Who is this toasty warm Mystery Man?
Who is this toasty warm Mystery Man?
Sychronize your gadgets...
Sychronize your gadgets...
Marty G., man of action
Marty G., man of action
Vince and Terry bundled up
Vince and Terry bundled up
Martin Gero in... "Where the Hell's My Driver?"
Martin Gero in... "Where the Hell's My Driver?"

The other day, Fondy was sick. Today, it was my turn. It’s, of course, easy to point the finger at some of the items I’ve sampled for my Weird Food Purchase of the Day segment but I prefer to point the finger at all of you for encouraging my outrageous behavior by watching these videos. That said, one of the nice things about having eaten something that has made me sick (just one among the many, many nice things) is the fact that it allows me to mix up the format a bit. Today, for instance, the Weird Food Purchase of the Day is actually a Weird Medicinal Purchase of the Day -specifically, the Chinese Medicine my wife swears by whenever her stomach is upset. I took a drive down to Crystal Mall today and picked some up, then had my cameraman, Carl Binder, videotape the segment for your viewing pleasure (I hope you’re happy. You should all be ashamed of yourselves!).

Incidentally, my writing partner warned me that I’m dangerously close to becoming the Johnny Knoxville of Stargate.

Marty G. was directing within the deep-freeze confines of the reefer truck today. He cut quite the dashing figure in his galoshes and parka. The rest of the crew was similarly decked out for the chilly conditions – except Jewel, of course, who looked good – and cold – in her party dress and McKay’s jacket. Office and Control Room scenes shooting on Stage 6 today. Tomorrow, we move on to Beckett’s return, “eyes staring straight ahead”, and the stabbing (Hoo boy. The fans are going to freak. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone).

Alright. As promised – today, I start gathering questions for actress Sharon Taylor who plays technician Ameila Banks on Stargate Atlantis. We have interesting plans in store for the character in season 5 and if you’d like to find out about some of her on-set experiences and get the dirt on Amelia’s growing role on the show, then start posting your questions for Sharon. Get them in because, this weekend, I start collecting questions for our next two special guests: Director Andy Mikita and Atlantis Props Master “Evil” Kenny Gibbs, both of whom will be dropping by to answer your questions next week. Other confirmed future guests will include Stunt Coordinator James “Bam Bam” Bamford, Playback Supervisor Krista McLean, and, because you demanded it, Executive Producer Brad Wright who will field your questions about Stargate Continuum (and possibly offer up a some tidbits on the third movie if he’s feeling generous). But, for now, let’s see those questions for Sharon.

Today’s entry is dedicated to Emma and 2cats’ 18 year old calico. 

Today’s video: The Weird Food Purchase of the Day Medicinal Version = Chinese Medicine.

407 thoughts on “August 20, 2008: Production Update, More Guest Announcements, and The Weird Food/Medicinal Purchase of the Day!

  1. Ok, blame us if you will, for your video cavorting with dubious foodstuffs and allegedly medicinal concoctions. But don’t you dare make yourself too sick. Besides the fact you have an upcoming vacation, we’d suffer from withdrawal if you’re not around to post. Drop the Weird food of the day to weird food of the week if you must. But stay healthy. Oh, is it my imagination or are you experiments attracting the malicious attention of more and more of your coworkers? And your writing partner is right. You are turning into Johnney K.
    Thanks for the delicious torture of you teasers for Brain Storm. I’m not sure to be proud or appalled that I recognised Mr. G. from the little bit of his chin showing from under the parka. It’s bad enough waiting till Friday for The Shrine. Then it’s a holiday weekend before we can look forward to ther other episodes, such as Whispers, the Queen, and the mid season two parter. I believe it speaks well for the quality of the writing and production that I’m even more anxious to see this season’s episodes than I was last season.
    I’ll start on some questions to post by tomorrow for Ms. Banks, ans begin trying to come up with some more for the mentioned speakers. I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to arrange these guest appearances.
    Oh, and weren’t we promised more details about yesterday’s exhausting day? I hope the video of the day was not the full extent of it….

  2. Thanks Joe, for the dedication to Zebo cat, my dear, sweet old girl calico kitty.

    Oh, dear me… I see you’ve survived your Chinese stomach medicine. Did Carl’s worst nightmare come true and you threw up in his office?

    Just what did Mr. Cooper have to say about your antics, hum? His expression as he watched you pace in agony was both amused and incredulous. Maybe he just knows you better than we do?

    Hope you feel better soon! You were VERY brave.

    Questions for Sharon:
    Is this the ONLY show you’ve worked on with such a zealous (i.e. fanatical/passionate) fan base?
    What is your quirkiest experience on set so far?
    I’ll bet no other Exec Producer has ever asked you to guest on his blog to field fan questions. We are very glad to have you join us and look forward to great things with your SGA exploits! Success!

    Carol Z

  3. Wow, Joe that was gutsy. And I’m so sorry to laugh at your pain, but quite hilarious as well.

    I hope you feel better. 🙂

  4. Your pain is my pleasure. Your reaction to that medicine made me crack up. Good thing I was drinking anything. Thanks for the laugh.

  5. Oh, my goodness…that medicine looked VILE. I hope it helped you feel better, though! (My husband watched over my shoulder, and laughed until his eyes watered.)

    The pictures were great–thank you for posting them!

  6. Hell yeah we’re gonna freak! I don’t know what you’re talking about and I’m freaking already!

    I’m really looking forward to “The Shrine”. It should satisfy me ’til I find out why I’m freaking out.


  7. Hey Joe!

    I think you are *pregnant* with great writing! 😀

    Dude! I think your head literally spun a full 360! That was something else!

    I remember the Crystal Mall! Allie ate something really disgusting in there. I kept saying, “Don’t blame me when you get sick.” She never did, though.

    I can think of NO questions to ask Sharon Taylor. Ah!!! I’m sorry. I’m sure other people will have great stuff to ask, though.

    Trish 😀

  8. You once mentioned one of the first things you did on SG-1 was write lyrics to the theme tune – any chance we can get something similar for Atlantis? 😉

  9. Joe, this might’ve been the funniest “Weird Food (Medicinal) Purchase of the Day”, even though they’re all great! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned for tomorrows video

  10. Joe, you look better than me!

    Yesterday I had a food competition in my City called “The Best Paella 2008”, and after my 4 plate I start to became blue.

    Now I feel better, but still can not resist a mention to food in general. Hope both we get well soon.

    By the way, I´ve just seen GitM. Very good episode.

    Michelle has captured the essence of Weir, she has done an amazing job.

    After that acclaimed and amazing episode I hope you´ll plan something to Weir, because seems that there could be a good storyline with her character in future seasons.

  11. Oh Joe,
    The anguish you go through to make us laugh!

    THANK YOU!!!

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Cheers… no pun intended…

    Patricia Lee

  12. Some questions for Sharon…

    1) How did you get into acting? Was it a lifelong goal or is something you sort of fell into? (as some actors do) And how did you get the role of Amelia Banks?

    2) You’ve worked on several Stagate Atlantis episodes. Do you have a favorite episode, and if so, why?

    3) Can you tell us an anecdotes from the set? What was your first day like?

    Thanks very much.

  13. Oh my gosh, what a funny video, and your camerman Carl was laughing so hard and shaking the camera, getting dizzy there,, LOL!! Yeah did you throw up, I am afraid I might have, vicks-vapor-rub, oooh,yuck. Rob seems to have enjoyed your pain in the doorway. Were you one of those kids who ate the white paste in grade school, oh wait, you are a young thing and they probably didn’t have the giant jars of the white stuff you dipped a ruler into,,, well anyway you are not missing a thing.
    — Really though I hope the “medicine” made you feel better. I am sure the only way was up.
    – Marty G does make a dashing figure in his winter wear! thanks for sharing. 😀

  14. Sorry about you not feeling well but that video was funny. Did you get sick from drinking that stuff or did it do what it said it would do? You know, their was a pregnant man and he had a baby girl but then again he used to be a she and I’m sure that’s not the case with you. Hope you feel better! Blame your fan base if you must for your sickness as long as you keep those videos coming.

  15. AAck! I think I am having sympathy gags! I hope it was worth it! Does you tummy feel better?
    Wish me luck… I am going in tomorrow to have a cyst removed from my wrist. Hopefully i will help the pain.
    Feel better soon!


  16. You are now, officially, my hero. I shall name my first born after you, should I ever decide to have kids, and should I ever find someone who would like to father them.

  17. So did you end up up-chucking in Carl’s office? >:D

    Don’t know if you read your email, Joe, but I’ve never been so happy to *not* read something in your blog in my entire lif–er, time reading it!! A very good early-b-day pressie. *whew* And I fiiinally got the SGA book I ordered in the mail today, after a riduculous screw-up by the new Borders website.

    Trish’s family is taking me out to Disney tomorrow to celebrate my 33rd, since my own family has to work (and they weren’t too keen on where I wanted to go anyway). We’ll go to the Sci-Fi Dine-In, where you sit in “cars” and watch cheesy old sci-fi clips on a big movie screen, for a late lunch/early dinner. 😀 I *love* that place! *does numfar’s dance of joy*

    Although I have to admit, the whole time I’m probaby going to be thiniking about “The Shrine”. XD I haven’t been so excited about an ep since “Memento Mori”! 😀 I hope I like it as well as that one! (Well, okay, I was really looking forward to Unending, too, but the fact that it was the last ep also made me kind of dread it. XD)


    Wait, stabbing?? Should I be worried?? 🙁

  18. Soooooooooo, the next time your wife tells you to drink something with water, will you listen to her? :p

    Loved RCC smirking in the doorway. Thanks Carl for that visual. 😀

  19. Hey Joe:

    I just read a “breaking news” flash from SyFyPortal and it says that Atlantis is not being renewed for Season 6. Can you confirm this awful news? I’m heart-broken if it’s true.

  20. Hey Joe,

    Is this for real..


    Obviously SCI FI wanted another seaso n but MGM wanted to pull the plug right? I am so upset now. I am sorry that the show is ending this way, it is not right, and now I know why you kept saying Ratings would not be the only factor. SGA could be pulling in 2.0+ ratings but it would not make a difference since MGM is pulling the plug. Again, thanks for taking over Atlantis and truly raising the bar.



  21. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh man, I’m laughing so hard that I’m sick to my stomach! That was utterly painful and hilarious. Again, it’s amazing what sounds a human can make at its most tortured state. Hahahahaha.

    And I doubt it’s the WFPofD that’s making you sick. Could it not be a latent effect of that crap restaurant you told us about yesterday? Yeah, that’s probably it. Don’t stop with these vids! *encourage encourage encourage*

    But, uh, seriously…don’t go TOO far, ‘k? We wouldn’t want to lose you. After all, if you get too sick, how are we going to get our daily fill of Weird Foods being eaten by the Johnny Knoxville of Stargate? Besides, you started this. 😛

    Alright alright, but serious seriously, try to be careful. Really.

    Sweet guests, Joe! Thanks for the arrangements. Unfortunately I can’t think of any Qs for Ms. Taylor right now, so instead I’ll ask you a question or 2:

    1. What’s the spoiler poem line refering to Ghost in the Machine?

    2. Who are the directors for-ok what?

    What the FUCK is this?

    I was literally in the middle of writing my comment when I found that…thing. Seriously. What?

    Who is responsible for this?

  22. I am sick with the news. So very sorry.
    Looks like another good thing in life has come to an untimely end.
    You did give us hints, though. Softening the blow? Well, I’m taking it hard.
    My condolences to the staff, crew, actors, fans, everyone.
    Not sure I will be able to watch any more of the season as I will be to depressed to get any more involved in the characters. They should have held off on this announcement till much much later

  23. I’m a day late, but I thought I would chime in anyway…. Go Sam/Jack shippers! Sam/Jack relationship confirmation… I second that motion!

    As for Chinese medicine, I used to take a very vile medicine for stomach pain, and it worked like a charm. It looks a lot like the individual vial that you had, except that it was not in liquid form; the vial was comprised of tiny beads that tasted like lead. But, it worked so well. Wish I could remember the product name. Anyway, I love your weird food of the day segment, fun stuff.

  24. Joe,

    Just read the Multichannel News article. What a disappointment.
    It was a good five years, though, huh?



  25. Today’s video was priceless! Sclerotia (pl) or sclerotium (sing.) are hardened fungal mycelia (a collection of the microscopic strands which make up a mushroom or the webbish looking matter seen when food has gone moldy). In certain fungi, sclerotia may contain hallucinogenic compounds (ergot of rye). Just in case you were wondering.

  26. Oh Joe,
    Say it ain’t so!!! I just read an article about SGA not coming back for a 6th season!!! NO,NO,NO,NO! Now I feel sick. I couldn’t sleep because I’m waiting for Friday’s The Shrine, now I won’t be able to sleep because my show is cancelled! Going off to drawn my sorrows. This sucks.


  27. Masterchief
    Joe, I just read this article saying “‘Stargate Atlantis’ Ending Run On Sci Fi After 5 Seasons”
    um any thoughts? are they correct?

    So Joe,
    You have been preparing us for the end after all…

    Please say it isn’t so!!!

    *cries real tears*

    Despondently yours,
    Patricia Lee

  28. Damn it. I was pretty much crying in laughter at your discomfort (um, sorry about that) and then I read the cancellation news! WTF??

  29. (if it’s true) HOLY CRAP!!! (hopes it isn’t true)


    P.S. I’ll post questions for Sharon later. I’m really glad you have these great guest bloggers visiting.

  30. This one has to be my favorite so far. I want to thank you for going through that, so that one day when someone offers that to me I’ll know better.

  31. chiming in with the please tell us quickly – is atlantis really cancelled? I will be so bummed if it’s true. Movies just aren’t the same, quite honestly. Maybe they make more sense from the studio POV but I enjoy the continuity of a season and the movies are just like long episodes to me…

    anyway boo hiss on anyone involved with the decision to cancel the show, if it’s true 🙁

  32. Hope you are feeling better.

    Sad to hear that SGA will not be back for Season 6. Can’t say I’m surprised based on your comments in earlier posts. Still, most disappointed. A 2 hour movie instead of a season of about 20 hours? Not a good exchange from a fan’s perspective. Oh well. I hope the end of this season is an amazing one!

  33. Hey, here’s another suggestion for Weird Food Purchase of the Day – that classic of unpalatable…substances…Buckley’s Cough Syrup! Maybe the Buckley’s company’ll see the face you pull at the taste and hire you for their next ‘montage of grimacing faces’ ad campaign!

  34. Very sorry to hear about the show. It’s entertainment for us but it’s livelihoods and work for everyone else, so hope you guys are all okay behind the scenes.

  35. LOL–Pregnant with joy? I hope you feel better soon, stomach bugs are awful!

    Now for the comment. I just saw “Ghost in the Machine” recently (was out of town when it aired) and it was great. This has probably already been asked, but is there any chance we might see Weir 2.0 again? I really enjoyed MM’s performance and RepliWeir’s interactions with the team, Rodney and Shep in particular, were quite poignant.


  36. WhatwhatwhatwhatWHAAAAAAT???????????????

    WTF is this jibber-jabber about Atlantis not being renewed??? tell me it’s not true!!! HOW DARE THEY??? Especially if it’s quibbles about dollars…WHAT ABOUT US FANS???? don’t our opinions count in this almighty search for profits & ratings? I blame the stupid morons who advertise their crap on television! I would boycott all products advertised on SciFi on that basis…advertisers are just bloated sacs of protoplasm!

    why does this damn world revolve around making money anyway? This just totally blows goat…

  37. Where is this multichannel news article people are talking about? Has SGA been cancelled? If so, I’m going to scream and cry so loud people on the ISS will hear me! 🙁

    Anyway, today’s video was HILARIOUS! When you said you weren’t going to take it with water and drink it plain, I started going, “Don’t do it, Joe! Big mistake!” But you didn’t listen, and the result is great! 😀

    BTW, nice penguins! 😉

  38. Gateworld now has it up on their site as the lead story. Really, Joe, please, at least tell us – is it true??

  39. Well, until Joe elaborates on this I’ll refrain from pointing fingers.

    But I do know that the timing of this is very interesting, as there is, right now, a fairly large group of fans in Vancouver at Gatecon. I wonder if I can convince them to make a short trek to Bridge Studios to…say a few words.

    Alright, let’s think about that.

  40. Sorry, third post of the evening.
    So do you have time to rewrite the final episodes a bit knowing that they will be the Series finale and not just the season ender? Or have you had a sneaking suspicion anyway and, in an abundance of caution, written things so they could be continued in a movie format?

  41. Re: the end of Atlantis.

    Yes, it’s true. I’m disappointed but not surprised.

    I’ll be commenting on this in tomorrow’s blog entry.

  42. Dear Joe, I hope you feel better.

    It is truly a sad day to hear about SGA ending this year. I don’t know what to say. 🙁

  43. So they let go of a show that was up in the ratings to play with a new toy. Knew this was coming….knew from your hints.

    Don’t understand the choice, a new show is expensive, too. You’d think they want SGA to lead into a spin off.

    Dumb, dumb.

  44. When you’re commenting, please explain this quote from the article

    “and says the show will live on as a network franchise.”

    If the show’s dead, except as one movie, how can it live on as a ‘franchise’??

  45. Firstly, oh my GOD to masterchief’s link of an article of Stargate Atlantis ending. NOOOOOOO! I hope this isn’t true. This totally made my heart sad. We don’t want just movies, we want more weekly shows.

    Secondly, Joseph you should have listened to Fondy again and taken the stuff with water. Yuk.

  46. Joe,
    I’m sorry that I find such pleasure in your pain. I’m also sorry that you have an upset stomach as a result of your WFPOTD. My face and stomach hurts from watching you drink the medicine, I was trying so hard not to laugh. What cracked me up even further is hearing Carl laughing in the background. Chinese medicine is one thing I stay far far away from. I think I was traumatized by my grandfather force feeding me some tar like substance claiming that it would help with my cough. YUCK!! I’ll stick to Robitussin or Buckley’s thank you very much.

    Hey as I’m typing this I’m watching the “Race-walk” competition on CBC. I think your technique is much more amusing and effective. 😀

    I will also join in with the others in saying:
    NOOOOOOO!!! Please tell me Atlantis hasn’t been cancelled, tell me it’s just a sick sick joke….please? It will be a very sad day if it is. *sighs* I was a good 5 season run nonetheless…I just don’t want to believe it’s over.


  47. *sigh* No SGA season 6…I have to say that’s the capper to a truly sucky week and it’s only Wednesday.

    *totally blue*

  48. Is it true!? Really!!??

    I am going through such a wide range of emotions at the moment, which started with shock…:(

    I am devastated! I know you have be telling us about it for a while, but to be told after only 5 EPISODES!! It was a HUGE shock!! I still can’t believe it…

    NZJ (very devastated)

  49. Joe,

    I just broke my piggy bank as well as my brothers… tell me where to send you the money to help Stargate Atlantis survive. : (

  50. Joe,
    Just saw your comment. I’m sad and sorry to hear that the news is true. Please thank the cast and crew for a wonderful 5 seasons. I will savor the remaining episodes of season 5 and I look forward to the movies.


