The nerve of some people. After extending an invitation to email scammer Patrick Chan to join me (Percival H. Lintmuffin) at the Mid-Summer Folklore, Renaissance, Civil War Re-enactment and Goat Gelding Festival, I received no response. The festival came and went. Then, the other day, I received an email from Patrick wondering why I hadn’t forwarded him the documents he had requested. Today, Percy Lintmuffin responded:

“Well now, who’s the Nervy Mervy? Contacting me so soon after blowing off my invitation to the Mid-Summer Folklore, Renaissance, Civil War Re-enactment and Goat Gelding Festival without so much as an “Verily! Methinks I mayest not keep my appointment. Eth.”

Hmmm. I believe a certain someone owes me an apology before I’ll provide them with those signed documents he’s requested.

Yours in the spirit of The Great Old Ones,
All Hail Shib-Niggurath,

Percival H. Lintmuffin”

Also, guess who’s back? Yup, James Williams checked in with Cookie Monster. Short and sweet, he wrote:

“Attn:Cookie Monster,
how are you?So were is the MTCN control number giving to you by western nuion, and more information about the money, if you have send the money”

Sadly, Cookie Monster had been feeling a little under the weather of late but managed to pull himself together enough to fire off the following missive:

“Dear James Williams,

Sorry no write back sooner but Cookie Monster very sick. Try out new frozen yogurt stand Bert and Ernie open up. Sign say “No Dairy” but not true because after Cookie Monster eat, he GET DAIRY! Have to run to toilet in Sesame Street public library and just make it (more or less). Hoo boy. Me do imitation of multistage rocket (solid AND liquid boosters) until librarian bang on door and say too noisy and scaring children so have to leave. Me protest. Dis be America! Cookie Monster have intestitutional rights!

Anyhoo, Cookie Monster lose dat argument, but not before get lawyer Grover involve and spend next two days in library bathroom staging “shit in“. Feel better now but underwear no more good. So mad. Next time me go to Bert and Ernie yogurt shop, for sure get different flavor instead.

So sorry for deelay but Cookie Monster FINALLY send money yesterday. James Williams receive yet?

P.S. Tank God Dominoes deliver to public toilet.”

Today’s pics: Selections from the Outcast art department package.

Today’s vide: Click on the date to check out what’s happening at post with post-production coordinator Kerri McDowall and ace editor Stein Myhrstad.

Okay, I’m back to field your comments and questions –

Anonymous #1 writes: “So, is Shep’s ex-wife’s name Karen or Nancy?”

Answer: While I appreciate a clearly devoted fan’s attempt to correct me, I don’t think I need to point out that since I was working on the script in questions yesterday afternoon, I should be in a better to know that Sheppard’s ex-wife’s name is Karen. I mean Nancy.

Pauline writes: “Carl will be back for season five won’t he?”

Answer: After dinner at The Budapest, how could I not bring him back? Also, he’s not a bad writer.

Elizabeth writes: “1) Will Sam be getting the ATA gene? 2) What episodes are Weir in? 3) Will the girl in Sateda be in any more episodes? 4) When is Stargate Ark Of Truth and Stargate Continuum supposed to be? After, during or before season four and season ten finale? 5) Will Bates be returning in season four?”

Answers: 1) No. 2) Good question. 3) Could be. 4) Definitely after the season ten finale. 5) Another good question.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Can you tell us if there are any plans to use Torri in season five?”

Answer: I appreciate your persistence in not taking my previous “we have no plans beyond season four” responses to heart. The truth is we’ve already written the whole fifth season including the Sheppard stick-fighting episode. You’re gonna love it.

Dreams-of-Skies writes: “In a book the characters can have thoughts in italics but in TV, you have to rely on dialogue and facial expression. Is this harder? How do you write for that lack of a device to use?”

Answer: Depends on the actor. If he/she is good at what they do, there’s no need to tell them how to act/react or what facial expressions to use. If, on the other hand, you’re dealing with someone, er, less talented, then you’re better off writing in their reactions to help them along. While you‘re at it, pointing out the jokes in the script to said individuals is a good idea too if you have your heart set on any sort of vaguely humorous delivery.

