Ivon shooting the special features YOU want to see.
Ivon shooting the special features YOU want to see.
All business at work.
All business at work.
All business at poker night.
All business at poker night.
Ivon hanging out at Chris Judge's place
Ivon hanging out at Chris Judge's place

Today, it gives me great pleasure to turn this blog over to a my good friend Ivon Bartok, a shining example for all you prospective go-getters out there. He’s a guy who started from humble beginnings here at Stargate and then through hard work, determination, and the timely and highly suspicious deaths of the next three people in line for the position, eventually took on the role as our Special Feature Producer. Love/hate those DVD extras that appear on the box sets? Thank/curse Ivon because he’s the one who comes up with the ideas for them, shoots, and produces them.

Before I turn things over to Ivon, I’d just like to dedicate today’s entry to NASA. Happy 50th, gang! You don’t look a day over 35!

Well, hello! I must say, when Joe asked me to be a guest blogger and answer a few questions, I was quite thrilled. Plus, Joe is the guy around here, and I would never say no to one of our fearless leaders. Except that time he asked me to do that thing, and I was like “wha”, and he was like “do it!”… anyway, that story is for another time.

Before I get to all the fabulous questions, I must say that season five has been going quite well so far, and I think it may be the best year yet for special features. Each season we try to cover new aspects of the production, introduce the fans to new cast members, and try to amp up the production value of the pieces as best as we can on the budget we are given, and in my humble opinion, I think we are doing just that.

For season five, I have changed up the format a little bit, which actually means I have added five more DVD special features. That takes us from the previous 10 features, to fifteen, for those of you doing the math. Also, they will be formatted in such a way that each volume (if you’re from Europe) will have three feature on each disc: one “Mission Directive” and two other features that will take you behind the scenes of a particular aspect of the production. (For the most part they will all relate to the episodes on that particular DVD.)

Technically, this year I have changed cameras and am shooting everything in HD (Although the DVD’s are not released in HD, you will get the 16:9 aspect ration instead of the previous 4:3) which I am very happy about. For you techies, I have moved to the JVC GY-HD110 camera, and I’m loving it.

So with that brief introduction, I think we should move onto the questions. I will try and answer as many questions as possible, but depending on the acceptable length of said blog, that may not happen. Also, there seems to be a number of duplicates….

Let’s get to the questions, shall we:

Caitlyanna writes: “What got you interested and started in doing the special features for Atlantis?”

Hey, Caityanna… Well, I started working on Stargate SG-1 nine long years ago at the beginning of season four. I was Richard Dean Anderson, and Michael Greenburg’s assistant. Being a fan of DVD special features in general, I saw that Stargate needed to amp up their VAM (Value added material.) As luck would have it, a wonderful woman from MGM Home Entertainment, Allison Rosenzweig, was up in Vancouver trying to figure out what more could be done. I remember she was sitting in the publicity office with a colleague when I walked in and introduced myself. We got to talking, and I said that I could do a few things for her. She asked me who I was again, I said “Ivon.” She asked me to leave… ok, that’s not true, but we got to talking and it led to me creating a few small pieces with a tiny budget on a trial basis, and that’s how it all got started. I credit Allison for where I am now. She really took a chance on me and gave me the opportunity to work on my craft and get better every year. She has moved on from MGM, but we still talk every now and then. I still owe her big time. (On a side note: I started the same year as Joe and Paul.)

Enzo Aquarius writes: When conducting interviews with cast/production members, how does one choose what to discuss about? Is it purely up to the interviewee or are other processes involved?

What’s shakin’ Enzo? As the producer, and director of the features, it is completely up to me to figure out what to ask. You make sure to do some research and watch all the episodes. I also shoot all the behind the scenes footage, so I’m on set and see all that happens firsthand. I’m often thinking up questions as I shoot. I find that the best interviews are those that just end up being a conversation.

Lynn writes: “I’ve really love all the great extra features and behind the scenes specials, they’re very professionally done and entertaining to watch, I always wish there was room for even more as they’re the best part of the DVDs. Anyway, I was wondering how you come up with the subject matter or who you pick to interview, or which episode to feature on the featurette, or just what features to include. Is it a request from the studio, suggestions from the producers or input from you or a mix of all three?   Keep up the great work!”

Hey Lynn, thanks for the kind words (we have 5 more for you this year). For the most part, it’s up to me to come up with the content, but all three have an important say as to what ends up on the DVD’s. Also, I could have the greatest feature planned, but if a person chooses not to take part, well, then that feature is scrapped. I certainly make sure that the producers take a look at the features after I have cut them together, but they leave me alone for the most part. Plus, they always have great suggestions as to how to make the features better. When you have that kind of brainpower at your disposal, you would be a fool not to use it.

As for which episodes and subject matter to cover: It’s a mix between making sure they fit into the right place on the DVD, both volumes and box sets, and also what I consider ‘cool.’ When deciding on an episode for a Mission Directive, I try to pick one that may have things that the fans haven’t seen before. If we are doing a new and exciting stunt for example, I’ll try to cover that episode. Variety is the spice of the special feature, especially if the franchise in on season 15.

Syble writes: “First and foremost, Thank You for all the wonderful extras so far! They have been awesome and I am very thankful we get them on the DVDS. Most, but not all, of the main cast has had a special feature done on them. Will we be getting one for Joe Flanigan/John Sheppard on the season 5 discs?”

