Pilfered Poultry
On the menu tonight: Pilfered Poultry

“The lady’s chicken!”cried a wide-eyed Fondy.

I stared dumbly back at her. Lady? Chicken of what? Briefly, I imagined my wife throwing down with a rival shopper, slapping her silly and forcing some poor, overwhelmed soccer mom to turn tail and run.

“The lady’s chicken!”she repeated, motioning down to one of the grocery bags I’d taken off her hands as she’d come through the gate. “I took the lady’s chicken!”

Indeed. In addition to three packs of raspberries, two yams, a head of broccoli, and half a watermelon, Fondy’s haul included one roasted ready-to-eat chicken.

“I must have picked it up as I was leaving!” It was as if she’d just learned one of the bullets from her celebratory gunfire had come down and killed a small child. “No one said anything or tried to stop me.”

I tried to look sympathetic.  Or at the very least thoughtful. 

“And it’s too late to go back now,”she processed. “Safeway is closed.”

“I don’t think you CAN go back,”I said. “Ever. They’ll probably have your picture up on their bulletin board.”

She fell silent and considered for a few seconds. And then, no doubt having made peace with her fate: “Let’s eat before it gets cold.”

And so, tonight, we had stolen chicken for dinner.

“You know, someone left two grocery bags in the parking lot,”she informed me later between mouthfuls of roast chicken. “They’ve must’ve just forgotten them and driven off. They were just sitting there.”  She threw me a meaningful look: “I could have taken them, but I didn’t.”

Which was too bad. I’d really felt like dessert.

Today’s mailbag:

Thornyrose writes: “Will we hear or see more of the Asgard in any of the remaining episodes?”

Answer: Nope. But there’s always the movies…

‘ishshapat writes: “Are there any plans to put more than just a few extra features on the Season 5 DVD’s? Or maybe to have a whole separate DVD full of all the special features that Ivon did not get published over the last 5 years?”

Answer: Every dvd extra Ivon produces is pitched to and paid for by the studio. There has never been an occasion where he has produced a dvd extra that was not included as part of a dvd special feature package.

DasNdanger writes: “Although we know the Wraith have used their ships as weapons before (The Siege), in this case did Todd decide to crash the Daedalus into the base after witnessing the effectiveness of such a tactic in Spoils of War?”

Answer: The tactic in Soils of War may have certainly inspired him but, as I said, at the end of the day he had no other option but to use the Daedalus as a weapon.

Wraith Cake writes: “ There were too many stories. This really required a three parter to do it justice. And why not Joe? Just because the statistics say “never do bla bla bla” with a television audience, those things are broken all the time. This would have been much better as a three or four parter, and why not?”

Answer: I’m not familiar with any statistics that speak against producing three or even four parters. We simply made it a two parter because we broke the story down as such and, at the end of the day, we’d rather have a tight two-parter than a flabby three-parter.

Wraith Cake also writes: “Finally, whatda think if the peeps at the WDC wrote down a whole bunch of questions for Christopher Heyerdahl and then you passed them along to him.”

Answer: On his last day of filming, I invited Chris to swing on by and do a fan Q&A. If he’s interested, I’m sure we’ll hear from him.

Montrealer writes: “Too bad we don’t get a sixth season. I can see the vindictive Asgards paying back Atlantis in kind.”

Answer: Remember that AU Season 6 episode list I posted the other week? Remember the episode titled Revenge? There you go.

Florence writes: “What happened to Kanaan, will it be answered in the Prodigal ?”

Answer: We established Kanaan on Atlantis in past episodes. He is essentially the stay at home dad on occasions when Teyla heads of-world.

Freidag writes: Joe Mallozzi said: But I’m sure that whiny, narrow-minded Sheppard will take it as a personal affront.I don’t get the sarcasm here, honestly I don’t. Or why you consistently denigrate one character and then defend others. Unless, wait, you’re thinking… only Sheppard fans dislike Keller! […] And to think that at one time the writers thought there was nothing for Carson Beckett to do so they axed him.”

Answer: Whew! Your post is so chock full o’ bizarre assumptions it actually made my head spin. On the one hand, you recognize my statement as sarcastic and yet, on the other hand, you also view it as some weird, totally unmotivated criticism of Sheppard fans(???). Also, when did anyone involved in the production say or even suggest that Paul’s character was killed off “because there was nothing for Carson Beckett to do”? Or can you actually read minds which makes the aforementioned comment more a statement of fact. You actually do know what “the writers thought”.

Shiningwit writes: “How convenient that the exo-suits were one-size-fits-all I bet that never happens in real life.”

Answer: They were designed that way. The bio-organic insulation within the suit shrinks to fit the wearer so that even the very fattest-headed Asgard can where them.

KayD writes: “ The Asgard turning up in Pegasus….what a cop-out. God forbid you create an interesting new race unique to Pegasus…”

Answer: Over the course of the series run, e’ve introduced elements unique to the Pegasus Galaxy AND introduced familiar elements from the Milky Way. Yes, SG-1 and Atlantis are two different shows, but they share a lot of backstory given that one is a spin-off of the other. It’s not like we’re bringing elements from Dr. Who into Criminal Minds here.

KayD also writes: “Do you think the viewers of SGA didn’t watch SG-1 and therefor won’t know you’re recycling ideas?”

Answer: Yeah. Stargates and spaceships – just like SG-1!

KayD also writes: “ Replicators and Asgard. How creative. Would the Goa’uld have shown up for the never-to-be season six?”

Answer: No. They already made an appearance back in season two’s Critical Mass.

Ponytail writes: “I said the writers were mean to Ronon. Can’t he have anything? Seven years on the run and now 4 years in Atlantas. Why can’t he find a girl that is right for him? Someone to love him for who he is.”

Answer: Who says he won’t?

Kath writes: “Why has Teyla been tossed aside for Keller. Why couldnt the writers write for Teyla but seem to have no problem writing for Keller.”

Answer: A fallacious argument, suggesting that More Keller = Less Teyla. It might be true if we’d simply slotted Keller into stories intended for Teyla but the truth is we never intended for Teyla to be the damsel in distress in Tracker (frankly, it wouldn’t have made much sense) nor did we ever consider pursuing any sort of love triangle between Teyla, Sheppard, and Ronon (sorry Sheyla’s, Royla’s, Teypard’s, and Teynan’s).

Shadow Step writes: “… the only thing disappointing about that scene was that Ronon apparently DID have the hots for her and suddenly had to stomp of to field strip his scimitar.”

Answer: Strip his scimtar? Is that some sort of euphemism?

Mondschaf writes: “ Have you already decided whether you are going to Asia alone or not?”

Answer: Oh, I’m going. Alone or not.

Ashley writes: ““she saved Rodney in The Shrine when none of his friends couldn’t figure out from the get-go that there might be an actual reason the shrine offers a temporary cure, something that ought to have been studied right away (I’m sorry, but Sheppard should have seen that possibility from the get-go, he’s smarter than that)”

Because Keller is a DOCTOR. (I mean to use bold, but [b] not sure how[/b]) In the past, Carson would’ve been the one realizing there’s a problem. And it’s ALWAYS McKay. McKay always considers the negatives. But since he was the one sick, someone else had to. And it was Keller’s scientific background and knowledge that led her to believe that there is something else going on. I find no problems at all with the doctor on the team solving the problem. I do agree that Sheppard should have realized the possibility that something else was wrong. But Sheppard and Teyla were pushed to the side to let McKay, Ronon, and Keller take the spotlight. And Keller supported one side and Ronon the other. Ronon was more outspoken than anyone else with his position because of his experience with it. So, I do understand Sheppard not coming out and saying ‘Hey, something’s wrong here’.

“Keller can already fight, shoot and kill Wraith nearly as good as Ronon! Soon she’ll be flying puddle jumpers and having the ancient gene like Sheppard. Communicating with the Wraith and the hive ships like Teyla. See how she brings out Todd’s reflective side!). And saving the planet or the galaxy from imminent destruction by defusing something like McKay!”

LMAO! Thanks for the laugh. She open fires on two Wraith with an automatic gun and suddenly she can kill Wraith nearly as good as Ronon. She can hold her own when she has a weapon against one Wraith and suddenly she is superwoman. Amazing how that works.

It’s a no-win situation. Let Keller gain some fighting abilities so she isn’t helpless – problem with fans. Leave Keller helpless – problem. Keller backs down from others and only talks when terrified – she’s a whiner! Keller stands up to people and offers solutions to problems – and she’s a b!tch! Wow!!! Talk about never being satisfied.

So many Keller comments. You do know sometimes Keller is practically never in an episode, right? I think the uprising is due to three continuous episodes with a lot of Keller (Omg, THREE!). Let’s examine the episodes.

Search and Rescue: McKay, Sheppard, Ronon, Michael – Team episode.
The Seed: Keller’s the victim
Broken Ties: No Keller
Daedalus Variations: No Keller
Ghost in the Machine: If Keller, very minimal
Shrine: Rodney, Keller, Ronon
Whispers: No Keller
Queen: Keller in scenes with team
Tracker: Lot of Keller and runner scenes. Still lots of Ronon and McKay scenes also.
First Contact: few scenes with Keller.
Lost Tribe: her and Ronon have the backup story – the Daedalus is being taken over. Few scenes.

That’s five out of eleven episodes. I’m sorry to break it to the anti-Keller fans, but that IS NOT a lot. Seriously. Think about it.”

Answer: Awesome post.

Wolfenm writes: “Here, and at GW, many (myself included) have complained about Ronon acting like a big goon again.”

Answer: How was he acting like a big goon? Ronon has always been a shoot first and ask questions later type of guy and while he has shown growth as a character, he remains a man of action.

Pissed Off Teyla Fan writes: “I still don’t understand why Keller got made a regular instead of staying recurring.”

Answer: Honestly? Because Jewel is a wonderful actress, an incredibly hard worker, always incredibly professional, and her character opens up a host of different storylines for us.

Alipeeps writes: “ I’m afraid I’ve been severely lax in both reading and commenting on your blog of late – truth be told, I’ve been somewhat preoccupied with a little production project of my own; I shall be adding one more sci-fi fan to the world in around May 09.”

Answer: Well congratulations. That explains it. I was about to organize a search party.

Narelle from Aus writes: “Do you have a travel buddy you can tee up?”

Answer: I am presently in negotiations with one Ivon R. Bartok.

152 thoughts on “October 12, 2008: If You’re Missing a Roast Chicken, Please Leave Your Contact Information

  1. All I can say is … Pilfered Poultry Karma … 🙂
    On the upside, the lady who’s chicken was accidentally taken probably stormed back to Safeway, did some angry finger pointing and got another one.

    Well, Mr Ivon R. Bartok, we know you are a reader of this blog so please accompany Mr Mallozzi (pretty please?). At least no part of the trip will go undocumented with the two of you together!

    I have been conducting some doggie telepathy studies while Hubby has been away, but I’ll have a chat to you about that later…

  2. I look forward to your posts from the Far East. Got a time frame or itinerary in mind yet?

  3. My response to today’s blog:
    Still don’t like McKeller, but hope the chicken was good.


    For answering my questions…and thank you Ivon for answering it directly in yesterdays comments! Looking forward to the Season 5 DVD’s!

    I plan to pre-order them as soon as they are available!



  5. Oh, Ivon could do a DVD extra of your trip! You certainly wouldn’t have any trouble finding a Weird Food of the Day. Just stay away from that airport soup.

    That chicken looks really good…I’m stuck with some cookies because I forgot my dinner and there is actual crime going on and there are no officers free to run by Wendy’s for me. And I don’t have enough change for the vending machine. Seriously, there’s gotta be someplace that delivers after midnight. I have a credit card! I need food…

  6. Tell Fondy I think she should’ve snagged the two bags in the parking lot! Who knows what goodies could’ve been found?

  7. Enjoy the Asia trip. I look forward to hearing about you meal adventures. Will this trip see the return of “weird food purchase of the day”?

    All the Keller haters are really starting to get on my nerves (along with the other negavtive people). Why can’t people just enjoy the show? People critique things way too much. When I watch Atlantis I like to just sit back and escape for the 44 minutes. I stopped reading the GW forum because of all the negativity. What I don’t understand is if these people hate everything so much, why do the watch the show at all? Here’s hoping Keller is prominent for the last 9 episodes just to p!ss those people off.

  8. A great point brought up by Narelle in yesterday’s post…a big deal was made in season 1 that the only way Atlantis could dial Earth was with a certain control crystal. Now that the gate and half the control room has gone boom, did the crystal survive or in the recent years did they find an extra crystal?
    And I also agree that Ashley’s post was awesome.

  9. what’s up with the negativity people? My roommate and I are loving this season so far, that’s why it’s hard to see it go , especially after “the shrine.” That episode was in Atlantis’ top five best for sure.

  10. Joe, you’ve really got to put up a warning when you’re being snarky. I do not possess the talent to eat and laugh at the same time and it’s not attractive or pleasant for me to either be choking or having Chex mix come out my nose. Please, think of the piggy people having a midnight snack while reading your blog. 😉

    Speaking of food…what did that stolen chicken taste like? If my middle niece is anything to go by, stolen food tastes better.

  11. Hi Joe:

    I keep thinking you must be getting to be a pretty fast keyboarder with all these blogs and scripts under your belt. How many words per minute do you think you type and are you the hunt and peck type or do you actually have a key for each finger? Or, does a rich guy like you have his own secretary who types everything for him? And is he/she available for me? I have lots of things on the go right now.

    I’m also thinking of changing my nick name to something a little more fun to type, like, “BaalfanSanctuarysupporterwhohopestobecomeawritersomeday”
    What do you think?

    Patricia (AG)

  12. Roast chicken! I had one for dinner too! Are there any more Teyla centric eps in the season?

  13. LOl, stolen chicken. I agree with Narelle from Aus about the lady’s reaction. Or, she didn’t notice or forgot she even bought one.

    Oooh, looking forward to Christopher Heyerdahl if he decides to drop by! I was just wondering whether he’d been asked or not.

