“Shoo!”I yelled, waving my arms over my head. “Shoo! SHOO!” They backed up, wide-eyed and fearful, and then, slowly, advanced once again. “Tssss!”I hissed, stamping my foot for added effect. “TSSSS! SHOOO!” The pack held its ground and stared back at me uncertainly then, cautiously, two of them crept forward, sniffing the air for any signs of danger, and unfurled a banner. It read: “SAM&JACK CONFIRMATION”. Giving up, I approached the gate and snapped a picture.

“Hi, Joe,”one of the fans greeted me. “I’m Nell. I came all the way from Washington.”

“Well,”I told her, “if you came all the way from Washington AND made that banner, then the least Brad could do is put that confirmation in the next movie.” I promised to talk to him about it that very afternoon.

I snapped some more shots, met my fellow culinary-naut Carolina, and gave them the lowdown on what all the commotion was about on my side of the fence. Marty G. was directing the last few scenes of Brain Storm in a reefer truck (which is capable of being refrigerated to below freezing). Room temp today. Tomorrow, Jewel gets chilly.

Last night, we threw caution to the wind and tried somewhere new for dinner: a quaint little Italian eatery on West Broadway called Favorito Restaruant. As we strolled up to the place, Fondy couldn’t help but notice it was practically empty. “Is that a bad sign?”she asked me. In retrospect -Yes, yes it is. A very bad sign! Our chorizo sausage starter was redolent with the flavor tomatoes, bell peppers, and freezer burn. My beef tortellini was overcooked and somewhat bland. Not terrible but just the type of pasta I’d treat my proud Italian mother to if I wanted to make her really, REALLY angry. We skipped dessert, not wishing to press our luck. Alas, the die had already been cast. Fondy was sick later that night. I’m not saying the food was to blame. Sure, it may have been the suspect chorizo. Or the cafeteria-style lasagna. Or it could have been an alien entity that laid its eggs in her stomach overnight. Who knows? Just in case though, I think we’ll put skip a return visit.

Hey, I’m enjoying your comments on The Orphan’s Tale: In the Night Garden. Keep ‘em coming. And get your questions in for author Catherynne M. Valente before noon tomorrow!

An exhausting day today. Details to follow. In the meantime, enjoy today’s Weird Food Purchase of the Day: Pork Blood Tofu. No, for real!

89 thoughts on “August 19, 2008: Shoo! SHOO! And The Weird Food Purchase of the Day.

  1. Hee… all the way from Washington. So, a whole hour, huh?

    Isn’t the whole point of tofu that it’s vegetarian? … Yeah, you kinda looked like you were gonna hurl for a second there. If I tried to eat that, I probably would, too. Pig blood indeed.

  2. So, what sort of banner should those of us who are content without J/S confirmation…or better yet DON’T want to see it onscreen at all, send/bring to Bridge to let Mr. Wright know?

    Or is sending chocolate preferred?…reads rest of your entry…or maybe Pepto Bismol. 😉

    Just to voice my own particular preference.

  3. Looking forward to the report on the exhausting day. And I’m glad that you treated the lurking Shipper fans with due care. How many pictures of you were taken while you took their pictures? I suppose folks at Bridge Studio are used to such unusual forms of wildlife observation by now. And glad to see you were not, in fact, hauled off in a straitjacket after yesterday’s video.
    Thanks for the pics, and I look forward to seeing the video in the morning.

  4. Hi Joe!

    Cute fans. 🙂 Looks like they were reasonably under control, and their message was easy-to-read and spelled correctly. Can’t really ask for much more, eh?

    Did you burn your mouth on the tofu? You had a pained look.

    I really liked GitM. Had some nice “wow” moments, and the Oz comments were the best!

    How’s the weather? We’re getting some rain in Central and SE Texas, though luckily it’s not hurricane weather.

    Are you going to watch House this season?

    Finished Sept selection, The Black Company. Looking forward to discussion – want to hear your thoughts about some events in the book.

    Take care!


  5. Careful with Jewel. She’s supposed to be at DragonCon in a little over a week. I’m looking forward to saying hi to her. 🙂

  6. I remember now what time I have to get up to catch your blog before it gets out of hand LOL.

    Hope Fondy is feeling better. Its gotta be said tho, if a place is empty there is a very good reason for it.

    I second the Sam & Jack Confirmation team. That is one ship I will happily sail on.

