May 19, 2009: Victoria Day, Developments on the SGU Front, Michael and Lexa Drop By But Don’t Stick Around For the Spring Cleaning!

Well, we were all back at work today following the Victoria Day long weekend – Victoria Day, of course, being a recently adopted Canadian holiday commemorating one of history’s most remarkable pioneering female Brits. Yes, I refer to none other than Ms. Victoria Beckham. Looking back, I suspect the vote to bestow the honor on the former Posh Spice may have had more to do with a desire to have an extra holiday in May than anything else. All the same, this is the third year the country has marked the occasion with songs, dance, and goat kebobs in a vast nation-wide celebration that brings together peoples of all races and religions. Except, of course, for the Irish who are prohibited from participating and have to go to work instead. It was a great three-day break and now, Canadians have to wait a whole month for their next big holiday when the Emeril Legasse Day long weekend rolls around in late June.

Today, the SGA movie script, Stargate: Extinction, went out to the writing department. No one has gotten around to reading it yet but I imagine it’s just a matter of time before the accolades start rolling in. Carl, however, did read my short story over the weekend and, to my delight, enjoyed it. So 3 down and 2 356 689 to go!

Before lunch, Carl, Paul, and I headed down to Stage 1 where work is ongoing on the jungle set for Time. It’s looking mighty damn impressive. I took plenty of snaps, including a couple of shots of Carl posing beside a giant alien fern. From there, we headed over to the Destiny set where Peter DeLuise was directing Bobby, Louis, and David in scenes for Darkness and Light.

After lunch, we sat down to watch the director’s cut of Life. I can’t say enough good things about this episode, from Carl Binder’s script to the individual performances to Alex Chapple’s direction. Some incredibly poignant moments delivered by Brian J. Smith, Ming Na, and a couple of wonderful guest stars. I LOVED this episode.

Later, I was sitting in my office when I heard a familiar voice ask: “Is Mallozzi here?” I glanced up and, sure enough, it was Michael Shanks – with his lovely wife Lexa. I was mortified. Had I known he’d be bringing her by, I’d have cleaned the place up. My desk is a drop-zone. They stopped in and we spent a good half hour talking about exorcists, chiropractors, and exorcist-chiropractors. On their own, they’re very funny people but together, these two are absolutely hilarious. A terrific couple – who, conveniently enough, had to rush off to buy some roast chicken after I suggested my office would be clean in no time if we all pitched in.

I Remember the Future discussion:

Michael A. Burstein writes: ““Like “I Remember the Future”, this one resonated with me on a personal level, reminding me of the day I came across the webpage of Thomas M. Disch only days after his passing.”

Wow. You probably had the same thoughts I had when I came across Charles Sheffield’s webpage after he died (which, as I noted in the afterword, was the genesis of the story).”

Answer: Camp Concentration is one of my favorite SF novels. In fact, just the other day Paul returned a whack of books I’d lent him over the past year and he singled CC out (alongside Frederik Pohl’s Gateway) as his favorites. I considered making the book a Book of the Month Club selection and inviting Disch to take part in a Q&A but, sadly, never got the chance. While surfing for news about his sudden passing, I came across his website and was surprised to see that he kept a fairly active online presence. Sadder still to learn that, late in life, he suffered depression for his failure to gain recognition for his work. Too late to post a comment and let him know his work was appreciated by this reader at least.

Sylvia writes: “Re the old ending and the new ending. I loved the new ending as it gave Sarah the choice and the rite of decision – to take action – to get the tattoo. She did not have to prove her love and devotion. She chose to take a stand to make progress in the struggle that we learn from the lessons of the past. I rather liked that posture of doing the right thing and because one wanted to do the right thing.”

Answer: Yes, it’s a tough call because both endings offer up two very different but very positive elements. In the end, I think Michael’s editor (and his wife) echoed your sentiments – which is why he decided to go with that particular ending.

Sylvia also writes: “Was a bit surprised but gladdened to discover that Miss Ellis also resorted to changing appearance.”

Answer: I kind of suspected the surprise but loved it nevertheless. It cemented her relationship with Tony and offered up the most touching beat in the ensuing story, TelePresence, in which we learn of her dedication and eventual passing.

Thornyrose writes: “TeleAbsence was the best of the stories in combining emotion and sci fi elements. “

Answer: I would agree. All of these elements were nicely balanced and despite the future setting, the depth of the characters grounded the story in the here and now.

Thornyrose also writes: “It’s all too easy to look at technology as the solution to all social ills, but Mr. Burnstein rightly points out that economics and human nature will prevent an even distribution of such technologies.”

Answer: Which is something the author goes on to discuss in the afterword, making reference to someone who predicted that everyone would have a computer by the years 2001 (I believe it was). Well, not quite. While the technology is there, the means to acquire said technology remains problematic for many.

Thornyrose also writes: “With Spaceships, we’re given a slightly melencholy view of immortality. ( Can one say Ascension?). It seems even in the far future, eccentricity is frowned upon, and Kel is victimized by those who are not actually harmed by his peculiar obsession. I did have a minor quibble here; how did Kel get possession of the actual originals?”

Answer: I assumed that, in time, as humanity shed their corporeal forms, they gave up on what they considered physical affectations – like spaceships. Kel collected the abandoned ships, amassing them into a personal collection.

Thornyrose also writes: “While I found it a bit suprising that the Church would rule aliens as soulless, and thus ineligable to become members, the device works well enough here.”

Answer: That was curious – but not altogether surprising. By the way, if you’re looking for a terrific novel that explores the issues of faith and alien visitation, I strongly urge you to pick up Michael Flynn’s Eifelheim. From Booklist: “In the fourteenth century, the Black Death ravaged Europe. Most towns decimated by it were eventually resettled, except for Eifelheim, despite its ideal location. Mathematical historian Tom discovers this anomaly and an unexpected connection to his domestic partner Sharon’s research in theoretical physics, which seems to be leading to a method of interdimensional travel. In fact, as Eifelheim’s priest back then, Father Dietrich, relates, before the plague’s arrival, an interstellar ship crashed nearby. The encounters between its passengers and the people of Oberhochwald, as Eifelheim was first called, reflect the panoply of attitudes of the time, from fear of the foreign to love and charity for one’s neighbors to the ideas of nascent natural philosophy (science), and the aliens’ reactions are equally fascinating.”

Thornyrose also writes: “ Decisions was a story that had me waiting for Rod Serling’s voice to speak out of the ether.”

Answer: It had a definite The Outer Limits feel for me.

Thornyrose also writes: “As soon as Reverend Haas mentioned a steamboat excursion, I recognised that the tale was centered on the tragedy of the General Slocum. […]. But the “instant romance” of Schmidt and Adele just didn’t ring true.”

Answer: Agreed. This was the one element in the story that felt awkward and forced. I could see Adele being smitten with Schmidt, but to have the two of them suddenly profess their love for one another, in spite of the circumstances, seemed all to quick.

