Chef Yuji
Chef Yuji
Yuji’s California salad roll
Yuji’s California salad roll
Yuji's Aburi Negi Miso Kobe Beef
Yuji's Aburi Negi Miso Kobe Beef
Yuji's Spicy Curry Kalamari
Yuji's Spicy Curry Kalamari
Yuji's deep-fried tuna roll
Yuji's deep-fried tuna roll
Chef Rob Belcham
Chef Rob Belcham
Fuel's Chilled Organic English Pea Soup with frozen yogurt, side stripe shrimp, and crisp garlic
Fuel's Chilled Organic English Pea Soup with frozen yogurt, side stripe shrimp, and crisp garlic
Tagliatelli Belcham
Tagliatelli Belcham
Fuel's Fresh Raspberry Meringue
Fuel's Fresh Raspberry Meringue

My sister-in-law and her new boyfriend were in town for the week and part of my duties as their host included supplying them with clean towels, operating the complicated home theater remote, and ensuring they were well fed. My expertise, of course, extends to all three areas but it’s the latter at which I truly excel (clean towel supply comes in a close second) and so, over the course of their stay, I made it a point to introduce Grace and Jason to Vancouver’s varied culinary offerings. We did some pho, a little dim sum, a bit of barbecue, then capped the week off with the heavy hitters…

Thursday night: Yuji’s. Vancouver’s premiere Japanese tapas restaurant was, I thought, the perfect place to introduce Jason to the wonderful world of sushi. He was admittedly leery about the prospect of eating raw fish but, by meal’s end, he was an enthusiastic convert. But we didn’t limit ourselves to just the sushi. Hell, we didn’t limit ourselves at all. Highlights included many of Yuji’s signature plates – the maguro avocado crepe, Yuji’s California salad roll, and the deep-fried tuna roll – and a couple of cooked dishes like the spicy curry kalamari and the always impressive Aburi Negi Miso Kobe Beef that is served thinly sliced and blowtorch-seared at your table. Jason was so impressed by the quality and creativity of the individual plates that he was certain his dinner at Yuji’s could not be topped. Well, given the quality of the sushi in Montreal, I’m sure that might hold true for any Japanese restaurant he may visit any time in the near future, but I had something else in mind for their last night in Vancouver…

Friday night: Fuel: If Yuji’s was the dizzying left uppercut, then Fuel was the finishing right hook that put him down for the count. We opted for the Chef’s six-course menu and I requested one of the courses include the confit Polderside duck confit. Jason, a picky eater, had his own request: no duck. He wasn’t a fan. So we all started off with the chilled organic English pea soup with frozen yogurt, side stripe shrimp, crisp garlic. I used to consider soups and salads akin to necessary evils, but Chef Rob Belcham’s creations have forced me to seriously reassess my opinion of the once-innocuous starters. This version of English pea soup was nothing short of marvelous. Velvety, rich, and incredibly satisfying, it comes in a close second to my favorite soup of all time, another Rob Belcham creation, his labor-intensive but so-good-it-pains-you-to-stop-eating-it corn soup that brought me back to Fuel for four nights straight last year. According to Rob, he has visited the corn fields and it looks like that particular soup is only one month away from returning to the menu.

Next up, Jason enjoyed a seared and tartare of Qualicum Bay Scallop while Grace and I shared the decadent foie gras terrine. Despite his initial uncertainty about eating duck liver, Jason tried a bit. Then a bit more. And the next thing I knew, he was battling it out with Grace over the last of the silky-sweet foie.

We followed with the Carnaroli Risotto for Jason, and two off-menu pasta creations for Grace and I: agnolotti stuffed with a fava bean whip so creamy I assumed it had been lightened with ricotta, and a magnificent tagliatelle.

We enjoyed a perfectly cooked salmon, crispy-skinned yet moist and tender, then moved onto the main course – that confit Polerside duck for Grace and I, and a wonderful pork shoulder/pork sausage/pork belly trio for Jason. Alas, Grace was so stuffed by this point that she couldn’t even manage a bite of her duck. But Jason (the presumed duck hater) did. And then another. And another. He ended up finishing both his main AND hers, thoroughly blown away by the duck. “This is the best meat I’ve ever had!”he declared (If I had a nickel for every time one of my fellow Fuel diners spoke those words…). And then: “When you die and go to heaven, this is the food they serve.” I kid you not.

Finally – Just a reminder that I’ll be taking questions for Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok until midnight tonight (PST). After that, you’re just going to have to ask him personally.

84 thoughts on “July 29, 2008: A Culinary Combo

  1. Completly not fair!
    After reading and viewing your blog entry today, I have to figure out what to make for dinner! and I can tell you right now, nothing I can convince my picky family to eat will look half as good as those pics.

  2. Thanks. I’m hungry now. 😛

    (Oh, and Dovil is off leering in that other blog entry. 🙂 One of these days we’re all going to rise up against the Rogue Winkies and bring them to their tricksty little end. They ARE the Ultimate Evil!)


