atlantis can choose not to read further, but if all is given away immediately our eye catches what is said and the whole episode is spoiled.

    Please be considerate to others.

  26. Well, I liked the space battles and action and Asgard as “villians”. Dr. Jackson is always great to have around.

    I’m afraid I was very much =NOT= liking the continuation of the Keller romance story line. God, she was at least cute with Ronon, why stop that? Why did you writers decide that Kellers storyline for Season 5 to be this? I DO NOT want her with McKay, and now, you’re all pushing her this way. I was very upset at the ‘I love you’ at the end of The Shrine. What a way to spoil an otherwise excellent episode. I hope someone asked that of Mr. Wright, because I couldn’t think of a way to word it as a question as to why he thought it was necessary. A proper end for The Shrine would have been McKay with his TEAM!! You know, those other 3 he goes through the gate with??

    My wish, more team episodes. And I know, I’m sunk, since you are all already done filming. But I do want to know why you decided that the ‘theme’ for Season 5 was to be Romance?

    Please, what came up in the writers room that you all had to jump on? I was very much happy with my silly space show of goofs, going through the gate and getting in trouble and plenty of UST so I could imagine who with who I wanted, or who had the most chemistry.

  27. I really enjoyed what was done in/with the mid-season two-parter. To me SGA has been stalling in a sense with the Wraith recently. I enjoy Todd’s appearances, and I can’t wait for Michael to show himself again, but as a whole the Wraith don’t feel as big of a threat as they once did. I guess this is intentional though because they are occupied with their own civil war, so we just need another enemy race. A part of me hopes that this new “tribe” will fill the void, but another part of me hopes they live by the proverb “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and will work with us to ultimately crush the Wraith/Michael.

  28. @ 14 Lone Flyer

    my question is did the Asgard get away or did we kill them all?

    Remember the sneaky Asgard can download their personalities into new clone bodies. So I guess the question is moot.


    A pretty eye catching beginning and end for the Lost Tribe episode. Love the SFX. But there is that really badly written middle part about how Rodney & Daniel manages to get out of their cell without causing a telltale signal in the control room. Also why would the Asgard leave any of their combat suits around without any security precautions. It is simply weak script writing. Too bad we don’t get a sixth season. I can see the vindictive Asgards paying back Atlantis in kind.

    Wow, another ancient warship bites the dust. They just don’t last very long after discovery. I am referring to Larrin’s ancient prize warship that got caught by a exploding stargate near the Traveler’s new .colony that got vaporized


    Question for Mr M, just how weaken will the poor wraiths be after the aborted deployment of the Attero device. I figure at least a good fraction of their Hives & fleet must be toasted along many ground facilities near exploding stargates. Guess they barely made 2nd rate foes after all their attritions. So I guess we might not even see them in the forthcoming SGA movie.

    My apologies to the WDC fangirls. [sneaking off]

  29. Aww, on going on vacation by yourself (BOY do I know how that feels!). But congrats to Fondy for the business doing so well.

    Keep up the great blog work!

  30. Mornin’, Joe

    Great piccie. Very cool and kinda reminds me of Britney, but without the strops. As for the vid, well at least it answers my question on why the Asgard always have such pinched expressions. I’m pretty sure my face would look like a sucked lemon if I constantly had someone’s hand shoved up my arse.

    “But I’m sure that whiny, narrow-minded Sheppard will take it as a personal affront.”



    Remember that finely-tuned nuclear blast I was on about the other day?


    Hope the Asia trip turns out okay and i’m sure you’ll find plenty to keep you amused. Sorry to hear that Fondy couldn’t make it, but as you’ll have our intrepid little selves following you around, I doubt there’ll be much chance to feel alone.. Abandoned.. Discarded by the world at large.. Set aside, in favour of a cute little dog with adorable eyes..

    “Whiny”.. pfft


  31. Coucou mon super Joseph=)
    Sa va bien??
    Moi oui, je passe du bon temp avec mon cheri =)
    Merci pour la video! j’adore les Asgard^^!!

    Pas de vacance depuis 2 ans O_O, et moi jje me plaint! Et bien vous n’avez qu’a faire le tour du monde an rencontrant chaque personne qui passe réguliérement sur votre blog lol XD!! Rohhh sa serais trop bien, je vous verrez enfin en vrai =D
    Heureusement que vous aimez votre travail!

    Bon, passer une bonne journée! Bisou! je vous adore!

  32. Hi Mr Mallozzi !
    How are you ?

    I just come in here to sya and perhaps remember that I’m a fan of Teyla and that I’m not he only one.
    I just wanted to remember you that Teyla and Rachel has fans 😀

    Will we see Teyla fights in some next episodes ? Will she have theoccasion to ever return of world again ? What happened to Kanaan, will it be answered in the Prodigal ?

    Thanks for your time 😀

  33. Joe Mallozzi said: But I’m sure that whiny, narrow-minded Sheppard will take it as a personal affront.

    I don’t get the sarcasm here, honestly I don’t. Or why you consistently denigrate one character and then defend others. Unless, wait, you’re thinking… only Sheppard fans dislike Keller!

    So, Yoko Ono Keller throws a monkey wrench into the team in season 5, takes front and center in more episodes than other series regulars, eats up screen time like a flesh eating virus and no one else cares but Sheppard fans?

    *raises hand* Not the biggest Shep fan here, although I do find him more fascinating than Keller and totally lacking in episode or character development in season 5. In fact, I find the entire team, Woolsey and Todd more interesting than Keller. Instead of worrying about Shep fans I’d be more concerned about Teyla fans (surely there are some out there!) because she’s been relegated to stay at home mommy this season. Or Ronon fans. Although they can probably breath a sigh of relief that their torment is over. Now maybe Ronon can go back to the once promising angsty, driven character he used to be rather than Keller’s throwaway boy-toy. But most of all I pity the big Rodney fans. Sure he’s got a new love interest but by emphasizing him most with either Keller or Daniel Jackson so far this season he just doesn’t seem like team material anymore, just an out of character, seasonal in and out of love, doofus.

    Honestly, why do we need any of the team at all when we have Mary Sue? Keller can already fight, shoot and kill Wraith nearly as good as Ronon! Soon she’ll be flying puddle jumpers and having the ancient gene (then that storyline will take prominence again!) like Sheppard. Communicating with the Wraith and the hive ships like Teyla (she’s already taken over Teyla’s role as negotiator and sooth sayer. She how wonderfully she encouraged Major Marks! See how she brings out Todd’s reflective side!). And saving the planet or the galaxy from imminent destruction by defusing something like McKay!

    And yet somehow throughout all this sci-fi nonsense, Keller will still manage to find romance, get abducted and rescued once or twice, and discover medical cures by the dozen! And to think that at one time the writers thought there was nothing for Carson Beckett to do so they axed him. It’s obvious you guys just weren’t handling him the right way!