    Oh well, back to bed and trying to sleep in the same room as a hamster chewing on its bars all night aint much fun but with a houseful what can you do? …that was a rhetorical question so no deep fried hamster recipes thank you!

  7. After a second viewing of the gang the other side of the fence its as well you kept well back they look ravenous to me.

    Go Guys! Thats one wicked banner!

  8. Was probably the lasagna… mystery meat, experimental cheese — screams of a John Hurt Moment waiting to happen! Been there, ate that, barfed in an expensive jewelry store 2 hours later!!

    Hope you’ve finally learned your lesson Joe: empty restaurant = food inspectors standing by!

  9. It’s illegal to sell pig’s blood here in the US (I guess for sanitary reasons?). Most oriental supermarkets have it anyway though (at the one closest to me, it is simply labeled “meat”, which is a little ominous). Also most butchers will hook you up. Last year a friend and I acquired some and made blood sausage, which turned out to be extremely delicious.

  10. Pork blood tofu? Yeck. Sorry I can’t seem to view the video, not an error on your end, but my own. Stupid Dial-up connection.

    So, got a quick question for you. Do you ever get recognized in public?

    And, seeing as I started my sophmore year two days ago, I am currious as to what was your favorite subject in high school. For me, right now its a tie between Pre-Calculus (Yeah, I’m THAT smart.) Latin 2, and World History becuase she assigns NO homework. Something about teaching thing her own way. I don’t know, she’s like eighty or something. Although, seeing the English 10 syllabus, and the first semester topics are mainly composing short stories, I am sure english could give Latin a run for its money.

    I would also LOVE some tips for surviving english, if you have any. I never seem to do very well, I think I have only passed one semester all through junior high…

  11. Will we ever see Bates again, because I enjoyed seeing him in “Outcast” in Season 4

  12. Thank you so much for the daily laughs you provide with the Weird Food Purchase of the Day. You’re a braver person than I am, that’s for sure.

  13. Hi Joe,
    Wow you actually tried the Pork Blood Tofu!!! Your name for it was much better than my gelatinous pig blood (Fondy’s right, pork does sound better and pig.) But I don’t think you swayed me into trying it. I showed my mom this video and she was all “let’s come up with more foods for Joe to try!” She came up with two items that she claims are the “two hardest things to eat in Chinese cuisine,” bitter melon and durian. I think my mom really likes you. LOL 😀

    Sorry to hear yesterday’s dinner was a flop, I hope Fondy is feeling better today.

    And I join in with the fans at the gate, SAM AND JACK confirmation please!


  14. So – you only snapped the ladies from the other side of the fence! Is this significant?

    I saw an interview with Joe F the other day – he described Atlantis fans as “passionate”.
    My brother says that we are all totally obsessed and completely insane.
    I think that is actually what Joe F meant.


    Hugs to the pugs 🙂

  15. OMG the walks! *dies laughing*
    Wow that was funy! Good job!
    Ooooooooooh protesters I agree *waves banner* confirmation! XD

  16. There was already Jack and Daniel confirmation, you just blinked and missed it.

    (Really though, Joe, after all the years of teasing us with S/J awesomeness, I don’t think a happy ending is too much to ask for those poor, poor characters. I’m sure Brad would agree.)

  17. The other thing I’ve been meaning to write about ever since Comic Con and hope you’ll pass on to the appropriate person, as I know you have nothing to do with the content selection of DVDs is… That Don S. Davis memorial at Comic Con did not leave a dry eye in the place — on stage or in the audience. And while I’m sure there are people who record things illegally, most of us honor the requests made to not do so. It would be nice if we could have it or a similar memorial on the next DVD set, so that those who didn’t attend or who would like to view it again, can. I haven’t met anyone who has met Don in person who didn’t love that kind and gentle soul.

  18. Oh boy. Looks like the Save Carson Beckett protest has opened up the flood gates. Watch out Joe; you may get Anti-Keller people on the studio’s front lawn tomorrow, and McSheppers on Thursday, and Shep Whumpers (carrying manniquins of Sheppard which they will hurt, then comfort) on Friday. I won’t even try to imagine what will come next week. *shudder*

    Also, somewhere out there, majorsal‘s heart just skipped a few dozen beats. Hehe.

    And, ok, my heart may have skipped a beat, or half.

    I hope Fondy’s feeling better. Getting sick from bad food is indeed horrible and nobody should be subjected to it. Yikes.

    And hey Joe, question: What’s the spoiler poem line for Ghost in the Machine?


