I made my way through the corridor, past people dressed as massive sword-wielding warriors, kooky cartoon critters, and fetish role-players, stopping at the table marked: Guest Services. “Hi,”I opened, startling the three young student volunteers manning the booth, “Could you tell me how to get to the green room?” The trio exchanged confused looks, then deferred to a fourth fellow sitting a little farther apart from them on the other side of the long table. “Greeen rooom?”he asked, clearly enunciating as though I was some poor foreign soul who’d hilariously misspoken. “Yup,”I replied, glancing down at the instructions I’d been emailed. “I’m supposed to be in the Green Room for 11:30.” He gave a satisfied nod and pointed down the corridor: “The information booth is down at the end, there. They should be able to help you.”

“The Green Room?”asked one of the three young volunteers manning the information booth. They exchanged confused looks. “Are you a guest?”snapped another, sizing me up. “Yeah, I work on a t.v. show – Stargate Atlantis. I’m supposed to be doing a panel.” Since her two neighbors had fallen into a whispered conversation, it fell on her to get up and wave down a young girl dressed up as either a princess or a 19th century midwife. “He needs to get to the Green Room,”she told the princess, jerking her head back at me as I struggled to control the bagful of caps and posters I was lugging. “Follow me,”the princess instructed, starting back the way I had come. I followed her passed the Farscape Fan Club of Canada that tried to enlist me as a member, and over to the elevator. She stabbed the UP button for me. “Fifth floor,”she said and then, she was off.

This was my third appearance at Anime Evolution, Vancouver’s premiere anime convention, and I was looking forward to the event. I had my camera, some Stargate swag, and a recently-purchased copy of Stephen King’s Carrie in the event I had some downtime. Once I reached the Green Room, I assumed, it would be smoooooth sailing. Well, I finally found the Green Room (the midwife hadn’t steered me wrong), where I was greeted by Claudia, a perky young woman charged with guest relations, who welcomed me to the con, handed me my badge, and told me I’d be doing an autograph session before the panel.

There were two people signing autographs at the appointed time – a very sweet voice actress named Lisa, and myself. We passed time in the empty room by chatting about the Vancouver restaurant scene until, finally, two women walked in and approached me. “Can my friend have an autograph?”asked one. “She’s a big fan of the show.” “Sure,”I said, more than happy to comply. Unfortunately, the two autograph-seekers hadn’t followed proper protocol as they had approached my table directly. They were directed back around the table and through a maze of chairs to the front of the line (They were at the front because there was nobody else there) and then finally motioned over to my table. I signed an autograph for Lindsey, an autograph for her boyfriend Jason, and even signed one for her friend who, I suspect, was just humoring me. As the girls moved off, one of the five or so volunteers milling about (for crowd control purposes I assumed), asked: “Hey, Joe. Why aren’t you doing a panel this year?” “I, uh, am doing a panel this year,”I corrected him, more than a little panicked. He frowned and consulted the program booklet. I wanted to pursue the conversation but was interrupted by three costumed con-goers who hurried in and over to engage Lisa in animated discussion, covering everything from their favorite animes to their most hated villains. Once they were done with Lisa, they moved over to my table. “What anime have you been in?”asked one. “None. I’m a television producer,”I informed her, clearly breaking her heart. “Stargate Atlantis. Ever heard of it?” She glanced back at her friends. One threw back a slight head shake. The other looked away. “Would you like an autograph?”I offered the chatty one. “Sure,”she responded like some polite six year-old who’d been asked whether she liked the cardigan her grandmother had knitted her. I wrote “Watch the show! Stargate: Atlantis!” and signed my name. As they moved off, another group of four were already quizzing Lisa about her voice work. When they finally moved over to my table, they were clearly disappointed to discover I had done no anime voice work to speak of and silently skulked off. “For one afternoon a year, you feel like a celebrity,”said Lisa, watching the costumed foursome head off. “Yeah,”I agreed, shaking out my hand. “I think I’m developing a wicked case of writer’s cramp.” We fell into conversation once again and, fifteen minutes later, another costumed group came in and talked with Lisa. They moved on to my table and predictably, wondered: “What voice work have you done?” I stared blankly back at them and then, after a few seconds, tried: “I was Orville the recalcitrant emu in Butter Ball Apocalypse. Did you see that one?” They shook their heads. “Sugoki from Squidbaiters One and Two? Carmelito 3000 from Mecha-Nibs? Sunomono Jones from Junior Revenge Seekers?” That last one seemed to spark some recognition in the guy dressed up as the hedgehog soldier who gave a slight nod and an: “I think I’ve seen it at the store.” I signed autographs for all for. And it was downhill from there.

