I’m not what you would call a techy guy. If, say, my printer stops working for reasons unknown, the first thing I’ll try is the old unplug/re-plug/try again. If that fails to get it working, I will go to my back up: the pick up and shake. In the unlikely event that a vigorous shaking doesn’t fix it, then it’s time for the usually reliable “slap and kick”. Finally, if even that doesn’t solve the problem, then I’ll resort to my final recourse: I’ll smash the piece of crap to bits in a blind fury and stalk off to my local Future Shop for a replacement. I’m pleased to report that this final option has yet to fail me.

I bring this up because, as I write this, I am working on my damn phone recharger – tapping, twisting, and pulling on the cord in a desperate bid to get the damn thing working. That hasn’t worked. Neither has bouncing my cell phone off the carpeted floor of my office. And repeatedly smacking the frigging charger off a hard surface has only succeeded in chipping tiny mocha flecks off the dark wood of my desk top. I could just borrow someone else’s charger for a couple of hours. Theoretically, this would be a terrific alternative to tossing my phone out the window. Practically, however, it’s a no-go as those Motorola bastards have seemingly created a unique charger for each one of their phones. In other words, unless I can find someone else with the exact same phone, I have no choice but to go buy myself a new charger – which, wouldn’t you know, is roughly the same price as a new cell phone.

So, allow me to take a moment to offer the sincerest of F.U.’s to the good people at Motorola. Also, a healthy dollop of F.U. to Aeroplan and their essentially useless rewards program that necessitates you book a seat two years in advance in order to redeem your points for a direct flight to Asia.

Well, even though I was back at the office today in body, in spirit I was with Will Waring and co. over at Green Timbers where they were shooting day #4 of Harmony. I hope my spirit brought an umbrella because it was downright miserable this morning.

Not so miserable at the production offices though. The first draft of The Last Man is out and it’s fantastic. Paul is now doing is pass on Outcast. Carl was at post all day, cutting Quarantine. And Marty G. is preparing for his last day of prep on Trio before catching a flight to T.O. for the Toronto International Film Festival Premiere of his movie YPF. I did an interview with SciFi’s Kathy Huddleston, checked out the test on the tilting set, talked to Joel Goldsmith regarding the end of this Mortal Coil (Oh yeah, watched a Day One Mix of This Mortal Coil), and generally lolly-gagged, dilly-dallied, shilly-shallied, dawdled, frittered, and toddled. No, strike that. There was no toddling. Tomorrow, I’m heading to Green Timbers for Harmony day #5: the other night shoot!

P.S. Alipeeps – thanks for the poem. Kellie – thanks for the invite. Include your email in your next comment so I can get back to you.

Pics: Construction, full tilt, hotshot director Marty G. prays for a fifth season pick-up, wheels and deals.

Video: Click on the date for a video of Jodelle harrassing Joe, and vice-versa.

Today’s mailbag –

Lady Dulcinea writes: “Do you happen to watch “After Hours”/”I’m a Marvel/I’m a DC on You Tube”?”

Answer: I have seen it. Very funny.

Lady Dulcinea also writes: “Any ancient names you have floating around in your head you’d be obliged to let me use in my own little world.”

Answer: I’m thinking “Havermaat”.

Patricia writes: “If two Wraith decided to life suck each other at the same time, what would happen?”

Answer: Depends on who’s faster.

Atlantisfannew1 a ecrit: “1)Vous allez regarder la saison 4 à la télé? 2)Vous venez souvent en france? 3)Vous aimez bien rire? 4)Vous avez prévu de faire quoi aprés le tournage de la saison 4?”

Reponses: 1) Non. 2) Non. 3) Des fois, oui. 4) Lire et dormir.

Kellie writes: “Now that you’ve all-but admitted that Teyla and Teal’c are Ronon’s parents, when will you admit that Walter and Chuck the technicians are long lost brothers who instant message each other every time the wormhole is established? The subtext is so clear and we fans aren’t stupid. Just make it official already.”

Answer: Thanks for the giving away the plot to the season four finale.

PG15 writes: “ Speaking of the Weather Network piece you guys did, I’ve managed to upload it onto YouTube. You cans see it HERE.”

Answer: Thanks for that. I keep missing it.