Jedi writes: “ You said something about a Comic con being held in NY.”

Answer: I did? Anyway, I believe someone provided a link in yesterday’s comment section.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Will you ever tell us which is Torri’s fourth episode this season or will you make us wait and see?”

Answer: Given that I haven’t answered this question the first 50 times it was asked, I’d put my money on “make use wait and see”.

Diamond-Raven writes: “Did you happen to notice if they serve langos at the Budapest?”

Answer: They do! They serve the delicious deep-fried flatbread with sour cream and garlic cloves (that you can cut in half and dab on the bread or, if you’re me, slice it up into very thin slices and lay them over the bread).

Mags writes: “I noticed recently that one of the writers was talking about clearing a name through the legal dept. before using it on the show. What are the reasons for this?”

Answer: Silly as it sounds, legal doesn’t want some guy living in the same state and sharing the same name as a character on our show getting their feelings hurt because we’ve suggested they’re a crazed alien being.

Tokiya 2 writes: “My question to you as a fellow dark chocolate connoisseur is, have you ever come across dark chocolate cocoa?”

Answer: I’m not sure what you mean by dark chocolate cocoa. Cocoa is used to make both milk and dark chocolate, the major difference being the addition of milk in the appropriately named milk chocolate.

Emily writes: “Is it hard to pick which scenes to include in the “Last time on Stargate Atlantis” intro or do you generally find it’s not too difficult?”

Answer: It can be very tricky.

Anonymous #3 writes: “do you think you could at try to assure some of us that McKay will be normal, brilliant scientist and normal person and not just comic relief?”

Answer: Let me assure you that season four will be a great season for the McKay character.

Anonymous #4 writes: “Can you spread any light/ information about the 3rd stargate series, Stargate Universe!”

Answer: Alas, I have absolutely nothing to report about the third series. Sorry.

65 thoughts on “September 15, 2007

  1. How is your little princess doing with her ‘cone of shame’?

    Is she looking forward to going into daddy’s work next week? Do you keep her in the office or is there a doggie creche?

    I have never seen a pug or french bulldog in real life (I had a bull mastiff/GSD cross once) how big are they – in relation to a cat or Labrador?

  2. Do you have any recent funny stories about cast/crew members who don’t mind being immortalized on the internet? If not, do you have any personal funny stories you can share?

  3. TH’s fourth episode is really her third episode, right? Since, she will be in This Mortal Coil. Would Doppleganger or Tabula Rasa be good guesses? Hot, warm, or cold?

  4. Interesting cover art for Outcast. My curiosity just keeps growing on this one…

    Question for you… has being one of the show runners made it easier or harder on you as a writer? I guess I’m wondering if those added responsibilities ever influence some of your creative decisions with a story…

    Hope you’re having a good weekend and that Lulu is doing better!

  5. Hey Joe,

    I’ve had my chocolate muffin and have therefore forgiven you for making me hungry yesterday *grins*

    Thanks for the answer to my question! I really wasn’t expecting one as I’ve noticed you get asked a lot of stuff and I’m a realtively new kid on the block when it comes to commenting on your blog…so please excuse me if I have a mini-squee! *quiet ‘squee’-like noises*

    You say it depends on the actor…especially when it comes to a humourous line. I’m willing to bet you don’t have those issues come up with the guys on Atlantis – especially David Hewlett! *giggles* Do I also detect a slight hint of sarcasm? Or is it that I’m getting used to your rather tart sense of humour sneaking in and seeing it where it isn’t?

    Tokiya 2 writes: “My question to you as a fellow dark chocolate connoisseur is, have you ever come across dark chocolate cocoa?”

    Erm…Cocoa…as in the drink maybe? Coz I think I’d be interested in that too!

    Hope Lulu isn’t terrorising everyone on set with the cone – they can be lethal when you’re trying to carry coffee around the dog! *giggle*


  6. ‘That’s when the dreams are made.’
    Give that man a raise!
    What is in all of those huge binders behind their desks on the shelves? If Post ever plans an uprising, watch out for those!

  7. Joe,
    I love your blog and read it everyday. The vids are great! Is there a chance you could link the video from the actual text rather than the date?

