Even though my birthday is over a month away, Carl took me out last night for a very early birthday dinner. Why? Because Carl is a generous fellow and a very good friend – who no doubt has considered the possibility that I might keep him in Vancouver long after our wrap date in order to, uh, spin stories for next season and “Oh, yeah, since you’re already in town” celebrate my special day.

Well, we celebrated alright. Four weeks early and Hungarian style at The Budapest where we split the Transylvania Platter for Three. “For three?”asked our dubious waitress. “Yep, for three,”we confirmed. No silly starters to distract us on this fine evening. We were focused; specifically, focused on: veal, pork, and chicken schnitzel, cabbage rolls, pork sausages, fried potatoes, spaetzle, and red cabbage. I’m pleased to report we did quite well, working our way through most of the platter. And if Carl had help up his end, we would have even polished off that last half a piece of pork schnitzel and the remaining spaetzle. We were so stuffed that we only had room for one dessert each: a poppy seed strudel for Carl and the walnut cake for me.

Thanks go out to Carl for a memorable birthday dinner. I hope he enjoys his hiatus in Los Angeles…while Martin Gero and Alan McCullough are in Vancouver spinning stories for next season.

Fortified by my Hungarian feast, I came into work today prepared for any potential crisis. Alas, no crisis today (unless you count the fruit in the vanilla trifle served at lunch), but I did put out a couple of pink pages on Outcast (something for the Ronon-Sheppard scene, and something for Sheppard’s scene with his ex-wife Karen), approved the Comic Con promos, approved a This Mortal Coil final I-really-mean-it-final mix, and swung by set to see how our little (HUGE!) episode Trio is coming along. Unfortunately, I don’t have much in the way of pics on this one because: 1) The tilting set is often inaccessible and difficult to negotiate, 2) Stage 2 is dark but so full of atmosphere that any pictures taken with a flash come out looking fog-screened, 3) Stage 2 is dark and any pictures taken without a flash come out, well, dark. The report on this one: David, Amanda, and Jewel are having waaay too much fun. This one will hold the record for Most In Between Takes Laughing.

Hmmm. Just noticed that Joe’s Book Club will commence discussions on Hogfather and Excession in a little over a week. What with Lulu surgery and all, I haven’t much time for reading, so I’m setting aside my copy of A Feast For Crows and starting on Hogfather this weekend. After all, I can’t very well have my own book club discussions starting without me.

Today’s pics: My dinner with Carl.

Today’s extra special video compliments of Atlantis stunt coordinator James “Bam Bam” Bamford who swung by my office today to offer up some of his behind-the-scenes fight/stunt rehearsalclips: Click on the date for a video of Jason Momoa’s first fight/stunt rehearsal – Ford vs. Ronon from season 2’s Runner.

I’ve been a little overwhelmed of late so I’ve asked a friend to field today’s mailbag for me –

Sherwood Forest Maiden write: “Why didn’t Sheppard just shoot the Wraith through the head?”

Cookie Monster answer: “He be bad shot. Is why no ever see wraith head open up like overripe watermelon. And fan are poorer for it.”

Mrs.B108 write: “1)Will Davos reveal more to Atlantis than we’ve already heard? 2)Does the “Kindred” refer to someone/people we already know?”

Cookie Monster answer: 1) Cookie Monster don’t know what you already hear. If too much, den yes. If not enough, den no. 2) Neider. Kindred is little chocolate egg with toy inside.

Red Phoniex write: “ Would you consider coming over to London for Wolf’s Pegasus 3 in Jan 2008?”

Cookie Monster answer: Will be cookies? And five star accommodations with room service dat serve cookies? Den maybe.

Iamza write: “I know this is a longshot at best, but is there any chance you could slip a word in the ear of the MGM people letting them know there are a bunch of UK fans who would love to buy episodes from iTunes, but who can’t as they aren’t available on the UK iTunes site as yet?”

Cookie Monster answer: Oh boy, Cookie Monster know how Iamza feel. Sesame Street is same way. We still only on season 2 of Beverly Hillbillies.

Anonymous write: “i wanted to ask about the new season 4 intro is Rachel’s name going to appear before or after Amanda’s name?”