Hey, Syble, that’s what I’m here for. Sadly, no. Due to time constraints, it is tough to get Joe to sit down. He flies home on weekends, and is out as soon as he is done. Also, not everyone loves the camera around, so you roll with the punches.

Davidd writes: “Hey Ivan! If you don’t mind, I have a few questions for you…

Don’t mind at all.

What is the hardest part of your job and why?

Overall organization of time. Because I shoot everything, the toughest part is making sure I have time to get everything done. It’s a little easier this year with only one show.

When there are interviews with cast and crew on DVD extras, did they volunteer to do them or did you request that they do it?

It’s always by request. For the most part everyone is pretty good around here.About how long does it take to complete a featurette for the DVDs?

It’s so spread out, but if you compressed time, I’d say a few weeks per feature, depending on length. Give or take.

Is there a cameraman who specifically captures footage for DVD extras, or do you use a combination of clips from all over the place?

I shoot it all except when I do interviews. Then, I bring in the amazing Jordan Willox. (who is also my crack editor)

Patricia Lee writes: “Thanks for taking the time to address some of my Questions: Is there any chance we can get more deleted scenes than last time? Couldn’t you put all the deleted scenes on the DVD for each episode?

 I hope so. I am definitely going to include deleted scenes this years, but you don’t know what is there until the shows are finished. However, I do know there are some cool ones up to this point in the season. Also, not every episode has deleted scenes. In fact, sometimes the writers are forced to add scenes.

Could you also petition TPTB to put out takes on the DVD’s?

I’ll be completely honest with you…. doing that in season 4 was a huge hassle for reasons that I won’t bore you with. Also, lots of funny things happen on set, but it doesn’t mean the cameras are rolling. I can’t see it happening in season 5.

What was your major in college and how did that prepare you for your current job?

I studied International Relations, then went to film school for a year… and it didn’t prepare me at all for my current job. Nothing prepares you like being on set everyday. Spending time with RDA and Greenburg is what really prepared me for what I do now. Those guys were good to me.

Keep up the great work! IMHO the Extra’s are the best part of the DVD’s!”

Thanks so much… the episodes aren’t bad either…lol

Ganymede writes: “For Ivon: Many of us really want to see that rumoured deleted scene of Ronon cutting his hair!!! PULLEEEZZZE!!!  AND, all of the BROKEN TIES ’sword fight’ — it’s been hinted that there’s a lot more footage to it…”

Hmmm, you have a credible source my friend. I actually went into the trailer as they cut off Jason’s dreads (with camera in tow). It’s really 20 minutes of Jason in pain… How about this, I will find a place to put some of that footage in the DVD special features. And with regard to the sword fight… I am hoping to find a place for that as well.

 Smileyface06 writes: “Question for Ivon: How do you decide which episodes get a Director Series featurette?”

Well, I try to make sure all the directors get featured, as well as spreading them out so that each DVD volume gets covered. This years “Mission Directives” have both the Director and writer/producer. Watch out for Joe in the “Whispers MD.” Also, I read the script, and talk to the writers to see if we are in store for anything new and exciting in the upcoming episodes…. Funny, they always say yes. Often the writers will fill me in on what they are up to. For example when Joe was writing “Whispers,” he let me in on what his plans for the episode were. I new I couldn’t miss that one.

Chevron7 writes: “Thanks Joe for inviting Ivon – I’ve kinda got a crush on him :-D.

Yeah, Joe… thanks. Wow, I have a secret crush…

Is there an award for best Special Features? I watch a lot of box set Special Features and without a doubt, not even a contest, Stargate SG1 & Atlantis would win hands down.

I have no idea, but that is really nice of you to say. I’ll take that as my award. (Please send trophy)

Who’s the toughest person on set to interview and why?

Bam Bam… he’s great, but that boy can talk, and talk, and talk… next thing you know we are deep into his childhood. It took me three season to realize that it’s therapy for him.

How’s the hockey going?

Great, thanks. Just finishing up my summer league, and looking forward to the start of the long winter season. Man, I love hockey. Go Leafs! (My life will be complete when they win the cup)Jenny Robin writes:

What have been some of the high points in your career thus far?

Without a doubt, going to the Arctic to film Continuum. Just being there, living on the ice for a week was magic. Also, getting see a US nuclear submarine come crashing up through the ice, live and in person was unforgettable. Oh, and going to Joe’s chocolate parties.

And finally, because truly, we’re all wondering about this one…How on earth are you able to work with the nefarious evil-no-good-doer Joe Mallozzi?

Ah, I see… you have fallen for his act. Joe’s actually a real life superhero. By night he runs around in a spandex outfit saving people from harm’s way. (Although there is no confirmation of the ‘saving people from harms way’ thing.)

LindaGagne writes: “Also to Ivon: I am with all the others who’d like to see Joe Flanigan featured. Is that your decision or his?”

His. Some people are into special feature; some are not.

2Cats writes: “Great job thus far on all the special features. I always look forward to them with much anticipation. Their addition to the DVDs just adds to the magic as I build a lasting archive of my favorite program.

Thanks very much, 2Cats… let me guess, you have two cats?

Do you write/script the features yourself?

Yes, for the most part, but certain features like “Road to a Dream” are ad-libbed. I told Martin about a general idea I had, and he ran with it. Comedy falls out of that guy’s pockets. It’s crazy.

