Given the number of Japanese restaurants in this city, Vancouver serves up a wide range of quality when it comes to sushi, everything from artistically sublime to alarmingly suspect. Kitto Sushi on Granville Street falls somewhere firmly in between, serving up mediocre Japanese fare not good enough to recommend yet not bad enough to avoid. Today, Fondy and I dropped by for a late lunch. We started off with a couple of seaweed salads – almost impossible to screw up and, thankfully, they didn’t. I had a bowl of so-so ramen noodles with sliced pork (that may have well been balsa wood for all of its underwhelming texture and flavor). Fondy fared much better with the beef udon, chewy udon noodles in a flavorful broth with tasty pieces of grilled beef. We shared two maki rolls – the spicy tuna, which proved significantly more spicy than tuna, and a nice-looking dragon roll with colorful fresh avocado on the outside and colorless cooked-to-a-dry-and-ho-hum finish salmon inside.

Since I was downtown, and despite the fact that I am nowhere near the halfway point on either of the four books I am simultaneously reading, I swung by Chapters and picked up a few books that caught my eye: a couple of collections from some masters of scifi (Larry Niven and Cordwainer Smith), Mary Gentle’s big fat epic Ash: A Secret History (a book I was supposed to read for my fantasy book club several months ago but never got around to because I wasn’t able to track down a copy), Terry Pratchett’s Guards!Guards! (I’ll eventually make my way through the entire Pratchett canon), and Fat by Rob Grant, a novel with an intriguing premise. From the back cover: “It’s unclear precisely when it became illegal to be fat…” I was going to pick up some of Iain Banks’s non-scifi but wasn’t sure which one. Someone here recommended a title once. Was it Crow Road? Or was it “Avoid Crow Road but pick up X?”. Help me out here.

Well, I’ve come a long way from the days I used to wake up early to watch the pre-game shows from noon to 1:00 p.m., then catch the early game from 1:00 to 4: 00, then catch the late game from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m., then watch the ESPN wrap-up show from 7:00-8:00 p.,m., and cap off the night with the Sunday night game from 8:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. Eleven straight hours of football is a thing of the past for me. Still, I’ve subscribed to both the NCAA and NFL packages – just in case. As the college season is shaping up, it looks like I’ve got my big Styrofoam Number One glove waving for both the Crimson Tide and those Clemson Tigers. Over in the NFL, my dark horse Browns were winners and my reverse dark horse Seahawks were losers. A Raiders win on top of all that would have been too much to ask for I suppose. As I write this, I’m preparing to sit down to the big San Diego Chargers/New England Cheaters match-up. I’ve got a little time before kick-off so let’s squeeze in some comments. Also –

Today’s pics: an average lunch, some above-average dogs, and my new books.

Today’s videos: It tilts AND tremors!

Over to the mailbag –

Susan the Tartan Turtle writes: “How is your little princess doing with her ‘cone of shame’?”

Answer: She’s doing alright but still clearly miserable and more than a little frustrated (watching her try to climb stairs is both sad and hilarious). The pugs, meanwhile, are freaked out by the cone and steer well clear of her.

Dream-of-Skies writes: “Erm…Cocoa…as in the drink maybe? Coz I think I’d be interested in that too!”

Answer: Oh, drinking chocolate! I’m sure you can find dark chocolate versions available out there. If not, check out my do-it-yourself hot chocolate entry of March 31, 2007.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Is there a chance you could link the video from the actual text rather than the date?”

Answer: I assume that it’s technically possible. Unfortunately, I’m hopelessly un-techy. If you give me the short how-to play-by-play, I’d be happy to oblige.

Anonymous #2 writes: “You’ve made it clear that you don’t read any fanfiction, but a friend told me that the character Miko, from Letters from Pegasus, came out of fan fiction…”

Answer: I hate to put an unnecessary strain on your relationship but I think your friend is lying to you.

Anonymous #3 writes: “I’d be curious if you knew this fact: how many reams of paper is used up during an episode (scripts, art department stuff, etc.)”

Answer: Somewhere between “a lot” and “way too much”.

Anonymous #4 writes: “If you are not going to answer a question at all wouldn’t the polite thing to do is just say so before people ask it a billion times…”

Answer: Actually, I already answered the “What are Weir’s 4 episodes?” question some time ago. My response was that I wouldn’t answer because I considered said answer a spoiler.

Anonymous #5 writes: “Someone on GW made a comment that they traced the season four downloads to Vancouver. Interesting. A coincidence, or something more?”