  3. For Ivon Bartok: Will you be putting together any special features for the “Children of the Gods” remix? Did you put together a blooper feature as was originally intended?

    Thanks, Joe. 🙂

  4. Oh wow. Rather tangential to your topic but that is some absolutely beautiful tattooing that Chef Belcham has there – incredibly rich colours and a beautiful design. Can I be cheeky and ask you to be cheeky (though I know it goes against your very nature.. ;)) and ask him for the story behind those tattoos when next you visit Fuel?

    In fact.. there’s a cool idea for you! Why not add some of your favourite chefs to the list of guest bloggers?! We can ply them with questions about their favourite recipes, how they got into the “chef-ing” business and, of course, what an honour it is to have yourself as an esteemed client… 😉

    Questions for Ivon:

    Given the long hours that the actors work, how difficult is it to schedule in their participation in the special features? Are you forced to follow them around like an affection-starved puppy and try and grab 5 minutes of their time between takes? 😉

    Who comes up with the ideas for special features? Are you given free reign to suggest ideas yourself or does Joe lay down the law with an iron fist and tell you, “Give me THIS!” 😀

    What’s your favourite of the special features you have produced to date and why?

  5. Hey Joe.

    A question about S&R: At the very end, why didn’t Carter have to wait at Midway for 25 hrs before returning to Earth? Or am I just missing something?

    Thanks Joe.

  6. Hi Joe, it is so difficult to guage whether I am submitting questions before a deadline or not. With NZ being 21 hours ahead, I get so confused. Maybe I should stop trying to do my stats assignment at the same time as reading this blog.

    Anyhoo, July was a great month with the great jaffa race on in town AND a chocolate festival who could ask for more???

    My questions for Ivon are: (thinking hard as Davidd asked my original 3), could you do a special features on the wardrobe dept, esp how the designers come up with the great ideas for costumes for the different human tribes and of course the Wraith. Oh, also a special on Joe Flanigan and Connor Trinneer?? Pretty please.


  7. Hi Joe, as usual, your culinary exploits leave us wishing for a tasting party!

    I don’t have a question for Ivon, but I would like him to know how much we enjoy the DVD extras. They are always a highlight to look forward to whenever we get the DVD’s. Thanks Ivon for all the goodies!

  8. i bought ‘continuum’ and love it!! 😀

    i was THE first customer to buy it at my local best buy store… yes, i was worried there wouldn’t be any left if i waited too long. 😛

    the movie was AWESOME! it felt like old school stargate. sam was great *fangirl moment*, mitchell was the hero *dreamy sigh*, and there was s/j ship to squee over!

    and even though we had an earth quake today, nothing would stop me from watching my stagate! 😉 (i was in walmart when it happened and could hear the shock wave go through the metal ceiling)

    it’s been quite a day. 😛

    sally 😀

  9. Gosh I am soo jealous yet again! Darn Vancouver being 2,000 miles away from where I live. But “Chilled Organic English Pea Soup with frozen yogurt, side stripe shrimp, and crisp garlic”. Soup with frozen yogurt?

  10. Thank you! I was just thinking the blog had gone without a food outing for an unnaturally long period of time, and voila, here you go and give us yet another great blow by blow account of two supurb outings. Sometime in the next couple of years I will have to plan a drive out west simply to check out Fuel personally. Driving by Bridge Studios would merely be a bonus…
    For Mr. Bartok. What exactly was your first job with the Stargate franchise? How did you come to be the person in charge of producing the Special Features?(of which you do a supurb job; I watch every one of them). Where do you see yourself in the next three years, both within the franchise and supposing that the franchise closes up in that time(heaven forbid). What’s the hardest part of working on a sci fi related show? I’ll stop there; I expect others will ask most of the rest of the questions on my list. Thank you very much for participating, and many thanks to Mr. M. for making it possible.

  11. Hey Joe

    Everytime I hear you talk about Fuel, it makes my mouth water. I wish I had enough time and money to visit the fair city of Vancouver, but I might just wait until the Winter Olympics hit your side of the world. Get a two-fer with great food and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    I absolutely loved ‘Broken Ties’ and I agree that it was Jason’s finest performance so far. Can’t wait for ‘Whispers’.

    Question: Is the brainwashing effects of reverse-feeding similar to what happened to Ford? Keller talks about the enzyme in both Ronon and Tyre’s bloodstreams and I was wondering if the cases were similar.

    Thanks once again.


  12. dasNdanger said: One of these days we’re all going to rise up against the Rogue Winkies and bring them to their tricksty little end. They ARE the Ultimate Evil!

    Now, this I’ll agree with you 1001% on. Latest studies show that they are in fact the work of the devil.

    And I also agree with Charlie’s Angel: the extras make the dvd’s a must have – so thanks to Ivon for all his work on them, they’ve been really entertaining.

