Like the cover says, The Blade Itself.

This wasn’t my first time reading The Blade Itself. I actually read it a little over a year ago at a time when I was blazing through a veritable library of science fiction. I was reading almost exclusively scifi because, well, I didn’t know any better. At the time, my understanding of the fantasy genre was shaped exclusively by what I’d read as a kid and the occasionally cheesy cover art that adorned the big hardcover new releases at my local bookstore. In short, if it involved magical elves, grumpy dwarves, and a quest to find “the chosen one”, I was out. Until, against my better judgment, I decided to pick up Scott Lynch’s The Lies of Locke Lamorra and Joe Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself. And my opinion of fantasy literature changed. Drastically. I was in!

This was my initial response to The Blade Itself after reading it for the first time:

“In some ways, The Blade Itself reminded me of The Lies of Locke Lamorra. They are completely different books stylistically and in terms of the stories they tell, and yet one thing they share is a wonderfully wicked sense of humor and a willingness not to take themselves too seriously. The Blade Itself also has the added bonus of offering up multiple POV’s and a nice mix of well-drawn characters. As if often the case in books of this sort – and Altman movies – there are certain characters you’ll like more than others. Captain Jezal de Luthar was my favorite, a perfectly contemptible yet charismatic rogue – although I found the inquisitor, Glotka, an incredibly rich and interesting character. I loved his development throughout. I didn’t take a shine to Logen at first, finding him fairly stock and stereotypical, until later in the book when he becomes the fish out of water, the barbarian in civilized society.

I enjoyed most of the book, losing interest when the magical elements took over two-thirds of the way through, then finding my interest renewed in the book’s climax. It will be interesting to see what Joe has planned for his characters.”

And, boy, does he have plans! But that’s a discussion for another book (namely, the second in this terrific series, Before They Are Hanged). Suffice it to say, I really enjoyed The Blade Itself, in most part thanks to Abercrombie’s characters. Sure, they’re reprehensible in some respects, and yet they all possess a humanity (one might even say vulnerability) that makes them sympathetic. They may be flawed, their actions suspect, their attitudes surprising – but they’re always interesting. And that’s why I think one of the first book’s strongest points also works against it. Abercrombie introduces and develops so many terrific characters that by the time the main push of the story gets going, the book ends and you’re left hanging. Unlike The Lies of Locke Lamorra which is a self-contained story despite being part of a longer series, Abercrombie’s First Law series follows a narrative path similar to George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series. The first book is merely a piece to a greater puzzle. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Yes, it can be incredibly frustrating for the impatient among us, but it is also incredibly rewarding for fans of carefully plotted, character-driven adventure.

I liked The Blade Itself a lot. But I loved the follow-up, Before They Are Hanged, even more because that’s when the story really kicks into high gear, offering up twists and turns aplenty while turning those accepted fantasy tropes on their head. Well, hopefully, if you enjoyed reading The Blade Itself as much as I did, you won’t need any convincing.

So, what did you all think? Author Joe Abercrombie will be dropping by later in the week to field your questions and comments – so start posting!

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to blog regular Alipeeps who, I’ve been told, is going through a difficult time.


Mackenzie’s Momma writes: “Can you recommend a good restaurant in Surrey?”

Answer: Alas, I cannot. Believe it or not, I’ve never been to Surrey.

Thornyrose writes: “1) What ARE they doing with that Stargate in the pictures? 2) Will we see the Atlantis expedition become more isolated from Earth? 3) Is there a chance that the secret of the Stargate program will finally be made public back on Earth?” 4) When will we get another guest appearance in the blog by Baron Destructo and/or Cookie Monster.

Answer: 1) See Dovil’s post in yesterday’s comment section. 2) With the ships at Earth’s disposal, it’s almost impossible to isolate them completely. 3) That’s possible. 4) Soon. Soon. They’re studying for their finals.

Ytimynona writes: “If a show is being cancelled, shouldn’t the network give the writers enough time to write an ending worth being remembered???”

Answer: It all depends on the timing. Some shows find out early enough and are able to script a series finale. Others shows find out too late and their fans are left hanging.

Belouchi writes: “I was wondering if can tell us or even better show us through the usual daily picture postings of the new starships that are going to be introduced in season 5.”

Answer: I posted some interior ship pics last week.

Charles Schneider writes: “ Do you think that it will be a June/July premiere.”

Answer: From what I hear, it’ll be a July premiere.

David writes: “For the 100th episode, will you be making a quick appearance like Brad Wright did in 200?”

Answer: Wasn’t planning on it unless I get to play a wraith. Or a gadmeer.

Grapesofwraith writes: “Also, looking at what we know on the episodes, most seem to be part of the larger arc. Are there any you would consider as stand alone eps?”

Answer: There are a number of standalone episodes that contain bigger arc elements (ie. The Seed, Broken Ties, Whispers, Tracker, The Queen) in addition to your one-offs (Daedalus Variations, The Shrine).

DasNdanger writes: “I can’t wait to see the new Wraith ship – I LOVE gooey, icky Wraithy stuff!! Just wish they’d show us how it’s all created…is it something that Wraith produce themselves, or something they’ve created in the lab, like test tube tech, that then grows on its own?”

Answer: Check out The Seed for the cryptic answer.

Michael writes: “I’d just like to say ‘Thank You’ to everyone at Bridge Studios for their hard work and patience last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I was there on behalf of and it was fantastic.”

Answer: Hey, Michael. Sorry I missed you. Apparently, the press conference went well past my bedtime. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, drop by the production offices. My office is the one with the villainous décor.

Patricia Lee writes: “I was wondering if Joe Flanigan’s character, John Sheppard, was named after that producer from the MacGuyer TV show?”

Answer: Nope, he wasn’t.

Mackenzie’s Momma writes: “I photoshopped some of the pics from the Fuel dinner into a backround and would love to share it with you(as its a joe centric one lol) should I just email you a link?”

Answer: Sure.

A Honshuu writes: “What do you mean, “if there is another season”?! Are you trying to curse it?”

Answer: Every year I worked on SG-1, I assumed it would be the last – and yet, we kept getting picked up. Until the season I optimistically assumed we would be picked up – when we were cancelled.

Rhonda writes: “I was wondering how many people are in the city of Atlantis? I wonder because the lights are one in every sector of the city in the long shots. Just seems weird to me that we sent enough personnel to fill the thing. And are the using fluorescent bulbs?”

Answer: I’d say there are a good 300 people in the city. They don’t use fluorescent bulbs but do use Ancient-designed low-energy bulbs. Also, they keep the city lit up to scare away the ghosts.

Bluejay writes: “Tell us if you read it so i can pass it on.”

Answer: Read it today!

Boston 3358 writes: “Is the gate heavy?”


Answer: Would you consider 6 tons heavy? If so, then yes.

Amz writes: “I often find when I’m writing (or supposed to be writing) that it can be really really hard to get started. Then all goes well until someone (like an editor) reads a draft and gets back to me. The rest can go either way. Is that sort of how it works for you too?”

Answer: It’s very difficult to get started and to finish. Also, acts I, II, III, and the first half of IV are difficult too. The rest is a breeze.

Lis writes: “When do you typically find out if there will indeed be a next season?”

Answer: Usually in the Fall.

Achaja writes: “I just wonder if this Wraith’s feeding procedure (by hand) have got something with Jesus’s stigmatics?”

Answer: Nope.

Carl Beckett writes: “…how did Ford operate the jumper to escape in The Seige part III?”

Answer: Don’t recall, but Martin had a great explanation. He’ll be at Comic Con in July. Corner him there.

Squall78 writes: “I read an article on SCI FI wire about the Season 5 cast changes. The article ended by saying that Jason Momoa hinted that he would only be interested in one more season of SGA and would want to go on to something else. Was he referring to past season 6, or will Season 5 be his last season?”

Answer: I believe he was referring to a potential season 6.

Anais33 a ecrit: “ 1)Dans cette saison 5 il y’aura des moments d’émotions entre Teyla et John? 2)De quoi avez vous êtez le plus fiére a la fin du tournage de Whispers?”

Answer: Oui.

Translation: Yes, there will be some “emotional moments” between Teyla and Sheppard this year.

Enzo Aquarius writes: “Have you ever thought about coming over to Toronto for our Sci-Fi conventions?”

Answer: Score me an invite and, schedule permitting, I’d love to drop by.

AnneTeldy writes: “Isn’t that a Milky Way gate?”

Answer: It is.

Cherish4 writes: “Will we get any scenes in Season 5 of Sheppard bonding with Teyla’s baby?”

Answer: Perhaps.

MrsB108 writes: “Will any of the core team face darkness within themselves this year?”

Answer: Broken Ties.

Erika writes: “Hi Joe is there going to be any emotional moments between Ronon and Teyla in season 5? You steered me right in BAMS’R anything at all. I also like Keller and Rodney together anything for them in season 5?”

Answer: A firm “maybe” to both.

Joebags writes: “More Keller/Ronon romance? No wonder Jason Momoa announced he wants to leave the show!”

Answer: No. He’s leaving because you hurt his feelings with your last comment. Nice going.

110 thoughts on “May 19, 2008: The Blade Itself

  1. I leave my lights on to scare away the ghosts too! And it usually works.

    One question today:

    Any chance of the team finding a creature on one of the planets that’s pet material? I’m picturing a florescent green Bubba-esque animal that just *hangs out* all day. Or perhaps a polka-dotted Maximus-ish critter? 😉


  2. If I was writing a review that would appear in EW or the Times I would say something along these lines.
    Abercrombie dares to create a world with many distinctive characters that don’t play into the regulated formula of some mainstream fantasies. His words rain like a distant song that calls to arms and propels the reader on a multifaceted jaunt. Intrigue, redemption, vengeance, alliances of necessity, torture, politics, betrayal, love, magic, war, heroes, villains, and the grey in-between come to vivid life as worlds collide in an ever increasing pace. Tongue and cheek barbs, double meanings, and inner monologues, create a version of fantasy noir that has rejuvenated what fantasy can be. Abercrombie is a poet that is not afraid to show you cruelty, the biting edge of a sword, and the need to be something of consequence. Buy this book, grab a pint, sit back, and enjoy the ride. People should tip their hat in honor of such a mastermind.

  3. I’m not done the book….. Hell I’m not even done the first 100 pages…. ah well what can I do.

    But so far so good, I agree with what you’ve said in regards to the characters thus far.

    I’ll give you more of an in depth reaction when I actually finish.


  4. Hey Joe….6 tonnes!!! Nice answer to the comment about Jason leaving becuase of more Keller/Ronon scenes 🙂

    2 questions today…PLEASE ANSWER THEM!!!