    I’m sorry to sound so bitter and so negative. Really. I’ve loved your show, and supported it for four years but now I barely recognize it. If I can say one nice thing about the Keller character it’s that based on this season alone she’s making it a heck of a lot easier to say good-bye to Atlantis! You lost me at the last two minutes of The Shrine. And the thought of another season of the McKeller Follies makes me shudder.

    So go on Joe! Do another Jewel picspam! Put non-Keller fans in our places. Who cares that we love(d) your show too! If you don’t like Keller you can’t possibly be a fan! Stargate was amazing in part because it concentrated on the TEAM. Up until this season, Atlantis was that way too.

  34. Hi Joe,

    I have a question for you could you do a guest spot on your blog with the puppeteers? I love how they do the Asgard! They are my favourite race of aliens. Are you still going to parts of Asia for a holiday or have you had to postpone it again?
    Thanks for the video of the Asgard! It was great! I really like the pick to the Asgard wearing the hat & the caption! To funny!

    Take care & happiness always!


  35. WOW is all I can say…after I picked my chin up off the floor and put my eyes back in again…:D

    Thank you every one for a great couple of episodes!

    Kriss 🙂

  36. Loved ‘First contact’ and ‘The Lost tribe’. LOL at the banter between Rodney and Daniel.

    What irked me and it’s trivial…. is to do with continuity. I noticed Jewel’s hair went from curly to dead straight (when captured by the wraith), then back to curly again…. seems she has time to curl her hair when captured. lol

    Great special effects..the suited Asgards gave me a sense of homage to ‘Predator’.

    Hope you don’t have to fly solo… or otherwise we blogees will have to make you some cardboard cutouts…

  37. Loved The Lost Tribe. How convenient that the exo-suits were one-size-fits-all I bet that never happens in real life.

  38. Joe, I watched The Lost Tribe earlier today, and wow. I was especially surprised with the music, it was so great. As an online review mentioned, this Atlantis episode felt like an SG-1 type of episode. I don’t know why I felt weird during it, but it felt a bit fast paced in some areas. Oh yeah, on the note of SGA’s cancellation, do you know what Joel Goldsmith will be doing? I’ll miss all the awesome music and sound effects he’s done.

    Joe, also, I think that restrictions on art is just a bit of reality. Art itself can be anything that uses creativity essentially, but that creativity may not altogether be expressed. Joe, you still do a wonderful job on the scriptwriting and I hope your future scripts will be just as good, or better!

    Also, for your trip, when were you meant to have it? If it’s after the 7th of November, why not come down to Aus and just relax with fans?

    For Wray Douglas:
    1] In the episode Memento Mori (and the behind-the-scenes for it), how did you make the paintball balls to do the sparks? What I mean is essentially, how did you create the balls in the first place, and what was in them?
    2] How much experience does it take to develop a mostly-safe gas/flame cannon? (And also, how safe would they be?)
    3] How did you get started in this business(of Special effects)?
    4] What has been your favourite episode to do for the mayhem?
    5] I asked this to Kenny, but he didn’t know, so i’ll ask you, What is the fire-resistant gel made of? (The gel in question I think was talked about in an Ark of Truth Special Feature. Are there actually any commercial ones that would do any good, or can you only obtain them (and ingredients) via the industry?
    6] Which Special Effect in the whole of 15 seasons of Stargate would you say was the riskiest for everyone?(Even though there are standards, which is the most risky?)
    7] What are you planning to do now as SGA is over? Did you already find another show to work for?
    -Thanks for taking the time to answer most if not all of these questions Wray, and I hope you find good work if your answer to Q7 was a no.

  39. First off I loved that the Asgard were back in Friday’s episode, shocker! Love it! Sorry I tIVO’ed it and just saw it yesterday.

    Joe…go on vacation! Have fun, get away, you TOTALLY deserve it. Please do bring us all along here on your blog. I envy you. And I totally agree with you, visiting relatives IS NOT A VACATION! LOL I feel your pain there, I need a vacation too, I am off to Chicago for a long weekend in December. Go have fun in Toyko or where ever your travels lead you.

    Can’t wait to see some of the upcoming “guest” blogs.

    One more thing, where are some wonderful weird foods of the day video, love them. ^_^

  40. Hi Joe!

    I’m sorry to hear that your Asian trip plans were cancelled again. But I’m proud of you for planning the alternate solo trip! Since you are going to Tokyo, you might want to make a side overnight trip to one of the hot springs near Mt. Fuji. Gorakadan ( is a fabulous place – pricey, but truly amazing and luxurious. And there was a great little sakeya (tavern) in a town nearby that served soup with duck and local wild mushrooms – but darned if I can remember where is was. Autumn in Japan – yum!

    I liked The Lost Tribe – good story, good effects, lots of Wraith, how could I not like it? I agree that Todd had to do exactly what he did to take out the Attero device. As to the collateral damage – would Shep have scrupled to do the same if it were a ship full of Wraith he was leaving behind?

    Darn that Ronon! I suppose he was acting completely in character and was doing what he thought needed to be done, but he really screwed things up. And I think that his actions had the opposite effect from what he intended in two ways: first, forcing Todd to use the Daedelus itself as a weapon and second, I think Jennifer was unhappy with his cave-man methods. It probably helped her realize that she really wasn’t interested in Ronon after all. And I had no problem with the way she broke it to him. She did the right thing in not leading him on. But just who is that “other someone” she IS interested in — McKay or the tall, wise and inscrutable Todd? (just joking, I know you guys would never write an inter-species romance).

    Yes, Sheppard and (especially) Woolsey will probably be seriously ticked off with Todd and not want to play nice with him now. On the Wraith side of things, though, Todd’s handling of the incident (leaving the humans to die on the ship) probably did a lot to redeem him in the eyes of his crew. And maybe Todd has enough information about the gene therapy now to continue the research and clinical trials on his own instead of being dependent on the humans.

  41. Joe, you mentioned previosly the last scene shot at the Bridge was Shepperd ( I believe ) in a 302. What is the last shot of the series? I’m guessing in Vegas. Thanks for you time

  42. I don’t think Keller was mean to Ronon in that particular moment. But she was terribly arrogant, snotty and almost mocking of him in all of the earlier scenes they shared. She treats him like an ignorant nuisance for the whole show and then suddenly I’m supposed to buy that she’s letting him down gently? I’m still trying to process what Ronon could ever have seen in the little twit in the first place.

    The Asgard turning up in Pegasus….what a cop-out. God forbid you create an interesting new race unique to Pegasus (part of what helped make FC a far better episode). Instead we get the old familiar little gray puppet crawling out of the armor. The asgard are very nicely done puppets, but they stille look and move like puppets. A brief scene now and then of a puppet behind a control board on a spaceship is acceptable, but puppets walking and talking and trying to interact naturally with their human counterparts are too obviously puppets. No thanks.

