Uh oh. I’m in big trouble. The elderly Italian couple who lived behind us have found out I actually speak Italian. I was rolling the garbage bin into the garage this morning when Rosa left off her tomato plant inspection to ask me a question – in Italian. Even though we’d only exchanged the briefest of pleasantries in broken English since I’d moved into the neighborhood, I thought nothing of it and responded – in Italian. And that was it. The floodgates were opened. Suddenly, this hitherto reserved septuagenarian was yakking away about everything from her parents’ medical conditions to the marital status of each of her various nieces and nephews. She ended up speaking to me more in that twenty minute run than in the preceding three year’s worth of conversations combined. Damn. And I’d been so careful up to that point. Clearly, someone must have tipped her off. On the bright side, she was so pleased with our little chat that she gifted me with two young tomato plants. Remind me to check in with Fondy later this Summer to find out how they’re doing.

One of the questions people in “the business” are always asked is “What is so-and-so like to work with?”. Is he really as nice as his onscreen persona? Is she really as selfless and generous as her interview for The Missionary Herald would suggest? The response to these types of questions is always the same. A resounding “YES!” frosted with effusive praise, trimmed with the sincere admiration, and crowned with a healthy dollop of respect. But, honestly, it’s the equivalent to someone asking you what you think of you’re co-workers with the understanding that whatever you say will one hundred percent, without a doubt , get back to whoever it is you‘re talking about. It’s politics rather than honesty that dictates a polite response in social settings. And so rarely do you hear someone say “That guy’s a jerk!” or “She’s a demanding diva.” or “That guy was fired from his last show for accidentally setting fire to the executive producer’s daughter’s Winnebago during while in flagrante delicto.” Instead, it’s always sunshine and butterflie. But what’s the real story? Who IS a pleasure to work with and who ISN‘T? Well, the best way to find out is to query the people they work with. And I’m not talking about actors or directors or producers. I’m referring to those unsung heroes of the industry, the men and women who spend their every working day in their company. I’m referring to the crew, the people who make it all happen on-set and, in so doing, have to put up with that demanding actor, that quick-tempered director, or that overbearing producer with a disquieting penchant for karaoke and orange creamsicles. They, better than anyone, know what’s what. And they, unlike most, can’t be accused of having an axe to grind. They call ’em as they see ’em. I bring up this topic because Michael Shanks was in yesterday, shooting his scenes for the mid-season two-parter and the crew was Thrilled (note the capital T) to have him back. Apparently, Marty G. came across Michael holding court on set, exchanging anecdotes and happy memories with an appreciative gathering of familiar faces from his days on SG-1. Yep. How actors, directors, and producers gets along with/are respected by their crew will pretty much tell you all you need to know. FYI.

Well, I was awakened again early this morning by Maximus who was hacking and wheezing like a 3-pack a day smoker. Very strange since I was certain I’d confiscated his secret cigarette stash over a month ago. Our vet suspects kennel cough (despite the fact that his shots are up to date), so he’s on antibiotics while the other pooches are on cough-watch.

A representative from our home insurance company came by today to inspect the damage wrought by the build-up of moisture in the furnace room (see previous blog entries for all the glorious details, ed.). His attitude was amusingly optimistic. He even went so far as to suggest the presence of mold aint all that bad. “It’s not necessarily bad for you,”he tried to convince Fondy. “After all, we eat mold!” Really? Had I been there, I would have happily offered him a hunk. Bon appetit!

As I suspected, yesterday’s lurid headline (Major Hollywood Star Attacked by Rabid Turtles) coincided with a modest traffic uptick for this blog. So let’s see how today’s entry does.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to Demon Hunter and his/her burning eyes.


PG15 writes: “ Episode 15 = Marty’s pitch, but you’re writing it. You’ve now named it Remnants.
Episode 16 = Very Special Atlantis Episode, Marty’s writing it (and directing it).”

Answer: Why would I be writing Martin’s pitch yet keep the title I came up with for my story? Nope. I’ll be writing my story, Remnants, in the 15 slot. Martin will write and direct his story in the 16 slot.

Kellie writes: “ There was an episode in season three when Woolsey and Caldwell were chatting on the inner balcony thing in Atlantis. Woolsey was peeling an orange. I’ve always wondered why he didn’t offer a piece to Caldwell.”

Answer: Because in the preceding scene, Caldwell was eating an ice cream sandwich and Woolsey asked for a bite but Caldwell refused. Unfortunately, it was cut for time.

MysteryMadchen writes: “1.) Your killing me here, any news on when the Shep whump ep will be? I’d sure love some tid bits as to what it may consist of? Sheppard’s my favorite character and those are my favorite episodes.
2.) I don’t mean to be smug but carbs are sugars as well, they are just complex carbohydrates. I’m Diabetic and have been since I was 14, so for 14 years. Nobody tells people that, especially the newly Diabetic but your power bars actually have 8 grams of sugar. 1 gram simple table sugar that hit’s your system quick and hard and 7 grams that sticks with you and sneaks up later, elevating your blood sugars and maintaining them longer.
3.)Is Jason M. really only 2 inches taller than Joe F.?
4.)Where can fan’s go to let the network and MGM know that we want another season of SGA. Is there an email address or a site, anything to show our support?”

Answers: Hey, Nicole. Hope your mom is well. 1) Hexed is on life support. 2) I think you’d be hardpressed to find a power bar that contained no carbs. 3) Haven’t a clue. 4) You can post on the official website – but I’m sure MGM is all for a sixth season.

AnnaLeo writes: “Sometimes there are dining scenes. Do the actors end up eating a lot in those when you have to do several takes? Or do they pretend to eat?”

Answer: Depends on the actor.

Iamza writes: “ I’ve been trying to decide if his pain is part of the reason Glokta chose his new profession — if he’s in pain, why shouldn’t everybody else be?”

Answer: That was my assumption.

Angelus writes: “ Is it true that on breaks the people of Stargate and the people of Smallville have a little battle of the shows on the Bridge Studios lot?”

Answer: Smallville doesn’t shoot at The Bridge.

