For all those of you wondering – yes, I have switched to a new default random avatar generator at the request of a fellow blog reader. Rather than stick with the boring old mystery individual icon, I elected to go with this one which automatically analyzes a poster’s message, name, and IP address to paint a fairly accurate picture of said individual’s inner soul before assigning them a representation that reflects that inner being. I am both shocked and disgusted to note that most every one of you has been characterized by some goofy monstrosity. Shameful. My randomly generated avatar is, of course, an angel of such eye-bleeding beauty that modesty prevents me from actually making use of it. Instead, I’m sticking with the pic of me grinning like an idiot and waving my chopsticks about.

Well, back in the office today and things are very quiet at The Bridge, partly because the cast and crew are away, shooting on location but mostly because yappy writers’ room regular Martin Gero is off with them directing his first full episode of Stargate Atlantis. Lucky, lucky Rob Cooper, meanwhile, headed off on a location scout to South Okanagan this morning. To those of you unfamiliar with location scouts, they’re a little like school field trips to potential shooting sites. Although, in today’s case, the kids would have had to be at school for 5:30 a.m. and looked forward to a four and a half hour bus ride to a barren desert. Hell, beats the planetarium.

After lunch, we enjoyed the Day 2 Mix of Whispers. What a wonderfully spooky little episode. Great performances, terrific direction, and yet another marvelous score by Joel Goldsmith who is busy working on First Contact as I write this entry.

Well, it’s been a whirlwind few weeks of special guest bloggers and there are many more to come. Director Andy Mikita, actress Lexa Doig, and writer/Executive Produce Carl Binder have kindly agreed to make time for us. As has one of our Directors of Photography, the affable Jim Menard. He, along with Michael Blundell, has helped Atlantis establish its unique visual style, from the cool blueness of the city interiors to the vivid luridness of the wraith hives. If you have any questions for Jim about his work here on the show, I know he’d love to hear from you so start posting.

Finally, a reminder that you have one week to finish Cordelia’s Honor (or Shards of Honor at the very least) as discussion on the book(s) begins next Monday, August 11th. We’ll be joined by four-time Hugo Award winner Lois McMaster Bujold, so get those questions ready.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to belated birthday girl Anais33. Bonne fete!

Today’s pics: More from the set of Whispers.

Today’s video: The Weird Food Purchase of the Day segment featuring Rose Petal Soda.


Davidd writes: “Wish me luck with my flight on Saturday…I’m flying to England!”

Answer: Good luck and have fun!

Anne writes: “If Joe says it’s okay, I would love to post the Q & A on – and Joe, any pictures from Mark’s episodes would also be very welcome.”

Answer: Joe says it’s okay. And if you can provide a link back to this blog, that would be great. Re: the pics. I’ve posted all of the good ones. Just do a search for “Mark Dacascos”, “Reunion” or “Broken Ties”.

Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “How go plans re: Episode 100? You guys are wrapping in Sept….Will that be the last shoot?”

Answer: Paul is writing episode 100 as we speak. Looking ahead at the schedule, we’ll wrap production here in Vancouver, then shoot our outstanding Vegas days down south to wrap the season.

Patti writes: “Will we have the baby in every episode. It would be nice to see something else besides Teyla’s issues with being a mom for a change.”

Answer: It was necessary to touch on the baby here as it was Teyla’s first official foray since making the decision to rejoin the team in Broken Ties.

Jess writes: “Just wanted to know whatever happened to Jonas Quinn. In Season 10, it was mentioned that Langara fell to the Ori, but they never mentioned Jonas! Was he killed by the Ori, I know he wouldn’t convert.”

Answer: Although it was never officially touched upon, in my mind Jonas led the resistance against the Ori on his home world which was eventually freed from their influence after the events of The Ark of Truth. He is still very much alive and a leader among us his people.

Raindrop writes: “So, um, was Teyla being insincere there at the end when she said McKay would make a good father?”

Answer: She was being…kind.

Thor94 writes: “We will see again, the uknown aliens of this episode?”

Answer: It’s unlikely we’ll see them again this season.

Kay writes: “ With McKay and Keller being paired up this season, what new aspects of his character are you planning to reveal? We’ve seen his crush on Carter, the growth and collapse of his romance with Katie Brown and the AU Love Story redux with Keller in The Last Man.”

Answer: We’ve never actually seen him develop a mature relationship. In the case of Carter, it was a crush. In the case of Katie Brown, they were almost like dating teenagers. In the case of Keller in Last Man, we were only offered the merest of glimpses into the workings of their relationship.

Kay also writes: “Even Teyla, the new mother, never spoke of her boyfriend, and we didn’t see him (other than as a hybrid creature) until after their child was born.”

Answer: That was because we weren’t planning to pursue such a storyline for Teyla and were taken by surprise at the news of Rachel’s pregnancy. In order to work it into the storyline, we decided to create the Kanaan character.

Kay also writes: “ Sheppard gets to flirt now and then, and we saw his ex-wife once.”

Answer: Many fans will argue that Sheppard does far too much off-world romancing.

Kay also writes: “Maybe I should be asking what it is about the other characters that make you want to avoid any romance for them.”

Answer: “I should add that Ronon will be pursuing romance as well this season.”

Kay also writes: “Why McKay, and why with Keller, when there’s a whole city full of people?”

Answer: Because it’s far more interesting to see our main characters interact with people we know rather than people we don’t.

Mg1138 writes: “ We know Henry Hayes’s mandat, started in Season 7 (2004), is coming to a term, so don’t you think it would be an interesting background issue?”

Answer: If it could serve a particular story then why not?

172 thoughts on “August 5, 2008: You’re all monsters! More guest bloggers! And today’s Weird Food Purchase of the Day!

  1. Answer: Many fans will argue that Sheppard does far too much off-world romancing.

    Oh indeed they will… argue and argue and argue and argue… regardless of any and all evidence to the contrary. 😉 Apparently, just his being in the same room as any vaguely humanoid creature of probable opposite gender is reason enough to state as fact that Sheppard has had or would like to have his wicked way with said presumed-female.

    Then of course there’s Keller being loudly decried as the town slapper for having the temerity to have an almost kiss and a sociable drink with two different men in the space of a mere couple of weeks…

    Who knew that the Atlantis expedition was such a hotbed of lust and naughty goings-on?!

    Sometimes I wonder if I’m actually watching the same show as some people… 😉

    Btw, I stumbled across this website today (whilst googling for a Belgian company with the same acronym, if you must know) and thought of you… 😀

  2. Hey Joe

    How goes everything?
    I’m REALLY enjoying this new feature on weird food purchases!! Too funny I gaged watching you eating that jelly stuff… YUCK!!


  3. Joe,

    I took a page from your book and bought a friend some of the chocolate you’ve posted about – including the bacon one, the one with lavender and another that had salted peanuts and jalapenos. I hope her stomach is as strong as yours! I only wish I had bought some of the bacon one for myself. I’m really curious about that one.

    Also, tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be *mumble* years old. I think I’m supposed to be officially wise now. *g*



  4. Hey Joe,
    Oops… The date is wrong!!! Hah-che! God Bless you. I hates perfume when it is strongly concentrated! Yeck

    Patricia Lee

  5. yuk! A mouthful of rose perfume-forget it . You mentioned Lexa Doig- M. Shanks wife, will she be on SGA? or only a blogger- i will have my hubby read that one- pictures for him – please, and while we are at it , what about Ben Browder as a guest blogger (I’ll take him!)- what is he up to? thanks, sheryl

  6. have you taken out a new life insurance policy,(or has Fondy, on your behalf)? Now you’re drinking fizzy perfume? I have to admit, this new addition to your blog if absolutely fantastic. If you survive to do more than a few days’ worth, I see a dvd in the making. Heck, that way maybe you can get some of the producers of the products to let you have the stuff gratis. That way you don’t end up paying for the privelege of having your taste buds burnt out or otherwise incapacitated
    I’m happy to see your hiatus is approaching, though it’s too bad you’re not part of the “off to Vegas” contingent. With Sci Fi running Atlantis through the fall, when would you expect the hiatus to end, and production start up on a season six(assuming the best, that the show will be renewed)? I’m estatic about not having to wait months to see the resolution of the mid season cliffhanger, even if the new schedule will throw my plans for a party into disarray.
    Exciting news on the lastes lineup of guests to appear here. Will you be taking questions for Mr. Menard through Thursday? I’d like a day or so to look over the season four dvds before I pose any questions.
    thanks for the great pics, the video, and the hidiously accurate avatar your generator has foisted on me. But come on, give us at least one peek at what your inner being is, according to that generator. Then you can go back to your normal, handsome self…

  7. Hi,
    I am finding these little food reviews to be some of the funniest and most entertaining things ever!
    And speaking of entertaining, watching the SGA characters have MATURE RELATIONSHIPS is way down on the list of things I want to see. Thats part of the reason I watch science fiction in the first place, so I’m not subjected to the soap opera junk that passes for drama on mainstream shows. If I wanted to spend my Friday nights involved in relationship issues, I’d just open the bedroom door and have a conversation with the family…I can do that the rest of the week. Oh well, just my own personal little pet peeve.
    Will your new icon generator now show a twisted little anti-social critter??? LOL
    To Jim, what exactly does a Director of Photography do on Atlantis? What decisions are you responsible for making? Which one have you been proudest of and do you regret any choices you have made?
    Thanks so much!

  8. Ah! The ever elusive Joe Flannigus Bigfootus! Amazing capture!

    I really can’t wait ’til we see what these new female characters are like in Whispers. They seem really interesting. 😀

    And wait, what do you mean Ronon will be.. pursuing ROMANCE this season? You mean with Sheppard, right? :p

    Heh, joking aside.. at least it’ll give us some perspective on what Ronon is like when he’s interested in someone, since we’ve never really seen that side of him. Do females even process properly on his radar?

    I have a feeling Ronon attempting romance just may be ridiculously cute and all kinds of awkward. I look forward to it.

  9. Answer: Although it was never officially touched upon, in my mind Jonas led the resistance against the Ori on his home world which was eventually freed from their influence after the events of The Ark of Truth. He is still very much alive and a leader among us his people.

    Well, that’s better than nothing, and nice to hear. Also…”us his people”? Have you recently moved to Kelowna? (Never can remember how to spell it, because it always seems like it should be Colona to me.)

    Answer: Because it’s far more interesting to see our main characters interact with people we know rather than people we don’t.

    And this is exactly why I kind of can’t stand Kanaan. It would have been far more interesting if the baby had had more to do with someone we knew. Anyone we knew, really. Sheppard, Michael, Ronon…heck, even Carson. That would have been a twist.

