I’ve discovered a cure for insomnia! If you’re ever lying wide awake in bed and unable to fall sleep, all you have to do is start thinking about the outline for your upcoming script. I guarantee you’ll be out before the first act break. Amazingly, it seems to work for mid-afternoon naps as well. Yes, the outline is slow going, but I hope to have a rough beat sheet in by end of day Tuesday after which everyone will weigh in and no doubt help me fill in the missing pieces that will send me on my way to script. If I can lock in a structure by early next week, I could probably turn in a first draft before mid-June, leaving my hiatus more or less free and clear for reading, Esperanto lessons, and my beginner’s garroting class.

Well, I hope everybody is up to date on their reading. Tomorrow, discussion begins on The Blade Itself. Get your questions and comments in early because author Joe Abercrombie will be joining us later in the week for (what else?) a special Joe Abercrombie Guest Blog.

Today’s pics: Now, I’m sure there was a perfectly good reason why these guys moved the gate out into the parking lot but, just in case, these pics are evidence. 

Mailbag –

Mackenzie’s Momma writes: “Are we going to(or can you tell us) what Maj. Lorne’s degree is in?”

Answer: To be honest, there are no plans to address this particular aspect of his backstory. For what it’s worth, however, I believe he received a Bachelor of Arts in Gardening and Political Science, then followed that up with 3 years of clown college.

Rebecca H. writes: “Wll the Mallozzi canines ever appear in Atlantis?”

Answer: Perhaps. I’m thinking of introducing an all-canine team for next season (if there is a next season).

PG15 writes: “1. Will Shep’s Ancient gene be important to the story again this season, like it was in Travelers? 2. Will the Genii appear this season? 3. Will we learn anything new about the Ancient-Wraith war of 10000 year ago this season? 4. Any new, cryptic hints on the 100th episode you’d like to share?”

Answers: 1. Possibly. 2. Likely. 3. Possibly. 4. We’re talking about shooting some of it (and #19) on location.

flingslass writes: “Would Australians be there as military personnel or would they be there as part of the scientific contingent.”

Answer: Both.

DasNdanger writes: “Wll we at least have some amusing moments in The Queen with (from what I understand) Ronon, Rodney and Shep hanging out on a hive ship while Todd’s off with Teyla, or is it all going to be deadly serious?”

Answer: There are a lot of fun elements in this episode as well, yes.

DasNdanger writes: “Sorry for the double post, but I couldn’t seem to post earlier…”

Answer: Actually, you’re previous posts ended up in the “potential spam folder” (possibly because of the links). They may not appear in the official moderation queue, but I will wade through the various Viagra and Penis Enlargement spam to rescue them.

Paloosa writes: “Are you going to have the water heater earthquake proofed?”

Answer: Already done.

ChelleToo writes: “Will you be attending Comic Con this year?”

Answer: I’d like to, but it’ll be schedule-dependent.

LH writes: “What do Wraith find tastier, an elderly person, or some young twenty-ish person, or someone in the middle?”

Answer: I suppose it depends on the wraith. Life essences are like fine wines – a matter of personal preference.

LH also writes: “How exactly does the Book of the Month thing work? When do we get to ask questions of the authors???”

Answer: Just check the right sidebar. It lists upcoming Book of the Month Club selections along with the dates on which the various discussions will begin.

Chevron 7 writes: “I’ve always wondered, is the control room in the tallest spire on Atlantis?”

Answer: The control room is located in the central tower.

Heather writes: “Why do two part episodes only fall on the mid or season finale?”

Answer: This isn’t always the case. If the story should be supported by two episodes, we’ll do a two-parter (SG-1’s Reckoning I and II comes to mind). That said, we approach episodes #10 and #11 if not as two-parters, then as strongly linked episodes (like last season’s This Mortal Coil and Be All My Sins Remember’d).

Theresa writes: “Vala was my favorite character on SG-1….I hope she comes back in the next season(MOONLIGHT)….”

Answer: Er, I hate to break it to you (and hopefully you won’t take it as hard as my sister-in-law when I broke it to her) but I believe Moonlight was cancelled.

Sandra writes: “1. Is anything going to happen in season 5 with the Ronon/Keller relationship? 2. Is Kolya ever coming back? 3. Is clone Beckett going to function as the real Beckett did in terms of relationships and things like that? 4. Have you read “American Gods” or “Anansi Boys” by Neil Gaiman?”

Answers: 1. More than likely. 2. Isn’t he dead? 3. Yes. 4. Not yet.

Bailey writes: “You know, if people barfed as much as dogs and cats seem to, they’d be taken to the emergency room. And then admitted to hospital for tests to see what is so wrong. Wonder why the critters evolved that way? Or is it because we feed them all this canned and processed cr*p?”

Answer: My guess it’s all the grass and twigs Maximus eats when he’s out in the backyard.

78 thoughts on “May 18, 2008: A cure for insomnia

  1. “Mackenzie’s Momma writes: “Are we going to(or can you tell us) what Maj. Lorne’s degree is in?”

