Science has shown that time slows down as one approaches faster than light velocity and then speeds up on weekends. Seriously, it felt like only hours ago I was jumping out of bed, ready to make the most of my Sunday. Flashforward eight hours and what do I have to show for my efforts? A basketful of clean laundry, some mailbag answers, and a written reminder to run a list of errands whenever I have some free time. Maybe next weekend.

Well, last night, not even the lure of women’s beach volleyball was enough to convince me to sit down and watch some of the unremitting Olympic coverage. While Fondy whooped and hollered at the t.v., criticizing every errant spike and flubbed serve, I was sitting on the neighboring couch reading Jeffrey Ford’s The Fantasy Writer’s Assistant and Other Stories. Despite the fact that it’s early in the month, I predict this collection will be making my Top 5 Reads of the Month – unless, of course, I happen to read another five books by Ford that end up bumping it out of contention.

Following the shocking news of Bernie Mac’s passing comes word that Issac Hayes has passed away. This one hits a little closer to home as Isaac actually guested on SG-1 during the show’s eighth season, returning to provide the voice for the Teal’c P.I. spot episode 200. His appearance came about as a genuine interest on his part. “Isaac Hayes is a fan of Stargate?”I remember asking. “How cool is that?” Yes, it was very cool – especially when he finally showed up on set and was politely mobbed by the cast and crew. We’ve had a number of notable guest stars over the franchise’s 10+ year run, but none have come close to provoking the giddy fanboy/fangirl reaction Hayes commanded the second he stepped onto that set. Though “commanded” is probably not the right word because he was anything but assuming. He was friendly, soft-spoken and, surprisingly, a little nervous at the prospect of tackling the role of Tolok. I can’t claim to have known the man but, simply judging from the way he handled himself on set, the countless autographs he signed, and kind words he exchanged with the delighted crewmembers, he struck me as a genuinely goodhearted soul. Like Don Davis before him, he passed far too young.

Today’s video: The Weird Food Purchase of the Day = Beef Tendon. Hey, I think it’s what Teyla and Keller ate in Missing!

Today’s mailbag:

Dignan50yp writes: “Joe a while back you told us that Vegas was a Sheppard episode. When did that change?”

Answer: It didn’t.

Squall78 writes: “I just don’t see how the odds have “not” gone up for a 6th season. Last 2 season renewal saw lower numbers.”

Answer: Our ratings, while certainly improved, are only part of the equation. Hey, I’d love to get a sixth season pick-up, but I know that for it to happen a lot of factors must come into play.

Steph writes: “Do the available choices mean that you will not have anything to do with the SG1 movie?”

Answer: Like The Ark of Truth and Continuum, I’ll probably provide script notes at some point. Last year, there was early talk of three SG-1 movies and I was looking forward to the possibility of writing for the old gang. Paul and I spent 7 years writing 50+ scripts for SG-1 so the prospect of writing an SG-1 feature appealed to us in a big way. Alas, we only ended up producing two features last year. Still, those two did so well that I’m fairly confident that there’ll be plenty more SG-1 features to come.

Isa writes: “who’s office is the one with the people choice award at the window??”

Answer: Why, that would be mine.

Jen writes: “ I would’nt judge Kellers character on an applause ‘o meter for Jewel and I can’t believe that you are even compairing one actors applause response to another.”

Answer: You missed the point. My response was to a poster who felt the anti-Keller sentiment may have been a disproportionate sampling given the forums she visited. I countered with the Comic Con example.

NCC-72452 writes: “Actually, I stopped by because I remembered hearing somewhere that you, Joe, created the character of Elizabeth Weir.”

Answer: You heard wrong. Stargate Atlantis and all of its main characters were created by Brad Wright and Robert Cooper.

Sebastian writes: “ Now, this looks like a fairly major damage to the city.

How does the city cope with this?”

Answer: There is a team on standby who are charged with the responsibility of effecting all structural repairs. They’ll be busy this year.

MysteryMadchen writes: “If Season six is a go will you guys put hexed back in other shows embellish on Sheppard’s past, i.e. what happened to his mother, why he had no contact with his family and as always a very healthy dose of whumpage?”

Answer: It’s more than likely that Hexed is D.O.A. even if we return for a sixth season. The episode was intended to be comedic, not a character piece. As for Sheppard’s mother – there was mention made in a late season 5 episode that, after some consideration, was cut at the script stage.

MysteryMadchen also writes: “ I was wondering would you guys ever consider doing an Atlantis movie while Atlantis is still running?”

Answer: It’s certainly possible, but highly unlikely.

106 thoughts on “August 10, 2008: Near FTL Travel – Weekends = Temporal Constant! Plus The Weird Food Purchase of the Day!

  1. Wow, didn’t know about Hayes, or his connection to SG. A sad day, indeed. 🙁 So sorry to hear.


  2. Are there still aurora class ships still out there in the pegasus galaxy, waiting to be found? Hopefully by the atlantis team? Will the daedalas class ships be getting any more upgrades? Will the wraith ever make a bigger class ship than the hive ship?

  3. Hello everyone. Question for Lexa (if its not too late) What was your first reaction after hearing you got the part as Dr. Lam?

    And for Joe, stargate atlantis movie? May I ask what its about and the estimanted release date?

  4. So sad to hear that Issac Hayes and Bernie Mac had died.

    I have given up being surprised as to who is a Stargate (SG-1 or Atlantis) fan as, IMHO, the two shows don’t have a clearly defined demographic (sorry to get all “marketing”) here.

    I was surprised to see Issac Hayes in SG-1 as Tolok, but thought his performance was flawless.

  5. Answer: You missed the point. My response was to a poster who felt the anti-Keller sentiment may have been a disproportionate sampling given the forums she visited. I countered with the Comic Con example.

    As passionate (read: batshit crazy) as us fans can get I would really, really hate to think that Jewel Staite would in any way shape or form think that the dislike in some quarters over the character she currently plays would be reflected on herself, because dear god, no. I may not like Keller, but I would be giving Jewel a big round of applause myself.

