Regulars to my blog will know that I am a relatively fearless person. With the exception of snakes, komodo dragons, massive script rewrites, and the cursed furry-skinned kiwi fruit, there isn’t much that scares me. Oh, yeah, heights. I really, really hate heights – so I guess that makes me acrophobic (which is either an irrational fear of heights or an irrational fear of acrobats although, come to think of it, in my case, both apply). Just the sight of someone I know stepping out onto a balcony is enough to make me nervous. So you can imagine my discomfort this past Thursday and Friday, as I watched Jewel and Amanda make like a couple of Cirque de Soleil vets to brave Stargate’s version of the high-wire. Jewel, who obviously has no problem with dizzying heights as evidenced by her choosing to do the Missing rope bridge sequence sans stunt double, was a veritable monkey up there – scampering up that ladder and along the crossbeams, showing off for the camera. Amanda, on the other hand who coincidentally shares my pronounced dislike for lofty elevations, demonstrated great courage in clambering up and executing her own maybe-not-death-but-certainly-serious-injury-defying walk. Both were harnessed and had director Martin Wood,and stunt coordinator Bam Bam standing by to walk them through it. I, of course, was on hand to spot, standing beneath them, arms outstretched, prepared to break their fall should the need arise. Fortunately, the need did no arise – not even when they tilted the set 20 degrees.

Unfortunately, the pics I snapped aren’t the greatest (too dark and the flash kept on firing up everyone’s eyes despite the red-eye reduction setting on my cam). Still, you get the idea.

Another email to my melvinskidnappers account and another automated out-of-office response:

“The kidnappers you seek will be out of the office from August 27th to September 14th. In the meantime, please feel free to make use of our automated response system. The heading of your email –

Congratulations… Lucky__Winner

– indicates you are inquiring about the following kidnap victim:

The San Bonadito Ladies Choir Featuring Hazel Dumply
Best known for their hip hop version of What A Friend We Have in Jesus, the San Bonadito Ladies Choir featuring Hazel Dumply has been entertaining fellow county parishioners for almost half a decade. Despite the fact that the median age of the choir members is a hoary 85, SBLCfHD maintains a busy tour schedule, singing for everyone from city aldermen to critical care patients who have little choice in the matter. Their contemporary spins on respected classics, annoyingly upbeat performances, and propensity to break into song at the slightest provocation has won them the antipathy of many a friend and neighbor.

Date of kidnapping: May 27, 2007.
Ransom demanded: No reasonable offer will be refused.
Status: Originally $250 000 was demanded for the safe return of all twelve choir members including Ms. Dumply but, following a surprisingly disinterested response from family and fellow parishioners, that number was dropped to $100 000. Then $30 000. Then $12 000. Then $1200. For Godsakes, at least let us break even on the cost of feeding them these past four months!

If this is the correct kidnap victim, please leave us a detailed message including your name, your counter-offer (if applicable), and an email or phone number where you can be reached.

Thank you,

Mr. Kidnapper 🙂

Today’s pics: The harness test including (a harnessed-up Amanda, Jewel, Martin Wood, and stunt person, a concerned-producer photo compliments of Lawren).

Today’s video: Click on the date. Next week, we’re going to make her wrestle an alligator!

The mailbag is back –

Anonymous #1 writes: “Will there be much McKay whump in this new series? Emotional and physical!”

Answer: Yes, both.

Susan the Turtle writes: “Does this mean your big trip to the great outdoors is at an end?”

Answer: Yup. Trio will take place on our standing set while Outcast will take me out and about again, but to heavily forested surroundings.

Susan the Turtle also writes: “What is the average amount of days taken to film one episode? Is there a set formulae for writing an episode?”

Answer: It takes approximately seven days to shoot an episode. Every Stargate episode follows the same structure: Tease and five acts.

Jedi writes: “ Will we ever get to see Sheppard use the stick fighting skills he’s acquired from Teyla, other then just sparring?”

Answer: Not this year.

Kimberly writes: “We all want the ratings to be very high so there will be a season 5 so how do we help that along?”

Answer: Seriously? Tune in. Find someone who has a Nielsen box and make sure they tune in.