Pilgrim writes: “Are they ever going to stop with these ridiculous hybrid names for crossbreeds? When I first got my mutt he was just a little mongrel but now apparently he’s called a Springador (Springer Spaniel/Labrador cross)…”

Answer: I want my next dog to be a Bulldog Shitzu mix just because of the crossbreed name potential it provides.

94 thoughts on “May 21, 2008: Ballroom Dancing Linked to Mad Cow Disease

  1. Hey Joe…your blog titles are really…ammusing lately.

    Do you think that working on a TV show as a producer/writer has more benefits than working on a movie? If so, wht would they be?

    Thanks…nice pictures by the way…any chance of some Teyla pics in the NEAR future?

  2. Just wondering, was Michael Shanks the one you were referring to in yesterday’s blog about seeing a familiar face from SG-1 in the lunchline? Also, any chance of getting some pictures from the midseason two-parter during filming to post here?

  3. I just finished a book called “I, Lucifer” by Glen Duncan. I highly rec it, very amusing book, it takes a look at the devil’s ‘side of the story’ while he wrecks havoc on Earth, including trying to get Johnny Depp to play him in a screenplay.

    Its obvious that you guys are trying to get “Hexed” made since it was originally part of you spoiler poem and sounds like you’re trying to get over the creative snafu. If for whatever reason it doesn’t make it…and I hope it will. If it doesn’t– would it get replaced by another Sheppard focused story?

  4. Hey Joe,

    I’m all for a sixth season too!

    Can you give us a hint as to the nature of the creative snafu that may sideline Hexed? Is it related to casting, FX feasibility, location availability, or just doesn’t work with the overall story arcs of the season?


  5. Just the other day I was thinking about this sort of thing. There’s a version of that amongst fans, as well. If a fan has a crappy experience with some actor, etc. being a jerk, they’re gonna let people know about it. Likewise, if they think said actor, etc. was wonderful, friendly, and gracious, that’ll get around, too. I’m not really even into the con scene and I’ve heard a lot of stuff about a lot of people, mostly good, but some not so good. I tend to think that how a person treats their fans says a lot about them, which is one reason I have such respect for Stargate people. (Of course, if we’re talking creepy/stalkery/overbearing fan, that’s an entirely different story.)

    Answer: Because in the preceding scene, Caldwell was eating an ice cream sandwich and Woolsey asked for a bite but Caldwell refused. Unfortunately, it was cut for time.

    LOL. Nice.

    I agree with Pilgrim about the dog crossbreed names. They’re just trying to find fancy ways of saying “mutt” so pet stores can charge more for their crappy puppy mill puppies. I particularly hate the suffix “doodle” to suggest poodle heritage, because they’re replacing the p with a d in an apparent attempt to cutify it. I detest the term “labradoodle” for instance. If they’ve got to do something like that, the term should be “labroodle”. But really, if it’s not a purebred, it’s a mutt. People used to be fine with fessing up to that. When someone starts calling their dog a shepherd/rottweiler/chow/retriever mix…well, that’s just sad.

  6. Congratulate me! I got promoted to a higher volume store (more $$$ in sales) at work.

    Next step…..Queen Dominator of the Universe!

  7. 1) Based on the ballroom dancers I’ve known, I could almost believe the title.

    B. Poor Max! Please give him my best wishes for a speedy recovery, and here’s hoping the other pups don’t catch it.

    Pi – I tend to prefer big working dogs (grew up with a Samoyed) but now I want a BullShitz, too, just for the name. Well that and bulldogs are big stubborn babies. [I fell in love with the breed after reading Kin Platt’s “Sinbad & Me”, the first of a trilogy of mystery novels by a writer I’ll bet you’ve never heard of, about a boy whose hobby is architecture (!) and his dog Sinbad, his protector and companion.]

  8. Hi Joe,

    I just watched the House finale and remembered that you enjoyed the show, are you still watching TV or you have more than enough now with producing TV 😀 ? I miss your inputs… and I’m curious, did you finally give up on Lost? Is Fondy still dragging you to watch Grey’s Anatomy? American Idol!!!

    Take care,


  9. Actually, upon further consideration, “labradoodle” is acceptable (though I still hate it), because the d comes from “labrador”. But they try to transfer that over to other things, like “goldendoodle”, and that’s when it just gets revolting.

  10. I just went to an animal trade show in Baltimore last week and there is a company that specializes in holistic preventative and treatment meds. They had one for kennel cough. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of it, but I can go to the shop and find out(we ordered a large bottle for preventative purposes). Some of the meds have to be gotten through prescription, but I’m pretty sure this one wasn’t one of them. Anyway, Fondy would love these trade shows (Bakkar or Baccar, I don’t know the spelling, but they have 2 or 3 a year in different locations). They have tons and tons of new products, from dog to cat to fish to birds. You name it, there is a person there that has it. Very, very cool. We go every year. In October it’s in Chicago.
    Anyway, sorry, I didn’t mean to go on and on.

  11. Hey Joe!

    After reading the mailbox question regarding actors eating food on set, what is the oddest or weirdest thing the actors/actresses have had to eat on set? I recall from Star Trek VI, during the dinner in the Enterprise’s dining room, I think William Shatner got sick from the food they ate. 😛

    Glad to see you went with the Ballroom… title, let’s hope your ratings increase. 🙂 You should try just the title ‘Sex’ and see what happens. 😛

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  12. I’m sure if someone was completely honest about what they thought of their co-workers the marketing/public relations department would implode in horror. There can be real problems when personalities end up eclipsing a show – I mean who can watch Grey’s Anatomy without thinking of all the problems on set (not including the question of who can watch Grey’s Anatomy).

    I prefer to live in lala land where behind the scenes on every television programme I like the entire cast and crew are bestest buddies spending their down time making each other friendship bracelets and homemade cards thanking each other for just being themselves. Mine is an unrealistic world where unicorns frolic.

    And on that note: a) who does everyone bitch about in the staff room, b) who is most likely to get pushed down stairs by the crew and, c) who would you rather eat some of your plentiful supply of dog barf than be trapped in an elevator with?

    Just joking. I’m waiting for the E! Special.