Thornyrose also writes: “Of all the stories, Absent Friends is definitely my least least favorite. Levinson’s obsession over his dead friend goes beyond any sane level of grief. There is something more than a little creepy about his insistance at seeking out his friend’s alternate self.”

Answer: This is something I agree with as well. It seemed a single-minded obsession one would reserve for the love of one’s life rather than a friend, no matter how close.

Sparrow_hawk writes: “ Many of the stories just felt flat to me. When I tried to analyze what was missing (for me) in the stories I realized that although the premises of many of the stories were interesting, the settings were weak or non-existent. I’m a very visual person, and just couldn’t “see” where the story was taking place.”

Answer: Are you saying that you would have benefited from a more descriptive narrative?


Morticae writes: “You know, there was an episode of SG-1 with a guy that used toothpicks and whatnot to booby trap his doors. Something like that!”

Answer: I know. Paul and I wrote it. Point of No Return.

DasNdanger writes: “1. We know that the Iratus bug that attacked Sheppard was in a sort of web, and in The Defiant One the Wraith webbed up his victim, suggesting that – perhaps – he produced the web/silk from his own body. So, in your mind (or had it ever been discussed), do Wraith have the ability to produce ’silk’ from their bodies, and if so…from where?

2. Since a Wraith – by definition – is a doppelganger, has this ever been taken into consideration in how Sheppard and Todd deal with each other? Todd, the ‘harbinger of bad luck’, ‘haunting’ his double – Sheppard – always present, reminding John of his darker side? Or am I just thinking too hard about this…lol.”

Answers: 1. In my mind, the webbing/cocoon is a byproduct of the ship, itself an organic construct.

2. While the wraith warrior class are clones, queens and the other males are not. They are unique.

O6untouchable writes: “1. In “Misbegotten”, Weir and Woolsey travelled to Atlantis on an Asgard ship, and got there nearly two weeks faster. That’s in roughly the same ballpark as the Daedalus’ 4-day trip from “The Siege”. Since the Asgard designed the Daedalus’ hyperdrive anyway, are their ships faster only because they’ve got a better power source?

2. If it is an issue of the power source, do the Daedalus, Apollo, et al now have better generators (to power the Asgard beam weapons and what-not)? Are they capable of making the trip to Atlantis faster?

3. After “The Return”, the ZPMs that the Asurans put in Atlantis were split up; one of them went to the Drone Chair. When the chair was moved to Area 51, was it still powered by that ZPM, or by some Asgard Core-inspired alternative? If the former, what happened to that ZPM?

4. The other ZPM from “The Return” went to the Odyssey. Between the Asgard Core and the fact that the Ori aren’t a threat anymore, did the ZPM get removed at some point? Was it depleted during “The Ark of Truth”, or is it still alive and kicking somewhere?”

Answers: 1. That’s a safe assumption to make.

2. No. Again, it comes down to the power source not the engine design.

3. Yes, the ZPM went with the chair.

4. More on exactly what is up with the Odyssey upcoming.

Scifan writes: “When it comes to guest actors, do you know who you want for the roles while your doing the script or do they have to ask? I remember someone told me that Goran Visnjic aka Dr. Luca Kovac from E.R. is a big fan of SGA. Do you look for those types of actors?”

Answer: We generally write the script and then look to cast. There have been occasions when we have sought out actors who have turned out to be fans of the show – Isaac Hayes for one, Wayne Brady for another. Goran Visnjic was a big fan of SG-1 and actually visited the set while in town working on Elektra. He and the cast really hit it off. We even offered him a guest spot but, unfortunately, he was unable to make it work schedule-wise.

Jim from WVa writes: “Will Stargate Universe employ shaky camera techniques like the movie Cloverfield?”

Answer: The camera work will certainly be more dynamic, but not to a jumpy, nausea-inducing extent.

T’loc writes: “I have a question, I am watching the Shrine from this past season, what would happen if the team had flown to that planet instead of walking could they have dialed a space-gate to escape? Would the water flown out into space? Would love to know the answer.”

Answer: The planet was only accessible via the planet gate. However, had they traveled their through a space gate, then escape would have been much easier – yes, them along with an enormous amount of water.

SebiMeyer writes: “what software is this? I either use Final Draft or Celtx for scripts, but this is new to me.”

Answer: Movie Magic Screenwriter.

O6untouchable also writes: “On a Movie-related note… you’ve already hinted that an Earth Battlecruiser might crop up in Universe somewhere, but what about the Atlantis and SG-1 movies? Are we going to find out what happened to the Sun Tzu, or see the Apollo and/or Daedalus again? (My girlfriend is particularly eager for more Caldwell!) And what about the Odyssey – will we ever find out what that secret mission was, or was that just an excuse to write her out so that she didn’t kick Hive Ship ass before Atlantis got there?”

Answer: Several of these ships will be making future appearances in the, uh, Stargate franchise.

Major D. Davis writes: “1. Would you like to edit my 5 page script (a script for the FBI files part 2?

2. Can I please send you a link to my best video I made(the script I was telling you about is part two of the FBI files. The link I want to send you is part for part 1)?

3. So there are a few stargate suprises for MGM’s 85th b-day. So what day is MGM’s 85th?

4. How is time going? Almost done?

5. Do you guys have a email address I can email(Instead of physically mailing something)?

6. How is the music and visual effects coming for Air?”

Answers: 1. Thanks but no.

2. Sure.

3. Not sure. Carl knows as he’s ordered the cake.

4. Stage 1 is looking awesome ahead of production. The episode is still in prep.

5. Trust me, you’re better off posting a comment here.

6. Great. Brad and Rob had a spotting session with Joel late last week.

Dovil writes: “I’m bitterly disappointed that Stargate Altantis: Glitter Ponies of Hope didn’t jump the last hurdle to be selected, though a two hour movie on SGA-1’s attempts to save the Spotted Owl from the brink of extinction does somewhat make up for it.”

Answer: Glitter Ponies of Hope was our first choice, but it was already taken for the SG-1 movie.

Georgia writes: “I came across ostrich eggs ($29.99 ea) and Vosges bacon chocolate. Ever try either?”

Answer: Haven’t tried ostrich eggs but have tried the Vosges applewood smoked bacon truffles (which, in my opinion, are better than the bars).

Chevron7 writes: “Joe, can you please give us a hint whether you’ve finished judging the Fans Choice bluray DVD cover contest?”

Answer: Sorry, I don’t even know what that is.

Davidd writes: “So, now that you have joined the Twitter masses, do you think you will ever get a Facebook account again?”

Answer: Correction. My dogs joined the twitter masses. They have no plans to get on Facebook however.

David Blue writes: “You know, in my defense:

I ran into Rob at work and told him about the party. He said he couldn’t go because he was having you over for dinner. So I decided not to tempt you to stand him up because you were so interested in coming to my tiny, small apartment instead.”