    And please, no more SG-1 characters, villains, alien races, plot points, inventions, etc. I don’t watch SG-1; never did. I watched SGA because I liked it; not because I missed that other show. A whole new cast, city and galaxy to explore and what new wonders have been revealed in the last two seasons? Replicators and Asgard. How creative. Would the Goa’uld have shown up for the never-to-be season six? (Other than the one-shot appearance that was already made back in season two). I don’t understand? Do you think the viewers of SGA didn’t watch SG-1 and therefor won’t know you’re recycling ideas? But then, why the consistent use of SG-1 crossovers and references back to the SGC if you’re not catering to those who watched SG-1 and miss it?

  43. Yes, I think I am one of those in favor of seeing less Keller and more Teyla. Teyla is a stronger lead if you want an in-charge woman. She has many dimensions: warrior, leader, mother, shaman and dual loyalties. And there’s this string between her and Sheppard that keeps popping up (he sent her away in Lost Tribe with a lingering stare).
    Keller started out a reluctant doctor and I still see some of that in her or maybe I haven’t let her in my mind. I was glad she was interested in someone else – couldn’t really wrap my heart around Ronon/Keller match. Just because he loved a healer before doesn’t mean he would so again.
    Can’t wait for the Traveler – loved the books – they are in my “can’t-put-it-down” category. (And yes, now I do look for hidden cameras everywhere I go.) Of course all the Tabula would find out about me that I love books, beads and Stargate Atlantis.

  44. I did not say Keller was mean. I said she was a b**ch. (I wish the wraith would have fed on her when they had the chance. ) I said the writers were mean to Ronon. Can’t he have anything? Seven years on the run and now 4 years in Atlantas. Why can’t he find a girl that is right for him? Someone to love him for who he is.

  45. Why has Teyla been tossed aside for Keller. Why couldnt the writers write for Teyla but seem to have no problem writing for Keller. Teyla is meant to be a main character and its insulting the way her character has been treated in season 5. What happened to the wonderful team we once had, I hardly recognise the show these days. Its a mix mash of everything but lacks in any substance whatsover.

    I was gutted when I heard of the cancellation of SGA a few weeks ago but now I don’t care any more. Even Sheppard gets nothing but meaningless fodder and all he got to worry about in TLT was whether Larrin had been talking about him. From the spoilers for the next few episodes there is no reason for me to even tune in. There is nothing left about SGA that I recogize anymore. It’ just the Keller and McKeller hour with everyone else getting a few crumbs thrown their way now and then.

  46. Hi Joe,

    Wow, 26 pages of questions to Brad Wright! Was he surprised by the number of questions? Did you give him a little warning that most of the questions asked were not favorable about SGA’s cancellation? I for one can hardly wait to see how he answers some questions.

    Looking forward to Marty G’s talk about Brain Storm. I love how you invite other Stargate crew to make appearance here on your blog, those are always fun, educational, and entertaining.

    Have you seen SciFi’s promotional commericals about Stargate Atlantis? They include remarks such as “the best seaon ever”, “the peopl’e choice for best scifi show”, and now are focusing on the characters. The commericals are great, but why are they not mentioning that the show has been canceled? Every time I see them I find myself yelling at the TV -“so why was the show canceled then!” Sometimes I feel like TPTB are rubbing my nose into the fact that SGA is canceled! I know that that was not their intention (at least I hope not) but nonetheless it sure feels like another slap.


  47. Keller mean to Ronon? Who’s whining now? She was as considerate and sensitive as possible in such a situation – the only thing disappointing about that scene was that Ronon apparently DID have the hots for her and suddenly had to stomp of to field strip his scimitar.

  48. I really enjoyed First Contact/Lost Tribe. That was a great mid-season two-parter. I successfully stayed away from spoilers for these episodes, so when the Asgard stepped out of the robotic suit, I was totally shocked – very cool twist.

    Who did the voice for the Asgard leader? Michael Shanks used to do the voice for Thor right? Did someone we know do the voice for this Asgard?

  49. @ das & wraith cakes ~ what is this WDC y’all keep mentioning? I would like to check it out. 🙂


    efl ears said …

    A proper end for The Shrine would have been McKay with his TEAM!! You know, those other 3 he goes through the gate with??

    Hear, hear!! I was very disappointed with the lack of them at that point as well. 🙁

    Also, like someone else said, the last scene was a real turn-off for me — I have to pull a “Willow with Moulin Rogue” with it and turn it off before it comes on. XD

    I console myself with the knowledge that it was John that Rodney called out for in the night, and John that he called out for when Keller was right in front of him. 😉 I have no doubt that, if Rodney had to choose one, he’d rescue John before Keller, and that his spending 25 years trying to bring John back was more because he missed John (and Teyla and Ronon, for that matter) than because he thought it might save Keller (who, for all we know, might still die of Hoffan drug exposure if John donveniently didn’t think to warn her. :P) And even John seems to think McKeller is an odd, unlikely match. XD


    Oh, I realised that my sentence structure in my other post made it look like I was saying Zelenka was a core character like the fab four — my line about how Keller should not show up the core characters was a *separate* issue from me feeling like we know more about her than Zelenka and that bothering me — just to be clear. 🙂

  50. freidag said
    Joe Mallozzi said: But I’m sure that whiny, narrow-minded Sheppard will take it as a personal affront.
    I don’t get the sarcasm here, honestly I don’t.

    But I think I do. And when I’m right Mr. Mallozzi does not want to make Sheppardfans angry. So cool down. 🙂

    @Joe Mallozzi
    I don’t think that Sheppard is whiny. He never was. He was narrow-minded during the first three seasons – so much that sometimes I could hardly stand him – but he has changed. Nevertheless I could understand if he’d be a bit more cautious towards Todd after what happened, although he understands the reasons why the Wraith acted like he did.
    Same thing with Todd.

    But the sarcasm in your sentence tells me that this won’t happen. So thanks for the answer. 🙂

  51. Have you already decided whether you are going to Asia alone or not?
    alone might not sound too promising but there’s still a lot to see and taste and you’re social skills are definetely better than McKay’s so it really shouldn’t be all that much of an problem (perhaps the trip might not get as great as it would have been with Fondy but it would still be worthwhile, I think)

    considering the discussion here I guess I’m in the non-Teyla-missing minority even though there could have been a scene or two more that showed her with Kanaan but there are still episodes to come, so…

    thanks for the Asgard pic ^^

  52. *per request* This post may contain spoilers.

    Was I one of the people that said Keller was mean to Ronon? I might have..I was too busy feeling Ronon’s pain to really give a crap about how gentle and kind Keller was in letting Ronon sorry.

    I know it wasn’t an easy thing to do and I respect the character for making a choice and letting him know now rather than later. Still don’t like me its like watching paint dry..they are just too similar to be any fun. Perfect example of how similar they are was in The Shrine..if it wasn’t for Ronon..similar thinking and acting Keller and McKay wouldn’t have gone to The Shrine..and we all now what would have happened to McKay if they didn’t . Another example..Ronon shooting up the Daedalus..hmmm what do you think would have happened if Keller stopped Ronon and Todd got to McKay and Daniel first?