  13. See, that’s why I was confused! It wouldn’t make any sense at all that you’d name both stories “Remnants”.

    Now, why would I think that in the first place? Why, because of this:

    The thematic shift of his story has turned out to be a good new/bad news situation for me. Good news: HE is now writing “A Very Special Stargate: Atlantis”. Bad news: He takes the #16 slot which means I’m writing #15 which will have to be ready to prep on the day we get back from our summer hiatus.


    So you can see why I assumed that Marty G. took over your “A Very Special Atlantis Episode”/Remnants while you’re given his pitch to write.

    But that’s all in the past. You’re still writing “A Very Special Atlantis Episode”/Remnants, now in the 15th spot; while Marty G. is writing and directing his pitch in the 16th spot. Now everything makes sense, and I can rest easy.

    Or not…because I just had 1 of my wisdom tooth pulled today and half of my face is kind of…in pain, a dull pain, but pain nonetheless. Still, apparently I don’t have to get the other 3 pulled so…great, I guess.

  14. I have seen a Jack Russell/shitzu cross.. I would have thought it cute if it didn’t have a penchant for snarling, growling and barking at every living thing that wandered past.

  15. thanks for another laughter inducing post. And I KNEW there was a perfectly valid reason I have remained boringly mono linguistic. I suppose you could look on the optimistic side. Perhaps your septegenarian neighbor will be so thrilled at having someone who speaks her mother tongue that you will find yourself mentioned in the Will….
    I’d like to make a quick clarification on my The Blade Itself review. I did mention that at the time I wrote the review, I did not have my copy at hand.(anyone with any gremlin-removal techniques let me know; I just know the pesky critters are hiding the book). I talked of Major West being the only good character in the book. Obviously I had forgotten his actions near the end of the first volume. Unlike other people who mentioned it, I found his actions almost a relief. He’s a man who has been under tremendous pressure for years, from others and himself. He turns out to be more human and flawed than his initial appearances indicated. And given the situation he is heading into, I am looking forward to seeing how his character develops. My apologies to all though for having forgetten about his actions in the first place.

  16. I have mad cow disease, though I prefer to refer to it as pms… 😛

    Mr. M – did you hear that Chicago banned the sale of foie gras in its restaurants because city officials think the delicacy is cruel to ducks and geese? As I understand it, the ban was reversed, but how do you feel about certain foods being banned because it might be cruel to the animal?

    Well, well, well…wasn’t I surprised to discover that my local grocery store – usually still in the dark ages – is now carrying Dagoba chocolate!! I snatched up a 74% bar, and – to my absolute delight – the xocolatl bar! God, I love that one. So here I sit, a glass of old vine Zin and Dagoba chocolate…life can’t get any better!

    Or…can it??!

    Got a question for you…

    How many Wraith does it take to screw in a light bulb?


  17. That was supposed to be ‘change a light bulb’…

    *puts cork back in bottle and calls it a night…* 😛

    OH, hey!!! One more thing…

    I went back to Borders to grab another SG magazine (already have one ’cause of that o so sexy Toddelicious centerfold) – but they were SOLD OUT. The girl just could not understand it…seems the mag doesn’t usually sell out, especially in just a few weeks.

    Hmmmmm….first Wraith centerfold…magazine flying off the shelves…

    A coincidence?? I think not!!! 😀

    I also got quite a haul from my lcs today. I noticed that BSG has a comic, as do a couple other shows. Has there ever been a Stargate comic, and if not, has it ever been considered??


  18. ” He even went so far as to suggest the presence of mold aint all that bad.”

    It’s true. I’m growing some as a pet. It’s name is Fred.

    No, really. I brought home some fries in a take-out box, forgot about them, and a week later opened the box to find a tribble living in there.

    Instead of screaming in horror and pitching it in the neighbor’s garbage (so its retaliation efforts would be hampered by lack of opposible thumbs), my roommate and I turned it into a science project. It’s got more personality than a chia pet.

    It still has to live on the back patio though. Just in case.

  19. Cool love seeing SGA artwork.

    1) Hexed is on life support.
    Still voting to keep it. Hate to mess up a good poem.

    Itsme: I have seen a Jack Russell/shitzu cross.
    I ain’t seen Jack Shit.

    Couldn’t resist.

    Great to hear about Shanks on set.
    Can’t imagine who that lil FYI was tossed at.

  20. Hi Joe:

    I’m trying again with my “tongue in cheek” script for your perusal, since you said last time it ended up in your spam folder. Maybe your blog is the gatekeeper you need at, well, the Bridge Studios gate.

    Anyway, I’ve not been around much since I have been working very hard in assisting Cliff Simon promote our CDs; Stress, It’s All In The Mind and American Affirmations. Anyone who would like to listen to a clip of either or both CDs can catch them at: http://www.aurorisentertainment.com.

    Please forgive the lack of appropriate script format. Blogs are not script-friendly.


    Written by Patricia Stewart



    We see PugJoe sitting at his desk, visibly angry as he talks on the phone.

    What do you mean Joe Flanigan hasn’t shown up
    for work yet? He is in all of the crucial scenes.
    He can’t not show up. This is terrible. This is a crisis of epic proportions!

    Carlbindingwire enters PugJoe’s office.

    I think it’s the Cowel, Joe. I think the evil
    Cowel has him. It might be time for Baron Destructo
    to come to your aid once again.

    Yes, yes, it all makes sense to me now. Flanigan
    does have a lovely singing voice, and those other contestants, well, can we say, “Wraith scream”?
    Cowel must have him. I’ll contact the Baron immediately.

    Geronimo rushes into PugJoe’s office.

    Joe, Joe, a terrible thing has happened! David
    Hewlett just phoned! He and Flanigan have been
    involved in a traffic mishap!

    If Flanigan gets himself killed, I swear, I
    will never speak to him again!

    It’s worse than that! They were driving Jason
    Momoa’s pink cadillac! If there is any damage,
    Momoa will kill the both of them!


    Where is Momoa?

    He had to run to the store. I told him he didn’t
    need to run, he could take his car. That’s when
    he told me he’d bet me $50 that I was dead. I was afraid to bet him!

    Let me get this straight, Hewlett and Flanigan
    are in a fender bender and Momoa is on his way
    to the store. Dare I ask where Paul McGillion is?

    Actually, he’s the only one who showed up for
    work today.