Answer: Well I feel doubly bad because I returned your apartment-warming gift on Sunday = a home theater system complete with reclining chairs and big screen. And before you complain that it wouldn’t have fit in your small apartment, you should know that it was the second part of your gift. The first part was an all-expenses paid rental of a mansion in Shaugnessy for the show’s entire run. Oh well.

Ytimyona writes: “Wow, Rob Cooper is truly a man of many talents… writer, director, cook! Is there anything RC can’t do?”

Answer: Brain surgery. At least not yet. We’ll find out for sure tomorrow when he removes Lawren’s basal ganglia.

Quade1 writes: “I heard that SGU Pilot was to air during summer followed by the rest of the season in the fall. Is this still the plan?”

Answer: Sorry, no. That was never the plan.


Recycled Funk writes: “I found this very enlightening blog post by Neil Gaiman, writer of the brilliant Sandman comics, where he discusses the relationship of blogging writers and their fans and the entitlement issues that sometimes develop ( I’m not sure if you had come across it as well but I was wondering what your thoughts were on the subject. Since you are so visible on the web, do you think that sometimes fans can feel a little too entitled to your time and the next project, especially when it’s Stargate related?”Answer: I don’t think any fan is going to be pestering me for a release date on that short story – or any non Stargate-related project – anytime soon. Realistically, most of my blog regulars come for the Stargate, but stay for the snark, dog pics, and videos of me sampling strange food products. That said, I certainly do notice a sense of entitlement from certain fans who feel that online interaction should translate into some sort of working relationship. They bitterly complain when their hopes or desires regarding character or story aren’t realized, or adopt the attitude of a petulant child (Hello, Gate world’s Falcon Horus and G.O.D.) sulkily hating on anything and everything because they feel they’ve been personally sleighted by some creative decision made. Maintaining an internet presence has its rewards (as evidenced by the many, many wonderful people who frequent this blog) but it also makes you a convenient target for those terminal grumps seeking an outlet for their pent up aggression. And what better place than the arena of anonymity offered by the worldwide web.


Rachael writes: “ With the changes in the writer’s room in the past few months, I was wondering a) which writers were in the room for spinning the story for the movie, and b) if there were writers there at the time who are no longer on the SG writing team, would their departure affect the storyline at all (eg can’t use their ideas any more)?”

Answer: Back in November, Paul and I spun a general idea of what we wanted the SGA movie to be with Brad and Robert. Then, Paul and I went off and worked on the outline, pitching it back and forth between us until we had a pretty solid template. Paul wrote the first sixty pages and I wrote the last forty, although we did tweak one another’s passes.

August 28, 2008: Lexa Doig Answers Your Questions And We Complete A Tour of Stage 6.

Lani and Lexa.
Lani and Lexa.
Lexa, Aleks, and Ian display their footwear.
Lexa, Aleks, and Ian display their footwear.
On-set mayhem!
On-set mayhem!
The lovely view outside Lexa's trailer.
The beatuiful view from Lexa's trailer.
Rakai is looking buff!
Rakai is looking buff!
Hey, it's young Hammond!
Hey, it's young Hammond!

Here’s a tip. If the Stargate event you’re attending is turning into a bit of a bore, track down Lexa Doig and hang with her for a while. She is freaking hilarious. Smart, no-nonsense, and gifted with a razor-sharp acerbity capable of keeping you entertained for hours or cutting you to shreds if you step out of line, Lexa is a far cry from the staid Dr. Carolyn Lam she played on SG-1. So when I ran into her a couple of weeks ago, I thought she’d make the perfect guest blogger. Despite her busy schedule (she’s a working mom after all), she happily agreed to swing by and answer some fan questions.

A big thank you to Lexa who joins us from the set of Fireball on which she is working alongside Ian Somherhalder (Lost’s ill-fated Boone), Aleks Paunovic (Ronon’s late great Satedan friend Rakai), Aaron Pearl (who played the young Hammond in 1969) and Lani Gelera (Rachel’s stunt double).  Over to Lexa…


“What’s it like trying to fill the shoes of a popular character as you had to do when replacing Dr. Fraiser in SG-1?”

Impossible! Teryl Rothery is a goddess, and an enormously likable person; qualities that read on camera. So I opted to go a very different direction. The character was very different from Frasier as well, so I was supported by the writing.

Tamijb writes: “I saw you on Eureka last summer and I thought you were great. What was it like to work with the cast? Do you think they will bring your character back again or was that just to fit the story line? I do hope they bring you back on Eureka.”

Thank you, it was a ton of fun. The cast was great, everybody was so generous and very friendly… they did bring my character back briefly this season in an episode called “Best in Faux” — I think it may have aired already…

Shawna writes: “ Questions for Lexa:
– Do you enjoy watching sci-fi?

When it’s good…

– Was it ever confusing playing two characters who were sort of the same but sort of different? (Admittely, I never really understood the Andromeda/Romy thing.)

Not for me, but then that was my job wink

– Is there anything you would have liked to see happen regarding Lam’s relationships with other characters that they just never got around to doing?”

Not specifically…

Chelle Too writes: “Are you currently working on any projects or have plans to work on anything?”

I am currently shooting a Sci Fi movie with Ian Somerhalder, who may be best known for “Lost” — although he’s done quite a bit more than that…

Muddypiddypop writes: “Quetion for Lexa, As an actor did you seek out Sci-Fi or just get lucky. It seems that many actors stick with the genre. Is it more of a challenge to do Sci-Fi then say a regular drama. Thanks for your time.”

I don’t actively stick with sci fi, it’s just that I live in Vancouver and there seems to be a lot of that shot here… I don’t know that sci-fi is more of a challenge than regular drama… there is drama (and even humour) in sci-fi… it all depends on the script quite frankly…

Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “Dear Ms Doig, thank you for dropping by to do the Guest Blog! Thanks also from me for your kindness on the”Continuum Bus” in April for that very special screening of Continuum. It was a pleasure to meet you!!
My question is this, I read somewhere that your Dad has some Irish ancestry? Is this true? Have you visited Ireland or is this on the to-do list?”

My paternal grandmother was of Irish descent, and technically I’ve been to Ireland, I spent a day there with Michael in Dublin. It’s a beautiful city. I’d actually love to spend a good vacation exploring both Scotland and Ireland…

Chevron7 writes: “Do you get offered more SciFi scripts than dramas or comedies because of previous roles or do you prefer to do SciFi?”

Yes, and that is probably because of the work I’ve done in the genre. I’d love to do more comedy — I think I’m hilarious.

NeKo writes: ““Whats it like being married to Micheal Shanks? In my opinion hes gods gift to man! Lol”

Good grief — you don’t expect to answer that question honestly do you?

Sprinkles writes: “I have some questions for the lovely Lexa Doig:

I enjoyed your portrayal as the SGC’s new Medical chief in seasons 9 +10 and would love to learn more about that:

1) Can you tell us something we don’t know about Dr Carolyn Lam? Did you imagine an exteneded back story for her?

A little of an extended back story… Beau and I discussed his back story before we started filming, and that informed mine a bit. Here’s something you don’t know about Carolyn Lam: she paid her way through her extensive Doogie Howser-esque schooling by table dancing in Lithuania.

