Tamlyn has come bearing gifts!
Tamlyn has come bearing gifts!
From the gang at Night Shade Books
From the gang at Night Shade Books
From the gang at Solaris Books
From the gang at Solaris Books
Sottocenere - it's nothing short of inspirational!
Sottocenere - it's nothing short of inspirational!
My new bookmark
My new bookmark

With July fast approaching, I thought this might be a good time to remind you all of the upcoming Book of the Month Club discussions:

The week of August 11th, we’ll be discussing Cordelia’s Honor. Author Lois McMaster Bujold will be dropping by to answer your questions so all you Bujold fans (I know there are plenty of you out there), start reading (or re-reading as the case may be).

From the publisher: “In her first trial by fire, Cordelia Naismith captained a throwaway ship of the Betan Expeditionary Force on a mission to destroy an enemy armada. Discovering deception within deception, treachery within treachery, she was forced into a separate peace with her chief opponent, Lord Aral Vorkosigan—he who was called “The Butcher of Komarr”—and would consequently become an outcast on her own planet and the Lady Vorkosigan on his.

Sick of combat and betrayal, she was ready to settle down to a quiet life, interrupted only by the occasional ceremonial appearances required of the Lady Vorkosigan. But when the Emperor died, Aral became guardian of the infant heir to the imperial throne of Barrayar—and the target of high-tech assassins in a dynastic civil war that was reminscent of Earth’s Middle Ages, but fought with up-to-the-minute biowar technology. Neither Aral nor Cordelia guessed the part that their cell-damaged unborn would play in Barrayari’s bloody legacy.”

The week of August 18th, we’ll be discussing: The Orphan’s Tale: In the Night Garden. Author Catherynne M. Valente will be joining to answer your questions. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this collection (stories within stories within stories). Don’t miss out!

From Publisher’s Weekly: “A lonely girl with a dark tattoo across her eyelids made up of words spelling out countless tales unfolds a fabulous, recursive Arabian Nights-style narrative of stories within stories in this first of a new fantasy series from Valente (The Grass-Cutting Sword). The fantastic tales involve creation myths, shape-changing creatures, true love sought and thwarted, theorems of princely behavior, patricide, sea monsters, kindness and cruelty. As a sainted priestess explains, stories “are like prayers. It does not matter when you begin, or when you end, only that you bend a knee and say the words,” and this volume does not so much arrive at a conclusion but stops abruptly, leaving room for endless sequels. Each descriptive phrase and story blossoms into another, creating a lush, hallucinogenic effect.”

Finally, the week of August 25th, we’ll be discussing The Church of Dead Girls. Author Stephen Dobyns will be coming by to answer your questions. This one sounds very intriguing, a thriller that delves into the psychological ramifications of a heinous crime…

From Library Journal: “Despite the lurid title, Dobyns’s latest novel (he is a poet and author of the “Saratoga” mystery series) is a compelling mystery that shows how the people in a small town change because of a series of murders. First, a promiscuous woman is murdered. Then three girls disappear in succession. The narrator reports how the symptoms of fear escalate into a raging disease consuming the community. Cloaking prejudice and fear with righteousness, certain citizens target individuals who are on the community’s fringe. By the story’s end, no one escapes suspicion. Many characters and the complexities of human interactions receive well-rounded treatment. This absorbing tale, fit for any general collection, is highly recommended.”

So start your reading engines.

My reading engine is, of course, on cruise control. But in spite of the significant number of books I’ve read of late, I don’t seem to be putting much of a dent in my To-Read pile since I tend to pick them up faster than I can put them down. Last week, I received a shipment from Night Shade Books. This weekend, I purchased a buch of titles. And then today, I received a shipment from Solaris Books. Still, I’m not complaining. I’ll get through them all eventually. And, while I do, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to give all of you the heads up on some of the titles I found particularly enjoyable. To that end, I’m going to start posting a Monthly Top 5 that will, as the title implies, offer up bullet reviews of five of my favorite (non-BOTMC ) reads over the last four weeks.

Speaking of our little BOTMC, here are the titles of next month’s line-up for those of you looking to get a head start:

In the SciFi category, we’ll be reading the first book of Justina Robson’s Quantum Gravity series: Keeping It Real. Discussion will begin the week of September 15th.

From Booklist: “Robson lets loose and has fun with this tale, a rock ‘n’ roll saga including elves, magic, and cyborgs. After the Quantum Bomb of 2015, Earth proper has coexisted with alternate dimensions peopled by elves, demons, elementals, faeries, and the dead. Government agent Lila Black was nearly killed by elves while on a diplomatic mission, and now she is mostly machine. She has been assigned to guard the legendary band the No-Shows, especially lead singer Zal, who’s precisely opposed to every elf stereotype out there, first and foremost in his music. Lila becomes trapped with him in a game caused by wild magic and, in the process of protecting him, discovers some of the complicated plots swirling just under the surface of Alfheim, the elves’ dimension. Robson creates fascinating characters and worlds for them to inhabit, meanwhile sacrificing none of her other strengths and not once succumbing to the easy genre cliches, at least not without keen irony.”

In the Fantasy category, we’ll be reading the first book of Glen Cook’s Chronicles of the Black Company: The Black Company. Discussion will begin the week of September 22nd.

Finally, in the horror category – well, not so much horror as a mix of horror, fantasy and then some in a genre that has been coined “New Weird” – we’ll be reading Jeff Van Dermeer’s City of Saints and Madmen. Discussion will begin the week of September 29th.

From Publisher’s Weekly: “Set in the haunted city of Ambergris, with its Borges Bookstore, these stories feature bizarre recurring characters and intensely self-referential plots. Among the highlights are the World Fantasy Award¤winning Transformation of Martin Lake, the tale of a talented painter who’s obsessed with a great composer; The Strange Case of X, which concerns an incarcerated lunatic found wandering the streets of Ambergris carrying the very book being discussed in this review; the wonderful new story The Cage, in which an antiques dealer becomes infected with a fungus that’s slowly taking over much of the city; and, oddest of all perhaps, an untitled short story, which fills the entire dust jacket and concerns an unnamed traveler who has a close encounter with a giant squid in the river that runs through Ambergris. Other pieces take many forms, including a history of the city complete with footnotes, psychiatric records from a local hospital, an amazingly funny work of pseudo-biology entitled King Squid and entirely bogus bibliographies and glossaries. This beautifully written, virtually hallucinatory work isn’t for every taste, but connoisseurs of the finest in postmodern fantasy will find it enormously rewarding.”

Hey, in addition to today’s book shipment from Solaris, I also received some other wonderful gifts. Chelle DB sent me the terrific bookmark pictured above, while actress Tamlyn Tomita brought me back some goodies from California: gourmet pappardelle and some of that black truffle sottocenere cheese she was raving about last week (http://josephmallozzi.com/2008/07/21/july-21-2008-special-guest-bloggers-and-office-happenings/). I am truly spoiled.

I’ve lined up our next guest blogger. Special Features Producer Ivon R. Bartok informed me that he’d be more than happy to field your questions. So, got a question for Ivon who is presently shooting/editing/producing dvd extras for Atlantis‘s fifth season? Yes? Well then post away. I’ll collect your queries over the next couple of days and send them Ivon’s way.

Finally, since someone asked – yes, we did receive the live +7 numbers for our season premiere today. Search and Rescue got a bump to a little over a 1.7 rating.

Today’s entry is dedicated to belated birthday gal Anne Teldy.