  19. So…Joe, am I to understand that you kept those poor ladies behind ‘bars’ for the duration of their visit? ‘Fraid they might attack and tear ya apart like a pack of rabid wolves?

    Yeah, I don’t blame ya, either. 😉

    Will have to check the vid tomorrow – maybe. Blood is just one of those things I will never (knowingly) eat, without puking right then and there. Vampire I am not. Personally, I prefer my tofu deep fried. Yum!!!

    And oh, God…you HAD to go and mention Keller. Just when I thought we were safely distracted by the Sheppard & The Flavor of the Month Shippers. 🙄

    Hope Fondy is feeling better. Maybe you should have given her some of that Padre Pepe frat brew your mum keeps handy…


  20. Marty G. was directing the last few scenes of Brain Storm in a reefer truck (which is capable of being refrigerated to below freezing). Room temp today. Tomorrow, Jewel gets chilly.

    Eep. Poor Jewel. Does she at least get a touque and a pair of muckalucks?

    Your initial shoo comments had me thinking about squirrels. Rabid squirrels. Not rabbid fans. Or squirrly fans. But good for them for getting the banner snap!

    Sorry to hear your day was so long… hopefully tomorrow will be more relaxed. 🙂

    Nite Joe!


  21. Oh, is that all it takes?!

    *starts making John and Rodney – Confirmation banner and books a ticket from The Netherlands* (That’s even further away right? So more convincing right?)

    But seriously, I kind of like the ‘open to all possibilties’ way both SG-1 and SGA have been going, that caters to a whole bunch of shippers and slashers (whether on purpose or not); everyone can get out of it whatever they like! Confirming one is always excluding a whole bunch of others.

  22. I think Joe Flanigan should to a guest spot on your blog. Or Jason. I do understand that they are busy with their families but it would be fun!

    Today I find out whether I’m having a boy or a girl. Adria or Alexander. Wish me luck. (I’m hoping it’s a boy.)

  23. That’s it. You have now provided confirmation that you really are insane.

    Tofu at the best of times is disgusting. Adding pork blood to it is just that much more disgusting. Bleah!

  24. Pigs blood tofu sounds like the poor cousin of Black Pudding !

    Dont mind characters backstory and maybe hints but less overt ship ! More Scifi !

  25. Joe,

    IMHO, this shipper/whumper madness is getting ridiculous. I promise, you’ll never see me holding a banner outside your office window. And if more people were fans of the McKay/Sheppard friendship, they wouldn’t have to, either! With one exception, I am loving this season so far. I’ve been looking forward to The Shrine for months now and I can’t wait for Friday.

    Also, I’ve decided to put my name on the list to be a volunteer at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. It’s okay if I bunk with you guys for a couple of weeks, right? *g*



  26. Damn….I love chorizos! How could anyone murder a chorizo when they are probably the easiest food to prep??? Poor Fondy, hope she’s recovered & not permanently turned off sausage…

    I can’t believe all of the comments yesterday – shippers are SO annoying…why must you ruin a show with shipping???

    Anyway, SHEP IS KIRK for heaven’s sake…deal with it!

  27. Thanks for recommending the English Pea Soup at Fuel. It was excellent! As a matter of fact, the whole dinner was wonderful; especially when you took time out of your busy schedule to join us for dessert.

  28. Pork blood tofu?!?!-respect to your stomach!
    And yep,nothing irks me more than bad Italian food.

    You have to love how devoted Stargate fans and shippers are. You created the monster 🙂

    And Yes- Sam/Jack confirmation would be awesome please!

  29. Hah. If only getting your preferred pairing confirmed was so simple as turning up to the studios with a banner!

    *watches the people pour in with their banners*

  30. Coucou mon Joseph sa va ?

    Rohhh, moi si j’aurais un banderole, il y aurai écrit “I LOVE JOSEPH MALLOZZI” lol^^!!

    Tofu au sang de porc O_O eurk….lol

    Bon bah je vous faire Dixtillions de bisou (dixtillions = 10 000 000 000 000)

    Alors passer une bonne journée! Je vous adore♥

  31. Ugh, pork blood… I’ve never been into the stuff myself but my mother adores it. In Beijing, they stir fry the cubes and serve it up as street food. I was pretty perturbed.

  32. OMG, don’t those people ever give up? Please no ship in the next movie. A good team movie, good plot and lots of Vala.