Answer: For fairness of everybody, all people’s name appear at same time like dis:
“JPZGAQOYDRNXKESMWHLTCVBFUI” Find name of favorite inside! Is more fairer!

Keirberos write: “Whatever happened to the time-travelling Jumper that was found in the Milky Way?”

Answer: Is at Area51 in big create with healing devise, Sarkoff of Gus, and Nox.

60 thoughts on “September 14, 2007

  1. Hmmmm…so Sheppard’s ex-wife’s name is Karen. When Sunday aired, it kinda made me curious: What was the inspiration for creating Sheppard’s wife Karen and Ronon’s almost but not quite wife Melena?

    I really think you’ll enjoy Hogfather. I read it about three weeks ago, and thoroughly enjoyed every moment! Hope you feel the same!

    One other question. Have you ever read anything/heard of Stephen R. Lawhead? I picked up The Paradise War a few weeks ago, but haven’t gotten the chance to read it yet.

  2. Anonymous write: “i wanted to ask about the new season 4 intro is Rachel’s name going to appear before or after Amanda’s name?”

    Answer: For fairness of everybody, all people’s name appear at same time like dis:
    “JPZGAQOYDRNXKESMWHLTCVBFUI” Find name of favorite inside! Is more fairer!

    Ahahahahahaha!!! Oh Cookie Monster, how I love you.

  3. 1)Will Dr Keller’s character be relevant to any of the major storylines this season?

    2)Is the death toll greater this year?

  4. So you kept mentioning spinning stories for next season in today’s blog… I hope that’s a very good sign of things to come. 🙂

    How’s the puppy doing by the way?

  5. Dear Cookie Monster:
    Nice to hear from Cookie Monster, cookie monster very chaty today answering questions left and right.

    Questions To Cookie Monster:

    1-) If cookie monster have own cookie brand, what kind of cookie be?

    2-)Cookie monster old what do for gray hair?
    2 1/2-)Cookie monster a natural blue or tinted?

    3-)Is it true Miss piggy do cameo on atlantis?
    4-)If cookie monster ever on Atlantis what story be?

  6. How do you do it? If I ordered food in a restaurant for me and my kids by the time I had gotten my camera out to take pictures the plate would be empty.
    Do Fondy or Carl ever get annoyed because you make them wait before they can start eating, or are they used to it by now.

    Carl will be back for season five won’t he?

    Still trying to get through Excession, finding it hard to balance reading and writing at the moment. Have a good weekend.

  7. Hi Joe:

    Were you hinting that Season 5 is being picked up or are you being pure evil again, and pulling our chains?

    Apparently, according to TechnoWraith, there are Japanese freight cars being pulled by American trains. How do you think they got to the U.S?


  8. Cookie Monster is much nicer than nasty Joe, not so sarcastic. But does CM like Scots like Joe does?

    I am sure that cookies can be supplied for Joe at Wolf Pegasus 3 but 5* hotel? Joe and CM and Wolf better start churning out the scam or kidnap letters so that 5* hotel is financially possible.

    From Frankie – Susan’s cat – a Feline Monster

  9. Do you ever watch “Psych”? It is a comedy/drama/mystery airing on USA. It is hilarious, clever and very snarky. You might enjoy it.

    It’s also filmed in Vancouver, and I think Dan Shea works as the stunt coordinator on the show. Teryl Rothery, Colin Cunnigham and Don S. Davis have all made appearances on the show. You need to borrow some of “Psych”‘s stars for an Atlantis guest spot.


  10. Happy belated birthday!

    The dessert sounds tasty!

    Please answer my questions. 1) Will Sam be getting the ATA gene? 2) What episodes are Weir in? 3) Will the girl in Sateda be in any more episodes? 4) When is Stargate Ark Of Truth and Stargate Continuum supposed to be? After, during or before season four and season ten finale? 5) Will Bates be returning in season four?

    Thanks (sorry there’s so many questions!).

  11. An eating, drinking picture of Carl when he’s actually smiling. I’m shocked. Here I was, thinking you kept making him eat disgusting things for your own amusement.

