Carl’s birthday was last Friday, but celebrations continue throughout the month of August. Last night, for instance, was the night I took him out for his birthday dinner, partly because he is a great writer and good friend who is as genuine and admirable in his work as he is in his dealings with others, but mostly because I’m hoping he can get me a job if and when Stargate ends (He knows Jane Seymour, y’know). I wanted the meal to be extra special, so where better to go for an extra special meal than an extra special place – one of my fave restaurants in Vancouver: Fuel.

I’d popped in to make reservations earlier in the week and checked out a couple of impressive new additions to the standing menu: an entire lobe of foie gras and the cote de boeuf for four. Well, I wasn’t going to get anywhere with Carl on the foie gras (Marty G. would be a more appropriate wingman on this one), but the cote de boeuf for four…well, that was right up Mr. Binder’s alley (in fact, when I told him about it the next day, his eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets). It was while I was booking a table with owner/sommelier Tom Doughty that executive chef Rob Belcham walked over and said the magic word “schnitzel”. Turns out he’s familiar with my affinity for the golden cutlet and, even though he just took it off the menu, he offered to make some for a special occasion (Martin, Alan, Carl, Ivon, Alan, and Lawren, stand advised that next Wednesday night will be a very special, and delicious, occasion).

I arrived at 6:30 p.m. to find Carl already there, hungry and waiting. Well, since we’d be finishing heavy, Carl and I decided to start light with the chilled organic sweet yellow corn soup. Wow! It was sweet and rich and dense and, well, beyond sublime, a menu item I encourage everyone reading this blog to check out ASAP as, I’ve been told, the window for this particular dish is narrow indeed. According to Tom, 18 ears of corn go into the soup along with butter, salt, and a touch of chili. I repeat. Wow! I was considering ordering another round when we were served our next course, a little surprise from Chef Rob: golden, mouth-melting schnitzel topped with a delicious cream-based sauce studded with chanterelles and sun gold tomatoes. A delectable sneak preview.

Well, with the preliminaries out of the way, we moved on to the main course. Tom presented the cote de boeuf – a 2 lb cut of dry-aged Alberta Prime – a gorgeous and formidable-looking piece of meat. In the words of Anthony Bourdain: “Pound for pound, the cote de boeuf is the best cut of beef on the animal. For your serious meat-eating guests, this is the way to go.” Was it ever! The roast was whisked away, then returned minutes later, sliced and served with béarnaise sauce and a side of some wonderfully meaty fries. We also had Fuel’s celebration salad (organic greens, home made ricotta, confit honey, and firewood honey), the only salad this non-salad eater will order. The cote de boeuf, cooked medium-rare, was butter-tender and flavorful, reminiscent of some of the best cuts I’ve been served in Tokyo. As I ate, all I could think was “Fondy is going to be soooo jealous.” (And, incidentally, when she phoned in later that night, she very much was).

Well, try as we might, we weren’t able to finish the magnificent roast and so Carl got to take home four nice, thick slices of meat in a doggy bag. Stuffed and thoroughly sated, we were able to sample no more than four desserts: a chocolaty-great Manjari chocolate terrine with crushed peanuts and salted caramel malted ice cream, a very good Tahitian vanilla crème brulee with crushed berries and a spearmint crisp that Carl felt proved a little too reminiscent of his morning toothpaste, a so-so and tad too tart lemon pound cake with rhubarb confit, and a terrific warm Okanagan cherry tart (Yep, you heard right. I thoroughly enjoyed a fruit-based dessert) that delivered a fabulous combination of buttery shortbread, kriek beer sorbet, and sweet cherries.

I say again for the third time: Wow! One of the best meals I’ve had in recent memory. I feel confident that in the event Startgate does ever wrap production, I’ve secured myself a writing gig on the Dr. Quinn Medecine Woman spin-off.

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  1. WOW! That is a meal I could eat!! Usually I’m a little lost on your food descriptions (I’m an extremely picky eater and not very adventurous – except for chocolate) But I love meat and I went WOW! when I saw that pic… very jealous.

  2. And to think, Fuel is only 45 minutes away…hmmm…maybe I should break my “No-restaurant-food-except-Quiznos” pact and try some of this stuff.

    Anyway Joe, I’m sad to say that I’ll be missing a whole week of your blog starting tomorrow, as I will be on a family trip. With my luck, you’ll probably reveal the title of the Season finale, a frame-for-frame tease of extreme shep Whump in “Outcast”, a photo of Connor Trinneer on set with Torri Higginson, AND the news that a third SG1 movie’s a go on Monday or something.

