Well who do we have here?
Well who do we have here?
MEMORIAL theatre?  But I'm still alive!
MEMORIAL theatre? But I'm still alive!
The line-up for the Martin Gero autograph session
The line-up for the Martin Gero autograph session
Kramer Innovations throws quite the shingding!
Kramer Innovations throws quite the shingding!
Carl Binder - Thrilled to be here.
Carl Binder - Thrilled to be here.
Director Marty G. reflects on his lunch order
Director Marty G. reflects on his lunch order
Keller meets 003.14159265358979323846...
Keller meets 003.14159265358979323846...
Lookit!  They cut the crust off the finger sandwiches!
Lookit! They cut the crust off the finger sandwiches!
A Meeting of Minds I
A Meeting of Minds I
A Meeting of Minds II
A Meeting of Minds II
An extra accidentally sets himself on fire and plunges through the skylight.  Marty G. and Dave Foley share a chuckle.
An extra accidentally sets himself on fire and plunges through the skylight. Marty G. and Dave Foley share a chuckle.
Marty G. corrects Bill and Neil on their misinterpretations of string theory
Marty G. corrects Bill and Neil on their misinterpretations of string theory
Our lovely intern, Alex, joins the party
Our lovely intern, Alex, joins the party
HD Tech Paul Trudell considers booting me off the set.  But I know the director!
HD Tech Paul Trudell considers booting me off the set. But I know the director!
Fox and the foxy Leah
Fox and the foxy Leah
I think she was drinking real champagne because she tried to kick my ass after I took this picture
I think she was drinking real champagne because she tried to kick my ass after I took this picture
Bill Nye the Science Guy and Neil deGrasse Tyson Also the Science Guy
Bill Nye the Science Guy and Neil deGrasse Tyson Also the Science Guy
Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye
Stargate Atlantis physics consultant Mika meets with the legends of science: Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye
WTF are you guys still doing here?!
WTF are you guys still doing here?!


This morning, fellow Exec. Producer Carl Binder and I threw caution to the wind, jumped into my Q7, and hit the road. We took an impromptu journey guided only by our spontaneity, our sense of adventure, and the directions to the location of Marty G.’s Brain Storm shoot. As it turned out, however, we’d been given a map for people who already knew the way there. I say this because only someone with an intimate knowledge of the area would have known that the Route 7A on the street sign was a.k.a. the St. John’s Street referred to in the directions (“Take a left on St. John’s). Oblivious to this crucial fact, we drove right by it and into off-road territory where Carl followed the guidelines of proper bear safety procedure – and I quote “Never run from a bear! Talk to it, wave your arms, and back away slowly” – by appealing to it’s sense of reason (“Seriously, you don’t want to do this. Devour us, and you’ll just be sinking to our level. You’re better than that.”) while I made a lovely soup out of stinging nettle, birch bark, and a hapless giant centipede. We eventually doubled back, played Carl’s hunch and took a right on Route 7A, and we were right back on track.

We pulled into the parking lot, right behind Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok who was documenting Martin Gero’s foray into the dark side of directing, and followed him into the high school – down a flight of stairs, around a corner, and into the gymnasium that – through the magic of television – had been transformed into the Carl Binder Memorial Theatre. Extras milled about in tuxes and cocktail dresses while Marty G. set up his next shot. Jewel Staite looked, well, nothing short of drop-dead gorgeous in her evening best while David Hewlett exuded the roguish charm of a nerdy James Bond in his flash jacket and pants. Sitting by the monitor was former Kids in the Hall/News Radio alum Dave Foley who, for reasons unknown, had been given a way-too-early call and was good humouredly killing time until his first scene. As we were chatting, I received a call from the production offices informing me that a network employee named Averie was a HUUUUGE Dave Foley fan and would it be possible for me to get him to sign something, anything for her? Hearing this, Dave suggesting going one better. So, I phoned up Claire at SciFi who put me through to Averie’s cell. Unfortunately, I got her voice mail. “Hi, Averie,”I greeted her. “This is Joseph Mallozzi, the show-runner of Stargate Atlantis. I hear you’re a big Dave Foley fan. Well, I have Dave Foley sitting right here.”

At which point, Dave took the phone and left his own message: “Hi, Averie. This is Dave Foley. How are you? Sorry I missed you but if you have time, swing by set. I’m here all day.”

And I capped off the message with: “Doesn’t this just call you? If you leave L.A. right now, it’ll take you maybe three hours to fly, an hour to clear customs, and then another hour traveling time to get here.”

Dave Foley = Class Act.

Equally pleasant and engaging were the sovereigns of science Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye. They turned out to be a lot of fun both in front of and away from the camera, regaling the rest of the cast and crew with stories of their empirical exploits. They seemed to be as happy to be there as we were to have them.

Well, Martin appeared to have everything well in hand so, after a couple of hours of hanging around on set, we hopped back into the Q7 and returned to the studio – but only after dropping the bear off at the Burnaby sky train station because it was on the way.

Thanks to everyone who posted questions for Stargate Atlantis Director of Photography Jim Menard. He is working on them as we speak. And now, on to our next guest blogger…Andromeda’s A.I., SG-1’s Dr. Carolyn Lam, The 4400’s Wendy Paulson, and Michael Shank’s wife, the lovely Lexa Doig will be swinging by to answer your questions next week. So if you have anything you’d like to ask her, start posting. I’ll be gathering your questions through Saturday.

Also – finish up Cordelia’s Honor. Discussion begins on Monday when I’ll start gathering questions for author Lois McMaster Bujold who is the guest of honor at the WorldCon in Denver happening NOW until August 10th. If you’re in the area, go check it out and report back on the Stargate-14 Boot Camp being held on Saturday (http://www.denvention.org/index.php).

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to husband-to-be Kyle Hanson. Best of luck, buddy.

Today’s pics: Brain Storm – A Marty G. Joint.

Today’s video: The Weird Food Purchase of the Day – Shrimp Chips.  In case the video below doesn’t play…


Today’s mailbag:

Tam_myst writes: “Should you be eating strange foods when your not feeling well?”


Answer: Sometimes, you have to be willing to make sacrifices for your art.

Davidd writes: “I’ve wanted to know for some time now, what made you want to become a producer? Or did it just happen with no prior wish for it?”

Answer: I actually wanted to be an writer and assumed more producer duties over time until, the next thing I knew, I’d earned the title. It’s not at all uncommon for writers to become producers in television. In the feature world, however, it’s much less likely to happen.

Sparrow_hawk writes: “I can’t believe you didn’t like the Wasabi peas — I always have a can in the pantry for snacks.”

Answer: Not a fan. That said, I DO enjoy Wasabi cashews!

Ganymede writes: “Of your list of bad intake choices, I do see a common [if not slightly frayed] thread… All of these things one way or another involve fermentation and or fungi… You might want to talk to someone with a degree in microbiology and/or organic chemistry about this…”

Answer: Where’s Bugguy when you need him?

Cat4444 writes: “Anyway, do you just toss the rest of the failures or do you try to foist them off on Carl somehow so you can get his reaction to your murderous attempts on his life?”

Answer: I think I’ll just bring the leftovers to work.

PG15 writes: “1. Chris Judge recently said that it’s possible that the 3rd movie might start shooting in January of next year. Is there any truth in this?

2. Any new info regarding the Ancients’ war with the Wraith in Season 5?

3. Will the Wraith try to get to Earth again in Season 5?”

Answers: 1) Hey, anything is possible. We’re a long way from an actual production date but I’d be VERY surprised if a third SG-1 movie wasn’t in production in 2009. 2) Off the top of my head – nope. 3) Wouldn’t that be interesting!

Jean writes: “Seems like SciFi is going to air all 20 episodes without a large break as usual after the mid-season cliffhanger. From a producer’s point of view, do you prefer this or rather a longer break between the 2 halves of the season? Do you think it impacts ratings at all?”

Answer: Although it is a bit more work for the production, I think running the show straight through is preferable to taking an extended mid-season hiatus. I find that the hiatus tend to break a show’s momentum. As for how it impacts the ratings – time will tell.