    Although we’ve seen a lot of Keller lately doesn’t mean she is taking over the show..but I do miss Teyla. I’m really hoping Teyla beats the crap out of Michael..I mean show no mercy out to kill type beating. I don’t think we’ll see much more of Keller after TLM or at least not as focus besides I think the way people feel won’t change no matter how little she is on screen because some feel the damage is already done.

    For me personally since she isn’t interested in won’t bother me if she is or isn’t there 🙂

    Looking forward to Friday’s epi..looks to be a Team Epi 🙂

  53. “she saved Rodney in The Shrine when none of his friends couldn’t figure out from the get-go that there might be an actual reason the shrine offers a temporary cure, something that ought to have been studied right away (I’m sorry, but Sheppard should have seen that possibility from the get-go, he’s smarter than that)”

    Because Keller is a DOCTOR. (I mean to use bold, but [b] not sure how[/b]) In the past, Carson would’ve been the one realizing there’s a problem. And it’s ALWAYS McKay. McKay always considers the negatives. But since he was the one sick, someone else had to. And it was Keller’s scientific background and knowledge that led her to believe that there is something else going on. I find no problems at all with the doctor on the team solving the problem. I do agree that Sheppard should have realized the possibility that something else was wrong. But Sheppard and Teyla were pushed to the side to let McKay, Ronon, and Keller take the spotlight. And Keller supported one side and Ronon the other. Ronon was more outspoken than anyone else with his position because of his experience with it. So, I do understand Sheppard not coming out and saying ‘Hey, something’s wrong here’.

    “Keller can already fight, shoot and kill Wraith nearly as good as Ronon! Soon she’ll be flying puddle jumpers and having the ancient gene like Sheppard. Communicating with the Wraith and the hive ships like Teyla. See how she brings out Todd’s reflective side!). And saving the planet or the galaxy from imminent destruction by defusing something like McKay!”

    LMAO! Thanks for the laugh. She open fires on two Wraith with an automatic gun and suddenly she can kill Wraith nearly as good as Ronon. She can hold her own when she has a weapon against one Wraith and suddenly she is superwoman. Amazing how that works.

    It’s a no-win situation. Let Keller gain some fighting abilities so she isn’t helpless – problem with fans. Leave Keller helpless – problem. Keller backs down from others and only talks when terrified – she’s a whiner! Keller stands up to people and offers solutions to problems – and she’s a b!tch! Wow!!! Talk about never being satisfied.

    So many Keller comments. You do know sometimes Keller is practically never in an episode, right? I think the uprising is due to three continuous episodes with a lot of Keller (Omg, THREE!). Let’s examine the episodes.

    Search and Rescue: McKay, Sheppard, Ronon, Michael – Team episode.
    The Seed: Keller’s the victim
    Broken Ties: No Keller
    Daedalus Variations: No Keller
    Ghost in the Machine: If Keller, very minimal
    Shrine: Rodney, Keller, Ronon
    Whispers: No Keller
    Queen: Keller in scenes with team
    Tracker: Lot of Keller and runner scenes. Still lots of Ronon and McKay scenes also.
    First Contact: few scenes with Keller.
    Lost Tribe: her and Ronon have the backup story – the Daedalus is being taken over. Few scenes.

    That’s five out of eleven episodes. I’m sorry to break it to the anti-Keller fans, but that IS NOT a lot. Seriously. Think about it.
    Anyway, I’m glad I enjoy Keller and can accept her position on the show because I’m having a hell of a lot of fun watching SGA this season! And no dragging down the show with a baby storyline.
    Looks like next week could be a team episode.

    Special Effects Supervisor Wray Douglas:
    How much time do you spend on the set while they are filming?
    Do you enjoy using CG or would rather create everything by hand?
    What do you think of as some of the greatest explosions in film history?
    Thanks for your hard work!

  54. First – The picture that you posted of the little gray dude is way, way too cute!!

    “The Lost Tribe” spoilers……….

    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed all of the Daniel and McKay interaction. The two of them are so great together. Terrific chemistry between two really good actors. I’m still not sure which one talks the fastest. Michael said that he thinks David might have talked a little faster, but, personally, I think it’s a toss-up. I loved the reveal of the new alien. Thank you Rob Cooper for that wonderful twist. (hugs) The speech between Daniel and the Asgard was fantastic, and a very, very Daniel thing to do. That had to have been my favorite scene in the episode. Loved it!! Yesterday I posted that I thought that it might have been Rob that did the voice of the Asgard, but after watching it again, I started thinking that it might have been Michael. It reminded me of the way that he did Thor. I know that Michael always wanted the fact that he did the voice of Thor to be kept a secret, until one day it leaked out. Oh… and *squee* for the Daniel whump.

    I, also, wanted to thank Martin for the way that he wrote Daniel in both episodes. He really stayed true to the character. I loved the way that Daniel wanted to be friends with Rodney because it’s soooo Daniel to want to be friends. To this day, I’m not able to watch the McKay and Mitchell scenes in “Pegasus Project” because of how badly Mitchell treated McKay. There was no reason for it, and it ruined that part of the storyline for me. Sorry Brad.

    If there had been a season six, I know that you would have done everything within your power to have Daniel back for more episodes. Thank you soooo much, Joe, for having Daniel in some “Atlantis” episodes this year – you have no idea how much a lot of fans appreciate it. (((hugs)))


  55. Ashley said: Broken Ties: No Keller

    Tsk…tsk! Keller was in Broken Ties! And you call yourself a Keller fan??

    AlsoAnd no dragging down the show with a baby storyline.

    Well you see, that was probably on tap for Keller and McKay next season!

    Wow, we all escaped that one, huh?

  56. How sad that the red herring Keller romance has taken up so much discussion space. Who cares? I think the saddest thing is they had to write Ronon as a reckless cowboy in order to show why Keller wouldn’t choose him. The Ronon I know would not willy-nilly blow up crystal trays on his own ship. How about just pulling a few crystals out, eh? I think it was all a set-up to show that Ronon is too crazy for Keller. But again, I don’t care what Keller does.

    I thought Part 1 was stronger. Part 2 had a lot of exposition, with characters discovering what the audience already knew. And Daniel explaining the asgard death to an asgard… again, we already know that (or at least SG1 fans do). There seemed to be too many elements to manage, with the Travelers, etc. But, Rodney and Daniel together are pure gold, and I could watch them for hours. And to me it was the best 2-parter ever of SGA. 🙂

  57. I thought First Contact and The Lost Tribe were done very well by Marty G. I loved everything about the episodes. I even thought it was great to see the Asgard again. And although it would have been great to see a new race it did make sense to have the race be the Asgard.

    KayD : And please, no more SG-1 characters, villains, alien races, plot points, inventions, etc. I don’t watch SG-1; never did. I watched SGA because I liked it; not because I missed that other show. A whole new cast, city and galaxy to explore and what new wonders have been revealed in the last two seasons? Replicators and Asgard. How creative. Would the Goa’uld have shown up for the never-to-be season six? (Other than the one-shot appearance that was already made back in season two). I don’t understand? Do you think the viewers of SGA didn’t watch SG-1 and therefor won’t know you’re recycling ideas? But then, why the consistent use of SG-1 crossovers and references back to the SGC if you’re not catering to those who watched SG-1 and miss it?

