What a team!

A tragic story. One that fills me with a deep sadness, not only for the deceased, but for the monkey driver who must now resume his chattering/feces-flinging duties at the local zoo with a heavy heart, forever haunted by the memories of his ill-advised joyride in that Lamborghini.

But rather than dwell on that sad tale, why don’t I tell you about my no-less-sad though relatively monkeyless day. Well, I’m pleased to report I’ve finally completed a very rough beat sheet for Remnants, formerly a “very special Stargate: Atlantis”, now a “not so special Stargate: Atlantis”. However, I’m sure that once the other writers weigh in with their brilliant ideas, it’ll go from “not so special” to “one of passing interest”. So far, I’ve got the word out to a couple of potential guest stars, discussed the look of the mainland, and have been considering some of the more important character moments I want to explore with Sheppard, McKay, and Woolsey.

Dropped by the FX Stage where David Hewlett and Michael Shanks were doing their thing. According to Marty G. who is directing 2nd unit, they’re both in crazy-good moods and their scenes are going swimmingly.

I was back in the editing suite this afternoon working on Whispers after receiving notes from my fellow producers, the network, and the studio. Once I’d made the required cuts and trims, the episode was thirty seconds short. Hunh. If you’ll recall, it took me approximately two hours to get it to time when it was thirty-five seconds long. I wish it were as easy as simply adding that time back in but, alas, we had to go through the episode again, scene by scene, adding Sheppard’s warning here, putting back Mirellus’s exit there. Finally, we’re to time and, following a brief conversation with the uber-talented Joel Goldsmith about the score, I am done. For now.

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday gal MrsB108.

Today’s pic: Remember the old Marvel Team-Up where Spiderman would partner with another superhero to take down the villain of the month?  It was always interesting to see who the webhead would team up with.  Sometimes, it would be someone really cool like Wolverine or The Punisher.  Other times, it would be someone somewhat less cool like, say, Frog-man.  Well, consider today’s pic the Atlantis equivalent of the old Marvel Team-Up, and a definite Spidey-Wolverine combo.

95 thoughts on “May 22, 2008: Drunken Monkey Acquitted in Hit and Run Death of Local Man

  1. Hi Joe

    1. Was the glove art shown a couple of days ago for the new alien race? 2. Will we ever see the Bola Kai again?


  2. Hi Joe –

    Thanks for the great pic! Not to sound greedy or anything, but … more, more MORE! (pretty please 🙂 )

    Just read yesterday’s blog – sorry to hear Maximus is still having trouble. Maybe this is what is called ‘reverse sneezing’ – not uncommon in short-faced small dogs (although any breed can do it). When your dog is doing this, it can sound like coughing, gagging or gasping. When people hear this for the first time many think their dog is choking on something. It’s pretty easy to stop. You can either stroke your dogs throat to get them to swallow, or gently pinch the nostrils closed so that they must breathe through the mouth. I really hope it’s not kennel cough for your sake – that is highly contagious & very easily spread from dog to dog. If Maximus has it, good chances are that the rest of your pack o’ pugs will come down with it.

    Good Luck!

  3. Damned monkeys! They’re the real reason you wound up thirty seconds short.

    Hope Max is feeling better and the other puppies are still ok. And I forgot to say “thank you” for explaining about Fondy’s name. Sorry, bad pain makes Moose brain forget manners.

  4. LOL Funny pic of Michael and David. *chuckles* Somehow I have the feeling that was a dangerous moment… 😉

    Hang in there…we have faith that in the end, it will be back to “A very special Stargate Atlantis.” 🙂

    How’s Maximus? Hopefully on the way back to good health. 🙂

  5. I absolutely love the picture! I agree, definitely Spidey-Wolverine.

    And I have one question for you about the sad tale. What kind of Lamborghini?

  6. Hey Joe,
    I just saw Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull and the story line is VERY similar to the Stargate SG1 episode “Crystal Skull.” How do you do your history research and how much of it influences the story line?

  7. Ah, Marvel Team-Up, I remember it well. Personally, I liked the ones where they tried to play a game of poker, especially when the Thing was involved, and something inevitably went sideways on them. But they would eventually get back to the game.