    Anyway, have fun producing next week! I hope to see many delicious spoilerific hints and snarktasic replies to idiots when I get back!

  3. There was I sitting in bed at 0330hrs writing my script entitled ‘Wendy the Fish’ while watching Farscape on TV. When your explicit descriptions of food almost sent me into a mouthgasm. ‘The cote de boeuf a gorgeous and formidable-looking piece of meat’. Okay so now I’m hungry and will have to raid my fridge but I know I will find nothing as sumptuous as that meal.
    Tell Carl he has the most gorgeous brown eyes I have ever seen. And I agree that birthdays should last at least a month. Happy Birthday Carl.


  4. Wow!! That certainly was an impressive looking piece of beef. I remember having Cote de Boeuf once while leaving in Montreal (my hometown). The only thing that even came close to that wonderful slice of heaven is Kobe beef. In my opinion the best beef ever. In hindsight, thank god I ate before coming in here to read this blog,lol. Those pictures certainly would have fueled a hunger pang that my pantry, wouldn’t have lived up to by comparrison.

    Happy Birthday again Carl! Long live Anthony Bourdain. you gotta love that guy. Hmmmmm and he does remind me of someone….lol…I can’t quite put my finger on it,but…… 😀

    Oh one more thing. Big make up Dinner for Fondy when she returns. 😉

  5. Wow, I wish I could have a meal like that on my birthday (which is August 31st). All I will get is a lousy slice of pizza.

  6. I’m confused about the angerfeelings people are expressing in your blog. The internets are apparently serious business!

    And speaking of meat, I tried a delightful new steakhouse today called Texas Roadhouse. If you haven’t already tried it, this restaurant is notable for it’s extravagant hour long waits to get in, peanut littered floors, beer drinking armadillos, and waitresses line-dancing to interesting country songs.

    I had to wait forever for a straw.

    I don’t know that the steaks were the best I’ve had, but the strange and exotic surroundings made it worth the wait. I’ll post some pics in my own blog later on.

    By the way, per MST3K, it’s Dr. Jayne Seymore, Medicine Quinn.

  7. I know he knows Jane Seymour. He was a wonderful writer on “Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman” which was an outstanding show. I met him one day when Beth Sullivan let me sit in on a writers’ session where they took apart a script and revamped the story entirely. It was a great learning experience for a baby writer to have and I appreciated immensely having the opportunity. I think it was around the time he was either writing or turning in Pocahontas, because with my love of all things Native American, I remember thinking, “Wow”

  8. Joseph P. Mallozzi III, I am hopping in my car this instant and driving from Dallas to Vancouver (without a passport, no less), and you are taking me to dine at Fuel.

    O sweet blissful beef
    The rarity of your pink shade
    Doth shower me with tenderness

    Imagine that….the Texan liking beef.

  9. Salut Joseph!
    Bah sa va apparament vous avez passer une trés bonne journée hier!
    =}hmm ce réstaurant avais l aire vraiment délicieux!
    =}lol oui mon anniversaire ont l avaient fêter plusieur foix dans la semaine qui suivais.^^!
    =}Aujourd hui je n est rien de prévu pour l instant….
    =} lol je vais remettre les méme questions qu hier^^:
    1)Pourquoi vous n êtes jamais aller sur mon blog?
    2)A quel heure vous vous couchez le soir?
    3)Qui va avoir une vrai histoire d amour et qui dur pendant la saison 4?
    =} Les américan, canadian et anglais on de la chance, la diffusion de la saison 4 approche….Ici en france on ne sait même pas quand la saison 3 sera difusée..:-(
    =}Bon bah voila…je vous fait d énorme bisou, Merci, je vous adore! a demain!
    (((Passez une trés bonne journée)))

  10. Ah this review almost makes me want to jump on a plane to Vancouver and try it out (darn ticket prices).

    Well, except the cote de boeuf for four since I doubt I could find anyone to share it with. And your talk of schnitzel really makes me want to try it at some place in my neck of the woods.

    Kicking myself for not trying Fuel out when I was in Vancouver in April. Oh and happy belated birthday to Carl.

  11. Bonjour!
    1/ Y’a t-il des moustiques sur Atlantis?!
    2/ Le père de l’enfant de Teyla va t-il élever son enfant ou bien quelque chose d’autre est envisagé?

  12. Joyeux anniversaire Carl.

    Euh Joe,
    En quoi va se transformée Elizabeth, et comment?
    Je suis sur qu’elle va se faire capturée par les Réplicasurans.