  13. I would say I am like Jason, a picky eater. The Raspberry Meringue Looks good though and I may have tried the Duck too. I guess you have to be under pressure to try this stuff and since not too many people I know have your exquisite palete, I am off the hook.

  14. Ok, I’m not missing this Q&A!

    For Ivon:

    1. When did you start working on the DVD features for Stargate?

    2. Have you had any ideas for special features that couldn’t be made for whatever reason?

    3. I always like to see how a story is created, so is there any chance we can have a special feature covering how the writers spin out a story? Maybe even footage from a writers spin session?

    That’s it for now. Thank you for giving us your time and entertaining our questions! I love the DVD special features, especially recently. You do great work!

    @ AnneTeldy: I actually enjoyed Larrin, but I agree that Vala was much better. I just watched the first few episodes of Season 9 yesterday and I was utterly blown away by Claudia Black’s expressiveness, and that really added to my enjoyment.

    Oh, and happy really-belated Birthday! I can’t believe I forgot to mention it these last few days.

  15. Not sure if this has been asked of Ivon, but:
    Do they give you a specific amout of time to fill with Special Features on the DVDs? And you cannot go over?
    Are there any extras that you would have liked to see on the first 4 season DVDs that did not make it on to the discs?
    I REALLY enjoyed the deleted scenes, they truly gave a more in-depth understanding of the show. And the Bloopers were fantastic – MORE MORE MORE!
    Agree with the others who would love a profile of Joe Flanigan. But also would love following Joe M around while he snaps pictures of everything, he must get some funny reactions….

  16. Sherwood Forest Maiden said:

    July was a great month with the great jaffa race on in town…

    Anyone else picturing a bunch of aliens with a lot of armour gaff on and staff weapons running down the street?

  17. Just thought I’d share this…

    I mentioned a couple weeks ago I had a dream that the Wraith invaded earth and became showgirls in Vegas, well…just had another SGA dream last night.

    In this one I was with the team, in a jumper…underwater. I could hear those whale-fish things, but there was nothing else – just sand and water – and very black except immediately in front of the jumper. We found a submerged base – it looked like a military base c. 1945, with grey metal desks and old phones – and everything thrown about inside. We split up – I was with Rodney. We rummaged through the rooms, gathering up all sorts of old electronic and tech parts – guts of old radios, flashlights and the like – and tools. I remember getting all excited over finding so many cool tools. When we were ready to leave, I found some coats – like white heavy winter military coats – and I was trying to find one that fit, and none did. So I settled for a plaid, fleece-lined zip-up jacket thingy. It was still tight… 😛

    I know it was a combination of Submersion, Grace Under Pressure, Echoes, and Foyle’s War…and my recent trip to Home Depot. 🙄 I really need to watch what I eat before bed…


  18. Hi, Joe.

    I had a late lunch just before reading your blog…now I’m hungry again. Darn!

    Thank you for the reminder on the Ivon questions:

    1) Could we be introduced to the background actors some time? There was one lady we saw all the way through Stargate SG-1 and I never found out her name. I’ve even seen her in other Vancouver based series (John Doe, for example), but she’s always a background character, and never gets a screen credit. These are folks who are guests in our living rooms on a weekly basis — some of us fans would like to know who they are.

    2) What technology advancement has been the most beneficial to you in regards to your employment?

    3) I like PG15’s third question very much — how about a featurette on the making of an episode? The pitch, the writing process, the staff meetings, the rehearsal, filming, and the post processing?

    Best wishes, Morjana

  19. My questions for Ivon:
    What is the most challenging aspect of your job and how do you overcome it?
    How did you get in to this profession?
    Do find most actors and crew members want to be a part of the special features or do they get camera shy?
    Any funny stories you want to share?
    Thank you so much for all of the wonderful special features you add to the dvds. The first thing I did when I picked up Season 4 was watch all of the extras!

  20. das said:

    just had another SGA dream last night.

    We need to all get together and put together a book of whacked out Stargate dreams. I never used to have them, but of late they are occurring more frequently.

    To a scary point where real life is being incorporated. Such as the one where I dreamt we had our entire house renovated but there was a whopping Stargate in the kitchen/dining area. It was a Pegasus Galaxy gate because it went well with the new colour scheme of the house.

    Thanks SGC for the renovations!

    Need. To. Switch. Off. Sci Fi. Channel.

  21. Nice to see ectoplasmic soup has finally made its debut into the world of fine dining.

    Seriously though, I really really really hate peas (and ectoplasm) but even I would be tempted by that soup.. Looks devine.

  22. Ivan,

    Ever thought about doing a day in the life of an extra? I think it would interesting to see what some of the background players go thru or ever the stand-ins.


  23. While I’ve no question for Ivan, I want him to know how much I enjoy and appreciate all his hard work on the dvd extras. I watch them all, multiple times, and enjoy them every time.
    Bought Continuum today and whow…what a good old fashioned SG-1 story. Really enjoyed it…getting ready to watch it with the commentary over dinner.
    Glad to see such a nice bump in the premiere ratings. If they keep up like that SciFi will have no choice but to renew for a 6th season!