Answer: Someone on GW can mention they saw a gnome climbing out of a David Hewlett robot and I’d find that of roughly equal interest.
Firefly 827347 writes: “I was wondering if you could tell me what the different colours of scripts mean? It says “blue script” in one of the pictures, does that have any significance?”

Answer: When a script comes out for the concept meeting, it comes out as a white draft. As we progress through prep week, changes are made and the pages containing changes are put out as blue pages. In the next round of changes, pages containing changes are put out as pink pages. And as more changes are made, more colors of the rainbow are tapped: green, yellow, grey, goldenrod, tartan, and double-white (not to be confused with single white which looks exactly the same).

Neep writes: “Anyway… a few of us were wondering why Ba’al’s people are all blonde.”

Answer: What can I say? The guy prefers blondes.

Brandon writes: “I am currently studying Aerospace Engineering and working part-time for NASA. I always joke that when I get my degree I am probably going to throw it all away and start a fast food franchise…”

Answer: No, no, no! You have to stay at NASA long enough to swing me an invite.

Anna writes: “When you get this, it will be the 16th, which is my birthday. I am now 20. 😀 Could I have today’s blog dedicated to me?”

Answer: Sure. This blog is dedicated to you. Happy birthday.

Anonymous #6 writes: “Do you like Batman and especially Burton-Schumacher’s Batman films?”

Answer: To be honest, I like them a little less than I enjoy re-runs of 1970’s golf games.

Toren writes: “ Hi, I don’t believe we’ve met but I played Dempster for the episode “Midway.” I was just going to lurk but when I saw some Lovecraft references I had to say “cheers” since I’m the lead singer in the Cthulhu rock band “The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets.” Anyway I had a great time on set for my scenes. Now I’m going to have to go check out The Budapest. Oh, now that I think about it, any chance of tracking down a photo of me in my flight suit?”

Answer: Hey, Toren, it was great having you on the show. Sorry I missed you (or I would have snapped a pic) but you did a great job and the episode is going to be great. Good luck with your bond, enjoy the Budapest, and, off the top of my head, I’m not sure where to track down a photo of you in your flight suit if I didn’t snap it myself.

Anonymous #7 writes: “I was wondering what factor’s went into the decision to include Rachel’s pregnancy in Teyla’s storyline rather than hiding it as when Amanda was pregnant?”

Answer: Timing is everything. Amanda was pregnant over the hiatus and gave birth early in season 9. You’ll note that she missed a bunch of episodes early in that season and, in the small instances that Carter did pop up, the pregnancy was easily concealed. Rachel was pregnant throughout the show’s fourth season and given that we wanted to do more with her character this season, diminishing her role or limiting her character by shooting her behind computers or clutching baskets of turtle root was not an option so we elected to embrace the pregnancy and write it into the show.

Paula writes: “So now that the end of filming is rapidly approaching, are there any plans for an end-of-season shindig?”

Answer: Sure. We always cap off the year with a wrap party.

75 thoughts on “September 16, 2007

  1. This is a little random, but many moons ago you mentioend that you wrote your Masters thesis on a Shakespeare topic. I recently wrote a paper on Iago’s motives in “Othello”. My conclusions were somewhat controversial (as controversial as that can be I suppose lol). Do you think Iago was”motivelessly malignant” as Coleridge suggested, or was there more?



  2. I was going to pick up some of Iain Banks’s non-scifi but wasn’t sure which one. Someone here recommended a title once. Was it Crow Road? Or was it “Avoid Crow Road but pick up X?”. Help me out here.

    Iain Banks’ non-scifi is… kinda odd. Good! But odd. The Crow Road is a good one (his first novel in fact) and I also really enjoyed Whit. He is very good at, as he does in his sci-fi novels, spinning a beautifully crafted tale of various seemingly-disparate threads which all suddenly come together at the end, leaving you with an amazing feeling of revelation… of having had all the information to hand throughout the book but not having been able to put the pieces together until it was spelt out for you.

  3. Hey Joe,

    I am sure an invite wouldn’t be hard to get; you’ve got lots of fans at NASA. We’re all looking forward to the premiere.

  4. Joe, I’d be careful if I were you. Lulu’s eyes have that gleam of “I’m going to get him for putting this stupid funnel thing on my head.” Yeah, I’ve seen it before…. When does the cone come off?

    and thanks for posting photos of food that I can point at and go “I know that!” although any cake shot is very, very nice.

  5. The Chargers are going down….

    1)Is The Last Man a literal reference?

