A study published in the journal Biology Letters this week claims that dogs are highly sensitive to catching human yawns. Of the 29 dogs tested, 72% yawned after observing a human doing so. Apparently, this strongly suggest that they are capable of a rudimentary form of empathy. Interesting. I decided to pursue a parallel study using my four little furry couch potatoes as test subjects. At the risk of giving away my findings, you can find the video, titled 0% of Dogs Tested Sensitive to Human Yawns, at the bottom of this entry.   Ultimately, I think that what both studies prove is that dogs, in general, do display an empathic nature as manifested in their mirroring of human behavior while my dogs, specifically, just don’t give a shit.  

To all those of you asking: No, I didn’t watch any of the Olympics coverage. Nor did I stab myself in the eyes with cocktail fork or set my shoes on fire yesterday. I did, however, sample some dehydrated miniature crab from a Chinese specialty store (see the Weird Food Purchase of the Day video, also at the bottom of today’s entry).

Well, after much back and forth, I’ve finally booked our trip to Asia. We’ll be visiting both Hong Kong and Shanghai and, in preparation, I’ve started to learn Mandarin. Among the many useful things I now know how to say “Why are you too busy to see me?”, “I am not well because your teacher can’t read a book.” and “I don’t like electricity.” will undoubtedly serve me well once I’m actually in China. Hopefully, the timing of my holiday will mesh with whatever will be happening on the work front come winter but, at this point, there’s really no way to tell what I’ll be up to. Choose from among the following:

1) Working on Stargate Atlantis season 6.

2) Working on Stargate Universe season 1.

3) Working on a Stargate Atlantis movie.

4) Any two of the above.

5) All three of the above.

6) None of the above.

Reminders! Reminders! I’ll be taking questions for actress Lexa Doig (aka SG-1’s Dr. Carolyn Lam) until tomorrow, so if you have any burning questions you want to ask her, now would be a great time.

Now would also be a great time to finish up Cordelia’s Honor and start composing your thoughts and queries. Discussion begins Monday, July 11th and author Lois McMaster Bujold will be swinging by later in the week.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to early birthday gals kdvb1 and Mackenziesmomma.


PG15 writes: “Meanwhile, got a bit of a health problem happening here.”

Answer: Get well soon, you sickly thing you.

Clementine from France writes: “When will be shot the other episodes with the beloved Dr Carson Beckett ? Did you write them ?”

Answer: The character of Carson Beckett will be appearing in five episodes this season. They are – The Seed (written by Paul Mullie), Whispers (written by me), Outsiders (written by Alan McCullough), Identity (written by Carl Binder), and episode #20 (written by Paul Mullie).

Freidag writes: “I understand that a lot of fans like this “ship” and I’m happy for you. But for some fans who just want good sci-fi without all the loving, and enjoy all the characters and the team as a whole, this season is shaping up to be a nightmare.”

Answer: First of all, this season will have more “team” episodes than any other. Fully half season 5’s episodes can be classified as such.

Freidag writes: “YES ARC! I know someone else on the blog once mentioned “romance arc” once and was kind of maligned for it.”

Answer: I suppose it depends on what you consider an arc. The pairing in season 5 is an arc in the same way as Teyla’s adjustment to motherhood and Woolsey settling in to the command position can be considered an arc.

SusantheTartanTurle writes: “Joe – you moderate the comments. Do you actually get comments that you have to trash? Are they genuine, but unacceptable, comments or just SPAM?”

Answer: My anti-spam folder handles most of the spam – as well as some legitimate posts as well. It’s very rare that I’ll have to delete a post from a fan.

Linzi writes: “I too am disappointed Sheppard only gets one episode, right at the end of the season, and is rarely mentioned in spoilers, and so are many Sheppard fans I know.”

Answer: Actually, Sheppard gets one, alongside Beckett, in Whispers and another, alongside Woolsey, in Remnants.

Cheeky lil Devil writes: “Now i’ve not held a focus group, or conducted a poll to assess her liking amongst the fandom, and i’m sure there’s a fair few that like her, but equally it seems that there is a fair few that dislike her… something i’ve never seen before in a fandom… although ti could be argued that this is the only fandom I play in.”

Answer: I suppose it can depend on where you’re sitting. If you were sitting in the audience during the Comic Con panel, for instance, you would have noted that Jewel’s fan reception was the most enthusiastic of all.


Muddypiddypop writes: “ Joe, The writing staff seems a very collaborative bunch. However, how much contibuting to a script gets a writing credit and how much is helping out the team.”

Answer: Every writer in the room is involved in building a story before it goes to script, and then helping to fashion said script once it’s been written. Regardless of how much of a contribution they make to the process, the writer who writes the script is usually the one to receive sole credit for a given episode.

Aqualegia writes: “I heartily dislike Keller – I really can’t get past the dithering and the constant whiny voice…”

Answer: Well, see, it’s because certain fans are so vocal about their dislike for the character that we’re really making a concerted effort to redeem the character in their eyes. If everybody had liked her, then we probably would have redirected our efforts elsewhere. Like, say, Sheppard for instance.

Herbertsommeffeld writes: “…do you ever feel that your creative genius is stifled at all with thoughts about production expenses or do you let the others on the team edit out the expensive parts?”

Answer: My creative genius remains unstifled, thanks for asking. Rather approaching a script with a no-holds-barred attitude, you have to go in with a realistic sense of what is and is not producible and take it from there.

Jess writes: “ We see him willing to sacrifice himself for pretty much anyone, even Keller whom he only knows for a few months, and his almost suicidal tentancies are put into place once more. But still we never get any reason behind his actions.”

Answer: Remnants.

163 thoughts on “August 9, 2008: Are Human Yawns Contagious to Dogs? Let’s Find Out. And the Weird Food Purchase of the Day.

  1. Answer: I suppose it can depend on where you’re sitting. If you were sitting in the audience during the Comic Con panel, for instance, you would have noted that Jewel’s fan reception was the most enthusiastic of all.

    That’s because the Josh Whedon panel was going to be there and a lot of fans there were of course made up of people who loved “Firefly”who were there during the SGA one to get a good seat 😀

  2. I am, obviously, a fan of Paul McGillion/Carson Beckett and am SO glad that he is back. But I also find that Keller is a likeable character and she is a good actress.

    Robert Picardo is quite entertaining and I think that he will fit in nicely.

    I think that what makes the programme is the mixture of characters. Beckett, Lorne, Zelenka and Chuck are as important to the programme as the main characters – they are also nice eye candy. I am so shallow and sexist that I sicken myself.


  3. Answer: Actually, Sheppard gets one, alongside Beckett, in Whispers and another, alongside Woolsey, in Remnants.

    Joe a while back you told us that Vegas was a Sheppard episode. When did that change?

  4. Your test while unscientific, was hilarious! Thanks Joe.

    Also I love the way you answers the questions of fandom!!! Awesome dude!
    BTW any chance you’ve read my latest email?

    Patricia Lee

  5. BTW – were is the weird food purchase of the Day… no link or video??? Oversight or is world press acting up today?

  6. Just a few stray comments for the day. One, perhaps its just that the dogs recognise that your yawning is a put on. You may have to wait till you have a real need to yawn to conduct the experiment. Second, congratulations on booking your vacation. And here’s hoping the answer is 1, 4, or 5. I’m having trouble coming up with something to ask Ms. Bujold, which is odd given how many of her books I’ve read. Hopefully I can spend Monday afternoon concentrating on not sounding like an idiot when I finally do pose some questions. (ok, so that hasn’t worked for me yet; isn’t persistance a virtue though?). I love your infallable logic. Keller-haters as the engine driving more Keller-heavy episodes as you attempt to redeem the character. Ohh, the hairpulling that must be going on! Me, I’ll wait till the end of the season before weighing in on the whole love-triangle thing and how it has played out. Finally, I acknowledge you to be far braver than myself. I’ve been exposed to hazardous conditions at times, due to my job. But never have I voluntarily ingested something that turned out to taste “like bait”. Nor having accidently done so, could I have managed to actually keep said material in my mouth long enough to make a dignified exit to dispose of the material off camera. I salute you sir.

  7. Oh dear! Again I can’t see your videos. The first video I can see a picture of Bubba (the little sweetie pie) and I can hear you yawning a few times. The second video I can hear you talking but see just a picture of you with your mouth wide open. I am so computer clueless!

  8. Joe —

    Classic vids today. I loved the reactions of dogs. I interpret them as: “Look, Dad’s gone insane. I think I’ll take a nap.”

    You really looked like you were about to hurl after you chomped down on the little crab. Yes, I’m laughing at you pain.

    Another question for Lois McMaster Bujold.
    What is your relationship currently with Baen Books? If you do another Vorkosigan book will it be with them, even though Jim has passed away?

  9. Is number 3 really supposed to be Stargate ‘Atlantis’ movie? I’ve heard about the hopes for a third SG-1 movie, but nothing about an Atlantis one.

    Personally, I’d say #1 (Yea for SGA!)

    Just have to say how much I love your dogs!

  10. Question for Lexa Doig. “How are you so awesome. This I wish to know.”

    And I vote for all three of above! 😀

  11. Thornyrose writes: I love your infallible logic. Keller-haters as the engine driving more Keller-heavy episodes as you attempt to redeem the character. Ohh, the hair pulling that must be going on! Me, I’ll wait till the end of the season before weighing in on the whole love-triangle thing and how it has played out.

    Here… here… Thornyrose~~~~ I bow to your eloquence on this matter! Love it… I too will wait until all shows have aired before I decide what I liked and disliked!

    Patricia Lee

  12. Of the 29 dogs tested, 72 yawned after observing a human doing so
    one of those numbers is wrong. either it’s 72 out of 92. or 27 out of 29.

    during the tasting (or what my brother called; “that guy’s blog with the weird sh** of the day”) my brother was saying; “i mustn’t run away. i mustn’t away.” apparently an anime reference of some sort.

    questions for lexa doig;
    1. do you wish more back story would’ve been given for dr. lam? like why she became a doctor? or why she was distanced from her father? was it more than the usual “child of divorce” thing? did the writers tell you anything? or did you have something mind while playing her?

    2. and now that your husband has his own official site
    could you ask that he blog there once in a while. or send in a note like richard dean anderson does for his site?

  13. Hey Joe,

    I know you like to be cautious when it comes to renewal decisions. Ever since what happened to Farscape and SG-1 fans are very cautious with SCI FI’s renewal decision. A source told me that “The Seed” pulled a 1.5 Rating after Live + 7. To me that is very impressive if it is true of course. I just don’t see how the odds have “not” gone up for a 6th season. Last 2 season renewal saw lower numbers. I just hope it’s enough to offset any increased production costs. Again, it is best to be cautious, because too much optimism can result in a really rude awakening when the announcemnt is not good news.

    I just think you guys are doing an excellent job with the show, and after reading Carl Binder’s recent interview it seems the show has so many more stories and possible new arcs to come even with the Wraith not being the dominant threat anymore. The Pegasus galaxy is a big place with lots of places to still explore I am sure. I just rather have more seasons than a couple of DVD movies. I still wish we got an 11th Season of SG-1 rather than “Ark of Truth”, which I still did enjoy btw.



  14. Well Joe, I agree with you that the negativity toward Keller is getting alittle overdone. I’m not a huge fan of hers but I’m not watching the show just for her so…. However, in all fairness to the Keller naysayers out there, I do believe that most of the fans you heard cheering for Jewel were doing it for her role as Kaylee not Keller.

  15. Well your test didn’t get the dogs to yawn, but it made ‘me’ yawn. Wonder what that means?

    Yes, Jewel got a lot of cheers at ComicCon. I like Keller and I’m not sure why some have taken such a hugh dislike to her. I hope with Carson back they’ll give her a chance. I also hope she gets better with the jokes. The one in S&R was painful, and not in a good way.

  16. Do the available choices mean that you will not have anything to do with the SG1 movie? You and Paul wrote some of my favorite SG1 episodes(Window of Opportunity for one) and I know Brad’s writing the movie, but will you get any input? I guess even if there’s more movies, you’ll be too busy with Atlantis. Too bad.

    p.s. I’ve been trying to come up with something to say for a while, so I could see what my monster looked like!

  17. Thank god, someone else who doesn’t watch the Olympics. I loathe the ‘triumph of the human spirit’.

    For Ms. Doig: How would you compare the working atmosphere and creative approach on Stargate to your experience on Andromeda?

    And Joe, thanks for organizing such interesting guests!

    – Kathleen

  18. If everybody had liked her, then we probably would have redirected our efforts elsewhere. Like, say, Sheppard for instance.

    You are evil!

    What were those crabby things supposed to be??

  19. I’m only half way through season 4 atm so I’m giving it plenty of time before I have an opinion of Keller. The Beckett love is still strong though..

    Jewel’s last blog post implied that the haters sometimes get to her so nice she was feeling the love at the con – whether they were firefly fans or SGA.

  20. Oh dear, first the puppies ignore you then you have a “close bait encounter of the first, second, and third kind.” And, then a rather graceful exit.

    1) Working on Stargate Atlantis season 6.
    2) Working on Stargate Universe season 1.
    3) Working on a Stargate Atlantis movie.
    5) All three of the above.

    I know I really do not have a vote, but in IMHO order:
    1, 3, 2, 5.
    Wishing you success, my lord!

  21. Question for Lexa Doig.Did you find it difficult integrating yourself into a cast who have been together so long especially with your husband having been on the show since the start?Did you find it hard or a little awkward to work with him?