  24. Hi Joe,

    As usual, after I read your blog, I get the depressed that we don’t have great places to eat like that in Alabama! Well I thought I would let you know, just a little subtle hint, that Sat August the 2nd will be my 20th birthday! I’m going to be a “tweener”

  25. Yes yes, I’m totally with Morjana on that 3rd point of hers. 😀

    Oh, and Joe, do you mind revealing the line in the spoiler poem that’s for “Broken Ties”? Thanks!

  26. Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed watching Continuum. It lived up to all of my expectations. Please tell everyone at the studio that this was one of their finest and at least this fan appreciates all of the work that was put into it.

    Claudia Black was AMAZING in this movie. I know she is very good at her craft and I have been a fan of some of her work. I was thrilled with the complete change in her character that was revealed in the new timeline. How much of what she did was beyond the written words in the script?

  27. Questions for Ivon:
    1. Is there any chance you could put the tribute to Don S Davis (shown at Comic Con) on the Season 5 SGA DVDs, or would that be too off-topic for SGA? It was really lovely and moving.

    2. I second the request for a Joe Flanigan special — is one in the works? Surely you could bribe him with some good Scotch or an iPhone accessory. 🙂

    3. The editing on all the specials is really cool, and I’m especially fond of what you did for the Carson Beckett Returns special. Can you talk about the creative and technical process as far as how you weave in interviews with footage, etc?

    To Joe, can you dedicate your blog to NASA, whose 50th birthday is today? 🙂

  28. What the flippin!

    Deep fried tuna roll!

    It sounds so wrong but it look sooo goood.

  29. Hey Joe!

    I come PREPARED tonight!! 👿 I was the lucky winner of the extra fourth seat at my sister’s wedding tasting event. She is getting married at the Florida Aquarium and my sister, parents, and myself just ate our hearts out. I sampled ahi tuna on crisp wantons, coconut shrimp with raspbery sauce, lobster tail, and swordfish with a key lime sauce, to name a few. Not to mention a sinfully good New York style cheesecake AND chocolate and apple martinis. Two separate drinks. FABULOUS. So while those pics look great, I’m NOT hungry! I’m quite full and happy myself. 😛

    My sister’s wedding is going to have EXCELLENT food. MY favorite? Mashed potatoes served in martini glasses. Adorable AND delicious. Jess thinks THAT will be showing up at her reception. 😀

    I already asked Ivon my question but if you are offering to let me talk to him in person I accept. 😆

    And WOO HOO!!! I own Continuum!

    Trish 🙂

    P.S. Das… no more cookies before bed.

  30. The Comment of a Thousand Wows!

    Hi Joe!

    Wow! Even after my dinner of craft beer, venison sausage, goat cheese, grape tomatoes in homemade vinegarette, spaghetti squash, finished with fresh blueberries w/ real whipped cream, your blog still makes me hungry!! Wow! Sounds like your sis and bf had a great time! 🙂 You’re such a good brother. The most I could expect from one of my brothers is a meal in a mid-priced chain restaurant with a poor beer selection (to be expected). 😐

    Wow x 998!!! Continuum was incredibly fantastic!!!!!!

    Question for Ivon: Who creates the CG titles and effects you use in the special features? I think the ones for SGA S4 are the best ones yet! 🙂

    And…even though I swore I wouldn’t do this, I can’t stop my fingers from typing…please put another penny in the “Fan who wants Flanigan featurette” jar for me.

    Take care, have a great night, and enjoy Continuum, everybody!!


  31. For Mr. Bartok:
    1) Which special feature is the hardest to put together?

    2) Mark Savela was talking about together a montage of previous effects sequences; is there any chance we could see a snippet of that (say, the best VFX shots of S5)?

    3)Would Joel Goldsmith be interested in doing a commentary?

    Thanks, Teslan

  32. Hey Joe!

    Arg! Stop making me hungry! Your photos are making me drool all over my keyboard! 😀 Very nice dishes, wish I could’ve been there. 😛

    I just finished watching Continuum, and I must say, please extend my compliments to the studio. The movie was absolutely amazing!

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  33. What “amac251” posted!

    Just finished watching my brand spanking new CONTINUUM DVD! 😀

    In the words of O’Neill, “*NICE!!!*”

    -40… Been there, done that. But with all this ‘Global Warming’ my big beaver coat has been in storage for 5 years… Kinda miss wearing it while walking to work in that sort of weather… Then again, the 14 feet of snow I had to shovel for 2 hours every other day this past season pretty much squelched that particular sentiment… Kudos to those that went up there and the fine people at APLIS!

    Whatever, enjoyed it all immensely!! [GO NAVY!!]

    BTW, *have* to ask — at any point, did Claudia have a wardrobe malfunction…?! Lovely dress, but it seriously could have been engineered on her a bit better… [I come from a family of seamstresses]

  34. This question for Ivon may have been asked, but:

    How do you decide what the features will be? And when do you decide? For the Trio episode, for instance, was the decision to feature it made after the story was written, or once the producers realized it was going to be a major deal to film?