    Have fun in Asia!:D

  14. Joe, Joe, Joe…have you been drinking? 😉

    Please don’t pick on Wolfenm – it was me…I’m the guilty one. I said Ronon acted like a big goon (well, many others have said it, I was merely repeating their sentiments, too). Please aim your snark at the right target next time and don’t pick on the innocents. Like that stolen chicken, I’m a tough old bird, I can take it. 🙂

    Joking aside, I wish you had addressed the latter part of my comment. As I said, Ronon seemed to show more maturity and growth in S4, but since Broken Ties, he’s seems to have reverted back into caveman mode. Banging on the control panel in Daedalus Variations, blindly shooting up crystals without consideration to what it might mean for the rest of the crew…that sort of thing…it’s just a bit more like Ronon of S2 and 3…a little step away from some of the growth we saw in S4.

    I wasn’t trying to bash Ronon or the writers, but was actually wondering if the ordeal he went through in Broken Ties has anything to do with his actions of late, actions that seem more rash than last season, and hoping that you could shed some light on how YOU felt his experience as a ‘worshipper’ affected him in the long run, and if that is being reflected in how the character is being portrayed now.

    Now, go apologize to wolfenm. 😉

    Answer: The tactic in Soils of War may have certainly inspired him but, as I said, at the end of the day he had no other option but to use the Daedalus as a weapon.

    I totally agree. Nothing Todd did – except assuming he had been betrayed – falls into question. And even on that point, when questioned by Keller about it, he acknowledged through his body language that he had been wrong about the Lanteans, even if he didn’t say it out loud. No, I have no problem at all with anything Todd did, and I also trust that Sheppard will be understanding as well.


  15. I’ve totally left bags at the store before… but never a whole chicken!!! I even left my cell phone at a diner once!!! I think I’m the most absentminded person I know =)

    I’m not the only one who thought the Traveler’s ship engineer was a lot like Kaylee!!! On the imdb.com Atlantis board I found a fellow Firefly fan who thought the same thing as I. Awesomeness! 🙂

  16. @ [b]Joe[/b] ~ You said …

    Wolfenm writes: “Here, and at GW, many (myself included) have complained about Ronon acting like a big goon again.

    Um, I said a lot of things that may have ticked you off yesterday and today, but that wasn’t one of em …

    And as far as the Keller screentime goes, the complaint was specifically in regards to her time versus Teyla’s screentime, particlarly *recently*.

    Search and Rescue: despite the ep focus being her disappearance, Teyla had only a little more time than Keller.
    The Seed: Keller’s the focal point, Teyla inexplicably disappears completely from the story about fifteen minutes from the end.
    Broken Ties: Yes, Teyla had some good participation, even if ot wasn’t her ep — but she wasn’t the focus.
    Daedalus Variations: This one was good, Teyla-wise, too, but again, not Teyla-centric. (Not saying they all *should* be, just making a point)
    Ghost in the Machine: just that one scene with Elizabeth, really, otherwise she’s there but not really *doing* much
    Shrine: Teyla was mostly in the background while Keller had a lot to do. (Understandable, yes — although if it were Carson, would he have been as prominent, I wonder?)
    Whispers: None of either
    Queen: Obviously this one was Teyla-centric. but Keller did have multiple scenes in which she *did* stuff, rather than juist being around
    Tracker: No Teyla, Keller-*centric*
    First Contact: Keller has the scene with Ronon, the scene with Todd (well, two, technically), the scene with Woolsey, and another bit with Ronon: Teyla runs around with Sheppard, but doesn’t have a lot to do that isn’t done by others as well, like she’s just a tagalong and it could have been anyone.
    Lost Tribe: Keller and Ronon have the backup story – she has the scene where she basically instigates Ronon to take another couole of shots in retaliation to her comments (if Ronon’s going to do something that proves detrimental, I’d have rather it had been without an outside influence) and confronts Todd, then confronts Ronon later. Teyla, after helping to find Sheppard, had to stay behind while Sheppard got to go on the mission. (Granted, I understand why she had to, it’s just unfortunate that she got left behind again).

    And so far, it doesn’t look like “Brain Storm” will have any Teyla, but will again have heavy amounts of Kellerl. And “Identity once again has Keller as the *focal point*. There are no other ep descriptions that are Teyla-*centric* — will there be any more that are at least Teyla-*heavy*? Something more along the lines of “Broken Ties” or “Daedalus Variations”, where she has a lot to “Teyla” stuff to *do*, rather than her just running alongside (or behind) others, doing stuff that a red-shirt Marine could do and we’d never notice? Just because she’s there doesn’t mean she’s always being well-used. And Keller has three eps where she’s the focal point this season, while Teyla had one.

    I feel like everyone’s often a tag-along to the importance of Keller. Trio: was a mission where McKay and Sam went along to help her. Missing: Teyla went along to help her. Tracker: they went along to help her. Even at the beguinning of “The Queen”, they were there so that Keller could pitch her offer to Todd. Ronon went along in First Contact to protect her. Ronon and Rodney’s current relations crux(ed?) a lot on her. Used to be, Carson was the one dragged along; now others tag along with Keller. So is she a character in her own right or a plot device? It’s an awful lot of power to give a character to have them be both.

    I understand what you’re saying about wanting to bring Keller in as a regular for the stories you could tell and her acting skills, but unfortunately for me, I’m enjoying her presence, her increasing influence on the story and the characters, less and less. If she’s supposed to be on par with the team, why didn’t you make her actually a part of it, in an official capacity? (For that matter, why wasn’t Carson? I’d rather have him on the team anyway ….)

  17. Correction: Teyla had two eps where she was the focus this season, sorry. Although, arguably, half of “Search and Rescue” was focused on rescuing Sheppard, Ronon, and McKay first and foremost, so maybe more like an ep and a half ….

  18. @ Joe – No need to defend Keller/Jewel. Those of us who know she’s awesome, know she’s awesome (which is saying a lot coming from me, since I don’t normally care for female characters). Those who hate her will hate her, no matter how loudly you – or anyone else – sing her praises. And those who are a bit wishy-washy will most likely come around in the end, or remain indifferent.

    Not really much you can do about how people feel once they’ve made up their minds about something, or someone.

    “…you also view it as some weird, totally unmotivated criticism of Sheppard fans(???).”

    Yeah, even I got that as more of a preemptive strike against the overly-passionate panicky gloom’n’doom Wraith fans than anything else. I might be wrong, but I know us…or, specifically…me. 🙄 However, as you can see, I’m quite cheery about this entire two-parter…but that might just have something to do with me living vicariously through Woolsey… 😳


  19. Enjoy your trip to Asia. Joe just a sugestion try a visit someday to Thailand my Wife is from there I have been there many times she is from the Khon Kean province beautiful place Spicy foods!!

  20. PMSL *wipes monitor free of coffee* Oh Joe, that was the best laugh I’ve had in AGES. You sympathetic bastard you 😉 You know I’m sure we’d get on just fine so when you’re in the mood for a damp cornish holiday I’m your drinking buddy. Speaking of cornish holidays have you any interest at all in the Eden Project? hmm sounds like an interesting title for a series doesn’t it?
    I might even visit when I get mobile again!

  21. do you have any cartoon channels? do you ever watch them or is fondy not in that? my fav ended this summer 65 episodes, can you guess??

  22. I loved the reveal in The Lost Tribe – so glad I got the heads up here about the spoilers! Thanks, everyone!
    I don’t know about acquiring someone else’s chicken by mistake. I know about acquiring a hamster by mistake. I bought two new roborovski hamsters on Saturday, brought two boxes home and then saw two little noses poking out of the top of one and realised I had a stowaway!
    They are trying to sort themselves out in the cage but I am not sure it’s going to be big enough for the three of them!
    But this has happened before, with one hamster arriving pregnant and then producing babies. Great little critters, they are.

    Anyway – I thought having the Asgard back was a great idea. I love it when the two universes are tied together like that. The puppeteers are brilliant! But if they make it to the films, well, poor Shep! They’re his nightmare creatures, aren’t they, along with clowns?

    Can I also sing Ashley’s praises. Great response.

  23. Joe, The episode on Friday was great. I liked the rants between Daniel and Rodney. So funny! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving dinner with the stolen chicken. Looking forward to this weeks episode. Great job!

  24. Wow, you sure are getting the Keller complaints. I must admit, I’m a bit confused on the whole Keller/Teyla screen time complaint. I’m not aware that tv shows have rules where all the characters must have the exact same screen time. Hey, can I complain that I need more Shepard time? Seriously, I’m not a Keller fan in any since of the word, but she is a part of the show folks. Deal with it, or watch something else if it upsets you so much. This is all suppose to be for fun and remember, this isn’t real it’s fiction.

    Oh and Joe, please pass on a big Thank You to who ever wrangled that shirtless Shepard for us. 🙂 Made my day!

  25. Eagerly awaiting the delivery of the next episode – Tales of the Purloined Fowl. Thank goodness I did not have a mouth full of anything other than gasping for some air for laughing so much.

    Thank you for your humor and putting up with the nonsense elements; and sharing with us.

  26. Ok, I go away for a few days of sick leave and what happens? The biggest surprise of S 5 is openly discussed on here even though I am one of the ‘unfortunate ones’ who can’t actually see the season until it’s on dvd, no fair!

    Still, it looks as if my white haired knight in black leather armour get’s some airtime, yippeee! I think there is possibly something wrong with me, never quite been able to make it out but any suggestions gratefully received, see I just don’t fancy the ‘good guys’. Shep is cool and definately good looking but does nothing for me. Jack was funny and gorgeous, no question, but still didn’t fancy the guy. Daniel really did nothing for me until he became a prior and then he did, plus he seemed a little spunkier in seasons 9+10 anyway, nice. Give me a bad guy, whether he has lank white hair and bad teeth like Todd, or is infested with some alien beastie in his rather stupendous body like Baal and I’m hooked. I proved my point actually watching Sanctuary. Christopher Heyerdahl did nothing for me as Holling – way too nice – but I love him as Todd. Watching Sanctuary and he’s bald and some kind of manic serial killer and he’s sexy again. Oh dear, better send Carson in with an oily rag to rub me down! Oh, Carson!! Good guy and fancy him like mad, there, see I AM normal, ish!!

    As for Keller, have to say I am one of those who I doubt will ever be convinced. As I said, I haven’t seem S 5 yet and am willing to wait until I do to see if she improves but I seriously doubt I will ever be able to take her seriously. I doubt anything you writers do would be able to make a difference there either and I’m really not quite sure what it is about her, other than she’s just too young to be convincing for me I guess, but let’s see. She came in after Carson, bad, bad, bad. Hated her getting airtime when my beloved was blown to wee bits and shoved in a box. Guess that could be it. Plus she was rather wet when she came in and it really didn’t seem she would get any better – I do hate whiney women. Being a kick -ass type myself, girly girls who simper and cower and run for cover do tend to irritate me somewhat and she did that in spades in S4. Oh well, as I said I’ll hold judgement until I actually see S5 to see if she improves. At least you brought Carson back AND you gave me Todd, so you can’t be all bad!!

    As for pilfered chicken, I can state with all the honesty of a good Catholic girl, there ain’t nothing sweeter!! Anyway, she didn’t really steal it so no sin, I mean the definition of a sin, according to my priest in the confessional last week, is intent so no problem (I’m not going to tell you what I was in there for but I have to say I didn’t INTEND to do it, alcohol played a very large part of the problem and he did look a bit like a prior – by that I mean he was bald and pasty faced, at least I think he was and hence he seemed like a bad guy so, oh boy I am definately off the charts, psycho).

    I’m going back to my sick bed, I need to lie down.

  27. I rarely comment here, but I have to step up. I don’t really know what the problem is with Keller–she is a wonderful character and a good foil to the kick *ss personality of the others. She is a doctor, not a ‘warrior’ and the way she is shown as holding her own is quite in the character. She represents a facet of humans that a Wraith like Todd would not otherwise see. And she has been used in a great way to bring out some introspection from the Wraith (Todd again.) She is not a substitute for Tey’la, and Tey’la could not do what Keller does. The conversation with Todd in First Contact and The Lost Tribe could not have happened if it had been Tey’la instead of Keller. Different charcters, different reaction from the other characters.

    And Jennifer does bring a great dimension and variation to the role. If you read some of the comments in the Wraith Defender Club thread you’ll see that no one has any problem with Keller; to the contrary. It has helped add a new facet to the story line.

    As for criticizing the writers, etc; I challenge any of us to sit down and write a screenplay. Let’s see how far we get.

  28. @ wolfenm – Yeah, that was me Joe was quoting as being you. Heh. I got off easy this time. 😀


  29. Did you let your Freudian slip or did you mean to refer to Soils of War (instead of Spoils of War) in your response to DasNdanger? (and no, that’s not a euphemism for anything).
    Also, I think Criminal Minds could use a little Dr. Who input.

    PS How WAS the chicken?

  30. Hey! The Lost Tribe was fantastic, thanks for another great episode.

    I’ve got a question… will the Pegasus Asgard ever receive an alternate name in the style of the Tok’ra as opposed to the Goa’uld? Is there a name for the evil gods of Norse mythology?

  31. Mornin’, Joe

    Oooo! Roast Chicken.. Finally, something I recognise! Yummm.. Hope you both enjoyed it and tell Fondy not to worry too much about the APB out on her. Cripes.. if I were to worry about all the food and groceries my wonderfully-trained Guide Dog snaffles on the illegal take, we’d both be serving life sentences at Her Majesty’s inconvenience.

    Ivon: “A Conversation with a Colonel”

    I humbly grovel at your feet and did I ever say that I love you very muchlies? In fact, i’d squeeeee if it didn’t send the dog into a panic attack. But I *am* grinning.. Like a loon! 😀

    Das: “If Sheppard had been there, this whole mess wouldn’t have happened. I brought this up on GW – Sheppard is Todd’s ‘goat’. Just like highly strung thoroughbreds need a goat companion to keep them calm, Sheppard is a calming influence for Todd during these awkward human/Wraith interactions.”

    lmao! I completely missed that the other night!