  22. Oh, I’ve been making my cats yawn for years! It’s a fun thing to do on a rainy afternoon. You just stare at them, and fake a yawn. Give ’em a few seconds, and – sure enough – they’ll yawn back. You can also make cats ‘blink’ – it’s a type of body language with cats – a slow blink that basically means, “I’m okay – you’re okay”.

    My kitties – just a bunch of copycats. 😉

    I’ve heard that ‘yawning’ amongst animals is also a means to display their teeth – so, if you yawn in such a way as to show your teeth, they will do likewise, basically saying, “I can bite you, too.”

    What I find most amazing about that study is that 29 dogs were tested, and yet an amazing 72 of them yawned. Lemme guess. Math wasn’t your strong point, was it? 😀


  23. You must have extreme patience or simply take things in stride, but all the different comments you get day in and day out regarding why did you do this or why did you do that, must be exhausting. When I read a lot of these comments – most the ones that you respond to, I can’t help but wonder about something. Viewers always seem to find something to complain about. Whether it be a romance, or lack of screen time, or whatever…there are always unhappy viewers who take the time to let you know just how unhappy they are.

    My god, what are their real lives like, that they cannot realize that what you portray on the show (which, is, of course, just a show and not real for those of you who may have forgotten) is a representation of life. Things happen, for better or worse, and we deal with them. Why do viewers not apply this logic to the show as well? So one character is attracted to another. Don’t like it? Tough – that’s life. See how it rolls. Maybe they’ll end up hating each other…or getting married…or getting eaten by monstrous space aliens.

    Sorry for the rant.

    Love your dogs – funny how pets never put on a show when you want them to. 🙂

  24. Hi Joe:

    In your listing of writers for Beckett episodes, I noticed that Geronimo (Marty G) was noticeably absent. Is that because you dare not raise the ire of fans by having the man who killed Beckett write an episode about him?

    I must apologize to you regarding your choice for Woolsey to head Atlantis. So far the character is engaging and even likable. Good on you for doing such a great job with him.

    Could you share with us what you know of the negative fan reactions to the actors that has contributed to them shying away from events? I am holding another Fan Party for Gatecon and I know that they have declined similar events do to unpleasant experiences in the past. It saddens me that well behaved fans lose out on meeting their favorite celebrity because the actor has become gun shy.

    A question for Lexa: I chatted with you on board the aircraft carrier at the Continuum Premiere regarding the Women of Sci-fi calendars. Thanks for being so gracious. I really enjoyed our conversation. Do you do any script writing or writing in general? And, what do you find to be the most effective way to connect with your fans?

    Thanks Joe, for all you do.

    Patricia (AG)

  25. Hey Joe,

    It may not have worked on your dogs, but it seems to be
    working just fine on me! I can’t stop yawning now. I can
    also report that this trick doesn’t seem to work on cats. Or
    at least, my comprehensive, species-wide sampling of…um…
    one. She did look at me funny, though.

    We sell jellybeans at work which give you a choice of tasty
    or hideous flavors. The black ones could either taste like black licorice or skunk. Guess which I got. Worst thing I’ve ever tasted in my life. Still could taste it after spitting the remains in the sink AND three glasses of water!! This experience has cured me of any adventurous food-tasting urges. That and the unsympathetic laughter of my loving colleagues.

    As for the ongoing Keller debate, I like the character and the actress. I am more of a “team “fan, but I have always
    liked Stargate for the change and growth , in situation and character development, the franchise has shown over the years. it’s one of the reasons I think its lasted so long. That, and the humor you add, makes it so different than
    so many shows out there. As long as it’s balanced with other characters’ stories and plots, I’m willing to wait and see where this is going. Have to admit, I do agree that Shep is the least-developed character on the show, and wouldn’t mind going a little more indepth into what makes him tick. Sorry for the long post, that’s what happens when you lurk too long, I guess. Oh, would you mind adding me to the long list of people celebrating birthdays tomorrow? Maybe we should all get together and have a party! I make
    a mean pan of homemade brownies!

  26. My question for Lexa: If you could have dinner with any of the characters you have portrayed, which one would you choose and why?

  27. I think your pups looked “disinterested”. They probably DID know you were faking. Hey, Lulu was up for some ball fun, didn’t you take her hint?

    Joe, you actually put some crab “shell” thingy into your mouth and chewed? EEW-W-W-W!! Why, oh why, are you spending money on these weird “food stuffs”? The folks in that new shop must stand waiting at the door for you…

    “Yo Danny, here comes that guy that likes to try all the “unique” items. Make sure the front table is loaded with everything we otherwise can’t sell”.

    More vids of on-set shenanigans please! I’m really missing that aspect in your blog. Suffering eye-on-the-production withdrawal.

    And as to your list… I vote

    1) Working on Stargate Atlantis season 6.

    2) Working on Stargate Universe season 1.

    3) Working on a Stargate Atlantis movie.

    5) All 1, 2, 3 of the above.

    Carol Z
    in NJ, where the crickets are louder than the Garden State Parkway droning right now.

  28. Joe, you’re insane and I love it. I also love the reaction you got from the dogs.

    I really don’t understand how some people can dislike a character so much. Especially if it’s because they aren’t more like their favourite characters… why have any diversity or different character traits at all? Obviously you should be writing a show about a city full of Sheppard clones… or McKay clones, or Zelenka clones.

    Come on Joe, none of the characters actually need flaws at all… make them all perfect. Much more interesting.

  29. Forgot to say in my other post (yesterday’s entry) that I loved The Daedalus Variations. I love all the seasons so far, but in particular seasons 3, 4 and (at least so far) season 5 are my favorite ones.

    Re-reading that post of mine I realize that I might have sound a bit like I only care for John, Rodney, Ronon and Teyla. and don’t want to see the others. So maybe I should emphasize that I really like all the characters. Sure, my favorites and the reason I watch the show are John, Ronon, Rodney and Teyla. Those are the main characters for me. However, I do think that having 20 episodes with just the 4 of them and no other characters wouldn’t work. I like the mix of the other characters as well (Carson, Elizabeth, Jennifer, Sam, Woolsey, Radek, Lorne, Chuck, etc). But I do feel both the CMO and the expedition leader should’ve always been recurring, like Lorne, Radek, etc, never regulars, but whatever. It’s not like that spoils things for me or anything…

    Thanks for clarifying that s5 gets more team than the previous seasons. Team is always awesome in my book. YAY!

    And thanks to you and all the recent guests (Alan, Mark, etc). I appreciate all of you dedicating time to the fans.

  30. Joe – it’s comforting to know that you actually read my posts… 😉

    @ Chokolaj – Well, since I spend most of my time here trying to save the Wraith from annihilation, you can basically figure out that in real life, I prefer to save things than to kill them. Yup. That about sums me up.


  31. []i]Answer: If everybody had liked her, then we probably would have redirected our efforts elsewhere. Like, say, Sheppard for instance.[\i]

    Oh, now you’re just being mean. And unfair since you’ve been ignoring Sheppard for far longer then anyone has been complaining about Keller.
    I think Joe Flanigan does a fantastic job showing layers of personality for a character that could easily have ended up a stoic bore. Outcast and Common Ground were two of my favorite episodes.
    I guess I’ve never really understood why a character I find so hugely entertaining seems so uninteresting to you (not you in particular, I mean the vague ‘you people in charge’ you).
    But on the other hand, I’ve loved plenty of episodes that, while they weren’t focused specifically on Sheppard, did show the Sheppard I love – like Phantoms and The Ark and Midway. So I guess I don’t need a Sheppard episode to enjoy Joe Flanigan’s performance.

  32. Hmmm…. Fondy wasn’t around to be your camera operator/videographer? She’s amazing at it!!! And I commend your stomach’s ability to continue with this AWESOME video segment!!!

    Hehe the video with the puppies was AMAZING! Perhaps they were holding their yawns in??? Because according to the statistics, 3 of the 4 should have responded =) Or maybe it was the Hawthorne Effect… they knew you were recording, so they went out of their way to avoid doing what you expected of them!!!

    And thanks for once again being the highlight of my day… urgh, this RA job is fun, but incredibly demanding!!!

    Out of your six choices for “what is happening on the work front” during your holiday break, I must confess to wanting either 1, 4, or 5. And for your sake, probably 1!!!

  33. there’s really no way to tell what I’ll be up to. Choose from among the following:

    How about we add another to the list:

    7) Creating multiple versions of SGA episodes so that everyone gets their way.

    For example, there’s the version of Season 5 where a mutated virus turns Keller into a bug, whereby she is squished by a bug-hating Sheppard (this actually caters to a] those who hate Keller; b] those who want to see more Sheppard; and possibly, c] those who want Carson made Chief of Medicine again). Alongside that version of the episode, there’s the other version where that doesn’t happen, but instead it’s discovered Teyla’s baby is actually fathered by Sheppard. Or Ronon. Or we find out it’s not actually Teyla who had a baby, but Rodney. And John is the father. And so on. The options are only limited by the various wishes of fans. For instance, there could be a version especially for Dasndanger, where the Wraith win every time.

    It’d be like a ‘choose-your-own’ Atlantis! C’mon, Joe – are you getting excited? How hard coud it be? If you have time to read all those books, surely you could squeeze this project in. Think of how happy everyone would be.

    Personally, I’m happy enough to watch the eps as is, but then I figure if I get a burning need to see Chuck rise to his destiny as Supreme Overlord of Atlantis there’s bound to be a fanfic out there to suit.

  34. Me again *looks at the avatar she got and chuckles*

    I wanted to add that, even if, as I’ve said, I like both Carson and Jennifer equally, I’ve found myself liking Jennifer more than Carson in some season 4 and 5 episodes…

    I liked Elizabeth a lot as the expedition leader and was sorry to see her go. I was OK with Sam (but I don’t miss her at all). And I’ve always liked Woolsey since he was introduced for the first time in 3×01 No Man’s Land, and I was looking forward to seeing him as the expedition leader. And now I like Woolsey even more than Elizabeth and I wish we’ve had Woolsey since Rising 😀

  35. Well that crab thing didn’t look all that appetising, I think I’d skip it, I don’t like eating things that actually look like the animal they came from or were…

    Your dogs looked kinda bored… I tried making my dog yawn after me once, it didn’t work for me either. I am also hoping you’ll be working on season 6 of Atlantis, I for one will be very upset when it ends, even if we do get more from the Stargate franchise in Universe.


  36. Answer: “If everybody had liked her, then we probably would have redirected our efforts elsewhere. Like, say, Sheppard for instance.”

    You are such a tease. I don’t like the word hate so I will use not interesting. I will give you that Dr. Keller in Season 5 seems to be somewhat more likeable (I noticed right off in S&R), but for me, the interest level for her to be featured in an episode is just not there (i.e. Missing and Trio). Perhaps that is because we are looking for the TEAM more, I don’t know. I have tried though to take more interest, because I feel bad. I never saw firefly and I know a lot of the fans for her at comic con was for her previous character. Maybe I should watch it.

    Anyhow, it looks like your dogs think you are wacked. If it makes you happy, you made me yawn and laugh at the same time. The dogs are so cute!

    Did you ever think of having a glass of water next to you when trying these foods. So far, it the foods seem to be of Asian origin, could that be because you are trying to prepare your stomach for your trip?

    To Chokolaj: We watch TV to take us away from real life sometimes (lol).

  37. riley wrote: … For instance, there could be a version especially for Dasndanger, where the Wraith win every time.

    I…I love you. 😉

    This is really a funny coincidence. Just today, as I was showing my sister this blog, she said, “Why don’t they let the fans write the shows. It would be a twist on reality tv…where the fans actually decide the fate of characters, and all. They can put plots up for a vote, and the fan that wins for that particular plot gets to change/add two things that won’t be revealed until the airing.”

    I then explained to her what fan fiction was. 😛


  38. Just when I thought your blog couldn’t get any funnier…it does. The “weird food purchase of the day” is absolutely hilarious. I’d just read about the yawning experiment and love your version of the study – you can just see their little minds thinking, “oh geez, what is he up to this time?” (they may not have yawned, but I certainly did!) Love your blog, SGA and Keller!

  39. Hi Joe!

    I’m hoping for option 1 personally!

    I want to throw my vote in for team fic’s because I think that the dynamic that makes up a team IS important to the development of the rest of the season. You have these people who are supposed to be living/working/playing together – life and death situations – they need elements of real life in there to keep them real. The great thing about Atlantis is the people and the interaction of the characters that’s so dutifully mixed in with action and arc’s.

    I’m going on a mini-rant here (mostly because I’m tired, and partly because I’m tired of a small group of people proposing to speak for the majority).

    When you write a novel, you would have nothing if all you included was just description of the action. If you couldn’t get into the human side of the characters, there would be nothing for the reader to connect with. If we can not find a similarity in our hero/heroine, we lose the thread that ties us into the story. Descriptions of sights, smells, sounds, textures and tastes give us everything we need to make that leap from reader to participant. But it is the the thoughts and actions of the characters which makes us ultimately love or hate them – especially if they remind us of someone we know.

    Now I don’t begin to assume I know about writing for television. I’ve worked in the industry for years, but from a tech/crew perspective – never writing. But… what I have seen/understood from the floor, is that you also have to entice more than just your visual sense. With SGA, you guys have such fantastic audio (especially the soundtracks; Joel Goldsmith), the visuals are stunning, and the dialogue and character expressions bring in the other three elements with such clarity. But to me, it’s the human interaction that pulls in the final piece of each story. The reason I love the SGA characters so much is the way you, and the other writers, allow them feed off each other, in strength AND weakness.

