I put the day to good use: sleeping in, working out, reading up, hanging out, and generally lolly-gagging, dilly-dallying, shilly-shallying, dawdling, frittering, and toddling. No, strike that. There was no toddling. Still, it was a fairly relaxing day marked by little of note with the exception of that makeover segment on Oprah. In fact, I accomplished so little today that I began to feel a little guilty (I mean, technically it is Labor Day after all) Well, what better way to assuage said guilt and experience a fine sense of accomplishment than by doing a little writing. Specifically, a little letter-writing to those emailing con artists.

Well, con artist – one Martin Holme who has his hands full trying to scam both my alter ego Baron Destructo AND the not-quite-widowed Margaret Quibble.

When last Baron Destructo heard from Martin, Mr. Holme sounded mighty fed up. “I think we have tried enough for you to comply over this issue!”he wrote. Well, I did a little tinkering with his response and transformed his angry reprimand to “This is to acknowledged the receipt of the rocket boots” complete with Mr. Holmes’ fancy yellow script and letterhead. Above this purported response, Baron Destructo wrote back:

“Dearest Human Refuse,

I sincerely hope you are enjoying the use of the rocket boots. But don’t have too much fun as you may end up unwilling to part with them when the times comes – ha ha ha! Although, in all seriousness, when the time comes, reluctant or not, I‘m sure we‘ll have no problem detaching them from your barbecued clodhoppers.

Speaking of barbecuing – would you be so kind as to re-confirm your address for me. I sent two of my associates to the address you provided in one of your previous emails. They decimated the building only to later discover they had unwittingly destroyed Cotonou’s only orthopedic center. Dr. Catastro and the Purple Lamprey were understandably mortified.

In any case, if you would be so kind as to forward me the correct address at your earliest convenience, it would be much appreciated.

As always, thank you for keeping the dream alive.


Baron Destructo

Cc: Calamitous Jane, Glaxnor the Miscreant, Sinderella Washington, Xxxaptak’qul, Dr. Catastro, Dr. Disastro, Dr. Quinn Meddlesome Woman, Ray Mephistopheles, Archfiend Animus, Brutus Badly, the Plague Zombies, Vorzik the Planet Squisher, the Malevolater, Count Sinister, Kugal Baruth, Death Knell, Star Father Celestio, Shatterdam, Princess Arcana, the Mystifier, the Procrastinator, the Soul Emancipator, Quickstrike, Professor Frosty, Flamer the Flaming Man, the Pummeler, the Purple Lamprey, and John Tesh.”

Margaret Quibble’s request to have the $950 000 promised her delivered directly to her husband’s kidnappers was met with some expected resistance on the part of Mr. Holmes. He explained that since she was the designated winner of the $950 000, she was the only one who could legally receive the cash. Undaunted, Margaret Quibble wrote back:

“Dear Martin,

Margaret Quibble here. Again, thank you for your help in dealing with my husband’s kidnappers. I’ve informed the FBI of your intended participation and they would like to speak with you. What would be the best way for them to contact you, via email or phone?

Thank you,

Margaret Quibble”

Copying and pasting the seemingly official F.B.I. logo embedded into the email sent me by another email scammer, I sent an impressive-looking message to Mr. Holmes from veteran Federal agent Felix Wexler:

“Dear Mr. Holme,

Agent Felix Wexler of the F.B.I. here. I’d like to thank you for agreeing to assist in the Quibble investigation. Since you have volunteered to meet with the kidnappers when the time comes, the bureau will require some personal information from you, specifically:

1. Your shoe size.
2. Any food allergies that may affect your field performance (ie. peanuts, persimmons, Dijon mustard)
3. Date of last haircut.
4. Passport number (if traveling in from a foreign location).
5. Approximate annual income.
6. Detailed job description.
7. Religious affiliation.
8. Bellybutton positioning (ie. Inny? Outy?).
9. Do you own your own teeth?
10. Next of kin (in the vent things go horribly awry).

Again, thank you for helping us out and potentially putting your life at risk. For your protection, the F.B.I. has run a back-trace on your email and account and is dispatching agents to your home in the event the kidnappers seek payback of any sort (as they are usually wont to do).


Agent Felix Wexler
Federal Bureau of Investigation”

I’ll keep you updated as the investigation progresses.

Today’s pics: Yep. More Harmony.

Today’s video: Director Will Waring sizes up the day (click on the date).