    For Firefly alone I would give her my kidney, except the postal service apparently refuses to mail it. *sigh*

  6. LOL I love my new icon, that hair is so “me” when I watch the weird food videos!!

    AM I too late to ask Lexa Doig a question??

    Gwen already asked 2 that I wanted to ask, so I found anotherone, or two.

    Is is difficult to only accept local productions and not to be able to travel to other countries for filming??

    Presuming that Michael is coming to NZ for the Armegeddon Expo, are you planning to come too??

  7. Hmmm, I thought the beef tendon looked good. Some steamed rice to balance off the spicy.

    oh, well…back to reading. Book report Monday!!

  8. I have to agree with the gelatinous texture of beef tendon but when cooked right, it is very tasty. Have you ever tried tripe? I am partial to honeycomb tripe.

  9. These weird food purchases of the day are now my daily entertainment, Im always “Dont do it, omg he’s doing it! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW” LOL there great so thanks for risking your stomache for our enjoyment ^^

  10. In response to susanthetartanturtle, “Have you ever tried dog, cat or guinea pig?”

    Please, don’t even suggest such a thing. To me, that would be like eating a family member. Too horrid to even contemplate.

    Joe, what date is your birthday?

    Patricia (AG)

  11. Hey Joe,

    Wow that food didn’t look extremely tasty to me, but then again you are the expert.

    In BAMSR was there a mistake in how many ships were destroyed because last time I checked 1+3+2 does not equal 7 like shepard states after the Deadalus returns to atlantis.

    Thanks always and great idea on the strange food of the day thing,


  12. I’m glad to see I’m not the onlyperson to notice the temporal displacements that occur on weekends. But to be fair, I cannot completely sympathise with you. After all, if you’re at work, that means the possibility of more pictures and teasers on your blog.
    It is definitely most depressing to hear of the double loss this weekend. this is one of those unpleasant aspects of aging; that more names you recognise seem to pass away, to be replaced by mostly feebler talents. At least there is some comfort in knowing that when the time comes, I’ll be joining some good company.
    No sound, so I’ll have to rewatch the food of the day again at home. But it looks like you enjoyed. I’m glad to see you are getting at least a few hits among so many misses. Many thanks for your dedication and efforts here.

  13. Do you and Fondy root for a particular country or countries in the Olympics?

    I myself am American, so I obviously root for Team USA, but provided no Americans are in the mix I’ll also root for Australia, Great Britain, and New Zealand.

  14. I too am so sad to hear that Issac Hayes passed away! And I agree he was a genteel man!

    BTW Joe, Are you trying to preparing us for the ultimate disappointment with your many references to the potential of SGA being cancelled?

    Please say it isn’t so!!!


  15. At least you had a drink nearby this time (or it looked like there was one on the table). Still a no go for me however.

    I would love to have the weekend include 3 days from now on and then eventually 4 days especially in the summer months. Although, our summer here in New Hampshire seems to include rain and daily thunderstorms. Weather is getting weird. First unending snow storms in the winter now tornados, that don’t normally touch down here, have shown their wicked and deadly ways.

  16. I, too, am sorry to hear of Isaac Hayes’s death. He was in a lot of good movies and TV shows and was a fine musician.

    Your story of how the cast and crew lined up for autographs brought a smile to my face and a memory. When I hit Hollywood, I did what every new arrival does — did a bit of extra work… and I mean a bit, as I don’t enjoy sitting around doing nothing all day, waiting for THE call.

    But I worked on a baseball movie, called “One Cup of Coffee” starring William Russ. Most of the actors were twenty-somethings who would come roaring in in muscle cars and SUVs and then the real baseball players (led by consultant Ernie Banks’s son) would run them ragged on the field in comeuppance.

    Well, one day, all day long, the 2nd AD, with whom I spent much time hanging, kept getting calls, “are they here yet?” The expected guests were Ernie Banks, from Chicago like me, but a baseball superstar, and Don Drysdale, an LA Dodgers superstar, both of whom were in town for some kind of Hall of Fame thing and invited to the set by the son.

    When they finally arrived, production was literally halted and I watched the entire cast and crew line up with baseballs in their hands. And I thought, for those actors who don’t understand fans for getting autographs… everybody is a fan of somebody.

  17. My hubby and my 4 year old were watching swimming today. As a result, when we all went to the pool today for a “let’s exhaust the child before trying to get him to go to bed” swim, my son John decided to spend the entire time trying to push himself off the side of the pool like a backwards relay fast start.

    Quite humourous when you realize he can’t swim, and he’s only managing to torpedo himself under the water backwards and come up laughing with a “was that a dive?” after every unsuccessful attempt.

    Unfortunately summer olympic’s aren’t really my thing. I can’t see how things we do while drinking (beach volleyball for example) are considered sports. Not that i’m saying the people aren’t athletic… it’s just… um… not my thing I guess. I’m with you Joe – much better with a book, and a quick glimpse over the top of the page to see what the others in the room are shouting about. 😛


  18. Arctic Goddess asked:
    Joe, what date is your birthday?
    Patricia (AG)

    Well according to Wikipedia… Joseph Mallozzi (born October 16, 1965 in Montreal, Canada).

    Joe, will you confirm this is accurate?

    And did you know that in 456 – Magister militum Ricimer defeats the Emperor Avitus at Piacenza and becomes master of the western Roman Empire.
    Patricia Lee

  19. That beef tendon is nasty. I just can’t get myself to eat gelatinous food unless it’s jello. It’s just…not right.

    If near FTL Travel – Weekends = Temporal Constant, then near FTL Travel – Summer Vacation = Super fast reverse. It’s ridiculous. It feels just like yesterday that I watched Stargate: The Movie when it came on on Space, after which I decided to start a Stargate marathon, and yet it’s now only a little more than 3 weeks from the end of the vacation! It’s horrible.