  10. So you’re 0 for 3 with trying something successfully? I have to say I think rose petal soda sounds more like something you splash on than something you drink.

  11. Are you doing these videos every night, or have you just built up a stash of them and were waiting to release them to the world at large?

  12. WOW that’s three for three there Joe….think you will find a wild food or drink you will enjoy?

  13. It’s difficult to imagine making roses taste good. Perhaps that soda would be good mouthwash? Then again, maybe not.

    I like your view of Jonas’ recent past. I liked Jonas. Too bad those darned writers never gave him anything to do…

    Do you ever get tired of people telling you how to do your job better?

  14. Hey Joe,

    Since I missed the post to leave a comment for Alan McCullough can you let him know that I loved Deadelus Variations. I thought it was well writtened and I liked how it didn’t repeat itself like most story lines like that do. I also liked how we got to see the team together again. It has been awhile since they have been on a mission together as team with everything that happened at the end of Season 4. So far Season 5 has been great. I am looking foward to your episodes, Whispers, Tracker, and Remanents. Your stories are all good. My favorite so far is Ripple Effect from SG1- 9.

    I watched the Stargate Atlantis panel on the Scifi Channel website. From what I heard is that SGA will not be leaving Scifi for a long time. So I do not think we will have to worry that SGA will end shortly.

    Thanks for a wonderful show.

  15. Ew, crappy North American rose petals; I’m glad you got the foreign, better version!

    These little strange food reviews are hilarious! They’re also getting longer with each new one. Before you know it, we’ll be getting cliffhangers and stuff, and story arcs! And guest stars! It’ll be awesome. 😀

    So Joe, how’s about revealing the spoiler poem line for The Daedalus Variations? Thanks!

  16. Joe M writes: Many fans will argue that Sheppard does far too much off-world romancing.

    Hello Joe! What’s your opinion on this? If you agree can you please give us some examples of Sheppard’s off-world romances from the past two seasons? And if you disagree can you explain why Shep’s not getting any?

    Because aside from sharing a brief kiss with Larrin in Travelers during Season 4, John Sheppard appears to be completely celibate! Surprisingly, the only male character getting any consistent action during the past two seasons is McKay! Thanks in advance!

  17. Dude. I’m a dead squid!!

    And having just watched your video.. I can relate. Sort of. I tried rose flavored ice cream once because I thought it was a cool idea. But blarrrghhh, it was NASTY.

  18. I love your NERV shirt, Joe! I love Evangelion! You heard of the new movies of Eva coming out? Rebuild of Evangelion? There’s going to be four in all. The first movie already came out in Japan. Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone is the first movie. It’s adaptation of episodes 1 through 6. It’s redesign a bit and using 3D animation.

  19. hey tamijb
    “… From what I heard is that SGA will not be leaving Scifi for a long time. So I do not think we will have to worry that SGA will end shortly.”

    Hello?! Have you heard of syndication? After this season 5, Joe has said SGA is at the tipping point for network syndication, 100 episodes. He has also said most of the main actors only have a 6 year contract. And if SciFi or MGM pull the plug, I would guess those contracts have an “out” included. So we move on to films to DVD like SG-1, who, rmor has it will be making at least 1 more direct to DVD feature. YAY!!

    I’m banking on at least a season 6, but past that, production costs will be very high. Also according to Joe, our gracious host.

    Sorry to jump on your words Mr. M, but there is nothing I would want more than 20 more years of SGA, but that ain’t gonna happen, sadly.
    Sigh… where’s my magic lamp? I wanna rub it and make a wish.

    Carol Z

  20. Hey – my birthday was on Sunday – turned the big 40!

    I love your new feature, personally I am an extremely picky eater, who would never try half the food you eat. However I like watching you try the weird food….

    I love that you are having guest bloggers, although I have not asked a question of any of them, I eagerly read all the questions and answers…..I think it’s pretty cool that you share your blog, not with just the regular crew (and hopefully some cast) but also with guest cast. How awesome is that…

    Well about 2 1/2 more weeks of summer than back to teaching. Working on setting up classroom now. It is extremely hot and humid in it. Our building only has a/c in about 1/3 of it and I am now upstairs on the sunny side. Which means it’s almost as hot as h*ll there! I moved classrooms for the first time in 9 years and it’s been traumatic!

  21. Count me as one who really hates the whole Teyla/Kanaan thing and finds the whole romance rediculous .
    I think Teyla is great but no matter how much Rachel ( and she does ) tries making the Teyla/Kanaan connection viable it is so not working and the reason why- NO CHEMISTRY. Chemistry cannot be forced but has to be a natural thing like she has with John and yes the baby being revealed as his would have made much more sense and been a compelling story arc to watch . Kanaan is beyond BORING .
    Also as much as I enjoy McKay I often feel as though I’m watching The McKay Hour and not SGA and enough already !

  22. First time DH has watched your videos (he’s not a sci-fi fan), but he likes different food. He says “I’ve always wanted to try fizzy perfume, glad you tried it first. I’m not interested anymore!”

  23. Hi Joe,

    You are being very brave tasting these foods when (which is the point I guess) proabably the reason they are rare is becuase most people don’t find them tastey so the odds are not on the side of finding something good to eat!

    Thank you for the great list of guest bloggers to come! Especially looking forward to Lexa Doig, as wondering what she is up to now besides being a Mum taking care of her and Michael Shanks kiddies.

    I have asked before but don’t think it has been answered … will we find out what Daniel has been up to in the two episodes he appears in?


  24. Just checking to see if I get a different avatar if I use a different email….
    you can delete this, sorry

  25. Kay also writes: “ Sheppard gets to flirt now and then, and we saw his ex-wife once.”

    Answer: Many fans will argue that Sheppard does far too much off-world romancing.

    Let them argue if they want; the facts say it all:

    In “Sanctuary”, a 10,000 year old being in the form of a pretty woman fell for Sheppard and they made out. We don’t know how far it went.
    In “Epiphany”, Teer and John knew each other for months before they became lovers.
    Mara, the airhead daughter of the Lord Protector in “The Tower”, was after his DNA, not him. She would’ve jumped McKay’s bones just as quickly.
    Norina, the Taranian chief scientist in “Inferno”, waffled between her attraction for Sheppard and her attraction to McKay.
    Larrin bantered with Sheppard and kissed him as a distraction in “Travelers”. The bantering continued in “Be All My Sins Remember’d”.

    Other than that, all we’ve seen Sheppard do is look a pretty woman up and down. (When he kissed Teyla he wasn’t himself so it doesn’t count.)

    How does five women in 84 episodes add up to too many? Over four+ seasons, we can only be certain of two of them being his lovers. Again, how does that qualify as too many?

    Anne Teldy

  26. Lexa Doig? Do you keep contact with her, or does this mean she’s coming to Atlantis?

  27. Hi Joe!!
    I’m back once again from BC, this time Kelowna (oh how I miss it already.) I have almost a week’s worth of your blog to catch up on. Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I like your new “Weird Food Purchase of the Day” feature. I look forward to watching you try more weird foods in the future.

    Also, did you know that cheese fresh out of the microwave is like napalm? I learned that lesson today (the hard way) when I fumbled and ultimately dropped my lunch on the floor. The cheese from my lasagna sprayed all over my leg giving me some nice burns. FUN times.


  28. I loved your Rose Petal Drink – Perfume comparison 🙂

    You don’t just by these things as Save On or Safeway do you?

  29. Hi,

    I’ve been delighted by your daily Weird Food Purchase of the Day videos! I occassionally shop at Trader’s Joe and find some of the oddest food products! It’s quite funny watching these videos — the rose soda seems a bit strange. Thank you for sharing!

    I am excited to hear about Ronon pursuing a romantic relationship — would it happen to be with Dr. Keller or one of the new female characters we have to look forward to?

    I’ve always been a fan of Ronon and have enjoyed is character development over the years, there are so many levels to him! I can’t wait to see that explored some more.

    Will we also get to see more of Teyla and Kanaan in the future? And I don’t just mean little bits and pieces, but maybe a larger storyline?

    I hope you have a happy Wednesday!

  30. I tried rose Chocolates and chocolates from an irish tea room They tasted like soap to me. All the chocolates ended in the trash. lol…. every one i got to try it hated me for a week or more. ….. have fun with you food tasting.

  31. I just wanted to say that I’m totally LOVING the weird food of the day! I had no idea anything like rose petal soda was available…I’m learning so much 🙂

  32. Roses were not meant for drinking. What do I know though, I can’t even stand that fruit water stuff, you are right it is like drinking perfume in your water (yuck).

    I like the avatar that was generated for me. I think it is cute. Some are pretty wierd though.

    Whisper pics; now that is fog. Can’t wait.

    For Jim: I have noticed the change in background lighting on the show. From season 1, 2 and 3 being bright to season 4 and 5 being a bit darker, did you make that choice and why? I like it, it is more real life looking, don’t know if that is the reason you did it or not.

  33. Hey Joe!

    HA! Nice Weird Food Purchase of the Day! Your facial expressions during the ‘tasting’ are always unique and funny, and this is the second time your product has defied you (First being the Water Chestnut jelly falling out of your chopstick, now you couldn’t get the bottle open 😛 ). Make sure your next product doesn’t try to beat you! 😀

    Even more Q&A opportunities?! I love it! I’ll be sure to participate!

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  34. Are any of your exotic food choices.- chocolate related? Although you might not have any that you haven’t tried already!! Enjoyed the pictures and video as well.thanks for sharing with us. Vegas would be real hot right now, so later would be a better time to go.
    –Maybe today I will get the angel,eye bleeding avatar,,,maybe…
    – Great job on all the episodes so far, kudos to everyone involved.
    Have a great day!!

  35. A rose by any other name would be just as nasty. Maybe you should turn over the taste testing to Baron Destructo. At least he and his minions could provide suitable punishment to the purveyors of yuck.

  36. don’t have much to say,but want to find out what my inner
    self looks like. 0-3 on the food tasting it is not looking good for you, but funny as hell for us. thanks

  37. [quote] jcjoeyfreak
    Ah! The ever elusive Joe Flannigus Bigfootus! Amazing capture!

    I really can’t wait ’til we see what these new female characters are like in Whispers. They seem really interesting.

    And wait, what do you mean Ronon will be.. pursuing ROMANCE this season? You mean with Sheppard, right? :p

    Heh, joking aside.. at least it’ll give us some perspective on what Ronon is like when he’s interested in someone, since we’ve never really seen that side of him. Do females even process properly on his radar?

    I have a feeling Ronon attempting romance just may be ridiculously cute and all kinds of awkward. I look forward to it. [/quote]

    LOL – I was like ‘oh wow its Joe! We really really miss him and hope that it wasn’t something we (the fans) did to make him camera shy this year.