    People who think Dr. Keller is whiny, don’t listen to McKay (obviously) and those who think she hesitates too much have also obviously not stopped to consider WHY she feels so out of her element. She travelled to another galaxy, leaving her only major family behind (her Dad), to put her skills to use to save the universe. Yeah, sounds like a crybaby to me… not. Perhaps they should go back and re-watch her episodes, paying attention to the dialogue, the facial expressions, and the interaction of the OTHER characters. E.g. In The Seed, the look Sheppard gave her after telling her to get some rest spoke volumes of the level of support of his character to hers. I am very tired of hearing people bashing her character, without even giving her time to develop. McKay was an annoying poop on SGA, yet he’s now beloved (and I belove him!) 😛

    I’m sorry the need is there for you and the others to have to rework story arc’s just to appease these few. And it’s sad that Jewel has to deal with these loudmouthes spoiling it for her and everyone else. As Chokolaj mentioned, it’s a wonder that they’re even heard at all. There are many more who appreciate Keller’s character, and more who appreciate Jewel’s portrayal of the young CMO. We can’t wait to see more, so be sure to send Jewel our love!

    Thank you so much for taking all the time you do, Joe!


  40. From yesterday’s post…

    To clear up any confusion: there is a distinction between the way the wraith reproduce normally and the cloning technology seen in Spoils of War. Both require the queen to secrete genetic material into pods, but in the case of the cloning facility, that genetic material is then copied many times over to create hundreds of wraith all at once. Normal wraith reproduction takes place on hive ships. While it’s never been established, my feeling is that some part of the male wraith’s DNA is used in the process.

    So, does that mean that wraith and humans aren’t, er, biologically compatible? So all those wraith thunkers are outta luck? Hmm…now my mind is going off into a weird place. It appears to be some kind of Freudian analysis of Michael’s bid to take over the galaxy and his homicidal nature just being a result of frustration brought on by having human hormones but lacking the correct biology. Either that or some kind of thinly-veiled-homosexual-reference coming-of-age race confusion. Yeah…I don’t much like Freud.

    Reminders! Reminders! I’ll be taking questions for actress Lexa Doig (aka SG-1’s Dr. Carolyn Lam) until tomorrow, so if you have any burning questions you want to ask her, now would be a great time.

    Burning questions like, “Does Michael Shanks have any weird scars we don’t know about?”

    Sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. Maybe my brain is all confused from having to work on a Saturday.

  41. Love the weird purchase of the day stuff….
    i’m a french gater right now in Vancouver for 2 more weeks with my friend, and i’m wondering if there’s a tiny little chance i could see you and maybe other stargate people (actors, writters…) if i stay long enough in front of the Bridge Studio…we came yesterday but the guard didn’t seem to be willing to let us in even if he seemed nice with his flipflop and hat….so we tried to see something from the bottom of the fences but the trees are way too dense…could you cut it please??
    and one more question: who’s office is the one with the people choice award at the window?? we saw someone at the window but didn’t recognize him, though he seemed to think we were stalkers (which we are NOT!!!! just crazy stargate fans)…
    i guess it’s not the first time you’ve been asked that but i’ve been a fan of stargate since day 1, and it would mean a lot to me
    Thank you

  42. Hey, Joe!

    Found out during the Opening Ceremonies that good ole Vancouver is hosting the next Winter Olympics. Any plans to try and attend? Also, are there massive plans in the city currently underway?


  43. Even though I’m not such a great Keller fan, re your response to Aqualegia, you are an evil man and that’s why I love you!
    The dogs not-yawning vid had me laughing out loud and scaring the cats, that was great, they have as much disdain for you as you have for us Keller bashers…
    That said, here is me adding even more unwanted commentary on the Keller Situation.
    When I see Wier on screen I see a woman; when I see Teyla, or Carter, Dr. Kate, Katie Brown or Dr. Frazier, I see women. Heck, even when Vala is on the tube, I see a woman. When Keller is on screen, I see a girl.
    Jewel is a fine actress, and given 10 years or so to physically mature into the role for which she was cast, I’m sure she’d be brilliant. But it seems casting her in this part has been a disservice to her, as she seems to have taken the “anti-Keller” feelings to heart, as mentioned on her blog. I feel bad for her, as she seems like such a wonderful person to work with and to be around, and hate that she is suffering any hurt feelings when the emnity is directed towards the character and not her.
    She was beloved as Kaylee, but she was playing someone age-appropriate and was a wonderfully quirky character in her own right.
    You know, I think I would have had no problem with the Keller character if you had found some in universe explanation like “she’s really a 40-60 year old Chief of Medicine who got de-agified in a ancient device somehow and is now able to relive her youth.” Then she could have had the experience to be believable, not be too young for her position as a surgeon or for Rodney, and still be the hawt, young thing you might feel is needed to attract the viewers.
    I have liked the scenes where she is not being romantically positioned with McKay, and since I work with many a young resident physician, choose to see her as a smart first or second year intern, which she does very well, corny jokes and all. That is realistic and quite cute, IMHO.

  44. Thanks for the well-wishes, Joe…I think. 😉

    Speaking of sickly, how are you doing with your throat problems? Getting better I hope!

    That first video was utterly hilarious. I loved your little “alright” after Bubba did nothing. I agree with the others who said that they knew you were pretending. To do this right, I suggest carrying them whereever you go, so that you can observe their reactions when you yawn for real. Oh, and maybe get more dogs to increase the sample size. Science Rules!

    For the 2nd video, I do believe that that thing WAS bait. I don’t care what it said on whatever packaging it came in; it’s either all in Chinese (Chinese for “bait”; you’ll learn it soon enough), or the English is mis-translated to say “edible”. Sorry, but there’s the cold, hard, crunchy, vomity truth.

    Speaking of Chinese, it’s great that you’re learning my mother tongue! I hope you won’t butcher it when you get to China. To help you in that regard, feel free to post videos of you attempting to talk in Chinese so that I may evaluate your pronouciation. I’ll even do it for free, given that you bring me a present from your winter trip. A new plasma TV would be nice. Hint hint.

    2cats writes:
    Joe, you actually put some crab “shell” thingy into your mouth and chewed? EEW-W-W-W!! Why, oh why, are you spending money on these weird “food stuffs”?

    To entertain us of course! And don’t you dare try to dissuade him! Watching Joe eating disgusting food is a highlight of the day for many, many of us!

    Sad? Yes. Fun? Yes. 😀

    Oh hey! Look at the arrow smilie! I didn’t know you can conjure those up! Cool! ….ok, I’ll stop.

  45. Nooooo!! The arrows didn’t show up! The floating text that appeared when I hovered my mouse over the arrow smile lied to me! LIIIIIIIED TO MEEEEEEE!!

  46. Your may not have made your dogs yawn, but the video got me yawning, which is apparently what caused my cat to jump up onto my desk and sit on my keyboard, and then try to bite me when I went to move her. Ah, the joy of cat love.
    I’m really enjoying the weird food purchase of the day segment. It’s fascinating and alarming at the same time. I’m a bit of a coward when it comes to food.
    – KB
    P.S. Thanks for all the recommendations for the books of the months (many books, several months) and for the reader and author discussions. I’ve been so busy with work that I’d convinced myself I didn’t have much time to read much more than the news, SciAm, and anything related to my work, but you’ve turned me on to several amazing authors. I took advantage of free time during a recent vacation to read eight books and currently am reading two others from your suggested list. I can’t believe I’d forgotten how much of a joy it is just to lose yourself in a good book. Thank you for reminding me!
    P.P.S. I apologize if this message pops up twice. I accidentally hit a key and everything vanished, so I rewrote it.

  47. JoeM writes: “Well, see, it’s because certain fans are so vocal about their dislike for the character that we’re really making a concerted effort to redeem the character in their eyes. If everybody had liked her, then we probably would have redirected our efforts elsewhere. Like, say, Sheppard for instance.”

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! You owe me a new monitor and keyboard as I have sprayed them with Coca Cola. How are you so awesome?

  48. @ Shawna Buchanan – Hey. My attraction to the Wraith is strictly a moral, right-to-life issue. That…and the hair. And, as far as I know, Wraith and humans probably use a brush the same way – so…WOOT! I’m good! It’s those Wraith/human shippers who are outta luck. 😉


  49. Hey Joe!

    Well, I was reading up on dogs and yawning and apparently they yawn as a way of reducing stress. So, the fact that your dogs didn’t yawn probably means you have really mellow, laid-back dogs.

    A couple of questions for Lexa

    Hi Lexa! First, I’m looking forward to seeing you and Michael at the Creation Con in Chicago later this month. Chicago is a great city … okay I’m not just saying that because I’ve lived here all my life … okay, I am, but it is a great city. Anyways, my questions – 1) are you working on any projects right now? 2) Is there any character (doesn’t have to be scifi) that you would love to play?

    And a question for you Joe … have you checked your email lately?


  50. Lacking any dogs to test, I yawned at my cat. No luck. Although, he did scratch his ear.

  51. Questions for Lexa

    Would you have liked to have seen the relationship between Mitchell and Lam realised?

    I loved your part in Tekwar…did you enjoy playing cowgirl?

    Take Care

    Kriss 🙂

  52. Mr. M wrote:

    Now would also be a great time to finish up Cordelia’s Honor and start composing your thoughts and queries. Discussion begins Monday, July 11th and author Lois McMaster Bujold will be swinging by later in the week.

    Thanks for the extra time. I should be able to get it read in the next eleven months. 🙂

    Anne Teldy

  53. JM writes”If everybody had liked her, then we probably would have redirected our efforts elsewhere. Like, say, Sheppard for instance.”

    That was just plain evil, Joe. Loved it!

    Another question for Lexa Doig:
    At the beginning of season 9, was it difficult to work out the Mitchell-Dr. Lam-Daniel-Vala dynamics? Claudia and Ben had so much chemistry as Chrichton and Aeryn and you and Michael, besides your personal relationship, scorched the screen in Andromeda. How did you work around all that past history and redirect you acting energies towards the new character interactions?

  54. No Offense Joe, But Lulu is looking at you like you are an idiot…lol

    Question @ Joe: Why are most of you “Weird Food Purchases” Seafood related? Do you really love Seafood THAT much?

    Question @ Lexa: What was the best thing about working on Andromeda compared to Stargate SG1?? and What would have to be your Favorite Episode you filmed from Andromeda??


  55. dasNdanger wrote on August 9, 2008 at 9:18 pm:
    It’s those Wraith/human shippers who are outta luck. 😉

    Not when they are able to write fanfics. 😛

  56. Hi, Joe!
    Thank you for the very interesting guests in your blog! And for the funny Weird Food Purchase of the Day videos 🙂

    Questions for Ms Doig:
    Thank you for making the time to come here and answer our questions!
    1.What happened to the Women of Sci-Fi calendar? Will there ever be another one?
    2.What is the next thing you will be working on?

  57. 3) Working on a Stargate Atlantis movie.<<
    Did you mean Stargate SG1 MOVIE?

    Yawning dogs: Stuff like this annoys me. It is SO not NEWS & those researchers know it isn’t. Dog trainers have known for eternity that it is a calming signal among canines. Try it… when your dog is upset, make eye contact, slowly close and open your eyes, yawn. Most will respond with well, calming down some. Btw, mine usually also yawn back but even when they don’t they do settle.

  58. Coucou Joseph! =)

    MOuhahahahaha j’adore vos video, vous me faite pleure de rire XD surtout qu’en je vois la tête que vous fêtes quand vous n’aimez pas un aliment lolo XD

    Moi, c’est mon chien qui me fait bailler et tout les gens aussi, je ne sais pas pourquoi O_O

    Sinon aujourd’hui c’est journée Jeux Olimpique…toujour pas de médaille pour la france….=(

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Quoi???? Vous allez en Chine!!!!! O_O!
    Bah bon voyage, personnelement je n’aime pas ce pays ^^!

    J’ai du laisser mes question a Lexa sur l’article du 7 ou 6 aout je pense…..

    Aller bisou, je vous adore♥♥

  59. For Lexa: As a girl of half-Filipino/half-Caucasian descent I grew up with practically no Filipino role models in western movies and t.v. I’m so thankful to you for really being one of my first Filipina role models and for being a real inspiration to me. Acting has always been my greatest passion but I worry that my “minority status” might impede on my ability to be successful. What would your advice be to those of the Filipino community, or really anyone who is part of the minority, that wish to be successful at acting? Thank you so much for your time and for providing young Filipina girls with our own wonderful role model to look up to.

    P.S. Looking forward to seeing you in this week’s Eureka!