Mailbag –

Boring Dull is ROFLMAO writes: “Joe, next time you decide to spam my blog with an “anonymous” comment about me being a thickhead it might be an idea if you, you know, PUBLISH my comment first so other people apart from you might know about this blog and “anonymously” post comments there…Enjoy posting anonymous comments on your own blog. It seems to be the only way you can generate attention and controversy.”

Answer: You flatter yourself. For starters, I have never used (or, for that matter, never seen or heard anyone else use) the noun “thickhead” as in “you are a thickhead”. Nevertheless, knowing what little about you I do, I can see how you could inspire someone to feats of linguistic ingenuity. Second, if I was to give anyone a verbal smackdown, I’d do it here on my blog where others can decry.exult in my outre witticisms. Third, have your read Use of Weapons by Iain M. Banks? It’s a little confusing at first but, ultimately, a very rewarding read. I highly recommend it. Fourth, your previous comments weren’t published because they were obnoxious and critical of the cast on a personal level. Fifth, no offense but if I wanted to generate controversy, the last thing I’d do is make an anonymous post to your blog.

PG15 writes: “Can we expect extreme damage for one of the Atlantis vehicles in the near future?”

Answer: Extreme to say the least. Yep.

Jedi writes: “Will we find out if Sheppard has any siblings in S4?”

Answer: We will in Outcast.

Kath in Baltimore writes: “Is it common for a producer to go along on every location shoot?”

Answer: Some productions have on-set producers but, in the case of Stargate, our experienced directors are de facto on-set producers. Still, with my script work and editing duties complete, I am now free to go out on location and answer script-related questions or badger the director.

Majorsal writes: “How much chocolate would i have to bribe you with to insure those 12 outtakes of the ‘grace’ kiss would make it to a video?”

Answer: Sorry. SG-1 outtakes are out of my hands.

Redtwin writes: “Why is “Outcast” being rewritten?”

Answer: No script is perfect in its first draft so, yes, all scripts are rewritten to various degrees.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Do you think the kidnappers would take my gekko houdini in exchange for Sid”s fuzzy little life?”

Answer: You could email them and ask.

Michelle writes: “Fondy’s store looks so bright and inviting, I’m sure it will do well. I’d somehow thought it was going to be a doggy spa, as in grooming, pedicures or whatever else is chic these days. Will that be offered as well?”

Answer: Eventually, yes.

Anna writes: “Do you happen to know if Jonas was killed in season 9 when Kelowna fell to the Ori?”

Answer: We never explored this but, in my mind, Jonas went underground and is still alive somewhere, resisting the Ori army.

Fishbaum writes: “So, as I understand it, you and Paul Mullie are the show-runners. How come we almost never hear you talk about Paul in this blog? We hear and see lots on Gero, Binder, and all the directors…. “

Answer: Paul prefers to keep a low profile unlike the other clowns, so you don’t hear from his as much.

Charles Schneider writes: “When you first started working in televisin did you begin as a full writer or as a PA? How did you break into the business?”

Answer: I broke into the business as an animation writer. I sold my first pitch and script to The Busy World of Richard Scarry, a 7 minute episode titled Patrick Pig Learn to Talk. After working in animation for a number of years (developing, writing, and story-editing) I eventually made the move to live-action – half-hour teen sitcoms, one hour action-adventures, and, finally, Stargate.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Which season 4 episode are you most proud of so far?”

Answer: So far? Our season premiere, Adrift, is pretty damn impressive.

Sanura writes: “Are the scripts exclusively writer-edited and tweaked by performers, or is there somebody who does a copy pass for proofing errors?”

Answer: That would be Alex Levine.

Anonymous #3 writes: “When an actor pitches a script like Joe Flan did for “Outcast” once he makes a suggestion, is that all the input he has?”

Answer: That depends on how busy they are, how involved they choose to be and, more importantly, how quickly we have to get the script out.

Susan W. writes: “Are there any official channels by which fans or other members of the public might submit an idea or even a script that you *could* read it and/or use it if it has merit? Is there a particular address or person to whom such could be sent, or a way of disclaiming ownership that would make it possible for you?”

Answer: I’m sure there are a lot of great ideas out there but, at present, we aren’t seeking outside submissions.

Supreme Commander Thor writes: “Could I link the odd blog photo on our Facebook SG:A group?”

Answer: Sure.