96 thoughts on “July 28, 2008: Bookly Matters

  1. Confused about the dates for the book discussion? Do you mean August instead of July?

  2. Hey joe- still have an oops up there in that first sentence 😀 😉

    Hope everything is going well will try and catch up later as I have (yet another) day off *sighs*

  3. Hi Joe, I was wondering if you read an article over at ‘SyFyPortal.com’ titled, ‘Should Stargate Take a Bow?’, written by Stanley Blair? I found it rather unsettling.

    Am enjoying the season thus far, very much. Thank you.

  4. July was horrible. You didn’t miss much. 😀

    I keep hoping to join in one of these fascinating book club discussions but I never seem to find the time these days to read much. Can you offer me a shortcut and nominate a book that I’ve already read? 😀 Anything by Iain M Banks would do. 😀

  5. A couple of questions for Ivon B.

    1. Will the comic-con conference of Stargate Atlantis possibly be included on the DVD boxset for Atlantis’s fifth season?

    2. And are there any new ideas you’re hoping to include in the fifth season boxset? This season the bloopers were the new big thing, what have you got planned for this year that you could tell us?

    There is also one more point I’d like to bring up, although I’m not sure if this is better to bring up with Joe M or Ivon, so if the query isn’t within Ivons job specifics then this is for you Joe 🙂
    3. There are always ‘Previously ons’ included within the DVD’s, and there is nothing against that obviously, however on two parters like Kindred 1+2 you watch part one, then go to part two and you have to watch the previously on for the episode you just watched. Is it possible to have a feature on the DVD discs to be able to turn ‘Previously ons’ off (such as has been included in the Pushing Daisies set in the UK), so fans familar with the show can watch the episodes straight or continuously. Or to make it so you can just ‘skip scene’ and be taken to the end of the previously on.

    Thanks for your time, Inpa.

  6. this is a question for ivon bartok:

    this is concerning the sg1 episode ‘grace’: i’ve heard that the sam/jack kiss had 12 takes. is there any chance of *seeing* those 12 takes make it to… uh, something. maybe on the 3rd movie extras stuff? 😛

    seriously, many shippers would squee and die (but be revived) to see it.

    sally =D

  7. Hi Joe,
    Can I call you Joe? I just want to know who provides the diapers for Teyla’s baby way out in the Pegasus Galaxy?? Galaxy Diaper Service? Where does Kanaan go at 3 am to get more? And are you going to provide us any pics from Comic Con or do I have to buy season 5 when it comes out?

  8. I do have a question for Ivon: What got you interested and started in doing the special features for Atlantis?

    I just ordered The Orphan Tales and The Church of Dead Girls today along with Stargate Continuum. I should get them either Wednesday or Thursday (what can I say, I live in the middle of nowhere) and will put Shadows by John Saul down if I have to, unless I finish it in the next few days, so I can start the two new books.

    Joe, I just thought of a question for you as well: What is the strangest gift and the most interesting gift you have ever received from a fan?

  9. Joe I’m so glad about the 1.7 after live +7, that’s amazing! I can’t stop smiling 😀

  10. I’m loved! 😀 Everyone here at the prison facility will be glad I’ve stopped pouting.

    My birthday ended with my niece — one of my converts to fandom — coming to watch “Broken Ties” as she had had to work Friday night. We both liked it.

    Anne Teldy

  11. Hello Ivon,

    Thanks for taking the time to address some of my Questions:

    1- What kind of extra’s can we look forward to for Season 5?

    2- Could you ask the actors to do a day in the life, behind the scenes like you did on SG1?

    3- Is there any chance we can get more deleted scenes than last time? Couldn’t you put all the deleted scenes on the DVD for each episode?

    4- Could you also petition TPTB to put out takes on the DVD’s? Like the ones we all hear about when the commentaries are being recorded, i.e., Rodney couldn’t stop laughing or… ad libs that take place?

    5- What do you like most about your job? You started as an assistant to a producer, how did you get the opportunity to start doing the behind the scenes footage? What did you major in college and how did that prepare you for your current job?

    Keep up the great work! IMHO the Extra’s are the best part of the DVD’s!


    Patricia Lee

  12. Awww, that bookmark is so kawaii!! ^^

    Belated happy b-day to Anne Teldy from me, too! Hope you’re feeling better! *HUGS*

    In celebration of Ship Day, I have posted pics of my custom Sam and Jack my little ponies. Also, got word today that the Track Director for the Stargate track at Dragon*Con got a my little pony signed by RDA, Tapping, Judge, Browder, Wood, and Wright for our Don S Davis Memorial American Heart Association auction! W00t! Remember, peeps, you can bid on that pony (or the ones by Cliff Simon & Pierre Bernard, or the “Mars the Dog” one that I made & David & Kate Hewlett signed) by proxy if you can’t make it to the con. Info here. (There’s still 2 slots left in the pony-customising panel, too.)

    And for anyone interested, my review of “Broken Ties” is up!

  13. ZOMG! lols Continuum comes out tommorrow! LOLS Just a little reminder- MY B-DAY IS 2MORROW ^^ tehe WOOTZ!


  14. I am not sure if this has been asked yet but will Teyla be appearing in the season finale? and if so will she play a major role in that episode or will she be seen in only a few scenes?
    I would really appreciate your answer. Please and Thank You

  15. first of all; yea for new books!

    Today’s entry is dedicated to belated birthday gal Anne Teldy.

    who’s namesake will soon be eaten by space cows or even replicators 😉 on SGA.

    speaking of ms. teldy will there be another #___ commenter prize?

  16. With due respect to Alipeeps, July has been a terrific month. You can blame that reading frenzy you’ve been on for the time passing by. I’m waiting on The Orphan’s Tale to arrive by mail; I don’t anticpate any problems in having it read before the discussion begins. My own book run was considerably humbler than your own, and my backpile continues to grow. I’m also trying to bring some order back to my books, as well as catalogue the titles I have. I suspect I’ll be at that for the next few years, unless I run out of space to pile up the books I keep accumulating. Especially since I’ll have to pick up two of the three September offerings. Fortunately, I’ve already got Cook’s book.
    Love the bookmark. Perhaps Chelle DB might be willing to make up a complete set, one for each of the “kiddies”? And maybe offer them for sale, or donation, to interested persons? I’d certainly be happy to obtain one, or several, myself. Just a thought….
    Looking forward to Mr. Bartok’s participation on the blog, and will post my questions tomorrow. Thanks for the pictures. Luckily I’m alone so no one was about to see me drooling over the selection of books you raked in.

  17. <>

    Is it my imagination, or have the ratings for the first few episodes of season 5 been higher than the beginning episodes of season 4?

    When you receive the ratings, is there any discussion of said ratings with SciFi Execs (or representatives)? I guess I’m hoping they are pleased with the ratings. Any “thumbs up” or kudos from those that decide on a Season 6?

  18. Hey Joe.

    Um, I hate to break this to you Joe, but this the end of July.

    Out of curiosity Joe, what encouraged you to start blogging in the first place?


    Question for Ivan Bartok:

    Hey Ivan! If you don’t mind, I have a few questions for you…

    1) What is the hardest part of your job and why?

    2) When there are interviews with cast and crew on DVD extras, did they volunteer to do them or did you request that they do it?

    3) About how long does it take to complete a featurette for the DVDs?

    4) Do you get to decide what all the featurettes are going to be, or does someone tell you what they have to be?

    5) Is there a cameraman who specifically captures footage for DVD extras, or do you use a combination of clips from all over the place?

    Thanks for answering some, if any, of my questions!

  19. LOVE the bookmark – perfect!

    Is 1.7 good?

    Will have to think up a question for Ivon…a bit too tired right now to think.


  20. I’ve gots a question that I hope you can answer, Joe! In many episodes, the gate activates and the walls of the room are bathed with a blue glowing, pulsating light, apparently the “reflection” from the activated gate.