  51. hah I love the daily videos you have been posting. It looked like R.C. Cooper was getting a good laugh at your expense as well.

  52. Shit. That sucks. I’d love to say something more, shall we say, intense, but its probably not appropriate for your blog, Joe. Be sure that the air around my computer is turning blue though.

  53. But I guess you have the chance to make it a good ending with the film. That’s something. That doesn’t make the decision any less bullshit though.

  54. Incidentally, my writing partner warned me that I’m dangerously close to becoming the Johnny Knoxville of Stargate.

    i like to think that you’re nowhere near that stupid.

    BTW my brother wonders now that you’ve taken that remedy without water (against your wife’s advice) will your next weird food purchase be hospital food?

  55. To say that the news has cast a pall on my day, and week, is an understatement. I’ll be notifying Sci Fi network and MGM that they can no longer look forward to my continued patronage of their various products. My only exceptions to this will be to Sanctuary, and Stargate Universe, if it ever gets launched. And those exceptions are based on the loyalty to the cast and crew of the Atlantis franchise. Though i see no point in getting excited about Universe when its obvious that Sci Fi feels no sense of loyalty to its fans. Yes, I realize its economics. Well, I will do my utmost to show them the economic mistake they are making. Other than SG Atlantis, I’ll have the tv off rather than accidently turn it to the channel after this.
    Thank you for at least confirming the word tonight, instead of making us suffer through the night and day. I can’t say I look forward to hearing what you have to say tomorrow, but I will be here to get your take.

  56. I’m so depressed over the news. I haven’t always agreed with some of the directions taken, but I adored the characters and the relationships that Atlantis created, much more even than SG-1, which was my original introduction to Stargate. I’m sorry to say the movie news just isn’t much consolation – you can’t get the depth of character development in a two-hour movie as in watching it develop over a twenty hour season. And I’ve especially loved watching some of the new character interactions this season. Woolsey’s added a great new dynamic to the show, and it’s a shame that won’t get to be developed further.

    I’m especially going to miss Sheppard and McKay, even more so because it sounds like, other than The Shrine, S5 is going to be rather light on John and Rodney friendship moments. But when there was a next season to hope for, I could always look forward to maybe something more coming up in the future. Their relationship was always and will always be the heart of the show for me. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten quite so attached to two fictional characters. I knew the end had to come sometime – I just was expecting one more season. 🙁

    It’s also especially hard with the announcement coming right before The Shrine aired – this was my most eagerly anticipated episode of the season. This definitely casts a shadow over the anticipation.

  57. Okay, I guess now my b-day *is* ruined after all. 🙁 And what timing! When the SG-1 cancellation happened, it was actually *ON* my effing birthday, so that’s *wtise* now. Well, at least that didn’t get announced till night-time, so I was able to enjoy the day up to that point ….

    So I guess Sci Fi doesn’t wan’t people to watch the station anymore? Seriously, Scare Tactics and wrestling instead of good quality programming?? They could have waited another year with Universe! They cheated themselves outof a years worth of good numbers! So even if Universe has 5 years of strong numbers, how is that better than 5 years PLUS another year of good numbers from Atlantis? I mean, how often will they do SGA movies? *Maybe* twice a year? (Probably only once, if they’re doing SG-1?) For how long? Will we get maybe ten movies? Less? I hope it’s at least 10, at a full two hours a pop, so it’ll be like getting that last season.

    Is there *any* chance we can try saving the show? Or is MGM content to just run with this, this time?

    *Goes and sobs her little heart out.*

  58. Oh Joe! I sooooo was hoping you would say it wasn’t true.

    🙁 This summer has been hard for me. First Sebastian, now my beloved SGA?

    Someone owes me a puppy. Or a shiny new show. Maybe both?

  59. Well other than feeling incredibly mislead by the PTB, I would have at least liked to have been given the courtesy to finish watching the season before it was pulled out from under me. Very tacky and classless. I guess people were right, your committment to SGA was always suspect. Other than that, thank you for five years. SGU better be good or BW will have alot of expaning to do. Don’t know if I’ll stick around to find out or not.

  60. Joe…disappointment reigns in our house tonight. We’re all incredibly sad to hear they’ve cancelled SGA! (My daughter is in tears). Still…grateful for the movies…there are movies, right?? Please say there are movies….


  61. joseph mallozzi wrote
    Re: the end of Atlantis.
    Yes, it’s true. I’m disappointed but not surprised.
    I’ll be commenting on this in tomorrow’s blog entry.

    Again… it is not fair! In your blog tomorrow, please give us email addresses for MGM and SciFi so we can bombard them with hate mail.

    *cries more real tears*

    Miserably yours,
    Patricia Lee

  62. Oh Joe,
    I’m in tears!!! All the wind has gone out of my sails and not even chocolate will help me through this very sad time! Sometimes I just don’t understand TPTB, I mean really, cancel a proven winner like SGA ( A People’s Choice Award winner) for some unknown called Stargate Universe, it just boggles the mind! And then blame it on high cost production?! Yeah right! I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight!


  63. Hey Joe!

    I’m really sorry to hear the news about Atlantis ending this season. Too bad Sci-Fi didn’t want to renew it, but I am glad you folks are keeping Atlantis going with movies. Great call there. 😀

    Always supporting you all,

    – Enzo Aquarius

  64. Well, the news is out, and I feel sorry for those who work on the show and those who’ve continued to love it.

    However, to me, it’s not entirely unexpected.

    Joe, you in the past year and a half have gone against the very formula that led to SG1 being such a huge success.

    You didn’t listen to the fans, you actively dumped some fans, and you engaged in stunt casting.

    Mistake number 1: Cast changes don’t make people happy, especially when popular cast members like Torri Higginson and popular characters like Elizabeth Weir are concerned.

    Mistake number 2: Just because someone watches SG1 doesn’t mean they’re going to follow Sam Carter to Atlantis. And it certainly doesn’t mean they’re going to stick around when she decides to leave.

    Mistake number 3: Stunt casting by bringing in a Firefly actor who was popular on that show to play an appalling, laughable, unpopular character on your show is not going to get people watching. I’ve come across a lot of people who started watching SGA because of Jewel, hated the character and tuned out again.

    Mistake number 4: Assuming that just because someone’s a casual viewer, they don’t care. They care. They care just as much as those who talk about shows online. They maybe don’t have the internet at home (yes, that’s still the case with some people) or don’t have the time.. They do still care though.

    Mistake number 5: Conflicting information does not make for happy fans. Amanda Tapping telling everyone she was “obliged” to do SGA and you telling everyone she wanted to do it and was given the choice? Really, get your stories straight, because it sounds like at least one person is lying in that situation, possibly two.

    On the whole, I feel sad that those who love watching and working on this show now have a void to fill, but for me, it ended at the end of season three. I’ll remember the glory days of Shep, Weir, McKay, Beckett, Teyla, Ronon, Caldwell, Zelenka and yes, even Ford.

    I’m pretending the disaster that involved Keller and Carter never existed.

    Oh, and just in case you decide this is a little too scathing to unscreen, at least you’ve seen it and can understand why some people lost interest in the show.

  65. Mate,
    I’ve been an irregular commentor on this blog, and haven’t commented since you moved to wordpress (sorry!).

    Anyway I just heard about the news about SGA’s cancellation. Like everyone else who has commented already, I’m so saddened to hear about this! I look forward to the DVD release and you never know with the original savesg1 campaing they managed to get 4 or so more years out of it… hopefully the fans can mount an epic one for sga!

  66. As not unexpected as it is, the news for SGA still chomps. I am sorry. It has been one of the few shows that I actually looked for every week. Alas, I am heading to Australia tomorrow night, so unless you post early, it will be a couple of days before I read the whole story from your own fingertips. While I am anxious to read it, I am sad about the thought of it.

    I sincerely hope that the “promise” of at least one movie is true and that we will be seeing the magic again, and again, and again. I’m actually excited that we may get a movie. Even though we have seen great two and three parters, they are just not the same as a feature length format. My fingers are crossed!

    I will save my gush of gratititude for five great years until the end of this season.

  67. Heh. Silly me. All my worry about the Wraith and it matters not.

    I will hang in there for the season, but I go where the Wraith go. On the bright side, this will free up a lot of my time wasted bellyaching about the fate of fictional characters. 😛

    Sorry, Joe, for being such an ass at times. Guess you had a much bigger picture to look at, and though the hints you dropped suggested things were coming to an end, I still hoped for something that I guess just isn’t possible now. Thanks for everything.

    Oh, and keep those weird food purchases coming!


  68. Hey Joe,

    Sorry that SGA is over.

    So I wondering would it be possible for a fan (like me) to go see the filming of the 100th episode? 🙂


  69. So, Joe, if you don’t mind, can you at least give us the identity of the company responsible for this? Is it MGM or SciFi who decided this? That’s all we need right now.

  70. Isn’t there anyway we can still save it. I am also taking my support from not only scifi but MGM who I understand pulled the plug.

    Can’t we do a campaign to SAVE IT? PLEASEEEEE

    I am way to sad this stinks.

  71. Sorry to spam your blog Joe, but

    What the heck? How can a well written, original, funny yet serious, popular show get canceled andwhile they air some piece of crap like wrestling (really how is that sci fi?) and scare tactics?

    This makes no sense. The franchise will be viable for quite a long time. Let Atlantis run it’s course then come out with SU.

    I know this isn’t your call Joe or your fault. But I’m damn mad right now. *hugs* to you though because I imagine this isn’t what you want either.

  72. Joe,

    Remember what I said before about you never seeing me outside your office window with a banner? I’d like to retract that statement.



  73. Oh, man. I know I don’t comment here much but I’m sorry to hear that Atlantis is almost done.

    On the bright side, at least they didn’t leave you (and us) hanging until the last minute, right?

    >:o( <—bright side aside, that’s how I really feel about it.

  74. Hey Anne Teldy… QUICK… get a petition going… there is no time to lose.
    Anybody got email addresses for MGM and SciFi, so we can bombard them with hate mail.

    *cries real tears*

    Dejectedly yours,
    Patricia Lee

  75. Not since the X-Files (the first 5 seasons anyway) has a show captured my heart like Stargate Atlantis. I miss it already. The cast and crew have done a wonderful job. I hope everyone finds success in their future endeavors.

  76. God damnit. This is me at my most unimpressed. Call me greedy, call me ungrateful, call me…well, whatever – but if Atlantis has been cancelled to make room for Universe, I don’t want it. I have to admit, the premise of Universe sounds a little too Voyager for my liking – not that Voyager didn’t have its moments, of course, and I’m usually not one to be so pessimistic – but I feel like Atlantis still has so much ground to cover, especially seeing what I’ve seen of season 5 so far; already it’s shaping up to be my favourite of the bunch; that being the case, I don’t know if “at least one” movie is going to cut it for me. (Okay, I’ve settled. Call me “ungreeteful.”)

    Don’t get me wrong – after the cancellation of SG-1 I’ve stayed rabid for any SG I could get, and still am…but I’m worried about the effect Atlantis movies and the possible production of Universe will have on the chances we’ll see any more SG-1 movies. I know you’re not omnipotent, Joe, as much as we fans might seem to think so at times (lol!), but…yeah. Colour me worried. Colour me looking for some kind of reassurance.

  77. re: SGA cancellation – I am trying not to cry right now, as I am in a public place, but it is so hard not to.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}} to cast and crew. This is such a bad decision that Sci-fi has made.

    What about a petition – similar to that which bought other canceled tv shows back??


  78. @ lcshepp – questioning JMz’s commitment to his job on this night of all nights? Very uncool, IMHO.

    @ RIP Atlantis – only my respect for Joe holds me back from telling you to ….. I think I saw you over on GW forum, cackling. Pathetic.

    *walks away from the trolls*


  79. @RIP Atlantis: The ratings have been really good for season 5. And the fans have not been begging for the show to end. Read the posts and you’ll see that people here are SAD it’s over. Not HAPPY.

    I’m guessing that, yet again, the sci-fi channel is pulling the plug because they can syndicate Atlantis just like they did with SG-1.

    @ Wolfie: I am so sorry this has happened YET AGAIN so close to your birthday. 🙁

  80. Hi Joe. I haven’t cmmented for some time due to my husband being very ill (terminal, as a matter of fact) and requiring me to spend a lot of time caring for him. I do come and read and have to really thank you for all the very interesting guests that you’ve had. They have been fun and fasicating! Your wierd food purchases and also entertaining. I was wondering when they would catch up with you, guess we found out. Be careful with that stuff.

    Regarding the news about Atlantis – I’m terribly upset as is everyone. I am interested in hearing what you will be telling us about it tomorrow. In the mean time, please extend out to everyone in front of and behind the cameras that they have given all of us some excellent times in our lives. If we’ve had bad things happening to us, we have always had the show to look forward to.

    I can only speak for myself, but I know that even when something has happened on the show that I didn’t like (be it stories I thought were less than they could have been, cast changes, directions charaters have taken) I could apprectiate all the hard work that was done to create a series that I looked forward to seeing every week. Thank you all so very much for that. Not that I am giving up yet. Nope. It just never hurts to remind all involved at a time of low feelings that their work is appreciated.

  81. Sad news, I feel so bad for the crew, cast and fans of the show, it just received an emmy nomination for goodness sake! I really don’t understand the decision made so soon into the season 🙁

  82. Was that a hiccup I heard at the end there or a pre-vomit?

    You can’t blame me for causing you to make more videos! I despise your videos. Absolutely hate them. They make me writhe in pain at the very mention of them.

    Nope, you can’t blame me. No, sir!

    You’re…gonna have another one though, right?

    I’m so ridiculously excited about The Shrine. David seems to do so well with dramatic bits, really compelling performances. And the gorgeous Kate Hewlett…that woman is fantastic. And not just because she’s gorgeous.

    Talked to my adviser at Watkins College of Art and Design today. I have a plan for my Film Degree focus Screenwriting now. Next step is getting the money. Wasn’t able to find the finances fall semester. Hopefully I can find a scholarship for this one! Give me good messages, complete stranger that abuses his stomach with gross foods and medicine!

  83. Just heard the news about SGA’s cancellation. So sad! I know television shows don’t last forever, but I was hoping this one would last at least one more season. Still looking forward to the rest of season 5, and I’ll definitely be tuning in to the impending movie. Will there be more than one movie? You probably don’t know at this point.

    Anyway, I know there’s a lot that goes into a decision like cancelling a show, not just how good a show is or how well it’s doing in the ratings. Thanks to cast and crew for five great seasons. Such a bummer the (20 eps a season) ride has ended. Please write tons of movies!!!

  84. Jeez, it didn’t take long for the dancing on the grave to start, did it? (see: RIP Atlantis, above).

    Joe, I’m really sad to hear the news. I knew it couldn’t last forever, but I could dream! It’s especially a shame since it was doing so well, ratings-wise. Hard to believe there’s only 15 eps left, and maybe a movie.

    It’s raining, I’m still sick and my favourite (only) show has been cancelled. Damn you, August 21. I should’ve stayed in bed.

  85. this sucks! MGM and sci-fi can’t do this! This isn’t fair!!!!!! Someone should start a STARGATE channel and network!!! It can continue there!!! This is like farscape all over again! I don’t want a 2 hour movie! I want 20 eps per year! This SOOOOO can’t happen!


  86. Joe,

    I second everything RIP Atlantis said. I doubt you will actually answer it.

  87. Am I high? Did they just cancel SGA? Why????

    What can us fans do to voice our opinion to MGM? This is BS! I and many were hoping for at least another season so you writers could better prepare for the many SGA movies!

    WTF?? Please don’t kill of any of the lead charaters in season finale.I want to still think that our great SGA will be together forever..and even make it to SGU, Joe F for sure.

    Please the cast and crew know how mad we are, and let MGM know they suck!!!

  88. Joe, I’m gutted to hear SGA’s been cancelled. So so disappointed. I hope there will be more than just one movie, fingers crossed for that.
    At least I’m surrounded by other gate fans at Gatecon to help me through it 😉 and it was very nice to meet you by the fence at Bridge yesterday.

  89. Hi, Joe.

    Thank you so much for the update and the production photos.

    Just returned home from a LONG day with a variety of doctor’s appts. — to read the news from Multichannel News that SGA has been cancelled.


    I’m looking forward to the remaining episodes of season five, and to the promised DVD movie — and any other future Stargate related endeavor from those talented, clever, creative minds in Vancouver.

    Thank you ALL — staff, cast, and crew — for your hard work, inspiration, perspiration, talent — and for the fantastic entertainment and enjoyment that you’re created all these years.

    Best wishes, Morjana

  90. Joe,
    God, my heart just fell when reading on Gateworld that Atlantis is canceled!!! I truly can say that there has never been a show that I feel absolutely sick over losing. How can this happen??? Totally disappointing and heart breaking.

    Seriously, like WTF!!! (sorry – but I’m ticked now)

    Well – I guess we’ll possibly have at least 1 movie to maybe look forward to…but, man I’m lost for words…I’m soooo sad.

    Sorry……you all really had a good show going there…too bad the networks don’t see that or can’t financially justify it b/c there’s the possibility of a third installment for Stargate…

    OK – going to sulk somewhere. 🙁

  91. I am SO gutted! I just want to know if it’s Sci-Fi that pulled the plug or MGM???

    aka Kdvb1

  92. P.S….. I want the SGA movie to be 20 hours long! I think MGM owes us that much!

  93. Well, while some fans may have been upset at changes mad, Joe, I just want to say that I have felt the show has gotten markedly better with each season — the season is actually numbered in my order of pereference, quality-wise. So not all of uus thouygh the show had gotten worse — I can’t be the only one who thought it just got better and better as time passed!

    (Sorry to have whined earlier. I had myself a good vry in the bathroom.)

    My big concern now is that, unlike how SGA had crossovers with SG-1/the SGC, it doesn’t sound like Universe will have any such thing — is that right? 🙁 So it’ll be more like watching an unrelated new show — we won’t see old friends again this way, hence my not being able to get enthusiactic about the idea, even before SGA’s cancellation. I’ll probably still watch it — probably even love it — but like teh Hewlett has basically said, I *like* to see shows within a franchise intermingle, and am sad when they don’t.

    Speaking of teh Hewlett, this news on top of we Squirrels losing his forum due to some damn hacker? This month just gets better and better, ‘ey Squirrels? And David recently “cleaned house” with his twitter list — not that I blame him, mind, and he probably didnpt read our twitters anyway, but it was nice to think he might. Now that we can’t leave comments on his blog, either, because of the hacker, we have no way to communicate with hiim (short of email, which is a little too direct — at least commenst he could read at his leisure), and it feels like we are even further cut off/adrift … 🙁 But we’re able to keep in contact with our fellow squirrels, at least.

    Tell the crew that David’s Squirrel’s hearts go out to them all, ‘ey? *HUGS*

  94. RIP Atlantis

    Bite me!

    Seriously…your comments are not needed at this time!


  95. Well…you’re probably going to have a lot of comments today 😉 Interesting to hear the SGA news though, I was saddened more at the SG-1 news at the time, but maybe that softened this a bit and maybe I’m just more in that pessimistic world where things don’t work out until I’m told they do. But still, not my first choice, but given the quality of the episodes that are churning out at the moment, at least the show will go out on a high. You’re not ending it ‘past the point’ like a lot of shows do. You end it strong this way, and people will be able to look on the show, and on the DVD’s, with good memories for years to come.