Anonymous #1 writes: “What does Keller have over Carson besides being a woman?
What makes her “better” then Carson, forcing him to be “killed” off in the most ridiculus scifi way in existance?”

Answer: Our decision with regard to the Carson character was made well before we had even entertained the notion of a possible new CMO.

68 thoughts on “September 4, 2007

  1. Hi Joe:

    You said: Kellie – thanks for the invite. Include your email in your next comment so I can get back to you.

    Hey! I invited you first! If I have to fight Kellie for you, I will. 🙂


  2. Looks like you have about the same luck as me when it comes to technology.

    What Motorola model do you have? I’ve just bought the new Razr2 V8. I’d had it less than 24 hours when the damn thing spontaneously locked the SIM card out and wouldn’t let me access it. Took me several hours on the phone to the idiot technicians (who were no help at all) and some resourceful internet searching to finally fix it. Hope you have more luck with yours!

    Great pics and video 😀

  3. You’ve spoken so much about Harmony these past couple days that you’re really getting me excited to see the actual episode. My question for the day is in Trinity, when Ronon shoots his commander, Teyla says that they will not speak of it again. Will it ever be resolved? Also, in the Season finale, what was you’re favorite part about the episode? Mine was when they actually lifted off Atlantia. Hope you continue to enjoy your lolly-gagging, dilly-dallying, and shenanagins!

  4. Ha! That was a great video. I can’t wait to see the interaction between the boys now, what with the spoiled princess in their midst.

    I do hope the Weather Network thing was to your liking. Now, suffice it to say, it did take a little effort (and a lot of RAM to convert that file to a usable video file), but it was worth it.

    On that note, let me repost questions I asked yesterday, in hopes of seeing it answered tomorrow:

    1. Can we expect some major Emotional-Shep-Whump (ESW) in Outcast?

    2. In fact, would you say that Season 4 has more Shep Whumping than the other seasons?

    3. Would you call the 3 episodes of “The Kindred” and “The Last Man” a 3-parter? If so, would it be as connected as the mid-season 3-parter?

    4. After confirming that Carson will be back for 2 eps in May, has that number changed in the 4 months following that?

    Good luck on the shoot tomorrow! Fingers crossed for no-cougers (or no hungry ones, anyway. A couger could be a good photo op…)

  5. How many episodes are left to film? and is Carson going be in those two eps only in the back half of the season?

  6. 1)Will we get to see a darker side of Sheppard this season?

    2)Will Ronon’s character have a more dominant role this season?

  7. Well …… all things considered ….. considering ALL things, including Motorola, air mile credits …… pesky annoyances not worth mentioning and a chipped desk …… your day was a good one? 😉

    Tomorrow is yet another opportunity for Murphy to impose his laws! Chin up!

  8. OMG!!! I couldn’t finish reading the Blog I had to write a comment RIGHT AWAY!!

    Joe if you read my eariler posts I went to Toronto for a weekend when I got back home I realized I left my Motorola V551 charger at the hotel never to be seen again… I so agree with you stupid thing NEVER clicked in to the phone right took like 3 min of fiddling with it then my dumb phone would turn itself ON… not charge just ON!! LOL!!

    I work for Rogers and could help you get a new phone for $0!… Well I can do that for any customer but I’d be sure to do it for you… Let me know!!

    Love your blog.. now i’m going to finish reading it!

    Loving Hogfather!

  9. Alright done!

    Awesome blog! Marty going to screen a film maybe i’ll hope on a bus and go there..!! Tickets are kind of pricy ah well it’d be fun.. I’ll just make sure to leave my phone at home!

  10. Hey, Just a few questions.
    1)Do you Like Star Trek?
    2)Have you ever read the Fantisy series The Belgariad?
    3)Is there any Episode of Stargate Atlantis that for some reason you dislike?


  11. There is nothing worse than something needed, as in your examples a phone charger or printer, ceases to work. I tend to follow your line-up wth regards to making it work. Although before I smash it to bits, I try to follow the “help” sections of the manual (if I still have it)…sometimes it works, other times it does not. Ah well!

    With regards to SGA season 4, will there be anymore ancient goodies (warships, ZPMs, drones, jumpers, etc) discovered and will the team get to keep any and not destory it? lol

    Oh and what happened to the Tria? After the Return I & II, nothing was mentioned of what became of it.