    Can you tell us if there are any plans to use Torri in season five? I know I shouldn’t have, but I watched the first two eps, and she’s amazing. I was looking at her wondering how you guys can’t find a use for her and her character. She stole the show in Lifeline.

  12. Methinks our questions are beginning to bore and/or annoy you. Either that or you’re just wishing James Williams would try again.

    steph said:

    One other question. Have you ever read anything/heard of Stephen R. Lawhead?

    I recommend his Song of Albion trilogy (The Paradise War, The Silver Hand, and The Endless Knot). In my opinion, they’re his best, and I like them a lot (though when I read them in junior high, my teacher accused me of reading a romance novel as on the copies I had, the covers all had the hero shirtless and kilt-clad).

  13. Joe…

    You’re so mean!!! As I write it’s gone 3am (GMT!) and that picture of the walut cake has just made me desperately want some!!! It looks really delicious! And a very Merry Un-Birthday to you!! *giggle*

    How’s puppy doing? After a couple of days with the cone she must be getting the hang of it by now…I’m telling you though, you haven’t seen strange coneness until you’ve seen someone make a cone from cardboard for a guinea pig! Yes…we were mad…and desperate for the stitches to stay in!

    I really gotta ask this again coz I’m so curious: In a book the characters can have thoughts in italics but in TV, you have to rely on dialogue and facial expression. Is this harder? How do you write for that lack of a device to use?

    Drat it…I need to go demolish a double-choc muffin now…*grumble*


    P.S. And drat it again! I think I’ve become a serial blog-reader!

  14. Aha, kewl. ^_^ Thanks for the answer on the Jumper.

    You’re evil, though, you know that? Spinning stories for season five, you tease… As soon as you get official word, will you tell us?

    Dang, I actually sat there for a while trying to pick out people’s names from that jumble of letters… that… was just a bunch of random letters, wasn’t it? >_< Hope Lulu’s doing well! Is she picking up sattelite TV with that thing yet?

  15. WOAH!

    Sorry…but having just watched that video of Rainbow and Jason…how long did the guys have to train for that sequence? It looked fantastic on-screen, yes, byt without costumes and set etc…it still looked fantastic! Kudos!


  16. Hi Joe,

    You said something about a Comic con being held in NY. Do you now the URL for that con website? The only one I can find is the one in San Diego.

    Thanks in advance.

  17. Aww…Cookie Monster is cute… but I miss Joe. Even when I think he’s being snarky and he is really being guileless(my apologies again).

    That food looked completely…um.. unappetizing..lol! Very greasy and artery clogging. It must have tasted better than it looked!

    I am probably just having a visceral reaction to seeing it, as two days ago I got sick from KFC popcorn chicken! It was awful and I felt like I was dying for a couple hours. ((shudders)) It wasn’t full blown food poisoning thank goodness, but the time it lasted put me off fried food!

    I won’t be eating there again anytime soon!

  18. Will you ever tell us which is Torri’s fourth episode this season or will you make us wait and see?

  19. Carl’s heading to L.A.? How many of the actors/crew actually live in L.A.?

    And do they stay in Vancouver for months at a time while the show’s in production?

  20. Answer: Is at Area51 in big create with healing devise, Sarkoff of Gus, and Nox.

    big create…is that cookie monster talk for “making babies?” if so, what would the spawn of Sarkoff of Gus and Nox be called? Sark-of-Gus-of-Nox-ulus? i’d fear for anyone healed by the spawn of Sarkoff of Gus and the Nox – you lay down on the ‘bed’ and you get a tree branch poking you in the back.

  21. Hey, I just made this short as an advertisement for a tubing trip for a group I’m involved with. Do you think you could check it out and leave a comment, it’ll only take four minutes of your time. I’d just like to hear some professional feedback. Here’s the link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZcJohbCFGmk

  22. SGA fanatic, here, and I try to catch up on your blog once a week or so. I am not writing for publication, as I never comment on blogs, but that is up to you, of course.
    Your post of 9/10 was very disturbing. My heart goes out to you, the victim of this vile act, and truly anyone else that was there. If this is, as implied, the behaviour of an adult who is part of your permanent staff, you have someone who has very low self esteem, is depressed and very likely self-medicating with alcohol, which seems to be the trigger for this deplorable incident. Sad that to those of us on the outside, someone who works on SGA must be blessed and well-favoured indeed. I hope that the individual in question can get some help/therapy, as this alienating behaviour will only continue if left untreated.

