Well, I’m still battling this bug and while I am feeling under the weather, I’ve certainly felt worse. In fact, off the top of my head, I can think of six times over the course of my life when I have felt worse. The culprits on those six occasions were, in no specific order:

1) A bad kebab.

2) A couple of beers, six tequila shots, three lollipops, and a cigar.

3) An order of snake soup purchased at the Hong Kong International Airport.

4) A half bottle of white rum with a can of Coke chaser.

5) Thirteen different flavors of homemade ice cream in one sitting.

6) The iffy sprouts that adorned my sunchoke soup with white truffle oil.

I’ve always considered myself someone with a fairly strong constitution. I rarely get sick and when I do, it’s usually because of something I’ve done like drink a half a bottle of white rum or not exercise enough common sense to discard the decorative sprouts sitting atop my soup. Unlike my sickly fellow producers, I’m usually the picture of health, so it’s kind of frustrating to have to spend the greater part of my day clearing my ravaged throat and feasting on Cepacol tablets. Gargling every night before bedtime has helped. I’m not exactly sure which of the gargling ingredient is responsible as I’ve taken many a friend and family member’s and tried: salt water, tea, warm water and honey, mouthwash, and Jack Daniels (the latter from my buddy Nigel in Montreal who claims it’s a cure-all for everything from joint pain to hangovers), but whatever it is it seems to be working. Of course it may not be any of the aforementioned and I should really be thanking you, dear readers, whose positive thoughts and well-wishes have forced a recalibration of the universal bio-waves affecting my throat, transforming them from harmful fluctuations to a healing vibrato. So thanks to everyone. And, just in case, thanks to Nigel for the Jack Daniels suggestions. Also, if it is fandom’s collective mind-power influencing my well-being, could I humbly request you shift your thought patterns over to my winning our local lottery. I promise to use the money to build my very own batmobile, get an extra bookshelf for my office, and finally track down that Randy Bowen Juggernaut bust.

Oh, and help the children.

Time permitting.

Hey, if you’re interested in this sort of thing, episode 4, The Daedalus Variations, showed a nice little uptick, pulling in an early 1.3.

Finally, a quick reminder that Stargate Atlantis Director of Photography Jim Menard is waiting in the wings, ready to pounce on your question. You have one more day to submit them before I send ‘em his way.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to birthday girl Rose.

Today’s pic: Another snap from Whispers.

Today’s video: Another Weird Food Purchase of the Day installment. This segment: Wasabi Peas.

The mailbag:

PG15 writes: “These little strange food reviews are hilarious! They’re also getting longer with each new one. Before you know it, we’ll be getting cliffhangers and stuff, and story arcs! And guest stars!”

Answer: I’ve already lined up Carl for a guest spot. Now it’s just a matter of finding a suitably disgusting food item for him to sample.

PG15 writes: “So Joe, how’s about revealing the spoiler poem line for The Daedalus Variations?”

Answer: Sure. “While myriad permutations are viewed from space.”Lee writes: “I was wondering if you have any suggestions in terms of your top three or four Vancouver-based restaurants that a person must absolutely eat at when in town.”

Answer: What type of cuisine would you like to check out?

AmyFo writes: “Any flavors or Italian cuisine you can recommend for this sorry excuse for an Italian?”

Answer: I’m a fan of zabaglione ice cream.

Erin Anderson writes: “Is investigating weird and interesting things to make you gag something you have always done, or is this a new habit precisely for our amusement?”

Answer: Like most everything else in my life, I do it all for the fans.

Tim the Technician writes: “Where did you get the NERV shirt? I’ve been trying to find one for ages.”

Answer: Try Tokyo. That’s where I picked up my Gundam shirts as well.

Alexandra writes: “How would you characterize Sheppard’s respective relationships with the SGC, IOA and Air Force currently? Are they still hostile and disapproving? Is he still on the USAF naughty list or has he redeemed himself in their eyes at this point?”

Answer: Sheppard has come a long way since Rising. Given his many years of service in the Pegasus Galaxy and all he has accomplished, I’d say he has redeemed himself in the eyes of the military. Of course there are still some who won’t be so quick to forget his past transgressions.

Sandra Lee writes: “Was there something being hinted at between Ronon and Keller during ‘Quarantine’?”

Answer: There was definitely a suggestion there of a mutual attraction.

Muddpiddypop writes: “Joe, do the Wraith Queens have to touch someone to get them to submit or is it like my kids who play with their food.”

Answer: Physical contact is not required for a Wraith Queen to wield her influence over a human mind.

Freidag writes: “Well, we as viewers certainly don’t know Kanaan so that point is mute. Tell me, why is McKay the only major character allowed to interact with other characters that we know on a romantic level? Katie Brown in seasons 2 and 3 and now, unbelievably, Keller in seasons 4 and 5.”

Answer: Actually, the character of Katie Brown only became a character of any significance as a result of the romantic storyline as opposed to being a pre-established character that became involved in a romantic storyline.

Kamilla writes: “So Paul is now writing episode 100? I thought Brad was doing that one.”

Answer: Nope. Brad is busy working on Project Terzo.

Cherish4 writes: “I’m very much looking forward to the Lexa Doig guest blog, any rough idea of when hers will be Joe?”

Answer: I’ll probably start gathering questions for Lexa this weekend.

Mrs.B108 writes: “1)Will Sheppard continue to feel guilt over things long past?

2)Do Todd and Michael have any scenes together this year?”

Answer: 1) Sheppard’s residual guilt will play a big part in a late season episode. 2) Not in season 5, sorry.

Cathie writes: “When do you find out whether Stargate Atlantis will get a 6th season?”

Answer: Like past seasons, we may not find out until late fall.

Smiley_face06 writes: “I’ve got a question about Sam leaving to Earth in Search & Rescue. Was the Ba’al she was referring to the one who was in the beginning of Continuum?”

Answer: Yep.

125 thoughts on “August 6, 2008: Healing Mind Waves, Dr. Jack Daniel’s Restorative Elixir, and The Weird Food Purchase of the Day

  1. Hey Joe.

    I’ve wanted to know for some time now, what made you want to become a producer? Or did it just happen with no prior wish for it?

    Enjoy your wasabi peas.

    Thanks Joe….3 days until I’m in England!!!

  2. Ooh, ooh, what’s my pic? Maybe an otherworldly space-horse? That’s all so much cooler than that boring mystery person.
    Hope your sore throat gets better soon. I had a sore throat a couple weeks ago. I was up in my bucket working on a splice and yeow! all of a sudden I could barely swallow. So, not fun.

  3. Joe! I can’t believe you didn’t like the Wasabi peas — I always have a can in the pantry for snacks. But you might like them better if you have them in a mix with Japanese rice crackers. I like Hapi-brand rice cracker mix with wasabi peas- but only the one without the little dried fish *shudder*.

    After seeing your avatar, I feel a bit better about mine. 😉

    Will you please wear one of your Gundam tees for the next food segment?