Do you complete the editing yourself or does the crack editing team on SGA lend a hand?

The crack team at Stargate are too busy to even think special features. I have a great editor named, Jordan Willox working for me. He kicks ass. I think this is his best year yet.

Do you read/follow the various fan outlets for ideas to include on future features? I guess I’d like to know if the fan base has helped?”

I look every now and then. I know what the fans want, but what people want, and what can be done are often two very different things. I would be crazy not to pay attention to those who buy the DVD’s. I try to make everyone happy, but that’s impossible.

Sherwood Forest Maiden writes: Could you do a special features on the wardrobe dept, esp how the designers come up with the great ideas for costumes for the different human tribes and of course the Wraith. Oh, also a special on Connor Trinneer?

Sherwood Forest Maiden…. ah, I remember spending time in Sherwood Forest as a kid. I have lots of relatives in Nottingham. I have to get back there soon. Little known fact: I am also a British citizen. But back to your questions, my fair maiden… I am in talks right now with our fantastic costume designer, Val Halverson, about spending some time in her world. And as for, Connor – well I might have just sat him down last week… but that’s all I’ll say.

Alipeeps writes: What’s your favourite of the special features you have produced to date and why?”

Without a doubt, “Road to a Dream with Martin Gero.” I laughed so much when we made that feature. He is honestly the funniest guy I have ever met. Martin had no fear of doing anything, or looking like an idiot. The day he put on that Atlantis costume and walked on set, I had to put down the camera so many times due to uncontrollable laughter. Also, that extra long hug with Joe Flannigan = priceless. I still laugh at that piece. None of that was set up, it was all gorilla style where Martin and I would just walk to people and start filming… cast included.

AmyFo writes: Do find most actors and crew members want to be a part of the special features or do they get camera shy?

You would be surprised how camera shy they can get, but for the most part, they are great. I also have to realize that they need downtime when they are on set, and sticking a camera up their nose between each take is not conducive to making sure they are ready for the next take. I have to be a fly on the wall and know when to go in for the close up. To be honest, the SG-1 cast was a lot more into special features… different strokes, different folks.

Jason writes: “Ever thought about doing a day in the life of an extra? I think it would interesting to see what some of the background players go thru or ever the stand-ins.”

Funny you should ask that. I have been wanting to do that forever, but I am not sure if anyone would really want to see it. I mean sure, if it was Ricky Gervais, we all would… but it might take a while to find one that we would be interesting enough to do a piece on. I’m keeping my eye out.

PG15 writes: Have you had any ideas for special features that couldn’t be made for whatever reason?

Yes, and it is the one that you all want.

I always like to see how a story is created, so is there any chance we can have a special feature covering how the writers spin out a story? Maybe even footage from a writers spin session?

I did some of that in an SG-1 feature, but I plan on doing it again in the future. The only thing is that the writing process is hard enough, and it might be a little intrusive to shoot the guys in the early stages of a story. But… stay tuned.

That’s it for now. Thank you for giving us your time and entertaining our questions! I love the DVD special features, especially recently. You do great work!”

Thanks for watching them, it really means a lot that people actually like the work that I do. I really mean that.

Thanks, Joe for letting me be a part of you blog, and thanks to all of you who sent in questions.

Peace out… and wonder bread!

67 thoughts on “July 30, 2008: With Special Guest Blogger = Stargate Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok


    Hey Joe.

    I want to know…which of the two new SG movies do you personally like best? (Please don’t say both, pick one or the other 🙂 )

    Thanks Joe.

  2. Thank you Ivon for answering our Questions… YOU ROCK!!!

    And do keep working on Joe F. and see if you can snag him on a good day!


    Patricia Lee

  3. Thanks Ivon for being so open with us. You too seem pretty cool! Can’t wait to see your season 5 stuff.

    Joseph, I was watching the comic con video on scifi.com and just realized I was pronouncing your last name all wrong (sorry). I was using a long O and not the short version.

  4. Great spot from Ivon – love those special features. We don’t normally watch that many of them on other DVD’s these days but they all get watched and rewatched on the Stargate DVD’s.
    Maybe someone needs to show the actors how much the fans like to see them ‘off the scene’.
    Can’t wait for Continuum to arrive here in Australia only 6 days to go. We have to wait until September for Atlantis Season 4 DVD’s and heaven knows when it will be on TV again. Season 3 finished a couple of weeks ago.
    Actually trying not to read to much on Season 5 until I’ve actually watched Season 4. So much to look forward to – if only I was a little more patient or had a time machine. Dream on!

  5. Thanks to Mr. Bartok for his appearance! He has what is possibly the absolute coolest job in the world, hanging around and coming up with very cool features. And he does a supurb job of it. It’s great news we’re getting a 50% increase on our extra material for season five. Yet another countdown to start, waiting for the dvd releases. Thanks to Mr. M. for making the guest appearance possible.

  6. Thank you Ivon!! That was very intereting indeed. I knew something was up around Seasons 4 and 5 when the special features started to get…well, better. Again, nice work!

    I’m moving to a new house today so I won’t have Internet tomorrow. Wish me luck on not wigging out when I can’t read tomorrow’s entry!

  7. Syble writes: “First and foremost, Thank You for all the wonderful extras so far! They have been awesome and I am very thankful we get them on the DVDS. Most, but not all, of the main cast has had a special feature done on them. Will we be getting one for Joe Flanigan/John Sheppard on the season 5 discs?”