I returned to the Green Room where I learned I had a little over an hour to kill before my panel. I was free to hang out, have lunch (fruit salad and veggie platters), or wander about. I opted for the latter, excusing myself to head downstairs where I snapped some pics, ate the power bar I had the foresight to pack away, and read most of Carrie.

Finally, it was time for the panel. There were about fifty people present and, as I finished setting up at the front of the auditorium, I greeted them with: Hi, I’m Professor Shepley and this is Physics 412. If you didn’t sign up for Physics 412, you’re in the wrong room.” Sadly, unlike two years ago when one guy actually threw up his hands in frustration and left, there were no confused takers this year. I introduced myself, talked a little about my time on the show, and then opened it up to questions. And they came fast and furious. Why did we kill off Beckett? What’s happening to Weir? When you remote-dial the gate, how do the chevrons know when to lock? When will we find out about the ninth chevron? What’s happening with the second spin-off? How is the rise of the Canadian dollar affect production? How has the introduction of personal video recorders (ie. Tivo and DVR’s) influenced ratings? When are Sam and Jack getting together? Time flew and by the time one of the volunteers was signaling me to wrap it up, people were already crowding the entrances for the Death Note panel. I thanked everyone for coming, handed out some caps and posters (including one to the young lady who had accompanied her boyfriend and fallen asleep in the second row), then took it out to the hallway where I chatted with some five Stargate fans before commencing my trek back to Parking Lot B and the long drive home.

A good time was had by all. I hope. Thanks to the organizers of Anime Evolution, especially Claudia. If I’m invited back, I think I‘ll dress up net time. I’m thinking either Sugoki from Squidbaiters or Sunomono Jones.

Mailbag –

Majorsal writes: “Did you get the planet of the apes action figures?”

Answer: I did! Dr. Zaius, Generals Ursus and Aldo, Cornelius, Zira, and various soldier apes. My absolute favorite toys growing up.

Teyilia writes: “You guys stuck on a season finale title?”

Answer: Paul is working on it. I think he wants to go with Yoicks! The Puissant Sweven!

Promogirl writes: “So are there any new directors or DPs on Atlantis this season? Have any of the cast directed (or will direct) an episode?”

Answer: We’re sticking with our standing directors and DP’s. And, no, none of the cast will be directed this year.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Have you ever seen a sci fi show called “Space: Above and Beyond”?”

Answer: Haven’t seen it but I did pick up the box set on Paul’s recommendation.

Anonymous #2 writes: “ Which Malaysian restaurant(s) would you recommend? What are your favourite Malaysian dishes?”

Answer: I’d recommend Banana Leaf and suggest you check out their garlic and black pepper crab.

Wolfen writes: “What the heck is Christopher Judge whispering in that guy’s ear during the questioning scene?”

Answer: Paul and I left it horrifically vague in the script. As for what Chris said on the day, that’s a question for him.

Atlantisfannew 1 a ecrit: “)Pourquoi vous n êtes jamais aller sur mon blog? 2)A quel heure vous vous couchez le soir?”

Answer: 1) Je l’ai déjà visité. 2) 11:00 p.m.

Anonymous #3 writes: “What exactly is JF doing with the guitar in that shot?”

Answer: Playing it.