    But hey, thanks for the little hint of the city needing a lot of repair work this year. I hope that’s for more than just the damages caused in The Seed. 😉

  20. Hi Joe,
    Beef tendon, another one of my favorites! What’s your opinion on beef tripe? I’ve started showing my mom your “Weird Food Purchase of the Day” episodes she seems to enjoy them. She only had one thing to say “these foods are not weird, Chinese people eat it all the time.” She did seem truly revolted by the cheddar and corn ice cream though. 😀

    I’ve thought of something you or something you could have Carl try. It’s something that I would never eat but my mom likes it and touts its health benefits. I’m sure Fondy would know what I’m talking about. It’s gelatinous pig blood and chives (stir fried), I’ve seen it at some dim sum restaurants. Try it, tell me how it tastes. You may sway me like you did with the Wasabi Peas. I finally tried them today which surprised my mom (b/c I hate peas with a passion,) they are pretty good. They would never be my first choice in snack food but it that’s all I had I would eat them.


  21. Hey Joe, did you know that on the day you were born in 1965…

    Joseph Mallozzi (born October 16, 1965 in Montreal, Canada)
    Prices were:
    Bread: $0.21/loaf
    Milk: $1.05/gal
    Eggs: $1.00/doz
    Car: $2,350
    Gas: $0.31/gal
    Best Picture: The Sound Of Music Directed By Robert Wise
    Best Actor: Lee Marvin in Cat Ballou
    Best Actress: Julie Christiein Darling

    House: $21,500
    Stamp: $0.05/ea
    Avg Income: $7,704/yr
    Min Wage: $1.25/hr
    DOW Avg: 969

    People born on October 16:
    1946 – Suzanne Somers San Bruno Calif, actress (3’s Company, Step by Step)
    1921 – Linda Darnell Dallas, Tx, actress (Unfaithfully Yours, 2nd Chance)
    1925 – Angela Lansbury London England, actress (Jessica-Murder She Wrote)
    1888 – Eugene O’Neill NYC, dramatist (Desire Under the Elms-Nobel 1936)

    On TV in 1965
    The Addams Family
    Gilligan’s Island
    Lost in Space
    Hogan’s Heroes
    The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
    I Dream of Jeannie
    Green Acres
    Get Smart
    The Fugitive

    Hot New Toys in 1965
    Secret Sam Exploding Binoculars
    Shooting Cane
    Weird Clyde
    Screaming Mee-Mee Gun
    G.I. Joe
    Man From U.N.C.L.E. Headquarters Transmitter
    Green Ghost Game

    Top Books in 1965
    Shadow of a Bull by Maia Wojciechowska
    The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley and Malcolm X
    In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

    For any one wondering there is this cool web site in which you can put in your birthday and see that was going on in the world on the day of your birth. While I think one it is USA centric, there may be other websites out there for your individual countries…

    It’s amazing how prices change, but things in general remain the same!

    Well I just thought I’d share…

    Patricia Lee

  22. I have a question for Lexa if it’s not too late:

    Did you and Michael ever run lines together at home if you had a scene coming up together? By the way I have to tell you that I loved both your episode and Michael’s in Eureka. I have seen those episodes about five times or more. Whenever I think about the episode Maneater, I immediately think of your line, “I’m embarrased because I just frenched the sherrif in front of my boss.” Just thought I’d let you know.

    Joe I have to applaude you that you are more adventurous than I am when it comes to food. The beff tendon looks a bit like calamari. I might’ve given it a chance if I could eat beef. Some of the other stuff you’ve tried… I don’t think so.

  23. Not sure that it’s relative anymore, but I read your previous post about human yawns being contagious to dogs. I definitely yawned 4 times during it, and I was just reading!

    Or, Maybe I’m just tired! 🙂

  24. Did you know fried guinea pig is actually quite popular in some countries in South America? In my Spanish class we had to do power points on different Spanish speaking countries and as “research” our professor made us watch a 1970’s style documentary on a South American country that, at the moment eludes my memory, but the girl in the movie ordered the guinea pig and they cook the ENTIRE thing right there…for you to watch. Needless to say, once she had it right in front of her she couldn’t eat it. She gave it to a fellow patron of the restaurant. There is a name for it other than “fried guinea pig” but alas, that eludes me also. I hated Spanish, so I didn’t retain much more than I had to.

    I’ve worked at a pet store for 7+ years and the thought of the squealing little rodent being killed for dinner just made me cringe.

    Thought I would share that with you.

  25. That temporal anomaly thing also seems to happen when watching the timer on microwaves and watching for the burn point of toast…

    Oh, AND when one slips down a flight of stairs onto their ass one bruising step at a time!

    A little known factoid – “Ass Fat” *has* the ability to “stop” Time as we know it, look around to see how many stair steps there are to target, then **separate** itself from the bone, resume the Time flow and then congeal back into place once all other hard and soft tissue have been sufficiently injured! And if you listen *real* carefully, you can hear the Fat make this disturbing “tick, tick, tick…” sound!

  26. too many great actors passed away recently…

    Isa writes: “who’s office is the one with the people choice award at the window??”
    Answer: Why, that would be mine.
    –> so the guy in the red shirt i saw while staring at this award may have been you…interesting!! anyway if in a few days you see 2 girls in front of the bridge studios with cameras and stargate stuffs staying there for hours, that will be me and my friend!!! hope to be lucky and see you and others. byebye

  27. Joe,

    I don’t know if you saw the interview that Carl Binder gave to Gateworld but in it, he said that he liked making things as difficult as possible for the characters and mentioned that the presence of the Midway station sort of hindered that because it made travel between Earth and Atlantis so easy.

    One of the things I loved about the first season was that sense that the expedition was stuck on Atlantis, maybe for good and that they had to depend on themselves to make their way and protect themselves.

    At this stage of the show, is it unreasonable to think that the expedition could be put in that position again, cut off from Earth and forced to fend for themselves, with all that that entails? Speaking for myself, I’d love to see that.



  28. @ 4ps – No, I yawned too. And I just yawned while typing ‘yawned’. To me, it’s a very contageous word – there I go again. 😛 It always has been…I can’t NOT yawn when I see someone do it, or even the mention of the word makes me do it.

    I’m not so sure about that beef tendon – wouldn’t filet tips taste just as good in that broth? I’ve come to the conclusion that you only like weird parts of animals, and not normal things like peas, pistachios and figs. You’re like…the first Neanderthal, dragging home a carcass and saying, “We eat monkey butt tonight. Throw rest away.”