    And I agree as well that Ronon courting someone would be just too cute and laughably awkward. Maybe as awkward and funny as McKay.

    Joe – The season thus far gets Two Thumbs Up from me!

    I adore Keller and the fact that McKay isn’t always on his best behavior with her as he appeared to be with Katie.

    Katie couldn’t handle McKay on a bad day. Keller can (in my humble opinion).

  38. Thanks for the pics! 😀 That last one, of that glowing sarcophogas-like thing, looks very cool!

    Glad to see you’re surviving your food-tasting thus far, Joe. Were you ever “lucky” enough to sample Hubba Bubba soda? *Shudder*

    For thise interested, my belated review of The Daedalus Variations is up:

    I got a big ol’ box o’ ponies in the Mail today. MWAHAHAHAH. I did a new Rodney (now with glowing ZedPM and personal shield action!), just finished Cadman, and have prepped Caldwell, Hammond, and Landry for later.

    Life? What is this mysterious thing you speak of? …

    No SGA this week. *Pout* I guess I’ll use the time to write a proper review of Continuum. Or, uh, work on my commissions. *Cough*

    And early happy b-day to Rose. 🙂

  39. I have been noticing that the team as been loosing a lot of puddle jumpers behind recently. Is there an unlimited supplies on Atlantis or are you hoping we haven’t noticed?

  40. Hey Joe,

    Loving the new season so far, not so much looking forward to having to skip a week for opening ceremonies, but alas, what can we do… 🙂

    I’m actually looking forward to where you take the interpersonal relationships between the characters this season. And hey, I’m all for a little romance. What else is there to do between killing wraith, getting stuck in a time warp, and being tracked down by Todd and Michael. May as well have a little fun in there.

    Any chance we might see the Atlantis Pub this season?


  41. I have to admit, my initial reaction to romance is “Ewwww! Kissing in my violence!” I’m very much a thirteen year old boy (nevermind I’m actually a twenty-eight year old woman) when it comes to romance. But, I figure, as long as there’s explosions, shoot-outs, snark, and Zelenka, I’ll take whatever you throw at me.

    I wish my computer was less cantankerous. I want to see you drinking fizzy perfume, too.

    And, for my final thought, I’ll be semi-intelligent…Though I haven’t watched much SG-1, I did like the Jonas character. It’s nice to know he got a happy ending of sorts, even if it is unofficial.

  42. Joe –

    My folks are going on a trip in a few weeks that will take them to Vancour for two days. I was wondering if you have any suggestions in terms of your top three or four Vancouver-based restaurants that a person must absolutely eat at when in town.

    Thank you.

  43. Most importantly, yay, a picture of Joe F. Thank you!

    Also very importantly, thanks for answering my question.
    [i](Answer) She was being…kind[/i]
    That’s a very kind way to put it.

    [i](Answer) Many fans will argue that Sheppard does far too much off-world romancing.[/i]
    I pay really close attention to Sheppard and I never noticed any romancing. But it’s easy to get confused. Sheppard’s such a cutie, he makes everything look hot.
    Still, I want him to be happy, but Weir’s dead, Teyla’s got her baby-daddy, Keller prefers McKay (what the hell?), Larrin’s all career oriented, and Nancy’s on Earth.
    Do you deliberately keep the leading man unattached, or have you just never hit on a good relationship story for him?

    Also, thank you to annteldy for the italics instructions. Maybe I followed them correctly.

  44. Joe,

    Loving your video clips trying out odd foods/beverages. I’m a very visual person and actually seeing the product and your facial expressions while ingesting said product has been quite amusing so far since none of them have been that good.

    I saw a t-shirt once that said “It isn’t nice to laugh at people. It’s just fun.”

    Yes, I have a weird sense of humor.

  45. I like the idea of inserting a Henry Hayes reference in at some point this season! It seems fitting with the American election also coming up.

    Question: Where does Joel Goldsmith usually do his scoring? I have seen his studio on his website, but how far away from the Stargate studios is his place located?

  46. Rose petal soda with essence of Bulgarian roses, eh? Sounds like you should wear it not drink it — and your description of the taste seems to confirm that. I tried candied violets once and had pretty much the same opinion. I’ve had nasturtium blossoms in salad and they’re o.k., but on the whole I prefer looking at flowers rather than eating or drinking them.

    Have you considered cutting back on the peculiarity factor in your shopping excursions and trying something that has the potential to actually be tasty?

    As for the avatars: so that’s what my inner soul looks like. I’d been wondering. Thanks for the revelation. I think.

  47. The random avatars remind me of the kids show on Nickelodeon “Aaahh!!!! Real Monsters”

  48. Joe, have you watched the Comic-Con Coverage yet? It was funny, and informative.

  49. Is that a brain or curly pink hair or a lumpy pink hat on my little avatar head?

    Oh, and the reason they used Bulgarian roses is because the dang Japanese beetles have eaten all of the roses on the North American continent.

  50. Nice drink eh? BULGARIAN roses… now that’s expensive.

    I gotta ask this as it’s been bugging me since day dot about alien hand weapons. When anihilating the enemy, eg in “Daedalus Variations’ , Ronon picked up their snazzy weapon (the one with the green laser)… now why on earth doesn’t Atlantis confiscate these weapons??? They work a treat.

    Another thing is .. if Ronon’s weapon is so kick arse, why haven’t they made a whole arsenal of them for others to use? They’re pretty powerful. Surely McKay can figure out how to make more ….

    Just asking….

  51. So I tried gelato for the first time today, it was chocolate mint. At first I didn’t like it, but then as it melted it seemed to get better and better. My Grandfather says I’m a terrible Italian because I don’t like pasta sauce and this was my first taste of gelato. Any flavors or Italian cuisine you can recommend for this sorry excuse for an Italian?

  52. Thanks for the new line up of blog guests…COOL!

    And, the creepy pictures – the line up of the “are you my mummy” masks, a kinda of cellular structure, and the coffinesque glow of a body inside.

    Meanwhile on the food tasting front, perhaps some chocolate sampling might be in order so you can at least have one thing you liked.

    I do enoy your new feature, but I also feel sorry for you as you struggle with the “stuff.” Thanks for being our hero in food tasting.

    I will also pass on the rose drink. As someone else mentioned, taking a mouthful of something like perfume would be way to overwhelming to the allergies and the palate. ugh.

    Good luck with Wednesday’s food adventure.

  53. Loving your exotic food critiques. If you didn’t mind the Rose Petal soda, you should try Rose Ice Cream. It like eating a cold red rose.

    For Jim Menard:

    What inspired the shades of blue for Atlantis and the stained glass around the city?

  54. I watch Atlantis because there is no romance or whining children. I love cats and dogs but not children.

    It is a fun programme – space ships, aliens, whumping, good versus evil, nice guys to drool over and, most of all, humour.

    Rose water – isn’t that for bathing in or drying up your spots or something?

    It is summer here in Scotland – it is raining mighty heavily – it was hard to say that without using my usual adjectives.


  55. Wow Joe you seem to be batting 0 for 3 on the weird food purchases. Gotta say that particular feature has been one of the most entertaining things to watch on the web. Is investigating weird and interesting things to make you gag something you have always done, or is this a new habit precisely for our amusement? thanks!

  56. So that means I get to see more of BC? This time the Okanoven? I do love my province 😀 Where in the Okanoven was he scouting? Desert or want-to-be-desert? I’d avoid anywhere the fires are, you know just to be safe, just in case we get another fire season like we did a few years ago-those fires went all the way up to Wells!!

    Now Question for Jim Menard, because he’s seriously one of my heroes, as I’m a ltheatrical lighting designer who loves his work:

    What is your preperation process? Do you experiment, draw things out, test during whatever time you get or do you just wing it? If you plan everything, what method do you find easiest?

  57. Hi Joe:

    A rather delicate question this time around. I am dog sitting my sisters Border Collies. One of them has a tendency to be rather, uh, fragrant, in his bodily expulsions. Ok, he farts a lot. Do you have that issue with the pugs, and if so, how do you deal with it?

    As for Sheppard and his romantic affiliations, I would love to see him encounter a woman that has absolutely no interest in him. It could happen… Maybe she is incredibly beautiful, but completely blind from living on a sunless planet. And maybe she thinks he’s a dork because her culture admire geeks. So Rodney becomes Mr. Hottie. I think that would be very very cool.

    Patricia (AG)

  58. heh…I’m only posting to see what kind of avatar I’ll get…! LOL


    Really, Sheppard’s ‘Kirking’ hasn’t been noticeable in the last couple of seasons (and Larrin doesn’t count, seeing she was just there to kick his a$$ for most part!) Most of the ‘shippers’ want to see him ‘ship’ someone, but I’d rather he just ‘keeps on Kirking’…also remembered hearing Joe F comment that he hasn’t had a lot of “Kirkisodes” lately – any off-world dalliances in store for him in the future?

  59. Hey now! I love visiting planetariums!!! I was always the kid that would always yell out “Polaris” when the “tour guide to the stars” would point to the north star with his little laser pointer and ask “does anyone know what this star is?” Yup yup, planetarium beats desert any day of the week for me!!!

    And rose petal soda actually doesn’t sound that bad… lol I guess you’ve got to try it for yourself.
    I bet you’re keeping that new grocer in business!!!

  60. I keep looking at picture #8 and wondering if the Cantina Band is guesting on SGA….

  61. Damn, what is that?! It looks like a brain with hemmorhoids. Seriously!

  62. A question for Lexa Doig:

    What’s it like trying to fill the shoes of a popular character as you had to do when replacing Dr. Fraiser in SG-1?

  63. Hi Joe,

    Reading your blog is one of my nightly rituals. I guess I”m addicted to your charming personality. Or your show.

    No, no, it must be you.


    Either way, I was hoping you would share some more info on Project Terzo, or at the very least tell us when we might hear something official from MGM about it. Thanks,


  64. The scent of roses makes me sneeze. Best not combine that with fizzy weirdness.

    I’ll keep my dapper Bucky avatar, thanks. On skiffy I have the Sun Tunnels Summer Solstice Sunset, on eplaya I have Mrs. Bucky’s Boobs. Although I must admit, I am curious.

    Vegas in September is still hot as Hell. Right now the average temps are around 110 degrees. The big construction project stalled when the price of steel shot up, I am worried hubby will routinely be assigned other runs. Boring runs. Like to Rexburg, ID. Not a tenth as much fun as Vegas. Not a millionth.

  65. Did you say the Avatar is based partially on words in the post? If so, maybe if I use the words dog, cat, fish, dog, cat, fish, dog, cat, fish, dog, cat, fish I’ll have something different….and svelte and mysterious.