    One thing though is that I hope the end of the series, both in terms of how you end this specific season and the film, feels like a natural evolution or close to the show. And it doesn’t feel rushed or something you only threw in there because you were told later in the game you would be ending it. Because honestly, if you can close this story well, this chapter of the SG universe, then I don’t think it will be bad. I just don’t want a rushed season finale/film that throws out an ending too quickly and leaves you wondering what finale *would* have happened had you had the time to do it. So if you end it well, hopefully people will be proud to have watched the show for these 5 years.

    This news also comes with a bunch of as yet unanswered questions, so I thought I may as well through them out for some clarification for the fans:

    1. How will this affect the finale of the show, or any later scripts? Will plot details/aspects be changed or will you stick with roughly the original plans.

    2. How many episodes in production had you still yet to film and/or write when you found out the show would be ending this year?

    3. Is it planned as a film to end this chapter in the SG universe, and to end the Atlantis story. Or is it designed as one of the first of many possible films?

    4. Are all the main actors likely to be on board for the film? I know contracts may be unlikely to have been signed yet, but is ‘the word’ that all the current mains will appear in it?

    5. How will this affect the production of Stargate Universe? Is this more likely to move forward now as the two shows wouldn’t be in production at the same time?

    6. After the first film, what will you, and the other writers do? Will you stick around and work on potential future films, move to universe or just generally seek new jobs?

    But overall, it’s been a good 5 years either way. A few stumbles in the first couple of years in areas such as characters ect, but the issues were mostly resolved for the third season onwards. Hopefully this last season will be a testament to the show, and in terms of how people will remember it in the future. Good work and cheers.

  96. Thye just made me take another ativan because I;m having trouble clming down. I thought you said it would belater in the season before we knew?

    Project Twilight is the 2009 TV movie/DVD release?


  97. So, whose decision was this whole “cancellation” thing anyway? What is his e-mail, and more importantly, where does he live?

    And where do we send the peanuts?

  98. Please please tell them we still want more seasons of SGA! A movie just won’t cut it, and this season has really improved on the previous one! PLEASE. I’m in Vancouver for GateCon with a friend and we even went to Yuji’s today based on your review (delicious!) but when we got back to our room and found out SGA has been cancelled–

    It’s like the whole trip has been ruined! SGA is my favourite show. This is terrible!

  99. Joe…I’m so sorry! Here I am feeling sorry for myself…but it has to be a disappointment for you. Even though I’m sure you will have other Stargate things to work on, it still is bad news.

    aka Kdvb1

  100. Very sad day today.

    I am watching Moebius right now and getting nostalgic.
    I will send hate mail as well. 100 is nice but 200 is better. Is there any chance for another network to pick up the show?

  101. What will I do on Fridays? I wanna cry. Sci fi sucks, man. Geez, now I have to email my hubby with the terrible news and he’s already had a bad weekend. He was in the middle of that crap in afganistan (salerno) and I was hiding from FAY. In the immortal words of Eric Cartman… this sucks donkey balls. Thank godness I own every single season of StarGate ever made (and the movies). I think I will just no longer watch Sci Fi, just watch the DVD’s over and over and over and over and over………..

  102. So Joe can we get a more serialized story (not completely, just more than episodes that go nowhere) and no teyla-esque characters for “Universe?” A villain that isn’t written for by studying cats fighting and 1930s superman strips? Todd was amazing as a character and was even a little deep but he was the only good villain I can think of in atlantis. The human form replicators were terrible every single time. Michael while well acted seemed to fall flat with his intentions to impersonate a comic book villain.

  103. So, Joe after 5 years the demise of Stargate Atlantis! I’m not surprise since TPTB want to sink all their resources into Stargate Universe’ I’m just wondering what will become of my favourite guys no, not Sheppard and Co. the Wraith? Let’s hope that they won’t be killed off espically Todd. I know there is mention of a direct to DVD movie. Let’s hope our Todd will survive season five and well into the DVD movie. Now, I have a good excuse to cancel Movie channel.


  104. If that doesn’t become a viral video, I don’t know what is a viral video! I’m sending it to my friends.

    Thank you Joe for suffering for our enjoyment!

  105. Shocked.

    Never trusted ratings systems.

    I bet there will be a campaign going to save the show now.

    But if you’re not surprised…what does that say about the morale on set?

    I personally thought the show was doing really well and i had no complaints.

    Depressing. Very disappointing.

    How was canceling SGA decided and justified? Budget issues? Ratings? I’m sure you’ll explain as much as you can.

    I don’t know what else to say.

  106. I cannot believe that you knew this was happening and didn’t tell us. Everyone above keeps saying “oh, I’ll cherish what we got”. Well, I think it sucks. Best season yet as far as ratings goes and SciFi dumps it. How stupid are these people?! I’m going to stop watching SciFi as soon as ATLANTIS ends as they’ll no longer have anything worthwhile anymore. I can catch Doctor Who on BBC America…

    I feel so sorry for Hewlett and Flanigan and the rest of the cast. Never given the chance to be equal to or greater than the Oh-So-Vaunted SG-1.

    I’m gonna stop, now, before foul language starts seeping in. I await your “commentary” on the cancellation.

  107. I guarantee once things cool off, we’ll see an SGU announcement. SGA was axed to make room for it, no bones about it. You guys spoke endlessly about the stress of doing two shows before and bumped off something to make room for another.

    You can spin things however you want about money..SGU will cost tons. Whoever was in charge of this is an idiot. You cancel something that went up in the ratings..oh ratings which were such a huge factor to get 5 all of a sudden were not for season 6.

    I wonder what changed….

    Oh yea a new show about a ship. I don’t think SGA fans are going to jump on board a show that kicked out the one they were watching.

    Oh and just because the SG1 movies sold well, doesn’t mean they were very good.

  108. I’m devastated to hear Atlantis is ending. It’s been my favorite show since the beginning, and the only one I’ve watched religiously, no matter where I’ve lived. I’m so sorry. I know you were expecting it, I know you’ve been trying to get us all ready for it with the comments you’ve made in the last few months, but still — it’s devastating. Just… why has Scifi done this to the fans, to *you* guys who put all your work and love into the show, not just once, but twice?

  109. Hey Joe, I just heard and it’s a damn shame.

    Sorry to hear about it. Good luck with the movies and hopefully bringing SGU to life. I’m kinda looking forward to that. I want to know what you’re going to do with it.

    It’s been asked before and I want to know the answer as well: Did Sci-Fi cancel the show, or MGM?

    I was bummed when I heard about SG1, now SGA? Jeeze.

    Keep us updated on all of that buzz, okay?

    –Lee (long time lurker, first time poster)

    p.s. You gotta stop recommending good books! It’s hard enough when I work in a bookstore! Haha, j/k!

  110. Can’t say you haven’t been hinting, but still… NOT HAPPY. NOT HAPPY AT ALL.

    I actually refuse to work Friday night to watch SGA! It is the only must see show on TV.


    The mood may calm in a year or so, but at the moment I don’t even have a smidgin of interest in giving Universe a chance.

    They could have canceled crap like Wrestling. What is wrestling doing on SciFi anyway???? Or maybe the idiot fest – Scare Tactics.

    Sorry, I know you had no say, but just extremely pissed off at the moment.

    P.S. Hope the Chinese Medicine doesn’t make you sicker. Take Fondy’s advice – take it with water.


    Hi! I’m glad you’re getting a story arc this season. I had noticed your “technician” character last season, and liked her. 🙂

    I was wondering…since you work with computers and other Ancient-tech computer equipment, whether the buttons or switches have specific “functions?” What I mean is, when your character does a specific task, is there a rule or guide to “push these three buttons in this order?”


  112. An hell, I hit post on my previous comment and learn the bad news. I can’t say I’m surprised. I think I knew deep down this was coming. The economics that made production cheap in Canada are gone, the show is aging and cost of production in actors salaries must be going up.

    This seriously sucks! Excuse me while I go gnash my teeth. No more McKay! argh!!!!

  113. I feel so badly for the actors and all the others that get a regular paycheck from this show. It has to be such a shock for them.

    So many of them with little babies too. I hope they all find steady work soon!

    aka Kdvb1

  114. I’m sorry about the show, Joe. I have to echo everyone who said the news cast a pall on their day; this is very disappointing.

  115. Now that the fuming is over with for the moment please let the cast and crew know that we are truly going to miss them and that MGM’s decision wasn’t made by the fans.

    There will be letters written, emails sent, and whatever other type of petition can be made.

    Hewlett’s squirrel’s and the other SGA fans will not let the show go quietly into the night.

  116. The corporate bean counters strike again. It’s not about quality, people, and it’s not about fandom or ratings. It’s about MONEY. Joe has said that production costs increase the longer a show runs. Contracts cost more when they are renegotiated. It’s cheaper to bring on a new show than keep an old one. Syndication will bring in yet more money. Skiffy is banking on the Gate franchise to keep their network going with a new show in a proven format at a lower cost. So let’s all give a cheer to greed! Pfffffft. Damn the fans, cast and crew! Warp speed ahead.

    Hey, Joe. Could you please share the love expressed here with all and sundry on the set tomorrow? I imagine the gloom will be pretty thick there.

  117. So Quick question which I know people will be asking this a lot of similar lol.

    Star gate Atlantis was canceled.

    NOW this is just an IF here. Its still earlier in the season. IF say Atlantis was to make a major rating pull with in the next several episodes prior to the seasons finale Do you personally think they will cancel the retraction of the show and tack on a 6th season?

    I know this has happened to other shows but this would require a lot of the dv’r members to tune in, which can be done.

    If Stargate stays canceled after the season finale I will be canceling my premium cable subscription that I purposely pay for to watch the show, I will no longer be watching sci-fi or any other NBC network based stations and I will no longer be supporting or purchasing any GE products.

    Just MGM I actually am going to the MGM for my honeymoon this Saturday after my wedding.

  118. Rachel wrote:

    And where do we send the peanuts?

    Why peanuts? Wouldn’t it make more sense to send Bic Atlantis ink pens (pictured here).

    Anne Teldy (Ativan’s kicked in)

  119. Is Putting Atlantis on another network an option? Or would that be basically considered burning your bridges with SciFi, and therefore a big no no?

  120. You know, I am so sick of my favorite shows being canceled. I’m really pissed off, SGA has potential to be a great show. Now I’ll be forever wanting to know more about the Wraith, the Ancients and seriously annoyed with the fact that I am now stuck with the crap that is on television now. I only kept the scifi channel on my selected channel lists for Stargate, now that it is no more, there is not need to keep or watch it.

  121. Hi,

    I heard the news about Atlantis. I am deeply saddened by this news. I felt the show really hit it’s slow over the course of the last couple of seasons and have been falling madly in love with the character developments, writing, and the show as a whole. You, as the rest of the crew of Atlantis, have done an excellent, no beyond brilliant job with the Stargate ‘verse.

    I look forward to more direct-to-DVD movies and the chance of a third series in Stargate Universe.

    My gratitude to everyone, including you, at Stargate for a wonderful run. It’s been a pleasure to tune in every week, 🙂

  122. Oh Joe,
    I don’t think I can give my heart to SGU only to have it ripped out by the TPTB. I just don’t think I can. I will miss Rodney, John, Teyla, and Ronon, the movies just won’t be the same.


  123. If we can’t revive the show (and I think we should try at least), will the movies have Sheppard in them still?

    I still can’t believe this it is like the death of a relative, I am total shock.

    It really does sound like they did this to make room for SG Universe which is odd cause who would watch a show when another one they so loved was cancelled for it.

    I found links that have addresses and some phone numbers even:




    The last one is NBC who owns Sci Fi channel

    give em hell!

  124. Well, the news of SGA’s cancellation was certainly a crappy birthday gift for me! I am depressed and in tears over the news, but, like Joe, not surprised. I began to get suspicious when they decided to show the entire season without a break. That would have given the fans a 6 month wait for the new season, and that didn’t seem right to me. Hopefully, there will be more than one SGA movie.

    Well, at least I have The Shrine to look forward to.

  125. I am stunned at the decision to end Atlantis but grateful that we have been advised of this now and not strung along for months to come.

    I know that many people will say that it is ‘only television’ and I agree with them to a degree – but Sci Fi fans are very passionate about their favourite programmes.

    I expect many films to be made with all the characters – including Torri and Rainbow if possible – with whumping, shipping etc etc just to keep us all happy.

    The films would have to include new uniforms for the guys – leather trousers and bare chests. God I’m shallow and easily pleased.


  126. Hay Joe,

    Well I just read the awful news about SGA’s cancellation and that leads me to a question…

    Has there been any consideration towards finding another network to carry the Stargate franchise? In my opinion Sci Fi has demonstrated a serious lack of judgment towards it’s programming dating back to when SG-1, SGA, then Battlestar Gallactica were separated. I wasn’t a fan of Battlestar but when the 3 were together I thought (and I could be wrong) that Sci Fi had it made with the viewer ratings. Then there was the, I believe, 7 month delay between airing the first half and second half of SG-1’s season 10 and Atlantis season 3. I am sure that really didn’t help the ratings for our beloved shows. I understand the the new series has been pitched to Sci Fi already but I can’t help but wonder if a change is in order. I am pretty sure that there has got to be another network that would jump at the chance to have SGA, like say FOX who already shows past episodes. Sorry to rant a little but that has been a question that has been on my mind for quite a while.


    Well OK, now that I think about it, there are probably several reasons why you can’t answer that question but I’m sure that I am not the only person that has the same line of thinking on this issue.

  127. I am very sad to learn about Atlantis cancellation. Even worse then with SG-1…which has a good long run so it didn’t seem like it was cut short. I agree with the above comment that show kept getting better and better. This is not say that it was ever bad – but that it kept getting better. It is sad to see it cut down in what seemed it’s prime. I am not sure that two hour movies are going to enough for me.

    Is there anything we can do? Was this a decision made by Sci-Fi, by MGM, or by Bridge Studio? Is anything set in to stone?

  128. Well. SGA gone the way of SG1. That sucks. I won’t be watching Stargate Universe (even if it isn’t awful). Why bother? It’ll just get the premature ax as well.

    I hope the cast get other acting gigs. And the crew can move on to other shows.

    To the Bonehead(s) who made this decision to get rid of Stargate: Atlantis, bite me. I have no words to express the depths of my loathing for you.

  129. @ LiquidSky – Yeah…I wonder now what will happen with the Wraith. There goes any additional development of them as a whole. And if they do survive this season, is it just to kill them off in a movie? Probably. Oh well…life goes on. This is one reason I hate it when I get involved in a show – come to think of it, this is probably the first tv show I became THIS involved in…usually I just watch and don’t think much about it. But this one was different – it’s those pesky Wraith, just too intriguing for me, can’t get enough of ’em.

    Well…guess that’ll have to change. 😛

    As far as the cancellation – I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s because they want to attract a younger audience. From what I see, many (most?) SGA fans are older females, not what advertisers aim for (though we are usually more willing to invest time and MONEY into the shows that interest us, unlike cheapass young males who pirate the hell out of everything 😀 ). Murder, She Wrote – though a hit – was cancelled because advertisers refused to invest in a show aimed at older viewers. Sucks to get old, doesn’t it? No one wants us, or our money. Too bad.

    I feel bad for those involved in the show who I have ‘met’ through the forums and this blog. Nice guys, all of you. But even if you are all involved in the SGU, I have to admit that I probably will not be watching. My interest in Stargate learns towards the green and creepy, characters I have no hope of seeing in the new show. But I’m sure other people will take up the slack for me and others who leave the fandom at season’s end.

    I’m going to take a moment to say something totally off-the-wall – well, more off-the-wall than usual. 🙄 It’s been on my mind for a while, but I just thought it sounded too freaky to say – but what the hell, I have nothing to lose now! As I have watched SGA, I have come to see some disturbing parallels between the Lanteans and the USofA (of which I am a citizen). The SG folks remind me of the current administration, invading countries (galaxies), forcing their will and ideals on other nations (Wraith), and disrupting the balances once in place, bringing even more death and destruction to those they claim to be helping (humans in PG). So, perhaps it’s apt that the show ends now, as this current administration prepares to leave, opening the door for something new…or, perhaps, just more of the same.


  130. My heart just sank, and I’m practically in tears, ah hell, now I am in tears as I write this. I can’t even image how you are feeling, and the rest of the cast and crew as well.

    I am so very sorry. The show has been great, and it’s a shame that SciFi and MGM have made this decision. I feel like I’ve just lost a friend.

  131. Oh yes, let’s start attacking Joe now, very clever! He didn’t tell us! He wants Universe instead! He doesn’t want 2 shows!

    What a bunch of ill-informed crap. We have no idea what factors went into this decision beyond the almighty cost factor. And it sure wasn’t Joe’s decision — it was Sci Fi and whatever deal they couldn’t make with MGM. I’m pretty sure Joe wasn’t consulted for his thoughts on the matter.

    So why attack the person who has gone so far above and beyond to keep us in the loop for nearly 2 years, every single day??

    As for campaigns, do you really think Joe is the one to ask for the MGM and Sci Fi email addresses? First of all, the execs don’t have public email addresses. Second, all the research on mailing addresses has been done by other campaigns (save sg1, save carson beckett). Third, petitions are useless and ignored. Fourth, a Save SGA campaign would only serve to give free publicity to Sci Fi. Why bother?

  132. I’m effing pissed, Joe.

    Movies are nice to have, but series are better, IMO. We get lots more out of them.

    SGA was a favorite of mine…over SG1. It deserved at least one more season as far as I’m concerned. I’m nobody so I don’t get to make that decision.

    SciFi will keep wrestling on, but do away with a scifi series?

    What is up with that?

    Oh, and might it be possible for another network to pick up the show?

  133. Damn…damn…damn…DAMN….

    *blows raspberries at SciFi* – you fools, you don’t know what you’ve done…

    guess I’ll be boycotting their sucky station for sure now. I’m devastated, not just for the cast, crew and producers, but for all those thousands of people like me who have invested so much emotional energy into this show.

    I blame reality TV and crime shows. It’s killed real imagination. Good luck to all the boring little simps who will think that a great television experience is watching a bunch of bimbos with the collective brainpower of a comatose gnat sitting in a room bitching about each other, or finding new and interesting ways to carve up their ex-girlfriends…

    I weep for the future. The next generation will DEVOLVE if all TPTB are interested in producing on television is crime & stupidity…it will spell the end for SciFi channel altogether.

    So much for boldly going where no-one has gone before. We arrived and found a zooful of plastic bimbi. Beam me up, Scotty – there’s no intelligent life here anymore.

  134. I just heard the news, and I’m more sorry than I know how to say for everyone involved – cast, crew, staff, and fans. What a lousy piece of news.

    But let me also say thank you, so much, to all of the same people – thank you for five wonderful years.

  135. SGA Cancelled – arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    This realy sucks, I enjoy SGA and think that SCI-FI needs a reality check. They are replacing good shows with stupid ones. I agree with everyone that wrestling is not a show I want to watch.