    Shep? Todd’s GOAT??!! Well, after pebbledashing my compy with chocolate hobnobs at the images *that* little snippet flashed forth, the laughter finally calmed down enough for me to understand what you meant. And as much as i’m *not* one for comparing my tousled Hero to a stubborn, grass-eating, mountain-dwelling stage prop from Heidi.. I do see your point.

    Well.. almost 😛

  32. Tell Fondy that chook (chicken in aussie slang) rhymes with crook… ahahah

    How did it taste? Does forbidden chicken taste..err sweeter? Chickenier??

  33. Mmmm nice chicken. I’m sorry for you being berated by so many people on here today. Some sort of hate-mailbag.
    I feel happy with every direction the show takes. You guys have created an epic and awe-inspiring series and ‘The Lost Tribe’ is just the latest in a long line of amazing episodes, action and twists abound.

    I’ve rarely seen an episode of SGA I didn’t love and I await each new instalment with eager anticipation.

    I do wonder how the relationship between Todd and the expedition will play out now. Even if he didn’t believe they were responsible, he did try and kill the crew of the ship. I doubt they’ll be exchanging Christmas cards any time soon.

  34. Balance

    Good morning, to you, Joe.

    So a satisfying two-parter, fast paced and I ´m taken with the idea of renegade Asgard. When I first read about the ep outline I thought that maybe the elusive Furlings (the name really sounds like overly feathery bird-teddy bear cross) would make an appearance – ever planned on that?

    Whatever happened to Caldwell? Hope Toddy didn´t kidnap him ; ))) Did Mr. Pileggi have scheduling problems for part 2 (which would´ve been a pity)

    As for the whole Keller syndrome: for me it comes down to this: not nearly enough TEAM (=Sheppard Teyla, McKay, Ronon) epsiodes this season!

    And it´s the last we got.

    Whatever happened to the good ole “teams gates/ships out “together, plot ensues, team kicks some serious ass, gates/ships back in on piece more or less, plot for next couple of episodes hinted at”???

    The team´s just too fragmented in the way they appear in eps. And whatever happened to character development for Sheppard or Ronon? McKay is getting his social abilities fixed at least sort of. And teyla – does it stop with her being booked on the Mom slot?


    And I think all your actors are gifted, hard-working and talented !

    @wolfenm who wrote:
    “Just because she’s (Teyla) there doesn’t mean she’s always being well-used.”

    Absolutely! True Teyla´s defintely NOT your damsel in distress type (so Tracker wouldn´tmake sense of course), she´s mature, balanced, funny, fierce, capable and warm and still got her insecurities. So defintely a character I´d like to see more of and who´s been sadly underused this season.
    Besides, as a female I´m so sick of this damsel-routine. And no , it doesn´t need to be replaced with a Xena routine.

    Balance would be a fitting key word again.

    Wolfenm continues: “Used to be, Carson was the one dragged along; now others tag along with Keller. So is she a character in her own right or a plot device? ”

    Interesting question/observation!

    cheers, Deb

    who says thanks again to Joe for the open house that is this blog

  35. Hmmm… what’s your favourite Malaysian food? One of my best friends just got engaged and her Malaysian mother-in-law is teaching her to cook. I am so ready for this. *pats belly*

    You would be proud of her. She has tried nearly every dish that has been put in front of her.

  36. A bone to the anti-Keller folks here. Maybe the TPTB is building up our Ingenue (Keller) for a great big fall. After all, they kill off Keller in the time loop in “The Last Man” episode with the Hoffan drug induced virus. I wonder if TPTB is going to kill off a major character again. So TPTB could bump off Keller in the final “Enemy at the Gate” episode for the same reasons as the demise of Carson in ‘.Sunday”. Strange are the machinations of the TPTB. One just have to be reminded by the PA debacle with the cancellation of SGA and the green lighting of SGU.

  37. Hi Joe, I love SGA, and well I love all stargate, sad to see this series end.

    I do however have a question: Has McKay tried to find out how the ancients made ZPMs? I know when they first met the replicators them saying something about them making them (I think), so I assume the ancients did the same. If that is the case I would have thought perhaps the was some production line (hrhr) where they can make some more. Surely some information would be on their ancient database.

    Any way, thanks for a great show and keep it up!

  38. good grief, that was an unhappy mailbag.
    you beating off people with pointy sticks, no fun at all.
    Although hearing you asked Chris H. to stop by is a happy.
    It’ll be a super happy if he does!

    time for sleep, off i go hoping for a happier mailbag tomorrow

  39. *slobbers over stolen chicken*

    … I should really go get something to eat, I should not be salivating over poultry that has been a victim of crime.

  40. Is KayD a disturbed Michael Shanks fan ticked off that Daniel wasn’t the only SG1 guest appearance?

    Honestly, I thought Asguard in the suits was a stroke of genius. Did not see that coming and my head swims if I even try to think where you might have been going with it.

  41. Stolen chicken… that reminds me, we have six baby chicks that hatched over the weekend they’re so cute.

    I honestly don’t have a problem with Keller, I loved Jewel as Kaylee in Firefly and I was so excited when I first saw she was going to be on SGA, and although she isn’t my favourite character I don’t hate her. I admit she can be a bit annoying at times but so can any of the other characters in certain situations. I do however understand where everyone is coming from wanting to see more of their favourite character and less of others but they didn’t write the show so they’ll just have to deal, it is how it is and complaining isn’t gonna change that.

    On a different topic, will there be more bloopers as part of the season five boxset? (and by more I mean more than the ten minutes of footage on the season four boxset which I bought on Saturday 😀 yay!) I absolutely loved that they did put bloopers on the DVD’s but I had been hoping for something maybe a bit longer, so any chance of it being longer?

    I hope you don’t run afoul (he he he) of any bad karma because of the chicken, and good luck on your trip whether you go alone or not, I’m sure you’ll have a great time and eat a load.


  42. Although I’m much more of a Kaylee fan than a Keller fan (Browncoat through and through!), I’d just like to say that I think Jewel is doing a great job and I hope that she doesn’t take the negative comments to heart. She’s a fantastic actress and I really hope to meet her one day.

    Oh, and to whoever was responsible for having a shirtless Sheppard in The Lost Tribe (even if we didn’t exactly see much), THANK YOU. 😀

    Oh, and congrats to Alipeeps on her fantastic news!


  43. Oh, Mr. M, how could you? Some sharp-eyed and dedicated Constable is liable to catch your confession to being an accessory after the fact and haul you off to gaol! Your Asia trip would be ruined! Not to mention what fate would await Fondy for being the actual perpetrator of the crime. And to think of the 15 orphans and the convent that will go without a meal thanks to your callous ingestion of their intended feast! Baron Destructo would be proud.
    Very nice mailbag, though I’ve hit the saturation point about a certain character’s presense. I’m waiting for the line counters to chip in and determine which characters are getting how many lines each episode next. All I suggest is for folks to look back on say, season three, and check out how ominpresent a certain Gaelic gentleman was. And consider had certain fourth or fifth season episodes been cast with him, rather than the current CMO, would the story have a) changed that drastically? or b) would there have been as much complaining?
    Anyways, thanks for the mailbag, though I’m kicking myself for not lining up more questions for you. Just as a reminder, I believe we are now due, in the following order, an appearance by the dogs, a Wierd food of the Day video, and an appearance of Baron Destructo. If you are so inclined to post them, of course…

  44. Come on Joe, you just acknowledged that you felt it was perfectly appropriate to integrate SG-1 elements into SGA, and then you turn around and mock my comments by suggesting the only similarities are spaceships and stargates?

    I’m aware SGA is a spin-off of SG-1 (how could I not be with SG-1 elements cropping up all over the place?). But it still boggles my mind why you would deliberately create new characters, a new city and galaxy only to continue to reintroduce aliens, characters, villains and “homages” from the mother show.

    I loved season one. Being cut-off and isolated required writing devoted to Pegasus situations only. That was the best. I guess it’s easier to just copy elements from SG-1. I’m not a writer, but I would think the challenge of coming up with new and creative ideas for a whole new galaxy would help to keep the job fresh. It’s too bad. SGA had such a fine start, but this season and the last especially, have fallen far short of their potential.

    Your vision for SGA seems to lean towards supervillains, geeks in love, Sheppard being squeezed into a cooky-cutter action hero role, Ronon and Teyla being pushed out of the picture (except for their token episodes), doom and gloom almost every episode (complete with the destruction of entire worlds — will there be any humans left in Pegasus by the end of the season?) and very little team. The best part of seasons 1-3 were the team. Now they’re all split up (almost) all the time. It’s really sad for me to see SGA end this way.

  45. Damn. Guess it’s a good thing SGA has been downgraded- sounds like s6 was slated to be remade as a solo Keller series.
    Even *I’m* getting tired of the harping.

    First Contact/Lost Tribe = except for Daniel’s appearance, big disappointment. I was going to write why- but why bother.

  46. Joe, I think you need to help some needy people to make up for the theft of the BBQ’d bird. I feel bad for you. Cue the COPS theme. There’s an aggressive knock at the door and you open it to the officers with a drumstick in your hand. F@#&!

    Was it tasty though?

    I am presently in negotiations with one Ivon R. Bartok.

    You should totally holiday with Ivon. He’s taller than you so he can reach things you can’t. He’s handy with a camera so he can film your weird food purchase of the day and maybe edit it in quick grabs to make it edgier and appeal to a younger demographic 😉 He looks neat and tidy which I’m sure you’ll appreciate. Plus he’s easy on the eye, which you may not be able to appreciate but we can. I think you should give him whatever he’s asking.

    Now you’ve got me wondering though, what’s the R stand for?

    Cheers, Chev

  47. *lol* poor Fondy, hopefully she did at least enjoy the chicken for free 😉

    Thanks for the long mailbag!

    I hope Christopher Heyerdahl decides to drop by (would be great ^^).

    Side Note to yesterday’s comment: Maybe I should really think about a spell check tool, ahem >.<
    Still, wouldn’t help to improve my grammar; so for past mistakes and the whole lot of future mistakes to come: sorry, I’m sometimes blind and sometimes just dumb.

  48. Yes, Teyla has seemed to not have as much to do in this season. But I’m wondering, does that have anything to do with Rachel? Did she ask for less time, so she could spend more time with the baby?

    I remember when Michal Shanks left and how so many people were up in arms about it. But the fact was, he asked to leave. I was upset, too, only cuz Daniel is my favorite character. But I so understand an actor taking time off to do other projects or for family obligations (like RDA)…I did grow to like Jonas and I’ve enjoyed the growth of the Keller character..

    I stayed away from spoilers, so I knew nothing about the asgard (I do not frequent GW, as it’s an angry place)
    So I loved the reveal. I agree with another poster (sorry forgot name – hubby just pulled me away to ask me about the toilet – it’s not working properly, and I fix things) that I watch the show for the enjoyment of it. I don’t stop and analyze everything or get angry about decisions that were made. It’s a tv show and while it’s one of my fav’s, I do have a life outside of it…Although I will wonder, as what did happen to Caldwell, because he did just disappear from the second part of the episode – was the actor unavailable. Also when John left Teyla in charge, shouldn’t it had been Lorne (cuz he wasn’t on the ship) or no budget to bring Kavan in or availability?

    Is it true that extra pages had to be written, cuz David and Michael speak so fast? I am also a very fast speaker, and as I teach second language learners I have to make myself speak slower….

  49. Hi Joe!
    First off…congratulations to Alipeeps on her infanticipation!!
    Second…if you’re going to Asia…what’s the chances of you popping down under for a meet and greet with the fans??
    As to the chicken debacle…that’s not so bad. When my daughter was just an infant, I went shopping for a dress for her and hung it on the trolley/cart. I added other things to the trolley as I went along and finally made my way to the check out. It wasn’t until I got to the car and started unloading the shopping that I noticed the little dress still hanging on the trolley handle…unpaid for!
    Then when my little angel was 3 years old, we took her to a department store to see Barney the dinosaur. While waiting by the lift/elevator, she helped herself to a piece of jewellery that was on display. I hadn’t found it til we were traveling home on the train that evening. I still have the broach locked up in my jewellery box! Kids!!
    I’m loving the final season of Atlantis and am sad that it’s been cancelled but looking forward to the movies!
    Kudos to everyone involved! 🙂

  50. Voice actors fascinate me, for some odd reason, and I can’t seem to find the answer on this at any of my normal haunts. Who did the voice for the Asgard?

  51. Happy Thanksgiving, Joe.

    I think I am still full from yesterday’s Turkey dinner. We had apple pie and chocolate brownies for dessert.

    Any chance we will scene McKay and Zelenka’s cutted scene from THE SHRINE in the deleted scenes section of the Seasin five DVD set? Please. : )

    Having the aliens being the ASGARD was a brilliant twist. I loved Daniel’s Righteous Anger speech with the Asgard!!!!!! That was pure joy to watch.

    I thought the end scene with Ronan & Jennifer was beautifully written and acted. You could see everything in Ronan face as he goes from shock, to trying to put on a brave front and then getting all awkward and having to leave. I am proud of Jennifer for taking the opportunity to be honest with Ronan. That was definitely not an easy conversation.

  52. hahaahha. That cracked me up. Hope it tasted good.

    Joe, I have to let you know what Stargate Atlantis needs:

    Choir music. I’m starting to get bored of the regular scores that we hear in each episode. Of course you guys were able to spice up “Search and rescue” at the end with some good string music, but we need something more!!!

    I don’t know, perhaps this is my “drama show” personality kicking in here, but before The Lost Tribe aired, I was hoping there would be a scene when Todd is in telepathic contact with various wraith hives in the solar system just as they opened a hyper space window. Then you could’ve had this sad choir music playing as we see various wraith hives jumping into hyperspace as they meet their end, and then seeing humans dialing the Stargates only for them to explode. (I’m thinking about a scene similar to the one in Star Wars episode III when Yoda is sensing through the force the last moments of the Jedi’s lives as they are destroyed.) What those types of scenes do is add power and sophistication to the show/movie. For example: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and the Dune miniseries. These were extremely powerful because they had emotional, dramatic scenes that involved: choir music!!!!