  35. Just watched Continuum and it was awesome! Leaves me wanting more movies!

    For Ivon:

    How much time do you spend on set filming the behind the scenes stuff and do you film behind every episode or just certain ones?

  36. Mmmm, I’m stuffed just reading about the food. Still … Japanese tapas? Right. Calamari with a “K”? Right-o. (I love calamari!!!!)

    Duck? Not a favorite, although I’ve had good duck. There used to be a tiny Chinese restaurant in Ogden. I do mean tiny, it had two tables for two and six counter seats. They made the best Almond Pressed Duck ever. Have been gone for over 30 years and I still rave about the damn duck.

    Raspberries look fabulous. I’m lucky I have canes right outside the kitchen door and can graze daily. No meringue, although that’s within my culinary abilities. Sadly, I nuked a bean burrito for supper. A low sodium, low fat bean burrito. I’m pathetic.

    I should have Continuum in my hot little hands any day now. The tracking shows it left Amazon and paused in Fernley NV. This gave me goosebumps, that’s the town where we turn North off Interstate 80 to head to Burning Man. I love weird coincidences. Almost as much as calamari without the K.

  37. Hi Joe,
    I just finished watching Continuum on Blu Ray and I have to say… it blew me away. The story was amazing and the quality of the production was incredible. I had high expectations after everything I had read on Gateworld, etc and this met and exceeded those expectations.
    I went into Best Buy this morning to pick it up and as I walked into the aisle I saw someone else picking up a copy, I moved to take my copy and as I was walking away a third person picked up a copy of their own. I hope that this is a sign that the movie will blow away the studio’s expectations.
    I hope that given this release on blu ray we can look forward to atlantis and sg-1 box sets on blu ray at some point?

  38. Hi Joe,

    Continuum was incredible! I’m on my 3rd viewing today. You promised us a S/J moment of solace. Personally, I found several. Would you mind letting us know which one you were referring to? I’d love to know!

    Please let BW know we’re eagerly awaiting Movie #3, and all that he promised it to be. 😉

    And please pass congratulations on to everyone. A great movie. I may have to buy a second copy in case this one wears out.

  39. For Ivan, sorry if this question has already been asked:

    Do you have to get an ok on any or all of your ideas from the studio (MGM/Fox) before you can set up any of the shoots, since they are responsible for marketing the dvd?

    @AnneTeldy – a very belated Happy Natal Day and hope your fever is finally coming down.

  40. Hey Joe!

    I have seen Continuum twice today and all I can say is Wow! Great action and VFX. I really felt for Carter when they had to leave Daniel on the ice. You could feel the fact that she was losing her whole team one by one. There was just great acting on everybody’s part. Tell everyone involved great job.

  41. Hey Joe! Thanks for the reminder about questions for Ivon.

    I wanted to ask Ivon about shooting the extras – the behind the scenes sections.


    First of all, I love all the DVD extras, so thank you so very much for what you show us, Ivon! 🙂

    1. I’m curious as to how you decide which episodes to include a behind the scene’s for. It must be rather difficult to be running around with ‘another’ camera while everyone else on set is busy doing their thing for the main cameras. Do you actually do all the episodes then pick the best ones to include at the end of the season? Or do you decide ahead of time.

    2. What’s YOUR favorite episode of SGA, and why?


  42. I didn’t get a chance to see “Broken Ties” at Comic Con so I had to wait until I got home. Wanted to say it’s a superb episode, nicely written, great acting. Jason does a fine, fine job. Of course, I have considered him a fine actor all the way through this series, even acting quite well in the background when you guys didn’t give him lines (yes, I always looked to him for reactions and he never disappointed me). Thought his emotional moments were the best I’ve seen on the series.

    Really enjoyed the relationship touches in this episode — the various team members vigils while Ronon was detoxing. Shep’s bedside vigil and bringing the sword. (I think the medallion would have been a better choice as Ronon had discarded it when he discarded his friend, so I wish you had won on that one.) And Rodney trying so hard to help his friend that he even takes a bath. Wonderful touches that I will long remember. The same lack of which in the current movies has profoundly disappointed me.

    I always thought Woolsey was a great addition and that he would prove interesting in the mix. I’m a bit surprised how quickly you are moving his character development or behavior development along but I’m not complaining. I like what you are doing with him… and I like how he’s not a pushover, but he also is supportive of those in his charge. He may conflict with them in the future, but I think he’s going to be a fighter for them as well. Great scenes for him in this episode.

    Also enjoyed the Teyla mother decision storyline which resonates with those of us who have had to make decisions like that. Thought the handing over of the baby to Woolsey and his response was brilliant.

    Good job all around. If only all the episodes could be comparable to this one.

  43. @ dovil – I agree. Rogue Winkies are the work of the devil…or…the Genii. Technically, they’re one in the same anyway.