    2)Does shedding light on Sheppard’s backstory, have an additional motive to further progress a different storylne?

  6. Oh sure thing! Here are the instructions for the video.

    There’s two ways you can do that. Either just have a text link that will lead to the same page that you have now from your page or you could post the actual video in your blog, like you do with the photos.

    1. Textlink
    Once you’ve uploaded the video there’s a box with a bunch of codes. Copy the ‘Direct link’ one. Then as you write your blog entry, you write for example ‘video’ or ‘click here’ or something like that. Then you highlight the whole word or phrase and click on ‘link’ right above the text field where you’re writing your blog entry. It looks like a green earth with a paper clip. It’s next to the alignment buttons and the one to choose the text colour. Once you click on that a box will pop up and you can paste the link you previously copied off the photobucket site. Voila.

    Or 2. embed the video
    You can copy the ‘HTML tag’ code from the photobucket site and then again when you write your entry you can click on the tab ‘edit HTML’ on the top right and just paste the whole code in there.
    And just to let you know if you switch back to ‘compose’ nothing will show up, but it’s there nonetheless when you preview or publish. If you can though it’s easier to finish in ‘html edit’

    Hope that makes sense otherwise feel free to ask about whatever makes no sense.
    Thanks, Joe!

  7. 1) is there going to be any good “Snarky Moments” between Teyla and Rodney this season? 2) If you could be any of the Main Team(Shep, Teyla, Ronon or Rodney) who would you be? 3) How much power is needed to start the stargate? 4) if you would be so kind as to come by my LJ my next post(s) is dedicated to you and everyone of the cast and crew! 5) have you read Timeline by Michael Crichton? Is it any good?


  8. Wow that coloured script setup thing sounds unneccissarily complex. Disappointing to hear the pork tasted like balsa wood, but then again at least they did the seaweed salad right! I see you are really into the reading, I’m not much of a reader myself but I would be interested in taking it up to fill in my spare time. Could you perhaps suggest a few sci fi novels for the average techno geek who likes powerful story lines? Also, you didn’t get back to me about my question, that’s ok but the one about if Hewlett has a blog- I would really like to find out if he does 🙂 Cheers, and take it easy!

  9. Sorry to double post 🙂

    I was wondering if we have seen the end of Kolyer of the Genii? I notice he got shot, but in the past he has a habit of reappearing when we all thought he was dead. Will he be back to cause more trouble?

    On a side note, I do like his character, he makes a change from the usual enemy in that he can be a very reasonable person at times and only has his people’s best interest at heart. If he was to come back, a stable alliance with atlantis would make for a pleasant and refreshing change. It’s about time the Genii became friends with atlantis. There has been enough double crossing and trickery there, it gets somewhat wearing after 4 or 5 times.

  10. Main Question—>when is the age for the Get in the Gate gonna be lowered? I’m only 16 and i’d love to try and win it but the age is 18 or higher and i personally think thats not far. lols

    “Fat”? I spy a book i don’t know about. LOLS. Whats that one about? Also have you see both Romeo and Juliet movies? If so…which one do you think is better? I think the old Romeo and Juliet is better…also…my spelling sucks so please forgive my mis- spellings.


  11. Answer: Actually, I already answered the “What are Weir’s 4 episodes?” question some time ago. My response was that I wouldn’t answer because I considered said answer a spoiler.

    Well Joe that is my bad on the fact you alread answered the Torri question by saying you would not answer. I would just like to say thank you for answering my post in such a nice way and would suggest that once you reply to a question it may be best not to post that same question subsequently or it may be best just to remind people that you already answered it earlier on in your blog (putting asked and answered for example or using some type of number system like you briefly had quite some time back where 1 means asked and answered, 2 means cannot answer, 3 means yes, 4 means no, etc.).

    Even someone like me who tries to visit and read here a few times a week cannot keep track of every question answered and if someone new joins the fray (which you should be very happy about as it means more exposure for SGA) and they happen to ask the same question but are not aware that you will not, or have already answered, their question it would be very off-putting, never mind downright unfriendly, to make the new person the subject of your ire in the event they happen to be the millionth poster asking that same question.

  12. Have you seen any musicals? If so, which were your favorites? If you have a favorite play, what is your favorite song?

  13. Clemson Tigers…humm, well, if there is one thing I learned from being there for Graduate School, you just never know how they will turn out. 3-0 at the start of the season is very rare. Maybe this year will be a good one for them. Sorry for the Anonymous post, if any of my students catch me here I will never hear the end of it. It’s UofSC vs Clemson here…the other schools just don’t matter that much. *sigh* And I’m not even from this state.