    Everytime I find a show love and enjoy watching they either move the time slot or cancell it. The only reason I even have sci-fi was to watch SG-1 and then SGA


  136. R.I.P Atlantis is SGAisBad on the GW forum. Nice screename huh? LOL! Gateworld mods are letting the trolls run loose and insulting everyone. Just ignore the trolls, because Gateworld is surely not doing anything. GW has become a sad sad site.

  137. Joe,

    Please tell all involved in the show that we got to know them thru this blog and Ivan’s behind the scenes videos and we feel bad for them too. When we heard, I know I and others came off as a bit selfish, at first blush, but truly we loved the show and everyone involved in making it happen. What a top notch crew and staff. I hope this doesn’t put a damper on your 100th episode party! Does that mean you and the TPTB will make it a “Once and for all Wrap Party”???

    Will you promise to tell us all about the wrap party and post lots of pictures and commentary about the momentous evening? I know when all is said and done, no ones blames you or the other producers, we are just so sad right now.

    And please tell us all you can about the reasons SGA was cancelled.

    Sorrowfully yours,

  138. To say I won’t have my Atlantis fix on a weekly basis should be no surprise. I’m disappointed…but not surprised either. Shows get expensive around season 5 as salaries go up and income is either flat or drops. But I’m not at all happy about not seeing JF on a weekly basis! I just never get a headache. I’ll miss all the cast and characters. The Sheppard/McKay banter, Ronon’s fighting style, Teyla and her sticks, and I’m getting soooo use to Woolsey. Movies scare me because cast members may not be available, so they may not be the same. And writers may not be available, so stories won’t be the same. What’s left to say except I’m soooo disappointed.

  139. Well at the very least, Stargate Atlantis went 100 episodes. Thats something a lot of shows don’t get. I can at least take comfort knowing that.

  140. SGA has been axed! I am truly heartbroken. Been a fan for a little over a year now. This sucks. I love the show. Figures when I start loving a show it always gets the ax.

    The numbers would have been a lot higher if the show aired worldwide at the same time. Our Space Channel here in Canada just aired Season 3.

  141. Sorry T-T JOE
    really I appreciate your work from SG1 with SGA but I’m sad for cancellation of SGA in this season 5 🙁
    If the decision to cancel the series comes from MGM or SCI-FI for STARGATE UNIVERSE they are wrong because
    Simply like all series ( Héroes ) he has his bad moments and even so we followed them seeing and in the future they get better and SGA in this season has gotten better and even has much to offer still

    I wait than MGM and SCI – FI, think it over because this series deserves to keep on for a 6 season at least

    In any case thank you for this fantastic series 🙂

  142. Well, wasn’t that news a fine slap to the head? That’ll teach you to up your ratings. *sulks*

  143. Hi Joe

    So sorry to hear the news about the cancellation. I feel sad and angry at the same time, wanting to lash out, stomp around, and generally yell at everybody. Very adult reaction, huh? 🙂

    Thank you for all the hard work on SG-1 and SGA. Please pass along a heartfelt thank you to the rest of the production staff, crew, and actors.

  144. I can’t believe this is truly happening. Atlantis is my favorite show on TV by far and now it is gone for absolutely no reason at all. I don’t care about Stargate Universe. Not one little bit. They gave SG-1 10 seasons, the least they could have done was renew an award winning show. But then again this is the network that gave us Flash Gordon and wrestling and cancelled Farscape, so they are not the brightest bulbs in the world. I thought MGM said Stargate was going to be one of their BIG franchises like James Bond. If so, why cancel a show that is getting good ratings. I think the +7 or whatever ratings should matter because these people are watching, it doesn’t matter what day they watch it on. I am so depressed right now. Please give us email addresses so we can write to these people and tell them what a mistake they are making.
    And to RIP ATLANTIS…you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but your comments make no sense. If ratings are so important, why not add an actor/actress that is popular from another sci-fi show to try and draw in those fans to view the show. Even if you could retain 20% of those fans, that seems to be good strategy. If I were not a fan of Atlantis, I would certainly try it out if, for example, Jewel joined the cast. The same would apply to many actors in shows that I watch. Sorry for the ramble, my mind is very jumbled right now.

  145. I agree with Patricia, it is just all overwhelming so early into the 5th season emotions are running out of control. Like someone taking your blanky away too soon.

    How is the cast and crew taking it? Probably just the cast since the plans for SGU is going to keep them I am sure.

    Choking up with tears again, gotta go.

  146. if Universe is about ship man that would be so star trek and what made stargate works for me was the fact that it was taking place in our time and it felt like i was going on a trip each friday @ 10 pm. i know why they did it, it was tough watching season 9 of sg1 and season 2 of sga across the board the production was poor. One thing i hope happens is that tptb allow the actors to do some of the commentaries (for me most of the dvd). it tough to say good bye to someone/something that you have been enjoying for 12 years. the last scene should somehow focus on the gate the STAR of both shows
    the one thing i would like joe to address is what really was the reason for this decision season four was great so far season 5 as just continue with that trend
    I was hoping for 6 and then some use that season to catering the new series, but from what i have read about the potential new show as not grab me as yet the idea of not having the STARGTE after 12 years kinda difficult to accept and don’t want to be let-down with poorly thought out storyline so please (if you are involve in its production) please study hard and know that your team as set the bar high as to what scifi entertainment can be (actually i am listening to your commentary on This Mortal Coil). watch in passing monk bsg eurecke and a few others but not since my youth have i been so jazzed for a show in 2003 the fall (yankees v marlins worldseries big time yankees fan i literally watch those 23 or 24 episodes over the duration of the games and the yanks i believe only won one so no biggi
    i could see at least one season of shows dedicated to the enemies on DV
    Please keep us your die-hard fans those of who understand what you guys tptb have go through, up to date the potential of the new series. I take the subway home in nyc and today for what ever reason my mind was just wondering on the JAFFA warrior class and the different ways that they live their. I will truly miss this the characters who grew on me during the series run.
    I really don’t know whats good on television anymore i will watch some about usually only for segments at a time. Please tell all members of both cast and crew form the bottom of our hearts thank you for 12 enjoyable, intelligible and heartfelt emotion for the ending of the series (i was not expecting it so soon it hurts and again i understand) please go out with class and remind us why we love STARGATE

  147. I am very sorry to hear the news. I only got into Stargate over the course of the summer; I am very sad it is ending. I’m almost dreading the new episodes now because they will be the last ones. I truly wanted to see Atlantis go on to more seasons, but alas all good things must come to an end.

  148. Joe, how can anyone involved with the whole Stargate franchise think this is a good thing? It was quite obvious at Comic con that if the ‘new’ show got green lighted then Atlantis would be canceled, so why go forward with a new show? Does anyone believe the fans will happily go forward with this new show? I think the franchise has just slit it’s own throat.

  149. I’m shocked to hear SGA has been cancelled. I have one request. if you’re going to make SGA movies, can we at least have Carson in them and not Keller.

  150. @ Anne Teldy (because I don’t know how to do that cool quote-y thing you just did).

    Peanuts was merely a reference to what the Jericho fans did to get their show back. Atlantis pens are a good idea! I suppose we should be more considering of the potential for peanut allergies amongst staff members (we could just send any allergy-potential type items to Attn: Expendable Interns).

    In my opinion, MGM, and especially Sci-Fi for agreeing to these shenanigans, are making a huge mistake. Is Battlestar even still airing (I don’t keep track of it)? Doctor Who is good, but the BBC episodes are up on Youtube and Torrent sites weeks before it airs State-side.

    I never got into SG-1 (I’ve never even seen a full episode). As I mentioned on Gateworld, after season 5, this franchise is dead to me. I’ll keep an eye out for the DVDs, but I’m not even going to give Universe the time of day, so to speak. I got cable specifically so I could watch Atlantis, so now I’ll be saving $45/mo when I’m able to cancel it. Sci-Fi is going to fhave nothing but a continuous loop of Scare Tactics, Eureka (which has all of 4 fans), Ghost Hunters and that wrestling crap. Oh and let’s not forget their laughable “original movies” (I’ve made better movies in high school with a camcorder, some friends, access to the boiler room for a day, and Photoshop).

    As for MGM, they are taking a huge risk dumping Atlantis for Universe, if that is in fact what they’re doing. There are a good number of fans who either are (like myself), or are considering, jumping ship. Granted, there a lot of fans who will give Universe a chance. But is that chance worth the risk? I wouldn’t have taken it. Sci-Fi is going to take a huge hit as a network if it doesn’t succeed.

  151. The cancellation news stinks especially for everybody that works so hard on the show. Well if the People’s Choice Awards has the category the show won in next year’s award show Atlantis will get my vote if they’re nominated.

    In light of what happened with the show will the 100 episode script be reworked even thou there would be a movie at some point to tie up loose ends?

  152. I’d also like to express my appreciation to the cast, crew and everyone involved in bringing us such a wonderful show for the past 5 years. Thank you so much and good fortune to all of you! I hope your futures are bright.

  153. Thanks Linda Gagne, Hey do you live in Nashua?

    Hey Kimberly…
    Very funny. We could cut the monkey heads off and sew them up the butts?

  154. Hey Joe,

    Did you take bets at the office on how many comments you’d get on the blog once the new broke? If so, who won the pool???

    Hey, just trying to lighten up my spirits, which is difficult at best!

  155. Sorry for the triple post Mr. M. But I’d like to offer a suggestion, not to you, but to the other readers of this blog. How about sending lemons, bottles of lemon juice, packets of lemon juice, or even pictures of lemons, to the appropriate parties? I cannot think of a more appropriate way to express my opinion of the decision. And I figure that since I’ll no longer be buying items off of MGM’s or Sci Fi’s online stores, it’s fitting I should give them one last offering. Unless someone has a better idea, in which case I’m ready to do my share…

  156. I just learned the news of cancellation on Gateworld. I can’t begin to express the depth of my disappointment. Taking time to watch a show in my household nearly requires an act of Congress. One full-time job, a part-time job, three small children (one with disabilities) and a spouse doesn’t leave me time to breathe much less watch TV.

    However, I carved out a one-hour niche every Friday night, fed the family take-out or hot dogs and issued death threats to everyone if they even thought about interrupting me unless a commercial was on. I don’t consider myself a rabid fan but certainly a faithful one.

    I’ve ceased trying to understand the logic of why some shows start up and why some are cancelled. I imagine money is always a baseline upon which everything runs, but even then, some of that reasoning doesn’t seem to pan out when trying to understand why a show is cancelled.

    I liked SGA in season 1. By season 5, I loved it and all the potential the series carried with it based on plot arc and character/team dynamic. The only time I questioned the wisdom of the writers’/producers’ decisions was with the death of Carson Beckett. I did consider that moment one of epic fail. I was thrilled to see Paul MacGillion make at least a limited comeback in Season 5, even in the guise of a truly tired and cliched deus ex machina introduced in season 4.

    All that being said, I wish to offer my sincerest thanks to everyone involved with SGA for providing us with a great show, and for me personally, a brief hour in a normally hectic week to sit back and soak up some great entertainment.

    I look forward to the movies but will heartily miss the show.

    I wish you all the very best.

  157. LOL Patricia Lee!

    We could…but then people would just wonder where the heads were….lol


  158. @ Thornyrose: I don’t think you can send any foods or other perishable items in the mail, so actual lemons are off of the table.

    The pictures seem appropriate. Or even balls of yellow construction paper shaped like lemons.

  159. First, a big thank you for risking your personal health for all your readers, (and Fondy – hey, maybe you should rethink about that idea that she’s trying to kill you!)
    I was stunned when I heard about Atlantis. Five years isn’t long enough, though I’m sure that there’s some behind the curtian reason that we all don’t know yet. I know that it will continue in the 2 hour format, but it isn’t the same as being able to enjoy an hour of good, quality television every week (which is harder and harder to find).
    In my attempt to soften the news (for you, me, or everyone else – I’m not sure), thank you to you, the cast, the crew, and everyone who’s worked (and is working!) on the show for a wonderful 5 years, and here’s to hoping that the 3rd series and ongoing 2hour films are as successful as the first ones.
    Whatever lies (or is it lays?) ahead in your future, I wish you good luck, and that we will follow you, whatever that may be, through the blog!!

  160. SGA cancelled this SUCKS!!!!!!! It was sooooooooooo good this season too! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh its not fair! *stomps*

  161. Out of all your wierd food purchaese you have done none had us laughing like the Medicinal one. Dude the expression on your face after you drank it…..lol lol

  162. Thornyrose wrote… I’d like to offer a suggestion, not to you, but to the other readers of this blog. How about sending lemons, bottles of lemon juice, packets of lemon juice, or even pictures of lemons, to the appropriate parties?

    Sounds like a plan… I’m game!!!

  163. I love the lemon idea! Especially since Rodney is allergic to citrus 🙂 Has it been confirmed which side pulled the plug? I can’t find anything official anywhere 🙁

  164. Sorry to find out about the end of SGA.

    My question is who pull the plug.

    Is it MGM suddenly short of cash, due to the credit crunch. MGM is trying to raise $600M in new public offerings for the upcoming “Lord of the Rings Prequels”, “Pink Panther remakes” and other movies recently.

    Or did Skiffy make unreasonable demands. The bone heads have basically gutted all their scripted shows for reality crap and less than 3rd rate movies. I don’t see any Skiffy shows worth getting a cable access for.

    Question for Amelia
    Did your character get to beat up someone on the show?

  165. Cancelled!? Cancelled!? Now I’m sick! Pass me a couple of those medicine bottles, Joe!

    You producers need to get together and sell Atlantis to another channel. SG-1 started on Showtime before moving to SciFi. Get another channel to pick up Atlantis. How about A&E, USA, LMN, LIFE, TNT, FX, TBS, HLMRK, HBO, etc. Hey, what about Showtime again?

    Sci Fi sucks! Do they know what a People’s Choice Award means? I guess nothing.

    Very sad!

  166. And I thought all utterly stupid TV channels were located in Germany. My mistake. At least one is located in the USA. 🙁
    Now that I have convinced all those people that had lost interest during the 3rd season to watch SGA again because it has become so much better than before – now they cancelled the series. Great! Wonderful! Hope they will live to rue it. :(:(:(

    Thanks for warning us before, so my thud wasn’t that hard. How do you guys feel? *a lot of hugs for you all*

    I want to thank you, the other writers, the cast and the crew for five good and very intense years. And a special thank for those who created the Wraith.

    Thank you so much.

    And these bad news totally displaced what I wanted to say first:

    It’s, of course, easy to point the finger at some of the items I’ve sampled for my Weird Food Purchase of the Day segment but I prefer to point the finger at all of you for encouraging my outrageous behavior by watching these videos.

    I’m guilty as charged. 🙂 I really enjoyde them – especially the last one. 😀

    Take care

  167. Joe,

    Having been in a bit of a frenzy the past few days getting ready for my trip to Chicago to attend the Stargate Convention there over the weekend, it was definitely heartbreaking news to hear that Stargate Atlantis has been canceled. I have always been a fan of Stargate, since the very first movie and the show premiered. I was never able to watch it on a regular basis until this January, when I caught myself up on hundreds of episodes in a week or two. Then I tuned in to the new episodes airing for the back half of season four. I even got two of my closest friends interested in the Stargate franchise. One of them told me that the one day a week that she comes to my house to watch our own little Stargate Marathon is the thing she looks forward to above all else. They are about halfway through season 3 of SG-1 right now, and tomorrow I will be sad to tell them the news of Atlantis’ cancellation on our weekly Stargate Thursdays.

    My thoughts go out to you and all the cast and crew of this amazing show. I would have followed you for years to come, and I will follow you wherever you go from here.


  168. OMG! My best and ONLY sci-fi show I keep watching has been cancelled!
    I can’t believe it!!

    I’m so sad. 🙁 🙁

    Please, please…. tell me there is a way (petition, emails….. even bribe if that may serve the cause) 😉 that can be used to make they change their mind!

    I’m so shocked and sad. 🙁


  169. I was not expecting to find out about Atlantis getting canceled in here, it made me laugh and then I was sad.

  170. My letter that I will be sending to Sci-Fi and MGM reads as follows:

    To whom it may concern:

    My mother first introduced me to Stargate SG-1 when I was twelve years old. I bought the first season and progressed from there, spending both my own money and my families income on all ten seasons of the series. I watched the series, live, faithfully from season seven onward and when Stargate Atlantis aired I was on the edge of my seat with the rest of the fans, ready and willing to explore this new world. I am no longer willing to explore Stargate Universe.

    When tickets went on sale for Comic Con 2008, I bought them within the hour on the chance that Stargate would be in attendance. I was not disappointed. I, and several of my friends, were among the some 4500 people in attendance. It was a wondrous treat to share an hour of my time with the people who created the world that I had come to love so dearly. When I attended the Continuum screening on the USS Midway, it was like a dream come true. The autograph sessions were overrun with adoring fans. I’d like to ask – how many people were at the Eureka panel? There was a substantial amount at both Battlestar Galactica and Dr. Who. And yet both of these shows are leaving your network. Both Sci-fi and MGM have bourn the financial benefits of a dedicated Stargate fandom.

    The financial breakdown of one dedicated Stargate fan (myself):

    Ten Seasons of Stargate SG-1: $400.00

    Stargate Ark of Truth: $20.00

    Stargate Continum: $20.00

    Four Seasons of Stargate Atlantis: $150.00

    19 Stargate SG-1/Atlantis Magazines: $228.00

    Two Stargate Calendars: $30.00

    Stargate Posters: $40.00

    Stargate SG-1 Board Game: $27.95

    Stargate Shot Glass: $10.00

    Stargate Atlantis Mug: $10.00

    Total: $935.95

    All of these products are a fruition of MGM and/or Sci-Fi. But what about the expenses where MGM or Sci-Fi did not see direct profit?

    Comic Con 2008

    Plane Ticket: $250.00

    Condo Rental: $725.00

    Ticket: $75.00

    Total: $1050.00

    The Stargate fan’s loyalty appeared to know no bounds. Until now.
    I understand the television industry is a business one and this business decision – is a bad one. Stargate Atlantis, in it’s fifth season, has reached ratings of an all time high. Though the decision of cancellation was one of MGM, Sci-Fi is responsible in its own right and will, undoubtedly, suffer for it. Battlestar Galactica has only ten episodes remaining. Doctor Who will be off the air for the next two years. Eureka’s fan base doesn’t begin to compare to Stargate’s. I have faithfully supported this station and MGM for over six years. I tuned in live for every episode of SG-1, Atlantis, Eureka, Battlestar, Firefly, Farscape and been poorly rewarded but continued to show my support to prevent any disasters such as Firefly and Farscape for my beloved Atlantis. I was once again disappointed. My disappointment will not rebound this time. I no longer intend to tune in (or DVR) any product of the Sci Fi channel and abort buying DVDs and products from MGM. You will receive my viewership for the rest of Atlantis season and Sanctuary if only to show this station and MGM just how sorely missed the Stargate fandom will be.