  33. Hehehehe I loved your amazing description of the “rabid” fans =)

    And WFPotD… simply amazing!!! “Pork blood tofu” sounds gross, so kudos to you for trying it!!! Not a fan of tofu at all, myself!!!

  34. Hi again Mr M!

    What’s the deal with the Pork Blood Tofu??? YEEEECKK!!
    Also : Does your medical insurer know about your “Weird Food Purchase of the Day”??

    Search and Rescue aired last night here on Sky One:
    Picture this:
    Television on, Friendship Cake ready, pre-prepped my children with a DVD showing of The Last Man….Coffee brewing….Announcer says “And now Stargate Atlantis”….with that KNOCK, KNOCK…Front door…Sheesh, unexpected caller (with child)….All bets off as my wife snared me into making tea and being (what’s the word?)…… hospitable!
    There was gnashing of teeth and knuckle chewing a-plenty as dagger looks were tossed across the table…Meanwhile my “small people” were entering with reports about …”Joe is ok!! Joe is ok!!” then “Jason looks ok! Jason looks ok”
    Our concerned caller assumed these were family members whose illnesses had deeply impacted on my 5 year old’s radar…On enquiring who these people were, Uncles? Cousins?, one of my “small people” said : “They were caught in an explosion set by Michael who is really after the baby!”
    Raised eyebrows from our caller, as she edged towards the door….
    Suffice to say, the caller left almost exactly one hour later, as the strains of Joel Goldsmith’s theme wafted thru the house…Unfortunately, I do not have a Tivo or Sky+, but it is repeated tonight (Wednesday)….I am contemplating moat building and perhaps crocodiles for tonight’s viewing.


  35. Hi Joe,

    I’d look to put my bandwidth in on the side of the S/J shippers.
    Please, please, please, please, please…


  36. @ rodneyscat

    I’ll be there with you! We could make the banner all fancylike. With rainbows!

    I don’t really need confirmation of any ship. I just they’d stop with the space bimbos. No more Larrin please!

  37. What the Fuck? -Sorry but you really didn’t have to show use you ain’t a chicken through this!!!
    I mean, seriously… pork blood tofu. What idiot would create this kind of sh**e?!
    More important who would be willing to eat this? -Except you obviously!

    P.S.: Does this mean we get a third SG-1 Movie? *faints*

    P.P.S.: In how many Eps is Major Lorne this Season?

  38. “Joe, I have a great idea for season 6 (complete story arc), how could I send it to you?”

    Answer: Sorry, Thomas. We can’t accept unsolicited story ideas.

    I have a few questions about that.

    1.) If you can’t accept unsolicited story ideas is there a proper way you can accept them?

    2.) Do you accept new writers? Or is everything in house?

    3.) I heard there is a new Stargate Series in the works. Will you be getting new writers or will they be the same writers for SGA?


  39. Heya Joe,

    I just wanted to give you mad kudos for representing female authors regularly in your BOTM choices. Some ladies I know, myself included, get a bit discouraged when people say sci-fi and fantasy are male-dominated genres, especially when we’re trying for our first or second publishing deals. I don’t think most people (especially outside the genre) realize how much women do contribute to science fiction literature in a significant way. In reality, almost half of the Hugo winners for the last 20 years have been women! (Lois McMaster Bujold being almsot half of the half :P) Not only are we women out there writing, but we’re good at it too!
    So big props to you, Joe, for representing the ladies!


  40. Just watched Ghost in the Machine, does anyone on SGA actually die and not come back to life or re-appear in another episode?
    (That wasn’t an angry remark either)
    I’ve just had a chuckle and thought “You again, won’t you die already?!” I’m not the banner ‘Save the cast member’ type sorry =P

  41. Hi, Joe.

    Bravo to the fans with the Sam & Jack banner.

    Joe, check out Eureka’s third season episode, ‘I Do Over.’ Eureka has had great ship between their Jack (Carter) and Allison; and Allison and her ex-husband, Nathan. Interesting results in ‘I Do Over.’ Three hankie episode. Hey, isn’t Eureka filmed in Vancouver too?


  42. Concerning the Jack & Sam Confirmation, does this mean that if Brad Wright puts that in the third movie that this is the end of the saga, because I thought that all of you have said that they’d get confirmation when Stargate ends:

    As much as I would personally love to see a shippy end to the series, the fact is getting Jack and Sam together would effectively deep-six any chances of further SG-1 adventures.