  14. I’m a faithful reader, but it’s been a while since I’ve asked a question. So here it is: like so many other readers, I’d like a teensy tiny little spoiler. Can you please tell me every plot point, character arc, ship, whump etc from season 4, or just go ahead and post all the scripts so I know exactly what happens this season and don’t have to even bother watching? That would be great. Also, I don’t know if anyone has asked this yet, but how many episodes is Dr. Weir going to be in? And is it true that Sam Carter is going to be a main character and have a ferocious threesome with Teyla and Dr. Keller? Cause that’s what I’ve heard.

  15. Now that there is a series box set for SG1 with new extras, I was wondering if the franchise will be coming out with the deluxe, super-silver/gold collectors edition with even more extras in the next few years…I would hate to buy this one, if there will be another coming out. Is this something you are privy too?

  16. I just want to preface this by saying that I don’t intend this as a criticism, it’s just a question born out of curiosity. If you feel that it would be too touchy a question to answer I understand.

    It seems as though, from some of your comments, as though you feel some disdain for GW. Seeing as though, at least it appeared, that you used to have a fairly good relationship what is it that’s changed? I know that the tone of the place has changed over the last few years, but there are still a lot of people who love and support the show(s) that frequent there. I hope that you don’t judge an entire fan community by a vocal minority.

  17. Hi Joe!

    In case you haven’t noticed, I love your blog!

    Just a few quick questions: 1) Will we get to see Sheppard hit things/people with sticks in season 5? 2) How many episodes will Weir be in in season 4 and how much screen time will she have (in minutes and seconds, please) 3) Is Sam going to boss everyone around and make them cry? 4) Will McKay have more episodes gloriously dedicated to him than the million he had in season 3? 5) Do you like dogs? 6) When will Woolsey be voted Sexiest Man of the Year? 7) How does it feel to be more famous than asswipes like Moe Jacuzzi?

    That’s all. Thanks!

  18. Thanks for answering my question! Your answer made me giggle and cheered me up, because some little turd in my building just set off the fire alarm not once, but twice. It’s 3am and I’m in Scotland, therefore it’s freezing outside.
    Ever had a fire alarm go off in the middle of shooting a scene?

  19. Answer: What can I say? The guy prefers blondes.

    As a Sam/Ba’al shipper, I’m very pleased to hear that.

    Heh, totally kidding. I just love how fans can twist anything you say to mean exactly what they want (or don’t want) to hear. Have fun!

  20. “Someone on GW can mention they saw a gnome climbing out of a David Hewlett robot and I’d find that of roughly equal interest.”

    I wondered if anyone else had seen that – thank goodness the GW folks are so alert! And do you have any idea where one could get one of those David Hewlett robots? Hypothetically, of course.

  21. The author of one of your books jumped out at me, so of course I had to look it up, and noticed that Rob Grant is the one of Red Dwarf fame. Let us know how it is, so I can decide if I should read it, too! That sushi did look underwhelming. And don’t mind me while I still giggle about the name of Sheppard’s ex.. either way, it’s either my name or the names of my aunt and my mother-in-law, who are not the same person. 😀

  22. Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

    1. I’m curious to find out what will happen to the Daganian ZPM that was found in season 1. Will our beloved atlantis expedition ever get their hands on it?

    2. Now that season 4 is pretty much a wrap, what episode is your favorite in terms of story development and advancement.

    thank you


  23. Hello Joe!

    Who holds the record for number of script changes? What color did you get up to?

  24. The food looks good. If you ever are in San Luis Obispo CA I suggest going to Sushi Kokku. It’s delicious! I recommend the tempura and california roll.

    Oh, those dogs are so cute!

    Please answer my questions. 1) Why isn’t Carter getting the ATA gene? 2) Any new info on the not so subtle hint about Carter’s love life in Trio? Why is the episode called Trio? 3) Is Ford ever coming back? When? 4) Is Stargate Ark Of Truth set after season four of Atlantis? Is Stargate Continuum set after season four of Atlantis? 5) Are there any alternate reality/time travel/people from the future stories coming up on Atlantis?

    Thank you so much.

  25. Silly me. Here I was thinking you’d actually care who was the source of this download that’s all over the internet, because I’m sure what they’ve done is illegal.