    If this was done in the Lost Tribe it would’ve built up empathy for the victims of the Attarro device, and make it across to the audience the magnitude of what happened, instead of McKay explaining the situation in techo-babble.
    And it will have made it all the more moving when we see this “Coalition” in the next episode.

    Really, there can’t be a downside to adding more choir music to the Stargate franchise. I mean, you’ve already done some great things with music by having Joel Goldsmith’s scores throughout the show. Not to mention the great scene where Teyla was singing in “Critical Mass”.
    It’s scenes like that, that add so much drama, development of characters, and emotion to the show.

    Thanks for reading!
    🙂 Halo Luver

  53. Syble said …

    Seriously, I’m not a Keller fan in any since of the word, but she is a part of the show folks. Deal with it, or watch something else if it upsets you so much.

    So … we should only say what we love about the show here? I still love the show. I praise it about other things. Hell, until recently, I’ve even stuck up for Keller quite a bit in my column, reasoning out why it makes sense for her to do this or do that. But lately she’s been getting on my last nerve, and I’m starting to appreciate the other side of the coin, why she’s been bugging others in the past. Moments that I originally could appreciate in their own right are now taking on a more negative light when examined alongside other moments and other factors are taken into consideration.

    I still love McKay & co, am I’m still enjoying other aspects of the show — I’d say the column is more praise than not. Keller just happens to be the topic of the moment. I’m giving feedback (which most of the time is positive), same as Joe does when he talks about a book of the month. He’s perfectly free to disagree with me, as are you, but feedback is important to a creator — for good or ill, a good creator will at least talke a look at their work and decided whether the critics have a point and possibly adjust their work. Or possibly not, but they can’t improve if no one *ever* tells them the negatives. Just because ratings are high doesn’t mean the viewers are totally in love, and you never know what might be the final straw that sends a big hunk packing if you don’t at least keep an ear out for the mutterings. Doing so could potentially minimize damages down the road.

    And as the consumers, we have a right to say whether something is bothering us. If most people are liking Keller at the end of the day, then fine, the opinions of those of us who are starting to get annoyed don’t matter so much. If a lot of people are vocal about concerns over her, then knowing about it gives Joe the opportunity to consider the work with another perspective in mind and say, “Could this go differently? Is there some way we could satisfy boh sides of the audience?” Or if *most*, not just here or Gatewolrd, but all over the place, people come across as hating her, then it’s a good sign that things might *really* need to be rexamined.

    If you bought a food from the store that you’d always loved, and there was a new ingrediant introduced that was putting you off, wouldn’t you write to the company and say you don’t much like the new ingredient? If it turns out a lot of other people don’t like it either, but just stop buying without saying anything, the company goes belly-up without ever having a chance to try again. You could say the show’s been cancelled so it doesn’t matter anyway, but there’s still the movie. What I have to say may very well get ignored, but if I and others say something, there’s at least a small chance Joe might find some way to strike a balance in the upcoming movie(s). And even if he won’t, well as a crator, I’d hope he would take things to heart in regards to other works in the future. Even the ones who say they aren’t interested in watching anymore have something valuable to contribute to the blog conversation if they can adequately constrictively, explain why they aren’t. Most of the comments I;ve seen regarding keller have given reasonsn, not just been “I hate her” and leaving it there. (Hell, I don’t even totally hate her; I just liked her better last season.) Well, I hope I’ve managed to be constructive in my own posts, at any rate.

    And hey, ya know, I’m happy for the McKeller shippers — I’m glad they’re enjoying it. I’m just unhappy for *me*. XD

  54. That was supposed to be “adequately, constructively,”. Amazing how one little typo can drastically change a meaning. XD

  55. Stolen chicken, ‘eh? I think we acquired some hair product the same way. Like Fondy, we didn’t return it.

  56. Mmmm chicken. I love roast chicken. Was it good?

    I’ve never understood why so many people hate Keller. Yes, she took the place of Carson. But what I think most people fail to understand is that he was a character on a TV show. Characters die. It happens. At least he was replaced by a good character played by a good actress!

    I’m pretty sure this comment belongs under a different blog, but I really loved seeing the Asgard again. When the little guy stepped out of the suit I sat up straight on my sofa and said the first thought that entered my head: “Awesome!” My Dad (who hasn’t yet made his way through the entire SG-1 series) asked why I was so happy. I had to spoil it for him, which made me kinda sad.

  57. Have you considered a combined SG-1/Atlantis movie? I’m sure the prospect of having half the fans howling in rage and the other half watching with cautious optimisim would attract your attention. In my opinion such a movie would turn out fantastic or a total disaster, and be rather hard to pull off well.

  58. I’m sorry but no matter how I twist and turn it, I’m still not sold on the whole McKay/Keller romance. It bores me to tears, to be honest – the whole “I’m interested in somebody else” scene in Lost Tribe was the only negative, eye-rolling part of the episode. I would prefer more butt kicking and less romancing. Or no romance at all, if possible. Let that be a part of fanfic writers’ fantasies.

    And about Keller. Keller as a doctor? As a butt-kicking, gun totting girl? Hell yeah. Keller as the blond “object of desire”? Keller as one point of a love triangle? Hell no. Fast forwarding through that.

  59. Yeah, what Laura said, if I liked EVERYTHING about the show there wouldn’t anything for me to not like. You take the good you take the bad and there you have the facts of life – I heard that somewhere.

  60. I must say it did happen to me before – either inadvertently stealing groceries of the shopper next in line, or someone picking up one of my shopping bags. Not happening nearly as often now that I bring my own reusable and distinct-looking shopping bags.

    About Keller, I am also not a fan. I think there’s a lot of unrealized potential in that character, for whatever reason. I dislike the idea of the shipping triangle R/K/R. I do think Ronon deserves more lines – Jason is a very talented actor, darn it (more than just EYES and ARMPITS, as some would say). I WANT MORE SHEPPARD!!! Ok, I feel better now that I got it off my chest. 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  61. You are TOO funny! Yesterday’s blog had me cackleing!
    (spelling?), my husband hears me from the other room and yells ” you are bloging again-not quite true- just reading it, now he calls me a SCI-FI geek , well he’s the one who got me into it. And then the comments- just as funny! This always brightens up the day. OK Joe, you never answered the question, where was the commander of the ship, we saw him in the 1st part- dam- I can’t remember his name-you know , the one from x-files mitch pelleggi- where was he in the 2nd part- you never told us! When’s Mr. Wright comming , come on I can’t wait to read his answers! And I am sure someone can answer this question for me– Anne or Das or anyone– I just saw a brief viedo that BEN BROWDER did that is suppose to tell what happened to Col. Mitchell did during the 10 years he waited to stop Ba’l from changing the time line in AOT, where did this come from, and is it on dvd anywhere? It’s on one of the fan sites for him. OK ya found me out , I’m a BB fan, I really enjoy his work- he is VERY talented!, thanks, Sheryl

  62. Joe,

    As an avid viewer of the shows and reader of your blog, I finally decided to ask a question that has been forming in my mind for sometime.

    When Sci-fi decided to cancel SG-1 and now SGA, was any thought given to approaching either the LIFETIME or OXYEGEN networks? It seems like 80-90% of the posters to your blog are women, and sometimes as a 40 something white male, I really feel in the minority. I like character development, and interpersonal relationships of the characters, but, my god, sometimes I could forget that this is a science fiction show.

  63. And I forgot something, Joe- I loved this 2 parter! M. Shanks was GREAT and seems to have retained O’Neill’s sarcasim , I love the references to sg-1, as I watched this, I realized how much I missed SG-1, and I’m still cursing at the TV when I see commercials for SGA and know there is NO MORE!@#$%^&*, What’s a fan to do! thanks, sheryl

  64. After reading this post, I’m not sorry I haven’t gone back to read through past comments. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a thing and though I’m not always 100% “wow, that was a great SGA episode,” I do always enjoy it. (Well, I confess, except for Irresistible.) All of the negative comments and nitpicking starts to draw away from the fun.

    I had previously stated why The Lost Tribe didn’t work as well for me as First Contact, but as a unit, I enjoyed the tale. I remind myself that I loved the use of the Asgard here and that this group has a completely different mindset than the more noble group from the Milky Way. I liked tough guy Ronon who can save the day but who is also quite vulnerable. Keller is growing and developing a tough core. Todd was awesome; it’s about time we saw his more ruthless and capable 10,000 year old self. This and his plotting in The Queen make him the most complex Wraith we’ve met (and just how would his captivity by Genii and escape with Sheppard alter his personality from a more traditional Wraith?) I loved Sheppard. Adored Daniel and Rodney. Even Woolsey made me laugh (and I remain happy that Robert Picardo proved me wrong and made me accept Woolsey.)

    So now I’m back in my SGA happy place.

    When do you go to Asia? I look forward to your posts from there.

    Did I mention how much I enjoyed “The Traveler?” I’m glad you chose it as BoTM entry. I wonder what kinds of questions will be asked.

  65. I enjoyed the heck out of “The Lost Tribe”. Although it left me wanting a new spinoff. “Stargate: The Odd Couple” starring Daniel Jackson and Rodney McKay. (Forced to live on a tiny Ancient base together, they fight the alien of the week and argue over whose turn it is to make coffee…)

    I’m just wondering, were there scenes cut from the second half? We didn’t see Caldwell at all (I know, the actor may have been busy), and Ronon said he was going belowdecks to check out what the Wraith were doing…and then isn’t seen again until he gets back to Atlantis. I felt like there must have been one short scene with Ronon, at least, that was missing.

    Anyway. I’m enjoying the heck out of this season. I love Keller – she’s so obviously freaked out by many things, but soldiers on anyway. I’m enjoying seeing Woolsey evolve. I’ve enjoyed the Ronon/Keller/Rodney love triangle. I want more Teyla, but I *always* want more Teyla.

    Best season yet. I’m sorry it’s been canceled, but you’re going out on one heck of a high note.

  66. Hey Joe!

    I’ve been crazy busy lately with life in general – job hunting, interviews, working part time, dealing with family stuff since my Dad passed away a few weeks back – he was the ultimate pack rat and we’re still finding banking stuff, RRSP’s and GIC’s… 😛 Sheesh….

    I’ve been reading your posts as regularly as I can… and just caught up to most of the recent ones. I haven’t had time to actually sit down and formulate any posts before today. But, as you know, it is the Thanksgiving holiday here in the Great White North – which oddly enough is forcasted to be over 20 degrees here today… So I have some time at the computer to myself!

    I wanted to say that I really, REALLY enjoyed the 2 parter. The banter between Daniel and Rodney was absolutely fantastic down to Rodney calling him “Danny”!!! Ronon dropping out of the ceiling was wicked cool and kudos to whoever’s idea that was! Shirtless Shep was drool worthy, and Todd’s whole admission that he was 10,000 years old at least was really surprising. Makes me wonder what else you’re going to reveal about our wraith friends. 🙂

    I’m sad to see the show go (the series) but am really glad you guys are working on the movie(s)!!!!

    I do have a question regarding the movies, though. I am hoping you’re going to be getting a different style (bigger) budget to work with for these DVD movies… and I was wondering if that opens up the possiblity of choosing more locations? (Not just the Vancouver area)?

    Regarding all the insanity that is the Keller/McKeller/Ronon nuttiness, I agree with several posters who basically said you can’t win for trying. I think having sub-arcs for the season is really interesting, and must have been difficult to thread through each script. Kudos to continuity or whoever keeps track of the extras! Do you ever worry you’ll loose track of someone? Have an ensign expendable wander into a building and never come back out?

    I know some of the actors read your blog, and I hope someone can tell Jewel she’s awesome. I hope she understands that, with the exception of the whiney’s, we love her to pieces. I don’t like the way people are bashing her so much – and how some seem to be mixing up the “character” of Keller with the “actress” that is Jewel. People insinuating that the cancellation has anything to do with her character should be slapped upside the head. Please let her know from all of us who think she’s a fantastic actress that we really appreciate all she’s done, and we’re sorry for all the crap she’s had thrown at her lately. And she’d better be signing that contract for the movie ’cause we expect to see her!

    I hope she kicks butt next week at the Gemini’s! ^_^ I’ll be watching for her!

    I applaud you and your blog, and really appreciate the honest look you’ve given us into the behind-the-scenes of the series and everything else.

    Thanks again Joe!


  67. Hey, I’m a first time blogger so please bear with me. Joe, thank you for doing this. I love reading this blog and hearing the ramblings of one of the masterminds of the show. Thanks for the insights and the sarcasm and humor.

  68. ok made a mistake there not AOT but continunm. By the way, joe con fondy do a q&a so she can tell us how she manages to live with you? I’m not being mean, but living with ANY man has its challanges ( and perks too), now am I correct in assuming that she owns a pet store? Sheryl

  69. Joe,

    Good episode last week! One quick question, rather than have Daniel try and reason with the Asgard as he did. Why didn’t he offer to relocate them back to the MW or Ida? That would have solved their problem but wouldn’t have been much for a story line lol.

  70. Oh Joseph, you are so sympathetic. I would of felt the same as Fondy, but for a longer time. Actually, the guilt would of made me put the stuff in the fridge until the next day and bring it back.

    See, I told you you should have a buddy go. Ivon, GO! It could be fun, but just watch out for the food he will want you to eat.

    I am with you WOLFENM. I understand what you are saying and I don’t think it is being mean to Keller. No one is saying Jewel is not a good actress, just that her character seems to get more scenes than her predecessor (who was actually really funny) or the actual woman on the TEAM- Teyla. I don’t actually look forward to BRAINSTORM because I am just not into her character. Although I love Rodney, I like him with the TEAM, sorry. As someone else pointed out (I think it was Das), that once someone’s mind is made up, for the good or the bad, there is probably no changing it. It is just a matter of what interest you I guess.

  71. Honestly? Because Jewel is a wonderful actress, an incredibly hard worker, always incredibly professional, and her character opens up a host of different storylines for us.

    Keller is the worst character you guys have ever come up with. I would much rather see Teyla expanded – her leadership and negotiating skills, her past, her culture. She has been completely ignored so we can get two men drooling over useless Keller. Its no wonder ratings are down!