    @ Narelle – I don’t know why these dreams have suddenly started now, and not back when I was first obsessed. I’m hoping my next one with be Wraith-based again…only this time involving boxers…or briefs. *wiggles eyebrows*

    @ Trish – It’s NOT cookies! I SWEAR!

    Can’t count out the imported Danish bleu, dark chocolate and old vine Zin, however… 😳

    *wonders what kind’a freaky dreams JM has after dining at Fuel…*


  44. TO Ivon – Wonderful job with the behind the scenes extras – they have to be the main reason I eagerly await the box sets releases! so much so I actually ordered the American region box set for season 4 SGA as it won’t be released here in Australia until sept/oct sometime – I can’t wait that long!! and it arrived last friday, i’ve watched it all already (inc. the extras). Hmm.. that might make my life seem a tad dull …..

    Specifically I really enjoy the behind the scenes look at the making of an episode – you manage to capture some fun and funny “off-camera” moments with cast and crew. Very well done indeed!

  45. *shields her eyes* Going to have to avoid the comments for a while, as I can’t get Continuum ’till Saturday. *pout* Ah well, at least I should get the new SGA novel in the mail tomorrow, to tied me over. 😀 Can’t think of a q for Mr Bartok, but I look forward to reading his answers to the ones already asked! 🙂

  46. das said:

    *wonders what kind’a freaky dreams JM has after dining at Fuel…*

    And whether half way through a dream the Wraith about to feed on him stops, puts their hands on their hips and says with a lisp, “You know Joe, I’m really not happy with thith part of the thcript. I’m not sure what my motivathions are. Am I thucking the life out of thith guy for fun or for thurvival?”

  47. @ Narelle… 😆 😆 😆

    And on that note, I will both go to bed, and stop whining.

    Until next time….



  48. Joe, loved Continuum. Great job to everyone involved. And I loved that there was a bus from McChord AFB! That was MY base! 😀 Woo Hoo! Yes, the little things amuse me. Did the Air Force fly the jets up to Vancouver for you guys to film or did you go down to Portland? Thanks 🙂

  49. …a couple of Imperial Storm Trooper pics on my blog from the book signing tonight in case anyone is a big Star Wars fan.

    Click through to reach the blog.


    And Joe, there was much excitement over Continuum at the store today. Yea, verily, yea.

  50. Joe,
    Continuum was AWSOME!!! Ivan everytime an episode is being filmed are you there with camera in hand?? and what actully do you film??…do you need permission from the actors to film their bloopers??? I havent seen many stargate bloopers…you do good work.

  51. Questions for Ivon:

    How did you end up working on Special Features? Is it an area you specifically pursued or did you fall into it?

    Are there any other Special Features you would recommend to watch, be it film, TV, or even video games?

    The one department that seems to get overlooked in a lot of special features is the sound department. This includes both production and post-production audio. Do you think there is a reason for this? How come we haven’t seen any special features about the sound department in Stargate?

  52. And then, her stomach rumbled so loudly, it brought down the heavens…

    I wake up after a bad night’s sleep, ravenous for food, and then I read this! I need a secret stash of snacks by my bed so that I can gobble one down before even laying one eye on your blog in future.

    The food looks great though.

  53. Coucou Joseph^^

    Miame!!! Sa a l’aire trés bon!!!
    Vous avez de la chance de manger au réstaurant!!

    Piou, il fait encore de l’orage ici =(! Je pris que ce week end il face beau, pour que mon anniversaire puisse ce fêter dehors!

    Cool, et bien vous diriez bonjour a votre belle soeur de ma part =)

    Passez une bonne journée! Gros ,bisou! je tadore biensure.

  54. Question for Ivon: is there anyone you particularly enjoy getting to do commentaries and if so, why?

    And is there any chance we can get Kavan Smith on to the special features somewhere? 😉 I’d also like to add my vote for the “Joe Flanigan Special”…

    Thanks for making the dvds extra special 🙂


  55. So as not to make my post of a humungus length I will bullet point 😉

    * Continuum was excellent 110%

    * S/J Ship Sqee’s were heard all over the world! I can’t wait for the 3rd Direct to DVD movie. I feel like giggling just typing this.

    * Stargate Season 5 has started out awesome. I really hope season 6 is going to be winging our way.


    I just wanted to ask. Will the possible relationship between Rodney and Jennifer continue as a will they won’t they? or will we see a character relationship arc developing for the characters.
    My vote is for the latter 😉


    P.S This is a short post LOL

  56. Ok…I’m thinking we need to get a Fuel restaurant down here in Australia! That would have to be the best pics of food posted by you thus far Joe!
    I guess anyone who is patient enough to be seriously tattooed like that chef, must be a damn good cook!!