    And Rachel Lutrell?

    She hasn’t been seen since she had her baby.
    Oh, no! It’s no wonder that love scene with the
    alien entity didn’t work!

    We can’t complete an episode with only one actor. We
    have to find Flanigan! Oh, and Momoa and Hewlett as well. Tell the crew to stop production immediately.
    We must find Flanigan!




    Off Carlbindingwire as he stands beside the window.

    I have an idea. We could use Bam Bam. He would
    make a passable Flanigan. And Chuck Campbell might
    fool the viewers that Hewlett is still around.

    Don’t be silly. The viewers are not that dumb.
    We’ll call Richard Dean Anderson in to play Flanigan. And Michael Shanks can be Hewlett. The viewers will know the difference, but they will think the show
    is even cooler than it is now. And with brilliant strategy like mine, it’s clear why I’m the boss and
    you two are just the writers.

    You really are brilliant.

    And evil. Baron Destructo would be proud.


    Patricia (AG)

  21. Hey, Joe (and Joe),

    Just wanted to pop on and say how much I love the First Law series. Glokta is my favorite, although the group looking for The Seed is fast growing on me. Can’t wait for book 3!

    Keep up the good work (both of you),

  22. Hi Joe!

    I’d’ve already posted this darn comment if my dogs would let me be for a minute. They keep running in and out the doorway. (I always make sure I open the door before they run through. Saves doors and dogs.) Anyway, I expect I’ll have something to clean up soon cuz Simon decided to copy Lulu and ate some grass a few minutes ago. Now he’s drinking about 1/2 a bowl of water. Fun.

    Thanks for confirming the whole, “He’s a great guy!” politic-cuz-you-work-with-him thing. Not saying any particular actor/singer/director/”star” is or is not a great person, but what do people expect a co-worker to say?! It’s not only politic, it can be considered polite – to not bash someone behind their back, even if they “deserve it.”

    I agree with Shawna. Goldendoodle is just wrong for a mixed breed name. Sounds like either a baked snack or a big turd. I call my beagle-terrier mix a…

    wait for it…

    “beagle-terrier mix.”

    Go figure.

    Hey li’l mckay! Someone else has crowded into your icon pic! Fix that, eh? 😉

    Best to all that is Joe!


  23. Will we ever see a wraith shipyard or see how the wraith ships are made? By the end of the season will todd be an enemy of the atlantis expedition cause right now he is kinda of on the fence as far as that goes right?

  24. Joe, thanks for the well wishes for my mom. We’re taking it one day at a time and staying thankful for what time we still have together. She has her good days and her bad ones, but at least now I’m able to get to know her since she’s staying with me until she figures out her next move.

    I’m soo bummed to hear that Hexed is ailing, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it gets an adrenaline jump and resurrects it’s self. I’ll keep my paddles hot and ready just incase it starts to flat line. I’m sick I know it, but I love my shep whump.
    Jason M. always looks so much taller then Joe F. in scene’s yet on IMDB it says they are only 2 inches apart. It’s always bugged me because they are supposedly closer in height then the others are to Joe F. Just thought I’d see if you knew.
    Thanks again for the info and taking the time to answer. As I’m sure you know this show is one of my all time favorites as was SG-1 and gives me a place to go when real life sucks just a little to much. Thanks again and I’ll make sure to email MGM as much as I can to let them know the fans couldn’t live with out a season 6, 7, 8, ect. See told you I was a pain in the …

    Oh yes have you read David Shobins The Center, a good book and deffinantly sci fi driven. :>)

  25. @das: I like the first version of the joke better, and I’ve had no wine! Just been up 65 of the last 72 hours. Not sure why anymore….

  26. Hi Joe

    Enjoyed your talk re your Italian neighbour. I remember spending a few weeks at a small pensione in Fuigi Italy a few years back and the people there treated us so so very nice. They had such warm ,friendly expansive personalities. We almost felt like family.. The trip was great but it was the beautiful Italian people there that made it so enjoyable…


  27. Great blog, Joe, and so true about people in the business being political in their answers, although sometimes you can read between the lines by how diplomatic they are being. It reminds me though of something I heard a while ago, that Roger Moore is always loved by his crews because he takes time to cultivate them — saying that it’s the crew that can make or break what you look like on screen.

    Have to say, your title made me think, ‘oh, no, what’s happening on Boston Legal tonight?’ — which is actually on right now, and I’m being bad and time shifting it so I can read your blog. I forgot that you are on a mission to see what titles can do to increase your readership. So you got me there — the little ol’ heart-a-pounding.

    As for mixes being named, sometimes it is helpful. My two kitties are from the same Mom, and you can see that in some of their Maine Coon characteristics… but their possibly Siamese and Bengal dads also play a big part in their personalities, as well because they are so different. I wouldn’t have minded a little help in knowing what I was getting in the lovable brats.

    Oh, and Maggiemayday, in my opinion, your comment is uncalled for and unnecessarily spiteful. Didn’t you ever learn that if you can’t say something nice about a person, don’t say anything at all? Why should it bother you if MS fans come here and express their joy over his return to Joe? They have just as much right to talk to him as you do. And they have to read through or not read through your opinions as much as you do theirs. We’re all fans of the same show and we should show respect for each other.

    Joe, count me as one of those who is very happy that you found a story that could utilize Daniel Jackson’s expertise and hence brings Michael Shanks over for a couple of episodes. I am looking forward to those episodes, perhaps even a touch more than the rest of them. And if you really want to make a fangirl out of me, have my two favorites (Daniel and Ronon) working together in some scenes. I would love to see how that would play out.

  28. Joe,

    I’ve seen “Inquisition” described as a clips show. Would you agree with that assessment? Thanks,


  29. If and when Jason says I want season “X” to be my last(touch wood), can we possibly make it a very heroic season for his charcacter. With a really long arc about Ronon and his relationship with the individual team members. (it’s a stupid and unrelated yet relevant to me scenario where; Sheppard/Ronon is like a father taking his dying son out for a game of catch before he gets too sick and that.)

