A late blog entry today as I was on location at Green Timbers for day #4 of Harmony. A very exciting outing today highlighted by an owl sighting that effectively shut down production. We were in the midst of setting up the next shot when somebody shouted: “Hey! It’s an owl!” And the next thing I knew, everyone had cleared out. I caught up with the crew beneath the large tree they had gathered around to gaze up at the magnificent bird. “Ooooh,”marveled one of the women from make-up. “Beautiful,”remarked an A.D. “I think I can hit it from here,”muttered a hopeful David Hewlett.

Eventually, the owl flew off and the disappointed crew grudgingly returned to work. Good thing too as we had a lot to get through today: six forest scenes which including a couple of crane shots for the “And why would they want to kill her?” sequence (I swear, that’s what it says on the call sheet) and some EXT. NIGHT. I’m pleased to report all went well and that, unlike yesterday, none of our actors came into contact with any poison oak. Yep, it was smooooth sailing…until around 7:30 p.m. when someone shouted “The owl’s back!” and everyone dropped what they were doing to go see.

We had kicked the long day off with Martin Wood presiding over the splinter unit filming of the Trio tease. Jewel and Amanda made an early appearance and were wrapped around noonish. Hopefully, they went home to get a good night’s sleep in preparation for tomorrow afternoon’s big “harness test”. I’ll be sure to have my camera handy for that.

By the way, good news on the cell phone recharger front. I fixed it – by plugging it in and banging the cell phone repeatedly against my marble kitchen counter until the little light went on. I’ll have to remember this particular trick for next time.

Today’s Pics: BamBam invites you to meet his friends Pleased to Meet You and Good Night, DOP Jim Menard screws up Evil Kenny’s photo op, Director Martin Wood presides over the Trio splinter unit search for the leprechaun’s gold, while Terry keeps them on script, setting up the shot, the owl, Joe serenades the owl.

Today’s Video: Click on the date to see David’s masterful impersonation.

Mailbag (only covering the questions I was able to save and bring with me before leaving the house this morning):

Steph writes: “…in Trinity, when Ronon shoots his Commander, Teyla says that they will not speak of it again. Will it ever be resolved?”

Answer: It was resolved. Ronon killed him.

PG15 writes: “1) Can we expect some major Emotional Shep Whump (ESW) in Outcast? 2) In fact, would you say that season four has more Shep whumping than the other seasons? 3) Would you call the 3 episodes of “The Kindred” and “The Last Man” a 3-parter? If so, would it be connected as a mid-season 3-parter? 4) After confirming that Carson will be back for 2 episodes in May, has that number changed in the 2 months following that?”

Answers: 1) There will be definitely be some emotional shep whump in Outcast. 2) Yes. 3) I wouldn’t call it a 3-parter, However, they are definitely connected. 4) No.

Emily writes: “Have you ever been to the French Laundry…?”

Answer: No, but it is at the top of my list of “Places I Have to Visit“.

72 thoughts on “September 5, 2007

  1. Joe Flanigan is so pretty. Thanks for all this pics you post. I enjoy them much. I also enjoy the questions you answer. I never have one but I enjoy reading them.

  2. THANK YOU JOE MALLOZZI for answering my questions!!

    Tonight, I think I’ll give it a rest with the questioning, as I’m sure you’re tired from the day out in the field.

    If you’re going out in the field again tomorrow, have fun! If not…have fun at the Production Offices!!

  3. Nice owl. Too bad they’re dumb as a post. I think one of the coolest things about living in the Harry Potter universe would be the owl mail. Easier than snail mail, and maybe not as fast as e-mail, but way flashier.

    That pic of Amanda and Jewel standing next to each other reminds me of a minor gripe I had with SGA: the predominance of brunettes. Nice to see that a little bit. Now all we need is a main character who’s a natural redhead. Put that on your list for when you cast the next major character. Don’t want people to think you’re hair-color-ist, after all.