    First off I know everyone has a right to their own opinion, but I disagree with you. There is nothing wrong with SG-1 characters, villians, alien races, plot points, inventions and so forth to show up in SGA. If it wasn’t because of SG-1 there more than likely wouldn’t be SGA. As much as you might not like it SG-1 will always be connected to SGA and viceversa. SGC is the main headquarters for the Stargate Command it wouldn’t make sense if they did not go back to SGC at all.

    As for the aliens there are more than just replicators and the Asgard. Don’t forget the Wraith, Duh. And the Athosians, the Setadans (although only one left),Genii, and The Travelers. There are more than just the Replicators and the Asgard. And I’m sure if we had a season six the new aliens from the Deadleus Variation would be back and others would have been created as well.

    At first I thought I didn’t want any SG1 characters in the SGA episodes but I was wrong. It makes since to have them after all SG1 and SGA are one giant story arc with the episodes as chapters. Therefore, I ask this wouldn’t us SGA fans want SGA characters in SGU? I would think so.

    Sorry to rant, but I had to but my opinion in. I’m not saying mine is better or anything like that I just wanted to add it in there.

    If you decide to go alone have a fun and safe trip, Joe.

  58. Sorry I meant to say KayD writes.

    @herbertsommerfeld: I know this is going to sound strange, but you weren’t by chance in Ohio some time in the beginning of September were you? You look very familiar. You look like the guy I was talking to that was from Vancauver. That wasn’t you was it?

  59. Okay, I’m awake now, a few hours later. My father-in-law is off at the beer cafe flirting with the waitresses and having his umteenth rum and coke. My mother, who believes she should have been elected as Dion’s financial adviser, is organising a fundraiser for our entire Thanksgiving get together (–we’re going down to the local pub to get a turkey sandwich….) :S
    My mother and my father-in-law are both deeply eccentric (and set in their ways, AND don’t particularly like each other) and will be spending thanksgiving dinner either bickering or talking to each other through us. *sigh* We just don’t have the time to see them separately. I don’t understand them half the time, they constantly travel to every city and country on the globe, you’d think that would literally broaden their horizons. Oh well–

    This is all to say, I’m glad I have my partner with me, we laugh our heads off about the relation fiasco afterward, after we’ve both slept for fifteen hours straight.

    Anyhow, if you can, don’t take such a long and adventurous trip (vacation) on your own. That’s so lonely. Go with your honey. Even if you have to wait for her. Honestly, this blog is fun, but we’re not “that” fun, and we can’t replace the memories you’d have if someone went with you.



    So, about having Chistopher Heyerdahl here…I will collect all the questions and post them here as soon as I can. Whaddaya say????

  60. Wow, lots of anti-Keller posts.
    I was one of the main anti-Keller posters last season but she has grown on me. No, I’m not a major fan of hers, but I do like the change she has caused in McKay. I loved “The Shrine” and the ending scene was perfect, given that we never saw that emotion from McKay before with Katie Brown. Also, they made such a cute couple in “The Last Man.”

    I like that she has grown as a member of the expedition and that she is gaining skills. The only time I disliked it was in “Tracker” when she fought the Wraith. My problem with that scene wasn’t as much that she was fighting the Wraith, but that McKay was so inept at reloading his gun.

    I would love to see more TEAM episodes and more Teyla with the team, just too much time as individuals the last two seasons, but I disagree that Keller is taking over the show. Even the love triangle occupied a minute or two of show time during the recent episodes, that left 40-41 minutes for the rest of the story.

    I can’t believe I’m defending Keller.

    Twenty-six pages for Brad Wright and I didn’t even get a chance to tell him off for stupidly cancelling Atlantis for Stargate 90210.

  61. I’ve been on call for the past two nights, but I did manage to catch both The Lost Tribe and the new NUMB3RS episode (I’m so glad they’re not on at the same time anymore!) before rounds. Two medical emergencies, two exploding toilets, and several flooded bathrooms later, I finally get to sit down and comment on Lost Tribe:

    I felt bad for Todd… he truly felt betrayed, and once you lose your trust (trust that took so long to earn in the first place!) in someone, it’s four times as hard to get it back. So I empathized with his decision to ram the Daedalus into the Attero device… I mean, he actually knew that his actions would help not only Wraith but humans as well!

    Holy rogue Asgard!!! I did not see that one coming!!!
    Thanks for the insight into how they work… those puppeteers are awesome!!!

    I thought for a second you were gonna kill Daniel… the “I’m not gonna make it that long” comment had me concerned for a few seconds… then I remembered what happened the last two (or three or four? I lost count!) times Daniel died and stopped worrying 🙂

    The female engineer for the Travelers’ ship reminded me a lot of Jewel’s character “Kaylee” on Firefly… was that intentional?

    I felt like there was a lack of communication between Todd and the crew of the Daedalus… had Todd simply told them of the extreme and dire straits the humans and wraith of the galaxy were in, I feel like they would have been totally willing to cooperate. Instead, he chose to assume they had betrayed him and let them irreparably damage their own ship… which he then decided to ram into the Attero device since the weapons were no longer operational… I guess that’s just the “wraith way.”

    In First Contact, Sheppard was fine with Teyla accompanying him on his way to tell the Daedalus where they think Daniel and Rodney are, but when the Travelers come, he tells her she has to stay behind and be the one in charge. Hmmm….

    Overall, I think First Contact+The Lost Tribe=total awesomeness. Two of my favorite episodes this season =)
    It was amazing to see Michael Shanks and David Hewlett acting together… awesome+awesome=OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

  62. So…so how come Daniel and Rodney’s voices weren’t freaky cool when they were in the Asgard exoskeleton suits like the Asgards’ voices were?

    And tell me that 15 year old hyperdrive engineering traveller girl was a shout out to Kaylee from Firefly. Even if it’s not true, tell me that. It would make me oh-so-happy.

  63. But I’m sure that whiny, narrow-minded Sheppard will take it as a personal affront.

    Gotta stick up for Shep here – he does not whine and would a narrow-minded person form an alliance with the enemy? No. He probably was more narrow-minded when he was in the military on Earth but the Pegasus galaxy has opened him up. Common Ground was a big crossroad for him.

    So did you have your fun?

    Cheers, Chev

  64. @ wolfenm – The WDC is here:

    Caution, it’s at GW. Also, like Wraith, we have been known to devour one another at times (though we usually play nice). Nice mix of folks there from all over the world, and many are quite talented artists and crafters. But basically we just talk about whether or not male Wraith have more than one ‘prong in their prong region’, or if they’re really green all over. 😉

    Nah…in all seriousness, one of the most recent discussions we’ve been having is the comparison of Wraith to bees/wasps (especially queen behavior), with some information being gathered from experts in the field of apiculture/beekeeping. And, of course, we’ve been discussing Tyler’s comments, and the recent episodes with Todd. But every now and then we slip into the gutter, and discuss things that decent women (and a few men) really ought not. 😛

    Things have been a bit slow there recently – we’re all just really holding our breath out of a fear of what the future holds for our guys, so having a little new blood wouldn’t hurt.