Kdvb1 writes: “*wonders if Joe read her comment about Carl Binder and bday dedications on August 10th*”

Answer: Joe read the comment but needs you to remind him closer to the date as he has a mind like a sieve.

Green writes: “Wait! Wait! I get it! I think you only get a monster icon thingy if you don’t have a pre-existing icon! Right? Maybe?”

Answer: Right!

Silver_comet writes: “ Do you know all the non-Stargate related guest bloggers personally before you ask them for a guest appearance?”

Answer: I certainly make a point of asking them before announcing their guest appearance.

TBA writes: “When you write scenes for major Wraith characters, do you usually give them names?”

Answer: Not usually. They’re simply referred to as Wraith Commander unless one of our characters names them – as was the case with Kenny.

Drledeboer writes: “Joe – try two consecutive shots of 100 proof vodka before bed.”

Answer: You sound like the heavy-set Russian man who used to walk his dog in my old neighborhood. He claims his dog was feeling unwell so he took him to the vet, only to be told he’d need to pony up $50 a month for meds. Rather than fork over the big bucks, he cured the dog himself by giving the pooch a weekly vodka shot.

Demon Hunter writes: “ I was wondering what your veiws are on salt. Do you take salt in your food, do you add it after or only when cooking?”

Answer: I rarely add salt to anything. My wife, on the other hand, is a salt-aholic.

Moscowchick writes: “I have a question – does the Atlantis expedition have a janitorial staff or does the city magically clean up after its inhabitants?”

Answer: There is a service crew in the city that, among other things, prepares the meals, cleans up after everyone, and, most important of all, keeps a very low-profile which explains why you don’t see them.

Jenny Robin writes: “Joe, you know what would be utterly fascinating for all your readers? I’ll tell you. I should be a guest blogger.”

Answer: A random fan guest blogger. Interesting…

Smiley_face06 writes: “Thanks for answeing my question about Ba’al. It makes me feel better knowing Sam isn’t sulking after being relieved of command in Atlantis.”

Answer: One of the things we wanted to make sure of was that Carter’s being relieved of the Atlantis command isn’t seen as a demotion because, as our team pointed out in The Seed, she was actually a victim of her own success. As such, the next time we see Carter (in episode 20), she’ll have assumed another command position.

Sandra writes: “First question: What would be the Daniel, Mitchell, Vala, Teyla, and Ronon commercials be for “With a Little Stargate Anything is Possible?” Second: If you could write a crossover episode with any other book or TV show what would it be? Third (and this is new): what, in your mind, happened to SG-1 while Sam was on Atlantis? Now that she’s back, will she rejoin the team?”

Answers: 1) Not a clue. 2) Dr. Who. 3) With the Ori dealt with, things were decidedly quiet on the Milky Way front. While not disbanded, SG-1 (made up of Daniel, Teal’c, Mitchell, and Vala) curtailed their off-world exploits.

ElisaD writes: “Now, I was wondering some of the other writers have mentioned who they love writing for or their favorite character on SGA, so I wondering who your favorite character is and who you love writing for.”

Answer: This season, it’s been Ronon and Woolsey.

Anais33 a ecrit: “ 1) Qie préférez le plus dans votre travail?
2)Connaissez vous bien la france?”

Reponses: 1) Les personnes avec qui je travail. 2) Non.

Translation: The best part about my job is the people I work with. And, no, I don’t know the French region very well.

130 thoughts on “August 7, 2008: Road Triiiiip! And The Weird Food Purchase of the Day

  1. Brain storm is going to be a wonderful episode. What a geekfest, in the best sense of the word. It’s amazing how well McKay polishes up when motivated. He almost works worthy of being the escort of Keller in those photos. Did you get any pictures of yourself with some of the guests? It’s great that you took so many for us, but it would have been nice to have seen you in a couple of them. Or at least your newfound ursine friend..
    How do you go about deciding who to invite as a guest blogger? Not a criticism; just curiosity. And has anyone approached you about their availablity, rather than waiting for you to contact them? No names needed, again, just curiosity.
    The only downside is I can’t seem to get the video to work. So I’ll have to wait for what seems to be a daily dose of laughter in watching you react to the weird food of the day. It will be nice to see you find something you actually enjoy, though that will deprive us viewers of the somewhat sadistic pleasure of watching your taste buds suffer. Thanks for all the work you put in here, not to mention at the studio and on location. Maybe one of the weird foods will help clear up the bug you picked up.

  2. Whoa! I remember you mentioning a Billy Nye or something or other in a previous post, but I didn’t think you really meant Bill Nye, the Science Guy!! I saw him while I was having brunch at Cornell’s Statler Hotel several years ago, so cool. What is up with all the celebs (not that I mind), and which episode is this again? I can’t wait!

  3. For Miss Lois,

    I just wanted to say Thank You for a great book. Because of work constraints etc. I am unable to finish it before you arrive, but I wanted you to know that I am enjoying Cordelia’s Honor so much. I have been stuck in one genre for several years and it was only by Joe’s blog that prompted me to try something new.

    I come home each day now looking forward to reading the next pages. I wish I had the time to finish it before you come to talk with us but thanks all the same and thanks to Joe for telling me about it.

    Have fun with the blog I’ll be sure to tune in when you arrive.


  4. oooh, Bill Nye the Science Guy! Thanks for the pictures, and David doesn’t look so bad in the tux 😉 and I have NO idea how Jewel can stand on those stick heels. I could never manage that.

  5. I like your choice for a crossover episode. I just started watching Dr. Who this season. Although some of the stories are a little strange, but I like it. Of course, not as well as SGA.

    Do you watch Eureka? I thinks good. I think it would make a funny SGA/Eureka two part episode. There has been a lot of SG 1 and SGA actors on Eureka. David Nykill (sp). Micheal Shanks, Lexa Doig, and Teryl Roth all have been on the series. What do you think of Eureka?

  6. Have you tried wasabi almonds? I like then better than the cashews, more crunch.

    And Bill Nye, the Science guy, I really miss that show.

  7. Can’t see the vid either, unless it’s a video of a HUGE black shrimp chip that takes up the entire frame, and has effectively choked you into silence…
    Loved to see the science guys and David H behind the scenes photos. Do you have any “memorial” thingie named after you yet?

  8. Bill Nye is awesome!!!

    In this Ronon/Keller/McKay ‘love triangle’ we’ve been hearing a lot about the Keller/McKay aspect of it lately. When’s Ronon going to get some love?

  9. 1) I can’t get the video to play either – or is that your subtle way of telling us there was actually no weird food experiment today?

    2) Wasabi cashews sound good – two great tastes that taste great together – and I’ll definitely try them if I ever run across them.

    3) Everyone looks fabulous in their formal attire.

    4) Questions for Lois Bujold. Hmmm. It’s funny, but I found it much easier to come up with questions for the authors whose works I had never read before than for Lois Bujold one of my all-time favorite authors. I think I’m just awe-struck. But I’ll try.

  10. Oooh, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye are guesting on SGA!!! Are they playing characters in the show, or are they appearing as themselves?

    And David looks spiffy in a tux!

    I, also, could not get the video to play……bummer.

  11. Although the embedded screen doesn’t work, the photobucket link you gave in your post works fine.

    I share your opinion of shrimp chips – bland with a vague hint of a crunch.

  12. Eeee! Thank you for the pictures!!! *waits patiently for the vid to be fixed*

    Had a blast out at DisnyQuest/Downtown Disney with Kimberly(Kdvb1), Trish(Whovian), Alli (Trish’s daughter — you met her at Fuel), and Kimberly’s family! 😀

    We were out to celebrate Kimberly’s pending b-day, but Trish gave me a couple of early b-day pressies as well — a lovely peridot necklace (which I bet Jack “My fave colour is peridot” O’Neill would probably buy for Sam *wink), and my copy of Nothing, which I had lent her — signed and personalised by David Hewlett!! SQUEEEEE! Sneaky woman that she is, she took my DVD to Shore Leave! (That’s sneakiness I can live with, though!)*does Numfar’s Dance of Joy*

    OH! I have a question for you, Joe! You’ve said a few times now that you’ve waited to use certain actors, like Mark D, until you found just the right role. But there are actors who have appeared multile times in the franchise — McGillion & Heyerdahl were both originally on SG-1, as other characters, Weir’s beau Simon was also that Tollon guy, Chris Gautier was one character in SGA and then another in Ark of Truth, and Hewlett was trying out for a different role from McKay for Atlantis. Why couldn’t you have used Mark D on SG-1, then? Or like that woman that talked to Teyla in “Kindred Part 1”, where you said you definitely wanted to use her sometime and Kindred offered the opportunity — would you use her again, in a different role now? Or use Mark D again, but for another SG-1 movie?