  8. Oh, hey, something else. When an actor has a photo appear in an episode, does that count as a “guest appearance”? (i.e., the photos of Jack, Teal’c, and Daniel in Sam’s office)

    Also, do they get some kind of bonus or hazard pay when they have to produce a kiddie picture of themselves for a show?

  9. “It’s Guy Love, that’s all it is! Guy Love, he’s mine I’m his!
    there’s nothing gay about it in our eyes.”

    ^First thing I thought of when I saw that pic.

    Have you seen Scrubs, Joe? I hope you have, or else a misunderstanding could be afoot.

    Anyways, thank you for the Stargate bits! Meanwhile, more mini reviews from the marathon…

    Fair Game: Weeeell now, the big political episode featuring 3 great Goa’ulds! I loved how hopeless everything felt half-way through the episode, and it was very clear that we were in way over our heads. Luckily, Nirrti did us a favor. Very enjoyable episde.

    Legacy: Once again, Michael Shanks was brilliant in this episode, though the “Crazy Danny” stage was a little shorter than I had hoped, and the long, technical solution (ultimately skipping a bunch of steps that seemed rushed) was…well, a little longer than I had hoped. Still, good episode over all.

    Learning Curve: Nice! Talk about your moral ambiguities. I don’t know what to think. A child’s childhood, or an entire people’s future? It can’t be easily decided. Jack was very rash in this episode, though it’s understandable given his track record with kids.

    Point of View: The Jack/Sam parts were really nice, along with the accompanying music; I can see why the shippers want resolution. Overall though, I found that it’s well-tread grounds, and reminded me too much of There But For the Grace of Gods. Also, I did not like it one bit when the origins of the device that powered the Gate was messed up totally. The Asgard had nothing to do with it; it was Jack and the Ancient Repository of Knowedge! Yoiks. Other than that though, not bad.

    Deadman Switch: Loved it. Aris Boch was hilarious and gave off the feeling of expertise perfectly. I’d hope to see him again, but I know that’s now pretty much impossible.

    Demons: A typical “village of the week” episode; not bad overall; the Canon was deliciously evil, while Simon as the unsung hero was portrayed pretty well as well. Nothing spectacular here, however…except the brilliant music.

    Rules of Engagement: Again, nothing spectacular, but overall pretty good. It’s always nice to see someone see the truth of the situation, so I enjoyed the part where Rogers understood what was going on.

    Forever in a Day: Awesome. Big plot developments here, and I actually felt sorry for Teal’c. Still, Michael Shanks was again brilliant, and the definite change in his character after Sha’re’s death, even if it were all a delusion, was palpable. Very nice. Poor Rothman. Haha.

    Past and Present: It’s odd seeing Danny bounce back so fast after Sha’re’s death, and I’ve said before that I don’t enjoy 1-episode romances. Overall, the mystery of the Vorlix was well done, the romance was…alright, while the ending was pretty good thanks to Ke’ra’s outbursts.

    Phew, that’s that. Onward to the big Sokar 2-parter!

  10. Joe,

    I’ve just returned from The Jungle Book, a Norma Butler Bossard Elementary Production, with a cameo appearance by my dear daughter Jennifer to find a wonderfully adorable picture on your blog. (DH and MS, not the puppy, but the puppy’s cute too.)

    Did you, at least, let out a satisfying scream when you found your ep short after working so hard to get it where you wanted it? Maybe throw something? Not anything breakable. I have a stress ball that I throw over students’ heads (if they’re lucky – my aim’s not good).

    I’m glad you got it all sorted out in the end.

    BTW Do we need to start writing SciFi now to get them on board with Season 6?

    Thanks again for the daily blog,


  11. Hey Joe,

    Thanks much for the Michael Shanks/David Hewlett photo! Can’t wait to see the episode when it airs! And by the way, did the two of them get any nice speed talking scenes in there? With such pros, you just have to let them show off every once in a while.

  12. Oh. My. God.
    That picture!
    Look at all that yummy goodness!

  13. You say Spidey-Wolverine… I’m sayin’ “WOO HOO!!! DAVID PIC!!!” 😀

    So…THAT just made my day of evicting dust bunnies (more like dust elephants in this house) and scrubbing all the grout in my house TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! This is my reward, I see. I’ve been doing spring cleaning and my body hurts EVERYWHERE. I think even my hair on my head hurts.