Jedi writes: “Will John give his Wraith friend (from Common Ground) a name like he has done with Steve, Bob and Michale?”

Answer: Todd.

M writes: “Any new chocolates that you have tasted recently?”

Answer: Alipeeps wafer thin chocolates were the hit of the writers’ room last week.

Nathan writes: “Joe, ever read any of Peter F. Hamilton’s books?”

Answer: I read Pandora’s Star this past December.

Paula writes: “My carnivore, steak-searching uncle is coming to town in October. You have given me ideas for other types of meat dishes to pursue besides a steak house. Any other ideas?”

Answer: If he likes schnitzel, check out Transylvania Flavour and The Budapest.

MrsB108 writes: “Do you think Season Four has any surprising storylines that have yet to be discovered by the fans?”

Answer: Yup.

Shawna writes: “Are we ever going to see that guy from Sunday again? You know, the guy that Beckett died to save.”

Answer: He died off-screen in the following episode after crashing the puddle jumper he took out for an irresponsible joyride.

Farscapefan writes: “What is the chance that we’ll see Claudia Black in Stargate: Universe series?”

Magic 8 Ball says: Outlook not so good.

Anonymous #4 writes: “Besides the two Stargate movies, will we ever see Dr. Jackson again?”

Answer: Including future movies and Atlantis season 5? If yes, then most probably.

58 thoughts on “August 19, 2007

  1. Sounds like the anime con was not what it should have been for you. I think I had a much better time at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum yesterday. It is currently showing Tezuka: the Marvel of Manga, featuring the ever funfilled Astro Boy, and Yoshitoshi’d Strange Tales: Woodblock Prints from Edo to Meiji. Very interesting exhibits.

    Todd works for me for a Wraith name, however, will we learn his real Wraith name in Season 4?

  2. Promogirl writes: “So are there any new directors or DPs on Atlantis this season? Have any of the cast directed (or will direct) an episode?”

    Answer: We’re sticking with our standing directors and DP’s. And, no, none of the cast will be directed this year.

    LOL, i don’t know if that was an accident, or an on-purpose joke, but that made me chuckle to no end :).

    Guess the cast is just running around willy nilly this year eh!? No wonder David’s talked about having so much fun on set the past few months! No one’s telling anyone what to do! Sweet. My kind of acting ;).

    Wraith 1: “Hmm, so should i stay in character for this scene?”

    Martin Wood: “I dunno, do whatever, we’re not giving direction this year!”

    Wraith 1: “Sweet! WraithClown! Joe F., spray me with sillystring instead of P90 fire!”

  3. First of all, THANK YOU!!! for the restaurant ideas…I’ll be sure to let you know which ones we try and what we think.

    My question today is this: When you write the script for an episode do you plan out where the commercial breaks are going to be as you write (either to build up suspense or to make a forced transition more natural) or are they decided later during mix days or are they decided by Sci-fi channel? Just curious…

    Cheers, Dani

  4. Hi Joe,

    Sounds like quite the day today! Just a quick question…what did you say to the person during the panel who asked if Sam and Jack would ever get together?

  5. Why was the decision made to get rid of the stunners from Stargate Atlantis?
    We used to see a lot of the military personal carrying them. I understand that logically they probably used them in season one as regular ammunition would have been scarce as they were cut off from earth and that it no longer a problem. However, it seems that there would still be times, such as when patrolling Atlantis, that it would be preferable to stun any misbehaviors rather then shoot them.

  6. Hi Joe:

    Back to work Monday. Do you look forward to going to work or are you still wondering what you will be when you grow up? I know what I would like to be. Comedian doesn’t seem to be in the cards. However, one more try before I retire to where ever bad comedians go. If Richard Dean Anderson was on a plane that you had just boarded,would you dare to yell, “Hi-Jack?”

    What does the magic 8-ball say about Cliff Simon being on Stargate Universe?


  7. Nice to hear the Stargate following is going strong. Five is an increase, right? —_—’

    …Todd? Officially?

