Yesterday’s mention of recurring contributors to this blog led me to check in on our old friend, Aloysius P. Hazzencockle, who, for a while last year, really seemed to form a warm and lasting relationship with a dying man who had contacted him via email in a his search for a worthy heir to his fortune (follow the spiritually uplifting correspondence here:

As luck would have it, yet another email from yet another dying individual looking for a worthy heir found its way into Aloysius’s inbox. He was quick to respond to Mrs. Rose Joshua:

“Dearest Rose,

Thank you for your stirring email. It both touched my heart and kind of grossed me out in its detailed account of your illness. Like you, I am also in dire straits. Whereas you lost your husband to tragedy and have since been ostracized by every friend and family member you ever knew, I have seen a 12% decline in worldwide orders for the adorable 100% real cat fur stuffed cat toys produced by Hazzecockle Enterprises. Whereas you are struggling with cancer and the paralytic effects of a stroke, I have had to put down a third of my staff of equally adorable child workers. Whereas you are at death’s door, my Tivo fucked up and didn’t record the final ten minutes of last Sunday’s Amazing Race. (If you know who got eliminated, don’t tell me. I think I still might be able to download the episode online.).

All this to say that, in me, you have found a partner in misery, one who can empathize with your many hardships AND find a way to spend that 1.2 million dollars you are offering.

You wrote: “According to the doctor, my medical report quotes a very short life sperm due to my health status presently.”

Sad to hear. In my case, I suffer from what is known as “sperm ennui”, a condition in which the sperm suffer not so much low concentrations or defects but a general disinterest in fertilization, preferring instead to just leisurely swim about before knocking back a couple of cocktails and turning in for the night.

You wrote: “May be I may still have another 3-4 weeks to live, that I do not know but God can say.”

Well, you should ask him. I’ve learned from experience that God can be surprisingly forthcoming about future events like deaths, disasters, and lotto numbers. Just the other week, for instance, he actually revealed that I’d be the recipient of a 1.2 million dollar windfall over crantini’s and finger sandwiches. Incidentally, I ended up picking up the tab even though it was his turn to pay so be wary of his “I brought the wrong wallet” excuse.

You wrote: “I want an individual that will use this fund for the less privilege ones like; orphanages, widows, also help our old ones who is unable to cater for their needs.”

I can assure you that all will feel the trickle-down effects of my lavish and irresponsible spending habits be they orphaned butlers, widowed masseuses, or elderly baccarat dealers. As recently as this afternoon, I generously tipped my gimpy half-wit groundskeeper for exceptional service. Oh, and the loss of three and a half fingers to one of the crocodiles that lurk in my castle moat.

You wrote: “I know we have not meet before but I want you to consider this mission as DIVINE MISSION!!!”

I was thinking more along the lines of FABULOUS!!! or SENSATIONAL! but, yes, DIVINE!!! works too.

Please get back to me at your earliest convenience so that we can get the ball rolling.


Aloysius P. Hazzencockle

President and CEO

Hazzencockle Enterprises”

111 thoughts on “October 10, 2008: Checking in on Aloysius P. Hazzencockle

  1. Just got the mental image of sperm sitting back knocking down some cocktails. **shakes head** So long as it’s not Coke. They explode!

    Hope you get a reply one of these days.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. First?

  2. I get two or three of these damned things a day! I send them on to my IPS, they keep coming anyway. Thanks for the laugh, it’s been a long day (Flannery the Greyhound has a UTI) and I needed it. The Lost Tribe is on in 10 minutes – can’t wait! Have a good weekend 🙂

  3. Man I wish I’d sent you the emails from some scammer who bought a ring off me in ebay. He/she/it insisted that payment had been made and that I should send it in the utmost urgency… then a fake paypal receipt came and more harassing emails. Dude got suspended… then sent another email saying he/she/it was unsuspended and could I send the ring?? (complete with another fake receipt ..full of spelling errors and threatening MY suspension lmao ).

    Man I saw the rubbish from miles away.. wish I thought about getting you to show him your literary snarkiness!

    (No he/she/it didn’t get the’s still here, still for sale )

    Go Aloysius ! lol

  4. OMG! Toddsey! LOLOL! And was that a cheek caress I saw??! You were so right about that one, Joe!



  5. You don’t have to approve this if it’s too spoilery, but I just wanted to say–OMG!! Our chins hit the floor when the armor came off! Sooooo glad I managed to stay away from spoilers–we never saw THAT coming!

  6. OH MY GOD.

    I am SO glad I avoided SciFi channel like the plague— I TOTALLY did not see that coming! And, oh man, it was so worth it! SO awesome!!

  7. Man, you crack me up. 🙂

    Hubby wants to recommend “The Dragon Never Sleeps” by Glen Cook, if you don’t have it in your library already. He’s currently reading The Black Company series.

  8. Ok, just finished watching The Lost Tribe and I’ve got to tell you, this was the BEST EVER! I hadn’t watched any of the spoilers, so it was all new to me. This was simply FIRST CLASS. Kudos to all involved!

  9. I have to say Joe, I thoroughly enjoy watching the “Lost Tribe”! I can’t wait to see what else is in store in the show, and the consequences of the period when the Attarro device was on.

    I also got a kick out of how Todd was “hugging” Woolsey! That was soooo funny. I hope that you guys eventually kill most of the wraith though and the “other peeps” emerge as the dominant baddy in the galaxy. That’d be awesome.

  10. I’ll have to read the blog later – off to watch Sanctuary, but first:

    SPOILERS for The Lost Tribe!!!

    It was an ‘edge of the seat’ episode, I’ll give you that. Loved it, with only one complaint (maybe this will play into an upcoming episode, but for right now, it bugs me): No one seems to have explained to the rest of the Lanteans WHY Todd did what he did, so they all think he went rogue on them. In reality, it was Ronon who screwed everything up. If Ronon had just left well enough alone, Todd would have gone to the planet, blown up the device, and let the crew and ship go. Of course, Rodney and that dude with the glasses would have died, but what happened in the end (the crew on a collision course) would not have happened – their lives would not have been at risk. But since the ship’s weapons were destroyed, Todd had no other choice. This was really all Ronon’s fault, and just because he was chasing after a skirt. 🙄

    Best part was still Todd’s arm draped over Woolsey shoulder – THAT was priceless!! Todd was so delightfully…sadistic…I just LOVED it! 😆 Thanks to whoever came up with that idea!


  11. Wait…. So I’m not the only one getting these? Aw, gee! Now I don’t feel so special.

    For those of you interested in my search for a puppy I have an update: I guess the Pyr rescue group liked us! For our *home inspection* they brought a pyr they think might be a good match. They barely even looked at my backyard. I was a little floored by that. Anyway, the pup they brought was BEAUTIFUL!

    Her name is Lacey and I love he. Guess what! Annabelle loves her, too. Actually, Annabelle hasn’t been this happy since Sebastian passed away. She was such a good girl with Lacey. Lacey’s a pyr-mix like Annabelle. We don’t know what she’s mixed with but it seems like golden retriver (like Annabelle). She’s 8 months old and adorable.

    We are waiting until Jeremy gets back from California so he can meet her, as well. Also, we are thinking we might need a boy in the house. Jeremy says the house has enough girls. 😉 I don’t blame him. Although he seemed very interested in Lacey.

    Alrighty! I’m gonna go eat my late-late dinner and watch Atlantis!


    Trish (the-very-relieved-one)

  12. Hi Joe,

    I hope you and the dogs are doing wonderfully. I just wanted to say that tonight’s episode “The Lost Tribe” was amazing! I was not expecting the reveal of the alien race to be an old favorite! It totally surprised me. I also enjoyed the bantered between Jackson and McKay. And the return of the another mysterious race!

    Some questions:

    1. Are we going to see more of the Travellers in future episodes of this season, or maybe in the movie/or a possible movie?

    2. Is it the end of the possibility of Jennifer and Ronon? Or is there still a chance that these two might end up together? I sort of enjoyed the not-knowing-who she was interested in.

  13. Loved it. All worth coming home early (lol). My family thinks I am nuts. They ask, “what is more important than a night of cards and laughs” and I simply respond, “I told you that I’d play, but had to leave by 8:30 so I can watch Stargate Atlantis.” Can’t wait til 11pm now. The first viewing is with my daughter and she likes to talk. Second viewing is in private, no distractions.

    Das, your guy was NOT NICE.

  14. OMG, you guys outdid yourselves with the Lost Tribe. So, so, totally awesome. As mentioned above, totally did not suspect what unfolfed. Brilliant and Genius – WOW!

  15. Joe,
    You already know why I’m posting so I’m going to cut to the chase..WHY?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!? I feel so bad for Ronon..when is he going to get a break.

    So, does this mean this “Love Triangle” that really wasn’t is now over? Please say it is.

    Ronon needs to find a woman that wants him and I know you can make it happen..pretty please 🙂

    Other than that little slap down Keller gave Ronon the epi was OK..I didn’t enjoy it as much as First Contact..this epi just felt a little rush. There was so much going on and then everything just ended.

    Take Care

  16. The Lost Tribe…Wow!!! Even better than First Contact, which was already in my top 3 Atlantis episodes of all time. Where to start…the great chemistry between David H. and Michael was great. So many great lines between the two. And I liked Ronan’s tried and true method of disabling a ship; shoot everything you possibly can. I was laughing when Todd put his arm around Woolsey’s shoulder like they were best pals. I was surprised that he seemed to buy Keller’s story however, I thought after she was escorted from the bridge he would have told his men to be on the lookout for Ronan. He knows what that gun of his is capable of destroying. The only other thing I found unbelievable is that a fifteen year old would be the chief engineer of the fastest Traveler ship in their fleet.
    As to the “aliens”, if I hadn’t already known about their apperance from spoilers and my own guesses I definetely would have been floored as well by their appearance. I liked how Daniel tried his hardest to relate his own experiences with “them” to try to convince them that there had to be another way to stop the Wraith than killing millions of people. He is certainly the best person, other than O’neill, to talk to them.
    There were many incredibly funny lines, but I will have to watch the episode again to document them. One humerous scene was when Keller said that Ronan could destroy the life support controls if he wasn’t careful and he said they were in the other panel…he thinks.
    Next week…The Outsiders!

  17. Joe, I gotta ask: what happened to Caldwell in ‘The Lost Tribe’? He just sort of vanished and wasn’t mentioned in tonights episode at all. Also, was the young, female mechanic on the Traveler ship a wink and a nod at ‘Firefly’ or a bit of a rip-off? Honestly, I kept waiting for her to say “Everything’s shiny!”