  29. There is a name for it other than “fried guinea pig” but alas, that eludes me also.

    It’s called “cuy” and if you go to a certain area (large Peruvian population) of Queens, New York, you can get it there. My friend ate it once, said it was very salty. Just for that alone I would probably like it. 🙂

    It’s funny what you think is weird, Joe. Don’t you eat foie gras on a semi-regular basis at Fuel? I love that stuff but it could be considered “weird,” no? And will you take requests from fans? I want you to eat chicken feet next! I’ve always wanted to try it at the dim sum place but I’m too… chicken. (heh)

  30. Joe, as much as you and the production staff love the Keller character, most of the fans – based on looking at different forums, blogs, and livejournals, in addition to people I know personally – either simply tolerate her to extreme distaste. And honestly, to myself, and many other of them, the character is just too far gone to be saved.

    If S6 is renewed, can we go back to the cast dynamic/formula used in seasons S2-S3? That is the Atlantis many people fell in love with. I’m probably going to be harassed/tomatoes thrown at me for this, but even in the worst episodes – your own Irresponsible included – I enjoyed them because of the character dynamic, which includes Beckett and Weir. And we just don’t have that anymore. 🙁

  31. Hey Joe

    Hope things are going well on the SG:A front, and the Stargate franchise overall.

    Couple of questions:
    1) Do you always have lunch with Fondy, or do other people help you out with your Weird Food Purchase of the Day?
    2) Are the episode titles ‘Brain Storm’, ‘Infection’, ‘Identity’, and ‘Vegas’ final titles, or are they place holders? None of the usual SG websites can confirm this.

    Very sorry to hear about Isaac Hayes. I thought Tolok was brilliant.

    Thanks again,

  32. @4ps

    Cut it out you two…stop typing the word ‘yawn’! I yawned while reading each of your posts and now I’ve yawned again…darn it! *big yawn* Um…maybe it’s also because it’s almost 2am here? LOL


    I like Keller and how she is being developed and has been given some quirkyness. I loved the ending of Trio when she was teasing Rodney about him owing her a drink. And, then when he reacted like he always does and got defensive she totally defused him by asking him if he’d like to go for a drink. I think she’s got his number and keeps him on his toes. I like Keller paired with McKay or without!


  33. Coucou MOn Joseph =)!!

    Sa va bien??? Moi oui^^! Toujour entrin de regarder les J.O lol!

    Encore une super video^^!!Merci bien!

    Bisou bisou, a demain, je vous adore♥♥♥

  34. I hadn’t heard about either Bernie Mac or Issac Hayes until this morning when I read this. They both passed before their time. May they rest in peace.

    Glad you liked the Beef Tendon; it did look a bit like the stuff Teyla and Keller were eating in Missing, but so much as to put you off 😛

    I was also wondering how in Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, Major Marks manages to keep moving between the Daedalus, Odyssey and Apollo? I would have thought like other personnel, he would have stayed aboard one ship? Or was it easier for casting purposes to have him moving around?

  35. Hi, I don’t post often, but I enjoy reading your blog and all the Atlantis tidbits you put out as well as your exploits in culinary creations. I’m surprised that for someone who’s been to Asia and seems to enjoy asian food, that you’ve never had wasabi peas, shrimp chips or beef tendon before (all very delicious and pretty common Chinese snacks 🙂 ). Have you ever tried pig ears or chicken feet before? Oh, and you should try some pig blood mentioned above, I think it tastes somewhat like tofu.

  36. Joe, I’m glad the beef tendon ended up being good, because you did not look at all enthused in the freeze-frame shot.

    I have a book question for you. Have you ever absolutely hated a book but felt compelled to take it all the way to it’s godawful end? Or is that just a me thing?

    Because I’m reading Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, and I find Bella, the main character, to be the most annoying annoyance to ever annoy. I find Edward, her sparkly vampire obsession, to alternate between being deadly dull and being a controlling creep. And every time I stop reading it’s not because I’m too unbelievably tired to read another word (which is my reaction to really good things), it’s because I’m so absolutely disgusted with what’s being said, done and implied.

    Yet, a quash my instinct to throw it across the room and leave it lay until I get around to foisting it off on someone I loathe and instead slam it on the bed, shake my head in utter disbelief and pick it up again the next day. What’s wrong with me??

  37. *Decloaking from lurkerdom* I have to wade in with regards to the debate about Keller. Lets just step back a minute people and weigh up the whole picture. We, as fans, are extremely familiar with life in the Pegasus Galaxy and have become, I feel, somewhat inured to the experience. Keller has been introduced as a complete ingenue. Lets face it people, NOTHING in this universe could possibly prepare a gal for the Pegasus Galaxy and that is where Keller is at the moment, still trying to fit in, still trying to fill Beckett’s boots and trying also to assimilate the entire experience with nothing to use as a comparison! Keller has to develop her Pegasus Galaxy legs so to speak. Lets be honest with ourselves and admit how difficult it would be for us to adapt to oh EVERYTHING! I know I’d be gibbering quietly in a corner for the first few months and quite possibly wondering who’d slipped what in my drink. So with respect I wish everyone on a downer about Keller would step back and give the girl a chance!

    To those who can’t find any humanity in them to do this I’d say if it pisses you off that much find something else to watch and quit whining!

    *falls off soapbox*

    I’m quietly boycotting the Olympics as a political statement against China’s Human rights record. not that anyone in the hierarchy gives a shit about what I think but I sure do feel somewhat self-righteous about it 😉

  38. Joe! I’m capped at the moment, but when I can, i’ll make it a priority to view that tendon clip! I believe I can deal with them with the usual eye-scringe and “don’t focus on it” style of swallowing.
    Hey, if you can, try find some genuine Australian Kangaroo Jerky for one of your food purchases!(I love jerky, yet good value ones are hard to find.)

    Questions for Lexa/Spark : (some of the information is according to IMDB)
    1]According to IMDB, where it states your mother is Filipino and father in English-Scottish (whereas wikipedia provides that it is actually Irish/Scottish, which is it?) , I’m wondering, what type food did you eat while growing up?