Anon Y. Mous writes: “Can you tell us if any episodes are fully complete and ready for airing? How far in advance of airing are the episodes due at Sci-Fi? How do you determine if an episode needs a “previously on” segment and who makes that decision the producers or the writers?”

Answers: Yes, a number of episodes are complete (Adrift, Lifeline, Missing, Doppelganger, and Travelers come to mind). As for how far in advance of airing the episodes “are due” at Sci-Fi – it varies. This year, we had plenty of time to deliver as our premiere was pushed back to late September. Re: the previously on. The producers are the writers and we make the call although we’ll honor specific SciFi requests.

Martine a ecrit: “1) Quelle scène ou cascade a été la plus difficile a réaliser ? 2) Quelle séquence a nécessité plusieurs prises avant d’obtenir le résultat voulu ? 3) Est ce que vous appréciez les pâtisseries françaises ?”

Reponses: 1) Trio sera le plus difficile. 2) Il y avait plusieurs séquences compliqués cette année. 3) J’adore les pâtisseries françaises.

75 thoughts on “September 3, 2007

  1. I don’t know Joe, all these lovely pictures is making me more greedy. But please don’t stop. Loving the videos just as much as the pictures.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Can you make anonymous comments on my blog? All publicity is good publicity. To make it extra hard I’m not even going to link my blog – then when you do leave the comments it’ll be like ‘whoa’ MacGyver impressive.

  3. Brilliant pics today Joe (and every other day, but especially today) and fantastic to see Chuck. In shorts. Made my day. *fans self*

    Is he there as David Hewlett’s stand-in or is he there in character?

    Please keep the pics coming, you’re making a lot of fangirls very, very happy 😀

  4. Are any of the episodes in the back half of season 4 of Atlantis going to give even the slightest hint towards the upcoming 3rd series? (Like SG-1’s The Lost City did for Atlantis)

    If not, Has there been any news yet about Stargate Universe which you picked up from Brad and Robert which you might be willing to share with us, Without risking a horrible death threat on you from said individuals?

    Friendly greetings,

  5. Hey Joe,

    I posted this a few days ago. I’m only posting again b/c I was SOOOOO hoping for an answer. I won’t bother with it again if its too annoying. Husband and I LOVED the Gary video. PS Do you happen to watch “After Hours”/”I’m a Marvel/I’m a DC on You Tube”? I recommended it once, but now apparently it really has a following. The guy that makes them was even at ComiCon. So cool for him. ANYWAY, back to my deja vu comment from the other day:

    So I’m performing in this show called “HerStory”. It is actually an official production for the 400th anniversary of Jamestown (that would be Virginia). Its kinda a cool opportunity for me:) It follows the story of prominent Virginia women from Jamestown then later in Central Virginia. Aaaaanyway. The three “narrators” are from the three main cultural groups in the area at the time (Indian, African, and English). We call them the “spirits”. I am playing the Engish Spirit. But I digress. My director/show author has explained the spirits as Etherial beings who watch over the progress of history, and while they can have a calming influence—of course—-can do nothing to alter it. And I think to myself, “OH MY GOD! I HAVE TOTALLY ASCENDED!!! I’m an ANCIENT!!” So then being the quirky actress I am, “I need a name!”

    So that is my question. Any ancient names you have floating around in your head you’d be obliged to let me use in my own little world. Of course it would only be known to the English Spirit/Ancient b/c no one else wants to play along, but it will certainly help me get in to character! This is going to be better than that time I played Fifi the french foreign exchange student in the chorus of “Grease!”

  6. Hello Joe

    Did you have a nice day at work?

    Can we have more doggy photographs – your doggies and other Atlantis people’s doggies.

    It is almost time for Atlantis series 4 to be shown here in Scotland. Can’t wait – even if Carson is only in 2 episodes. 🙁


  7. Me again….

    Would Will Waring not be better to buy a watch instead of using the sun to work out the time? I think that it would be MUCH simpler.

  8. hi, joe,

    since you published pics (and vids) during the shooting of ‘harmony’, will you be doing that with ‘trio’ as well? *hopes*

    sally 🙂

  9. Thank you thank you thank you thank you for all the pics of Joe Flanigan!!
    Will Sheppard ever use his stick- fighting skills off Atlantis? (ie actual stick fighting or sword/knife fighting).