  26. Hold on just a minute, David Hewlett robot?! AWESOME!!

    So, would that mean the real David Hewlett is actually a robot, or that he has a robot double running around? I could see how the latter would be very convenient.

  27. Your blog is great! It’s really interesting to find out about how the series is created. This may have already been answered somewhere, but how do y’all get Joe Flanigan’s hair to look like that? My birthday is Sept. 20. Dedication of the blog?


  28. Hey Joe, could you dedicate tomorrow’s blog to my beautiful, brilliant, and ridiculously talented kid sister Leah as the 17th is her birthday and she likes your blog. (Particularly all the funny/sarcastic things you say and your pictures of Joe Flanigan)

  29. TIM!!! Hello…I am talking to you!
    {sorry for yelling, you didn’t hear me yesterday! ;-)}

    OK…now that I have your attention, here’s the answers to a couple of your questions from yesterday:

    David H. is apologizing for rapping in this video:

    And here’s the apology (which is really a spoof on the many actors out there that have had to apologize for various indiscretions lately):

    As far as I know David does not have a blog like this where he answers questions. He has a website that people sign up and can post to each other, but he doesn’t answer questions. It also advertises his new movie ‘A Dog’s Breakfast”

  30. Did you see the Emmy’s? What did you think? I loved Lewis Black’s rant about all the overlay crap networks put on top of the shows we’re trying to watch.

  31. Over in the NFL, my dark horse Browns were winners and my reverse dark horse Seahawks were losers.

    Whoo-hoo!!! Go Browns! 51-45

    Yes.. I’m from Cleveland. Now if we could just beat the Stillers and the Ravens…

  32. Your dogs are adorable, especially Lulu with the giant ears and cone. I need to get me a dog. With giant ears. But preferably sans cone.

    I was wondering:

    1)Who is your favorite character from SG-1? 2) Who is your favorite character from Atlantis?
    (Either to watch or write)

    Also, this is a question for anyone who feels they can field it (assuming you can understand what the hell it is I’m asking):

    I was thinking about the Ancients and humans and had a few questions. The Ancients were humanoid/humans, right? They evolved millions of years ago, no? They colonized Earth and seeded humans on various planets in the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies. So how exactly does evolution fit into all this, eh? Unless I’m misunderstanding something (completely plausible), is it implied/stated that humans evolved more than once?–The ‘original’ Ancients, the current humans on Earth, and where/when exactly did the humans in the Pegasus galaxy show up? If humans did evolve multiple times, isn’t this pretty much completely improbable if not impossible? And yes, I do realize that this is just a TV show…just wondering if there’s a legitimate/logical explanation to cover that or if it’s just a case of, “Hey, it’s a TV show, not real-life. Get over it.” Or a case of, “You’re stupid, why don’t you understand this?”

    Hmmm. That’s all.

  33. Are people ever going to quit asking about Carter’s lovelife??? She’s in a different galaxy from Jack. Get over it.

  34. Anonymous #1 writes: “Is there a chance you could link the video from the actual text rather than the date?”

    Answer: I assume that it’s technically possible. Unfortunately, I’m hopelessly un-techy. If you give me the short how-to play-by-play, I’d be happy to oblige.
    Use the html code for a link:

    [a href=]Text that will appear as the link[/a]

    Replace [ with < and ] with > (That was so it wasn’t formatted as a link in this post so you can see the code)

  35. Finally got the net back, so I had to catch up on two weeks of blogs, and I have to say…that first Ronon/ford fight video was AMAZING!! I do wish that whole thing was in the epi…Runner is still one of my all time favs.

    And also, just a quick question…being an anime fan…please,please,please tell me you have watched Voltron???? My favfavfav show when I was little, and NO ONE has ever heard of it. They always think I’m talking about Transformers…though, love Bumblebee and the crew…my childhood wouldn’t have been the same without Princess Allura

    And I’m particularly ecstatic that are finally planning a live-action movie…YEAH!!

  36. Why don’t you wonder down to NASA HQ and film a couple of episodes there?
    For season five, you could have a massive two parter, or even a three, maybe you could– say it has somethin’ to do with area 51

  37. Oh Guards Guards! brilliant book and a great stage show too. I hope you enjoy it.
    Big hugs to Lulu poor little thing. How long does she have to wear the cone for?
    And big hugs to the pugs for having a scary little sis.
    John Shepppard is my happy place

  38. *waves*

    LOL, nice to know i’m not the only one who has problems with techology. I like simple instructions, step-by-step idiot guides, otherwise i get very confused. So don’t think i’m patronising you with my instructions, it’s the only way I can do it. LOL

    1. Log into your blogger and click on ‘New post’ – this will bring up your text screen to write in.

    2. Line up your cursor of where you want to embed the vid, then go to step 3.

    3. On the icon bar (where you font buttons etc are) just above where you put your text in, you’ll see an icon that looks like a ‘film cell’. Click on that.