    You seem to be very well grounded, and I delight in reading your views and the answers to the bizarre and silly questions you sometimes receive. In spite of all the silliness of the fans, the gross negligence of NBC/SciFi, who for some reason do not want to promote their own product, I am looking forward to Season 4 which premiers just after my birthday. I shall think of it as a late present.
    As a fellow dog lover, I enjoy following the adventures of that famous group, Lulu and the Pugs.
    Rock on.

  23. Hi Joe. First time commenter, lots of giddyness here. Anyway:

    1. So your birthday is over a month away? Now I’m curious. Mine is October 19th. Yours?

    2. Something that just popped into my head. Does Teyla’s pregnancy and the Athosians vanishing (as we saw in promos) have anything to do with each other? Or are they different storylines?

  24. Sarkoff of Gus?! LOL! You’re absolutely hilarious and an absolute joy, Joe! Reading your blog every night finishes off my days with a cherry on top, no matter what happened. Thanks for that.

    I had two small questions.

    Did you happen to notice if they serve langos at the Budapest? My parents are hungarian and haven’t ever been there (never mind that we’ve lived here for ten years). They say the food probably isn’t ‘hungarian’ enough. What do you think?

    Also, I was rewatching Condemned tonight, and I have to ask: What ever happened to Eldon and why haven’t we ever heard about what he’s up to?

  25. Answer: Is at Area51 in big create with healing devise, Sarkoff of Gus, and Nox.

    Best. Mailbag. EVER!

    And what’s with the sudden stream of awesome self pics? You trying to impress me or something?


  26. You should check out some of the classic Sesame Street videos on YouTube. Nothing like Old School Sesame Street!

    I noticed recently that one of the writers was talking about clearing a name through the legal dept. before using it on the show. What are the reasons for this?

  27. My, that must have been some platter for you and Carl to get through. I see that it was daylight when Carl was having his beer, but nightime in your shot!

    My question to you as a fellow dark chocolate connoisseur is, have you ever come across dark chocolate cocoa? I’ve search via google and couldn’t find anything in the first few pages. Is there such a thing?

    And to poor Lulu, she looked like she was finally settling in as part of the “pack”, and now she is a pariah because of that darn plastic thingamy jingamy around her neck. I hope she is not an outcast for long.

    No Atlantis questions from me – we havn’t even started season 3 here. They(channel 7) probably won’t show it until they have finished airing season 10 of SG1. Don’t know why the are bothering really, as most die hard fans would have already purchased the boxed set.

    I’m sure the boxed set of Atlantis due for be release soon, so they will loose again – silly, silly channel 7!

  28. Salut joseph! ^^

    Super la video je Jason^^!

    lol super ce prés Anniversaire!
    Moi je compte les jours!(1jour+1mois) =)

    Wouaaaa!!!!!! Merci pour cette superbe photo de vous! Sa redonne le sourir!! =D! je pensse l’acrocher cette photo dans ma chambre!! =)

    A oui! ofaite, pleins de messages se sont ajoutés sur le forum, venez voir ;D

    snif, vous me répondez plus, vous me faites la tête =(

    Une seul question aujourd’hui:

    Je suis trés fan de vous, quesque vous en penssez?

    Voila, voila^^! Merci beaucoup! Je vous adore!!! Bisou!!Bonne journée!

  29. “Keirberos write: “Whatever happened to the time-travelling Jumper that was found in the Milky Way?”

    Answer: Is at Area51 in big create with healing devise, Sarkoff of Gus, and Nox.”

    BAD Cookie Monster! Fibbing is a no-no! Tell the truth, Cookie Monster ATE the Milky Way bar with the time-traveling jumper inside.
    –Big Bird

  30. Joe,
    I’m sitting here in eager anticipation of S4 and I’ve been wondering:
    1. will we ever hear a mention of Elizabeth or see a reminder of her in the eps she’s not in (even if just for a few seconds), or is she essentially gone and forgotten?