  8. You’ve made it clear that you don’t read any fanfiction, but a friend told me that the character Miko, from Letters from Pegasus, came out of fanfiction, so I’m curious as to how that happened.

    Also, I’d like to thank you profusely for re-introducing the word Dipstick into my vocabulary. It’s been a fair decade since I’ve utilized this beautiful word, and I find it frighteningly applicable in my life. I am in your debt, good sir. 🙂

  9. Hey Joe, this has probably been asked before but, does the control chair in Atlantis have it’s own ZPM slot like at the Antarctic Outpost and Taonas? Or does it just draw power directly from the three ZPMs that power the city?

  10. I know I am one of the people who keeps on bugging you about more Torri stuff, but I had to share P-diddy’s comment. When I read to him your various responses from tonight’s blog, he said “you guys should leave the man alone”. HMMMMPPHHH. Now how would that be any fun?

    Have a good day tomorrow Mr. M.

  11. Hello Joe:

    I’d say that you are averaging about a 30% answer rate with my questions. Thanks for answering the 30%.Anyway, do you believe that there is such a thing as dog people and cat people, and if so, what would you say is the difference? I have my own theory, but I’d like to hear your opinion.

    Also, since you have traveled a fair bit, what do you most appreciate about being a Canadian, socially, politically, or economically, as opposed to third world countries? Again, there is a reason for the question, but I’d like your take on it first.



  12. Hi Joe,

    I’ve said this before (uh I too have two alter egos and am usually known as M) but I’ll say this again: you seem to be having way too much fun responding to scammers and your alter egos are getting more zany than ever.

    I don’t suppose one day you’d let one of them write the blog (not just answer questions?).

    How’s little Lulu doing? Is she still wearing that dreadful thing around her neck but otherwise, just getting teased by Bubba, Jelly and Maximus? I think life is good for her if she’s getting hand fed!!!

    I honestly don’t have any SGA related questions but I’d like to say – love the vids you post and the insight to the cast and crew.

    Have a great weekend.



  13. I’d be curious if you knew this fact: how many reams of paper is used up during an episode (scripts, art department stuff, etc.)

  14. Hi Joe,

    Is there really a trend in television to do 12-15 episode seasons instead of what I would consider a normal 20-22 episode season? What’s you’re feeling about this?



  15. Hhhmmmm, bad day Joe? Some of your answers are up to the snarkiness of old (the past few weeks your blog has been way too “anemic”).

    The snarkiness in today’s mailbag answers for no apparent reason, other than the questions that beat the proverbial dead-horse, seems unnecessary especially when you allowed Farscape fan to ask her questions a miliion times in the past and then finally answered some of them.

    If you are not going to answer a question at all wouldn’t the polite thing to do is just say so before people ask it a billion times, piss you off so then you give a snarky answer such as the one you gave in today’s blog about Torri’s 4th episode?

    Why must you resort to snark, just say you won’t answer and for God’s sake stop posting the questions over and over if you are not going to answer them (you do have the controls over what gets posted and what does not, you know that don’t you?), maybe then people will get the point and stop asking instead of being at the worng end of your bad day.

    God sometimes you remind me of Mitchell going off half-cocked because “he had a bad day” – that was a bad example Joe, don’t you know that. Don’t be like Mitchell, be mature, the first time someone asks a question you will not answer just say so, don’t wait until you have a “bad day” and then take it out on someone who just happens to be the person who asked that same question for the millionth time which pushed you over the snarky cliff.

  16. Jedi writes: “ You said something about a Comic con being held in NY.”

    Answer: I did? Anyway, I believe someone provided a link in yesterday’s comment section.

    I looked and there were some links but none were for the NY comic con. 🙁

  17. There’s a very cool video on David Nykl’s blog that features Torri. You should watch it. Over and over and over again until you see just how wonderful and engaging she is.

    And then you should rehire her. On more money.

  18. So this is something that’s been bugging me for a while, and maybe you can answer: How come Ronon speaks pure American English, and Teyla -also an alien – has a perfect accent (even if her speech patterns are rather formal), but the Earth humans all have accents when they speak?