  30. Can you not preserve the characters integrity? Please? Any charcater really. Ford for example is someone that IF he was still out there; he’d be an asset- but to whom?? You made Ford evil but you preserved the charcaters integrity.
    If Ford comes back I want him to be a totally different and evil character. – but Ford’s just the example.

  31. Haha, I love the title of toda’s blog. May be the best yet. I also would like to see a bulldog shitzu combination. Other than the obvious combination name, there are many others that are equally entertaining…. like zudog or bullitzu.

  32. And as an addendum to my last comment — now that I’ve seen this night’s episode of Boston Legal, it is brilliant. Denny and Alan squared off against each other, bringing to light what we’ve lost in this country of mine. And the Mad Cow shows that he has lost none of his brilliance when it counts — something I’m always glad to see them return to. And in the end, it is a celebration of friendship. A great season ender, that, like always, doesn’t need a cliff-hanger to bring me back next season. The hunger for more superb arguments which point out important truths cloaked in off-center cases and for more unflagging, entrusting friendship does that sufficiently in itself. I wish them Good Fishin’ until it’s time to watch them on the screen again.

  33. I want my next dog to be a Bulldog Shitzu mix just because of the crossbreed name potential it provides.

    Oh Joe I have to confess I am slightly disappointed in you that you went for the obvious bulldog/shitzu joke.

    RE: The Blade Itself – I found myself drawn to the character of West even though at first he does seem the least complex of the characters. I think what I liked about him is that there is an almost tragic air about him. He’s spent his whole life fighting an uphill battle trying to shed the bonds of his humble beginnings and although on the surface he seems to have succeeded to some degree deep down he knows its all for nothing.

    He’s stuck between two worlds, he’s a working class man who dreamed of being more, worked his arse off to get there only to find he’ll never be accepted because he doesn’t have a “dan” in his name but he can’t go back either. So he just keeps slogging onward because there’s nothing else he can do he strikes me as a deeply unhappy person so when he finally snaps it feels like its a dam thats been waiting to burst.

    I think to talk more about his character you have to look into the events of Before They Are Hanged but I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t read it yet.

  34. Let that be a lesson to you. Play dumb (ha, ha). Is Martin Gero “Mr. Creamsicle”? It’s awesome to know that Michael Shanks is every bit as nice in person as he is on camera (when not in character with of Claudia Black). Congratulations on the success of your post titles.

  35. I agree with Pilgrim and all about the hybrid dogs. My sister paid $450 for a Yorkie-Poo and the first thing he did was break his pelvis.

    I’m really looking forward to this next season I must admit. And having watched some of the rest of the disappointing season finales for my favourite shows such as Bones and House, I need to thank you guys once again for a fantastic finale. I honestly do not understand why they find it necessary to put in a massive twist right at the end of the season. Those of us who watch the show aren’t exactly going to all of a sudden stop watching just before the last episode of the season. And people who didn’t watch the show are not going to suddenly watch the show now because there was some spectacular twist going on.

    Why is it that the writers of some of these big shows think that they need gimmicks and twists to get us to keep watching? Why can’t they just have a really good episode and leave out the “flash”? In the end I just think it hurts them.

  36. “Back at the office today. Watched a director’s cut of The Queen and a Day 1 mix of The Seed, dropped by stage 2 where Will was shooting the inserts and missing shots for Whispers, had Bob Picardo drop by the office to say hi and bye enroute to his convention in Italy, chatted with a familiar face from the SG-1 past at the lunch line, beat out the tease and first two acts of the tentatively titled Remnants…

    You should get a nice chuckle out of this Joe.

    I placed 11th in the 74th Annual Writers Digest Writing Competition in the script category (this contest sucks as much as its name does) with an Atlantis spec named…”Remnants.” I wrote it between the first and second seasons (literally, as in after the first season aired but before the second season debuted, around May 2005) about…another city of the Ancients discovered in Pegasus. (I was crushed when I found out about “The Tower” but it ended up being drastically different on many levels, and I guess that’s just how things shake out.)

    A buddy of mine said it was a good sign, that I was on the same page as you guys were at the time, but this…with the title…is getting a little creepy. 😉

    I hope yours turns out better than mine did (and obviously don’t worry about the title.)

  37. ARGH!!!!

    It is Shi-tzu, you speak some japanese come on!

    It is pronounced She-Sue NOT Shitszoo

    I’m sorry, I know its a funny joke but I’ve only heard it 10million times in my +20 years of having the little lions around!

  38. “Answer: Smallville doesn’t shoot at The Bridge.”

    Really?, I guess I’ve been misinformed then. Someone said that the Smallville studio was right across the street from you guys.

    Anyway thanks for clearing it up.

  39. Well on the band wagon of hybrid dog titles I prefer poobrador to labradoodle(more apt too!)
    a jack russell/shitzu mix must be a jack shitz,
    so would a springer spaniel/beagle mix be a springle?
    presumably a Staffordshire/Mastiff would be a staffstiff(depends who’s on top I guess)
    my poor brain is chasing its tail now and once again a train of thought has left the station and won’t stop until it gets where its going which could be ANYWHERE….!

  40. Hexed is on life support? What’s the prognosis, Joe? Is it likely to survive or do I have have to start mourning now??

    Here’s hoping for a miracle.


  41. Poor Maximus. Kennel cough is no fun! And my vet explained to me that not all of the bordatella species (the bacteria that causes kennel cough) are covered by the vaccine. However, the ones that are covered by the vaccine are the ones that cause the most deaths.

    So, while annoying, Maximus should be able to deal with this illness fairly well.

    And I love that last bit of artwork of the mine shaft. Kinda appropriate for Indiana Jones’ opening day. (Temple of Doom and the mine shaft.)

  42. Hey Joe,

    Can you give David Hewlett a prod next time you see him and tell him to update his blog/site.

    Loving the info on season 5. Now can’t wait for it to start in the UK.

    All the best Joe!


  43. I want my next dog to be a Bulldog Shitzu mix just because of the crossbreed name potential it provides.

    *Starts laughing till the tears almost pop out of her eyes*

    Thanks for that one, Joe!

  44. Hey Joe

    Hope things are going well for you and that the impending writing task for you won’t be too hard.