  66. Joe,
    Did you like it ????are you going to make it part of your beverage intake??? the Rose drink thingy

  67. Like you waving your kai chu/hashi a lot better than the brain with the problems….rofl….thanks for the laughs.

    The new avatars..oh well, what ever floats your boat!
    But I guess it it better than a blank blot…kinda.

  68. A question: in Whispers the team is composed of 3 military and Dr. Porter. First, is Porter a civilian? Second, how many teams have a full-time doctor as part of the team? It makes sense that with all the dangers off world that a doctor would make a great member of the team. The latest SG-1 novel I read, Do No Harm, had Frasier lobbying for a doctor to go with all off world teams but TPTB said no.

  69. “I elected to go with this one which automatically analyzes a poster’s message, name, and IP address to paint a fairly accurate picture of said individual’s inner soul before assigning them a representation that reflects their inner being. I am both shocked and disgusted to note that most every one of you has been characterized by some goofy monstrosity. Shameful.”

    Hmmm, but does that not say something about the blogger that “goofy monstrosities” are attracted to said blog?

    “. . . a brain with hemmorhoids.” What happened to the angel of eye-bleeding beauty?

    I’d kind of like to know why I got a purple gorgon with a tail, too. (or is that going to change now?)

  70. Well, I quite enjoyed my little creature icon. It was purple! I was hoping that it would be!

    Thanks, Joe!!

  71. Joe, you’re never going to make everyone happy, and I know you know that.

    For the record, I am all for a McKay/Keller romance and I hope that it’s a relationship that will actually go the distance. They haven’t even actually dated yet but she seems to understand him way more than Katie ever did. I think they will make a great pair.

    I would also like to say that whomever got Bill Nye to be on “Atlantis” I bow down to you, because I freaking love that Science Guy! That will definitely be an episode to save on the Tivo!!! I’m so excited! Rodney and Bill Nye! Wheee!

  72. Joe —

    I’m loving the weird foods videos. You are a courageous man. That jelly stuff looked nasty.

    Abject adoration and questions for Lois McMaster Bujold:

    I have been a huge fan since Shards of Honor was released. Your novels always leave me stunned with your mastery of characterization.

    1. Will there be any more Vorkosigan novels? I would love to see a book about Ivan finally growing up, one resolving Mark’s relationship with Kareen and just a couple plain old adventures for Aral and Cordelia on Sergyar.

    2. When you created the Chalion universe, was it always your intention to move to a different time period for the Autumn book?

  73. RE: 69 icon of Mr M
    Nah. It look more like a beetle with a pink tuque and fat pink lips. It’s better than some of the others.

  74. Hey Joe.

    Have you ever noticed that really small happy face at the very bottom of your blog? Did you put that there?

    Well, I have 4 sleeps left until England…so I’m going to bed now.

    Thanks Joe…and enjoy your rose-pedal soda.

  75. Reviews!

    Full Alert: A fairly solid episode. Strangely, even after all of his jerkitude, I felt sorry for Kinsey here; the way he was just so…normal when talking to Jack at the beginning, it made him all the more vulnerable. Still, as with Maybourne, he never looses the core of his character, which was obvious when he brushed past Carter as he exited the surveillance van after they installed the wire on him. I loved the evolution of the NID/Trust storyline here; it was very clever that you had them Goa’ulded; it opens up so many doors for future storylines; similarly, I thought the Goa’uld’s method to take the Antarctic weapons platform was pretty ingenious as well. Think about how they must’ve felt when they learned of the inherent instability of Earth politics when they took over the Trust operatives. It must’ve been like Mardi Gras for them. I also loved the character of Captain Voronokova; she was cute, feisty, and honorable. Her attitude was great. Also, Chekov continues to get more and more likable. The only major problem is that there was waaaay too much tell, not show, which I suppose is unavoidable with a TV budget at this stage of the game.

    Citizen Joe: First of all, loved the continuity nods to the “week before” when Kinsey also broke into Jack’s house, as well as the foreshadowing of the Johnson affair (haha pun). This episode was a very creative clip show and it’s definitely my favorite one of the series. The way you guys nailed the fandom’s reactions to various episodes (though I loved Holiday; fans didn’t?) was just brilliant and hilarious. Despite the inherent fun nature of this episode, however, I thought the character of Joe Spencer was a deep and fascinating one. I felt so sorry for him as his life crumbled around him. From the beginning, it seemed clear that this was a man who has a incredibly ordinary life, and the moment he touched that stone and got his first vision, he was exposed to the wonders of what an exciting life is like. As someone who has an incredibly ordinary life, I think I can definitely relate (which is probably why I’m a big fan of SciFi). It’s no surprise, then, that he’d become obsessed. Not only has his life become a little more exciting, but he’s also attracting attention from his friends. The in-jokes suffused into the show at this point were utterly genius. I loved the mentions of the Furlings, Wormhole X-Treme! and the various holes in the stories that Joe’s friends poked, etc. etc. I also loved Charlene; she was so…normal. I thought it was hilarious how she liked stories about feelings and human interactions, and not explosions. Actually, she reminds me of my mom. A lot. Still, even with all the laughter, when things took a serious turn, I felt so sorry for him. All around him his life was crumbling; not only that, but he himself began to look more and more decrepit. The way he crawled through the trash to look for the stone was difficult to watch, and it just got worse when he bawled at Daniel’s death (but who can blame him?). Things just got worse and worse; his wife and kid left him, his barbershop closed up, and he lost his house. Dan Castellaneta had the perfect look; an ordinary, innocent man, and having all this crap happening to such an innocent fellow who did nothing wrong was heartbreaking. Of course, Dan’s portrayal helped too. He did brilliantly.

    But then, it all went uphill once he confronted Jack (loved his courage failing him as soon as Jack pulled out his gun; also, he never blinked once in that scene, except at the end). It was hilarious watching him go all fanboy on SG1, recalling past events and their typical character traits with no regards for the fact that they don’t know him at all and probably think of all of this as rather creepy. Hmmm…now that I think about it, I think I’m more like Joe Spencer than I’d like. I’m in a boring rut, I’m obsessive, and I will no doubt act like a complete fanboy if I meet SG1, or you guys for that matter. Ok, this is disturbing.

    The “flashback” was hilarious; like the rest of the episode, that scene was firmly tongue in cheek, with no real effort hiding the fact that Jack and (especially) Danny did NOT look like that in Season 2. Finally, I loved when Joe’s proven right at the very end, though I’d hoped to see Charlene’s reaction. After all, he was right all along.

    Reckoning: I’m going to review this 2-parter as one, as it pretty works as a movie that concludes in one giant climax. First of all, I LOOOOOVE the teaser. In fact, I’d say it was one of the best of the series. Right from the beginning you have the scene set with the System Lords teetering on the brink of destruction, then out of nowhere comes Carter. Joel Goldsmith score takes a majestic turn as RepliCarter stabs Yu; the powerful…well, I don’t know what instrument made those sounds, but the music was just perfect. A forceful melody, as if signaling that we are on the edge of a massive storm. RepliCarter was just badass (Amanda continues to do an excellent job with this character) as, slow-mo-ly, she stands up, turns around, then with a face full of contempt, steps out of frame as the music builds up. Then, switch to the outside, where a sliver of the Replicator ship enters the frame, and the mechanical clanging of the Replicator theme begins…and ends. Magnificent teaser.

    Overall, this was an excellent 2-parter, but with one problem that kept it from equaling Lost City, the last “big battle to end all battle” episodes. It’s not the lack of battle action – it’s the lack of heart-felt character moments. This is probably because the team was split up for almost all of the 2-parter. The thing is, with this arrangement, it meant that each character had to have something to do at all times, something that forwards the plot instead of something more personal. The most obvious example of this is how the second half of Carter’s story was mostly spent calibrating a machine and pushing buttons. Not very exciting; at least, not until the end.

    That said, there were plenty of other things that made these episodes great; namely how freaking epic it was. Sacrificing character stuff meant major plot developments, which makes episodes epic as opposed to personal (i.e. Redemption wasn’t very epic, but it did have great character stuff). There were chills running down my spine during Jacob’s (by the way, lovely to see him back; still had the attitude I see. Haha.) elaboration of events to Jack. Again, it’s a case of tell, not show, but still, dialogue like “The Replicators — they’ve launched an all-out attack on the Goa’uld. If the Goa’uld can’t find a way to stop them, the Replicators will easily overrun our galaxy in a matter of weeks.” is just so badass and grand in their scope. Once again, the score helped here a lot; all of the music in these episodes was seemingly composed to build towards the climax; a slow climb in intensity as the episode progressed. At the same time, age-old themes, like the Jaffa themes, were brought out bigger and better than before, to express the fact that this was it; the final battle to decide the fate of the galaxy and so forth.

    As I said before, the team was split up during the 2-parter, so I’m gonna talk about each one in turn. As with most Season 8 episodes, Jack spent his time sitting around not doing much of anything. Still, unlike many previous episodes this season, he had some nice foils to work off. His interactions with Jacob was entertaining, with the latter playing very much the straightman. However, that was nothing compared to the brilliance of the scenes between Jack and Ba’al. They were utterly hilarious. It just seems that every time Ba’al shows up, Jack brings his A-material to the game with no effort whatsoever. One of my favorite quotes from the series is from those scenes: “I’ve got a better idea. Instead of helping you, why don’t we sit back and watch you get your ass kicked? That way, you’ll be dead, and we’ll be glad!” “You cannot be serious.” “Yes I can…I just choose not to…some of the time.” Hilarious. In the second part, Jack gets to kick some replicator ass (they have asses?), and that was great as well. Again, he had a pretty good foil in the form of Colonel Reynolds. The latter’s loyalty and respect for the former made their interactions all the more sweet; and of course, he was a brilliant straightman (“Use 2 of those things.” “Sir?” “It’s a ‘blast door’”). The moment with Siler was great as well. Finally, I just plain loved the replicator shoot out. I mean, it’s just fun.