    Shouldn’t *whatever* it is that allows Teyla and Ronon – and all the Pegasus natives! – to communicate with the expedition members have the same effect on Earth foreigners like Zelenka, for example?

  19. Someone on GW made a comment that they traced the season four downloads to Vancouver. Interesting. A coincidence, or something more?

  20. Hi Joe, I hope Lulu and the rest of the dogs are okay, and that Fondy’s boutique is going well.

    I was wondering if you could tell me what the different colours of scripts mean? It says “blue script” in one of the pictures, does that have any significance?

    Thanks for the video!

  21. 1)Will there be any moments of heavy animosity amongst the team?

    2)Is Jennifer Keller made to be as personable as Carson was? Or will she have a more conflicting demeanor?

  22. Heh, I am quietly laughing at the poster just up there ^ who seems to think that “pure American English” isn’t an accent. Dude.

    Anyway… a few of us were wondering why Ba’al’s people are all blonde. His slave in Summit/Last Stand wasn’t, but they all seemed to be in Abyss.

  23. You answered my questions! Yeah! Thank you!

    No ATA gene! Bummer.

    Cool pictures.

    Please answer my questions. 1) Is Stargate Continuum set after season four of Atlantis? Is Stargate Ark Of Truth set after season four of Atlantis? 2) Is Ford going to come back? When? 3) Any new info on Trio? Why is the episode called Trio?


  24. A few thoughts…

    So you’re going to have Sheppard stick fighting in an upcoming episode? Can you please have him do it without a shirt on? The ratings would go through the roof if he did. Mr. Flanigan has taken his shirt off in nearly every television show he’s ever appeared in. Why, oh why, does he seem to be putting on MORE layers of clothing on Stargate Atlantis?

    I know you’ve decided to get rid of Weir and nothing I can say or do can ever bring her back. And that makes me sad. She was a strong female character who showed us(women)that it WAS possible to be successful in a male dominated world. She used her brains instead of her sex appeal to win an argument. And that was a refreshing idea in today’s sex saturated world. Yes, you’re adding more women to the show but sadly neither of them will match Weir’s character.

    And then you decide to get rid of Carson too? The sweetest, kindest character on Atlantis. He was the heart of the show, Joe. Someone everyone could relate to. He didn’t deserve to die, he should have been sent back to Earth permanently.

    Others have mentioned that they hoped McKay would have something serious to do/say instead of being the jokester all the time. I second that thought. His incessant chatter in stressful situations became rather irritating by the end of last season. Can his character please show some maturity next season?

    Is Caldwell still going to be on the show? It seemed like he was on his way to becoming a main character but then he just faded away. I liked the tension his character brought to the show, even though he was very irritating at times.

    Thanks for listening, Joe. I enjoy your blog immensely.

  25. Hey Joe, I am currently studying Aerospace Engineering and working part-time for NASA. I always joke that when I get my degree I am probably going to throw it all away and start a fast food franchise; I am currently thinking Chick-fil-a (great milkshakes, closed on Sunday). An Olive Garden was my first choice, but my dreams were crushed when I found out that they do not franchise. This all leads to two very important questions…

    1) Do you have any suggestions for a good mid-range restaurant franchise that I could bring to the US’s mid-atlantic region? In other words, what’s your favorite chain?

    2) If the whole restaurant thing doesn’t work out, you wouldn’t happen to need a techical advisor for all that spaceship stuff would you?

  26. “To all of you Sam fans dying for a hint of what’s going on with Carter’s love life, you’ll have to wait until ‘Trio’ for a not-so-subtle tip-off.”

