Show business aint all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, from the outside looking in, it may seem like a lot of fun – all glitz and glamour and catered peanut butter brownies – but the truth is that a lot of the time, it can be a fucking headache. Producing television and film is a collaborative effort and so, it needs be said, you’re only as good as the people who support you: the writers, producers, directors, actors, crew. Fortunately, in the case of Stargate, the individuals who work on the show are really good at what they do. And that, pure and simple, is why the franchise has produced about 300 hours of television over its 11 year run. It worked out the kinks early on and now operates as a well-oiled machine. We’re a hell of a lot luckier than many productions that have to deal with “issues” that would drive a sane producer to suicide – and certainly luckier than those productions whose run is so brief they never even get the opportunity to deal with said “issues”. Still, being luckier doesn’t mean you’re immune to the problems. It just means they annoy you all the more when they do crop up because you haven’t had the chance to become immured to them yet.

Now I’m not talking about the unforeseen but manageable curveballs that get thrown your way when you’re producing a t.v. show. Not one, not two, but three pregnancies to throw the schedule into a tizzy. Hey, this is life and a pregnancy is a happy event to be celebrated and, if at all possible, worked into a storyline. We did and, in my opinion, added a whole new layer to our planned season four mega-arc. I’m not referring to those “well, what can you do?” scheduling snafus that, because of actor or location availability, necessitate our shooting episodes wildly out of sequence, or the standard slow-grind of contract negotiations. No, I refer to those “issues” that are of a more, er, personal nature.

I take a look at someone like Jodelle Ferland, our twelve year old guest star for Harmony, and marvel at what a terrific actress and wonderfully down-to-earth individual she is. Just hearing her talk about her dog or watching her kid around with David Hewlett between takes makes you sit back and marvel, not so much at the fact that she’s such a a great kid but that she’s such a great kid despite having worked in show business most of her life. Well, a lot of the credit has to go to her mom, Valerie. Upbringing has a lot to do with it. But what happens when success comes later than, say, adolescence and you don’t have mom or dad around to help steer you straight? Well, more often than not, you end up one of the arrogant jerks that seem to be far more prevalent in the entertainment field than any other line of work. Come on. When was the last time you heard the guy in the next office demand a bowl of green M&M’s for his dressing room or saw him throw a hissy fit when a designer boutique of his choosing wouldn’t gift him that alligator purse simply because he was famous?

One of the interesting things about working in the biz is you get to hear insider tales about certain individuals – wonderful faux personas beloved by fans – who are nothing short of massive jerks. Like –

That actor who was filming something in Vancouver many years ago. As he was making his way back to his trailer, the publicist caught up with him to ask if he’d mind autographing a poster for a local children’s hospital. “I don’t have time for this shit,”was his response before disappearing into his trailer. Maybe if those sickly little tykes hadn’t been so presumptuous as to assume he’d gift them with a freebie rather than paying for his sig like everyone else, they wouldn’t have been left disappointed. Live ‘n learn, baby.

Or that actor who was shooting a scene that called or him to drink champagne. He, of course, informed the props master that he wanted to drink real champagne. The props master assumed it would not be a problem but, all the same, wanted to clear things with the director first. This disrespectful act enraged the actor who informed him he WAS DRINKING CHAMPAGNE in the scene and he didn’t need the props master going behind his back to get the director’s okay. Well, seeing as how he didn’t think it would be a problem, and since it was his job to run things like this by the director, he did. And got the okay. No problem. Until, that is, the actor found out and vowed to get back at him. And he did. The props master, it turns out, used to come to set with a big box of chocolates and candies for the cast and crew. On the last day of production, he went to his chocolate and candy box to do his rounds, flipped open the lids and discovered the “little present” the actor had left him. So, when was the last time that guy in accounting took a dump in your chocolate box? Un huh. Didn’t think so either.

Over the course of my years in television, most of those I’ve met have been sincere, hardworking, and genuinely nice people. A small minority, however, have been arrogant, self-centered, and unpleasant to deal with. It goes with the territory, I suppose, but like the real world, what comes around goes around. Bad behavior can only be tolerated so long before bridges are burned and people begin asking: “Hey, what ever happened to the guy who played the tap-dancing genius on My Cousin the Chimp? I wonder why he hasn’t done much since.”

Well, wonder no more.

No pics and no mailbag today but –

Today’s video: Click on the date for a video of Lulu harassing reigning pain-in-butt Bubba. And now the hunter has become the hunted!

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  1. Oh man, no mailbag!

    OK, here’s a few questions. 1) Did you mean three pregnancies in Stargate Atlantis season four? If so,who? Are they all being written into the show? 2) Are there going to be any Jack and Sam moments in either season four or Ark Of Truth or Continuum? Which ones? 3) What happened to the little girl in Sateda that Ronon was holding in the flashback scene where Melina is killed? Did she survive? Does Ronon have any children?


  2. I won’t ask what prompted this post, but I’m sorry you had/are having the sort of day that would move you to write it. If it’s any consolation, I work in financial software and one of my colleagues bit another of my colleagues at a work function. Broke the skin, too. And the biter was not fired.

  3. Aw, poor Joe. Sounds like show business isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! That must mean you are even more wonderful for doing our favorite show than we thought. All hail Joe, mighty producer of Stargate. . .

    (No sarcasm here, just melodrama. :-D)

  4. Huh. It’s really hard to believe that any human being could be such an ass, but then, humanity never ceases to surprise with its utter assishness. I kinda wish you’d tell us who these people are, in case we were under the mistaken impression that they were decent. I know why you don’t, of course, but I’d hate to think I was a fan of someone who was a jerk.

  5. I’m never eating chocolates again.

    1)Will you be utilizing flashbacks at all?

    2)Will hidden feelings emerge this season, even if only for the audiences viewing?

  6. Great blog. I do not know why actors have to be mindless arseholes to the fans, those people who pay $8-$14 to see their movie and are rewarded so viciously. I have yet to meet any actor, writer, etc. on the Stargate wagon but it gives me comfort that those of my friends who have met Stargate actors, writers, etc say they are the best people out there.

  7. I am sorry your day was such that it resulted in this post. On the bright side, love Lulu & Bubba. He totally is giving into her though – like he knows she’s the youngun and he must teach her the ways.