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Joe: u da man!



  14. What a team is right, cool! uh, thats not the vulcan neck thingy,,is it? Spidey-Wolverine, a great choice. They can rescue me anytime,, 😮 still thinking about Maximus and wishing he is better today.
    They will probably keep a closer eye on that monkey from now on…
    That Joel is talented with the music magic for sure.
    Have a grand day!

  15. Aw, that’s adorable. The two biggest non-military gate nerds. Now I really am looking forward to that ep. I can’t wait to see how they are together.

    Here’s a question: has it ever been established what country Daniel’s meant to be from? I just wonder because most SG-1 people tend to be American by default, but there are times when his Canadian accent’s pretty darn obvious. (Then again, the same is true of Amanda, and we know Carter’s supposed to be American.)

  16. Today’s pic: Remember the old Marvel Team-Up where Spiderman would partner with another superhero to take down the villain of the month? It was always interesting to see who the webhead would team up with. Sometimes, it would be someone really cool like Wolverine or The Punisher. Other times, it would be someone somewhat less cool like, say, Frog-man. Well, consider today’s pic the Atlantis equivalent of the old Marvel Team-Up, and a definite Spidey-Wolverine combo.
    dare i ask who’s spiderman & who’s wolverine?

  17. OK, I know that today’s picture is not of food, as it often is (though I do support a fun David/Michael pic). But first, I’d like to say: I love your entries about the wonderful food you eat. It definitely inspires me to get out of my culinary rut that I sometimes revert to out of familiarity.

    I’m wondering: do you watch any cooking shows? I watch Top Chef whenever I happen to catch it and was wondering what you thought about this season’s competition. Personally, I’m so over Lisa and Dale. I think one of them is going to get eliminated from the episode I’m watching now (Restaurant Wars).

    Also, do you cook much yourself? If not, any desire to?

  18. Hi Joe!

    I love the picture 🙂 Just a question, at which speed will we have to watch any Daniel Jackson/Rodney Mckay scenes? Michael Shanks brought it up at the Vancouver convention and I’m assuming their’s going to be some very faced paced talking between these two.

  19. Hey Joe!

    Judging by your note about the ‘mainland’, I surmise we’ll finally be able to see the land of the new planet Atlantis is on? (M35-117 😛 )

    Glad to see Michael Shanks in works with Atlantis! I’m sure you’ll all have tons of fun!

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  20. Are you suuuure that’s not an Ultimate Colossus, Northstar moment????



  21. First thought. What a GREAT Picture! Second thought. What word, in any language, adequately conveys the degree of mugging going on for the camera? It would have to be a word or term involving duct tape, superglue, oversized heart shaped pillows, strip-seaches, and sharp dental instruments. STILL a great picture. Many many thanks. As far as your latest script birth pangs go, I’m sure tht the usual alchemy will produce a “I can’t believe he took such a lame idea and turned it into a brilliant Stargate episode” episode. And I’m happy to see you’ve gotten Whispers about wrapped up. It’s been fascinating watching the whole process of its creation through your eyes. Thanks once more for that, as well as a trip down memory lane with the whole Marvel Team Ups mention. Though I’m having a difficult time imagining either McKay or Jackson as Wolverine…. well, I suppose if there’s an ancient artifact at stake they both are capable of demonstrating the needed ferocity.

  22. well, you know what they say — you teach a monkey to drive, but you can’t make him think.

  23. Two adorable geeks together. Cute pic! Thank you for sharing that with us. As someone else asked, I hope there is at least one scene with them speed-talking. Both David and Michael excel at that, as you may have noticed. 😉

  24. Amazon finally got around to providing me with a copy of Season 10; I’ve just finished watching the deleted scenes that are in with the special features.

    In one of The Quest’s deleted scenes, Mitchell mentions that Carter is working on an , and slips “Omega 13” in with the other random technical phrases he throws together. Can I infer that somewhere between you, Paul and Ben, there’s at least one GalaxyQuest fan?