Arctic Goddess writes: “ Looking at the pictures of all those people working so hard to make Atlantis happen, I thought I would create my own personal tribute to them: Hinterland Who’s Who”

Answer: Can we get Lorne Greene to do the voice-over?

Iamza writes: “The JM book club thing — that’s still taking place at the end of the month, right?”

Answer: Yup. Hogfather and Excession are on tap (Just as soon as I finish the tedious scifi novel someone recommended).

Mrs.B108 writes: “ 1)Will we see any angsty rage from Sheppard this year? 2)Would you say this season packs more of an emotional punch than the past three?”

Answers: Yes and Definitely.

Anonymous #2 writes: “If you could describe “The Kindred” parts 1 + 2 in one word, how would you describe the episodes?”

Answer: Dovetail.

59 thoughts on “September 8, 2007

  1. OK Joe – here’s a question I hope you can answer; why can/will/do you tell us the answer to virtually all of the questions about Teyla whump, McKay whump and Shep whump but you won’t answer the question about Carter whump?


  2. Wrastlin’ gators? (Yup, it’s “wrastlin'” not “wrestling” when referring to engaging in close physical contact with a large reptile.) Some li’l ol’ 10 foot (3 meter) gator ain’t nuthin’ to Col. Carter! 🙂 I like her hair too. 🙂

    Great pics, though, as you say, the pics didn’t turn out like you wanted. Unless you wanted Jewel to look like a very cool, high-flying demon – with the glowing eyes and all.

    A big ‘WooHoo’ to Martin for his Sanctuary shirt (and being a cool director and all).

    So, you’re fearful of komodo dragons? What about a gila monster? Is it a size thing or a reptilian repulsion?

    I hope the kidnappers aren’t going to end up in the hole for this kidnapping!

    Goodness, I need to stop posting after the wine + The Long Goodbye!

  3. Hiya! Last time I asked this question, you had to skip the mailbag so I guess I’ll ask it again if that’s OK.

    In one of the s4 promo vids, there was a hug between Sheppard and Teyla. Can you tell us which episode this is from? Thanks!

  4. 1) Seeing as you grew up in Montréal, how did you get your bearings as a professional writer? As in which programs did you take in Cégep/University and where?
    2) C’est quoi votre place préféré dans la belle province?

  5. Hi Joe:

    I was just wondering if we would ever seen the return of Harry Maybourne? I so love his character and the actor who plays him is awesome! Also, I wanted to say thanks so much for all of the videos and pictures, you are too good to us!

    Sabina 🙂

  6. 1)After this season begins, will things as we know them between Sheppard and Teyla alter permanently?

    2)Does Ronon have any major overall presence this year besides his centralized story in Reunion?

  7. The pics are fine! Will you let someone take one of you and post it for us when you go to the great outdoors again for Outcast? I personally believe that the sie of a show runner in a suit keeps the bears and cougars at bay.

  8. omg, joe, a picture AND video of amanda! i’m squeeing here, and still checking out the previous vid too!! 😀

    i do wonder, though, about jewel… those glowing eyes… has she been acting goauldy lately?

    borrowing someone elses question (and tweaking it): If you could describe, using one or two words, each character for s4, what would they be?


    sally 😀

    ps – did you show amanda the singing/rick video?

  9. Nice pictures of pugs the other day – it is nice that Lulu is settling in and not getting beaten up.

    Is there any way that you can put captions on the individual photos or is that a bit too technical?

    Since there is now two blonde, pretty and young women in Atlantis is one of them having to grow a beard so that we can differentiate them? If it works for the original series it must be a good idea 🙂

    Susan the tartan turtle.

  10. I have a question about Sateda. In the flashbacks Ronon talks about how ships as big as their city have attacked other planets and how no-one who stays on Sateda is going to survive. I got the impression that there was a mass culling going on when Ronan was still on Sateda but he has been a runner for 7-8 years and Sheppard hadn’t woken up the Wraith yet. I thought the Wraith slept for hundreds of years between cullings with only a few staying awake. Did someone else wake them up before Sheppard or had they just finished a big culling and got extra cranky because they’d only had 7 years sleep?

  11. Hi Joe – some days you make me laugh, others you make me laugh out loud (like today). Quick question – does Martin Wood own shirts that he did NOT acquire from a television or movie production company?