  18. I just finished watching The Lost Tribe. What a huge disappointment. It started out well: Sheppard in charge; Teyla had a part to play, complete with actual dialogue; Marie was a very convincing medical presence; the new gate tech worked great with Sheppard; Woolsey was fun.

    And then it all fell apart. Once again Teyla was conveniently left behind to mind Atlantis and disappear for the rest of the show. The Larrin clone was a lot less irritating than Larrin, but still not very interesting. I’m not sure what’s up with the fascination with young female prodigies, but it’s one I don’t share. What was the point? The new enemy turned out to be a recycled enemy from SG-1, complete with an SG-1 history lecture by Daniel Jackson. Worst of all was Keller trying to take charge and tell Ronon what to do. I’m so very sick of Keller. There was way too much time devoted to this tiresome character. I’m more convinced than ever that she suffers from multiple personality disorder. Unfortunately, not one of her personalities is the least bit likable or interesting. And once again there was no team.

    All in all, quite a let down. It looks like SGA is going to go out with a whimper instead of a bang. Too bad.

  19. Joseph, where do you think SGU will be filmed?

    Lost Tribe was phenominal. I feel bad about Ronon – I enjoyed the triangle. Is it over??

  20. *snicker* Glad to see Hazzencockle make a return! 😀

    Loved “The Lost Tribe”!

    Poor Zelenka; we know how much he loves kids … XD

    The manuever with the warp drive was clever. 😀 (Actually, the idea of jumping into hyperspace and reappearing behuind the enemy would have been clever too, if that had actually been what happened!)

    Interesting to see our little friends beng little bad boys.

    I’m glad Todd was left ambiguous — those who prefer them bad can still see them taht way, while Das and I can see Todd as simply being practicle with the situation that was handed him. I’m perfectly wiling to believe that Todd would have handed the ship back over if Ronon hadn’t fixed it so that he needed to do what he tried to do; our Satedan friend pretty much tied Todd’s hands. And I too loved Todd’s slinging his arm around Woolsey — that’s one human I think Todd would have been quite happy to dispose of.

    Loved the little conversation Todd and Sheppard had, and Rodney & Daniel’s bonding under pressure.

    Sheppard was adorable, with his $5 offer and asking if Larrin talked about him (even if I don’t want him to end up with Larrin).

    The only thing that’s got me down is Keller basically telling Ronon she’s not interested. Of all the ships to actually go through with, it just had to be McKeller. I’m feeling as green as Todd right now. XD Well, I can be happy for Rodney and my McKeller-shipper friends, I guess. And I’m glad Keller stood up to Ronon in the end, rather than let him order her around. Still, I feel bad for Ronon, though, considering he’d seemed to have had that crush on Keller for far longer than Rodney. You’d think he’d be familiar with the concept of “Ya snooze, ya lose” ….

  21. Oh, the tragedy of malfunctioning tivo… my heart aches for the Honorable Mr. Hozzencockle. Glad to see his appearance once more on this blog.
    As good as Lost Tribe was, I fear it will never rate as one of my favorites. I was resigned to the Daedalus joining the ranks of the other Earth Cruisers in ignomious capture/hijacking by the bad guys. After all, at least they were losing to Todd. But where was Caldwell? Ronon frees the troops, and leads the counterattack. Surely the commander of the vessel should have taken charge of regaining the ship. Were Caldwell injured or killed off screen, why not a mention of his fate? Not only has the Daedalus lost its greatest claim to fame, but its Captain has been reduced to a totally dispensable non presence.
    On the bright side, lots of good moments. Ronon’s method of disabling Daedalus, and its consequences, Keller’s actions in essentially defying Ronon, of course the Todd/Woolsey “hug”, poor Zelinka’s nerves being worn down by the Traveller’s teen engineer. And a brilliant solution by Sheppard to save the lives of the Daedalus and its crews and passengers. The big reveal played out very well to the friends I had over (alas, I’d stumbled onto the spoiler beforehand). And Daniel/McKay. Best act since Abbot and Costello. To repeat myself, this will never be one of my favorite episodes. But it will be one I enjoy watching again and again for all the moments above, as well as the handling of bringing the characters together for the climax. Thanks to Mr. G. Mr. Mikita, and all other parties for the episode.

  22. @ Linda Gagne – Wot??! You didn’t like Todd’s little snuggle with Woolsey?? 😆 He reminded me of Barbossa hanging on Jack Sparrow, saying, “Jack…Jack! Did ya not notice? That be the same little island that we made you Governor of on our last little trip.”

    Poor Woolsey – that was just golden! Todd was at his VERY best there! See – THIS is the sort of thing I want. An ally who can snap back at you, even when his actions are justified (as Todd’s were in this case). This sort of ‘alliance’ between Todd and the Lanteans is SO much better than the whole ‘put him irons and lock him in a cell’ thing that was going on in S4 (although, I do understand it was part of his development…without it, we wouldn’t be where we are in the story).

    Still, in S4 Sheppard did all the nipping, with Todd behaving like a good dog. But THIS?! THIS was great – I love the biting back – it was perfect! I would love more of this, as long as it’s not done in order to turn Todd evil. No…I want him right were he is in his relationship with the Lanteans, only with more of this sort of this edge added into it.

    (And I guess I’ll just have to keep reminding everyone that 1. Todd genuinely thought he had been betrayed, and 2. he was desperate to stop the device. He did what he had to to save his own…I fault him not. Like I said, the entire problem on the Daedalus was totally Ronon’s doings. So there. Pfft. 😀 )

    @ Halo Luver – Wash your mouth out with soap! No killing ‘most of the Wraith’…though I wouldn’t mind seeing another big target for the Lanteans to shoot at instead of the Wraith, and these guys seem as good as any.

    Oh, and WOOT! Kenny lived to life suck another day!! 😀


  23. Ha! I made you mention the recurring contributors in yesterday’s entry, which I means I’m responsible for Aloysius’s return!

    Do I get a turtle named after me now? 😉

    Ok, the plan’s all set: I am going to catch up on my missed-due-to-real life Atlantis episodes (The Queen, Tracker, First Contact, and Lost Tribe) tonight and tomorrow! Be gone homework! It’s Stargate time once again!

  24. Please thank Tyler McClendon for a wonderful interview. Many questions I would have asked were answered in the interview, and thank you for posting all the questions from the WDC peeps. Thank you; that was VERY kind of you. We love hearing about how the actors translate their role and work through the motivations of the characters they play. Mr. McClendon seems like a lovely, lovely person and I wish him much luck with future roles. Thank you again for having wraithie interviews.

    I know we’ve asked you this quite often, but have you thought of having Christopher Heyerdahl on your Q&A web log? If so (which you probably have thought about having him on) have you asked him? What’s he said?

    When I went to that sci fi convention a few months back, Rachel Lutrell was there trying to answer fan questions, but the questions she was given were 1/ few and far between, (So she primarily spent most of the time trying to encourage the audience to ask her questions.) and 2/creepy. I did not stay long (I think ten minutes); I felt too awkward for her. There she was trying to encourage a rather sedentary fan group, and all most could do was look up and stare at her. When a few people did get up to ask her questions, they approached her in a rather creepy fashion. I did not feel comfortable with it at all. I guess no one was out and out rude, but they were…it’s hard to explain. There was a woman there who kept insisting she knew Rachel from an old neighbourhood and Rachel didn’t know what to say other than to be polite. I thought to myself, “ya…there is a reason I’ve never been to these conventions” I do like comic book conventions though, but that’s less “cult of personality” and more about the work.

    Anyway, this is all to say in a rather long winded fashion, Mr. Heyerdahl would be asked thought provoking questions here, especially by the WDC fans. He would get engaging questions that he wouldn’t get from say, a wet behind the ears recent journalism grad who’s just glad to get an interview gig, who’s no invested interest in the person he/she is conversing with.
    I think he would really enjoy the conversation here. It’s always the indie interviews that are the most enjoyable for fans and hey, if he doesn’t really like the question posed, he doesn’t have to answer it.

    Think Joe, this is the wave of the future: most fans tire of the inaccessibility of their favourtie artists. People are becoming more savvy. The reason I say this, is that it seems there is a move toward artists wanting more control of their exposure i.e. who interviews them, what they wish to talk about, who they wish to talk to etc. You know what I mean?

    If he’s willing, why not have him on? Word would spread and you would have more people reading your blog. You could promote more of your writing and be less dependent on whether other producers pick up your resume. There are a number of screen writers/literary writers doing this now.

    If you’ve asked him before, blink once. If you’ve asked him and he’s said he can’t for whatever reason, blink twice. If you’ve asked him and he’s said he’ll think about it, blink both eyes and stick your tongue out. 😉



  25. @KayD your critique of Lost Tribe was…SNIPPY.
    Nonetheless, quite well put and it made me snicker. I always like my snippy with a little bit a snicker!! 😉
    The only advice I can give ya, is…get in to the wraith. The wraith is where itzat!! I don’t know what it is about them, perhaps they have the charisma the other characters need? Hmmm. cheers.


  26. Ok, so you had me for a minute thinking that you’d actually killed Daniel Jackson off. My a–hole husband is still laughing at me for freaking out. I don’t feel badly for Ronon, he can get any girl he wants, but I’m thrilled for Rodney. David Hewlett and Michael Shanks truly made us love their characters. KayD must be in a crap mood, hey?

  27. “Also, was the young, female mechanic on the Traveler ship a wink and a nod at ‘Firefly’ or a bit of a rip-off? Honestly, I kept waiting for her to say “Everything’s shiny!””

    lol! I thought the exact same thing. The only thing we needed was a split second shot of Keller-Marie. How awesome!

    I agree with a lot of people that Keller turning down Ronon like that was disappointing. I remember Quarantine, where Keller and Ronon shined. It was perfect. He was talking about his wife that he lost and how Keller had similar ambitions in life. They really connected. They had really special scenes. But then it was ignored so the Teyla/baby story could unfold…
    Although Ronon was always following Keller, I didn’t think she would say anything unless he tried to kiss her or something. And I really think it’s clear – even at the end of Tracker when Ronon said he may have intentions – that he does care about Keller in a romantic way. But NOT some silly sexual way. And I think people are really misinterpreting that… You don’t think a lustful Ronon will try to get what he wants? It’s more than that.
    Ronon seems to be feeling something he hasn’t felt yet (on the show). And he can’t admit it. I know the series is ending but I don’t want this Keller/Ronon possibility to end. I love the idea of opposites attracted to one another. And I loved that Keller stood up to Ronon, but knew when he was serious. And she expressed her thanks. I thought she was great in the episode and Ronon kicked some major ass, but I really, really feel bad for Ronon.
    btw, I’m glad Jewel has been nominated for a Gemini. The closeups of her with Ronon showed some spot-on facial expressions. She’s really great at that. Like many of the other stars on SGA. And there were some excellent humorous moments – “Yeah, that’s kind of the point.” There is a lot of potential for fantastic scenes with these two characters.