2) The scene between Dr Lam and General Landry through the observation window in The Forth Horseman was very emotionally powerful, did you find that difficult to prepare for? What was it like acting with Beau Bridges in scenes like that?

Thank you very much for agreeing to answer our questions.”

Difficult because he was so far away! Thank you for feeling that it was “emotionally powerful” — I wasn’t happy with what I did, and would love another go at it (welcome to the life of an actor)… Beau is awesome, and it’s very easy to feel like he’s a dad. He’s a truly lovely and generous actor.

Anais33 a ecrit: “Question pour Lexa :

1)Quel est pour vous la scéne la plus drôle que vous avez eu a tournée sur stargate?

Quoi? My french sucks.

2) Sa fait quoi de vivre avec l’Archéologue le plus sexy de la planete^^ ?”

All I got from this is: Sexiest Archeologist on the Planet — I assume you mean Michael? He’s an actor… you do know that right? *grin*

LibKat writes: “Thanks so much for taking time to answer fan questions. I got to see you at Creation Con last fall and you were both lovely and gracious to all of us.

1. Will you be returning to Eureka? I thought your character worked well there, and, from what your hubby said about his experience on Eureka, everybody on the set loved you.

Did they really? I mean really really love me? Because Colin Ferguson bitch slapped me a couple of times, and it may just be his way of showing affection, but I wasn’t sure… Seriously though folks… I had fun doing the show, and did go back this season for a scene in “Best in Faux” ( and no Colin Ferguson didn’t REALLY bitch slap me — let’s not be too literal)

2. What didn’t you get to do as Dr. Lam that you would have wanted to do?

Dance like nobody’s watching.

3. How much did you and Beau Bridges work on your characters’ dynamic throughout the 2 seasons. (I loved the restaurant scene where Lam’s parents finally met again.)

Not as much as I would have liked… I can’t speak for Beau, but I would’ve liked to play more with him, and find some more dynamics in the relationship.

4. Any chance we’ll be seeing you on Rage of Angels when it finally gets before the cameras?”

I have no idea…

Space Monkey writes: “Lexa: First off, I really loved your role in the last two seasons of Stargate SG-1, especially the way you and Beau Bridges acted together. =]

My questions are, how do or did you juggle work and being a parent at the same time? And do you enjoy conventions, and would you consider going to anymore in the future?

Thank you in advance.”

a) Work and parenting… you know that expression “it takes a villiage to raise a child”? Michael and I have a village on the payroll, and that’s how we manage to work and parent. I don’t really work all that much because Michael usually is, but right now I’m working and he’s at home with the kids.

b) I do like conventions… they’re a hoot.

MaggieMayDay writes: “For Lexa: I don’t have a question, just wanted to thank you for all the good work you’ve done, I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve been in quite a bit.”

Gosh, thanks.

Bethella writes: “Question for Ms. Doig: If you could have played any other character in the franchise (regular/guest/whatever) who would you have been? If anyone. And how would you have played that character differently?”

I think I’ve said this before, but I’d love to have played one of the  Nox — they have cool hair. Or one of the Goa’uld… they have fancy costumes.

Erika writes: “I really liked the character Dr. Carolyn Lam I thought she was edgy and guarded and I wanted to get to know her more. Did you research Army Brats and Air Force Brats because you reminded me of some I knew. Are you still opposed to linking Carolyn with Cam because I think it would’ve been interesting. I also want to add that I am buying Andromeda when I have money and the episode that made me want to see more was All Too Human I believe it was from season 2 I loved your character Rommy. I had not seen Andromeda prior to watching SG-1 so I am looking forward to watching the whole series.”

Thanks, I did not research Army or Air Force “brats”, I just went with the idea that she was very young to be in the position that she was in, and had to have sacrificed something in order to accomplish that — namely social graces. “All Too Human” was probably my favorite episode to shoot. We were able to take a bit of time with the fight sequences and I was pretty proud (and bruised) with how they turned out.

DanielFanForever writes: “For Lexa Doig:

1) I love the way that you portrayed the character of Dr. Lam. What are the chances that we might see Dr. Lam show up on “Atlantis”, or in the third SG1 movie?

Ask Joe… or Brad Wright.

2) I know that Vancouver is home (and gorgeous), but have you and Michael considered moving to the states now that SG1, as a series, has ended?

Very possible, if not probable.

Enjoyed “Second Sight”. Looking forward to your new movie, “Ba’al”, next month.”

I’m not in “Ba’al” that much — just a warning…

Michelle writes: “ Thanks for joining Joe’s Blogging Extravaganza, Lexa! Here are my questions, which I hope aren’t too irreverent. If they are, you can ignore them.

I looooove me some irreverence…

1. In the pictures taken at the Sci Fi party in San Diego, you seem to have a new tattoo on your shoulder (you looked awesome, by the way). Can you tell us about the tattoo, what it says, what it means to you, and how you handle it for acting jobs?

It’s part of my father’s coat of arms… It’s from the Doig crest, it’s a hand holding a thistle, with our family motto above it. I added the dates of my children’s birthdays (in latin numerals) underneath. It’s new, and the first job I’ve had since I’ve gotten it, the director opted to have my character have my tattoos… so, so far so good.

2. How has life changed for you since SG-1 ended as a series?

I get to see my husband.

3. Do you think you’ll stay in Vancouver indefinitely, or might you have to re-locate to LA for yours and Michael’s careers? Do you like the LA scene?

We’ll always have a home here (we hope), but yeah, LA is in our future. I’ve never been in the LA scene, so I don’t have an opinion about it. I’m not really a “scene” kinda gal though…

4. What do you think of all the funds the MSOL site has raised, via auctions, to fight Multiple Sclerosis? I think it’s amazing!

Isn’t it?! My goodness, Monica and Dana have worked so hard to do that, and I am SO grateful… it’s awesome that there has been so much support. It’s a cause very close to my heart, as my father and 1st cousin both have MS, so I’m THRILLED that the MS Society is getting all of your contributions and can put them toward helping those with MS.

5. You and Michael are both so damn good-looking… Do you get into arguments like “normal” couples or do you just look at each other and go find something more fun to do with your energy?”

No. We don’t argue like normal couples do — we have our “people” do our arguing for us. We just stare at ourselves in the mirror all day long, sighing, and fixing our hair.

Karen writes: “What was your most embarrassing moment on Stargate and how did you recover?”

I didn’t really have anything all that embarrassing happen on Stargate — I don’t really get embarrassed by too much. I gave up a long time ago on trying to be cool… I’m so NOT cool.

Arctic Goddess writes: “I chatted with you on board the aircraft carrier at the Continuum Premiere regarding the Women of Sci-fi calendars. Thanks for being so gracious. I really enjoyed our conversation. Do you do any script writing or writing in general? And, what do you find to be the most effective way to connect with your fans?”

It was nice chatting with you too… this is a pretty effective way to connect with fans… so are conventions.