    1) Again, I saw someone make reference to Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster…could you please explain this to me? What/who are they?…I’m new to your blog so I’m not sure…

    2) Does the fact that Jason is, or going to be, a new father part of the reason for him considering to leave Atlantis? When/IF he leaves, do you think you would keep the door open for him to return in a guest role?

    Thanks Joe…oh, I pre-ordered my copy of Continuum today from Chapters, of all places. I’m sure its going to be good!

  5. Thank you for the dedication. It made me smile. Well, actually it made me cry cos I’m a horrendously emotional mess at the moment but once I got done with the weepy moment I smiled. 🙂 I haven’t joined in much with the chat on here in recent months with all that’s been going on in real life but I still read every day, chronically unreliable internet connection in the depths of deepest, darkest Wales permitting, and your always entertaining blog and the generally incredibly lovely people on “the internetz” have helped keep me sane through some really tough times. And now I’m getting weepy again so time to end before I get too maudlin.

    I’ve not had chance, sadly, to obtain or read this month’s book club selections but I hope to be joining in in discussions again in the future – how about adding another Iain M Banks to the booklist and seeing if he’d be interested in a guest blog? I’ve been lucky enough to meet him at a book signing and he’s a lovely congenial chap (with very good taste in single malt whiskey). If you haven’t picked up his latest SF novel, Matter, yet, I can highly recommend it.

    Merci encore une fois et a bientôt.

  6. Great blog post. Thanks for the full mailbag, even if Joebags’s comment made my stomach lurch. I’ll check out the rumor control sites after posting this I guess.
    First, this review is being done by memory, since the gremlins seem to have made off with my copy of The Blade Itself. With their track record, it should make a reappearance within the week.
    I found the opening chapter of the book to be less than compelling, and I began bracing myself for a dull read. It was a pleasant suprise then, when Glotka suddenly appears on the scene. A Torturer? And why is the man such a physical wreck? From this moment on, I found the book to be an addiction rather than a chore. A major factor was the characters. No character (except perhaps Major West) comes off as totally admirable or likable. But all the flaws the characters suffer seem plausible, as do their better features. And while Jezal serves as the rough “center” of all the characters, the way they all move around him comes together very nicely.
    More than the characters though, I enjoyed the pacing of the book. The characters were introduced and developed with great finesse, as were the plot points. We were teased through the book, but there was a payoff with answers being provided at a satisfactory rate, even as more teases were introduced. There wasn’t an effort to “shove” the world of the Blade Itself, no longwinded expositions saying “these are who these nations are and this is the geography”. Instead, the information we need to flesh out the world the characters occupied is provided in nuggets drawn from the characters’ own background. It requires a bit more effort from the reader to make the connections, but at least the author gives the readers credit for being able to do so.
    Even if I hadn’t known before starting, by the halfway point it was made fairly clear that the novel would not be a stand alone. The shifting to the South, the introduction of new characters, and new plot twists offer too many thread to be woven together in the amount of pages left. It’s done skillfully enough that I don’t believe a reader could be resentful of the fact that they’ll have to commit to at least one more book before getting the whole story.
    This has been one of the more pleasurable books I’ve read in the “BotM” club selections. As much as i’ve enjoyed the short stories, I’ve been weaned on the novel format, and this book provided a filling meal. Based on Mr. Mallozzi’s reactions, I can expect another great read when I read the sequel. Before They are Hanged is at the top of my purchase list, and hopefully will be in my hands in less than 24 hours, as I head out tomorrow for a book run. This is a 9.3 out of 10 on my scale, with no serious flaws from my perspective.
    I’ve only a few questions for Mr. Abercrombie.
    What conditions do you prefer to write in/under? claustrophobic closet with a single guttering candle to provide light? A sundeck with the birds flying overhead, and classical music playing on the stereo? At odd moments on the laptop whle communing with the muse?
    Your website indicates Logen was your original main character, the “thinking man’s barbarian”. Have you found any of the other characters to have pushed Logen aside as your most interesting character, or does he still remain a personal favorite?
    Will one of the sequels to The Blade Itself lay out a map of the world the characters inhabit, or will that be left to the readers’ imagination?
    Have you considered producing a book of short stories, and are you planning another multi-book series, or have any ideas on a stand-alone novel? In a related vein, do you see yourself staying in the fantasy genre for the foreseable future, or are you interested in trying out other froms of fiction?
    Thank you for your time and participation in Mr. M’s blog, and I look forward finishing off the First Law Trilogy.

  7. Hi there!

    First time poster, and already a question:

    Is there any chance we might get to see a team that consists solely of non-English speaking people? Or at least get a more international feeling than in the last two seasons (think the German speaking scientist in the background in “Duet” instead of only flag-spotting)? That would be really great.

  8. “AnneTeldy writes: “Isn’t that a Milky Way gate?””

    And now I want chocolate and caramel.

    Waves at Anne … glad you like the F&SF!

  9. I agree that Logen did seem a bit superficial at first, very stereotypical and I was worried it was going to get old and fast, but then it picked up and I enjoyed the character he proved to be.

    To be honest, I probably preferred inquisitor Glotka just that tiny bit more than Captain Jezal de Luthar just because you got a glimpse of his thoughts behind everything in the italics. One of my favourite parts was quite early on when Frost tells Glotka that Arch Lector wants to see him and he thinks he’s a dead man; his only genuine reaction to it was, “no more stairs”. Just brilliant! That alone said so much about the character. Describing his pain and nature of his disability gave you everything you physcially needed to know, but that thought said so much about the character’s mental wellbeing and just how rough a time he had during his capture.

    I still cringe at the thought of torture by slowly chipping away opposing teeth…yeouch!

    I’d never say I have fully converted to the fantasy genre, I still can’t much see the appeal of LOTR – yeah, I know, sacrilege; weirdo; freak; I’ve hear them all, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. However, I am more open and not so quick to ignore a book just because it’s in the fantasy section. I read The Blade Itself after my mate wouldn’t give up selling it to me and I’m glad I caved as I really enjoyed it. If I remember correctly, I read it in 2 days and I’m dyslexic so that’s unheard of for me normally, especially a book of near 600 (?) pages. I had a major headache by the time I was through, but 3/4 of the way through, how could you possibly put it down??? lol

    Oh and it looks like Beckett beat me to the Ford question :-S. Sorry for the double question!

  10. You as a Wraith? That would be absolutely fabulous!
    I like it better than any cast announcement you’ve made so far!
    PS – I’m in the first 3rd of The Blade Itself. So far I’m not really thrilled with any of the characters, but hopefully they will grow on me. I have to say though, if I don’t like, and I mean actually develop a fondness for, any of the characters in a book, I don’t like the book. Regardless of whether the characters are well written, interesting, or thought-inspiring. I have to identify and root for someone in the book or it just doesn’t work for me.
    Also, I’m not fond of stories where the characters are not interacting with each other for most of the book. I just end up focusing on the one I like and then skimming over the parts where they don’t appear. (Guess this is why I like the team eps best on SGA and why I didn’t like Heroes)
    Will try to finish and post more soon

  11. What’s this about Alipeeps? I have noticed that she’s been absent from the nets lately, and now I hear she’s having a difficult time?

    Well, being across the ocean from her kind of put a damper on what I can do, but I hope that all is/will be well with her. Ali, if you’re reading this, you have my condolences on whatever it is that’s bothering you. I may not know you well, but from what I have seen I have absolute faith in you working through these difficult times. I wish you well. 🙂

  12. Not done the book yet! But did want to say today’s mailbag made me laugh out loud and now my hubby thinks I’m even more insane than he already does. Gee, thanks, Joe.

    Are you tall enough to play a wraith? 🙂


  13. I can’t really review “The Blade Itself” because I only made it to page 100 before I gave up and turned to “The Android’s Dream”. I guess the book was just not for me. I found none of the characters sympathetic, and after a while, I just put it back on the shelf (next to Before They Are Hanged, which I foolishly bought before even starting The Blade Itself, since I was so sure that I would like it). Well, maybe in a month or so, I will try again.

  14. Firstly, I’d just like to say that your posting schedule drives me (further) insane. I keep missing posts, somehow. I think maybe my brain has a wormhole in it. Or something.

    2nd, to comment on something from your previous post, were you aware that “clown college” is how a lot of military folk (including zoomies, I believe) refer to the Grad-level schools run by their branch? When you need a master’s degree to become a Major, you go spend time at “clown college” (unless you’re a friend of mine, who got a mail-order MBA while sitting waiting for flight orders during the Gulf War. Guess he’s a Mail Order Clown (-: .)

    Lastly, other people’s comments (along with my [still :)] wondering about Fondy’s name origin) make me say yet again, Mr. M., you need a FAQ :-).

  15. Well, if it does come to Jason leaving the show, and the show keeps going without him, maybe you could use the opportunity to bring Ford back. I think that would be a nice “full circle” sort of thing, and who knows what new stuff Ford could bring to the table after several years being gone. Not that I want Jason to leave, of course, but if it has to happen, I’d rather him be replaced by someone from back-when rather than yet another new character.

  16. Well, I find it very interesting that while I could not stand (or even finish) Lynch’s book, I loved Abercrombie’s Blade Itself and Before They Are Hanged. Can’t wait for the third book to come out. So many scenes in his books were just….there. The best. I don’t know how to put it in words.

    Anyway, just stumbled on your journal here and noticed some Stargate pics. Bonus!

  17. “Joebags writes: “More Keller/Ronon romance? No wonder Jason Momoa announced he wants to leave the show!”
    Answer: No. He’s leaving because you hurt his feelings with your last comment. Nice going.”

    Boo, hiss, boo… Joebags!!! Now, now Boys… don’t start any rumors! Lot’s of actors like to try different roles. Jason is a young strapping young man with lots of energy. And let’s not forget his hunky body! If he left, which is no doubt his decision, it would a loss, especially for all us swooning female fans, but the show would go on and I’m sure the “producers” would find a suitable replacement. Let’s not pick up this bandwagon just yet. Beside, season 6 is about 18 months away! No need to sweat something that is just speculation… Hold them there horses!!!

  18. 4) When will we get another guest appearance in the blog by Baron Destructo and/or Cookie Monster.

    Answer: 4) Soon. Soon. They’re studying for their finals.

    *snorts* I didn’t know certified evil geniuses had to take finals still. I suppose that makes me feel a little better.

    Thoughts on The Blade Itself tomorrow. For now, it’s back to studying.

