Late last year, when I was in the early stages of my scifi novel tear, I had a discussion with Robert Cooper regarding genre fiction. I told him that, given the choice, I’d choose a science fiction novel over a fantasy novel 9 out of 10 times. Scifi literature, I felt, was more intelligent, more thought-provoking, while the magical realms of the fantasy genre tended to appeal more to female romantics and adolescent male D&D fanatics. And then, I read Lynch’s The Lies of Locke Lamorra. And Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself and Before They Are Hanged. And George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, and a Storm of Swords. And, suddenly, I was revising my opinion, not only of the fantasy genre, but scifi literature as well because, along the way, I had also read my fair share of some pretty bad science fiction. Highly-recommended, thought-provoking, unarguably intelligent, and in some cases classic science fiction – but pretty bad all the same. Last week, Robert was in my office, scanning my shelves for a good book, and we picked up the fantasy vs. scifi debate. Rob’s point was a good one. In many cases, science fiction authors are more interested in the cool idea at the core of their story, sacrificing character in favor of high-tech conjecture, crafting intellectually engaging but ultimately unsatisfying reads – soulless masterpieces. I argued that there are exceptions to the rule. John Scalzi, Iain M. Banks, and Octavia E. Butler come to mind as writers of science fiction who are accomplished story-tellers, skilled at producing both compelling characters and intriguing ideas. Still, I’ve been surprised by the quality of a lot of the celebrated scifi I’ve read over the past few months and have to wonder why, in many cases, clever concepts and engaging characters seem to be mutually exclusive.

I bring up the topic today because I just finished a novel that came highly recommended. It was a fun time-travel premise undone by a bland protagonist and painfully underwritten supporting characters. When fantasy is bad (and I have read bad fantasy) it can be downright laughable. But, at the end of the day and given the choice, I think I’d rather laugh than shed tears of boredom.

Well, with that craptacular read out of the way, I’m making my way through two books – a collection of short stories by the underappreciated Lester del Rey, and Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay – after which I’ll dive right into Martin’s A Feast for Crows in anticipation of the Fall (?) release of A Dance of Dragons. That should give me plenty of time to finish Hogfather and Excession in time for our end of September discussion.

Today’s pics: some Interior for Exterior sets compliments of our art and construction departments.

Today’s video: Click on the date for a hair-raising account of A.D. Alex Pappas’s brush with disaster.

Today’s Q&A –

Winged Pegasus writes: “In one of the s4 promo vids, there was a hug between Sheppard and Teyla. Can you tell us which episode this is from?”

Answer: No because I honestly can’t remember.

Vvv0472 writes: “1) Seeing as you grew up in Montréal, how did you get your bearings as a professional writer? As in which programs did you take in Cégep/University and where?
2) C’est quoi votre place préféré dans la belle province?”

Answers: 1) I took some creative writing courses at John Abbott and McGill but, in retrospect, the few hours I spent reading a couple of books on screenwriting did more for my career as a scriptwriter. 2) Au Pied de Cochon.

Stargate Groupie writes: “I was just wondering if we would ever seen the return of Harry Maybourne?:

Answer: It’s possible.

Susan the Turtle writes: “ Is there any way that you can put captions on the individual photos or is that a bit too technical?”

Answer: Are you kidding? I was barely able to figure out how to upload them.

Anne writes: “Is it possible to attend to a day (half-day, hours …) of filming Stargate Atlantis episode ?”

Answer: Alas, no. If we started making exceptions, our sets would be overflowing with visitors.

Kdvb1 writes: “ Hey!!! What’s up with the snarky “seriously” comment… designed to make my comment look dumb???”

Answer: That wasn’t “Seriously?” as in “How can you ask such a question?” but “Seriously?” as in “Honestly and bullshit free?”.

Chloe writes: “What book are you holding in the first pic?”

Answer: A Storm of Swords.

Jill writes: “Thanks again for your kind words.”

Answer: You’re welcome. And hope the clean-up goes quickly.

Ruffles writes: “ Since the shoot of Harmony seems to have been in heavily forested surroundings, did you mean to say that Outcast would NOT take you there?”

Answer: Oops. Yes, that’s what I meant.

Gilder writes: “…your love of dogs and the many happy dog families I saw in Vancouver have encouraged me to explore volunteering at our neighborhood shelter.”