    How do you get that effect? Is it done while filming or something that gets added in post? Or both?

    Thanks! =)

  21. Thank you Joe, for the setting up the guest blogers!

    For Ivon –

    First and foremost, Thank You for all the wonderful extras so far! They have been awesome and I am very thankful we get them on the DVDS.

    My question is:

    Most, but not all, of the main cast has had a special feature done on them. Will we be getting one for Joe Flanigan/John Sheppard on the season 5 discs?

  22. I’ve got a couple questions for Ivon:

    Can we look forward to any more outtake reels in future DVD sets? They’re a lot of fun.

    Are you going to get around to doing actor/character profiles for everyone? What about recurring characters? Personally, I’d love to see one for Michael, although Zelenka and/or Lorne would also be fun. Or possibly having an updated one about the wraith, talking more about all the individuals that have been acquired over the seasons.

  23. Ivon:

    I’ve really love all the great extra features and behind the scenes specials, they’re very professionally done and entertaining to watch, I always wish there was room for even more as they’re the best part of the DVDs.

    Anyway, I was wondering how you come up with the subject matter or who you pick to interview, or which episode to feature on the featurette, or just what features to include. Is it a request from the studio, suggestions from the producers or input from you or a mix of all three?

    Keep up the great work!

  24. Hey Joe!

    I’m going to copy down the book titles and see about acquiring them. Would be interested in trying your BOTMC. 🙂

    A question for Ivon R. Bartok: When conducting interviews with cast/production members, how does one choose what to discuss about? Is it purely up to the interviewee or are other processes involved?


    – Enzo Aquarius

  25. Hi

    Congradulations on such a great episode this week.

    Question for Ivon.

    I know its hard to grab eveyone to do the special features but we have had all the main cast except for Joe F aka Sheppard profiled. Any plans to hog tie him and get him to do a season 5 profile.


  26. Anne Teldy said …

    When, oh, when will WordPress get a preview function????????????

    I hear that! XD It’s the one thing I really miss about Blogger ….

  27. Having one superbly craptastic day, but on a happy note I have 2 of the 3 books for next months BOTM.

    The cover of the Jeff VanderMeer book looks very “A Nightmare Before Christmas” and has me intrigued so I think I will seek that one out too.

    Happy Belated Birthday Anne Teldy.

  28. Congrats on the 1.7; I know that’s pretty good, comparatively speaking, especially in this day of DVR’s & TiVo. I’m already lighting incense for a sixth season.

    Just a quick couple of questions for Ivon:

    1) Is there any way to get ads for something other than Stargate and yet *related* to Stargate? Like… “How do you like Sanctuary so far? Check it out if you haven’t already.” or “Get ready for Starcrossed!”

    2) Can we hope for MORE in the way of deleted scenes (and I mean everything that ends up on the cutting room floor), bloopers (could also be gleaned from the floor), and — hopefully — outtakes? Maybe Joe could handle that since he seems to sneak around, recording the darndest things !!

    Hope filming is going well, Mr. M; got my question lined up for Cordelia’s Honor…

  29. Hello Joe,

    Wanted to send Kudos to you for “Broken Ties”, I just watched it again (after a review of your blog) and all in all I thought Jason’s performance was heart wrenching, I was feeling his agony. Bob Picardo’s was rather heart warming. I’m not sure why, but as I watched it on TV I missed alot of the little things (most especially, it seemed in the quick blur of the scene-I thought Ronan cut off the hand of the Wraith and that really threw me. So happy I bought the season on Itunes and could review…

    Thank you for the BOTM club suggestions also. I have kept up with the reading for the most part but have not been around for the commenting. I travel too much for my job which, on the one hand gives me the time to read the books, it does not give me the time to comment or question. I mostly read for the entertainment value anyway.

    Really enjoying Season 5 so far – but it is going by so fast!



  30. I hate to sound like a n00b, but the ratings system is confusing to old people born before TIVO such as myself. Are those numbers good? Bad? More than usual? More than American Gladiator?

    Can’t wait for Friday. I love alternate reality stuff!

  31. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNE TELDY!!!! Soon we will know thy fate in Whispers….

    Hope you become a re-occurring character!!!

    Hint …hint… Joe!

    Patricia Lee

  32. Uh….just watched the Wraith parts of Broken Ties again…



    Maybe I’m just overly tired, but at any moment, I was expecting Tyler Wraith to drape his arm around Ronon’s shoulder and say, “Jack…Jaaack. Did ya not notice? That be the same little island that we made you Governor of on our last little trip.”

    So, is it just me, or was this Wraith channeling Captain Barbossa?? (Probably why I liked him so much…all he needed was a hat…a really big one. 😉 )


    PS: Just for the record for anyone who heard me whine last night, Foyle’s War was fantastic! A good ending…all about reconciliation.. Damn good show…one can learn a lot from it…

  33. Karen Traviss, author of the new Star Wars: The Clone Wars book is signing at my store tomorrow night (Tuesday).

    I’m looking forward to a lively event, as I understand that people are passionately opinionated with regard to the choices she made in writing the book.

    Passion for the written word is an excellent thing.

  34. 1.7??? That is fantastic!! Congratulations, guys! You deserve it, it was the best premiere ever!!

  35. They are selling/preselling the Sound Track for Continuum now. Just got email from FreeClyde as a purchaser of Joel’s soundtrack to AoT.

    If Continuum Sound Track is ordered before Aug 12, and you are on the mailing list, Joel will sign.

    Given what we know from AoT score and the recent original score for Broken Ties Montage…I got one.

    Here is the URL:

  36. Hi Joe:

    I just thought I would share with the class the current events and presentations of some of the SG-1 and Atlantis students on their field trip. They did a wonderful job overall. Ben started the hijinxs by kissing Michael and then Chris felt the need to smack everyone on the bottom as he rushed to his seat. Poor Rick seemed to forget quite a bit of his presentation with the exception of how cold it was at the North Pole when it was time to take a bathroom break. Martin seemed somewhat put out that he had to always go when Rick went. The best part for Martin (Wood)was having the toilet seat warmed for him by Rick. Someone made sure to comment about Martin who wore shorts, even when he was at the North Pole. Amanda said that she and Ben goofed around and made snow angels when they walked on the ice. Chris talked about everyone was lowering the bar, so now he could get away with more hijinxs of his own. Between you and me, he sounds like trouble.

    The Atlantis presentation was very good as well. Robert said that cross dressing might be in his future when he commented that he’d have a tough time filling Amanda’s shoes. Joe said he got to beat himself up in Doppelganger. He also said it was physically taxing and his shoulders still hurt. Poor Joe.

    They were all well behaved at the party on the aircraft carrier. Several of them rode the flight simulators. We discovered that Rick and Brad can fly quite well, but Martin (Gero) and Jewel crashed alot. Don’t let them near the Puddle Jumper. Michael and Chris and Cliff looked very nice all dressed up, but they didn’t seem to want to try the simulators. I guess that crashing isn’t for everyone.

    Patricia (AG)

  37. For Ivon:

    *Many* of us *really, really* want to see that rumoured deleted scene of Ronon cutting his hair!!! PULLEEEZZZE!!!

    AND, *all* of the BROKEN TIES ‘sword fight’ — it’s been hinted that there’s a lot more footage to it…


  38. i am away at the beach in carolina for the next few weeks – iknowiknowiknow, what a hard life i lead. so i have to send my question comment to LMB early. hope u can save it.