  60. “Answer: Well, see, it’s because certain fans are so vocal about their dislike for the character that we’re really making a concerted effort to redeem the character in their eyes. If everybody had liked her, then we probably would have redirected our efforts elsewhere. Like, say, Sheppard for instance”

    If Keller was the fantastic character you think she is, you wouldnt have to go to so much trouble to redeem her character and it boggles the mind to think that you want to put so much effort into a new and obviously unpopular character at the expense of established characters who have been around for 5 years. If you have to go to so much trouble to appease the few vocal complainers as you call them, then you are doing something wrong. If you honestly thought it was just a FEW vocal complainers then you would not have gone to so much trouble to appease so few.
    I would’nt judge Kellers character on an applause ‘o meter for Jewel and I can’t believe that you are even compairing one actors applause response to another. I’m sure you are aware that they were a lot of Fire Fly fans at the Comic Con event and most likely happy to see Jewel again and have no idea about the character of Keller.
    But if you feel that Keller is more popular than Sheppard then you are sadly mistaken and if you wish to try and prove your point by giving us so much of Keller in the back half of the season then only time will tell as to how well that is received.
    What I find sad though is your lack of enthusiam for your leading man. Joe Flanigan has never received the attention that you lavish on David or now even Jewel. You have hardly tapped into the potential of Joe Flanigan and he tends to get mere crumbs thrown his way, compared to the meaty material that David Hewlett gets. It’s a shame that you have so much potetial under your noses but you chose to ignore it or under utilise it.

  61. *waves*

    Morning. 🙂 Thanks for answering my little rant.

    Mr M says to cheeky’s little rant: Answer: I suppose it can depend on where you’re sitting. If you were sitting in the audience during the Comic Con panel, for instance, you would have noted that Jewel’s fan reception was the most enthusiastic of all.

    I think you might have misunderstood. I wasn’t inferring that Jewel wasn’t popular, I was saying that it’s perceived that Keller isn’t popular. The two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive, and you can like the actress, but not necessarily like the character they play. I enjoyed Keller in Missing, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing her growth throughout the ep, that’s what I enjoy seeing. But you can only be a ‘fraidycat’ for so long in that sort of situation before you’re either packed up and sent home, or you grow from the experience. I’ve yet to see either. Sorry. She seems to be a bit inconsistant, and nervous. Now nerves are good, they keep us alive, but through each experience we go through in our lives, we take a little bit of what we’ve learned and apply it to the next situation. So Keller should be growing more in confidence not less. Sorry Mr M, that’s just my opinion I know and not worth it’s wait in gold, I appreciate that.

    Anyway, thanks for listening. 🙂


  62. Hi Joe,

    personally, I’d choose #1 and #3, but #4 is fine too. 😉

    Your experiment with the dogs was funny, but the tasting ones are even funnier. You are a real comedian. LOL
    Can’t wait to see more.


  63. Question for Lexa Doig. “When is there going to be another Women of Scifi calender and if soon, can we please have more of you and Laura Bertram?”

    Question for Joe. “I love your weird purchase of the day video log, I want to do something similar on my own blog I’m starting, just checking if your cool with that or if you want to keep all weird food eating videos to yourself?”

  64. Well you made me yawn.

    Wait no that came out wrong, you talking about yawning made me yawn.

    I loved that you were surrounded by your dogs. They are clearly thinking how odd their owner is in that clip.

  65. I love your dogs, they all just sat there and stared up at you with their big cute eyes as if to say “what the hell is he doing?”

    The Weird Food Purchase of the Day looked really appetising *raises a brow*. Shame it tasted like it looked. =/

    Hope you’re feeling better =]

  66. Oh meant to say loved the vids since they’re now working for me, and I forgot to mention this lil gem, because it’s so early and i’ve only had one cuppa. 😉

    Answer: Well, see, it’s because certain fans are so vocal about their dislike for the character that we’re really making a concerted effort to redeem the character in their eyes. If everybody had liked her, then we probably would have redirected our efforts elsewhere. Like, say, Sheppard for instance.

    Such a tease. 😆 You do realise that people will actually take that as gospel don’t you? 😉 Do you think now would be a good time to get out the popcorn? 😛

  67. I dont know about the dog’s yawning, but it worked on me! And yet again… “tastes like bait”… priceless! Hope you made it to the sink or a suitable recepticle before you hurled. You need a ‘food test bucket’ handy.

    As for the Keller talk, that was a wee bit cruel on the less Shep to ‘redeem’ Keller line…you are the king of snarky comebacks! 😉 As for Comic Con, well fans are hardly going to boo her and as the room was full of FireFly fans…I think you’ll find they were cheering for the lovely Jewel Staite, rather then her portrayal as ‘Keller’. So not really an affective arguement. 5000 fans went mad for Paul last time he was there and I’m sure if he was there, the reception would have been equally as enthusiastic. I’m also sure you felt the ‘reception’ last year with all the flag waving even when he wasn’t there. It’s a bit of a ‘fan’ arguement to suggest a reception at a con is an accurate reflection of overall popularity.

  68. “If everybody had liked her, then we probably would have redirected our efforts elsewhere. Like, say, Sheppard for instance”

    Monsieur Mallozzi ¡vous êtes machiavélique!

    Ne laissez pas que votre inimitié vers Mr. Flanigan (parçe que c´est clair que vous ne l´aimez pas) fasse tomber par terre un bon travail de création d´un personnage qui nous plait beaucoup (bon travail des scénaristes et de Mr. Flanigan)

    Mademoiselle Staite est adorable, mais les fantaisies des dames vont dans une autre direction plus masculine, au moins les miennes.

    Tout ça avec mon admiration pour vous et pour votre habilité comme gourmet.

    J´adore votre quatre fils

  69. Firstly, Joe, I love your blog, read it every morning here in England whilst eating my breakfast (new food vids have made that a little uncomfortable of late but sticking with you!!). I love hearing about how my favourite show is made and what goes on backstage so to speak, so please keep at it. Plus more piccies of your doggies, please??

    I would, however, love to have my say about Keller. Firstly, the actress Jewel Staite was fantastic in Firefly, so I’m assuming she is doing a grand job on SGA. I therefore have to look to you writers for the reason why I just cannot take to her character. Sorry but blame is going somewhere!!

    I would say firstly though that anyone coming after the beautiful Carson Beckett, who we were told was bumped because the show wanted a shake up and the doctor was not a lead character, could hardly have it easy. That said, Keller is a little girl.
    Now this may well appeal to the male staff writers, it may also appeal to the male fans but a whole host of your SGA fans are obsessive FEMALES and bringing in a little ‘woe is me, I’m so helpless, look at me try to fit in to this new world and who can I bonk next’ girl is never going to satisfy us (see I’m an obsessive female fan – did I mention that??).
    If you writers really want Keller to fit in and for some strange reason you really do seem to (PTB, Sci Fi, really, really like Jewel and want her to play bigger part??) try and write her with a bit of attitude, like Teyla – who is female and has worked out great even with female fans (until you started to give her real life mum at work type problems -we girlies have enough of that, really don’t need to see it in SGA – more escapism please!!)
    Actually while I’m posting, which I hardly ever do – more a voyeur – can I just put in my humble request for sex with Todd?? No, really, can I please??? I’ll even come to Canada and guest star if you like, maybe you could pass him my number??


  70. I’ve heard somewhere that if you want to calm your dog down, yawn and stretch your arms out in front (like any dog does…) and they’ll get the hint. They aren’t as dumb as they may sometimes look. Got 2 of my own and this works … at times.

    Personally I don’t know what everyone is whinging about with Keller. I like her, she’s very natural (human!) with her fears and uncertainty out of her comfort zone – I still like Beckett better but that may be more to do with the fact that he’s Scottish (and male and easy to look at ;o) and Its always nice to see some nationality other than American as a recurring character (not to say that I don’t love Sheppard, Lorne et al – I do! Lorne’s gotta be a favourite!) but it makes for a nice change considering its supposed to be an International expedition. And I also like the fact that there are more regular females on the show, unlike SG1 who only had Sam and Janet at the beginning and then at the end, Sam and Vala – I can’t really include Carolyn in this as she didn’t have all that much air time or character development (Sorry Lexa! would have loved to see Carolyn in the movies!)

    re: Your weird food of the day videos – I just gotta love you Joe! Being an extremely fussy eater myself I wouldn’t get anything that suspicious any where near my plate. You’re my Hero!!

  71. Joe said

    Today’s blog entry is dedicated to early birthday gals Kdvb1 and Mackenziesmomma.

    {{{{{Joe}}}}} Big hugs for you! Thanks…*whispers* even if you are early…*wink*

    Patricia Lee said
    Happy Birthday to Mackenzie’s Momma and Kimberly (KdVB1) (tomorrow -10th)… Have a happy day ladies


    Mackenzie’s Momma said

    I was just popping by to see if I could get a couple birthday wishes thrown out for the 10th. It’s also Kimberly(KdVB1)’s birthday as well.

    Now I realize that we share our birthday with the affable Carl Binder, but I bet he wouldn’t mind sharing a blog dedication especially after he sees the awesome ditty below…

    You think you own whatever birthday you land on,
    The day is all yours for you to claim,
    But, we know that day as it’s also ours,
    We have a life, a spirit, our own name.

    Hey…you sang the song we made up for Carl! *big grin*


  72. Joe,
    I vote for SGA seasons 6 – infinity and beyond! Yeah…I just love SGA and don’t want it to ever end.

    Hehehehe…make different versions for all the different fandoms? Wow! Then I could watch SGA all the time! *big happy grin* I’d have to see them all ya know!

    I am not afraid of SGA turning into the McKay/Keller affair. I’ve watched almost all of SG-1 and all of SGA, and y’all don’t work like that. (more’s the pity….I would like more romance *wink*)

    I do agree that I would like to see more backstory on the main characters. My favorites are John and Rodney so I am most curious about them and why they are the way they are. The big theory about Rodney going around is that his parents were pretty hateful people, fought all the time, blamed Rodney for it, didn’t give him love, verbally abused him and made him into the neurotic guy many of us love so much. I also wonder why Jeannie doesn’t seem to have Rodney’s neurotic tendencies at all…but she isn’t kind towards Rodney having them….maybe she treats Rodney that way at times because her parents did and she follows their example? (btw…I love the Jeannie character…can’t wait to see her again this season!)

    Why is John so caring and self sacrificing as far as giving up his life for others…and yet he has a hard time hugging anyone and showing emotion? I thought he was totally unloyal to Rodney in Pegasus Project….and sometimes(probably depends on the style of the writer) I get the feeling Sheppard doesn’t like Rodney or resents him. And, then other times he will do something so caring toward him like make sure Todd got his feeding so Rodney wouldn’t give his life up and Jeannie could be saved. Maybe that all keys into the whole John has a hard time with emotions thing?

    But, overall I just love SGA and think you all are doing a brilliant job! Just stick in more backstory stuff….we’ve been waiting 5 years and are dying to know more!


  73. Joe said:

    Answer: Well, see, it’s because certain fans are so vocal about their dislike for the character that we’re really making a concerted effort to redeem the character in their eyes. If everybody had liked her, then we probably would have redirected our efforts elsewhere. Like, say, Sheppard for instance.

    Oh, dear, this is going to be one long ramble ahead…

    Let me get this straight. You’re having Keller have a romance with McKay, be taken over again by an alien, and kidnapped in the woods because you think fans complain about her and don’t like her much? So, if fans had been doing the same about Sheppard, in your eyes, you’d have had him romancing McKay and being kidnapped then? 😉 Well, I guess at least that would have been entertaining and some dramatic character development for Sheppard on the sexuality front. 😆

    In case you haven’t noticed fans HAVE been complaining about the lack of character development for Sheppard for over 4 years now, and he’s the leading man! On this blog, on GW, on LJ – EVERYWHERE! Have you really not noticed that? Or just chosen to ignore it? Or can’t think what to do with Sheppard, or don’t care about him? I ask these questions not to rile, but out of complete astonishment, bewilderment and a genuine desire to know the answer!

    Let me state this quite clearly. I have always said I don’t even dislike Keller, so I am most certainly NOT a Keller hater. I don’t hate any character on the show and never have. I don’t understand how anyone could hate a character, and I certainly don’t enjoy seeing or approve of poeple wishing a character to meet a grisly end. 🙁 Just because I have concerns over the character, her portrayal at times and the focus she’s getting does not make me a hater. So please, folks, don’t lump people together in one group because they have concerns or dare to express those online.

    In fact, I’ve said so far in season 5 I’ve actually warmed to Keller more. However, the focus she’s supposedly getting is not what this fan wants to see, especially when considering the spoilers I’ve read concerning her development – that is to say, romantic entanglements and more being taken over by aliens and kidnapped in the woods. I want to see other characters developed more than Keller ie, Sheppard, the so called leading man, Ronon and Teyla. Why? Because they’re all part of the team of four which you said would be the focus of season 4, and never quite were really – certainly not together.

    My problem with Keller is primarily one of credibility. She’s far too young to be CMO and far too inexperienced. That’s not me disliking the character, that’s me finding her to be not convincing in her role. I think as a junior doctor she’d be very good, and reasonably realistic.

    However, the fact that Keller is so unsure of herself and lacks confidence is something one would not see with an experienced doctor. A senior position in any medical facility would not be held by someone in their twenties, genius or not. Now, if Keller was self-assured and looked confident in her abilities as a doctor, I’d have had less problem with that aspect of her character and portrayal. But she isn’t, and in no way do I think she acts or is successful at portraying a doctor who is in charge of a medical facility. So, for me, that means I find myself being disappointed in Jewel’s casting as CMO, find myself liking Beckett more in that position, and bearing in mind that this is one fan who wanted Beckett to stay dead….well, that says quite a lot really. Unfortunately, you can’t change Jewel’s age, and you can’t take back all the dithering and insecurties her character had as CMO. Thus, she’ll never quite be successful for me in that role because it’s too unbelievable that she’d be ever in it in the first place. That doesn’t mean to say I can’t grow to like the character more, it just means I can’t reconcile myself to Keller being in the position she’s in because it just doesn’t make sense for her to be in it. After all, though this is fiction, Stargate has always had some base in the real, present day world. If Atlantis had been cut off from Earth, then Keller being CMO would have made sense to me. But it isn’t and wasn’t.