    Take care of yourself – I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Of your list of bad intake choices, I do see a common [if not slightly frayed] thread… All of these things one way or another involve fermentation and or fungi… You might want to talk to someone with a degree in microbiology and/or organic chemistry about this… Seems to me like your stomach flora decided to take issues with those particular items on those days…

    Actually, considering the things you DO digest, it’s a wonder that “alien life forms” don’t bust out of your abdomen on a regular basis!

  5. if you want something wired to try i suggest a peanut-butter and green onion sandwich . love them. lol..and you probably want have to spend money on this one. lol…

    I do hope you feel better soon. Try the jack warm water and honey together. …

  6. I’ve been lurking for a while and thought I finally pop in and say hi! I do hope you continue to feel better. And of course win the lottery.

    I know people who are insanely addicted to those Wasabi pea things, but I never had a taste for them.

  7. With the wasabi peas, I expected that you would be scrambling for some water. Anyway, do you just toss the rest of the failures or do you try to foist them off on Carl somehow so you can get his reaction to your murderous attempts on his life?

  8. Yeah. Dried fish powder will get you every time…

    In other news, I haven’t really been keeping up with BotM, but I have been reading. Just finished Catcher in the Rye — it was good — and am working on Twilight right now — it’s not very good at all.

  9. Wow Joe,
    Comments yesterday went to over 167… must be the weird icon or avatars? And you Weird food purchases of the day! Way to go JOE!!!

    I am looking forward to Jim Menard as guest blogger, tell me with all the questions you got yesterday, did you see my questions for him?

    Is Wasabi spicy???

    Patricia Lee

  10. Question for Mr Menard: After listening to various commentaries, I still can’t figure out who’s responsible for the look of a show (angles, light & shadow, colors, lenses etc) – the Director, the Director of Photography or the Lighting Director. And then sometimes the commentaries talk up the camera operator, too. Is there a rule as to who does what, or is that pretty fluid, depending on the individuals involved?

    And a question for Joe: Watched Continuum and absolutely loved it. Any chance of Messrs Wright and/or Wood stopping by the blog?

  11. I recommend mixing some tyme leaves and making either a tea or a mouthwash from them. Tyme is supposed to have anti-bacterial properties.

    Where is it you get all of these strange foods to try? I wanna go there! haha

    I’m pretty mad that Torri Higginson won’t be able to play Dr. Weir anytime soon. Kinda stinks, but I’m sure Michelle will do just fine anyway. Get rid of the Replicators sooooonn please. They’re a thorn in my side.

    Get well soon!

  12. Okay the weird foods are a hoot. I love watching your facial expressions while you chew/swallow. Keep ’em coming!

  13. oh! I just remembered what I was going to ask/comment on.

    I’m currently reading the Dune prequels (Butlerian Jihad, Machine Crusade, and Battle of Corrin) I was wondering if you’ve heard of them or read them as part of book of the month.

    I’m not sure what to think of them so far…they’re like reading Harry Potter so it’s not very challenging, and there isn’t that much dialogue either. But the story is so intense and suspenseful I put the book down so much because I can’t take it.

  14. This question is for Jim Menard:
    Jim, who is the easiest star to film? Who is the most difficult? Please give examples. Thanks for your contribution to SGA!

  15. Hey, if you’re interested in this sort of thing, episode 4, The Daedalus Variations, showed a nice little uptick, pulling in an early 1.3.

    That’s fantastic – really enjoyed that episode. 🙂

    2) A couple of beers, six tequila shots, three lollipops, and a cigar.

    It’s like pick the item that doesn’t quite fit. When babysitting goes bad.

  16. Nuts, soy, sesame seeds, OR dried fish powder? OR?! They don’t even know for sure if the thing contains these things?

    That’s disturbing…but still hilarious! Thank you for doing this for us fans; rest assured your culinary sufferings will not go unrewarded. Besides the positive thoughts making you feel better, we’re also going to focus our (apparently) immense abilities to bring about the renewal of Stargate Atlantis for a 6th season! The lottery thing you’ll have to do for yourself though. Sorry.

    Though with the ratings, you guys seem to be managing it all by yourself. 😉 Congratulations.

    Can’t wait to see Carl guest star! Wouldn’t it be utterly hilarious if he ends up getting the 1st strange purchase that tasted good? 😀 Hilarious for us, I mean, of course.

    And thank you again for answering my question about the spoiler poem! Here’s a few more:

    1. Chris Judge recently said that it’s possible that the 3rd movie might start shooting in January of next year. Is there any truth in this?

    2. Any new info regarding the Ancients’ war with the Wraith in Season 5?

    3. Will the Wraith try to get to Earth again in Season 5?


  17. I think you may have gotten a bad batch of wasabi peas, Joe – they’re usually delicious!

  18. I can’t watch the vid until I get home, but from reading the above comments – you didn’t like the wasabi peas? Perhaps you shouldn’t have got ones with fish powder. I love wasabi peas. We eat them with chocolate sometimes, as an extra treat. It started as an experiment – stick a wasabi pea on top of a pod, and munch. Turned out way better than expected. (In case you don’t know Pods: http://www.kiwireviews.co.nz/reviews/612)

  19. Hey Joe!

    Hope you feel better very, very soon! Hot toddies are helpful with a sore throat, and those wasabi peas should’ve cleared out your sinuses, which should help. 🙂

    Decided to be abstracted audio/video waves instead a li’l blue monster. 🙂 Those are fun!

    Kinda sorta brain-farting on a deep question for Jim M.. So, I’ll throw these into the cybersea: How’d you get your start in commercial television? Where do you get your inspiration for new or interesting angles/lighting/etc.?

    Trying to decide whether to keep my review of Cordelia’s Honor brief or go all “pg15” on it. What are you looking for in a review from us, Joe?

    Thanks for the pic of JF yesterday, with the Whispers team. *pant* *drool* I feel so Pavlovian. 😉

    Hmmm…today’s pic makes me think “Werewolf!” Or “Nosferatu needs a manicure!”

    The painting behind you in today’s weird food video – very pretty from this POV. Is it large white flowers?

    I hope you have a healthy evening – and load up on some Vitamin C. 🙂


  20. Joe,

    Thanks so much for the birthday dedication. It really gave me a lift. Especially since I celebrated my birthday by losing the family gas credit card.

    I may be needing a lift of another kind in the near future because I’ll probably be afoot. Oh, well. At my age, I can use the exercise. *g*

    Thanks again,


  21. Question for Jim Menard,

    Jim, First of all thanks for taking time out to answer questions for us fans. My questions to you are: What his harder to do, lighting indoor sets like the Village Set that is suppose to simulate outdoors for night or day? If it wasn’t a problem of time or scheduling, would you like to shoot more outdoor night shoots or is the technical problems involved with shooting outdoors at night more of a pain? Since changing over to HD, what do you find the biggest difference you have to make in order to film in HD and what is the biggest challenge of HD?