  13. Must be very tired tonight cause I didn’t do a very good job reading your post. I found the Baron Destructo link and saw the video. Gave the punch line the same time you did (honestly).

    Keller and McKay, together, in formal wear, at a party!!! How could I see that and let it go by. Thank you, thank you, thank you…….etc. This McKeller fan is getting more and more excited everyday about season 5.


  14. I watched the “Voyager” episode today where the Doctor (Robert Picardo) was instructing Seven of Nine in singing and they sang “You Are My Sunshine.”

    Just wondering if Woolsey will be doing any singing in Atlantis? Although the Woolsey character was and is a tool, I think he is a great addition to Atlantis and I love Robert Picardo and have been a fan since China Beach….

  15. Like many people, I grew up watching Bill Nye the science guy and being a Cornellian, he has a very special place in my heart. Speaking of which, I have actually met both Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson on different campus events. Plus, I am a big fan of Nova. I really can’t wait for this episode!

  16. Vid works if you click on link… oops sorry Joe 🙂

    Hey.. we call those shrimp chips ‘prawn crackers’ and their original name I think is Kroepoek (sp)..

    They’re nice if they’re done properly… I get the feeling they’re cheap and nassy ones.

    I love your weird food purchases of the day.. may I suggest Ikan Bilis if you can find it (dried anchovies)

  17. Hi Joe,

    In Chinese resturants in England we have Prawn crackers (addictive and delicious), have you ever tried them? They look alot like the shrimp chips.

    Not to gripe (well maybe alittle) but while it seems lots and lots of questions are answered about Sam, what she’s up to, how she feels, how she’s been treated. I really don’t remember any questions being answered about the rest of the SG1 characters and surely you must know we care about them too! Is this becuase it hasn’t been decided discussed what productive/useful things they could be doing? Why can’t SG1 be a sucessful ongoing team without Sam on it, is she perceived as the only who matters or makes a difference?

  18. Thank you for the pictures from Brain Storm. (It’s my b-day so they’re like a nice surprise gift.) It looks like it’ll be a fun episode and David Hewlett looks spiffy.

  19. OMG!!!!!!! You put David Hewlett In a suit! THANK YOU! THANK YOU THANK YOU! lols ^___^ Sorry total Hewlett fangirl moment there ^^


  20. Any thoughts on Steven Moffat taking over as producer for Doctor Who?

    I personally am glad for the change. Russel T. Davies did a great job most of the time, but Moffat has written most of my favorite episodes of the new series, so I’m excited to see what he can come up with.

  21. Thanks so much for the great photos, Joe. David is looking mighty fine in that tux, and Jewel, as always, is beautiful.

    I have a stupid question, though. You said that if the video doesn’t play, click on the link above – I can’t seem to find a link. Where is it?

  22. Thanks for the wonderful pics from “Brain Storm!”

    Just a side note. Hope you and your fellow writers know that, despite the vocal opposition to her by some, a lot of us really do love Keller! And a heck of a lot of us also like the excellent, tactful way you’ve been handling her budding romance with Rodney. I kind of cringed at her scenes with Ronon in “Quarantine” because of the complete lack of chemistry. Was it David’s and Jewel’s natural chemistry that made you guys decide to explore Jennifer and Rodney on screen?

  23. I may be of a generation that dresses conservatively, but who in the heck wears knee-high boots with a cocktail dress? Granted, they appear swede and are spike-heeled and pointy-toed but, come on, with a cocktail dress? 🙄 I did like Jewel’s hairstyle though.

    I simply LOVED Continuum. Better than AOT, although that was a whole different look & feel, focus, etc… Continuum was just wonderfulishiss! A towering SG-1 extravaganza. Can SGA top it? Can the third feature film top it? Hold on boys and girls, the ride is taking off!
    More please?!?

    The extra features on the Continuum DVD were excellent too, informative, fun-filled and inspiring. Thanks Ivon!

    Joe, avoid the spirits to sooth a sore throat. These methods work without fail:

    1) Take 1 Tablespoon honey comb (that’s with the honey oozing out of it). Chew slowly & well until all honey is swallowed and just wax remains. Spit out wax.
    This opens up blocked sinuses while soothing a sore throat.

    2) Gargle with room temperature apple cider vinegar. Straight up. As often as you can stand. Vanquishes sore throats every time. I’d recommend holding your nose throughout.
    Both are old Vermont folk remedies from a book of same written by an old Vermont doctor. Really!

    Carol Z
    Wishing the NJ humidity would take a hike… ugh



    I mean, he is a freaking GOD amongst science geeks such as myself. A GOD! And there he is! IN Stargate Atlantis! TALKING TO MCKAY!! My favorite real life science guy, my favorite science fiction show, and my favorite fictional science guy from my favorite science fiction show are mashed together into a glorious, holy whole! The worlds are colliding! The whole world of science geeks weep in happy jubilation!!

    I think I may faint.

    And DeGrasse Tyson is cool too! I don’t know him nearly as well, but from the stuff I’ve seen of him (mostly from The Colbert Report), he was genuinely excited about his craft and the frontiers of science. That’s awesome! I really need to start watching NovaNOW. Together, they aren’t just the sovereigns of science; they are the GODS of Science! Or at least Messengers of the Gods, bringing the light of science to the people in a Godly manner!

    And then we have Dave Foley the comedy God. I’ve loved his work in NewsRadio (he played the naive executive perfectly, especially when the character slowly-but-surely transformed into a heartless bastard due to the crazyness of the rest of the radio staff. It was wonderfully hilarious), and the gueststarring roles since then (most notably on Scrubs). He is a comic genius, and if it’s true that he plays Tunney, the man who will no doubt trade barbs with McKay…my God, this may be the greatest episode ever. At least, it has the best guest stars. EVER.

    And last but not least we have Jewel Staite, who looks absolutely STUNNING in that…rather low-cut dress. Oh yes. Screw it, I’m not gonna be classy about this. She is HOT, ok? HAWT! Ridiculously HAWT. I’m not gonna sugercoat this and say she’s beautiful or pretty (though she very much is. Good lord), I’m just gonna say that she’s HAWT. Oh, and David looks fine too. He cleans up good. Together they look like a great couple. 😀

    I CAN’T ****ING WAIT.

    Ok, moving on.

    I love Shrimp Chips! Ever since I was a kid in China they were some of my favorite snacks. I think you just got a bad piece or something, because REAL Shrimp chips from China are flavor-filled, relatively speaking. In fact, I’d say that holds true for most of western cuisine. I went back to China 2 years ago and I couldn’t believe how flavorful the food was, and now I can only eat in bitter disappointment as the food fails to tingle my taste buds like that meal I had back home. Tsk Tsk. Where’s the taste, garcon?! I ask you!

    Oh, and thanks for answering my questions! And I think I’ve read enough of your answers to know exactly what “wouldn’t that be interesting!” means.

    I can’t wait to see it. 😉

  25. joe/Answer: […] As such, the next time we see Carter (in episode 20), she’ll have assumed another command position.

    that sure sounds like a *definite* YES to sam appearing again!! 😀

    and another command… *squees and thinks about what that command will be… then squees again*

    sally =D

  26. Hi Joe,

    Delurking to say…..You were in my neighbourhood today! Wow! Too bad you didn’t have time to drop by my bookstore to have an early discussion on Shards of Honor.