    It’s nice to know, that you consider it more important to develop a new character to the show who some fans don’t like, than the leading man who’s been in the show for 5 years. In fact, if I were Joe F, It think I’d be pretty upset to read something like that. So, you admit fans like Sheppard, so Sheppard IS more popular than Keller, then?? So that means you don’t need to do anything much with him? But some fans don’t like Keller, therefore you need to make a concerted effort to try and persuade fans to like her?

    Thus, let me get this straight, a significant percentage of vocal fans don’t like Keller, so we’ll give them more of her and try and rectify their perceived dislike of her, but the more popular and well liked Sheppard, the leading man, (I think that’s what you were saying, no?), doesn’t need as much character development or focus because the fans generally like him?

    So, you push a more unpopular character to the forefront of the show, and don’t make concerted efforts to develop a very much underdeveloped, yet popular character? I’m sorry, I really don’t see the logic in this. (How do you do the confused emoticon here? 😉 )

    As for Jewel getting the biggest cheer at Comic Con? What, did you use a clapometer to judge the claps? 😆 As Kristen said, Jewel is very popular as Kaylee in Firefly and fans were there for that. And, many of the questions for Jewel were concerning Kaylee, as I remember…. Still it’s nice to know you judge the popularity of a character from the claps at one con, and by doing so insinuate that Jewel’s character is more popular than Joe F’s, when you’ve already said you think more people complain about Keller than Sheppard. Or are you saying Jewel is more popular than Joe? If that’s your opinion, you’re entitled to it, and could well be right for all I know – then again, I don’t see how that’s relevent here.

    I think I’d better leave it at that – I have no wish to be snarked or snark. My comments are honest, and how I feel. I’ve always admired many aspects of you as a writer and producer and have always appreciated reading and participating on this blog. I’m a big fan of season 4, and season 5 thus far, and hope I’ve always made that obvious in my praise and support of it. However, if I’m concerned or upset about something, I will say. If that’s considered disloyal, then I’m sorry, but I always thought this blog was for discussion of opinions and thoughts, not merely effusive praise from fans. If fans care about a show, they’re honest in what they enjoy and don’t, I think.

  74. Firstly let me say that I, for one, don’t have a problem with Keller, I don’t mind the whole Rodney/Keller thing either to tell the truth. Keller is here to stay and as that’s the case I’d rather see her character developed than stay as she is.

    BUT as others have pointed out the reason Jewel got such a big response at Comic Con is that the panel immediately after SGA was Joss Whedon’s Dr Horrible panel (featuring not only Whedon but Nathan Fillion) so the room was packed with Firefly fans wanting to get a good seat, of course she got a big reaction – they were cheering for Kaylee not Keller. No one is doubting Jewel’s popularity.

    For me the issue isn’t about screentime but the quality of that screentime you can argue that “insert character of choice here” is the focus of an episode but if its just an action adventure episode chances are it won’t allow for much in the way of of character growth.
    Running around with a gun, shooting bad guys and making wisecracks is great fun, and essentially what SGA is all about, but it doesn’t offer any real insight into their inner psyche does it?

  75. Joe, you make me laugh with the weird food segment,,,I love the quick off camera exit.,,thanks.. And the dogs love you, you can tell, and they are saying,hmmm what strange human trick is he up to today,,cute!!
    -and Lexa,, Loved you in Andromeda and SG1 and Eureka and everything!. How do you make it seem so easy to do this so well, acting I mean,? You do a great job.! thank you.

  76. Wondering which episodes of SGA did your writing partner, Paul write/come up with?

  77. My eyes are boggling out of my head over this…

    1) Working on Stargate Atlantis season 6.

    2) Working on Stargate Universe season 1.

    3) Working on a Stargate Atlantis movie.

    I clearly have no idea what’s going on here but I’m excited for all three!

    PS. My dog yawns when I do, she also smiles when I come home! I didn’t know they could even smile until we got a new pup last year.
    I vote for a dog smiling poll! =P

    PPS. Olympics suck, thank god for pay TV and the Sci-fi channel!

  78. Just dropping in to say how much I dislike Sheppard’s character 😉 any chance you can spend season 6 ( if there is one) trying to change my mind??????

  79. Hi Joe,

    I don’t like criticising on this blog because Atlantis is my favourite TV show and it wouldn’t be my favourite if I didn’t enjoy it and love the job that you and your colleague do 😀 Also I’m a student studying Film and TV Production and my ambition is to be a producer so I find your blog fascinating 😀

    However, I have to say that from chatting with other SGA fans I get the impression that there are a few fans who love Keller and a few that hate her, these cancel each other out. Most fans, including myself, don’t really feel anything for Keller, (I hate McKeller but thats a different matter ;)), they don’t like or dislike her, unfortunately that means they don’t care about her. I realised while watching The Seed that if Keller had of died it wouldn’t have made any impact on me. Unlike when Janet died in SG1, I cried my eyes out, and I cried when Beckett died, even though he was not one of my favourite characters. The more spoilers I read the closer I get to disliking Keller, purely for the attention she gets over the other characters. It really is something that has grown on me because at first I liked Keller very much, I thought she was great in Adrift, but after that I couldn’t quite grasp who she was. Okay, now I’m starting to ramble to I’ll stop 😛

    As for comic con, if I were there I would have given Jewell a good reception because even though I don’t love her character I do think she is an excellent actress, I haven’t met anybody in the SGA fandam, even ardent anti-Keller fans, who think that Jewell is a poor actress. There have been many character polls on GW (I’m sure there are others as well but they are not ones that I know of) and Keller has come last in them all with Sheppard winning by a long way.

    Question: Is there a B story in Brainstorm featuring the other characters, so far I have only heard of McKay and Keller being in the episode?

    Also, are there any moments in S5 with just Sheppard and Teyla off-world together?

    Cazz x

  80. Ok, so having had more time to think things over, and thought carefully about what you’ve said Joe :

    I really don’t like Sheppard anymore. He’s boring eye candy, who just stands around holding his big old gun and being a military grunt. In fact, I think I’m turning into an anti-Sheppard fan. I’m beginning to severely dislike Sheppard. You use him waaay too much, give him too much character development and he’s just getting so unpopular with fans generally, it’s terrifying.

    So, if there’s a season 6, are you going to try and persuade me to like him by featuring heavily and giving him lots of character development? Believe me, I want to be persuaded to like him again! 🙂

  81. Hmm….there’s something familiar about today’s post. Hey, it’s my comment from two days ago. I even suggested the video of the yawning experiment. I’m not sure whether to be flattered or pissed you didn’t give me credit. Maybe a little of both 🙂

    I’ll forgive you if you can tell me something about Sheppard in Season 5 that I don’t already know.

    Cheers, Chev

  82. Just back from a vacation in Northern Michigan. Had fun catching up on your blog afterwards — you left me a lot to read this morning, over coffee. Particularly enjoyed the guest bloggers, thanks again.

    PS: We had satellite TV at the house we stayed at, got to watch Atlantis Friday night. 😀

  83. Bailey wrote:

    When I see Wier on screen I see a woman; when I see Teyla, or Carter, Dr. Kate, Katie Brown or Dr. Frazier, I see women. Heck, even when Vala is on the tube, I see a woman. When Keller is on screen, I see a girl.

    But as I understand it, Keller isn’t supposed to be a woman. I may have the exact numbers wrong but she is supposed to have graduated high school at 14 and got into med school at like 18 (for actual details rewatch Quarantine). Child geniuses are by nature emotionally and socially stunted.

    With Keller the writers have an opportunity to show the process of becoming a “woman” and all that entails. The change has already started but that sort of change doesn’t magically appear at the beginning of one episode; it takes time. I have faith that eventually Keller will be the very vision of womanly badassery that people seem to think she out to be, however that requires some patience on the viewer’s part.

    There’s my two cents, do with it what you may

  84. Joe’s answer: First of all, this season will have more “team” episodes than any other. Fully half season 5’s episodes can be classified as such.

    Yay!!!! Let’s hear it for team.

    I think one of the reasons why I have been so happy with the first four episodes is that they have been pretty well balanced between the leads. All four have been “team” episodes, even if “Broken Ties” leaned more on Ronan, the team was there.

    Now, you all know I am not a fan of Keller. I like her in some instances, she’s competent as a doctor and is good with McKay (they are such a cute couple), while at other times she just gets on my nerves (mainly the quivering voice act). However, the hate being directed at the character seems quite excessive. No one seemed to complain about Beckett being in the opening credits, why is it a big deal with Keller?

    I also try to avoid spoilers (hard to do with the sites I visit) so I don’t know exactly what is being said about the upcoming episodes, but I prefer to judge a show after I’ve seen it. A line in the spoiler about something happening can be a 5 minute scene or a 15 sec. blip.

    Long story short, I think you and the other writers/producers are doing a great job in the show. Season 4 was by far the best so far, and season 5 is off to a great start. Keep doing what you’re doing.


  85. I have to say, your dogs’ massive indifference was nothing short of awe-inspiring. 😉

    The dehydrated crab experiment made me laugh. The things you do for your fans!

  86. Keller has really grown on me. I was never a Keller-hater, and I do like Our Favourite Scotsman, but liking Beckett and not liking Keller much never really had anything to do with each other. I wasn’t really into her while she was getting a grasp on the idea that she’s in another galaxy, but now that she’s kind of settled down with the idea that her job involves a bit more risk than most other doctors, I like her a lot.

    As far as the romance – I like what you’ve done so far. I think it would be unsatisfying if we never saw a glimpse into their personal lives (if it was all work, work, work, we’d have no reason to get attached to them right?) and I like the balance struck so far.

  87. Hiya Joe,

    quick, and hopefully simple question about food. I’ll be moving to Vancouver soon for college and was wondering if you know any moderately prized good restaurants in the city?

  88. Joe,

    i vote for all of the above *pushes button on imaginary voting thingymabob*

    so those crab things tasted like baked…….?????

    Q for Lexa Doig:

    If you could have dinner with any 5 famous people (living or dead) who would they be and why???



  89. Well, that was the most surreal episode of Atlantis ever – girls in tight colorful outfits bouncing around. A bold creative choice in not including any of the regulars. Not sure about the new theme tune though.

    And regarding Keller, its not that there are more of the wistful whiners, its just that they suffer from the misconceived notion that if they whine loudly enough and long enough they can get the producers to fire Jewel Staite.

    “49 Bailey: …when the emnity is directed towards the character and not her.”

    I for one don’t believe that. It’s against her when (young?) people claim she “whines” – its her voice they attack, and i see it as a problem in their heads, I’ve never heard her “whine” even once. The character is not a field hardened soldier and is understandably scared in some situations. You try dropping some of the Gateworld Griefers in such a real life situation and they would be bawling away on the floor.

    Of course depending on her strength it might work, hysterical “fans” basically scared Wil Wheaton of Star Trek (but then, this might be the last season of Atlantis anyway 😉 )

  90. Hi Joe! I just want to say I love the Weird food purchase of the day, it gives me a good laugh in the morning and gives me a good day start. And I was half expecting I think it was Jelly, to give you the finger in the yawn video, soooo funny!

    For Lexa Doig: I discovered you in SG1 and I absolutely loved your performance. Dr Lam wasn’t on board for long but she left a good impression on me and that was because of you. So thank you and keep up the excellent work! 🙂

    For Joe M. : ok here’s a girly question that’s been bothering me for a while, as far as you know, if Amanda Tapping comes back in episode 20, will she be blonde or brunette?


  91. I’m really enjoying the Weird Food videos. Your reactions are great. Keep ’em coming!

    Oh, and for the record, I like Keller.

  92. *Laughing @ dehydrated crab video*

    Maybe it WAS ….. bait.

    Hope you didn’t get sick. Here’s a hug just in case and a bucket.

    and about Stargate Atlantis – personally, I really don’t mind the character change – it just adds to the different stories that you can all write about.
    Keep up the good work

  93. Nobody knows for certain but researchers think yawning is an ancient form of social behaviour, perhaps a primal form of empathy as you said. It’s thought that an individual yawning could send yawns cascading through a group, synchronizing a clan for activity, such as hunting, going to battle or preparing to sleep. It seems your clan won’t be going into battle any time soon.

    As for the dehydrated crab I wonder what it would look like re-hydrated?

    Hope it wasn’t a Japanese Spider crab (Macrocheira Kaempferi) which has a leg span of almost 13 feet. Bet you’re sorry you ate it all in one go then washed it down with water….this could be a re-enactment of Alien.

    Perhaps you should only eat ‘Weird food purchase of the day’ when Fondy is around to save you.

    I haven’t had time to read back over all the posts so I hope no one else has asked Lexa this question.

    How easy (or hard) is it for you to juggle a demanding acting career and still maintain a ‘normal’ home life?


  94. I vote for any of 1), 4) or 5)! Although 5) might be a bit difficult to achieve, unless you found a way to clone yourself. 😉

    About Keller, are there plans to give her a central role in an episode with a medical focus? We had “Poisoning the Well” for Beckett, and I’d like to see Keller more as a doctor and less as a helpless damsel in distress (although “The Seed” is my favourite season 5 episode so far). Any chance to see her achieve medical feats?