  25. Loved the picture, Joe. I’m sure it will inspire a slew of McDanny slash fic on Wraithbait.

    Speaking of the Wraith, have you seen the trailer for Hellboy II? The main villain looks remarkably like Steve or one of the other season 1 guys. When I commented to my companion “The Wraith made it to Earth!”, I got a laugh from several of the folks nearby.

  26. It’s lurrrve fo sho… “Dave & Mikey sitting in a tree, k.i.s.s.i.n.g….”

    Hiya Joe – I’ve been AWOL for a long time…some evil flyboy stole my heart and gave it back to me in pieces. Damn flyboys anyway. But the medications I’m on now are great.

    Can you dedicate a blog to all the broken-hearted, in my honour please?

    And I gotta say, I adore that header pic on your blog…almost wish I could photoshop that uber-cute puppy into a more fitting background!!

  27. Joe,

    I forgot to say I hope Maximus is better soon. My sister thought her dog had kennel cough as well. She was really upset because her dog was ALSO up-to-date on his shots. I guess kennel cough has many strains and the vaccine only covers some of them. It turns out Linus (the dog) didn’t have kennel cough but a virus that went away. I’m hoping the same is true for Maximus. 🙂 It’s hard when the puppies are sick.

    Take care!


  28. Any Carson/Teyla emotional scenes coming up in season five? Any scenes? And, with this new emphasis of “‘ships” between the characters, will be get any sweet Keller/Woolsey moments? I think they would make an adorable couple! =]

  29. Thinking about puppy ‘sneezing’ and the urping they’ve been doing… didn’t you say they’d been eating grass? Felines and Canines eat grass to *make* themselves urp… their way of getting rid of hairballs.

  30. I’m loving the blog titles!

    Ok…so I’m back watching SG-1 Eps and I just have to ask – In WoO (Window of Opportunity) was it your idea or the prop department who supplied O’Neil w/a Latin book by you?

    And I don’t mean to go all ship on you but I also watched Divide and Conquer again. Now, I’m thinking that is confirmation of feelings… What say you? (come to think of it…I’m not sure if you wrote D/C or not….)



  31. Aw thanks for the picture! It’s my birthday this sunday, can you mention it in your blog? I’ll remind you again.

  32. Hey Joe,

    Great blog! I’ve been keeping up on Stargate news (and restaurant reviews and book recommendations) for awhile now and finally decided to stop and say hi. So, hi.
    I have to say that I’m getting pretty excited for season 5 after hearing a bit more news about Woolsey’s character development this past week. I’m looking forward to seeing what he brings to the show and the team dynamic. Plus you just can’t go wrong with Robert Picardo. Ever. So kudos to you and the rest of the SGA team from recognizing the characters potential and making him a regular.
    A couple of question too…
    1) Are there any plans for a Woolsey-centric ep where we learn a bit more about the man and his life?
    2) You’ve spoiled some people with the near certainty of Ronon/Jennifer relationship development. Any way you can divulge some hints about whether or not we’ll see some Rodney/Jennifer development? You can’t just disregard the events of “The Last Man”. Can you?
    3) Is Michael’s persuit of Teyla’s baby going to be an ongoing storyline for the majority of season 5? That could be interesting both as a storyline and because I’ll bet we’d get some great Teyla scenes and moments.

    Looking forward to more blogging.



    It will be on my desktop forever! thanks, joe.

  34. Amz wrote:

    Anne Teldy – I agree that Ardee was mainly seen through the somewhat skewed vision of Luther, but I think there were still some insights into why she was the way she was. In particular, when West loses his temper and we find out about her father….

    I still disagree. Finding out about Ardee’s abusive father only explained why she was messed up, not why she became a rowdy flirt (Luthar’s admittedly suspect take on her behavior). I felt like I came to understand most of the decisions the male characters made but never Ardee West’s. For instance, from the way the society was depicted, a woman in Miss West’s situation would most like have been able to get away from her abusive father in only a few ways. Going to live with another relative, going into service as a governess (or some other type of domestic servant), or marriage would most likely have been the usual methods. Why didn’t Ardee choose one of them? And why would a woman who should be leery of a drunken man want to spend time with Luthar? Why did she make the choices she did? I’m hopeful that I will get a better understanding in the rest of the trilogy but…..

    das wrote:

    How many Wraith does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    Once on TV.com’s Stargate Atlantis forum, someone started a thread about Wraith humor (It can be found here.) and I answered the question thusly:

    How many Wraith does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    Four. Todd to plan it. One to betray him and two to kidnap McKay and make him do it for them.