    If that’s the case, I’m extremely sad. I think the best way for me to not let the story end is to not buy/rent/download (via iTunes or Amazon Unbox)/watch the third movie. That way, that certain end will never come for me. Strange logic, I know, but there you have it.

    But granted, you made that statement several years ago, so I guess, then, the sentiment has changed? Perhaps, now you mean that if Jack and Sam are together, that that’s the end of their SG-1 adventures? The team can and has gone on without either of them, so maybe that’s what Brad Wright is putting in the third movie? The saga will continue, but without Jack and Sam? I think that I would be encouraged by that, knowing that at least Daniel and Teal’c will still be there to carry on the idea of the “classic” team and will continue going on adventures in more movies and shows. I’m pretty sure MGM would love to produce more SG-1 adventures with Daniel and Teal’c. They would, right?

  43. Hey Joe!

    Wow! Pork Blood Tofu —- I’ll pass, thanks!

    Anyway, kudos to Nell and the rest of the penguin shippers! Way to go, guys! Confirmation please, Brad! 😉

    I second morjana’s recommendation to check out “I Do Over” from Eureka! Very nice episode!

    Have a great day, and stay healthy! Your stomach seems to be handling a lot!

  44. morjana wrote:

    “Joe, check out Eureka’s third season episode, ‘I Do Over.’ Eureka has had great ship between their Jack (Carter) and Allison; and Allison and her ex-husband, Nathan. Interesting results in ‘I Do Over.’ Three hankie episode. Hey, isn’t Eureka filmed in Vancouver too?”

    I know this isn’t Joe answering question, but yes Eureka is filmed in Vancouver. In fact the majority of the Scifi shows we see are filmed in Vancouver. That is why we see a lot of crossovers with actors/actresses such as Stargate actors in Eureka (David Nykill (sp), Lexa Doig, Michael Shanks, and Teryl Rothery).

    I agree with you about ‘I Do Over’. I thought it was an excellent episode. I also agree about the great ship between the three characters you mentioned. I was also upset with the ending.

  45. Hey Joe,

    Alex Levine posted this on his blog: “Brad explained that he actually did come up with the idea for “The Shrine” out of the blue. He was going to either write “The Shrine”, or an episode entitled “The Replacements”, in which our team is lost for six months and when they return to Atlantis they have been replaced by completely different people.” That sounds like a line from your spoiler poem….any chance this will get resurrected next season?

    Will Kari Wuhrer be back in Vegas? I seem to remember you mentioning that she may come back sometime this season.

    Looking forward to The Shrine!


  46. I just they’d stop with the space bimbos.

    I just WISH they’d stop…

    Sheesh! I shouldn’t post comments until after I’ve had coffee. 🙁

  47. Hey Joe!

    I’m cracking the “BOTMC” whip on Allie. 👿 I feel a bit mean as she is also in the middle of composing a piano song for my sister’s wedding on September 7th. She says she’s liking *The Church of Dead Girls*, though.

    Also, Allie loves your weird food purchases of the day and says she’d try all of them. Actually, she claims she’d eat ANYTHING you would eat. 😮 Sounds almost like a dare! Allie’s eaten live meal worms to prove a point that girls can be tough. So she might actually give you a run for your money.

    I’m not surprised that yelling “Shoo!” didn’t scare them away. It doesn’t work for solicitors at my door, either. Ya know what does work? Big, scary, barking dogs. 😀 I can loan you Annabelle if you would like.

    And I am TOTALLY against all Sam/Jack shippers! I’m FIRMLY and will ALWAYS be a Jack/Sam shipper.

    Trish 😀

  48. Pshaw! If you put it to a vote, I’m quite sure the good old American system of majority rules would insist on Sam and Jack confirmation. Doesn’t have to be anything dramatic, but it does have to be there.

    Meanwhile, morale of the story, don’t eat in empty restaurants. A full parking lot is always a good sign…

  49. Have you considered adding a little barbed wire to the Wailing Fence? And many hours of watching Xena have taught me that a deeply dug pit in the ground makes a wonderful trap if you fill the pit with sharpened stakes. Simply hide the pit with a grass matt or a little straw and folks will fall right in. Clean up is a cinch; you just fill the pit with dirt.

    Of course you can go the humane route and leave out the stakes, or hide Ronan-style rope traps around the fence, though that would mean the extra hassle of cutting dangling fans down from the trees each morning.