    2]Also according to IMDB, it states that you enjoy reading(like the generous host for your guest-blog), roller-blading and playing RPG games, from that, i’m wondering do you still roller-blade, and if so, with Michael? For RPG’s, have you ever tried out the somewhat popular and criticised RuneScape?(If so, would you spare your thoughts on it?)

    3]Are you following the Beijing Olympics? If so, would you tend to analyse the gymnastics? (seeing as IMDB [i]also[/i] states that you were one yourself as a child)

    4]At home, who cooks, and more importantly, what is cooked?

    5]Also, for cooking, what seems to be your 5 favourite and most used ingredients?

    6]Have you seen the current reproduction of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Phantom of the Opera”, and if so, what are your thoughts on it?

  39. Joe,
    This is for Lexa,
    Lexa do you and your mom speak in Tegali when you get together???

  40. Arctic Godess I was probably being bullied by a ‘starving’ cat when I asked about Joe eating cat. Frankie’s constant meowing would drive a saint nuts.

    But Joe does eat some weird things. 🙂 🙁

  41. Mmm…beef tendon. One of my favorites either at dim sum or in pho. And it’s rather tame in Asian cultures but I guess to others, it’s a bit of a weird food.

  42. Hey Joe!
    I’ve missed your blog over the past week(s???). I know what you mean abut near FTL travel and the speed of weekends – I have worked for the past 27 days without an actual day off (I was supposed to have one the Sunday before this one, but spent it proofing a research report for my brother).

    I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had time for more than the occasional passing glance at your blog, but I thought I’d drop by and remind you I’m still around.

    Any tips on how to tide myself through the rest of this week?

    I’m hoping that your experience as an executive producer will have given you some knowledge of how to work through the business (and tiredness).

  43. My boyfriend commented :

    Perhaps he (you) can get really adventurous & gnaw on some chicken feet or fried insects………now, we talking Asian delicacy!!!! C’mon Joey, scorpion shish kebab next or beetle surprise? Lets get serious here.


  44. Hrm, having experienced this year’s Comic-Con first hand, I can say that yes, the applause for Jewel was the ‘loudest’ but not because of Keller so much as there appeared to be rabid Firefly fans in the audience insisting on calling her Kaylee. I believe they were located right next to the McSheppers in the front row.

    Anywho, I have a question that.. might not have an answer. I know people keep bugging about Sheppard’s background and such, but will we ever learn about Ronon’s family? I know he had Melena, but what about parents or possible siblings? Will that ever be addressed, even in passing? I hope so! I enjoy those kind of tidbits. 😀

  45. Hi again Mr M.

    With regard to Mr Hayes, I heard of his passing late last night. I always felt he was such a good fit for Tolok. There was always a certain gravitas he brought to that role. It reminded me of his role as the Oracle in Sliders…..All knowing and wise beyond years.

    Well, we are all getting geared up for Continuum to be screened here tomorrow night….Yippee!!

    In an effort to get ready for Season 5 (kicking off next week) I opened my recently arrived Season 4 DVD set…Great commentaries by the by…Am working my way through them…Quick question : In Outcast where Sheppard and Ronon have coffee with the female replicator…Is that Elements cafe again? I just recognised the chairs…..Great lighting!!! I would never have recognised the place! Was it a night shoot or just blacked out?

    Many thanks


  46. I want to know why the writers are so in love with the character of Keller. Why do you guys find her so interesting? I’ve given the girl a chance, for over a year now, and she still disappoints and irritates me. I loved Woolsey from the first episode this season and yet I expected to hate the guy. Keller, not so much. I just want her gone right now as I feel she just interfers with the other characters who have been there longer, and who I really care about. Right now Keller is the only person I truly don’t want to see, and everyone else seems to be working out well. I am very puzzled why the writers love Keller so much when so many viewers hate her.

  47. Just adding my 2 cents to the Keller debate. I like Jewel and loved her in Firefly and was quite excited to see her on SGA but a bit aprehensive that she was taking on the role of CMO. I have to admit that so far I have been utterely disappointed in the Keller character to the point I fast forward over her scenes. How much longer do I need to give the character a chance. I think a year is enough. I wasnt overly fond of the news of Woolsey taking over but yet I took to him in one epiosde, so go figure.

    So I am a bit disheartened by the news of Keller being featured so much in the second half of the season. I still prefer my team and find them a lot more interesting than Keller, so Keller being kidnapped and taken over by aliens just doesn’t float my boat I’m afraid, and I fear I will need to use the fast forward button a lot in the back half of season 5.

    The romance between her Rodney and Ronon doesn’t really impress me either as I loved John and Teyla and look how the ptb dealt with that relationship.
    But I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that there will be lots more to interest me besides Keller and McKay romancing each other .
    The episodes featured so far have been great and I have enoyed them all and Search and Rescue has been the best season opener so far, so if it all goes to pot in the second half of the season, I can just rewatch the first half, and GiTM also looks like it’s gonna be an awesome episode.

  48. It was saddening to hear about Isaac Hayes this morning. Your words are touching, as they were with Don Davis.

  49. How about a total change of subject? CHOCOLATE! I’m determined to find some decent chocolate TONIGHT. I’m pretty partial to the coffee-flavored varieties, but one of the secretaries here had some chocolate that had some kind of pepper in it that was pretty darned good. I don’t know of a chocolate shop anywhere near here, so I’m kind of dependent on Starbucks and the local grocery stories, which sometimes have some pretty good stuff. How about recommendations for that level?

  50. @ kdvb1 – NO! YOU cut it out!!! It’s 10:45 am here, I’ve been up since 7 doing chores and now settling down with my coffee to catch up on net stuff, and – as soon as I read your post – I yawned! See?! Just did it again! 😛

    It’s the word – just seeing it or hearing it makes me do what it commands… *yaaaaaaawwwwn* Now…if only my ‘save the Wraith!’ mantra would have the same effect on TPTB. But, alas, seeing as how the more folks whine about Keller, the more screen time she gets, I’m guessing the more whining I do about saving the Wraith just puts another nail in their coffin.