    I’d like to add, though, my thanks for the way you give information in your blog— and this goes beyond the salivation-inducing food descriptions, the masterfully played scam baiting— I mean how you give information about the show, without really spoiling anything. I love Gateworld to pieces, but I must say I prefer your blog as a source of news. So… yeah, thanks. 🙂

  8. Have you read any classics like “Crime and Punishment,” or “Of Mice and Men”? Those are my favorites, because they are character pieces. If you have and you liked them, are there any science fiction novels that capture the level of the quality of character writing in them?

  9. Ohhhhh Poor Joe!! Please tell me after a day like that there was fine food and chocolate to compensate for such a day!!!!!!

  10. Majorsal writes: “Did you get the planet of the apes action figures?”

    joe/Answer: I did! Dr. Zaius, Generals Ursus and Aldo, Cornelius, Zira, and various soldier apes. My absolute favorite toys growing up.



    there was something about those figures that just rocked. well, besides them being apes and everything. :p

    btw, did you keep them? i bet they’d be worth something by now. i didn’t save mine… i kind of messed them up… i colored body hair on cornelius and zira… 😮 :p

    sally 😀

  11. So is the ‘directed’ answer a joke on purpose? Loved it either way.

    And you should’ve pointed out that the con was at SFU, apparently. 😉

  12. “Answer: He died off-screen in the following episode after crashing the puddle jumper he took out for an irresponsible joyride.”

    That answer made me bust out in laughter! Your blog always entertains me. 🙂

    Have you read Stardust or have you gone to see the movie? If yes, what are your thought? If no, why not?

  13. Answer: He died off-screen in the following episode after crashing the puddle jumper he took out for an irresponsible joyride.

    See, this is why I love you and want your babies.

    And, no, none of the cast will be directed this year.

    Whoo hoo! Let them run free!

  14. You should have brought some episodes of “Stargate: Infinity” with you. It may have a secret cult following out there somewhere. One thing is for sure, its theme song is awesome.

  15. You seem to read a LOT. (Most good writers do…) How much sleep do you get at night? Do you “speed read”? Have you ever read any of Anne McCaffrey’s books? Martin Caidin (original Cyborg/bionic man stories)?

  16. Hey joe thought i’d pop by now that pea season is done!

    So I thought I’d share a story with you. Once upon a time in a land not so far away there was a goat herd who was supposed to be going on vacation. She was all packed and ready to leave for the island where she was to spend the night. She went to do one last herd check and found that her prize winning buck was laying out on the ground as flat as a board and looked like he’d been run over by some large vehicle. She picked him up and stood him on shaky legs and tried to feed him some hay whilst she phoned the veterinarian thankful that it was ‘extended office hours’ only to realize that it was sunday and therefore an emergency call. She left a frantic message for the vet who promptly returned the call and informed the goat herd that she needed to bring the little goat into the office. The goat herd jumped up carrying the goat in one arm and scurried around gathering a carrier and towels and dashed off to the vets office arriving minutes before the vet. She stood there pacing while she waited checking on him and finding him flat in the carrier once again. The vet arrived in a flurry of activity and promptly took his temperature and checked his vitals to confirm the fact that his heart was racing and his breathing was shallow, whilst his ears were warm but his mouth was cold, his tongue pink but his gums a sickly white. His temperature registed at a horribly shocking 91.7 degrees on the thermometer(normal is 101.5 for a goat) and quickly diagnoses the fact that he has gone into shock and is wanting to die. The vet quickly races inside to set up a heating pad and get warmers set up to raise his body temperature and they place the goat into the heater. She tells the goat herd that if it is going to work it will do so in the next few hours and that she will call in about an hour to let the goat herd know how he is doing. Two and a half hours go by and the goat herd hasn’t yet recieved a phone call from the vet updating her on the prognosis of her goat. She decided to call the vet and get an update only to find out that the goats body temperature had climbed up to 98 degrees and was holding steady at that point, and that he had been placed on sternal recumbency(sitting on his chest), a IV drip of fluids w/ glucose and cephlexin and albon(worm drugs). She was also told that the vet would call her back around 6:30 to 7 pm with another update but that it was looking good. She went and tried to relax the best she could and sat to eat dinner(a delectable pork chop and farm fresh corn on the cob) while she waited. Just after 7 pm the phone rang and she answered it thankful that it was the vet. The vet informed the goat herd that the buck would be perfectly fine and his body temperature was normal he was eating, drinking, chewing a cud, and having all normal body functions. She also informed the goat herd that the buck could come home the following morning with some extra antibiotics but that he should pull through fine. The goat herd was so excited that she burst into tears as it had already cost over $500 for the rest of the buck’s family medical bill this year alone.