    The “not-so-subtle tip off” is it that she’s gonna talk about her love life or that she’s gonna hide something in her drawer… like a ring!?!ô ô

  27. hi, joe,

    in my continuing quest to learn about atlantis (to be ready for the season premier and sam’s arrival!:D)…

    since you enjoy displaying maps and layouts, could you post a layout of the entire atlantis station? i’m reading about the base/station right now on gateworld, but i’d like to see the ‘entire’ thing displayed so i know where everything is, relative to each other.

    sally 🙂

  28. Hey there, I hear you were regretting the fan’s reactions after killing Beckett… I must say I literally sat ther open mouthed for quite a while while it sank in. I was half waiting for some time machine or something to come out of nowhere and bring him back. I heard that he would be returning in the flesh and that you had thought up a way to bring him back later on. 1) Would you perhaps care to elaborate on this a little? 2) Also, you said that there was a ‘clue’ in a late season 3 episode “about Beckett”. Could you perhaps inform me as to what this clue relates to and what IT is? I have another couple of questions (bear with me!) 3) I saw a video on YouTube of David Hewlett making a public apology… What exactly is it that he did? 4) In season 3 episode 9 (Phantoms), when the DHD was blown up and Shep’s team cut off from atlantis, why didn’t they just send a jumper through to bring them back…? (they have DHD’s…) This just seemed a little too obvious that it could have been missed so easily. 5) Does David Hewlett have a similar blog to this one? I would like to get in contact with him. 🙂 Cheers! And keep up the good work!

  29. The not so subtle tip off about Carter’s love life is that she cares so little about Jack that she’d rather be in another galaxy.

    Seriously guys, TPTB hiring her for Atlantis essentially ends any relationship with O’Neill. Unless he’s hiding in a room on Atlantis and heard but not seen.

  30. Answer: I appreciate your persistence in not taking my previous “we have no plans beyond season four” responses to heart. The truth is we’ve already written the whole fifth season including the Sheppard stick-fighting episode. You’re gonna love it.

    Yes!(punches air)
    Joe is back and in superb form!

  31. Anonymous #3 writes: “do you think you could at try to assure some of us that McKay will be normal, brilliant scientist and normal person and not just comic relief?”

    Answer: Let me assure you that season four will be a great season for the McKay character.

    Geez…a normal McKay? That is just so WRONG! He is one of the most popular characters on the show, just as he is (due to David Hewlett’s sensational acting abilities!). Most people like him in spite of his flaws. The flaws have been gradually getting a bit better. It would be totally unrealistic to make him suddenly “normal” and OMG please don’t make him boring and perfectly nice.(there are enough nice characters) I love his funny snarkasm! Joe…other than the gradual small changes you have and probably will continue to make in McKay…please, please, please do not make him just plain “normal”!

  32. When you get this, it will be the 16th, which is my birthday. I am now 20. 😀 Could I have today’s blog dedicated to me?

  33. Joe: Book recommendation for Fondy–

    French Bulldogs: Lightweights/Littermates
    by Sharon Montrose

    This new book just arrived in-store yesterday and I placed several copies on the new cloth table and thought of how I must let you know about it.

  34. Salut Joseph!

    sa va?

    moi, pas trop =(

    Merci pour la video! rolalal j’adore votre voix!

    Vous êtes passez sur le forum? jespert…

    ..J’ai plus d’inspiration pour les questions …Car j’en pose tellement d’habitude et vous ne me répondais que trés rarement…

    Donc je ne vous en poserez qu’une aujourd’hui:

    Combient d’heure pas jours vous passez au studio?

    Voila! aller, gros bisou!! je vous adore fort! Bonne journée.

  35. Hi! Do you like Batman and especially Burton-Schumacher’s Batman films? My favourite is Batman Returns, although it doesn’t have a strong story, but it is like some immensely twisted fairytale. Do you like this Gothic style? (well, if you haven’t read the originial Grimms’, their tales are scary!)

  36. Someone gave me a bar of chocolate the other day that was 99% cocoa. I’m surprised at how much I loved it (previously the highest cocoa that I’d eaten was 85% and i wasn’t that impressed). I’m thinking that maybe I should just move straight on the beans. 😉

    Have you ever tried 99%?

  37. Dear Joe:

    Can you tell me the title of the episode in season 5 that will feature Sheppard stick fighting with Elizabeth? Because I want to set my DVR for that one now. (ha ha)

    I’m very excited about season 4 in a little less than 2 weeks!