  12. Kudos to Kellie! She’s at your level of sarcasm!

    I suggest the Energizer battery-powered charger for an office backup.

    I failed to pack my Motorola charger when I visited VanGroovy. Picked up one of the Energizer battery-powered chargers for CAD 30.00. I think I found it at Future Shop at Park Royal Mall, but I also saw them at a grocery store.

    When at home, I always plug in the car charger, no matter how short the trip…but I also forward the cel to the house phone and turn it off when there.

  13. 1) Can you give us a number of Teyla centeric episodes? (Not the titles mind you just a number of how many are Teyla centic?) 2) is there any onset shots of Rachel? (me misses those a lot) 3) have you seen the new iPhone yet?

  14. Kellie writes: “Now that you’ve all-but admitted that Teyla and Teal’c are Ronon’s parents, when will you admit that Walter and Chuck the technicians are long lost brothers who instant message each other every time the wormhole is established? The subtext is so clear and we fans aren’t stupid. Just make it official already.”

    Answer: Thanks for the giving away the plot to the season four finale.

    Well CRAP. All these months you’ve been so careful with spoilers and I finally let down my guard and started reading the mailbag and now, NOW you have to slip and give something away. Joe, how could you?? There is just no way I will be able to watch that finale now.

    Anonymous #1 writes:” What makes her “better” then Carson, forcing him to be “killed” off in the most ridiculus scifi way in existance?”

    Answer: Our decision with regard to the Carson character was made well before we had even entertained the notion of a possible new CMO.

    And, Anon, your premise is faulty in yet another point. Clearly, Trip Tucker’s death in the last aired episode of Star Trek:Enterprise was the most ridiculous scifi death ever. At least Carson died “in character”.

  15. You choose the violent route to when things break; I choose the “look for the most tech-competent person around and ask for help” route.

    Any plans to pick up season one of Heroes on DVD?

  16. Hey, Joe.

    Is it presumptuous of me to call you Joe? Because, you know, I don’t know you? Should I be referring to you as Mr. Mallozzi? Anyhow…

    I recently started reading your blog and managed to glean from it that you’re a bit of a foodie. Have you ever been to The French Laundry in the Napa Valley region? If the answer is, “Yes, I have sometime in the past 2.5 years,” and you hated the salad and/or cheese course, I’m sorry. It was quite possibly prepared by my brother-in-law.

    Also, does Joe Flanigan really have elfin ears or do they just appear that way on TV?

  17. Hi Joe,

    Love the vid of Jodelle and Joe goofing around.LOL

    Just one quick question
    Will we ever get to see Sheppard use the stick fighting skills he’s acquired from Teyla, other then just sparring? Some sort of real life/life or death situation where he has to fight to survive?

  18. Nothing worse than a cranky phone. Time for that new charger. Wait until your hard drive(s) crash… I’ve had that happen. Not fun. One question:

    How has the cast reacted to Carter’s hairstyle change?

    I bet Amanda was thrilled when you guys finally let her hair down (literally)!

  19. Ditraveler said…

    Hi Joe!

    New at your blog (5 days or so new)
    The set looks SO impressive!

    It’s the smell of paint spray an ever present scent in the set?

    When can do you guys realize season 5 is a Go?

    I see you speak french, do you speak spanish or other languages?

  20. Imagine this comment contains a thought-provoking question that you have been longing to answer.

  21. “then I’ll resort to my final recourse: I’ll smash the piece of crap to bits in a blind fury and stalk off to my local Future Shop for a replacement.”

    — Are you trying to be the Canadian version of:

    John Schulian, who had one too many computer crashes when he was at Warner Bros TV, so he took a baseball bat to it (he even put this story in print so I don’t expect to get a telephone call castigating me for repeating it)


    Don Bellasario, who upon hearing that Universal wouldn’t replace his assistant’s malfunctioning typewriter until they couldn’t repair it any more, took the typewriter and threw it against the wall so they would have to replace it.

  22. Hey joe, i had the unfortunante experience of having my internet be down all weekend and missing 3 whole days of your blog! Plus sunday rodney’s(the little goat who died a couple weeks ago) sister, abigaile dropped dead while i was teaching little kids that a cow is a cow and not a camel(more on that one later). then i spent today dealing with our stupid IP and their dumbness about trees, and shaving the schizoid cat, all in all it was a horrible weekend.