Answer: That’s nice to hear, Gilder. Hope your allergies don’t kick in too much.

Dustin writes: “ive heard rumers that atlantis will be airing a week before anywere else on scifi is this true?”

Answer: Sorry, I don’t understand the question. Atlantis will be premiering on SciFi Friday, September 28th.

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  1. Is that Chuck I spy in the second picture?
    Those are great sets, you’ve got fantastic art & construction departments.
    I hope Fondy’s new business venture is going well!

  2. Hey, Joe, I just recently picked up a book called The Paradise War by Stephen R. Lawhead. Know anything about it? Also, if you had to pick an all time favorite book, what would you choose?

  3. Two questions:
    1) The SG1 folk have the sarcaphogus to cure ailments (and all sorts of wounds, even fatal ones). Are the Pegasus Galaxy folk ever going to find any Ancient technology of a similiar nature? (of course, this is a whumper-angled question)

    and 2) Think you’ll be able to post a video with Jason in it? 🙂

  4. Mr. Mallozzi,

    With all these changes and angst happening to the members of the team in S4 and especially since Teyla’s pregnancy is bound to affect the team in general, does it mean that the team will ultimately never be the same again, or is it the opposite, that all of this is simply meant to make them stronger with each other?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. 1)Will hidden feelings emerge this season, even if only for the audiences’ viewing?

  6. So Joe,

    With all the dogs on set, I’d be happy to be a dog minder during the day. You know. Take them all for walks, let them play and run around, until their loving owners had a break in the shoot to see them.

    Where would I apply for such a position?

    Of course now I say that, everyone else will also want to apply for that position…

  7. Can’t help agreeing with all that you (and Robert Cooper) say about SF and fantasy. But, just in case you need any more recommendations – with apologies if you’ve read them, or mentioned them here, already – other “writers of science fiction who are accomplished story-tellers” include Bob Shaw and Frederik Pohl. In fact, I’ve sometimes wondered if any of the various writers who’ve contributed to the Stargate universe, from the feature film onwards, have been influenced by Pohl’s Gateway, or other novels in his Heechee series – and I mean that in an entirely good, approving way, not in an “OMG! Plagiarism!” way.
    Hmm, there may have been a question in there somewhere. In any case, thanks for today’s post, and, indeed, for all the others. I’m amazed, and envious, that you keep putting them out day after day.

  8. I’ve read George RR Martin’s series, well so far as what’s been released, and am excited for the next installment (whenever it arrives). The ironic thing is, it took me quite a while to get into A Game of Thrones because of the style. I wasn’t too thrilled at first with the swapping point-of-views and juggling that many characters’ point-of-views. I was worried it’d be clunky, overburdened and tedious. Instead, he really crafted a massive world that comes across as incredibly real, and that is a true mark of a wonderful author.

    I agree with your comments about sci-fi versus fantasy and I’ve largely swung the other way (from sci-fi novels to fantasy), but I occasionally swing back and try another or two.

    I didn’t care for The Sword of Shannarra series at all, felt the characters were very 2-D, but the Dragonlance and Forgotten Realm series were wonderful (though I know I haven’t read them all), especially liked The Cleric Quintet and the Icewind Dale trilogy. These are older stories, I haven’t read any of the recent works in these series but the oldies were very good reads. Have you read any of RA Salvatore’s works?

    Terry Goodkind has a good series in his Sword of Truth books, wouldn’t say they are the best but they are at least a fairly good execution of plot and characters. Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, at least the first half, was very well done, though I’ve had a very hard time wading through the last novel in the series.

  9. Oops … Should have used the Search function before posting my previous comment – you mentioned Pohl on 29 May.
    What’s your policy on commenters swearing profusely, inventively but obscenely?

  10. I am a purest when it comes to Science Fiction baulking at the very mention of any fantasy, fairies and trolls. I think it all stemmed from an ill timed attempt at reading Lord of the Rings when I was ten. So now I’ve capitulated and my brother-in-law has given me Priestess of the White by Trudi Canavan to read (after I’ve read Excession of course). I think that the problem with Science fiction in general is that readers of Sci-fi are very intelligent people who in general know quite a lot about things such as DNA and Black holes as well the subjects like as Hyper drives and Baryon particles which were once the reserve of scientists (I myself was spurred on to obtain a BSc after years of reading Sci-fi). This has meant writers having to delve deeper into the realms of the abstract the absurd and the ridiculous to keep readers even remotely interested. I do agree that compelling characters are lacking, if you don’t feel any connection with the protagonist then what’s the point? You won’t care if he or she gets lost in a labyrinth of ‘spacetime foam’ (yes it’s a real theory to do with Planck time). Thank god that the majority of books are well written and tick most if not all the boxes. I will stop waffling on now I am sure others will have different opinions.