    Various people wrote questions/comments such as:

    Is Teyla’s child going to come between Teyla and her place on the team in season 5?
    Will we get any scenes in Season 5 of Sheppard bonding with Teyla’s baby?
    Also, who named Teyla’s baby and what is he called?

    I ask again, what makes everyone so all-fired-sure the baby survives?

    Anne Teldy

  35. LibKat writes:
    “Loved the picture, Joe. I’m sure it will inspire a slew of McDanny slash fic on Wraithbait.”

    Were also my exact thoughts along with HolyCrap whats he DOIN?? I can hear the slash/fans as I type making all kinds of wallpapers/headers/banners/screensavers they’re not going to sleep for weeks!

    Still it was a sweet piccie.

  36. Great title, and absolutely adorable picture! I would love to see more where that came from! Looking forward to more (yummy) pictures soon.


  37. ROTFLOL, the picture reminds me of a certain photo session at a certain convention not too long ago in Germany.

    I think Michael performed this with about 200 fans out of 5,000.

    Crazy-good mods? Uh oh….take cover.

    Love your entries and I hope Maximus will be well soon.


  38. “The Great Canadian Stargate Tag Team”…..

    Love it!!……If there’s any more like that knocking around, please can you make sure they find their way onto the web very soon……

    Nice to see Michael looking so happy and relaxed – he’s obviously having a blast being back with many of his “Stargate Family”…

    Thank You…

    Deeds xx

  39. Firts of all: Love the picca ! I really like the Daniel Jackson character, so I’m happy he’s finally made it to Atlantis again.

    “I wish it were as easy as simply adding that time back in but, alas, we had to go through the episode again, scene by scene, adding Sheppard’s warning here, putting back Mirellus’s exit there.”

    Didn’t you bring back the turtles???? :'(

    Oh, about 2 weeks ago, you dedicates your blog to my partner Sebastiaan who was lying in the hospitle with lumonia. He’s finaly coming home today!!! So Happy. And he was very happy when I showed him your blog dedication. Thank you once again

    (and sorry for my bad english this morning)

  40. Hi Joe,
    What a great pic of David & Michael. Its very funny!
    Thanks for posting it.
    Thanks for the info on Shepperd, McKay & woolsey! That sounds very cool!
    Be careful of those monkeys & their poo flinging! Haha!

    Take care & happiness always!


  41. I love Kate Hewlett’s character Jeanie Miller, and I’m curious, is Kate going to snaggle another episode or two in season 5? I love the brother sister relation ship aspect of Rodney and Jeanie, it’s always good to see him be brought down a peg or two by his little sister, can you tell I’m a sister who brings a brother down? Also I have heard rumors that there is going to be third Stargate show, what are the odds of Kate snagging a spot on there as a lead? I think Jeanie would make an excellent “McKay” on the new show.

  42. Well two big anniversaries for me to celebrate today Joe, I have been in the National Health Service here in the UK for 30 years as a nurse and a midwife. Despite my moaning about the NHS I do love my job but I must admit it would be better without the patients!

    The second celebration is that I’ve been reading and posting on your blog for a whole year but I like to think of it more as 31556926 seconds.

    Your blog has made me laugh and on occasions made me sad, it has inspired and educated me but always entertained.

    I look forward to the coming year with scintillating blog headlines such as

    Michael Shanks ate my hamster!

    Paddington Bear admits he has a meliphagous problem following admission to Billy Bee Clinic.

    Edible boxer shorts blamed for increased obesity levels in Armenia.

    Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over.

    Have a nice weekend.


  43. Thanks for the great pic of Michael Shanks and David Hewlett. I know you made a lot of fans happy today! I can’t wait for this episode and the start of season 5 — come on July! Almost all the episodes so far sound amazing. Thanks lots for giving us some great personal insights.

    Also, Pandora writes: “Any way you can divulge some hints about whether or not we’ll see some Rodney/Jennifer development? You can’t just disregard the events of “The Last Man”. Can you?”