  12. Hi Joe! Thanks so much for sharing the video clips – what a cool new feature that gives us another glimpse into the behind-the-scenes aspects of making the show.

    You mentioned that Widgeon Park was 1-1/2 hours away (from the studio, I presume?). When you have to go that far for a location shoot that you’re using for several days, do any of the cast or crew spend the night on location? Or is it worth the extra 3 hours travel time for them to sleep at home in their own beds?

    Also, has there been any reminiscence going on between Amanda and Jewel from their time together on “Flash Forward” years ago?

    Thanks for all that you share with us about the show.

    ~Jennie in Oregon 🙂

  13. I can see it now, the episode where the atlantis team stumbles upon a colony ruled by Maybourne and taught by Jonas XD! If you had the chance to bring them both back for only one episode, what insane method would you use and how would you explain why they’re only in that episode at the end? ;D
    Love Amanda’s hair, btw. Very kickass.

  14. Jedi writes: “ Will we ever get to see Sheppard use the stick fighting skills he’s acquired from Teyla, other then just sparring?”

    Answer: Not this year.
    So if there is a season 5 will we see it?

  15. Hiya Joe, what up…

    Well a bit of a concern has cropped up on GW…nothing really dramatic, but there is a strong group of us who like both characters and really would like to see their unity on screen.

    [b]Would we see some great friendship moments between Sam/Teyla? If not friendship, moments of bonding between the two ladies? If there is Cagan {Carter/Emmagan—the female counter part of McShep ^_^}, what eps could you list for us to expect it in?[/b]

    Great pics by the way and uber excited about SGA coming on September 28th.

  16. greetings great Joe I come to humbly ask you to answer my question, if your greatness is not too busy.

    Mighty Joe I ask has Teyla ever done something morally questionable for someone she loves. that is all I am worthy to ask of you mighty Joe

    from unworthy yet still great fan Fatewarns; HAIL THE JOE, HAIL HIM NOW!!!

  17. hi, joe,

    s/j shippers are SOOO excited about ‘trio’ and that ‘not-so-subtle’ hint! 😀

    so, for fun on the shipper thread, i made up a scene…



    mckay: and as for you, colonel boss, you don’t have anything to return home for!

    sam: mckay, calm down.

    mckay: i’ve got–

    sam: mckay, shut up.

    mckay: katie actually ca–

    sam: and i’ve got a husband to come home to!

    mckay: *blinks*

    sam: you done being hysterical yet, mckay?

    mckay: who’s the guy?

    sam: guy?

    mckay: the one you’re married to!

    sam: my husband.

    keller: uh, guys, you might want to pay attention to the big THING coming at us.

    sam: right. mckay, set up the charges.

    mckay: what’s his name?

    sam: doctor keller, can you assist me with this?

    mckay: why didn’t you change your last name?

    sam: the calibration is off…

    mckay: when did you get married?

    keller: is this secure enough, colonel carter?

    mckay: i don’t think i actually believe you.

    sam/keller: shut up.


    sally 😀

  18. Hiya Joe, 🙂

    How’s your weekend so far?! Mine sucked and bored… Hope yours is so much better than mine…

    Anyway I have a question for you. Who gave that stuffed giraffe to Vala!? Was it a gift or she bought it herself?! And why is she taking that giaffe with her when she is off world?! I am just cusious…

    Thanks 🙂

  19. Glad to hear there’s gonna be lots of McKay whump this season. Now, may I ask exactly what were Amanda, Jewel, and The King Of The Universe so giddy about? And why was The King Of The Universe so giddy? And third, can you answer that? Do it again? If you don’t want questions, don’t post videos we don’t understand!

  20. I think Amanda Tapping is great, so the video today made me especially happy. 🙂

    Who took that first picture? What’s the thing in your left hand?

    Have a good weekend!

  21. 1.)It was around the fourth season of SG-1 that Danny J transformed from total wimp to at least a somewhat experienced in combat, will we see any transformations in McKay’s ability to wield a weapon in the near future?
    2.)If I put any of my short films on Youtube and gave you the link, would you be willing to watch them and give me feedback?
    3.)How does the production value look like this season? I mean, a lot of episodes from SG-1 seasons 8-10 and Atlantis 1-3 look great production wise, but there are a couple of episodes that seem they would have been way better but suffer from horrible production values. Ex.Icon, Bad Guys, Bounty.