  95. Answer: Well, see, it’s because certain fans are so vocal about their dislike for the character that we’re really making a concerted effort to redeem the character in their eyes. If everybody had liked her, then we probably would have redirected our efforts elsewhere. Like, say, Sheppard for instance.

    Joe, I hate to break it to ya, but … she’s too far gone. I know how much you guys at production just luurve her, but for a large bulk of fandom she ain’t working. And it’s even started to annoy fandom that are just lukewarm towards her. Give up, plzthx? If you get an S6, please bring Weir and Beckett back full-time. I don’t care if it requires a reset. I can’t speak for everybody, but it’s what many fans want. =]

  96. I just wanted to post as an Internet fan and say that I love Keller (and I love Jewel Staite, my first show watching her – Space Cases on Nickelodeon, I’m also a Firefly fan). Keller is very accessible as a character and I enjoy that.

    And I also wanted to voice my love of Robert Picardo (I was a Voyager fan), it has been a wonderful pleasure to watch the character of Woolsey develop and to once again see Bob Picardo’s talent shine.

  97. How exciting all your options are while planning an exciting trip to Asia…well, except choice 6 – but I don’t think that’s likely.

    Anyway – I just HAD to try the yawn thing on my 3 furry family members this a.m.. Casey just looked at me much like your first dog did. Emma wanted in on the action and I could have sworn I heard her yawn, but I was too busy being hit in the face by Riggs trying to push his two tennis balls into my yawning mouth. Perhaps the best idea when trying this with golden retrievers is to be well above their reach…

    Today’s weird food purchase – EWWWWWWWW….


  98. [i] Joe’s Answer: Well, see, it’s because certain fans are so vocal about their dislike for the character that we’re really making a concerted effort to redeem the character in their eyes. If everybody had liked her, then we probably would have redirected our efforts elsewhere. Like, say, Sheppard for instance.[/i]

    LOLOLOL!!! That actually made me laugh out loud… and makes alot of sense. So what we all need to do is gripe about how much we hate Sheppard? Don’t think I can do that cuz with my luck he’ll get replaced instead of “worked on”.

    So Sheppard gets Vegas, Whispers AND Remnants?? YEAH! You just made my season… even though its been great so far. Man, I’m really starting to sound wishy washy now arent I? Thionk I’ll just jump ship and join Das and Dovil on the Wraith side. Sounds easier. lolol

    Now to go back to read others’ posts.

  99. Hi Joe,

    Another SG1 movie and SGA Season 6 please. There is no need for a SGA movie or SGU series yet. Wait until SGA comes to a close!

  100. Just going of the canine body language, or lack thereof, your dogs think you’re crazy.

    Um, aren’t the dried crabs ingredients for soup? Bait Soup?

  101. I was gone for a week and a half and came back to a slew of very entertaining and humorous posts! (Not that I thought the case would be otherwise) Love the new ‘interesting food of the day’ bit. You should see if they have any cans of bbondegi at your local Korean food store. It’s really good. Trust me. Plus, it’s good for health. Don’t let the fact that they’re silkworm chrysalides turn you off.

    Question for Ms. Doig: Does your husband kiss and tell? I was just wondering how he rates Ben Browder as a kisser. 🙂


  102. For Lexa,

    I really like Dr. Lam and her relationship with General Landry. It would have great to have gotten to know her better. Even tho I thought it was a bit rushed (probably because of the cancellation) I am glad we got some closure on her relationship with her father.

    Of all the cast I think you spent most of your time with Beau Bridges. What was it like to work with him and do you have any amusing antedotes?

  103. Hi Joe,
    With all the Anti-Keller postings I had to break the cycle that most people will not post a comment when they like or are for something.
    There are many more Pro-Keller fans than they are Anti-Keller. Generally, our society likes to complain and they want to be heard, in this case I hope TPTB do not read into the few that amplify themselves to sound like many.
    I like the way Keller is portrayed and I don’t see it as her being weak or unsure. I see her being thrown into a different galaxy, where everything you thought you knew may not be right or only partly correct. I personally think one of the reasons why the Anti-Kellers thinks Keller is weak or so unsure is because she is the only one we know of like this. Basically, all the other characters were introduced to us viewers “kicking ass” we didn’t get to see them coming into their own. I’m certain at one point John, Ronon, Teyla, and even Rodney were unsure of themselves, showed fear, and wondered if they had what it takes to carry on. I look forward to learning more about Keller and all the characters and see how they all develop.
    Just one last thing, not a fan of the McKeller, please let it be Ronon/Keller….just let me know how much and to who to write the check out to 🙂

  104. “Answer: Well, see, it’s because certain fans are so vocal about their dislike for the character that we’re really making a concerted effort to redeem the character in their eyes. If everybody had liked her, then we probably would have redirected our efforts elsewhere. Like, say, Sheppard for instance.”

    I will not be bullied! Nay thee I say! I will, in fact, hate the character even more! (The actress should love me because I will apparently keep her in work for a long time to come)

    Actually, I stopped by because I remembered hearing somewhere that you, Joe, created the character of Elizabeth Weir. I wanted to offer a sincere thank you for doing so. I greatly enjoyed the character during her three years on the show. I loved her interactions with the other characters; in fact, there are those that considered the golden “trio” (ha) of Atlantis to be Sheppard, McKay, and Weir.

    I think the aspect of the character that I enjoyed the most was that she started out life as anti-military and anti-violence, yet when she took command of Atlantis, she had to employ both to protect her people and their interests. I know some people felt that it was anti to how the character was established, but I felt that it was interesting to watch the character grow into that and even pull away when she felt she had gone too far (“Common Ground”). I also enjoyed the fact that the team had a kind soul to return to at the end of their journeys. It was also kinda cool that she had been head of the SGC for a brief time. So, in conclusion, I offer a sincere and appreciative thank you.

  105. Since i’ve already written twice, i’m going to make it a 3rd, well I have to make up for all the times i’ve not posted recently. So let’s just call it catch up. 😛

    For those that think people who complain are a) anti keller b) just love to complain, then they couldn’t be further from the truth. I like to think of myself as fairly balanced, i’ll squee with delight with eps, and other eps i’m not fond of i’ll explain why. It’s not ‘whining’ it’s not ‘complaining’ it’s explaining why I feel that way. Do I expect my thoughts/feelings to reflect on TPTB’s decision? No of course not. Am I entitled to voice concerns when things seem out of balance as a viewer, and a person that buys all the merchandise? Absolutely.

    For the record though I’m not anti anyone in the SGA universe. I rarely complain, unless of course it involves Shep not being shirtless for the whole 20 eps. 😉 Personally I like to see strong women. I like escapism. When I sit down to watch a show, it’s something I look for. I like characters to show vulnerability and to overcome adversity I find it very endearing. In a strange environment filled with life sucking monsters of course anyone would be nervous. However, as strange as it sounds, you adjust to a difficult situation once you’re familiar with it. Will you still be nervous? Yes. But will that fear be the primary focus of a person’s personality? No, because you adjust to your situation. I’ve been thrust into scary situations and at first when guns are shoved into your face and bombs are going off left right and center you’re fearful. That’s natural.

    However, over a period of time you acclimatise to your surroundings. That fear will still be with you, but you use that fear to your advantage, you control it, it doesn’t control you. That’s the difference. I expect Keller to become more confident as time goes on, as she adjusts. I’d love to see her as a strong capable woman. No, she’ll never be like Teyla and kick ass, but to be uncertain in her own abilities, her abilities to step up to the plate when needed. I absolutely don’t expect that a year and a half down the line. Yes, Rodney was a ‘fraidycat’ and yes he still whines now and again, but Rodney will not hesitate when push comes to shove, so my question is, will Keller actually fight to save someone’s life, put her own life on the line to save someone else?

    I’ve seen Rodney do that, but would Keller? At this point i’m thinking no. I don’t see that strength in her that I saw at the end of Missing when she stepped up to the plate. I read spoilers about her hesitations and unconfidence, and seductive techniques, and her ‘romances’. What i’d like to see is her strengths as a doctor, as a woman, and as a team member. I don’t want her to hesitate, second guess herself, be fearful all the time. I want to see and her standing up for herself and being the confident team member. That doesn’t mean she can’t be vulnerable, it simply means that she can get past that and do what’s necessary and leave the doubts until after the fact.

    Oh lookey I rambled, so unlike me. 😉

  106. Re Keller: I like Jewel, loved her in Firefly, can’t stand Keller. Not a bit. I don’t mind it that you’re trying to do something to rehabilitate her, but there are some huge problems, not the least of which is that she’s too young to be believable in that position. A doctor her age would be just out of med school, really, possibly through an internship and maybe residency, but there is no possible way she’d be CMO of anything. She’s too young, and she’s too inexperienced. Even Doogie Houser wasn’t Chief of Staff of the hospital he worked at. And the whining would not have made it past a first interview for any job.

    The whining is pretty intolerable. Mind you, I don’t like it when Rodney whines incessently, either, but at least he’s proven himself in his role, that is, because he has been established as smart and capable and is not unrealistic in the position he’s in, I can buy it.

    And it’s not about Beckett, either. I like Carson, I like Paul, but I thought Sunday was a great episode, and what a shocker. I am actually of mixed feelings that he was brought back because although I like the character, his return takes something away from the verisimilitude of the story in which he was killed. That he was replaced by another character also wasn’t the problem. The problem is that the character he was replaced with is completely unbelievable to me.

    Lest it be thought that *I’m* only a whiner, I’ve mostly liked what I have seen this season, and I have been pleasantly surprised by a few things.

    In general, I like Atlantis, although it does not have my heart like SG1 did and does, and I’m not certain why. There are a lot of stories that I think are great, and some I think are weak and a couple I find offensive. But I can live with that, and I’ll keep watching. For the most part, I like the characters, especially Teyla and Ronon. Sheppard and his space babes get on my nerves, but then, so did Kirk’s. I like Rodney for the most part. Keller, not so much.

    Re more on the me not whining thing: I loved Continuum. Although I liked Ark of Truth, except for the endless replicator battle involving Mitchell, Continuum is classic SG1. I thought that everyone had something phenomenal to do, the story was good, I was kept guessing right to the end, and I loved everyone in it, including Mitchell. I thought that Sam was utterly fabulous.

    Continuum is what I want to see in Stargate: every character treated well, within character, and the actor given something cool to do. This was nicely done. It might have been nice to see more of Jack, but I liked what I did see and have no complaints.


  107. Love the dogs! I can just see them plotting how best to go about getting you on Letterman’s Stupid People Tricks! Sure to be the winner.

  108. I like Keller I just think you guys need to show her with more strengths then you have so far. Her voice is young sounding. I think that is what may be turning fan off.

    You did show a more stronger Keller in trio More episodes like that and i think every one would warm up to her faster. No matter what i like her. And yes i am a firefly fan.

  109. I agree with everything everyone has said positively about Keller/Staite. Although I do like Becket/McGillian(sp) (after all we do have the same birthdate) I also like Keller/Staite.

    Joe can you please have Jewel Staite on your blog so that us Keller/Staite fans can let here know that we support her.


  110. Dear Joe,

    I have just re-watched Season 4’s first eppy and have wondered the following:

    There is this scene (which was also featured in one of your past blog installments), where Sheppard and Zelenka “jump” over this HUGE crater ripped into the city by an asteroid. Now, this looks like a fairly major damage to the city.

    How does the city cope with this? I mean in following episodes, the city seems to work fairly ok, so does the Atlantis Expedition have any means to repair this extensive damage? I mean it also would not be the first damage… The wraith attack in Season 1/2 must have also incurred quite some damage….

    Again, just wondering. What I have seen so far of season 5 is AWESOME! Loved the new alien vessel. Hoping to see some more of this new foe in a potential sixth season!

    I also wanted to tell you that I love Woolsey as new commander. What I have missed with Carter was the leadership role. You know, Weir always was the one deciding, showing she was the leader. In season 4, Carter somewhat took a backseat, at least not played the role I hoped for her.

    Woolsey, while a totally different character than Weir, brings a whole new dimension to SGA! Maybe it is the thing that he is not too sure about himself and is so cautious / nervous! Loved the scene with the doors in the conference room!

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  111. You say you are trying to improve Keller, but she seems to get worse with each episode. She doesn’t come across as the least bit competent, or even mature. She is a whiny little girl who feels like she just came from the prom. I can’t fathom how this child passed any sort of mental or physical screening that would have been necessary to get to Atlantis in the first place! Besides, its now obvious that she was created simply to be a romantic toy for one of our male regs. No better way to make your audience gag.

    How many more “chances” do we need to give her? The thought of Woolsey coming to SGA turned my stomach, but I changed my mind with one episode. ONE. I actually liked Woolsey for a change. Keller has had a year and a half, and I still can’t stand her. What we need is LESS of her, not more! “Daedalus Variations” was such a good episode because it was more like the early times of SGA, not the junk we’ve had in late season 4. Can we please get back to our “team”? They are much for fun and interesting.

  112. Joe;
    I know that I am a redundant pain in the a$$ but I was wondering:

    1. If Season six is a go will you guys put hexed back in other shows embellish on Sheppard’s past, i.e. what happened to his mother, why he had no contact with his family and as always a very healthy dose of whumpage?

    2. I was wondering would you guys ever consider doing an Atlantis movie while Atlantis is still running? You know like x-files did? Myself and I’m sure many other fans would love that and it would be spectacular I’m sure.

