I’m in a cranky mood. Cranky for reasons too numerous to mention. Cranky because of today. Cranky because of tomorrow. And cranky because the memories of the pre-poker crappy meal I had last Saturday night have been stewing in my head like not so much as lukewarm periwinkle meat – which, coincidentally, was one of the items that made up that wholly forgettable meal. Let me tell you about it.

The Richmond Night Market is a big open air annual event that takes place every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening during the Summer months. It’s an opportunity for bargain hunters to check out the 400-some booths selling everything from Vietnamese karaoke CD’s and Mashi Moro pyjamas to silly doggy outfits and Designer imitation Handbags (“Many not available in stores!”promised the salesman. Really? You mean Louis Vuitton and Gucci don’t offer in-store knock-offs of their own merchandise? How crazy is that?) In the past, I’ve always enjoyed going, not so much for the stuff being shilled, but for the exotic fare available at the various food stalls: beef muffins, Vietnamese sandwiches, Taiwanese sausages, and a waffle topped with peanut butter and condensed milk on a visit last year. Well sadly, this year the quality of the food has taken a nosedive. Lots of skewers. Lots of dumplings. And about five different places making those battered octopus balls with the alarmingly undercooked centers.

On this night, my meal consisted of: fried diced turnip cake that proved wholly underwhelming and thus relatively speaking one of the highlights of the night, rather plain siu long bao (minced pork dumplings), tepid (not so)spicy wontons, peculiar-tasting periwinkle meat, an overcooked lamb skewer, mushy steamed pork buns fairly devoid of pork, a great cup of corn, a very good chicken skewer, some very glutinous sweet rice dumplings, a slightly-burnt tasting tofu pudding, dry short ribs, an even drier pork skewer, Korean rice cakes in a somewhat unpleasant spicy red sauce, and lukewarm fried dumplings.

Alas, with poker night looming, I never did get to hit the various merchant stalls including one offering a “Free Stress Test!” (and, oh by the way and since you‘re akreadt here, how about a plethora of books by B-grade scifi writer L. Ron Hubbard?). All the same, I really don’t need a machine to tell me I’m stressed. Trust me. I know.

Today’s viewer mail –

Susan the Tartan Turtle writes: “Have you ever thought of writing a Sci-Fi book yourself?”

Answer: Depending on how things shake out, I may just do that next year.

Vaberella writes: “Okay if Teyla doesn’t go to Earth in MC, is there a chance of her character going to Earth in the second half?”

Answer: Highly unlikely.

Promogirl writes: “On average how many books would you say you read a week?”

Answer: On average 1 to 2 books a week.

Alipeeps writes: “I think you mentioned previously that you’ve enjoyed the past coupla seasons of new Dr Who – I believe the next Season (currently showing in the UK) is due to air in Canada in just a couple of weeks. You planning to watch?”

Answer: I’m going to wait for it to come out on DVD.

M writes: “ Does Martin Wood ever wear “wintery” looking clothes? He seems to be perenially in shorts and tshirt?”

Answer: The city can be battling a snowstorm and Martin Wood and Dan Shea will show up for work in their shorts. In fact, if someone told me that Martin wore shorts under his special cold weather gear while he was filming in the Arctic, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Ever tried Cevapcici?”

Answer: I don’t even know what that is.

Anonymous #2 writes: “ Are you really going to ship Carter and CG Wraith? Is this a joke?”

Answer: I never joke. We’re planning a hilarious two-parter where the CG wraith brings Carter home to meet his strictly traditional and very Catholic parents.

Cel writes: “Uh oh, you’re watching Domino? What’s your opinion of it so far? People seem to either love it or hate it!”

Answer: So far? I’m not loving it. But I’m reserving judgment until I finish watching the whole thing. I have less than 45 minutes to go.

Michelle writes: “Any decision on a new ride yet?”

Answer: With the Canadian dollar almost at part with the floundering American greenback, we’ve decided to buy out the lease on Fondy’s A4 and hold off on a new car purchase until the Canadian prices better reflect the currency shift.