    I’m enjoying reading your selections….thanks for helping me find new authors in my favourite genre. I have all of next month’s on order (best part of being a bookseller = books @ wholesale!)….can’t wait until they get in! Of course I then have to find time to read them (worst part of being a bookseller = no time to read anymore!)

  27. Mmm shrimp chips! I love shrimp chips, they are even better with white rice in the middle (the shrimp chip acting as the little edible rice scoop). You should try it sometime, my cousins and I grew up eating shrimp chips that way. If you can get your hands on them try lobster chips; my mom makes them from time to time (you can buy them at the Asian supermarket and fry them yourself.) They are bigger, slightly thicker and have more flavour compared to shrimp chips.

    My fave type of shrimp chip are actually the ones you can get in a bag as opposed from the restaurant. They are made by Nong Sim (must get this brand, imitations are not acceptable) sadly I can’t find them in the stores anymore. *sighs* Now I’m craving shrimp chips. Thanks Joe.

    Thanks for all the pics, I love Bill Nye and look forward to see him in the ep. Plus David Hewlett in a TUX!!!! *squeee* I love men in good suits.

  28. The Weird Food Purchase clips are ok. Personally I’d rather watch you sample exquisite pieces of chocolates.

    Why don’t you just admit it?! You and Martin both have the BIGGEST crush on Jewel Staite! Am I wrong?

  29. AAH BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY! He’s my childhood hero.

    I so have that song stuck my head again…

  30. YESSSSS!!!!

    I always wondered if the show had its own physics consultant!!! Now I shall inform my mother that I can indeed get a job in the film industry with a degree in physics!!!

    I <3 Bill Nye, so thanks for the pictures!!!!! I am OHSOVERYEXCITED about this episode!!!!!

  31. Posting twice here, I apologize. I just saw the link for the video.

    Are shrimp chips and prawn crackers the same thing? Cause I LOVE prawncrackers, they’re awesome with rice.
    You should buy Dutch prawcrackers, they have them at Budget foods, they are the best 🙂

  32. Wasabi Peas — a coffee table standard at my house. Shrimp Chips — never pink; also a fave of my sisters & I.
    Perhaps you should give both of them a try again, later, when your throat isn’t trying to kill you. (my gran always suggested a hot bath & some blackberry brandy, btw)

    Oh, please thank Marty G. for me. I just LOVE getting to see McKay all dressed up…

    Hope you’re feeling better soon

  33. Thanks Joe for all the pictures today and video, yeah I can imagine what styrofoam tastes like, thanks for the visual. maybe you can dip the chips in something(chocolate) to give it a flavor, so it wouldn’t be a total loss.
    Everyone looks so elegant, in their dress-up clothes. David and Jewel look really terrific. Looking forward to Dave Foley, Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson in Brain Storm.
    I think you are supposed to play dead when you come upon a bear, and leave the cleaning of your clothes til later…(might happen u would need to change)
    —Joe said—while I made a lovely soup out of stinging nettle, birch bark, and a hapless giant centipede. (is this another possible entry for the odd food videos?? )
    I bet Averie is kicking herself when the call went to voice mail from Dave Foley, bummer..
    Nice theatre for Carl, impressive. Was the food served, real and edible and any good?? Was that lunch??
    Have a great day!

  34. Joe honey, I think you’ve taken this taste testing too far! You actually took a pic of JF and posted it! Not that I mind of course but one does need to watch out for one’s health now, don’t they?

    Seriously, what are the functions of all the producers listed in the credits? Eg: supervising?, coproducer?, executive?, several executives?, etc.

  35. How come no pics of Dave Foley?

    Okay, that wraith question made me think of something. When you’re writing a script and there’s a new character introduced, do you go ahead and name them immediately in the script (like for the character names for dialogue headers), even if they’re not called by name for a while, or do you call them by a descriptor until they’re actually named in dialogue, then transition, like “GIRL” –> “GIRL/SALLY” –> “SALLY”? I’ve heard suggestions to do the latter, but I imagine since it’s your show you might do the former. Do you have a recommendation about this? When writing specs I usually try not to name someone in the script until there’s some reason the audience would know their name, but sometimes that’s a bit difficult, like if the person isn’t named for many pages, then trying to transition to a name seems awkward.

    Questions for Lexa:
    – Do you enjoy watching sci-fi?
    – Was it ever confusing playing two characters who were sort of the same but sort of different? (Admittely, I never really understood the Andromeda/Romy thing.)
    – Is there anything you would have liked to see happen regarding Lam’s relationships with other characters that they just never got around to doing?

  36. Excellent pics as usual, Joe.

    An interesting question came up while my husband and I were watching the season finale of Doctor Who…between the Wraith, the Ori, the Daleks, and the Cybermen, who would win?

    Also, either next year I’m gonna have to come to Comic Con (even though you weren’t in attendance this year) or YOU need to try to make it to DragonCon. Seriously, man, I have my dad waiting (rather impatiently) to make a chocolate amaretto cheesecake with chocolate ganache. Also? Barbecue…that’s all I’m saying.


    PS. Has David told you the Marty G. related story from Shore Leave yet?

  37. joe/Answer: […] As such, the next time we see Carter (in episode 20), she’ll have assumed another command position.

    Just watched Continuum again. Right after they extracted Ba’al and RDA announce the lunch invitation, Carter mentions something about the New Moonbase being setup. So is this Carter’s new command?

    Talks of Moonbase brings one back to the old British UFO TV series from 1970. Will we see Carter in the grey catsuits and purple wigs of the female SHADO lunar personnel anytime soon?

  38. Freshly cooked shrimp chips are usually good; fresh oil too helps. Try to avoid packaged ones that may have been on the shelf a little too long. Same with the uncooked chips which resemble poker chips until put into the deep fryer.
    But the botton line is the consistency is much like styrofoam.

    Some stuff from my childhood and we loved making and eating them.

    Sorry you did not find them palatable. Gee you are batting 1000 in the “not liked/not good” food categories.

    Sure hope things improve for your tasting.

  39. “An extra accidentaly sets himself on fire and plunge through the skylight..” hahahaha, that made me collapse in laughter.

    Tis a sad day in Wisconsin for football fans – the trade of Brett Favre to the NY Jets…. as a die-hard Packers fan, I am saddened.


    Is Project Terzo and Project Twilight related to/included in episodes during the back half of Season 5?

  40. Oh my goodness Joseph, I am not sure you will find a weird food purchase you like. After all, that is why they are WEIRD!

    I have been pushing the garlique (it works), but 2 cats idea of gargling with apple cider vinegar would too. However, I did that once and oh my, it burns and will clean out your sinuses for sure. I was not prepared for the after effects of not holding my nose because it was horrible.

  41. Your road trips yield way better pictures than mine do. Then again, I tend to forget I even own a camera.

    Carl’s theater looks lovely, btw.

    I’m glad you weren’t eaten by bears. 😀

  42. Joe I have a question that I don’t know you can answer, in Continuum the Gate made 2 holes in the box, is that mean the unstable energy that came out of the back in the original movie, exists in the series?

    It’s sweet you have Bill Nye in Brain Storm, I used to watch his show when I was younger.

  43. I’m bummed you didn’t use Sheppard instead of Keller. Come on, another excuse to get Sheppard in his dress blues and you didn’t take it?! And yes, as a FRIEND. And Sheppard could put those smarts to work and lets see him use that brain and math smarts and not get left out of the conversations. :::sigh:::

    Please tell me Sheppard is at least in the episode somewhere, maybe helping McKay to focus to save the day somehow??

  44. Shrimp chips are called prawn crackers here.

    My cats and I were vegging on the sofa watching Atlantis and eating prawn crackers the other night.

    Frankie loves Atlantis – he is usually mesmerised and sits and stares at the screen. He also loves prawn crackers.

    Princess Merlin usually gets fed up watching the TV when the food is finished.

    Loving the series 4 DVDs – watched Travellers today. It was pretty lighthearted and seemed to remind me of Buck Rogers in the 25th century.

    Baby turtles – they were in a deleted screen. Do you have to hire the turtles for the day?