    3. How come you guys didn’t put the last two SG-1 movies in the theater? I would have gone more than once to see them both in the theater they were fabulous, but between the two I’d have to say Continuum was by far my favorite. Even if it was only the fan’s that went that would have been a mother load.

    4. I sure hope that MGM and SCI FI realize what they have in the Show Atlantis. They would be fools to Cancel this show. Yes the actors are paid more the longer they have them in production, but can’t we at least have one show that is relatively expensive and still running. God knows the fan base is there and I hope they understand they’ll get their money’s worth keeping you guys going. I must admit I’m pretty scared that having a new show come into the works will take this one off. I DONT WANT THAT. And this is coming from a solid SG-1 fan that was very skeptical of Atlantis to begin with and now can’t imagine not having it come on, on Friday and brighten my days. I know everything comes to an end, but come on you cancel Atlantis and you’ve got to be crazy! They’re doing super and to take it off now would be idiotic. 🙂

    Ok I’m done being long winded. Thanks again for the blog, the show, and the ability for me to express my views and questions to somebody who actually has their hands in the show. Have a wonderful week, Nicole.

  113. Hey Joe!

    What should you do? Hmm…I’ll take selection 1 with a side of 2 please. 😀

    How much money are you forking to do the Weird Food Purchase of the Day? The stuff surely can’t be cheap, in which I thank you for doing this. 🙂

    A question for Lexa Doig: In Andromeda, as you portrayed two different character sets: the non-physical avatar Andromeda and the android-form Rommie, was it difficult/challenging in having to perform as two characters that are the same, yet have different personalities?

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  114. LINZI – What you said!

    Keller definitely should NOT be CMO! I don’t care how brilliant she may be, as you said, that’s the sort of position that *demands* someone with more commanding character. Hell! To date, Jewel [despite her vocal acting skills], physically has been the most unconvincing “doctor” on the show!! Nurse Marie [the Asian one] is *more* believable! Even Teyla when she’s fussing over her injured team mates. If there’s one thing that I’ve always admired about Paul’s portrayal of Carson: is that the man *does* his homework!! [He’s not afraid to consult his brother, a real life doctor, for those little details…] As a result, he moves around and does things like a real doctor would. While Jewel pretty much just stands there… Which I suppose could be the fault of how she’s written [no offensive, Joe, but seriously… some times…?] and in turn limits how she can be “directed” to behave…

  115. I ment to say would you put Hexed back in and also embellish sorry, the typo monster go me again… 🙁

  116. Hey Joe!

    Quite the debate going on here! Truth to tell, sometimes my eyes glass over after reading the fourth or fifth entry. But I try, I really do! I’m only pleasantly happy that the majority of people here are very good debaters, not getting too vicious or angry, and always putting together pretty organized arguments. Most people I know wouldn’t be able to do that. So bravo to all you heated debaters, you’re doing a good job!

    Anywho, loved that yawning video, had me laughing like crazy! And no, I don’t think it would work with either of my cats or my dog. My dog would just try to lick the inside of my mouth, and my cats would just stare at me. I know, I’ve tried it…

    SueS–I too am looking forward to the Creation Con in Chicago later this month! My brother and I are going and, having never been to Chicago, were wondering if there are any places we should make sure to see. Keeping in mind that we’ll have to rely on public transportation to get around.

    Lexa Doig–I’ve enjoyed all the shows I’ve seen you in and am looking forward to seeing you and your husband at the convention later this month. Just one question: Since the cancellation of SG-1, have you and Michael been enjoying the extra time you and your children can spend with each other? I know that you are both still working, but it must be a lot less time consuming than having a husband being a main cast member of a TV show.

    Okay, I think thats it. If not, I’ll just have to make another post when I think of it.


  117. Hey Joe.

    Well, I made it to England safe and sound…after a 6 hour delay.

    Due to the 8 hour time difference, I will most likely be a day behind on your blog for the next 2 weeks.

    Thanks for your well wishes.

  118. Wasn’t gonna go there, but after reading all of the comments left yesterday about not liking Keller, I guess I feel like I have to!

    I am one of those people who just recently discovered the wonders of Stargate (last December, to be exact!). The SGA I first began watching didn’t have a Carson Beckett. The SGA I fell in love with had Keller as CMO. Maybe because I really identify with her because I’m a younger female or because Jewell is such an amazing actress, but I fell in love with Keller right from the beginning!!! Keller never seemed to me at all whiney or unworthy of the CMO role. Granted, I haven’t seen ALL of the episodes she is in (have yet to buy Season 4). But from what I saw, she rocked!

    I propose two theories as to why certain people hate Keller:

    I haven’t seen Firefly, so maybe the reason some people hate Keller so much is because they are comparing Jewell’s portrayal of Keller to her portrayal of Kaylee.
    Or maybe it’s because all of the Keller haters are really just Beckett lovers in disguise!

  119. to Particia lee. thank you for the nice comments. And as to Keller, have her marry Carson, with Carson taking her last name, and then every time Dr. Keller is referred to, the fans can imagine their preferred character. That should solve one problem(I take no responcibility for all the other issues it would bring up).

  120. Can someone please do me a favour and list any examples in this current season of Keller doing this infamous “whining” I keep hearing about? Because honestly, I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Seriously.

  121. Uh – you actually don’t know what kind of food you are going to try? That’s really brave.

    I should read your blog before I watch the videos. This way I don’t have to wonder what you are doing with your dogs. And why they are looking at you with a question mark above their heads. 😉

    My thoughts for the Keller-discussion: I’m not very interested in this character. Nevertheless I think the Keller/McKay story in The last Man was cute. But I don’t want to see more of it. Since I haven’t seen the upcoming episodes, I don’t have an opinion about them.

    My main concern is that she’ll get too much attention in the show from the writers compared to the characters I love since the beginning. One may say I’m shallow but these leading characters are the reason why I’m watching SGA. Without likeable and interesting (for me) characters I don’t watch a film, a show and I don’t read a book. I want to feel for and with the characters. A great story isn’t enough for me. I also love the team episodes.

    I’m satisfied with the McKay moments in the show. But I have the feeling that there is a lack of development with (and focus on) the Sheppard character. There are too little moments where we get a glimpse of the depth of this character. These are very touching and show what could be.

    So please don’t forget your leading characters and their development because I’m sure there is still very much to discover.

    Of course other characters are important for a show and the story, too. For example I love Lorne and Zelenka and would like to see more from them.

    (I hope I haven’t commented twice since I had a problem with the Internet connection)

  122. Joe,
    Forgot to comment on the videos.

    Sorry your yawns didn’t get the dogs to yawn, but you had me going. I don’t remember my dog ever yawning because of me, but I have yawned because of her.

    And dehydrated crabs??? You have got to have more respect for your taste buds, man.


  123. At what point can we expect to see the new and improved Keller? So far we’ve seen the same old nervous girl in Search and Rescue, and more helpless victim in The Seed.

    When I watch medical scenes I want to see someone in control, confident, with a touch of empathy for the patient. Keller is just a blank when she’s not a bundle of nerves. Maybe I could pretend it was possible for her to be qualified for Atlantis if she’d only behave with a little maturity.

    There has to be a reason you didn’t write Rodney McKay or John Sheppard or any other leader in Atlantis as a frightened 26-year-old. Why start with the head of medicine?

  124. Based on: “To all those of you asking: No, I didn’t watch any of the Olympics coverage. Nor did I stab myself in the eyes with cocktail fork or set my shoes on fire yesterday.” I’m wondering if you’re feeling a bit “Over-Olympic’d” these days?

    As long as the rowing gets covered, I’m happy. I see the Canadians have done well in the initial heats, so all is well – for me at least.

    And… “Choose from among the following:…”

    Okay, Joe, if you insist. I choose:

    2) Working on Stargate Universe season 1.
    3) Working on a Stargate Atlantis movie.

    Oh, wait…that was rhetorical, wasn’t it?

    So, will SGU be looking at spec scripts? Hmm?

    Pol – ever hopeful.

  125. Hi Joe, having “issues” with my statistics assignments – more to the point, doing stats assignments on the computer – stupid really especially when I know that at the final exam – I dont get to use a computer. UGH!!

    Anyway, I have just read through 5 days of blogs while sipping on my cup of Lady Grey tea (no cookies required!!), and would like to comment on a copule of things.

    1. Weird food purchase of the day: I love shrimp chips; Rose petal soda sounds nice; now I know that Wasabi peas are available here in NZ, I will find some to try; tomorrow, I am going to buy some pomegranete soda to try – so I will let you know.

    2. Joe said: Lucky, lucky Rob Cooper, meanwhile, headed off on a location scout to South Okanagan this morning. To those of you unfamiliar with location scouts, they’re a little like school field trips to potential shooting sites. Although, in today’s case, the kids would have had to be at school for 5:30 a.m. and looked forward to a four and a half hour bus ride to a barren desert

    Q. how can I get a job like that!!!

    3. Joe said: Answer: Many fans will argue that Sheppard does far too much off-world romancing

    A fan can only take a limited number of “Captain Kirk” jokes. It gets boring after that!!

    4. Joe said: Answer: Physical contact is not required for a Wraith Queen to wield her influence over a human mind.

    The way a Wraith Queen influences a human’s mind reminds me of the Jedi mind trick – something my son tried to do when he was younger (still tries to occassionally esp when he wants to stay for a meal). I tell him that Mums are immune to this as the Jedi mind trick only works on weak minds!! This only leads to him doing the Mr Spock eyebrow raise – one eyebrow at a time.

    Hope your weekend was quiet and relaxing and that you are over your viral attack.

  126. I have to admit to not being a fan of Keller, but on the bright side it does highlight to me how much I love the other characters, and all things considered that’s pretty good going. Plus who is to say whether I’m in the majority or not. At the end of the day I wouldn’t wish unemployment on anyone just because the tele isn’t being tailored to something that I like (plus quite frankly the cast of Firefly could kill baby orphaned nun puppies and I’d give them a free pass).

    Ford was my least favourite character previously, and perhaps if Teyla and Weir had been set up with crushing on him and vying for his affections, would have remained as such, but again, just because the shipping aspect isn’t my cup of tea doesn’t mean that other people aren’t giddy with excitement over it. I might be staring sadly out of a rain streaked window while sad music plays, but I’m more than aware that being an entitlement princess isn’t going to help matters, and the fact of the matter is that this show isn’t being written for me specifically and that the horse is well and truly out of the writing stable – we can turn up at the studios wailing, tearing our clothes and setting ourselves on fire, but it’s a little bit too late in the game. What will be will be.

    Plus this: Answer: First of all, this season will have more “team” episodes than any other. Fully half season 5’s episodes can be classified as such. is made of win. And apparently apple sauce.

  127. Choose from among the following:

    1) Working on Stargate Atlantis season 6.

    2) Working on Stargate Universe season 1.

    3) Working on a Stargate Atlantis movie.

    4) Any two of the above.

    5) All three of the above.

    6) None of the above.

    I know it’s not a poll but… Personally, I vote for #1.
    I’d love an Atlantis movie but since that would mean no season 6, I don’t want an SGA movie just yet. I want SGA to continue as a TV show with 20 more episodes!

    Not interested in SG-1 at all. Not interested in SGU or any other show either. Sorry, I’m a fan of Atlantis only, not a fan of the franchise as a whole, and the day SGA ends, I’ll follow the actors to whatever shows they move on. As long as we get a season 6, I’m OK :D.

  128. @riley: I think Keller whined a few times in “Missing,” but I’d have whined a lot more. I like the way she is willing to give things a try even if she doesn’t know how to do it, like helping with the plans in “Trio” and helping Ronon in “Quarantine.” Everybody in Atlantis can’t have a “take charge” personality or it would get mighty boring. She seems to know her stuff when the medical chips are down.

  129. I think all this Keller debate proves one thing: People don’t have faith in female doctors.

    I think that’s the subconscious reason behind Keller-hate. Women are *supposed* to be the nurses, it’s the men who are the doctors. It’s an old prejudice that goes way back, and may be the reason people pick her apart. For some reason, people (in general) just seem to put more faith in male professionals, and this may be why so many feel that Keller just isn’t up to the job.

    And, as far as Sheppard goes – isn’t every episode about Sheppard in some way, shape, size or form? Although I like Shep very much, sometimes it’s nice to see the focus on others…otherwise, you risk wearing the character out too quickly.

    This is one thing I really liked about the placement of Daedalus Variations – it gave Woolsey a break. He was so strong in The Seed and Broken Ties that there was a risk of having too much Woolsey, too soon. A little break makes us look forward to his next appearance all the more. So, with Sheppard having the leading role in nearly every episode, it’s nice to see the focus put elsewhere so as not to wear out Sheppard’s appeal. Of course, the ‘wearing out of a character’ thing could be applied to Rodney, and now – according to complaints – Keller.

    Joe – I’d be interested if you know which character – on average – has the most lines per episode. I think it’s a toss-up between Rodney and Sheppard…just wondering if you guys keep track of dialogue (or screen time) percentages, or anything.



  130. Opps, reading back I just realised that my comment might come off as a bit back handed at people who have raised concerns about the Keller character, which wasn’t what I intended at all. I’ve just reached the resigned defeat stage of television grief, heh! 🙂

  131. Linzi – apprentice demon

    Ok, so having had more time to think things over, and thought carefully about what you’ve said Joe :

    I really don’t like Sheppard anymore. He’s boring eye candy, who just stands around holding his big old gun and being a military grunt. In fact, I think I’m turning into an anti-Sheppard fan. I’m beginning to severely dislike Sheppard. You use him waaay too much, give him too much character development and he’s just getting so unpopular with fans generally, it’s terrifying.