    PS: I think you’re cheating by posting your already-posted initial reactions only. No new thoughts? 😉

  19. any chance you could find out if a winner has been picked
    for the super fan commercial? also if they have any plans to release the entries so we could all see them. we (meaning very dedicated fans)submitted one on the puppies dressed as sga characters. thanks for all the backround on the show.

  20. The Gadmeer? Hehe. Love their music. 😉

    Since I’m severely lacking in funds, I’ve been getting all my books from the library (one of the best institutions on Earth). Sometimes I feel bad that I’m not actually buying the books, but this time my conscience was spared! My library didn’t have The Blade Itself (although, oddly enough, it did have Before They Are Hanged). So I submitted a purchase request and soon thereafter received an email from the library informing me that due to my request, they’ve purchased it. Yay! So, in a way, I DID buy the book…yeah…and I now see that there’s a very decent hold list for it.

    Anyway, I positively adored The Blade Itself. Aside from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, I generally don’t read fantasy. I’ve been ignoring your fantasy BOTM selections because of this. However, your high praise of the book coupled with the absolutely GORGEOUS cover (yes, I admit to judging a book by its cover) won me over.

    I thought the characters were great. My favorite was also Jezal dan Luthar. I just got the biggest kick out of him. He’s such an arrogant weeny. With an excellent jaw line. I loved how he fell for the oldest trick in the book, with his “I’ll show you!” attitude to his training. Hehe.

    Glokta is such an interesting character…I’d love to read a book about him during his glory days, prior to his torture. I wonder how like (or unlike) Jezal he was. I must admit, however, that towards the end of the book he started to irk me. He became too…I don’t know…”out to get” Bayaz and co. He’s a bit too sure of his intelligence…he needs to fall down a peg or two (granted, he has fallen down a giant cliff in terms of his life experience).

    I’d say the opposite is true when it comes to Logan. He bored me initially, but slowly started to get more personality. I loved his amazement and sense of wonder when he arrived in the city (pipes and stuff), as well as his disgust. He’s another guy whose past I’d like to learn more about. We all know he’s “The Bloody Nine,” but I don’t think we’ve quite been given enough to know why he’s so feared to the point of being considered only a legend by many. (I mean, we know he’s killed crap-loads of people, but…)

    So far, Ferro annoys me. Way too one-track on vengeance. I hope she gets more personality, other than “I’m pissed, I trust no one, killkillkill.”

    I actually really like West. He seemed like the most “good” character. Until he beat up his sister (that threw me for a loop). But hey, he was sorry and has daddy issues. While on this family, Ardee rocks. I hope we see more of her.

    Brother navigator guy (I can’t remember his name. Why am I thinking Longfoot?) is very annoying to me. Right now he’s reminding me of Tom Bombadil, in a weird way. Ugh.

    I love the title/name Practical Frost.

    I don’t really have an opinion on Bayaz yet. But I’m really liking his apprentice…whose name also eludes me at the moment.

    In regards to the characters, you say, “…they all possess a humanity (one might even say vulnerability) that makes them sympathetic.” I agree. To me, one thing that they all seem to have in common is that they seem very alone in life. They all have issues that make them feel like outsiders. So it’s nice that they’re all banding together now. I have to say, I never felt so bad for Glokta as when he realized that West DID visit him after his torture. The complete change in his attitude when he realized that he DID have a friend was almost heart-breaking.

    It’s funny, because you mention how this book concentrates so much on the introductions of the characters that so little of the main plot, or whatever, is revealed. Looking back on it, that’s so true. But while reading it, I wasn’t ever frustrated by this, nor even noticed it, really. But I am interested to see where this all leads!

    Think this would make a good movie? Or are there too many separate parts that the narrative wouldn’t lend itself well to the big screen? Hmm.

    I guess I don’t really have any questions for Mr. Abercrombie. But good job, man! Who’s your favorite character in the book? Who was the most fun to write?


  21. Awww thanks for answering BOTH my questions joe! I emailed the Baron the backround, hope he and TLAME get a kick out of it.

    I guess I’ll have to take my chances with Surrey, if I find something good I’ll send it your way.

  22. Yay! you read the story. Now to get wraithie over here for some explaining.
    (Hide all the planks)

  23. David… you asked Joe…
    “1) Again, I saw someone make reference to Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster…could you please explain this to me? What/who are they?…I’m new to your blog so I’m not sure…”

    Welcome to the Blog… I’m sure Mr. Mallozzi won’t mind if I point you to the spam bait link… as far as I can tell the Baron and Cookie Monster are Mr. Mallozzi’s alter egos. He has a wonderful habit of using them to respond to annoying spam emails. Read all about them in the link on the right side of the page called Spambait…

    Also. if you use the search feature on Joe’s page and type in Baron Destructo or Cookie Monster it will bring up all the blog references Joe has written to date. This tool is a great way of finding out if Joe has already answers a question…which over the past few years he has answered most of the ones you’ve asked to date. Check it out.


  24. Joe,

    As always, thanks for the blog. Real Life has been a little crazy for me lately. It’s the end of the school year and my dear daughter seems to have some performance every other night on top of my in-laws having a fire in their house that forced them to move in with me, my darling husband, and two kidlets. Sorry, I’ve been absent.

    When did this thing about Jason leaving come about? Is this a joke or for real? If it is true, is it legal in Canada to chain an actor in his trailor until he changes his mind?

    Just curious.

    I’ll try to keep up in the future.


  25. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the invite. Sorry I missed you, too. I’d love to do an interview sometime.

    Villainous décor, eh. Should I bring a crucifix and garlic?

    Best wishes,


  26. Joe-
    When will we find out who won the Get-in-the-gate contest?
    And in what episode will that licky person appear?

  27. *head spins*

    Whoa…now THAT’S a mailbag!! (someone had way too much time on his hands today… )

    1. I’m a bit disappointed that Atlantis won’t be distanced from earth – I just like the isolation factor. But I’ll live with it, it’s a minor thing now anyway.

    2. It seems there’s going to be a lot more revealed about the Wraith in S5 (new ship, ‘cryptic’ answer to how their tech is produced, new Wraith characters, etc) – looking forward to it. I only hope this represents an embracing of the Wraith, and not a tying up of loose ends so that they can be written out of the show. Can you reassure me…or should I start the letter-writing campaign now? 😉

    3. Yes, yes! PLEASE appear as a Wraith! I’ve already got a name picked out for you and everything! :mrgreen:

    4. If the character of Ronon is ever written out of the show *whimper*, he can ONLY be replaced by Todd. If Todd has already met a terrible end by then *glares daggers at JM*, then another Wraith on par with Todd would have to take his place. If this show doesn’t somehow – someway – figure out how to make a permanent ally of an alien race (or individual) with a great (and slightly twisted) sense of humor and high intelligence (not to mention the snazzy wardrobe, beautiful hair, complex social structure and unusual biology), then all hope is lost. I can already imagine the scenarios…Sheppard introducing him to Dracula movies, Keller flirting, Rodney debating on whose hunger is greater, Keller flirting, Teyla exchanging hair care tips…just SO much material there! 😀

    5. Thanks for answering my not-really-a-question, question! Appreciate it! If I had known you were in an answering mood, I would have come up with a REAL question, and it would’a been a DOOZY! *kicks self*

    6. *psst, Joe*…the two male Wraith in SoW and in Midway were the same dudes, no doubt about it (we have the scientific research – and screen caps – to prove it). Just smile and agree with us, or we’ll forever bug you about it. Seems they survived that weenie of a hive crash into the cloning facility, otherwise, how would they have ratted out Todd in Midway? Tricksty fellas, those two.

    REAL QUESTION: Since the cloning facility apparently wasn’t totally destroyed, will it ever be used again, perhaps as a means for creating a food supply for the Wraith? If brainless clones (Wraith or human) were created, kept alive only by brainstem activity – having no thought or awareness of self – they technically would not be sentient, could not live on their own, and therefore could possibly be a food source, albeit a pretty bland one.

    Yeah, yeah…I keep trying to figure out ways to feed these poor guys. I have the same problem with strays… 🙄

    Take care – and thanks, as always!!


  28. It’s just not going to be the same without Jason Momoa. Can’t you pay him off, or better yet contract him for another few seasons, in the season 6 fine print. Like AT had another year on her contract? Anything to keep our Jason. Please….?

  29. IMO it’s like Boston legal without, Denni Crane, and Alan Shaw. It’s just not the same. The show would lose a part of itself. What I would call it’s X-factor. The show just wouldn’t survive in the same aspects, without the very horny/rude/funny/human, characters.

  30. Nothing to do with BOTM but i hope you read it anyway ^^

    “flingslass writes: “Would Australians be there as military personnel or would they be there as part of the scientific contingent.”

    Answer: Both.”

    Could we see a scientisit and/or military person stroll past with the flag on his shoulder? (the tag thing they wear, not an actual big arse flag lol)
    PLEASE? It would be so awesome! Id die from happiness XD

  31. Hi Joe, did you guys catch the person who leaked AoT or can we expect a Continuum ‘pre-release’ too? 🙂


    Thank you fr explaining to me the whole Cookie Monster, etc. thing…it makes a lot more sense now!

    Plus, they are quite fun to read…

    Thanks again!


  33. “David writes: “For the 100th episode, will you be making a quick appearance like Brad Wright did in 200?”

    Answer: Wasn’t planning on it unless I get to play a wraith. Or a gadmeer.”

    OH! You could be the Australian-walking-past-guy! XD

  34. I like Jason Momoa quite a bit in his role as Ronon, but I completely understand his desire to explore new horizons. He will have given us several years of his life and being young, probably doesn’t feel the need to stick with guaranteed income and job security, no matter how temporary.
    A restless spirit, he may just be compelled to stretch his wings and fly free… we should thank him and wish him well.
    PS – Joe please be a Wraith! Your co-writers/producers too, then we could all try to spot who was who under the make-up!

  35. Hey Joe!

    “Enzo Aquarius writes: “Have you ever thought about coming over to Toronto for our Sci-Fi conventions?”

    Answer: Score me an invite and, schedule permitting, I’d love to drop by.”

    Heh, I would love to…if I can find out how to. It would be amazing to see you nonetheless. 🙂 We have a number of conventions including “Polaris” (formerly Toronto Trek, but that’s just a name, it’s a generic sci-fi convention), and Stargate personalities have been here (I think Christopher Judge has been to it, but don’t take my word for it).

    However, for somebody like you, the ‘Fan Expo Canada’ may be your preference (or even, just going to it 😉 ). It’s a multi-genre convention (sci-fi, horror, comic, anime and gaming) which is pretty big that occurs every August or September at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. I went a few years back and it’s amazing, saw Robert Picardo and Paul McGillion even. Just even going to it is a neat experience. I don’t want to post the URL for risk of this being marked as spam, but you can find the Fan Expo Canada website by simply searching the name on Google, should be the second hit (It’s run by Hobbystar, but the link is on their homepage).