  11. Hi Joe:

    Space (Canada’s answer to Sci-fi channel)is re-broadcasting the first season of Atlantis. Wow, does Joe Flanigan look younger! Four years younger, but still, younger.

    Do you have any feedback from Scifi about renewal of the show? When do they usually let you know?


  12. Hi Joe ,
    Did you get round to reading Lord Fouls Bane yet? I wondered what you thought of it.

  13. I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for A Dance With Dragons, Joe. GRRM is still working on it, so who knows when it will be out. He’s kinda notorious for taking forever and a day between novels, but I don’t mind waiting when what we get is so amazing. He’s got that he posts updates on, but it’s not nearly as interesting as your blog.

    A question: Do you know if SciFi has anything special planned to promote SGA?

  14. I think your original theory on scifi vs fantasy is a little…shallow, but I’m glad to see that you’ve revised your theory.

    A crappy story is a crappy story, regardless of genre just as a good story will transcend whatever chosen genre it is written in and appeal to a much larger audience.

    In books, as in television, I think it can be awfully easy for an author to focus on the “boom” in scifi or on the “feelings” of the characters in fantasy. A really good product, in my opinion, manages to find a good balance of both and in doing so will reach both audiences.

    A good book that focuses solely on smush was wonderful when I was 15, but bores me now. Same thing goes for a book that gets mired in technology (“the boom”) while completely forgetting about the forces that drive and make the character.

    In my opinion the difficult part is finding a balance that works well for both the author AND the reader. If you figure that out, I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts.

  15. Silly question but how do you know if you have a “nelison” box?? I know that it’s important when rating are judeged but I’m not sure how it works..

    Oh and for everyone I’ve created a facebook group (on dedicated to the book club the groups title is “JM international book club”. I haven’t posted a pic but if anyone has a good one please e-mail it to the address listed.

  16. If you want damn good fantasy then read anything by the recently departed (total devastated me!), late, great British fantasy author,’David Gemmell’. His masterful storytelling, wonderfully crafted characters and gripping interwoven plots are always a cracking red! He doesn’t do airry-fairy fantasy, its more about the characters and their journeys which just happen to be within a fantasy setting. Recommendations would be The Rigante Tales (4 books) and you have to read the first in his Drenai Tales series, ‘Legend’ (over a dozen books in that series though most are stand alone) incidentally also his first novel.

    I also love David Eddings Elenium Trilogy, (The Diamond Thrown, The Ruby Night, The Shappire Rose) closely followed by the sequel trilody, The Tamuli (Domes of Fire, The Shining Onces, The Hidden City). Think ‘Lord Of the Rings’ without all the annoying singing and airy-fairy dialogue. Lots of action, a little comedy and again, great characterisation!

    Usually incredibly difficult to please, if its not well written I get frustrated. Dont have the will power to slog through a poorly written novel if it doesn’t grip me from the get-go, but these I can read over and over again!

    In fact if I was ‘Peter Jackson’ (minus the beard!!), the ‘Elenium’ would be the movie trilogy I’d love to make!

  17. Jedi writes: “ Will we ever get to see Sheppard use the stick fighting skills he’s acquired from Teyla, other then just sparring?”

    Answer: Not this year.

    So if there is a season 5 will we see it?

  18. Joe M. said:
    That wasn’t “Seriously?” as in “How can you ask such a question?” but “Seriously?” as in “Honestly and bullshit free?”.

    *scratches head & wonders if leg is being pulled*

    Not sure if I should feel bad and say “oops, sorry” or ask “is there a difference there?” (smiles)

    Ooops sorry if you were being ingenuous. You know the written word, it’s so hard to tell what someone means without seeing their face and hearing the inflection in their voice.

    *gives up and realizes with resignation that she is not going to get an answer to the real question about watching the show live or later when recorded on DVR*

    The pics and video are great as usual. Thanks so much for the time and effort you put in this blog.