    I’d be careful with your comment about MGM being all for season 6. You previously said that you didn’t think SG-1 would last as long as it did until season 10, when you said that the pick-up would be definite and SG-1 was finished. Wouldn’t want to jinx SG:A. =(

    Just one question: We haven’t heard much about how Woolsey in season 5. How is Robert Picardo settling into his new full-time job and will we see a Woolsey-centric episode?

    Thank you for your continued blogging and awesome work,

  45. You said: I want my next dog to be a Bulldog Shitzu mix just because of the crossbreed name potential it provides.

    WB: I just don’t see what’s so special about a “Dogzu”.


  46. Hey, Joe, I haven’t said so in a while, but thanks for all the pics from behind the scenes! Can’t wait for s5.

    dasNdanger said:
    “I went back to Borders to grab another SG magazine (already have one ’cause of that o so sexy Toddelicious centerfold) – but they were SOLD OUT. The girl just could not understand it…seems the mag doesn’t usually sell out, especially in just a few weeks.”

    Pssst. Joe Flanigan’s in the cover. How can people resist it? 😀
    He should be in every single cover. Not that being a huge JF fan myself has anything to do with my wish… nope. 😛
    Still waiting for my issue to come in the mail (I can’t buy it in stores in my neck of woods, so I have a subscription. I always get it later than the people who can buy it in stores. Go figure) *cries*

  47. Hey Joe!

    Love the pic’s! I can’t help but start quoting:

    “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise…surprise and fear…fear and surprise…. Our two weapons are fear and surprise…and ruthless efficiency…. Our *three* weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency…and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope…. Our *four*…no… *Amongst* our weapons…. Amongst our weaponry…are such elements as fear, surprise…. I’ll come in again.”


    I also wanted to add to David’s question above – do you find yourself slightly spoiled now when watching movies/tv because you’re in the industry?

    Not even mentioning the whole star wars/death star thing… I’m thinking back to a movie I watched once (sci-fi) with a group of friends and when they showed the shot of the inside of a space ship, half a television control room and edit suite was apparently controlling the ship. Should you need to jump to hyperspace? Fade to black. Trying to access backup power systems? Switch input sources. Want to talk to the guys in engineering? Camera 2, of course.

    I was laughing so hard every time they swiched scenes my friends kicked me out. 🙂


  48. Hey Joe 🙂

    Not a question as such. I’m having a bit of a bad week. My mum’s getting out of hospital today (nothing too serious but she gave us a bit of a fright) and I’ve got my final University exam tomorrow…I’m just feeling a little bit stressed out and could use some encouragement for tomorrow!

    Thank you!

    Suekay 🙂

  49. Hey there Joe,

    answer us one little question will you.

    The slits on the wraiths face, what are they for? We all have speculated on this and have come up with numerous answers, so settle a bet would ya.
    -Are thay extra nostrils,
    -are they heat pits like a snake has got,
    -are they for pheromone detection, (we all decided that they would have to be parked on a planet somewhere or run the risk of flying into something – would be funny though!
    Queen- ‘get out of my chambers! ALL OF YOU! Wait. Who’s flying the ship?’
    Random Male- ‘he’s in a cranky mood, best go this way instead or risk having my arms ripped off.’
    *it’s very late here by the way*)
    -or are they a redundant part of their anatonmy like our appendix?

    there’s more but i don’t feel like typing it.
    I still hold out hope of a shirtless (see das i said shirtless not half naked this time) male wraith gracing our screens.

    Das Said.
    that o so sexy Toddelicious centerfold

    you do have a way with words das.
    i’m done for the night now. i shall now descend into the gutter with that delicious thought.

  50. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,

    In a lot of shows nowadays, characters are no longer the heroes of the show, but the protagonists. Do you consider SG-1 and Sheppard as the “good guys”, (even if they don’t always make the “right” choices), or merely the people that happen to be at the center of the action, for better or worse?

  51. Hey Joe!

    Good thing you have snappy blog titles. It’s what brought me here today! 😉

    About the dog hybrid names… My sister and I love massive dogs. I love Great Pyrenees. She loves Great Danes. We were talking about how cool it would be to breed the two. And then we realized what we’d get: A Great Pane. You might be surprised to know we’ve opted NOT to go forward with this new breed.

    How did the pitch of the telepathic pug go? I’m so anxious to hear! I’m sure everyone loved it and we’ll be seeing one in season six, right?


    P.S. Hey look! Tomorrow’s Friday! 😀

  52. Joe,

    You had me rolling with the Bulldog/Shitzu. A very amusing post. Thanks for the imagery of MS on set “holding court”, from what I’ve seen from Con footage and interviews, I’ve always imagined him as a personable man. Of course, this feeds to your point.

    Thanks for the post,


    PS To Patricia (AG) I was rolling!

    That’s when he told me he’d bet me $50 that I was dead. I was afraid to bet him!

    Guffaw! Thanks for sharing!


  53. Hi Joe,

    Well you’ve had me laughing out loud with these titles… and well the dog-cross comment… enough said!

    Happy to hear that Mr Shanks is present on set.

    Off to attempt to disguise a bike as a present now… mmm not going to be easy methinks. My son Nathaniel will be 3 tomorrow!

    How’s episode 15 coming along??

  54. Hey,

    Just stopped by again to say I just started my own weblog, any advice on things people aren’t interested in hearing about? Kinda new to this, but I enjoy your blog so much I thought I would try one of my own. Wish me luck, and stop by any time to leave me a message!

  55. Aww, here’s hoping that Maximus gets better soon and that none of the other pups come down with it! *crosses fingers*

    Also hoping that Hexed doesn’t go by the wayside, but that’s all I’ll say to that. 🙂 I know things don’t always go as planned.

    *Votes for a Season 6 as well* Never too early to supply the sentiment, I say!