  28. Nice to see the return of Mr. Hazzencockle. Like him I have been made sole heiress to a fortune in Zimbabwe – this on the very same day I won the UK Lottery (for a US resident who’s never entered the lottery, that’s saying something)!

    Trish: re: your new Pyr. Lucky you! Had two growing up…you’ll never find a dog more gentle with kids. (With profound apologies to the beloved beasties who have this blog’s owner wrapped around certain paws.)

    Pol – off to quit my job(s) now that I’m a gazillionaire. Guess I can now leap full-time into writing that next Emmy-winner!

  29. AWESOME episode! The one problem I had seen with all of Stargate that had really bugged me is why the Asgard were not in Atlantis. So far we have seen at least two or three technologies that could have sold the Asgard “problem”. (nanites, the “replicated” human’s, etc.) I hope we see more of the “evil” Asgard before the series ends.

  30. Obviously the ShepWhumpers are still off in a swoon, since they haven’t been here raving. I do believe Martin wrote this one just for Cheeky! Shirtless!John! No offense to JF, but I started laughing when I saw that scene. I couldn’t help imagining the reaction in certain quarters!

  31. “Lost Tribe” was great. So many good lines and some really great interaction (Todd and Woolsey were awesome together). And stuff blew up. We all know how much I enjoy that. 🙂

    Also, someone needs to form a band called “Sperm Ennui”. That’s just too good of a word combo not to be used for cash and prizes.

  32. @ Ashley “I thought she was great in the episode and Ronon kicked some major ass, but I really, really feel bad for Ronon.”

    I agree 100% with your post. I too thought Ronon/Jenn had more potential than McKeller but I guess it isn’t meant to be..yet? Still hoping though. 🙂

    I know you read the post so do you think you can maybe talk about the smack down Jenn put on Ronon? I truly felt bad for him, not in a pity way but a DAMN! can’t Ronon ever have something go his way? Why do PTB torture him like this.

    OK, so I have 2 issues with the way the “smack down” went down 🙂

    1. Aside from being hurt, it made Ronon look dumb. Ronon was so obvious with his liking for Keller and from what I saw I thought the feeling was mutual. If not in a lets get together kind of way then in at least a I like him but it would never work.

    2. And because of my 1st reason, the way the “lets clear the air” message was delivered was so harsh. It came across more like Ronon was annoying Keller and she just wanted it to end. I know her words were not harsh or mean but the mannerism and tone made it seem that way and that is why I dislike it so much. It didn’t come across as a gentle let down for someone you like and Ronon just look shocked and hurt.

    Maybe I’m taking this too personal because Ronon and Shep are my favorite characters..but at least Shep got to know that Larrin talks about him 🙂 Not that I ship Shep and Larrin but it made him happy so I’m happy 🙂

  33. Thank you for warning us of the SciFi spoilers for this episode …. Thanks to the warning, I totally avoided the channel for the last week. Even employed the time-honored fingers-in-the-year singing la la la la la during the replay of First Contact. So the big reveal was a total, jaw-dropping, never saw it coming shock. Way, way cool.

    Was there a similar reaction in the writer’s room when the idea was pitched?

    Like everyone, the blocking of the scene between Woolsey and Todd was precious, and the Jackson/McKay show was a hoot from start to finish!

    But I still haven’t recovered from reading “a short life sperm”. Gotta love auto correct. Some times, it’s magical.

  34. Joe,

    First, may I ask why on the season 4 DVD there was no Commentary, no Mission Directive, no Special Featurette, no nothing extra on the episode Midway? One of the coolest, funnest episodes ever, and the only one I can think of that did not at least have Commentary on it. Why? Pretty disappointing. I wanted more.

    Second, I thought The Lost Tribe was not quite as good as First Contact. First Contact was really good, action packed, and mysterious with all the Atlantis All-Stars in attendance. The Lost Tribe seemed to slow down. Sorry but after about a half hour into it, I was getting a little tired of Rodney and Daniel’s contant talk, talk, talk, talk, talk and trying to one-up each other. And Keller treating Ronon like dirt was disheartening. What a b**ch. I just wanted to hug him! He has to wear that freaky wig and now the writers are being mean to him too. Speaking of writing, anyone see Teyla?

    One good thing about Ronon. Another classic Ronon line to add to the long list: “Watch and learn”. He’s so cute!

  35. Lost Tribe Thoughts
    Other than the overdose of Keller it was very good, not quite as good as First Contact, but still pretty damn enjoyable.
    Shirtless Shep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That alone gets it an A rating in my book.
    I wish I hadn’t know who the Enemy was, stupid SciFi, but thought it was a great idea, nonetheless.
    Liked this Traveler gal soooo much better than Larrin, bring her back for the movie.
    Daniel and Rodney were cool together, but it made me realise there hasn’t been much John and Rodney banter this season, which is probably the main reason I watch Atlantis.
    I miss Daniel.
    Liked that Teyla was put in charge, but hated that she was sidelined for the most part for more Keller (is she the new lead in the series, by the way?). Which leads to….
    HATE McKeller with a passion, I so wish she would have ended up with Ronon, if you guys insist on shipping her with anyone.
    That said, I liked her standing up to Ronon and Todd, she could have been a nice recurring character. Every time she is in a scene now I wonder why Teyla could never get equal time. This could have been Teyla’s season to shine!
    Loved Zelenka and little Kaylee!Traveler girl, he sure gets stuck with the kids.
    What happened to Caldwell? Did Todd take him for a snack later on?
    Upside down Ronon – come on, how could Jen pass that up?
    Anyway, hope the episode did great in its’ new time slot, I barely made it home from work to watch it live and am so glad I got to see the whole thing!
    I am so going to miss this show.

  36. Okay – I watched Sanctuary tonight, and loved it, too…and I’m sure Bigfoot is Chris…that voice, those hands. Of course, I might be wrong, seeing as how I’m in Chris overload tonight, in a very good way!

    Okay – towards the end of The Lost Tribe when the Wraith escaped in that o so sexy transport of theirs, anyone else think that the guys inside were looking something like this:


    Joe, if you get a chance, Traveler64 on the Wraith Defenders painted that transport – I think it really captures the essence of that ship. Please take a look at it (in the spoiler tag):

    I’m still trying to get my brain around all of this. Todd, as we all assumed, was alive 10k years ago. I appreciate the confirmation. Loved finally getting a good view of Kenny’s tattoo…very nice. Todd fingering Woolsey’s jacket, priceless! He just has the sexiest hands. I really wouldn’t have minded if he took a little suck, just – ya know – so he’d have a bit of ‘baggage’ with Woolsey, too. 😉

    I meant to say two weeks ago that I liked seeing John in charge of Atlantis; I made mention of this idea a while ago when everyone was bitching and moaning over Woolsey replacing Sam. I thought it would be a good idea if John was put in charge, as restless as he is and all. I also thought it would be fun if – while he was in charge, and the team’s away – they discovered a new part of the city, and then all hell breaks loose, with Shep left to fix it without the help of his usual buddies…

    HEY!!! Who stole my idea???!!! 😡 Yeah, yeah…I know, great minds think alike… 😉

    Yes – I really liked this episode. As far as Toddisodes go, The Queen was the most enlightening, and – in some ways the most satisfying. It just delivered on so many levels. First Contact had the most sobering Todd moment, and it really gave me pause. Also, it’s the first time that an earpiece has actually been sexy. 😉 And The Lost Tribe probably had the most entertaining Todd moment, ever! I’m sorry – but it’s going to be really hard to beat that image of Todd snuggling with Woolsey.

    Ugh…just re-read what I wrote…seems I have ‘sexy’ on the brain tonight… 😛


  37. Hey loved the ep and the real looking damage to the Gate room. Only one real problem I had with the ep. One of the last lines in the ep. Daniel says “Landry wanted him to recover back on earth instead of Atlantis.”

    But as Mckay said they are just getting a gate from the gate bridge to use… and as shown in the ep when Cadwell had a Gould in him… the radio of the ships cant reach from one galaxy to the next.

    So no gate to use yet and no radio to reach…. so how did they contact earth for Landry to order Daniel home?

  38. Coucou Joseph! =D
    Youpi!! Aujourd’hui je vois mon cheri pendant 1 semaine! Je pense pouvoir passer sur votre blog, surtout Jeudi!! ^^
    O Snif c’est quoi ce probléme de spermatozoide? et bien jespert que sa va s’arranger pour cette personne.

    Alala je suis impatiente de reculer d’une heure, pour dormir plus =p,chez vous c’est quand? ici c’est le dernier week end d’Octobre!

    Mince personne n’a réuissi l’expression écrite de francais -_-‘ il faut tout refaire! la question été “Notre destin est t’il tout tracée?” bah moi je pense que non, mais il y’a un vrai debat dans la classse avec les croyants qui pense que c’est dieux qui trace notre destin..mais ils doivent se sentir bien seul car il n’y a que 3 croyant sur 30 éléve dans la classe lol. Depuis que je ne suis petite sa fait bizzard de voir de plus en plus de personne qui abandonne leur religion….remarque c’est que j’ai fait, car bon arriver a un point dans ma famille on ne baptiser et marier les enfants que par tradition et non par croyance, donc cela ne sert a rien -_-‘!

    Enfin bon, voila petit discour sur mon sujet de francais lol,!
    Bisou!! a demain! Je vous adore!

  39. why is everyone obsessed with halling the wraith i wish this storyline would just end already

  40. I can’t read anything. The minute I hit the OMG’s about the 4th post down I had to stop. No Atlantis this side as of yet. 🙁 Sometimes I hate being here in South Africa (and then I wake up to an African sunrise and I don’t mind at all :-)).

    Joe…Tivo? I have never heard of it, and have most certainly never seen an advert for it. Not that I’m saying I’m brilliant, but if I have never heard of it I bet you that dear Rose hasn’t either.

    Think darkest Africa.