    Answer: To be honest, there are no plans to address this particular aspect of his backstory. For what it’s worth, however, I believe he received a Bachelor of Arts in Gardening and Political Science, then followed that up with 3 years of clown college.”

    Thanks for answering my question Joe! I didn’t realize there was such a thing as a BA in Gardening 😉 Though the Pol Sci angle is intriguing, (evan lorne for president maybe?), clown college? They still have those?!

    Soooo onto my next question- Can you recommend a good resturant in Surrey? I have a lunch up there either this week or next, and am looking for a good eatery.

  2. As for the stargate relocation maybe during down time they’re planning to go out into the car park and jump their cars through it? If they set it on fire it’ll add to the drama of it all and I’m sure a lick of paint will retouch it up nicely.

    They can set it on fire, then you can fire them. It’s beautiful in it’s symmetry.

  3. An all canine team sounds good – but to make it ‘fair’ in todays PC world you would also have to have a couple of cats there too.

    I know two furryalarm clocks… I meant cats that would just love a trip to another galaxy.

    0456 am


  4. 4. FROM PG15: Any new, cryptic hints on the 100th episode you’d like to share?”

    Answers: 4. We’re talking about shooting some of it (and #19) on location.

    Location? As going all the way to the Pegasus galaxy. Cool! Where is it?

  5. Sleep is good. Not getting the outline done is not. But then, you are rather like McKay in a way. Without the threat of impending doom, where’s the glory in succeeding at a difficult task? but thanks for the update, and the nice mailbag. A few questions just in case the book discussion isnt enough to keep you occupied. 1) What ARE they doing with that Stargate in the pictures? 2) Will we see the Atlantis expedition become more isolated from Earth? 3) Is there a chance that the secret of the Stargate program will finally be made public back on Earth? Given the number of people who have been involved over the last decade +, its overdue to finally be officially acknowleged. 4) When will we get another guest appearance in the blog by Baron Destructo and/or Cookie Monster. Looking forward to the discussion tomorrow…

  6. Er, I hate to break it to you (and hopefully you won’t take it as hard as my sister-in-law when I broke it to her) but I believe Moonlight was cancelled.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Say it ain’t so!!! That was NOT a satisfactory ending!!!!! And Claudia Black was indeed amazing as the cleaner… I would have liked to see more of her in Sonata, but I was hoping for more next season….. 🙁

    If a show is being cancelled, shouldn’t the network give the writers enough time to write an ending worth being remembered???

  7. DasNdanger writes: “Wll we at least have some amusing moments in The Queen with (from what I understand) Ronon, Rodney and Shep hanging out on a hive ship while Todd’s off with Teyla, or is it all going to be deadly serious?”

    Answer: There are a lot of fun elements in this episode as well, yes.

    “And the Lord did grin, and the people did feast upon the lambs, and sloths, and carp, and anchovies, and orangutans, and breakfast cereals, and fruit bats, and large –”

    Oh, you get the point… (Thanks! I think The Queen will be my favorite episode of the season…uuhhh…that you didn’t write, that is… )

    DasNdanger writes: “Sorry for the double post, but I couldn’t seem to post earlier…”

    Answer: Actually, you’re previous posts ended up in the “potential spam folder” (possibly because of the links). They may not appear in the official moderation queue, but I will wade through the various Viagra and Penis Enlargement spam to rescue them.

    😆 😆 😆

    (Glad to know I was in good company… 😛 )


  8. Dear Joe,

    Happy Labor day. I was wondering if can tell us or even better show us through the usual daily picture postings of the new starships that are going to be introduced in season 5. Ever since I was young I had this affinity of the architecture aspect of scifi vehicules, and I find the designs of the starships in both sg1 and sga to be very very intresting and at the same time unique. I like the way the particular design of a species starship reflects on the character of the species themselves. For example the Ori mothership: a big, majestic, powerful and in the same time there is this “O” design which most people see it as a toilet bowl but surely reflects the O from Ori. The Aurora class: powerful, advanced, spartan from the inside but the design is very angular and unsymmetrical symbolizing the Ancients desire to create a weapon for defensive purposes rather than a eye catching type of ship stressing beauty. Personally I find the Asgard O’neil class star ship to be the most pleasing to the eye not forgeting its advances in speed and offences capabilities reflecting the high intellect and stressing that the owner of this ship is a specie that is highly into aquisition of knowledge and perfection.
    The Wraith Hive ship is a very touchy one since there is more to this specie that meets the eye but their ships organic and very creature like reflects the insect like culture of the later.

    I just cant wait to see this new species starship

    thanxs Joe

  9. I saw that The Shrine of Talus had been shortened to “The Shrine” due to potential legal concerns. I assume something Star Trek TOS related. Oh well, I’m looking forward to your summer premiere. Do you think that it will be a June/July premiere. I assume the DVDs/Continuum will all be released in conjunction with the new season and Comic Con. Although I know that season airing dates are largely determined by the network.