    And yet…I still do it. 😕


  51. I’m just catching up on the weekend’s worth of blog and boy have I been missing out! I cant wait to see Brainstorm! Dave Foley has always made me laugh and when I lived in Seattle, I wanted to be a “Way Cool Scientist” on “The Science Guy” – though I am a scientist, my job is not really way cool. My co-workers and I were trying to come up with something cool that we could do but…

    I cant believe you finally found a wierd food or two that you liked. What a hoot! Please keep up the good work!- if you do end up trying guinea pig, it is not really bad, just greasy.

    ps my dog does not yawn for me either.


  52. I’m surprised with how many times I forget that you have anything to do with Stargate Atlantis when I read your entries.

    Oh Joseph? What does he do? He’s a writer? Oh, for Stargate Atlantis. I like that program. But did you see the time he ate beef tendon! That was classic.

  53. @ crazymom – Not sure where you live, but the following are all available in my local grocery and/or drug stores.

    My favorite cheapy dark chocolate is Lindt 70% (they also came out with a hot chili one, but it’s a bit sweeter). Lindt also has an 85% bar which I usually prefer with wine or coffee.

    Starbucks has their own line of dark chocolates…I believe they have truffles, too.

    Dove just came out with a 70% (not sure of the exact percentage – it’s 70 or 71) – it’s veeeeery creamy and smooth, like all Dove chocolates. A little sweeter than the Lindt, imo.

    Ghirardelli has a nice line of dark chocolates – their 72% bar is very good, and then they have a darker one, still…around 85%. I like both – and think they’re a tad smoother than the Lindt. Still, I like the bitterness of the Lindt chocolate, and that’s why I lean towards that.

    Dagoba has a dark chocolate chili bar, Xocolatl. Many other varieties, too…some with rosemary, others with rosehips or cherries.

    Chocolove – a Belgium Chocolate – has many different varieties and is common in many of our grocery stores here.

    Green & Black chocolates are to die for, but not always available in grocery stores. Try health food or organic shops, they sometimes carry the specialty chocolates when no one else does.

    Some of the above do have varieties with coffee flavor or coffee beans.

    Hope that helps! And now…I’m hungry. 😛


  54. Your dogs are very cute! Especially Lulu with the toy hanging out of her mouth. Apparently, cats can catch yawns. I got a return yawn from my male cat this weekend. He was intently watching me watch the Olympics late Saturday night when the yawn exchange happened. P.S. My female cat gave me a return wink once…but that may have been coincidence. I can’t be sure because she couldn’t or wouldn’t repeat it.

  55. P.S. What is going on up there in Canada? Explosions in Toronto, mayhem in Montreal… I hope all of that has settled down now for good. And I hope Vancouver is immune.

  56. @ Indy-D – yeah, cats will return a wink/blink – it’s part of their social body language. It usually means they’re comfortable with you.

    And yes – I SHOULD be working…but this is sooooo much more fun!! I’m blaming YOU, Joe, for my lack of productivity at the office!! 😀


  57. Carson’s Lemming said:

    Joe, as much as you and the production staff love the Keller character, most of the fans – based on looking at different forums, blogs, and livejournals, in addition to people I know personally – either simply tolerate her to extreme distaste. And honestly, to myself, and many other of them, the character is just too far gone to be saved.

    I am not throwing tomatoes. I just had a few thoughts on your post. : ) : )

    I was wondering what sites do you frequent because the ones I go to don’t seem to have a problem with Keller. All my friends like her. So which one of us is right? Maybe we both are. I think it would be awfully boring if we all like the same things.

    I just want to point out that just because you and your friends have issues with her doesn’t mean that “most Fans do”. It always bothers me when it looks like people are making generalization about what fandom “thinks”. Most of the fans I know like Jennifer. If you & your friends don’t like Keller then there probably isn’t much I can say to change your minds.

  58. hello again Joe,

    One more question for you pleeeease. On the weird food purchase videos who is running the camera for you and how many times have they cracked up laughing at the faces you make. I realy enjoy watching those videos with my kids. I tell them see you should try everything at least once before you say yuck lol

    have a good one


  59. How could anyone eat dog meat? Seriously. I adore my puppy – she’s like my fourth child, but much quieter, and less expensive to run! No uni fees and school fees for her, and she always loves me, no matter what mood I’m in, what I’m wearing or smell like! :lol:. It’d be like eating one of the family to eat a canine! 🙁 Fried guinea pig? Eeeeew! Same for cat meat.

    shiningwit – I don’t want to continue with the Keller thing too much more really, because I’ve said all I’ve got to say, though knowing me, I could always be persuaded to say more! But I just wanted to say in answer to your post earlier. In First Strike, Keller wasn’t new to the Pegasus Galaxy, was she? I didn’t hear she’d just transferred in, and she knew Carson quite well from what I can gather. Thus she wasn’t a newbie. She was terribly and understandably concerned about filling Carson’s shoes, (and hey, I really liked her in FS because of that approach to the situation,) and if she didn’t know him quite well, why was she so upset to talk about his death with Weir, and why did she call Carson by his first name? Certainly in FS my take was that she was filling in for Carson until a suitable replacement could be found, and had been promoted from the ranks temporarily, so the whole newbie thing doesn’t quite make sense for me here, sorry. Newbie to the CMO thing? Sure. Newbie to the Pegasus Galaxy? Was she? And if she was, why was she promoted above people like, Dr Cole, for example?

    If I’m wrong about that, I’m sure someone here will correct me pretty swiftly, but that was what I understood from watching First Strike. 🙂

    I have to say, Keller being scared has never concerned me really. I do think it’s been a trifle overdone at times, but in The Seed I was only recently defending her saying if everyone left me alone in a section of the city, turned the lights out and toddled off when I didn’t know what was happening to me, I’d have been terrified and shouting for help – and probably sobbing for company! 😆 So that’s not something which really concerns me. My concerns arise from spoilers for future eppies, the romance thing, and the whole CMO situation, the latter of which has bothered me for a while now. Keller as a person and not as CMO, I have no issues with.

  60. Just want to throw one more item into the whole Keller debate. Keller is my least favorite character on the show right now (although Ford was much worse), but I do like McKeller because of how he acts around her. McKay is my fave character.