    So I have a question regarding S&R…you know how Sheppard got the vaccine and then went into some convulsive state before his heart stopped…did all those affected with the virus have to have the same shot and go through the same thing??
    Also, why didn’t the city shut down when the organism became apparent?
    Thanks Joe.
    Love Chelle 🙂

  57. Continuum was amazing!!! I bought mine yesterday as soon as I got off of work. 🙂 I had my hopes up really high for a good movie, and I wasn’t the slightest bit disappointed. Will we get a Q&A with Brad Wright? 😀

    Thanks to everyone involved for making a great movie!

  58. Dear Joe,

    we just saw Continuum yesterday after seeing Hellboy II at theater. Two movies the same night. Which was the best ?

    CONTINUUM by far the best !! WOW! beautifull pictures, specials effects, very good scenario (even if time travels are not my perferred one because I am always distracted by the paradoxes )great writing, good performances of all the team and… beautifull music. Fantastic to see all those familiar faces all in the same movie. I would have a lot of oher good things to say.

    I agree with amac251
    “Please tell everyone at the studio that this was one of their finest and at least this fan appreciates all of the work that was put into it.”

    “Claudia Black was AMAZING in this movie. I know she is very good at her craft (…). I was thrilled with the complete change in her character that was revealed in the new timeline. How much of what she did was beyond the written words in the script?”

    About her, I read a brief report about her visiting London film and comic con in July 2008 where she refers to many Vala haters. I do not understand, yesterday we and our three daughters agreed Mrs Black is one of the most intense actress we ever know. Please forward to B Wright and RC Cooper my wish that you will try to cast her for Stargate Universe.

    Have a nice day

  59. I have a question that I hope you can answer…why is Davis still a Major after all this time?
    And the only problem I had with the extras on Continuum was that their is no Claudia interview =(
    I can’t stop telling everyone about this movie. Martin did an awesome job…the first shot of the movie was awesome!
    ONce everyone has had a chance to see the movie I hope someone can explain a question my sister and I have…won’t say what so I don’t spoil it for anyone but I kind of felt like I did at the end of seaon 8…there was a “what” moment for me during the last episode…had that same moment last night but it is so tiny compared to my absolute love of SG1.
    Does SciFi realize what they lost when they canceled this show? I mean whoever is running that channel continues to amaze me with the dumb decisions over and over again and hope the renew Atlantis.
    I wonder if MGM would be willing to do a screening of the movie in certain theaters like they do with Regal and showing movies like Boondock Saints on the big screen for the first time.

  60. Does Project Tergo by any chance have a ‘moon base’ in the basic plot outline? Just asking after Sam mentioned it in Continuum to Jack…

  61. Davidd: replying to your question about midway. The Midway was destroyed in the episode called “Midway”. 🙂

    so the only way to get to earth now is via Daedalus or the stargate.

  62. Joe,

    About Continuum, why aren’t there any deleted scenes to view in the extra features section? It was mentioned that there were alot more dialog/stuff about the characters being in the alternative timeline that couldn’t make it in the movie.

  63. *reads all of the posts, frowning often in awe or dismay at Das’ ramblings…… and ends up chuckling everytime anyway*

    *chuckles and shakes head cu he can relate to the SGA dreams*

    I think I have to stop channeling my namesake so much through the RPG’s I play him in…. although the dreams with the ladies inside the Jumper stranded underwater are always worth a revisit…. lolol

    *high fives Das, cuz he totally understands*

    Do you think Joe is shaking his head yet?

  64. Continuum RULZ!!!!!!!! 😀

    How great is Jack? Oh I miss him! I love him! It is so great to see him again.


    Is it too early to start chanting :

    We want a third movie! We want a third movie! ?

    Trish 😀

    @das: Oh it’s totally the dark choccie. And actually, your dreamz are great so maybe INCREASE what you are eating/drinking before bed! 😉 And pity me! I am *not* allowed to drink wine. 🙁 My doctor says I can’t. But it’s not all bad… martinis and margaritas and RUM are still Ok. (Which is good because without THOSE things I’d be ruler of all you sill people! :lol:)

    @Rebecca T: I have been known to stash the BIG reese’s peanut butter cups next to my bed. Great at morning time! Protein! 😀 Also swedish fish are darn good, too. And totally random but I can’t figure out why I am having trouble losing weight and getting cavities. Strange…

  65. To Fargate One,
    We can think an actor is wonderful, but not like a character that they play.
    I think Claudia Black is brilliant, Aeryn Sun is my favorite character on Farscape. But I never liked Vala, in fact I stopped watching SG1 regularly after her character was introduced.
    Similarly, I think Jewel Staite is a great actor, loved in her Firefly, but am not at all fond of the Keller character. I don’t blame her in the least! And just cause I don’t enjoy the characters doesn’t mean that lots of others don’t think they are great, more power to them! But we can’t all like the same thing, it would be a boring world.

  66. Continuum was absolutely amazing! I picked it up over lunch yesterday and after working 4 hours of overtime came home to do nothing but feed the little Pug monsters and watch the movie!