  23. Joe
    I laughed my *ss off at your comment about Aeroplan I work for another points program for Visa run by the *cough*rbc*cough*. And the biggest complaint that we get is that were not as good as Aeroplan never mind that we can book with 60+ airlines, and there are no black out periods, no minimum ammount of seats we have access to on the plane. The only thing they hear is 14 days notice!!!

  24. Dear Joe,

    Now that you got more popular with regards to your blog, it seems you neglect your older fans that stuck with you through the beginning and were ever so faithful. This is the third time I write you and receive no response. What up with that man.


    your montreal fan

  25. Hey Joe,

    not sure what motorola model you have but many of their phones will charge via USB. Find a usb cable, plug in into your computer (that is on). plug the other end into the phone and it should charge.
    Hope that helps you (unless you’ve broken it beyond repair already)

  26. Hey,

    You keep saying Adrift has great emotional scenes between certain characters and outstanding visual effects. But what about Joel’s score? Does it also fit into the supreme coolness of the already anticipated season premiere?

  27. You need to make sure you throw your charger REALLY hard against a wall to get the full magical electronic repair effect. Preferably throw it through a glass window. Sometimes that’ll do the trick. =D.

    But seriously, I suggest snurching a new charger off ebay. Best place for a cheap replacement.

    And just to make sure.. Did you check to see the outlet you were using is properly working? Sometimes the GFCI outlets will get set off and you have to reset them before they’ll work again.

    Other notes:

    The free floating set piece looks rather menacing. Reminds me of that one episode where Daniel’s parents kept getting squished by the museum display.

    And oh… fake rock facades… I think this is the one thing we as a race will spend more time perfecting than any other set piece.

  28. from Sept 2nd:
    DanI&Megan writes: “You were at Monde Chocolat today?!?! We were at Monde Chocolat today too! I can’t believe we almost met you.”

    Answer: You should have told me when you’d be swinging by. I see you checked out the Zotter offerings. Have you sampled anything yet?

    Really?!? I will totally tell you the next time we go up! I think I purchased enough to last about 6 or 8 weeks…lol. So far I have sampled: the Terra Nostra caramel bar which was amazingly wonderful; I had some of my truffles from their own line which were really good too; and I had 2 bites from the butter caramel zotter bar. It’s really good, but really rich; I can’t imagine how anyone can eat an entire one of those in a single sitting. Kassandra (whom you know as mackenziesmomma on here) tried the mare’s milk with oats one and said it was pretty good. Alas, as I am technically allergic to chocolate I must eat the bars slowly, but I have a good feeling that I will enjoy them.

    Cheers, Dani

  29. Emily said… “Also, does Joe Flanigan really have elfin ears or do they just appear that way on TV?”
    I noticed that too, he is such a cute little elf!

    Joe said…”So, allow me to take a moment to offer the sincerest of F.U.’s to the good people at Motorola.”
    Thank you Joe…you took the words right out of my mouth! Our chargers haven’t worked right since we first bought our Razors(sp?). Sometimes they have actually sucked the charge out of the phones!!! We would start with the phone battery half charged, and in the morning….totally no charge! Sometimes I think you have to stroke the dang things and plug them in just so! The car charger works much better.
    Unfortunately, Motorola phones seem to get better reception in the Tampa Bay area (or just near me) so we will probably be getting new Motorola’s in December, when our contract comes up.(and we can get free stuff again!) Hopefully they will have fixed the charger problem…yeah, wishful thinking…I know! 🙁

  30. Thanks for the posts on the great novels over the past few weeks. You have inspired me to read much more than I have been. In the words of Homer Simpson, “Your ideas interest me and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.”

  31. What kind of phone do you have? Maybe you could a new (or refurbished) charger from ebay.

    Well… now you can book your trip to Asia for 2009! Are you going to stay in town for the Olympics in 2010? Or are you going to get out of here before it turns into a nut house?