Ytimyona writes: “If you could have dinner with any of the characters you have portrayed, which one would you choose and why?”

Carolyn Lam… so I could smack her upside the head. Just kidding… no seriously… wait huh?

Stormy writes: “Did you find it difficult integrating yourself into a cast who have been together so long especially with your husband having been on the show since the start?Did you find it hard or a little awkward to work with him?”

Not at all… I knew so many people from the show (cast, crew, and producers) socially, so it was very easy. It’s not awkward to work with Michael… Living with him though…

Kathleen writes: “How would you compare the working atmosphere and creative approach on Stargate to your experience on Andromeda?”

Pretty similar in some ways. Both family environments where people get along well, and have fun.

Archersangel writes: “1. do you wish more back story would’ve been given for dr. lam? like why she became a doctor? or why she was distanced from her father? was it more than the usual “child of divorce” thing? did the writers tell you anything? or did you have something mind while playing her?

See above…

2. and now that your husband has his own official site
could you ask that he blog there once in a while. or send in a note like richard dean anderson does for his site?”

Sure… but he never listens to me, I’m his wife.

Ne writes: “How are you so awesome. This I wish to know.”

I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

Shawna Buchanan writes: “Does Michael Shanks have any weird scars we don’t know about?”

Like I would tell you?!

SueS writes: “Hi Lexa! First, I’m looking forward to seeing you and Michael at the Creation Con in Chicago later this month. Chicago is a great city … okay I’m not just saying that because I’ve lived here all my life … okay, I am, but it is a great city. Anyways, my questions – 1) are you working on any projects right now? 2) Is there any character (doesn’t have to be scifi) that you would love to play?”

Sorry I missed Chicago… I was working nights… on “Fireball” (title may be changed) with Ian Somerhalder, and as far as a character I’d love to play… not really.

Dankriss writes: “Would you have liked to have seen the relationship between Mitchell and Lam realised? I loved your part in Tekwar…did you enjoy playing cowgirl?”

What relationship between Mitchell and Lam? It never made it on screen… I liked playing Cowgirl, but that was so long ago I barely remember it…

Emily writes: “Does your husband kiss and tell? I was just wondering how he rates Ben Browder as a kisser.”

HE KISSED BEN?! What?! Oh wait, I was there… I think he thought Ben was a little too butch to be honest…

Pauline writes: “How easy (or hard) is it for you to juggle a demanding acting career and still maintain a ‘normal’ home life?”

I’ll get back to you when I figure out HOW to do that, let alone whether it’s easy or hard…

Ariel writes: “I discovered you in SG1 and I absolutely loved your performance. Dr Lam wasn’t on board for long but she left a good impression on me and that was because of you. So thank you and keep up the excellent work!”


T writes: “If you could have dinner with any 5 famous people (living or dead) who would they be and why???”

Gandhi, Richard III, Eleanor of Aquitane, Jesus (for obvious reasons), and my maternal grandparents. The first four should be self evident, and as for the fifth, I know they’re not famous but, I didn’t get to know them when they were alive.

Airelle writes: “Loved you in Andromeda and SG1 and Eureka and everything!. How do you make it seem so easy to do this so well, acting I mean,? You do a great job.! thank you.”

Thanks… It’s hard work, but someone’s gotta do it…

Kelvin writes: “When is there going to be another Women of Scifi calender and if soon, can we please have more of you and Laura Bertram?”

There will be no more “Women of Sci Fi” calendars… at least not by Michael and Christopher… and Laura is pretty great isn’t she?

Cyndy writes: “As a girl of half-Filipino/half-Caucasian descent I grew up with practically no Filipino role models in western movies and t.v. I’m so thankful to you for really being one of my first Filipina role models and for being a real inspiration to me. Acting has always been my greatest passion but I worry that my “minority status” might impede on my ability to be successful. What would your advice be to those of the Filipino community, or really anyone who is part of the minority, that wish to be successful at acting? Thank you so much for your time and for providing young Filipina girls with our own wonderful role model to look up to.

Work hard, and keep trying. You have to be a better actor than the more mainstream looking folks, because you have to change people’s minds about what they’re looking for in a character. Thank you, I, in turn would like to give a shout out to Nia Peeples for being a beige face on TV when I was growing up…

P.S. Looking forward to seeing you in this week’s Eureka!”


Etta writes: “Thank you for making the time to come here and answer our questions!
1.What happened to the Women of Sci-Fi calendar? Will there ever be another one?

No, see above.
2.What is the next thing you will be working on?”

Fireball” for Sci Fi with Ian Somerhalder and Aleks Paunovic.

NZJackie writes: “What was the best thing about working on Andromeda compared to Stargate SG1?? and What would have to be your Favorite Episode you filmed from Andromeda??”

They gave me a chair back with my name on it on Andromeda… My favorite episodes were: All Too Human, Star Crossed, Day of Judgment Day of Wrath for starters…

LibKat writes: “At the beginning of season 9, was it difficult to work out the Mitchell-Dr. Lam-Daniel-Vala dynamics? Claudia and Ben had so much chemistry as Chrichton and Aeryn and you and Michael, besides your personal relationship, scorched the screen in Andromeda. How did you work around all that past history and redirect you acting energies towards the new character interactions?”

Seriously? It’s our job.

Scary writes: “I really like Dr. Lam and her relationship with General Landry. It would have great to have gotten to know her better. Even tho I thought it was a bit rushed (probably because of the cancellation) I am glad we got some closure on her relationship with her father.

It did feel a bit rushed, but the writers were dealing with galactic annihilation so I think they might have wanted to spend more screen time on saving the universe than on me and dear old Dad… wink

Of all the cast I think you spent most of your time with Beau Bridges. What was it like to work with him and do you have any amusing antedotes?”

He’s a wonderful person who is generous and paternal. No amusing anecdotes, but I can say he’s very lovely.

Mercie writes: “I’ve enjoyed all the shows I’ve seen you in and am looking forward to seeing you and your husband at the convention later this month. Just one question: Since the cancellation of SG-1, have you and Michael been enjoying the extra time you and your children can spend with each other? I know that you are both still working, but it must be a lot less time consuming than having a husband being a main cast member of a TV show.”


Enzo Aquarius writes: “In Andromeda, as you portrayed two different character sets: the non-physical avatar Andromeda and the android-form Rommie, was it difficult/challenging in having to perform as two characters that are the same, yet have different personalities?”

No. It’s my job… wink

Gwen writes: “I wanted to say that I really enjoyed your appearance at the Vancouver CreationCon in April. I was there primarily for Michael, but your lively humour and wit were a big hit. I guess my question for you would be: How do you handle all the public adulation of your husband? When your family goes out, are you bothered by swarms of crazy fangirls?”


Barbara writes: “What one memory will you carry with you from the show. (besides working with micheal lol) Have a great day and thanks for your time.”