    Several people have commented that the majority of fandom do not like her. There is no way to know how many like/dislike her. While a few hundred fans visit message boards and blogs such as this one, we are just a small percentage of the millions who watch the show. Additionally, many of the same people visit multiple sites or post under multiple names.

    If the ratings start going down, then the show runners will need to act. As long as the ratings stay strong, it’s probably safe to say they are doing what the majority want.

    On another topic, Beef Tendon sounds gross, Joe. I don’t know how you eat this stuff.


  61. Hi, Joe.

    Have you heard that Sam/Jack Ship Thread reached big milestone(s) : 150,000th post and 7500th page. Amazing, isn’t it?

  62. Hi Joe —

    Was this really the first time you’ve eaten beef tendon? Don’t you frequent asian noodle shops during the Vancouver winters? Nothing says comfort food more than a big bowl of noodles and stewed beef parts when it’s cold outside.

    I was also saddened to read of Mr. Hayes’s passing. Although it didn’t hit with heart-wrenching impact as when Don Davis died, Isaac Hayes provided much of the soundtrack of my youth. One of the fastest ways to rile up my mom was to sing out the lyrics to Shaft.

    “They say that cat Shaft is a bad motha …”
    “Stop that right now, Kathy Louise!”

    RIP, Mr. Hayes.

  63. Okay Joe, who do we need to send bribes and/or pleading letters to in order to increase the chances of Season 6.

    I am not above sending begging/pleading letters or postcards or packages of goodies……

    Anything practically to get Season 6.

    Just give us a direction….

  64. On the Keller debate there are a few who mention woolsey in comparison to her. To this I must say that we have seen Woolsey in episodes before, and his character has already been given a strong start. Keller however like mentioned by others is still finding her way and cannot be blamed for having a few issues.
    Personally I like the way her character is gradually unfolding.


  65. I’m shipping Woolsey and Keller:P That should spark a revolution.

    The rice krispies told me to do it.

  66. BTW I experienced time SLOWING this weekend. something to do with the two days spent in pouring rain waiting for my youngest daughter to compete in the local regatta, she rows in the under 18 ladies, the cornish randam and gigs. Oh joy!

  67. Hey Joe,

    Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. I’m coming up for some internet air, though.

    Sad news indeed about Isaac Hayes. 🙁 It’s been a rough year all around, so far. I’ll be happy when 2008 is over.

    Anyway, I should probably get back to wedding planning for my baby sis. And also some Dragon*Con planning. I will be there! Wish me luck as I hear it’s massive and overwhelming.

    Take care,


    P.S. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! To Kassandra and Kimberly. 😀

  68. @Das: Thanks for reminding me of all the FANTASTIC choccie found at places near me! *sigh* Now I have a craving I must go and satisfy.

    Also, I wanted to add that Choxie (I think that is how it is spelled) sold at Target is actually the same recipe used by Godiva! Some good buys are had in that aisle, let me tell ya! 😛

  69. Of this Season so far what is your favourite Episode?

    Do all of your dogs go to Dog Daycare?

    Are all your dogs from the same litter? They are so cute


  70. For Lexa Doig,

    Hi Lexa, it was great seeing you and your hubby on guesting on Eureka last season. Will we be seeing you on Eureka again this season? And what would be your dream show to guest on?

  71. My 2 cents on the Keller rants on this list. Get use to having the Keller character around. Jewel was brought into the show to beef up the the young male audience numbers IMO. The ratings seems to bear this out. SGA was getting too much like a Chick show. It’s also easier to write for the Keller character with her lack of back stories.

  72. Hi Joe,

    Since you seem about as enthused about the Olympics as I am, you might appreciate’s Olympics coverage sap-o-meter, (Sorry for the clunky url.) Now, if I could figure out how to adapt it for all of prime-time…

  73. hi joe –
    i”ve been catching up on your blog while i’m stuck at home with a nasty cold.

    just had to say how much i’m enjoying your ‘wierd food purchase of the day’ videos …

    b.t.w. – dogs will yawn to send appeasment & calming signals (when they’re not just bored or tired, of course!).

    since your lot seems to have you wrapped around their little paws, they have no need to offer this behavior … 😀
    but that’s ok – my pets have my number all dialed in, too!

  74. I’ve not commented on this or any other forum/blog before and am nervous but I have been reading and enjoying your blog for a few months now and feel compelled to say so. Your candor and humor make it a blast to check into on a regular basis so thanks for that.

    On another note, my husband just began to watch the show with me on Friday nights. He is tough on tv… doesn’t watch alot and won’t hesitate to drop a show if he can’t stand it – regardless if I continue watching. All that said, he’s really liked what he’s seen thus far in Season 5. Very early on he commented that the female characters are well cast – specifically referring to Teyla and Keller. He feels that they are both untraditionally beautiful actresses but that the characters are both made more appealing by how they are written and acted. Some may disagree with his initial assesment but I thought it was worth sharing at this moment when specifically Keller is being discussed so intensely. Here’s someone with little or no previous knowledge of the show that tuned in and didn’t find her annoying at all.

    As for me, I’ve seen every episode and do occasionally find her actions a bit unbelievable but I also am anxious to see where she nets out once she’s fleshed out a bit. To be clear I am a fan of Sheppard – and wouldn’t pass up the opportunity for him to receive more attention – but I like all aspects of the show including Keller. I’m especially enjoying the addition of Picardo as Woolsey this season.

    Lastly, this is the first season that I’ve actually recommended it to others. I felt it was a bit of a guiltly pleasure of mine but that many of my friends and co-workers that don’t really like genre/sci fi films or tv would never like. I turned a few onto Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who and Torchwood so they will, on occasion, extend past their normal viewing habits if I say it will be worth it.

    Thought I’d share this. I’ll now disappear into the ether. Thanks for listening.


  75. i just wanted to say that with all these anti-keller comments, i love keller and think she’s a great addition to the show. i think her reactions to things are really realistic, and jewel is really cute and funny.

  76. What ever happened to the Tria? Is it still floating between galaxies and are there any plans to ever mention it again?