  45. The photos were awesome, thanks Joe!

    I can’t wait to see Dave F. He’s fantastic. I saw Kids in the Hall perform live on stage and it was fantastic. I loved him in News Radio, too, and oh heck I love him in just about everything! 🙂 I’m sooo looking forward to the episode!

    Tell Carl his theatre looks very schmancy. And so does he. For a not quite dead guy.

    Question – the giant globe in the photos. Did you guys steal that off the Smallville set? It looks suspiciously like the Daily Planet orb.


  46. I heard about this a few days ago and I still can’t believe you have Bill Nye The Science Guy on an Atlantis episode. How exactly was he cast and did he know the show before hand?

  47. @pl – Steven Moffat is a Scot. Only good can come from this!

    Just watched the Fires of Pompeii episode this morning. I think I’m really going to like this season.

    Oh yeah. A Doctor Who/Atlantis episode would be interesting.
    Surely though if the Doctor and McKay had to work on a problem together, the collision of extreme snarkiness and excitability would cause the Pegasus Galaxy to self-destruct..

    Paul McGillion once said in an interview that he’s love to play The Doctor. That. Would. Be. Bliss.

  48. Mwah ha ha ha! Now that I’ve infiltrated the mailbag section I shall resume my goal in taking over the world…one celebrity blog at a time!

    I find copious amounts of sticky Post-It notes do well to clog up mind sieves. Of course they also do well to clog up mirrors, walls, ceilings and the occasional cat.

    Bill Nye was my Mr. Wizard. Then again, Mr. Wizard was also my Mr. Wizard when he came on at 5am in the morning. The only episode of Mr. Wizard I can remember is when he did that bit about baking soda protecting your hand from becoming wet.

    And again, I can come up with no intelligent questions for the proffered blog guests. Or you.

  49. Joe,
    Thanks for the awesome pics of Jewel. I echo everything pg15 said…yes she is SO hot. And in response to semisweet…I’m sure every guy on the set has a crush on her, not just Joe and Martin. I can’t wait for this episode to air.

  50. For Lexa:

    Are you currently working on any projects or have plans to work on anything?

    Joe, how do you choose your weird food purchase of the day & do you make Fondy try it?

  51. Hey Joe.

    2 more sleeps until England!

    I was wondering if, in season 6, would you ever consider making Kate Hewlett a regular guest-cast member (Like Lorne or Zelenka)?

    Thanks Joe.

    Question for Lexa Loig:

    Hi Lexa! How are you? I want to know what it was like working with your husband on set? Did you enjoy this, or did you like it better when you were on seperate TV shows?

    Thanks Lexa!

  52. Are shrimp chips the same thing as prawn chips? cause if they are they taste good..although you really need to be eat chinese with them

  53. Hi Joe,

    I’m loving your weird food purchase vids! I was very surprised to hear that the shrimp chips you had were bland though. They’ve been a favorite snack of mine since I was little . . . as long as I have breath mints on hand for later.

    For more flavorful shrimp chips, you could give the brand shown in this picture a try: http://standing8.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/shrimpchips.jpg

    Also wanted to say that both the SGA and SG1 panels at Comic-Con were so much fun (although your presence was definitely missed!). I’m keeping my fingers crossed that both the DVD movies and the series will continue for a long time so fans can keep enjoying the great cast and production team interactions we get to see at the conventions.

    Now to think of some good questions for Lexa . . .

  54. So you’re 0 for 5 in te food purchases? BTW, my master’s is in botany (with a focus on cell biology and mycology – fungi) and I’m working on my PhD in biology (genomics and gene regulation) if you need a biology expert (or just have nagging questions). We grad students are cheap – will work for beer and chocolate.

  55. Joe never answers any of my Wraithy questions anymore…so I just gave up. *pouts*

    I’ve been a tad quiet lately *and the crowd cheered* because of some news about a friend of mine that has taken my attention – his brother attacked and killed their mother a couple days ago, and also attacked his twin 12-year old nieces…just got word today that one of the girls has died, too. I didn’t know the victims, but my heart goes out to my friend and his family – this has just been horrible for them.

    I’m okay – just very irritable – so don’t worry about me…NOT looking for sympathy here. I’m just telling this because I didn’t want anyone to think I was mad at Joe for his treatment of the Wraith…I said something snarky like that in one of my last posts. Joe’s cool. I’m not mad – I get it that it’s just a tv show and the bad guys have to die, blah, blah, blah.

    Of course, naming a Wraith ‘Kenny’ is a bad omen…especially if the episode is anything like South Park… 🙄 I can just hear us all now, “OMG! They killed Kenny!”

    I think Joe just does this stuff to mess with my weak little mind. 😉

    I like wasabi peas – but MUST now try wasabi cashews…they sound wonderful! I like wasabi anything…just as long as I remember not to inhale while eating/swallowing it…otherwise, I SWEAR flames could come shooting straight out of my nose!

    However, I do NOT like shrimp ANYthing. They smell, they taste funny, and they’re squeaky on my teeth. I even pick those wee little ones out of eggrolls. *shudder*

    I know…I am a heathen.


  56. Thanks for the link to the video! Ironically, today was the first day the actual video in the blog itself worked for me.

    I eat those shrimp crackers only while bored waiting for the next course…usually in between courses of Peking duck?

    You can buy them and fry them up yourself at home too! Uncooked, they look like tree bark?

  57. What’s so weird about shrimp chips…? I’ve got a list of food allergies and whatnot a mile long, yet I’d kill for some shrimp chips right about now! BTW, speaking of oceanic junk food, would you happen to know where I could find salmon jerky? I’d love to try it some time – my dentist said she’d tried some in Whistler years ago and wouldn’t mind doing so again either if she could find some…

    Meanwhile… Martin couldn’t give you a cameo behind the buffet as a chef or something…? 😀

    Oh, and I agree with 2cats — boots with the cocktail dress? Quick, someone 411 the Fashion Police! … Oh wait. This was a gathering of “rocket scientists”, never mind…

  58. Hi, Joe.

    Thank you for all the terrific behind the scenes photos. Looks like another fantastic episode!

    Best wishes, Morjana

  59. Yay for pictures of Brain Storm!

    Loving the whole Rodney/keller interaction. I see it as a slow and steady build up from friendship to romance (crosses fingers) I hope this continues through the season.

    David H in a tux – flails!

  60. Joe,

    Turns out Joe Scalzi is going to be at DragonCon this year! My husband is excited to meet him, after reading his books on your recommendation.

    Thanks! :-X

  61. Love the pictures from Brain Storm. McKay does look like a roguish yet nerdy James Bond!

    “Never run from a bear! Talk to it, wave your arms, and back away slowly.” I understand the backing away slowly, but waving and talking to it? Surely that attracts as much attention to yourselves as running away does!

    I’m really looking forward to Season 5 starting over here in England in a couple of weeks. Especially as people keep talking about something between McKay and Keller, I really want to see how that dynamic works.

    Weird Food Purchase of the Day: They are inoffensive aren’t they? Generally it’s best if you dip something like that in sauce.


    Lexa: First off, I really loved your role in the last two seasons of Stargate SG-1, especially the way you and Beau Bridges acted together. =]

    My questions are, how do or did you juggle work and being a parent at the same time? And do you enjoy conventions, and would you consider going to anymore in the future?

    Thank you in advance.

  62. Hi, Joe —

    Great pictures. Looks like Marty G has everything under control in his Stargate directing debut.

    Any chance you’ll be dropping by GateCon in 2 weeks?

    For Lexa Doig:

    Thanks so much for taking time to answer fan questions. I got to see you at Creation Con last fall and you were both lovely and gracious to all of us.

    1. Will you be returning to Eureka? I thought your character worked well there, and, from what your hubby said about his experience on Eureka, everybody on the set loved you.

    2. What didn’t you get to do as Dr. Lam that you would have wanted to do?

    3. How much did you and Beau Bridges work on your characters’ dynamic throughout the 2 seasons. (I loved the restaurant scene where Lam’s parents finally met again.)