  19. I’m going to start Excession this week.

    GeekBoy shares your fear of heights. We took the poor little Kansas boy to South Dakota one year on vacation and climbed up some rocks in the Badlands. It was his first experience with anything other than flat, and he didn’t like it. Not only did he want down, he also wanted everyone else at the park to get off the rocks. He considers glass elevators to be someone’s idea of a really bad joke.

  20. Words of Wisdom from Jenny:

    I tried to read Lies of Locke Lamora. I tried; I tried again. I gave up.

    Many many years ago I learned from one of my college professors that a person has no right to criticize or review a film or book unless they had viewed or read it in its entirety.

    So, the worst I can say about Locke Lamora is that I couldn’t stay interested long enough to complete it.

    I am not a fickle reader, topically speaking. Since I have almost the entire contents of a 23,000 square foot store at my disposal, I dabble in each category.

    I have found fascinating reads in sections I’d never thought I’d care for 12 years ago, and been equally disappointed by new releases from popular authors.

    One would like to think that a body of work, or a genre of books, were consistent in quality within itself, but that cannot be the case. A book can be well-written or have a great story/characters, or both or neither. Neither makes the reading experience agony, one of two makes it aggravating but passable, and both makes it energizing.

    I think you already knew what you mentioned about Sci-Fi versus Fantasy, but were giving yourself a refresher course.

    Ultimately, read what you want, and don’t read what you don’t want…just read something.

    So thanks for pointing it out again that good and bad books come in all categories, subjects, and genres. It’s a good reminder to us all to branch out and take a risk on a book we normally wouldn’t think to read.

  21. Weird… I went to John Abbott and I am currently studying at McGill… Good to know that great minds think alike. Anywhoo, do any of the actors have any weird habits?

  22. Have you ever read anything by Lois McMaster Bujold? She’s a wonderful author, has done both SF and F. I prefer her SF stuff, and her stories have wonderful characters in them regardless of genre. I’d recommend starting with the Miles Vorkosigan books, then her Chalion books.

  23. Have you read either of Janet Kagan’s two sci-fi novels? “Hellspark” and “Mirabile”. IMHO they are great character books with sci-fi on the side, but not possibly for a fan of technology driven stories.

  24. Okay, maybe my last question was out of line (or maybe you just don’t feel like answering it). Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to keep track of what you’ve read for the duration of your blog, so forgive me if I missed it, but have you read the Dragon’s Egg books by Robert L. Forward? Your flailing against poor characterization in sci-fi reminded me of the amazing depth in it. Both the people and the aliens, which are bizarre and plausible enough to satisfy the hardcore science fan, while still being interesting and sympathetic.

  25. Hey joe, je ne sais pas si c’est trop personnel,mais je voulais juste savoir c’est quand ta fête?
    Et en passant…je voulais te dire que j’adore lire ton blog!!!Continue a mettre des photos et des videos,mais surtout n’oublie pas d’y metter ton sens de l’humour!! I love it !!:D take care my friend!!

  26. I agree–I’d rather laugh than cry tears of boredom, also!!!

    Speaking of books I’ve been meaning to getting around to reading Hogfather and Excession, but due to school and the fact that I’m reading something else in my free time, I haven’t gotten around to requesting them from the library.

    As for season 4 of SGA… I won’t get to watch it!!!! Not when it airs, anyway. The TV in the lobby of the dorm will be out-of-commission Friday nights by 10 and I don’t know a single other soul (save one of my teachers) around here who’s a Stargate fan that doesn’t live in the dorm! *deep breath, continue* If it was any other night, the TV would be in use and I could fairly easily make claim to it before anyone else, but Friday–! Impossible! And so I am very sad ’cause I’m really looking forward to the new season and I won’t be able to contribute to the ratings. Also, I’m quite certain I’ll die of anticipation and withdrawal before the DVDs make an appearance.

    Anyhow… *ahem* About how many episodes do you guys have left to film?

  27. The first Sunday of the NFL season is over. My Cowboys played an exciting game and didn’t disappoint in the end. Hooray! 🙂 Did you catch any games today?

  28. Cool pictures.

    Please, please, please answer my question. Are there going to be any Jack and Sam moments in either Atlantis season four or the movies, Ark of Truth or Continuum?


    A couple of good sci-fi/fantasy books are Avalon High by Meg Cabot, Tatooine Ghost by Troy Denning and Quantum Prophecy: The Awakening by Michael Carroll.