    Je pari que vous allez me répondre “NO COMMENT”^^

    Passez une bonne journée

  13. Hello,

    I can’t get those questions out of my mind :

    1 – Did Torri shoot her 4th episode already ?
    2 – Why don’t you want to give us the title of this episode ? is it so much of a spoiler ?
    3 – Is there really a 4th episode ?

    4 – You said that the book “To say nothing of the dog” was a great book, I read it and just loved it, would you give the title of another book like this one ?
    (so I could read my second scifi book !)

    Oh and could you tell Carl “thank you” for what he did in DQMW, yes, I was a fan and I grew up with that show and now I can blame Carl for being an hopeless romantic 😉

  14. I am starting to believe that my lifelong “meh” attitude regarding steak has everything to do with the cheap cuts I was served as a child. If only I’d had cote de boeuf. Happy Birthday to Carl. You are a good friend to take him to Fuel, even though you were only trying to snag a job.

    May “Atlantis” run for many more years to come. That said, for your next project, you would be so perfect helming an hour-long weekly comedy-drama about a secret agent/international food critic. Sort of like “I Spy,” but without the tennis rackets. I think Hewlett or Nykl should star. Just saying.

  15. Hello Mr M,

    I really love your food pics and I really like Carl’s big smile. Medicine woman – there you are!!!

    The dessert is to die for! Lucky Carl – lots to eat this month huh?

    Say, you ever tried fried Kuey Teow? I don’t know the cantonese name for it …

    I’m actually amazed that you have time to read and join book clubs, in between responding to email scammers, taking care of the dogs, writing as a living, working out, dining out… so uh, how do you do everything?

    And are you going to have another chocolate party in the near future? Any new chocolates that you have tasted recently?

    (the faithful food lover)

  16. AGH! this post is torture for a dedicated meatlover living with enforced vegetarianism *headdesk* health reasons don’t you know! still what an exquisite form of torture it is and I have sufficient imagination to peruse each photograph and taste every potential mouthful…now how do I get the drool off the screen and and keyboard?

  17. Hi Joe, help a girl out.
    I was watching an Atlantis marathon at a friend’s home, season 1 & 2 on dvd and season 3 from her tapes. I noticed that no matter where Sheppard’s bed is [he’s had what, three different set ups?], it seems too small. So my question, were the beds brought over from SGC, or were the ancients really short?

  18. lol, the comment section on your blog is no fun when there’s nothing stargate related for the noobs to bitch about 🙁

  19. COUCOU sa va bien!!!
    depuis quelque temps vous ne repondez plus au question donc tant pis je vais quand meme essayer denouveau lol.
    avez vous deja manger de la nourriture francaise si oui laquelle? est-ce-que vous avez deja été en FRANCE?

  20. Seriously. I’m drooling. I would eat every one of those dishes. (Well, except, I’m with Carl on the whole spearmint concept. But I’d try it!)

    My carnivore, steak-searching uncle is coming to town in October. You have given me ideas for other types of meat dishes to pursue besides a steak house. Any other ideas?

  21. Salut joe!!!
    je parle en français ette fois c’est plus simple!!!
    j’aurais deux petites questions, est-ce que les fans de colin cunningham auront la chance un jour de le voir sur atlantis?
    Et, deuxième question, est-ce bien Kavan que l’on voit peindre dans l’épisode Sunday, ou le tableau à t-il été peint par un quelqu’un d’autre?
    A la prochaine!

  22. Joe, wanted to give you a heads up that an Iron Chef (the original) 5 episode marathon is on Food Network tonight (Sunday).

    I’m in New Brunswick so I’m not exactly sure when the eps will air in BC. Actually, I just checked the schedule and it starts at noon your time.

  23. Salut, c est encors moi^^!
    =} je m ennui,en plus il pleut dehor, c est dépriment!
    =} Oh nn j y pensse demian c est dentiste ahhhhh …( je vous raconterez lol 😉
    =}J ai commencais un livre au faite, c est un livre de Collen Mccullough …je ne sais pas si vous connaissez cette auteur..
    =}Bon allez bisou a demain!

  24. 1)Will the result of what happens to Ronon in Reunion have a lasting effect on him for the rest of the season?

    2)Do you think Season Four has any surprising storylines that have yet to be discovered by the fans?

  25. That soup and meat both sound great.

    Are we ever going to see that guy from Sunday again? You know, the guy that Beckett died to save.