    4. Any chance we’ll be seeing you on Rage of Angels when it finally gets before the cameras?

  63. Coucou Joseph!! =)

    ahhhhhh ces photos sont superbe!! Merci de nous les faires partager =) Lol la video …mais les chips au crevette c’est super bon!!…(aprés chacun ses gôut^^)

    Je suis trés contente Jim Menard a répondu a mes questions^^..je pense que vou l’avez un peu aider pour la traduction..et sa me fait d’autant plus plaisir!!

    Lol les Jeux Olimpique commence a 12H00 , heure Chinois, “Reportaire sans frontiére” avaient deja pirater la radio de pekin pour parler des droit de l’homme en chine, sa n’aura durée que 20 min^^!! Sa prolet npour la suite..un manifestionjh est deja prévu devant le stade ce soir^^!

    Question pour Lexa :

    1)Quel est pour vous la scéne la plus drôle que vous avez eu a tournée sur stargate?
    2) Sa fait quoi de vivre avec l’Archéologue le plus sexy de la planete^^ ?

    Bon aller gros bisou Joseph!! je t’adore!! a demain =)

  64. Hello Joe,

    Hope your feeling better today! I can eat about 50 prawn crackers if they come from certain resturants, they have to be made crispy, bubbly and err…prawny? (have a nice flavour) If not made right they can be rubbery, tastless and even soggy (blech).

    I have some questions for the lovely Lexa Doig:

    I enjoyed your portrayal as the SGC’s new Medical chief in seasons 9 +10 and would love to learn more about that:

    1) Can you tell us something we don’t know about Dr Carolyn Lam? Did you imagine an exteneded back story for her?

    2) The scene between Dr Lam and General Landry through the observation window in The Forth Horseman was very emotionally powerful, did you find that difficult to prepare for? What was it like acting with Beau Bridges in scenes like that?

    Thank you very much for agreeing to answer our questions. 🙂

  65. Hi Joe,

    I’m confused, I left a comment to today’s blog but it does not appear in the list of comments. Am I doing something wrong?? – This is the second time this has happened, where should I click if I wish to comment? Today I clicked on ‘leave a comment’ which you know logically speaking sounds right, but obviously not!!

    I’m kind of a luddit about this stuff!!


    Mrs Caroline McKay (Aheem!)

  66. You find shrimp chips strange? I love them!!! I always order shrimp chips when I eat Asian food.

  67. Those shrimp chips come free with chinese takeaway in England, they’re not too bad.

  68. I know sometimes writer or producer will make a cameo appearance in their show.
    I wonder would you like to appear in the Atlantis?

  69. Are those people in the background hired extras because they are doing a really good job of pretending there’s no camera there.

  70. Does this mean I am stuck with the same little montser??? I only look like that before 7am.

  71. Jewel and David look hot!
    My question for Ms Lexa Doig:

    “Whats it like being married to Micheal Shanks? In my opinion hes gods gift to man! lol”

  72. Thanks for the AWESOME PICS!!! David looks sooooo Nice in that suit. : ) Keller and McKay make such a cute couple.

    Now that there maybe no mid season break I don’t have to wait that much longer to see this ep.

    I am excited that Ivon is doing a special on this ep. Something cool to look forward on the S5 DVD set. : )

  73. Holy crap! Thanks for all the behind the scenes pics! And my condolences to poor Carl. I barely knew he.

  74. Thanks for the report & great pix! this is gonna be a hella fun episode.

    Drledeboer writes: “Joe – try two consecutive shots of 100 proof vodka before bed.” Answer: You sound like the heavy-set Russian man who used to walk his dog in my old neighborhood. He claims his dog was feeling unwell so he took him to the vet, only to be told he’d need to pony up $50 a month for meds. Rather than fork over the big bucks, he cured the dog himself by giving the pooch a weekly vodka shot.
    Da. But did you do it? you seem to be better. Is good.

    Na zdorovje

  75. Wow! I was watching the vid and got a craving for prawn crackers. I happen to have some from last night that I was saving for my niece and nephews. Oops! Not any more. They were really nice.

    Did you happen to catch the article about dogs catching people’s yawns?


    Research from Gallup’s lab has suggested that people more susceptible to contagious yawning tend to show more capacity for empathy. Also, yawning doesn’t sweep contagiously among people with autism spectrum disorder, which is marked by difficulty with empathy, Senju’s lab reported last year.
    Science News Aug 5 2008

    Maybe the next weird food vid you should start yawning.

    Mum, Dad and I watched Continuum last night. What a blast! The visFX, the score, the Arctic, RDA, even Major Wood – wow! That would have looked awesome on the big screen. It had a truly cinematic feel. Mum was very impressed, she’s watched Stargate from the beginning. Dad’s not a fan but still sits in and watches it with us. I don’t think they quite liked the gory scenes though, particularly the head one. That got ews.

    Now my thoughts on the photos. David Hewlett – stunning. He looks great in a suit and I love the stripes. Jewel – gorgeous woman, she looks fantastic on the top half, but what were they thinking with the cocktail dress and heavy swede boots. I’m sure that’s a fashion don’t. The dress is such a light material on the bottom, it needs some simple sandals or open-toed pumps. It squishes her up somehow. Perhaps it was a character decision, that she’s spent all of her time in medical school and working, that she hasn’t caught an episode of Fashion Police. OK, I feel better now.

    Has anyone here got a mac? Have you ever had all of the iLife apps refuse to open? Got that at the moment. I think it’s something to do with the last software update. Any ideas gratefully accepted. Now I’m wishing I’d set a restore point :-).

    Question for Lexa:

    Do you get offered more SciFi scripts than dramas or comedies because of previous roles or do you prefer to do SciFi?

    Cheers, Chev

  76. Hi Joe,

    Will there be any other characters in Brain Storm other than Keller and McKay or will it be a stand alone A story like Harmony was last season?

    Are there going to be any moments this season where Sheppard and Teyla are alone together off-world?

    Cazz x

  77. Joe,

    I wanted to let you know that your blog entries are a bright spot in my day. They always leave me smiling. Also, I’m loving the weird food purchases videos.

  78. Aww!!! Mackay & Keller look so cute! I can’t wait to watch “Brain storm”! It looks really great!!!

  79. In advance, sorry for my « bad english ». I don’t understand the point of view of Sci-fi about the Ronon’s character (SGA merchandising perhaps?). They do a mistake. The Ronon’s wig is a error. A big one. The character lost all credibility. Imagine Teal’c wearing a pink G-string or Mc Kay whit a tatoo « I am useless » : you know it and the character collapse.
    I saw photos of the shrine, it’s a disaster. The character doesn’t need his deadlocks to exist. So, are the producers aware of that?

    (nb : very good restaurant : Prieuré d’Orsan, France (180 miles from Paris). It’s a haven of peace where the incredible kitchen gardens supply the ingredients for the cuisine.)

  80. I hope you’re feeling better today – sorry I missed yesterday’s blog, I keep getting behind!

    Of course, today’s blog has raised my squee levels so high I think I might be attracting the attention on the local bats!!

    David Hewlett/Rodney McKay in a tux = HOT, HOT, HOT and oh wow, so totally HOTTTTT!!! *thud*

    There’s a lot more I’d like to say but the pics of David (for which I most definitely thank you *g*) keep distracting me…

    …who needs a bath scene, just stick the man in a tux… *swoon*


  81. On the topic of yesterday’s blog which I missed due to getting ready for my school formal last night I’m glad that you are getting better and I think I know the reason why… you have given me whatever it is you had, my throat is killing me! *sigh* I guess it’s the power of the fans, making the important people well and the less important people sick…

    The shrimp chips I would imagine would be much like that of the prawn crackers you can get at most Chinese restaurants. Also this might be slightly spoilery to people who haven’t seen Continuum yet but I’m pretty sure it’s out everywhere now so I’m just gonna warn everyone and ask away.

    Near the end when Mitchell jumps through the Stargate to travel back in time to fix the timeline, was it meant to make us think that he becomes his own grandfather only to be revealed later that he isn’t? Because that was the impression I got when I first watched it.

    Anyway I’m blaming you for my sore throat, hope you’re feeling much, much better(!) *glares*


  82. Hi again Mr M!!

    Wow, what great pics from Brain Storm! Delighted to see the Carl Binder Memorial Theatre….