    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Also, you’ve not been posting any food pictures – not like you’ve been busy or anything, right? 😉

  8. Wow, Joe. Seems like you had a rough day… Sometimes we have to ask ourselves why some people have to be so full of themselves. Isn’t life easier when you’re nice to people? That’s why it doesn’t make sense. Oh well… I hope that you don’t have to spend that much time with him/her/them/it the rest of the week…

  9. I can only assume somebody is being a major league idiot… I’d say this is truly a day for chocolate, but after reading about that one chocolate incident, er, Bailey’s Irish Cream sounds like a better solution. Unfortunately, as one poster already said, this kind of behavior isn’t rare or limited to the motion picture industry. I’m hoping, guessing, that you won’t have to endure the ‘problem’ past filming of one episode.

    On the other hand, be thankful you don’t have Britney Spears signed as a guest star 😉

  10. Your new puppy has the cutest bark…

    Someone obviously seriously pissed you off today. Too bad you can’t sick a wraith on them. Or zat them perhaps.

    Hope it wasn’t something SciFi did to hack you off. And hopefully you won’t have to deal with this individual much longer. Swing by your favorite chocolate store. That should cheer you up! 🙂

    Hope tomorrow winds up being a better day!

  11. This is exactly why I try to keep my admiration limited to characters, because I really don’t know the actors. I hope you weren’t referring to any of my favorite characters that have been taken off the show. I would like to think that they were good hardworking people. But like I said, I’ll try and stick to just being fans of the characters as I don’t know anything about the actors personally.

    Your dog, the black one, (sorry I’m not in touch with this blog enough to know which is named what) reminds of that little alien thing from Lilo and Stitch.

  12. I recently stumbled across your blog and while it normally makes me pee in my pants with laughter today it made me pretty sad. I work in TV too and left my last job because of those few horrible tv types you were talking about. I worked for this woman who truly had no soul. I was forced to quit my job come season 2 of the show or I may have punched her out in a fit of rage. I am at the point where I am still a pee-on but she treated everyone with disrespect and deception. And working in talk shows I no what you mean about celebrities thinking they are all that. It makes meeting the nice/normal ones even sweeter. I was thinking about leaving TV all together but I guess it’s a love hate relationship and although I hate a lot of things about it I really couldn’t see myself doing anything else. Now I am in search of a new job and it sucks. I digress….Every night though I get a good laugh reading your blog. Thanks for that! I hope tomorrow brings a better day for you and a phone call for a job for me.

  13. I’m sure I don’t know exactly what you have to deal with in those regards.

    I have had, however, many less-than-optimal encounters with authors and musicians during book signings and in-store performances.

    Just as you also say, most of the people are professional and amiable, but a few are quite the opposite.

    And I’ve never had an author or musician leave a deposit anywhere, but I have been beaten up (figuratively, and almost physically) on a number of occasions by ‘customers’ who disagreed with the ideology of a given politician who was signing on this or that day.

    Let’s put it in perspective. I sell books, you produce TV. It’s not open heart surgery. Mister Poopy Pants isn’t going to die because of M&Ms and champagne.

    I’m sorry that you and your team had to be subjected to whatever crap happened today.

    Just know that I’m thinking good thoughts for you all and sending them your direction.

  14. It’s a shame our whole society puts all this power in the hands of celebrities; we want to see them, so you guys are sort of at their mercy. And some of them have nothing more going for them than good looks they had nothing to do with attaining.

    I know you don’t drink, Joe, but I think a nice glass of syrah and a lie-down might do you a world of good tonight. Or go to Fuel and have some corn soup!

  15. As a silly footnote, I forgot to mention that I now wear the color pink to all my potentially highly-volatile book signings. After all, who can get mad at a lady in pink?

  16. Owie. I hope whatever spurred this doesn’t sour your entire week- it’s only Monday!

    Lulu and Bubba are adorable! Must be hard having to walk all four of them at once though.

  17. Sorry if you’ve had a bad day, and I certainly don’t want to add to it, and please don’t hate me for being pedantic, and it’s not as if it’s a big mistake, and I’m not saying you make a lot of them, because you don’t – but, um, it’s not “immured” (enclosed within walls), it’s “inured”.
    Also, a question: is it true that Mr Flanigan is “remarkably successful at fixing things” (as per interview, misspelled names and all, on, or is he just being funny again?

  18. Yikes! Talk about bad attitude. I hope the actors you described weren’t from Stargate.

    And “three” pregnancies?!?!

  19. oh Joe, so sad today (((HUGS)))

    Sadly, I have worked with a few jerks that fit your descriptions, and not all were men!!

    I have also heard that more than a few wives/girlfriends of actors behaving in said boorish manner.

    (((HUGS))) again.

    Take care!!

  20. Wow! I don’t even have to guess to know that whatever promted this little speech really got under your skin. Please, please look on the bright side and realize that whatever else, you are producing a show that so many people love for the same reasons you listed; because the majority of the people on Stargate are by far some truly wonderful people. Don’t let whatever happened get you down, okay! Cheers!

  21. Sorry that you had such a bad day. Hope tomorrow is better and remember, sometimes you can bite back!

  22. Talk about burning bridges. I am in the graphic design biz in the Midwest and let me tell you: there are no six degrees of separation – it’s more like two! Everyone knows everyone or at least someone who knows someone they know…er, holy crap that got confusing fast…. Anyway, burning bridges in my town is a HUGE no-no. A one way ticket to unemployment with a swift kick in the pants out of town. It astounds me how vicious and selfish people really can be. And as a chocolate “snob” I am highly offended! Well, they say what goes around comes around, so eventually, this person will be getting a taste of his own….er, you get the idea!

    Your dogs are absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing the clip. 🙂

    SGA Questions: In Outcast, where on Earth (literally), will Sheppard be? Who, if anyone, will accompany him to Earth from Atlantis?

    Chocolate Questions: Are there any resources you can point me to regarding information on Chocolate shops and such in Vancouver? Are you aware of a premium (dark preferably) chocolate bar made with whole cocoa beans? I am in search of such a thing and have yet to find it! Also any pictures of your recent chocolate ventures would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you and by all means, treat yourself to some high-quality chocolate, man!