  10. Thank you again, Joe! Very vague though, wouldn’t you say? 😉

    Hmmm…the fact that 519 is being linked to 520 everytime I see it makes me think that they’re connected, like Crusade/Camelot, or Inferno/Allies. And yet, based on its make-shift title and that line in your spoiler poem, it sounds like one of those traditional crime-solving stories you see in SciFi shows sometimes, and they’re usually a standalone.

    Perhaps not, this time? Very interesting.

    Or perhaps I’m completely off the mark on this one.

    As for your advice…sorry, doesn’t work. I may not have outlines to think of, but I do have fanfic ideas popping in and out of my head, and thinking about those while lying in bed usually keeps me awake for a long, long time.

    Lets talk about them there marathon things…

    Show and Tell: A pretty good episode, and a touching one at that. Still, I thought it was a bit of a retread of Singularity, what with the similar “team member gets attached to alien kid” plot. Throughout the first few minutes of the episode, I kept picturing the kid as Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Heh.

    1969: A great episode, hilarious, with many references to past episodes. The plan enacted by SG1 and SG1 alone throughout the episode was pretty awesome, with many twists and turns and a road trip across the country! On Route 66! What felt like an impossible situation at the beginning was quickly solved by our team, just to show why they’re SG1. Far out.

    Out of Mind/Into the Fire: Easily the worst season finale/premier. It felt like nothing more than a tool to save money via a clipshow and to get rid of Hathor. There was no spark to it, as if everything was done out of necessity instead of creativity. A typical “rescue mission” stretched and padded to fill 2 episodes, as it were. I mean, I didn’t hate it, but it was nothing spectacular, which is what I usually see in Stargate season finale/premiers.

  11. Hi Joe,

    The Stargate is in the parling lot! Ok! Why?? Is it for an upcoming episode?
    An all canine team! That’d be cool! Can my dog be on the team! Haha!
    Is “Woolsey” going to go off world sometimes now that he is in charge of Atlantis?
    Sleep is very important! Even if its just a 10 minute power nap!
    Is it true that there is going to be an all girl team?

    Take care & happiness always!


  12. Hey Joe…if you’re getting rid of the gate, I’m sure I could fit it in my backyard…you know, I could take it off your hands for a while.

    For the 100th episode, will you be making a quick appearance like Brad Wright did in 200?

  13. Great cure for insomnia!! Thinking about high school finals is another great way to get to sleep also, actually…
    ohh, pretty gate – is it the spinning one, or the one that used to be used on location?
    Also, looking at what we know on the episodes, most seem to be part of the larger arc. Are there any you would consider as stand alone eps?
    Happy Victoria Day! (is there any specific importance to the day? As an American, I’ve never really heard anything about it before.)
    I’m not going to be here for this week, as I’m going to be in Tenessee participating in the Global Finals of Destination Imagination (its a group competition thing) – wish me luck!

  14. Outlines have always affected me the exact same way. What an amazing coincidence, one that we no doubt share with a select few several million other former and current students in North America. *g* I am so glad I don’t have to do outlines any longer.

    For what it’s worth, however, I believe [Maj. Lorne] received a Bachelor of Arts in Gardening and Political Science, then followed that up with 3 years of clown college.

    Now this falls in the realm of serious coincidence, since I followed roughly the same degree program. I wonder if Lorne’s major included as many courses as mine on mandrake, foxglove, wormwood, etc., etc., as well as that one tract by Machiavelli (later expanded by certain media executives) that starts out, “My previous work, The Prince, was a mere child’s primer compared to this tome. . . .”

    “Clown college,” hehe, yeah, that’s what we called it too. Try to leave ’em laughing — makes for a more interesting PM. . . .

    On a related note, I hope you really enjoy your garrotting class. People who like writing teasers for their blogs, and cliffhanger season-enders for their shows, generally have a talent for such pursuits.

  15. Good to know about Lorne’s time in clown college. It will add validity should he ever go rogue, don a red nose and rainbow wig, and terrorize Sheppard.

  16. Whooo Hooooooooooooo
    Ronon/Keller relationship talk. Better be good news for them.
    All canine team, guess Jelly will be the leader.
    Cool photos of the gate in parking lot.


  17. Thank you! Unsecured water heaters are the leading cause of fire after an earthquake. Now I don’t have to worry about you, as much.

    And Doh!… a belated Happy 10th Anniversary to you and Fondy!

  18. Its that a very large industrial bin in the background? And I do believe the lid is open!

    I doubt they every would, but before they bin it, GIVE IT TO ME!

    I’ll ship it to Australia and use it as a water feature next to my pool.

  19. 2. Is Kolya ever coming back?

    Answers:2. Isn’t he dead?

    Don’t give us that, Joe. I distinctly remember mentions of there being plans to bring him back last season. So I assume he’s dead in the Carson sense of the word. And more importantly, he was a pretty cool character.

  20. The above comment does of course accept that if you say he is dead, I will accept that he is dead. But I hope you did think of a way to bring him back.