    Hmm, on the other hand… I have an idea. I have to go and hunt down another printer as my HP fried itself just days after spending good money on two new original cartridges. (Typical)

    I will ask about Tivos. Perhaps I’m wrong and there are warehouses full of them dotted all over Cape Town.

    I will let you know.

  41. Hey Joe,

    great conclusion of the two-parter! Martin has really grown a lot as a writer. Very balanced story structure and equal division of action vs. character development in both episodes. Great twist of putting the Asgard behind the scenes so to speak. Any chance of Martin making guest appearance on your blog so we can torture him with our questions?

  42. *waves*

    Oh my goodness I’ve just seen the caps for TLT. Can’t see it yet because the wicked witch of the with is down. But oh my *quivers* Shittless Shep with dog tags to boot!!!

    Oh my i’ve come over all unessary!


    oh crazymom squeeeeeee

    * huggles to Marty G and to you and to Joe *

    *squooshes the writers*


    Oops! * passes over ear plugs* 😛

  43. pg15 said:

    Ha! I made you mention the recurring contributors in yesterday’s entry, which I means I’m responsible for Aloysius’s return!

    Do I get a turtle named after me now? 😉

    But it would be really mean to call a turtle egotistical. LOL!

    Cheers, Chev

  44. crazymom1 said:

    Obviously the ShepWhumpers are still off in a swoon, since they haven’t been here raving. I do believe Martin wrote this one just for Cheeky! Shirtless!John! No offense to JF, but I started laughing when I saw that scene. I couldn’t help imagining the reaction in certain quarters!

    Just saw the scene over at Wraithfodder’s. Well written, not gratuitous but very very nice 😀

    Shep’s looking a bit tanned in comparison to 38 minutes. Has he been catching a few rays and doing a bit of surfing on the new planet in his downtime?

    Good luck with the meet and greets. Do they know that Paul and yourself come complete with an instant audience? You should put that on your résumé.

    Cheers, Chev

  45. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! That are the Wraith how I love them!! Exactly so they have to be!!! Thanks for that scene with Todd and Woolsey! That’s incredible! *purrs like a cat*

    Oh – the rest of the episode was absolutely fantastic as well! Cold and dead hearted Asgard – not bad. Yes – that was a very thrilling episode.

    How could they axe that show. Inapprehensible. *sigh*

    But what happens now with Shepp and Todd? I guess their relationship will cool down a bit after that…..?

    Yes – I saw it too. 😀 It was not sadistic. Not really. It was…it was….Sorry – I have no words for it. It was simply grrrrrrrrrr…….. *purrs again*

    Boh! Ich könnt’ mich reinlegen in die Szene!!!

  46. Okay, so I saw Lost Tribe. I still love Daniel Jackson being brought onto the show, if only for two episodes, and the scenes with him and McKay where really enjoyable, but for the rest of the episode…
    Again, what happened to Teyla and Ronon? Are they no longer main characters? Have I missed something? Teyla had all of, what, five words? And Ronon’s personality has yet to come back from wherever it went to, not to mention his presence on the show. And whatever happened to Caldwell? Has he been relieved of command and transported into space somewhere along the way?
    Seriously, when did this show become centered around Keller? A secondary character who doesn’t even have a legit justification of being there in the first place? Why can’t we have more of Marie? In the few scenes she has had over the show she has shown more personality than Keller ever did.
    Oh, and please, for all things holy, tell me that this is the end of the love triangle!! Please!!!!!!

    All in all, those past two episodes (along with, sadly, most of season 5) where a huge let-down. Only recently I re-watched the 2nd season and was reminded that, yes, at some point there *was* a team that worked together and was the center of the show but unfortunately that got lost along the way. Will we ever get that back?

    I’m still trying to remain optimistic that one of my favourite sci-fi shows will not just go belly-up in the end, but it’s getting harder with each episode that airs.

    @KayD: thank you for letting me know that I’m not the only one to see it that way.

    ~ Kirst

  47. Mornin’, Joe

    Soo.. started my day by watching ‘Lost Tribe’ and what an awesome eppi it was. Kudos to Martin for the writing and to the cast and crew for giving us such a wonderful performance.

    crazymon said:

    “Obviously the ShepWhumpers are still off in a swoon, since they haven’t been here raving. I do believe Martin wrote this one just for Cheeky! Shirtless!John! No offense to JF, but I started laughing when I saw that scene. I couldn’t help imagining the reaction in certain quarters!”

    Okay.. so I had to watch the damn thing *twice* before finally understanding what was going on and taking note of the actual plotline. I admit it. After that initial Infirmary scene, I guess my brain kinda went into involuntary meltdown and got itself stuck in a rather nice little time-loop there for, oooh.. i’d say about fourty-odd minutes. I’d get all excited and rave here again, but i’ve already upset the dog once. Poor things got frayed enough nerves as it is.

    Shirtless Shep.. *can die happy now* 😀

    And why is it that having those dog tags hanging around a guy’s neck is always so damn sexy, huh?

    Todd was priceless and I have to agree with Das that the casual arm around Woolsey’s shoulder was just so devillishly brilliant. I agree that he’s no ‘bad’ bad guy. Slightly misunderstood and at a completely different end of the food chain.. perhaps. But considering that any other Wraith would’ve sated it’s appetite on the Daedalus’ crew before probably blasting the ship out’ve the sky.. Todd does okay.

    But enough of our blue friend.. *goes back to the shirtless Shep bit again*

    I loves my ‘replay’ tab. I really, *really* do.

  48. Oooooooh! I saw *Lost Tribe* last night before I crashed and was out cold ’til this morning.

    Ooo! Ooo! Oooooo!

    Soooo glad I avoided all the spoilers *cough*scifichannel*cough*!

    That was a great epi. Daniel was hilarious. I can see how Jack’s influenced him. Made me miss O’Neill. *sniff*

    And who the *guys* in those space suits were!!! WAY COOL!!! 😀

    Does anyone else think that Traveler ship that Shep was in (the one sent by Larrin) looked sort of like a Milenium Falcon? Or is that just me.

    @Das: I think that Billy the Wraith will also live another day to suck life. 😉 So go do your *happy happy joy joy* dance Ren and Stimpy style. 😆


  49. I enjoyed The Lost Tribe, particularly the first couple of scenes 😉 Ahem…

    And I liked Daniel’s chat with the Asgard and Shep coming up with the solution for saving the Daedalus 😀

    I was very dissapointed with the lack of Teyla though, again. It really is starting to affect my enjoyment of Atlantis 🙁 And I’m still hoping that the person Keller is interested in is anybody in the Pegasus or Milky Way other than Rodney.

  50. I’ve got to say I’ve really liked how the love triangle within the show has developed. This is the type of personal interaction that I think the shows have needed more. With Sam/Jack it wasn’t really developed, just hinted at every season and a half. But this has been actively developed and it’s been great to watch over the last 3-4 episodes. The last scene was so good to watch but painful at the same time, and I think that’s how it should have been. It’s just been written and developed well I think. And I (personally) think the moment when Kellar realised it would be something she’d bring up with Ronan, and the fact that she didn’t like him was when he was shooting all the controls. I think that made her realise to a degree how different they were in terms of how they think.

    As for the rest of the episode, I liked it, it was good. I didn’t know who the race were as I’m not s spoiler person, but I knew there was some connection with Daniel. Even though tbh that was even more information then I ideally would have liked. But I liked the fact t hat is was the Asgard, and *hope* we see more of them again, be it in the series or the movie.

    So yeah, good episode.

  51. Was there a reason the Asgard came out butt first? Was it just for comical value?

  52. OMG! Evil Asgard! So did not see that coming.

    Fantastic surprise (for those of us who avoided the sci-fi preview like the plague). Great episode, very interesting turn of events with Ronan’s gung ho attitude actually pushing Keller away from him, and great stuff with my two fav Stargate characters – Daniel and Rodney.

    But seriously, evil Asgard! Who’da knew!!!???!!!


  53. A fine episode. At one point the look on Keller’s face said it all — she wasn’t ready for Life with Ronan. The twist with the Special Guest Aliens was a complete surprise. It was also really nice to see Kaylee again! How’d Martin G get Joss Whedon to allow the crossover? 😉

  54. shittless shep?? Stupid iPhone correcting things. I of course meant shirtless!!! Well I did mention I was incoherant 😆 I think that proves it. 😳 I really need to go and lie down. 😳

  55. Did anyone notice Keller’s hair??? Joe, it was a great episode, don’t get me wrong, just a little break in continuity. Keller starts out with big wavy hair, but when she is escorted on the bridge by the wraith and had that dialog with Todd, her hair is as straight as a pin. And then as the episode moves on her hair is back to big and wavy.

  56. Mr. M… since you are a world class maestro of the gourmet food world, could you please make a short training video on the proper use of chopsticks for eating Asian cuisine?

    Many over the years have attempted to teach me, and alas, as nimble as I am, I cannot master the art. Now since most of the population of this planet uses chopsticks, (I’m thinking population of China, Japan, both Koreas, Philippines, etc.) I thought from whom better shall I learn, than you?

    I trust you and know that you will not dismiss this undeniable bit of suck-up-ism by helping me and perhaps many other of your chopstick-less blog readers.

    As always, I thank you Mr. M.

    Carol Z.
    2 cats

  57. Joe,
    Quick thoughts on “Lost Tribe.” Great episode. Always great to see Daniel again and Michael and David have such great chemistry. They looked good in the suits too.

    Great to see Todd being bad again. The hug scene with Woolsey was priceless, kudos to Christopher H and Bob P for their performances. Their facial expressions were dead on.

    Keller gave Ronan the bad news, YAY!!!! Makes this McKeller fan hopeful for the future. I know a lot of people on the Gateworld boards thought she was cruel. I think it would have been much more cruel to leave him thinking he had a chance when she had already made her choice.

    Totally off topic:
    Are you watching the baseball playoffs? I grew up a Phillies fan during their heyday in the ’70’s and early ’80’s. Not much of a fan now, more football and hockey, but it’s hard to live in the Philly area without getting caught up in the excitement, especially since hubby and mom are such mega fans.

  58. Aloysius P. Hazzencockle’s appearance was fun to read xD
    thanks a lot ^^
    and also big thanks for Tyler’s Q&A!

    The Lost Tribe was a great episode even though I had spoilered myself beforehand. My favorite scenes have already been mentioned (the Todd-Woolsey-moment was the best) as well as the one thing that bothered me (Caldwell, maybe I missed any explanatory scene but where was he the whole time? it’s his ship, after all o.<)

  59. Please forward my congratulations to Martin Gero. ‘The Lost Tribe’ both sucked and blew.

    After over a decade of Stargate, *now* you (all of you, not just Gero) decide to focus on romance and explicitly promoting ‘ships? Seriously?