  4. Hi Joe:

    French Laundry? Is that anything like General Hank Laundry? Okay, I know, my jokes are lame. That was clearly spelled out to me today when I told the joke about the Newfoundland fire truck. I’ll shut up now.

    As always, I love your blog, Joe. You are one of the coolest people I’ve ever met.


  5. Joe,

    Thank you SO much for the lovely photos (Amanda and Jewel!), the handsome photos (especially Joe F. and Martin W.), and the delightful video clip.

    23 days until the season four premiere…


  6. Yeah, you really should check out The French Laundry (if you want to sound really cool, call it just TFL). 😀 I went there this summer and it was the craziest dining experience of my life. 20 courses?? Jeepers creepers. The menu I had is frightening unto itself. Although what’s with all the quotes, I ask?

    Menu Craziness

    Do you have a favorite Korean food? Ever had kimchi jjiggae? Delicious.

    Here’s an irritation of mine that you may or may not have anything to do with: What’s with releasing the Atlantis season 3 DVDs only 10 days prior to the season 4 premiere? I’d like to watch season 4 as they air (hey, it’d help with the ratings and all), but I still have yet to watch season 3 (shame on me, I know, but I only began watching Atlantis this summer). Releasing them so close to each other kinda hinders people’s abilities to catch up. Then again, I guess there’s only so much you can do with the given timeline…

  7. The owl is really nice looking – why would you guys run away from it???

    And maybe Joe Flanigan is crying out for a singing part for Sheppard because he appears to enjoy serenading the crew.

    Perhaps you could secretly tape his singing some day…

    Thought you’d fallen off the earth when I didn’t see your blog but glad you’re ok.

    I always love your pics – pls let Martin Wood know that he’s a fine and mighty looking man in those shorts!

    Thank you,

  8. Ditraveler said… I am not Anonymous just unable to post as “Other”

    What a lucky owl, getting a serenade by Joe Flannigan, let me correct that…getting a serenade period! *slaps sleeping husbands shoulder* The romance is gone!!

    Oh! since you didn’t get to read all yesterdays questions:

    1-) When do you know season 5 is a go
    2-) I see you speak french, what other language do you know?, do you know spanish?

  9. We are all waiting for season 4 to start with bated breath(yes that’s spelled correctly..I looked it up!

    We all want the ratings to be very high so there will be a season 5 so how do we help that along? I usually record shows on my dvr and watch them later. I read somewhere that if you are a Nielsen family, they might not count that toward the ratings.

    If you are not a Nielsen family, does it matter if you watch the show while it is on?

    Do the cable companies also monitor what we are watching and use it for ratings that TPTB actually care about?

    I really, really want a season 5 so if you have a clue about this…please let us fans know.


  10. Hiya Joe,

    Thank you for all those wonderful photos and clips…

    That owl is so cute! And Joe F playing to the owl just priceless…

    Thanks again.. 🙂

  11. Who was the poor, botanically-challenged sod who didn’t recognise the poison oak? And what tune was Joe layin’ on the owl?

    – Dana

    PS, thanks for all the pics. 🙂

  12. Oh, the owl is sooo cute! And David’s impersonation of it is just amazing.

    Now, please, could you give us a video of Joe F. serenading the owl?? LOL
    Or just a tiny little bit of him playing the guitar?
    I would be immensely grateful!!!

  13. Love the blog – It’s the first page I check when I come into work every morning.

    I’ve wanted to ask for a while whether any of the cast and crew were avid bird or mammal watchers – After recently spending an amazing week in the wilds north of Vancouver, I have to say that the wildlife out there is fantastic – if you can avoid the bears, of course.

  14. Ahh, again with the fantastic snapshots and the marvelous vidclips. Thanks for posting them all.

    I would imagine that filming on location is more difficult than filming in studio – weather, outside sounds, distracting wildlife, etc. Is that generally the case? What are some of the challenges in studio that the cast and crew actually get away from, filming on location?

  15. I think it’s great how you’re illustrating and capturing life with your pictures and blog. It’s one reason I got into photography and writing. 🙂

    Please indulge my nerdiness…I’m curious as to what digital camera are you using? Thanks!