    And you could always try a little misdirection. Frame a photograph of Liam the Replicator and arrange flowers, stuffed animals and candles around it with corresponding note cards wishing Liam a safe ascension and fond farewell.

    When fans approach you can bow your head and insist on a moment of silence. Then wait for them to close their eyes in prayer before you fast-walk to safety.

  50. Joe – I have a question about the weird food thing…

    When I’m trying something for the first time, I always ‘taste’ before I pop an entire piece in my mouth. However, I’ve noticed you just skip the ‘nibble’ stage and down these huge pieces of disgusting goop, only to look as if you’re going to choke/gag/puke/pass out from the taste of it. WHY, o WHY do you take a whole bite instead of a precautious nibble first??!


  51. why did i have to go on vacation!? my family MADE me go!… but now that i’m borrowing my sister’s computer, i can just SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!



    k. 😉


  52. Hey Joe,

    I sent you an e-mail via yahoo. Hopefully the spam monster won’t eat it. Not a huge deal… just asking a question. Maybe you could take a peak at it? 🙂

    Picking a good restaurant— Oh yeah! My father-in-law has TWO rules about eating at new places. Rule number one: It MUST be crowded. Rule number two: The place must smell AMAZING.

    This actually works. For months Jeremy and I drove past this greek place that always had a line out the door. One day we made our way over and the food smelled fantastic. It’s now our favorite restaurant! If you love greek food and are in the Tampa area, I’ve got THE PLACE for you!

  53. wow, wow, wow, OH WOW…yes those “wow”‘s could have gone on for a bit there!

    Pork Blood Tofu?! Being a vegetarian i consume a lot of tofu each week. I’ve done many things to my tofu to make it worth eating, just so i could get more protein in my diet. That being said, that has to be the strangest thing i have ever heard of being done to Tofu. Wild, crazy, totally mad props goes out to you for having tried it, and keeping it down no less :o)

    Ok, please someone explain the Sam & Jack Confirmation. I LOVE this show. I have been watching SG in one form or another since the original movie (which includes when the show was on Showtime). I am more of a self contained fan. I only read/write on the blogs of Joe and David Hewlett. I am not sure if that makes me a bad fan? But it is all i have time for. So, if someone could help me out, catch me up, fill me in, etc., on the Penguin & the Sam & jack confirmation i would be a happy fan. Because let’s be honest, i’ve wanted them to be an item since the Season 1 episode Solitudes (my all time favorite episode that i can watch again and again).

    thanks & *peace*,
    Michele Blue

  54. Hey Joe. I just wanted to pop in and say thanks for Stargate. And really this goes to everyone in the franchise, but I just want to say I really enjoy what you guys are doing.

    I think it’s easy as fans to get caught up in “I want to see this; I want to see that; I really DON’T want to see those” and even easier to forget that the people who are making it have their own ideas and things they want to see, too.

    Oh, now that I’ve typed, deleted and retyped this paragraph about six times, I have to say this seemed like a much better idea when I started and actually had strings of words in mind that made sense. And now it’s all just a jumbled mess in my head, so I guess I’ll go back to the core idea say thanks again. No demands, no requests, just thank you.

  55. Hey Joe!

    Another fan get-together at the studio? Just shows you that you guys are amazing with the fans. You don’t see that with many shows, and it’s great to see. 😉

    Sorry to hear about the disappointing culinary adventure. You win some, you lose some. For example, I went to a restaurant the other night (Mexican), that I thought the food was superb, but it was a tad too spicy for me. 🙁

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  56. Well, at least you had a drink nearby. A rule of thumb should be not to eat anything with the word blood in it, that can never be good. Another yuk for me.

    Ok, I have a concern and I don’t want you to get angry, but who better to give concerns too. Here goes; I am not a Keller hater, I just can’t connect and by no means want Jewel to feel bad, but my concern is that there are a lot of episodes that are focused on her this year and well really it is the main team that brought me to the show in the first place. Is there a reason you GUYS are trying to focus on her? I gotta tell you that I started watching Trio and missing of season 4 but I never finished it. Then I did watch the whole thing at another time thinking I should not judge until I see the whole thing and my view didn’t change. Perhaps cause I am a woman, I don’t know, but if the show does get renewed, will the main team become a focus again (I Know there are some already) for more episodes?

  57. Hi Joe,

    Just taking a break at work and checking out your blog and the comments…no matter what it always seem to make me laugh when I read your blog or the comments, so a BIG THANK YOU to YOU and the POSTERS.