  26. Hi Joe,

    what is the chance that we’ll see Claudia Black in Stargate: Universe series?

  27. Hi Joe!

    I feel hungry whenever you photograph food and then give a critique on the meal you’ve had. What a lovely birthday meal for Carl. Hmmm, I have a wedding anniversary coming up. Don’t suppose hubby will fly me over to Vancouver for a meal though. I live in hope…

  28. Hi Joe!

    I was wondering, how many episodes will the lovely Dr. Kate Heightmeyer be in this year? Will she be getting any more screen time/development than in previous seasons?


  29. *waves*

    The food looks truly scrumptious. Is the cote de boeuf one of their specialities? You know, I offered to babysit PG15’s flocking as a way of sneaking to Vancouver, so that I could sample the cuisine, but he wasn’t having any of it! He obviously knows me too well. 😉

    Please can you pass on my best wishes to Carl? From the look of his grin, i’d say he had a great birthday meal. And as gracious as Carl is helping you get a job on DQMW, let’s hope you won’t need it for a long time. :o)

    Before I go, just a quick question. On that second pic (left hand side), is it just me and my dirty mind or does the schnitzel (at least I think it’s a schnitzel) look like… Er, never mind, i’ll keep this dirty thought to myself. 😉


  30. Hi Joe
    Do you ever get invited back to a restaurant because of the wonderful review you gave?
    Or in the case of Wen Chocolates, do you get freebies ‘cos their internet sales increase?
    In other words, is your Blog good for both the stomach AND the pocket?

  31. Joe;
    I have a question. Are you guys limited on what you are allowed to do with the characters of Jack and Daniel since they were created by Devlin? If I remember correctly, Rick and Michael were the only 2 actors that were allowed to be in the Atlantis pilot because of reasons involving the characters of Jack and Daniel.

    I guess I’m basically asking if you’re limited on how and when the characters of Jack and Daniel are allowed to be used in future spin-offs?


  32. Hi Joe,

    Delighted we are getting a Sheppard centric episode in Outcast and looking forward to some backstory on the man.

    I was wondering if you could give any hints as to why Sheppard goes back to earth.

    Is it due to any of the following?..
    1) Injury or illness.
    2) Family/personal issue.
    3) Military/work related.

    Hot/cold on any of them?

    Thanks a lot

  33. Il est très tranquille dedans ici ce soir, Joe. Les affiches anonymes vous maintiennent-elles occupé ce soir? Les avez-vous dérangés en ne leur donnant pas des munitions au sujet des épisodes de Stargate? Honte sur vous!

  34. Hey Joe,
    I have a question about episode Harmony. According to new spoilers, it should be Sheppard/McKay episode. My question is, will be this episode serious one, like Defiant one perhaps or is it one of this “funnier” episodes? I think we would prefer to see some of more serious episodes focused on their friendship than some teasing between them. Thanks

  35. Wow. That cote de boeuf looks like my husband’s ideal meal. Maybe he can be convinced to book our next vacation in Vancouver instead of a canal boat in sunny Scotland…

    P.S. Glad you liked the chocs. As I don’t really eat dark chocolate myself, I’m nowhere near a connosieur but had heard good things about Lindt’s offerings.

  36. As the fourth season of Atlantis is fleshed out, has there been any talk about closing up the Ford storyline? Even so much as having someone mention that they are going to change his status from MIA to Missing, Presumed Dead? I’m a huge Ford fangirl and just gotta know! ^^

  37. I just finished watching the Shroud again on DVD and I was just wondering about something.

    SG-1 sends Merlin’s weapon through with Adria on one of the Ori ships through the supergate not sure if they ended up destroying the Ori or not. Later on in the series we see that Adria comes back but we don’t really see what happens to Merlin’s weapon. Why didn’t Adria just take Merlin’s weapon and come back to the Milky Way and destroy the Ancients? It’s not like SG-1 rigged the weapon to blow with C-4 to get rid of it after it did its job.

  38. If the Dr. Quinn spin-off thing falls through, you definitely could get a job as a food critic! Forget touring the set with you! When can I go out to dinner with you at one of your favorite restaurants?

  39. I just watched the comiccon panel for Stargate Atlantis. I am so confused. The representative from the Scifi Channel said to watch SGA live to bolster ratings. I have always tivoed it because I thought that it only counted live if I was a Neilsen household. Does my watching live really get counted in ratings as a general watcher? Does my purchase of DVD and Itunes count at all? I thought that networks were starting to count Tivo replays in a seven day window. Please explain so we can help the show. Thank you

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