I felt lightheaded. My eyes were tearing up. I was having trouble breathing. It was all I could do to quell the mounting anxiety as I impatiently anticipated my turn. No, I wasn’t awaiting treatment at the local emergency ward for symptoms of a heart attack. I was at Chris Judge’s house for poker night.

The air was thick with cigar smoke, an all-encompassing cloud of some 400 different chemicals that penetrated everything in the room, coating my lungs with a carcinogenic veneer. “It’s good for you,”Chris tried to convince me, straight-faced. “Every once in a while, your lungs need a scrubbing.” I ignored him, redirecting my attention to my glass of Scotch. I’m not much of a drinker but, if you’re playing poker at Chris’s, a glass of Scotch is a must-have. The host is pouring and he won’t take no for an answer. And so, I fielded the buzz off the double Chris had given me and tried to concentrate on my hand. The game was Texas Hold ’Em and my evening had gone from good to great to not so good.

In attendance this evening: our affable host – t.v. superstar – Chris Judge, Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok, Script Coordinator Alex Levine, Lord Camulus himself – Steve Bacic- sporting some very un-Goa’uld-like shades, Lawren Bancroft Wilson, Lawren’s buddy whose name escapes me, and myself. Needless to say, gambling is illegal so we weren’t playing for money. We were playing for love and best wishes. And halfway though the night, I’d received a lot of love and best wishes, from Steve and Lawren’s buddy in particular after I topped his King high flush with an Ace. Of course, my hot streak cooled considerably when I called Bacic’s all-in and had my flush trumped by his full-house. But I was a good sport. “Will you still hire me?”he asked as he raked in my chips. “Oh yeah,”I lied. “Sure.”

To be perfectly honest, losing isn’t so bad. Granted, it’s bad, but not so bad. No, the very worst part of playing poker is slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow play. You know, those players who take forever to make up their minds. Those players who become so distracted as the evening progresses that they have to be reminded that the bet is to them. Those players who will occasionally wander off from the table and bring the game to a grinding halt. I won’t point fingers, but let’s just say I’m referring to one person in particular. And his initials are C.J. And he happened to play Teal’c in a certain scifi series that shall remain nameless as well.

Forgot to add – Because of all the smoke, Chris left the back doors wide open. “If you see a bear,”he advised us, “run!” We all laughed, assuming he was kidding. He wasn’t. Apparently he’s seen more than one wayward bear strolling across his backyard. “If I even hear a bear, I’ll be the first one out of here,”he admitted. The very thought made me nervous. On the other hand, I figured it would make for a terrific blog pic. Just in case, I advised Lawren that in the event a bear did show, I would need him to go stand beside it in order to capture the proper scale.

Anyhoo, a glass of Scotch, a tenfold dose of lethal cigar smoke, and four hours of play later, and I was exactly where I’d started. If you factor in the gas I’d used to get there, I was behind. But then, I didn’t pay for the pizza, Scotch, or the funny-tasting flavored bottled water, so I suppose it evened out in the end.

When I left them at 1:30 a.m., they were still playing. I wouldn’t be surprised if they still are.

The pics: Alex got game, Ivon the poster boy for clean living, Ivon mentally prepping by the pool, Ivon and Steve come to play, Alex checks his stocks, I keep an eye on my chips, Steve and Chris get down to business, Lawren enjoys a drink of his creation – what he refers to as The Scotchalatte, things are looking up for me, Chris plays a hand, Ivon surveys the competition, Ivon not lovin’ the chip, Ivon descent into madness, me missing my fortune, while Steve’s fortunes are looking up, and my ice cream cache.

Sorry, no Q&A today as I’m getting a haircut, The Sopranos are on tonight, and there’s a whole whack o’ ice cream I need to get around to eating.

48 thoughts on “June 3, 2007

  1. Joe – with all the Shep-whump talk it got me to thinking will there be any Carter-whump in SGA season 4? How about in Continuum?
    Thanks a lot, Joe.

    Carly Bolend

  2. Thanks for reminding me I still have some of that coffee ice cream in the freezer! Since our #1 adult (and chief dish washer) is home, we had real food for dinner: baked chicken and a spinach salad with chopped apple, dried cranberries, and bacon. Almost as good as junk food!

  3. I was intrigued when I read that the song used for the funeral scene in “Sunday” was “Dark Island,” which was originally titled “Dr. Mackay’s Farewell to Creagorry.” I can’t resist asking; freakish coincidence or did you all know about the song’s first name when it was selected?

  4. Hi Joe:

    Chris has a wonderful view from his backyard.

    No one invited Cliff Simon to poker night? Were you guys all afraid he’d win all the money? Cliff knows his way around a card table.

    When Carson returns to Atlantis, if you get great ratings for those episodes, would you consider bringing him back again as a regular?


  5. Dear Joe,
    I’m sorry to correct you, but when you posted my question for June 1 about Shep relying on his friends….you had me as ScifiFan, but I’m simply Scifan. I believe you did the same when I asked you about tofu and you had me under another name. I’m only saying this because ScifiFan is a name on the GW forum. I don’t know if they ask you questions too, but I didn’t want us, or those who know us, to be confused. Thanks Scifan.