  72. Answer: Well congratulations. That explains it. I was about to organize a search party.

    Well you can still send that search party by all means… Sheppard would probably be best suited to lead it… with maybe Lorne as back-up… 😀

    Oh and hey, maybe you could send Ronon out to swing by my ex-employers who very nicely made me redundant 11 days after I told them my happy news. >(

    Ah well. Maybe I should take a leaf from Joe Abercrombie’s book (not literally – I’m not about to take up torturing as a hobby or anything ;)) and make use of my current free time to write a best-selling novel. Hey, any thoughts on your proposed novel which you said you might write if/when SGA ended? Or are you gonna go with your other plan, which if memory serves was a beg Carl Binder for a job? 😉 Seriously… have you any plans for what’s next for you or are you keeping options open?

  73. Joe, I very much enjoyed First Contact and Lost Tribe. I’m very happy to see the Asgard back.

    Concerning the chicken: was it wise to take a picture of the evidence. I mean the lady could be filing charges right now. She probably runs an orphanage and that could of been their only food for the week. Those poor children 🙁

  74. @ Perragrin – Yeah, I said Shep was Todd’s goat, not his bitch. THAT distinction belongs to Woolsey. 😉


  75. I love Atlantis, it is my favorite show!
    Hey, I even have Action Figures…
    I love the core Team of Shep, McKay, Teyla and Ronon. I love most of the supporting characters like Woolsey, Lorne, Zelenka, Todd (especially Todd), etc.
    I loved seeing Daniel again in the two parter, loved that the Enemies were Asgard, loved shirtless Shep and that his bright ideas saved the day, and on and on and on….
    I can write in and say what I love about it, but I also feel like I can say what I don’t love so much. The introduction of Keller as a main character has never worked for me, and I sincerely am disturbed by the McKeller relationship. I don’t really like shipping on shows, which is why I never watch the mainstream relationship dramas or sitcoms and appreciate sci fi shows. Probably the only ships I’ve liked ever are Farscape’s John and Aeryn and Sam and Jack in SG1.
    Although the emphasis on Keller this season could seriously impact my enjoyment of SGA, the parts where the old Team are front and center are just as wonderful as they used to be – so I keep watching and just FF the parts I don’t like.
    I don’t think I am being evil or cruel as it has nothing to do with Jewel herself, I just think Keller is a bad character and I hate the ship stuff with a passion.
    Other than that, I am a huge fan and will continue to mourn the demise of Atlantis as a series for a very long time.

  76. Thank you very much

    “Pissed Off Teyla Fan writes: “I still don’t understand why Keller got made a regular instead of staying recurring.”
    Answer: Honestly? Because Jewel is a wonderful actress, an incredibly hard worker, always incredibly professional, and her character opens up a host of different storylines for us.”

    Well said

    She has been completely ignored so we can get two men drooling over useless Keller.

    Ever consider people simply enjoy the character, having nothing to do with her looks? She has so much realism and represents the average person placed in Atlantis. That’s just a ridiculous comment. I’m a female and my favorite characters are Keller and Sheppard. Your comment is absurd…

    I don’t like the way people are bashing her so much – and how some seem to be mixing up the “character” of Keller with the “actress” that is Jewel. People insinuating that the cancellation has anything to do with her character should be slapped upside the head. Please let her know from all of us who think she’s a fantastic actress that we really appreciate all she’s done, and we’re sorry for all the crap she’s had thrown at her lately. And she’d better be signing that contract for the movie ’cause we expect to see her!

    Agree 100%!!!

    Broken Ties: Yes, Teyla had some good participation, even if ot wasn’t her ep — but she wasn’t the focus.
    Daedalus Variations: This one was good, Teyla-wise, too, but again, not Teyla-centric. (Not saying they all *should* be, just making a point)
    Ghost in the Machine: just that one scene with Elizabeth, really, otherwise she’s there but not really *doing* much

    You’re trying to compare Keller screen time with Teyla screen time. These statements completely contradict what you are saying. Keller wasn’t even in some of these episodes, perhaps all three (I honestly don’t remember). But I know she wasn’t in Daedalus Variations. So, how exactly do these episodes show that Teyla is receiving less screen time because of Keller?
    I’m absolutely sick and tired of the statement that less Teyla scenes equals more Keller scenes. Realistically, any character could have traded screen time with Teyla. You can argue that Todd has taken more screen time from Teyla. You can argue that Daniel took time from Teyla. And you can argue that Woolsey has taken time from Teyla. Honestly, it’s not Keller, Keller, Keller taking the screen time from Teyla!!!!!!!!!!!! They both could have lots of scenes. Which I would prefer, because I miss the female bonding between Sam and Keller. Please, please stop blaming Keller for less Teyla scenes.

    I liked tough guy Ronon who can save the day but who is also quite vulnerable

    Agreed. I love seeing Jason’s acting abilities. He showed a completely new side to Ronon. How adorable was the scene where he gave the little girl her doll back? Jason has successfully showed new dimensions to his character. And I love it.

    Was the reason Caldwell disappeared because of scheduling conflicts? I know it’s unlikely to be at the same time, but the actor had a huge part in a very recent Supernatural episode. Was he busy?

    Rewatching the episodes and noticed that Todd said ‘That should keep them busy’ when sealing off the doors in the Daedalus. He knew there was Keller and Ronon. We know he’s very smart and it didn’t make sense that he would forget Ronon. He knew, but as someone stated, he also realized Ronon no longer mattered because the ship was useless. btw, I love the interactions between Todd and Keller. Phenominal scene where Todd asked who the Wraith would be if they became human. He actually showed a little fear and concern! Wonderfully done. I’m hoping for an awkward reunion between Todd and Keller. Could be hilarious.

    Loved Kurik (sp). Will we see more of him this season? Were there plans to bring him back? I thought the actor was magnificent.

  77. Sorry that you had a negative mailbag for yesterdays blog, Joe. Here I thought fans are suppose to support the show not cut it down. If I were Joe I would be leary to have a crew or cast member from SGA guest blog on here. I wouldn’t want them to see all the negative activity on this blog, because after all unlike some of these fans they support each other.

    I loved all the episodes of S5. I also think this is the best season so far. I have no complaints about any of the episodes this season or from any seasons. In fact I don’t think I have a favorite episode. Although if I did it would be Whispers, because of Sheppard and Beckett. The only complaint I do have is that this is the last season.

    @Laura: I totally agree with you I am also getting annoyed with the Anti-Keller fans. And its not because I am a Keller fan either even though I do like the actress and character. In fact I am a Sheppard and Beckett fan, but I don’t sit there and complain because they have less screen time than Keller. Instead I enjoy the time they are on the screen.

    To me a great show consist of a fantistic cast, crew, writers, and the support of fans, which I think SGA has. I just think we should have less negative opinions towards the show.

  78. Answer: Awesome post.

    bahahaha nice. Joe do you ever get tired of these bangwagon jumpers?? They call themselves “fans” and then everytime something happens they complain to no end.

    Are you going to visit Japan on your trip?? I always wanted to go there, I love the culture, but I have heard Tokyo is not nice.


    Stolen chicken instead of turkey?
    Well, I had steak and it tasted damn good!

  80. Just wanted to drop by and wish you happy thanksgiving Joe! Hope your enjoying your day off??

    Okay must run and start flipping a coin to figure out my final project and finish homework.

  81. How does Maximus deal with the negativity? He lies quietly looking at the posts with very sad eyes.

  82. Hi Joe

    Wow this Keller thing is still going on, I thought it would have died down by now (haven’t been reading the blog lately). So I might as well chip in.
    I think people need to let this go I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Keller was a good idea, in fact I’ll go so far as to say I think she’s the worst mistake you guys made (and yes I did see Lucius) and she really does stink as a character. Sorry, it’s not that I want to dislike her, it’s just no matter how hard I try I can’t stand her and yes I do skip shows I know she’s featured heavily in, but what’s done is done and no matter how much people might wish other choices had been made, they were not. And it still doesn’t change how much i enjoyed the first three years of Atlantis. I’m just sorry I couldn’t enjoy all of Atlantis, so I would say to people let it go. Yes she’s awful and I rather suspect that Joe and the others know that she hasn’t worked for a lot of viewers, and but don’t let one sour note ruin the rest of the show. There have been some truly great moments, and I’m glad I watched.

    Though just to be waspish for a second, over the Teyla/Keller thing…the trouble is we have waited so long or really decent Teyla material that it’s more than a little galling to see things go this way, but I’m sure had you had a sixth season then you would have put things right.

    Ah well, if wishes were horses…..

  83. It was a great two parter. The only thing that made me go hum was the disappearance of Caldwell in the second half and the fear that he’d been eaten by Todd. The suits were awesome, and you know Sheppard had to try it out!

  84. Hey, I’d love to see Teyla and Shep make sweet sweet love for an hour but that’s just not the show that we’re tuning into to see. It’s one thing for Cap’n Kirk to woo an endless succession of space babes but Shep has to work side by side with Teyla which explains why their friendship is more solid than most marriages. Don’t begrudge Keller a few makeout sessions; she’s not hogging all the kisses on the show. She’s the wildcard and it’s interesting to see how she’s adjusted to life surrounded by cute soldier boys. Teyla has said that in her culture relations btwn men and women proceed at a glacial pace, like Vulcans without ponfar. Keller symbolizes the typical free spirital American gal and it’s fun to see her shake things up.

  85. Here’s the recipe for a easy raspberry cheesecake pie using Fondy’s stolen raspberries and a Keebler graham cracker crust:

    1 package (8 oz.) cream cheese
    1/2 cup sugar
    1/2 cup sour cream
    1 teaspoon vanilla
    2 cups Cool Whip
    1 premade graham cracker crust
    2 cups raspberries

    Mix cream cheese, sugar, sour cream and vanilla. Fold in whipped topping.

    Spread a third of the mix into the bottom of graham crucker crust, then add a layer of raspberries. Add another layer of mix and and another layer of berries. Top with the last third of the mix. You can top with almonds, pecans or shaved chocolate if you like.

    Chill in the fridge for two hours or until you can’t wait anymore, whichever comes first. The raspberries sorta dissolve into the cream cheese which is very nice. Of course you’d need to steal that graham cracker crust and possibly knock over a dairy to get the rest of the ingredients, but it’s worth it.

  86. Ashely said …

    You’re trying to compare Keller screen time with Teyla screen time. These statements completely contradict what you are saying. Keller wasn’t even in some of these episodes, perhaps all three (I honestly don’t remember). But I know she wasn’t in Daedalus Variations. So, how exactly do these episodes show that Teyla is receiving less screen time because of Keller?
    I’m absolutely sick and tired of the statement that less Teyla scenes equals more Keller scenes. Realistically, any character could have traded screen time with Teyla. You can argue that Todd has taken more screen time from Teyla. You can argue that Daniel took time from Teyla. And you can argue that Woolsey has taken time from Teyla. Honestly, it’s not Keller, Keller, Keller taking the screen time from Teyla!!!!!!!!!!!! They both could have lots of scenes. Which I would prefer, because I miss the female bonding between Sam and Keller. Please, please stop blaming Keller for less Teyla scenes.

    I never actually said that. What I said was that Keller is *getting more active screentime*/being put to better use on the whole. I never said that she was actually taking the scenes *from* Teyla. I am fully aware that they serve different purposes. I am simply saying that I would have liked to have seen Keller put to use less so that Teyla could have been put to use more, seeing as they only have so much time to split between them. I’m saying that I think stories concieved of in the first place should have focused on Teyla more because she is core team. That’s not the same as accusing Keller of being used in Teyla’s *place*, and I am in no way suggesting that Keller, or Jewel, caused the show to be cancelled. I am saying that, in particular, I would like to see (a LOT) less story that deals with McKay spending time with Keller, and more story that shows Teyla with Kanaan and her baby and interacting with her team. I’m saying that, in my eyes, too much emphasis is being placed on developing Keller, and not enough is being placed on developing Teyla now. The two issues run *parallel* to each other.

    If you have a hundred dollars to spend over the cousre of a week (a season) on food and clothing — obviously you’re spending it on items that serve two very different purposes. Obviously on some days (episodes) you will spend more on one, and on other days you will spend more on another, depending on the needs of the day (the story). I realise that some clothing *is necessary*, but on the whole, I would like to see less money (story time) spend on clothing (Keller) over the course of the week, and more spend on food (Teyla), because food is of more import to me in general. You can’t eat clothes, so of course clothing is never being used in *place* of food, but one has to prioritise. It’s just that is time is fundng, funds are being allocated more in Keller’s favour than Teyla’s. There’s a subtle difference in the semantics there. (And, if we’re going to by clothes, I’d have rather that Carson had been the brand more commonly acquired. ^_~)

    And I repeat that I did like Keller to start with, and I still watch the show, still enjoy and praise other aspects. I just don’t care for how Keller’s being put to use now. I liked the idea of her with Ronon okay; I don’t like her being with McKay in a romantic sense, and as McKay is my fave character, it’s affecting my enjoyment — it’s bumming me out. I am commiserating with others that are similarly getting bummed out, We have a right to feel disappointment in a direction the show is going, and to express the dissappointment and anxiousness I am starting to feel, and the fear that I may indeed be relieved when it ends –I don’t ever want to be *glad* the show is gone.

    I don’t think I have been unduly hostile or rude about it, just explaining why I feel as I do. I woudn’t bother if I didn’t still love the show enough to express concerns. I want to enjoy the movie when it comes out: I worry nopw that I won’t. I am emotionally invested: I am prayuing I get a retuen on that. I haven’t gotten to the point where I would stop watching because of Keller — I pray I don’t. I pray events unfold in a fashion where I find myself going back to enjoying her as a character the way I once did. If Staite can finally convince me that Keller does actually love Rodney in a *physical* sense, rather than the “feels sorry for/is flattetred by” vibe I am currently getting, I may well turn arond on the issue. But so far magic eight ball’s not feeling optomistic.