    I have read the entire series, of cordelia, aral and miles. read them just as they were published, awaiting still more (hint). and its hard to completely express my admiration to someone who can create such a varied, believable galaxy of people, places and cultures. your worlds are so distinct, and yet not so outlandish as to be unreal. from the quaddies to the prison camp to the royal females in the egg-shaped bubbles (sorry cant remember the names and cant find my copy). i hope you never sell the film rights, because no one could ever replicate your world. and you know that hollywood would put the wrong actors in the parts. film-cordelia would be a pretty young thing, and i cant imagine aral being interested in a cordelia who didnt have backbone, grit and experience. and miles would never sell. short and disabled to an outsider looking at the outside.
    i have one major complaint. i am still upset about it, probably always will be. i read the first 2 stories about cordelia and aral. and then you wrote the third book and it was about miles. miles! i want cordelia and aral. i want more of their story, their life and all the little parts in between. i feel shortchanged. i want more than the little glimpses in the background of miles stories. i want to know what happened right after she found him drunk at the lake. you left them too soon.

    for those who havent had a chance to read her stuff, here is the url to her webpage. most of her books have been made available as ebooks and she has posted as many as the first 10 chapters of many of her books to get you hooked. i think there is one complete book posted there for free.

  39. oh, joe
    i forgot to ask. what did you think of james p hogans’ book, inherit the stars? did u get the sequels?

  40. Question for Ivon — DVD sales seem to be of value to the studios, etc. So… why on earth won’t they pay the actors to do commentaries, featurettes, etc? I find that so confusing, a real mix of priorities!

    Also, while I loved the blooper reel on the Season 4 set, I was left wondering. When Flanigan and Hewlett have talked in interviews about how much goofing around they do, I had hoped to see some of that on the bloopers. And yet they weren’t there so much. Is there some fair amount of ‘adult language or content’ that MGM or Sci Fi won’t allow on the DVD sets? (I know, hard to believe! 😉 )

    And really, who is in charge of deciding how many eps get Mission Directives, who gets interviewed, etc. Does the studio or the network seem to get that the extras are (in large part) what sell a DVD package? 🙂

    Thanks for all your work on them, and thanks too for coming around to answer our questions!

  41. Hey Joe!

    I’m glad you are spoiled. You spoil us so that seems fair! I have a brilliant idea, too! I’m going to make Allie choose a book from your BOTMC and then I’m going to make her join the discussion! 👿 I think she’ll actually enjoy it. I must admit that a couple of the selections sound taylor made for her tastes! Horror and weird? I swear those are Allie’s middle names. 😉

    My question for Ivon Bartok: I hope you have an idea of how fantastic the special features and extras are to us! I remember way back when (six years ago?) I first *discovered* that part of the SG-1 dvds. To see people like Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, and David Hewlett as *themselves* and thrilled to be working on such a great show is a real treasure. The chemistry is amazing. My girls and I thoroughly enjoy watching those extra bits together. If we are not laughing hysterically, we are in awe of all the work that goes into making our favorite show. For me, there is nothing too boring, trivial, weird, etc. to put on the extras! I eat it all up! Thank you for doing what I assume must be a very difficult job. 😀

    I guess that’s not really a question but more of me turning into a babbeling fangirl. 😳

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNE TELDY!!!! I hope it was great at the prison—er facility. 😉 And if wordpress gets a preview feature I will die a happy woman!

    And NOW I must go to bed.

    Trish 😀

  42. To Ivon R. Bartok

    Thank you for the fabulous work you have been doing.

    It’s always a blast to watch the extras, almost as good as watching the episodes themselves.

    So again, Thank you :).

  43. Salut joseph!!

    sa va ?? yééé ces livre on l’aire chouette =)!
    merci pour les photos!

    Moi j’ai ecore des probléme avec internet exploreur snif, je doit me servir de Mozilla et je n’aime pas trop çà.

    aller bisou, je t’adore! bonne journée!

  44. Your eating habits are starting to affect me. Since it’s late, I was skimming through your book selection descriptions, and when I read this:

    “ in which an antiques dealer becomes infected with a fungus… that’s slowly taking over much of the city.”

    My first thought was…Is it eatable?

  45. Hello Joe!

    I am happy with season 5, because the quality is better than ever. I think this would be the best season out of the 15 SG season. I hope the viewers will discover this series again, because it seems you and the other writers got really what the fans are expecting from you. 🙂

    1. Do you plan to make a scene about Don S. Davis in an Atlantis episode?

    2. Will the new race return in the second half after The Lost Tribe?

    3. Could the last living Baal flee to Pegasus galaxy?

    4. When will you make the next SG-1 movie? Why MGM doesn’t order the next ones if AoT was so successful? Are they waiting for the Continuum’s sales data?

    Here are some question for Ivan Bartok:

    1. Is there any chance to put more subtitle on the R2 DVD? Lot of country don’t have a chance that SG will be sold here officially, so we would be happy if we could get at least subtitles (for example Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Romanian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Serbian or Bulgarian).

    2. Do you plan new extras to the Blue-Ray version of SG seasons? Will you remake or upgrade the picture quality in the first 3 season of SG-1?

    3. I would like to see more behind the scene films about special effects (green box version, final scene).

    4. Do you plan to advertise the SG:W game on Atlantis’s DVDs?

    5. What extras will have the new edition of Children of the Gods? Do BW plan other re-edited earlier episode for DVD release?

    Thanks for the answers.


  46. What’s this? Reviews?! It’s been a while…

    Gemini: I enjoyed this episode a lot. Of course, it’s mostly setup for the replicator climax down the line, but there is no doubt that it also delved deep in Sam Carter’s character, and I loved that. I mean, it’s the age-old question, what is the measure of a man (or woman, in this case)? This is especially welcoming, as Sam Carter doesn’t get enough chance to deal with the weird and the disturbing, as she usually deals with the facts and science aspect of the Stargate universe. Not too many times do we get to see her confront herself in such manner. Some have said that she was being stupid at letting the replicator live, and maybe she was being less cautious than she should’ve been, but as far as I’m concerned, humanity is what counts in these stories and Sam acted human; she thought that maybe, just maybe, the hints of humanity found in Fifth that allowed him to spare her back in New Order, would make RepliCarter a worthy ally (and really, how can she not at least hope that there is a trace of humanity within her own duplicate?). I would’ve certainly tried if I were in her position. Furthermore, I loved the points raised later in the episode where RepliCarter says that Sam has the ability to take over the galaxy should she really wanted to, and I don’t doubt that (just don’t show up to work for a day and Earth is toast anyway. ;)); that scene really reinforced the inherent inhibitions and weakness in humans, and how the lack of which made RepliCarter a horrible being. She is a character that embodied all the selfishness, the innate aggression found in humanity, but without the empathy and sympathy that counterbalanced those qualities, which were “trained” out of her by Fifth. It’s interesting to note that the crap he put her through basically made her strong enough to destroy him at the end, as, by forcing her to kill her best friends without remorse, he made her able to kill anyone without remorse, including himself. I liked that she hesitated when she confronted illusion!Jack. Very sweet. I was sorry to see Fifth go though; as Sam said, he was flawed, but that’s what made him unique and capable of good, even after he was betrayed.

    To play all this out required a good actor, and Amanda Tapping was brilliant in this episode. Despite the fact that RepliCarter tried to make it seem that she was not that different from Sam, you can still sense the intrinsic difference between them. Amanda did a great job portraying the cold, mechanical way RepliCarter carried herself; it was unnerving how a few small gestures made her so different from the human, warm Sam that we’ve always known. Then, when she went all Betrayal on us, it just got better. The music itself was excellent; I loved the powerful 1-note theme with mechanical clangs in the ground; it complimented RepliCarter’s utter unstoppable-ness perfectly. Great episode.