    I’m afraid I watch this seasons episodes of SGA much like I would an old diabetic cat. Kill it – put it out of its misery and for the love of the Spaghetti Monster, get back to the Team for the movies.

  60. ROTFLMAO! I so enjoy Hanzzencockle’s visits to the blog. I think the sperm part was my favorite…followed closely by the elderly baccarat dealers…

    Enjoyed SGA last night. I have to say that I had my fill of Hyerdahal (I know I spelled that wrong) between SGA and Sanctuary (I had to catch up…3 hours of it last night). I have to say that I LOVED that he was going to go with feeding on Woolsey and to do so, he put his arm around him, as he would a friend, what wicked torture for that Woolsey man!


  61. *Spoiler alert for TLT*

    Awe! The Lost Tribe had some wonderful moments again, and then I’m not talking about the Todd/Woolsey part, although it did look like Todd has a new drinking buddy, and that he drank him right under the table already, but there’s also the Todd/Shep parts to take into account.

    Todd: “John Sheppard, transmit the coordinates, or I will feed on Mr. Woolsey before your eyes!”

    John: *Totally hurt/betrayed because Todd would consider feeding on a member of the Atlantis expedition that isn’t him. After all, it’s been soooo long…*


    “Do it.”

    Todd: *Looks behind him and sees that Shep delivered.*

    “We’ll be in touch.”

    John: Woohoow!


    The Todd/Jenn moments were very nice also, but I’m going to guess the potential future meetings between them have better ones, if they are still going through with that treatment thing… There’s gotta be some awkwardness there, when they do meet again. We’ll see.

    Oh, in some old SG-1 episode, Thor mentioned that there was a problem in another galaxy once? At the time, there was no specific problem thought up, I believe, but can we assume it was this one? Or didn’t the Ida ones know about the PG ones?

    I’m surprised that, when Todd stated the obvious – he was present at the time of the Ancient War – that the team responded with their best ‘fish’ impressions. What else did they think he was? There’s been enough hints. What they really should have been worried about is how long *before* the Ancient War he was alive, already. My guess is he’s at least a couple of times that which we know he is, now. It’s not like they didn’t find out the Wraith are practically immortal in the first episode or so. Or that “Greg”, as we’ve named the Wraith from “The Defiant One”, wasn’t as old as Todd. Even the Asgards, who survived thanks to cloning themselves a new body, and downloading their consciousness in it, are that old. Or should/could be. This was no surprise at all…

    I’m looking forward to the next episode, as it’s one of those good old off-world stories, with some nice action in it. I did not have real expectations for “Tracker”, but it turned out to be a very enjoyable episode, and I’m hoping the same can be said for this episode, as I expected both eps to be on the same level.

    Oh, in Tracker, there was this very cute younger Wraith that was chasing Rodney? Any idea on who the person behind the mask was? Same for the one from The Lost Tribe, I think he got shot?

    I finally managed to get my hands on Continuum, and also on Stargate Atlantis season 4, woohoow! The episode I want to see first is, strangely enough, not a Todd or Mikey one, but “Tabula Rasa”. Very nice ep.


  62. @crazymom1: just noticed the earlier typo and slapped myself. Sorries.. Tis all this excitement, I swear *rolls eyes at self*

    @Cheekylildevil: lmao.. If I said I had to check *my* post twice before submitting, would it make you feel any better? 😛

    I mean, come on.. give us some slack here! First time since season 1 and we get to see Joe-chestage.. Don’t anyone suppose we can remain coherent after that 😀

    Okay.. i’m gonna chill. *Need* to chill. Think food. Coffee. Dog needs taking for a drag.. Oh, which reminds me.. Congrats to Trish! Sounds like that Pup’s gonna have a wonderful home to curl up in 😉

  63. The range of reaction to “The Lost Tribe” surprises me. I figured Keller would trigger a negative response and the promise of a relationship between her and another I’m sure didn’t help. For me, on the whole, “the Lost Tribe” becomes one of those okay episodes. I like “First Contact” more than “The Lost Tribe” for a variety of reasons few of which have to do with Keller The pacing felt off and the tension and suspense weak. Perhaps that was because there were so many points of entry into the story. That doesn’t mean “The Lost Tribe” didn’t have its moments; how could it not with the great cast.

    –Todd and Woolsey’s scene where Woolsey suggests that the minute hasn’t started yet.

    –Decisive, dangerous Todd. he was much less introspective and far more angry than before. He always was the tiger they had by the tail.

    –Pretty much all of Daniel and Rodney. Great rapid fire exchanges

    –Revelation of the break-off faction of our old friends the Asgard as enemies (I wish I had avoided the spoilers)

    I’ve always thought the two-parters must be difficult to do for both the writer and the director. Is that true? The first part always gets the benefit of building tension and suspense. I thnk of it as the winding up part. The second part is the unwinding and it has the most challenges in maintaining tension. Like a top, it can spin out of control and bump into things or just flop over if it touches down just so. Some of the second parts of the mid season two parters have been well executed. Others are okay but don’t live up to the potential of part I. I see this one as the latter scenario.

    I was happy to see the large number of women but would be thrilled to see Teyla utilized more. I could have done without the 15 year old (oh my god, it’s SGU, I thought. I won’t be able to bear it. Or will they be the ship captain’s age? Not better. Oh well)

    As for Keller, if we are heading toward a relationship with Rodney, it would have been nice to see more of their relationship potential acted out on screen rather than being implied in what is being said. Show, don’t tell. Perhaps that’s coming? I am kind of looking forward to “Brain Storm” to see where this is going.

    One thing about the new Asgard faction–what’s to stop them from migrating to the Milky Way now that they know the Asgard there are all dead? Will they be the Enemy at the Gate? Or is it bad boy, and really old guy, Todd?

  64. @ Perragrin – We all know one thing now – Todd likes to play with his food. 😀

    Noticed how Todd pulled Woolsey real close when he demanded the cooridnates? Just so naughty there, tormenting poor Woolsey like that. And it seemed so natural, making me suspect that this isn’t the first meal Todd has softened up with a bit of sweet talk, first. 😉 But in this case Woolsey totally deserved it, seeing as how he tried to force familiarity on Todd. He should know by now that such a relationship with a Wraith is earned. Well, Todd got his paybacks, and that just pleases me to no end! (Would love to hear Chris’ take on that scene…it was just too perfect for words!)

    @ wolfenm – It really feels good being able to blame everything on Ronon’s stupidity. 😀 My husband, with no prodding from me, just walked into the room (not aware of this discussion) and said, “So, Ronon is responsible for the deaths of 3000 Travelers.” I said we don’t know, maybe that would have happened anyway, even if the hyperdrive hadn’t been damaged. He said, “But you can’t know that – he may have cost the lives of a lot of humans because of what he did.”

    I actually never had thought of that.

    @ Trish – Ah, yes. Seems Billy Wraith will be okay. However, the other Wraith who arrived with Todd didn’t fair so well. 🙁 Stupid Ronon. Joe – was that third Wraith Brendan Penny (a.k.a. ‘Todd’ in BAMSR, technician in SoW/Midway)? It looked like him.

    @ JoJoB – Todd wasn’t being bad, he was just being very, very naughty. There is a difference. 😉

    @ noir – I don’t think there’s a Wraith fan alive who wasn’t green with envy over Woolsey’s little ‘predicament’. I know I would have gladly switched places…just as long as I thought Todd was joking. He was joking…right??

    @ CheekylilDevil – Well, I guess we know at least one thing that Sheppard isn’t full of… 😆

    A couple things. I loved Todd’s “We’ll keep in touch”…nice play on words there. And I so do NOT get the appeal of the Asgard…I have trouble watching them on the screen, they just are not pleasing to the eye at all. And…they’re naked. *shudder* Oh! And it didn’t even register to me that Sheppard was shirtless, not until reading comments here. LOL. Sometimes I’m totally clueless… 🙄


  65. I realy enjoyed the Lost Tribe.

    Todd was on fine form and hugging Woolsey was one of my fave scenes ever.

    loved that Jennifer stepped up to the plate and ended the Love Trinagle of Doom before it became a nightmare. Yay for team Mckay, I love Rodney and Jennifer together and cant wait for Brainstorm. although I will be upset if you do an about face at a later stage. I would hate to see Keller start umming and arring over Ronon and Rodney again.

    My only complaint, please stop Teyla from saying “wait John” its becoming a pet peeve, that her minimal dialogue seems to be calling to John to wait and then dismiss her.

    Also whats with Kellers wavey hair – did she just step out of a salon? are we going to see her holding a bottle of L’orel shampoo? I much prefered Keller when she looked practical not overly done up. I found myself distracted by it when watching her scenes.

    But still these are small peeves in comparison to the quality of the two parter.

  66. I loved Lost Tribe! Lots of danger, action and excitement. Evil Borg Asgard = cool! Classic Rodney, so modest and self-effacing. And who doesn’t love Daniel Jackson?
    The Wraith being their evil selves again – finally!

    Karen – I was beginning to think I was the only one to notice Keller’s hair. Or maybe everyone else was just too polite to say anything.

    Thanks for another great episode.


  67. Joe,
    One more comment and question on Lost Tribe.

    On second thought, maybe Todd wasn’t being that bad, he thought he had been betrayed and decided to get revenge. I do like Todd and hope to see him again.

    Question: Where was Caldwell in the second half (I assume Mitch P wasn’t available)? Was there a line that was cut that explained his sudden disappearance or did I miss something?

  68. @ Terry – I really liked the episode, though I did find the parts with the Asgard a bit boring (but I’m not an SG1 fan, so that might explain my reaction there). And I wasn’t that impressed with this Jackson guy. When I watched Ark of Truth – probably the only SG1 anything that I have watched from start to finish – I liked that other fella better…Mitchell? Anyway, the dude who fought the ‘replinator’, or whatever that thing was. I liked that guy lots.

    Anyhoo…the bits with the naked guys was a tad slow, but otherwise, the rest of the episode was pretty good, even if I was yelling at Ronon for being a total idiot, and at Keller for not telling Ronon what Todd had said, and for no one even acknowledging in the end that – in reality – Todd was right, and the true hero of the day, despite everything.