  22. Is it just me, or does that avatar really need to come with a pair of pants.

    And since I’m spamming: romance is going to be a part of season five obviously, but how much of a part – as in tidbits tucked away here and there as the rest of the episodes move along, or more interwoven, with say a b-plot in some scenes/epsidoes, or will we see explosions in the background while McKay and Keller rub noses and giggle at each other in the foreground every episode?

    There just seems to be a division between people who are eagerly looking forward to it’s unveil and other people who are approaching it like a bandaid – that just want to rip it off quickly so that they can get it over with and proceed to the screaming and rolling around the ground in agony part. You can’t please all the fans, who would have thought?!

  23. Hey Joe,

    I love wasabi peas! They are good for clearing your sinuses…

    A couple of questions (I never seem to hit a day when you are doing mailbag):

    1. When you prepare the seamless versions of the episodes for the DVDs, how do you deal with the soundtrack for the between-act transitions? The broadcast version usually has a crescendo “sting” just before the end of an act.

    2. Seems like SciFi is going to air all 20 episodes without a large break as usual after the mid-season cliffhanger. From a producer’s point of view, do you prefer this or rather a longer break between the 2 halves of the season? Do you think it impacts ratings at all?

    Interesting note – I read somewhere that Charlie Sheen gets $800,000+ PER EPISODE and William Petersen (CSI) gets $600,000+ PER EPISODE. I guess their shows are on a major network which budgets alot more than, say, a specialty network like SciFi. What you could do with a budget like that, eh?


  24. This is a question for Lexa Doig: I saw you on Eureka last summer and I thought you were great. What was it like to work with the cast? Do you think they will bring your character back again or was that just to fit the story line? I do hope they bring you back on Eureka.

    This is now for Joe: To each his own, I think that is how the prhase goes, but you eat strange food. I have never heard of the things that you have mentioned. I have traveled all over the U.S. and I still have never heard of the things you have mentioned like Wasai peas. Don’t get me wrong I am all for trying new foods.

  25. Joe,

    I’m surpised you don’t know the secret to all disease, illness, sickness, infirmity, ailment, malady… it has been proven that it’s Chcoloate!


    I hope you get better…

    I have to say I LOVE, AMO, AIME your weird food purchase of the day, you outdo yourself and you are a natural in front of the camera… Thank you!


  26. I love the strange food segments! Now you need to have a strange food party. Who knows, it could become more popular than the chocolate parties!

  27. project terzo… humm third movie or third series? How maddeningly cryptic of you.

  28. “Weird food purchase of the day – Scottish version”

    From the country that brought you deep fried mars bars we have a delicacy for the customer with the cast iron stomach lining…….. deep fried pizza.

  29. Oh my. Your list of possible causes of your illnesses made me want to be sick just reading them.

    Only once did I ever drink too much that I regretted it. Slept on the floor of the bathroom that night and I can handle my liqour (you name it I can drink it lol). I think the bartender was giving me doubles on purpose lol (was many years ago). It was a long time before I had a margarita again. I still don’t have the regular ones, I went to the Blue Hawaiian ones now.

    0 and 4 with the food. You like to punish yourself, don’t you. Thanks though for the wonderful entertainment.

    I know people who think Jack Daniels is the end all too, but I am telling you qarlique 3 times a day (LOL).

    As for the lottery, I guess you and I can win at the same time since they are in different countries. I am waiting to see if I won the 15 million (yeah right, no such luck). If I do everyone will hear me screammmmmm.

    I still think my avatar is the best. For some reason, I think it really captures my essence.

    Everyone here has made me want to get the Season 4 DVD even though I downloaded all of season 4 the day after they aired. I need to hear the commentary and the fun stuff. So, I went on an Amazon shopping spree got Season 4, Continuum and the newest stargate novel. Gotta go watch now.

  30. First, wanna check my pic!

    Second, the perfect recipe for soar throat–hot tea (any tea, but a nice black tea would be best) grated fresh ginger (don’t be shy. It MUST sting the throat), lemon and honey. And… voila!

    Third, Whispers looks like it’s going to be gloriously creepy. 🙂

    Fourth, I’ve finished Cordelia’s Honor (page turner, read until 3 am, feeling fragile… I haven’t done one of these, so, if I put in my questions on August 10, is that ok?

    Fifth, I am lookiing forward to the day when your bizarre food video will show you saying: “Wow. THAT was GOOD!”

  31. Weird foods=AWESOME!!!!
    I look forward to them every day!!!
    If you’re doing it for the fans, this one is happy =)

    And thirteen different flavors of homemade ice cream… quite respectable! I’m assuming you made it yourself? What were they?

    I worked at a summer camp all summer, and the most original flavor made while I was there was “banana split.” I, of course, preferred to have my campers make the straight up mint chip, cookie dough, and cookies ‘n cream flavors!!!

  32. Do you think john and larin will ever have a serious relationship? You think the wraith will regain their numbers as far as troops ever again? Could you see earth building bigger ships than the daedalas class and if so, when?

  33. “Answer: Nope. Brad is busy working on Project Terzo.”


    ::happy dance::

    Grazie, Maestro.


  34. A couple of beers, six tequila shots, three lollipops, and a cigar.

    Yep, my husband once spent the evening drinking Guinness and eating pretzels dipped in spicy mustard. Then he spent the wee hours of the morning on his hands and knees in the bathroom. He swears it was the mustard.

  35. Wasabi Peas!!! They like you said aren’t bad but Garlic Peas are better. I cousin is obsessed with them and a bowl of them in their little Japanese packets on her coffee table. Her 3 years in Japan, 3 years in KL and 4 years in Hong Kong have influenced her food choices in many interesting ways. So far your ‘Interesting Foods” are quite tame compared to dinner at her place.

    You need to branch out into more fresh slimy foods like the water chestnut jelly.

  36. Hi Joe – The best way to cure what ails you is your favorite alcoholic beverage and a very warm jacuzzi with the jets turned up all the way. After 30-45 minutes, you’ll feel like silly putty and just slide into bed.

    Very weird foods you’re trying. Should a sick person be that brave!?

    Two questions for Jim Menard:
    1-When you are shooting a fight scene, where the action is rapid paced and the actors are very close to each other, as in Broken Ties, do you use one camera on a dolly, a hand-held camera or multiple cameras to catch the action at various angles?
    2- As DP what’s the most challenging SGA episode or scene you’ve had to shoot and why?

    Thanks again Joe, for inviting such a wealth of knowledge to visit your blog!!

    Get well!!

  37. Ah….good ol’ Wasabi Peas…I’ve actually had those. They taste like cardboard with Wasabi pasted on. Oddly addicting only if mixed with the other cardboard cracker look alikes and sesame sticks.