    Question for Ms Doig:

    Dear Ms Doig, thank you for dropping by to do the Guest Blog! Thanks also from me for your kindness on the”Continuum Bus” in April for that very special screening of Continuum. It was a pleasure to meet you!!
    My question is this, I read somewhere that your Dad has some Irish ancestry? Is this true? Have you visited Ireland or is this on the to-do list?

    Thanks again!!


  83. Quetion for Lexa, As an actor did you seek out Sci-Fi or just get lucky. It seems that many actors stick with the genre. Is it more of a challenge to do Sci-Fi then say a regular drama. Thanks for your time

  84. shrimp chips/crackers are great with peking duck – seriously, try it. do it the regular thing with the pancake, scallions, and hoisin sauce, but also try just the duck on one of the crackers.

    Bill Nye – woohoo… Go Cornell!

  85. Hey Joe!!
    I just wanted to say that seeing the pics for ‘brain storm’ made me so excited!!! Bill Nye and McKay in the same room??? McKay in a suit=amazingness. I can already tell that this episode is gonna rock! And I just wanted to ask if you guys are going to pursue the Rodney/Keller relationship anymore? I think that it’s been handled amazingly so far this season, and I really want to see more of them together. They both have so much chemistry, and they would be so cute together! Thanks!!

  86. The best thing about shrimp chips is making them.
    You drop this little hard plastic-like disc in boiling oil and it writhes while morphing into a large puffy crunchy cracker.

    I still haven’t dug out my copy of Cordelia’s Honor, so I might just end up enjoying the discussion but not participating.

  87. I was wondering if, in season 6, would you ever consider making Kate Hewlett a regular guest-cast member (Like Lorne or Zelenka)?
    -Originally Posted by Davidd (phonetically “dav’iduh’duh'”?)

    I would like to second that question along with the knowledge that you probably don’t have a terrible lot of plans for 6 as of yet but if you do if you could fit the lovely Kate Hewlett into them I’d, personally, be ever-so-happy. That’s not a request, of course. I’m not that pompous.

    Who’m I kidding? Please please please if there’s a 6th season let Ms. Hewlett be a regular guest-star. If Kate’s okay with it. Or even if she isn’t. I’m not picky.

    I just. I really like Kate, that’s all. … I’m–gonna go now.

  88. i just watched the 4th season dvd of ‘this mortal coil”. u do the commentary and you mention that you ran short on the episode and had to add 2 scenes. one is putting back part of the scene in the cell and adding the bittersweet scene at end between zelenka and mckay. i would have thought you had done the opposite, and ran long and had to cut scenes. and here is why. when the 2 different teams meet each other, in the tent. the 2 mckays hit it off and get to work. the different pairs of teyla and ronon go off for a ramble in the woods, and sheppard 1.0 and weir go off for a discussion also. so where is sheppard 2.0? there is no sight and no one says where he is or what he is doing. did i miss something? i always figured you just cut it out when u ran long.

    ohh, also the shrimp chips. yeah, no flavor, nothing really to look at and even very little texture. expensive packing material. to me, rice crackers are often the same. at least regular pringles have lots of salt for taste. and a cool container. did u see in the paper that the guy who invented them just passed away?
    “Dr. Fredric J. Baur, food chemist designer of the iconic Pringles’ can, passed away on May 4 at the age of 89. After cremation, his family honoured his request to have his ashes buried inside one of his cans, which his daughter Linda told the Cincinnati Enquirer was his “proudest accomplishment”.

    sometimes, u just can not make this stuff up.

  89. I hope you will recover soon.
    Thanks for the great pics. Jewel and Rodney look really great :D. I really look forward to the remaining episodes of the current Season. Seem to be an extremely good season.

    Much appreciation and hopes from the McKay/Keller Shippers.

  90. Any chance to see Nathan Fillion all wrathed out next season a la Jewel’s Q&A during comic-con?

    Alternately, if you could have any actor guest start for 1 episode, who would you pick?

  91. Great pics! The episode looks great. But it seems that Mckay took his DAUGHTER as his date. Kind of a creepy image for some. The character of Jennifer Keller is a nice addition to the show! (ignore the whiners who hate her, they are just jealous! =P )
    Otherwise the episode looks great. Season five overall looks to be quite exceptional, good job to everyone!
    Loved Continuum! It was fabulous and would love to see another SG1 movie!

  92. Some shrimp crisps are better than others. I like the pink ones.

    Wonderful pictures. Sigh, a man in a tux does it for me every time.

    For Lexa: I don’t have a question, just wanted to thank you for all the good work you’ve done, I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve been in quite a bit.

    I know, I’m lame.

  93. Yeah! Mckeller pictures 🙂 I love that couple, I’m hopping to see more of them in season five…

  94. Hey Joe!

    YES! I love Shrimp/Prawn Chips! I always get them for some reason whenever I go to Chinese buffets that have them, or, as I like to call them “Edible Styrofoam”. I don’t know why I like them, it’s just fun to eat something that tastes like styrofoam rather than shrimp. 😛 Keep ’em coming, and if I find something weird, I’ll see about sending it to you (like the Wasabi soybeans I mentioned the other day, heh). How can I contact you in regards to forwarding a weird food purchase?

    I love the photos! Jewel Staite looks absolutely beautiful, and David Hewlett looks very exquisite. Glad to see you guys got some big scientific minds into your story, especially Bill Nye. I’ve watched Bill Nye all the time as a child, and it’s great to see him!

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  95. Your pictures from the Brain Storm set look great! Yet another season 5 episode I’m looking forward to seeing (in addition to figuring out what Carter’s new command position is).

    Will your name be making a cameo in Atlantis? Maybe “Latin for the Novice” will pop up again.

  96. Thanks for the awesome pics. David looks so damn hawt in a suit, yowsa! I bet Bill Nye is having more fun on Atlantis than he did sitting next to a bunch of UFO nutters on the Larry King show. Now that was surreal.

    Did Bill or Neil have any issues with the script’s science, or did they go with the flow?

  97. ummmmmm shrimp chips..i usually dip them into chicken sweetcorn soup or scoop up some rice …i think we call them ‘prawn crackers’ over here in ireland

    hope all is well!

  98. Hey Joe!
    I absolutely love Jewel/Keller. She looks beautiful in those pics. Thanks for posting them.

    I absolutely loved Quarantine. Are we going to get anymore Ronon/Keller moments, or is McKay/Keller the next new thing. Gosh I hope not.

    Thanks for reading my question.

  99. One of the things I would love to see in the movies is for SG1 to go to Egypt. I think it would be so awesome to see the team out there in the Desert with some Real Pyramids.

    I know that now a days you are more involved in SGA then SG1 but if you could, or maybe you could ask Brad/Robert, would you like to go to Egypt and shot in the desert amongst the pyramids. That is after all where the Stargate story began.

  100. Hi Joe,

    thanks so much for the “Brain storm” pics. DH is looking kind of gorgeous in that tux. And although I don’t know Bill Nye (german girl speaking^^) I’m really looking forward to that episode.

    By the way, my season 4 box arrived yesterday. The bloopers are marvelous but the reel’s definitely too short. I could watch such things for hours. 😉

    Last thing I want to say … a SGA/Doctor Who crossover would be the greatest idea of all times. Please, couldn’t you do that? The guys from Doctor Who love doing specials, so, why not such kind of special? It’s not that difficult … have a look:

    Anyway, keep up the great work!


  101. Jewel looks completely, as you pointed out, drop dead *gorgeous* in that outfit. But of course, when is she *not* gorgeous? Except in the blue shirt that I never liked on Carson, either. Anyway…

    So, are Jewel and David the only main actors in Brain Storm, or will Joe, Jason and the others be seen as well?

    Also…stupid question alert…if you weren’t a writer for the show, and just a fan, who would you prefer to see Jennifer with, Rodney or Ronon? (If you don’t want to answer this in the blog, feel free to email me, I’m just curious, and very hyper.)

  102. While I think of it…

    I know that you’ve said you are far behind on this Season’s Doctor Who, but you should take a look at it as soon as you can — especially if you are thinking of ever hiring a British actor again, like you’ve done in the past.