    @ freidag – I think Joe’s comment about whiny Sheppard is aimed at Wraith fans like me who have the knee-jerk reaction of, “Oh nos!! Sheppard’s gonna kill Todd and the Wraith because he only sees them as monsters, and not as the freakin’ hot intergalactic sex gods they really are…whoalsohappentobeaneyebrow-challenged raceofhighlycomplex,intelligent,andwittylife-suckingspacebugs,withreallygreathairandtheunlimitedpotentialfordevelopment,iftheboneheadedwritersdon’tgetitchytriggerfingersandkillthemalloff.” 😛

    @ Stuart – “Crush the Wraith”??? You, sir! Go sit in the corner with Sheppard! 😡


    @Sparrow_hawk – Really, I think there is more chemistry between Keller and Todd than anyone else. Of course, there’s also chemistry between Todd and Rachel…and Todd and Ronon…and Todd and Sheppard…and Todd and Woolsey…hmmmmm…

    *see comment above about ‘freakin’ hot intergalactic sex gods’*

    @ Joe – Going to try to be a tad serious here…

    1. It’s really sad to think of you traveling throughout Asia, all alone, dodging melamine-tainted foods and painted women. WHO is going to record all the ‘weird food purchases’ for you??! *sniffle* Can’t you take Carl along??

    2. Okay – this is serious. Here, and at GW, many (myself included) have complained about Ronon acting like a big goon again. You would think after all these years on the team, he would have grown up a little by now…in fact, he WAS growing in S4…maturing, and thinking more instead of just reacting. However, I’ve noticed this trend seems to have been reversed. He threw a ‘tantrum’ in Daedalus Variations, and acted very rashly in TLT, not thinking anything through, or listening to reason (granted, he – like Todd – truly believed there had been a betrayal, but Todd at least had a plan, Ronon just started shooting things…again).

    In some ways it’s a bit disappointing. Sure, Ronon with guns is cool, but too much of a good thing can become a bit tiresome. HOWEVER, I’m willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt here, and I’d like to believe that Ronon’s ordeal in Broken Ties is what has him reverting back into his caveman persona, even though it hasn’t been explained that way.

    So, a question…In your mind, is there room for this idea, perhaps even the chance that Ronon is suffering from a type of PTSD? It would, at least, explain some of his more infantile behavior of late. (Of course, so would a crush on Keller… 😉 )

    And THIS is the reason I had wished for him to lose the dreads. When I first heard about Broken Ties, I thought it would be a great place for Ronon to ‘start over’ – to leave his past behind (as represented by his hair), and move on, becoming a wiser, more mature character…someone who can now see things from both sides…someone who understands both the hatred for the Wraith, as well as the passion of the Wraith and what they have to offer. But instead he’s the same old Ronon, with a great opportunity for character development (post BT) really missed. I just wish it had been a true turning point for his character, that’s all.

    Thank you, sir, for letting me say that.


  65. rats. It cut off the rest of my comment…which read, “iftheboneheadedwritersdon’tgetitchytriggerfingers andkillthemalloff.” 😛

    NOT that I include YOU, Joe, in with the rest of the ‘bone-headed writers’. 😉


  66. With regard to the love triangle I couldn’t see it going on for much longer without Sheppard pulling Jennifer aside and telling her to pick one and not string them both along. He wouldn’t want it affecting the team.

    Cheers, Chev

  67. Questions for Wray:

    1. What have you always wanted to blow up on the set but haven’t had the chance?

    2. Why do they call a squib a squib?

    3. Have you always worked in Special Effects in film & television?

    4. When you were a kid, was this the sort of thing you wanted to do when you grew up?

    5. I love the big bangs but visually one of the coolest was from Sateda, when Ronon struts off in slo-mo and throws the grenade behind him. How do you set something like that up, because it looked close to the actor?

    Cheers, Chev

  68. I loved the Lost Tribe. I was shocked at finding out that it was Asgard in the suits. I was even more amazed that it hadn’t been leaked ahead of time. It would have looked good in the promos. I can’t wait to see what else is in store in the final episodes.

  69. I am very disappointed with this season of SGA. As a Teyla fan I was optimistic about this season after you said a while ago that Teyla would be back full time and we’d see a lot more of Teyla in season 5. Well 11 episodes in and I’m still waiting, So when do we see alot more Teyla then, did I blink and miss it. I guess I must have.

    It seems to me that Keller is getting alot of the screentime that Teyla should have been getting. I still don’t understand why Keller got made a regular instead of staying recurring. It looks to me like you’re so focused to having Keller there that you’re seriously neglecting Teyla, she’s barely even there any more and if she is she’s just there to hold up the wall. Well TLT was the last straw for me. She’s now reduced to babysitter while the others get to go around the galaxy saving it. All Teyla has to look forward to is sitting around off screen twiddling her thumbs babysitting Atlantis.

    So Keller can fight wraith and shoot wraith with a P90 now…..mmmmmm I remember when Teyla used to be able to do that, did they switch bodies.

    Well I’m seriously considering not watching the rest of the season now because it looks very much like most of it’s gonna be the Keller and McKeller show and I’d rather get a lobotomy than sit through that.

    I didn’t know Teyla got reduced to recurring character….Oh well…At least It’s almost over now 😀

    Oh and one more thing… What happened to the Ronon/Teyla sparring scene we were supposed to be getting?

  70. Hi Joe. Long time no comment.

    I’m afraid I’ve been severely lax in both reading and commenting on your blog of late – truth be told, I’ve been somewhat preoccupied with a little production project of my own; I shall be adding one more sci-fi fan to the world in around May 09. 🙂

    I’ve also finally gotten around to reading (and thoroughly enjoyed) Joe Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself and am now working my way through the sequel, Before They Are Hanged. I keep meaning to go back and read through the Q&A session Joe did on here.

    I really enjoyed The Lost Tribe and found myself pretty much entirely gripped by the storyline from start to finish, wondering how they were going to get out of each situation. Having gone completely spoiler-free this season, even to the extent of not watching the promo ads etc, I was also unspoiled as to the identity of the aliens so it came as a real surprise.

    I’m sure you’ve already been inundated with expressions of glee from both the Shep thunkers and Shep whumpers for those first five minutes of The Lost Tribe but I shall add my voice to the throng nonetheless. I know your friend and mine, Cheeky Lil Devil, has had limited internet access recently but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me letting you know that she greatly appreciates the successful conclusion to her tireless “Shirtless Sheppy” campaign. 😉

    I look forward to the remaining 9 episodes and hopefully hearing more about the planned movie in the future and I hope to be able to stay a bit more up to date with your blogging adventures.