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  36. “Boston 3358 writes: “Is the gate heavy?”

    Answer: Would you consider 6 tons heavy? If so, then yes.”

    I believe in season 6 of SG-1 they mentioned that the gate was 60,000 pounds. We’re you just referring to the model that was in the parking lot? or the gate itself. Or do I have my information wrong? 😉

  37. Should have said “in honour of the Life Thucking Wraith”.
    It’s taken 30.5 years, but I think I can now officially declare that my brain has run out.

    Anyone got a spare?

  38. when will there be sex on Atlantis?
    does no one on the expedition ever have lasting relations with people of the pegasus galaxy? Don’t they get lonely? No one has kids with them? or wants to get married?

    also, i was helping a friend send a care package to her husband and his platoon in Iraq and it got me thinking. when Atlantis is cut-off from Earth, and only gets the occasional visit by ship, that would make mailcall very personal and emotional, even desperate for some of the expedition members waiting and hoping for something from home; favorite food (chocolate!! – missing from the pegasus galaxy), letters and photos FROM home, new Stargate DVDs, hometown newspapers (there is something about the printed word that makes more of a connection than webpage for me). ever thought of incorporating that into the show?

  39. Here is my review and question for Joe Abercrombie’s “The Blade Itself”:

    “The Blade Itself” has one of those slightly unsettling openings that plunk you down into the middle of a chase without any actual introduction to the characters or the world. I’m not usually a fan of combat-driven action fantasy, but persevered in the belief that there had to be more to it or Joe wouldn’t have recommended it. I’m glad that I did.

    The story is told through action rather than narrative and deals more with the characters themselves than with the world in general. The characters are intriguing and the intrigues are positively Byzantine. Three of the main characters bring to mind masculine version of the aspects of the Goddess of Celtic legend: The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone. Sort of an ultimate warrior version: Luthar, the callow and shallow youth; Logen, the world-weary, extremely experienced warrior and shaman (?) and Bayaz, the ancient wise-man/mage who is not a soldier, but nevertheless has played a role in many battles. Glokta seems to be their twisted and distorted reflection: the image of a warrior seen through a glass darkly.

    Logen especially was full of surprises. He was my least favorite character for the first third of the tale, but by the end had become the one about whom I cared the most. Glokta the Inquisitor was so bitter and his actions so repulsive that I started dreading the chapters that dealt with him. However, I’ve got to admit that his inner dialogue throughout those sections provided some very witty albeit sarcastic humor. Luthar was a bit predictable in his reactions, but that fits his character. All of them have great potential. And I very much liked the way they all gained a “new perspective” – literal and figurative – after traveling through the Tower. But I feel like I have barely gotten to know them.

    “The Blade Itself” left me hanging. After several hundred pages, all I really know is that a team has been gathered to go to the end of the world to do ….. *something*. But, surprisingly, I didn’t mind. In fact, I’m really dying to know what that *something* is! And why did Bayaz need those two particular men? Why did the king mistake Luthar’s identity after the Contest? What is the connection between Luthar’s father and Bayaz?

    The book poses more questions than it answers, but since it is the first book of a series, that’s fine. However, I like a bit of closure in my fiction. A few tantalizing unresolved loose ends are wonderful as long as there is some resolution of major plots along the way. I’m hoping that this series will be finite or will at least have story arcs that come to a satisfactory conclusion before the characters move on.

    Most of my questions are related to the plot, so I’ll be starting “Before They Hang” tonight. I put off reading it so my view of the first book wouldn’t be skewed by the second.

    One question that is nagging at me: Will we get to find out more about Malacus Quai, Bayaz’s apprentice? I’m hoping that there is more to him than meets the eye and that he is not just a plot device. I really like the guy.

    Respectfully submitted by

    @ Emily – I feel the same way about most of the characters. I really like poor Quai (Bayaz’s apprentice) and I’m hoping he’ll have a chance to grow up and show his stuff in the course of the tale

  40. I tried desperately to have The Blade Itself read by today, but grad school and work took up all my free time. Anyway, I am a good third into the book, and I have a question and comment to make. The comment I would like to make is that I enjoy how much time you spend on each character before moving on to the next. It definitely gave me enough time time to get interested in each of them, and just as I was beginning to get a bit restless the next chapter moved onto another point of view. And to add to that, I think this is the first novel in a long time that I have read with multiple perspectives and I have enjoyed the experience-so thank you for that. The question I have is in regards to the quote that opens the book (its from Homer I believe, but I don’t have my book in front of me to confirm this). Anyway, as I’m reading your book, and to be quite honest at other points during the day, my mind constantly goes back to the quote, and I wonder a lot about how an individual is empowered to use a blade, or other weapon, simply by possessing it. Did this passage influence your writing of The Blade Itself in anyway or was it added as an after thought because it fit with the tone of the book?

    Thanks! I look forward to continuing reading your book.

  41. Last week I finished the SG-1 novel “Barque of Heaven.” It is not to be missed. Most certainly the best of the SG-1 novels.

  42. Erin said: “when will there be sex on Atlantis?”

    When? It’s rampant! Teyla and Kanan, Keller and Ronon, Keller and McKay, Chuck the Technician and Zelda the Canteen dish washer, Shephard and McKay.

    Watch for those scientists in the background who look all concerned about something in the lab and then, a subtle lustful look at each other as the doors close, and cut to McKay in the foreground saying “Oh no. This isn’t good” as a Wraith cruiser is about to attack Atlantis and the ZPM is almost fully depleted. We know what’s going on once those doors close. *nods to self*

    There’s nooks and crannies all over that Ancient ship for some last minute craziness before Atlantis is about to be destroyed…again.

    It’s there. Just look for it.

    I mentioned I’m in the market for a new brain right?

  43. Hey Joe can you dedicate tomorrow’s blog to my sister ‘Cathain’ as we’ve been unable to talk for two night’s due to my internet sucking?

  44. Yay to Ronon going… (psst, If you kill him off before the end of this season I’ll send chocolate, lots of chocolate – but no cheating and bringing him back). I suppose you couldn’t get rid of Keller at the same time, she’s boring and whines a lot…

    Back to Ronon; the only thing I’ve ever liked about Ronon is his very cool gun – so when you kill him off please make sure that Sheppard gets to keep the gun.

    Thanks 🙂

  45. The Blade Itself.
    I’m sure far more eloquent souls than I will be providing sufficient material for Mr Abercrombie to comment upon. For my part I would like to add that I read purely for pleasure and The Blade Itself was a pure pleasure to read. familiar enough to make one comfortable but interjected with brilliant observations on the human process. I have to admit that Glokta was my favourite with his twisted body and outlook being a refreshing change, the inclusion of his thought processes was particularly inspired.
    The interesting juxtaposition between Glokta and Luthar a kind of before and after picture or “here’s one I did earlier” view of heroics gone wrong was of particular interest as we normally see the hero being a success and legend in his own lunchtime and then training his latest protege to step up for the sequel (or is that just the hollywood treatment?) but here we see what happens when it doesn’t work out how its supposed to and what a refreshing change it was too. I’m looking forward to reading about Arch Lector Glokta.

    All in all and without going into too much detail Joe Abercrombie is the latest addition to the shiningwit library and in fullness of time will have his own shelf just as soon as he writes enough books to fill one.
    Long may you write Mr A!

  46. I forgot to say wish me luck with my exam today. the future of humanity depends on it.

  47. Coucou joseph =)

    Je poste mon commentaire plus tôt aujourd’hui car je ne suis pas aller en cour..j’aivais vraiment trop mal au dos, mais je vais assayez de prendre un rendez vous au docteur pour ce soir. Je suis trés contente car ce soir je vais avoir un nouveaux portable, le samsung SGH F330!

    Whaou!!Merci d’avoir répondu a toutes ces questions et notament a la mienne! Sa nous donne des information trés intéréssante! C’est super qu’il y’ai des moment d’amotion entre Teyla et John, j’adore ce couple^^!

    300 personnes, sa n’est pas beaucoup, ils doivent trés compétant dans leurs domaines.

    J’ai une bonne nouvelle Joseph! Je suis une littéraire! Mais j’avais simplement oublier a cause de mon ordinateur ..En faisant mes carton hier (et oui je déménage bientot,snif) j’ai retrouver des centaines de livres dans ma chambre, je ne me souvenais même plus de certain, de plus j’ai fait un magnifique poéme a mon cheri en 10 minute et qui réspécter éxactement les régles du Sonnet..O_O incroyable.


    1) A l’excéption Teyla personne de va devenir Papa ou Mamamn dans cette nouvelle saison?
    2)Dans cette saison 5 y’aura t’il une scéne qui rendra les téléspectateurs très triste, comme une mort ?

    Bon ba merci beaucoup Joseph, vous êtes adorable! Enorme Bisouu!! ♥Bonne journée!

  48. Hi Joe. Hope you’ve been enjoying you days off.

    I was re-watching the entire season 4 recently and was reminded of a question I had the first time I watched it.

    Why is the Apollo a USS ship while the Daedalus and Odyssey are USAF?

    Is that something to do with the inclusion of the US marines into the SGC and Atlantis alongside the Air Force?

    Thanks, Ciao

  49. Hey Joe,

    Any appearance by those Wraith Keepers we heard about back at the end of season 2? The ones that supposedly made their alliances according to that Wraith scientist.

    Take care.

  50. Joe, I think I gave Maximus a run for his money on the way home tonight. Try vomiting in some lady’s empty lunchbox that she kindly provided. (She didn’t want it back!) I wish it had been too much to drink but unfortunately it was only gastro.

  51. Have you read any of Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera series? I think those would fall under the Fantasy series. He also wrote The Dresden Files.

  52. Ronon’s character sputtered for a season, then *really* got fleshed out beginning with Sateda, I think, presently I like him very much. Lets do a season 6 to anticipate missing him in season 7.

    And now for The Blade Itself that’s buried in my gut and will bleed alot when I pull it out in the next 5 min. First, I think it takes a lot of talent to write a bunch of mostly unlikeable characters! If I had to pick a fave it was Bayaz. The characters, however, were the most interesting part, not the story which I found very hard to stay involved yet had a morbid fascination of what was going to happen next- reading this book was like watching the current Battlestar Galactica- in both cases, I don’t really give a crap about any of the characters, but look to see who’s going to die next. I read fantasy to “escape” and that’s tough when many of the characters are too flawed and too closely resemble people I’ve known in real life (minus the occupation). When I read fantasy I WANT the glamorous, the hero, the brave, the elf… don’t get me wrong, Sword of Shannara type stuff does NOT exclusively define my taste (Drizzt Do’Urden and his elfkin comes closest in recent years). So… took the blows like a woman for this book club but sorry, at present I have no interest in continuing the torture.
    Happy Writing, Mr Abercrombie, thanks for coming by here.