  23. *Hugs* Joe:

    You are loved by the fans of Stargate. Well, most of them. If it helps, psychologically, people that have to make themselves feel important by acting like jerks to get their way, are really very insecure. They behave like that to feel good about themselves for even just a short time. They are the products of dysfunctional families; usually of parents that were very good at making their kids hate themselves. When you are angry at yourself and the world, it doesn’t take much to be a jerk. And I think I know who you are talking about. Is this the person who complained about it raining in B.C all the time and insisting that the producers move the show to L.A so he could be closer to his wife?


  24. Uh oh… sorry to hear you had a bad day. I had to deal with the biggest jerk ever today at work, I don’t doubt he’d leave presents in other people’s chocolate. Yewww, what an ass.
    I know you won’t say any names, but I do hope it was ‘only’ a guest star that pissed you off that much. Go out for a nice dinner, have some chocolate and tomorrow’s a new day. 🙂

  25. Hugs from me too, Joe.


    Just remember, if they can’t take a joke…kill ’em.


  26. Um, okay, I’m having trouble posting today so I apologize if you’ve already gotten this post.

    Anyway, I work in the graphic design biz in the Midwest where seemingly everyone knows everyone. Six degrees of separation? Oh no…more like two! Burning bridges can be more like burning cities here. I am sorry you’ve had to experience such nasty behavior. I wonder if show biz finds more occurrences of such than we realize? Quite unfortunate. Well, what goes around comes around – this person will surely not last long in the biz.

    Thank you for posting the video of your adorable dogs! They sure know how to entertain themselves.

    Chocolate Questions: Could you please post some pictures of your recent chocolate finds (er, the good kind, not the aforementioned nastiness!)? Are you aware of a premium chocolate bar (preferably dark) with whole cocoa nibs in it? I am searching for it and have yet to find such a thing. Can you tell us the names of some of your favorite Chocolate establishments in Vancouver?

    SGA Questions: In Outcast, where on Earth (literally) will Sheppard be? Who, if anyone, from Atlantis will accompany him?

    Please treat yourself to some chocolate, man – it sounds like you need some happiness!

    Thank you 🙂

  27. Surprisingly, the sort of persona you describe also crops up in clusters at universities as well (and I’m not talking about the students, either).

    The video of Lulu and Bubba was adorable. My dogs are gone now, but that brought back memories. I miss them terribly.

  28. My mind refuses to comprehend people like this. How desperately unhappy they must be, to be so petty!

    You know what helps me after a day like this? A long, hot bath, immediately preceeded by repeated kicking of pillows and much swearing, and followed by the contemplation of baby penguins. Sorry to hear of your crappy day. Suddenly my micromanaging manager and all the coworkers in positions of power who can’t use apostrophes, much less commas, are a lot easier to deal with….

    PS: Ever tried banning green M&Ms on the lot? 🙂

  29. This is why I don’t go for the whole infatuation of actors. They are still people. Over pampered and arrogant sadly but still people. Hero worshiping them seems to fuel their ego.

    So. Whatever happened to Ben Browder? I know this post wont make it to the published list, unless you want to edit that name out 😉

    Cute dogs! Lulu making an attempt at dominance already …

  30. Your entry today makes me wonder, has any actor not been considered for a role because of his/her personality or known/reputed inability to get along with others?

  31. Is it wrong that I really feel like chocolate right now?

    There is one actress a few of us used to love (not Stargate), but now whenever a new interview comes out we all roll our eyes and say “someone has upped their dose of diva steroids again.”

  32. Love today’s video! I think Lulu is my favorite. Just like me with my big brothers!

    THREE pregnancies? Rachel and Jane and…Who’s the third?

    Wow, whatever it was that prompted this post, I’m sorry to hear about it. Please know that we the fans appreciate everything you do. Hugs and chocolate to you, Joe!

  33. Interesting. I hope none of the actors you spoke of are ones that you currently work with, and if they are I probably don’t want to know. On one hand, nothing can kill my enjoyment of a show or a movie faster than knowing that the actor playing my favorite character is an asshole, on the other hand, I really don’t want to patronize that person’s work in any way either.

    I think conventions are really a Catch-22 for those actors. In my opinion, it’s amazingly difficult to keep up the facade constantly and those with the high “assholery” tendencies WILL slip. Believe me, nothing spreads faster on the internet than word that so-and-so is a dick.

    Honestly, I don’t know what people who act like that think they’re going to accomplish. I honestly believe that what goes around comes around and karme/fate/whatever WILL bitch slap you upside the head if that’s what you deserve.

    I work at an eye doctor’s office and am proud to say that we do have an “ASSHOLE FEE” added to the glasses of , well, assholes. It may not say so much on the bill, but believe you me its tacked on there somehow.

  34. Sorry you had a shitty day, Joe! 🙁

    Your puppies are very cute – even when Lulu is getting one over on Bubba, or trying to!

    Hope things get better soon! 🙂

  35. I can only imagine what prompted today’s blog but I sincerely hope your exposure to such “unpleasant personalities” is a rare occurrence. (Have you considered the classic flaming bag of dogshit on the doorstep?)

    And on the subject of dogs: after viewing today’s video treat my husband’s reaction was “what a fucking savage puppy” but my take was that Lulu was employing the “best defense is a good offense” strategy. She is certainly enthusiastic in her efforts to vanquish Bubba. I wouldn’t want those sharp little teeth coming after me!

  36. Joe,

    Some days really suck don’t they? I sympathize and hope Tuesday is better. ((Joe)) (Hope your wife doesn’t mind all the hugs from strange women. ;))

    Hope you feel better after the venting.

    The peanut butter brownie comment made me laugh. I love them!


  37. I’m sorry for the issues with which you are dealing.

    If I had a blog, I would dedicate today’s entry to you.

  38. Wow, Atlantis has gotten some bad press online in the last couple of days regarding season four. Both and the almost always supportive Multichannel have published articles that center on Atlantis’ ubiquitous cast changes and general instability as a series. Both articles take shots at Atlantis for “pulling a Worf” with Carter and for jettisoning Weir with all of the tact Jay Felger might use. Are you guys worried that maybe this is too many changes too fast? What kinds of ratings numbers do you think Atlantis needs to have in order to get renewed again? Will a 1.2 do it? I think SG-1’s ratings fell because there were too many changes all at once in season nine, and I’m concerned that all of the changes will drive fans away from Atlantis’ season four too.