  29. Joe said: (yesterday) “Regulars to my blog will know that I am a relatively fearless person. With the exception of snakes, komodo dragons, massive script rewrites, and the cursed furry-skinned kiwi fruit,”

    Kiwi fruit are not very frightening, it’s all in the way you approach them with the spoon. If you quietly sneak up on them you can often catch them sleeping. 😛 LOL

    Nice to see Lulu is settling in well. Thanks again for the pictures and videos

  30. Ploker asked: “Silly question but how do you know if you have a “nelison” box?? I know that it’s important when rating are judeged but I’m not sure how it works..”

    You’d know if you have a Nielsen box. It’s not like a secret chip they install in random TV sets. They (Nielsen people) have to ask your permission and stuff. Not sure how they choose, however.

    They do employ extra ratings measures during the various sweeps weeks. I’ve been asked by them a couple of times to record my TV viewing for a week…this didn’t involve a box, but a packet they send you the week prior for each TV you own where you then fill it out for the week and send it back to them at the week’s conclusion. Plus, they give you a dollar for your troubles. Score. And there was a place in the packet to record shows you watched not in real-time, but on Tivo/taped or whatever.

  31. Dustin writes: “ive heard rumers that atlantis will be airing a week before anywere else on scifi is this true?”

    Answer: Sorry, I don’t understand the question. Atlantis will be premiering on SciFi Friday, September 28th.

    ya ive been reading rumers that it will be starting on the 21st.
    have you heard anthing about that??

  32. Hi Joe,

    I recently started reading your blog and now I’m hooked, anxiously awaiting an update daily. I admit that I initially checked it out for pics/mentions of JF but I’ve come to love your foodie reviews, the spam email replies (Baron Destructor is hilarious!) and the daily videos too.

    Since you’re on the subject of SF books today, I want to thank you for introducing John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War to beginners (like me). It’s my 1st SF book and I absolutely loved it. I’d pay to watch the movie if one is made. What would you recommend after that?

  33. To Kdvb1 the “seriously” person… Joe has used that term with complete sincerity a bunch of times, and it’s clear he meant it nicely to you. Maybe you should relax a little.

    Also, I went to the trouble of trying to explain the DVR thing to you with reference to Nielsen ratings wikipedia… was that not good enough? Should Joe have to explain Television 101 personally?

    To Joe re sci fi, yeah, even some of the “classics” have very cardboard characters. I didn’t realize it as a kid, but I couldn’t get through them now. I think our expectations have increased so that sci fi has to hit all the notes of good fiction, beyond just presenting novel ideas.

  34. “Who, me?”
    Give that man a raise!

    The 28th, eh? I guess I need to figure out all the channels on my laptop sooner than expected. We don’t have a tv, so I installed a tv tuner card on my laptop. Thing is, I seem to be getting all the cable spanish channels…Yeah, telemundo’s all fine and dandy, but not when you’re searching for the mystery channel ;D.

    When the first episode shows, what are you going to be doing? A big cast get-together or something a little more family like?

  35. Given the NBC and Apple dispute, do you know if season four will be available on iTunes?

  36. has cookie monster receive any mail lately? Me Miss cookie monster, cookie monster one funny mofo, Cookie monster de bomb!

  37. I’m on pins and needles waiting for season four. In the mean time, I’ve been re-reading Jim Butcher’s “The Dresden Files” series of books. I don’t recall seeing you mention these in your blog, so I’m going to take the opportunity to recommend them. They’re urban fantasy with a very snarkastic, humorous kick, which I think you would very much enjoy and you certainly won’t be bored. You can check out sample chapters of the books at the author’s site: Just click on a book cover to get to them. I do have to warn you, though, that these books are the literary form of crack. Once you pick one up, it’s very difficult not to keep reading until suddenly you’ve reached the last page of the most recent novel.

    Thank you for sharing your insider’s perspective and for helping to bring Stargate Atlantis to the screen. I hope to see many more seasons!


  38. hey Joe, got a question for you.

    Did you know that there is a screener available on the internet for 04×01 and 04×02?

    Apparently it’s a copy without music/sound effects …

  39. Personally I think with fantasy you can’t go past the good old Tolkien trilogy 🙂
    At the moment I’m half way through Stephen King’s ‘It’, which is brilliant thus far. Ever read it?