  67. Just one question to Ivon Bartok: how it happened that Claudia Black wasn’t invited to do ANY season 9 or 10 commentaries and there are NO even the shortest interviews with her on ANY season 9 and 10 and both movies now DVDs? This is really huge mistake and actually a huge slap in the face towards legions of Claudia’s fans all around the globe.

  68. @ ltcoljsheppard – Your dreams sound much naughtier than mine! Unless you consider Tyler Wraith – wrapped in feathers and strutting his stuff across a Vegas stage – as naughty. Personally, I found it rather disturbing…and yet, somehow I was intrigued… 😳

    @ Trish – Sooooo…how much rum ye be drinkin’ thar when ye typed all that, Cap’n Jack? 😉

    @ Joe – Question I asked a few days ago: Why does Michael seem to want/need Teyla’s understanding, and (more importantly) which part of him wants it? The Wraith in him, or the human? Or, is this something you can’t reveal because it will be addressed in the future?



  69. Joe, could you ask a question to anybody in MGM/Fox when they’re going to release both Ark of Truth and Continuum for the territory of: POLAND, CZECH REPUBLIC, HUNGARY, SLOVAKIA and some other Eastern European countries? Somehow our part of the world is not on MGM’s Stargate map…

  70. Hey Ivon is there any chance that the bloopers from SG-1 can be released us fans really really want them.

    Joe is there any chance Brad Wright will do Q&A on your blog too I would like to grill I mean ask him about how he views Vala.

    Sounds like you are being a good host to your sister in law

  71. To Ivon,

    I agree with other posters here, please do a behind the scenes on the foley (sound) department and editing department too!

    Thanks for great job.

    Patricia Lee

  72. Question for Ivon, Joe tells us many times about how a scene was originally pitched, or how things were changed for time. What’s the chance of a feature on an ep from pitching to final shot. I would love to see the process. Thanks, for your time.

  73. Question for Ivon:

    Or rather a comment. I really enjoy the special features on the DVDs, I mean it’s one of the main reasons to buy them vs ‘other methods”. That’s why I say keep doing special features on pivotal eppys, the making ofs and such.

    Why hasn’t there been a feature on Sheppard, yet?

    Also, I’ve often read in interviews snippets when actors said they’re recording commentaries, and then when the DVD comes out there are none. I know I read where David said he did one for “Miller’s Crossing” for example. I adore the writer’s of course and the production people, but I prefer hearing the actor commentaries. They were all over the place in the first three seasons, why are they absent now?

    Thank you!

  74. Oh my Meredith (your middle name’s not Rodney is it? 😉 ) the chocolates on that website you linked to looked and sounded *divine*.

    Joe, I rather think you should order yourself some and write a review so that your discerning readers can find out if they taste as good as they sound! 😀

  75. I second the question from Farscapefan…it is one of the things that have really ticked me off about the extras.

  76. Hi Mr.Mallozzi,

    This question is for your famous, never disappointing mailbag. In episode 3 of season 5 titled “Broken Ties”; was there a specific reasoning why Tyre said he wouldn’t hurt Teyla? I was under the impression they didn’t care for each other that much? Do the wraith sense that Teyla has wraith dna or does she have to use her powers? and would they see her abilities as a advance over other hives if they made her a wraith follower? Also, when Ronon was a follower of the wraith because of Teyla’s dna didn’t he still have loyalty to her to some degree?

  77. Mr.Ivon Bartok,

    Given that your noble, AMAZING profession is often forgotten by the millions that buy dvds, do studios and etc. give you as much access and freedom as you want? And just for mega bonus points I have to admit I LOVE the special features on the Stargate dvds. Keep up the GREAT work!

  78. Dear Joe,

    Hey, how similar is Woolsey’s reaction to holding Teyla’s baby in “Broken Ties”, to what your reaction would be, if a baby was thrust into your arms unexpectedly?

  79. Finally, Stargate/Atlantis has arrived as a full on display at my local Best Buy store! I am not sure about everyone else out there going to the store the day Stargate/Atlantis/movies come out, but around here…you have to search for them on the shelves. They have never been right up front with all of the other New Releases…which is just unfair and sad!

    Yesterday i went into the store thinking i would have to search for Stargate Continuum, but there it was…an entire shelf unit full of Stargate/Atlantis/Movies! They had a whole area set up with every season and movie (it was so great to see). It was always a feeling of my being a fan of a show that always seemed like nobody in my town knew about (you know that feeling…you ask the clerk for an item and they look at you like you are strange for watching something they have never heard of before) but finally the clerk knew the shows and the movies and it felt really great! :o)

    I just wanted to share that.

    Michele Blue

  80. I rue the direction the Vala character was taken in SG1 with all of the hardness melted out of her. Putting Claudia Black in pigtails was like putting Pavarotti in an XL corset.

    In Continuum it was terrific to once more see the marvellous sharp, steely ascerbic personae she does so incomparably better than “drippy bimbo”.

    I have to ask … “My sister-in-law and her new boyfriend”. Uhm; wouldn’t that make her our ex-sister-in-law? 🙂

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