    The aforementioned goat herd you ask- who was she? Well that goat herd would be ME! I had quite the scare today and it really took a lot out of me and was wondering if you could possibly at all find it in your heart to dedicate your blog to me and my little goat- kassandra(thats me) and rodney(the goat).

  17. Loved the middle costume in the second photo. And the guy carrying the sign behind her…was he selling kisses and hugs or asking for them? LOL!

    Thank you, Joe, for attending that convention. It’s always a pleasure to see that type of connection with the audience, and vice-versa.

    Has the staff had the pleasure of any Shari’s Berries from Sacramento? They’re ginormous (huge and honkin’) local grown strawberries, drowned in dark chocolate – or white chocolate, etc. (They also do truffles, cookies and other desserts.)


    Best wishes, Joe. Thank you, Paul, everyone on the staff, the cast, and crew for all their hard work.

    Looking forward to SGA’s season four!

    (Only…40 days to go! ACK!)


  18. “Answer: We’re sticking with our standing directors and DP’s. And, no, none of the cast will be directed this year.”

    I can’t decide if the cast not being directed will help the show or not. Seems like the acting might be a bit willy-nilly.

    Sorry Joe. Resistance is futile. So I didn’t bother.


  19. Oops. That’s what I get for not reading the comments first.

    Hope you had a good weekend.


  20. Hi,

    I am travelling in Vancouver and was wondering if it is possible to get some ‘volunteer’ work on the set for a day or so I dont care doing what. I’ll be in Vancouver until the 31st of August, I am a huge fan from Australia and that would be the thrill of a lifetime.

    Iain McKenzie

  21. Hi Joe! Will the Pegasus Replicators be as much of a threat to their galaxy as the Milky Way Replicators were to ours? I mean in terms of magnitude. Thank you and your blog is very good, very entertaining. 🙂 Greetings from the Hungarian fans.

  22. Hurray the magic 8 ball returns!!!:)

    “Answer: He died off-screen in the following episode after crashing the puddle jumper he took out for an irresponsible joyride.”

    Oh and doesn’t the death make it all worth while now. *sits and ponders* (lol)


  23. hey Joe…Hows it going?… i have a couple of questions for you. 1)if the device in Tao of Rodney will be used in season 4 at all? 2)and also do you play any computer games at all if so what? 3) and can u give any hints as to what episode in season 3 had the hint of how Beckett comes back.. Thanks for your time..T.S

  24. I was once forced to go to an anime convention. That was when I truly began to appreciate the Adult Swim cartoon, Perfect Hair Forever.

    I just don’t get anime. It just all blurs into one big pile of crystal shards and cat ears and dragon balls. And probably some other unmentionables.

  25. Wow, that had to be a good time. Makes me think of that one time I was in the cattle-pen-like autograph room for lesser stars at the big Star Trek con in Pasadena several years ago. Among people that appeared once or twice on some Trek thirty years ago, I spotted someone who was a regular on another sci-fi show at the time. I almost actually said to him, “What are you doing here? You have a career,” but I didn’t want to insult…everyone else within earshot.