    Hey, Syble, that’s what I’m here for. Sadly, no. Due to time constraints, it is tough to get Joe to sit down. He flies home on weekends, and is out as soon as he is done. Also, not everyone loves the camera around, so you roll with the punches.

    It sounds like some bribes are in order!
    I too noticed the lack of Joe on the Special Features.

  8. Hi Joe!

    Thanks, Ivon, for answering our questions. I think I’ve earned the name “AV eddy” since zoomed in on the first pic, not to see the handsome men therein, but rather the camera Ivon was using!

    Thanks also, Ivon, for letting us know we won’t be getting a JF featurette this year. Better knowing than wondering, eh? And I respect JF’s decision. Family comes first.

    Hey Joe, uh….how are you doing? How is Fondy and the pups? Damn, that Ivon is quite a cutie, eh? I’m looking forward to discussing Cordelia’s Honor next week.

    Been reading a non-fiction book, All the Way Home (Building a Family in a Broken-Down House) by David Giffels. It isn’t a home improvement tome. Rather, it’s the tale of a guy our age who took on a *huge* old “fixer-upper-from-hell” with his wife and son in tow. Y’know, the kinda house with critters, holes in the roof, *no* working plumbing, paint from the Jurassic era, turkey pans of water sitting on live electrical wire – *that* kinda house. Good read by a good writer. Plus, it makes me want to paint my damn door and window trim! 🙂

    Take care!


  9. Thanks Ivon for all your hard work. Glad to hear you sat Connor Trinneer down for a chat! His chats on the Enerprise discs are fun to watch, Looking forward to his Sargate chat now!!

  10. watched the videos of comic on sifi. i loved them. You guys are great. I also finally got my hands on the ark of truth. I always seem to be tagging along at the end of the lines these days.lol….

    thanks for having Ivon here it was nice to read about what makes up putting dvd s together and all the hard work that goes in to it.

  11. pg15 wrote:

    I’m moving to a new house today so I won’t have Internet tomorrow. Wish me luck on not wigging out when I can’t read tomorrow’s entry!

    Oh, good! that means we can talk about you behind your back! 😈

    Anne Teldy

  12. Hey!

    Wow, even though it may seem like an easy job, it sounds like Ivon has a LOT of work to do. Capturing behind the scenes photography, deciding what to choose, figuring out what to ask, it’s just neat. 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to ask Mr. Bartok these questions! I’m really enjoying these and they’re providing a very neat insight into the background of Atlantis, and what’s going on with everybody.

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

    PS – Don’t know if I said this before, but Broken Ties was amazing! I am greatly enjoying season five thus far, you folks are doing a grrrreat job!

  13. Loved reading Ivon! Thanks, Joe!

    I finally found down time to catch up on the last two episodes I missed.

    Just wanted to say I really loved both of them. The Wraith-ship type of ickiness was great and I loved how Carson was incorporated.

    I think you guys have handled his character great. Thanks so much.

    The next episode is by far my favorite Ronon episode. That was Jason’s best work, IMO. I love it when tough characters like Ronon have a vulnerable side. Very well done. I hope we get to see an aftermath type of glimpse of that. How will he be after going through all that torture of being addicted to the feeding process and then the withdrawal afterwards?

    Also, I thought you handled Teyla very well for her coming back to the team. I liked seeing her struggle over what to do and the decision to continue with the team does make sense for her.

    And last but not least….Woolsey is an excellent pick to run Atlantis. I liked Weir and Sam both, but neither really took to the role for my taste. I’ve always liked Woolsey because of how he is and this is just great. Watching these two episodes I became totally in love with the idea of him running Atlantis.

    As a Trekker and a Doctor fan of Voyager, this is just awesome. Robert Picardo is a brilliant actor.

    I was prepared to not like Atlantis that much this year…especially after the season opener. I wasn’t all that crazy about it. It tied up the loose ends which needed done, but these last two episodes have totally changed my mind. SGA is on the right track, IMO.

    Thanks to you and everyone else!

  14. Hey Joe,

    What do you know… I am the winner of the bidding for the last North Face Duffle Bags autographed during the filming of ‘Continuum’ on eBay…WAHOO!

    I am so happy, because this is the first time I’ve been able to win a bid on Stargate Memorabilia. And to have Don Davis’ signature makes it even more special. To have one of only two in existence, signed by such a distinguished cast and crew is icing on my cake. There’s cake too, right? (al a Col. Jack O’Neill).

    I am proud to contribute to such a great cause as The Canadian Society for Mucopolysaccharide. Could you inquire of Tanja if there a chance I could come by the studio to pick it up and give the money order payment to her during the GateCon in August? I would love to meet Ryan Purcell as well.

    Thank you,
    Blessings Abound!
    Patricia Lee

  15. Whew! Finally got caught up on your blog! Sure did miss a lot.

    Anyway, I am loving the new season and am really looking forward to the spooky creepiness you are promising.

    Question, though: After watching Broken Ties and the way that the Wraith “turned” Ronon, does that mean that there are actually no Wraith “worshippers” per se, but, rather, a bunch of addicts looking for their next fix and doing whatever it takes to get it?