PG 15 writes: There is the notion in the storytelling world that there are only a few original ideas out there, and that it’s the execution of those ideas that really makes for the entertainment. As a writer yourself, do you agree with this, or do you think that there are always original ideas?”

Answer: I think there are plenty of original ideas out there waiting to be discovered. However, I would agree that, generally speaking, every story has been told and what makes them original is in the storytelling and, specifically, how they relate to the characters in your world.

Paula writes: “Does Chris have his own card table? Or is that one of those table top things?”

Answer: We’re actually playing on his pool table.

Klemen writes: “At the beginning of EP The Game Rodney talks about a runaway train and whom to save ,the 10 people or the one baby. I was wondering what would you do?”

Answer: Probably take the bus instead.

Edward4th writes: “Did you see Shaun of the Dead adn what did you think?”

Answer: I liked it, found it very funny, but thought it took a strangely serious turn partway through when his mother turned into a zombie (which could have been played for laughs).

Anonymous #3 writes: “Joe, say someone would happen to see you and presumably your wife at a restaurant in Kits, would you be offended if said person came over to say ‘hi’?”

Answer: Nope, especially if you have a good dessert recommendation.

Benjamin writes: “Was the story of the mythological Incubus an inspiration for upcoming episode “Doppelganger”?”

Answer: Nope.

SMB Books writes: “Camping – Yay or Nay?”

Answer: So long as I have somewhere to plug in my t.v. and room service doesn’t take too long to deliver my order, sure why not?

53 thoughts on “June 4, 2007

  1. If you could live on any planet Sg-i or SGA have visited, which would it be and why? Technically Atlantis counts too.~kami

  2. I understand your pain when it comes to lackluster food at open air markets. Being half Filipino, I encounter this dilema at a surprising quests. One question, are you going to be pushing the Teyla/Shep relationship any further in season four than it has gone in seasons past?

  3. Answer: With the Canadian dollar almost at part with the floundering American greenback, we’ve decided to buy out the lease on Fondy’s A4 and hold off on a new car purchase until the Canadian prices better reflect the currency shift.

    I think its great!! I live in Detroit and went across the river to Windsor, ON to the Casino three years ago and got approx. 1,500 dollars Canadian for $1000. Luckily, I didn’t exchange it back to American money until this past weekend. An almost 45% return over three years is much better than any bank!!!

    Any chance that Larrin is in Spoils of War in addition to BAMSR?

    A Motorcity Jill-a-maniac

  4. One Question JM,

    Will we ever see the full extent of the asgard upgrades and also see it being used?? If so which episode??

  5. Hi Mr. Mallozzi =)

    Are you a cake person? what kind of cake is your favorite?

    Have you been to New Zealand? If presented with the chance, would you try a huhu grub? I hear they taste like peanut butter and chicken.

  6. “Depending on how things shake out, I may just do that next year”

    Does this mean you don’t think Atlantis will get another year??

  7. Hey Joe,
    you mentioned that Dan Shea and Martin Wood always wear shorts. Is there any chance you could incorporate this idea into season 4 or Continuum? The images I have in my head of Joe Flanigan, Kavan Smith, Ben Browder and Michael Shanks running around in shorts are quite nice…:P

  8. Sorry to hear about the craptastic days. I suspect it’s the Blue Moon.

    I share your crappy day attitude topped off by an evening in which Jehova’s Witnesses knocked on my door for ten minutes trying to get me to open up and talk to them.

    Where’s a Wraith when you need them?

    I hope your day is better than you expected and that the Richmond Market comes through for you on the next visit.

    (Glad to hear that Chris isn’t so into poker nights that he has a full-time table setup.)

  9. Answer: I liked it, found it very funny, but thought it took a strangely serious turn partway through when his mother turned into a zombie (which could have been played for laughs).

    I thought the whole concept of that though was that it stops being funny when it starts being you.

  10. Hey Joe

    Well “sunday” finally aired in the US and it was amazing in so many ways. Very sad and poignant as well. In the scene that starts as a crane shot above and through the stargate with McKay walking back to the crowd as Weir gets ready to speak, was there part of the scene cut that had McKay giving part of a speech onCarson? Would we ever get to see it or find out what he said?