    Daniel’s storyline was my favorite one, as it was clearly the most personal. He was forced to confront his own mortality once again, and through that he was able to rise to the occasion. He started out scared, though defiant, and confused. And yet, the core of Daniel’s character, that inner strength matched by no one, came out on top. I loved seeing how Daniel used what he knew to battle RepliCarter; there was no fighting, no physical maneuvers and stuff like that; it was all in the mind, and in this case, Daniel’s mind, his spirit, his essence was the stronger one. That really is the defining quality of Daniel and it was lovely seeing it here in all its glory. In addition, he didn’t care about his own mortality, not when he knew that he had a chance to stop the onslaught right here. It was all mind games; he saw through RepliCarter’s Oma disguise, and by seemingly acquiescing to her offer of helping him to discover the secrets of the universe, got into her mind and eventually used his strengths to stop every replicator in the galaxy at once! That was just awesome and badass. Lines like “Trying to leave? Sorry. A little more time in Danny’s world.” “My brethren will not stop. You cannot control them.” “Not yet, but I’m learning.” were brilliant, showing how strong Daniel’s will is. He’s come a long way since the nerdy archeologist of season 1, but something’s never changed: the strength of his convictions. That IS who Daniel is, and that makes him an incredible character capable of so many things, like competing with a hive mind with number of members up in the billions. Oh, and ascending. He’s the perfect underdog with an inner strength so strong that it’s enough to overwhelm whole armies. I loved how, despite the fact that Danny was so far removed from everything else, he contributed to the victory.

    Teal’c storyline was great. It’s about time the Free Jaffa finally did something instead of telling us about their numbers growing. The inclusion of Bra’tac in this was a must and as always, Tony Amendola delivered, big time. Oh, and Issac Hayes. Hehe…talk about your stunt casting. He was pretty good, I’d say; his speech in the tent on Chu’lak, along with the music, made that scene pretty damn sweet. I gotta say though, the sudden revelation of Dakara’s existence and its mega importance without any form of foreshadowing whatsoever is…unfortunate, but the epicness of the story kind of makes up for that. And, at the end, they gain their freedom despite Ba’al’s escape. Teal’c smile and speech before his escape makes for a great moment as the Free Jaffa finally got what they wanted, but the true meat, the “we’ve finally done it” moment is left for Threads.

    Finally, there is Sam. Her storyline I already touched on, and it’s mostly plot-forwarding in nature. In the first half she went through some technobabble with Thor, with a bittersweet moment at the end as Thor sacrificed himself to save Sam and prevent the Replicators from striking Earth. In the second half, it’s mostly button pushing. Still, there was some pretty cool stuff here. The puzzle at Dakara was pretty ingenious, but the real highlight was the Sam-Jacob-Ba’al triple time. Sam played the straightman, as usual, but it was still hilarious watching the “banter” between Ba’al and Jacob (“This one.” “How do you know?” “I’m a God. God’s are all-knowing” “Selmak can’t work like this.”). Still, she was pretty much used to just forward the plot and get the weapon to work. However, she has an excuse, as the next episode has some of the most powerful Sam moments in the show.

    Moving on. Anubis was damn creepy. That deeper-than-normal-Goa’uld voice and all those…things on his face certainly gave him a threatening look. Very cool.

    Lastly, there is the climax. FREAKING. AWESOME. The music was phenomenal; very heavy, very…well, I’ve used this a lot, but it was DAMN EPIC. From the start we have that rotating shot of the summit of the Dakara weapon as it opens; then we have some truly incredible, “this is it!” shots of the team, at the edge of death and destruction; even Daniel got in a shot as he struggles with his last breaths. Then, we had the spectacular montage of the Stargates activating; one of the best sequences in the series just because how appropriate it is, that the Stargate, the only piece of alien tech we had at the beginning, was the key to defeating our ultimate enemy here at the end (of this story arc). Bitchin’. Finally, the weapon goes off, and like a release valve all the tension is blown out at once, with the last shot being RepliCarter and Daniel being whited out, and the SG1 theme blaring triumphantly in the background. Perfect.

    A truly epic, climactic ending to most of the major story arcs of the series. The only thing missing is character closure, which is all packed into the next episode.

    Threads: Great episode. Again, the characters are separated for the most part, and that caused a few problems, but overall I’d say it handled the character arcs nearly-perfectly. My biggest complaint is that, instead of packing all the plot in Reckoning and all the character stuff here, that all 3 episodes should’ve been more balanced between these two story factors.

    I suppose I’ll handle the whole Sam./Jack thing first. Heh. The thing I like about the romance in Stargate is that, for the most part, it’s subtle. The important things are left unsaid in words, but rather said in actions and facial expressions. That’s the best way to do it, really. Though I have to admit, this Johnson women, though foreshadowed in Full Alert, did indeed come out of nowhere. I mean, to go from a name-drop to a “sleep-over”; yeah, that’s little extreme. Jack doesn’t strike me as the man portrayed in this episode anyway; I mean, when’s the last time he fell for a women who’s not Carter? I don’t remember any besides Cynthia, who drugged him, and Laira, whose relationship with Jack was built over months and a belief on Jack’s part that he won’t ever go home. By comparison, Sam’s romantic development with Pete is much more natural; spurred on by her hallucinations in Grace (a form of self-discovery), Sam realized that she wanted to be with someone, so she half-heartedly picked Pete, and though she’s been happy, she knows that this wasn’t exactly the right decision; there were indecision and hesitation during A LOT of their scenes together, all the way from the beginning in Chimera. Thus, when she finally broke it off, it came out naturally. Though I felt sorry for Pete (hey, he’s just a nice guy who was in way over his head; and I LOVED his introduction to Jacob; very much the dorkster I always thought he was), I really couldn’t blame Sam either as this whole relationship was built on shaky foundations since the beginning. She made a mistake just like every one of us, so I can’t make myself dislike her for supposedly “mistreating” Pete. I just can’t. On the flip side, Jack’s little escapade with Kerry just came out of nowhere and Jack’s reactions to the whole thing was less-than-inspiring. I don’t like blaming actors, but RDA’s performance here just left me cold. There was very little emoting of any kind when the situation would’ve called for quite a bit of it; there was very little energy or any hint that he preferred Carter to Kerry and that the latter was just…well, a placeholder, like Pete. While in Season 4 it was obvious that the feelings were mutual, here it felt extremely one-sided; Sam obviously wanted to be with Jack, but Jack didn’t seem that enthusiastic about it; at least, I didn’t get any hint that he himself wanted to be with Sam other than to “be there” to comfort her at the end there. That said, that moment was still very sweet.

    But to get there we had to go through Jacob’s death. It felt very strange, watching it. As Sam said, her dad was really living on borrowed time since The Tok’Ra, and Selmak gave her the father “[she] never thought [she]’d know.” It wasn’t an obvious tragidy like Janet’s death, but rather “a time to let go”, as it were. It’s hard to describe it. Regardless, I totally teared up when he died, and during the previous scenes where he was talking to Sam on his deathbed. Props to you guys for calling back to the lines from Grace. It was a nice touch. Jacob/Selmak was a great character, and he will be missed.

    Finally, we come to the crucial scene. As I said earlier, subtlety is the best way to do romance on a show like this, and you guys, Amanda, and RDA nailed this scene. The dialogue was short and to-the-point, and for the most part lifted straight from that scene in Grace. Again, great callback. The rest is all done with gestures. Jack offers her comfort, and Sam grabs his hand and puts it to her cheek, stroking the back of it with her thumb and never lets go of it. They share a look and a few words while Sam’s on the verge of tears, and Jack’s trying his best to be comforting, despite the fact that he’s not exactly a people-person. It was done very well. So, what do I think of Sam/Jack at this point? I think they’re at a good place; Sam obviously knows what she wants, and Jack is getting there as well, despite seemingly putting it behind him in early Season 4. Are they together? Well, I’d like to think so. In fact, it dawned on me a few minutes ago that it’s incredibly easy to twist the beginning of Season 9 to fit this. Jack took Kerry’s “retirement” advice, sort of, and got out of the direct chain of command linking him and Carter so they can spend some quality time together, which was Sam’s REAL excuse for working at Area 51; so she can stay on Earth a while and, uh, have some fun with Jack. Hehe.

    No flying potato this time? 😉

    So that’s that. Next, there’s Teal’c and Bra’tac. It’s been a while since I saw the extended version so a lot of their scenes were kind of new to me, and I loved them. The initial scene of them being deemed “blood kin to all Jaffa” by Issac Hayes was immensely satisfying, knowing the 8 years of history leading up to this. Thinking back to Bloodlines, when Bra’tac first appeared, it’s incredible how far they’ve come, and all the effort they’ve spent. Seeing the throng of Jaffa bowing before them, and the epic score blaring in the background…there were chills running down my spine. Then, of course, we have the entire “bowl” of Dakara filled with Jaffa and cheering them on, with Hataks behind them, and gliders flying overhead; an epic sight, with an epic sound. It’s been a pleasure watching them from their humble beginnings to this triumphant moment. In fact, I’d say, thanks to Joel’s score, this may be my favorite scene of the episode. SOUNDTRACK PLEASE.

    That wasn’t all, of course. One of the scenes cut from the syndication version was the short sequence where Teal’c and Bra’tac banter about their age. Technically, there’s nothing remarkable about the scene; but the way Teal’c and Bra’tac talked to each other; their tone, and exchanging looks; it just reinforced their long-standing friendship, and how well they knew each other. I’ve always loved the absolute trust and loyalty between these 2, and this short scene certainly speaks to that. Also, that last line about Teal’c talking to Bra’tac after he’s lived a further 50 years…it takes on a whole new meaning now. Awesome.

    Finally, we come to Daniel. Separated from the rest of SG1 since the beginning of Reckoning Part 1, Danny’s taken on one journey of self-discovery after another. I loved his scenes in this episode, slowly but surely letting his mind go to work again and figuring out the terrible truth behind everything. Again, it’s just what Daniel does. As an archeologist he’s trained to put the pieces of a puzzle together, and when he did…that was pretty powerful stuff. I’m talking about the way he started yelling at the room, doing all he can (even trying to manhandle one of the Others) to get through to them…but he just can’t do it. It’s funny, but watching him be so passionate when none of the others, not even Oma, were treating this like a big deal…the words of the Nox, that we were young, just jumped into my head. To see him like that, the best humanity has to offer in a person, being completely ignored by everyone while he’s trying to make them see the impact their punishment is having on Oma and the Milky Way…it was difficult, but oh-so-sweet. The passion he’s always had, the reasoning skills; he honestly tried everything that he’s learned from everything he has gone through, every skill that he knew would be useful here, he used; he did everything…but they were useless. Or so we thought. Just when things looked their most hopeless, Daniel’s efforts paid off. It was his words that, I think, finally convinced Oma to do the right thing. He got through to someone, and fortunately, that someone was someone who mattered. The concept that Oma’s now fighting Anubis forever is a pretty heavy one, and I loved it.