    These pics are brilliant, by the way, thanks for taking the time to put them up!

  40. joe could you please tell me if this possible romance of Teyla will be a permanent fixture on the show? and when she reveals in Tabula Rasa who the crush is could you please give us a hint who it could possibly be and is it one of her team mates?

  41. Did you know that the chef at “Au pied de cochon” in Montreal has published an album with some receipe in it? A very peculiar book.


  42. Joe, one quick question today. P-diddy and I are planning on attending the con next year, and thought to make it into an anniversary trip. We’d like to go skiing, and I wonder if you know of some good areas? I am doing some research, and thought I’d ask you also.
    Thanks for all the photos & videos as usual. I think you’re more tech savvy than you give yourself credit for.

  43. Joe could you please tell me if this possible romance of Teyla will be a permanent fixture on the show? and when she reveals in Tabula Rasa who the crush is could you please give us a hint who it could possibly be and is it one of her team mates?

    Ugh. You few who want soap, please turn your TV’s on in the afternoons and get all the hot and heavy romo you want, and PLEASE leave it out of prime time sci fi! Just the thought of Teyla all smoochie-smoochie is nauseating.

  44. Joe, thanks for the pics and videos.
    So, now, where did you find a word like “Einhandsegeln” in your Fridays post?
    Good for me, I don’t have to read “Excession”, read it 2 months ago.. Like a knew you would make a suggestion like that..

    Take care..!!

  45. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay – I adored it, but I’m less enamored of his other work. Also, in the fantasy genre, you might enjoy Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera series – very interesting and well-developed characters as well as a neat premise.

  46. Katheen said…

    I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

    Me too. I read it for another book club and it was one of our better assignments.

  47. Seven days of shooting, does that mean you shoot even on the weekends? I didn’t realise there was a lack of down-time for the crew.

    If you have need of further sudgestions for fantasy novels I would recommend “The Wayfarer Redemption” It is one of my favorite series, but my tastes may not be as refined as yours.

    About how long does it take you to finish 1 book, on average?

  48. Is there going to be any episode this year like Disclosure, where the team look back on what have happend in the seasons before?

  49. Sakut joseph =)

    Merci pour les photos et la video^^!

    …je rentre des cours..conclusion -> je suis super fatiguer, en plus de sa j’ai rater mon bus…pas de chance =)

    lire,livre,lecteur ..quel �tranges mots …malheureusemnt je ne les enplois pas beaucoup…

    1)Aimez vous la politique?
    2)Dans la saison 4 quel personnage changera le plus par rapport au saisons pr�c�dentes?
    3)Bon! vous venez me kidnapper!?

    =D lol

    Bon allez gros gros bisou!!!!!! je vous adore!!!! a demain!!!

    ps: demain je finit a 12:00 youpi =D!!

  50. Sky One are running an Atlantis Competition for best ever episode, which would you choose?

  51. Hi !
    First, i wanted to say that in my opinion, the season 4 looks the best of all !
    but I asked you a while ago if you were woing to see a wraith city and then on your blog, you have posted a picture of a kind of buble in the middle of trees (do you remember ?) so is it a real city or just a facility (maybe the weapon facility of Reunion ?)
    and to finish : will we see in season 4 a new class of Wraith ship ?
    thanks for your attention 😉

  52. Did you know any of the Atlantis cast like Joe F., Tori, David, Jason, etc. before they were cast in their roles?

  53. I see you’ve had your epiphany, a little later than mine but then you do have a life LOL. I too have read some crap from both genres and although I know you’re probably not supposed to read fanfiction there are some truly talented amateurs out there, ok so you have to kiss a bucketful of frogs before you get a prince of a story but they are out there. I’ve also found that certain types of programme attract certain types of fanfiction writer, and once you’ve sussed THAT part out you can generally find stuff worth reading.
    On a more mundane note I am awaiting with bated breath the release of the next novel by Greg Keyes in the Kingdom of Thorn and Bone series….another excellent read and with a really good twist.

  54. By the way, steer WELL clear of Terry Goodkind, I’ve read better bad fanfic IMO.

  55. a oui aussi…

    s’il vous plait vous pouvez dédier votre blog de demain a mon amie Martin qui a des problémes rénaux, elle a trés mal au dos! elle ne peut préqsue plus marcher.

    sa serais gentil de votre part!