    In regard to #2 on your list of things that given you the ‘bug’. I’ve had a similar experience, as I’m sure we all have. But mine was from a drink that my neighbors concocted called a Puertorican Hooker. Which, unbeknownst to me at the time was a shot of tequila followed by a shot of pickle juice. He wouldn’t tell us what the chaser was until, oh…the 4th one…and by then it was too late…I was up all night spinning and praying to the porcelain gods.


  38. Hey Joe

    Thanks for the help with the anime shirts. Hopefully I can get my sister to grab me a few while she’s in Tokyo next month. Many thanks!

    For Jim Menard:
    Is it difficult to work in enclosed spaces, i.e. the Atlantis conference room, the puddle jumpers, the bridge of the Daedalus/Apollo? Keep up the fantastic work!


  39. You are a braver soul than I am to try new foodstuffs, so it is good that you are willing to go the extra mile, thanks, hope your iron clad constitution holds out..
    –Those fingernails in the picture are in need of a trim,,lol! and scary looking! good luck with that lotto thing.. and yeah I vote for the jack daniel, medicine of choice. 😉
    Have a great day.

  40. *Fish* powder?? *shudder* Not a fan of fish in general, me. I’ve had wasabi peas, and thought I just didn’t like wasabi — perhaps it was *that*, the fish podwer, then ….

    Okay, wasabi peas makes me think of the food section of Mistukoshi, which in turn makes me think of that awsome grape-drizzled chocolate Pocky I got there once. I guess no one else liked it, because they never got it back. *pout* 🙁

    Kimberly(Kdvb1)’s b-day is the 10th, but Trish(Whovian) and I are going with her to Disney Quest tomorrow to celebrate. 😀 I suspect we will play Pirates of the Caribbean all day …

    If you see him again soon, tell Bill Nye that one of your fans loved him on Almost Live and Bill Nye the Science Guy. And that he and Ellen Degeneres made the Univerese of Energy ride at EPCOT waaaay more fun than it used to be! 😀

  41. Sorry, Joe – I forgot to elaborate on my food question a day ago: any type of food, but preferably non-spicy/heartburn-inducing.

  42. Joe, just for you, I’ll share my secret hot lemonade recipe, guaranteed to ease the suffering of anyone afflicted by nasty colds or other upper respiratory viruses:

    Juice of 1/2 lemon
    1 stick cinnamon
    3 cloves
    honey to taste (1 or 2 tsp)
    1 shot rum (or you could substitute the EtOH of your choice)
    1 cup boiling water

    Mix the first 5 ingredients in a large mug and let stand while you are boiling the water. Add the hot water and adjust the honey (and rum) to taste. Let steep for a few minutes, then enjoy. Try not to swallow the cloves.

    The vitamin C boosts the immune system, the honey soothes the throat, the cinnamon, cloves and hot water clear your sinuses and the rum helps calm the cough.

  43. Joe,

    These weird food purchases are great. I love your bravery, in which you happily dump a bunch in your hand and pop them all in your mouth. I tend to take the safer, less risky route of nibbling.

    I think you’ve mentioned (and I’m sorry that I don’t remember) that you are Italian(?)… I was wondering where exactly you grew up. Your accent reminds me of my cousin who is Swiss (Italian speaking).

    Sorry for the prying, I studied linguistics in college and have a huge fascination with language and dialect.

    PS I’m officially hooked on Atlantis (I’ve been renting the dvds). Great writing 🙂

  44. I don’t know if you got a bad batch or not, given the fish powder part, but wasabi peas actually are supposed to taste a bit nutty when dried, like peanuts or cashews, since they come from the same family. I’ve always really enjoyed them.

    As to whoever asked, yes, wasabi is spicy. It’s from the same family as mustard and horseradish, and indeed tastes very similar to horseradish. Though the heat in your sinuses isn’t quite as long lasting.

  45. Hey Joe!

    First of all, regarding your ailment cures, my hubby swears by scotch. Not the crappy stuff, but a stiff shot of the expensive single malt (minimum of 12 years old) to cure any ailment. Mind you, this is coming from the man who drank twelve pints of guiness at a St. Paddy’s day party because he bet someone he couldn’t…. so… take it as you will! 🙂

    Secondly, my question for Jim Menard:

    I was wondering if you could explain how you create the pulsing blue lighting effect for the gateroom when you do the night/lights off scenes. It’s a fantastic rippled water look and I was wondering what the secret was!

    Thank you!

  46. It could be that the sore throat is affecting the way food tastes….. or the wasabi peas w/fish powder may just not be good.

    Are you still unmanfully taking care of yourself or have you caved and are manfully pleading with Fondy to take care of you?

    She and her friends are right, you know. Sick men are big babies. Sick women have to keep on keeping on especially if they are wives and/or mothers.

  47. Wasabi Peas … that’s the very same brand we buy in the commissary on base. Not nearly as good as the fresher local ones in Japan. Next time you go, keep an eye out for wasabi soy beans. Yum. But good camping food.

    Cepacol … there’s your problem. Jack Daniels is the best rhumatiz medsin there is, just ask my hillbilly hubby! Do feel better soon.

  48. another crappy weird food purchase. 😛 it must’ve been pretty bad, since you ran off at the end. maybe lay off the weird food for a while & you might feel better.

  49. E-Gads, man! Wasabi peas alone?! What on earth…

    You know why they had blue and yellow in there? Because it makes me. That’s right, your peas are made of me! Take that out of context!

    That’s sort of like eating a large spoon of mayonnaise. (Don’t try that, by the way.)

    A life free of doubt
    It doesn’t really exist
    But we have the wheel

    I’m thinking you have to have some sort of connection with me on wordpress to have a monster of my own. Or something. Or you just might not like me which is wholly probable. I’m not a fan myself most of the time.

    Granted, I do have my good moments. I have a theory that my life is great it’s just that all the bad parts are edited together to add more drama. Bastards, they know I like comedy much more than drama.

  50. Joe,

    Thank you for these video’s of you trying new foods. It’s great to have a good laugh after having two kids screaming in your ear all day. Feel better soon.

  51. With the generic illness affecting your throat, can you be sure your sense of taste is not affected? Perhaps you should re-try the various weird foods again when all the symptoms have cleared up?
    In terms of alcoholic cures, brandy. Preferably Benedictine Brandy. I was in Rome and came down with an absolutely aweful headcold. Having just purchased a small flask of the aforementioned tonic, I was desperate enough that night to take two long swigs. Slept like a baby and woke up asymptomatic the next day. While later experiments didn’t enjoy the same levle of success, there did seem to be some improvement. Perhaps you have some relatives or contacts in Italy who can forward you some medicinal supplies.
    For Mr. Menard. Thank you for participating here. It’s been great hearing from different people behind the scenes on what it takes to put together a show like SGA, and what the experience is like. My questions. First, what changes in techonlogy have made your job easier? Which have made it harder? Do you foresee some new technology emerging in the near future that will change how you do your job?
    Is there a scene, show, or movie, that you wish you could redo after seeing it aired? What is your all time favorite scene/shot/accomplishment during your career? Exactly how many people do you have operating under you in your department, and how much do you personally supervise them vs. simply passing on what you want and letting them decide how to accomplish the task? Sorry for so many questions, but as a person with no artistic talents its always fascinating watching those who do have such skills at work. Again, thank you for participating, and thanks to Mr. Mallozzi for bringing you in here, as well as the chuckles provided by the latest video postings.