    I say that simply because the humans were screwing everything up, and he just couldn’t trust any of them. Time was of the essence, and he did what had to be done, even if it meant flying a ship into the facility a la Shep in SoW. Besides, we now have confirmation that Todd’s over 10,000 years old, he knows and understands a hell of a lot more about the Pegasus galaxy than all the Lanteans put together, even with Daniel thrown in. The only heroic thing Sheppard did was save the people on the Daedalus (who wouldn’t have been at risk if Ronon hadn’t gone off half-cocked) and Rodney and Daniel, and then he carried out Todd’s plan to destroy the device.

    I figure that Sheppard realized – for the first time since they escaped from prison – Todd was NOT playing games. He was dead serious. Sheppard had to know that the price was dangerously high for Todd to take such a stand against him. So, instead of saying, “why don’t we see what other treasures are in this secret lab”, he did what he knew had to be done, and destroyed it before anything else could happen, just as Todd had intended to do.

    At least, that’s my twist on it all. 🙂

    @ Joe – A question – is ‘Attero’ (sp?) supposed to be a Wraith word, or an Ancient word? Thankies.


  69. God Shepard is a wuss. He should have threatened Todd, and if wolsey was killed well tough – casualty of war.

  70. First off, I want to say that I loved First Contact. The Rodney/Daniel interaction was great, and it was exciting. However, even though I enjoyed The Lost Tribe, I felt something was missing.

    Good points – The Rodney/Daniel interaction was great. I felt there was a lot of chemistry between David and Michael.

    The little girl engineer on the Travelers ship was very good. No job was too difficult to accomplish in her mind. Even when Zelenka said no, she said yes, of course it could be done.

    Seeing more of Zelenka was nice.

    I unashamedly admit that I am a McKeller fan, and am thrilled that this triangle is apparently over. I like Keller, and I think she and Rodney make a really cute couple. I’m sorry, but I just think that Ronon and Keller are totally mismatched – it’s almost like the Worf/Troi matchup that was briefly started in Star Trek TNG. Ronon IMO needs a more feisty, earthy woman.

    Bad points – Where was Teyla? Why do the writers always push her to the side? Why was it necessary to have Teyla stay behind and make sure Atlantis is safe? Why can’t Lorne do that? Even though Rodney is my favorite character, I also like Teyla and feel that her character is always being shunted aside.

    Now Ronon is not one of my favorite characters but has love made him even more schlubby than usual? I mean, who starts shooting up all the engineering systems without thinking of the consequences for everyone on board? Keller correctly pointed out that he might have shot out the life support systems. Maybe Marty G felt it necessary to make Ronon appear more brutish than usual so that it would make Keller’s decision easier and more believable.

    Plot holes – What happened to Caldwell? Did he just get thrown out of the airlock or something?

    When Todd was questioning Keller, he didn’t ask her where Ronon was. Since Todd knew that she was with him when he locked them in in First Contact when they were trying to get to the armory, he must know that Ronon was somewhere on the ship. I don’t know – it just seemed a little strange to me.

    However, all said, I am enjoying Season 5. The Shrine was probably my all time favorite episode, and Daedulus Variations, Tracker, First Contact, The Queen, Ghost in the Machine, were also very good.

  71. Thanks for the ‘shirtless Shep’. I know you guys just threw that in there to keep us ‘whumpers’ happy, temporarily satisfied and possibly quiet. Nice to see the man has dogtags. We’ve seen them twice now in five years?

    I’ve never been really outspoken about Keller before but I have to tell you she’s starting to wear on me. And then I saw the photos for the upcoming ‘Identity’ episode and thought, not again. I know I’ve tended to over react on seeing promos and then have been pleasantly surprised to see how wrong I am in the original episode, but I do miss Teyla. Am seriously wondering what Rachel thinks. I’ll have to ask her next month in Burbank. Of course as gracious as she is, I probably won’t get much of an answer.

    Was hoping Sheppard would get some redemption in this episode but as usual it passed without much fanfare or credit. Never pays to be the nice quiet guy, does it?

    Hoping for more Sheppard ‘exposure’ for the rest of this season but we’ve probably have been thrown our bone.

    Hoping BW’s Q&A is answered honestly.

    Good luck in LA. Maybe while you are there you can do lunch with JF. Just remember to leave your camera in the car. LOL.

  72. dasNdanger wrote:
    I know I would have gladly switched places…just as long as I thought Todd was joking. He was joking…right??

    Under different circumstances – yes, I would switch places, too. Immediately! But in this case I wouldn’t be sure that nothing would happen to me and I guess I’d turn that pale that I’d be invisible in front of a white wall. 😉 No – I wouldn’t feel comfortable in this situation. Have you seen how tall Todd is compared to Dr. Keller? And she has the same hight as me. 😯

    Todd didn’t want to kill Woolsey but he would have done it if Sheppard had not given him the coordinates of the planet. So the question is: how much trust do you have in Sheppard and the rest of the humans? 😉

  73. As much as I enjoyed certain aspects of this episode (Shep, Rodney and Daniel, Zelenka), I can’t help but not liking the amount of screen time Keller is getting this season. I really enjoyed Atlantis more when it consisted of the main team of Shep, McKay, Teyla and Ronon, with other characters brought in as needed – but never taking the spotlight away from our team.
    I know I have been kind of distancing myself from the show as the season has progressed and as the Keller character takes more and more screen time. I won’t be watching Brainstorm until I see what other people say about it and if there is anything besides the Keller and McKay stuff. I watch The Shrine for the Shep/McKay friendship and turn it off before the final scene.
    This does lessen the heartache of the cancellation, however, so maybe it is good?
    Ah, the good ol’ days.

  74. noir – Well, as a woman I really don’t think a Wraith would feed on me. Know why? ‘Cause I hear they’re afraid of ‘booby’ traps. 😀 ( just heard that one, and lmao over it!)

    How much trust do I have in the Lanteans? Not much. I still wonder about Todd and Woolsey, though. I think Todd probably had a lot of conflict going on inside right then…he didn’t like Woolsey, and obviously found him quite annoying. I’m sure it was very tempting to just suck him dry, if for nothing else than to shut ‘im the hell up! And Woolsey? Love how he can’t NOT put his two cents in, even when it’s a really bad idea to do so…”I don’t think this should count toward the minute…” LOLOL! I REALLY admire Todd’s self-control there…


  75. M4ndy: “And who doesn’t love Daniel Jackson?”

    Umm… me. Putting it bluntly.

    Das: Hmm.. one has to wonder if he’d have taken the same line had it been Sheppard he was holding under his wing. I get the impression that Todd chose Woolsey because he needed a ‘weaker-minded’ Victim to make his point with. No disrespect to Woolsey, who’s been a delightfully surprising assett to this season.. But he’s not exactly an X-Man, is he? And I think both Shep and Todd know one another far better than either openly admits in the scenes we’re shown. That’s how it comes across anyway.. It’s almost as if they’re playing off one another, each intuitively reading ahead to what the other will do.

    Although, in this instance, I got the impression that Todd was hurt and betrayed enough to have been too unpredictable for Shep to anticipate and deal with. And that was delightfully enthralling in it’s own way. Kinda like Todd finally breaking free from any hold the ‘Lanteans may *think* they still have over him.. I like the whole ‘uneasy truce’ they have with one another, but I don’t agree with ‘friendship’. That’d be like asking the Tiger to play nicely with the Alleycats. Not gonna happen. Nuh-uh..

    Joe.. can I just add to the whole ‘Where’s our good old Team of four gone?’.. ? I have to agree. I miss just having the four Team Members, going out, creating mayhem and saving their collective asses at the eleventh hour. I have nothing against Keller and I think Jewel does a great job with her character.. But this season, it does seem to be at the cost of losing Teyla and the original Team dynamics. Tis a crying shame >.>

  76. Oh, crap…I always forget stuff…

    PS @ noir – I’m 5’2″…I’d come up to Todd’s bellybutton…if he has one. 😉


  77. @crazymom1: just noticed the earlier typo and slapped myself. Sorries..

    @Perragrin: No worries…just made me feel Jamaican for a minute!

    It’s obvious Todd chose Woolsey because if he was going to get rid of somebody, he wanted to start with someone who really annoyed him. And it helps to show that you’re not kidding when you pick out the leader of the city as your first victim.

    Was that little cheek caress by Todd done on purpose, or a happy accident? Was it scripted or ad lib? Hey, can you get Christopher Heyerdahl to be a guest blogger? That would be awesome!

    I was out running errands in Overland Park, Kansas and saw a restaurant called “Fuel.” I’m pretty sure this “American Made Bar & Grill” is not connected the legendary Fuel we hear about here!

  78. on October 11, 2008 at 1:56 am45 CheekylilDevil

    Oh my goodness I’ve just seen the caps for TLT. Can’t see it yet because the wicked witch of the with is down. But oh my *quivers* Shittless Shep with dog tags to boot!!!

    Oh my i’ve come over all unessary!


    oh crazymom squeeeeeee

    * huggles to Marty G and to you and to Joe *

    *squooshes the writers*


    Oops! * passes over ear plugs*

    Shittless? I don’t remember seeing Sheppard like that! 😉

    Ah, I see you mean SHIRT- less. I understand now!

    Thanks for the dog tags, MG or whoever got tired of people like myself whining about the lack of them on Shep. I know I’ve gone on about the lack of them for… well, it seems like forever. To see a nod to those who were concerned about the lack of dog tags was most satisfying and well, wonderful.

    I’m not commenting publically about shirtless Shep, other than to say it was most enjoyable… from a point of view of the credibility of the medical situation here, naturally. 🙂

    I really enjoyed TLT generally. Still don’t like the romance stuff, give me space ships, heroes shooting bad guys and um, Shep in his dogtags any day! 😉

  79. For the most part I ejoyed The Lost Tribe, if only for the fleeting glimpse of a shirtless Shep (I didn’t even notice the dog tags at first!), as well as the scene with Todd and Woolsey. Is this the start of a beautiful friendship, or what?
    However, the continued emphasis on Keller is becoming intolerable for me. Apparently she is the focus of Identity and has major parts in Brainstorm and Infection. I only wish you had spent half as much time developing the character of Teyla. While I know many are ecstatic about the McKeller ship, I am not interested in it at all. It bores me to tears and has absolutely nothing to do with what I truly enjoy(ed) about SGA. I hope that when it comes to writing the movie, you will return to the emphasis on the team of John, Rodney, Teyla and Ronon.