    So, if there’s a season 6, are you going to try and persuade me to like him by featuring heavily and giving him lots of character development? Believe me, I want to be persuaded to like him again! 🙂

    OMG Linzi, that must have been torture to type. Are you OK?

    Cheers, Chev

  132. To Das, I know you frequent the GW forum, I believe a poster by the name of Falcon Horus has compiled statistics on the word count and screen time of the major characters, and McKay far outstrips the others, on both counts.
    Also, I work with female and male physicians, those who get into senior positions are uniformly very forceful personalities, regardless of whether people feel men are more suited for the job. I must admit Keller would be fine as a young intern or resident, but she acts nothing like any senior or attending level MD I have ever met. And that goes double for surgeons!
    (Although docs at all levels are quite the flirty bunch, so that part is not out of character at all.)

  133. Here’s my 2 cents on the Keller issue. I don’t have any issues with Jewel Staite — I think she’s great. But I agree with the others that the Keller character is too young and too inexperienced for the position she has. The character doesn’t have the command presence of a CMO. I can’t imagine Janet Frasier or Carolyn Lam written that way. And I remember from “The Intruder” how Carson was complaining that all the applicants for the medical team were better qualified than he was. I just don’t see Keller in the same league.

    Thanks, Joe, for giving us the chance to express our opinions.

  134. Honestly, I’ve really liked all the characters on SGA except Bates. He annoyed the heck out of me everytime I even saw him much less had to listen to him – but I assume he was supposed to. While I am sorry to lose various people (Ford, Beckett, Weir, Carter) it’s never diminished my overall enjoyment of the show or any of the new characters. However, if we ever lost Sheppard or McKay that would certainly devastate me.

  135. dasNdanger says –
    >>I think all this Keller debate proves one thing: >>>People don’t have faith in female doctors

    I certainly can’t speak for everyone, but I can’t stand Keller AND all my doctors except for one orthopod are female. Period. And I may go to a female orthopod for the knee replacement surgery my middle aged knees need.

    My internist is even a doctor who is younger than I am, and I can live with that. She’s not 26 and head of a medical center, though.

    I myself am a professional woman of middle age (not a doctor, a lawyer), and I’ve never had a problem with trusting female doctors. In fact, numerous years ago I decided that I was personally more comfortable with them than with men. That is no offense to the men, I just felt more comfortable with female doctors. And the ones I have chosen are quite competent, thank you. In fact, I think it’s wonderful that as a society, we are finally at the point where we have choices like that and can find competent, experienced, professional women doctors in almost every field.

    But they aren’t 26. I have had occasion to encounter 26 year old physicians of both sexes, and I’ll put up with them so long as a more experienced physician is supervising them.

    I haven’t seen any post here – or anywhere else about Keller – that indicates any dislike, fear of, distrust of, or lack of faith in female doctors. It’s all about a person way too young to have the experience to be in the position she is in, and a person who is not only way too young but amazingly immature.

    And while I haven’t yet met one that works in another galaxy, it stands to reason that if there is a need for a physician/surgeon to be part of an expedition to another galaxy, only the best of the very best would be chosen, and they’d have to be mature and experienced, particularly the chief medical officer. Gender doesn’t matter; experience and maturity do. Keller is way too young to have either, and has exhibited a lack of both. I don’t care if she is a genius; lots of very, very smart people to go med school. They have to be smart to get through what they have to get through to become doctors.

    Re women doctors on tv, or even in Stargate, I loved Dr. Frasier and was blown away by her death in Heroes. I love Dr. Lam as well. They were both mature, experienced and believable in their posts. And not 26 or whiney.

    Also, it’s kind of tiresome to have commentary dismissed by the: “well, you don’t like women” argument. Sometimes it’s true, but as a long time feminist, I actually find it’s less true than some might think. And trust me, I am somewhat oversensitive on the sexism issue and very alert to its appearance. That isn’t what is going on with Keller. The dismissal of criticism on the “well you don’t like” basis avoids dealing with the real issues.

    It would be more reasonable to address the actual issues involved than to say “oh, you just don’t like women doctors.” No, that’s not the case. I don’t like Keller. She might work in all her insecurity, immaturity and whininess if she were a young physician on the team. In fact, it might be somewhat amusing. As the CMO, though, she’s a seriously bad character and completely unbelievable.

    Now, Dr. Lam assigned to Atlantis, that I’d like to see.


  136. To DasNDanger: I don’t agree that Keller is bashed because she is a woman. Look at Janet Frasier and Carolyn Lam. They were written as very strong, very competent characters, with the attributes due their position. I just don’t think the character of Keller is in the same league.

    But we all have a right to our own opinion! 🙂

  137. Hey Joe,

    I so am enjoying the new food videos !!!!
    JMO but i am loving the way keller is growing as a person
    on the show. At first i wasnt sure if id like her. After all she did replace carson, but hey i think shes rocking a little more each week.

    I do have a question for Ms. Lexa. What one memory will you carry with you from the show. (besides working with micheal lol) Have a great day and thanks for your time.

    owensboro, ky

  138. Wow, Joseph, interesting to see what one statement can do to the comments (even though I am still sure you were just being sarcastic for part of it).

    Again people, I am not a hater, just want more of the 4 team members. The Dr. can do her part, but not interested in a whole show of her.

  139. RE: Keller – Well, I was speaking for myself, because – as a rule – I dislike female professionals. *ducks rotten tomatoes* Really and true – I had one female doctor and was so offended by her attitude I never went back. Same with most women I’ve had to deal with on a professional level. I will only deal with men now…even if they insist on calling me ‘sweetie’.

    Yes, yes, yes…I am a perpetuator of stereotypes and chauvinism.

    Maybe that’s why I like Keller! She’s not like the female professionals I’ve had to deal with…she’s gentle and compassionate and not all ‘know-it-ally’. See, I expect a certain level of superiority from men, but from a woman? Nah, I can’t deal with it. So, if Keller was real, I would LIKE her as my doctor. My husband would, too…but for very different reasons. 🙄

    Ya know – because I know this has the potential to offend, I’ll just stand over here – *points* – and continue with my normal Wraith gushing/defending…it’s much safer that way.


  140. Joe,

    Like others, I loved Jewel in Firefly, but am not fond of Keller. I don’t hate her, but I resent her for taking up time that could be spent on the team – John, Rodney, Teyla, and Ronon.

    For Lexa – I wanted to say that I really enjoyed your appearance at the Vancouver CreationCon in April. I was there primarily for Michael, but your lively humour and wit were a big hit. I guess my question for you would be: How do you handle all the public adulation of your husband? When your family goes out, are you bothered by swarms of crazy fangirls?

  141. Hi Joe,

    I know you like Asia from your comments about it! Have you been to Singapore, Kula Lumpour? I have been to both! I loved Singapore very much, Its really clean & beautiful. I liked kula Lumpour too. The bit that scared me though was the security guards at the shopping centre with automatic weapons!

    I like “Keller” & “Woolsey” I think that Jewel & Robert are really fantastic actors.

    What has been you most favourite place in Asia & Why?

    Has any writer/author influenced or inprired you over the years?

    Are you feeling better now Joe?

    Take care & happiness always!


  142. Carson’s Lemming: “…but for a large bulk of fandom she ain’t working. ”

    Except that is something you just made up. Here is a hint: Just because you feel something doesn’t mean everybody else agrees. Show your proof, or be quiet.

    Carson’s Lemming: “And it’s even started to annoy fandom that are just lukewarm towards her.”

    What’s annoying are that you whiners keep going on about it.

  143. Joe…I’m at my husband’s place of employment…we were just up in the lounge, enjoying live music and drinks, and now I’m in his shop, waiting for the blood alcohol levels to drop to legal limits ;), so…decided to kill some time by watching your vids.

    1. I dunno about your dogs, but you actually made ME yawn. I lol @ myself when I realized I had done it… 😛

    2. WHY, o WHY would you pop that entire crustacean in your mouth all at once??!

    Silly, silly boy. *shakes head*


  144. Dovil said:

    Opps, reading back I just realised that my comment might come off as a bit back handed at people who have raised concerns about the Keller character, which wasn’t what I intended at all. I’ve just reached the resigned defeat stage of television grief, heh!

    No, you didn’t come across like that at all. You made a very valid point. I personally don’t think anything I say here or online concerning SGA will change anything, nor would I expect it to. I’m merely expressing my opinions and concerns, hoping to have those fears allayed – sometimes that happens, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m terrible with spoilers; I feel compelled to read them, and those I’ve been reading lately haven’t filled me with much joy!

    The only reason I wrote my concerns here was because of Freidag’s post, asking if anyone else felt the same way as she/he did.

    At the end of the day, I’m realise I’m stuck with Keller as CMO, and all I can hope is that the romance thing doesn’t dominate, that she continues to become more confident etc.. and most importantly that she doesn’t take away from original characters who sorely could do with development on the character front in my opinion, because then it’s possible I could start to resent her presence on the show. Like you, I’d NEVER wish any character to be axed. Even when a character I wasn’t overly fond of at all times was axed, I wasn’t happy about the fact that an actor was out of work. I felt sad about that, even though it happens out in the showbiz world quite frequently. 🙂

    Chev said:
    OMG Linzi, that must have been torture to type. Are you OK?

    Cheers, Chev

    Actually, Chev, it was surprsingly easy to write, and yep, I’m good! 😉 😆

    Believe it or not, I do find Sheppard’s role on the show to be shallow at times: ie, good looking flyboy come military grunt, and do get incredibly frustrated with the lack of good, meaty material that Joe F is given sometimes. I especially get frustrated because Shep IS the leading man of an ensemble cast, and despite so many entreaties for something meaningful, great on the character development or backstory front to occur to Sheppard, it rarely does. It’s not just about quantity, it’s about quality too, IMO.

    Das –

    I really prefer female doctors. I generally find them more easy to talk to and less intimidating. However, I’m perfectly ok with seeing male doctors too. For me, it’s more the competence in a doctor which I appreciate, and their experience, self-confidence and communication skills. Doesn’t matter how smart you are- all doctors are smart, some things take years and years of training and experience to learn.

    tam_myst said:

    Honestly, I’ve really liked all the characters on SGA except Bates. He annoyed the heck out of me everytime I even saw him much less had to listen to him – but I assume he was supposed to. While I am sorry to lose various people (Ford, Beckett, Weir, Carter) it’s never diminished my overall enjoyment of the show or any of the new characters. However, if we ever lost Sheppard or McKay that would certainly devastate me.

    I really liked to dislike Bates, same with Kav! 🙂

    Yep, I’m with you here. I would struggle to watch the show without Shep and McKay. But I’m really loving Ronon, and am so pleased with Woolsey. RP is a wonderful actor, but the way he’s just has fitted in so well as leader so far has pleasantly surprised me, and I liked the character of Woolsey anyway! I’d hoped he would, and it’s great that it’s turned out that way.

    A poster on GW was saying that Keller is their least fav character on the show, but they could ignore that – hope you don’t mind me mentioning your post, Briangate? :oops:. I feel the same way. She is my least fav character, but that doesn’t mean I dislike her – I just don’t love her or feel she’s part of the core team, or warrants much exploration, certainly at the expense of other regular characters having front and centre in an episode. I just don’t think the doctor on this show is a character who is needed to be seen that often – unless characters are going to be constantly injured, ill etc, and writing her as a love interest for another character she regularly treats could be viewed as unprofessional by any medical body and sets off alarm bells for me. Doctors have to be so incredibly careful, I know because I have two in my family and a medical student daughter and ethics and professionalism is such a hot topic. Get romantically involved in a patient, have romantic feelings for them? They’re no longer your patient, I’m afraid, and who would treat Rodney then? I also just don’t think having Keller romance Rodney is a good way to develop the character or to endear her to fans particularly. *shrugs*

  145. Yum bait food. Love the video, thanks for making me laugh today.

    Love the dogs, thanks so much for sharing them with us. Your “frenchie” is as cute as your pugs. Sorry I didn’t mention that before, I didn’t mean to leave him/her out.

    I must say [here in America] I was so disappointed this past Friday not to see a new SGA. Thank god it’s back this Friday. As always keep up the awesome work Joe!

  146. @ Linzi – I’m weird for a woman, and I realize it – I relate much better to men, and don’t feel comfortable around women in general…at least, not in person. I just can’t relate to shoe shopping and kids and Oprah and stuff like that. I’d much rather chat with the guys about cars and tools and, ya know, cool stuff. 😀 So, I tend to be more at ease talking to a man than a woman, and – since I have strong opinions and stuff – it takes a male personality to keep me in check, whereas around another strong woman, I just wanna punch her in da mouf (though I never would, ’cause I’m not a physically aggressive person…so…I just think it 😀 ).

    @ Joe – I hope no one near and dear to you has been affected by the mess in Montreal – I realize it’s a big city, but still…never good to hear about that sort of public violence.

  147. dasNdanger, you’re misdirecting your own blatant sexism onto those fans who don’t like Keller. That’s sad on so many levels.

  148. @ emma – Yeah, I guess I was wrong to do that, ’cause it seems that I – with my blatant sexism – and 20 year-old males, are the only ones who actually like Keller. 😉


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