    Prometheus Unbound: Claudia Black is so freaking HOT. I have neither shame nor hesitation in saying that; this is especially clear in this episode, where she’s wearing this form-fitting…ok, let’s talk about something more substantial. This episode was basically a banter-session between Vala and Daniel, and I LOVED it! When they are together; their chemistry just leaps off of the screen, bolstered by excellent dialogue and brilliant portrayals. Rob Cooper said about Vala in yesterday’s blog entry that it was something different, and I agree. I loved the way she toyed around with Daniel, at all times switching from someone vicious to someone caring, like slapping Danny in the face then offering to kiss it better. I can definitely see how this kind of character would be fun to write; there are less rules she has to adhere to, and that allows creative freedom. Claudia Black portrayed Vala perfectly, adding an exotic accent (why yes, Australian accents are exotic to me) to the peculiar fruit-cake of a character; she is erratic, exaggerated (Claudia Black’s many facial expressions in this episode blew me away), and almost schizophrenic in her personality, and that creates an interesting effect: the ease with which she changes her mood seems to say that neither personality is the true Vala, which we find out later is true; I loved that we could read her character so well just after 1 episode. Meanwhile, the way Michael Shanks reacted to this character that’s unlike anyone Danny’s ever met was also highly entertaining. I loved the utter bewilderment as Vala switched tactics every few seconds, like he’s trying to catch up at all times. Together they just made an excellent, and hilarious pair. The fistfight later on made me laugh my ass off; it’s so…normal. No real choreographed extravaganza; it’s just two people trying to subdue each other, neither of which were good fighters, apparently. I loved that Danny got clocked in the nuts, and she jumped on top of his shoulder and tried to squeeze his head between her legs. I mean, this is certainly a unique fight in Stargate and I loved it so very, very much. Then, just to confuse Danny a bit more, she makes out with him before head-butting him in the…head. Yes. I think you guys were very, very right in bringing her back. She’s awesome.

    Of course, that’s not all there were; I loved seeing Don S. Davis back, and once again he proves just how awesome he and General Hammond are. I loved his utter authority over Jack in the first scene, the way he just takes Daniel, his chair, and Walter without breaking a sweat or allowing Jack a single word. Hilarious. Equally as endearing is his speech to Daniel when he first arrives on the Prometheus; I mean, the words were pretty normal with respect to a military person, but coming from Hammond, who we were shown angsting over the fate of SG1 on many, many occasions, made that scene all the more powerful; Hammond has stood by while his men died, and now he feels it’s his duty to pay his respects to them (even though he didn’t need to; he was once in there position, after all); just…so awesome a character Hammond is. And of course, he later saves his entire crew by almost sacrificing himself; just the simple gesture of throwing the crystals at the cost of his own life once again showed the type of person Hammond is; an honest-to-God good person; there is no other way to describe him. I loved it.

    And I must be one of the only ones who loved Novak and her hiccoughing. What can I say, I can laugh at/with almost anything/one. 😀

    Lastly, I gotta comment on that battle at the end; I thought it was brilliant. Lost City just won me over to fast-action dogfights and there were plenty of that at the end of this episode. Seeing Prometheus gliding gracefully between battling gliders and Alkeshes was as much of a delight here as it was in Lost City. Brilliant episode.

    It’s Good to be King: This was just a fun episode, and I loved it! A lot of people didn’t apparently, but I’m always different like that. The thing that really made me like it is just the simple fact that it reminded me of the SG1 of old that has pretty much disappeared ever since Lost City. It was the perfect storm: Jack is back in the field, telling Carter to hurry up with the tech; there’s a village of primitives; we get to kill some Jaffa and a System Lord; and Maybourne! Oh how I’ve missed him. He was brilliant in this episode as usual, and though he’s a lot nicer now, he still retained some of his old tricks. His banter in this episode with Jack was every bit as brilliant as in the years past, and I think you can see RDA having some good ole’ fashioned fun out in the field and trading barbs with Tom McBeath. He was a lot more lively than he has been for a while, and I especially loved his “God, I miss goin’ offworld! Oh, yeah!” Me too, Jack, me too. I also loved his fanboying of the puddle jumper (the O’Neill-esque “Niiiice” followed by a rare “woohoo!” I LOVED that); imagine the jealousy he’d feel if he knew that Sheppard has been flying this for almost a year by the time he got to touch one.

    The connection to Atlantis with the time ship was a brilliant move, and the ensuing hilarity of Jack trying to get it to work was…well, hilarious. I loved the part where he’s just concentrating, then suddenly says, “I’ve got nothin’.” and totally startles Sam and Daniel (foreshadowing Moebius). Of course, this episode wasn’t all laughs; I thought it was an excellent move having Maybourne come clean, and it closes his redemption arc perfectly; I was moved by the townspeople’s encouragement of him, really. From a stuck-up and ethically challenged colonel to a beloved king of town. What a transformation. On the other hand, you can also see that he never really lost that edge that he has, and he totally fooled Wayne Brady using his exquisite talent in lying; and even at the end, we see how brave he has become as he tries to fight, even though Teal’c took care of it instead.

    The Goa’uld battle was your typical fare; Wayne Brady as a First Prime was…well, I don’t know what it is. The fact that it’s Wayne Brady certainly tossed me out of the story a bit (it’s Wayne Brady for cryin’ out loud), but I think he did a good job. That is not to say I didn’t enjoy seeing him; I did. It’s Wayne Brady! Also, I loved the ease with which we dispatched Ares; 2 drones and the end. It’s about time Reckoning happened, it’s getting ridiculous how easy it is to kill a Goa’uld these days; I didn’t dislike it; I just thought it was funny.

    Finally, I gotta say how much I enjoyed that last scene. Not only do we get a happy ending for Maybourne, but we also saw Carter’s indignity at hearing about his wives (it’s been a while since we saw that side of Carter, hehe), and of course, that last shot: Jack, Daniel, Sam, and Teal’c walking up the steps and through the gate one last time to get home. I think I actually said “SG1” out loud as I watched that part. Just a great ending to a classic SG1 episode that I loved a lot.

    Sanctuary: Leonor Varela is so freaking HOT. I have neither shame nor hesitation in saying that. Ok, I’m going to stop that. Anyway, a lot of people seem to think this the low point of Season 1. I disagree; while it isn’t high on my list, it’s certainly enjoyable enough. I will admit that Chaya’s attractiveness and her slight accent added to my enjoyment, and so did her interaction with Sheppard. Everyone accuses him of being Captain Kirk, but in actuality, he’s as much of a dork as the rest of us, and I loved that; their picnic-date pretty confirmed this. I mean, only a dork would remark about the fact that he was scoring with a hot babe from another galaxy, and how cool it was. Haha. So yeah, I enjoyed greatly their interactions with each other. It was very…cute, and it added another layer to Shep’s character; once again we see that he’s not the typical suave, perfect super hero that some series leads are.

    McKay in this episode almost reminded me of Kavanaugh, but without excessive jackassity. I mean, he had every right to be suspicious, and the evidence was mounting as the episode progressed. But, in typical McKay form, he chose to be blunt about it. The scene between him and Sheppard in the hallway was pretty powerful; it is one of the only times where Shep used his “dangerous” voice on a team member.

    And then, the truth comes out. I’ve loved the Ancients, and I always will, ascended or not. Therefore, when Chaya told them the truth, and the Ancient music started playing, it just raised the episode to a whole other level for me. The glowing-up sequence just added to that as well. The battle was nice to see, and Athar’s story was pretty sad indeed, and told of an everlasting life of lost opportunities and regret. Those Ancients always find those ironic punishments, don’t they? I think it’s this Ancient aspect that made me like this episode, despite the fact that it was one of those “main character gets to score for a single episode” episodes.