  52. You know, the one thing that I find really kicks the bucket when it comes to sore throats is just anyol’ vitamin C drops, works wonders.

    And if you are like me, you will soon be subject to the next phase of this bug, the sinus hell. And for that, I say go find this amazing things called “Zycam” swabs. Yes, you have to stick ’em in your nose (Yeck!) but they will get ya over it in like two days, instead of the usual seven. I managed to catch this nasty bug RIGHT before my comprehension exam, in which I earned a very shiney B. Yay for me! (Spohmore in highschoo, taking college classes, talk about fish out of water!)

    Best of luck to you, and one question before I go,

    Where are you finding these wierd purchases? Rose Soda? Never seen it! As for the Wasabi Peas, a common occurance during the 20 minute break between classes, much yummy!

  53. wolfenm said
    Kimberly(Kdvb1)’s b-day is the 10th, but Trish(Whovian) and I are going with her to Disney Quest tomorrow to celebrate. I suspect we will play Pirates of the Caribbean all day …

    Arrrrrrgh Mateys! That game is fantastic…*big grin* I can see that taking up a major part of the day! Yo ho yo ho a pirate’s life for us!

    I do want to try that other alien one where I was shooting the good guys at first instead of the bad alien monsters…lol. Thank goodness I had you to let me know…hehehe! And, poor Trish kept making the ship go into the lava…um..I think it was lava!

    Jeff will want to go to the Harley place in Downtown Disney. Boy did his face light up when I mentioned they had one there! *smirk*

    *wonders if Joe read her comment about Carl Binder and bday dedications on August 10th*


  54. Wait! Wait! I get it! I think you only get a monster icon thingy if you don’t have a pre-existing icon! Right? Maybe?

    This isn’t necessarily a mailbag question. Unless it is…

  55. I’ve never really liked wasabi peas myself but my mother adores them. It seems to be a somewhat popular Asian snack though.

    As for your little bug, you might want to try boiling some Coca-Cola (not Pepsi, has to be Coke) with some slices of ginger and lemon. It’s a nice little remedy for colds that I learned in China and it seems work rather nicely in clearing the sinuses.

  56. Alexandra wrote:

    any chance of Atlantis increasing its force size and/or receiving new crafts and weapons like the 302s that the Alternate Atlantis had in Daedalus Variations?

    Actually, our Atlantis should have 302s by now. They were getting them according to dialog in “Grace Under Pressure” (found here):

    SHEPPARD: And Ager over here is responsible for the magnetic grapple designed to lower F302s into our Jumper bay.

    Whether they had them then or were just planning to get them, the F302s should be there now.

    Anne Teldy

  57. Hey Joe!

    Glad you’re starting to feel better, and I definitely think its the healing mind waves! Wish I could have some healing mind waves… Decided to sit outside on our couch swing (have no idea what they’re really called but whatever) and read for a while, got four mosquito bites (two from the same mosquito) and then I felt a tickling on the back of my ankle. Thinking it was a piece of grass, or maybe another mosquito trying to bite me, I shifted my foot and rested it on top of the other, ankles touching. And then I felt the agonizing pain. Moving my leg, I saw a hornet sitting on the bottom ankle, twitching its legs angrily. It had been the tickling on the other leg, and I had inadvertently squished it between my ankles, angering it enough to make it sting me.

    So…attempting to be calm, but in reality feeling like I was about ready to hyperventilate, I got up and walked to the front door of the house, went inside and asked my dad to get me something for it. We put some pain reducing ointment on it, but oddly enough that made it sting and hurt even more for hours. Right now its only a sharp pain every once in a while, dull pain constant. I did much better this time than last time I got stung, in which I pretty much bauled my eyes out in public. In my defense, I’d never been stung before and my parents were off shopping and I didn’t know where to find them. So yeah, perfectly good reason to act like a baby in public.

    My only consolation is that I’m not allergic to bee stings, because that would have been even worse. I am, however, allergic to mosquito bites, so thats going to be fun. See if I decide to enjoy a nice afternoon reading outside again!

    Enough whining and complaining, I’ll just focus my mind on tomorrow’s weekly Stargate marathon my friends and I enjoy at my house. We’re starting season three tomorrow!


  58. Wasabi peas are the bestest! The hotter, the better…like the Wraith. 😉

    Joe – do you ever check your e-mail? ‘Cause…you should.


  59. For Jim Menard:

    Thank you for your DVD episode commentaries. You have a soothing voice and a calm and patient manner in explaining things that makes me enjoy the experience.

    A couple of questions:

    With a limited number of sets, especially as regards ships, how do you approach giving each one it’s own distinct look and personality?

    Also, how have you had to modify your work processes and execution with the advent of HD?

    Lastly, don’t worry…I won’t ask you to write a haiku…unless you think you’re up to the challenge.

    Many thanks!

  60. Hi Joe,
    I hope you feel better soon. Or I suppose I hope you win the lottery soon. You could always donate the money to Aloysius. P. Hazzencockle’s…um…orphanage.
    Don’t like the wasabi peas? Yes, they are a strange taste, but I suppose it’s one of those things some people get accustomed to. Maybe because it’s you’re sick? *wink* I would throw them in with a snack mix or something, instead of a full handfull at once. Not sure how much fish powder there is in there – after all, a bar of Hershey’s Dark Chocolate will say that it may contain traces of nuts. I really like those entries though! Maybe you should consider doing a blog on food items, like how you consolidated the entries into Spambait.
    Good news on Daedalus Variations, hope the upward trend continues!

    Question for Jim Menard:
    I’d just like to say that I really enjoy listening to your commentaries on the DVD’s, and I have alot more appreciation for lighting in the episodes!
    1) What types of lighting styles are different from SG1 and Atlantis? For that matter, how do you decide how a scene should be lit? And 2) are you involved in other projects besides Stargate, (either currently, or during the hiatus, etc)?

  61. For Joe:

    There are also wasabi peanuts. I would guess there is probably wasabi everything:

    For the Southerners: Wasabi black-eyed peas
    For the New Englanders: Lobster tail with wasabi drawn butter
    For Us Texans: Wasabi Enchiladas
    For the Southwesterners: Carne Wasabi Asada
    For the Mid-Westerners: Wasabi and Coneys
    For the Pacific Northwesterners: Wasabi Potato Casserole

    Hmmm, that all sounds nasty, every last bit of it.

  62. Jack Daniels is my idea of a cure-all, too.

    And I could use a cure-all after spending all day hunkered down over microfiche doing research with a sore throat and nasal congestion and only wanting to crawl back into bed.