  39. I remember a line from a show I saw years ago: “Courtesy costs nothing.” It’s amazing how many people just don’t seem to get that. Why be rude and tick people off when in the end it’s just going to come back and bite you? It’s not that hard to be nice to people–believe me, I know! It’s part of my job to be courteous to everyone I deal with. I figure it makes the nice people feel good about the police, and it makes the dirtbags not as likely to want to vandalize my car if they see me at the grocery store. Win-win!

  40. Sorry about the bad day at work. I work at a university and I swear some of the academics are complete divas starring in their own self-made productions. They keep running around campus with their feather boas and hair and make up crews on the look out for research grants and close ups.

    I think the celebrity construct is just a really unhealthy one – both for the fans, and if the person is stupid enough to buy into it, the actors themselves. People just need to take a deep breath, get a reality check, and for the love of god pass on the chocolates (that was just…horrifying).

    Stars rise and fall but a jerk is forever. I may write into Hallmark with that one.

  41. I loved the video, my little lab does that to my parents dog every chance he gets.

  42. mighty Joe if you could answer who would you, kiss in the Stargate Atlantis cast?

  43. Got my car smash today, driver side destroy, can’t affort to even pay deductable, thats the only car in our house so yes I had a bad day too, hopefully tomorrow will be better, if I can smile so can you.

  44. hello Joe
    i too offer my condolence on having a day or experience. i know how you feel. i have worked in food service since i have been in college, and i hate serving old people. they complain too much (its too hot, too spicey, more bland..).
    i am just glad that stargate actors are nothing like the person that you mentioned. Like i really love the story that Paul McGillion shared where a boy came up to see him just to give a piece of cake from his birthday. the kid had no money or nothing, but just wanted to see him. and in the story he just gave photos and pics with him out of the kindness out his heart. I mean thats a real nice guy. And i have heard other stories from people, and those (the actors that you work with and work for you) I hope are good people.
    Thanks for the real view that some of use don’t get to see behind the scenes. for me it helps me really appreciates what you guys have to put up with.

  45. I’m baaa-aaack! (Thought you were rid of me, didncha?)

    Many thanks for the myriad of Harmomy pics & vids (especially the DH stuff *G*)! It helped with the post-con depression, I must say!

    Speaking of Dragon*Con, here’s some of what you missed. And we missed *you*! 🙁 (Were your ears burning? Your blog was a hot topic of conversation!) Sorry the pics aren’t so great, my camera’s a bit old. (My roommate had an SLR that had me drooling the whole con.) Anyway, maybe next year we can get you and Joe F and David H to come there (and maybe I can get a new camera by then) ….

    Yeah, yeah, I know: if wishes were ZPMs, cities would fly …

    Fondy’s shop is adorable! Best wishes for her success!

    Hope you’re enjoying Kavalier and Klay; I love that book, myself! 🙂

    Whoever prompted the most recent blog entry, I hope it’s someone you don’t have to deal with again anytime soon! 🙁

  46. Waow Joe!! Quel message tu as ecrit!Aujourd’hui, plus que les autres jours, j’ai vraiment ressenti ton message. C’etait vraiment profond!Je suis vraiment contente que tu cheres ses moments avex nous. Je me sens vraiment special!*I wish i was there to give you a hug!*…si tu as une minute demain, est-ce que ça serait possible de te poser une question sur l’épisode TRIO?

    tanya 😉

  47. You know Joe, just when I thought of telling you I would no longer have time to come here and visit your blog because of my increasingly busy schedule, you lure me back in with your awesome insight.

    Ironically, I was thinking this same thing the other day. I have spent a good part of my life surrounded by people who either have money, are famous, were famous, etc. and thus have developed a love/hate relationship with the show business world.

    I have definitely developed a large distaste for the “Hollywood” scene and it’s actors. (Insert grocery store incident with nameless Forest Gump actress). (Also insert nameless neighbor across the street responsible for very popular Scifi/Fantasy Franchise).

    Said references above make me appreciate the Stargate actors much more. For the most part, they appear to embrace their fans instead of reject them because they feel they are far too fantastic to converse with the average person.

    I guess my whole thing is, why make a big fuss? I’m interested in people for who they are. People who hold themselves out to have a make-believe status as a higher level citizen means nothing to me.

  48. I send a great big hug to you!

    It sucks when people pull that crap. I was terrified to meet my semi-boss, whom I adore, because I didn’t want him to be just like the person you were describing, luckily he’s very nice. I’m sorry you had to go through that.

    Hope your day is better tomorrow!
    *sends another huggle*

  49. One day in high school a friend refused to give me a ride, insisting that I instead hitch one with the Brazilian who lived down my road who perpetually asked me to be in his Star Wars fan films. I happened to have a frozen, plucked dove with me so I retaliated by leaving it in my friend’s backpack at lunch. While this act isn’t the same as pooping in a chocolate box, your post has made me realize that I’m even more of an egotistical jerk than I previously thought and I thank you for your insight.

  50. What kind of twisted human being will do THAT to another person, what did they think they will acomplish! what do they think someone will congratulate them on taking revange on someone who was only doing their job?

    INSANE! thats what they are!

  51. Hmm I’m surprised there aren’t a million of ‘I’m sure it’s *insert most hated character of your fancy* that’s the asshat who pissed Joe off’.
    Maybe the fandom isn’t as bad as I always figured.

  52. A friend of mine was a child actress in the ’50’s. She was in one of the creepiest Robert Mitchum films I ever saw, and other films and tv shows as well. Her life was misery.

    Even today when I see kids in film and tv I wonder if they do it because they really want to, or only to please their parents. A child is a child, and should not have to work.

  53. Wow. Sounds like you’ve had a crummy day. It’s true there are assholes in every profession but it does seem that the entertainment industry breeds more than its fair share of them. I’m sorry your day has been blighted by one of these idiots… but at least you have your blog to let out some of the frustration in a good vent and you can be thankful that the team you work with on a daily basis are good folk. I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few of the SGA cast over the past year at conventions in the UK and every one of them has been unfailingly down to earth and charming and lovely.

    Hope tomorrow is a better day… and that something unpleasant happens to the asshole.. 😀

  54. A friend of mine works at the Sony lot, and it is known there that both Stargate SG1 and Atlantis are great shows to work on. Good people and none of the bullshit.