    I entirely supported the concept of Stargate Universe. I had every intention of tuning in and see if it would compare to the two shows I have watched and loved for so many years. I will not be tuning in at the expense of a show fans already know and love, characters that can not possibly be done justice in a two hour wrap up film, and a corporation that has let a good thing go to waste. Stargate Atlantis’s time to end will come. This is not that time. I hope Sci-Fi and MGM will take the displeasure of the fans who have given them unheard of loyalty and financial backing to heart and reconsider this epically poor decision.

    Thank you for your consideration

  171. I saw this coming, but am sad and furious at the same time.

    SGA is a great show, and I’ll miss it on my TV more than I can say. If it has been cancelled by MGM to make way for SGU, I won’t watch SGU out of protest. Sorry, but that’s how I feel right now.

    Thanks for such a great show. 🙁

  172. Totally devastated, like I’m sure a large portion of the fans are tonight. I was hoping that the huge ‘look at SGU’ at Comic Con wasn’t meaning the end of SGA. Because SGA has over eclipsed my original love for SG1. I paid for Showtime, and only watched one show for the entire time SG1 was on Showtime, how’s THAT for fan loyalty. *crying*

    My question, were the actors under contact for only 5 years? I was thinking they must be for 7, but maybe I was wrong. I know a number of shows end then, because it’s more expensive to ‘renew’ the contracts, and if some don’t want to renew.. then it becomes difficult.

    I will send letters of protest – shall we bombard NBC, Sci-Fi or MGM as the main ‘villians?’

  173. Many Many expletives deleted.
    I love Atlantis a show that has humour as well as great characters that isn’t stuck in a timewarp where nothing changes.

    Bring on the movies – at least they arrive in Australia fairly promptly.

    Many, many thanks to you and everyone involved for hours and hours of TV that can be watched and rewatched.

    I hope the show continues with great ratings for the rest of the season.

  174. You could do plastic lemons too…and write “This Sucks!” on them! *wink*

    I still like the monkey with the head up the butt! LOL

    *big sigh* But, it would cost more I guess.


    aka Kdvb1

  175. I had two experiences with Chinese medicine. My very 1st sprained ankle, my dad took me to the medicinal shop down the street and my ankle got wrapped with some black, smelly paste – it turned my ankle purple blue. My other experience involved those tiny little brown beads that my nanny always gave me when I wasn’t feeling too well. My sister still swears by them whereas I’m a bit more skeptical. I think you can relate? I hope you and Fondy will feel better.

    Do you listen to NPR’s Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me? I think it would be cool if you can guest on that radio show. Just a thought…

    I truly hope SGA is not cancelled. I was really hoping for at least a 6th season before the movies come out. I’d rather have 20hrs instead of 2. And I know that there is a life outside of our TV box but, wow, Atlantis is still what I look forward to watching more than any other program on television. My heart actually ached when I read the news. Please fight for a 6th season! Let us know how to too!

  176. Wow, what a depressing news. 🙁 I feel sorry for myself, of course, but I also feel sorry for you all — writers, actors, producers… You seemed to have a lot of fun working together, it was so great to see those behind-the-scene photos. I’m sad, and very disappointed.

    I must say I don’t intend to watch Stargate Universe, not because I’m angry, but just because I couldn’t care less. Different characters, different place, different storyline. Different show.

    I would have to get into it, just I was sucked into Stargate Atlantis the first time I watched it, but I probably won’t even try because I usually don’t watch TV at all.

    I can only wish you good luck, cry watching the end of season 5 knowing I won’t get more, and go on writing fan fiction. :-/

  177. Hey, read the news about SGA. Stargate Atlantis is my favorite television show, however I’m able to see the good from this. SGA will continue to live through films, so the only thing we’re losing is frequency between SGA outings. Also, this allows for Stargate Universe to begin. So we have one tv series and two film series. I’d say Stargate is entering a new golden age.

    Fear not, fans! The phoenix rises from the ashes! lol

  178. Hi Joe. I know you will be inundated with comments now that the news that Atlantis has been cancelled has gone public…I just wanted to say that this is not the news I wanted to hear…especially today.
    I guess you would be feeling the same way too.
    My thoughts are now with the cast and crew and I hope that there will be many movies in the future…both SGA and SG1.
    I honestly don’t get it…the people at sci fi scare me…and infuriate me.
    If I could, I would buy sci fi and fix what they futzed!!

  179. Thats the last straw. I’m just going to have to stop watching stargate stuff. Otherwise, I’m going to suffer through the same bout of anger that I had when they sent star trek down the river. Too many of my favorite shows have been axed before their time, only to be replaced by mindless tripe.

    DVD movies are just not satisfactory, and I won’t dignify Sci Fi or MGM’s actions by watching more of their stargate programming or buying their merchandise when they pull my favorite show from television. Giving us a new show (SGU) does not make up for canceling SGA.

    Somehow, the mindless programming gets the green light, but the intelligent programming is just too much. We science fiction fans must be surrounded by a pretty dim-witted bunch.

  180. Heya Joe. It looks like we’ve got a new member of the family. My Mom and I were driving into Aberdeen yesterday afternoon when we saw a car stopped at a stop sign on one of the side roads off of the highway with a dog running madly behind it to catch up. I tried to flag down the car by flashing my lights, honking the horn and waving, but they just sped up and got the hell out of Dodge. Yep, someone brought their dog out here to the beach to dump it off and abandon it. I put on my emergency flashers and stopped so that we could get the dog into my Durango without us all being squashed and we brought it to my folks’ place. It’s a very sweet, friendly dog that is surprisingly well behaved (it’s housebroken and knows basic commands), so it looks like either my folks or I will be keeping it. They travel a lot, so the dog will be staying with me quite a bit regardless. Now I just have to get my cat used to having a dog around and vice versa. Yeah, that’s gonna be fun.

    Under the circumstances, I find it ironic that this happened the day before MGM and Skiffy announced the cancellation of Stargate Atlantis so that they can play with their new toy, Stargate Universe. Yes, I know they’re planning on making a two hour movie, but that’s like taking the old dog to the pound to bring in a new puppy and telling the kids, “That’s okay sweety, we can go and visit old Shep at the pound before they put him to sleep.” Great going MGM, SciFi channel and NBC. Don’t worry, the “kids” will remember this.

    I’m just sorry that all of you folks working on Stargate Atlantis now have to go and find other projects to occupy your time between the completion of season 5 and the making of the Stargate Atlantis movie, and of course afterward. I hope that everyone of you, from you as the executive producer, to the actors, to the lowest paid crew member, gets your dream project after this, because you all deserve great things after busting your butts for so long. The effort has definitely paid off though, because Stargate Atlantis has been a wonderful series and I’m going to miss it greatly after the end of season 5 and the movie. Brightest Blessings to all of you.

    a.k.a. Sulien

    P.S. Don’t worry, I’ll be lurking around and annoying you here on your blog on occasion. You’re too much fun to give up just because my favorite currently running series is being canceled. Just don’t expect me to have kind words for those in echelons above you.

  181. Sorry for 2 posts in one night — I never do this but I am just so furious and feel so helpless…

    I was number 5 on the petition. Am carefully creating my letter of protest to SciFi. Can’t find a way to email MGM (the cowards) so will snail-mail my utter disgust re their stupidity.

    I mean, I was part of Team Stargate last year and have joined the ranks of the promo campaign for this year. Why are they bothering doing this — having people like myself and MANY other drum up more viewers — if they’re yanking the rug out from under us?

    Well, I’m going to make sure I do my best to try and make them change their minds. I was part of the Save Ren & Stimpy campaign. We did it then, we can sure as hell try to do it now!!

    Shutting up now.

  182. SGA cancelled! Please tell me it isn’t true.

    I don’t believe it. How could they do that?

  183. The latest blow of the Sci-Fi Channel. Atlantis was getting better and better every season. When Galactica ends in 2009, what would they do? With what are they going to replace SGA and BSG?? This is the end of the real sci-fi on the channel.

    At least we can hope, that they will greenlit Universe and they will beg Joe and the crew to stay.

    Idiots! I’m speechless………..

  184. Oh man that stuff looked like something we used to use for the morning after the night before, I think it was Underberg or something. it always worked but I think it was more on the premise of after drinking it ANYTHING felt better than before. PMSL.

    Anyways, I think it must be a bug going around cuz my lot are somewhat *under the weather* too.

    I’m not going to attempt to catch up on 186 comments as the sun is actually shining here so I’m off to do something with it!


  185. Well, this just sucks monkey butt. if they think cancelling the best show scifi channel has is gonna make me watch “euraka” or any of their lame movies of the week about poorly cgi’d anacondas, then they’re sorely mistaken.


    someone’s been smokin’ something they shouldn’t.

  186. What about plastic fake lemons? Or those lemon shaped containers that the condensed lemon juice comes in?



    Write your own message of discontent or plea of common sense. Though I don’t know whether to send them to MGM or Sci Fi. Any idea who’s the one that’s more pulling the plug? Anyone? Joe, perhaps?

  187. I’m feeling really sad right now after hearing the news that Atlantis will be cancelled after this season. I can hardly believe it! You keep getting better and better with each episode and still they cancel you? It’s just wrong! The audience loves the show! Scifi channel is crazy!

  188. Seriously, if you were hoping to dissuade us from encouraging you with the blame, then showing us that video did not help in the slightest. I’m sorry, but it made me laugh (probably a little too loudly for this time in the morning) and cheered me up substantially, so thank you. And I hope you’re feeling better.

    I originally wondered why there were so many comments today, so I scrolled up, then checked GateWorld. Wow, I honestly thought that SGA was going to go on for another season. I’ll be sad to see it end. Although, we have at least one movie to look forward to. Silver lining on the cloud?

  189. @ the sending lemons idea…

    interesting, but rubber dog sh*t would send a stronger message.

  190. hey Joe, i haven’t been on your blog in ages, i even met you at 2007 Comic-Con, was and is still a huge fan, just wanted to know if you knew Atlantis was being cancelled or if you wanted it to go on and it’s the network. it said on another website that the show ends this season. this is my question…. why show about sam carter on how she was left relieved in the beginning of season 5 in the finale, what’s the big deal to explain that if the show is being ditched with un-ties. i know in the sg-1 movies the ori storyline was finished and so was was the goa’uld in continuum. we have to wonder about a possible new enemy being introduced in the mid season finale, what about the WRAITH? we ever gonna get a closure to that now? or we gonna get a movie that rushes everything and is crammed packed with BLAH? i am very disappointed and upset that this being cancelled. does this have anything to do with Stargate Universe to be made if antlantis is done? i think that DVR ratings should go with the live ratings, it’s not our fault that Atlantis was put on at 10PM when most people are out partying or out. why doesn’t MGM take it to another station to keep on going like SG-1 left Showtime. i think the stories keep getting better and better but it sounds like some executives wife doesn’t like it so they’re canning the show. i’d really like your opinion on this and where you think it’s going?

  191. Disappointed, though not surprised. Ah well, at least there’s McKay–The Movie! to look forward to. Wait… what’s that you say…?

  192. I am gutted, I am devastated.
    SGA has been a massive part of my life for these few years, even bigger than SG1 ever was (and I was a huge fan of SG1)

    I am bitter and angry, and sad and disappointed.
    I feel sad for the crew and cast and everyone who has worked so hard on the show, and I am completely gutted for the fans.

    When we lost Farscape, it was awful. Forever hanging there wondering what happened until a two hour film came out and it just was not the same.

    SG1had a good run. It was sad to see it go, but at least it did not hurt like THIS!

    Great shows turn to dust and have the fans forever unable to move completely on and all because some shit-a-monkey asshole decided it was a good thing.

    Sorry, but if SGA HAS been cut to make room for SGU? It can bite my ass as I will not be watching it.
    Scifi and MGM can also bite my ass. I only ever watched Scifi for SGA, so they have lost me anyway!
    So awards, ratings and do not matter? What does? Frellin money. So sad.

    Such a fantastic show thrown to the side for god knows what pathetic reason. Looking forward to your next blog for some answers.

    Let all the staff know that we wont let them go without a fight, and thank them for all their hard work these past few years.

    I am away to grab a tissue, will return later for the next blog.

  193. Please pardon the second post here, I kind of skipped over everything else in my pique. *blushes* I’m sorry to hear that you and Fondy are taking turns being sick. That’s not the kind of thing you’re supposed to share, you know. 😉 Even if your video today does remind me of taking Tincture of Rosemary and made me laugh at the same time. *shudders* I hope you’re both feeling much better soon!

    Feel free to ignore this part. An old family remedy that works very well to boost the immune system is to crush a clove of fresh garlic (not the stuff from a jar, a freshly peeled clove of garlic) into a mug. Bruise the leaves of a small sprig of rosemary (one inch or so should do) and a small sprig of fresh thyme and put them in the cup. Add a dash of cayenne pepper and then pour hot (not quite boiling) water (or your favorite broth) into the mug and steep covered for about 5 minutes. Drink this down as soon as it’s cool enough to not burn your mouth. The essential oils in the herbs will help kill bacteria and boost your immune system and it doesn’t taste godawful horrible like that stuff in your video!

  194. In light of everything-okay “the news” (and I doubt this will be a problem) please continue this blog.

  195. Même pas envi de lire cette artice, je suis dégouter.
    Je suis trop triste, la planet s’écroule pour moi.
    J’ai l’impréssion qu’on m’annonce qu’une personne de ma famille est morte..

    …….Je sens que je vais sortir les mouchoirs aujourd’hu.i

  196. Joe,

    I was quite downhearted to hear the news…there may have actually been a tear shed for the loss of my absolute favorite show ever…


    Will you be doing any work on Universe if it gets picked up soon?

    Any sort of news on that front? when it may be released?

    P.s. I would like to say thank you to the cast and crew of Atlantis for 5 years of great television. Without the greatness that is SGA I never would have become the Science Fiction fan that I am today…THANK YOU and GOOD LUCK!!!

  197. Atlantis movies, huh?

    Well, that makes everything *so* much better.

    I’ve gotta ask, Joe.. who exactly is SGU gonna be aimed at? Cos with the way this has been handled, I don’t see the Fans being quite as forgiving a second time around.

    Alot of hard core Atlantis Fans will view this as nothing short of a betrayal and SGU as the reason for their favourite show’s demise. Personally, i’ve followed the franchise since the initial Stargate movie release all those centuries ago.. and i’ve rarely been disappointed through any season of either SG1, or SGA.

    That said.. I honestly am *not* interested in a third spinoff. I don’t want a replacement for Atlantis and i’m sorry to say this is probably where our paths will finally split.

    I take my hat off to you guys though.. The crew, cast and everyone else that has worked so hard over the years to bring us so much fun. It’s been a great pleasure to watch and I wish you all the best.

    (cynically speaking.. if SGU fails to live up to expectations, let me know and i’ll turn the tv back on 😉 )

  198. De plus pour m’aider, j’ai fait le plus affreu cauchemard de ma vie!!

    des d’extraterrestre avait pondu dans mon corp et je me suis vu mourir. c’était horrible et maintenant cette nouvelle, mais vous voulez que je me vide de toute mon eau a force de pleuré .???

  199. Joe,
    This SUCKS! I know you’ve been trying to prepare us for this possibility but it’s just STUIPD! (not you the network or whoever it was)…. The ratings have been good so why cancel? As other have pointed out what the heck is scifi going to show? The stupid shows like Ghost hunters and scare tactics are idiotic and don’t even start me on wrestling. I guess I’ll be filling out my DVD collection soon (only need S3 and S8 of SG1 and S1 and S4 for SGA…) and I’ll buy S5 and any movies that you all put out so I can still watch Stargate… I’m trying to keep on open mind about SG Universe, I know if you the teams that’s entertained me for the past 12 years I’ll find something in the show I’ll like but I’m a little scared at the statements that say it will have no crossover with what we know… that’s scary, I want to still have a connection to SG1 and SGA! Please tell everyone that I’m sad that this is happening and I’ll miss everyone but they’ll live on in my DVD player!

    Oh and just to put it out there someone said it earlier, please, please, please have Carson in the movie(s)!!!

    Oh and I hope you’ve recovered!

  200. I laughed out right at that video! I sure hope you got better.
    And i read that cancellation of SGA, very sad, a fan of the show, had hoped for at least one more season. Or 5 more.
    Was it Sci-Fi or MGM that wanted to pull the plug on it?
    At least there is the DVD’s and the hope of the movies.

  201. Well that was as expected, but I am still so very sad to see my show end! It has been an awesome 5 years. I loved SGA – I had never watched a sci fi show before – oh and probably never will again now 🙁

  202. S’il vous plait Joseph, mettez nous un très beau moment “John/Teyla” dans cette saison 5, je croyais avoir le temps avant de voir sa, mais on dirait que non =(

  203. Am unbelievably crushed by the news. It’s always the decent shows that get cancelled, granted s4 wasn’t as well recieved but s5 certainly blew us away with Search and Rescue.

    I’d like to reiterate a request for a mailing address and email address? Fandom has agreed to be polite in it’s request for sci fi to change it’s mind; I feel we have a right to protest so hopefully you can help us in this 🙂 thank you.

  204. Another comment from Australia on cancelling Atlantis in order to make movies of it. Did it ever occur to any of the bright sparks at MGM that not all fans can afford to buy movie dvds and that all we want is to see the show on our screens every week. Thanks for taking that away from us.

  205. OMG!!!! Cancelling SGA at S5 – That is just so out of order!

    People’s Choice Awards, Emmy nominations – all of it just ignored!

    Although devasted as a fan, I cannot help but wonder how bad the cast and crew feel…..

    JF, DH, JM, RL and the rest of the cast have put their hearts into this show for five years and now…..nothing!

    The crew and writers have worked their socks off to meet deadlines and for what? To be shut down after only 5 seasons….

    I know there is a promise of SGA movies and I have no doubt that the crew can be kept busy with that and SGU, but it is not going to be the same without Sheppard and his team filling the airwaves..

    In the UK S5 have just started to air and I was so excited after S&R and really looking forward to next episode – now I know that I will watch it and the rest of the season with a heavy heart knowing that this will be their last set of weekly adventures…

    Please thank the Cast and Crew for all their hard work and let them know how much we appreciate all they have done and are NOT Happy that it is ending…. Good luck in everything they do…

    This is a sad, sad day.

  206. crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap……………………………………….CRAP!

  207. Do you have any of that chinese stuff left coz I feel sick. That is so rubbish for everyone involved in stargate. I don’t get why they would make a decision like that so early in the season. Do you think they had it in their minds that they were renewing it for a final season when they brought it back for season 5? Do you think they only brought it back for season 5 because they didn’t have anything else to fill space because of the strikes? I’ve signed up to the petition but do you think anything we do would make them change their minds?

  208. Même si je sais qu’il y aura encore des téléfilm, une série dériver, je suis triste, je ne m’attendais pas à apprendre cette nouvelle! En plus c’est la fin de quelque chose qui ma permis de changer ma vie :

    Sans stargate atlantis jamais :

    Je n’aurais rencontré mon chéri (bientôt 1 ans)
    Je ne serais jamais aller en Belgique
    Je n’aurais jamais fait mon blog
    Je n’aurais jamais rencontré tous mes amis
    Je ne pourrais jamais aller a At4 (prévu cette année avec mes amis)
    Je ne vous aurez jamais rencontrez
    J’ai a présent beaucoup plus confiance en moi.