  21. It’s been a while since I posted on your Blog. I’ve been very busy marketing the “Stress, It’s All In The Mind” and “American Affirmations” CDs with Cliff Simon. I’m happy to report that all is going well. People can visit, [url]www.aurorisentertainment.com[/url] if they would like to hear a short clip of the work.

    With your problems working on your latest episode, I wanted to help inspire you with a short effort of my own. Blogs are not conducive to scripts, so please forgive the inaccurate script style.


    Written by Patricia Stewart



    We see PugJoe sitting at his desk, visibly angry as he talks on the phone.

    What do you mean Joe Flanigan hasn’t shown up
    for work yet? He is in all of the crucial scenes.
    He can’t not show up. This is terrible. This is a crisis of epic proportions!

    Carlbindingwire enters PugJoe’s office.

    I think it’s the Cowel, Joe. I think the evil
    Cowel has him. It might be time for Baron Destructo
    to come to your aid once again.

    Yes, yes, it all makes sense to me now. Flanigan
    does have a lovely singing voice, and those other contestants, well, can we say, “Wraith scream”?
    Cowel must have him. I’ll contact the Baron immediately.

    Geronimo rushes into PugJoe’s office.

    Joe, Joe, a terrible thing has happened! David
    Hewlett just phoned! He and Flanigan have been
    involved in a traffic mishap!

    If Flanigan gets himself killed, I swear, I
    will never speak to him again!

    It’s worse than that! They were driving Jason
    Momoa’s pink cadillac! If there is any damage,
    Momoa will kill the both of them!


    Where is Momoa?

    He had to run to the store. I told him he didn’t
    need to run, he could take his car. That’s when
    he told me he’d bet me $50 that I was dead. I was afraid to bet him!

    Let me get this straight, Hewlett and Flanigan
    are in a fender bender and Momoa is on his way
    to the store. Dare I ask where Paul McGillion is?

    Actually, he’s the only one who showed up for
    work today.

    And Rachel Lutrell?

    She hasn’t been seen since she had her baby.
    Oh, no! It’s no wonder that love scene with the
    alien entity didn’t work!

    We can’t complete an episode with only one actor. We
    have to find Flanigan! Oh, and Momoa and Hewlett as well. Tell the crew to stop production immediately.
    We must find Flanigan!




    Off Carlbindingwire as he stands beside the window.

    I have an idea. We could use Bam Bam. He would
    make a passable Flanigan. And Chuck Campbell might
    fool the viewers that Hewlett is still around.

    Don’t be silly. The viewers are not that dumb.
    We’ll call Richard Dean Anderson in to play Flanigan. And Michael Shanks can be Hewlett. The viewers will know the difference, but they will think the show
    is even cooler than it is now. And with brilliant strategy like mine, it’s clear why I’m the boss and
    you two are just the writers.

    You really are brilliant.

    Off Carlbindingwire…

    And evil. Baron Destructo would be proud.


  22. @ Belouchi – I can’t wait to see the new Wraith ship – I LOVE gooey, icky Wraithy stuff!! 😀 Just wish they’d show us how it’s all created…is it something that Wraith produce themselves, or something they’ve created in the lab, like test tube tech, that then grows on its own? Or something else?

    S4 Wraith tech was a bit too dry for my tastes, except the birthing scene…that was a delight!! What I love – absolutely LOVE – about the gooey Wraith tech and environment is how much it grosses humans out, while the Wraith just totally accept it as normal. And of course they would – to them, it is normal. I’m just so glad that – after being exposed to the comparatively sterile technology and living conditions on Atlantis – they haven’t started cleaning things up a bit. The gooey organic tech reminds us of their insect origins, and it would be a shame to lose the atmosphere it creates.

    And then there’s the wonderful contrast between that environment and the well-groomed Wraith themselves. Great example of this is that birthing scene, when Penny Wraith (the ‘midwife’) – with his perfect hair and pristine uniform – helps the warrior emerge from his sac, totally unfazed by the amniotic fluids he’s getting all over himself. If it was me, I’d be freaking right out and running for the antibacterial soap! Not sure if it was intended to suggest that male Wraith (regardless of their position) all naturally help in the ‘birthing’ process, or what – but there was something both tenderly intimate, and very gross, about that scene…and I loved it!

    Now…to find myself a midnight snack… 🙂


  23. HI Joe

    I’d just like to say ‘Thank You’ to everyone at Bridge Studios for their hard work and patience last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I was there on behalf of CinemaSpy.ca and it was fantastic.

    Best wishes,


  24. Hello Joe,
    I’ve been watching a bunch of the old MacGuyer episodes on line at CBS.com lately and I noticed that there is a producer on that show by the name of John Sheppard. I was wondering if Joe Flanigan’s character, John Sheppard, was named after that producer from the MacGuyer TV show?