  10. As usual, great shots of the scenary, and the trees ain’t bad either 😉

    From spoilers so far, it doens’t sound like it, but (fingers crossed) there’s a season 5, do you think you’ll write an episode where the team is in a desert? Or in snow?

    And while I can’t get enough shots of Joe F and David, any chance for shots of other cast members too?


  11. Yessss!!! Thankee muchly Joe! As I said before, I love it when the hero ships get damaged, like Voyager in Star Trek Voyager’s “Year of Hell” and Enterprise in Star Trek Enterprise’s “Azati Prime”.

    I hope I didn’t spoil those shows for you…nahhh, I probably didn’t.

    Man, Outcast is sounding better and better! Siblings, Parents, Bates (maybe), Earth, ex-wife…can we expect some major Emotional-Shep-Whump (ESW) in this episode? More than ever before?

    In fact, would you say that Season 4 has more Shep Whumping than the other seasons? Combined?

    Anyway…a question for “The Last Man”: Would you call the 3 episodes of “The Kindred” and “The Last Man” a 3-parter? If so, would it be as connected as the mid-season 3-parter?

    Oh, and I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been a lot of Carson questions lately, so I’ll ask one: After confirming that Carson will be back for 2 eps in May, has that number changed in the 4 months follow that?

  12. How often will Teyla go offworld since she’s pregnant? Will the team have a replacement?

  13. Richard Scarry! My children back in the day loved that program. Now it’s all Dr. Who and Spongebob, but people do grow up I guess. Occasionally I even get vaguely nostalgic over Barney.

    If there’s a season 5, and I sincerely hope there is, what are the odds about an episode centered around Atlantis and Sheppard’s Super-Duper, Turn-It-On Gene?

  14. 1.)When someone asked if Jonas was still alive or if he was dead, you claimed you never explored it and then gave your insight-How come that when SG-1 found out that Kelowna fell to the Ori, they didn’t attempt a rescue mission? I mean, Jonas saved their rear-ends several times, why not give a rescue a try?
    2.)Any mention at all of Daniel Jackson, Mitchell, Vala or O’Neill in the fourth season of Atlantis?
    3.)Should we be expecting a humorous appearance by O’Neill in Continuum or is it more serious?
    4.)Will Beckett’s return be sad/heartbreaking or aggressive/action-packed?

  15. Dear Joe,

    Thanks for the photos and stories.

    Just got back from DragonCon in Atlanta. When you see Jason, ask him about: Christopher Judge, Bananas, Beer, and Furries.

    Oh my.

    And, speaking of DragonCon and Christopher Judge, are the “sexual harassment laws” different in Canada?

  16. Completely forgot the Canadians don’t “celebrate” Labor Day by not laboring. What a pleasant surprise to see your blog today. Seriously, where do you find the time for everything? Keep up the good work.

  17. I have a few questions ^^
    1)Which episode has the most special effects in the new season? 2)How is Weir going to go from being the leader of Atlantis to being a recurring character? 3) Please say hi to david for me?


  18. Thank-you very, very much, Joe, for the great pics and video!!!

    Ooooooh, the ‘FBI’ is getting involved with your spammers? I’d love to see Mr. Holmes’ face when he reads that e-mail! LOL!

    I’ve always thought the Purple Lamprey was the most sensitive of Evil World-Dominating Villains. Thanks for confirming my viewpoint.

    I think Commenter Anonymously Commenting Allegations (CACA), aka Boring Dull from the mailbag, should find a new reason to live. Knowmesayin’?

    *happy dances at Jonas Lives*

    Take care!


  19. Hi Joe, thanks again for the pictures and video.

    Is it okay to copy the pics of Joe F to JoeFlaniganOnline?? You didnt answer me last week, so I am hoping that I didn’t annoy you too much by copying before asking. Was a bit rude of me.

    Susan the tartan turtle – It is almost time for Atlantis series 4 to be shown here in Scotland. Can’t wait – even if Carson is only in 2 episodes. 🙁

    :S I am still waiting for part 2 of Season 3 to be braodcast here in NZ 🙁 I am getting withdrawal symptoms – esp as my dvd player has thrown a hissy fit and not working anymore.

  20. Are you still experimenting with your creative ice cream flavors? Any recommendations for others with similar culinary aspirations?