    I will have to go read the rest of the comments from yesterday since there was some mention or debate about Shippers/Shipping? I wouldn’t call myself a “fanatic shipper” but I can watch a show and understand the need or want between two characters…

    Joe and fellow posters, I have a couple of questions,
    Why are people against shipping?
    Are you only against shipping because you don’t want to see it onscreen? But, don’t care if it is confirmed if two characters are together?
    Why do they think it will ruin the show?

    I love SGA and SG1 and don’t want it to turn into Melrose Place in Space, but I don’t see what the big deal is if certain people became a couple. Especially if they continue working the same way they did before.

    Are writers against these romantic relationships? I personally don’t see what the issue is if two characters are together, as long as during a battle scene they don’t pause to make out!

    Well, back to work 🙂

  58. If I took the trouble to go lurk outside that fence, my banner surely would say something worth getting arrested for. Maybe a little hot Wraith/Atlantis orgy artwork. I’m no professional artist, but I can paint recognizable faces and, um, stuff. Not that I’d bother, but the idea amuses me.

    Don’t mind me, I’m in fully buzzed Burning Man prep mode. We leave Saturday.

    Pork Blood Tofu? I can hear the screams of the vegans now. In certain ethnic shops they sell frozen gallons of pork blood. I assume these are for intended for making some type of blood sausage. However, with a little defrosting around the edges, you can slide it our of the plastic bucket and have a one gallon blood ice cube. If you lock it in a school locker on a Friday afternoon, well, panic will ensue come Monday morning. Hehehehehe. Deep desk drawers work too.

  59. Hey Joe, here’s an odd question for you. What is your favorite Asgard name NOT used in the show? In other words what Norse god/godess names did you like but never used? Also, where does the name Penegal come from? All the other Asgard names have close or exact roots in Norse Myth, but I couldn’t find any mention of a Penegal. Thanks.

  60. Woohoo go nell & the shippers 😀 Thanks for posting the pic of the confirmation banner Joe, you set many shippy hearts a-squeeing today.

    Just imagine what will happen when we get that confirmation 😉

  61. Debi, let’s hope TPTB see things the same way when it comes to Shep/Teyla and realise the show would be over if they were to get together.

    Over because most people, shippers and non shippers alike would tune out.

    I’ve survived the dreaded Carter, Keller and Woolsey. Actually I quite like Woolsey. But getting Sheyla would be a surefire way to make me reach for the remote. And the barf bucket.

  62. We’re going to have a Stargate marathon Friday night, because we’ve rented Continuum and we were out of town Friday and still haven’t seen that episode. Two new eps and a movie–woohoo!

    I don’t mean to hijack your blog, JM, but since we’re temporarily locked out over at dgeek, I wanted to let those squirrels who also hang out here that Emma is going home today, at transplant+28 days! She tried to stage a breakout yesterday. She got mad because her IV lines got tangled up in her little chair and tipped it over. She threw a temper tantrum, told her mom that she was done and she wanted to go home. Then when her mom turned away to talk to the nurse, Emma disconnected her IV lines from the main line (like the pro she is at 2-1/2) and marched to the door! Since she’s been taking her oral meds without argument and her appetite is good, the doctor decided she was right. And there’s new video, naturally!

  63. Joe,

    Do the neighbors ever get upset when protestors stomp on the lawn, tread in the petunias or kick the lawn gnomes?

  64. If votes counts I think the majority would say – if it means the end of watching SG1 adventures then I would prefer no S/J ship confirmation.

    Can I ask for no more killing Daniel? When you keep doing it, it kind of cheapens the character and the emotional experience. I know Daniel has more to offer as a character than to die.

    Thank you

  65. @ Crazymom, Thanks for hijacking this. It is good to hear from you. That was a sweet video of Emma. I am glad that she gets to go home. : )

  66. Sun Chips asked:

    Why are people against shipping?

    With global warming and also the increasing depletion of oil and diesel reserves I think we should decrease our reliance on importing goods through shipping and instead produce and buy locally made, thereby also supporting the national economy and its manufacturing base.

    Are you only against shipping because you don’t want to see it onscreen? But, don’t care if it is confirmed if two characters are together?

    I prefer to have my shipping located down at the docks. Also two ships running into each other may be beneficial to GDP but also results in startled looking baby seals covered in oil slick flopping about the beach and ruining everyone’s fun.

    Why do they think it will ruin the show?