    Honestly, I don’t see why not. Unless of course you want to try and kill off all the major characters again to give them a chance to get together. It seemed to work out well for them last time! Or how about as someone suggested above, Keller and Woolsey? At least Sheppard is safe from romancing Keller. Um…Sheppard is safe from her isn’t he Joe?

  44. Oh man! No skimping on any Rodney/Daniel talk-offs. I want at least a good, solid five minutes of them trying to talk fast over each other.

    Speaking of great match-ups, would we, by any chance, be seeing the Jason/Chris-only cut of their fight? It would be great to see the entire choreography.

    (I’m too late, I’m sure.)

  45. Thank yuo Joe. A Daniel and McKay colaberation is a wonderful idea. I can’t wait to see what happens when these two come on screen together. That picture is to cute 🙂

    oh and Maggiemayday: Mooooooo!

  46. Now THAT’s a picture all by itself, what a great pic THX Love It!!! and what a seriously “suck up” pic on the part of DH, their expressions are killing me with laughter!! DEFINITELY a Dangerously Demented Duo so I think its Batman on the left and Spiderman on the right.

    Remnants’ll go from “not so special” to “one of passing interest”.
    No pressure or anything but I’ll be looking for “An Exciting, Clever, Funny, Emotional, Shoot Em Up Stargate: Atlantis” …

  47. Addendum to Remnants I have been considering some of the more important character moments I want to explore with Sheppard, McKay, and Woolsey.
    Yes, this is very important. I expect the blade to be razor-sharp.

  48. Popping out of Lurkdom to say, what a great pic!
    Looking forward to the new series and just can not wait!
    As always, loving your blog. Even if I do not comment that often, I am always reading it!

    Fraggle D

  49. a nice surprise. when I was going to log into my own blog i stopped for a moment and had a look at the picture on the first page and thought: hey that guy looks familiar and then noticed the name. so naturally I had to check it out. Indeed a nice surprise 🙂

  50. Rodney and Daniel are my two all time fave characters. I have been waiting five years to see them together. I hope you there will more lovely pics to come. 🙂 : ) : )

    You mentioned the mainland in regards to Remnants, so does this mean they are doing some more exploring of their new planet? Any chance that those giant snakes that Rodney mentioned after they first landed there will show up? How about Giant Killer Plants? ; )

    Didn’t Rodney say that the ancients had been to this planet but for some reason they didn’t stay? I keep hoping that some big nasty scary surprise is waiting for our team out there on the mainland.

  51. Moooooo right back atcha, Sprinkles …. a positive pleasure to meet another DJ admirer.

    I even have an “official” title, MaggieMayDay, Daniel’s Armorer, Munitions Expert, and Blade Wrangler. I’m such a geek. Well-armed, but still, such a geek.

    My inner fangirl is doing the sqeeeeeee over the picture of MS and DH … but my non-gater friends are merciless. Good thing they’ve never found the fanfic. I’d have to crawl under a rock and die of embarrassment. And this from people who have ringtones from Red Dwarf and ST:NG!!!!!

  52. Hey Joe,

    Re: potential guest stars for “Remnants” – is one of them Kari Wuhrer by chance?


  53. Joe,

    you do know that printing that adorable picture will cause a run of Rodney/Daniel slash fanfics, don’t cha? *snickers*

  54. Anne Teldy said: How many Wraith does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    Four. Todd to plan it. One to betray him and two to kidnap McKay and make him do it for them.

    😆 😆 😆

    Perfect! Thanks so much for the Friday-mid-morning-just-getting-to-work-on-a-holiday-weekend-at-the-shore-and-really-don’t-feel-like-being-here laugh!!! 😀


  55. Thanks Joe love the pic of Michael and David make me so look forward to this eps and the banter to which we will all probobly have to go back and listen to over and over since both are fast talkers but thats alright. Thanks to whomever is pairing these two fine gentlemen together in the eps 🙂

    And do we have an idea when another “Michael” will be makeing an appearance; yes talking about Connors character?? I know you have titles for the eps in the last second half of the season but wondering which eps that would be?