    Have fun on set. You have the best job ever!

  16. Hi Joe,

    Reposting here… I wanted to know what was going on with Teal’Cs many hair do’s? Will Ronon be more edgy (if thats possible) this season?

    Lastly, your thoughts on Yorkies or toy dogs as family dogs?

    Dede in North Carolina

  17. Happy to read that the owl answers my question about cast & crew on wilderness shoots. Great to know they can enjoy it.

    Poison oak though? I had no idea. “Leaves of three, let it be.”

  18. I fixed it – by plugging it in and banging the cell phone repeatedly against my marble kitchen counter until the little light went on.

    Ah, percussive maintenence. The best kind. It’s fun *and* effective. I bet you feel better now too!

  19. Can we expect any ancients appearing in the next season? It’d be great to see Janus from season one again assuming he ascended – he was such a maverick and I’m sure he could help the team out a lot. Do you have in your mind what could have happened to Janus? Maybe he’s still flying about in his time machine.

  20. The owl is a Barred Owl, Strix varia. Was it being mobbed by other birds? Owls that are out in the daylight often find themselves surrounded by a crowd of small birds, calling, screeching, dive-bombing, teasing, yelling insults — everything but the actual words “nanny-nanny pooh pooh.”

    The hoot of the barred owl is supposed to have the rhythm “who cooks for yoooooou?” which shows that birders often don’t get enough sleep.

    Speaking of not getting enough sleep: I have to go down as someone who hopes you-all do a good job with Teyla’s pregnancy, but who expects that you won’t because episodic TV handles such things so very badly.

    Pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood are not discreet events, they are long-drawn-out transformations: they break most of the rules of character continuity for episodic TV. Not to mention that if you’re going to be writing about the ongoing physical transformation of a woman’s body you really need some women working in that treehouse.

    In fanfiction I’ve observed that it is quite possible for virgins to write about sex believably; it is extremely rare for non-parents to be able to write about pregnancy and children without just coughing up dumb cliches.

    I promise praise and chocolate if you-all succeed, but I don’t expect it. Feel free to dazzle me.

  21. Wow, great pics (again) today! The Bambam ones are particularly appreciated.
    I hope Hewlett didn’t get that owl…
    Great video too, thanks for being the coolest executive producer ever. If I didn’t live in Scotland I’d ask for an autograph, but the postage will be astronomical.

    I’ll have to remember your tip for the phone recharger…

  22. Hi Joe
    Thanks for sharing your pics and videos withus. Its great to see the cast and crew working and that owl is magnificent. Why did David want to hit it? LOL



    John Sheppard is my happy place

  23. Sweet! I think this is my favorite set of pictures yet!

    I love owls. You will be amazed to know I came home from work one day to find an owl sitting on my livingroom furniture!

    Said owl can be seen perched on my chair here:

    And don’t ask, I have no idea how it got into my house. But I was brave (maybe stupid too) and picked it up on my finger and released it. I’m also surprised my squirrel eating cat didn’t get to it.

    A good time was had by all, especially after discovering it had pooped all over the house.

  24. Hi, Joe.

    In watching your video clip tonight (thank you and David), with David Hewlett doing his impersonation of an owl…

    I noticed in the background what appeared to be plywood laid down on the forest floor.

    My question(s) are:

    1. Was that plywood?
    2. If so, was it there for the cameras to roll on, to facilitate the the smooth movement of the camera dolly wheels?
    3. Or, if so, was it there to protect the forest floor from the camera dolly wheels?
    4. Or, if so, both 2 and 3?
    5. Or…none of the move, I must have been hypnotized by David’s owl impersonation, and I hallucinated seeing the plywood?

    Thank you, Joe, again for your lovely photos and terrific video clips. We appreciate your efforts.

    Only 23…well, 22 days now, to go until the Season Four premiere!