    I’d send you good thoughts to speed your recovery but I’m too exhausted to think of any. Me, I’d rather try the Jack Daniels approach.

  63. Mmmm, yes, the highly crunchy wasabe pea… always a hit with the S.E. Asian kids. (not meant as racist).

    Do you plan on tuning in to the Beijing Olympics? Or better yet, could Baron Destructo or Cookie Monster care to weigh in on their opinions/predictions? I’d love to see their takes on the latest Beijing pollution problems….

  64. Strange food suggestion for Carl:

    Two words: PRAIRIE OYSTERS

    If you don’t know what they are, ask a rancher. Or just wikipedia it. You won’t find anything grosser. One of my friends is DJ at a club and had people eat them without all the fancy shmancy prep (read: raw) for a thousand bucks. It was the grossest thing I’ve ever seen. Well, maybe not THE grossest, but it’s way up there in my top ten.

  65. Hi Joe

    Feel better. Nothing worse than feeling poorly during the summer.

    Since both Carter and Mitchell have been promoted to full bird colonel when and if will Sheppard be promoted. I always felt in that his character was on par with Mitchell.

  66. Keeping the positive thoughts, well wishes, and universal bio waves coming. 😀

    I think the Wasabi peas are trying to disguise themselves by selling themselves in a tub that looks oddly like a pringles tub. And, fish powder, whaaaat? This is why you should look at the ingredients before you buy food.

  67. Out of the weird foods so far (and thanks a BUNCH for making the videos) wasabi peas has to be the least weird. Well, unless you include the “may contain fish flakes” part. How in the world could that happen?

    Oh and those funny tasting shrimp awhile back didn’t make the top 6 list I see.

    And you could always feed (ok give) Carl one of the more usual chocolates out there. 🙂

  68. Ha, finally I get an icon, too.

    4) A half bottle of white rum with a can of Coke chaser.

    Oh no, I don’t want to remember the day after. Actually it was still the same night. Definitely at the top of my list.

    I hope you’re getting well soon.

    Your vids are really funny. Although I’m a curious person I’m not so brave when it comes to weird food.

    Do you know all the non-Stargate related guest bloggers personally before you ask them for a guest appearance?

  69. lol – I got a brain, too.

    Hey, if you’re interested in this sort of thing, episode 4, The Daedalus Variations, showed a nice little uptick, pulling in an early 1.3.

    Great. I like it. Everyone I enjoy to see was there (whole team plus Lorne and Zelenka).

    Season 4 is terrific (I’ve just finished watching it) and Season 5 continues doing so.

  70. So, for some reason the movie wouldn’t play for me yesterday, but it worked today… the Wasabi Peas didn’t exactly look very appetizing; so who are you going to try them on next?

    Following the success in getting today’s movie to work, I went back and tried yesterday’s – and that worked too. Rosewater fizz sounds nice – not too bad in your opinion. The only food I’ve had with rosewater in is Turkish Delight, the most common flavour is rosewater & lemon, have you ever had it? If you have tried it, did you like it?

    Just in case you’ve never heard of it, the entry from Wikipedia is here: Turkish Delight

  71. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!C’est quoi cette chose sur la photo??? Pas un Loup garou ou quelque chose qui y resemble O_O? c’est ma plus grande phoebe!! =(

    Quoi?? Vous n’avez pas manger tout ça!! Oula moi je serais mal dés la phase 3!

    Lol la video XD, vous êtes vraiment trop fort lol!!!!

    1,3 en audience, c’est trés bien =)! Pourvu que sa dure!


    1)Que mangez vous au petit dejeuner?
    2)Allez vous suivres les jeux Olympique?

    Voila =) Merci!! Gros bisou, je vous adore!!!

  72. Ohhh j’ai changer de tête aujourd’hui……je suis plus trés jolie…! Bon on va dire que c’est ma tête au revéille alors -_-‘

  73. I can’t see your food tasting videos for some reason. The first entry said they are at the end of each one, but I see no video there! They sound so interesting though!

    If Wasabi Peas are what I think they are, then I loves them! So addicting…

  74. Hi Joe,

    More “whispers” pic’s! Great stuff !

    I’ve tried wassabi peas! I have to say it was brutal. They are so hot! I thought my mouth was on fire! I hope you had water or milk handy! I will never have wassabi peas again. It was just awfull.

    Have you tried green tea ? Its really good for you. Especially the traditional green tea from Asia.

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Take care & happiness always!


  75. Hello Joe!

    Is “Project Terzo” is the codename of the third SG-1 movie? Christopher Judge mentioned you will make the movie in January, while BW hinted that maybe they will reveal the SGC to the world. So I won’t ask you to say us spoilers, but did MGM order the next movie(s) or not?

    Can the next movie be sold at the end of 2009? Because you said the special effects need at least 2-3 month while they will make the newest season Universe / Atlantis / both, than Sony will wait 6 month to release it. So theoratically we can buy the third movie in October or November in 2009. Is it true?


  76. Hi again Mr M!

    Thanks for the info re: Episode 100…. Also the Vegas shoot sounds very interesting.

    Re: ilness + Jack Daniels…Mmmm, not so sure about that, though an Hot Irish Whiskey is a better throat anaesthetic.

    Question for Mr Menard: Has there ever been a look or image that seemed really good intially (for Atlantis) that you wish you could “take back” and re-do but were stuck with?

    Finally, well, the Cone of Silence has been lifted, as Continuum has aired. My NDA with MGM is now over…Awww.. Really felt part of “The Secret”… Any-hoo, it airs here next week, so looking forward to seeing it again.

    Thanks again Mr M.


    PS: Love the random avatar image…looks just like me (?)

  77. Having just watched S&R on my computer screen where things aremuch clearer than the TV screen, how is it that Sheppard had a clean shirt on after leaving the infirmary? And HIS traditional black set vice everyone elses off world set or a flight suit?

  78. All of the suggested throat remedies are time-honored traditions among singers. And they all have various actions on the throat.

    Honey, however, has been proven to be a natural disinfectant for throats. (Don’t make me look up the journal articles, though.) But you can’t take too much of it or the sugars in the honey will encourage bacterial growth.

    So I’d suggest honey once or twice per day and your choice of warm salt water or alcohol the rest of the time. 🙂

    And the wasabi peas? Yuck. Just plain ol’ dried peas? Yum!

  79. A question for Jim:
    Sorry to be simplistic, but as one who is completely unfamiliar with the minutiae of who does what on a series – what does a director of photography do? Also, how independent of the director/producer is what you do? Do you find think that directing photography is more of a creative or scientific process?
    I love taking still photographs and have never really moved into the realm of motion, so I would find it interesting to hear about what motivates or inspires you when you set up a shot.


  80. Days late in answering some things, I apologize. The hazards of moving and summer jobs.

    So, do you have any set rules applicable to challenging reads? Is it 10%, 25%, or 100 page cut-off?