  11. Joe

    Who knew? You and Allan Greenspan!! Any advice on stocks?
    Glad to hear you have a book planned.

    Have a great day..


  12. Salut Salut !!!
    apparament vous avez manger chinois^^! sa devais être bon!!
    Je voulais vous demander si dans la saison 4 Ronon tombera amoureux?
    car ce n étais pas le cas dans les saisons précédente.

    Voila voila!!merci bien! a plus tard!!

  13. Hi Joe:

    Have you ever had a guest star come on to the show and just blow away your expectations by taking a character you created to a level that you didn’t expect with their amazing acting abilities?

    Have a great day!

  14. I was wondering if you’ve had a chance to see the Doctor Who spin off Torchwood yet, and if so what do you think of it?…and the new season of Doctor Who is fan-bloody-tastic by the way.

  15. Aw, so sorry to hear that you are stressed. What you should do is during a staff meeting, bring those party poppers and right in the middle of someone describing a gun firing or an explosion, POP! ;D. Then throw the evidence to Alan and blame it on him XD. If brownies kept over long-distance postage, I would send you some, but alas :(. *sends virtual brownies* 😀 Hope everything is looking better from here on.

  16. Hi!

    I don’t know if you ever read the Wall Street Journal, but my boss clipped this out and said it was going to be his new management style. I immediately borrowed and scanned it because you were one of the people I thought of as I read it.


    Let me know if this doesn’t work. I’ll get one of my more tech savvy friends to fix what I did wrong. I tried to not show the super long address string thing

    Have a good one!

  17. Hi Joe, sometimes the food you photograph looks better than your descriptions indicate it turned out to be and vice versa. LOL.

    A quick question. There has been much speculation that the entity in Doppelganger actually takes on physical form, but the spoilers seem to indicate that he will appear only in people’s dreams. Which is true?

    Thanks in advance for your kind consideration.

  18. Hey Joe,

    I was wondering if you had heard anything yet from Rob and Brad about the new show, Is there anything new you can tell us to give us a little info on where its going, Any info at all?

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    With kind regards,

  19. Joe, My wife and I are planning a trip to Vancover, I am planning on seeing the Smallville Farm, Smallville High, the Talon, and Luthor Mansion. Do you have any recomendations for places to eat, reasonably priced, and any places we could go and see where some SG stuff was filmed? I know Bridge studios is out, but some places we may be able to get to. THanks!

  20. How can you find time to read one to two books a week? I thought I was doing pretty well, I’ve read about 36 since January, but I also don’t work on a television show. I work in a cigar shop, and I have lots of time on my commute and at home (when not watching Stargate, of course).

  21. Hi Joe:

    I admit it. This is a really dumb question. I’m tired and a nasty cement post jumped out and scratched my mustang this week, so I can sympathize with your cranky mood.

    When you have guest stars in Vancouver and they have to be there for a while, do you generally look after them over a weekend, or do they do what ever they want? It seems that no one works weekends, so I’m assuming that guests do end up staying over in Vancouver…


  22. Do you find the entire world of online fans sort of crazy? How did shows survive before all the boards/fan fiction? Do you pay any attention to fan fiction? Does it ever influence how you write the characters?

  23. okay Joe since you were combining questions from 2 days for your last blog and you may have missed this one I thought I would try one more time to see if you will answer this (don’t worry, unlike others I will not ask again if you do not answer as that will be indictive of the fact that you are not going to answer so it would be futile to continue to post the same question, believe it or not I get that):

    With all the whump talk can you advise if there will be any Carter-whump in SGA and/or in Continuum?

    Thanks much. Carly

  24. There is a recent 2-parter of Dr Who called Human Nature and The Family of Blood. Best 2 parter i’ve seen in a very very long time. It’s without a doubt the best episodes of the entire revival.

    Funnily enough, the writer of the story adapted it from a book he wrote himself. So bearing that in mind, do you ever read any of the stargate books, and wonder can be adapted to the TV series?