  25. Oops! I forgot to inquire… Now do you have actual marble or some type of granite or other stone counter?

    I must make a note of this so when I remodel my counters, I have the correct material installed in case my cell phone decides to give me a hard time too.

  26. Hi Joe, this is my first time on your blog. I’m italian, so sorry for the english. I have a question for you (surprise!): you guys said that Torri had signed for 4 episode. She filmed three so far. Could we hope she will be in the last one of season 4?
    Many many thanks!


  27. That’s one cute owl. And yay for the lovely legs of Mr Woods! Bless him and his shorts.

  28. Tehe Owl love is so cute lols! You should start worrying when Joe Flanigan starts singing about owls all the time…by that point i’d be a little concerned. LOLS Lovely pics btw. I love David Hewletts comment LOLS! ^^

    be well,

  29. Harness test??? That sounds interesting. And who came in contact with the poison oak? 🙂

  30. 1)Will we get to see a darker side to Sheppard this year?

    2)Can we expect some interesting twists surrounding Teyla’s pregnancy?

  31. I have to say that David Hewlett has a second career waiting for him as an owl impersonator! The resemblance was uncanny. It was almost like “which one is the owl?”

    Patricia, as someone that listened to your newfoundland fire joke, please, don’t repeat it. 😉

  32. The pics are great!!!
    the videos rock!!!

    now for the all important and intellectually inspired question..
    ..oh an owl!!!!

    *goes off to look at the owl*

  33. Congrats on getting the cell phone charger working… i’m still without one so have forgone using my cell phone.. Feels weird no being attached to the thing. Have you ever wished you could just “forget” all technology?

  34. Hey Joe,

    Is Genni Jerry a reporter for one of those “entertainment shows” like Extra or Entertainment Tonight. After watching the video of him, I swear that is where I have seen and heard him. IF so do I win something? Maybe your respect or gratitude. It can be something tangible too if you wish, or need to clean out your attic.

  35. So, does Joe F take a guitar with him everywhere these days?! I’m guessing his playing can’t be too bad or he would have scared the owl off.. the poor thing has sensitive hearing! 😉

    Dare we ask which unfortunate soul had a run-in with the poison oak?

    P.S. I second PG15’s effusive thanks for answering his questions.. you made a lot of people very happy. I wonder if you can guess which ones? 😉

  36. Just catching up on your blog as have not been online much.
    The latest video had me laughing, owl impersonating! HA!
    Wanted to say that this blog is one of the best around, and the fact that you are answering fan questions, is MIGHTY cool!
    Got to hand it to you, you are one fab producer, and a cracking blogger!
    Keep up the great work!

  37. I’ll be in Vancouver next week and I am taking you up on your suggestions. I will even support the Mrs. and buy things for my cats!

    These videos are really great!

    Think you’d be able to get a little of Joe’s musical talent on tape for us?

    love always

  38. Great shot of the owl (and Joe F serenading it).

    Got a question. Since you had Jerry from EXTRA! on the set as a Genii, does this mean that the infotainment show is going to feature a segment on SGA? If so, did he hint when?

  39. You should have Joe do a segment on the show w/ his guitar. You’d def. get more female viewers. It might even send the ratings over.
    David is wonderful in his candor.
    Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    How is Fondy’s store going? Are they handling the store by themselves right now or have hired help already?

  40. PG15 said…
    THANK YOU JOE MALLOZZI for answering my questions!!

    Tonight, I think I’ll give it a rest with the questioning, as I’m sure you’re tired from the day out in the field.

    If you’re going out in the field again tomorrow, have fun! If not…have fun at the Production Offices!!

    Yes, thank you Joe Mallozzi for answering PG’s questions. Erm, especially one’s that mention Shep whump…I’m sure PG has more Shep whumpy questions he’s dying to ask you. So, I’ll try and persuade him to ask away. He can be a bit shy, you know…;)

    Another amusing vid, and some great pics too. Thanks for those – AGAIN! I feel like I’m coming on here every day and thanking you for something!