    Be proud of what has been accomplished not only on screen, but off screen as well.

  55. “Arctic Goddess said…
    *Hugs* Joe:

    You are loved by the fans of Stargate. Well, most of them. If it helps, psychologically, people that have to make themselves feel important by acting like jerks to get their way, are really very insecure. They behave like that to feel good about themselves for even just a short time. They are the products of dysfunctional families; usually of parents that were very good at making their kids hate themselves. When you are angry at yourself and the world, it doesn’t take much to be a jerk. And I think I know who you are talking about. Is this the person who complained about it raining in B.C all the time and insisting that the producers move the show to L.A so he could be closer to his wife?


    With respect Patricia, I don’t think we should be implying anything at this point. If Mr M decides to tell us (which I highly doubt) then he will. Let’s not go accusing/implying people are demanding things or causing trouble without some proof. And even if you do know something that the rest of us don’t, wouldn’t it be more respectful to keep those things off the blog, out of courtesy for all involved? I’m just saying…. Feel free to disagree, but personally I don’t feel it’s anyone’s business apart from those involved, and our speculation regarding who/what etc will only add to controversy and can potentially damage someone’s credibility/reputation etc…

    Joe, did I upset you with my previous post? Sorry if I did, that wasn’t my intention. 🙁

  56. Yeesh! I’m sorry to hear that someone(s) was enough of a dipstick to prompt today’s post and hope Fondy and the pups were able to cheer you up. Lulu certainly looks like she was giving it her best shot.

    On another note, I’m going to recommend Trentadue winery’s ports, if you’re a port drinker. All three are absolutely wonderful, and just the thing to sit down and relax with after a rough Monday (or any other day). Their Viognier is particularly good with fruit such as peaches, nectarines, mangos, etc.


  57. Joe, after reading your blog’s entry today I’m really feeling sad by now.
    You guys, and you in particular, do such an amazing job. And usually I know the spirit on set is just great, but sometimes, I know that too, things won’t go as planned or wished. But I really hope whatever happened it won’t effect the all over chemistry between you people.

    So, *fingers crossed* that all problems will be solved and Tuesday will be much better! *another hug*

    I really appreciate your daily blog entries, the pics and vids. I know that it’s not common for a producer, actor or whoever to do so. Thank you very much!

    Hey, and Lulu and Bubba are just adorable. How big she’ll be once she’s full-grown? I think she’s already twice as big since you get her, isn’t she?

    Take care!

  58. Arctic Goddess said…
    *Hugs* Joe:

    You are loved by the fans of Stargate. Well, most of them. If it helps, psychologically, people that have to make themselves feel important by acting like jerks to get their way, are really very insecure. They behave like that to feel good about themselves for even just a short time. They are the products of dysfunctional families; usually of parents that were very good at making their kids hate themselves. When you are angry at yourself and the world, it doesn’t take much to be a jerk. And I think I know who you are talking about. Is this the person who complained about it raining in B.C all the time and insisting that the producers move the show to L.A so he could be closer to his wife?


    There’s nothing that annoys me more than people claiming to have inside information on what goes on behind the scenes. If you THINK you know something, keep it to yourself, and don’t post speculative or unconfirmed things in public places. Why post gossip here, casting aspersions on actors? Even if it’s true, and you are ‘in the know’, what the hell has it got to do with you?

    There’s so much bad feeling around in the fandom at the moment, posting comments like the one above just makes the situation worse. Well done.

    What do you hope to achieve by posting such heresay, Artic Goddess?

    Sometimes I really dislike this fandom, and I’m beginning to think it’s ruining my enjoyment of the two shows.

  59. O.O
    A dump in a chocolate box? Seriously? That’s some f**ked up sh*t right there.
    In my younger naive days I always figured that if you could do a job that you truely loved (as I assumed actors did) you’d always be happy…curse you, adult cynicism!

  60. I think you may have started something with the three pregnancy comment!

    As for the video, very funny “Excuse me, do you mind standing still while I chew on your face!” :p

    Have you started Lord Fouls Bane yet? I’ve just started re-reading myself, please some people have actively disliked the book due to a certain happening, if you get that far, please persevere, you will be rewarded.

  61. Poor Joe, what a bummer of a day to prompt such a blog entry. Hugs to you and here’s hoping tomorrow is better.

    I REALLY hope its not RDA you are talking about (in fact, I don’t want to know if it is), and, if its Amanda Tapping who is pregnant then please tell her congrats.

    Anyhoo, just wanted to say chin up, tomorrow’s another day.

  62. Here’s to hoping today ends up better.

    Ah, the joys of working in the entertainment business. Wonder why I want to it (behind the scenes mind you).

  63. Yet more proof of why I could never work in the entertainment industry. I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from correcting this misbehavior. I do it with some of the (thankfully few) egotistical doctors around my place of work. Gets them ticked off, but I don’t care. Folks need to be told when they’re misbehaving!

    Just let us know what you want done, Joe. We shall strike them down with all of our Darkside fury! (Oh. Wait. Wrong franchise.)

    Good luck with juggling the various pregnancies which are all coming due soon, literally. May the little buggers cooperate with your schedule.

    And I just adored that video of Lulu and Bubba! Bubba is very patient.

  64. In a recent article on Gateworld, Carl Binder mentions needing to get ‘legal clearance’ before they could finalise Dr. Keller’s first name, saying they tried Stephanie but that wouldn’t ‘clear’. Why do character names need to be legally cleared and what does the process involve?

  65. Wait! You said three pregnancies? Ok, RL is the first, DH’s partner Jane is number 2, but who is the third?

  66. Ah, Joe – yes some people are red hot aren’t they?

    Unfortunately I don’t think that breed of wanker is restricted to the entertainment business, the military is full of them too. Biggest pain in the ass is that, unlike other vocations, I couldn’t quit, couldn’t say anything but just had to deal. There are of course methods that can be undertaken to preserve one’s sanity in relation to this. Things done in secret. But that’s another story. 😛

    I often referred to my uniform as my “Gimp suit”. If you are familiar with Pulp Fiction I’m sure you’ll get the metaphor. As the role of a Gimp is to: “be hammed in the ass like a bitch” it seemed to be a fitting title really.

  67. All I can say about those who don’t adhere to the concept of ‘do as you would be done by’ is….karma will be coming to slap you upside the head when you least expect it.