    By the way, love the Zelda-costumed gang, however cheesy it is. One of these days they’re gonna make a rockin’ movie based on that game. Or if not, it would be a travesty.

    Answer: He died off-screen in the following episode after crashing the puddle jumper he took out for an irresponsible joyride.

    (There was an error when I tried to submit this, so I appologize if it goes through twice.)

    LOL! But at the same time…that makes me sad. And for some reason reminds me of the even more hillariously tragic Grayson/Graydon mix-up.

    And since you brought it up, how many puddle jumpers do they have? Are they ever going to run out after continuing to crash them?

  26. SAlut joseph!!!

    =}Bon deja commencons par une bonne nouvelle…Mon dentiste à été repousser à Mercredi^^!

    =} Waou super photo! trop beau tous ces déguisements! lol si un jour je vais la-bas la première chose que je me dit c est :
    “Il est où Joseph! il est où”^^

    =} Waou ils ont trop de la chance! je rêverais d avoir un autographe de vous!!

    =}Merci de m avoir répondu c est trop gentil de votre part^^!

    =}Vous vous couchez a 11:00 pm .. sa va.
    =} Merci d êtres passer sur mon blog!^^ alors il vous plait?^^!

    =}Voici quelque question:
    1)S il vous plait donnez moi une adresse postal ou je puisse vous écrire?
    2)Comment avez vous le temp de mettre de nouveaux articles chaque jour sur votre blog?
    3)Quel est votre serie Tv préféré ? (apart stargate)

    =} Voila, Voila! Merci pour tous! Je vous adore! Gros gros bisou ! a demain!!
    (((Passez une trés bonne journée)))

  27. Hello,

    “And they came fast and furious. Why did we kill off Beckett? What’s happening to Weir?”

    Can we know what were your answers, please ?

  28. Me again, Joe. My apologies for two comments on one day…

    SGA is featured at a film festival in Belgium:


    Stargate Atlantis Special


    Following the example of other tv-series ‘Stargate’ also introduced a spin-off: ‘Stargate Atlantis’. Dr. Elizabeth Weir discovers the long lost Atlantis. During their mission to unveil the secrets of Atlantis they encounter the Wraith. A hideous Alien species that feeds on humans! The festival shows special making offs and set visit material of ‘SG 1’ with some episodes of ‘Stargate Atlantis’.

    Festival runs Sept 5-11, 2007.

  29. 1)Will the team dynamic be altered or broken at all this year?

    2)Though its slated to be a “dark” season, do hidden emotions of team members emerge through as a result?

  30. Sounds like Anime Evo was a bit of a weird day. Strange that there were so many that had not heard of Stargate, I thought everyone in the world knew about Stargate!
    “Sugoki from Squidbaiters or Sunomono Jones.” Ha ha!
    Loving the blog as usual,

  31. C est encors moi …

    Je voudrais vous demander quelque chose:

    Pouvez vous dedier votre blog de demain a une de mes amie qui s apelle Virginie? elle est Fan de stargate, mais malheuresement elle a eu une maladie et elle en souffre encors et elle est déprimer en ce moment…s il vous plait faite sa pour elle, je suis sur que sa la rendrer heureuse.

  32. Salut joe!!!
    Est-ce que ça va?
    Je vais reposer l’une de mes dux questions d’hier!!
    Est-ce que les fans de Colin Cunningham auront le privilège un jour de voir le Major Davis sur Atlantis???
    Personnellement j’en serais ravie!
    Sinon j’espère que nous autres français verront bientôt (en enfin) la totalité de la saison 3 d’atlantis, je vous souhaite une bonne fin de journée!

  33. Do you have any ideas how many episodes Teyla will not be in,i hope it ain’t too many.I like Rachel and it just isn’t the same without her in them?