    4. Once clicked it’ll bring up another pop up scren that says “Add video to your blog post.” Then choose ‘browse’ on the left hand side, and pick the video from your personal files, and it will upload it for you.

    N.B:The only problem you may find is that Blogger will only accept these files: AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, Real and Windows Media, 100.

    I think you are having problems because it’s an .flv extension.

    If it fits the above, move onto stage 5.

    5. Click on the ‘upload video’ and tick the box that shows you accept that you’re not showing anything that may rise people’s blood pressure, such as a Shirtless Shep vid. 😉

    6. You’re all done, and then rewad yourself with a pat on the back and chocolate that you’ve become technical. 😀 Blogger will then embed the video for you and you can carry on with all your witty and sarcastic replies, thrilling your readers once more. 😀


  39. *waves again*

    Quick addendum. If you wanted to do it the other way (as anon suggested), where you post the code direct from photobucket, I don’t think google blogger will let you. It’ll let you past the html tag, but it come’s up with this scary error message. LOL.

  40. Mr. Mallozzi,

    The Track Director for the Stargate guests/panels at Dragon*Con in Atlanta has asked the message board members who they’d like to see next year. While Richard Dean Anderson is the penultimate guest (and will never happen), David Hewlett, Amanda Tapping and yourself are running a close second. If your work schedule permitted, would you be even remotely interested in attending as a guest? The fans would love to get a producer’s take on things, and you’re hilarious. I do believe your Q&A panels would be completely full!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  41. Rob Grant is amazing!
    I hope that you enjoy Fat.

    Just a bit of trivia, Rob Grant used to write for the British sci-fi-comedy Red Dwarf. *fangirly*


  42. AWW! how sweet Lulu looks in a ruler-of-the-roost kinda way.
    My year old Staffy, Feegle, has just come into season and is so depressed its quite amusing to watch, if she was human I’d give her chocolate and sad movies to watch.

  43. I don’t know if you’d get to my comment since it’s low on the list (I’m sure you’ve got 100’s of others) but I was wondering if you’ve finished Scalzi’s The Last Colony.

    If so, what did you think of it? Without giving too much away, did you enjoy it? Liked the ending?

    Since I started reading his stuff, I confess that I’m hooked onto it. I have to thank you for recommending his books.

    BTW, cute doggies! Lulu still up to mischief???

    Catch ya later,

  44. Hi again Mr M.
    Still love the blog! Two questions, (1) have you read “His Dark Materials Trilogy” by Philip Pullman? (part 1 soon to be released as a major motion picture) and (2) When is the Wrap Party?.. when does Atlantis finish shooting? MAny thanks Mr M. and greetings from rain soaked Tipperary


  45. Hey Joe!

    Wow! Two blogs in a row and my name pops up! *laughs* I’m gonna have to watch that my ego doesn’t get too big…course that would involve finding it in the first place *sigh* Egos and Muses – never around when you want them and in your face when you don’t.

    Thanks for the point in the direction of quick hot chocolate – never thought of just doing it all in the mug! I’ll have to try that! Thanks for the tip!

    The sushi looks great…but I too have seen good-looking sushi that just ends up tasting bad. *shudder* Fortunately I’ve got lunch so no making me hungry this time!

    And I have to agree with flying fig…Lulu looks as if she’s plotting Revenge of the Cone on you both! *grin*

    Have fun!


  46. Hi Joe
    I was wondering do you still get the same buzz from writing as you did when you first started? Or has it become an every day job (as if it ever could)that pays the bills?


  47. Dragon*Con! Careful Joe. Before you commit you better ask yourself a few questions. Do I know what a My Little Pony is? Do I know what to do when a My Little Pony is handed to me that is dressed up like myself? Forget being prepared with any questions regarding Atlantis. Go prepared with all the knowledge regarding My Little Ponies being dressed up by Stargate fans as their favorite characters. I think Claudia said it best when she looked at hers and said she was glad that she was having another boy.

  48. >>Answer: No, no, no! You have to stay at NASA long enough to swing me an invite.