  38. Hi, I don’t believe we’ve met but I played Dempster for the episode “Midway.” I was just going to lurk but when I saw some Lovecraft references I had to say “cheers” since I’m the lead singer in the Cthulhu rock band “The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets.” Anyway I had a great time on set for my scenes. Now I’m going to have to go check out The Budapest. Oh, now that I think about it, any chance of tracking down a photo of me in my flight suit? Naturally I didn’t bring my own camera on set. THANKS!
    -Toren Atkinson

  39. Will Sam’s ex-Goaul’d (Tok’Ra)legacy be exploited in any way in season four’s major story arks?

  40. PMSL “Intestitutional rights” gotta remember that one for the next time I lock myself in the bathroom with a book.
    How’s Lulu doing?
    I’m planning my next dog, going for a Rottweiler, had one years ago but hubby mistreated her so I had to rehome her and then him, I miss my Pooh bear and the other two are great but not the same.

  41. I am surprised. Hungarian food in Canada looks like typical south-german or austrian food with all the spaetzle, schnitzel, strudel, cabbage and sausage.
    And also Transylvania is a part of Romania, not Hungary.

    Because of these obscurities I do a little historical and ethnological research and found some good explanations.
    Therefore I have to thank you for your pictures. Now I’m much more clever then before.

    Beyond that, if it tastes good, it is good. Weiterhin guten Hunger!

  42. psychedoc said…

    ” Your post of 9/10 was very disturbing. My heart goes out to you, the victim of this vile act, and truly anyone else that was there. If this is, as implied, the behaviour of an adult who is part of your permanent staff, you have someone who has very low self esteem, is depressed and very likely self-medicating with alcohol, which seems to be the trigger for this deplorable incident.

    Joe didn’t imply anything about the cast. He remarked on how well adjusted Jodelle was and contrasted her behavior to others in the industry. And he prefaced his anecdote with: ” One of the interesting things about working in the biz is you get to hear insider tales about certain individuals ..”

    Absent 1st hand info, the rest of your statement is pure speculation.

    Low self esteem isn’t always the cause of bad behavior. Some people actually believe they are superior to others because of wealth, talent , intelligence, education, professional success, social standing, etc.

    Neep said…

    ” Heh, I am quietly laughing at the poster just up there ^ who seems to think that “pure American English” isn’t an accent. “

    General American accent ( like what you hear on the tv news) doesn’t have regional accents.

  43. Hi Joe,

    Will there be anymore examples of leftover technology that will cause headaches for the Expedition? I quite liked the episodes that had Wraith technology like the telepathic generator etc etc, so anything like that happening?

    Take care Joe!

  44. Is there a hard and fast deadline for when the networks have to decide which shows will be picked up for next season or is it more of a “whenever the hell they feel like it” sort of a thing?

  45. brandon said…

    you wouldn’t happen to need a techical advisor for all that spaceship stuff would you?

    Woah, dream job much? 😉

    I’ve been having great fun promoting the hell out of The Road and A Game of Thrones at our bookstore. Our staff picks section is now littered with helpful advice such as “Just read it… you’ll thank me later.” and “Most Thievable Book 2007, Ankh Morpork Thieves Guild.”

    Was enjoying some Green & Black’s chocolate yesterday and wondering whether you can get it in the US/Canada? Have you ever had Maya Gold? It’s gorgeous…

    Sorry to hear about Lulu’s surgery.. hope she’s perking up. How is Fondy’s store taking off?


  46. I’ve only started reading your blog for about 3 weeks, so I’m not sure if this questions been asked previously, if it has please feel free to ignore.

    I was wondering what factor’s went into the decision to include Rachel’s pregnancy in Teyla’s storyline rather than hiding it as when Amanda was pregnant?

  47. Answer: I appreciate your persistence in not taking my previous “we have no plans beyond season four” responses to heart. The truth is we’ve already written the whole fifth season including the Sheppard stick-fighting episode. You’re gonna love it.

    Now wait a minute here. Back on Wednesday, you promised us a two or three part episode with Sheppard stick-fighting, and now it’s down to one! What happened? Oh, wait, I bet know! Did those two slots get taken up by the Beckett trout-fishing arc? You didn’t know we knew about that already, did you? Can’t wait for your pics from that location!