  53. I know this has nothing whatsoever to do with anything in your blog, but I was curious…. Do you have a Facebook account? If so do you know of any other, actor/actress/writer/director/producer of Stargate that does as well? If not thanks anyway!

  54. Hey Joe,

    You’ll be proud of me. We had a library thing at Borders tonight. Members could register and come along and select books for the library – whatever they want and the library would buy them.

    I chose The Blade Itself. I figured that by the time I had caught up to that BOTM it should have been processed. I also bought a Neil Gaiman (American Gods), a BBQ recipe book, Facebook book and a coffee table book on great treks. It was cool. I could have bought a trolley full of books :-).

    “David writes: “For the 100th episode, will you be making a quick appearance like Brad Wright did in 200?”

    Answer: Wasn’t planning on it unless I get to play a wraith. Or a gadmeer.”

    The gadmeer would be a pretty hard act to pull off. Perhaps you could appear partially, like say a hand reaching for something. How’s your hand acting? Only we would know it was you.

    Cheers, Chev

  55. Was just watching the end of Hide and Seek. David Hewlett played it so well. Cool ep. Loved Shep’s line “Now THAT was a Hail Mary”

    Cheers, Chev

  56. NeKo said:

    Could we see a scientisit and/or military person stroll past with the flag on his shoulder? (the tag thing they wear, not an actual big arse flag lol)
    PLEASE? It would be so awesome! Id die from happiness XD

    We would SO be in charge of cricket on the South pier. If you hit it into the drink it’s six and out. 😀

    Cheers, Chev

  57. Let’s see todays possible related posts:

    # “Lost,” season 4 – I guess from the Stargate mailbag.
    # Janet Talks Gay Rumors, Broadway and Drag Queens – Marc Malkin – E! Online – huh?
    # Prince’s desert reign at Coachella – ??

    where do they get these? 😀

    Cheers, chev

  58. Ah the Gadmeer… I haven’t seen Scorched Earth in so long but I absolutely love that episode! I loved that it involved a people that SG-1 had already helped, even though we hadn’t met them before – it really brought home the fact that we don’t see everything they do. And fantastic team interaction throughout…

    Anyway, I was wondering whether the rumours of Las Vegas for the 100th episode are actually true… don’t get me wrong, I would absolutely love it, but part of me can’t help suspecting it’s a joke. Is it?

    Also, who named Teyla’s baby and what is he called?

  59. First…if we get to vote, I prefer you be a Wraith.
    If you must be a Gadmeer, then please take the assumed form of an Ankaran.

    Questions for Joe Abercrombie:
    – how difficult/easy was it to keep the characters straight as you unfolded them? I found I was flipping back to see what I missed with some of them.
    – the title – “The Blade Itself” was a statement finally made by Bayaz when he insisted Logen take the sword. Perhaps I missed it, but I was looking for something that would bring the sentence to bear…Like King Arthur’s sword, etc.
    – what was the impetus to introduce contemporary language (expletives like the “f” word) into the dialogue? This was one thing that diverted the book’s timeline and “feel” from something more “medieval – musketeers” in nature.
    – was there a typo or my imagination? Page 187, the discourse between Jezal and Ardee. She tells him to stop “whinging.” Then a couple of sentences later, Jezal refers to his whining.

    There were so many possible linkages to literature themes we have been exposed to. Mountain men, warriors, medieval times, crusades, wizards, etc. While some of it was seeming to fall into a “place,” there was so much that pointed to and took another path. This was the challenge and I think one aspect that made it enjoyable. He kept me guessing. Now to make time with the BOTM selections to find time for the next in Abercrombie’s series.

    The book started with Logen so I thought Logen was to be the principal throughout which was kinda underscored by the statement by Bayaz regard the sword. It was interesting to find Glokta emerge as the more central character particularly since his is the very tortured journey.

    I found the initial chapters slow to unfold to really grab me until the diversity of the characters became apparent.

    This entire book was a difficult “life” journey for several of the characters. While there were times to feel the characters’ pain, it was interesting in the unfolding because the characters were not typical. The start of each introduction was somewhat typical and then I found the character was not typical.

    I was surprised by the end and the new adventures for Glokta. His story contained so many potential paths where it could have ended; yet he keeps on going. I found I was liking this character even though initially he seemed totally gruesome.

    The entire unfolding of the politics seemed to have some elements we can trace to many societies or politics; the wheeling and dealing and conniving. But it certainly gave the backdrop for the required punishments dealt.

    I did find some of the contemporary language a little distracting. I know many authors introduce the swearing, but it seemed so out of place in the context of what I had assumed the timeframe/history was.

    Now I wonder how many books of other timeframes/history anchors that may have had expletives and I did not notice.

  60. I’m going into surgery today and will be housebound for at least 3 weeks. I could sure use some pics of David Hewlett and Jason Momoa to tide me over and lift my spirits in the coming weeks. I’d add Joe F. but apparently he doesn’t want his pics on here for some reason.

    Any pics of them on the submerged stargate or soaking wet in prep for the scenes?

    I hate to hear Jason may leave, but understand that sometimes people want a change, to do something different. That doesn’t change the fact that the fans will all miss him.

  61. Thanks for the insights into your writing process Joe, it sounds easy once you get started, and struggle through Acts I, II, III, the first part of Act IV and the finish, right? I’ll remember that when I’m trying to start my next piece.

    Onto The Blade Itself…

    I didn’t know what to expect with this one, as the only selection for this month’s BOTMC that I could track down.
    I’m never sure with books part of a longer series whether they will be enjoyable, sometimes (and I find this a fair bit within the fantasy genre) the first book in a series can be a lot of contextualising. But I was pleasantly proved wrong with The Blade Itself, which got straight to the point with it’s beginning images of Logen running through the bush.

    I’ve noticed a lot of the other comments so far have said the the beginning bored them a bit. Do you think it was because there had been no introduction to Logen as a character we could or should care about? Or because it’s not really conventional. I guess I’m a fan of playing around with narrative style and structure, so I enjoyed the change.

    In terms of the structure, I enjoyed going from one character to another most of the time. Especially in Adua when we would often get the perspectives of a couple of the characters. The only time I can think of when I didn’t like the shift from character to character was with the introduction of Ferro, which seemed to come out of nowhere.

    Actually, there were a few things about the Ferro storyline I wasn’t so sure about. In particular I thought the relationship between her and Yulwei was so interesting (and funny) that I would have liked to see it explored a bit more. Also, the way they just turned up in Adua didn’t work for me. I would have liked to have had another section from their perspective before West finds them trying to get into the Agriont. The Ferro section seemed a little under-developed, but I’m hoping that changes in the next books (as is often the case with a series).

    The characters were definitely my favourite thing about this book. Like you Joe, Jezal dan Luthar was the character that amused me the most by far, and Glokta was great as well. What interests me about Glokta is that he was crippled by torture, and now the only thing he can do that seems to make him feel useful is to torture. Although it seemed towards the end, when West asks for his help, that there is more to him. I also really like Dogman and Grim, both of whom have simple language, but complex emotions.

    In particular the different voices, tones and narrative styles for each character amazed me. The use of phrasing like “say one thing for Logen Ninefingers” or “why do I do this” (Glokta) or Dogman’s need to relieve himself every time he’s about to ambush others, really gave every character a unique voice. I don’t often notice language being used so well, but in this case I did and I really appreciated it.

    I’d like to know if Joe Abercrombie consciously came up with the phrases, language styles for each of the characters before he started writing, or if it was something he picked up on while he was writing and then ran with it.

    Thornyrose commented that: “There wasn’t an effort to “shove” the world of the Blade Itself, no longwinded expositions saying “these are who these nations are and this is the geography”.”

    I think that’s a really interesting point that I would have missed had you not brought it up. In a lot of the fantasy books I’ve read there have been things like maps, long descriptions and/or political or military discussion to contextualise the world. I think there is a verisimilitude in the way The Blade Itself doesn’t do that, and simply mentions Angland or Gurkhul or the Union in a familiar way.

    And despite my initial concerns that it would end in a major cliff-hanger, as lots of the book series I have read tend to do, I didn’t find the book very open-ended at all. Sure, there were things not tied up and questions not answered, but there was enough for it to feel like a complete book to me. And that sometimes isn’t the case.

    That’s about all I can think of right now, but I’m looking forward to more discussion this week.


  62. I’m confused about ghost in the machine and what the “Season 5 Exclusive Preview (Continued)!” interview said… was Weir written out or just Torri? Will GitM be the last mention of Elizabeth? Is that the end? (I’ll be sad, but I’ll take closure.) Will that be the end of the replicator story line? (I know others complain about it, but I love Niam and Oberoth, oh and I’ve asked this before but if there’s ever a musical episode, can Oberoth have a number? pleeeeaasse?)

    If Momoa leaves, do you think he’ll come back if you do an Atlantis movie?

    In Season 5, are there any emotional moments between any two characters that we haven’t asked about yet and you’re willing to tell us?

  63. Hi Joe,

    I noticed in yesterday’s pictures that there is a large dumpster to the left of the Stargate. Then there is a trailer right next to it. Which poor actor has their trailer right next to a dumpster?!?! And what did they do to win that lovely spot?

  64. [b]Mister Mallozzi:[/b] With the mentions of all these relationship moments in season five, is there any chance that as of yet there will be some sweet [b]Carson/Teyla[/b] moments in season five and are there any planned? Because I think they are just great together. Thanks. 🙂

  65. “The upcoming fifth season of SCI FI Channel’s original series Stargate Atlantis will focus heavily on the Wraith–with a side trip to Las Vegas to commemorate the show’s 100th episode, producers told SCI FI Wire during a visit to the show’s sets in Vancouver, Canada, on May 16. (Spoilers ahead!)

    Do you realize how HOT it is in Vegas that time of year?
    All the make-up will melt! 🙁

  66. Hey Joe, I am quite new to your site and I just have a question.

    I know from experiance that writting scripts are hard. I personaly had to write one for this movie we just finished shooting. And when the Balle Du Fromage cast gets together to write a skit, we end up in fits of laughter and a completely ploticy incorect skit that you couldn’t even show on late night TV. So when the Big Heads sit down to write a script for a show, do you guys end up writting complete nonsense? Or is it all strictly buisness with you guys? I just want a little insight to the genious behind Stargate.