    Today’s curiosity: What would you say makes the job of producer the most worthwhile? What makes you get up in the morning and say, “I love my job?” 🙂

  56. @ Wraithworshipper – no sleep? No worries…I had the same condition a couple months ago – it’s called Wraithobsessionitis, though I think I had a touch of Retrostevepassionus – coupled with Hottoddivitis – on top of it. Terrrible, just terrible. And DON”T even get me started on that bout of edwardsleazyhandsphilis I had. Ugh. Made me break out in hives, and everything… 😛

    @ BlueJay – ‘Shirtless’ sounds much better. 😉 Besides, we don’t want JM thinking we ALL have a case of Nakedwraithiosis (a.k.a. Green Fever), or he just might stick us in quarantine and never approve our posts again…


  57. Hey Joe, thanks very much for the cool pictures – I’m very, very excited about season five! I can’t wait to see Michael Shanks again; I’ve been wanting Daniel on Atlantis for years!

    I just wanted to ask if you could please dedicate tomorrow’s blog to MrsB108, as it will be her birthday. She reads your blog every day and reports back to us at GW; I’m sure she’d love it but I’m equally sure she wouldn’t ask you herself 😀



  58. Salut Joseph =) sa va bien? Bah moi comme une journée de décole..trés fatiguant. Surtant quand on a 7 heure de comptabilité a la suite O_O Je ne sais pas comment je fait!

    Merci pour ces photos =)

    éhéhé sa sert de parler plusieurs langues^^!
    Nan!! mangez pas de moisissur!! je ne veux pas que mon super Joseph tombe malade!^^


    1)Allons nous voir beaucoup de “Travelers” dans la saison 5?
    2)Quel est votre fruit de mer préféré?

    Voila =) énorme bisou Joseph! je vous adore!!!!♥

  59. Hey Joe, How do you have enough time to post these huge long posts EVERYDAY, and still have time to actually do your job?!

    It boggles me.

    Anywho, we love you anyway!

  60. Squeeeeeeee!!! It ‘was’ Michael that you were chatting with. I can’t wait for his episodes to air; I’ve been wanting Daniel to guest on “Atlantis” for a very long time. Next time Michael is on set filming, if you get a chance, I’d love it if you could post a few pictures.

    A HUGE thank you and (((hugs))) for the nice things that you said about Michael – very, very much appreciated.

    I hope Maximus starts feeling better real soon.


  61. Thanks for the piccies again! I really hope Maximus gets better soon, and that the others don’t catch it.

    The Aussie sci-fi site has put up some more pics of sets and such like for anyone who is interested (it includes a photo of a certificate for one Richard Woolsey!). Check it out <a href=”http://www.scifitv.com.au/Blog/2008/05/Stargateatlantis-A-Day-At-The-Office/”HERE

    Gonna sign off now as I’m suffering from brain fade…


  62. @ Wraithworshipper – Oh, don’t give me that…didn’t you have Bobonic Plague not all that long ago…? (Or, was that me???)


  63. *waves*

    Hexed is on life support? 😯 No, no, no Mr M you have it backwards, it’s supposed to be Shep on life support in season 5. You know the whole nekkid and intubated under the infirmary blanket. 😉 Oh buggar! SO how long do you think it will take before it flat lines? 😉 Is it too like something else in Season 5 and that’s why there are problems? Will bribes of chocolate help? Happy to bring them over personally. 😉 *nudge nudge, wink wink* Did you get my email? 😛

    So question of the day, apart from the stuff above. 😛 Will we have lots of feeling of love in season 5, I know we’ve heard of some bondong scenes, but will we get to see the characters thinking of each other more as family and looking out for them this season. AND hugging!! You know how much I love hugging, will we get any scenes of that? You know I get really mushy when people hug, lots of sniffling. 😳

    Take care of pugs and Lulu, kennel cough isn’t nice, bless them. Give them lots of TLC and spoil them. 😀


  64. Joe, loving your blogs. Forgive me, but I have to ask, where you say that Hexed is on life support, does this mean there are no planned sheppard episodes focusing on him?

  65. Hi Joe,
    I’ve only just discovered your blog, but I’ve been a loyal reader ever since- I’m starving for SGA stuff, seeing as they don’t broadcast the show in my country… So thank you for your daily updates, because they always make my day!

    I’ve got a few (random) questions for you that have been rotating around my mind:

    1) Was there any particular reason why Sheppard didn’t allow Rodney inside his quarters in the episode Trinity?
    2) Is Teyla’s child going to come between Teyla and her place on the team in season 5?

  66. Joe! It’s been a few weeks since I last read (real life, bah!) and I feel kind of disconnected. Odd.

    But, I’m back! And I just finished reading The Android’s Dream! I’ll save my comments until discussion starts (next week?) but I am so glad I chose this book as my first venture into your Book of the Month Club. Fantastic!

    Also, it looks like you changed your header image. (See how long it’s been? Real life bites.) I have no idea which of the puppy brigade that is (because I am out of touch), but so cute! Here’s hoping Maximus gets over his ailment!

    Someone else asked in a comment if you’d seen the season finale of House. I just watched it last night and I have to say, I thought it was a stellar end to what was, in my opinion (for what it’s worth) a sub par season. Thoughts?

  67. It’s an interesting topic, that whole “what’s so and so like” and the diplomatic answers that usually go with it. I think it’s true though – if the crew of a show love having a certain actor etc around and the fans have good experiences with them as well, then that usually tells you what sort of person they are. Certainly more so then anything else.

    Speaking of which, I’m delighted to hear about Michael Shank’s return to Atlantis and equally delighted that the crew seem so pleased to have him back there. 🙂

  68. HI Joe, I do hope Maximus is feeling his old self soon, best wishes for a speedy recovery.
    Do you have an assistant to help you with things there at Bridge?
    Like the new titles, you are probably right, they will attract some attention.
    Friday is just around the bend, hang in there, I love Fridays, and like Sat and Sun too.. not so crazy for Mondays,,
    Thanks for the pictures. Have a great day! 🙂

  69. Hi Joe

    1. Will we ever see the Bola Kai again? 2. Have you guys got a name for the new supposedly one off alien race in ‘The Daedalus Variations’? 3. Will the ‘major plot developments’ in the 100th episode bring major change for the show, or possibly even the whole Stargate universe? 4. Are you guys optomistic that the show will continue, at least in some form, after season 5?

    Sorry for asking so many questions!


  70. @dasNdanger:

    Sugar, didn’t we tell you you need to take the medication around the same hour every day? This is what you get when you don’t listen to our advice!