  16. I’m thinking *WHEN* the Season *SIX* DVDs come out, there should maybe be a piece on IVON!!! I had no idea he was soooo **HOT** looking!!! 😀

  17. I just finished Continuum and I have just one word to describe it….AWESOME!! What a great movie. Absolutely non-stop action, and not one bad scene in the movie at all. Outstanding acting by all, especially Amanda, Ben, Michael, Claudia, and Beau. I thought Beau’s speech was one of the best scenes in the movie, it really made you think about what SG-1 wanted to do in a whole new light. And Claudia was amazing as Qetesh, one of the most devious Gao’uld we have seen. It makes you want to have seen more of her, perhaps in a flashback episode.
    I do have one question, after Mitchell completed his mission at the end of the movie, what happened to him? Did he go to some out of the way place and stay out of the way? Trying to ask without spoiling it for anyone.
    I hope this leads to huge DVD sales which will lead to many more movies like this one.

  18. Great interview with Ivon. I got my copy of continuum today(July 30) and already watched it 2 times. WOW WOW!!Amazing!It lived up to all the hype and much more! The scenery, cgi, artic footage, cast, and the STORY! Seeing all the “old” cast members made it feel like -home- yah I know that sounds sappy, but it made me feel good. Joe, is there any way you can tell Mr. Wood, Mr. Cooper, and Mr. Wright the comments we tell you, as we (I) don’t know any other way to tell them?( Please answer this question) And heard the familiar line “And there may be cake” That cracked me up!Loved hearing Mr. Browder with his quirky lines!The husband also really enjoyed it, as we are both BIG sci-fi fans.Any chance you could get some of the continuum folks to do a guest blog with you?For the record, there are alot of sg1 and sga fans down here in South Florida, come down in the winter, when its nice and warm and we will show you our GREAT resturants. Thanks, Sheryl

  19. Thanks for that, Joe! Ivon is a very funny guy and it’s nice to know a bit about the special features and the process.

  20. I’ve been thinking about a part of Search and Rescue and also in the ep The seer.In the seer,they mention that the old mans(can’t remeber his name)”power” could be our own natural evolution.That being said,I keep thinking about John Sheppard in SR.While he’s unconscious,he has that dream about Teyla.And at the end of Search and Rescue,Teyla says the exact words to John as in the dream.Is this someting significance or do I have way to much freetime?

  21. That was a joy to read (not that reading this blog isn’t every day). Thank you for inviting him and thank you Ivon for answer the fan’s questions (I would have sent one in but really didn’t know what to ask). Fav. answer is the one in how you got started doing this. Keep up the great work!

  22. Coucou!!

    Sa va joseph?? ahh!!! Super cette photo de vous^^! Toujour aussi beau♥! Merci pour ces questions poser a Ivon, c’est cool!!
    Jespert que vous allez passer une trés bonne journée! BIsou! je vous adore!

  23. How many different concepts did you go though before finally deciding with the current city design?

  24. WOW! That Ivon is a real HOTTIE! Tell me, does he have any objection to a mature woman lusting after him? LOL. not too sure about his comment regarding Ricky Gervais thos, I find that guy singularly unfunny, like his mum told him he was funny once and he never stopped believing it but hey, different strokes etc. I’m looking forward to all those promised extras even moreso.
    Thanks guys

  25. Again there are so many interesting things to catch up.

    Thank you for the guests Robert C. Cooper and Ivon Bartok.

    I like the Stargate DVDs extras, great job. I’m not used to such things on other DVDs. And now I’m waiting impatiently for the Season 5 DVDs 😉

    Continuum is already on its way and I haven’t even finished watching the Season 4 DVDs – you people are really keeping me busy. And I’m not complaining about it 😉

  26. Yéé!!! Je vient de faire une video sur john et teyla


    S’il vous plait regarder =) Sa vous plait?

    ps: La musique est superbe,malgré quelques paroles, qui je l’espert nous vous choqueront pas lol XD

    re ps: et non, je ne suis pas une sheyla obsédé qui n’attend que ça! Sa serait bien que sa arrive c’est tout.^^

    re re ps: Jespert que vous avez compris le sens des paroles, sinon sa sera dure de vous éxpliquer O_O

  27. I can see that answering a very simple question about Claudia Black’s ABSENCE at any of DVD’s Extras turned out to be too difficult… why am I not surprised actually?
    But this makes me want to get the answer to this question from MGM people much more now. Joe, I really hope you can bring here the person who is going to give Claudia’s fans an honest answer why they keep ignoring her in the DVDs Extra features.
    BTW, I’d like to know what plans MGM has for Vala’s character in the potential future movies, ’cause I don’t want to see her like a fifth wheel, like Brad Wright wrote her in “Continuum”, but to have adventures on her own with a support from perhaps Daniel and Teal’c.

  28. Thanks Ivon for dropping by. : )

    Ganymede said
    I’m thinking *WHEN* the Season *SIX* DVDs come out, there should maybe be a piece on IVON!!!

    I am all for that too!!!!!

  29. THANK YOU Ivon! And yes, I “currently” have 2 cats, (obvious, I know). You did a bang-on top job with guest blogging!

    Please don’t give up on Joe F. as we all will certainly continue to ask for a Flanigan/Sheppard profile. Looking forward to the costuming feature.

    I’m at work now, so have to leave abruptly…

    Stargate Atlantis RULES!

    Carol Z

  30. For Ivon: If you’re in touch with Mr. Greenburg, please give him my best regards. We met at Gatecon 2003 (and I emailed you a couple of times).