Working with Beau… and hanging out with Claudia Black (one of my dearest friends… it was a treasure to be in the same city with her and her family)

Sherwood Forest Maiden writes: “Is is difficult to only accept local productions and not to be able to travel to other countries for filming??

Sometimes… I miss the travel, but I’d miss my babies and and husband even more.

Presuming that Michael is coming to NZ for the Armegeddon Expo, are you planning to come too??”

Not that I’m aware of…

AlainaRoss writes: “What was your first reaction after hearing you got the part as Dr. Lam?”


Caitlyanna writes: “Did you and Michael ever run lines together at home if you had a scene coming up together? By the way I have to tell you that I loved both your episode and Michael’s in Eureka. I have seen those episodes about five times or more. Whenever I think about the episode Maneater, I immediately think of your line, “I’m embarrased because I just frenched the sherrif in front of my boss.” Just thought I’d let you know.”

Thanks, yes we ran lines together all the time… we’re actors, that’s what we do ;-)… I had fun on Eureka, a lot of fun.

Luis811 writes: “Lexa do you and your mom speak in Tegali when you get together???”

Ummm what’s Tegali? Is that a dialect I don’t know about? There are about a million in the Philippines… my mother speaks Cebuano, and no I don’t really know any.

Eugene from Aus writes: “Questions for Lexa/Spark : (some of the information is according to IMDB)
1]According to IMDB, where it states your mother is Filipino and father in English-Scottish (whereas wikipedia provides that it is actually Irish/Scottish, which is it?) , I’m wondering, what type food did you eat while growing up?

The IMDB isn’t always accurate, just FYI… my ancestry is Filipino on my mom’s side and Scots-Irish on my dad’s. I ate a lot of rice and filipino food if that’s what you want to know — but NOT BALUT… ewww.

2]Also according to IMDB, it states that you enjoy reading(like the generous host for your guest-blog), roller-blading and playing RPG games, from that, i’m wondering do you still roller-blade, and if so, with Michael? For RPG’s, have you ever tried out the somewhat popular and criticised RuneScape?(If so, would you spare your thoughts on it?)

Don’t get to roller blade that much anymore, and no I haven’t played RuneScape… I don’t really have time for RPGs sadly, I spend time playing with my kids instead…

3]Are you following the Beijing Olympics? If so, would you tend to analyse the gymnastics? (seeing as IMDB [i]also[/i] states that you were one yourself as a child)

Yes, I watched the gymnastics… I think the judging was a little dodgy to be honest, but yay for Nastia Liukin!

4]At home, who cooks, and more importantly, what is cooked?

Michael and Grace our nanny do most of the cooking… I don’t like to cook — I’m pretty good when I do, I make a mean adobo…

5]Also, for cooking, what seems to be your 5 favourite and most used ingredients?

Chicken, salmon, rice (white and brown), broccoli, asparagus and peppers…

6]Have you seen the current reproduction of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Phantom of the Opera”, and if so, what are your thoughts on it?”


Shiny writes: “Hi Lexa, it was great seeing you and your hubby on guesting on Eureka last season. Will we be seeing you on Eureka again this season? And what would be your dream show to guest on?”

See above, and dream show… any one that will hire me.

Moose writes: “In your career can you tell us what has been the most emotional moment to film?”

I had a scene with an actor playing my dad in “Second Sight” that was pretty emotional for me, and when Beau’s character was dying was a tough one too…

Tamijb writes: “I saw you on Eureka again tonight. This is the second episode I saw you on. Does that mean that you are a recurring guest character? Which I hope it is. And will your husband be on it again as well? What was it like to work with the cast of Eureka?”

Technically, if I’m on a show more than once, I guess it’s be considered recurring, as far as Michael being on it — no plans to. It was fun, the cast was great, and we’d both be happy to return to the show…

August 9, 2008: Are Human Yawns Contagious to Dogs? Let’s Find Out. And the Weird Food Purchase of the Day.

A study published in the journal Biology Letters this week claims that dogs are highly sensitive to catching human yawns. Of the 29 dogs tested, 72% yawned after observing a human doing so. Apparently, this strongly suggest that they are capable of a rudimentary form of empathy. Interesting. I decided to pursue a parallel study using my four little furry couch potatoes as test subjects. At the risk of giving away my findings, you can find the video, titled 0% of Dogs Tested Sensitive to Human Yawns, at the bottom of this entry.   Ultimately, I think that what both studies prove is that dogs, in general, do display an empathic nature as manifested in their mirroring of human behavior while my dogs, specifically, just don’t give a shit.  

To all those of you asking: No, I didn’t watch any of the Olympics coverage. Nor did I stab myself in the eyes with cocktail fork or set my shoes on fire yesterday. I did, however, sample some dehydrated miniature crab from a Chinese specialty store (see the Weird Food Purchase of the Day video, also at the bottom of today’s entry).

Well, after much back and forth, I’ve finally booked our trip to Asia. We’ll be visiting both Hong Kong and Shanghai and, in preparation, I’ve started to learn Mandarin. Among the many useful things I now know how to say “Why are you too busy to see me?”, “I am not well because your teacher can’t read a book.” and “I don’t like electricity.” will undoubtedly serve me well once I’m actually in China. Hopefully, the timing of my holiday will mesh with whatever will be happening on the work front come winter but, at this point, there’s really no way to tell what I’ll be up to. Choose from among the following:

1) Working on Stargate Atlantis season 6.

2) Working on Stargate Universe season 1.

3) Working on a Stargate Atlantis movie.

4) Any two of the above.

5) All three of the above.

6) None of the above.

Reminders! Reminders! I’ll be taking questions for actress Lexa Doig (aka SG-1’s Dr. Carolyn Lam) until tomorrow, so if you have any burning questions you want to ask her, now would be a great time.

Now would also be a great time to finish up Cordelia’s Honor and start composing your thoughts and queries. Discussion begins Monday, July 11th and author Lois McMaster Bujold will be swinging by later in the week.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to early birthday gals kdvb1 and Mackenziesmomma.


PG15 writes: “Meanwhile, got a bit of a health problem happening here.”

Answer: Get well soon, you sickly thing you.

Clementine from France writes: “When will be shot the other episodes with the beloved Dr Carson Beckett ? Did you write them ?”

Answer: The character of Carson Beckett will be appearing in five episodes this season. They are – The Seed (written by Paul Mullie), Whispers (written by me), Outsiders (written by Alan McCullough), Identity (written by Carl Binder), and episode #20 (written by Paul Mullie).

Freidag writes: “I understand that a lot of fans like this “ship” and I’m happy for you. But for some fans who just want good sci-fi without all the loving, and enjoy all the characters and the team as a whole, this season is shaping up to be a nightmare.”

Answer: First of all, this season will have more “team” episodes than any other. Fully half season 5’s episodes can be classified as such.

Freidag writes: “YES ARC! I know someone else on the blog once mentioned “romance arc” once and was kind of maligned for it.”

Answer: I suppose it depends on what you consider an arc. The pairing in season 5 is an arc in the same way as Teyla’s adjustment to motherhood and Woolsey settling in to the command position can be considered an arc.