    I don’t know if you guys planned this, or if it were just a sudden revelation when you guys spun this story, but the truth that Oma ascended Anubis, and it being the cause of so much strife caused by Anubis, and it also being Oma’s motivation to keep doing what she’s doing, was absolutely mind-blowing. To get there, Danny had to talk to Jim, and I thought George Dzundza did a fabulous job portraying the jolly, everyday guy who seems to be ascended and wanted to genuinely help Danny. The moment the truth came out though, he transformed completely into this insane mastermind, and suddenly everything made sense. This whole storyline was very, VERY nicely wrapped up.

    And then, at the end, when everything has been settled…SG1 goes fishing. Perfect.

  76. Ahh poor Joe!

    Be happy for what you have, we can’t all have our brains showing out of our heads! But yes, I much prefer the chopsticks picture…

    I was mildly disappointed in my avatar as well, since pink definitely isn’t my color, but oh well!

    And that rose soda actually sounds kind of interesting, I’ll see if I can find some, if only to feed it to my dad in retribution for the barley tea incident!

  77. Hey Joe

    That Rose Petal Soda sounds interesting. Have to see whether or not I can find it around here.

    Where did you get the NERV shirt? I’ve been trying to find one for ages.

    Hope things are going well in Vancouver for you and the rest of the Stargate gang.


  78. Questions for Jim Menard:

    Hello Jim
    I’ve enjoyed watching all the DVD extras and commentaries you’ve been on for 10 years of SG1 and 4 plus years of SGA and I have to say that your profession is so complicated and detailed. I have a new appreciation for the filming process based on what I’ve learn from you so far that makes my viewing experience that much more enjoyable…so thanks for all you do!

    1- How long have you been involved in film and what drew you to the profession?
    2- Since the science of lighting a set has evolved over the years; what in your opinion has be the greatest technological breakthrough in the last 10 years?
    3- With the constant change in industry and the refining of techniques, what kind of technical understanding do you require to continue growing as a DOP? Do you have to have a Mechanical Engineering degree?
    4- As an established DOP, do you still attend training and seminars to keep abreast of changes happening in the industry?
    5- Since you are such a seasoned DOP, do you teach others either in a college type setting; do you take on apprentices or both?
    6- When you switch from film to HD Video, what was the most challenging part and why?

    Thanks Jim, You are very cool and I don’t just mean the cool lighting effects!

    Patricia Lee

  79. Um…wow. My avatar from my first comment looks like a purple Christmas tree with wings.

    Can’t wait to see what this one will be…..

  80. @ Joe….brain with hemorrhoids…ROTFLMAO!!

    Could be an eggplant with a bad perm…wonder if I get the Gnarly Green Boogerman again?

  81. Clarification – “Eggplant” = “Aubergine” to those who don’t already know this…someone is bound to point this out.

  82. “Hell, beats the planetarium.”

    Oh Joe, you disappoint me. The planetarium is THE coolest field trip, ever.


    Wondering what my avatar will be…


  83. Thank you very much for the picture of Joe F; as pictures of Joe brighten up my day considerably 🙂

  84. How would you characterize Sheppard’s respective relationships with the SGC, IOA and Air Force currently? Are they still hostile and disapproving? Is he still on the USAF naughty list or has he redeemed himself in their eyes at this point?

    Any chance of a promotion and/or medals for him or other Atlantis military personnel in the near future considering all their exploits and the defeat of the Replicators? Sheppard would seem to have reached the required time in grade next season for Colonel if one season equals one year.

    Also, given the severity of the Wraith threat and the end of the presumably expensive and resource-consuming Ori conflict in the Milky Way, any chance of Atlantis increasing its force size and/or receiving new crafts and weapons like the 302s that the Alternate Atlantis had in Daedalus Variations?

  85. Child proof cap huh? And you couldn’t get into it? Good one again today, glad you finally found something that wasn’t too bad.

    I laughed more at your comment with your random avatar. That’s terrible! And you’re calling us monsters?

    Although, I suppose I have to wait and see what mine is…

  86. Hahaha, I’m a blue Christmas tree with a slightly bemused expression, legs that look like they were trampled by a stampede and bat wings!

  87. Was there something being hinted at between Ronon and Keller during ‘Quarantine’?

    (Apologies if this question has already been asked before!)

  88. Coucou mon Joseph!!!

    Merci d’avoir d’avoir pensez a moi!!! Sa me fait super plaisir^^!!! Trop gentil!!!♥

    Ah non, je préfére votre avatar avec les baguettes!!!
    Bah oui, j’ai penché pour votre envelloppe corporel la plus sexy !! En plus vous êtes si adorable sur cette photo!!
    Et comme moi aussi je suis super sexy en humaine, je ne veux pas me montré sous ma forme extraterrestre!

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Super cette video!!! Mouahahah, mais vous allez vous rendre malade a force de manger toute ses choses! Je peut vous dire qu’il y’a certain plat francais que si vous vous aventurez a les gouters votre estomac fera une grêve de la faim!

    1)Quel est votre marque de biérre préféré?
    2) Allez vous voir Harry potter 6 au cinéma?

    Aller Gros bisou, je vous adore!!!!!!!

  89. I didn’t know I was so triangular. At least I’m as cute as a button and haven’t got a mouth way down south like you Joe.

    Cheers, Chev

  90. “Kay also writes: “Why McKay, and why with Keller, when there’s a whole city full of people?”

    Answer: Because it’s far more interesting to see our main characters interact with people we know rather than people we don’t.

    I totally agree. I would prefer to watch the main characters interact rather than some out of no where lover or hot babe.. cough cough Larrin and Kanaan. But yet that is all we get. Flings for Sheppard and some illusive utterly boring boyfriend for Teyla, whose interactions are painfully boring. If you are happy to have Rodney/keller in a relationship why all the messing around with John and Teyla.

  91. LOL I died watching that “Rose petal” drink vid, hilarious! Why do people make such horrifying beverages?

  92. Joe says: Well, it’s been a whirlwind few weeks of special guest bloggers and there are many more to come. Director Andy Mikita, actress Lexa Doig, and writer/Executive Produce Carl Binder have kindly agreed to make time for us.

    So, will Carl be here on his birthday? I remember distinctly that it’s on August 10th. Why do I remember this so well you may ask? (or not *wink*) Because it’s my birthday and Mackenziemomma’s also. And, we were totally passed over for a blog dedication last year *big theatrical sigh* due to the fact(?) that Carl has it in his contract that on his bday your blog will be dedicated to him (looks at Joe with raised eyebrow). I’m hoping Carl won’t mind sharing his bday with us this year. *pitiful look*

    Also as much as I enjoy McKay I often feel as though I’m watching The McKay Hour and not SGA and enough already !

    No, no, no. It’s the Sheppard/McKay comedy hour at times and personally…I LOVE it! *smirk*

    First time DH has watched your videos (he’s not a sci-fi fan), but he likes different food.

    At first I read this and thought “DH” meant David Hewlett…um…but since I know he’s a sci-fi fan, you must mean something else…lol. “Dear Husband” perchance?

    How does five women in 84 episodes add up to too many? Over four+ seasons, we can only be certain of two of them being his lovers. Again, how does that qualify as too many?

    I agree. He certainly is not living up to his ‘Capt. Kirk’ rep! Geez, how many beauties did Kirk have in 2 years time? And, I’m definately not complaining. I always thought Kirk was a sleeze!

    Damn, what is that?! It looks like a brain with hemmorhoids. Seriously!

    Um…or a hemmorhoid with a brain! That’s a scary thought!

    *hoping she put in all the *bold* and *italics* correctly!

  93. Yeah!!! Italics and bold were done correctly!

    Hmmmm….maybe I should take out my pic so I can have an oogley monster too!


  94. Joe, do the Wraith Queens have to touch someone to get them to submit or is it like my kids who play with their food.
    Thanks for your time.

  95. Love your Icon, Joe. I always knew you were a smart guy but my god your brain is so big it is coming out the top of your head. ; )

    I will have to wait until I get home to watch your latest taste experiment. Love the list of guest bloggers. : )

  96. I love the new weird food purchases. I was wondering if Fondy was going to be on the other side of the camera trying something unique. Also in what kind of store might one find the Rose petal soda pop?

  97. Just curious if the caps change my icon from yesterday’s scarily happy moldy toast girl to something else…

    I like Teyla/Kanaan. Enterprise burned out my interest in actually seeing mains squeezing on a sci-fi show. The longing is sweeter than the having.

    Many fans will argue that Sheppard does far too much off-world romancing.
    I don’t mind it, my fave so far is Chaya. I have wondered just how much that “blending” affected him.

  98. Hi Joe,

    I’m realy hoping you can awnser this, if only just to put mine and others minds at ease.

    If you are going the way of the triangle with Rodney/Keller/Ronan. Can you at least assure us that it is not going to be detramental to one or all three of these characters?

    my worst fear is that the triangle will end with one of them looking stupid or worse uncareing.

    Im not asking for specifics, just the reassurance that this will not got the way of Junior High and that the characters integrity will remain through this storyline.


  99. I can’t remember if I did this already (exams are screwing up my brain – even more than it usually is) but thank you so much for having Lorne and Chuck in The Daedalus Variations. It was great to see Lorne have a more major (no pun intended) role in an episode, something I hope will occur more often.

  100. Joe, you said, “Answer: Because it’s far more interesting to see our main characters interact with people we know rather than people we don’t.”

    Well, we as viewers certainly don’t know Kanaan so that point is mute. Tell me, why is McKay the only major character allowed to interact with other characters that we know on a romantic level? Katie Brown in seasons 2 and 3 and now, unbelievably, Keller in seasons 4 and 5. Can’t Rodney last a season without a woman? Ronon’s never had a steady gal or guy and neither has Sheppard. Can you explain why?

    And Artic Goddess you said, “…So Rodney becomes Mr. Hottie. I think that would be very very cool.” Um…I think the writers have written Rodney as “Mr. Hottie” for the past four years. He’s the only major male character that ever gets any action!

  101. *shifty eyes*

    No, I’m not just commenting to see if I’m cool enough to have a picture of a deformed monster.

    Actually, I was most definitely going to try to stay away from anything having to do with your blog in this comment. I like to mix it up every once and a while. But I saw your taste testing of rose flavored drink and had to say…

    Man, Middle Easterners thought about adding rose flavor to drinks long before your fizzy rosie concoction. A friend and I (ironically her name IS Rose) went to a middle eastern restaurant and had a type of juice that’s made with roses. It was, perhaps, one of the most delicious juices I’ve ever had. It was mellowed by the fact that it wasn’t all rose. And…it wasn’t fizzy. That’s just silly.

  102. The food videos are hilarious, please keep it up.

    Just out of curiosity was the rose soda hot or cold? The thought of drinking anything carbonated hot or warm is awful.