    I ask because I remember hearing on some of the DVD commentaries that the writers sometimes use names of real people they know and/or someone whom they wish to pay homage too! If you are not sure, could our ask Brad Wright if he knows? Just one of those things that make you go Hummmm! Besides, I think the first scene Joe Flanigan had on SGA was with RDA, so that is why I am asking. Maybe RDA or Michael Greenburg, had something to do with naming the character? Just Curious!
    Thanks for taking the time.

  25. And here was me thinking you’d finally found in innovative use for the stargate in valet parking. Would you get a choice of galaxies to park in I wonder? would there be a different cost dependant upon the galaxy you chose? Would the chances of getting your car stolen increase dependant upon which galaxy you were parked in? Inquiring minds want to know!

  26. I’m with David, that Stargate belongs to the fans. I mean, we did watch it spin for 10 years. Am I right? Yes, I am right. Thus, watching it = owning it. Simple logic.

    Of course, I don’t have a lawn…hmm…ok, can I just have a Chevron? Thanks. Hey, that rhymes.

    Meanwhile, I just watched Seth. Loved it. I’m glad that it wasn’t focused on Seth per se; instead, the whole episode was permeated with that sense of dread because of Seth and how he was built up throughout history. I think that has to do with how real the show treated this situation, like a real cult. Basically, it hit close to home. The bit of history on Seth was very nice, and once again, the parent stuff brought a mist to my eyes. Jack was pompously hilarious, the best kind, and the ending with Sam totally OWNING Seth into the ground was damn satisfying; as satisfying as it was chilling watching Sam react to what she’d done. Overall, a very enjoyable episode.

    Oh, and JAFFA JOKES. YES.

  27. Another good cure for insomnia(which i forgot to mention in my earlier comment) is Photoshop.

    I was introduced to Photoshop last week, and boy has it ‘cured’ my insomnia issues. Oh and its helped me create some beautiful wallpapers for my laptop. Which reminds me, I photoshopped some of the pics from the Fuel dinner into a backround and would love to share it with you(as its a joe centric one lol) should I just email you a link?

  28. What do you mean, “if there is another season”?! Are you trying to curse it? Unless you have another nifty job up your sleeve and don’t mind losing SGA… Bite Your Tongue! (*wags finger demandingly*)

  29. Howdy Mr. Mallozzi!

    I was wondering how many people are in the city of Atlantis? I wonder because the lights are one in every sector of the city in the long shots. Just seems weird to me that we sent enough personnel to fill the thing. And are the using fluorescent bulbs?

    American Gods and Anansi Boys are most excellent.
    Also Diamond Age by Stephenson, have you had a chance to read that?

    thanks for your time.

  30. I believe Moonlight was cancelled.
    Yes it was. I gave that show another shot, and it was still… too laughable.

    I’ll take the ‘Gate if you guys don’t want it anymore!

    Location shoot *excited* very cool.

  31. I’m putting this here again as i have no idea if you read every post or just skim them,
    You should read this, it’s funny and you’re in it. It’ll take all of five minutes so give it a go.
    (if you really want to embarrass wraithie who wrote it, print out a copy and give it to Chris H. to read when he’s on break. Perhaps just the last part.)

    Tell us if you read it so i can pass it on.

    I’m not going away till i get an answer.

  32. Clown college? Coooool! That means that Lorne was down here near me! I’m just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the world’s BEST clown college. 😉

    My question today is, would it ever be possible for Ronon to have a little sister show up? I’d suggested it to Jason Mamoa and he loved the idea. 😀

    And also, does Bubba sit like that often? I’ve seen the occasional cat sit like that but I can’t ever recall a dog being in that position.

    I hope you have a great week!


  33. Is the gate heavy? How do you guys move it around? How may stargates do you have for the show?

  34. It sounds like you’re having an “anti-insomnia” moment with your beat sheet. That’s probably better than getting insomnia from thinking about it too much (now if only those two were easy to reverse).

    I often find when I’m writing (or supposed to be writing) that it can be really really hard to get started. Then all goes well until someone (like an editor) reads a draft and gets back to me. The rest can go either way.

    Is that sort of how it works for you too? I’ve never really asked any writers about it before.

  35. That looks like highway above the parking lot? Must be amusing for passers-by who happen to glance down.. I’m sure your parking lot is often full of interesting things.

    So, your reference to “if there is a next season” has me curious.. mostly because I’ve been hearing references from many different people as to “if there is a next season” and I’m feeling out of the “loop” now. When do you typically find out if there will indeed be a next season?

  36. Hello. I just wonder if this Wraith’s feeding procedure (by hand) have got something with Jesus’s stigmatics?

  37. Wow, thanks for that dedication yesterday! That was too cool but now I’m even more nervous about this practical exam. If I mess up, I won’t be that “Dr” you dedicated a blog to. Oh crap!!

    After a dedication yesterday I got another shock today when an old lady asked for me by the name, Carson. I laughed and asked if she was a fan of SGA only to find out she was actually saying “Carl, son”. Oh well! It’s not the first time that’s happened but I was so sure this woman did said Carson.

    Oh, and if you’re looking for somewhere to store that Stargate, I have space! That space is quite a few thousand miles away but still!