SusantheTartanTurle writes: “Joe – you moderate the comments. Do you actually get comments that you have to trash? Are they genuine, but unacceptable, comments or just SPAM?”

Answer: My anti-spam folder handles most of the spam – as well as some legitimate posts as well. It’s very rare that I’ll have to delete a post from a fan.

Linzi writes: “I too am disappointed Sheppard only gets one episode, right at the end of the season, and is rarely mentioned in spoilers, and so are many Sheppard fans I know.”

Answer: Actually, Sheppard gets one, alongside Beckett, in Whispers and another, alongside Woolsey, in Remnants.

Cheeky lil Devil writes: “Now i’ve not held a focus group, or conducted a poll to assess her liking amongst the fandom, and i’m sure there’s a fair few that like her, but equally it seems that there is a fair few that dislike her… something i’ve never seen before in a fandom… although ti could be argued that this is the only fandom I play in.”

Answer: I suppose it can depend on where you’re sitting. If you were sitting in the audience during the Comic Con panel, for instance, you would have noted that Jewel’s fan reception was the most enthusiastic of all.


Muddypiddypop writes: “ Joe, The writing staff seems a very collaborative bunch. However, how much contibuting to a script gets a writing credit and how much is helping out the team.”

Answer: Every writer in the room is involved in building a story before it goes to script, and then helping to fashion said script once it’s been written. Regardless of how much of a contribution they make to the process, the writer who writes the script is usually the one to receive sole credit for a given episode.

Aqualegia writes: “I heartily dislike Keller – I really can’t get past the dithering and the constant whiny voice…”

Answer: Well, see, it’s because certain fans are so vocal about their dislike for the character that we’re really making a concerted effort to redeem the character in their eyes. If everybody had liked her, then we probably would have redirected our efforts elsewhere. Like, say, Sheppard for instance.

Herbertsommeffeld writes: “…do you ever feel that your creative genius is stifled at all with thoughts about production expenses or do you let the others on the team edit out the expensive parts?”

Answer: My creative genius remains unstifled, thanks for asking. Rather approaching a script with a no-holds-barred attitude, you have to go in with a realistic sense of what is and is not producible and take it from there.

Jess writes: “ We see him willing to sacrifice himself for pretty much anyone, even Keller whom he only knows for a few months, and his almost suicidal tentancies are put into place once more. But still we never get any reason behind his actions.”

Answer: Remnants.

August 7, 2008: Road Triiiiip! And The Weird Food Purchase of the Day

Well who do we have here?
Well who do we have here?
MEMORIAL theatre?  But I'm still alive!
MEMORIAL theatre? But I'm still alive!
The line-up for the Martin Gero autograph session
The line-up for the Martin Gero autograph session
Kramer Innovations throws quite the shingding!
Kramer Innovations throws quite the shingding!
Carl Binder - Thrilled to be here.
Carl Binder - Thrilled to be here.
Director Marty G. reflects on his lunch order
Director Marty G. reflects on his lunch order
Keller meets 003.14159265358979323846...
Keller meets 003.14159265358979323846...
Lookit!  They cut the crust off the finger sandwiches!
Lookit! They cut the crust off the finger sandwiches!
A Meeting of Minds I
A Meeting of Minds I
A Meeting of Minds II
A Meeting of Minds II
An extra accidentally sets himself on fire and plunges through the skylight.  Marty G. and Dave Foley share a chuckle.
An extra accidentally sets himself on fire and plunges through the skylight. Marty G. and Dave Foley share a chuckle.
Marty G. corrects Bill and Neil on their misinterpretations of string theory
Marty G. corrects Bill and Neil on their misinterpretations of string theory
Our lovely intern, Alex, joins the party
Our lovely intern, Alex, joins the party
HD Tech Paul Trudell considers booting me off the set.  But I know the director!
HD Tech Paul Trudell considers booting me off the set. But I know the director!
Fox and the foxy Leah
Fox and the foxy Leah
I think she was drinking real champagne because she tried to kick my ass after I took this picture
I think she was drinking real champagne because she tried to kick my ass after I took this picture
Bill Nye the Science Guy and Neil deGrasse Tyson Also the Science Guy
Bill Nye the Science Guy and Neil deGrasse Tyson Also the Science Guy
Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye
Stargate Atlantis physics consultant Mika meets with the legends of science: Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye
WTF are you guys still doing here?!
WTF are you guys still doing here?!


This morning, fellow Exec. Producer Carl Binder and I threw caution to the wind, jumped into my Q7, and hit the road. We took an impromptu journey guided only by our spontaneity, our sense of adventure, and the directions to the location of Marty G.’s Brain Storm shoot. As it turned out, however, we’d been given a map for people who already knew the way there. I say this because only someone with an intimate knowledge of the area would have known that the Route 7A on the street sign was a.k.a. the St. John’s Street referred to in the directions (“Take a left on St. John’s). Oblivious to this crucial fact, we drove right by it and into off-road territory where Carl followed the guidelines of proper bear safety procedure – and I quote “Never run from a bear! Talk to it, wave your arms, and back away slowly” – by appealing to it’s sense of reason (“Seriously, you don’t want to do this. Devour us, and you’ll just be sinking to our level. You’re better than that.”) while I made a lovely soup out of stinging nettle, birch bark, and a hapless giant centipede. We eventually doubled back, played Carl’s hunch and took a right on Route 7A, and we were right back on track.

We pulled into the parking lot, right behind Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok who was documenting Martin Gero’s foray into the dark side of directing, and followed him into the high school – down a flight of stairs, around a corner, and into the gymnasium that – through the magic of television – had been transformed into the Carl Binder Memorial Theatre. Extras milled about in tuxes and cocktail dresses while Marty G. set up his next shot. Jewel Staite looked, well, nothing short of drop-dead gorgeous in her evening best while David Hewlett exuded the roguish charm of a nerdy James Bond in his flash jacket and pants. Sitting by the monitor was former Kids in the Hall/News Radio alum Dave Foley who, for reasons unknown, had been given a way-too-early call and was good humouredly killing time until his first scene. As we were chatting, I received a call from the production offices informing me that a network employee named Averie was a HUUUUGE Dave Foley fan and would it be possible for me to get him to sign something, anything for her? Hearing this, Dave suggesting going one better. So, I phoned up Claire at SciFi who put me through to Averie’s cell. Unfortunately, I got her voice mail. “Hi, Averie,”I greeted her. “This is Joseph Mallozzi, the show-runner of Stargate Atlantis. I hear you’re a big Dave Foley fan. Well, I have Dave Foley sitting right here.”

At which point, Dave took the phone and left his own message: “Hi, Averie. This is Dave Foley. How are you? Sorry I missed you but if you have time, swing by set. I’m here all day.”

And I capped off the message with: “Doesn’t this just call you? If you leave L.A. right now, it’ll take you maybe three hours to fly, an hour to clear customs, and then another hour traveling time to get here.”