    If you could answer, that would be amazing!

    Big Fan, Alaina.

  67. I’m a little nervous about joining in because I’m not the most intellectual of people but I’ll try not to say anything too moronic.

    Firstly let me say that, like you it seems Joe, I’m not a big fan of the stereotypical swords and sorcery fantasy novels. Many fantasy writers make the mistake of becoming too bogged down in their own mythology and you end up with great reams of exposition and complicated history to wade through. With The Blade Itself there is a mythology and a history there but you never feel that its laid on too thick, bits and pieces of it are slowly revealed as the story unfolds and it has, thus far in the story, never become overly complicated or hard to follow. I also like that the author has steered clear of the overly flowery language that often plagues fantasy novels, something that is guaranteed to leave me grinding my teeth in annoyance.

    It does take a while in this first book for the greater story to start to reveal itself and I can understand why some people found it difficult to get into but it really is worth the effort once everything starts to fall into place.

    As others have said, it is the characters that make the story. On the surface we really shouldn’t like them very much – yet you find yourself rooting for them anyway because we see glimpses of the men they could be. Ultimately its their flaws that make them so enjoyable to spend time with, shining examples of heroism tend to be rather boring on the whole. I think Glotka is probably my favourite of the bunch, a torture victim turned torturer, a wonderfully complex character who I found myself desperately rooting for despite him being morally reprehensible. He is utterly consumed by self-loathing. For example his extreme hatred of Luthar is less about Luthar being a thoroughly obnoxious individual, which he is, and more that every time Glokta looked at him he saw himself as he had been before he was crippled and it reminded him not only of what he could have been but also that it was partly his own arrogance that led to his downfall. That self-loathing and constant questioning of why he does what he does adds so much more depth to a character that could easily have been just the creepy torturer.

    I think if I have one major complaint about the book it is the abrupt ending, now luckily I had taken a leap of faith and ordered Before They Are Hanged at the same time so I could jump right back in but I imagine for a lot of people it was deeply frustrating. Although I can see why Mr Abercrombie chose to leave it at that point in the story it still felt too sudden for me.

    All in all I thoroughly enjoyed The Blade Itself and its follow up Before They Are Hanged and shall be getting my grubby little paws on a copy of The Last Argument of King’s at the first available opportunity.

  68. Regarding The Blade Itself:

    I think what does shine the most is the characters. Each is unique and fully-fleshed out.

    Glokta is amusing with his sarcastic inner dialouge and even when he whines, you can’t help but forgive it. At the same time, Abercrombie doesn’t allow us to feel pity for him, because he may be crippled, but that’s no excuse for being a bastard–or someone who does his job without question. While some might say he shouldn’t ask questions, considering his job involves torture, it seems to me having been tortured himself, he has lost all sense of reasonableness. Arresting other people by forcing prisoners to write their names down on the list? Far from honorable or any true sense of justice.

    Luthar is a stuck up prig (excuse the language), who made me at least, consistently waffle on whether I liked him or not. One minute he was a drunken slob, the next he was actually trying and living up to his rank…but then he goes and stares at himself in the mirror like Narcissus. He’s the kind of character I love to hate. What I really appreciate is the way Abercrombie writes him, it’s obvious he’s growing as a man. And I find sometimes the best characters (and people in general) are those who are truly reformed or have learned from past mistakes.

    My favorite character (of the main three) actually happened to be Logen. Perhaps because, while more the stereotypical fantasy “barbarian”, he was also the only one who seemed to have any morals, strange as they may be. Sure, he killed people but that is the kind of society in this book. He admitted to mistakes. Imagine my surprise when it’s revealed right near the end that he is something of a berserker (or split personality?). He’s not simply killing because it’s his “job”–there’s something deeper there. I can’t wait to find out what that is.

    I also enjoyed Major West. Right from the beginning, he was a dedicated officer, a commoner risen to rank who understood what others felt. Again, imagine my surprise in that last exchange between him and Ardee. It certainly explained his sister’s behavior. He went from a moderate character to someone who is able to inflict pain on his own family in such a way. At the moment, I can’t say whether I like the twist or not, but it does bring another layer to his character. I do have to say however, that I don’t like it as a character twist for Ardee. I was enjoying her as the seemingly only independent woman (in the Union) who while maybe out of place, made the best of it. I thought the history of violence against her actually detracted from her personality.

    Bayaz. Bayaz is definitely one of my favorites. He’s so innocuous, but then he’ll do something no one expects, all the time using his wit to mock them without anyone catching on. He’s a very enjoyable character, and I suspect, after that conversation with Yulwei, that he is destined to become somewhat darker as time goes on.

    A few others things. One focusses on the Union. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I couldn’t help but notice the similarities to current US events. The rhetoric coming from the Arch Lector and they guy who spoke for the King, Glokta’s no-questions-asked torture, combined with the corrupt “democratic” practice. I don’t mean to claim one way or another for Abercrombie, nor my own opinion, merely that the undercurrents reflect what is often talked about in the news. I also was interested that one of the few (as far as we know) uncorrupt people was the Justice. That the government hated the lawyers because they were actually trying for true, balanced justice. The beginnings of war and the politics and religious leanings of the other lands outside of the Union particularly fascinated me.

    Unlike you, Joe, I was intrigued by the magical elements (being a fantasy reader long before sci-fi). I found the beginnings of the back plot to be engaging but not over done and out of place (the way I found the back story of The Keep to be). The way the trip into the Maker’s House was written…I haven’t read a scene quite so tense and well done since Gandalf visited Sauruman’s tower. I was very impressed and it created such a vivid picture with its eeriness (especially Glokta pointing out there were no stairs). I was also thrilled by the idea of the Eaters. It seems they gain powers by eating the flesh of man–and perhaps immortality or everlasting youth? When they listed the second law, I wasn’t thinking it would be something touched upon. But what a fabulous inner story. And why do both the Eaters and Bayaz want Ferro? And what is this religious (magical?) cult? And that, I suspect, ties back into why the Maker turned against his brothers and killed his daughter. I’m also interested in just why Bayaz cheated for Luthar. What about Luthar is so key that he needed to win and join the voyage?

    I really have to agree with Thornyrose’s comment that There wasn’t an effort to “shove” the world of the Blade Itself, no longwinded expositions saying “these are who these nations are and this is the geography”. Instead, the information we need to flesh out the world the characters occupied is provided in nuggets drawn from the characters’ own background. I too find this to be a highlight of the book (going back to how I feel the back plot is kept engaging).

    All in all, incredibly enjoyable and I can’t wait to check out the next in the series.

  69. And one more…I apologize for the spamming of your comments.

    Questions for Mr. Abercrombie, if he so pleases:

    1). Was any of the Union political back story/undercurrents inspired by current events?

    2). What was the inspiration for these great characters? Was the plot created first or the characters? How did you imagine them all fitting into the world?

    3). I couldn’t help but notice they way in which the Arch Lector chose to “out” Bayaz during Luthar’s celebration dinner, was a play. And even the last words “Our humble purpose was not to offend.” Were the allusions to Hamlet (“The play ‘s the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king.”) and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (“If we shadows have offended, think but this and all is mended”) intentional?

    Finally, a big thank you to both Joe’s!!

  70. Hi Joe

    When our “boys” go on these “Missions” and we see them opening up Power Bars are these the real things that you see in stores or are they made by those “Geniuses” in the “Prop Department?

  71. Oh Joe, you’ve made my day!

    Not only have you answered my question with a hopeful “perhaps” but you’ve also given a great answer to someone else’s question too, saying that there will be some “emotional moments” between John and Teyla this season. 🙂

    If only I could reach through the screen, I’d hug you! 😀

  72. PG15 – Thanks for your well wishes. The support and kind thoughts of people I know and chat to online has been phenomenal lately (and makes me blub, as everything does at the moment). I’ve been pretty absent in recent weeks and months because my sister, who had been fighting cancer for 4 years, began to deteriorate quite rapidly and she passed away at the weekend aged just 36. 🙁 I’m running (well, walking) the Race for Life in her memory next weekend to raise money for cancer charities.

    I’ve not been feeling up to much in the way of posting online of late (plus the internet connection at my mum’s is rather random) but I am still reading and lurking here and there. Thanks again for thinking of me. 🙂

  73. Hello, Mr. Mallozzi.

    I hope all is well with you. About my silly story…I don’t know if you actually read it or were merely trying to get my dear friend to leave you alone about it, and I’m not sure I want to know if it was the former or the latter.

    Anyway, if you did read it, absolutely no disrespect was intended towards either you or Mr. Heyerdahl. I do not know you personally, nor would I ever place hands on anyone not an intimate friend in such a free and direspectful manner. Look long enough to get caught? Definitely! Take a picture for historical documentation of the event? Damn skippy! Touch? Unless invited, Not A Chance!

    When I wrote the story, I just wanted to honor and amuse my new friends in the WDC. The WDC is a group of disparate folks who have grown close through fostering an atmosphere of safety to indulge our love of, and obsession with, the Wraith. We’ve also grown close enough to offer support through difficult times in marriages, child rearing, bi-polar flare-ups (I, and others of us, do admit to fighting this debilitating, joy-of-life stealing, chemical-imbalance medical condition.) and potentially life altering disasters, such as the recent arson wildfires in Brevard County, Florida. That’s where I live, and I’m only a few minutes away from das’s sister and family. Her sister’s family was actually forced to evacuate. It was not such a close thing for me and mine. Maybe you could dedicate an extra-special tidbit of info to das and her sister?

    Anyway, the WDC has become like a second family for some, and for all who come, it’s a place to let the creative spirit fly. Who knows? You might enjoy some of our creative artworks in the form of siggies, banners, wallpapers and most recently introduced, calendars. The calendars even have their own thread lead by Icarium (founder), naamiaiset, LiquidSky, wraithlord, fainne from the Carson Beckett thread, and too many others to name here, who have joined us from all across Gateworld.

    Alrighty, then…enough said.
    Best of wishes always for you and all of yours (4 footed, too!),

    PS: Karhedron would like me to remind you, that for some of us in the WDC, preventing set infiltration may require some ‘live ammo’. He’s pointing at me. Gee. Thanks. LOL
    Luv ya, KarBaby!