  71. Hey Joe,

    Sorry to hear Fondy can’t make the Asia trip. I love that land. In some parts you feel as though you have gone back 100’s of years. It’s strangely soothing. I love planting myself in a spot in some places and just sit. Sounds odd I know, but I love to sit and observe. Especially those that appear to have nothing but have truly mastered the art of happiness.

    Do you have a travel buddy you can tee up?

    My business partner’s family is from Hong Kong. He was there recently and said to watch out for the shops that offer you a really good price with no catches. There are some places that will lock the doors and threaten you until you purchase the product in which the price has managed to inflate a few 100% in 5 minutes.

    And to those that were arguing over the time for Rodney to fall for someone again. I was with my ex for almost 6 years, but were not married. 6 weeks after we parted I met my Hubby. 6 months later we purchased a house together. One year later we got engaged. You cannot put a timeframe on love, it is such a random event, and each person is different.

  72. Ok, who you calling whiny? Not our sheppard. He is not whiny, just very determined.

    Although, I agree with Wolfenm that Keller is in too much, much more than any doctor ever, I think she handled the Ronan situation perfectly. It is never easy letting someone down. I wonder if that written scene came from a personal experience? (lol).

    As for your trip, why not grab someone to go with you? Have a GUYS vacation, that could be fun.

  73. Oh yeah, one more thing, I did love the shirtless sheppard. My thanks go out to the writer.

  74. I think Keller was seen more in The Lost Tribe and Teyla is because it was written by Marty G. and I remember seeing somewhere that his favorite characters were Rodney and Keller.
    I think how prominent a character(s) play in an episode debends on who is writting the episode. I think all the writers have their favorites and that tends to show sometimes.
    For me, so long as some of the main characters are in the episode, it’s all good!

  75. Keller was mean? Yeah. I knew that would be the automatic response.

    The truth is that the scene was played, um, truthfully. Jennifer was way more up front about her feelings than most people would be. Instead of letting it drag out, she just let him know.

    And Jason played it beautifully. It really captured his character the way he reacted. Yes. We know his heart is broken, but Ronon would never show it.

    I thought it was a very moving scene. I felt for both of them.

    Great episode! Full of giggles and drama. Bravo!

  76. Joe said …But I’m sure that whiny, narrow-minded Sheppard will take it as a personal affront. …


    Joe said …How was Keller “mean” to Ronon at episode’s end? She was in an awkward position and felt it only right that Ronon know she was interested in someone else. …

    Haven’t seent he epi but I do wish everyone was as truthful as Keller; I’m guessing would save a WHOLE bunch of hurt for lots of people. 🙂

    Alipeeps said I’m sure you’ve already been inundated with expressions of glee from both the Shep thunkers and Shep whumpers for those first five minutes of The Lost Tribe but I shall add my voice to the throng nonetheless. I know your friend and mine, Cheeky Lil Devil, has had limited internet access recently but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me letting you know that she greatly appreciates the successful conclusion to her tireless “Shirtless Sheppy” campaign.

    oH … oH … *sigh* *faint*

    BTW, Alipeeps, congrats on the new sci-fi fan.

    Sad news – Michael Shanks can’t make it to NZ for Armegeddon as he is working!! Congrats Michael. But guess what?!? … Kavan Smith is coming instead YAY!! thanks Kavan. See you in 2 weeks.

  77. Oh please. Did anyone doubt for a second that Ronon’s idea for disabling a ship was to shoot up engineering? You have been watching the show, right? Ronon showed his brains when he led McKay all over that planet tracking Keller without getting either of them killed on the way. That’s pretty impressive, and not something anyone else on the team could do. That’s the point of the TEAM. They have different strengths and complement each other. McKay could disable key systems; Ronon shoots what’s handy. He knew to shoot the crystals and not just mess up the consoles, so give him a little credit.

    When it comes right down to it, Todd doesn’t trust the humans, because he knows what’s going on inside HIS head. Plus he’s been making some pretty crazy decisions (from a Wraith point of view) the whole time he’s been working with Sheppard, and he’s probably been half-expecting a double-cross. They are uncomfortable allies, but that’s it. Sheppard will be all mad because Todd didn’t give them a chance to explain, but he doesn’t really trust Todd, either.

    I don’t think Todd believed Keller was the only one loose on the ship. There just wasn’t a whole lot he could do about it at the time. The ship was already disabled, and he had to move on to Plan B in a hurry. Ronon was the least of his worries.

  78. “The Lost Tribe”

    Another ‘triffic episode, and I’ve been a fairly staunch Atlantis critic up until this last half of this season. Especially liked the little tip of the hat to Firefly and the young ships engineer 🙂

    Can I ask, though, why you decided to slip the return of the gate in at the end as opposed to leaving them gateless – at least for a short while?

    It strikes me that the last handful of episodes have been stunning because they’ve put the team back in scenarios where their collective butts are in the sling once more.

    I found Ali’s comment interesting – my enjoyment of the show has definitely improved since I started making an active effort not to watch the trailers or promos.

  79. Oh, question from TLT.

    We know that the Atlantis gate had the component that enabled them to dial the extra Chevron.

    With the gate blown and the Control Room fried, did it survive?

  80. I should have added that seeing as the component in the DHD is removable is it kept in a safer place when not being used?

    Me not speak good England today.

  81. I loved the show! It was extremely hard to remain unspoiled as people were talking about the bad promo and I had to force myself to skip part of this blog entry until I had seen it. I managed! And wow, what a surprise twist! The episode was perhaps one of the best in the season so far for writing, effects, and of course Daniel Jackson. Kudos to all!

    I do not think Jen was mean to Ronon. I admit that I prefer the Ronon/Jen relationship as she softens his tough exterior rather nicely. They really compliment each other. There’s another reason though…I find the episodes where McKay is lusting after Sam to be amusing. *grin*

    I’ve read some of the other posts here, and I’ll agree, Jen may be getting a little too much exposure. I would like to see more of Teyla for awhile. I’m definitely not an anti-Keller fan. I enjoy the character, and I think Jewel does a wonderful job with portraying her.

    Now, I know this season is already set in stone as to how much screen time the characters do get. However, I wouldn’t mind you guys killing off Kanaan and having some Teyla/Sheppard moments. 😉 I know Larrin and John have some interesting dynamics, but I definitely prefer the close friendship of Teyla and Sheppard. Together, they always have some of the best emotional scenes. I would love to see some scenes between them in the upcoming movie. 😉 lol.

    I would like to thank you for always sharing different foods on here. I found a recipe for Tarragon Chicken and I made it Saturday night when I was home by myself. It turned out beautiful! Thanks for the idea!

  82. By the way, I’m sure you could auction off Fondy’s tickets to Asia to a grateful fan who would love to make the culinary trek with you. Then again, depending on the fan, you might have more fun alone. Heh.

    We have a new Hong Kong Bistro in town. I’m particularly fond of the fried eggs and tomato dish, which only my Chinese friends know how to order off-menu. The HK cuisine is a bit mild for my tastes though. Pass the chili sauce!