  22. “Hi Joe – some days you make me laugh, others you make me laugh out loud (like today). Quick question – does Martin Wood own shirts that he did NOT acquire from a television or movie production company?”

    I agree. I’ve been laughing (loudly) for the last several days.

    I bet Amanda’s knuckles were totally white when that picture was taken.

    Re: Martin Wood. My first reaction a few days ago was disappointment that he wasn’t wearing a Sanctuary shirt. But a Stargate one was fine. I did get a good guffaw that he was wearing a Sanctuary shirt on Friday’s shoot though. Martin Wood: Walking Billboard.


  23. Please answer this question!

    Will there be any Jack and Sam moments in either Stargate Atlantis season four or the movies [Ark Of Truth or Continuum]?


    Very good, majorsal.

  24. Joe – What can you tell us about the sortie Cam was involved in when he was a captain in the air force? What year, what conflict, etc,. did it all involve?


    Oh, and please, please please please let Cam be in at least one or two Atlantis eps! I mean if you can squeeze him in…I’d love to see more scenes between him and Sam, obviously, but more fun scenes with him and Shep would be a hoot!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  25. Joe, what is that you’re wearing in that pic?! Can it be… blue jeans?! Or are those simply your ‘stunt clothes’? 😉

  26. i have a theory well 5 for the finale, correct me if im wrong

    so its called the last man right?

    1. Atlantis gets over run with Michaels pets, (you know what i mean, those bad alien things he made).. and everyone but the “last man” aka Michael is left on Atlantis, the entire team is stranded offworld.

    2.Atlantis team goes off world, and somehow gets captured, leaving just “one” member, alone and stranded with no way to get back.. no idea how that would work but the term “last man” meaning the only one possibly left alive, trying to rescue his team mates.

    3. Atlantis team gates onto a planet that has recently been attacked, possibly by “michael” or the “wraith”, they find a sole survivor who could be good or bad that knows more then they let on.

    4.A Space ship esq episode, the team gets captured, and all manner of heck breaks lose, kinda like a 3 way war between wraith, asurans, and humans… last man standing sorta thing

    5. Carson has something to do with it, possibly a wraith/atlantis alliance against the bad guys

    if im right how about a 1 – 5 like Yup Nope or Close, or almost.. lol

  27. regarding your “dovetail” answer, would that inply that something was “created” or held together this episode, possibly the good ol carson beckett, i noticed one of your older blog pictures had a pic of the wraith on a human vessel..

    so possibly this is the episode where we find more about michael most likely..

    i am so wrong arent i

  28. Hello,
    I’ve just discovered your blog ! I’m french, and I’m in Vancouver for a couple of weeks of vacations. Is it possible to attend to a day (half-day, hours …) of filming Stargate Atlantis episode ? I’d like to see how you all work, but I don’t want to disturb you in any way.
    Please let me know,
    Thanks in advance,

  29. Yeah, the jeans must be villain stunt wear.

    Hmmm… Amanda looks terrified. Just don’t tell her that she has already inspired a fan from NZ to go skydiving over Christmas. At least, not until I’m down safely.

  30. Joe M.: Seriously? Tune in. Find someone who has a Nielsen box and make sure they tune in.

    Hey!!! What’s up with the snarky “seriously” comment… designed to make my comment look dumb??? You totally chopped up my comment. Doh…I DO know we have to watch! I just wanted to know if it mattered if we DVR’d it(aka tivo) or if we had to watch it live.
    Well, at least you used ‘Kimberly’ instead of Kdvb1…lol. Maybe no one will know it was me you so egregiously maligned. (pulls up collar of trenchcoat, pulls hat low over face and slips into the shadows)

  31. majorsal,

    I can SO hear McKay in my head saying those things!!LOL (and the ladies too)
    Very funny!

  32. Anonymous said…
    How would I know if I or someone I know have a Nielsen box?

    You would know if you had one as it would be in your house with your permission from Nielsen Media Research.

    You would have to ask your friends if they are a Nielsen family and have a box. Odds are that you probably don’t know anyone with a box.