Dave Foley = Class Act.

Equally pleasant and engaging were the sovereigns of science Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye. They turned out to be a lot of fun both in front of and away from the camera, regaling the rest of the cast and crew with stories of their empirical exploits. They seemed to be as happy to be there as we were to have them.

Well, Martin appeared to have everything well in hand so, after a couple of hours of hanging around on set, we hopped back into the Q7 and returned to the studio – but only after dropping the bear off at the Burnaby sky train station because it was on the way.

Thanks to everyone who posted questions for Stargate Atlantis Director of Photography Jim Menard. He is working on them as we speak. And now, on to our next guest blogger…Andromeda’s A.I., SG-1’s Dr. Carolyn Lam, The 4400’s Wendy Paulson, and Michael Shank’s wife, the lovely Lexa Doig will be swinging by to answer your questions next week. So if you have anything you’d like to ask her, start posting. I’ll be gathering your questions through Saturday.

Also – finish up Cordelia’s Honor. Discussion begins on Monday when I’ll start gathering questions for author Lois McMaster Bujold who is the guest of honor at the WorldCon in Denver happening NOW until August 10th. If you’re in the area, go check it out and report back on the Stargate-14 Boot Camp being held on Saturday (

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to husband-to-be Kyle Hanson. Best of luck, buddy.

Today’s pics: Brain Storm – A Marty G. Joint.

Today’s video: The Weird Food Purchase of the Day – Shrimp Chips.  In case the video below doesn’t play…

Today’s mailbag:

Tam_myst writes: “Should you be eating strange foods when your not feeling well?”


Answer: Sometimes, you have to be willing to make sacrifices for your art.

Davidd writes: “I’ve wanted to know for some time now, what made you want to become a producer? Or did it just happen with no prior wish for it?”

Answer: I actually wanted to be an writer and assumed more producer duties over time until, the next thing I knew, I’d earned the title. It’s not at all uncommon for writers to become producers in television. In the feature world, however, it’s much less likely to happen.

Sparrow_hawk writes: “I can’t believe you didn’t like the Wasabi peas — I always have a can in the pantry for snacks.”

Answer: Not a fan. That said, I DO enjoy Wasabi cashews!

Ganymede writes: “Of your list of bad intake choices, I do see a common [if not slightly frayed] thread… All of these things one way or another involve fermentation and or fungi… You might want to talk to someone with a degree in microbiology and/or organic chemistry about this…”

Answer: Where’s Bugguy when you need him?

Cat4444 writes: “Anyway, do you just toss the rest of the failures or do you try to foist them off on Carl somehow so you can get his reaction to your murderous attempts on his life?”

Answer: I think I’ll just bring the leftovers to work.

PG15 writes: “1. Chris Judge recently said that it’s possible that the 3rd movie might start shooting in January of next year. Is there any truth in this?

2. Any new info regarding the Ancients’ war with the Wraith in Season 5?

3. Will the Wraith try to get to Earth again in Season 5?”

Answers: 1) Hey, anything is possible. We’re a long way from an actual production date but I’d be VERY surprised if a third SG-1 movie wasn’t in production in 2009. 2) Off the top of my head – nope. 3) Wouldn’t that be interesting!

Jean writes: “Seems like SciFi is going to air all 20 episodes without a large break as usual after the mid-season cliffhanger. From a producer’s point of view, do you prefer this or rather a longer break between the 2 halves of the season? Do you think it impacts ratings at all?”

Answer: Although it is a bit more work for the production, I think running the show straight through is preferable to taking an extended mid-season hiatus. I find that the hiatus tend to break a show’s momentum. As for how it impacts the ratings – time will tell.

Kdvb1 writes: “*wonders if Joe read her comment about Carl Binder and bday dedications on August 10th*”

Answer: Joe read the comment but needs you to remind him closer to the date as he has a mind like a sieve.

Green writes: “Wait! Wait! I get it! I think you only get a monster icon thingy if you don’t have a pre-existing icon! Right? Maybe?”

Answer: Right!

Silver_comet writes: “ Do you know all the non-Stargate related guest bloggers personally before you ask them for a guest appearance?”

Answer: I certainly make a point of asking them before announcing their guest appearance.

TBA writes: “When you write scenes for major Wraith characters, do you usually give them names?”

Answer: Not usually. They’re simply referred to as Wraith Commander unless one of our characters names them – as was the case with Kenny.

Drledeboer writes: “Joe – try two consecutive shots of 100 proof vodka before bed.”

Answer: You sound like the heavy-set Russian man who used to walk his dog in my old neighborhood. He claims his dog was feeling unwell so he took him to the vet, only to be told he’d need to pony up $50 a month for meds. Rather than fork over the big bucks, he cured the dog himself by giving the pooch a weekly vodka shot.

Demon Hunter writes: “ I was wondering what your veiws are on salt. Do you take salt in your food, do you add it after or only when cooking?”

Answer: I rarely add salt to anything. My wife, on the other hand, is a salt-aholic.

Moscowchick writes: “I have a question – does the Atlantis expedition have a janitorial staff or does the city magically clean up after its inhabitants?”

Answer: There is a service crew in the city that, among other things, prepares the meals, cleans up after everyone, and, most important of all, keeps a very low-profile which explains why you don’t see them.

Jenny Robin writes: “Joe, you know what would be utterly fascinating for all your readers? I’ll tell you. I should be a guest blogger.”

Answer: A random fan guest blogger. Interesting…

Smiley_face06 writes: “Thanks for answeing my question about Ba’al. It makes me feel better knowing Sam isn’t sulking after being relieved of command in Atlantis.”

Answer: One of the things we wanted to make sure of was that Carter’s being relieved of the Atlantis command isn’t seen as a demotion because, as our team pointed out in The Seed, she was actually a victim of her own success. As such, the next time we see Carter (in episode 20), she’ll have assumed another command position.

Sandra writes: “First question: What would be the Daniel, Mitchell, Vala, Teyla, and Ronon commercials be for “With a Little Stargate Anything is Possible?” Second: If you could write a crossover episode with any other book or TV show what would it be? Third (and this is new): what, in your mind, happened to SG-1 while Sam was on Atlantis? Now that she’s back, will she rejoin the team?”

Answers: 1) Not a clue. 2) Dr. Who. 3) With the Ori dealt with, things were decidedly quiet on the Milky Way front. While not disbanded, SG-1 (made up of Daniel, Teal’c, Mitchell, and Vala) curtailed their off-world exploits.

ElisaD writes: “Now, I was wondering some of the other writers have mentioned who they love writing for or their favorite character on SGA, so I wondering who your favorite character is and who you love writing for.”

Answer: This season, it’s been Ronon and Woolsey.

Anais33 a ecrit: “ 1) Qie préférez le plus dans votre travail?
2)Connaissez vous bien la france?”

Reponses: 1) Les personnes avec qui je travail. 2) Non.

Translation: The best part about my job is the people I work with. And, no, I don’t know the French region very well.