    I initially wondered if the owl flew away once Joe started serenading it, but on reflection decided it was surely mesmerised by the wonderful sounds of Joe strumming his guitar…

    I suppose I should get PG15 to ask you this, as he has more luck getting questions answered than me, but I was wondering if there will be any Shep whump in any other episodes of season 4, other than DG, Travelers, TR and TMC? IE, is there any Shep whump us obsessive, er, passionate, Shep whumpers don’t know about that will be coming up?

    Thanks! 🙂

  41. Love your blog title, it seems entirely appropriate! A quick question… which episode would you recommend for good Sheppard/Carter scenes? I’m looking forward to seeing this dynamic this season. Thanks!

  42. Thank you for taking the time for posting the pics and the video, both are really amazing. Is a joy to read your blog.

  43. Bwahahahahahahaha!

    Love the owl shutting down production, twice. And David H’s comment.

    You’ve said something each paragraph today to get me to laugh. And I got some very strange mental images of the upcoming “harness test”. Cool! Action shots!


  44. Owl impersonations, guitar playing, Rachel singing, David N tapdancing (see my question from yesterday)…the next set of DVDs really should have an “Atlantis Talent Night” for a special feature. 😀


  45. I have just gone to visit David H at his ADB site – and the site account has been suspended! So I decided to come visit you.

    What about you taking photographs for a 2009 calendar? “The Men of Stargate” would be nice – including that nice Paul McGillion of course. Or a “Foods of Vancouver” calendar.


  46. **does a happy dance** JM, you are a SLY one. Thanks for your answers. Looking forward to S5 **crosses all fingers and toes**

  47. tesajb:

    Looks to me like the owl that got in your house was a Western Screech Owl, possibly slightly on the immature side. They can squeeze through remarkably small cracks; they also occasionally get “lost” in chimneys and get into houses that way.

  48. I love the addition of the vidoe clips, they have been known to make my day.

    But I was thinking, which is a dangerous thing to do sometimes. As a writer your mind has to go to some crazy places sometimes while working on a story. If you could do ANYTHING to the characters of SGA, what would it be? There would be no consequences, because in the end Rodney would find the reset button.

  49. Kept up my end of the bargain and watched ‘Spirited Away’ with my bro in exchange for him watching Stargate Atlantis. It was definately different. The witch looked disturbingly like my old maths teacher Mrs Mackenzie. I wonder if there is any way to find out if the character was based on her.

    P.S. I became an Aunt for the first time today. Please can you dedicate your blog to my gorgeous neice?

  50. Joe,

    Is it likely we’ll see Weir in the last episode of S4? Is there anything for Weir fans to look forward to in the last half of S4?

    *crosses fingers*


  51. Salut joseph!!

    c est moi!!

    Merci pour ces jolies photo^^!
    Le hibou est magnifique!
    Merci aussi pour cette video de David!

    Ma journée ne c est pas trés bien passer…Conclusion aprés avoir passer 9h dans mon lycée je suis very tired!!

    Ahh je suis heureuse que votre chargeur remarche!! Elle est trés bien cette méthode pour le faire remarcher^^!

    Attention!! révélation du projet secret!!

    ==> Sa fait plusieurs jours qu avec une amie nous faisons notre possible pour crée et amélioré un forum qui vous est sur vous! Nous y consacrons beaucoup de notre temp, il serait trés gentil de votre part de nous dire se que vous en penssez?
    Merci beaucoup =)

    Bisou, bisou! passez une bonne journée,Je vous adore!!! a demain

  52. The green eyed monster paid a visit today after seeing more fans get set visits. *cries* That got me wondering, given the number of fans on your blog and in the fandom, have you ever thought about auctioning off a set visit, and for the proceeds to go to a charity of your choosing? Just planting a seed…


  53. Can you give us an approximation of how many episodes Teyla will be in in season 4? Thank you!

  54. Wow, “whoooo” knew that David was so talented at doing impressions?

    Love Joe’s guitar!