    Now, the only thing I want to see you post is the picture of Edward Sleazyhands, and then you’re done for today. 😉


  71. Hi Joe,

    As I usually lessen the tedium of several hours of ironing our laundry by watching Atlantis D.V.D’s it made we wonder where and who does the laundry on Atlantis? Everyone is always impeccably turned out and I cannot imagine Rodney would would do his own washing.

    So do the Ancients have a futuristic technology that does away with this arduous chore or is there an army of domestic goddesses tucked away in a back room somewhere in Atlantis washing everyones smalls?

    If it is the former then please patent it and get it onto the marketplace as soon as possible. Then I can watch my DVD’s without ironing over my fingers!

  72. Kellie writes: “ There was an episode in season three when Woolsey and Caldwell were chatting on the inner balcony thing in Atlantis. Woolsey was peeling an orange. I’ve always wondered why he didn’t offer a piece to Caldwell.”

    Answer: Because in the preceding scene, Caldwell was eating an ice cream sandwich and Woolsey asked for a bite but Caldwell refused. Unfortunately, it was cut for time.

    That’s a real shame. 🙁 I’d seriously pay to see that. Could you query the actors for me? I’d be willing to finance a shoot. And there’d be $5 in it for ya.

  73. @ Spikey – Don’t mind me…I’m just excited about S5, that’s all…excited, and apprehensive at the same time. Scared over what Todd’s fate may be, but really looking forward to all of the things we’ve been teased with so far, as long as you-know-who doesn’t go an’ get hisself kilt.

    And, okayokay…here’s the stunning Edward Sleazyhands…


    Joe – if you were brave enough to look at that – I know exactly how you feel. He makes me wanna take a bath in bleach, too…

    and yet…for some reason…


    das – who married a ‘Cyclops’ when she really wanted a ‘Wolverine’ 😛

  74. Hi again, Joe.

    I *think* Das posted the picture, but it isn’t showing up yet, so maybe it went in the spam folder again? 😛

    Hope you’ll find it there.


  75. Apparently, Marty G. came across Michael holding court on set, exchanging anecdotes and happy memories with an appreciative gathering of familiar faces from his days on SG-1. Yep. How actors, directors, and producers gets along with/are respected by their crew will pretty much tell you all you need to know. FYI.
    i heard that he was a nice guy to work with.
    on that note mr. mallozzi, could you do me (& his fans) a favor? the next time you see michael could you ask him to go back to blogging? his blog on the tv guide site was the second-best blog i’ve read. (you’re is first of course) http://community.tvguide.com/blog/Celebrity-Blogs/Michaels-24-38/800048552
    and now that michael has an official site: http://www.michaelshanks-online.com/news/index.shtml maybe he can blog there either on a weekly or monthly basis. topics could be the SGA episodes he’s doing, his new tv movie for teh sci-if channel, the whole rage of angels thing or how there might be a class action lawsuit over there not being a men of sci-fi calender.

    sorry, this got a little long.

  76. I want my next dog to be a Bulldog Shitzu mix just because of the crossbreed name potential it provides.

    OMGS, that’s the funniest thing I’ve come across in at least a week!! XD *wipes a tear away and gasps for air*

    Re kennell cough, did I tell you about our old dog Patch and her supposed kennel cough? Not long after we brought her home from the shelter we had adopted her from, we noticed that she was sneezing a lot, and rather violently too — so hard that she even smacked her snout on the floor sometimes. We had to bring her in to the vet to get fixed anyway, so we mentioned the sneezing, and the vet gave us antibiotics. After a while, though, I realised that she was only sneezing at specific times — when she wanted something. If she had to go to the bathroom, she would stare at you, and when you stood up, she would wag her tail furiously and sneeze. It wasn’t long before, if you asked her a question involving the word “want”, she would sneeze on-cue.

    “Want to go out?” *sneeze*
    “Want dinner?” *sneeze*
    “Want to go for a ride?” *sneeze*
    “Want a treat?” *sneeze*

    Maybe she was allergic to questions. XD

  77. Hey Joe, I am happy to report the fish tacos at Mijita Cocina (Traci Des Jardin’s place) were very good.

    A little mold in the basement? Well, I used to work for a lab that handled mold remediation cases (we’d ID the mold the insurance companies and home inspectors sent us). The basics are as follows: find and the eliminate the source of the water leak. Clean up any water. Check to see how large an area is damaged – if it’s fairly small and contained, just clean the area up with a 10% bleach solution (bleach kills mold), otherwise you may want to rip out and replace the damaged area. (If you’re really worried, you are welcome to contact me further).

    Sadly that mold and yummy truffles are both fungi, as well as the ‘blue’ in bleu cheese.

  78. Nice blog entry title Joe. And thanks again for talking about the crew who work on Stargate Atlantis. In fact I vote we see some more pictures of them. I know what the great actors on the show look like (because we see them in the episodes), but it’s rare to actually see the crew behind it all.

    Again on The Blade Itself, I’ve been reading the comments about West and why some people like him, or why they related to him etc. I think Pilgrim said it’s because West has struggled for respect for so long because he wasn’t born into a royal or respected family. I suppose in that way he represents a class struggle. To be honest I just find that “the reluctant hero” always annoys me because of the “why me” factor often involved.

  79. Some people must think your blog is their own personal bulletin board. 😉 😛

    I like the concept art, especially the mine, it has a very ominous feel to it. S5 is shaping up nicely!

    Question, why the sudden focus on the Wraith in the new season?

  80. I love reading your blog. I could see that “Bulldog Shitzu” comment coming a mile away, and still I laughed out loud when I read it. Do you find your sense of humor is stifled at all when writing for the show and do you try to get in as many sarcastic and snarky remarks as possible? What other writers have similar senses of humor?

  81. Got a burning question or two. WHY wasn’t Sheppard reduced to tattered rags when he ‘fought’ his way through a really really nasty sand storm in ‘The Last Man’? He SHOULD have been reduced to tatters! And been very very dead!

    Also, WHY are you not returning Dr Carson Beckett to Atlantis as a permanent cadt memeber AND CMO where he belongs? We Beckett fans PROVED we want him back, we worked very very HARD to get him back! Why were we, and Paul, only thrown a bone for all our hard work?

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