    If MG is still in Canada, I can ship issues of TEXAS MONTHLY…!
    (I know that he “stole” the first one I sent to Don S. Davis.)

    For Joe: Blog dedication, please? I’m pretty sure I passed the ASL II final yesterday (30th), going in for Conversational ASL exam today.

  31. “and I would never say no to one of our fearless leaders. ”

    So you are a fearful follower, eh? 😉

    Damn, I just remembered a question.

    OH well.

  32. Thanks to Ivon for answering questions! I love the show, but honestly buy the dvd’s for the extras and the commentaries…great job

    Finally got Continuum yseterday. I’d pre-ordered it, but my mailman comes very late. So after checking the mail for about the 10th time, around 3:00 there it was! Great job. I loved it!!!!It was great to see some old faces like Yu and Steve Bacic. I LOVED the first shot of the movie, great job to Martin!

    Guess it was an early birthday gift! I will be 40 on Sunday….

  33. Thanks Ivon, your job does sound like fun and work too, keep those features coming!! and Joe have a great day!!

  34. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for having Ivon on guest blogging! He does an awesome job with those features, and having an extra 50% coming up is wicked-cool. 🙂

    I didn’t post this on the Broken Ties page – but wanted to tell you it was an awesome episode, and the score was amazing as well. The music added so much to the ending especially, Ronon’s detox, Teyla, Kanaan and Torren, John and Ronon at the end. It had me all weapy.

    Sometimes I wish the shows could be longer — well okay all the time — but I would have loved to see a director (or writers) cut with all those missing scenes you posted.

    Awesome stuff!


  35. First and foremost, big thanks to Mr. Bartok for sharing his thoughts and answers with us! Good stuff!

    Secondly, @ cat4444 – Not sure what Joe will say, but we REAL human Wraith worshippers are convinced that some fictional humans would certainly follow the Wraith without needing a ‘fix’ to keep them devoted. In fact, we’re sure that Todd would have way too many humans ‘mewing’ on his doorstep, like stray cats begging to be taken in. Todd, we fear, would be the first Wraith human hoarder. It would go something like this…

    Sheppard (straining to see over Todd’s shoulder): “Sooo…buddy. Whatcha got in that room?”

    Todd (blocking the doorway): “Nothing. Nothing at all…”

    Sheppard: “Yeah, well…why the box of video games, and…hey! A Wii! Where’d you get that?! I can’t find one anywhere…”

    Todd (snatches Wii back): “These are merely a few toys for my…companions.”

    Sheppard (screwing up his face): “Companions? Like…as in…lady-friends?”

    Todd (rolls eyes): “No. As in outcasts that show up on my doorstep. I provide care for them, and – in return – they offer me their unconditional love and devotion.

    Sheppard: “You mean…you’ve got…pets?”

    Todd: “I prefer to refer to them as…worshippers.”

    Sheppard: “Whoa! You mean you have people in there?!”

    Todd (defensive): “Only a few…”

    (Sheppard barges past him and finds the room filled with dozens upon dozens of people…adults mulling around, children dashing between them, playing)

    Sheppard: “This is a lot more than ‘a few’…”

    Todd (drops shoulders, and sighs): Yes, I know. It’s the adults. They breed like Athosians. I’ve been meaning to get them fixed…”

    Sheppard: “Yeah, that should go over well.” (changes subject) “They look awful mangy…”

    Todd: “There are just so many of them now. It is difficult to keep up with their grooming. And now they have fleas. I’ve been meaning to take care of that, too…”

    Sheppard: “You really need to get rid of some of ’em.”

    Todd: “How can I?! They were all alone in the galaxy before I took them in. They rely on me now.”

    Sheppard: “Weeeell…you could always eat them.”

    Todd (flashes Sheppard a horrified look): “Unthinkable! These are not livestock…these are domesticated humans…companion humans. We do not feed upon such ones! Well, unless there is a famine…or we’ve had too much fermented royal jelly…”

    Sheppard: “Yeah, well…you’ve got to do something. It’s overcrowded in here…it smells…and I don’t think you’re feeding them enough. They look pretty thin…well, except that one…” (points to a rotund middle-aged man)

    Todd (grins): “Ah, yes. I call him Max. He’s my favorite. Sleeps at my feet and likes to play with string. I give that one extra treats.”


    Really, really sorry Joe…but just couldn’t resist…


  36. Thanks Ivon to answering our questions and thank you Joe for handing your blog over.

    Looks like I might miss Atlantis tomorrow evening. Hopefully my ancient VCR will work this time.

  37. Farscapefan wrote:

    I can see that answering a very simple question about Claudia Black’s ABSENCE at any of DVD’s Extras turned out to be too difficult… why am I not surprised actually?
    But this makes me want to get the answer to this question from MGM people much more now. Joe, I really hope you can bring here the person who is going to give Claudia’s fans an honest answer why they keep ignoring her in the DVDs Extra features.

    Have you asked Ms Black and has she answered “No one asked me to be in the extras?” because it’s not necessarily a conspiracy she’s not in them. Mr. Bartok said participation in DVD extras are voluntary and time consuming which is why Mr. Flanigan isn’t seen in them. Perhaps Ms Black isn’t interested? Or perhaps she wasn’t available because she’d gone back to Australia, isn’t it? Or, like Mr. Flanigan, preferred to spend time with her child(ren).