    I used to work for them a while ago and had to call people to try to place diaries in their homes, They would write what they watched in the diaries. At least half of the people I called had never heard of Nielsens and didn’t know anything about rating TV shows. I was really surprised about that!

    Hmmm…I wonder if I have a phone number for anyone that still works there. Maybe I should ask THEM my DVR question.

  33. Salut joseph!!!

    sa va??
    Moi oui; j’ai bien dormi^^^

    Merci pour ces photos et cette video d’Amanda!

    Vous avez peur du vide? moi oui!^^

    Je ne sais pas encors trop quoi vous dire car je n’est pas encors commencer ma journ�e^^!

    Donc je reviendrais cette apr�m midi=)

    Voici mes questions:
    1)Vous recevez combient d’email pas jour sur votre compte yahoo?
    2)Si stargate atlantis continu, vous penssez couper les chveux de Ronon et le ras�?
    3)Vous avez un chiffre porte bonheur?

    Bon aller gros bisou! a toute a l’heure!

  34. What a fantastic collection of butt and nose shots! You are really quite talented that way =D.

    I have also come to the conclusion that Martin Wood is a walking Sci-fi advertisement. Either that or I’m jealous of all his super cool t-shirts. Not that I wear t-shirts. I’m far too classy.

    ..And the classy points I lost by owing a truck, I gained back because the boss owns a Porsche. So, classy points by proximity.

  35. Hey Joe,

    Is there anybody in S4 that does NOT get whumped in any way shape or form?

  36. Hi Joe! First time commenter here – first off I’d like to say I love reading your blog, and thanks for sharing everything you do with us!

    I was wondering…
    1) Is Hermiod going to be in SGA s4, or did he join the rest of the Asgard in Unending?
    2) When Sheppard returns to Earth in Outcast, will anyone else from Atlantis be going with him?

    Can’t wait for season four to start – 19 days to go! 😀


  37. Hello,

    I met Andee Frizzell at London Film and Comic Con last week, and she’s really amazing !
    Any chance to see her playing another character without make-up on the show ?

    Why having Atlantis militarized is a good thing ? There won’t be so much differences between SG1 and Atlantis now ? And Atlantis always had a military presence.
    I really can’t see the interesting point in that change !
    Could you give me your point of view please ?

  38. ROFL, can’t wait for the alligator wrestling. love yesterdays pics of the pups too. have a great week.

  39. @ majorsal I’m a SJ shipper too, but get real. They need to keep shipping options open for Sam. What if Atlantis goes for another 10 seasons and what about the movies? I doubt Rick will be a significant part in that, and an important part of any character is his/her romantic relationships and you can’t have that with a non-existent, off-screen character as we’ve seen in S9-10. In fact “Unending” is plenty of proof for that…
    Nope Sam will forever be alone unless Amanda decides to leave as Rick did then maybe TPTB will throw us bone. That being said “Trio” will probably be the only episode I’ll [strike]download[/strike] view…

  40. G’day from down under Joe! Two things we (my friend and I) wish to ask:
    1. Is there any possible way you can make McKay or Carter say ‘globular’?? It’s such a cool word.
    2. Will we be seeing the Asgard in Continuum?

  41. So, awhile ago someone asked if you’d ever have a gay or bi character on the show, and you asked how they knew you didn’t; I wondered about the possible trouble you could get into regarding that. Since the US military has a big part in the show, and you guys have a long and happily cooperative history with them, would it open a big and nasty can of worms if you wrote an overtly gay sympathetic character in the Air Force or Marines, running into issues like how applicable Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is in another galaxy?

  42. C est bon!^^ je suis rentré!

    Ralalal c’etais délicieux!

    j ai pris une tagine au poulet et en dessert j’ai eu des patisserie marocain! vraiment trés bon!!

    bon dsl je ne peut pas parler beaucoup car j’ai un controle de d’anglais a apprendre pour demain^^!!

    aller gros bisou! je vous adore!! a demain!

  43. im just wanting to ask can you tell us something about teyla in the second half of the season that we dont already know pretty please?

  44. Hi Joe,

    I just finished reading your blog entry for Friday. Thank you so much for your kind words. It really meant a lot to me and was such a sweet thing to do.