  55. Hi Joe!

    When you say ‘Shep whumping’, what exactly do you mean? Him doing the whump or him getting whumped??

    Please don’t say both…

  56. Great pic of AT and JS – thanks for posting. Having Carter on Atlantis was a brilliant move and I am looking quite forward to it. Cannot wait to see what pics you have of AT and JS after today’s work wraps.

  57. I especially liked the pictures and video today! If it were me, I think I would have been happily surprised to see an owl.

    Who was the poor person who came into contact with the poison oak? That must’ve been extremely unpleasant.

  58. 1.Will Teyla get a love interest,well maybe not a love interest as such but maybe someone taking an interest.

    2.Will there be lots of Teyla Whump in S4.

  59. Is Joe’s guitar actually plugged into an amp? He brings his guitar on set? That’s so cool. Is he any good?

  60. SGA-1 usually spends pretty long stints in the puddle-jumper, I believe their longest being 15 hours. How did the ancients forget to put a bathroom in? Also, whatever happened to Cassie?

  61. Hi Joe !

    I can’t wait to see season 4. J-22 ! It’s gonna rock !

    So, I wanted to know if Fondy watch the show ? If yes does she watch when it airs or before ? What does she think of it ? (and SG1 ?) Do you speak with her of your stories ?

    Bye !

  62. …Anonymous said…
    Who was the poor, botanically-challenged sod who didn’t recognise the poison oak?
    – Dana ,

    Hey!! I resemble that remark :S But it wasn’t me!! ditto for poison ivy too.

    Thanks for the pictures and video Joe. Is it possible for you to capture a teeny-weeny bit of Joe F singing and playing his guitar with your video camera???

    Pretty please!! Chocolate coated if you want??

  63. (formerly and yet still known as Jill_Ion)

    Hi Joe!

    Thanks for the pics – again!! Great ones of BamBam and Evil Kenny (maybe Jim Menard’s name should be changed to Evil Jimmy – rabbit-earring Kenny like that!).

    The smaller version of the “leprechaun’s gold” pic looked like the guys on the ground actually met “Pleased to Meet You” and “Good Night.” LOL!

    I’m happy to see the Lovely Ladies of Stargate!

    Soooo cool that an owl visited the set! He’s beautiful.

    And speaking of beautiful, JF and another guitar! Sweeeeeeeeet! 🙂

    I really enjoyed DH’s impersonation of an owl. Very convincing – and hilarious!

    End Review of JM’s Pics!

  64. I just saw the new promo up for Atlantis on Sci-fi’s site. Nice end shot of the team. Everyone looks (let me channel Tyra Banks here) fierce…

  65. Bonsoir Joe,

    Je vous remercie d’avoir bien voulu répondre à mes questions.

    Je comprends maintenant pourquoi l’épisode Trio sera le plus difficile au vue de l’entrée du 4 septembre, les décors sont assez impressionnants.

    Je me demandais si lors de la lecture du scénario et en cas d’épisode tourné à l’extérieur des plateaux, si vous avez déjà une idée de l’endroit précis où sera tourné les scènes ?

    Merci beaucoup et passez une bonne soirée.


  66. Hey Joe,
    Foodie question again. Have you ever bought Foie Gras and prepared it yourself? Where could one buy it? Living in the middle of nowhere makes going out to the store difficult and local restaurants aren’t exactly Fine Cuisine. Could I buy it online? Any recommendations? Thanks

  67. hi, joe,

    i see amanda there!:D and i’m hugely looking forward to what you’ll show for the filming of ‘trio’. *hopes*

    the vid of david impersonating an owl… that man is soooo cute!

    sally 🙂

  68. I’ll be glad when Harmony is done shooting so this blog can dry out from all the fangirl drool!!

    If Sci-Fi doesn’t pick-up SGA for a fifth season, is there any chance MGM/Bridge Studios can still produce episodes for distribution outside of the U.S.? Is the U.S. market the only one a show like SGA can be made for due to the relatively high production costs of a science fiction TV show in today’s market?

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