    Thanks for bringing on Michael “shanks” and keeping “Michael” the wraith around 🙂

  56. Hi Joe!

    I have questions concerning Teyla’s kid. Will it grow normally (as in grow slowly and develop like real kids do as time passes on the show)? Or will it grow superfast and become a child in less than a year without a real explanation (like soap operas) or with a weird explanation (like Naomi Wildman on Star Trek Voyager)?

    Or, will it just fade into obscurity and only be mentioned by name every blue moon?

  57. I know you’re more of a dog person, but my cat Poppy is having his 12th birthday today, just hoping you could wish him a happy one, I’ll be sure to pass it along.


  58. You made my week with that pic of David and Michael — I will love you forever!! (Also, it’s good to have proof that our beloved Squirrel King is indeed alive — I was starting to worry that you had killded him over his rival blog. XD)

    My mouse has dieded. 🙁 Fortunately, I have a back-up mouse, the one that came with my Wacom tablet. Unfortunately, the space it actually works in is very limited — 4X6 inches — so it’s very sensitive, and, at times, difficult to control around the edges of the screen, like it can’t quite reach. I feel like I’m in a mouse rodeo, trying to wrangle the dang thing where I want it. Alas, I can’t go get a new one till tomorrow. Hope your day is going better than mine. XD

    I suppose it’s too late to beg Marty G to work an exasperatedly-affectionate Vala reference into Daniel’s dialogue somewhere?

  59. OMG!!! That has to be the cutest picture EVER!!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooooo much for posting it, Joe. It looks like Michael and David are having a lot of fun filming together. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    “According to Marty G. who is directing 2nd unit, they’re both in crazy-good moods and their scenes are going swimmingly.”

    swimmingly?!?!? Did you say swimmingly, Joe? When I read that, all I could think of was a certain pair of speedos. *LOL*


  60. Awesome pic!!

    I agree with Mercie… there’s got to be some really fast talking between those to!



  61. Is it just me, or does it look like those two are about to kiss??? Just what kind of “crazy” have they been getting up to?

  62. Perhaps you can get MS to hang out with him MORE so that he can school him in the concept of ongoing blogging? His TVGuide blog was incredibly well received, then he dropped the ball and quit. Tell him to write. You have influence. Tell him if you can write to us, write for the show, and do all you do, the least he can do is a monthly blog. Supports the show, keeps fans happy. Btw, adorable picture of them!

  63. Salut Joseph! Sa va bien???

    moi oui, moyen, je voit toute ma maison se vider, c’est triste, en plus mes parent ont eu la bonne idée de déménager une semaine avant mes examen…..j’ai téllement peur de ne pas réussir.

    Waou!^^ super la photo! ils trop adorables =)!!

    Bon bah bonne journée Joseph, je vous adore fort♥ Gros bisou

  64. anneteldy-would you be so kind as to instruct this novice on how you represent someone else’s comment that you then respond to?

    I am sending something your way (I gave up creating it myself since I am racing to read the Crawlers and the next 3 BOTM by hopefully month end) and I am sure it will be better sent by this third party.

  65. AAAK! While I truly believe that the boys are gust goofing off, I find that picture to be horribly disturbing.

    Like Nika and Mercie, I’m looking forward to some fast talking on SGA. Is that script significantly longer because you have both Hewlett and Shanks in the same episode?

  66. Aah cute pic. Doggie isn’t bad either!

    For those newcomer’s Slash is a male/male relationship.
    Ship is a male/female relationship.

    Some more titles / Keywords:

    Cute Kitten savages Paris Hilton’s piece of fluff.

    Bikini’s stripped off on Bikini Atoll

    Live lizard found in Hubble telescope.

    …and by the way, I have yet to tell the difference between a Canadian accent and a person living in the northern part of the USA. Does it kind of switch off at the border? 🙂

  67. The picture! ‘Tis cute! Aww, David Hewlett!

    So, Joe, a friend of mine finally decided to start watching SGA (she’s slow, I know). Of course, her library system didn’t have any of the seasons, so she had to interlibrary loan them. The first season to make it to her? Season three.

    Boy golly. She knew basic details from listening to me talk about it, but I had to weave entire story lines for her, watch the first episode with her and commentate via the ‘net. She was so confused! I’m thinking that once she gets into the new story lines, it will go smoothly.