    My question, and I hope I beat McKay to this *crosses fingers*, is how did Ford operate the jumper to escape in The Seige part III? He didn’t have the ATA gene, did he?


    The real (soon to be) Dr Beckett fae Scotland :).

  38. I normally only read your blog while eating breakfast… and hoping for a picture of Joe F to brighten up my day.

    Talking of Sheppard, my favourite character (as if you hadn’t guessed), there are some questions about his background to which I would really like to know the answers – preferably as part of an episode – but if you would rather answer here I won’t complain. So here is the list I made:-

    1. Which university did he attend.

    2. Since John Sheppard is a Lieutenant Colonel in the USAF, he has to have at least one Bachelor and one Masters degree in a physical science. So with that in mind; in which subjects did he gain his degrees?
    a. Bachelors
    b. Masters

    3. What happened to his mother

    Thanks, and have a nice day.


  39. I have faith in you Joe, you’ll get the outline sorted and the script written in time – I know you will! Still, good advice should I ever (ha) end up writing professionally (no chance) and need a cure for insomnia!

    Cool pics – though I do hope they didn’t break the stargate – that’d be a problem! Still, I guess you could just send in McKay, he’d fix it – while berating them for their carelessness, of course!

    I like the idea of your dogs forming a team – running riot in the corridors of Atlantis; terrorising the Wraith with their terrifying cuteness; barfing on traitorous Genii! Oh yes, I can see it all now!

    Hmm, or maybe you’re trying to mislead us – and your dogs are playing the parts of the new alien race we meet next season!!!

    Of course, the Dog Heads; well known in the medieval world, they had the bodies of humans and the heads of dogs – though no one knew where they lived or ever saw one. Essays were written about whether they were animal or human; did they have a soul or not; was it worth trying to convert them?

    I’m not kidding either – I watched a BBC 4 programme about it (Inside the Medieval Mind).

    And that would explain why Daniel Jackson is needed; his knowledge of old books, essays, legends etc!!!

    Yay, more folklore and myths! I’m onto your plan! Galaxy dominion by the dog heads, aka, your pups!

    Leesa Perrie

  40. The gate in the parking lot fills me with foreboding. Although the freeway running by it, there’s a story. Futuristic top-secret glamorous and dangerous space exploration and interaction with aliens reduced to the status of a 7-11 languishing by an off-ramp leading to nowhere. A few gang tags and I’d be believing it.

    Like I’ve always said, the gate would fit right in at Burning Man. I’d even dust it off before I returned it. Or ship it to AU to be cleaned in Zona’s pool.

  41. no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ronon/Keller now way hated them together! Now McKay/Keller is way better then Ronon/Keller. I mean Ronon doesnt need a lover on the show I mean he is Ronon! if he hooks up with her I wont be watching it live anymore.

    Now McKay/Keller would be ok with me. If Ronon does date anyone who would save the humans from the Wraith??? Todd??? Yeah right!

  42. QUOTE
    4. Any new, cryptic hints on the 100th episode you’d like to share?”

    Answers: (…)4. We’re talking about shooting some of it (and #19) on location.

    Though I know you can’t realistically do it, that revives my old dream of a location shoot in Central Texas, somewhere between Austin and San Antonio…*grin*

  43. Great news for yours truly, I managed to snag a copy of In The Garden of Iden from the library today, after I’d gone round and put the books in the right places. Does anyone else find their local library doesn’t seem to treat Sci-fi/Fantasy with any degree of respect? I find I have to look in ALL sections for the books I read. I found ITGOI in the bloody romance section FCOL! So I tend to wander around muttering darkly about books not in their proper places and putting them where they belong, I sometimes wonder if they do it deliberately just to watch me muttering and stomping. Just coz you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you!

  44. Hi Joe,

    I read an article on SCI FI wire about the Season 5 cast changes. The article ended by saying that Jason Momoa hinted that he would only be interested in one more season of SGA and would want to go on to something else. Was he referring to past season 6, or will Season 5 be his last season? They also said that Torri Higginson was supposed to be in several eps but turned down the role. I thought it was only one episode? I hate when info gets distorted like this or there is a miscommunication. Happens all the time though, huh? Anyway, any clarification would be great.



  45. Funny pic of the gate randomly placed in the parking lot! The roadway/bridge or whatever that is in the background made me think of someone driving past in their car (like me) and suddenly seeing a stargate out of the corner of their eye.

    HA! Try explaining that to your insurance company. Or the local police constibulary…

    “Well you see, Sir, I was just driving along, minding my own business, when I saw a stargate… I didn’t mean to stop so suddenly, but…”

    And as for the Major’s stint in clown college – I remember hearing on the DVD commentary from “Duet” about David Nykl (Zelenka) going to clown college… 🙂

    – Nika

  46. So the team go to an unknown planet, pick up a virus that turns them into canine like critters and I see Ronan as a Wookie, Shepherd must be a collie. The others well …

  47. Coucou Joseph,

    Alors cette journée? moi assez bien, sauf que depuis j’ai mal trés mal au dos ou au rein je ne sais pas, jespert que demain sa ira mieux.