  77. You heard wrong. Stargate Atlantis and all of its main characters were created by Brad Wright and Robert Cooper.

    So that’s why you are trying to get rid of them and replace them with your own set, eh? 😉

  78. @whovian -Good luck! My brother and I will also be attempting to find our way through the Dragon*Con experience this year. The first convention of this sort for either of us – crowds of this size are certainly not my thing but I’m giving it a try in hopes that the Stargate track will make it worthwhile. I’m actually a little more worried about getting in and out of downtown Atlanta everyday – braving public transportation is currently the plan.

  79. @Landers
    “I am very puzzled why the writers love Keller so much when so many viewers hate her.”

    Because a recent study found it’s only you and five other viewers who have a problem, the rest thinks she holds great potential.

  80. Hi, Joe.

    Any idea why has stopped mentioning Stargate Atlantis in their e-mail newsletters to registered members?

    They just e-mailed a NEW, UPGRADED e-mail newsletter for this week…they mention Eureka, Scare Tactics, Ghost Hunters International, the stupid Saturday movie of the week…no mention of Stargate Atlantis.

    In fact the LAST time they mentioned SGA in their newsletters was on July 11th for the fifth season premiere!

  81. Ahhh… I missed yesterday’s blog due to my extreme excitement over the men’s 4X100 swim relay win last night… the pure emotion on Michael Phelps’s face was so inspirational that I spent like an hour just soaking it in. And then forgot to read!!!

    Glad you liked the beef tendon… and I LOVE your creatively descriptive wording: “gelatinous, yet spicey…”

  82. I find it interesting that people are saying that their issue with Keller is with her appointment as CMO – that they think she is unfit, too young, too lacking in confidence, whatever.

    What makes it interesting to me is that SGA has always been about putting people into roles that they would not normally be given and seeing them succeed. Sheppard, if you remember, was definitely not the choice on paper for leader of the military contingent – and yet, who would remove him? Rodney – with his obnoxious SG1 history – was made Chief of Science and again, has shown that he was the right choice. Carson himself was not the obvious choice for CMO, being a geneticist. Ford was very young, but was Sheppard’s second – if anything had happened to Sheppard, Ford would have been commander. Weir was a civilian, and was given the command of the entire expedition. All of those choices were not typical choices, and yet we’ve never had a problem with them. Why don’t people give Keller the same latitude?

  83. Because a recent study found it’s only you and five other viewers who have a problem, the rest thinks she holds great potential.

    You don’t know that. I don’t think there’s any debate that Keller is the most disputed SG character ever.

  84. Poor Keller, she’s so misunderstood, so insecure and out of place. Wouldn’t it be a kindness to send her home? Please?

    I’d rather watch a show about grownups.

  85. Just want to point one little thing out here…

    If Keller was introduced to attract young, male viewers…well, it makes sense. Young adult males are the target group for most advertisers…not middle-aged women. So, if you want SGA to stay on the air, it is more than just how many people are tuning in, but WHO is tuning in.

    As an aside, I just bought $25 of dark chocolate. Yup. There goes my ‘entertainment’ budget for the week. 😛

    On the bright side, however, I’ve stopped yawning. 😀


  86. sorry to here about Mac and Isaac. they just aired the show isaac was in a couple of days ago and as always enjoyed the show.

    When you try new foods have you ever thought about taking smaller…..

  87. Ahhh… I missed yesterday’s blog due to my extreme excitement over the men’s 4X100 swim relay win last night… the pure emotion on Michael Phelps’s face was so inspirational that I spent like an hour just soaking it in.

    You were looking at his face? I was staring further down, wondering how much lower his swimsuit could slide before I saw things no TV viewer has a right to see. Front OR Back. 😉 Ah, I love me some men’s swimming!

  88. Hi Joe!

    Loved the yawn vs. dogs video. I betcha they didn’t give a shit cuz you were faking the yawn and they could tell. (Coulda been?!) 😉 I sorta really yawned just now in front of my dogs, and they didn’t give a shit either.

    For everyone bitching or complimenting Joe about upcoming eps, please stop listing the spoilers in your posts!!!

    It’s one thing to say you’ve read some spoilers and another to actually POST them.


    Keller is fine. McKay is fine. Sheppard is fine. They are all fine. I watch the show, and I happen to be fine also.

    Moving on to more important things…beef tendon is gelatinous? I thought it’d be chewy. *ponders* Huh, go figure.

    Waiting for the Cordelia’s Honor discussion while I wash the dishes…


    P.S. If the bitching doesn’t stop, I’m siccing the Demonic Otter Toe on the lot of ya!

  89. Riley Because, for one, Carson, Rodney, and John don’t act like preteen adolescents. Another thing is, that even Carson, Elizabeth etc all are very accomplished – I LOVE how they are very down-to-earth people. Keller is incompetent, and yet seems to always be stacked up on the writers’ golden pedestal.

  90. Carson’s Lemming – how does Keller act like a child? And how is she incompetent? As far as I know she hasn’t given anyone the wrong medication, or sewn them back up leaving a scanner inside …

    Actually, she seems to me to be quite a bit like Carson – feels somewhat out of her depth being in charge, worries about the consequences of the decisions she has to make, etc.

    If the character just rubs you up the wrong way, that’s one thing – I’m like that with Nicole Kidman. But if you’re going to make claims like the above, I’d like to see the supporting arguments.

  91. Joe,
    In case you’re keeping count – or even care at this point with all of the Keller postings – put me in the “I like Keller” column.

    I think there’s great opportunity for character growth as she gains more confidence in her leadership position and her place in the Pegasus Galaxy – and that, I’d assume, would make her a fun character to write. And because Jewel is a very good actress, I’d find it fun to watch that development.

    And, as someone said, I like McKay’s interactions with her. McKay is my favorite character, so anyone who plays well off him in a scene is just fine with me.

  92. “Riley Because, for one, Carson, Rodney, and John don’t act like preteen adolescents.”

    Takes one to know one.

    “Keller is incompetent”

    Except that has never been shown on screen. It’s just you again.

  93. Hi Joe,

    I Have a question for Lexa Doig:

    In your career can you tell us what has been the most emotional moment to film?


  94. My Dog chews beef tendons. Of course, his have been seriously dried out to the point where they’re hard as a rock.

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