  68. Wow mate,
    Whoever riled you up, did a bloody good job!
    I can almost feel the anger twisting your guts!
    The high and mighty of this world, usually always have a high and mighty fall one day. Lets hope whoever riled you today, falls from high and mighty, straight onto their self absorbed sanctimonious ass!
    Cheer up mate, it’ll happen!!

  69. Salut joseph!

    Merci pour la video de vos chien lol, ils sont vraiment adorable^^!

    …rolalal dsl je n’est pas trop r�ussi a traduire le texte d’aujourd’hui =(

    Je vous poserez les m�mes questions qu’hiers:

    1)Aimez vous la politique?
    2)Dans la saison 4 quel personnage changera le plus par rapport au saisons pr�c�dentes?
    3)Bon! vous venez me kidnapper!?
    (une amie ma conseiller de pr�parais des bons petits plats, sa marcherer?)

    lol XD

    Bon bah grosss bisous! je vous adore!!! Bonne journ�e!!

    <3<3Joseph forever <3<3 =)

  70. I love this blog. I’ve been reading Geo. R. R. Martin books, becs of your rec. And I esp like the snarky Baron Destructo emails. And now I’ve watched Lulu and Bubba gnaw at each other… the best. fuck actors… keep doing what you’re doing. you’re great. – Eliza

  71. Joe,

    Can I leave you a couple of stories of my own to let you know that this does, in fact, happen in other industries? I work in home building (imagine a successful version of the Bluth company from Arrested Development). I’ve worked for two privately owned companies in my career. I don’t have any stories from the newest one, but the old one provided too many to recount.

    First, it’s very difficult for women to break through as construction superintendents because of the crap they have to put up with from vendors. And when I say “crap”, I literally mean crap. One of my friends only lasted as a superintendent for a few months. Her breaking point was walking through a house that would sell for over $1,000,000 to find that some subcontractor had taken a dump in the newly installed jacuzzi tub. She had to figure out which guy it was, physically throw him up against a wall, get in his face, cuss him out, and threaten his livelihood (if not his life) to get any of the men on the site to respect her. Not long after that, she went back to the office, realizing that no job was worth dealing with that.

    I know TV is also notorious for having horrible executives. I won’t describe all the ways in which one particular executive from my old company proved she was evil. Suffice it to say that she was more power-mad, conniving and paranoid than any Hollywood exec could ever dream of being. Someone finally convinced the owner of the company to let her go. She kept coming back in to the office for another 3 weeks after she was fired! She refused to leave, though she did only “work” half-days. When she was given the final heave-ho, my boss and I watched her leave the parking lot, understanding that we were witnessing the end of an era. We returned to our offices to the sound of singing. I peeked around the corner to see the three top executives of the company standing in what used to be the woman’s office singing, “Ding dong, the witch is dead. The wicked witch is dead.”

    Sorry you had a bad day.


  72. Having never made a comment on your oft-read blog before, I feel now is as apt a time as any.
    Having grown up around performers, I know there is a lot of arrogance out there. I remember one actor I worked with used to pick on me all the time when I was younger and we worked together. I always took comfort in the fact that generally that one horrid person was far less than the sum of a production. Hopefully you can feel the same. Plus, I’ve found more and more that producers, writers and directors (among the other talented people) seem to get a lot more credit these days. Certainly I get excited when I watch a show like “Stargate Atlantis” and I see certain writers/directors/producers have been involved. So while there are a few egotistical, miserably inconsiderate, spoilt actors out there, at least people know that the people involved off camera (and many on camera) are the ones that really make an episode good. NOT one whiny actor.

    One question I do have is about not naming these people. I’ve just been studying defamation, and in Australia you only need imply who a person is to have legal action taken against you. Obviously, being the clever person you are, you made no such implication, but I am curious: What is the law on defamation in Canada?

  73. Joe

    Are you training LULU for a fighting career ? Looks like she has pit bull tendicies.. And I’m very glad you are revising your opinion on fantasy books. Where would great literature be without them ? I personally find SCI FI books can be cold and cerebral, but I love Sci Fi shows.. But having said that I loved “City of Pearl” YOu’re not a Jane Austen Fan are you? I can tell..


  74. Sorry you had to make a post like that, something must have prompted it. If so, I hope your day gets better.

    Carl said in a GW interview that you have to get legal clearance to use names in the show (like Keller was supposed to be Stephanie and Natalie before Jennifer) – I was wondering, why is that and what does in entail?

  75. Awwww Joe

    Virtual chocolate coming your way. I’d send the real thing but I dont know if it would survive the trip from the UK. Hope tomorrow is a better day. I dont get why these people have to be like that…but they still get ired because they are a ‘name’ or whathaveyou so they wont change.. Hope that it’ll be many days before you have to deal with anymore arrongant assholes. And thanks for giving us that insight and not just posting the happy bits on your blog. That’s why we love ya Joe!

    John Sheppard is my happy place.

  76. I’m so sorry that you had such a not so good day, however what your speaking about is so true, I was stating to my son the other night we were watching football and the player had nade a touch down and because of all the celebrating that the league has banned them from doing , now you have to go to the sideline off the field to celebrate, the fans love that, but they can’t do it anymore, you can’t give away the football any more, its crazy. Actors, or people who seem to have a high status then the avarage joe fills that they don’t have to bow down or give into anything that has to do with anyone with a lower status then themselves. I understand what your stating and its not funny, I did read some of the comments that were made and it shows you how some people live, and don’t care about the little man at all. You seem so be a very nice, patient,understanding person from what I see of you and read of you from you blogg and your a very fit person, ( thats how i releave stress is exercise 6 days out of the week ) and am sure that helps, what I found out is that take 1hr. everyday, no matter what time it is for yourself. It works and it will make a diffrence, do something that you want to do, am married and I do my hour by myself, and I have children, I don’t care whats going on I do my hour. Try it everyday and you will see a change, believe me I look forward to my hour everyday, I work, am in school right now and i school my children, and excersie evry night because thats the only time that I can do it. after all that at night I sit for an hour before I go to bed when every one is sleep I read or I watch a little tv for 1 hr. to myself and its the most wonderful hour that I can spend for myself.So try it, you will see the diffrence that it makes because our mind if we allow it takes control, but what we fairly realize that we can control it. You take care of your self and I hope that you have a better day today then yesterday, take care Cassandra

  77. a oui…j’oublie toujour de vous le dire:

    Je trouve que vous avez une voix magnifique 🙂

    <3< vous adore, bisou.