    C’est un peu la fin d’une période de la vie. Jamais je n’aurais cru qu’une série puisse m’apporter tous sa.

  209. Now it’s official… Not a good way to start the day 🙁

    I’m sorry for everyone who is involved in the production of SGA. You’re all doing a great job and would have earned more respect for it than cancelling the show at this time! Thanks to you I have a terrific time and a hobby with so many possibilities, not only just watching the show.

    My mood? Sad, pissed off, angry, disillusioned, helpless, depressed, disappointed and more.

    What kind of decision is this anyway? I can’t stand the talking about the money. Maybe these people should change their business if it’s too expensive for them? Or produce only cheap stuff nobody wants to see. I thought TV is about getting people to watch it. But apparently I’m wrong. Quality can’t be cheap.

    Life is change, nothing lasts forever, I know. But this is TV, not life and I just can’t find any good explanation to cancel a show when it’s as its best. Again – not the first time this happens!

    SGA is the best show I’ve ever seen with (mostly) amazing characters. I’ve never been so interested in a TV show and everything around it before. Huh, thinking about it. SGA is the only reason I still watch TV. In my opinion there are too many bad films and shows nowadays. I rather spend my time doing other things.

    I’m an original SGA fan. I only watched SG-1 occasionally before so I didn’t just switch to SGA. It’s the other way round, I have watched more of SG-1 because of SGA. But I’ve never got so passionate with SG-1 like with SGA. And honestly? The two films are good but they aren’t on top of my favourite list.

    Anyway, one film a year isn’t the same as a whole season and the SGA film can’t be a replacement for the cancelling.

    Is SGU a part of the decision? A replacement? Well, I won’t watch it. What would the point be anyway? Assuming I would like it: it will be cancelled before its time. Why bother with it? And: Just the name “Stargate” isn’t a reason or a trigger for me to like something. It’s not that simple.

    Maybe (hopefully) TBTB (scifi or MGM or both?) will regret this in the future. It will be too late but I would be satisfied. Yeah, I’m not a nice person when it’s about this topic…

  210. The descision to cancel SGA when it is clearly holding its own in the ratings and further, to announce that descision so early in the season, demonstrates a total contempt for the regular viewers of the program. It seems to me that we are regarded as mindless sheep, and it is being taken for granted that we will seemlessly transfer our loyality to whatever the franchise produces next. Presumably some other show like Stargate Universe, which will also be cancelled as soon as there enough episodes for syndication.

  211. Promettez moi que stargate atlantis aura la fin quel mérite ??
    Sortez nous l’épisode de votre vie, pareil pour le film..

    Bisou, Joseph, je t’adore♥


    You have all our support to fight for it! SGA deserves to live.


  213. Crap.. Did I just say ‘third spinoff’?


    Remember that scene from ‘Prince of Thieves’, where Alan Rickman stabs a fork repeatedly into a table? Well.. that’s the original Oxford english translation of ‘vexed’..

    .. so make that ‘second spinoff’. And take it that my lack of coordination between brain and fingers at this unholy time in the morning, means i’m somewhat vexed.

    Apologies. From both me and the fork.

  214. Not really a particular news I want to wake up to – SGA has been cancelled. I was really surprised especially since sga has opened as strong as it has? Who’s decision was it, Sci-fi or MGM’s?

    I do hope remaining season 5 will be as good as the start, as they deserve it. Will it only be one movie of Atlantis, or more?

    now excuse me, gonna hide in my room for the rest of day and sulk. Not even some olympics individual horse jumping can save my day 🙁

  215. Wow there is nothing like reading about the cancellation of your favorite show first thing in the morning.

    Thanks SciFi (or whoever made the decision) for making my day so much worse. :/

    Yes 5 years are a lot, but SGA had still so much to give. I feel incredible sad for the cast and crew.

    I guess I should say at least will get the movies … but it’s just not the same. Just not the same. 🙁

  216. This was a very, very bad idea to cancel the show that won the People’s Choice Award just this year. And the future will show just how bad.

    Fans are not stupid, they know that SGA was canceled to push forward SGU and they will not like it. Many of them stated already that if that happened, they would not even give SGU a try. It’s a terrible idea to cancel a fan favorite show to start something new, even if it belongs to the same franchise.

    After this cancelation, the Sci-fi’s representative’s enthusiastic comments at Comic Con feel like a slap in the face. She made us believe that the series would continue, even if she didn’t tell it outright because that was what fans asked about when she went all enthusiastic on us.

    I have supported SGA whereever I could in the past and I will keep supporting no matter what in the future too, but I will think twice of supporting any other series that MGM or Sci-fi will come up with. Not after this stunt. And I think I’m not the only one. Fans can hold a grudge for a long time.

  217. The Sci-fI channel are complete muppets, I only have about 7 programmes I watch religiously, two of which (SG-1 & Atl) have now been cancelled.

    This is ridiculous.

  218. Wow, I’m really saddened about the cancellation news, I love this show so much, DAMN YOU MGM.

  219. Someone on another board brought up a good point. The notion that SGA was canclelled for SGU aside, it’s *still* going be difficult to give my heart to *another* Stargate show for the fear that it, too, would end prematurely and break my heart *again*! 🙁 I mean, I’m really getting tired of the shows I love getting canned when I feel they still have stories left to tell, ya know? … The whole “Better to have loved and lost” sentiment only goes so far before one becomes bitter. 🙁

    Eh, who am I kidding? I’ll probably give in and watch it anyway, against my better jugement. XD Oh, the perils of being a sci fi fan …

  220. Horribly disappointed about the cancellation.
    I’ll wait til tomorrow for more info, then at least I’ll know who to point my angry finger at. =(

  221. Hey Joe, I just heard the awful news about SGA being cancelled. Can you please advise us if there’s anything we can to? Who to write to/email etc? We can’t let this happen again.

    Fair enough that you guys are happy that SG Universe is going ahead but they’re cancelling an already well-established show with a huge and loyal fan base on the off-chance that SGU might do a bit better. Please tell us there’s *something* we can do. The whole of Gateworld is going nuts and raring to go, there’s petitions popping up everywhere. I can’t believe it. 🙁


  222. In all my upset I forgot to congratulate you, and everyone else involved in SGA for giving us a fantastic show over the years. Everyone must be really upset, but please let them know that we’re not about to give up. Thanks for all your hard work, Joe.


  223. What you can do ? What we can do ? How does it work? I mean the relation between MGM, SCI-FI, the producers ??
    I continue in French, it’s easier, I’m too angry.
    Est-il possible de distribuer SGA avec quelqu’un d’autre ?
    Est-ce une question d’argent, de rentabilité ?
    Sci-fi a-t-elle un contrat de distribution exclusif avec MGM ?
    Pouvez-vous proposer le show à quelqu’un d’autre ?
    Argh ! it’s crappy ! C’est une bande de trous du cul (sorry about that, but that let off steam )
    We love all of you.

  224. What the hell were they thinking!!
    Fecking bunch of pricks!

    So what was their excuse for cancelling the show? It better not be so they can concentrate on stargate universe which sounds as if it will suck donkeys balls and i will have nothing to do with it.
    Can’t the show move to another network, preferably one where those in charge don’t have their heads lodged up their asses.
    You better bloody pass on all the hate/disappointment/sadness that has been generated from this news.
    If a movie goes ahead like with SG-1 i have one thing to say to all you writers… DON’T KILL TODD!!!!

    I could go on and on but the language would not be appropriate so i’ll leave it there, i’ll be reading tomorrow and they better have a bloody brilliant explanation for their stupidity.
    i’m going now and i’ll try not to kick something.

  225. Joe

    How much does an episode or series of Atlantis cost to make?

    The decision to cancel is due to $$$$$$ but I would have thought that a franchise such as Stargate makes a lot of money for them.

    Is the decision to end the series final or would a campaign help? Shall we book the pipers?


  226. Very disappointing. $$$$$$$ decision IMO.
    No. Movies are not the same as series.

    Atlantis was a unique collision of well written weekly characters that I didn’t see in SG-1 and don’t expect to see in Universe. Set in the coolest place in the franchise, with the best “villains”.

    Thanks you & crew for all your hard work.

  227. Sad news to see it cancelled… But at least it’s a chance to start something new and fresh with SGU, if that show’s greenlighted. Not too happy with this whole movie thing myself, it didn’t work out too well with SG-1 imo. But if I can see it as a two-hour long episode that will conclude Atlantis instead of a new ‘movie series’ I’m happier with it.

    With this being the final season, any chance we get to see the Genii again (not counting Kolya in Remnants)? Imo, their arc isn’t quite finished yet, although it seemed like it when Kolya died in ‘Irresponsible’.

  228. *Unfurls from crying in the corner long enough to ask Joe a question*

    Hi Joe:

    Awhile back you gave me the ok to post some of your pictures on our Stargate fan site along with the link to your blog. I received an e-mail from someone asking if it was ok to use one of the pictures that you had taken of the great Don Davis to use in a scrapbook they are working on for Don’s widow Ruby that they are going to present to her at Dragon Con where she will be speaking at a tribute for Don.

    I just wanted to get your permission and pass it along to her. Thanks Joe…


    *goes back to her corner & picks up her Sheppard & McKay action figures and starts crying all over again…why oh why, Atlantis is the best show Sci-fi has…*

  229. Please Joe,

    For the love of The Ancients please tell us there is some hope left in this world. They frickin cancelled Atlantis!

    Tell us there it at least some good news out of this.

    Don’t give a crap about TV-movies (Ark of Truth was good, Continuum sucked), I need my weekly Stargate fix 🙁

    Please tell us Stargate Universe is going to air Summer 2009… please? 🙁

  230. J’ai surment la réponse à “pourquoi sga s’arrête”?

    “La fin de Stargate Atlantis libérerait tout aussi bien du temps d’antenne que des dollars, surtout des dollars…”

    J’ai raison?

  231. Hi, does the fact that Atlantis will only continue in movies mean that we will more than likely never see the Tria again?


  232. Hi Joe

    Shame about season 6, especially considering the ratings are on the rise. I know movies will allow for a bigger scope of story telling, and I’m relly looking forward to that, but it’s a shame that we won’t get a full season now.

    Question: Is project Twilight the 2 hour Atlantis movie?

    Les Ferris

  233. riley: “Damn you, August 21. I should’ve stayed in bed.”

    Ditto! I woke up to this! Good thing I went to bed early last night, because if I saw this before trying to sleep… :S

    I wanna swear, so loud, right now…


    Yes, GW has been a bad fan site. I’ve said it before, and I’m afraid to go view the cheering on some of those threads right now. How dare they?

    When a character gets killed – move on. Don’t keep on whining about it for two+ years later. The show needs to be realistic, and therefore people should get killed. The whining doesn’t even stop after they’ve been brought back, in some form or another, geesh.

    And then they dare to blame part of the downfall of Atlantis on Keller/Jewel. It’s disgusting. I shan’t say more about it, as it’s not gonna do any good. I’m just very disappointed that those people are in my fandom.

    I can only say, Joe, that you can’t ever blame yourself or the rest of the crew and cast for this, as you’ve all done a terrific job with the show, I very much enjoyed it, especially the growth we’ve seen in this season and the one before that. So, thank you. For everything.

    So, so sad… :'(

  234. Well, I woke up before dawn…I slept hard, just not sure for how long since I have no idea what time I went to bed. A few reasons I woke up early…

    1. I had to pee. 2. A rugby whistle sounded like a cat screeching (I had fallen alseep to tv). 3. My sister & bro-in-law are leaving today, anxious to get back to Florida to see if their house is under water (which is very likely since they are on a lake, and this has me worried). 4. I feel bad about SGA, especially since I just got into it this year.

    Joe – a question…

    Is it really worth the effort to try to get TPTB to change their minds?

    I know people will try, but you dropped so many hints about this inevitability it makes me think you knew about this a while ago (thinks of the reflective entry you made while in Montreal), and kept it under your hat, knowing that it would be useless to put up a fight for the show. I understand the reasoning (two shows are harder to do at the same time, etc), but I wonder if it would have been better all the way round to push SGU back a season. Here’s my reasoning (not that it matters):

    1. Giving SGA fans a 6th season – going into it with the knowledge that it is the final season – could stir excitement instead of disappointment. People would want to know how the story ends, and will enthusiastically tune in for that. Instead, this is like tearing the last chapter out of a book – and you, of all people, certainly know how frustrating that would be. Why keep reading if you don’t know how certain things will end?

    2. A 6th season could tie up smaller loose ends, while laying the groundwork for the SGA movies (if they ever come to fruition). Putting minor plotlines previously explored to rest in episode format would prevent any temptation to clutter up the SGA movies with such unneccessary details. This would allow the movies to have a progressive feel to them, instead of being mired in the past.

    3. A big 6th season send-off for SGA would satisfy most fans, and stir up their excitement for SGU. Instead, by doing it this way, MGM/SciFi/whoever have now risked alienating a huge chunk of the SG fanbase, a fanbase on which the new series could be firmly established. Sure, some people will follow no matter what, but the really mad ones won’t.

    And for the record, I’m not mad. But I never was into SG1, and care nothing about SGU, so I’m fairly sure I’m not going with the new show. I will never say ‘never’, because I just don’t know – but I really was drawn into this for one reason only. So, not mad…just merely disappointed that I won’t know the answers to all my questions about the Wraith – not ‘fan’ answers, but creator answers. And that’s rather selfish of me, I know. I also know that in a short while my obsession with all things palid will be replaced with something new, so…yeah…basically, I’ll get over this just fine.

    Still…when I woke up in the pre-dawn hours, the fate of SGA was one of the first things that popped into my mind…that…and the realization that I had to pee.


  235. Dear Joe

    Unfortunately we do not have the honors of watching SGA live here in South Africa, so we Buy the DVD’s at ridiculous prices and hope that they don’t go missing in the mail (about 9 weeks later) but we support you guys and will be there for you no matter what decisions TPTB make
    And on a more sad note
    To see SG-1 get axed was not nice, and now to see SGA get the axe is not fair… I hope you guys have a 4th spin-off somewhere stashed away, because looking at the Axing rate SGU will be canceled in 2.5 years from now…
    But I will still support you guys even if you create a Soap Opera called “The Days of our Gate” So keep up the good work!

    Nothing I can say can make me feel better…

    Sorry to see a gem like Atlantis go under

  236. AHHH!!!!
    I was like, oh look, we’re approaching 200 comments, how awesome, then I was like, OH LOOK, Atlantis has been cancelled???
    Alas, and I was just starting to get into Stargate, as well!!! December marks just my first anniversary of being in love with Stargate!!!

    Completely different subject: I hope the Chinese elixer worked very well for you!!! Usually there is a negative correlation between taste and how well medicines work, so if that’s any indication, you should be better already!!!

  237. Hi again Mr M!

    Well, events have overtaken my comment response (which was that Search and Rescue was fantastic!!)

    Like the other entries, I am dismayed at the news. To quote another all-time fav show of mine :
    “Is it possible to be shocked but not surprised at the same time?” (West Wing)

    Certainly, the tea leaves were there for all to read, your blog post from Montreal, the rumour that Mr Momoa would be moving on, and certainly at the Con in Vancouver in April, Mr Wright and Mr Wood seemed to suggest that at some point in the future an SG1 + SGA crossover movie might come into being, and finally, everyone kept saying that running two shows simultaneously would not happen again.

    My first thoughts are with the cast and crew. My deepest and sincerest THANK YOU to all involved in bringing this wonderful show to air, week in and week out. A marker of the genuine affection and high esteem is underlined by the fact that there were 6 text messages waiting for me when I switched on my mobile phone this am…From Ireland, UK, US, Canada, and Australia!! Each one simply read….
    “Say it ain’t so!”

    I don’t work in television and have not the slightest clue as to how these decisions are made, but I do trust the people behind SG1 and SGA. With that faith in place, I am eager to see SG Universe. I can only hope that if it is half as good as SG1 or SGA, well, we’ll be in for one hell of a ride!

    Thank you again to all at The Bridge, chin up…..


  238. Joe, my mother still goes out to the herbalists to brew the medicines (can’t view your video at the moment), but they work a treat. I bet you it might have something to do with Goji Berries.

    I know! For a next purchase, get Goji Drink (or something like that!)

    About the SGA 100th episode now, is “Enemy at the Gate” a working title? And since SGA is now not renewed, perhaps it could be changed to “Ally at the Gate”, or perhaps, as there is a movie to finish SGA off, a cliffhanger that might as well just be the “The Shroud”‘s version of the anti-ori device but for Wraith?(although this is an unsolicited idea, so you don’t have to take this seriously)

    I still don’t get why they would not renew it, we’ve had pretty much 1.2+ ratings this season (don’t exactly know all the numbers and what they mean) AND the PCA for SGA as well!!!

    P.S. I notice my monster-avatar looks like a Christmas tree, any allowance on changing it to something more comical?

  239. i just read your reply, Joe, and that makes me very sad to hear that Atlantis is coming to an end. We are heading out the door for school this morning….my 9 year old daughter has tears building up in her eyes at this news. I am at a loss for words, truly this news is disappointing to say the least. Best of luck to the entire cast and crew for future shows, movies, etc.! (but if you could all come back for another season, that would be even better!)

    Michele Blue

  240. Joe!

    I just heard the devestating news and you confirmed it! WHAAAAAA!
    We here in the UK have only just seen Search and Rescue and it was fucking fantastic! Mucho kudos to Marty G for his script and to Joe F and David H. Their acting was just superb! If the rest of season 5 is half as good as that it will be the best season ever! How can they cancel it!!!!!

    Please would you tell all the cast and crew that Wendy Jackson and the Siberian Squirells (we were the ones who were outside the studio in April) will be fighting for em. (and so will nayone else i cn get to rally) Just tell us who and how (Fax numbers,, emails addys, postal addys) and we will go in and do something about this travesty.

    Thank you and hugs

    John Sheppard is my happy place.

  241. Oh, and questions (which may have already been asked, but I’m too upset to read the rest of the comments thread):

    1) Is there anything we as fans can do to make them un-cancel the show??? Or wouldn’t that be a good idea?

    2) If the show cannot be un-cancelled, is it true you and Paul are first in line for the Atlantis movie?

  242. just read the news about the cancellation on Gateworld.
    this sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! although it was added that movies are in the pipeline the thought of no more weekly episodes is kinda sad!!!!

  243. No more Stargate on a regular basis. This so sucks. I am a lost for what to say.

    Thanks Joe and everyone at Bridge Studios for all your hard work. ((((((((HUGS)))))))))))

  244. Joe, Sorry to here about SGA. Thanks for all the insight, photos, and of course Wierd Food Purchase. I have to go now, I live on the east coast of Florida and I now have a moat around my hose.

  245. Gutting news to wake up to this morning…one less great show to escape into…thanks for your (and all involved) time, energy, blood, sweat, tears…etc…will look forward to the movie.

  246. To say I’m devastated is an understatement, Joe. I keep thinking I’m having a bad dream and will wake up soon to find that all is well in the Pegasus Galaxy. (Pinch self).

    Unfortunately, I appear to be awake, so I guess that’s it and my favourite TV show is going the way of the dodo, apart from a 2-hour movie. (Which just isn’t the same as having another season in my book).