  32. You are apparently using the Star Trek method of Home Appliance Repair:
    Level One Diagnostic: Squint at appliance, turn appliance upside down, shake appliance until crumbs fall out.
    Level Two Diagnostic: Return from eye clinic; turn off appliance, wait until appliance is all relaxed, quickly turn appliance back on… haHA!
    Level Three Diagnostic: Unplug appliance, seethe for a count of eight, plug appliance back in.
    Level Four Diagnostic: *whackwhackwhack* work,youmiserablesonofa *whackwhackwhack*
    Level Five Diagnostic: Pour whisky, phone geek

  33. Dude, I was sure the finale was going to be the not-so-secret, long-awaited multi-crossover ep where we find out Keller is House’s long-lost daughter and the Wraith take control of the gate so they can enlist him to cure the retrovirus. Oh, well. Walter and Chuck texting for the win, anyway. And Ronon, son of Teal’c, son of Teyla. Their names match, how could it be otherwise?

  34. “I’ll smash the piece of crap to bits in a blind fury and stalk off to my local Future Shop for a replacement.”
    *hands over heavy wooden mallet*

    Motorola definitely has a way with sucking…my phone did the very same thing. Then my mp3 player decided to act up, which I promptly threw across the room (they bounce in case you were wondering).

    Do you ever watch Heroes? I just bought season one and have my roommate hooked, muahaha.

  35. awesome video! 🙂 haha, they’re so cute. I can’t wait for Harmony!

    Today (September 4th) was my birthday! and it was really nice, other then spending it all doing school. I never quite got how people wanted you to dedicate a blog to them… until now! 🙂 maybe I could get a wave and a hello?

    keep up the good work, man! I’m going through Stargate withdrawl w/o it…

  36. Salut joseph^^!

    Bon tout d’abord je souhaite un joyeux anniversaire à ma petite maman adoré^^!!

    -Merci beaucoup de m’avoir répondu c est vraiment trés gentil^^!

    -Oh dommage que vous ne venez pas souvent en france^^!
    -Moi j aime bien rire aussi, j aime bien les gens heureux et joyeux^^!
    -Lire et dormir? ..^^Bah c est trés bien comme occupation^^!

    -Merci aussi pour les photos^^! Martin est trés drole dessu^^!

    -Merci aussi pour cette super video! waou cette petite fille, quel actrice!

    -Ralalala jespert que vous trouverez une solution pour votre chargeur! C est vrai que c est embêtant!Moi j ai mon portable depuis presque 2 ans et je n est jamais eu de probléme.

    Voici quelques questions:

    1)Vous mangez quoi au petit déjeuner?
    2)On vous reconnais dans la rue?
    3)Es-que a la fin de la saison 4 il aura beaucoup suspense? plus que dans les saisons précédente?

    Bon bah Merci beaucoup!! Gros Bisou! je vous adore!! a demain!

  37. Dear Joe

    My boss has the same repair technique for malfunctioning printers … I often find threatening to replace mechanical equipment does the trick and makes it work! Science or magic?


  38. Marsha_R said…

    “…At least Carson died ‘in character’.”

    Or maybe not. You never know with scifi in general and with these guys in particular.


    Mary Beth :/ <---that's me..."pondering"

  39. Answer: Thanks for the giving away the plot to the season four finale.

    You’re welcome. It just proves that I’m smarter than you are and you even publicly admitted it! I’m so smart that I’ve also figured out how Carson’s coming back: Teyla’s going to give birth to him.

  40. Hi joe…first of all i thought id tell u that it is great that you put in the time to entertain and answer fans,You don’t have to and we appreciate it. My question..well i was wondering if the machine that was descoverd in ‘tao of rodney’ will be used again in this season. Thanks again AR

  41. Hi Joe

    Saw you on the weather network last evening. You were seriously cool!! Good tv presence>> I think you should write in a cameo part for yourself in the show.. Or have a recurring meterologist .. or even a DJ for the Atlantis City.. And maybe it would be nice if the writers appeared in the show as soldiers or tech people. Just in the background and we could see if we could figure them out…

    In full agreement with aeroplan sentiments..

    Take Care


  42. Hi Joey,
    Do you like “Firefly”? do you think Stargate movies will do better than “Serenity”? What’s your favourite SG-1/SGA episode(s)?

  43. Phones? Your phone works?! ZOMG!!! ;D
    Glad you liked the little poem, M’Lord. How many days of vacation do you get every year? Just curious. Ha ha.