  78. Come one, come all and visit my Stargate ranting page.

    This is the imaculate conception of my very ‘ego’, i just got it fresh from ebay c/o the local post office. This was after my unfortunate accident in which i was shot down and lost it completely.

    After months of searching i found another ‘ego’ and bought, 9.95 USD on ebay, good condition and working fine.

    very nice

  79. So sorry you had a bad experience Joe. I really hope you don’t have to continue to face it/them for the rest of the week – or ever again.

    I also need to say ‘Thank you” for answering my question from a few days ago. Thank you. My bad not to do so sooner. Sincerest apologies.

  80. Hi Joe,

    I hope today turns out to be a better one for you. (((HUGS)))

    Take care


  81. Mallozzi blogs:
    Not one, not two, but three pregnancies to throw the schedule into a tizzy. Hey, this is life and a pregnancy is a happy event to be celebrated and, if at all possible, worked into a storyline. We did and, in my opinion, added a whole new layer to our planned season four mega-arc.

    1. Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter) in Stargate SG-1, in season 8/9. (Hid her pregnancy behind desks, etc and then sent her off to Area 51 for awhile).

    2. Claudia Black (Vala Mal Doran) in Stargate SG-1 (season 9). Used her pregancy (“Crusade” in season 9) to create the Adria character in season 10.

    3. Rachel Luttrell (Teyla Emmagan) in Stargate Atlantis, season 3. Fans don’t know the storyline yet….


    How do you pronounce your last name? Is it “Mall o zee” or “Mall aut zee”? Chris Judge, at DragonCon, pronounced it like the latter.

  82. Wow. Hope today is better. Having worked (and dated) in the music biz, there are some people I have newfound respect for, and some I never wish to deal with again. Today especially there is quite a blurring of the line between public and private personas, by both fans and a star, and some tirades may play well in the news, but ticking off the people behind the scenes who help keep you employed is dangerous.

    On another note love the daily videos.

  83. Hugs and virtual chocolate (I know, it’s not as good as real one…) for Joe! Hope you’re feeling better now!

  84. Someone, not-a-two-year-old, actually pitched a fit over GREEN M&Ms?! Unbelievable! I’d suggest chocolate, but that idea is a bit nauseating just now.

    I hope today is going better for you.

    Loved the video.

  85. Joe what a day! I just wish that people like actors and sports people would just realise how much a simple request for a picture or autograph means for a sick child. My son was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour at the age of 22 months old. He has met some really wonderful people who have gone out of their way to help us. Richard Branson sent us to Disney World in Florida; Brian May from Queen took time to talk with my son. Soccer players visit the hospital where he was treated regularly. My son survived and is now 21 years old he has many problems including being blind, but he has never forgotten the kindness shown to him by these wonderful people. The people you refer to don’t deserve the fans adoration. And as the saying goes ‘What goes around comes around’. If I didn’t live in England I’d come round to your house and bring chocolate (It’s a girl thing!).

    Cheer up. Pauline

  86. Hi

    I work in the buisness they call show, and although there are a couple of bad apples out there, the majority of people are great, loads of fun(and sometimes just plain crazy… in a good way) and they make up for it. I’v never had a ‘normal’ job in an office, but i bet its no where near as fun as what i get to do on a daily basis.

    We just laugh at the not so nice people and ignore them at work (thankfully if they are actors/ designers/or directors they are only in for the one show, so we know we won’t have to deal with them for too long!)

    I’m sorry for whatever happened today to spark the blogg entry. I hope it all works out ok, and that you have a better day tomorrow!

    P.S Your dogs are so cute!

  87. P.S. Did I mention that Lulu – even when she is being a terror – is the cutest thing ever? (Oh and she really does look like Lilo from Lilo and Stitch! 😆 I should know, my niece made me sit through the entire movie with her…)

  88. OH CRAP,

    JOE HELP! I forgot my Dad’s Birthday yesterday. HE is 59 and his name is David. Could you Dedicate a blog to him. THANKS you are a lifesaver.

  89. Hey Joe,

    I hope your day goes better today. Thanks for sharing. We all have been there and I am sure this is just a blip.

    Take care and smile. Your dogs are sweet. I finally got my husband to agree to getting a dog.

  90. When I have to deal with jerks and dickwads, and they’re being asshole-ish to me, it makes me feel better to think that even if they’re nasty and making me feel really bad, that deep down, they’re more miserable than they could EVER make me and that, in most cases, nothing I did was at fault or deserving of that behaviour.

    I know it’s hard to think when you’re angry back, but it really is the truth… they’re more miserable deep inside than they will ever make you. And when you think of it that way, it really is quite sad.

  91. Sorry to hear about your less than glamorous day. I guess if people think they’re famous, they can get a way with acting like jerks.

    And good luck dealing with all three pregnancies. I wonder who they all are. Hmmm.

  92. Dear Sir,

    OH BOY! You should know the lawyers community…When you have one of those jerks between your client and the judge…for a week long in court. And you know what ?Those were the same the very first day of school in university.
    But in the show biz, I am surprise to learn that those people seem to be an exception to the rule. We all know that fame an fortune can be drugs hardest than cocaine for a soul and I wonder (but being suspicious a little )to discover that some actors are fine people.
    I hope that he/she is not a regular on the show and, truly, I would bet that it is a guest.

  93. This is very first time I have ever left a comment on a blog so please forgive any unintential “no-no’s” I may commit.

    At the risk of sounding like little orphan Annie, “Tomorrow, tomorrow ….” etc – life always looks different after a dose of real world with the people (and dogs) you love. I’m sure you must feel a lot better already after venting your frustrations so eloquently. You do realise of course how much speculation you’ve sparked off ….

    I have just one comment about the anecdotes in your rant 😉 – it’s about the green M&M’s thing. Out of curiosity, I Googled “green M&M’s” and got over 1.8 million results!!!!! Apparently it’s well known in the US that green M&M’s are supposed to be an aphrodisiac so I can only assume that the pretentious numpty who was yelling for them has issues in this regard!!! The thought made me smile anyway. Forgive my ignorance by the way – this urban myth (if it is a myth) isn’t very well known over here in the UK which is probably why I think it’s funny.