  25. Of the episodes that have been written so far in season 4, which episodes does Carter NOT appear in? [figure it takes less typing that way] Thanks.

  26. To anonymous who loves Zelenka: Isn’t he just the cutest character ever created? I love him! DN does a fantastic job with this character. I especially love how he’s like a lost puppy when he follows Elizabeth around. So very, very cute!

  27. We used to do a family camping every summer, after we kids grew up, strangely enough. Then again, I guess Mom & Dad aren’t that crazy. It was always an insane weekend, because although my family unit and my parents were fine with it (in state campgrounds with flush toilets, so we weren’t exactly roughing it), but my sister hates camping and doesn’t mind saying so. She would, however, admirably force herself to join us, sans complaints, for at least one night of the weekend. My brother and his wife, on the other hand, claimed to love camping and did it all the time. Turns out they never loved camping–they were just too cheap to get a hotel. They complained about the heat, the humidity, the lake water, the bugs, you name it. My sister-in-law always brought her 100-ft. extension cord and box fan. After several years of that, we quit going as a group. Now Mom & Dad have a condo at the lake, complete with air-conditioning and a pool, so those family get-togethers are much nicer.

  28. Shep and Teyla? When do we puke?

    I have Tivo programmed to shut off should that ever happen.

  29. Hi Joe,

    I loved “The Shroud” and I’m really looking forward to seeing Rick in the second movie. I enjoy watching Michael and Rick interact on screen – great chemistry between great actors. I have also always loved the chemistry between Michael and Amanda – the brother and sister dynamic of the science twins was a huge part of the show. Daniel and Teal’c are always fun to watch – Chris and Michael’s deep friendship off screen comes across easily on screen.

    Amanda said in an interview on G.W. sometime after season 10 had finished that she missed working with Michael. I’m really hoping that they get to interact in both movies especially if Daniel doesn’t get to visit Sam in Atlantis. I know that Continuum is Brad’s baby not yours but if Brad doesn’t mind could you please reassure longtime fans that there will be interaction between Jack and the Big 3?…..I really miss their friendships.

  30. My son is cooking for his girlfriend tonight to celebrate their first anniversary, he’s 22 and very much a mummy’s boy but I think I got something right, they’re having poached salmon in a dill sauce with minted potatoes and asparagus and he’s cooking it all from scratch himself.

  31. SMB Books writes: “Camping – Yay or Nay?”

    Answer: So long as I have somewhere to plug in my t.v. and room service doesn’t take too long to deliver my order, sure why not?

    A man after my own heart. My idea of roughing it is a 4 star hotel instead of a 5 star. This is why we evolved the opposable thumb, to use the remote control.

  32. *waves and sends hugs*

    Not a good day then? I bet I could top you’re not so good, very crap day, lol, with my interview from hell day!

    So, with that a question if I may. Have you ever had to interview someone or be interviewed and things have gone… not the way you planned? I was going to say ‘tits up’but I didn’t know if you’d ever heard of the expression before. Have you? Sorry i’m just asking you random questions, ignore me i’m in rambling mode today.

    I’ve always found giving the pets a bit of fussing and being a sloth for the day while eating naughty foods will make you feel better. Pets are great for sensing your moods normally so go give them a bit of love and everything will be better tomorrow. Failing that, go and grab yourself some bubble wrap and pop away, it’s great for getting rid of frustrations. Hope you feel a bit better tomorrow…today.


  33. Joe, when does the shooting of “Continuum” end ? Is RDA still on the set ?

  34. Well since you enjoyed shaun of the dead, have you had the chance to see the delightful ‘Hot Fuzz’? If not I highly recomend it. It’s one of the few movies I’ve seen in the theater in recent years.

    On a completely un-related note:
    Is there ever going to be an explination behind the history of the 5th member of the SGA team, Ronan’s gun? I don’t think any other piece of tech on the show has had nearly as much speculation as his sidearm. (where’d he get it? Can we get more?)

    Geek rant over.

    Have you ever tried Peking Duck? I’ve always wanted to try but have never had the foresight to call 24 hours in advance to make my order (as is required at my local eatery for that particular meal).
    Also, Chocolate schnaps yea or nah?