    She did tell me that she thinks Michael is an excellent villain, and her favorite character is Ronon. (It’s the muscles!)

  68. Awwww look at those two, don’t they look cute! 😛

    Thanks for a great picture of Michael and David, it’s got me all excited about their episode again – I’m really looking forward to it! 😀

  69. ROTFL at the pic!! Talk about hamming it up for the camera!! I knew David was a little bit mad, didn’t know Michael was as well!! LOL!!

    I can’t wait to see the mid season two-parter – and glad to know DH and MS are enjoying filming it!

    Must be frustrating having to re-edit – but I’m sure the finished product will be creepy and good. Wish you could work the turtles back in, but I guess that’s not possible. Ah well…

    And I believe Remnants will be good – I have faith in you! Do you need a cheerleader? I don’t have any pom-poms but plenty of encouragement!!

    Leesa – the pom-pomless pommie… *g*

  70. Grazie per la foto di Daniel e Rodney! Ci sono speranze di vedere Daniel in un terzo episodio? Mi manca terribilmente….Una domanda culinaria, quale è il tuo piatto italiano preferito?
    Since you told us that you speak Italian, can you answer me in Italian? Thanks.

  71. I have a question… With the overabundance of McKay… It’s always McKay, McKay, McKay, Mckay, and more McKay one can chew in one episode…

    Will there ever be an episode with no McKay, no David Hewlett, none, nada, zilch McKay, ever?

    Or do I have to write the fic myself?


    Anyway…. TEYLA!

    What will happen to the remaining Athosians? Will they be going back to new Athos, or will they remain in Atlantis or on the main land of the new planet. And will we learn something new about Teyla? Family? Background? Stuff like that…

  72. Joe,

    OMG!! If it hasn’t already been done…you have definately started a McJackson slash trend in fanfiction, with that photo!

    LOL….aren’t they just so cute?

    Been AWOL from here for a while…but I’m back and caught up. At least on your blog Joe…the comments? Not so much. I don’t think I can read that many.


  73. Heightmeyer’s Lemming said:
    I have a question… With the overabundance of McKay… It’s always McKay, McKay, McKay, Mckay, and more McKay one can chew in one episode…

    Will there ever be an episode with no McKay, no David Hewlett, none, nada, zilch McKay, ever?

    What?? NO McKay?? Bite your tongue….*faints from shock*

    *wakes up and cries out *Don’t listen Joe!!! We LOVE McKay….it’s all about McKay. Um…and Sheppard…and Zelenka…and Lorne….and …erm….ok, it’s about a lot of them…but DON’T LEAVE OUT MCKAY! *begs piteously*


  74. I’ve just seen a news item that I think you might be interested in – apparently there is an unoffical award at the Cannes festival awarded to dogs in films.

    Palm Dog Award

    I forsee a great future in films for your little gang. Awards, fame, fortune (okay, maybe not that one), adoring fans (they have some already, but there’s always room for more) and lots of doggy treats for a job well done!

    And it all starts with a role on Atlantis in an all dog off world team!


  75. Nice pic! That might make nice wallpaper to annoy my colleagues with…they’ve been threatening an intervention for me and my “Stargate obsession.” I’m sure they’ll love the photo I just emailed them–not of those two attractive guys, but of me, lounging on the sofa with a glass of wine in one hand and my box of Atlantis DVDs in the other. Since they’ll be working for 6 more hours, AND I WON’T, I thought a nice photo might cheer them up. Heh.

  76. Hey Joe,

    I love today’s photo of Frodo and Sam. It really illustrates the deep bonds between them. No wait! That’s David and Michael!!! My mistake. 😉

    By the way, I’m sorry if this has been asked already, but do you and Paul have any intention of recording any audio commentaries for season 5? I have always enjoyed the commentaries you guys have done.


    P.S. Jonas Lives! (At least I hope so.) 🙂

  77. Dear Joe,

    1. What happened to the Camulus Zpm? Did you guys ever creating a cool atlantis story arc revolving around it?
    2. Will there be new wraith ships or ship designs in season 5?
    3. Will we get to find a little more about the Wraith – Ancients war that occured 10000 years ago?


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