  21. Joe,
    You spoil us so,
    Whenever you are near,
    We all go ‘Oh*’,
    My poem for yo…u.
    I think Sept. 18 should be declared a national holiday so that I can spend the whole day watching ‘A.D.B.’. Do you think that you could use your awesome powers of sway and flux to grant your humble minion this tiny wish? 😀

    And although I am happy for a post today, I am not surprised. Evil never takes a day off. Bwahahahahahaa!!!
    [cue wind machines and lightning effects]

    Jonas…I miss Jonas. *sniffles* I can see it now: Suddenly, there was a loud fracture-of-space-time-ness sound behind them and as Sheppard turned, he found himself face-to-face with a young man snacking on a jell-O pudding cup.
    CARTER: …Jonas?

    Brilliant! >D

  22. Hi Joe!

    Excited about the future (24 days and counting!)…but thinking about the past (sort of…). Freud once said, sometimes a banana is just a banana…. Was wondering, in your humble opinion, if fishing was just fishing?

  23. Hey Joe,
    Seeing as you’ve wrapped Harmony (or I assume that you did before the long weekend) can you share a bit more about Widgeon Park? Paradise Lost was shot there as well, wasn’t it?
    Do you access it via Pitt Meadows/Pitt Lake or the Coquitlam area?
    I’ve been around Pitt Lake numerous times, but it just doesn’t quite match to the episode. Thanks

  24. Do the actors (and crew) like going to locations, especially if it’s in a wilderness area? Or during a long day(s) shoot, do they feel they just have endure it?

  25. Hi Joe more great location pics.

    Just one quick question
    Will we ever get to see Sheppard use the stick fighting skills he’s acquired from Teyla, other then just sparring? Some sort of real life/life or death situation where he has to fight to survive?

  26. Hi Joe:

    Happy Goofing off day, yesterday. Since that’s pretty much what I did as well, I thought of a question. Being idle physically got my mind working.

    If two Wraith decided to life suck each other at the same time, what would happen?


  27. Ut ohs! Not teen sit-coms!

    I must know which ones you worked on so that I may tease you if they’re the one’s I’m thinking of.


  28. Hey Joseph salut!!!

    =)éhhh vous avez répondu a ma titine(Martine) Je suis trop heureuse pour elle!! (éhéhé en plus c est ma complice pour ce projet secret)

    Les photos d’aujourd’hui son formidable! Merci! Et la video est trés bien aussi!

    A bon vous n aviez pas grand chose a faire aujourd hui? c est rare lol
    J aime beaucoup la façon dont vous écrivez!

    hummmm c est bon les patisseries, et je peut vous l’assurez, car mon pére est patissier^^!

    Voici quelques questions:
    1)Vous allez regarder la saison 4 à la télé?
    2)Vous venez souvent en france?
    3)Vous aimez bien rire?
    4)Vous avez prévu de faire quoi aprés le tournage de la saison 4?

    Allez gros gros bisou!! je vous adore! merci encore!
    <->Premier jour de ma cure de Josephomanie: Ahhhh non je ne peux pas, c est trop dur! je suis trop accro oO?<->

  29. Okay, so this might seem a little random but it’s been bugging me for awhile now. Why is it that everyone on SG-1 has three patches on their sleeves while Vala only has two? The third one looks like something from the Air Force…but Teal’c and Daniel have it too so it can’t just be for people in the Air Force. Thanks.

  30. hey Joe, that top photo looks like the view from my mum’s house but she doesn’t live in Canada or any other planet, she lives in Cornwall UK, maybe there’s a portal somewhere round here *bounces off to examine potential portals*

  31. Salut Joe

    Merci pour toute les photos du tournage.
    Moi demain c’est le jour de la rentrée, et oui les vacances sont finis.


    1/Quel est le prochain épisode que vous allez tourner?
    2/Est-ce qu’il y a une chance pour qu’on revois les Tokras (dans les téléfilm SG1 ou alors sur Atlantis)?

  32. Answer: We never explored this but, in my mind, Jonas went underground and is still alive somewhere, resisting the Ori army.

    As if. That lily livered little dweeb would have been first in line for prostration, chanting “blessed are the Ori” as hard as his mealy mouth could process it.

  33. (The internet did something weird, so forgive me if this goes through twice.)

    Good to hear you think Jonas is still alive. Here’s hoping that somehow, some day, we’ll see (or at least hear of) him again.

    When an episode’s being shot, is the writer able to be there? I mean just regular writers, not ones that are producers, as well. Or are they expected to be elsewhere than on set? (Because if it was me, I’d at least want to watch a bit of the filming.)