  80. “Liked that Teyla was put in charge, but hated that she was sidelined for the most part for more Keller (is she the new lead in the series, by the way?).
    and I think Jewel does a great job with her character.. But this season, it does seem to be at the cost of losing Teyla”

    Well, with FC and TLT, the focus was much more on the Daedalus and McKay/Daniel. I think it’s unfair to say that Keller took most of the scenes. The majority of the scenes at Atlantis was Sheppard and the Stargate. It was important to show the Daedalus because it was going to crash with the planet! And I really liked the Todd and Keller interaction, because I was hoping it would happen. I was wondering if given the chance, Todd would kill her. They have had some great interactions, as very intelligent professional doctors/scientists. It seems he would kill her, but he still hasn’t. And as Ronon said, “He didn’t kill you?”
    So, I don’t think it’s fair to say Keller is taking Teyla’s scenes. Teyla could exchange scenes with ANY character. Zalenka could have had less. Woolsey, Ronon, Todd, Shep, McKay all could have had less scenes. Seriously, the blame has to be on her?
    As far as previous episodes where she was in it a lot – Missing, Seed, Tracker. They tried to establish her character. The whole concept of The Seed was just silly. Missing had a lot of Teyla and I enjoyed the bonding between who are now the only female stars on the show. Tracker, imo, was a story about the runner – I forget his name. There was a lot of humorous and action-filled Ronon/Rodney scenes. And there was a lot of Keller/runner scenes.
    I’m really tired of the complaining.
    I will agree on one thing, I want to see more team episodes. I want to see Shep, Teyla, Ronon, McKay, Keller, and maybe Carson all together on missions. But they all have their roles so you can’t exclude one. The original four are great, but they should have a doctor. Or two. It seems like ever since Season 3, episodes have completely focused on individuals and their separate journeys, instead of the team.

    Teyla had The Queen. It’s not like she’s excluded all together. But I want to see more interactions between her and Sheppard.

    “I agree 100% with your post. I too thought Ronon/Jenn had more potential than McKeller but I guess it isn’t meant to be..yet? Still hoping though.”

    Thanks. Yea, I feel that Ronon/Jennifer has more potential. I thought they had some very memorable scenes. But, I did LOVE the Shrine. And I can’t stand people saying McKay was losing his mind and therefore told Jennifer he loved her. omg. omg.
    Many years have passed in SGA time with Jennifer as part of the crew. Is it that difficult for anti-Keller fans to agree that McKay had strong feelings for her in The Shrine??! I think any McKay fan should want him to be happy. And she is making him happy. I know that’s what I want to see…. all our beloved characters happy. ….And that includes Ronon!!! So, please keep the friendship of Ronon/Keller.

    Since I have a hobby of constantly rewinding, where a 5 minute scene can become 20 minutes, I slowly watched the last scene between Keller/Ronon a LOT. Seriously, she starts by thanking him. And the last thing she says, with a smile, is “Do you still want to grab something to eat?” She felt she was wrong and wanted to hang out with him. She tried to make peace, I felt. And I really think, if you rewatch it, Keller was trying to be very sincere when she told Ronon she was interested in someone else. She even said she didn’t want to give the wrong idea. Honestly the only ‘mean’ line throughout the scene was “Well, you’re wrong.” But he was hurt so it’s ok.
    Also, humorously, Ronon said “So?” (which at that point I thought ‘LMAO he doesn’t care if she likes someone else. he’d still be with her. haha lol.’) And her expression was great. Anyway, I didn’t find her being cruel in any way. Of course people who already dislike her will. There’s just no way out of it.
    My opinion only.

    Anyway, I loved when the Asgard exited its suit. That was awesome! I agree with someone that those scenes were way too dragged out. But I understand the need to explain the race. Still, if they all blew up, was there really a need for those talking scenes?
    And loved the CG electricity.

  81. I had high hopes for The Lost Tribe after the excellent First Contact, but what a HUGE dissappointment. It went from bad to worse and what is up with the Keller overload. I didn’t mind her character so much but lately she is beginning to grate on my nerves considerably.

    Why has Teyla been dumped for this shallow character. It’s very disappointing at how Teyla has been treated.
    I wish you would allow Sheppard to have a mature relationship and stop having him act like a hormonal teenager whenever Larrin is mentioned. I doubt a guy with his looks would be as insecure around women.

    I hope Teyla is not only going to appear when she has to walk the baby or protect it from Michael. It would be nice to see a lot more Teyla interacting with her TEAM instead of being subjected to so much Keller and her array of new hairstyles.

  82. Wow, that one scene in Lost Tribe made my week – Sheppard was in it, but Sheppard’s shirt wasn’t.
    But I always got the impression from behind the scenes photos that your sets are kind of cold, so while I was very warm watching that scene, I imagine poor adipose-deficient Joe Flanigan was cold and uncomfortable.

    I really loved clever Sheppard and clever Todd. Totally BFF. And good for Todd for being the only one to keep the main goal in sight.
    I wish we could have seen Larrin again but at least we know she’s thinking of Sheppard. Which is totally understandable. I think about him a lot.

    On the not yay side – I didn’t love this cartoonishly oafish version of Ronon, especially because I got the feeling he was out there just to make Keller look better. And I am really not interested in Keller in any way at all ever. I had nothing against her initially but now I am utterly sick of the sight of her.
    Did you guys really think I was just biding my time all these seasons, hoping that you’d introduce some Mary Sue character to take over every other scene, thus relieving me of the burden of watching the other characters I’ve followed for years? I miss Teyla.

  83. Alright, I thought I’d found a way to avoid the spoilers … go out on the semi with hubby. Took big metal “cores”, reinforced earthquake columns, into a job site into San Francisco. Riding a big rig in the City is interesting. And I feel so tough for having to wear a hardhat to the porto-potty.

    So, no cable TV, no internet. Just a lot of time looking at Nevada. The I-80 corridor has a beauty you have to be patient to see; all sienna and sepia tones. I used to think it was boring, I’ve been across it often enough I can see the bones of the earth. Donner’s Pass is strikingly beautiful, river, boulders, pines. Idaho was cold … snowing sideways. But pretty. And the salt flats in Utah were sparkling in the morning sun. We have a lot of darn good real estate out here in the West.

    Imagine my disappointment when I discovered my DVR missed the first ten minutes of Lost Tribe. So I’ve now avoided all the comments here … and I will see it next week. Sigh.

    I missed y’all.

  84. @ noir – Sooooo…the Wraith know Latin now. Wow. *I* don’t even know Latin! These guys are good. I wonder if they could teach me Spanish…

    @ Perragrin – If Sheppard had been there, this whole mess wouldn’t have happened. I brought this up on GW – Sheppard is Todd’s ‘goat’. Just like highly strung thoroughbreds need a goat companion to keep them calm, Sheppard is a calming influence for Todd during these awkward human/Wraith interactions. He is a reassuring presence…or at least, he was. Who knows what’s going to happen now. So, by not allowing Sheppard along for the ride, and then making faux pas after faux pas, Woolsey really got Todd’s goat.

    I, too, like how Todd has finally come into his own. It’s about time that he can stand toe-to-toe with Sheppard, without showing submission. This can add a new dynamic to their ‘friendship’. Now, I use that word lightly. It is, or course, more of a mutual respect. We aren’t going to see these two anytime soon with beer and chips, sitting down to watch the ballgame. There has to be a healthy ‘fear’ there, not a fear of the individual, but of what the individual can do if provoked.

    I really would like to see this ‘uneasy alliance’ continue now – even more so with this new dynamic. I know he’s not the star, but Todd really should be the one telling, and showing, Shep & Co a thing or two since this is his backyard. We know Todd has respect for Sheppard, now it’s time to show that Sheppard has the same respect for Todd.


  85. I really, really enjoyed “The Lost Tribe”, Joe. I’ll post later about all of the things I loved about the episode, but right now I’m headed out to dinner with my husband. I just wanted to ask if you could tell us who did the voice for the ‘new enemy’? I thought that it might have been Rob, but wasn’t sure.


  86. @Das:

    It is said that the Ancients spoke Latin (or some dialect similar to ‘our’ Latin. I vaguely remember that this was said in SG-1). So it’s no wonder that the Wraith know that language.

  87. Hi Joe!

    Just wanted to weigh in on The Lost Tribe. I loved it! I thought it was a great ep: tense, exciting, fun and….it had Shep whump! And Teyla worrying about him! *happy sigh* I had a few minor issues, but most of them have already been brought up by other posters, so I won’t go into them.

    What does bother me a little is how it seems like Keller’s slowly taking Teyla’s place. We’ve been seeing less and less of Teyla this season, whereas we seem to be getting more and more Keller. Now, I’ve said this many times before, I LIKE Keller, but I’m kinda getting tired of her being pushed to the front when we hardly see anything of Teyla, who, last I checked, is a member of the core team. I miss her being with her team; she keeps being separated from them, when the team’s dynamics is what I watch the show for. Instead, Keller seems to be taking her place with her team a little bit. It’s really getting kind of off-putting to me, especially knowing that Keller’s going to be even more prominent in a few upcoming eps (Brain Storm and Identity). You said a while ago that you guys are putting more focus on Keller because she was unpopular and you wanted to redeem the character, but on me, someone who liked Keller from the start, it’s having an adverse effect.

    Again, I didn’t dislike Keller in this ep, but what I do dislike is that she’s taking screen time away from core-team characters like Teyla.

    Anyway, I guess it’s moot now since the show has wrapped, but- I dunno, maybe it’s something to keep in mind for the movie.

    Hope your enjoying your hiatus!

    Love, Jenn

  88. I was sitting in Panera today with a friend, and all we could say was Asguard!

  89. Argh. Should’ve known the anti-Keller whining would be on. It’s just like Jan Brady, with her, “It’s always ‘Marcia, Marcia, Marcia’!” Poor Keller. I don’t feel too bad for her, though. I think her hair will shield her from many dangers. (Yeah, I felt it was a little swooshy for a working girl – at least, one who doesn’t work as a model!)

    I do find it ridiculous, though, that people are calling Keller mean for her “smack down” of Ronon. Smack down??? Honestly, guys – have you never had to tell a guy who was interested in you that you weren’t interested in them? There is no nice way to do it. There’s basically only awkward. (And yep – Ronon’s reaction was spot-on. They always deny they were interested at all. Oh, poor Ronon! You mean writers.)

    Although – @Ashley: Many years have passed in SGA time with Jennifer as part of the crew. Is it that difficult for anti-Keller fans to agree that McKay had strong feelings for her in The Shrine??!