  103. Joe!!!
    Love the avatars!!!
    But most importantly….love the video!
    I thought for a moment you were trying to sell the product to us…not so sure I want to drink perfume!!!
    Thank you for the laugh…yet again!!
    So Joe…a quick question for you…if Sam couldn’t do anything that she specializes in, what do you think she would do?

    Posted by:Lt.Col.Errandboy
    oooh, a green boogery looking one! HAHAHA!

    Oh dear…you copped a booger LtColErrandboy…I guess it could be worse!!! 😛

  104. Loving the weird food segment of this blog! I’ve used rose water in some Middle Eastern dishes but don’t really care for it, so the soda doesn’t appeal. If you liked it, then you may want to try lavender salt. That’s pretty good. I like it in rice.

    I’ve very much enjoyed Season 5 so far. As a Jewel Staite fan, I’m looking forward to The Shrine and Tracker.

    Other opinions vary, but I hope the writers pursue the more personal storylines, interweaving them with the weekly hour of adventure, gun-blazing, wraith-killing and ship explosions. I think the character dynamic, including romantic relationships, offers a greater dimension to the show. I don’t see any romance included as soap opera-ish as the stories don’t revolve around the romances themselves. They’re simply an extra layer added to the plot. I’d love to see how Ronon–capable, street smart, direct and a little rough around the edges–handles the more intricate nuances of romance. It will be a nice look into a character whose potential is surely far more than the Pegasus galaxy’s version of John Wayne. We saw a glimpse of it in Quarantine, and personally, I found it charming.

    As an aside, many kudos to Robert Picardo. I’ve been a fan of this enormously talented actor for years and am thrilled to see he’s joined the SGA cast.

  105. Joe,
    Finally got to see “Daedalus Variations.” You guys are 4 for 4 this season and this was definitely the best so far.

    The good:
    TEAM!!!! It’s great seeing our team together, everyone participating, although you gotta chuckle when everyone looks at McKay when the say “We” have to think of something. The added bonus of some Lorne, Zelenka and Chuck (finally).

    Teyla learning the systems so much so that McKay not only accepted, but seemed to appreciate her input. Ronan was busy.

    “Easy Chewie!” What a great line.

    Finding the bodies was unexpected. I wonder how they died (they didn’t look hurt or starving), but glad that they died together.

    New enemy is cool, hope to see them again.

    McKAY WHUMP!!!!!! And exactly what I had asked for. It was not played for laughs, McKay didn’t look like a fool (after his initial yell) and he was still willing and able to do his job. Extra was the ending scene in the infirmary.

    That baby is SOOOOOO adorable.

    The bad: Nothing that comes to mind

    All in all, a 10 in my book.

  106. On another couple of notes, you know I try to avoid spoilers, however, all the talk about McKay and Keller got me reading.

    Now you know, I don’t like Keller, I think I’ve made that clear. However, she’s not always a bad character and I think with some growth, I may even learn to like her (how’s that for an admission). Simple fact, Keller and McKay are perfect for each other.

    I was so happy when Mckay/Katie thing ended, I thought she was terrible for him, playing into the geek and the geek stereotype. Keller doesn’t take anything from Rodney and he acts “normal” around her. He doesn’t have to hide anything and can act just like himself, that’s necessary for a true relationship.

    What I’m trying to say is that I am thrilled with the way their relationship is being portrayed and hope you keep it up.


  107. I’m basically just commenting to see what my avatar looks like but I also wanted to say THANK YOU for letting Teyla not only have her baby, but worry “on camera” about how she could best take care of him. There are too many shows where a woman has a child and that child mysteriously disappears (or ages quickly and then disappears).

    Teyla’s fears and uberfocus on her new son are realistic for a new mom, and I like how Kanaan is still around, too. The montage with her coming home to her family was wonderful. How many other sci fi shows depict a stable (as much as it could be in a dangerous place like Atlantis) family unit? The only other similar examples I can think of off the top of my head are Dr. Crusher and Wesley and Commander Sisko and his son, but both boys were much older, and we’re also talking decades ago.

    Being a mom is Teyla’s most important job now, and being on the team is secondary (although she knows this is also in the best interest of her son in the long run). It’s a really nice twist and adds a lot to her character, as a team member and as a person.

  108. Holy cow, what IS that? *points to weird avatar*

    Anyway, on a side note: what did you have to do to convince Fondy to film you trying odd foods? I think I would like the water chestnut jelly (sounds konnyaku — have you ever tried that? I love it!)

    Are you trying to usurp Andrew Zimmern as the bizarre food eating guy? I want to see your face after eating a durian or stinky tofu or balut. Something really hardcore. Come on Joe, eat it! 😀

  109. Well booh. I don’t get a monster. That’s okay, I was never terribly good with pets. I mean, I’m good with cats, but I never thought that counted.

    Well, I’m off to photograph some art work for a site. And other stuff.

  110. Loving the food tasting, hope you don’t mind but I posted the jelly thing on my blog.

    So, onto a Question…
    Will we get to see any humorous military/weapons training involving McKay and Dr Keller ? (preferably with Jewel out-doing David).

  111. Hi Joe,
    I love the new Weird Food of the Day bit. I’m glad you’re adventurous and willing to try some of that stuff. I’m certainly not!

    I enjoyed Daedalus Variations, particularly seeing Teyla so knowledgeable about the Daedalus systems and able to contribute that much more to the team. Ronon getting frustrated and smashing the console with his fist was a classic moment too! Any word on whether the episodes will break in the fall?

  112. Hm, I never did think drinking “parfum” would be a good idea. Thanks for the video, always a real joy to watch.

    Also I really appreciate the SGA Q&A, it’s wonderful that you the producer take time to tell your fans all about the show. Thanks Joe!

  113. Okay, my turn.

    I’ve always liked Keller and I think her and Rodney are working off each other well. Romance? *shrugs* Doesnt matter to me, I like what they seem to do for each other on this level so far.

    Ronon… he should get some, I mean it’s been what?- coming up on ten years. Give the guy a fling, but a “Melena type romance”? Cant see him there at this point. He’s still not ready. Too many anger issues lolol… get him laid first and see how much he settles down afterward LOL

    McKay? *waves off that whole topic since everyone else has pointed out every possible good and bad surrounding him*

    Sheppard…… BRING BACK CHAYA! I loved her and she was great for John. And they dont have to “do it” either, although I get the impression they did since he was coming out of her quarters last time, that’s the way I want to see it. But they had something, and they said they’d keep in touch.

    I know you guys have already said he’s not special anymore but she’s an Ancient and the way TPTB set up his “special” gift, skill, DNA , whatever… her companionship or even just friendship could guide a “B story” on the side for those of us who want to know more about it, him, them.


    And just curious… Teyla named the baby after her father and John and then gave Torren HER last name. In no way did she acknowledge Kanaan as the father…. why? Not that I care, I love it, was just curious.

    Oh another question — When we meet Teyla in The Rising, there was a young dark-haired guy with her, remember he was the first to get killed by the Wraith after they were captured…? If I recall correctly, HIS name was Toran. Yes?

    I just thought that was interesting. It would make sense that other cultures would re-use popular names like we do.

  114. @ kdvb 1

    Um…or a haemorrhoid with a brain! That’s a scary thought!

    I laughed very loudly/suddenly then. I think I scared even myself.

  115. I liked “The Daedalus Variations”. It was a fun episode. I wish we could have seen more AUs with faster paced action in each, but on the whole a solid ep. It was a good team story.

    I’m also glad that there won’t be a big break in the middle of the season. I like the continuous flow. Besides, it will give you more time between seasons to prepare (hoping for season 6 here).

    I like the monster avatars. It makes the comments page a little more interesting. I’m curious to see what my “inner self” is like. 🙂

  116. Saw “Continuum” last week and really enjoyed it! Many thanks to the cast and crew for a very entertaining movie.

    I know you’re not involved with the movies, but I thought I’d ask this question anyway, just in case you can answer it:

    At the end of the movie, Sam is speaking with Jack, and makes a reference to a moonbase. Can you tell us what she meant by a moonbase?

    (Apologies if this has already been asked. Although I read your blog daily, I don’t always have time to read the comments section).

  117. This Random Avatar Generator also seems to be a Random Comment Generator! Cool.

  118. Hey.

    I couldn’t wait until I finished work so I watched your vid without sound. It is quite funny that way. Can’t wait to watch
    it with sound when I get home. : )

    Love my ICON!!!

  119. I’d love if it the Strange Food Purchases were to end up on an ep of SGA. Perhaps Teyla could offer her teammates some Athosian Rose Petal Brew, or a homesick Ronon could ask the cafeteria cook to make him some delicious Water Chestnut Jelly pudding, just like mom used to make.

    I’m one who always wonders just what people are really eating on Sci Fi shows were alien foods are featured. On modern Trek they were forever drinking blue Gatorade out of really cool Ikea glasses.

    Oh and shucks, now that I know about the pineapples I’m now spotting the pineapple in every episode, even the old ones! In “Home” the Pineapple was on the counter when Shep gets a beer in his faux man-lair, and I’m pretty sure Teyla had a pineapple in her basket when Ronon was kidnapped in “Broken Ties.” Darn pineapples!

  120. Love the new icons, Joe. I’m actually having flashbacks of Dr. Hopp and ……. nevermind, it was probably before your time.

    I’ve been super busy lately, but I finally got to see “Continuum”. Loved it!! I was thrilled that Brad wrote some really nice Daniel and Sam ‘friendship’ scenes, and loved the way that Michael and Amanda played them. Without being too spoilery, I would have loved to have seen the extra footage of Daniel on the ice that Martin and Brad said that they had to cut. I agree with them, though, that the way that scene ended with Daniel, and the way that Michael played it was …WOW!!! I was disappointed, however, when they said on the commentary which scene was being cut for the T.V. version. *sigh* I thought that it was an important follow-up scene to ‘his’ previous one.

    Please pass on to Brad and Martin (from me) a big thank you for such an excellent movie. The movie had so many great moments. I just really, really loved it. (((HUGS))) to everyone involved.

    And Lexa guest blogging?!?!? *Squeeeeeeeeeee*


  121. I was just drinking my daisy cola thinking, “Is anyone else out there drinking a flower infused beverage..?”

  122. Please than Mark Dacascos for the Q&A, much appreciated – and yes, I know I’m a day late!!

    Love the vid – rose petal soda sounds pretty horrid to me, but then I’m allergic to most perfumes!! Still, maybe drinking it wouldn’t set my sinuses off?!

    Thanks for the pics from Whispers…I know you’ve made the Shep fans happy, and those creepy pics at the end there creeped me out just the right amount, and make me want to see the ep – NOW!!