    I know we still have 15 episodes to look forward to and believe me every one will be treasured like a precious jewel. Apart from feeling sorry for myself and the many fans I’ve come to know through GW, I’m very concerned about the impact this will have on the numerous people employed at Bridge Studios? I sincerely hope that the cast soon find other roles on TV, especially JoeF as I would love to see him in the lead on a prime time show, but what about you and the rest of the production staff. Will they be employed if this other series is made? I hope they are despite the fact that I’m not very interested or happy about SGU. Believe me it’s got to be something very special if it’s going to win my heart. That has only happened a few times and Atlantis was the only series I loved from the very beginning.

    I wish you, the cast and the crew all the best and thanks for making one heck of a brilliant show. You will be sadly missed. (Wipes away the tears again)

  247. Quand on y pense cette annonce a fait pleuré des centaines de personne presque simultanément et pour la même chose, dans le monde…sa fait blizzard de ce dire sa..

    Tout ce que je veux en ce moment c’est un gros câlin pour me réconforté, mais il y’a personne pour m’en faire..

  248. Well… I woke up and discovered it WASN’T a horrid nightmare.


    Okay… I am going to take Wolfie to Disney and try to make it a happy birthday for her.

    As Jack would say, deja VIEW! This happened to Wolfie with SG-1. REALLY bad timing.

    @Brian: I just wanted to say… WELL SAID! 🙂

    And no, I’m NOT crying… I just have something in my eye.

    Trish (aka really NOT a happy camper right now)

  249. I am sorry to hear that Atlantis will not be renewed. I wish everyone connected with the show the very best. Take care.

  250. Following on from my last question…

    Will the ‘two hour movie’ actually be two hours of Atlantis, or will that time include ads?

    Les Ferris

  251. This is fucking Unfair!!!
    The whole week I do my work, I do my chores, I do everything boring I have to do, I go through the week without saying a word, just so I can watch my SGA at the Weekend!
    This is so bloody devastating! SC-Fi-Channel shows so much Sh**e I can barely stand but cancels SGA??? Are they fucking insane?
    Why not cancel Battlestar Galactica? -No one, really no one I asked… understands half of the Story on that Show, the Fandom isn’t even half the Size of SGA’s, still they run that Show, why… ah yes, because it is American!
    Oh and how about the new Knight Rider, cancel that one? -We do not need a new Series with a barely grown Boy and a Mustang Kitt!
    *I adore Mustangs but that just killed me*

    On another Note, get better soon and stop eating these weird Food Purchases, you’re harming yourself. 🙁 And I hope that chinese Stuff will cure you, though it looks like a pain in the Ar*e to swallow it!

    I was going to say something else, something positive about Today’s Blog Entry but the Cancellation thingy made me forget half of it! 🙁 Sorry, for the ranting… but I had to vent!

  252. I can’t believe that I have logged on and accidently found out that SGA has been cancelled. It’s just getting good and to have it cancelled at season five. It won a People’s Choice award – obviously that doesn’t mean anything. I have two children who absolutely love both Stargates but Atlantis is by far their favorite as well. They’ll be devistated when they wake up this morning. A sixth season and then the movies would be much better. I’m sorry but you can’t wrap up everything in in ONE two hour DVD.

  253. Anne Teldy said:

    Why peanuts? Wouldn’t it make more sense to send Bic Atlantis ink pens (pictured here).

    Anne Teldy (Ativan’s kicked in)

    I think lemons would be best.


  254. I can’t believe that sci-fi canceled Atlantis. Its their 3rd highest rated show. It and Eureka are the only 2 shows I watch on Sci-fi. Now I will watch sci-fi less. Also I look forward to SGU but it will be un proven, it might flop can’t believe they would risk an unknown over a proven.

  255. With the drastic change of storytelling moving from television to movies, are there are particular storylines that may have been put on hold in the past that will possibly excel in the new movie format?

  256. Heard that SGA is cancelled, why don’t you producers not pressure SciFI, or the MGM to change of Network, and continue on another ?

    This can’t just stop there now like this !

  257. Joe, even though I felt you were trying to prepare us over the past few weeks, the news is incredibly disappointing.

    Stargate Atlantis has been a pure joy to watch. I loved the action, adored the humour and became obsessed with it like I did with SG1 and The X-Files.

    While I’ve lost 20 episodes of Atlantis for a year I’d like to take the time to think about the cast and crew. It always seems like a family from watching the BTS footage on the DVDs and seeing the antics on your blog. While I’m sure they’ll get work on future Stargate projects like Universe and the movies or other productions it won’t be the same.

    I’d like to thank every person who worked hard day and night in whatever capacity to help produce 42 minutes (just guessing) of classic tv each week. Along the way I’ve discovered some wonderful actors who I’ll keep following long after the last take.

    Will I watch Universe? Sure I’ll give it a go. Maybe I’ll get hooked on that too – I don’t know. Atlantis was special though (in a good way).

    I guess the one weirdly good thing about being in Australia and being so far behind is that we’ve got 2 years of Atlantis episodes to see on tv.

    No cheers today!

  258. Not unexpected, but I still feel like I’ve been kicked in the gut. I do want to thank you for your very heavy handed hints that this was coming. While I am very saddened, it is manageable because I was prepared.

    I do understand that there are so many factors beside ratings. I also understand that there is a much wider audience for the Stargate franchise than the rabid fanbase that are far more vocal here and on various forums. The larger viewing audience and not the smaller and more loyal (or obsessed) fanbase are the target that SGU will be seeking. So for all of those vowing never to watch that or any other skiffy program, there are lots more folks who will tune in to something new

    I am thankful that we have five excellent seasons (I am confident in the quality of the remaining episodes of season five based on track record alone) of this amazing show. I would much rather it go out on a high note. We have gotten so much more than fans of other shows so I will try and be grateful for what I’ve been given and not bitter about what I will miss.

    My greatest concern was that we would not get a quality ending, but I suspect that those involved have been aware of the cancellation (hence all the hints) for awhile and were not allowed to announce it yet. So I have faith that this season has been written knowing that this was the end for episodic television and the begining of either tv movies or made for dvd.

    Heartfelt thanks for five years of excellence and best wishes to all those involved with the show for their future success.

  259. Gutted. Angry. Disappointed.

    How does a brilliant show like SGA get axed when most of what’s on TV these days is complete garbage??

    Makes no sense!

    Joe: Here’s to you and the rest of the fine folks who gave us some of the best TV ever!!


  260. To Kevin and all the others who have been asking about if Stargate can go to another station. I am under the impression that the contract MGM has with Sci-Fi states it cannot go to any other network besides Sci-Fi.

    I am sure that had this been not on the contract MGM would have found a new home for both SG 1 and SGA

    It deeply saddens me that yet the last of my favorite Sci-Fi shows has been canceled.

    I seriously think that this is a stupid affair on Sci-Fi’s part

    What annoys me is the wrestling ranked less ratings than Stargate but they are ditching the real sci fi show for Bikini Bombs having fun with Ed.

  261. Hey Joe.

    Sorry to hear about the cancelation, but you might like to know that some of the so called fans are already planning to boycott Stargate Universe in protest. How’s the maturity? These are the people who’ve been attacking anyone who had an issue with SGA over the past few years, and now they’re behaving like great big children.

    Ah, I love the smell of a double standard in the morning.

    I hope you realize how fickle these people are.

    I also hope that you consider using Ford and Weir in the movies. Ford deserves a proper ending, even if only through flashback, and Weir deserves to be reunited with a human body. And with Sedge. And with Rodney and Shep, her old verbal sparring partners.

  262. Joe,

    Good luck in whatever you do, whether it be the SGA movies, the purported new series or something entirely new.

    You’ve make me laugh, you’ve made me mad… but you’ve always been interesting.

    LOL on Johnny Knoxville. I had to google the name, that’s not my type of show (insert SG-1 S9/S10 snark of choice here).

    I feel bad for the people losing their job. Hope they find another quickly. Though that would put a crimp in any movies.

    Go on MGM/Sci-Fi. Bring on SGU. I’m sure there’s an audience out there. Not me, though it’s more for what happened to SG-1 than anything to do with SGA. Grudge, me?

  263. What sad news to wake up to. I honestly expected SGA to get another season and for the actors to be allowed to let their 6 year contract run. I cannot understand the reasoning for cancelling an excellent show which has been improving steadily over the last 2 years, for something unknown.

    I have never gotten so invested in a TV show before and don’t intend to again. I have zero interest in Stargate Universe and have no intention of watching it. This is the end of the road for me where Stargate is concerned. I tuned in to watch the actors, they are what made the show great, and I would like to thank Joe Flanigan, Rachell Lutrell, David Hewlett and Jason Mamoa for making it such an enjoyable ride. I don’t know whether I will be able to enjoy the remaining episodes as much now after this news. If it’s at all possible please try and concentrate on the main team for the remainder of the episodes and give us some resolution to their storylines.

    Thank you.


  264. My favorite show just got canceled, & I feel like it’s partially my fault because I don’t have cable…I download & watch later, commercial-free. Atlantis is/was the ONLY show I watch. Period. sniff sniff. Guess I’ll have to begin rewatching SG DVDs each week to get my SG fix.

    Damn advertisements – because I’m sure with SGA being the People’s Choice winner & having such great ratings AFTER the DVR-delayed-viewing is factored in, played a huge part in this.

    And can someone please tell me WHY, in God’s name, WHY the fake wrestling garbage is on SciFi???!!! How in the world is THAT JUNK scifi? Obviously, some people at the network aren’t thinking clearly.

    Joe: More Carson -> YAY! A stabbing??? Oh how you keep us in suspense! Also, can you please fill us in on the poem lines for GITM & after Friday, the Shrine? Thank you 🙂

    For Sharon: What other work have you done in television/been working on in television? Do you have any plans now that SGA has been canceled? Any particular hopes you had for your character to go into?

  265. I just hope Sci Fi realizes that a lot of SGA fans won’t be watching their network anymore.

  266. Oh Joe, Is there anything you won’t do for our amusement?

    Hope you feel better soon!

  267. It’s because they hired Jewel Staite, her curse just too a bit longer to hit this time!

    (Gallows humor, no offence Jewel)

  268. Joseph!! vous m’avez supprimer présque tout les commentaires que je vous est laisser??? Je n’en voit qu’un et sur les autre il y’ a marquer “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    bon est bien jespert que vous les aurez lu.

  269. Well Joe, you sure hinted at it enough that I was already kind of preparing myself for it…like one would prepare for a prostate exam. You know it’s coming. You know you’re not going to like it. But you still hope beyond hope that maybe the doctor’s office will burn down…or the doc will lose both hands in a freak golfing accident.

    As prepared as I thought I was, the news has seriously ruined my day.

    For the first time in 11 years, there will be no new weekly Stargate. The world just got a little less exciting.

    I am looking forward of course to SG-1 (Terzo), the ATL movie(s) and Universe. But the lag between will be pretty painful.

    A big thank you to everyone at Stargate Productions for doing what you do, and making life a little more entertaining.

  270. Well, this news of Atlantis’ fate certainly explains all the comments. It’s been an enjoyable show, so naturally it’s disappointing to see it go. I thought it’d go seven seasons at least.

    I think it’s ridiculous a lot of people are saying they aren’t going to give SGU a shot just because they think it’ll be axed. No show lasts forever (except perhaps soap operas), so I’ll enjoy what I get.

    The cancellation update seems to have overshadowed the questions to Sharon, but I’ll give it a go anyway:

    1. When you first got on the show, did you think it would just be a one time thing?

    2. Joe is consuming some weird things for us blog-readers. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?


  271. SCI-FI cancelled SGA IMO not because it was a bad series but, because they may want to use the money to make Stargate Universe. I think that by continuing SGA with movies their may be a return if Universe doesn’t do well. But, I think that SGU will go great. Hopefully You Joe will write some of the episodes, I know that you have many ideas to put out in this series.


  272. Hey Joe.

    I have a few questions for you today.

    1) How can SciFi cancel a show based on the ratings from only ONE country? What about all of us in Canada, the UK, Australia……. and did they not even consider the DVD sales?

    2) Can you re-write the season finale so that we are not left with a cliffhanger? Because to have to wait for a movie to be written, casted, filmed, produced and then finally released……people will have forgotten how the episode ended anyway.

    I think SciFi is officially my least favourite TV station as of now…..and I don’t even get it in Canada. Frankly, this is retarded! Did they have this planned for a while now, or just wake up and say “Oh, I think we’ll cancel Atlantis today…maybe we’ll let them make a couple more movies though…”? Can’t people at the production office protest or complain?

    Sorry Joe, but I have to turn the computer off now because I could go on forever….this has put a serious dent in my trip to England though.

  273. Bon joseph je vais me préparer car je doit aller manger chez mon oncle et je pense rentré tard, donc je vais vous laissez mon dernier commentaire aujourd’hui.

    En tous cas je suis impatiente de voir votre article demain!
    Jespert que tout mes commentaires vous on pas Trop gêné?
    Mais a vrai dire cette nouvelle ma beaucoup choqué!

    Bon et bien passer une bonne journée, bon courage pour lire tout les commentaires que vous allez avoir. Gros bisou, je vous adore♥

  274. Hey Joe

    Wow, 300+ comments. Sorry to hear the news, but I suspect you’ve known for a while (esp if Project Twilight is indeed the Atlantis movie). I guess that’s the nature of the business. Please thank all the cast and crew for giving us 5 great seasons and wish them all the best in their future endeavours. I look forward to more Atlantis in any format!


  275. (Don’t publish)

    Do you, by any chance, have a complete list of cast and crew currently working on Season 5?

    We’d like to do something as a thank you, but are not sure where to get hold of this information.

    Would very much appreciate it if you were able to email me a copy/point me in the right direction.

    Thanks Joe.

  276. Hands up all those who didn’t expect this…okay…..you …you and you the men in white coats are waiting just outside the blog room.

    Now to use a colloquialism “I’m gob smacked” that the news has been released so early in the season, it shows a major disregard for the fan base and for potential fans that the two SG1 movies could have attracted.

    We have two choices, we can role over and let the networks dictate what they think we should watch or fight back tell them they are wrong.

    Love the lemon idea we’ll either save SGA or kill of McKay in the process…win win situation there….only joking lol.

    What we should *not* do is set off a volley of vitriolic recriminations and pure nastiness against each other and the writers. It serves no purpose and detracts from what we all want in the end, to save SGA

    Get a grip people, come together and fight back at TPTB make the difference.

    *Steps lady like off soap box…then falls on ass*


  277. Joe,
    I’m back again..sorry! But I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!! Just wanted to say that I’ve gone to Scifi and MGM’s websites and have been leaving feedback most of last night and this morning simply asking them to reconsider and bring SGA back for more seasons and if not then no loyalty to viewers deserves no loyalty in return. I’ll only tune in to watch SGA on Fridays and nothing else. Everyone else needs to go to their websites and leave feedback…let TPTB know what a mistake this is.




    *cries uncontrollably*

  279. One more thing:
    This SGU? It better be the best damn show on the planet. I’m not kidding. If it’s not par with, at the very least, SGA preferably Firefly in caliber and uniqueness then you have approximately 0.00000000000001 of your fanbase totally gone.

    I know. Enormous loss.

    Oh, and no pressure.

    Cause I mean so much and all.

    I’m just gonna…take my ego somewhere it will fit better.

  280. Quand je me suis lever ce matin et que j’ai vu un article sur l’annulation de la série, je n’y croyais pas, j’ai cru que c’était une blague ou que je révé; et la je me suis rendu compte que non, que c’était la réalité, et tout autour de moi s’est effondrer.
    C’est pas possible, pas maintenant, pas SGA!
    Stargate Atlantis, c’est ma vie!, c’est ma série tv préférée et je sais pas ce que je vais devenir sans SGA.
    Moi aussi Stargate Atlantis a changer ma vie.
    Heureusement qu’il y aura des télefilms (beaucoup j’espère), mais j’airais esperais au moins 7 SAISONS.

    Et je vous en pris, ne me dite pas que SGA à été annulée pour lancer Stargate Univers!

    Est ce que vous pouvez faire quelque chose Mr. Mallozzi?

  281. Damn Joe what going on? This sucks cancellation althrough I can’t say I’m suprised. So they say it will be a movie, like the deal with SG1?

    Sorry they should have aleast given you one more season to wrap up Atlantis properly cos a couple of movie will not make the fans happy.

    So was it MGM or Scifi channel? Or was it they couldn’t pay for SGA and the new Stargate in the pipeline?

    Hope you got the rations in the office cos you are going to really be taking the flack and under seige even if your not guilty of the cancellation.

    Damn. MCH

  282. Well, …. dangnabbit. I’m trying to recall there are minors reading this board and not do the salty seadog pottymouth rant.

    Someone at Skiffy/MGM has a good case of the stupids, but we know this. What? We have a successful show with a large fanbase? Let’s cancel it! Idjits. Every show has an expiration date, no matter how much we’d like to deny it. Sure sucks when the day rolls around far too soon. C’mon Skiffy, seven’s a lucky number, let us have seven!

    So, movies. As long as we’re throwing wishes out there, I’d like a musical ala Dr. Horrible. Why the hell not? So, SGU isn’t … shudder … animated is it? Oh, the horror. So, when does Futurama do the Atlantis parody?

    I think I will go out to the desert, get drunk, and set crap on fire, maybe a few explosions. Oh. Wait a minute. I’m doing that anyway. Maybe a case of Chinese medicine as party favors.

    Thanks for the good times.

  283. I was extremely disappointed to hear the news that “Atlantis” was not going to get a season 6. As a fan, I’m gutted that after this season we will no longer have “Atlantis” to look forward to on Friday nights; however, as a fan of Joe Mallozzi and all those involved behind the scenes that the cancellation will affect – my heart goes out to all of you.



  284. I though I’d post again to offer my sympathies to your staff and crew on the end of the series. I hope many of them get to shift to work on the new Stargate series.

  285. That was the most outrageous video yet! I cannot believe that you did not have a trash can sitting right next to you. I really loved the guy that shows up in the doorway just to enjoy your suffering.

    Funny Stuff!


  286. I’ve been having such a lousy couple of weeks and to hear this…it hurts, bad.

    I know it’s “just a show” but it was one of the few things I looked forward to each week. I don’t watch a lot of television. Just SGA and Eureka.

    Why do they keep doing this? I mean, everything seemed to be going good.

    I hope that the next series will be good, but I don’t even know if I want to watch it with having to hope at the end of each season that the show will be coming back. I’m tired of it.

  287. why have they cancelled stargate of all things this is what cheered me up though the day, why do they have to do this they were getting better ratings?

  288. After reading abut SGA’s cancellation, I was upset but not surprised. MGM and SCiFi have been toying with us loyal fans by getting rid of the scripted shows for reality shows like Ghost Hunters and wrestling. UGH!!!
    I read that will pen the SGA movie, please do not make it the John and Rodney show and expose the relationship between John and Teyla and resolve Ronon, Carson and Rodney’s future.