    Since we live on 10 acres we have a lot of clean up to deal with. Basically 10 acres of debris mixed in with tons and tons of trees down. I have a feeling that our gas fireplace is going to be turned into a wood burning one this winter.

    Besides once again being able to enjoy a home-cooked meal, I’m really hoping (fingers crossed) that we will have our tower and antenna replaced in time for the season premier of Atlantis. I’m also hoping that I’ll be able to catch Lexa and Michael on Eureka too. Unfortunately, the tornado decided to ‘include’ our 40 foot tower and antenna in it’s travels (along with a lot of other things).

    Another great blog entry Joe. Love all of the pictures that you’ve been posting. Thanks again for your kind words. (((HUGS)))


  45. a oui aussi merci à Mr Kidnapper pour son e mail lol!! =)

    allez bisou! je vous adore troooppppp!!!!!! Merci encors!

    ps:Mais vous voulez kidnapper qui? =D ! Moi?!! s’il vous plait lol!

  46. Hey Joe, i won”t be able to go to Vancouver in 2 weeks. I’m so sad because i wanted to meet you!!!

    Anyway…thank you SO MUCH for the video of Amanda!!!

    My question:Is it possible for you to tell us something new about Carter?And why Jack is not mention at all this year?

    Take care my friend xx

  47. Answer: Yup. Trio will take place on our standing set while Outcast will take me out and about again, but to heavily forested surroundings.

    Since the shoot of Harmony seems to have been in heavily forested surroundings, did you mean to say that Outcast would NOT take you there?

  48. You were talking about trying to arrange your schedule in a previous blog. I had the most absurd dream last night that you had asked that Jane be induced on Friday so that David could be back on-set by midweek. 🙂

    (Oh, please. As if you had any hope that the fans who read this blog are normal!)

    How’s Fondy’s store coming along?

  49. Just want to let you know…your love of dogs and the many happy dog families I saw in Vancouver have encouraged me to explore volunteering at our neighborhood shelter.

    We can’t adopt because I’m allergic to animal dander.

    Will let you know whether I get past orientation and exposure to allergens.

  50. Dear Joe,

    I’m so proud to let you know that insanity is one of your most endearing attributes. Thou are truly blessed.

    With warmest regards I am very sincerely sincere,
    Later ‘Gater!

  51. ive heard rumers that atlantis will be airing a week before anywere else on scifi is this true?

  52. Anonymous said…
    I have a question about Sateda. In the flashbacks Ronon talks about how ships as big as their city have attacked other planets and how no-one who stays on Sateda is going to survive. I got the impression that there was a mass culling going on when Ronan was still on Sateda but he has been a runner for 7-8 years and Sheppard hadn’t woken up the Wraith yet. I thought the Wraith slept for hundreds of years between cullings with only a few staying awake. Did someone else wake them up before Sheppard or had they just finished a big culling and got extra cranky because they’d only had 7 years sleep?

    If you listen to the rest of what Ronon said… he made reference to the fact that the Satedans had shot down two ships that came through the Gate. That what why the Wraith were attacking Sateda.. they weren’t culling them so much as wiping them out because they’d gotten too technologically advanced.

    We know that this is what the Wraith do – it’s why societies like the Genii and the Hoffans try to hide their science and advancement from the Wraith. So I guess when Ronon referred to ships as big as a city attacking other planets, he was referring to other worlds having been wiped out for being too advanced… and that’s how he knew no-one would survive on Sateda?

  53. 1.)It was around the fourth season of SG-1 that Danny J transformed from total wimp to at least a somewhat experienced in combat,

    You never saw the movie then? You know the one where Daniel fires the first shot that starts the rebellion on Abydos? Preferring to use brains before resorting to brawn (or fire power) doesn’t make either Daniel or Rodney a “total wimp”.

  54. Well, Mr. Producer:

    Was the ‘accidental’ release of episodes 1 & 2 of season 4 really an… accident?

    As of the writing of this note, 905 seeders on, and 1150 seeder on mininova, and 2567 on 5 others. Translate that into the reseeders, 65,000 copies will have been disseminated by about 5:00 am saturday.

    Is this ‘killing’ your ratings, or ‘creating a surge’ for a new, envigorated new series? (The latter, I hope and pray).

    JUST curious… and doubting you will respond.

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