    Now that I’ve offered up all of that, I’m offering myself up, yet again, to whatever vagaries if whim folks may use to judge me. I truly am an admirer of Mr. Heyerdahl’s body of work, including that outside of SGA. His portayal of Todd, and to your writers’ credit, the way Todd has been written, has inspired me (along with the folks in the WDC) to reach beyond my current circumstances to begin to live/learn/find-express myself again. When life has dealt one to many crushing blows, a person can exist as living-dead for only so long. The following is from my PhotoBucket account. Most of my work is CH/Todd-centric. Any verse I write involving CH/Todd, I try to hear in his voice before committing it to the picture. All of my ‘art’ has been a learning experience in how to use photo-manipulation programs and the creation of digital art. Please, keep in mind I did not start any of this until after March 15th of this year when I joined the WDC.

    Again, all is offered in the spirit of admiration and respect.

  74. Quote: BlueJay
    Yay! you read the story. Now to get wraithie over here for some explaining.
    (Hide all the planks)

    “Now to get wraithie over here for some explaining.”

    Mr. Mallozzi,

    I made a rather long post with two links at the end. It probably went to your spam folder. I remember you did mention to das that her post went there, probably because of the links. I forgot that when I wrote the post.

    It was a clarification/declaration/apology, whatever it needed to be.


  75. Alipeeps – commiserations, I can’t imagine how awful that must be for you, I don’t think anyone can unless they’ve been through something simliar. Allow yourself time to grieve – I know that society tends not to talk about death and so often a person feels alone in their grief or that they need to get past it somehow, but take the time you need. And I hope you raise a lot of money next week.

    Joe – you might be vaguely interested in this news report about a burger in New York that costs $175!

    As for Jason Mamoa, we haven’t got Season 6 confirmed yet, and even if (hopefully that will be a when) we get that confirmed, there’s no knowing if Jason will still feel the same way. He might decide he wants to stay a little longer – and that’s assuming there will be a Season 7 as well! Now, I hope we do get a Season 6 and 7 (and 8 and 9 etc and so on) but it’s a bit soon to get all worried or whatever about it!!


  76. Re The Blade Itself:

    I liked being thrown into the chase with the first few pages of the book but after about six chapters into it I wasn’t sure I could go any further with it.
    It was a bit on the borderline for my taste with the torture and violence. But… then came the fencing Jezal and the introduction of Ardee and there you have it: a beginning of a romance and I’m in. Their relationship lightened the whole mood enough for me to be swept along with everything that came after. I find that most romances in fantasy and scifi book are so poorly done that when an interesting sparky relationship is given I’m really pleased.

    Glokta the Inquisitor. How could I warm to him? Curiously I did. Maybe it’s because he was totally indifferent to his job. To like the torture would be unforgivable. Hearing his thoughts as he interacted with everyone was very funny. I began to see his world from his perspective.
    All the other characters I enjoyed in varying degrees as they were introduced.
    Bayez and Logen together were great. Bayaz offers Logen a cup of tea:
    ‘There are few ills a good cup of tea won’t help with.’
    Logen replies: ‘How about an axe in the head.’
    As an English tea drinker that made me laugh out loud.

    A question for Mr Abercrombie:
    As you can tell I hate too much violence in a story, especially torture, so I’m really surprised that you won me over with your book. I really loved it.
    How do you gauge the level of violence used in your writing? Do you have to make a conscious decision how far to go in terms of whether to include graphic stuff or to tone it down for readers of a sensitive disposition? (that would be me 🙂 ).

  77. Pourquoi ne voit-on aucun Français sur Atlantis ???

    Il semble qu’il y en ait un dans 4×06 Tabula Rasa, mais à moitié mort, et encore, je suis pas sûr d’avoir bien vu le drapeau !!!

    C’est pas juste. Est-ce à cause des relations tumultueuse entre nos deux nations ???

  78. 6 tons!?!?!?!!?!?! Did you carve it out of solid gold?!

    What is the gate made out of for real? Am guessing a steel frame clad with ply and fibreglass covered polystrene for detail? Am i close? I saw a behind the scenes thing where it said it was made out of rubber, but couldn’t tell if they were just jokeing….. can’t imagin rubber (even solid rubber) would weigh 6 tons! I assumed it would have to have some sort of internal (steel/aluminium) frame to maintain the structure?

    Is the location stargate constructed differently? Do you transport it in several parts, or is it just in one peice on one large lorry? Does it weigh less than 6 tonnes?

  79. My first impression was WOW. The story moved at a respectable pace allowing the characters to grow while the action kept somewhat in the background at times playing like a hidden bass line to one of my favorite songs that has a massive build up only to end when you just hear the beauty of the beat . I LOVE that the chapters have titles…I found myself impatient as I read each chapter waiting to find out why it was called what it was called. I think that naming chapters gives the reader a sense of wonderment as to how the storyteller is thinking, plotting, and directing a complex story. I will say that by the time I got to the BLOODY-NINE I was thrown for a LOOP. I had to reread from where Logan is kneeling before the fireplace…what an inspired and astonishing treat! I am left salivating wondering how Mr. Abercrombie incorporates that twist.
    The characters, in my opinion, were written exceptionally well leaving each individual character standing proudly on their own. Logan was the first voice that was heard and I found myself racing to hear what else he had to say or more think about. And as I previously said, BLOODY-NINE advanced this character onto a whole other level for me. I loved the special attention to Glotka’s inner voice. I felt a kindred link to Glotka the entire book as I sensed I was right there with him, questioning everything, struggling to be worth something to someone, to have relevance when all seems stripped away. One of my favorite inner thoughts was “But we are not prone to nervousness. Perhaps we are the unpleasant things. Perhaps the acts are ours.” That middle line stuck with me until the bittersweet end. I loved his two Practicals…I hope to see more of them in the next two books. Major West at first glance was that endearing fellow you want by your side in battle and like Logan in the end we are privy to a twist on his actions that of course left a chink in his armour and opened up another level for his character. Out of most of the characters, even though you are shown a violent side to him, I think he is one the good guys. There are so many characters in this story I found myself almost keeping a mental checklist of who I thought was trustworthy and who I thought would turn up a tad wicked. I am not so sure of Bayaz…he has touched the Other Side and it should be a very interesting journey for Jezal, the Navigator, Logan, Ferro, and Quai especially when Yulwei said to Ferro, “I did not say to trust him.” I can’t wait to see how Dogman and company figure into the upcoming battles. And Ardee, well she is a mystery that seems tainted with fire.
    Mr. Abercrombie, here are several of questions.
    1) I have read that you had done some work on Musical Acts…I was wondering if you have a song that might have sparked a scene or played in the background as you typed.
    2) I was wondering if you have been approached by anyone to make this series into a movie.
    3) I was wondering if you had anyone in mind when you were writing Logan.
    4) How soon can we see the Bloody Nine back?
    5) Can you estimate how many twists you have put in this series so that I can start working out my jaw now since it kept dropping in the last hundred pages.
    6) Have you created a map that we can see?
    7) Is this series truly only three books long?
    8) Who are some of your favorite writers?
    9) Do you prefer sugar or no sugar in your tea?

  80. alipeeps – I’m very saddened to hear about your sister. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  81. OOps I just realized I pasted what I wrote yesterday…my internet at work just came up and I copied the wrong thing…sorry…plus would someone be so kind to tell me how I make a comment stand out from another…for example…if I wanted to copy a bit of someone else’s post and then comment on that???

    But back to the Blade Itself. I wanted to mention how off putting it was at first for two new characters to be introduced so far into the book, Ferro and Yuwlia, since it felt like they had a bigger part to play and I felt rushed to make a judgement on those two. But before Yuwlia left I was enamoured with him…part of me wants to see him have to batal Bayaz…there is just something there. I also wanted to comment on the Contest itself…it seemed as if almost a preview of what is to come. Will Bayaz keep interferring with the natural order of things? I love Logan’s “I’m still alive.” I wonder what Bloody Nine’s montra is. I am really looking foward to reading more of Joe’s books.

    Mr. Abercrombie, I want to know if the UK version of your book holds anything that we did not get in our version. I loved that your book was not mangled in translation. I have read some UK authors that get a tad butchered trying to make it totally readable to those who don’t know what a car park, for example, might be.
    I was also wondering if you would be so kind to recommend other UK writers that you enjoy.
    How much research did you do into swords and battles?

  82. narellefromaus said:

    Erin said: “when will there be sex on Atlantis?”

    When? It’s rampant! Teyla and Kanan, Keller and Ronon, Keller and McKay, Chuck the Technician and Zelda the Canteen dish washer, Shephard and McKay.

    Watch for those scientists in the background who look all concerned about something in the lab and then, a subtle lustful look at each other as the doors close, and cut to McKay in the foreground saying “Oh no. This isn’t good” as a Wraith cruiser is about to attack Atlantis and the ZPM is almost fully depleted. We know what’s going on once those doors close. *nods to self*

    There’s nooks and crannies all over that Ancient ship for some last minute craziness before Atlantis is about to be destroyed…again.

    It’s there. Just look for it.

    I mentioned I’m in the market for a new brain right?

    LOL! It’s like the Olympic village. 😀 Yes, you think those people are just walking down the hallways in the background. **shakes head**, they’re ducking into the labs, broom closets, transporters. We haven’t even mentioned the Daedalus.

    Cheers, Chev

  83. Will you be going to see the new Indiana Jones movie and will you (or anyone else from Stargate) be taking notes on the similarities between the movie and the SG1 episode “Crystal Skull”? I know I will.
    And I think it was exceptionally clever of Scifi Channel to schedule the episode only 6 hours before the theater premiere of the movie. (A local theatre is showing the film at 12:01 on 5/22).

  84. “The Blade Itself” 10/10 😉

    Joe Abercrombie’s blog: 10/10

    German book-covers and titles: 3/10

    German translation: 9/10

    The characters in this book are even better than George R.R. Martin’s well developed, multi-dimensional and flawed protagonists (“A Song of Ice and Fire”) – plus Joe Abercrombie’s books have very funny moments, sad moments, perfectly written battle-scenes and exceptionally great crafted dialogue (I hope, that’s how you say it in English)… ah – and the plot itself is remarkably well built.

    Großartig. (<- German)

    One of the best books I’ve ever read. (<- English… hopefully)

    Question for Joe Abercrombie:
    Since I gave your book a 10/10… would you consider asking your German publisher to use my name as the title for your next book?

    “Kriegsklingen”, “Feuerklingen” and “Königsklingen” don’t reflect very much of those books’ content… well, I haven’t read the last book yet (I’m sure it will also be a 10/10 with an extra point for the ending 😉 ), but I’m quite sure, there won’t be any blades belonging to kings that will play a prominent role in it…
    However, my name as a title for your first book after the famous “Klingen”-trilogy would boost sales beyond imagination… hmmm, my imagination is limited – but yours is not.
    Thank you very much 🙂

  85. Hi ya’ haven’t posted in awhile..was just curious. I know Vancouver has become pretty busy with tv productions. Do you all get to know other people from other productions? I assume, since you share alot of guest actors, they get to know each other. But what about behind the scenes people? Do they get to know each other, since you’re all in the same biz? It seems in “Hollywwod,” it’s the thing to know people and be seen around town, anything like that in Vancouver? Does Bridge only have SGA, or are there other productions there? Also when you have a guest actor from out of town, does the production pick up the tab for their tranportation and lodging or do the actors pay for that?