    Feelings of friendship, sure, but I think if you’re going to write in one of the main characters suddenly expressing long-term love for another, it works better if you show hints of it beforehand. And I don’t mean AU hints (like The Last Man). I don’t know about how those on the production team see it, but we as an audience only see the episodes in isolation – we don’t have the background that gets discussed in the writers’ room, or the bits that get cut from the script. All we know is what we’re shown, so if we aren’t shown a lead-up to an ‘I love you’, it’s not surprising we go “Huh?” when it suddenly appears.

    Joe, I thought both parts of the two-parter were heaps of fun, although I too miss Teyla. And I totally called that Ronon was going to shoot up the engine room! I also laughed at the bare chest of Joe The Flan – not because it wasn’t a very attractive bare chest, but because I immediately pictured all those freakish ‘whumpers’ in quivers over it all. XD

    Oh – I also loved that Rodney was all, ‘I’d rush toward the bomb – to save people and help!’ – that was great! God, I love Rodney!

  90. Dear Joe,

    1. Did any other Wraith ships get destroyed due to the Attero Device, apart from the two cruisers.

    2. Now that the travellers lost their Lantien Warship, and save Atlantis in a time of need. Couldn’t our team give them the Tria as compensation

    3. When are we going to see Todd again

    4. Will we find out how many worlds got affected by the Attero device, in terms of Stargates overloading and causing a catastrophic explosion.


  91. Whats with the thinking that Keller is stealing the show? WE all know the show belongs to McKay.

    I’m one of the few who felt a little let down by TLT..not because the story was bad it was just so much to put in an hour that things felt rushed.

    I’m a little bitter right now so I may agree today that Ronon was just there to make Keller look better and to just have his heart crushed!

    Please re-write and re-shoot all the next coming epi so Ronon can get a woman. I’ll give you a pass for next Friday’s epi since this is such short notice..but its really your fault. If you had warned me about the last scene with Ronon and Keller I would have told you this sooner. 🙂

    When this season is over are you going to be giving us a breakdown of certain episodes. If yes, please let First Contact and The Lost Tribe be 2 of them. I’m dying to know what the hell everyone was thinking/feeling.

    Thanks are the best 🙂

  92. hi Joe Please give Marty G a big fat wet sloppy kiss from me for shirtless Shep. No wait i’ll do it next time I’m in Vancouver. (sigh that was fabulous) I loved this ep but out of all the commnets i read no one has said about the Starwars homage. Didnt anyone else think that when McKay and Danny went into the Attero devices control room and took off their helmets they so looked like Skywalker and Solo when they went into the prison to rescue Leia?
    thanks joe for another great ep
    John Sheppard is my happy place especially with nekkid chest AND dog tags SQUEEEE!

  93. I really enjoyed the episode – Joe F shirtless was a good start – good story and brilliant character moments.

    The Wraith are the only ones that are as peely-wally as us Scots. I am not at all sure which one is Billy though.

    I thought Ronon/Jason was going to cry when Keller spoke to him at the end. He was SO certain that she would pick him over Rodney.

    Are there no non-beautiful women in the Pegasus galaxy – or a fat one? Or even one with bad hair days?


  94. Joe,
    Loved The Lost Tribe!! Great episode, please thank everyone for me.

    Rodney and Daniel- but my god those two can talk and talk really,really fast! I wish there were more episodes with those two geeks, they would have been fun to watch! And whose idea was it for Todd to drape his arm over Woolsey’s shoulder, because that was great.

    I didn’t get a chance to ask about something that I noticed in First Contact, but when the new enemy aliens were making their way down to the lab, the music sounded like the march song of the witches army in the Wizard of Oz. Was it? I kept playing it again and again and I swear it sound like it!

    Has anyone thought about a Friday night lineup of SGU, SGA, and then Sanctuary? SciFi could own Friday Night!

    And finally, I don’t care what anyone else says, but I love the idea of Keller and McKay being a couple!


  95. The Lost Tribe — just as cinematic as the first half. Yet another reason to rail at the Powers that Be. “You canceled THIS? Hello?”

    Interesting maneuver in one of the battle scenes, the two ships circling each other. The hyperspace window was also pretty clever.

    Wow, I miss Daniel Jackson. I’ve always liked the character, but I’m especially fond of how he’s evolved over the years. The rapid banter between he and McKay was priceless.

    A lot going on in the episode, and I especially liked how the Atlantis members, split up as they were, weren’t necessarily working towards the same end. I kept wondering “How are they going to fix this?”

    Keller giving Ronon the brush-off was disappointing but not entirely unexpected. I liked how they interacted back in “Quarantine” and was really looking forward to something more, but then the way they were written afterward seemed to lack a certain…something. Chemistry? I don’t know. It felt like the writing team was more interested in a Keller/McKay pairing, but that was just my impression.

    Thanks all. I had a great time watching.

  96. @ noir – Yeah, see…I never watched SG1, and my ears kinda clog up when the Ancients are mentioned anyway because they are of no interest to me. I’ve always wondered if I’m the only one who finds them mind-numbingly dull.

    Okay – changing the subject…but I’m watching Cops right now, and though I know I mess up my grammar at times, I KNOW “what am I supposed to did?” is NOT proper English, no matter how many times you repeat it.

    @ Joe – (Finally!) Your entry today makes me feel surprisingly…normal. Thank you! 😀


  97. As Ashley incorrectly said: Many years have passed in SGA time with Jennifer as part of the crew. Is it that difficult for anti-Keller fans to agree that McKay had strong feelings for her in The Shrine??!

    Um, sorry, yes it is. Last season McKay was in love with Katie Brown. Asked her to marry him as I recall. This season all of a sudden he’s been been in love with Keller for a very long time. Many years have not passed. And Keller is not and never will be a part of the team. Keller has only been a part of the crew for as long as Jewel has been a part of the cast. One and a half years tops. Rodney being in love with her for a “…very long time…” is unrealistic and silly IMO. That or the guy falls in and out of love at the drop of a dime. Or maybe he doesn’t know what love is. Either way. Stupid. And not at all believable.

    Either way. Out with the old! In with the new! Teyla’s out. Keller’s in. Team’s out! McKeller’s in! I predicted it months ago on this blog and was knocked down quite a bit by quite a few of you. Now if only the continuity people can decide on Keller’s hair style! I know I’m starting to get really excited about the next few episodes now!


  98. So, Mr. Mallozzi

    Any word on ratings lately?Enjoyed The Lost Tribe. The 15 year old engineer coould be taken as a shout out to Kaylee on Firefly as well as putting Zelenka back with kids. That Sheppard does tend to take over the pilot’s seat on any ship, doesn’t he?

  99. There really isn’t any continuity problem with Keller’s hair. Todd scared it straight in his presence.

  100. I didn’t truly dislike First Contact/The Lost Tribe overall, but it’s definitely the worst and more unbalanced mid-season two parter of all 5 seasons. These two are by far the worst s5 episodes. In my humble opinion, of course.

    I’m an SGA only fan who didn’t mind Sam in s4 because she didn’t have much screentime and didn’t take away anything from the team (although I like Elizabeth and Woolsey far more than Sam). The only episode I didn’t like at all was Trio. I think the episode would have been less boring with Jennifer, Rodney and any other SGA character.

    I liked Midway, but I didn’t like that, as usual, a character from SG-1 was brought to help an SGA character (for once, it would be nice if an SG-1 character needs the help of an SGA character, and not always the other way around).

    I miss the team. I like Jennifer a lot (as much as Carson), but I like the episodes within a season to be more character balanced, and we’ve had more Jennifer than Teyla and Ronon so far. Stuff with Jennifer is good, I like her, but not at the expense of Teyla and Ronon. Not enough Shep either, and the character is played by the LEAD actor, for Pete’s sake.

    I can’t stand Daniel Jackson. I guess SG-1 fans must be thrilled, but it’s the first time ever I needed to FF some scenes the second time I watched an SGA episode because the scenes with him were too much to watch a second time.

    And I’m talking about the characters, NOT the actors. I don’t know anything about the SG-1 actors, but I’m sure they are nice persons. The characters they portray just don’t work in Atlantis at all for me.

    In short, I think the previous mid season two parters were more balanced and far better.

  101. “Um, sorry, yes it is. Last season McKay was in love with Katie Brown. Asked her to marry him as I recall. This season all of a sudden he’s been been in love with Keller for a very long time. Many years have not passed. And Keller is not and never will be a part of the team. Keller has only been a part of the crew for as long as Jewel has been a part of the cast. One and a half years tops. Rodney being in love with her for a “…very long time…” is unrealistic and silly IMO. That or the guy falls in and out of love at the drop of a dime. Or maybe he doesn’t know what love is. Either way. Stupid. And not at all believable.”

    I heard it in one of the episodes. Something about a lot of time passing between only one week of episodes. So, I’m going to find it and prove my point. I know you won’t believe me. My statement was not incorrect, and it was not one and a half years.
    I know what you mean about Katie. But she was so freaking boring that I don’t care. They broke up big time. It was talked about in Trio, and that was quite a while ago. I can understand the writers making McKay move on.
    Whether Keller is part of the team depends on everyone’s own interpretations.
    Keller is in the same position as Carson was. I thought of Carson as part of the team. Therefore I now feel Keller is part of the team. Again, that’s just the way I see it.

    “Sheppard was in it, but Sheppard’s shirt wasn’t.”

    Haha, that’s perfect!!

    Again, great episode! Very enjoyable. Loved First Contact too. Looking forward to seeing Carson.

  102. Hey Ashley..I just want to let you know before you go do all that research that Freidag is correct on this one.

    What you said about time passing between episode but time as slowed down to a crawl in season 4 and season 5 so far. Normally you wouldn’t be able to tell but with last season and this you can tell time by Teyla’s pregnancy and now the birth of her son and how fast or slow he has grown. So I don’t think it has been a year since Katie and McKay broke up.

  103. I really did like this episode, as I always do – however why do we have to lose the team – John,Rodney,Teyla & Ronan now when the show is ending. We have less and less of Teyla and Ronan and more and more of Keller. What you are doing to Teyla is a shame – she had so much potential (esp. with John) and now she is just wallpaper.

  104. Okay, then it must have been something in Season 3. Either way, now I’m interested in what it was 😛

  105. Janina Gavankar was awesome on the Stargate Atlantis ” Whispers”. will she be in other episodes shows for the upcoming season? If there is one at all. There are talks of the show ending completely is that true at all? What is it with sci-fi and its management knocking of shows when they reach a high point with the story being dam marvelous sofar. I feel the fans should know more so we can do something. Are you and the staff going to be doing more movies for theathers or dvd? Thanks and please keep creating more of stargate atlantis.

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