    Joe, while sitting in line to get into the “SG Megapanel” at Dragon*Con, I met a young woman who is a Mechanical Engineer at NASA. She seemed pretty cool and is definitely a fan. She gave me her card. I am going to forward your desire for an invitation to NASA to her. I’ll point her to this blog. Other than that, I’m not sure how she would contact you if she really could get you an invitation. That’s the best I can do for you.

  49. Wait wait, you’re taking ‘Bama and Clemson over USC? Is this your way of getting back at Carl Binder? I’m betting you’re also not a Miami Dolphins fan. They have some funny nicknames for Nick Saban…

    Also, where’s the best place in Vancouver for ramen? I’m compiling a list, for the off chance that I might go there someday. Thanks!

  50. Just picked my seven year old niece up from school, we were talking about Stargate. She asked me who my favourite person was on the show I told her it was Jack O’Neill
    She said she would go on the internet tonight and buy him (yes, the original) for me. I asked her what accessories he would come with; she thought for a moment and said a gun, a baseball cap and some beer…out of the mouths of babes

  51. When will the “Get in the Gate” Winner be announced? Will they appear in the finale at this point since it is so far into filming?

  52. Who handles the casting calls for SGA and is there a website that lists them?

  53. When the Season of filming wraps up what are your plans and what does everyone do?


  54. Joe,

    Since you are a HP fan, thought you might find this of interest. Took this from the site….

    “JK Rowling extending Open Book Tour to Canada
    Canadian visitor Lori sent us this article from, which reveals Jo’s plans to hold a book reading in Canada:

    Ms. Rowling, who lives in England, will make an appearance the morning of Oct. 23 at the Wintergarden Theatre in downtown Toronto. It’s an all-ages event hosted by Toronto’s International Festival of Authors and Rowling’s Canadian publisher, Vancouver-based Raincoast Books. Ms. Rowling will read from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, entertain questions from fans and autograph complimentary copies of “Deathly Hallows.”

    Starting today through September 27th, Canadian fans can visit Raincoast’s website and enter for the drawing that awards 10 pairs of tickets daily. Tickets are also being given out through Canadian libraries and the country’s 79 public and Catholic school boards.

    Good luck to all who enter!”


  55. Joe,

    Happy Citizenship Day (Canada)! I have no idea what it is, but it IS listed on my desk calendar.


    Jim From Jersey

  56. …….
    je suis tr�s fatiguer,
    j’ai plein de control demain
    J’ai perdu tout mais amis.
    Vous ne r�pdond� toujour pas a mes question
    J’ai appri que j’ai verais pas mon cherie avant Novembre
    Je suis seul au monde …

    Quel horrible journ�e! =,(

    **Big d�prime** =(

  57. Hello Joe!!
    I’m a french fan and I have some questions.

    I have found on a streaming website, the pictures of the midway station finished (adrift), and the land of atlantis on the planet with 5 moons (lifeline).

    -How their episodes could release before 28 september?

    -if not it’s beautiful and impressionnant, but the defensive system are bad (for station).Why doesn’t you use a shield to protect the gates or the station (we can use the asgard knowledge)?

    -When the appolo will receive the Asgard weapons?

    And to finish:
    -When will see french people on the city? 😀

  58. How would you react if someone said to you that Chris Judge, aka Teal’C would make a better leader on Atlantis then Carter? =P

    also, have you got any idea for a third Stargate movie yet?

    lastly, watched any decent anime lately?

  59. Hi joe.
    Need your help with something. Me and a friend have been arguing which is harder to write comedy or scifi. I say scifi he says comedy because the jokes are hard to make he says. He says shows like scrubs and 70s show are harder while i say staragte and battlestar are harder. Whats your opinion??

  60. Salut Joe,

    I suspect you come to Montreal sometimes to visit. Did you ever try portuguese food at “Le Roi du Plateau” on Rachel?

    And thx for your blog – i really enjoy reading it. And sure thx for your generosity in posting all this SGA stuff and actually responding to people (see, i’d like to have friends at NASA too) 😛


  61. Hello there Joe!

    I have a question about everyone’s favorite half-Wraith Michael. We saw what the Wraith in “Common Ground” did for Shep at the end of the episode. Is Michael able to do that also? Can all Wraith do that? Or can Michael just half do it now since he’s only half Wraith? That character is cool…from the writing of the character to Connor Trinneer’s performances.

    Thanks! And give LuLu a hug if you can.