  34. Joe, thank you so much for the pictures. Nothing brightens up the day like pics of the Flan!

    I’m really looking forward to the season premiere, but I do have a question. Since Carter is now the boss and Teal’c will be making 2 appearances, will we find out what Mitchell and Daniel are up to?

  35. Tell the truth, Joe. Is there any hope of Torri appearing in the show at all after the four episodes she’s done for season four?

  36. Hi Joe,

    thank you so much for all these nice pics of Joe F. And I really appreciate your lovely and funny videos. Please, do never stop! It keeps me alive while I’m waiting unpatiently for the fourth season! 😉

    And now I’ve got a few random questions?

    1.) I don’t even know who it’ll be, but will we see other kissing scenes except that one in “Travelers”? 2.) Do the Wraith have a home planet at all? Will we see it eventually? and 3.) I was wondering if there is a special bond or link between Sheppard and Todd, the CG wraith, because Todd told him that “the gift of life is only reserved for […] and their brothers”. Will we discover such a thing?

    uh, and btw, I’ll keep my theory concerning the return of Beckett – I mentioned previously – in mind! *lol*

    Take care!

  37. 1) Would you say this season is more angst/emotion driven than the previous seasons?

    2) Will Sheppard and Ronon have any more disagreements over “stunning vs. killing”?

  38. Joe, love the cameo apperance in season 10 with the deleted scenes! Looking dapper! 2 quick, unrelated questions. 1. Do you have a favorite fruit? Either a standalone on in a dessert? 2. Since you seem like a prankster, have you been involved in, or the butt of a great prank on set? Thanks Joe!

  39. A Ballad of Derring-Do

    Through wilderness, forest and uncharted land
    Our hero does battle, camera in hand
    Rising at dawn, forth he does sally
    With his only protection a driver named Larry

    Braving the dangers of Widgen Park,
    Cougars and bears and filming in the dark,
    He selflessly places his life on the line
    To bring to his fans such pictures sublime

    Cast or crew member, princess or Genii
    Nothing escapes the camera’s keen eye
    Fearless of the dangers of being lost in the woods
    Our intrepid producer brings us the goods

    There’s pictures of David and pictures of Joe
    Of Jodelle and Chuck and others we know
    Of sunrise and mountains and scenes being shot
    And some more pictures of Joe looking hot 😉

    With nothing to sustain him but a scant chocolate bar
    Our fearless photographer roams wide and far
    Stalking the woods with camera prepared
    Of mauling and savaging he is not scared

    And so we do thank him, we fans of the show
    And, in particular, we thunkers of Joe
    For the flurry of photos he allowed us to see
    Of the location filming of Season 4’s Harmony
    For braving the chigger and the mosquito
    To bring us such wonderful pictures of Joe

  40. Hello, Joe. I’m a bit new to reading your blog, so please forgive me if you have answered this previously.

    In an interview several months ago, you stated that the fans’ input has very little influence on the show. Now that Carson Beckett will return for two episodes (and, we hope, full time in S5), it seems as if the fans have indeed scored a little victory. If this is not the case, please can you clarify your statement because it sounds like a diss of the fans, but I don’t think that you really meant it that way. Did you? PS: I really like you and your blog; I just want to know whether fan desires have any bearing on the show at all and, if so, how much. Thanks!

  41. I don’t speak (du tout ) English. Je voulais juste le préciser :D.

    J’ai quelques questions à vous poser, aprés vous y répondez ou pas, c’est vous qui voyez, même si cela me ferais enormement plaisir.

    1) Quel est votre sport favoris?

    2) Quel est votre méchant préféré? (mOI Ba’al, il est trop beau, enfin Cliff Simon est trop beau.)

    3) Quel métier vouliez vous faire quand vous étiez petit?

    4) Quelle est votre région préférée dans la France??

    A je voulais aussi vous demande siAnais ( atlantisfannew1 ) vous a parlé des Inhcuacuus? Si oui vous en pensez quoi?

    Si non, c’est un groupe de bloggeur fans de Stargate ( sg1 et Atlantis )qui se parlent sur Msn. On a formé ce groupe depuis quelques mois et on est extremement lié maintenant, alors je vous dis merci parce que c’est quand meme grace à vous qu’ils sont devenus mes meilleurs amis. Le groupe n’arrêtent pas de s’aggrandir, on ne fait pas rentrer tout le monde, mais nous sommes deja 21 !