  34. You’ve metioned various different “sweet” moments between different characters, and I was wondering if you could please tell me that there is going to be a sweet moment between McKay and Weir this next season. or if not sweet, I’ll go for amusing banter/bickering/fighting tha’s just as good! 😀 Please tell me there’s going to be something for there’s cute friendship, please? For my Birthday??(which is today, it really is! ask my twin sister 🙂 you can lie to me, I don’t mind 😀

  35. I’m glad we’ll be seeing Dr. Jackson again. He’s probably my favorite characater from both shows. Thank you for responding, and I’ll be looking forward to whatever you guys have planned in the future for the character.

  36. Hey Joe, I’ll get right to the point. Will we be seeing the Atlantis expedition portrayed as the bad guys in any upcoming episodes? And will the 302’s be getting any kind of upgrades?

  37. ….me revoila =D

    ..simplement pour vous dire que je pensse beaucoup a vous!

    ….ici il est 7.10pm…donc moin 8h il doit étre chez vous 11.15 am je pensse….donc bonne appétit en avance!

    allé gros bisou^^!Bonne aprés midi!

  38. “Canadian dollar affect production? How has the introduction of personal video recorders (ie. Tivo and DVR’s) influenced ratings?”

    I’d love to know the answers to these two questions. I’ve written a couple of stories this year over the fight between the nets and advertisers over how programs that are time shifted should be included in the ratings, but it’d be nice to hear any first-hand information you might have.

    Also, DSC08459.JPG looks familiar. Simon Fraser Uni is where “Between Two Fires” was shot, isn’t it?

  39. ….non dsl en fait je vient de me rendre compte qu il y a 9h de décalage horaire…donc il doit étre 10.35 am.

    Lol bon bah moi j ai passer une bonne journée aujourd hui. Donc jespert que vous aussi!

    Bon lol …je vais vous laissez, jespert que je ne vous embéte pas trop^^!

    Bonne fin de matinée et bonne apétit et bonne aprés midi lol^^!

  40. In a fantastic bit of ass-hattery, those crazy kids at Our Stargate have now turned against Christopher Judge in their impotent rage at Michael Shanks not being the lead character in Rage of Angels. I can’t thank you enough for turning us on to this site, Joe. Such fun hasn’t been had around here in ages. Classic!

  41. Joe,

    I’m sorry to hear that your anime con experience wasn’t that exciting. If I was there I would have asked for you autograph with much excitement! Maybe next time it would be more fun, since you will be all decked out in your stylin’ costume.


    P.S. Wish I was there to get some free swag! 🙂 I would wear the SGA hat with PRIDE!!!

  42. In a fantastic bit of ass-hattery, those crazy kids at Our Stargate have now turned against Christopher Judge in their impotent rage at Michael Shanks not being the lead character in Rage of Angels. I can’t thank you enough for turning us on to this site, Joe. Such fun hasn’t been had around here in ages. Classic!

    In fairness, it was only one ass-hat over there who really went overboard in trouncing Christopher for daring to want to be the star of his own project and trouncing Mary McNamara for daring to spotlight Christopher Judge in an interview about him.

    Doesn’t Mary realize that every interview must be about Michael Shanks if there is even a hint he might be involved in the project being discussed.

    Asshat doesn’t seem to get it that Christopher Judge is Michael Shanks’ best friend or that maybe Michael wants to see Christopher Judge get recognition as well.

    Know what does make me go ‘hmm’ outside of the asshat and her vitriolic tirade against Christopher Judge?

    That this very same asshat was someone who couldn’t wait to post on the OS about how people here in JM’s blog were making racial slurs against Christopher and what a bad boy JM was for letting them through.

    The same asshat turns around and makes one about him on the OS. Then it gets even better.

    There is a mod over there named MotherGoddess who self-righteously got up in arms about how terrible JM was for letting someone diss Christopher Judge on an apparently racial level here in his blog stating about how the mods on the OS would never let comments like this go on the OS.

    But has said same self righteous MotherGoddess yet to bring the hammer down on the asshat who made a very blatant racial slur against Christopher Judge on the OS forum?

    Have any of there oh so perfect mods yet to do it?