    BTW, I am very excited Bob Picardo is coming full time to SGA, been a fan since China Beach…..

  86. I’m new to your blogs and absolutly love them. Have been a devoute follower of stargate since mid season 6 when I stumbled into it on Sci Fi one evening.

    If you enjoyed The Blade Itself I can almost guarantee you will enjoy the Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan. Mr. Jordan recently passed away in Sept. 2007 with one last book to write to complete the series. A close friend is finishing it for him.

    Question: Is Woolsey going to find some courage in season 5?

  87. Dear Joe:

    Could you please, please, PLEASE kill Keller off the show?!?!

    She whinges ALOT, she made reference to Zelenka being a PERV and doesn’t it take about 8 YEARS to become a
    doctor? Keller is 2 young and childish…and very annoying.

    No wonder Jason is leaving the show…that scene in Quarantine must have been the last straw!

    There’s a thread on GW called “What Character Should Go”…check it out for more reasons to get rid of Keller.

  88. @ wraithbones

    From what I know, James Bamford, Kate Hewlett (they’re both on my friends list), Jewel Staite, Michael Shanks, Martin Gero, John Lenic, Brad Wright.

    Send them a request or a message and most times they’ll write back.

  89. Thanks for answering my questions a firm maybe is not no. Ok I told you I would give you the results of other tournys if I remembered well here is season 2 and 3 for SGA

    Stargate Atlantis season 2 results

    1st place Runner
    2nd place Aurora
    3rd place Michael
    4th place Duet
    5th place The Siege, part 3
    6th place Inferno
    7th place Allies
    8th place Grace Under Pressure
    9th place Conversion
    10th place Coup D’etat
    11th place Trinity
    12th place The Intruder
    13th place The Long Goodbye
    14th place Critical Mass
    15th place Instinct
    16th place Condemned
    17th place The Lost Boys
    18th place The Hive
    19th place Epiphany
    20th place The Tower

    Stargate Atlantis season 3 results

    1st place Common Ground
    2nd place Sateda
    3rd place Tao of Rodney
    4th place No Man’s Land
    5th place First Strike
    6th place Sunday
    7th place Echoes
    8th place The Return, part 2
    9th place McKay and Mrs Miller
    10th place Phantoms
    11th place Vengeance
    12th place The Real World
    13th place Submersion
    14th place The Game
    15th place Misbegotten
    16th place Progeny
    17th place The Return, part 1
    18th place Irresistible
    19th place The Ark
    20th place Irresponsible

    We are in the middle of season 4 right now

    I am graduating this thursday from college now I have be an adult or at least try to act like one.

  90. Will Keller’s 14 episodes be limited on appearance like Carter’s (please)? Or will she be a more prominant fixture on Atlantis? I hope this doesn’t mean she’lll be going off-world with the team! Sorry, I don’t like her at all — too weak and childish for my taste.

    I’d hate to see Jason leave. Ronon’s a great character. I especially love his friendship with Sheppard. I can’t say I blame Jason for keeping his options open. I think Ronon is woefullly underused. I’d love to see both he and Teyla be more important members of the team. Maybe they could get some of Rodney’s lines.

    Speaking of Teyla, are there any episodes or adventures that she will be cut out of due to childcare issues. She’s been sidelined a lot in the past. Please don’t use the baby as an excuse to do it more.

  91. I think Jen is much better suited to Rodney than Ronon. She knows how to handle McKay and always seems a bit overwhelmed in Dex’s presence.

    By the way… Thank you, thank you for replying to one of my comments! I must admit that I sometimes doubted that anyone beside a “chosen few” ever got theirs read. Didn’t deter me from reading your blog, though; I love the commentary and *must* visit every day.

  92. narellefromaus siad:

    Erin said: “when will there be sex on Atlantis?”

    When? It’s rampant! Teyla and Kanan, Keller and Ronon, Keller and McKay, Chuck the Technician and Zelda the Canteen dish washer, Shephard and McKay.

    ~You forgot McKay and McKay!!! ~

    Patricia (AG)

  93. @ alipeeps – So very sorry to hear about your loss…I just can’t imagine what you have been going through. My heart truly goes out to you… *hugs*

    Wraithworhipper wrote: Maybe you could dedicate an extra-special tidbit of info to das and her sister?

    Awww…that’s sweet of you, Wraithie! But JM has been quite patient with me, and has recently addressed several of my questions. The only thing he could do for me is guarantee they will never, ever kill off Todd or eliminate the Wraith, which isn’t gonna happen. So, instead…maybe he can just send me Todd’s knife…or a lock of his hair, whichever is easier… :mrgreen:

    (Ack! Todd’s hair, not JM’s!)



  94. [quote=19 fsmn36] When will we get another guest appearance in the blog by Baron Destructo and/or Cookie Monster?

    Joe’s Answer: They’re studying for their finals.

    *snorts* I didn’t know certified evil geniuses had to take finals still. I suppose that makes me feel a little better.[/quote]

    LOL!! 🙂 Knowing that “certified evil geni’ ” (?pl) have to take finals makes my impending economics final more exciting and will give me something to laugh about when the going gets tough!!

    [quote=Mackenzie’s Momma] “Can you recommend a good restaurant in Surrey?”

    Joe’s Answer: Alas, I cannot. Believe it or not, I’ve never been to Surrey.[/quote]

    Is this Surrey in England?? If so I was born there; approx 30 miles from David Hewlett’s birthplace. We could be cousins :O Now there’s a thought!?!

    Mackenzie’s Momma writes: “Can you recommend a good restaurant in Surrey?”

    Answer: Alas, I cannot. Believe it or not, I’ve never been to Surrey.

  95. @ Alipeeps – I know the days are dark right now, but you will pull through. Mum died 11 yrs ago and Dad’s cancer has been halted. I lived in the same house with Mum and stayed to look after Dad.

    Enjoy your fundraising walk, it will help in your own emotional recovery. I recently held a pink breakfast to celebrate my birthday and raise funds for the NZ Breast Cancer foundation, I didnt raise much, but every dollar helps and those that need the funds are always very grateful for the help provided by us.

  96. The Blade Itself

    It’s pretty much all been said already! The great strength of the book, and what sets it apart from other fantasy, is the characters, who are so richly drawn and imperfect, anything but simple archetypes of good and evil. I have to admit it took me a while to come to appreciate that, as I’m so used to a band of heroes coming together for an epic journey against all odds. I really liked Logen right off, though. He knows himself. When Glotka was introduced, it was only the BOTM that kept me reading. I don’t like torture or such raging injustice as he was doing to the merchants. But he has his motivations and I can’t say I would be any less bitter or twisted in his place. And, as someone else said, the lighter fencing bits and the attitude of Bayaz came just in time. It’s so hilarious that Bayaz has no idea no one believes he’s the guy shown in the statue. I thought it was courageous to keep adding new characters so late into the book. But somehow I was able to remember and follow them all, unlike in works I’ve read by lesser authors. And that was years ago when my memory was still sound!

    Hence my question for Mr. Abercrombie: what are your strategies for keeping the characters and their stories straight in the readers’ minds?

  97. I FINISHED MY LAST FINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo-Hoo! Granted I still have like four more years in order to get my masters in behavioral analysis, but I’m done for now! On that note I just want to say I hate spanish. I feel better now.

    Alipeeps~ I want to send my condolences. I know what it’s like to lose a family member and it’s not easy, but, with time it becomes bearable. I’m not sure who said it, but they were right…take the time YOU need to grieve, not what some in society may say is “time enough”. Love and prayers are with you and yours.

  98. LOL @das!

    Eh. I was in a mood today. I can really lay it out there on the table, can’t I? The fires were so hard on the folks here, I can’t imagine what you went through. Wait, I can, too. I did go through it. I spent 8 1/2 years as a long-haul trucker, away from home when stuff hit the fan. As years past have shown us, things could have been so much worse.

    When I’m feeling like this, I don’t want to cause distress of any kind to anyone. When I’m in a mood like this, I probably shouldn’t be allowed internet access, but I’d definitely leave stripes on anyone trying to take it away from me! Ack! ‘Nough said!

    Says in a very small voice on the way out the door…
    (Still think a dedication of something special for you and the sis would be really, really nice.)

  99. Rhonda writes: “I was wondering how many people are in the city of Atlantis? I wonder because the lights are one in every sector of the city in the long shots. Just seems weird to me that we sent enough personnel to fill the thing. And are the using fluorescent bulbs?”

    Answer: I’d say there are a good 300 people in the city. They don’t use fluorescent bulbs but do use Ancient-designed low-energy bulbs. Also, they keep the city lit up to scare away the ghosts.

    It’s also a good security feature……makes it look like there are more people there…..and oh hell it looks cool.

    Cheers, Chev

  100. A Wraithworshipper – My sister was pretty lucky – they had a fire only a few hundred yards from them about a month ago, and now this one which came within a half-mile, give or take. When she first moved to Florida, their house was hit by two hurricanes, and they ended up gutting it (because the water got into the walls) and redoing the entire thing – new roof, drywall, insulation, wiring, cabinets – everything – and that was their first year there. She HATES Florida – the storms, the snakes…now the fires.

    So yeah, it’s been a hard few weeks for her – so NOT even gonna tell her Jason may eventually leave SGA, not when I just got her hooked on the show (and on Ronon)! I SO hope she watches PtW this week – I mean, if she doesn’t fall for Steve as hard as I did, then she’s no relative of mine!! 😀 Dang, he was one hellava sexy bug, wasn’t he?

    A sum1 – No killing off Keller – at least, not before she gives Todd a physical… 😀


  101. Considering the last Steve siggie I did, you’re asking me that? I’ll put it back up on the forum to remind you!

  102. Elizabeth said:

    If you enjoyed The Blade Itself I can almost guarantee you will enjoy the Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan. Mr. Jordan recently passed away in Sept. 2007 with one last book to write to complete the series. A close friend is finishing it for him.

    As far as I know Brandon Sanderson didn’t know Robert Jordan (James Oliver Rigney) personally. He was selected by Jordan’s widow to write the final book, A Memory of Light. She had read his Mistborn series.

    Jordan had apparently left with his family all of the significant plot points in case he died before the book was written.


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