  44. hey Joe,

    It just hit me after looking and hearing the video, Genni Jerry isn’t he a reporter for one of thoses “entertainment” shows like extra or entertainment tonight? Did i get it right? Do I win a prize?

  45. Hello Mr. M! Thank you for answering my previous question. I happened to be looking at Mr. Nykl’s website the other day (needed to confirm his eyecolour for an anfic-fay (if it’s in pig-latin, surely no one will know it’s the dreaded F word ha ha)) and I happened to notice that on his resume he has listed vocal training and, if I remember right, 8 years of tap dancing(!). Is there any chance that in a future episode we might get to see the good Dr. Z showing off one or both of these talents?

    Hee hee, I’m still waiting for Atlantis: the musical episode….yeah, I know, not holding my breath here. 🙂

    PS if you ever decide to film on a “prairie planet” (ie Saskatchewan), let me know and I can tell you good places to eat. 🙂

  46. ROFL, *dries eyes* oh dear, I wonder if theres a tap it-bang it-throw it out the window gene? my response to everything too which explains the number of phones/remote controls/fiddly gadgets/cups/plates we’ve gone through…..the kids are too damn BIG now to throw anywhere but not for lack of trying.

  47. Thanks so much for the video! It’s so sweet! You are really spoiling us recently with the vids and pics.

    I had a problem with the charger for my laptop, and, you guessed it, other chargers for other laptops we had made by the same manufacturer didn’t fit in the socket! They keep changing the size of the sockets with each new model, so you have to buy a new charger if the one for your old laptop breaks! I just bought a new laptop…

    Er, so, I was wondering, er, will there be any Shep whump in Outcast? AM has written it, hasn’t he? And, he wrote Line In the Sand, which had great Sam whump in it, so I know he can write great whump…and it’d be a shame to miss any whump potential… Shutting up now!

  48. ah motorola phones .i had (had!!!!!) a motorla v525 and well thats the end of the story as i decided to see if my phone could fly (after i as told for the 3rd time that the technicians need to replcae th software for the frickin thing)…..motorola phones cannot fly..even though they are advertised as being able to do anything!!!!!:P..stick to nokia…mine bounces!!

    How is Fondy getting on with the store???

  49. As someone who works on cell phones all day, motorola actually has the LEAST amount of different charger types. Let us know what kind of phone you have Joe and I can point you to a replacement charger.

  50. Two part Question

    Going back to “Hide & Seek” Was that really David Hewlett being tossed over the balcony or was it his stand in?


    At when do you allow the actor to do his/her own stunt?


  51. Whoa, it sounds like the 4th season will be the best, at least to me. I can’t wait to watch it… Sooooon…

    Thanks for the video.


  52. Hi Joe:

    I’m finally delurking to thank you for your book/author recommendations this summer. I particularly enjoyed Old Man’s War and the two follow-up books John Scalzi wrote. They’ve actually been the highlight of my “Summer of Science Fiction Reading Club” while waiting for the new season of Atlantis.

    Of course, since I like John Scalzi’s writing so much, I had to go check out his blog http://www.scalzi.com/whatever/ where I’ve been turned on to Neil Gaiman and the new movie “Stardust” which was adapted from one of his books. Great movie ala The Princess Bride.

    You might have already said, but any release dates for the SG-1 movies?

    Thanks for taking the time to share your words, pictures and video with us!

  53. When someone had the bright idea to kill Carson (before Jewell was considered), what was the plan? Was there going to be no doctor at all, or was there no plan, just a, “we’ll fix it when it comes up” mentality?

  54. thankyou for answering my carson question and im sorry if i came accross as bitter, just honestly i couldnt see what was wrong with carson as a character, he established himself with all the leads in the show in various episode, and was kinda like the kind doctor that comes along every once in a while for field trips

    honestly, although i love atlantis as a show, since yall do a great job, i cant help but hate how he was replaced..

    I know he wasnt as important as sheppard etc, i could imagine the uproar if an episode called Monday gets released and shep gets killed off lmao

    thanks again, sorry if i sounded like an ass

    well i guess il be one of the ones waiting and seeing how it ebs and flows in the long run

  55. C est moi =)

    Je vient vous passez le salut avant d’aller dormir.