    Ba voila, je tenais réellement à vous en parler parce que ca me tenais à coeur.

    Gros Bisous de France.


  42. Hey Joe:

    Just so you know, and not sure what is compelling me to tell you this now but you likely alreay know it anyway, not everyone falls at the altar of Daniel/Action Jackson (ironically I really liked Daniel for the first 5 years and even got a little melancholy when he died in meridian).

    If possible maybe you can drop the post season 7 Daniel/Action Jackson off in another far, far away galaxy to ascend and stay ascended never to be heard from or about again, that would be a relief, oh yeah send Vala with him, Vaniel is just bloody awful.

    In fact I came to dislike Daniel after he descended in season 7 and then he had to go and tie himself at the hip to that whorelette (Claudia Blacks words BTW not mine) and turn into a character named Action Jackson, then my dislike turned to despise.

    Geez what a way to ruin a character that had been perfectly likeable for 5 years. His big mistake was not being written out of the show as a character after 5 years his big mistake was coming back.

  43. Loving today’s scammer-baiting! 🙂

    Could you tell us which episodes Carter and/or Keller are in?

  44. Your pics from Harmony were great. Hope you share more from future shoots. You don’t post enough photos of JF for me, so I was particularly happy. Many thanks. Now that you’re returned to Q&A mode, will you tell us the title of the book JF was reading between takes? As an avid reader yourself, surely you took note?

  45. Heeeyy vous parlez bien francais !! C’est trop génial ! lol !
    Les patisseries…Miam !!

    Elles sont super ces photos! Merci!

    Je le redis ou pas? Oui? Bon…Vous êtes génial !!

  46. salut joe,

    j’aimerais savoir si TORRI HINGINSON joura dans le dernier épisode de la saison 4 “the Last Man”?


  47. Did you have any plans for having Jack over in S4? Any plans for having him over in S5 (I’m pretty sure you’ll get a S5 even if it’s just for having the coveted 100 episodes package for syndication)…

  48. hi

    I think “Thickhead” may be a british thing … i certenly heard it said in the playground when i was at school (not always at me!)


  49. Will we get more of an insight into Teyla in S4,you know kinda like what makes her tick,more about her background,about who she is and things she’s done in the past?

  50. Now that you’ve all-but admitted that Teyla and Teal’c are Ronon’s parents, when will you admit that Walter and Chuck the technicians are long lost brothers who instant message each other every time the wormhole is established? The subtext is so clear and we fans aren’t stupid. Just make it official already. You are so slow.

  51. Will we be learning more about Teyla’s past and family in the new season? Uf yes, what episodes will they be in?

  52. Anonymous said…
    Will there be a Shep/Teyla sparring scene in season 4?

    September 4, 2007 10:23:00 AM PDT

    GROSS! Excuse me while I puke. This is Stargate, not Days of our Lives. Please, no ship!!!!

  53. Does the episodes Kindred I & II have anything to do so with the wraith Michael??

  54. Greetings Joe!

    The Louisiana Culinary Correspondent here again. (every time I type that I have to chuckle. I must be the only person in Louisiana who doesn’t cook very well.)

    Thank you so much for all the location pics! I didn’t think there was a soul on the planet (or in another galaxy for that matter) that drank as much coffee as my hubby. I do think Joe Flanigan would give him a run for his money though!

    Joe……you are the best! ((((JOE M)))) I’m glad Joe F. is feeling better too ((((JOE F)))) Aw….what the hell….((((DAVID H))))

  55. Joe,

    Now that the production sequence for season 4 is in its last month, when does the entertainment industry (i.e., the networks that bring us the episodes) order up another set of episodes? I love the pics and vids.

    I have a blog, too. It’s mainly on my thoughts on sports and Stargate. Any inside tips for the Stargate part of the blog?

  56. I love all the video’s you’ve given us this weekend. I hope this trend keeps up. Is there any talk at work about Stargate in High Def? BluRay or HD DVD?

  57. Hi Joe, thanks fro all the pritty pics and vids you’ve been posting. Would it be ok if i used afew of yor pics in a video/slideshow im making?

    It’s my grandma’s birthday soon and she loves her chocolate, and as you are an expert on the subject I was woundering what you would recommend?