    Set rules? Not so much. Most often, I may set aside a book I don’t find engaging and then pick it up later. I often am reading 3-5 books at a time–not counting textbooks. I think I’ve only not finished reading two books in my life: Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad and Iain Banks’ Excession.

    And what rules do you apply to authors? As far as I’m concerned, one bad book is not enough to cross an author off my to-read list. Two will do it though.

    One is good enough if suitably bad. I would never read another Conrad book in my life. I suppose it all depends on the luck of how good/bad that first book I pick up is. Orson Scott Card may be one of my favorite authors, but there’s a book or two I’m not fond of. If I’d read them first rather than Ender’s Game would he still be a fav? I really don’t know.

    I can’t wait to get back to my own computer (its had to go be repaired) so I can watch these videos. Sounds like people are enjoying them!

    And I just want to say that admist these comments that seem to be somewhat anti-Keller/McKay (or any other combination), I love it. I think it, and the possible triangle, is being played out very well. Just my own .02 (that I know you don’t need of course, lol).

  81. I’ve said it before and I will say it again! Reading your journal whilst I am at work is a bad idea. Uncontrolable giggles draw attention to one’s self 😉

    It’s even worse now you have added your wierd food video’s

    Make a Glasgow girl happy!! Please make a deep fried mars bar video.

  82. Dear Mr. Menard,

    1. Being a DP, what do you find is the hardest part of your job, the prep work for a shot, or shooting the shot itself.
    2. Any interest in directing an episode? I thought you had, but as I breifly checked all 14 of my SG dvd cases, i don’t recall seeing your name. If you did, could you let me know so I can rewatch it.
    3. Lastly, love when you do the dvd commentaries! Thanks for the great work!

  83. Hi Joe,
    Love the new wierd food segments. Were you the dream child and tried every new food your mom asked you try or was this new adventure something that occured as an adult?

    Hope you feel better. Zinc always helps me and a day off with a Stargate Atlantis marathon on SciFi. And if that doesn’t work, just sitting outside in the warm sun.

  84. Hey Joe, this is for Jim Menard.
    How much has the production changed since you began working on Stargate SG1’s season 2?Do you have now more input/free reign in your lighting choices?

    Thanks for answering!

  85. Answer: Of course there are still some who won’t be so quick to forget his past transgressions.

    Mrs.B108 writes: “1)Will Sheppard continue to feel guilt over things long past?

    Answer: 1) Sheppard’s residual guilt will play a big part in a late season

    Is the first answer going to be instrumental in his residual guilt and therefore covered in the same episode?

    Thanks and I hope you feel much better soon.

  86. Joe M writes: Answer: Actually, the character of Katie Brown only became a character of any significance as a result of the romantic storyline as opposed to being a pre-established character that became involved in a romantic storyline.

    Thanks for the reply Joe but regardless of the character’s established standing Rodney McKay is still the character singled out by the show to have not one but two mature relationships with characters on Atlantis since season 2 (if you can call Keller “mature”). Can you explain to me why this is? Ronon, Sheppard, and Teyla never progressed like this on any level and yet McKay seems to be the character that for some reason the writers want to see involved romantically. Thanks again.

    (oh, and did you see this article on “who will romance Jewel Staite on Stargate Atlantis”? Nice High School Musical vibe you have going on! Oh what has become of this show?


  87. Answer: Actually, the character of Katie Brown only became a character of any significance as a result of the romantic storyline as opposed to being a pre-established character that became involved in a romantic storyline.

    He wrote, without actually answering the question 😉

  88. When you write scenes for major Wraith characters, do you usually give them names? I.e. the ones from ‘The Defiant One’, ‘Broken Ties’, ‘Sateda’, etc. I’m curious as to what there names would have been.

    A question: I read about ”Kenny”, a new Wraith character. Is he named on-screen, or only in the script?

  89. I feel like a super dork because I’ve been a fan of Stargate Atlantis for about a year now (why did I come so late? I don’t have a good answer. I’ve been on the BSG bandwagon for three years) and I’ve never found your blog before. I can definitely tell why I think this show is so damn funny; you’re hilarious! Don’t let SGA go off the air. Also, more Rodney. He is inexplicably my favorite character.

  90. “Joe: Brad is busy working on Project Terzo.”

    Terzo éh? Which is “Third” in Italian. Why do I get the feeling we’ll be learning more about the Stargate Universe spin-off soon?

  91. Joe – try two consecutive shots of 100 proof vodka before bed.

    Feel better

  92. I was wondering what your veiws are on salt. Do you take salt in your food, do you add it after or only when cooking?

  93. Excellent LOL “Weird Food Video of the Day”. Dried fish powder will kill the taste every time.

    Get well!

    And, I do love the idea of “guest appearances” on the “Weird Food Video of the Day”. It would be excellent to see your other friends share your pain of strange food. But don’t get me wrong I know there is some “weird” food out there that is good and tasty. Keep ’em coming! Have fun.

    In the “Weird Food Video of the Day” are we seeing interior shots of your home or office? [Lovely home you have; if so.]

  94. Hey Joe!

    So, did you spit out those wasabi beans or wash your mouth? Looks like you were in a rush to leave the area. 😛

    I found these neat things called baked soybeans, which have many different flavors. I can’t remember the website of the place, but if I do remember it sometime, I’ll forward it to you. Some of the flavors were amazing, but some (which I didn’t try), seemed…interesting. They had Wasabi Soybeans and chocolate soybeans. I wish I bought some, I would’ve sent them to you. 🙂

    Thanks as always, and get well soon!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  95. Mr. Menard, Is your interest in photography mainly film or do you also take still photography.

  96. Hi, I’m a long-time reader but this is my first time commenting. I really enjoy reading your blog – thanks for all the interesting and informative posts.

    I have a question – does the Atlantis expedition have a janitorial staff or does the city magically clean up after its inhabitants? Or is there a chore rotation of some kind? (Though I can’t really see someone like McKay being too keen on taking a turn at maintenance!) I imagine each person is responsible for cleaning their own quarters/doing their own laundry, but what about the rest of the city?


  97. Hey Joe,

    With the season continuing through the fall and the ratings off to a slow start, will you be writing 5×20 as the series finale?


  98. I watched the bloopers for Season 4 and I really did like them. Wasn’t sure what to expect cause of comments and of course the commentary for you guys setting it up, but they were funny. The simple things make me laugh. Watching our favorite characters make mishaps helps us to know that we are the only ones that mess up (i.e me putting my shirt on inside out this am). Please keep them for Season 5.

    Another question for Jim: What do you feel was your most challenging episode to date and why?

  99. Questions for Mr. Menard:
    Favorite espisode?
    Easiest one to work one?
    Worst one to work one?
    and, of course, why to all the above?

  100. I have a few questions for Jim Menard:

    What do you find the most satisfying about your job? When you get to a scene, what do you immediately start looking at? Can you tell us about any really difficult lighting situations that you’ve ended up being really happy with the way they turned out?