  48. Glad to hear that your crack editing team is on the job. 🙂 And please pass on some Imodium to Cookie Monster.

    Actually, my lab is currently moping after having a case of “garbage gut” all…day…yesterday. And she wonders why she can’t eat yet? Hmmm…

    So now that the end of filming is rapidly approaching, are there any plans for an end-of-season shindig? Or are all the baby showers standing in for that?

  49. I was just wondering if we will see any new and interesting enemies in atlantis this season. The wraith have already become insipid and boring. I am not sure what the replicators are still doing in stargate. They are like leftovers from SG-1. The Genii were interesting but they are not great enemies. Someone or something new would be great!

  50. I read a recent interview with Joe Flanigan where he praised the character of Larrin in “Travelers” and said there was a lot of chemistry between her and Sheppard. Since she will apparently be back later in the season, are there plans to put a little hot romantic fires underneath them?

  51. Because we don’t know if there’s gonna be a season 5 and season 4 might be the last (though I hope not) , does that mean that the season finale might be written as a possible series finale?

  52. Hi Joe,

    is Vala a tea or coffee person? We’ve seen her with mugs drinking something in 200 and The Quest pt. 1, but what was inside the mugs, coffee or tea?

  53. Jenny Robin said…

    Question for 42: At what bookstore do you work?

    A question for moi? How exciting!

    I work at a very uninteresting Irish chain called Hughes & Hughes; thoroughly overpriced and rather unimpressive but thanks to a very relaxed (read: incompetent) manager, myself and another member of staff order most of the books so we have ended up with a halfway decent selection. Still overpriced though 😉

    However it is an airport bookshop, which keeps life interesting at any rate. Plus the 30% discount is to die for… 😉

    Hmm, I suppose that was a bit TMI… apologies for rambling in your blog Joe, allow me to offer you a discount if you’re ever passing through the airport. 😉

  54. Hi Joe,

    I hope that you’re having an enjoyable weekend. Thanks for posting a few pictures from the Art Department. Since my Dad was an Art Director, I have a better understanding (and a huge appreciation) of all the work involved to make sure everything comes together.

    Hopefully Lulu continues to improve. I’m sure she’s getting tons of extra special attention.

    Take care

  55. Hey Joe,

    This is for Tim:

    David H. is apologizing for rapping in this video:

    And here’s the apology (which is really a spoof on the many actors out there that have had to apologize for various indiscretions lately):

    As far as I know David does not have a blog like this where he answers questions. He has a website that people can post to each other, but he doesn’t answer questions. It also advertises his new movie ‘A Dog’s Breakfast”

  56. Joe,
    Tim mentioned: ‘Also, you said that there was a ‘clue’ in a late season 3 episode “about Beckett”. Could you perhaps inform me as to what this clue relates to and what IT is?’

    I forgot about that…inquisitive minds are wondering, “What is the dang clue?” 😉

  57. OMG!!! Cookie Monster spoke to me!! *sigh*

    Tokiya2 said… My question to you …have you ever come across dark chocolate cocoa?
    Sorry to butt in, but here in NZ we have available 70% or 72% cocoa solids chocolate bars – available for eating and/or cooking. I do believe that we also have 70% or 72% cocoa powder, but need to check the grocery stores on the way home.

    Hi Joe, as always an entertaining read, that I now indulge in before reading my mail or doing assignments.

    You make my day rock!!


  58. I’m intruiged… what is that a picture of on the front page of the Outcast art design package?

  59. Dear Joe,

    I just say the raw cut for eppy 1 and 2 that were circulating through the net… wow.. i cant wait to see them as a finished product. I’m not going to say anything until everyone else sees them but I just hope you guys are on for a season 5. A very big difference in quality when comparing previous season openers.

    thanks for the entertainment

    your montreal fan

  60. Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

    1. I’m curious to find out what will happen to the Daganian ZPM that was found in season 1. Will our beloved atlantis expedition ever get their hands on it?

    2. Now that season 4 is pretty much a wrap, what episode is your favorite in terms of story development and advancement.

    thank you


  61. There may have been slight hysterical laughter at the Cookie Monster post, though I may never eat again.

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