  289. Regarding the crappy news…

    1) Can fans still send mail to the actors at Bridge STudios? What will happen after the final shooting day? (Fan-mail wise)

    2) SInce you’re writing the movie, you probably have an idea of when it will be filmed. Can you tell us, and a guestimate of when it might air?

    3) What will YOU be doing otherwise? Moving over to SGU if that’s a go? Or on to something else?

    4) What the decision behind cancelling the show and going to do one movie (so far)? I know it’s all about money, but just how much.

    5) Fans are talking campaigns etc and sending stuff to the studio. If bottled water, lemons, etc. are sent there, will they be counted? Or should we annoy MGM’s California office instead? 😉

  290. Joe

    I am so heartbroken now. I cannot believe that SGA has been canceled. Who is the genius that decided that? and I want names, addresses, and phone numbers of those buffoons that made that decision.

    Sorry Joe but I am mad as a hornet and so are several other fans of the show. The net is buzzing with ticked off fans.

    And they (MGM) are banking on these movies being a hit. I will tell you right now if the guys behind writing the show and the cast of the show are not involved with this movie then I will not be purchasing it.

    Stupid idea airing the movies on Sci Fi and then releasing the movies on DVD to the Public. Again the rest of the SGA FAN WORLD is left out.

    What really sucks is that the show only aired in the states and then eventually it gets shown to the world. It’s filmed in Canada and the States gets it first. Unfair. The numbers would be a hell of a lot greater if SGA aired at the same time world wide. Canada’s own pathetic Space Channel just finished airing Season 3 and they went back to airing Season 1 and 2. Who knows when Season 4 and 5 will air for us.

    SGA got me hooked on Sci Fi. It got me reading Sci Fi. I am a Sci Fi Fan because of SGA. SGA also got me doing writing. SGA Fan Fic.

    It’s not only affecting us but my heart goes out to you, the writers, the cast and crew of the show. You all put a lot of hard work into the show and it showed. The stories were awesome.

    I can’t believe this.


  291. Hey Joe….Just heard the news about SGA a short time ago and still can’t believe it….I thought S5 was going really well……I heard that it was MGM this time and not sci-fi….I swear if this is because of the new show Universe i for one will not be watching it and i know quite a few others who feel the same way….

    I don’t know if MGM realise just how many fanatics SGA has,if they’re not careful this could backfire on them bigtime…

    I know it isn’t your fault and you would have done anything to try keep SGA running but we the fans will not give up without a fight…We will fight to the bitter end 😡

    If we are left with SGA movies i will definately buy the DVD’s but i will not under any circumstance watch universe if this was the reason for dumping SGA so uncerimoniously!

    Anyway i wsish you guys,all the crew and cast luck on the future whereever it may lie!

  292. It doesn’t surprise me when the major networks do it. They’ll cancel quality shows at the drop of the hat, and replace them with CSI/Law and Order reruns or — God help us — the next big “reality” show. Ask them why, and they point to the 5,000 people in their antiquated Nielsen ratings system and say: “You know, they just weren’t watching it ‘live.'”

    But somehow this did catch me off guard. I expected a network like the SciFi channel to be ahead of the curve, embracing the future of TV (which, sorry, WILL involve more and more DVR and online viewing). And I expected them to support the kind of original, creative programming that Atlantis represents.

    What’s SciFi going to do, use the extra hour each week to air more wrestling?

    I don’t know right now whether to be upset that instead of getting to watch Atlantis every week, I’ll be seeing it once a year…or to be happy that Atlantis, like SG1, is now free from the staggering stupidity that are network executives.

  293. Upon further reflection…I blame it all on the Rogue Winkie. 😛

    Hope you’re feeling better today, Joe – current situation aside. And here, just something silly I did a bit ago. Feel free to substitute ‘Atlanteans’ with ‘MGM’ (or whoever)…maybe it’ll give you a smile…maybe not…


    Looking forward to whatever news you can share. I bet today’s blog is gonna be a doozy! Like I said before, my biggest disappointment is that there is still ‘much about Wraith we do not know’, and now will never know. Shame to create such a unique race, only to leave so many questions unanswered. I’m still on the ‘don’t kill them all off’ page, and now more than ever because they haven’t been fully explored or developed…though effort was made over the last couple of seasons to do so. I’ll have that, and whatever The Queen reveals…and maybe a few other tidbits.
    But as you know, the more you explain, the more questions arise…so, yeah…basically, I’ll never be satisfied. 😆


  294. Oh, no…I’m so sorry to hear that this is the last season. 🙁 I look forward to seeing what you do with the movie(s), though. The SG-1 ones have been very entertaining.

    I also feel that whatever projects you get involved in after Atlantis will be exciting to watch.

    I do hope that you won’t stop your blog…I’d miss your silly sense of humor and wacky videos. And all the yummy food and cute doggie pictures.

  295. As the feedback email addy for the SciFi channel seems to be bouncing emails back (big surprise there), Atlantis fans might want to try the old-fashioned way instead:

    Dave Howe President,
    SCI FI Channel
    21st Floor
    30 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York, NY 10112

    I don’t expect it to make any difference at all, but they still ought to hear from the fans.

  296. Joe, I am so crushed right now, but I can’t imagine how you guys must feel – and the cast. This is just wrong on so many levels.

    My heartfelt sympathy and thank you to the whole cast and crew for what has been some of the best TV of my life.

  297. If and when Stargate Universe gets the green light, I hope you guys don’t have to air it on Sci Fi. They’ve already screwed 2 stargate series. Also, thnx for including Ford for that short scene in “Search and Rescue”. Any change we could see him again in the SGA movie or possible future movies?

  298. Oh, wait. I just learned that you’re co-writing the Atlantis movie??!

    The Wraith are totally screwed now, aren’t they. 😛


  299. I was very sad to read the official announcement of the end of the seasons for SGA. I can’t wait to see what you cook up for the movies? If there is Stargate Universe, will you be working on it? Thanks for 5 great seasons.

  300. Figure I’d better jump in here somewhere and just add to the tally.

    Sad, pissed off, angry, disillusioned, helpless, depressed, disappointed and more… oh yes, me too.

    Yeah, great timing on that announcement huh? So we don’t even get the privilege of enjoying the last 15 episodes without this cloud hanging over us. Thank you SOOO much for letting us have FIVE whole episodes this season to truly enjoy.

    SG:Universe or not, I’m done with MGM and SciFi channel. The ONLY shows I see there that actually ARE science fiction are SGA and Dr Who… and I dont watch Dr Who… and that can be seen on BBC America. Why is there crap like Scare Tactics and WRESTLING on the channel that’s supposed to be dedicated to SCIENCE FICTION???

    I’ve always wondered that, but never really cared since they didnt affect my favorite show. NOW it has. Those NON-SciFi shows get to stay on the SCIFI channel while an actual science fiction show on the science fiction station gets canned… again. BEAUTIFUL!!!

    I will NOT be watching SG:Universe. EVER! I will not watch another show that has a title beginning with STARGATE…. ever. IF we get the movies WITH the current cast I will watch those. I will watch SGA anywhere and anytime they see fit to give it back to us IF the current cast is in it. But no more.. nothing more.

    Now I can actually throw out my television since SGA was the ONLY show I cared about watching. EVER! It is the only show on television worth sitting down for an hour to watch! And seeing as ratings DON’T honestly matter and awards and People’s Choices DON’T matter then my disappearance along with the thousands of others who feel the same way shouldn’t really matter to TPTB.

    I’ll be taking a close look in the coming weeks at the advertizements sold during SGA’s timeslot as well and will be sure they feel the hit in their purse as well.

    Thanks for the first ten years with SG-1. Thanks for the five with SGA… but this feels totally premature and a total betrayal to fans who showed loyalty to the FRANCHISE only to get it up the @$$ again. No more. This one hurts just too damned much. This is like watching your friends die slowly all over again and there’s not a g*d damned thing we can do about it. So I’m done making “friends” in the Stargate universe… pun intended.

    – JS

  301. Joe,

    Sorry to hear about Atlantis. Thanks to you and everyone involved in the production for 5 great seasons. Good luck to you and Paul on writing the new movie. I look forward to that.

    Here’s hoping that SGU still gets the green light (soon!), and here’s hoping that some old favorites show up for visits there (including my personal fave Jonas Quinn).

    All the best to you and the team!


  302. Okay. Wow, I don’t know how I’m gonna break this news to my sis who adores SGA and got me hooked on it. Yeesh. I was hoping this was some sort of internet mistake. Is there a Sci Fi or MGM annoucement posted online about this?

  303. Oh by the way… my rant and my anger is directed at MGM… your blog just gives me the outlet.

    At least you and the other creators of the shows can take heart that you created two of the best shows ever seen on television. Thanks for that Joe.

    – JS

  304. Cancelled !! NO NOT AGAIN
    Joe can you please tell Sci-fi they have serious commitment issues next time you see a rep. of there’s. My anguish is palpable!

  305. OMG Joe, I think that the Weird Medicinal Purchase of the day, is quite possibly the funniest video ever! 😆

  306. Hey Joe,

    Now that you have the word on the cancellation, will you (or the team) have to do a rewrite or retool Episode 20? Will you build it more as a setup for possible movies?

    And, of course, my focus always being on a S/J relationship, will there be more of mention of that in the “find out more about Carter’s new command” part of the episode?

    Thanks, and I’m sorry about the cancellation. Will you be involved in SGU and future movies?


  307. Joe, nous avons été choqué par l’annulation de SGA et nous avons l’impression d’être un peu floué, nous tenons beaucoup à la série et à ces personnages.
    Nous avons l’impression qu’ Atlantis est sacrifiée au profit de SGU et à mon avis cela desservira les fans qui sont en colère aujourd’hui et pensent même à boycotter la nouvelle série.
    Combien de temps devrons nous attendre avant le film SGA, merci, bien à vous.

  308. Oh Joe

    Noooo. I’m so disappointed to hear of the cancellation. That’s not what I want to hear.

    Just watched Search and Rescue and that was just great. I’m so looking forward to the rest of the season. Now I know it’s going to be the last…… I’m gutted.

  309. The strength with which SG1 has performed in its ‘non-scifi-channel’ form should give heart to fans who are downcast over SGA’s end. Given that the Stargate franchise isn’t going to disappear any time soon, we can always be certain that the talented people who have worked on its various (but consistently successful) manifestations will be able to continue doing so in times to come.

    (I hope.)

    And a big thank you, as always, for the ever-entertaining (if painful) videos and posts.


  310. Like many other viewers, I was devastated when I read of SGA’s cancellation. Never, ever, have I been as involved with a TV show as I have been with SGA. I had so hoped for at least one more season. While I welcome the movies (It is more than one, isn’t it?), they just cannot replace the series, especially as they will only be 90 minutes long (with 30 minutes of commericals), and they will only come out once a year — if we’re lucky.

    As far as SGU is concerned, I don’t think I’ll go down that road. What I read of the show’s premise did not interest me, so I can’t see myself ever investing the time and effort to watch it (or any other TV series for that matter), that I have willingly spent on SGA.

    Please extend my heartfelt thanks to everybody — the cast, the crew, the writers and the producers — involved with the making of SGA. It has been an absolute pleasure to watch your show for five years. I wish everyone all the best.

  311. Hey Joe, sorry to hear about the show, but good look with the movie! Oh and er any chance Sharon Taylor might be repraising her role as Ameila Banks in the movie or is it too early yet?

  312. Well, this just sucks. It also makes no sense. From everything I’ve heard, the show’s getting excellent ratings and pulling in the prime demographic. And it’s not like SciFi has a whole lot else–they’re running *wrestling*? So…you pull a known quantity off the air, pissing off your viewers in the process, in order to get the money for a new series that many of said viewers won’t watch?

    I don’t know if there’s any chance of reversing this decision, but if there is, just let me know who to write.

  313. hey Joe, I know you’ll try to explain everything but I’d like to ask one thing: was this SCI FI’s or MGM’s decision? see fans are kind of wondering whether MGM decided to sacrifice Atlantis (in this format) in order to go ahead and produce more SG-1 movies and especially SGU. is there any truth to this? I just think that it’s sad. Atlantis had a lot of potential, the ratings improved and I was hoping that SCI FI would renew it for at least another season to wrap up certain stors arcs etc. anyway I’d also like to thank you for taking time to answer our questions. looking forward to tonights blog entry…

  314. I’m truly heartbroken to hear the news of the cancellation of SGA. This news leaves me in a sad mood. “sniff”

    Thank you JF JH and the rest to the cast for a wonderful five years of thrilling entertainment.

    SGA will be truly missed.

    Not happy with MGM or SciFi on this decision!

    Hopefully fans can save SGA for a sixth and final season. “sniff”


  315. Yo, JM, point to whomever did this, and we’ll take care of it. There’s a legion of slavering fans ready to march on whatever yahoo(s) decided this, ready to do everything to keep the show on the air, and the cast and crew in a job!


  316. Well, I’m pretty much numb at the moment. Being fed on by a Wraith would probably be an uplift to my day. Is Todd busy?

    Why is it that I suspect the Asgard knew this was coming and couldn’t live with the thought either…?

    Sure glad that I couldn’t afford to go to GATECON and be greeted with this kind of news… BTW, Joe, if you’ve actually been reading this far down the list, you might want to beef up security around the studio this weekend… It wouldn’t surprise me at all if most of the GC attendees show up outside your fences for something to do…

    Oh, gee, maybe MGM could make a reality series out of it!!
    [Where are those invading space aliens when you need them in Real Life!?]

    I guess winning a Peoples’ Choice Award does equal the kiss of Death!

  317. Joe,

    Was it Sci Fi’s decision to get rid of SGA or was it MGM. I have heard conflicting reports and I was wondering who was behind it. I hope to hell it was MGM! That would be one of the dumbest moves they have ever made!

  318. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for letting us vent, complain, cry, bitch, whine, rage, sniffle, and talk about the news.

    We care that you care.


  319. I’m missing the lovely Joe Flanigan already. What is a girl to do – or dream about?

  320. I still cannot believe that SGA will be cancelled.. hello??? I grew up with this franchise. there will be a very empty spot in my life when it ends. luckily there are reruns.

    any plans for a SGA movie?

  321. Dans les forums (anglophones et francophones) que j’ai visité aujourd’hui, beaucoup de fans vont boycotter Stargate Univers a cause de cette annulation.
    Personnellement, je regarderais juste le pilote pour me faire une idée et pour voir si cette nouvelle série est à la hauteur d’Atlantis (ce qui m’étonnerais).

    Qu’en pensez vous?

  322. :(:(:(oh why do you have to do this. It is such a great show alot of ratings. yeah whos idea was it to get rid of it. 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Iwatch it every Friday night at 10pm. And man i wouldnt want to the reaction to other fans. SGa is one of the main reasons i watch scifi on friday nights. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    I 🙁 at you you meanies. :(:(:(:(:(

  323. I know this is . . . well I really don’t know how you are feeling about this decision but I hope that it is a positive thing for you. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Atlantis and hope that there will be more in the future. Thanks for the entertainment and best wishes!

  324. Ya know, it’s times like this that I bet everyone wishes the Wraith were real, ya know…so that we could sic ’em on a corporate exec, or three.

    @ Ganymede – Sorry…Todd IS busy. He’s right here, sucking on my toes…(hey, look…a gal’s gotta have something to brighten up her day! Next up, Hair Brushing 101!)


  325. hope your feeling better! If the medicin tastes that bad im sure it must be good for you!

    I liked the hart felt support from your work colegues, 2 of them look on with amusment while the other asks you not to be sick in his office!

  326. We just want a sixth season.

    I’m going to miss McKay. He always cracked me up even when I was depressed.

  327. The sound of my heart breaking is all I could hear when I read the news. I can’t believe this is the end. 🙁 🙁 🙁



    LoL, I just read the spoilers to the series finale.

    Are you kidding me?, Sure its insane that Stargate Atlantis is ending so soon (May the ones responcible burn in hell) But you can’t possibly end it like that can you?!?!

    Vegas??? You’re ending the show by mimmicking a waaaaaaaaaaaay overdone theme used in waaaaaaaaaay to many shows these days!?

    LoL, I can see it now… The intro to the episode:

    We see a struggle going on, Someone dies. Flash forward to Sheppard arriving, Some deputy making an obvious observation of the scene with Sheppard ending up saying something cool, waiting for a second to put on his sunglasses and then ending his cool line… Cue to Special themed Atlantis intro.

    This’ll be even worse then when Angel ended with a big fricking open ending.

    Please tell me the supposed movie coming out in 2009 is not going to ellaborate on this insane idea for a series finale? 😀

    (Sorry, Am a little cranky due to the whole cancellation bit 🙁 )

  329. Stargate Atlantis is not over until every cast and crew member has died of old age.

  330. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

    SGA was good, then even better and now its at its height. Now they want to cancel it. Why is it when there is a fantastic show on the stupid networks ruin it for the fans? Don’t they have favorite shows they watch that they wouldn’t want to see cancelled.

    That lady at the con lied to us. She obviously was referring to syndication which is already in reruns and DVD movies.

    Is there anyway Joe that you can copy and past thesse coments to MGM so that they see the mistake they are making.? Is there a way we can write to MG and protest so that they can bring it back at least for one more season?

    Why can’t SGU and SGA be on at the same time? They did for SG1 and SGA. Why can’t they do it this time?

  331. @ DAS

    Well… I’m jealous! 😀
    Does he have an extra clone about… ?

    Whatever, if his Hive isn’t busy, have them pay TPTB a little courtesy call… shake a few *hands* for a job well done!

    [Wraith humour, gotta luv, eh?]

  332. OMG,like, what the hell is wrong with SCI FI. They sure know how to dmpen everyones spirits!

    Right know thats out of the way – Hey Joe! So with the “early” cancellation of SGA what does the future hold for us avid fans? A feature movie to end the season finale (obviously)? Then the end or more movies?

    I cant even imagine a year without stargate! A few months is bad enough. And yes the reruns are good, but new stargate is always better!

    I just hate SCI FI at present!

  333. Sci Fi Channel: You want answers?

    SGA fanverse: We think we’re entitled.

    Sci Fi Channel: You want answers? *lean in, sneer*

    SGA fanverse: WE WANT THE TRUTH! *spittle, loud voice*

    Sci Fi Channel: YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! *raised voice, sneer*

    SGA fanverse: O rly? *click*
    (The sound of MILLIONS of TV sets switch off)

  334. Joe,

    I have truly enjoyed your videos on the weird food purchase of the day. Yesterday’s Chinese medicine was by far the most hilarious. Next time, if there is a next time, I suspect you will take it with the water.

    RE: SGA Cancellation. 🙁 🙁

    I am so sad….crushed. Not to say I wasn’t expecting it from previous comments I had seen but still … it hurts. I did at least want to say this….if you would please pass it along.

    Thank you to all of the cast and crew of Stargate Atlantis for five years of dedication and hard work to bring us great entertainment. SGA is one of the best television shows out there. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and I look forward to the SGA movies.

    While I do look forward to future SGA movies, I don’t intend to go that easily or quietly. I will start sending letters and doing what I can to let TPTB know there are some of us who feel it’s too early to let the series go. I like many others really hope for at least a sixth and final season, though I think SGA has the potential for much more.

    Thanks for letting us all vent and whine 🙁