  101. Joe, you know what would be utterly fascinating for all your readers? I’ll tell you. I should be a guest blogger. Why not? It’s a perfect idea. I run a bookstore. I live in Texas. I take long road trips with lots of photographs. I enjoy SGA. A more fascinating person you’ve never met. Truly.

    Imagine it now….think of all the topics I could cover:

    Convincing others that not all Texans own a horse or cowboy hat
    How to successfully use the turn signal on the highway
    The inner workings of a bookstore (limited access, of course)
    Tasty tasty lunch breaks
    Insightful moments in the life of a single career lady
    How to train one’s staff not to overfeed one’s goldfish at work

    Hot damn, I could be big…HUGE…bigger and huger than even, well, than even anyone who has been a guest blogger before! Wow, think of the exposure. Think of the significance. Think of the increased comment count.

    You and me, Joe, together we can take over the wordpress world. You betcha. Yessirree, bob. Boy Howdy!

    So, you just let me know when you want me to be that special guest blogger. I don’t want to follow anyone from the SGA production team too closely because, you know, it really wouldn’t be fair and all……we wouldn’t want people getting upset over my extreme popularity.

    I’ll just wait right here for your email to confirm things. Oh, and thanks in advance, Joe. I’m confident this will be successful on a level never seen before on your blog.

    Dearest and most sincere pal-ish and friend-ish wishes,
    Jenny Robin

  102. Hey Joe,

    Any chance of getting a blog dedicated to me? I’m getting married on Saturday!

    BTW, the future bride and I are loving season 5 so far. Keep up the great work!

  103. Brrrr. That picture gave me a chill. Creepy.

    I have a (shallow, simple-minded) question for Jim Menard:
    Do some types of lighting and framing flatter only cetain actors? I mean, do you ever choose a specific setup for a scene because the actor in it has, for example, an angular face vs. a round face?

  104. Hi Joe,

    Great news on the ratings for DV! 😀

    Questions for Jim Menard:

    1) What filters do you use (if any)? Do you have a favourite filter or do you design the style for the show and use the filters that will achieve it?

    2) When shooting scenes that are supposed to be pitched black, how do you balance the lighting so that the viewer can see whats going on but still give the impression that it is dark for the characters?

    3) Do you light the scene by eye or by monitor?

    4) Do you have to be more careful with HD when it comes to highlights, I’ve read that they tend to get blown out, or do you treat it the same way as you would film?

    5) Do you set your lighting designs from the director’s shot list or do you leave it until blocking the scene on set? Or a mixture of both? Does it depend on which director you are working with?

    I’ll stop now 😛 Thank you for agreeing to guest blog, I’m looking forward to reading your answers to everybody’s questions 😀

  105. Regarding the “couple of beers, six tequila shots, three lollipops, and a cigar.” I’m wondering how the three lollipops got involved. Perhaps as a result of the beers and shots?

    Thanks for answeing my question about Ba’al. It makes me feel better knowing Sam isn’t sulking after being relieved of command in Atlantis. 🙂

  106. I’m not sure if you’re getting these and chosing not to answer or if you’re just not getting them, so I apologize if I’m bothering you. First question: What would be the Daniel, Mitchell, Vala, Teyla, and Ronon commercials be for “With a Little Stargate Anything is Possible?” Second: If you could write a crossover episode with any other book or TV show what would it be? Third (and this is new): what, in your mind, happened to SG-1 while Sam was on Atlantis? Now that she’s back, will she rejoin the team?

  107. For Jim Menard,

    Hi Jim do you have a set template for lighting indoor and outdoor shots and do you use this template all of the time and then just tweak it with additional lighting to capture what your trying to accomplish?

    I have noticed the strong head lighting on interior scenes but do you follow up with softer lighting on the sides for skin tones and then use gels ect. for effects on equipement.

    Thanks in advance,


  108. Hi Joe,

    I want my avatar before leavinf for a three weeks long vacation.

    Live long and prosper ! Work well and be happy !

    P.S.: i think that my previous post vanished somewhere…

  109. 1)Does Teyla’s Wraith power begin to have any surprising effects this year?

    2)Does Lorne have any “stand-out” moments this season?

  110. Hi Joe,

    I love your “Weird food of the day” videos, they are hilarious!! Hope you never run out of weird foods to try!

    Now, I was wondering some of the other writers have mentioned who they love writing for or their favorite character on SGA, so I wondering who your favorite character is and who you love writing for.


  111. Hi Joe,

    Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Must be all that weird food you’re eating 😉

    I know it’s a bit late but I noticed you enjoyed ‘Chocky’. There was a children’s TV series, based on the book, here in the UK in the mid-1980s. I think some found it quite scary. I remember enjoying it, although if I viewed it now I’m sure it would be very dated. I read the book then too, I can’t remember much of it, I guess I should read it again.

    Looking forward to arriving in Vancouver soon 🙂

  112. Ehehehe!!! Je vient de me rendre compte qu’il fallait poser des questions a Jim Menard, alors:

    1) Qie préférez le plus dans votre travail?
    2)Connaissez vous bien la france?

    Aller bisou, a demain =)

  113. I’m really not sure you should be trying strange foods when you’re not feeling well.

    That being said, it was a funny segment! (And I’m hoping at some point you’ll try some Salted Plum Suckers [they’re Japanese] because I haven’t been brave enough to try them myself.)

    Hope you feel better!

  114. Hi Joe,

    Great weird food of the day videos! You should come to Louisiana, we eat weird food often and dont even realize it. Hope you feel better.


  115. My questions for Jim Menard:

    1. What was it like being director of photography for “A Dog’s Breakfast”? Were there any particular problems due to the time and weather constraints?

    2. Is there a great difference between filming a full length movie as opposed to an episodic TV show?


  116. Wasabi peas – actally wasabi anything is pretty much not bad as long as no extra ingredients added.

    Fish stuff might have been over the top for that.
    The peas in the bags usually do not have anything more than the usual preservatives, salt, wasabi..etc.

    The exotic ones that add a few more things…ugh.
    OH…and if there were some stale ones that would have contributed to the unpleasant taste.

    Go with the chocolate tasting!!!!
    But please, no bugs.

    For Anne Teldy,
    Got your note…Please proceed as you see fit.
    Major Teldy, ma’am sir, you make the decisions!
    Sorry, just could not resist that one.

    It is my honor to serve!

    Hope both Joe and Anne Teldy are feeling more chipper.

  117. Hey Joe!

    I hope you’re feeling better.

    Here’s a different question, and forgive me if it’s been asked and answered before. Which pup is that in the place of honor at the top of the blog page? So cute!

  118. Wow Joe, I’m impressed. You can tell the difference between Yellow #5 and Fish Powder. That’s a REFINED palette…

  119. Thanks for answering my question Joe! 🙂

    *goes off to try and think of a suitable question for Lexa*

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