  87. I have to say I love Keller. Keller reminds of how everyday people would react to those situations. She isn’t military. She isn’t a warrior. She hasn’t had to deal with the Wraith, Genii, etc for years. Toss the Keller complainers into the Pegasus Galaxy and shove them in front of a Wraith and see how they react!

    And you all are NOT allowed to kill her off at the end of the season! If I have to lose SGA, I at least want to be able to imagine her and McKay continuing on together.

    I did think ‘poor Ronon’ but I also shouted “Yes, Rodney got the girl!”

    Tell Fondy not to let it bother her too much. I actually went back once to pay for something the cashier forgot to charge me correctly for and was told (with a look like I was crazy) that it was too much bother to correct.

  88. Lots

    Though in my skimming I read two words I that caught my mind.
    “Todd’s a goat”

    Wait, that’s three.

    Well, four if you pull apart that first conjunction.


    I was thinking about it, I mean, really comparing Todd to a goat. I didn’t read anything further into the comment because hell if I want to let the actual reason behind the words being strung together mess with my own demented imagination.

    So. I researched.

    Yeah. I mean. I can see that.

    This would be awkward if that picture didn’t show. Even more awkward if because there’s a picture you don’t approve this comment.

    Well, maybe the latter wouldn’t be so awkward because no one would know except me that it was awkward.

    Here’s a link for safe keeping. Because it is a photographic marvel, after all. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v36/veggiedawg/toddgoat5872510511-iaza.jpg

  89. I just thought of a better analogy: Keller is a side dish and Teyla is a main course. I want a lot less side dish, more main course. I don’t personally feel Keller is a side dish that compliments Rodney all that well, though I understand it seems to suit others just fine. 😉

  90. I’m not familiar with Canada’s holidays, but is it Thanksgiving up there right now? I was wondering because people keep saying Happy Thanksgiving.

    Hey Joe, Isn’t your birthday coming up on Thursday, October 16? If so what plans do you have?

  91. So the writers didn’t know what to do with Teyla thus bringing in Keller to give them new ideas. So what exactly did Keller bring to the show that Teyla couldn’t. You wanted a female character who was to be a damsel in distress and the centre of a love triangle and you honestly thought that this would go down well with fans.

    Sorry but seeing Keller kidnapped in the forest and running around with her hair flowing in the wind is not what the show needed. The show needed the regular characters to be developed and mature and realistic stories, not love triangles. Teyla never got a lot of attention eventhough there were a myriad of wonderful ideas that could have been used for her character. But a whiney damsel in distress seems to get the writers juices flowing. Funny how the writers have no problem with writing for the other whiney character on the show as well. And what better but to pair them together. A perfect pair.

    Season 5 has has lost it’s magic of previous seasons and gone is the team comraderie that made the show so great. But now we have doom and gloom and love triangles. If this is the direction the movies will be taking or we have the McKeller hour with the other characters getting a few crumbs then I won’t be tuning in.

    I’m still waiting for Sheppard to get ANYTHING meaningful to do and I’ve given up on Teyla. I don’t care how many lists are drawn up showing what eps Keller is in opposed to Teyla, the fact is that Keller has been featured much more than Teyla and I wouldn’t put it past the writers to have her connect with the Wraith next, then there will really be no need for Teyla at all.

    Teyla can be listed in many episodes but you could blink and miss her and Whispers which is considered a Sheppard episode as well could hardly be compared to the attention McKay got in The Shine for example, so in other words quanity does not equate to quality.

    You fail to answer why the writers felt the need to bring in Keller other than it opened up new stories. These new stories being the love triangle and her kidnapped in the forrest, not once, nor twice, but 3 times, how original.

    You don’t need to tell us how professional or how much of a hard worker Jewel is, I would think that this would apply to all the cast, so why the need to tell us how wonderful Jewel is. I’m sure she is a wonderful person as are all the cast, but the question is not how wonderful Jewel is but why the writers cannot give the attention to Rachel that they give to Jewel, or give an equal amount of attention and development to ALL the main cast. But sadly I guess it’s too late how, what a shame.

  92. Never you mind all those whiners complaining about “too much Keller” or “too little Teyla” or “boring, old aliens.” Keller is awesome, there is enough Teyla, and Asgards rule! The mere sight of them made me jump with a squeee! Personally, I love it when some elements from a spin-off’s original show pops up. Daniel Jackson made me go squeee! as well. Yayness!

  93. [quote]Answer: Honestly? Because Jewel is a wonderful actress, an incredibly hard worker, always incredibly professional, and her character opens up a host of different storylines for us.[/quote]

    So then, none of the other recurring characters that have been on the show for years are hard working or incredibly professional then, say like Kavan Smith or David Nykl and a host of others…They are all lazy and unprofessional?

    Yeah you’ll probably say I twisted the words to suit myself but you do it all the time with posters 😉

    So how can the writers find plenty of things to write for Keller but when it comes to Teyla they don’t know what to do with her?

    What happened to the sparring scene we were supposewd to be getting with Teyla and Ronon, are we still getting that in an upcoming ep?

  94. @tamijib and others that are basically saying “antikellers” should just shut/stop being negative ~ You might note that, aside from my initial post where I was waighing in on the subject, my subsequent posts have been spent explaining/defending my position in response to things others have said. Should no discussions ever take place here, then? If someone offers an argument, I’m just supposed to say “okay, I was wrong, you’re right” and never offer a counterargument? I have to love the show 100% and *never, ever* express any displeasure at any time? Soo … if I’m not going to basically be a sychophant, I’m not a fan, despite how much I *otherwise* love the show? So basically, I’m only entitled to my opinion if its in agreement with yours? 😉 Never mind that I have never once taking a post someone has written about why they *do* love Keller (or any other character, or why they hate a character) and told them they were wrong to feel that way — at best, I might offer a differeng perspective for them to consider, but I never tell them they’re wrong unless they get a factual bit of info wrong. I have always endeavoured to be careful to say that my posts are *my* perceptions/gut reactions/observations/misgivings/loves, not an undeniable fact, and never claimed that the writers were “ruining the show” — if I ever came across that way, Joe, my apologies. There’s a big difference between me being personally unhappy and having opinions about various aspects and saying that the show is being ruined. I’d like to think that people can post what they love/hate about the show without others declaring that they aren’t fans or insisting they need to stop talking/shouldn’t be able to attempt to defend their postions. That would make for some mighty stifled coversations. I’ll stop talking when I feel people have stopped misunderstanding me/that I have finally managed to adequately explain myself/people stop challenging my right to my perspective. (It’s just the way I’m built.) Or when I decide I am wrong and need to apologise, which I have done in the past. Or when I just get too tired. 😉

  95. If you were given a 10 episode season six, would “Halling the wraith” be in any of the episodes or would you bring Halling back and introduce new wraith?

  96. @ green – 😆 Actually, I said Sheppard was Todd’s goat (as in, a calming influence), but whatever works for you! The picture is hilarious! Good thing you used Penny Todd instead of Heyerdahl Todd for the comparison, though, or I’d have to come over there and beat you up. 😀


  97. sylvia: “How does Maximus deal with the negativity? He lies quietly looking at the posts with very sad eyes.”

    I can empathise >.>

  98. Hi Joe
    A while back, I wrote a post on my blog (http://balcoragate.wordpress.com/2008/01/19/12/) concerning the number of comments you managed to receive from holding a Stargate-related competition (the first comment poster after the millionth visit).

    Well, not that I want to turn it into a competition, but it turns out the best way to get 1873 comments is to win a Nobel prize:


    I don’t suppose Atlantis would be considered in the Literature category?

    Then again, aiding and abetting poultry theft (whether voluntary or involuntary) has been known to rule out many a genius in the past, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up : )

  99. 3 questions for ya.

    #1 Why have all the UST between John and Teyla for a EVA then try to make us fans forget about the PAST 4 YEARS???Seems kinda cruel to the fans, does it not?

    #2 You do know the whole “Kannan” plot line isn’t believeable, right? Look at it from a fans POV and you’ll see it…..

    #3 Why’d it take 12 years for somebody to point out that Teal’c says “Indeed” a lot??? Shouldnt that have been pointed out in season 2????

  100. @ wolfenm – You can’t fight this thing. Just drink the Keller Kool-Aid like the rest of us and get it over with. 😉

    (Do you post at GW? If so, drop me a PM…)

    @ noir – noir, luv…I can’t seem to access your site anymore. Do I need to register now? 🙁 I would love to, but my German doesn’t go past nein and büstenhalter. 😛


  101. *waves*

    I see we’re back to a blog talking about Keller again. Ah you gotta love that old chestnut. And since i’m not backward in coming forward. I’m probably deemed anti-keller because I’ve made some disparaging marks against the ‘character’. For the record i’ve got nothing against Jewell whatsoever.

    For me though i’ve liked her character in some eps, and not in others. Enjoyed Missing, The Seed, S&R and Tracker with her in, and to be honest I really enjoyed in Tracker that she went that extra mile for her patient. Loved it. Felt very proud of her for that and how far she had come since Missing. But with that said, I find the character only bareable. No amount of putting Keller into scenes here and there will endear me to her. For me it’s what she does in that screen time, quality instead of quantity. I have liked that she’s changed, but I do think it’s too much too soon if I can be perfectly honest. If I may make a comparison? Teyla in the Queen. She is an expert in her craft, she can kick ass with the best of them, to the point of even beating the crap out of Ronon. Yet in the Queen we saw Teyla get thrown across the room, and that was it. Which to be honest concerned me as it didn’t seem like Teyla. Yet in the next breath we had Keller sparring with a wraith kicking his ass in hand to hand combat and coming up smelling of roses… which does concern me. Yes she said she’d been practicing, but too much too soon maybe for me, and it came across as a bit unbelievable.

    I like gradual progression. Look at Rodney, look at Carson, look at Ronon and Sheppard and how long it has taken them to adjust to things and surroundings, and hand to hand combat and fighting etc. It’s happened over a long period of time, there’s been a long period of adjustment.

    Sometimes, particularly of late it’s like Keller is gaining these skills (which is great), but within the time frame, I think it’s too much of a leap to be honest. I’ve never liked the triangle with her, Ronon and Rodney. I’ve switched SGA off twice at those points… because I just can’t abide it. I’m dreading Brain Storm, and Identity. And while i’ll always love SGA, I feel that it’s too much too soon. The Sam and Jack was built up over 10 years and still no firm resolution, but with this? Sorry, but it’s not something I look for when I watch SGA. And don’t get me started about the doctor/patient relationship, it’s wrong it’s unethical, and it makes me squick to my stomach.

    I know it’s too late now and what’s done is done, but like many others have said, I watch for the team, the characters associated with the team, the recurring characters and the stories, But my primary focus will always remain with the Team. That’s Shep, Rodney, Ronon and Teyla!! That hasn’t been the case of late, particularly with regards to Teyla, bless her she’s been left behind and pushed to the background for reasons I just cannot fathom. I loved Teyla when she first appeared. A strong, capable leader who is a kick ass fighter and will fight tooth and nail to protect her family, who ounched Bates in the face. That’s the Teyla I love, and that isn’t what we’re getting with Teyla these days. Apart from the Queen, we’ve seen little in the way of Teyla getting something meaty to hold on to. I just hope we get the chance to see her as she used to be upfront and center kicking ass before the season ends.

    And talking of season ends… the SGA Movie, please please please tell me it’s just going to be the SGA cast. I’ve heard things and to be honest, I might get a tad pissed off if it’s all and sundry going to be appearing.

    Okay that’s my rant. 😆 Enjoy your chicken. 😉 And i’m still squeeing over the Shirtless Sheppy scene. *does her happy dance* 😀

    Ali Congrats on your soon to be handful and bundle of joy. 😀


  102. @wolfenm – I just wanted to let you know I was not exactly pointing fingers at just you or the “anti-Keller” fans. I was just saying that is getting annoying reading negative thoughts about the character and yes everyone has a right to their opinions even we don’t agree with it. Its just for awhile there it was nice reading blogs that didn’t have anything to with Keller then an episode comes a long and something happens at the end that people don’t like and the Keller bashing starts again. Thats all I am saying. Honest. And for the negative comments I was refering to was not just the “antiKeller” fans either. It was other comments as well such as the comments about the writers not being creative enough to come up with new aliens. Or other comments that there is too much copying from SG1. Those are the negative comments I was refering to. My comment had nothing to do with you wolfenm. I read your comments all the time. I don’t think of them as negative. Please except my apologizies and anyone else I offended. My earlier comments were not meant for that.

  103. I think this is why some people don’t quite appreciate the Keller character:
    “Mary Sue, sometimes shortened simply to Sue, is a pejorative term used to describe a fictional character who plays a major role in the plot and is particularly characterized by overly idealized and clichéd mannerisms, lacking noteworthy flaws, and primarily functioning as wish-fulfillment fantasies for their authors. Perhaps the single underlying feature of all characters described as “Mary Sues” is that they are too ostentatious for the audience’s taste, or that the author seems to favor the character too highly. The author may seem to push how exceptional and wonderful the “Mary Sue” character is on his or her audience, sometimes leading the audience to dislike or even resent the character fairly quickly; such a character could be described as an “author’s pet”. “

  104. Forgive me for chiming in on Keller. I told myself all day to let it go but I can’t help myself. I don’t like the character and I’m not afraid to say so. I don’t care what anyone else here thinks. I feel that as a long time fan of this show, never missing any episodes (so far), buying all merchandise, etc I have a right to voice my opinion without being ridiculed. So politely…

    I know a lot of people are complaining about Keller’s amount of screen time and that’s a problem for me as well but not as big a problem as the character development she receives in every one of her episodes as opposed to the character development the other major players don’t receive when they are on screen.

    I know Keller isn’t in every scene Joe but darn it, that’s the way it appears lately. And what’s worse is that many of the scenes Keller’s in are either unnecessary or Mary Sue-ish. (Come on, Keller on the bridge of the Daedalus giving advice to Major Marks? Did Woolsey or Marks honestly need her help there?)