  47. Oh, the bookmark made me “aww” out loud.

    @ anneteldy High five? And, I’m glad the end of your day was better than the beginning.

    @ whovian From yesterday… Indeed! Stargate people are so totally *AWESOME* ;P

  48. Hi Joseph !!

    I notced something funny, that there is some ressemblances and similarities in the construction and shape between The Ark of Truth in SG, and The Alliance Ark in Indiana Jones.

    Do you think the same ?

    See you.

  49. Hey Joe, I’m a regular reader of your blog and enjoy it very much.

    I have the following question before so am unsure whether you are not answering it for a reason of whether it has just slipped through the net, hope you remain well. Nice job of Broken Ties BTW.

    My question is have you ever considered having someone with an obvious disability on Atlantis (such as a wheelchair user for example). Whilst they couldn’t be on a team, they could be a scientist.

    I’d be interested to hear your thoughts, as I am a wheelchair user myself.

    Chris (UNSRM)

  50. Dear Ivon, please include: *all* of the BROKEN TIES sword fight and as many more bloopers and other deleted scenes as possible. Too bad you guys don’t make a “production” of bloopers over the filming year, I still laugh at the reels from Highlander (the cow was just hilarious) and Andromeda… some more actor commentaries would be good, too.

    BOTM Glen Cook YEAH!!!! One of my fave series, I’ll be more than happy to get from my shelf & reread. This one worries me, “a rock ‘n’ roll saga including elves, magic, and cyborgs” I think I’ve read that before but it wasn’t called Keeping It Real god please no rehash… I’m really finding the horror books tough, not really my fave genre to read, if I have time I will, weird horror huh ok at least you know how to get my interest…
    I’ve finished Shards of Honor & Barrayar, great rereading them!! the Vor another fave series. I’ve also finished The Church of Dead Girls, I’m glad I’ve got a few weeks to consider what I’m going to say about that. I won’t forget it soon, that’s for sure… The Orphan’s Tale: In the Night Garden will be coming in tomorrow at the library, next on my list to read from here.

    Finally, since someone asked – yes, we did receive the live +7 numbers for our season premiere today. Search and Rescue got a bump to a little over a 1.7 rating.
    I think it was me THAT’S GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! Lets keep it going!!!! Too bad we can’t get Sci-Fi to couple SGA with Eureka for the rest of the season now that Doctor Who is over, personally I don’t like that show but its a ratings hog.

    Watching Continuum tonite YEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! I’ll let ya know what I thought, I expect to be absolutely happy.

  51. Re: your new bookmark: Awwww. Too cute for words.

    Questions/comments for Ivon Bartok:

    First of all, thanks for all the wonderful extras you always give us in the DVDs. Speaking of s4 in particular, because those are the extras I’ve watched more recently, I love the bloopers and deleted scenes. The other extras were great too, I especially liked the Mission Directives.

    More than questions, I have some comments on what I’d LOVE to see in the s5 DVDs 😀

    1) Profile on Joe Flanigan. Please, please, please.
    2) More bloopers and actors goofing around between takes 😀
    3) More deleted scenes.
    4) Many times we are told here at JM’s blog and in the audio commentaries how scenes are trimmed for several reasons, lines said are edited/cut, etc. I think it could be interesting to see an example in the DVD extra, i.e.: to be able to see the two versions of a given scene, the one that ended up in the episode and the complete one, without trimming. Maybe an extra about how the editing process works 🙂
    5) I’ve also listened to audio commentaries were the directors mention that the actors filmed a scene in different ways and then it’s decided in the different cuts which to keep. For example, I think it was in the Lifeline’s audio commentary that someone said Jason and Rachel filmed different takes for the scene at Elizabeth’s office, showing different reactions and then one in particular made the final cut (I’m pretty sure in the audio commentary it was said that in one of those takes Ronon hugged Teyla, for example). I think it would be great to see something like that on the DVD extras as well: different takes for one scene.
    5) David Hewlett said something in his blog about him and Joe Flanigan playing with racing cars and trashing sets. Don’t tell me you missed that for the DVD extras 😀

  52. Thanks Joe for inviting Ivon – I’ve kinda got a crush on him :-D.

    My questions for Ivon:

    1. Is there an award for best Special Features? I watch a lot of box set Special Features and without a doubt, not even a contest, Stargate SG1 & Atlantis would win hands down.

    2. Who’s the toughest person on set to interview and why?

    3. Have you ever pitched a story for SG1 or Atlantis? Would you be interested in writing one?

    4. Why was the Season 4 dvd packaging for Atlantis different to 1, 2 and 3. The disks were in individual cases rather than one case, or is that a difference between regions. I think the packaging seemed cheaper, particularly the cardboard cover compared to previous seasons.

    5. How’s the hockey going?

    Cheers, Chev

  53. I still wish I had the motivation to read like you did. I was reading some mystery early this summer (I know, shame on me for not reading the BOTM books.), but now that short-lived phase is over. 🙁

    Question for Ivon: How do you decide which episodes get a Director Series featurette?

  54. Some of the most entertaining things to watch, whether on video features or convention videos or video interviews is seeing the actors being themselves. Seasons 1 and 2 were jammed with these great features, even the Wraith got a “this is us behind the scenes” segment which is still one of my favorites.

    Can we please get more of these? I understand why we cant always get the actors’ time to do commentaries but I’d think maybe we could get a few pieced together “fun bits”?

    Even Martin Gero and Martin Woods walking around doing on-the-spot interviews were great… maybe M.Gero and Joe M could do something like that this time 😀

    The features ARE a fan favorite though. Great job on those Ivon!

  55. Oh, just read yesterday’s added blogs…….

    *blinks at Dovil and Das with a dry deadpan expression*

    *holds that look for as long as he can ….. before he ends up chuckling at their feelings of Wraithal prejudice*

    You two slay me.

  56. Hiya Joe!
    I have to say I’m blushing…glad you like the bookmark. As I said in the card, I saw it and and thought of you immediately. Glad that others like it too!! 🙂
    Had to chuckle at pg15’s novel he wrote in your blog today!!
    One thing I’ve noticed recently is the occurrence of the surname “DeBoer”…its Dutch for farmer. Just noticed one of your bloggers is “drldeboer”…another “farmer”!!
    Can’t tell you how many times I have been asked if there is any family connection to Nicole DeBoer. (though my daughters name is Niki DeBoer). Alas, there is not…however we do have a book here that has all the known DeBoer’s listed from around the world, perhaps she’s in there.
    Anyhoo, I just wanted to pop in and say that I have seen Search and Rescue and The Seed and thought they were both fabulous. I think I’m going to really love Woolsey. In fact, I think I’m going to adore Robert Picardo even more now.
    Thank you Joe. Have a great week. Still haven’t made the friendship cake as I spent a lot of time this weekend learning how to make a music video for Ship Day in GateWorld. If I can get the ingredients this week, I shall attempt to make it next weekend. Gotta work again this coming weekend – bummer.
    Cheers! Love Chelle DeBoer 🙂

  57. Any chance we get to see less ‘stand-alone’ eps this season? Usually all the suspense is killed when I know the reset button is hitted at the end of the ep. It feels useless to have watched the episode, since basically nothing has changed/happened.

    Although it was a good episode, BT annoyed me very much since I knew Ronon would be back to normal at the end of the episode, that everyone would get out and the Wraith die. I mean, it’s so overdone and predictable. Can we please have more overall continuation in episodes, even if it’s a little, and more suspense, instead of deus ex machina’s in the last five minutes, reset buttons and ‘beam me up scotty’s’? (Yes, I don’t like beaming tech since it’s a very lazy way to escape from a nasty situation).