  58. Dear Joe,
    Your wife’s shop looks so beautiful. Best of luck in her new adventure.
    Thank you so much for posting all the pics and vids. Can’t get enough of JF.
    Question: For Tabula Rasa, is there going to be alot of emotional scenes with John and his team or are they going to be to busy finding a cure for whats happening to them? Thanks and I hope to hear from you.

  59. Thanks for the pics and videos of “Harmony”, Mr. Mallozzi. Knowing the great sense of humor that you have, surprises me that still you have not said: “well, since it does weeks that nobody ask me the question, now I will reveal that Weir appears in “x” episodes this season”, or something like that xD

  60. Hi Joe.

    Just turned on The Weather Network and it was showing an interview with you and Paul. When did you do that? Was that one of the strangest interviews you’ve done?

  61. You did an interview on the Weather Network? What was THAT all about? Possibly there was a discussion about climate change on Lantia? Did we mess things up by going there? Are we causing the 30-year storms to come back more frequently by doing sooo much flying around in the puddle jumpers? I hope not! 🙂

  62. hi, joe,

    thanks for saying that you thought jonas wasn’t dead (and was helping his ppl while hiding away from the ori).

    i really liked jonas and he really didn’t get a chance to grow enough (in his one season). i thought his best episode was ‘prophecy’ {willing to die to prove his worth to the team}.

    i’m going to adopt your philosophy that he’s still alive. (((jonas)))

    so when you start filming ‘trio’, any photos to go along with that?

    sally 🙂

  63. Edward4th said…
    hey Joe, that top photo looks like the view from my mum’s house but she doesn’t live in Canada or any other planet, she lives in Cornwall UK,

    :O Am I to assume that Canada is another planet? or that Cornwall is another planet?? WOW!! To think that when my parents took their summer hols in the 1960s, they were travelling to another planet!! :)LOL

    just joshing, Edward4th;

    *memo to self, NO coffee first thing in the morning!!*

  64. Bonsoir Joe,

    J’espère que vous avez passé une excellente journée.

    J’ai une question un peu difficile à répondre mais bon on ne sait jamais.

    En moyenne combien de personnes travaillent quotidiennement sur les plateaux ?

    Un grand merci à vous et à toutes vos équipes sans qui la série ne serait pas ce qu’elle est.

  65. …I just got turned onto this blog of yours..I just gotta say the bit with the cookie monster is HILARIOUS!!!…love the videos..keep up the good work joe!!!…the pics are great ,too!!

  66. The fact the FBI is now ‘involved’ is pure comedy gold. If only our companies spam filter wasn’t so good I could have been introduced to a new hobby.

  67. Speaking of the Weather Network piece you guys did, I’ve managed to upload it onto YouTube. You cans see it HERE.

  68. Seems like you had you had a relaxing Labor Day. Too bad the extended weekends just make it harder to go back (be it work, school or elsewhere).

    I keep checking my yahoo account for con artists, but alas, I still have none. Oh well! My responses wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining as yours are.

  69. Joe, honestly i would love to know the answer to this, i keep asking but you dont seem to want to touch the issue..


    What does Keller have over Carson besides being a woman?

    What makes her “better” then Carson, forcing him to be “killed” off in the most ridiculus scifi way in existance?

    Honestly, how can the Producers look Paul in the eye after screwing him out of a job to get a prettier doctor in, even though he was a well loved character and an established cast member

    honestly, i believe the only thing the producers were aiming to “shake up” was the male parts in the pants when Keller is on the screen with Teyla. am i right?

    i am sorry if i come accross as disrespectful, but i seriously find the carson replacement pointless, i dont wanna watch characters i like die only to be replaced with younger more “sexier versions”

    let me guess, Sheppard dies in season 6 to be replaced with a “hot female commando lead* am i right?

  70. Thank you for all the photos, Mr Mallozzi. It’s been wonderful seeing them!

  71. Like everybody else, I love the photos and the video clips, but I think the email from the kidnappers may be my favorite.

    Book rec for you: “The Wizard Hunters” by Martha Wells (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/038080798X/qid=1141687445/sr=1-3/ref=sr_1_3/103-6959206-5461436?s=books&v=glance&n=283155) It’s fantasy, an adventure story with great characters. It’s sort of steampunk fantasy, set in a 1920s era world, and involves going to parallel worlds. It’s the first book in a trilogy, but all three books are out now.

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