    Lately it seems many of the main characters I adore have become superfluous and/or unrecognizable. McKay is barely a part of the team anymore since, wait, is there still a team these days? Ronon served his time as love triangle loser and can now fade into obscurity for the remainder of the season. Sheppard can’t get either character development or a character centric episode this season to save his life. (Yeah, I know, wait for Remnants and episode 19, Vegas. In Remnants he’s only one third of a story line and Vegas is an AU so no development for OUR Sheppard. If I’m wrong on these please correct me.) And Teyla, poor Teyla has finally become the Invisible Woman you joked about so prophetically at the end of Season 3.

    While Keller’s relationships bloom, many of my favorite character relationships are declining. With the exception of The Shrine we have had no Sheppard and McKay interaction this season and that used to be my favorite part of Atlantis. Ronon doesn’t have time to be friends with Teyla anymore. God forbid we actually take time away from Keller to see them meditate. And since meditating is out, I guess Ronon golfing with Sheppard is also kaput as well as sparring scenes between the team since Keller doesn’t spar. Oh, but wait she does! Ronon’s been teaching her on the side! That’s how she kicked Wraith butt in Tracker.

    In finishing I agree with the poster who said yesterday that even when the episode isn’t about Keller per say, many of the elements revolve around her. Even in the Queen, Teyla’s episode, yeah!, Keller came along for the ride and started to develop a relationship with Todd which in turn led to Todd baring his soul to her in First Contact! Oh please. And yes, yes, yes, I realize that Keller wasn’t featured in Daedalus Variations, Ghost in the Machine etc…and to that I say thank god. There’s a reason those two along with Whispers are three of my favorite episodes of the season.

    I guess what it amounts to is that Keller is the doctor. She’s not a member of the team. And I watch Atlantis for the team and their interactions and their development. Right now, in the final season, Keller is for me an intrusive albatross around whom the entire season revolves and reveals itself in bits and pieces. Sure, she’s taking McKay along for the ride, but together they’ve left Sheppard, Ronon and Teyla in the dust. And since I’m just not interested in Keller’s development or her love life, this season has been lukewarm for me at best and the upcoming episodes don’t seen to offer anything better. Sorry.

  105. Quote: nor did we ever consider pursuing any sort of love triangle between Teyla, Sheppard, and Ronon (sorry Sheyla’s, Royla’s, Teypard’s, and Teynan’s).

    Well I really don’t see why not. Ronan and Keller, that I get, but McKay and Keller looks forced and is certainly no better than Teyla and Sheppard or Ronan – which would’ve looked even less forced, perhaps. The botanic girl you had for McKay was PERFECT, they should’ve made up!
    And as for Ronan and Sheppard, come on there was that LOVELY scene in Sunday where Ronan goes like, “You seeing anyone?”, Sheppard asks, “Like a woman?” and Ronan replies, “Or a man.” Stargate should’ve played on it. It’s time we see something else than the heterosexual spectre in scifi, and not just in their evil twins from the mirror universe like Star Trek has been pushing. I’m not saying have them get a relationship or whatever – Sheppard’s in the military, obviously – but have them kiss or something at least. After all we’d already established both characters had wives, so there’s no way they’re gay either, bi at most. Why not?

  106. Since I finally got around to watch “The Lost Tribe” on tivo, my compliments to Joel Goldsmith on making the asgaard theme sound evil, I loved it.

    Hope you enjoyed your chicken :0

  107. And don’t write my comment above off to a sick fantasy and slash fiction either. It’s a general problem I have with scifi. Here’s the opportunity to explore homosexuality from a different perspective (the romans and the greeks, for a short time, had a very different view on homosexuality after all, so why wouldn’t alien cultures? especially if they started evolving 10 000 years ago and did not get our christianity, judaism or muslim values?) and everybody just passes on it pretending it doesn’t even exist. Scifi seriously needs to get their heads out of the sand and address the issue.

    Just my 2 Eurocents here.

  108. Laura said:
    “Why can’t people just enjoy the show? People critique things way too much. When I watch Atlantis I like to just sit back and escape for the 44 minutes”.

    I’m with you!
    It seems like GW has moved over here. People counting how many times an actor has appeared in episodes, next people will be counting the lines or minutes for each character.

  109. Don’t be a grumpy pants: http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm26/WraithCake/Grumpycookie.jpg
    I’ve been a little under the weather (I wonder where that expression came from? The same bag as the expression “buy [or by?] and large…”, and “Beelzebub has a devil for a sideboard” see this inane website: http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/59850.html ) and have sinuses full of gooey snot. Anyhow, please don’t be ‘off-put’ by the comment I made regarding First Contact/Lost Tribe being a three or four parter.
    I’m sure you feel solely responsible for how a show presents itself, (this may even be your mandate) but truly, who is naive enough to believe that stories as complicated as film episodes are the responsibility of one person? For instance, though teaching is my profession I feel like an actor stepping into a role that is not entirely reflective of me as a person. I simply have to behave however I need to in order to maintain order in an often rowdy class full of teenagers. Of course, according to the Teachers Act I am solely responsible for the well being of every “child” in that class (the fiduciary law), despite these “minors” being frequently three times my size (and I am a tall woman), come from all sorts of backgrounds (including violent and criminal), have varying degrees of respect for women and authority and teachers. Nonetheless, I am still expected to be responsible for everyone in the class. I am absolutely 100% for human rights; at the same time however, when you have a student who has a known mental health disorder and is dangerous and who pushes you AND the administration does not want the bad press so they would rather scold the teacher (err on the side of popular opinion), this is when I’m glad teachers have a union. Unfortunately, I have had a number of colleagues in this situation. All anyone can do is “respond to what is reasonable” and that is all you can do here.

    In all honesty, I thought First Contact was great: High jinks in a fast paced space adventure; but The Lost Tribe, I believe, would have worked well with a slower momentum, rather like the calm before a storm, then building in a third or fourth episode like a crescendo before the climax. I realize this may not be possible. I, like many women, do not say anything until we are unhappy, meaning we are happy 99% of the time just don’t say it. I will try to be the opposite and encourage more. First Contact was fantastic. I loved the part where Rodney and Jackson are snickering about Shepard’s IQ. And the banter between these two scientists was wonderful. Also, I love how Zelenka is written: his under reactions to Rodney’s over reactions are such natural chemistry. Zelenka, reinforces our reality as viewers: Rodney is eccentric, his ideas are risky etc.

    So there you go. Here, look at these pictures. These will cheer you up:

    Betcha you haven’t tried these.

    yes, I guess this IS part of parenthood

    Sometimes you have to dip into the barrel of critical fan comments eh?


  110. Thank you. For asking Chris. We really appreciate that you asked.
    Even if he does not say yes, and even if he never says yes to a good old Q&A I’m still so glad you asked on our behalf. All anyone can do is ask right?

    …and maybe keep asking. (big, big smile)

    Thank you, thank you. That was nice of you.


  111. Jane worked hard for over a week to get her presentation right. She practiced in front of a mirror, changing her movements and facial expressions until she was satisfied. The big day came and Jane gave it her best.

    When the hour-long meeting was over, Jane asked some of the attendees how she’d done. “Great!” said one man. “When you bent down to give me my folder, I could see down your blouse!”

    After reading “The Lost Tribe” comments, I think I understand why Mr. Flanigan is reluctant to go shirtless on screen.

    Anne Teldy

  112. Wow, my stomach’s growling. That chicken’s made me hungry!

    To comment on what you said about Keller, the problem for me is not so much how much Keller’s in it, but how little Teyla seems to be in it. I miss the team interaction. I know we got team eps early in the season and I know we can’t have team all the time, but- I dunno, it just seems like Keller’s becoming more a member of the core team than Teyla is. I’m not saying that that’s the case, but I’m just saying that it seems that way to me.

    Anyway, for the record, I’ve never complained about Keller’s supposed whininess in Missing, and I thought her ability to fend off the Wraith in both Tracker and TLT was actually pretty cool. I liked it! I just wish we could’ve seen more of Teyla interacting with the team, since I find the team interaction much more interesting than the Rodney-Keller-Ronon love triangle. And, you know, the romance that’s blooming between Rodney and Jennifer is cute as long as it’s kept in the background, like Rodney and Katie’s relationship was. I watch SGA for the core team, their adventures and how they interact as more of a family. I also watch for the action, the blazing guns and the space battles. Romance, on the other hand, isn’t really what I look for in a sci-fi show, though I know it provides you guys with new storylines.

    I just hope the focus will be back on the core team again instead of on Keller and Rodney before the end of the season.

    And now I’ll shut up about it and just enjoy the rest of the season 🙂

    X Jenn

  113. “So how can the writers find plenty of things to write for Keller but when it comes to Teyla they don’t know what to do with her?”

    What if Rachel is very busy? I wouldn’t blame the writers for something that may not be their fault. I’m sure Teyla will have some episodes – we’re halfway through the season. It is not over yet.

    “So then, none of the other recurring characters that have been on the show for years are hard working or incredibly professional then, say like Kavan Smith or David Nykl and a host of others…They are all lazy and unprofessional?”

    I’m pretty sure Atlantis could use a doctor. And Keller became the lead doctor after Carson. So, with that in mind, which distinguishes her from the others, it’s fair that she became the regular. Her position on the show is what gave her the eventual bump.

    “I like gradual progression. Look at Rodney, look at Carson, look at Ronon and Sheppard and how long it has taken them to adjust to things and surroundings, and hand to hand combat and fighting etc. It’s happened over a long period of time, there’s been a long period of adjustment. ”

    But all people were constantly complaining about was how she did nothing. How she couldn’t hold her own. How she whined. You can’t have both ways. The writers can’t wait three years to develop her character.

    We have a bunch of working men, who only have friendships with a few females over the years. Both Weir and Sam were their bosses – that’s awkward, no? Teyla is good friends with Ronon and McKay, but nothing more. So doesn’t it make sense that when a young, gentle, kind-hearted woman comes along (who is not a commander), Ronon and McKay will notice? And they will grow to like her. That really is something ridiculous?? Their romantic life is very lonely. I find it realistic and have no problem with the triangle.

    “Keller came along for the ride and started to develop a relationship with Todd which in turn led to Todd baring his soul to her in First Contact!”

    That would be because she is administering the treatment for the Wraith…. Seriously, you have a problem with her being in The Queen?! Carson would have gone on that trip.

    “I guess what it amounts to is that Keller is the doctor. She’s not a member of the team.”

    Carson was never part of the team??? Hmm, I thought he was.

  114. Answer: Honestly? Because Jewel is a wonderful actress, an incredibly hard worker, always incredibly professional, and her character opens up a host of different storylines for us.

    I gotta admit Joe, this comment bugged me a lot – and I’m usually not one to complain about things. Honestly? I feel that you’ve failed to develop the other characters to their full potential. You said that having Keller opens up different story lines but what about new story lines for the characters you did have?

    I still love the show and despite everything I do think season 5 has been great but honestly? I think you’ve made some mistakes when it comes to the characters and the development of them. Most of the time can just ignore it and shrug it off but that comment above makes me feel like you don’t care about the other characters. That they’re no longer important to you because you got a new character to write stories for.

  115. Elisa D said :

    “I’m with you!
    It seems like GW has moved over here. People counting how many times an actor has appeared in episodes, next people will be counting the lines or minutes for each character.”

    Sorry to inform you, hun, but it’s already happening.

    For the record, I don’t think McKay is getting nearly enough screen time. I mean, I only see him cross my screen once a week (if that!). What’s that all about, Joe?

  116. Slight correction: that last line should have said: “That they’re no longer as important to you …”

    Because yes you have done some nice character moments for the other characters but there’s still the feeling that we’re getting more development of Keller in the last season than we did for all of the characters in the last 5 seasons.

  117. Laura said:
    “Why can’t people just enjoy the show? People critique things way too much. When I watch Atlantis I like to just sit back and escape for the 44 minutes”.

    It’s because people love the show so much that they criticize. Until the end of season 4 I was a happy Atlantis camper. Now, not so much.

  118. Where was Caldwell in The Lost Tribe? Also, it’s been mentioned that the Atlantis movie will be stand-alone. How so? Also, I know that, given the budget, it may be difficult, but, is it possible that you could go for a movie the length of three episodes, instead of two? I know it would be a huge burden, but, after watching Ark of Truth, and especially Continuum, there just isn’t enough time in 90-100 minutes to do a movie. Most of Continuum involved SG-1 explaining their story to Landry. I think back to the Siege pts 1,2, and 3. Prefectly timed. However, it wouldn’t have been as good had the plot ended with the second part. I guess I’m asking if it would be possible to do at least 115 minutes. Being the first movie, and a stand-alone, it needs to be long enough, not too long, but not so short as to have to rush the plot.

  119. I have to say that I’m getting slightly miffed because of the lack of Teyla. She’s my fav character, but we hardly get to see her anymore. Is it because Rachel Lutteral asked for a lighter working season due to the new baby? If that’s the case, I can handle it. I still won’t like it, but I can handle it. Please say that we will see more Teyla than the current two-three minute scenes where she stands around silent or says one sentance.
    That aside, I did love The Lost Tribe. I though Keller was pretty cool, but why did she take the time to straighten her hair before turning herself in, and why did Todd let her curl it again after he told the guards to lo0ck her up?

  120. I agree with Wraith Cake, and it re enforces my above comments. In the Lost Tribe, we really didn’t have enough time to actually get to know the Asgard. Also, what was with their ships? Why were they so weak? Shouldn’t they have been more powerful than the Travelers’ ships, which arein horrible condition? In First Contact, we were shown a very advanced, and powerful race. In the Lost Tribe, we really had nothing to worry about, as their ships were less advanced than the Goauld ships. Also, given the fact that the Daedalus has the Asgard technology and core, will that be an issue with these Asgard in the future? And, will we see them in any upcoming movies? One more question- will the movie be a predominantly space-based movie (like BAMSR or Allies), or will it be more like a traditional stargate adventure where the team travels offworld and deals with a threat?

  121. OMG! Whats with all this Keller/Teyla comments. We are only 1/2 way through the season lets wait until the end to see who got the most scenes. Until then, I say the writers quickly write up a little mini-episode with Keller and Teyla fighting it out?