    I love the show, but this aspect has very much annoyed me.

    Thank you, and I’d like to hear your side of this story.

  58. hey joe just got Contiumuum today and just finished watching it all i can say is wow. you guys did a fantastic job my kudos to the cast and crew.


    P.S can you didicate your August 2 blog to me for my 28th birthday please.

  59. @ ltcoljsheppard – oh, it gets better. 🙄 And just for the record, my family doesn’t quite understand me, either. 😛

    @ chelle db – that bookmark was PERFECT! Couldn’t have been better! Wherever did you find it?

    For Mr. Bartok – not really a question, more of an echo of the sentiments already voiced here. My favorite bits on DVDs are bloopers, and deleted scenes. I would love to see more of that! It is always a highlight to see the actors being themselves, and to get more insight into an episode through a dropped scene.

    That’s usually all I ever watch because the ‘behind the scenes’ look into how things are done, and even the commentaries, ruin some of the magic for me. I want to be sucked into a show while I’m watching, not reminded that 99.9% of it is fake.

    That said, the one behind the scenes feature that I do enjoy is when we see – like ltcoljsheppard said – the actors just ‘being themselves’…while they relax between scenes, joking around…sleeping…whatever. ‘A day in the life of’ feature – that sort of thing. The actors/production crew during their down time, just being themselves. More of that would be fantastic!



  60. Please can you explain why we will not be hearing anything about the Tria.


  61. @Anne Teldy belated happy birthday, hope your prison (facility) let you indulge in your blogging hobby with something better than dialup.

    I try to persuade Mr M to send you a signed cast photo of the girls in the Whispers episode a while back. Don’t know if anything come of it. We will see what the Space Cows are up to in that episode soon. Hmm, maybe Mr. M could get you mention in the episode credits for Special Thanks.

    Mr M. Your pick of the Black Company by Glen Cook for your fantasy BOTM for September selection got nothing to do with the resemblance of the Croaker character to yourself in appearance, responsibilities and humour? We will not talk about the Lady character. Maybe we can get Mr. Cook to drop a few tidbits about the next 2 Black Company books and when can we expect to see them in the book stores.

  62. knightie said:

    Congradulations on such a great episode this week.

    Question for Ivon.

    I know its hard to grab eveyone to do the special features but we have had all the main cast except for Joe F aka Sheppard profiled. Any plans to hog tie him and get him to do a season 5 profile.

    Ditto! 🙂
    Question to Ivon:

    Further to Knightie’s question:

    If Joe is too busy, which is perfectly understandable, could we not just have other cast members talking about him, with clips of Sheppard? Or you know, just ANYTHING about Sheppard at all? It just seems so strange to have had four seasons of dvd’s and no profile on the lead man. Thank you!

  63. Hi Joe!

    Wanted to let you and the SG gang know that Continuum sales seem to be going good in my neck of the woods (Houston).

    I went to Circuit City today at 10:45am and the guy in front of me was buying Continuum. When I plunked down (gently) my Continuum DVD for purchase, the clerk asked if this DVD just came out today cuz she’d already sold seven of them. Didn’t seem she watched SG-1, but she was aware of it. 🙂


  64. PG15 said:
    And I do believe we’re all wondering how Trish is so awesome.

    Having met Trish (whovian), I can confirm that she is awesome, friendly and generous!!!! : )

    I hope by HTML worked.

    Joe, please tell Rob how much I appreciated his thoughts on AOT. I just wish I could thought up something intelligent to ask him. 😉

    After watching Broken Ties, it occurred to me that there is a similarity between sarcophagus addiction and the addiction to the reverse feeding of the wraith. Could you tell me if I am on the right track here or just seeing things? ; )

    I am not exactly sure of the timeline but I was wondering if it was either the Ancients came up with the original technology that the Gouald later developed into the Sarcophagus or if the Ancient developed the sarcophagus and that the Gouald just stole it and maybe made some modifications?

    Since there are similarities between both addicitions would you say it was possible that the idea for such life giving technology came from the Ancients experience with the Wraith?

    I hope that makes sense. Well that took up the rest of my lunch. Now I must get back to my job. Oh joy. 😉

  65. Question for Ivon:

    Can you tell us a bit about your background…where you went to school, how you became interested in your field, how you got your start, etc.?


    What have been some of the high points in your career thus far?

    And finally, because truly, we’re all wondering about this one…

    How on earth are you able to work with the nefarious evil-no-good-doer Joe Mallozzi?

    A very saucy Me.

  66. lcshepp wrote:

    Hi Joe, I was wondering if you read an article over at ‘SyFyPortal.com’ titled, ‘Should Stargate Take a Bow?’, written by Stanley Blair? I found it rather unsettling.

    Fortunately, this means nothing in the grand scheme of things. That’s just one person’s opinion, he’s entitled to it, but it isn’t representative of anything.
    If you find that unsettling, try going to their forums, they have a folder that says “Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe – Don’t forget to close the (star)gate on the way out”. I haven’t read the posts there, but the title doesn’t seem to be too nice, to put it kindly…

    Well, that site seems to love BSG unconditionally, a show I personally think is worse than a soap opera (and I dislike soap operas with passion). So, to each his/her own. We don’t share the same preferences regarding TV shows *shrugs*

  67. Hey Joe!

    I showed one of the BOTMC books to Allie and she’s very excited to read it and join in the discussion. Well, she’s very excited to read it. 🙄 I think she’s nervous about the discussion. This is going to be so good for her! I’m excited!

    @Rebecca T: I’m so glad you agree! *high five slap*

    @PG-15: I guess I am offically allowed to say I am awesome because Robert “Super” Cooper says so! 😆 Who’s going to argue with him? 😛

    @scary: I guess that makes YOU awesome, too! And html loves you. It does NOT think I am awesome, though. 🙁 I miss you scary!!!

    Trish (whovian) 😀

  68. Sorry for so many posts 😀

    Well, continuing with my last post, I just noticed that SyFyPortal published a review on Broken Ties and, overall, it’s very positive.
    And, once gain, that positive opinion is not more or less valid as the other guy’s opinion who obviously doesn’t like the shows… but for every person who doesn’t like the show, you’ll find another one who likes it… And that’s another example of how TPTB can’t please everyone 🙂

  69. Joe, I *loved* reading your breakdown of “Broken Ties” (no pun intended). Sean Campbell’s character–Sincha? Did I spell that correctly?–really impressed me. Have you plans to bring him back?

    Thank you also for giving over your blog to Rob Cooper. I especially liked his saying that taking to heart every criticism of his work would only lead to creative paralysis. Anyone who has ever published or worked in the theater, film or TV knows exactly what Rob is talking about.

    Question for Ivon: I can think of about a hundred people who would love to do your job. Not that they’d do it as well as you, just that they would be thrilled to work on the set of their favorite show filming behind-the-scenes interviews and whatnot. How did you become the Special Features dude on SGA and have you ever had a similar position with another series?

  70. 1)Do any of the team members display overly strong expressions of violence this year?

    2)Will anyone suffer any mental or emotional afflictions this season?

  71. What does TPTB mean? I will probably want to hit myself when I read it, but it is worth it.

    Also to Ivon: I am with all the others who’d like to see Joe Flanigan featured. Is that your decision or his?

  72. Stargate: Continuum was fantastic! I bought it right at midnight last night. It was great!!

    “Broken Ties” was very, very good too. I finally realized where I recognzed Mark Decascos from. He was the main character in The Crow television series! I used to watch that years ago. Anyway, I thought it was great that Tyre could rectify his misdeeds. Also, Jason Momoa’s acting was INCREDIBLE at the end during his “detox”.