  62. Joe,

    Too bad your wrap parties are restricted to cast and crew, or are they? Curiosity kills the cat. I’d love to come up if you have an invite (one can hope, right?). Do you read fantasy? I’m a huge fan of David Eddings’s Belgariad and Mallorean series with the 3 extra books on Belgarath and Polgara, as well as The Rivan Codex.

    When will news of a season 5 pickup reach your ears? Do the contracts come for the principle actors and crew to sign come at the same point as pickup of a season is confirmed (assuming one-year contracts)?

  63. Could you please explain the reason behind dressing Sam up like a female Evil Knievel in the Promo pics? Supposedly she will be wearing this leather outfit offworld too? I’m sure you remember how vocal Sam fans were when the Promo pictures came out of Vala in leather. So why put Sam in leather? Especially if she is suppose to be the new leader of Atlantis and taken seriously.

  64. I’ve seen a lot of info and stuff regarding Stargate: Continuum, but haven’t seen too much from Ark of Truth, like interviews for example. Can we expect to see more pics, interviews, or any more news about Stargate: The Ark of Truth as it nears its release?

  65. I am so sad that the ramen was only so-so. The picture made the soup look really tasty. Where my sister lives, there are ramen houses on every block, and I totally miss it. That, and Korean tofu houses. But I digress. Thanks for posting all those yummy food pictures!

  66. “Answer: Sure. We always cap off the year with a wrap party.”


    Would you tell us if Torri has been invited and plans to attend the wrap party?

    I would like to send fanmail to Torri, but haven’t tracked down a good forwarding address yet. It would be great to know if she was going to be back at the studio in the next few weeks/months.

    Or, if the studio is releasing a new address for her fanmail, that would be greatly appreciated as well.

    Thank you,

  67. is that your kitchen counter beneath the books? I’ve been looking at different surfaces for my counters (including the new ‘concrete’ surfaces they are selling now). I keep reverting back to the sandy colored granite.

    What do you think? What are your counter top preferences?

    That reminds me, I should charge my phone.

  68. Its sad to learn that Robert Jordan died today.

    Just commenting on Tim’s Genii post….the Genii have a leader who has an alliance with Atlantis, his name is Ladon Radim, who was helpful as he could be with the Team when Koyla kidnapped Sheppard and used a Wraith to torture him.

    I think Koyla has been painted as an intelligent, cold blooded man, while Ladon is only a slippery snake.

    I hope we get another Koyla eppy, because he and Sheppard should have had a better end to their feud, one not wrapped up with the silly Lucius storyline.


  69. Hi Joe, thanks for today’s video clip. The tilt stage is quite dark when someone is not up close and personal.

    Re: the extra dark cocoa – I hunted around one of my local grocery supermarkets yesterday and found everything from 60% to 82% cocoa solids. Most of the chocolate bars were in the confectionery section, and not only from NZ but Italy and Switzerland too, but alas no extra dark cocoa powder.

  70. I was just reading the review of the season 3 box set, which confirmed there are no actor commentaries for season 3 :(. That was a big disappointment for me, as i always look forward to them. I know you’re not directly involved with the DVDs, but i was wondering if you knew the story behind that? I’d be very disappointed (even more so) if they didn’t return to actor commentaries for the season 4 set. 🙁

  71. Hey Joe,

    Love the blog. It’s like standing around a really big watercooler. Alas, I was only just recently released from my incarceration and am now able to resume reading it full time. I’ve missed a lot.

    In regard to Iain Banks, as mentioned in a previous post, The Crow Road–a brilliant novel, which, incidentally, became a BBC mini-series–is not his first non sci-fi novel but more like his fifth or so non sci-fi novel. While it is a great read his first novel is a great place to start. The Wasp Factory (his first novel in any genre), is atypical of him perhaps but as noteworthy to his post-punk generation as Clockwork Orange or Catcher In the Rye were to other generations. Interestingly, one can easily imagine that The Wasp Factory is the result of running A Clockwork Orange through a blender at high speed with Catcher In the Rye, a quart of iodine and an ounce or two of haggis. And it’s a little darker and mysterious than all that.

    That said, The Crow Road is very fine. Possibly his best…although it is also his most normal novel. Definitely to be read before the mini-series is watched. But his novel Complicity is probably the best combination of his talents …gripping, fun, strange, with some of his patent twisted dark twists…and I think that’s where I’d suggest someone start reading him. Unless you’re a Scotch enthusiast… in which he has a non-fiction book about, I think/something like, visiting Scotch distilleries. Talk soon. GL

  72. Just a quick question, but why is there no actor commentary on any of the season three dvds? *sniffle*

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