  43. Hi Joe,

    First I wanted to respond to something – thinks cj deserves spotlighted said…..

    I went over and lurked and yea it’s just one poster. Anon was exagerating. Probably trying to stir up trouble. After what happened on gateworld last week I’m really not in the mood to see someone deliberately trying to stir up trouble on Joe’s blog. IMO extremely childish. Most people know that Chris and Michael are best friends and love each other alot. At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters. I wish both of them the best of luck with all of their future endeavors.

    Sorry Joe I didn’t forget about you. (((Hugs))) Someone posted a picture on gateworld of Amanda, Michael, and Chris. It’s from season 7. In the picture Michael is kissing Amanda’s hand. It is soooo cute. Looking at the picture reminded me of how much I miss seeing the friendship on screen between Sam and Daniel. Since you have seen the movies, could you at least whisper to me if there will be any friendship scenes between the two of them?

    Thanks and take care.

  44. Bonjour Monsieur Mallozzi

    la saison 4 a vraiment l’air formidable et je suis très impatiente de la voir. Malheureusement, c’est pas pour tout de suite sur les écrans français.

    D’après les spoilers, j’ai cru comprendre que nous allions apprendre beaucoup de nouvelles choses au sujet des Wraiths.

    J’aimerai savoir si l’on vous allez nous montrer un aspect un peu tendre des Wraiths, comme une petite famille, au cours de cette saison. Ou alors au cours d’une hypothétique saison 5. a moins que cela soit vraiment impossible de développer un tel aspect chez les Wraiths.


    Bon courage et beaucoup de bonnes idées pour cette saisons.

  45. Come and do a panel in London! …. We will be much more appreciative (and you don’t have to dress up… unless you want to!)

    PS. Do you like signing autographs or do you feel awkward about doing it? I guess the actors are used to it…but as a producer is it a bit of a novelty? (If I could have anyone’s autograph on the show I would want yours!)

  46. Anonymous #4 writes: “Besides the two Stargate movies, will we ever see Dr. Jackson again?”

    Answer: Including future movies and Atlantis season 5? If yes, then most probably.

    so your saying there will be a season 5?

  47. Your restaurant recommendations always sound so appetizing, especially when it comes to dessert…

    Know of any spots to hit mainly for the dessert? With lots of choices?


  48. Am I the only one who finds those pictures of Anime Evolution slightly disturbing?
    I’m not an Anime fan so may be the subtleties of the dressing up like your favourite character is lost on me.
    Dressing up as what passes as a ‘normal person’ day after day takes me all my time.

    But what ever floats your boat!

    Wolfen said “What the heck is Christopher Judge whispering in that guy’s ear during the questioning scene?”

    Joe said “Paul and I left it horrifically vague in the script”

    Could it have been? Tell me what I need to know or,

    I’ll make you wear my (insert colour here) tank top!

    I’ll steal all of Joe’s chocolate and blame you!

    I’ll tell all the anonymous commentators where you live!

    You will be forced to sit and watch Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

    Cookie Monster has the ways and he has the means…

    Life as a Wraith isn’t all its cracked up to be.


  49. i have a weird mark on my head that looks a lot like an Ori symbol, sorry i cant take pics but its so weird hahah it’l probably go soon anyway, its the random mix of spots and redness, just weird in shape

    i feel like a JAFFA

    its different i know =]

  50. I have to say your panels are one of the reasons I come and help out every year at anime evolution.

    I have to say though, i was horribly disappointed to get to the autograph session on sunday to find nobody lined up, and equally so to find that you didn’t show up. If I had known that your autograph signing had been moved to earlier, I would have been there to get an autograph for sure!

  51. and just for the record, I checked hiscifi’s site, they don’t have a copy of your full interview, I’ll have to bug them later.

  52. Hey Joe!

    I’m interested in name etymology and I’ve found that some of the characters’ names are very interesting, such as Cowan having the meaning “Dweller at a Hollow” when the Genii live underground. How much thought do you put into characters’ names on the show?

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