    Demain une dur journée m attend :
    Réveil à 6:00 du matin, 8 heure de cour et je rentrerais pas avant 5h30 ou 6:00pm!
    En plus de cela je suis trés stréssé , jespert que tout va bien ce passer et que ma nouvelle classe sera cool!

    Bon je me lance dans l’arène!
    Souhaitez moi bon courage!
    ayez une pensez pour moi =)

    Allez gros bisou!! je vous adore! a demain!<3<3<3<3

  56. Thanks for all the Harmony pics and the videos. Very nice. Can’t wait to see that ep. Am counting the days to the Season 4 premiere – but there isn’t much longer to wait. (The 3-month wait sure beat the 6-month wait we had in the U.S. between the first and second halves of Season 3! That was just cruel. I hope that never happens again.)

  57. Oooo “Havermaat” I like it. Sounds dangerous, like I’m radioactive or something. This opens up ALL new possibilities for my “character”. While the settlers of Jamestown futz around with the Powhatan and Monacan, little do they know Havermaat is roasting marshmallows (using her belly button) with “the Watcher.” This is good stuff Joe!

  58. When it comes to your phone and charger I think one of Murphy’s laws applies…

    When the need arises anything closest to you becomes a hammer.

  59. Your spam scam has inspired me to do likewise.

    I received an email today from a Johnson Myers entitled “Welcome friend”, informing me someone I have never met has sent me a greeting card, and I could pick it up from blah-blah address quoting blah-blah number.

    I took a leaf from your (hy-sterical) book and replied:

    “Dear Johnson (what an unfortunate name you have there…)

    I probably won’t pick it up. One of my alter egos got sent to a psych ward for re-evaluation, however, I managed to sneak us all out of there while the guards were distracted by a topless inmate screaming obscenities. Tell Jonah thanks for thinking of us, but we really don’t need his cards, as it conflicts with our psychiatrist’s recommendations.

    However, if you’d like to send us a million dollars, we could fund our campaign to stamp out anorexia. Shouldn’t be difficult – anorexics are so brittle they’d squash like bugs with less force than it takes to wank.”

    Be happy, for your influence is spreading. Spammers, be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

    On a different note (F sharp, I think) THANK YOU for giving us gate geeks all the lovely behind-the-scenes pics, video and commentary. It’s nice to know that the SG peeps aren’t stuck-up or afraid to interact with their ‘adoring public’.

    And thank Baron Destructo, Hazzencockle and the rest of the crew for the laughs!

    – Dana.

  60. Hi Joe! My birthday is the 6th. I was wondering if you could dedicate your blog to me. That would be fantastic.

  61. One of my favorite twists was when the Wraith restored Sheppard’s health/age/whatever after escaping (I spent a good chunk of the episode wondering “how’s he going to get out of this one?!”), so well done, but I wanted to know if you plan to revisit that at all in this season or next season (I’m sending positive thoughts for a renewal)? If it is this season, please don’t tell me the specific episode, I’d love the surprise 🙂 Thanks!

  62. I have the same twisting/turning/ready to toss it out the window relationship with my laptop charger- even more of a bitch to replace than the cell phone charger

    Try ebay for a cheap generic charger, I’d place money on them having it, in fact if they don’t have it, I will search for the model you need myself!

  63. My dearest Joe,

    I have a bit of a bone to pick with you. You said yesterday that you would be filming at Green Timbers tonight. That was not entirely accurate, as I found after I made the long trek to Surrey and drove around the park several times. As I’m sure you know, the Stargate set was in a private, fenced-off, guarded property adjacent to the park. Now, I didn’t expect to be able to walk right up and listen to David and Joe run their lines, but I was hoping that I could gaze longingly at them from a distance.

    While I am indeed a nature lover, I think I could have put those three hours I walked around the park, (fruitlessly) looking for a hole in the fence or any kind of glimpse of Stargate action, to better use.

    In the future, could you strive to be more accurate in your descriptions of filming locations, or, at the very least, leave a pass with my name on it at the gate.

    Your faithful fan,

  64. Ah heck, I’ll ask. Will OUTCAST take place on 1) Earth, 2) another planet (not Atlantis) or 3) both?

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