    As for the whole Sheppard-Kirk thing, he’s not a patch on Kirk (who I never liked in the TV show, though he was okay in the films). And funnily enough, the first time (if I remember right) that McKay refers to him as Kirk is in ‘The Defiant One’ and is about Sheppard wanting to take back ‘his’ ship like Kirk would and nothing to do with women… that comes a bit later!!

    Hmm, will sign off now before my brain functions seize up on me, I can feel them beginning to grind already.

    Wonder what monstrous icon I get?


  123. Um, yeah, that’s certainly an odd-looking creature I’ve got given there… Is the redness anger or embarrassment? Or am I choking on some weird food item…!


  124. Questions for Jim Menard:

    Jim, I really enjoy it when you’re on the audio commentaries. It’s clear you really love the show, your colleagues, and your work! Two questions: 1) What are the pros and cons of HD filming in terms of lighting? 2) How much of your lighting work is aimed at making the actors look their best, and does that ever conflict with how you or the director want the sets to be lit?

  125. ROTFLMAO! A little like a mouthful of someone’s perfume, only fizzier. And you categorize that as “not bad”. I’m thinking…crappy N. American roses or unique Bulgarian ones, mouthful of perfume is “not good”!

    Love the segment…keep trying weird things!


  126. Joe,
    I just got back in country (ie the US) and I am catching up on all the season 5 material that I have missed. I must say that I am very impressed and I do hope that you get picked up for the 6th season.

    I plan on being in Vancouver sometime this year and hope that I have the chance to cross paths with such a great writer and director. Who knows, maybe I could learn something from you.


  127. That’s a shame it tasted like a mouthful of perfume, it’s obviously onme of those things that sounds nicer than it tastes. 😛

    Quick Question: I’m very much looking forward to the Lexa Doig guest blog, any rough idea of when hers will be Joe?

  128. The Wraith Kenny… Is his name actually mentioned on-screen, or does it only appear in the script?

  129. Gniaaaa!!Rien que pour vous faire plaisir je vais me montré sous ma vrai forme!

    mais demain je redeviens belle et humaine =)

  130. Mr. M a PSA announcement

    Stargate SG-1 seasons 1, 9 & 10 just became available in the itunes Canada store.

    Also a reminder that all Stargate Atlantis episodes are available in the iTunes Canada store. That include episode “The Daedalus Variations” .

  131. 1)Will Sheppard continue to feel guilt over things long past?

    2)Do Todd and Michael have any scenes together this year?

  132. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for posting more behind the scenes of whispers pic’s. They are great! Makes me want to see the epi even more.
    When do you find out whether Stargate Atlantis will get a 6th season? I would love the show to go on for many more years!
    Rose petals! Mouth full of perfume! You can put rose petals in salads too!
    Weird food of the day segment is great! Keep it coming!
    What is the strangest thing you have ever tried?
    My aunty made me try sea cucumber. Lets just say it was really grose. My husbands dad eats fish heads (mainly the cheeks) & some of his uncles & aunties eat chicken feet & sea urchins. They are from asia, mainly China.

    Take care & happiness always!


  133. Joe-How much are you paying for the weird food your trying?
    I bet it is costing you an arm and a leg for stuff you don’t even like…

  134. Hi Joe,

    I’ve got a question about Sam leaving to Earth in Search & Rescue. Was the Ba’al she was referring to the one who was in the beginning of Continuum? Or was it another Ba’al that was overlooked?

    Question for Jim Mernard: What made you want to be a Director of Photography?


  135. I am very scarce of late because Atlantis has not started here in South Africa yet and I really, really don’t want to read spoilers!

    Love your Rose Water. If it hasn’t got sugar in it add it to your bath. Now that should be interesting!

    The weird avatars are so amusing. Of course if one has an avatar already in place, like my African lion, one doesn’t get a monster ———->

  136. Hee hee. I just wanted to see what kind of monster your computer thinks I am…. And what a sweet puppy you have at the top of this blog!

  137. Thanks Joe – I’ll get busy making a Q & A page on my site and I’ll let you know when it’s up.

    Strangely enough, I happen to have a carton of Rose Elixir in my fridge. It’s non-fizzy, and still stranger, it’s also made in Bulgaria.

    Could it be that Bulgaria has the monopoly on producing rose drinks? They must have rose fields worth the visit.

    I read Cordelia’s Honor years ago, but I’ll have to re-read before reading y’alls comments. If I can find my copy …

  138. 2cats

    “Hello?! Have you heard of syndication? After this season 5, Joe has said SGA is at the tipping point for network syndication, 100 episodes. He has also said most of the main actors only have a 6 year contract. And if SciFi or MGM pull the plug, I would guess those contracts have an “out” included. So we move on to films to DVD like SG-1, who, rmor has it will be making at least 1 more direct to DVD feature. YAY!!

    I’m banking on at least a season 6, but past that, production costs will be very high. Also according to Joe, our gracious host.”

    Dummy me didn’t think of syndication. Probably because they are already showing reruns every day at 5:00 my time which is Eastern. I am pretty sure that she ment the series as a whole will not be leaving scifi soon. In my opinion they would be stupid to pull SGA as popular as it is. SGA is at its high and soaring. There so much more that the writers can continue to do with the characters and storyline.

    All I know is that I am going to enjoy every last minute that we have SGA. I’m going to stop wondering if there is another season coming or not and enjoy every episode that comes are way.

    Are we posting questions for Lexi Doig?

  139. Kay also writes: “Why McKay, and why with Keller, when there’s a whole city full of people?”

    Answer: Because it’s far more interesting to see our main characters interact with people we know rather than people we don’t.

    Really? It’s too bad you and the rest of the writers decided to butcher Weir’s story to the point that Torri Higginson is so pissed off that she doesn’t want to come back. She was the only actress on the show who had the chemistry with Joe Flanigan to pull off the realistic relationship between two main characters that you seem to want. If you really want to do this right, then just apologize to Higginson and ask her to come back full time next year, with a real story that’s not stupid, instead of offering her one wimpy little episode.

  140. perfume with fizz, YUCK! who says expensive = good?
    BTW what, on average, are these things costing?

    of course i’m now curious at to what the “default random avatar generator” will come up with for me. although if wordpress offers one that makes people, instead of monsters, i’d go with that. or even cats.

  141. G’day Joe

    Daedalus Variations, best episode so far this season. I am not much of a whumper.
    Finally saw ‘Continuum’.
    Great, great movie. Loved every second. Kudos to all involved.
    New segments, weird food purchase of the day are a great addition, makes me ROFLMAO.
    The avatars are very cute. *wonders what mine will be*
    Have a great day.


  142. Y’know, I don’t mind a little rose action in my food from time to time (I’m thinking Turkish Delight; Lassi; etc), but as I’m not very fond of either fizzy drinks or sweet things, I don’t think I’ll ever be trying that one.

    I must admit, I’m only posting to see if I get to be a cool monster, or one of the less attractive variety.

    Also, I think Sheppard has more romantic chemistry with the golf clubs than with Teyla, so my vote is for Sheppard/5 Iron. Woo! Let’s see some hot golfy lovin’! I also ship McKay/His Tablet; Ronon/His Gun; Carson/His Mum … um. No. I have no problem with Kanaan – I neither dislike him, nor feel the need to see him any more often than we do.

    Now I’m gonna go see what kind of monster I get. Wish me luck!

  143. One more thing
    I want Keller with Ronon.
    Just thinking of Keller with McKay is enough to turn my tummy, even more than that jelly stuff the other day *blech*


  144. Have you ever tried Pattypan squash? They look like a cross between a zuccini and those spiky gourds that you see in the fall. I just cooked one in the frying pan in quarter inch slices with a little butter and salt. Tastes a lot like a summer squash.

  145. I just purchased the series Witchblade and Joel Goldsmith did the music for that. He is awesome! Could you pass that along please.

  146. Hmmmm. Well, at least you took TWO sips of the Rose Petal Pop. And didn’t spit it out.

    But, I’m wondering, if there’s an actual market for the stuff (and it appears there is), it HAS to go with something, right? So, were there any instructions (:giggles:: also in Bulgarian) as to what foods it could accompany? Sort of like pairing beer with spicy Indian dishes. Or should it have been colder, because then the taste would be more subtle.

    Well, I’m still waiting to use rosewater to make my own Kulfi (Indian ice cream) which tastes out-of-this-world, in a very good way, IMO!

    Oh, and your silly random icon generator: I love it. To me it looks like something Matt Groening would be doodling while making an episode of Futurama (where we get things like flying brains, etc.).

  147. Last week a telephone pole right next to my house was struck by lightening and my internet has been down since. So, I had to catch up and I have to say I love the weird food of the day! Very funny, and rather informative.

    Ready for the next installment.

  148. I hate to say it (and this doesn’t mean that I won’t watch it) but the WHISPERS episode is really starting to irritate me. I realize that it’s a big deal for you and I *was* pretty excited by the whole horror aspect but —

    Okay, it’s like the upcoming DEATH RACE movie: SO many people are just drooling over it in various sci-fi groups and you can’t escape the commercials (in theatres and on TV) that I am Sick To Death of it already and will NOT be going to see it on a bet!!!

    I’m sure that I’ll change my mind after it airs but – for now – I am very glad that you’re having guest bloggers, just to cut down on the pix and the chatter. (and I think it’s just overload, as GateWorld and my yahoo groups just will not shut up about “hot female Marines” … which is not the focus of the ep. at least, I hope it isn’t.)

    Anyway, sorry for sounding off in a cranky way but I prefer to be honest rather than sycophantic.

    P.S. Love the Strange Food vids – !!

  149. Hello,

    from your answer to PG15 : “1) Hey, anything is possible. We’re a long way from an actual production date but I’d be VERY surprised if a third SG-1 movie wasn’t in production in 2009” I conclued Project Terzo is on his way , that will open the door and give the time to set Stargate Universe and in between, you will have season 6 final season of Atlantis.

    Ha! It’s good to be king !!!

    ByBy for while !

  150. There are many good lines and great moments I have loved from Jason Momoa’s Ronon character. I have appreciated the way the character has grown. As a man who had to live like an animal for 7 years then adjust to a new family, he has had many touching moments with all the characters. Thanking Weir for letting him stay on Atlantis comes to mind, Telling Teyla in Echos to hold on. Another time is the moment when he & John find out Teyla is expecting and he tells her it will be okay. In Search & Rescue when he makes the deal with John & John tells him he keeps altering the deal. The betrayal of Tyre giving Ronon to the Wraith was stunning in it’s depth and his going through the withdrawl of the Wraith enzyme. Too many to log here, but great job Jason. I would love to see a personality switch between Ronon & Dr. McKay where Jason gets to wear his glasses and be brillant!

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