    2. I had always thought that Weir would be in 4 episodes in the first half of S4 and that it hadn’t been mentioned or confirmed if she would be in any of the second half. Do I have this wrong? e.g., is she just in 4 eps for the entire season?


  31. Hi Joe

    I like your friend the cookie Monster.. Cookie Monster very wise!! He makes me laugh.. Have a great weekend and thanks for the pictures of carl .. he is a cutie isn’t he?


  32. 1) Does ‘Outcast’ have anything to do with the ‘Aurora’ warship that was left behind by the Lanteans in ‘The Return’?

    2) Does Atlantis have any other defensive/offensive weapons other than the shield & drones?

    3) Why haven’t we seen 304’s be interfaced with the PJ’s cloaking generators. Allowing them to move across Pegasus free from the threat of being detected on Wraith scanners?


  33. You need to have a talk with Cookie Monster. He didn’t answer my question Joe. Maybe next time you should get Miss Piggy. Knowing Miss Piggy the way I do, I’m sure she would have answered my question. Friendship and character moments are very important to her. If you don’t believe me just ask Kirmet.

    I’m going to pretend that the answer would have been yes, and Cookie Monster was too busy eating cookies to take the time to answer an obvious yes question. I mean it has to be yes – right Joe?

    Don’t make me send Big Bird out in search for Oscar the Grouch. You know how he can be. Things could get pretty ugly.

  34. Joe, is your birthday on the 14th or the 13th? Mine is Oct. 13th. Love the pics of Lulu and your dogs. How do you stay so thin? Wish I had your metabolism and could eat like that.

  35. Carl always looks so happy when he’s eating schnitzel. I, for one, could just sit and eat the spaetzle. Mmmm…

    Please thank BamBam for the rockin’ video. Nice to see the fight from different angles. And it really shows off how hard the stunt crew and Jason work.

    Dear Cookie Monster, could you please grant me a wish and make me as coordinated as Jason? 🙂

  36. bonjour joe
    y’a une rumpeur sur des blog que torri va se change en replicateur
    dans la saison 4 va passe de l’autre cote dans le domaine mechant personnage

  37. The video scared the crap out of me when it started. I jumped and spilled my coffee all over my laptop. Totally awesome!

  38. I was just watching the first 2 episodes of season 3 (SGA). Which left me wondering about 2, 3, or 4 part episodes: Is it hard to pick which scenes to include in the “Last time on Stargate Atlantis” intro or do you generally find it’s not too difficult?

  39. LMAO. *wipes eyes* *mops coffee off monitor* OH dear, Cookie monster should answer your mailbag more often. maybe get Statler and Waldorf to do a guest spot.I’d love to see an episode of Atlantis similar to the “Smile Time” episode of Angel, that still cracks me up!!”Hey! my nose comes off!!” Actually Rodney would make an EXCELLENT muppet…..

  40. tient, vous n’avez pas encors accépté nos commentaires?^^

    c est étrange!!

    Ahhh!!!! Joseph c’est fait enléver pas des extraterrestres! Attendez je prend mon jumper et j’arrive pour vous sauvez lol!!!

    Bon lol, passer une bonne aprés midi^^! Bisou **

  41. Hi Joe

    Hogfather is my favourite Terry Pratchett book. It’s so funny. Hope you enjoy it.
    And Cookie Monster…you are a star!

    John Sheppard is my happy place

  42. ah oui aussi….

    Comme nous sommes le 15 et que le b�b� de David etait pr�vu pour le 13, je voudrais savoir s’il est n�e??

    Merci,Gros bisou!

  43. Hi Joe, can we hope that McKay will act normally this year, and not just “funny” as he did for past two years? Is it possible to have back the old good McKay from S1, who was arrogant, brave and adorable in the same time? And can we also hope that he won´t suffer any humilitation and “fun” from his teammates? And will we see Carter truly respect him for his knowledge, not just “tolerate” him? Those are worries of many McKay fans and I´d like to know the answer. I know that you can answer “just watch” but do you think you could at try to assure some of us that McKay will be normal, brilliant scientist and normal person and not just comic relief? Thank you. Arwen

  44. Damn, that fight “rehearsal” with Jason was awesome. Great choreography (or was someone trying to take away his beer??)