    Merci =)

  56. *waves*

    I’m baaaaaaaack! Did you miss me? *insert big cheeky grin*

    So, Mr M, let’s talk! It’s been ages since we had a good natter? So how are you?

    Well, now that niceties are out the way, let’s talk Shep being nekkid in Season 4! I ask this, only because I feel my fellow thukers were robbed in Epiphany! I mean the hippy ancient girl not only got Sheppy nekkid, but she didn’t even have the forsight to keep him that way! I ask you Mr M, what’s with that? And that young ancienty girl, healing Shep… I can’t believe Mr W wrote that, shame on him. I’m so glad you took over the reigns to give Sheppy some much missed whumping, with lots of infirmary scenes! *squeeeeee*

    Thank you Mr M. Oh and while i’m here and in a particularly chatty mood. I’ve been thinking. Could we possibly have an ep, where Shep, gets together with all the love interests he’s had over the years? I mean there has been so many, hasn’t there? And what’s wrong with character develpment? Isn’t that what people have been asking for? I don’t know, some people! Besides, I can tell from Anon’s posts that she’s just squeeing with excitement at the thought o a nice love scene! I’m sure she’d like nothing more tha having Shep become like Lawrence of Arabia with his harem. And you could have him riding off in the desert all hot and sweaty, with the sun cascading over the ocean, with his harem running behind him in the golden sand. I’m sure Anon would really thank you for that. 😉


    All your vids and pics are fabulous Mr Mr, thanking you very much, you’re a very wise and kind man. 😀

  57. Will we get any evil or whumped Carter in Atlantis this season? Also, are her absences in certain episodes explained?

  58. Joe…

    You’ve teased us with some really cool pics of the various sets and blueprints and such.

    Which episode has in your opinion the coolest set…your personal favorite? The darkest? The most extreme? (I’m guessing that one is the one that’s tilting 20 degrees…but I could be wrong here.) The most difficult to utilize? The scariest? Any under water?

    Mary Beth =)

  59. Hi Joe,
    me again (fex_84 or Fede, if you want). Don’t know if it’s the right place to ask question to you, but I’ll try again:
    you said Torri Higginson signed for 4 episode, right? She’s already filmed three. There’s any chance she will be back in the last one of season 4?


    Sorry for the anonymous but I can’t log in, apparently.

  60. Joe,

    Having flicked through the other comments here, I’ve noticed that David Gemmell has been suggested as a fantasy author to try as well as David Eddings. For the latter, could I also suggest the book he wrote with his wife Leigh, entitled The Redemption of Althalus?

    As for science-fictions authors, I’m astonished no mention has been made of Isaac Asimov! Hello!?!?! Creator of the Rules of Robotics? Please don’t tell me that you a) haven’t read any of Asimov’s work and b) have placed him in the category of someone who doesn’t use character! And what of the original Dune series by Frank Herbert?

    Sorry…I’m such a bookworm!

    On a more personal yet still literary note, how do you find the balance between dialogue and action? Within a book it’s simpler because you can have thoughts thrown in to accompany an act but with a script…to me, who wouldn’t know where to start, it just seems like a really difficult thing to do. How do you handle it?

    Looking forward to the book discussion!! Hope your fur babies are settling – I know the worry as I’ve just gotten new furries myself after a month without. Russian hammies – so cute!!! And small and fast too! Least you have better chance catching yours! *grin*


  61. “Lawrence of Arabia with his harem”? His *what*? Someone’s mistaking Lawrence of Arabia for a heterosexual.

  62. As I am comment number 60 something I doubt you will even get around to this one.

    This is good because it is yet another crappy and stupid question.

    Have you ever seen something on a menu when dining out that was just too disgusting to eat – IE sheep’s eyeballs, mammal gonads or even brains? Or are you willing to give these things a try?

    Ever been to Scotland? If you are a golfer it is a must place to visit – even if golf is a waste of a good walk. I live near Gleneagles and the country is beautiful. You said that you have nothing agains us Scots, we have you on tape saying this! 🙂

    The Scottish sense of humour may take some getting used to though.

    Best wishes and I will understand if you bypass this comment. I may never forgive you – but I will understand!

  63. When are you going to canonize the Kavanaugh/Lorne ship, Lavanaugh (or Korne)? Their chemistry is unparalleled.

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