    Farscapefan also wrote:

    BTW, I’d like to know what plans MGM has for Vala’s character in the potential future movies, ’cause I don’t want to see her like a fifth wheel, like Brad Wright wrote her in “Continuum”, but to have adventures on her own with a support from perhaps Daniel and Teal’c.

    I’d like to see a shower room scene with Sheppard, Ronon and Lorne wearing at the most towels, but we can’t always get what we want. Vala was always a supporting role, not a lead so I doubt that will change in Project Terzo.

    Anne Teldy

  38. Thanks to Ivon – your contribution to the blog was very interesting. Nice photographs! 😉

    Joe – who auditioned the actor for the part of Teyla’s baby? Did it have lines to say at the audition? How do you get them to cry on demand?

    Is there any chance that Woolsey’s dog will come visit or has it gone to the great walking ground in the sky?

    I’m impatiently waiting on my series 4 DVDs – I haven’t seen any of the episodes and am eager to watch them all.

  39. Hey Joe.

    I have really sad news. My ten year old great pyrenees, Sebastian, suffered a stroke today. Poor Allie was alone at the house when it happened. I called the vet and he was able to come right over. He gave Sebastian a steriod shot but if things don’t improve, I’ll have to put my good boy down.

    I’ll try to write tomorrow to let you know the outcome. The vet said there is a possibilty that the steroid shot can help. So… I guess I’ll hold on to hope.


  40. Farscapefan wrote:

    @AnneTeldy: Vala NEVER was a supporting character. Period.

    Sorry. She guest starred in one episode in Season 8, and several in Season 9, before being added to the regular cast for Season 10. Reading down the blurbs for Season 10 episodes, there are very few that feature Vala as the ‘A’ story which makes her a supporting character.

    If you wish to argue that Vala was a powerful character and that Ms Black dominated the screen whenever she was on, go right ahead. I even agree. But the character was a supporting character, and never had enough screen time to have qualified Ms Black for a Lead Actress Emmy nod but, if the #%$&^% Academy had any sense, she would have won Supporting Actress in a Drama.

    Anne Teldy

  41. Hello Anneteldy,

    About Claudia Black, I agree with you, except for Project terzo. If I understand well what that means it could refer to the third spinoff Stargate Universe. If so, it is likely than Mrs Black could play a main character. If Project terzo would refer to the third movie we are all waiting for, unfortunatly Vala should not be a main character in this story but Qetesh why not ?.

    And Vala beeing a supporting character? In one sens, not sure for me; the whole Ori arc turn around her daughter!

    I hope that TPTB will find a main character for her in a near futur and…that she will have the time for it when her two sons (I think) will be old enough.

  42. @ Trish…*huggles* I am SO very sorry. Please keep us informed…and please take care of yourself. Whatever happens, we’ll be here for ya…

    Damn. This is just not a good day.

    Just heard about a terrible murder on a bus in Canada. Man stabbed to death and decapitated. I am sick over it…just hearing the eyewitness reports. I think I’m going to take a break from the net and tv for the evening, too…


  43. Trish I am sorry to hear about poor wee Sebastian. He is a good age as it is for a cuddly sized dog. I hope that the rest of his life is pleasant and pain free. I am sure that your heart and your love for Sebastian will guide you in future decisions about his welfare. 🙂

    I currently have two 3 year old sibling feline masters. Most of the time I love them to bits and the rest of the time I want to strangle them. 🙂

  44. Ivon & Joe M thanks for a great Q&A!! The extras DEFINITELY make the DVDs worth the money.

    Stargate: Continuum
    It’s taken two full days to get to this!! We didn’t so much watch the movie Tues night as talk through it, and talked through it again… 12 people all excitedly talking at once during the whole flick! so it was only last night that I got an uninterrupted SOLO viewing and my oh my, the visual thing that stood out for me was the snowfield photography, just gorgeous, especially in HD. The submarine coming up was AWESOME, and so was the Achilles set. Terrific score & DVD extras.
    One of my FAVE eps is 2010, so I definitely liked this movie better than AoT and overall was very, very pleased with the “familiar” easy feel of the whole thing courtesy of a well placed “minor” characters and Jack O, of course, the *REAL* Jack, with Daniel, Sam and Teal’c rounding out the reunion. The next biggest thing for me was Claudia Black’s performance, I hate Vala but have nothing against the actress, and Qatesh was the best character!! the one to steal it after her was Ba’al, the whole of him- yup THIS was the stuff I was looking for in a “classic” Stargate movie (notice I’m raving about characters and not CGI scenery which was pretty but…!) *crows* got to kill both Apophis and Jackson AGAIN!!! Not enough Camulus!! And how *weird* did Teal’c look with Ba’al’s symbol wow!! Very happy indeed with this movie. Now for just a grumble… did it *really* have to be Mitchell’s grandfather as the Achilles Captain, don’t the guys think they are trying TOO HARD to make Cam fit in? Stop trying to jam Mitchell down my throat, it’s not cool!! OK, rant over. I actually liked Cam better in this than previously (except for a few scenes like the macaroons), and suggests I may have eventually really liked him had we got a SG-1 s11.

    Great job by everyone, and best wishes on getting us movie # 3 !!!