    I came across your blog from a link on Gateworld and was hooked instantly (the choclate tips have come in particularly useful). I think it’s really great (especially considering your busy schedule)that you manage to find the time to answer all the questions as well as keeping the nutters of this world tied to their laptops, especially kidnappers! Long may you continue!
    Thanks. Janie

  94. Sorry about your bad day, but statistically speaking, a very good one should be coming soon.

    Jerks come in every shape and form, and the highest kind of jerk I have not see in it in the show business, I meet him in science.

    Gosh! Scientist for some reason have the appearance and fame of not being all that dangerous (except when trying to conquer the world, of course.) and people outside the field tend to think that they are mostly rational and down to earth.

    Oh my if they knew, if only they knew.

    You know why I got hooked on your show? Because of McKay character. No, really. He used to act like any other teacher/researcher I get to know. A total bastard that thought he was superior and had the right to treat you as less than dirt.

    Inside the science field there are real jerks. So, ok they don’t take a dump on your chocolate box, they will only turn off the fridge where the pass six months of your research is. They don’t fail to give an autograph but they do fail to sign your scholarship papers.

    Science is full of people with fame that behave a lot worse than the tv/movie stars you see on the gossip magazines or tv programs. They only don’t receive all that much publicity. And the worse part is that most of these jerks get to have important faculty or directorial positions. They dictate how the research money is managed and which research programs deserve to keep being founded.


  95. Wow! You must’ve had the crappiest day! Sorry you have to deal with such @$$wipes.(pardon my language)
    Aww, poor Joe…I hope you have lots of chocolate to munch on. Chocolate always makes me feel better. 😉 Oh, and wine! If you have chocolate and wine…simply heaven!

  96. People like that are the reason I left theater/production work. 🙁

    Again, I highly recommend the Steven Erikson books for a truly excellent fantasy read. Also SM Stirling if you like your SF more in the AU vein. Hug the dogs and you’ll feel better.

  97. Wow…

    Blimey…something must have really ticked you off today. Or maybe it was a small thing that just proved that one little thing too many to cause this reaction. Either way, I hear it’s better to let the rant have its way and get it all out and done with. But I think I would prescribe some good food, good wine/beverage and some chill out time with the family as an antidote…

    Especially with such a gorgeously cute little thing like Lulu! She’s adorable! Thank you for sharing that moment of play between her and Bubba – I hope that watching the pups together provides some relief from the stresses of the day.


  98. Joe before everyone implodes are the 3 pregnancies you refer to:

    1 – (a)AT in Stargate SG-1 season 9
    (b)CB in Stargate SG-1
    (c)RL in Stargate Atlantis OR
    2 – 3 diffenrewt preganancies on Stragate Atlantis THIS season?

    Also, when I hear stories like the one about the prop guy and the candy I wish I would hear some follow-up about the person in charge (director, Executive Producer, Show-runner, etc.) going to the asshole and ripping him/her a new one and letting the asshole know they need to make an apology immediately.

    The fact that this behaviour is tolerated and that these assholes are PERMITTED to get away with the kind of shit this asshole got away with (unless Joe chooses to share the other side and tell us how the asshole got his own ass kicked by the director, execdutive producer, show-runner, etc.,)is the really disgusting thing here.

    I really don’t care who THINK you are (which is the problem most of the time, people THINK they are something which makes them better then someone else and they aren’t but no one is willing to call them on it so they get away with it) if someone treated me like this and the people in charge didn’t do a damn thing about it then I’d kick his/her ass myself and job be damned because right after tthat I’d quit – self respect and integrity are a lot more important than some asshole in the backlot of a studio.

    And for anyone who might choose to tell me that my position is naive and idyllic, please . . . I beg you not to. I know circumstances may prevent some from taking action on their own however that does not justify the people in charge ALLOWING such truly disgusting behaviour from a clearly ill-bred boor to go unchecked. As a matter of fact I have been in a situation at work where, for personal integirty and self-respect, walked out the door so I am, for one, more than willing to put my money where my mouth is, more people should be. Self-respect and integrity go a long way in life, I wish more people had some of each.

  99. Sorry for what sounds like an awful day. There are always days that make you wonder why you got out of bed and yesterday seems to have been one here too. You had a work migraine of massive proportions it sounds like and I had a smaller one with my mother. (But then, that’s not unusual! :-p)

    Here’s hoping that the rest of the shooting schedule goes with out hiccup and bad days like Monday. 🙂

  100. 🙁

    Sorry about your day.


    Don’t let ’em get you down. You can’t change other people. What goes around eventually comes around? Right?

    It is so aggravating dealing with self-centeredness. Sorry you get to see the underbelly of humanity at times.


    On a positive note – I CAN”T WAIT FOR SGA SEASON 4!!

    Thanks for your (and everyone’s) hard work!


  101. Poor Joe. Sorry your day sucked. Hang tough buddy. {{{{{{{{HUGS JOE}}}}}}}

    You know what you said had me thinking about the time I went to a concert of a music group that I just started to like. And at the end of the show like so many fans do they wait by the tour bus to wait for an autograph. That day our world came crashing down. We were well behaved fans and when the “lead singer” made an appearance he actually swore at us and said “he doesn’t do that sort of thing”. Let’s just say I ended being their fan then and their.

    Some celebrities/actors/actresses/bands are great. But others can be real jerks.

    But this kind of thing is not just in the Entertainment World. It happens everywhere.

    Hang in there buddy. There are good days and then there are crappy days. having a punching bag in your office might not be a bad idea. Or a treadmil where you can run the frustrations out of you.



  102. Mr. Mallozzi,

    It was my mistake that i sent a package FROM MEXICO only to Mr. Cooper, Mr. Wood, and Mr. Wright, I just wanted that someone of you could actually read my propose. Of course nobody ask for it and even when this friend of GateWorld told me my package will be return without bein open, i decided to send it anyways and hope they’ll read it.
    So i am a believer persone and well maybe you could track that package and read it?, you can share Mr. Cooper’s package or anybody else’s. PLEASE!!!!! It was sent to The Bridge Studios some days ago (no more that a month) and it was FROM MEXICO, from Karla Sánchez, that it is me.

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