    You really ought to take a look at Catherine Tate who has just finished her stint as companion Donna Noble. I’ve liked her performance from the first time she appeared with the Doctor, but this season she’s been brilliant. In fact, the last couple of episodes, she’s done some of the finest acting I’ve ever seen on television.

    Last I heard she was doing a play, but then they are all doing something else at the moment.

  103. Joe- thank’s for the pictures. At first I wasn’t sure if they were from the set or if they were from some party that the actors got dragged to.

    Question for Ms. Doig: If you could have played any other character in the franchise (regular/guest/whatever) who would you have been? If anyone. And how would you have played that character differently?


  104. For Lexa

    I really liked the character Dr. Carolyn Lam I thought she was edgy and guarded and I wanted to get to know her more. Did you research Army Brats and Air Force Brats because you reminded me of some I knew. Are you still opposed to linking Carolyn with Cam because I think it would’ve been interesting. I also want to add that I am buying Andromeda when I have money and the episode that made me want to see more was All Too Human I believe it was from season 2 I loved your character Rommy. I had not seen Andromeda prior to watching SG-1 so I am looking forward to watching the whole series.

    For Joe

    Thank you for saying Vala is still part of the team you made my day and you give me hope I just hope Brad sees it the same way. I am happy to hear that you really like writing for Ronon he’s my favorite character but please please don’t put him with Keller. Keller and McKay are the way to go.

  105. But it seems that Mckay took his DAUGHTER as his date.

    I don’t see why people have such a problem with the age difference. If the characters are the same age as the actors it’s what, 13 or 14 years? That’s not much when talking about adults. I can see people not liking McKeller (heck, I didn’t like Ronan/Keller before McKeller even started and I’ve never been a Shep/Teyla fan), but the age difference shouldn’t matter.

  106. Questions for Lexa:

    Thanks for joining Joe’s Blogging Extravaganza, Lexa! Here are my questions, which I hope aren’t too irreverent. If they are, you can ignore them. 🙂

    1. In the pictures taken at the Sci Fi party in San Diego, you seem to have a new tattoo on your shoulder (you looked awesome, by the way). Can you tell us about the tattoo, what it says, what it means to you, and how you handle it for acting jobs?

    2. How has life changed for you since SG-1 ended as a series?

    3. Do you think you’ll stay in Vancouver indefinitely, or might you have to re-locate to LA for yours and Michael’s careers? Do you like the LA scene?

    4. What do you think of all the funds the MSOL site has raised, via auctions, to fight Multiple Sclerosis? I think it’s amazing!

    5. You and Michael are both so damn good-looking… Do you get into arguments like “normal” couples or do you just look at each other and go find something more fun to do with your energy? 😉

  107. Hi Joe,

    Thank you so much for the McKay/Keller pictures….love them! I for one just love the idea of McKay and Keller being a couple, I think there’re cute together!

    Ronon one of your favorite charatcers….interesting. Maybe because both of you have been known to try unknown food. 🙂

    I was wondering, have you ever tired real TexMex food? Food such as Menudo (soup made from cow stomach) or Lengua (cow tongue), Cabrito (goat) or Tripas (cow intestines). I still remember my grandmother cooking Menudo on Sunday mornings, the smell was horrible but the taste was wonderful!


  108. I LOVE my icon, Joe. It’s very organic looking – which suits me to a tee.

    For Lexa Doig:

    1) I love the way that you portrayed the character of Dr. Lam. What are the chances that we might see Dr. Lam show up on “Atlantis”, or in the third SG1 movie?

    2) I know that Vancouver is home (and gorgeous), but have you and Michael considered moving to the states now that SG1, as a series, has ended?

    Enjoyed “Second Sight”. Looking forward to your new movie, “Ba’al”, next month.



  109. Hey again, Joe!

    This lady from my town who’s at the same physiotherapist as me, has a son who has two French bulldogs, a black one and a white one. The black one is the one they’re closest to, because it listens a bit, and the other one just runs around without a care in the world.

    A few days ago they noticed the black one had his eyes rolling into his skull, I think, and he couldn’t properly walk any more, and well, he didn’t have control over his bodily functions any more either, let’s call it.

    They went to the vet today, who gave it three shots (it suffered a brain hemorrhage, they said, one shot was cortisone? They were basically to help him recover), and if it’s not better by tomorrow, they were supposed to give him a shot.

    Luckily, while the lady was at the physio’s, she got a message saying that the dog was doing a bit better, though. It would be sad if they have to give him a shot now, since he’s only three years old. (It’s also got a hernia already.)

    Let’s hope that by tomorrow everything is really fine, and that they won’t have to call the vet any more. I told her that they shouldn’t rush with that call either, if it doesn’t get better after the weekend, then it might be time to make the final call, but earlier seems a bit too harsh…

    Anyway, I have a small question for you:

    Sometimes, in a scene, Todd looks a bit greasy around the side of his forehead. Is that him sweating, so is it deliberately done, or is that just the make-up?

    Thanks for listening.

    And since the anti-people always cry the loudest, here’s something from a pro-person, too: you’re doing a fantastic job on season 5! 😉

    Keep up the good work, and let’s keep our fingers crossed for the next one! 😀


  110. 00π (double O pie) Cool! That’s an awesome spy name . . . go Joe! Love the science guys >v<

  111. Joe,

    First of all, thanks for the great pictures. I’m very excited to see the episode. I love Bill Nye (used to watch his show all the time) and I can imagine the snarkiness that must arise from McKay upon encountering Tyson – esp. considering his line about stealing an idea from “Trio”.

    I am completely bummed that there is no Atlantis on tonight…I have had a crappy afternoon/evening and was looking forward to it…oh, well.

    Also, I was watching “Jeremiah” last night (episodes I’ve DVRed and am now catching up on from SciFi’s marathons on Thursdays), and saw the actor who plays Ladon Radim (Ryan Robbins?). I also noticed that Peter DeLuise’s name within the credits. In addition, Peter Stebbings (“Marcus Alexander”) and Ingrid Kavelaars (“Erin”) have also guested on Stargate (Stebbings as “Malik” and Kavelaars as a member of the Prometheus’ crew). I believe “Jeremiah” was filmed in Canada as well and this leads to my question: Are these “local” actors who are readily available to guest in shows filmed in the area or are there directors/producers who work with them on one show and bring them over to another project?

    Thank you again!

    Have a nice evening. Since I can’t have my fresh Atlantis fix, I’ll have to make myself a drink and watch “Daedalus Variations” (on DVR) again.


  112. Sorry about the entirely inappropriate happy faces…I was trying to end quotes…



  113. So I guess the answer to the question was “yes, appeasing whining shippers is more important than all the fans of all the other characters put together but I don’t actually have the balls to admit it publicly”. Cool. Thanks for the answer. Makes me feel much happier about having not paid for Continuum.

  114. Could I be a pain and ask you to delete my last comment (no 98)?

    I just realised the picture in the link shows me as logged into my work account, and they may kill me with sporks and other vile impliments if someone else sees it…

    Gracias, Mr M.

  115. I take it shrimp chips are the same as prawn crackers? I actually like them but I can see why you’d compare them to styrofoam 🙂

  116. In response to a question above:
    > Did Bill or Neil have any issues with the script’s science, or
    > did they go with the flow?

    Bill, Neil, and I had our fiercest debates were about string theory and the possible significance of Phoenix’s discovery of perchlorates on Mars, totally unrelated to the show. I wouldn’t call it “going with the flow” so much as gleefully embracing the opportunity to play!

    Personally, I see science fiction as the “what if…” of science. What if the laws of physics works like this instead of that? How do the consequences play out? Stargate is really good about laying out its exceptions up front and then having the story evolve inside those rules without having to suddenly introduce all new exceptions to known science to resolve a conflict at the end. I didn’t directly ask what Bill & Neil’s opinions on scifi were (I was a bit tongue-tied running into the scientists I’d grown up watching!) but most scientists I know are more delighted by the incorporation of science into entertainment than snippy about the creative license taken with the laws of physics.

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