  83. @ ytimynona – As Teyla said regarding Wraith in The Rising, “They have no need to explain themselves.” I had the impression here that Todd, usually somewhat willing to ‘explain himself’, had reverted back into Wraith-mode. He took control for reasons he understood, and either didn’t feel he had the time to clearly explain why or didn’t feel that the humans deserved an explanation why. On that second point, to feel a need to explain himself to the humans – in front of his crew – could have been a sign of weakness, and he wouldn’t want that or next thing we’d know, Kenny would be slitting his throat.

    But there is something I found interesting, and I wonder whose call it was – writer, director, actor? – and that’s Todd’s reaction to Keller when she asked him why he took the ship. He was in a state of heightened agitiation, both at the situation and (I believe) over his own mistake of seeing betrayal where there was none. Her question surely reminded him of the latter, and he seemed to acknowledge his mistake there, at least to himself. I liked his reaction, avoiding eye contact and acting a bit flustered…but then I asked myself, “why?”. I mean, Todd’s been caught in deceptions and missteps before and he usually just cavalierly brushes it off…but this time he really seemed uncomfortable with the situation. So, why? And then it dawned on me – it was Keller’s lip gloss. 😉

    @ Pissed off Teyla fan – Since – when they still had the opening credits – Teyla had second billing, I’m suspecting that her reduced screentime is due to 1. baby, and 2. conflict with other episodes, especially The Queen, where she wore extensive make-up and couldn’t exactly be in two productions at the same time. Perhaps we’ll see her more in the second half of the season. I’m sure there are reasons other than they like Keller best. Also, when they wrote this season, they were hoping for a sixth…so who knows what the future held for Teyla. Personally, I was hoping that she’d get fed up with being under-appreciated by Shep & Co. and, now that she’s had a taste of Wraith power, she’d do a little gene therapy of her own and take her rightful place as Primary.

    Now that would have been interesting…


  84. Please no more shipping! It’s a waste of precious screen time. I’d rather have more TeamSheppard.

  85. Hey Patricia,

    I saw your question for Joe regarding the amount of DVD special features..

    I am doing 15, no wait… 16 DVD special features for Season 5. They should all be on the DVD’s… well it depends where you are. (Actually you will get 15 for sure, an some parts of the world will get that extra one. I don’t decide)

    Hope that helps at all… oh, and I heard some complain about not having any Flanigan in the past. Look out for “Conversation with a Colonel” on the season 5 DVD’s.



  86. *Gasp* Ivon, sir! Will the two missing Zelenka scenes from The Shrine be on the season 5 DVDs?? Please and thank you!!

  87. @ dasNdanger – Though I take note of the ;), your reply has given me an excuse to continue my simple-minded rambling (thank you :p).

    How technically advanced are these Asgard? They moved to the Pegasus Galaxy a long time ago and have avoided confrontations with other enemy races at all cost. It is general knowledge that wars/skirmishes provide technological leaps to civilisations. The SG1 Asgard were pushed by the Replicators and the Ori to develop better technology, so without this catalyst how strong are these new Asgard? Cue the USS Phoenix? I’d hate for us to be fighting the Asgard though. If the war really erupted they would have the hyperspace technology to reach Earth. They are determined to “crush the Wraith”… I think we would be with them rather than against them.


  88. Ivon said:

    I saw your question for Joe regarding the amount of DVD special features..

    I am doing 15, no wait… 16 DVD special features for Season 5. They should all be on the DVD’s… well it depends where you are. (Actually you will get 15 for sure, an some parts of the world will get that extra one. I don’t decide)

    Hope that helps at all… oh, and I heard some complain about not having any Flanigan in the past. Look out for “Conversation with a Colonel” on the season 5 DVD’s.

    OMG! Conversation with a Colonel will be the first thing I’ll watch when I get my DVD, even before the episodes and I haven’t seen Season 5 yet (Australia).

    I wish you could sit in on one of the dvd commentaries. You’d have a lot of good stories I’m sure.

    Cheers, Chev

  89. @ Stuart – But Stu, dahling! The Asgards are godawful UGLY! The bulbous heads! The creepy little parrot fish mouths! The nakedness! The…heeeeey, where the hell ARE their willies? 😕


    No! They cannot prevail if it means an end to the most elegant, the most beautiful, creatures of all!! That, plus it has been determined by the Sci Fi Gods that you canNOT kill any alien that has a sense of humor. So, as long as Wraith keep telling jokes, and feeling up Woolsey, they cannot be exterminated!!

    so…there. pffft.



  90. *That’s five out of eleven episodes. I’m sorry to break it to the anti-Keller fans, but that IS NOT a lot. Seriously. Think about it.*

    Where are the corresponding five out of eleven episodes for Teyla? She’s a main character too.

    Or here’s an even crazier idea, five out of eleven episodes for Sheppard? You remember him, don’t you? He’s the headliner of the show?

  91. you and Ivan touring asia for unique cuisine..why not make full episodes and try to sell it?
    then you can get paid to tour unique far away places.

  92. “Ashley said: Broken Ties: No Keller

    Tsk…tsk! Keller was in Broken Ties! And you call yourself a Keller fan??”

    Oh I’m sorry. I meant ‘barely any Keller’. I’m sorry that I’m extremely busy and cannot remember episodes from a month ago.

    “Well you see, that was probably on tap for Keller and McKay next season!
    Wow, we all escaped that one, huh?”

    I feel bad you think the Keller and McKay scenes are completely taking up the show like the baby storyline did. There’s simply no comparison, sorry. Michael/baby took up approximately 80% of the last few episodes of Season 4. If you think McKeller is using up that much time, you must be watching something else.

    “When I first heard about Broken Ties, I thought it would be a great place for Ronon to ’start over’ – to leave his past behind (as represented by his hair), and move on, becoming a wiser, more mature character…someone who can now see things from both sides…someone who understands both the hatred for the Wraith, as well as the passion of the Wraith and what they have to offer.”

    Yea, I thought that was going to happen also. But I do like the new dimension to his character.

    “Where are the corresponding five out of eleven episodes for Teyla? She’s a main character too.
    Or here’s an even crazier idea, five out of eleven episodes for Sheppard? You remember him, don’t you? He’s the headliner of the show?”

    Remember how those five episodes with Keller were not ALL Keller? Those Teyla episodes would be Season 4. And probably upcoming. Sheppard would be Search and Rescue, FC and TLT, Whispers, and many scenes in some episodes. Not to mention three years of Sheppard. Don’t get me wrong though. I want to see more Sheppard and Teyla. But Keller is not taking up the time you think she is. Just because she was in three episodes this season a LOT doesn’t mean she’s up front – unless you think that way.

  93. Random SGA thought (has this come up before?),

    Given that the team has the Lantean database, why haven’t they looked up the article on how to make ZPM’s yet? Seems that given the fact that they are at the core of Lantean technology that they’re method of development would be well documented. Perhaps via something that was destroyed in the Wraith war like a Dyson Sphere (but obviously the replicators would have had to have one too)?

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