    Sympas les photos!!

    Jespert vous voire au Cominc Com =D Avec pleins de belles photos de vous ^^!!

    Moi pour m’en dormir je lis le dictionnaire^^! sa marche=)

    ohh!! non, Keller doit aller avec Mckay!!


    1)Dans cette saison 5 il y’aura des moments d’émotions entre Teyla et John?

    2)De quoi avez vous êtez le plus fiére a la fin du tournage de Whispers?

    Voila =) Gros Bisou, a bientot, je vous adore♥

  48. Hey Joe!

    The Stargate in the parking lot….and it’s a Milky Way gate? Makes me wonder… 😉

    Have you ever thought about coming over to Toronto for our Sci-Fi conventions? (I know, your schedule is busy, lol) I think you would get an amazing turnout. 🙂

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  49. Hi Joe!

    We watched a special on TV last night about the upcoming Indiana Jones film. It was all about the legend of the crystal skulls. At one point the narrator mentions that the crystals skulls have long been depicted in various film and television shows while onscreen they showed a clip of… you guessed it! Daniel Jackson and his grandfather from the episode in season 3! And the narrator announced that the clip was from… you guessed it! Stargate: Atlantis!


    Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if the special aired on a network other than the SciFi channel.

    Double oops.

    You might want to mention something about it to your friends at SciFi? Perhaps clue them into the fact that Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis are in fact two different shows?!?


  50. Ronon/Keller


    Rant – rant – rant

    How about something else – be progressive:



  51. Happy Victoria Day! I have no idea what this is, but on my calendar it says “Victoria Day (Canada)”. So, there ya go.

  52. Oh yes, for a quick chuckle, check out our outfits fro the Renn Faire this weekend (click on the username, m’kay?). Two barbarians and a pirate. And then to dinner at Friday’s, scaring the mundanes.

    We find a reason to wear costumes almost every week. Yeah, baby!

  53. Hi Joe, is there anything for us Jack+Sam shippers in ‘Continuum’. Amanda said at Gabit con that the series was not the place for resolution, but the movies will be.

  54. Woah, what’s the Stargate doing out there? 😮

    Question: Will we get any scenes in Season 5 of Sheppard bonding with Teyla’s baby?

  55. Hi joe

    I just wanted to sat re Joe Abercrombie’s The Blade itself, that I really enjoyed many things about the book.. I enjoyed the storyline and how they were brought out. I liked that way he caught my attention right from the start.. I like that he writes about characters that have heart and courage but have flaws.. Who would ever think you would feel for a torturer.. and above all I like the way he writes.. With a flowing ease that carrys you along like a stream.. slow here and there rushing in other places and giant rapids in others.. He will go places because he has real talent.. I would like to ask him who inspired him to write?

    Thanks Your blog is great Joe.. Allot of my reading material seems to be coming from your blog as of late..


  56. Hey Joe,
    I know that you wont hear about a season 6 pick up for quite a while yet, but in a recent interview Jason Momoa states that this could be his last season on atlantis. If or whe there is a season 6, how would deal with this??? a new character/regular actor or maybe promote major lorne to regular status??

  57. Debs said:
    So the team go to an unknown planet, pick up a virus that turns them into canine like critters and I see Ronan as a Wookie, Shepherd must be a collie. The others well …

    I think it would go something like this…

    Sheppard: German Shepherd
    Ronon: Rottweiler
    Teyla: Irish Setter
    Rodney: Border Collie
    Keller: One of those nervous little dogs that runs in a circle and pees.

    And, because I just can’t resist…

    Todd: Komondor 😀


  58. Hi Joe is there going to be any emotional moments between Ronon and Teyla in season 5? You steered me right in BAMS’R anything at all. I also like Keller and Rodney together anything for them in season 5?

  59. Seriously?? If I start thinking about a story/script I’m trying to write, I’ll NEVER sleep. I have to force myself to switch off, and its not easy as I tend to work best at night! lol

    Good luck with it, though!

    Cool pics of the gate and I guess I need to get my questions together for The Blade Itself!!

    Can you help solve yet another SGA debate I have with university friends? How DID Ford escape in the puddle jumper if he didn’t have the ATA gene? Surely it can’t be in the enzyme or they wouldn’t have needed Sheppard to fly the dart in The Lost Boys/The Hive!

  60. More Keller/Ronon romance? No wonder Jason Momoa announced he wants to leave the show!

  61. Hmm, isn’t that the SG-1 stargate? With the Vancouver Tram/train thing behind it?

    Interesting. Is this supposed to be a teaser for something?

  62. Chevron 7 writes: “I’ve always wondered, is the control room in the tallest spire on Atlantis?”

    Answer: The control room is located in the central tower.