    It wouldn’t for people who like shipping, but then again your typical hardcore fandom shipper doesn’t need any material to happily ship, dingy, and boat away (Chuck/Fern Plant 4 Eva!). However, unless you’re emotionally invested in a pairing these kind of things tend to follow a predictable sitcom forumla of will they, wont they, will they, wont they, oh hey, I fell into a coma of not caring.

    Fact: Women biologically are unable to have no-strings friendships with men because of their desperate need for tiny, tiny babies.

    Fact: Women must pursue romantic love at all times otherwise they contravene the reason for their existance and cease to be.

    Are writers against these romantic relationships?

    If Martin Gero gets any more shippy I’m taking him down to a government department and getting him renamed Mr Shippy McShipperson and making him live at Shippers Lane. Seriously, I’m going to buy him a ship and mail it to him in parts.

  67. So Joe, when is your Asia adventure vacation? Will you still blog for us? Will you post beautiful holiday videos or photos?
    Will there be a blog host in absentia?

    Just wondering how I’ll cope without my daily “cuppa Joe” 😆

    Thanks again for a marvelous, de-lovely, entertaining blog which includes the occasional (yucky) weird food purchase of the day, snaps and vids from a live TV production set, writers & producers from said production doing “silly walks” down Bridge hallways and the ever cute & adorable doggie shenanigans…. gee whiz, where else could you find such gems?!

    Can I have a shout out for my elderly and precious 18 yr. old calico kitty, who is near the end of days and forever in my heart?

    Thanks folks…
    Carol Z in NJ

  68. Ah haha, I love this place.

    My Banner:

    FEED ME!”

    Needless to say, it’s a big banner.

    And…you’re obviously neither jewish nor vegetarian.

  69. @green: Well, I don’t know. Joe’s not a vegetarian, that’s for sure. But I’m married to a jew. And he eats bacon! 😯 True story! I tell him I’m more kosher than he is!

    (((((HUGS))))) I miss ya green! Even if you do, on occassion, bite people. Hey! I thought YOU were a vegetarian. 😉


  70. I’m hearing the same little rumor as Jenny?

    SAY IT ISN’T SO…………………..

    Atlantis can’t be ending!

  71. I have no idea how to start. Its hard to be not angry.

    I read this morning some news about SGA is canceled after season 5. Well, I was shocked and couldn’t believe it. What is happen?

    SGA is great and with Firefly one of my favorite series. Now is promised to have some DVDs after season 5. To be honest, the movies from SG1 was not the same and I am afraid that this will happen with SGA. Especially the price in Germany are to high for this quality of movies. For me it looks like SCI FI and MGM discovered a way to earn more money with franchise. It is a good way to make the fans angry.

    I am interested to have your opinion.

  72. Hmm. Heard about the campaign to get confirmation.

    I just hope you’re aware that there are many other shippers out there, who don’t want to see a Sam/Jack ‘ship for so many reasons. And to be honest, while I hold no hope for my shippage preferences to be actualised (Sam/Daniel), I think ‘ship would ruin the dynamic of the show, esp. SamJack, considering how the awkwardness was (badly) handled during the series, and how it, imo, weakened Sam as a character, and made Jack look as though he was constipated in season 8.

    A friend of mine, from Argentina, recently joked after reading your blog that if she were to walk from Argentina to Vancouver with a sign saying ‘Sam and Daniel confirmation’, you’d feel compelled to make an entire movie out of it.

    Which would be nice.

    And now I realise that you were being sarcastic.


    Hm. It’s just that confirmation would screw things up, and we like having our ‘open to interpretation’ looks between our favourite scientists… esp. the Continuum promo where Cam looks embarrassed, Teal’c’s looking elsewhere, and Daniel’s trying to keep a straight face while Sam looks at him. That was such a gift. Thanks. :o)

    lol! Pork blood tofu!? That’s just odd… 😀 I can see so many vegetarians being offended.

    : )

  73. I sure wish I had had a chance to meet you in Vancouver for Gatecon, Joe, but it was an AMAZING experience.

    No one in my room wanted to leave the city – forever. Even if it did rain all but the last day. 😀

    I keep telling my friend’s daughter, who is just finishing up her Masters at Yale Drama…”Pick Vancouver – forget LA or NY” Now I can *really* tell her how beautiful it is and how much she would love living there.

    Any suggestions for how a recent graduate could make connections in costuming or set decoration in “Hollywood North”?

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