  35. Octopus balls? Oh how my heart is truly saddened with the thought of all those poor unfortunate Octopi out there.

  36. Is your passion taking photographs of food – or do you just like taking photos in general?

  37. Hey Joe,

    Not that they would be as good as yours, but does anybody else on the show blog? If so, do you mind giveing them a shout out so I could check them out, if Not that is cool.

  38. Sorry to hear you’re feeling cranky… it simply won’t do. What you really need is some idiotic fanwank comments for you to validly vent your ire upon. You’ll feel much better and your supervillain status will be reinforced.

    Any volunteers? 😀 😀

  39. Speaking about anybody else on the show blogging Joe, have you checked your office yet? Is he still there? You didn’t tie him up or anything did you? I mean I love tied up Daniel as much as the next person but seriously Joe enough is enough! All kidding aside though, I really miss reading his updated blogs but I understand he’s really busy. You both are great for taking the time out for the fans.
    *Hugs to both of you*

  40. Hi,

    I’ve drawn somewhat of a short straw in regards to this question i have for you.

    A few people over on GW were having a bit of a discussion regarding Torri and Rachel. That while both are LOVELY ladies, our conversation was heading towards this:

    Why is it, do you think, Rachel’s character is assumed to show so much more skin, and while she looks lovely (of course) Torri looks absolutely stunning in every shot.

    (With no discouragement towards Rachel, who is beautiful.) Why do you think Torri has this…presence about her? That something significant that catches the eye?

  41. At the night market have you ever tried one of those weird, strangely sweet, fish shaped dumplings? Complete with designed scales.

  42. Hey,

    Have you heard of Script Frenzy? It started this year, I believe. You write a 20k word script in a month. Similarly, have you heard of/participated in NaNoWriMO? (Same basic idea, only it’s a 50k word novel in a month, and much harder to do.)

  43. I am seconding Johny-E’s comment — any hidden bloggers out there from the show? Please spill it — empty the satchel you carry 🙂

  44. I can’t remember who you said was a Jericho fan, but let them know there is a rapidly spreading rumor that Jericho is coming back mid season (though maybe only 8 episodes) thanks to a fan protest that saw almsot 20 tons (yes tons) of nuts sent to CBS’s LA and NY offices 🙂

  45. Me again. Random question. Like the last one wasn’t though. Anyways, SGA shoots in Capilano Forest a lot. Are you ever going to actually shoot on the bridge or the dam?

  46. Joe,

    Now that you’re a little farther along in the season and now that all the SG-1 cast are there to film Continuum, is there a chance that the much anticipated big SG-1/Atlantis crossover can happen? It would be quite an event for the franchise if you could pull it off. Thanks for reading.


  47. Thank you for sharing info on the writing and filming of S4 of SGA. I’ve been enjoying S3 enormously, especially the Sheppard-McKay fun of “Echoes”, Tao” and “The Game”. Which S4 eps can we look forward to for more great interactions between the two?


  48. hi, joe,

    can you tell us how teal’c will be used in his spot on atlantis? is he there for a specific reason, or just to hang out with his former teammate sam?

    sally 🙂

  49. I don’t blame you about the food induced crankiness. I just had chicken on a stick, and I was utterly disappointed. I wasn’t sure if it was over cooked or under cooked. ~sigh~

    A bit worried about Teyla, right about now JM. Can you provide any reassurance that the season long arc for Teyla is still in place? That Teyla would see some great development not only in the first half but also second half of S4?

    I know plans can change, but some reassurance is much needed. Especially with her not going to Earth as part of the original writing. It has been noted by you, Martin Gero and others, she has lacked much in major development— I’m hoping the direction hasn’t changed much regarding her growth.

    Thanks again.

  50. Benjamin writes: “Was the story of the mythological Incubus an inspiration for upcoming episode “Doppelganger”?”
    Answer: Nope.

    So does this mean we are safe from a story where Teyla is date-raped by the Shep doppelganger into having it’s baby?

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