    I’m excited about “The Temple”, because the promo shots at Gateworld with the characters sitting on top of an active stargate looks very cool. I’m glad to see the stargate in more shots. What I’d like to see more of is the DHD! It looks cool, and being clearly different in design from the Milky Way DHDs, we tech junkies would like to get a good shot of the hardware every now and then :-D!

    Keep up the good work!

  73. *wave* at Ivon–I still have your email addy, but since Mr. Greenburg moved on, I’ve been pestering Joe instead.

    Joe, so pleased to see more photos of Tamlyn Tomita! She’s been a favorite since her guest spot on “Quantum Leap” with Scott Bakula. Please tell her she hasn’t aged a day…*grin*

  74. This ones for Ivon,

    So Ivon, how do you decide to put what in the DVD extras? Do you have people sitting with you telling you what they want, fans and such? Or do you guys just sort-of guess.

  75. Search and Rescue got a bump to a little over a 1.7 rating.

    Woot! That is excellent news! I think you should send down a bottle of sparkling grape juice to the cast and crew. Maybe even a packet of biscuits that they can fight over.

    And happy belated birthday Anne!

  76. lindagagne said:

    What does TPTB mean?

    TPTB = The Powers That Be, the people that run the show and make all of the big decisions.

    Cheers, Chev

  77. holy rusted metal…saw about 30 minutes of Continnuum and had to get back to work…but oh my! Can I just say that I love the swearing. First it was Mitchell and now…laughed my head off.
    On a seperate note…first my ipod crashed and now my personal laptop with all my writing and photography…I am crossing my fingers that when i get home that I am able to transfer all that to another hard drive…it wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t have all that stuff on it…that is why I am determined to start handwriting all my stories.
    As for my cat Gus…I want to thank you all again for your support and advice…we have her on a med regiment and she is breathing better and talking A lot. I hope she will be around for a bit longer.

  78. @Rebecca T: Yeah… it was kinda loud. 😉

    @das: Ooooh yeah! Captain Barbossa! That’s IT! Put a big hat on that wraith and that is EXACTLY who he reminds me of! Sweet! Now I have to watch Broken Ties again. 😆

  79. Hello Joe!

    Question for Ivon Bartok:
    (1) Could we please have a profile on Joe Flanigan?!? I love those, and I’d like to see one on the Flan Man.

    (2) More outtakes and behind-the-scenes goofing around please!

    (3) If at all possible, could we have some of the actors doing an audio commentary here and there? I realize they are extremely busy, but they are fun to listen to! Especially when you have Hewlett and Flanigan in the booth at the same time.

    FOR JOE: the bookmark is too cute!

  80. @dasNdanger:
    A few days ago I told you that I wouldn’t serve the Wraith of “Broken Ties”. Now – after watching this episode about twelve times in the last three days – I think I am disposed to serve every Wraith I’d meet. :mrgreen: The brainwashing works. 😆

  81. Loved Broken Ties! This season is looking to be the best yet.

    Quick (and unrelated) question (which I hope will get answered, because me and my friends have been debating it):

    When did Keller come to Atlantis? Was she supposedly with the original bunch that make the trip or did she turn up on one of the Deadalus trips?

  82. Joe can you clear this up for me?

    What is the difference between consulting producer and executive producer? I was under the impression that the producer of a show or movie was the one that flipped the bill for the show or laymens terms provided the backing and finances. Is it instead tied directly to the writers of the show or is this just in television?



  83. @ Trish – It was driving me NUTS! I was trying to figure out where I had seen this character before…then it hit me when he said, “I’m afraid I’m going to have to disappoint…” The rhythm in his voice was just like Barbossa’s, and probably what made me enjoy his performance so much. His mannerisms were like Barb’s, too…can’t find the words to describe it…a sort of casual confidence, I think I said it was. Just really liked him lots.

    @ noir – “You always say that – but you always come around.” 😉


  84. pg15 wrote:

    Prometheus Unbound: Claudia Black is so freaking HOT. I have neither shame nor hesitation in saying that; this is especially clear in this episode, where she’s wearing this form-fitting…ok, let’s talk about something more substantial. This episode was basically a banter-session between Vala and Daniel, and I LOVED it! When they are together; their chemistry just leaps off of the screen, bolstered by excellent dialogue and brilliant portrayals.[snip excellent review]

    I happen to agree with you about “Prometheus Unbound”. It’s one of my favorite episodes. I loved everything about it but I start chortling whenever I think about that fight!

    I really think the writers were hoping Larrin would be Vala-like but, in my opinion, that didn’t happen. Ms Wagner doesn’t have the inner-vamp of Claudia Black and lacks the talent to fake it. I hope we’ve seen the last of her.

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

    Anne Teldy

  85. Hi all,
    A belated Happiest of birthdays to our Anne Teldy… many, many more… filled with Stargate of course!

    For: SCI FI executive Chris Sanagustin
    Please continue to be an advocate for Stargate in all it’s variations. More SG-1 DVD films (or theatrical releases), more seasons of SGA and, if Cooper, Wright, Mallozzi and Mullie are involved, I’ll even cheer for Stargate Universe. But please know, we (the fans) are not tired of our Atlantis heroes as yet…

    For Ivon:
    Great job thus far on all the special features. I always look forward to them with much anticipation. Their addition to the DVDs just adds to the magic as I build a lasting archive of my favorite program.

    May I add to the growing fan outcry to have JOE FLANIGAN participate in a cast profile. I would not have thought Joe to be a reticent man…

    My questions for Ivon:
    1) Do you write/script the features yourself?
    2) Do you have sole responsibility for the content? Basically, are you dictated to on what to include?
    3) Do you complete the editing yourself or does the crack editing team on SGA lend a hand?
    4) Do you read/follow the various fan outlets for ideas to include on future features? I guess I’d like to know if the fan base has helped?

    Again, your efforts are much admired and appreciated Ivon. Thanks very much and keep ’em coming!

    Carol Z
    … recovering from a lousy day at work and wishing it were Friday already… go “Daedalus Variations” and some Shep-whumpage!! YEAH!

  86. Question for Ivon– a couple years ago you were working with Michael Shanks and Chris Judge on a sci-fi calendar.
    Any plans for Men of Sci-Fi calendar?
    and any plans to do another Women of Sci-Fi calendar/dvd? I missed the first one, and the dvd behind the shoot.
    –thank you for your time, such enjoyable work.

  87. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for all the guest bloggers recently – SGA aside, your blog is very entertaining and something I look forward to every night.

    A question for Ivon:

    One special feature I would love to see is something along the lines of “construction of a scene”, i.e. a scene that includes special effects plus live action – like some of the stuff that Mark Savela mentioned in his guest blog. It would be great to see “behind the scenes” aspects from planning the scene, shooting with the actors, design and execution of special effects, and finally how everything is edited and incorporated into one seamless final product.

    The SGA boxsets are great – keep up the good work!


  88. Thanks much for posting all that info about last week’s episode (just got a chance to read it). I really liked the scene where Sheppard “reprimanded” Teyla I thought Rachel Luttrell and Joe Flanigan played it well. It was interesting to see that Sheppard was a little harsher in the first draft. Hopefully, we’ll see more similar scenes. I don’t like Sheppard and Teyla to fight, but I like to see them have frank conversations. Btw, the “you know what would be creepy and unexpected” line was a favorite in my house. We loved it lol.

    Question: If all of your deleted/trimmed down dialogue were included would Sheppard come across as a different character?

    Thanks much!


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