    Ponytail writes: “I said the writers were mean to Ronon. Can’t he have anything? Seven years on the run and now 4 years in Atlantas. Why can’t he find a girl that is right for him? Someone to love him for who he is.”

    Answer: Who says he won’t?
    Are you saying he will? Will we see it or know it? Or are you just messing with me!!! Don’t tease me like this.

  122. I like ALL the characters on the programme. I am glad that Carson is back, but Keller is a good character in her own right.

    The guys are mighty easy on the eye and that pleases me.

    All the characters are flawed – such is life.

    I hope that the dogs are well and happy.

    Frankie (meow) and Princess Merlin (meow)

  123. Wow, you’ve got a lot of posts here now. May I ask how you get through all of them, or do you skip some?

  124. Joe, forgot to add a story kinda like Fondy’s yesterday. My mom, grandmother and I were at Wal-Mart, and I got a Taylor Swift CD and some necessary products(shampoo, conditioner, and body wash), along with some food. We got home, unpacked, everything but my bag ended up in the house, so we assumed we had left the bag at the store. We went back, and my mom threw a hissy fit at the cashiers until they replaced everything. We get home, and sure enough…two of everything I had gotten.

  125. It’s not like we’re bringing elements from Dr. Who into Criminal Minds here.

    That would have been awesome. I’d love it if the killer they’re hunting one day turns out to be a dalek.

    sorry Sheyla’s, Royla’s, Teypard’s, and Teynan’s

    The preferred term for Teyla/Ronon, as I understand it, is Spanky. You got Sheyla right, though. (And Shep/Weir is Sparky, not that it matters any more.) I have no idea who came up with these terms, but I’d kind of like to know. Personally, season three had me pretty convinced that Teyla and Ronon were into each other, but I guess you guys shot that one down. As someone who watches for the friendship, not the romance, I don’t particularly mind the lack of shipping.

    I don’t remember if you’ve already mentioned it, but could you tell me if we’ll get any more Michael? I’m just curious if I can look forward to seeing him at all, now that it’s canceled.

  126. All the shows are in the “can” so to speak…so will you all quit harping on Keller and deal with it! Get over it! Nuff said!

    Sick of the Keller Bashing

  127. Good morning from not-so-sunny Blighty, Joe. 🙂

    I’ve been a regular reader of your blog for some time now, but I’ve only recently decided to sign up and put some of my general thoughts into blog-form so the folks who know me have an idea of what I’m rattling on about half of the time. 😉

    While I was here, though, I thought I’d take the opportunity to comment on how I’ve grown to become quite a fan of not just your work on Stargate, but you as a genuine, creative person who appears to have a lot of time for the fans of your work. It’s a pretty cool thing to see and, though you’ve probably already heard it before, as a fan I appreciate it. Keep up the good work!

    The Gentleman B

  128. Hey Joe!

    Unlike what others have said, I like that the Asgard were introduced into the Pegasus Galaxy. The reasoning for it is completely valid, and, let’s face it, it’s Stargate. Atlantis and SG-1 may be different shows, but they are all based on one story aspect that is Stargate. When I see something like Replicators, Asgard or even Goa’uld in Atlantis, I don’t mind it. All have been introduced with meaningful reasons, the Replicators being an Ancient creation, Asgard traveling to Pegasus for research, and Goa’uld to infiltrate Atlantis. I don’t see this as recycling storylines, it is the Stargate universe, and each storyline has been created with a respectible purpose in regards to the overall storyline.

    Thanks as always, and I hope the chicken was good. 😉

    – Enzo Aquarius

  129. @ WK – I don’t think I could ever ask Chris a question. It’s like I said in the Sanctuary forum…until two weeks ago, Chris was basically ‘Todd’ to me. I’m a fan of characters, not so much actors (although I do respect and admire the hard work of actors – I just prefer the characters as far as obsessive fan stuff goes, while remaining a healthy mental distance from the actual human being under the makeup). HOWEVER…

    I watched Sanctuary and Chris totally blew me away, even without the flowing locks and extra nostrils on his face. I was so captivated by his performance, by his eyes, by his voice…just…wow. He was so not Halling. 😉 I’ve watched his scenes probably a couple dozen times now, and keep noticing something new. I think I might be developing a bit of a soft spot for the fella, which isn’t a good thing since he’s like…real…and my first law of fanaticism is never become attached to the real people or things might get creepy (except Johnny Depp, but he doesn’t really count because I’ve had a thing for him since 21 Jump Street…so, he’s like…grandfathered in 🙂 ).

    So, yeah. I think – right now – if I had an opportunity to ask Chris a question, I’d just ask something stupid and creepy, like…’Can I give you a manicure ’cause, ya know…you have really sexy fingers’…then I’d faint.



  130. Ashley said: “I guess what it amounts to is that Keller is the doctor. She’s not a member of the team.”

    Carson was never part of the team??? Hmm, I thought he was.

    No Ashley, Carson wasn’t. Just like Dr. Lam and Dr. Frasier weren’t a part of any SG team. Keller is a member of the Atlantis expedition but she’s not a member of Sheppard’s team or Lorne’s team.

    But another fabulous defense of Keller post though!

  131. So here’s your chance to mock my writing. I’ve never posted anything–anything, anything. And unfortunately, I’m not a fan of fanfic writing, though I absolutely respect some fanfic writers. (*wince*…I hope I haven’t alienated anyone with this.)
    Anyhow, I thought I would make you feel better, if you had a chance to gripe about some of your fan’s work. I have won a few writing awards in university, but I like what Alan Moore has said of winning awards:

    “AM: I had started to win a few awards over here for things like “V for Vendetta,” and these awards were voted for by 50 people in anoraks with awful social lives. The American’s, however, to them every award is an Oscar so they thought I was an award winning British genius.”
    Gotta love him.
    This selection is from a portfolio I won the SF award for.

    Brief Poem: No title I can think of
    There is a small fountain in the back woods that neighbour two properties where I live. When I am out for a walk with my dog I often stop and peer into the fountain: its waters are dark and unreceptive. Sometimes I will look to see if anyone is watching me, then, plunging my hand into the icy water, I finger the velvet moss that lines the bowl and stir the leaves that scuttle around on the basin floor.

    [I just asked my man what he thought of this piece–“well, you write very female”
    “What does that mean?” I ask
    “Well, it’s descriptive and ‘as I walked along the dum de dum de dum…”
    “So, is that bad or good?”
    “Well, it’s interesting.”
    “It’s interesting: You know, the thought of putting your hand down a dirty old bird bath…”
    “lol. You’re so rude.”
    –so there you go, you can’t please everyone]

    Fruit Flies
    Tiny fruit flies buzz around the tea cups in the kitchen. Some sit on spoons licking up the residue of sugar, while others flit about in the water rings left behind from glasses drying on the rack. And still others take a swim in the left over tea, dotting the surface like tea leaves.

    Again, no title I can think of
    Yesterday, when I gave you my hand you gently ran your finger down my palm. We were only playing on the stair—fussing, laughing, hitting and pinching like children do in a classroom, but then, you ran your finger down my palm: you ran your finger down and along the underside of my arm stopping on the soft inside of my elbow. I felt myself flush—then feeling blood spring across my jaw line, it shot directly into my ears.

    Finally: It’s in the cups (It is much longer, but this is an excerpt)
    It was in the cups you said, it was in the hands. You said it was in the drawer. It was in the mouldings above the bed. It was in the red, you said.
    You said these things.

    He is running through the field. It has electric towers—suppose to cause cancer.
    A busy old woman up the hall says this to me as I watch him from my balcony.
    He is running through the back field between the apartments.
    “Where are you going?” I call him.
    He is running through the field.

    Out beyond the overreaching Oak tree, and the ground stretching for yards painted with the reddest fall leaves, is that old woman.
    The ground like a natural carpet covering the floor with the stain of resin.

    And she washed her hands. Long fingers wringing dry an old wet towel, in the cool fall air. A dead wedding band chinking on the chrome
    and the skin and her white hands translucent through the afternoon window.

    Life slowly slips away, and it slips all the same; ceaselessly slipping no matter how hard we clutch at it and hold it. The leaves rushed across the threshold of our house even when we were young, and the morning starling gawked in the bedroom window curiously.

    Oh, the bedroom window! The white walls as calla lilies and the sheets so white they were blue…


  132. “Sick of the Keller Bashing
    All the shows are in the “can” so to speak…so will you all quit harping on Keller and deal with it! Get over it! Nuff said!

    Sick of the Keller Bashing”

    Back at ya SotKB
    So don’t read the bash posts…..

    Some of us are expressing ourselves, and are not being crude or inappropriate about it either.

    So you get over it. Nuff said.

  133. hey joe…..
    just a quick question i have watched the lost tribe at least twice now and both times i was wondering where caldwell was…..did i miss something in either that ep or first contact?

  134. lol! I’m glad when it’s all said and done, we can have mature discussions and some laughs.
    Controversy is a good thing. Keller creates a lot of controversy. That’s not necessarily bad.

    “Sheyla’s, Royla’s, Teypard’s, and Teynan’s”

    lol, you totally made that up, right?

    “People counting how many times an actor has appeared in episodes, next people will be counting the lines or minutes for each character.”

    lol I was thinking of that. The minutes. I think it would surprise people. But I don’t have that kind of time. Maybe counting scenes…

    “I like ALL the characters on the programme. I am glad that Carson is back, but Keller is a good character in her own right.

    The guys are mighty easy on the eye and that pleases me.”

    I agree! All characters are excellent, and SGU can’t beat them.
    The men certainly are handsome.

  135. Joe,

    After loving First Contact so much, The Lost Tribe was a bit confusing as far as the characters moments.

    Why after what seems to be about one year of not mentioning or seeing Larrin does it seem necessary to make Sheppard sound desperate and implying that he wants to be with Larrin? That felt so out of character for John when women come begging for him, not the other way around. I thought that not only was it so not in character for John but why would he even talk with a complete stranger and nonetheless a woman, too? That is not the Sheppard that I know. That was one desperate, lonely and childish Sheppard.

    After everything that we’ve seen Rodney go through, why couldn’t he come to terms with Daniel at the end there and simply admit or come close to what he meant? Rodney’s come a long way and that just didn’t seem like Rodney especially after in First Contact they had such great moments of bonding.

    Ronon: I understand that Keller had to let him down. I get that. But why must it have been so cold and ruthless. Beside that almost kissing scene, Ronon hasn’t given Keller any indication that he has any strong feelings for her. If anything Ronon has shown more feelings towards McKay, Sheppard and Teyla. Why did she felt it necessary to hit him so bodly right there and then after he saved her life? And how is this going to affect Ronon’s relationship with Rodney?

    Teyla: I left her for last because…she’s my favorite character. I don’t want to sound like a whiner and I certainly don’t intend on bashing any other character for the lack of Teyla in Season 5. That’s the writers choice. My question is why? Teyla is a member of the team but this season she’s clearly not. I understand why she hasn’t been used for the roles that have been set there for Keller, my question is why the lack of stories and back stories for her? In First Contact we could have seen Teyla leading Atlantis, interact with Todd, and help with the command of the repairs to the city and even communicate with Sheppard, if that was even possible. There could have been scenes written for her and yet there wasn’t. Why? And this is frustrating for Teyla fans, at least for me. I’m not asking that every episode be Teyla centric, or even have Teyla in it. But this season, there is hardly any significance to Teyla. Even her role as a mother and with a lover, if that’s what he is, is completely non-existent. She didn’t even mention her son in First Contact or in The Lost Tribe!Wouldn’t she be worried for him? Wanting to make sure he was out of harms’ way?

    And as John and Teyla shipper, I never wanted any love triangle between Sheppard/Teyla/Ronon or any other triangle for that matter. It’s been clearly defined that this is not the character that would go in this direction. Teyla thinks of others before herself. That’s the Teyla that I know. So, don’t be sorry. That’s one thing that as a JT shipper, I thank you for not doing. I want only John and Teyla together. I liked that Joe Flanigan actually commented on this and stated something like, friends don’t fight over a girl.

    Bottom line, I miss the team. I miss the group of characters and their interactions together. Unfolding stories and living their lives in a dangerous and complicated galaxy in the midst of trying to live and make a home in Atlantis. That’s what made this show for me, and this season the team is not there as much and I miss that greatly.

    What’s done is done. I just hope that the end wraps the team and the characters in general. And that in the movies, we see more of a well balanced story for all the characters that we love.

    Thank you,

  136. “No Ashley, Carson wasn’t.”

    Interesting. I’m sure a lot of people, especially Carson fans, would disagree with you. That’s your view only. Many think he wasn’t, but many think he was.

    “I watched Sanctuary and Chris totally blew me away, even without the flowing locks and extra nostrils on his face. I was so captivated by his performance, by his eyes, by his voice…just…wow.”

    He was phenominal. Such a strong presence.

    “Ronon hasn’t given Keller any indication that he has any strong feelings for her.”

    Huh? Are we watching the same show?? Ronon doesn’t follow anyone else around constantly.

  137. “Ashley: Interesting. I’m sure a lot of people, especially Carson fans, would disagree with you. That’s your view only. Many think he wasn’t, but many think he was.”

    Was he attached to a team? Who was the leader of the group? What did they find during their explorations of the Pegasus galaxy?

    Oh, he didn’t do any of that. Because he wasn’t on the team. Hell, he wasn’t on *a* team. Nor is Keller. Don’t complain about it, just accept that it is a fact and not a ‘view.’

    Insisting that Beckett was on the team just so you can justify your particular ideas about Keller and her place in Atlantis is ridiculous. You can argue ’till your face turns blue that Atlantis is on a desert planet, but there’s still water outside those windows.

  138. Hey Joe,
    Who did the Asgard voice in Lost Tribe? (I was listening, hoping to hear it was Michael, but I don’t think it was.) Sorta had the meter of Robert Picardo.

    Oh, and I love the usual food segments on your blog. Was it your idea to get Mark Dacascos on the show?

    All the best,

  139. i’ve been so busy! reading but not posting until now…

    i had such a wonderful laugh just now at your story and how you got your dinner…it made my moment, especially after a long day working.

    thank you for sharing :o)

    Michele Blue

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