    The white zone is for immediate loading and unloading of passengers only. There is no stopping in a red zone……

    Cheers, Chev

  63. Well I joyfully finished The Blade Itself at 8:45 p.m. last night and I am trying to find some sneaky way not to break the bank and go get the second one. I spent all my play money on the next BOTM selections. My first impression was WOW. The story moved at a respectable pace allowing the characters to grow while the action kept somewhat in the background at times playing like a hidden bass line to one of my favorite songs that has a massive build up only to end when you just hear the beauty of the beat . I LOVE that the chapters have titles…I found myself impatient as I read each chapter waiting to find out why it was called what it was called. I think that naming chapters gives the reader a sense of wonderment as to how the storyteller is thinking, plotting, and directing a complex story. I will say that by the time I got to the BLOODY-NINE I was thrown for a LOOP. I had to reread from where Logan is kneeling before the fireplace…what an inspired and astonishing treat! I am left salivating wondering how Mr. Abercrombie incorporates that twist.
    The characters, in my opinion, were written exceptionally well leaving each individual character standing proudly on their own. Logan was the first voice that was heard and I found myself racing to hear what else he had to say or more think about. And as I previously said, BLOODY-NINE advanced this character onto a whole other level for me. I loved the special attention to Glotka’s inner voice. I felt a kindred link to Glotka the entire book as I sensed I was right there with him, questioning everything, struggling to be worth something to someone, to have relevance when all seems stripped away. One of my favorite inner thoughts was “But we are not prone to nervousness. Perhaps we are the unpleasant things. Perhaps the acts are ours.” That middle line stuck with me until the bittersweet end. I loved his two Practicals…I hope to see more of them in the next two books. Major West at first glance was that endearing fellow you want by your side in battle and like Logan in the end we are privy to a twist on his actions that of course left a chink in his armour and opened up another level for his character. Out of most of the characters, even though you are shown a violent side to him, I think he is one the good guys. There are so many characters in this story I found myself almost keeping a mental checklist of who I thought was trustworthy and who I thought would turn up a tad wicked. I am not so sure of Bayaz…he has touched the Other Side and it should be a very interesting journey for Jezal, the Navigator, Logan, Ferro, and Quai especially when Yulwei said to Ferro, “I did not say to trust him.” I can’t wait to see how Dogman and company figure into the upcoming battles. And Ardee, well she is a mystery that seems tainted with fire. I could keep writing about this book but I am going to interject some questions for my new favorite NOIR author.
    Mr. Abercrombie, here are several of questions.
    1) I have read that you had done some editing on Musical documentaries…I was wondering if you have a song that might have sparked a scene or played in the background as you typed.
    2) I was wondering if you have been approached by anyone to make this series into a movie.
    3) Did you have anyone in mind when you were writing Logan.
    4) How soon can we see the Bloody Nine back?
    5) Can you estimate how many twists you have put in this series so that I can start working out my jaw now since it kept dropping in the last hundred pages.
    6) Have you created a map that we can see?
    7) Is this series truly only three books long?
    8) Who are some of your favorite writers?
    9) Do you prefer sugar or no sugar in your tea?

    Well I need to get back to work…I will definitely be adding more of my thoughts later tonight…thank you Joseph for picking this book!

  64. Joe Said: Perhaps. I’m thinking of introducing an all-canine team for next season (if there is a next season).

    Should Frank the Pug from Men In Black get his resume updated in the hope of a Season 6?

    He could be the love interest. And then gets beaten up by Lulu’s older and wiser brother, Bubba. *waves threatening balled up pug fist* “If you touch my sister…”

    Time to get caffeine and forget this post ever happened.

  65. I dunno Joe, if you want there to be a next season, you may want to keep the all-dog team idea under your hat. Unless we have an all new direction for the show coming… I guess I’ll know for sure if episode 100 is a cliffhanger proposal, and the sixth season premier is the crazy wedding where everything goes wrong. (Honey, did you invite the Wraith queen? No, I thought *you* invited her!)

  66. Friday Morning I had a situation that was similar to what you experienced on Sat morning. Bubie my cat was lying at the top of the bed just above my head. My alarm clock went off and I was laying there wishing I could just sleep in a bit more. I think Bubie was worried that I would to be late for work so he came up with a solution. He would upchuck on my head. As soon as I heard him I sat and with “compassion” for his condition I shoved off the bed. He then proceeded, to not once but twice, get sick on the carpet. What a lovely sight to behold before breakfast. ; )

    I hope you enjoyed your sunny long weekend. Here in the Maritimes, it was quite rainy.

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

  67. [i]Hey Joe!

    The Stargate in the parking lot….and it’s a Milky Way gate? Makes me wonder…

    Have you ever thought about coming over to Toronto for our Sci-Fi conventions? (I know, your schedule is busy, lol) I think you would get an amazing turnout.

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius[/i]

    I hope by italics works this time.

    I wholeheartlly 1000% argee with Enzo. Toronto isn’t that far to fly and I believe it is during the hiatus. So if we petition the con to invite you to attend in 2009 WOULD YOU ACCEPT?

    Pretty Please with lots of Chocolate on top!!!!!!!!!

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