  45. Hi Joe, thanks for all the guest blogs! Any chance of a dedication today? Hopefully I survive the lab I have to teach this afternoon – the frog dissection with anesthetized frogs (the students get to see how various drugs affect a beating heart), but I don’t think I’ll be fixing frog legs later.

  46. Hi Joe,
    Haven’t commented in quite a while, but have been avidly reading.

    It has brought great joy to my day being able to read all the guest bloggers you have invited. They have added so much insight into the world of books, writing, producing and so much “behind the scenes” work. Of course, your input also adds so much to my learning and enjoying! 🙂 Thanks so much to Ivon for his input today. Haven’t had the chance to add questions, but it seems there are so many good ones already being asked that I just sit back and enjoy the answers.

    I do have a question: In season 4 you redesigned the uniforms. Why do some of the background actors still have the old ones with the big “triangle” of color, instead of the stripe of color?

    Keep up the good work. Enjoying season 5 tremendously, and thanks for all the extra info on Broken Ties. A great episode with some quality acting. (As always!)

    Patty O

  47. Pardon me, Mr. Blog Owner, while I make a few comments, eh?

    @ das: ROTF! Love your “blogisode” Shep/Todd conversation. Even better, Todd’s fave pet is “Max,” my hub’s name. Hmmm…will have to try the string thing…oooh, that sounds naughty! 😉

    @ Trish (W.): Sorry to hear your Sebastian is so sick. We had a Sheltie/Spaniel mix named Sebastian. Best dog in the world. I offer my prayers for your dog and family. 🙁

    @ DD: I agree with you about the wonderful characters throughout Continuum. One tiny disagreement with your assessment of Cam, but that’s definitely a YMMV situation. (Won’t mention the “shoving Cam down our throats” comment as that definitely sounds naughty!) 😉


  48. Hi Joe, thank you for letting Ivon take over your blog.

    Ivon wrote: “Sherwood Forest Maiden…. ah, I remember spending time in Sherwood Forest as a kid. I have lots of relatives in Nottingham. I have to get back there soon. Little known fact: I am also a British citizen. But back to your questions, my fair maiden… I am in talks right now with our fantastic costume designer, Val Halverson, about spending some time in her world. And as for, Connor – well I might have just sat him down last week… but that’s all I’ll say.

    ROTFLMAO – I too was born in England, but relocated to Mirkwood Forest as the crime rate in Sherwood was horrendous. Thanks for talking to Val Halverson, thanks also for the heads up about Connor’s participation – there is some chocolate on it’s way – especially for you!!

  49. Anne Teldy wrote: “I’d like to see a shower room scene with Sheppard, Ronon and Lorne wearing at the most towels, but we can’t always get what we want. ”

    BSG has a great towel scene in season 1 (or 2). If you ask Joe for my email addy, I would gladly do some research over the weekend for you. No trouble – it’s been raining since Tuesday afternoon (today is Friday) and not likly to stop in the next 2 days!!

  50. Hey DAS!

    Good stuff! 😀

    I couldn’t help but read it in Todd’s voice in my head!!

    Reminded me of some of those Python skits!

  51. Without a doubt, “Road to a Dream with Martin Gero.”

    Now that one should definitely have won awards. I laughed so hard I almost spilt my drink. Very traumatising.

  52. Loved Continuum. I thought that voice at the beginning on the Achilles sounded familiar. Very good with the make up, since he didn’t actually look like himself (at least not to me). It was also interesting to note the picture in Cam’s locker at the end. I actually went back to the previous reference to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. Guess not quite everything got fixed. Shifting and shifting, again. If the Stargate folks keep this up, the SG teams might actually end up where they started.

    I, too, would like to see Mr. Flanigan cave on the special features front. As an alternative, maybe you could con him into a guest blog (which would mean another day off for you), along with David Hewlett (yeah, I know he has his own blog, but what the hey), Rachel Luttrell, Jason Momoa, Robert Picardo (really liking the new turn on Woolsey – slipping into something more comfortable – HAHAHAHAHAHA), etc. After all, it doesn’t matter if he’s in LA or Van when it comes to answering questions online. Right? Right! Who’s with me?

    I also have a question for Todd about his “brother” comment in Common Ground. I’ve got a theory on what he might have been alluding to when he made the comment, and I just might ask you about it since Todd’s not currently available – out there trying to survive and all.

    dasNdanger: Um, okay. I think. But I don’t understand why you’d worship a being that lets you get fleas of all things. That’s just nasty. Not to mention the living conditions. Blech! To each his/her own, I guess.

  53. “I’d like to see a shower room scene with Sheppard, Ronon and Lorne wearing at the most towels, but we can’t always get what we want.”

    Why does Rodney not get to have any fun! Gosh, talk about not always getting what we want. He would cranky if he found out!

  54. I love alternate realities. I’ve seen the adds for tomorrow’s episode and I can’t wait! It’s going to be awesome!!

  55. Thankyou Ivon for taking the time to answer those questions. It was a really interesting insight into the world of Atlantis special features. 🙂

  56. Ivon – I hope there will be plenty of Mark Dacascos in the special features – the extended fight scene for one?

  57. Yes, I am with you there Anne.. I here there
    was a lot more to it and even Jason Momoa
    was really disappointed to hear that so much
    of the scene had to be cut down because
    of time issues..Both Mark and Jason did
    such a wonderful job in that last episode
    together i would like to see more of them
    even if it means bringing Mark’s character
    back from the dead… Mary

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