  45. Okay first, your blog (like your screenwriting) is so awesome I had to send you some fan-love. I’m always grabbing family members to read them something particularly hilarious, or showing the pics and videos. The fight video was brilliant by the way. Both in execution and choreography. I’ve watched it about five times and have to show it to my sister. Can you thank BamBam for us?

  46. *waves*

    Wow the choreography looks fantastic, Rainbow and Jason did a great job and not forgetting Bambam. Thank them, it makes us appreciate everything they do to keep us entertained, and not forgetting the lil tidbits we get in the way of spoilers. 😀

    “Red Phoniex write: “ Would you consider coming over to London for Wolf’s Pegasus 3 in Jan 2008?”

    Cookie Monster answer: Will be cookies? And five star accommodations with room service dat serve cookies? Den maybe.”

    You know, if you do come to P3, I promise to be on my best behaviour… most of the time. I could even bake you a cookie. It might taste like crap, but it’s the thought that counts isn’t it? 😀 And I promise not to lick the bowl. 😉

    Thinking about it, meeting me might actually put you off coming, so forget I said anything. 😉


  47. A very Happy Early Birthday to you. How nice of CB to take you out early! I wish my friends would do that, free food equates to love in my book! 🙂

    oh and …
    Anonymous write: “i wanted to ask about the new season 4 intro is Rachel’s name going to appear before or after Amanda’s name?”

    Answer: For fairness of everybody, all people’s name appear at same time like dis:
    “JPZGAQOYDRNXKESMWHLTCVBFUI” Find name of favorite inside! Is more fairer!

    LOL if you really do this, I promise to send you the best chocolate I can find!
    Have a great night Mr. M.

  48. All this talk of Trio has me wondering if only Keller, Carter and Rodney are in it? Is Sheppard in it, or Ronon? Or is it just a whole episode with those three characters together.

  49. Can you spread any light/ information about the 3rd stargate series, Stargate Universe!

    Its been a while since any onformation was given about it! We know it deals with the 9th chevron!

    Is it still being discussed?

  50. I think Cookie Monster should answer questions for you more often!

    “Sarcoff of Gus.” That’s really funny!

  51. Hey! Quick question.

    If Continuum doesn’t come out until around this time next year, it’ll be released in 2008, while taking place in 2007. So if there’s going to be a movie every year or so, will they always be one year behind?

  52. Well, my first post after months of reading.

    Love the blog, the insights, the humour which often has me in hysterics, especially the attack towards the spammer and your funny answers to some inane questions.

    Anyways, I read the comment from a fan with the iTunes UK trouble. Same here in Germany and you are not allowed to buy from the US iTunes store either.

    I threatened my London friend to move in with him when Sky One starts showing the 4th season.

    Even the third season is not available yet in Germany, also bought it in the UK. Reason? Well, due to the goddamn dubbing season 3 has just started on the telly over here and before it hasn’t finished it won’t be avaialble for sale, which will be May of next year.

    So, if there is any way for you to show certain people the way across the big pond, it’d be highly appreciated.

    How else should they know there is big money, I mean interest over here? Maybe organising a ralley in front of the MGM building would be the right idea – hhhm now that is a thought…did that already with UPN way back in the 1998s with another series called the Sentinel also shot in Vancouver. 😉


  53. I think I recall that you watch Doctor Who on DVD, but if you get a chance, you gotta watch Season 3, Episode 10: Blink.

    It aired last night on SciFi. Amazing writing, acting, and editing. And, actress Carey Mulligan as Sally Sparrow is beyond words.

    Doctor Who? I want more Sally Sparrow.

  54. Why do the region 1 Stargate dvds play in just English & French ?
    Doesn’t the US have a large enough Spanish speaking population to justify that language ? Aside from just subtitles.

    Most products in US have both languages on the packaging. Anytime I call a company I must choose between English or Spanish menu. It seems odd that the videos would exclude that market.

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