  6. Was it possible for the Sopranos tonight to be any better? And am I warped or do you also find all the scenes with A.J hysterical as I do?

  7. My cousins name is LaWren. ‘Beautiful woman inside and out. Whenever you speak of your assistant Lawren Bancroft Wilson, I see him as a voluptuous brown eyed blonde. (Thanks for clearing that up.)

  8. Hey Joe,
    When does the ice cream making begin? I have my reservation at Michael Mina and I can’t wait. Let me know if you are in the Philly-New York area and I’ll take you to dinner.

  9. Hey Joe, it’s my birthday tomorrow (the 4th). Any chance I could a(lot of) picture(s) of Jason Momoa to make it a very happy one?

  10. saxCool I played Texas Hold ‘Em last night for the first time. Cleaned house to – the boys were not very happy that I won both tournaments my first time playing

  11. Hey! I recognize that pool from the “Women of SciFi” Calender thing!

    On a completely different note; there is the notion in the storytelling world that there are only a few original ideas out there, and that it’s the execution of those ideas that really makes for the entertainment. As a writer yourself, do you agree with this, or do you think that there are always original ideas?

  12. What style of stick fighting does Rachel do/learn for Atlantis from Bam Bam?

  13. 3 questions:
    Speaking of Steve…are we gonna get reintroduced to the kilt and leather number or will he don something different?
    Who won?
    How long will it take to pay off your debt? lol

  14. …has anyone informed him that you’re not supposed to run if a bear approaches? 😛 Running triggers their hunting instinct, and will likely make them chase you.

    /been charged by a polar bear before
    //cheated… and had bars between me and him

  15. Joe,

    Has there been a foodstuff in the past few months that you ate and did NOT photograph?

  16. We will see john and teyla training together in season 4? the last time we saw them was in conversion.

  17. Salu salut!!!
    cooll la partie de poker!!
    super les photo de vous!!
    aller salut bonne journée!

  18. Is he dead or alive (Ford)After he was removed from the show and came back for a few episodes, he was just as good if not better. Any chance you could bring him back in season 5 and kill him or bring him back full time or get him onto new show stargate universe? RSF is amazing

    And why haven’t we seen sora ever ever again?

  19. I’ve recently gotten the chance to watch some of “The Office”. It kind of amazes me how much the first episode of the American version is like the British version, sometimes line-for-line. I know it’s a remake, but I almost can’t help feeling it’s inferior. Why do Americans feel the need to remake other country’s shows, rather than just come up with new shows of our own, and why is it that the stars of the remakes become more famous than those who originated the characters? And which do you prefer: British or American “The Office”?

  20. “Sorry, no Q&A today as I’m getting a haircut, The Sopranos are on tonight, and there’s a whole whack o’ ice cream I need to get around to eating.”


    Exactly how many pints constitute a “whack”?

    Or perhaps whacks come in various sizes, thus the need to differentiate a whole whack from, say, a half whack?

    Thanks in advance for this vital clarification.

  21. Oh, Joe, do me a favour and look into the camera the next time you have someone take your picture? You should never hide off your very best feature, those nice brown eyes with a dark limbus around them. 🙂

    And I got to say, I just watched Sunday and I really loved it. Showed off the personality of the characters, I loved that. And you can kill off anyone you like for all I care, I still would watch and love the show. 🙂 Any plans of killing someone in season 4?

  22. Okay. I don’t know Chris Judge. But from what I know of him, going to play poker just doesn’t sound like a smart way to keep your money!

    Still. It looks like you guys were having a fun time; even if you had to endure second-hand smoke exposure.

    Does Chris have his own card table? Or is that one of those table top things?

  23. Love the pics, looks like you had a good time. Not sure I like the sound of a Scotchalatte though…

  24. Good Morning Joe!

    Great pictures…It looks like you guys were having a really good time. I had to do a double-take at the picture of Alex checking his stocks; I thought it was Michael the first time I looked at it. Those who think that Ben looks like Michael really need to take a gander at Alex. I would also love to know what flavours of ice cream you were getting ready to consume?

  25. YAY! todays blog brings back fond memories of my 4th year in Grammar School when we’d set up a card school in the lunch time which lasted from 12.10-1.35pm in the classroom right opposite the staff room. we used to play for the plastic doohickeys*completely technical term* off the bread wrappers which we purchased with our lunch money in the first rec period at 10.30am. We thought (as kids do) the teachers didn’t suspect a thing but on one of my reports my maths teacher made the comment that had I done my homework I would be better able to calculate the odds of having a winning hand.

  26. Hello!

    I just finished catching up on your blog entries—with much giggling. I got to work this morning and found out our server was down and I could only access the internet—a great way to start my first Monday back from vacation. I read lots of books while I on vacation including The Dosadi Experiment, which I liked better than Dune, but I find Frank Herbet a slow read, not bad but slow. Off to work now, the server came back up!

  27. Good Morning Again Joe!

    Ignore my question about the ice cream…the flavors sound great. I’ll bet you enjoyed every bite!!

  28. Hi Joe!
    Repeated question from May 12!
    At the beginning of EP The Game Rodney talks about a runaway train and whom to save ,the 10 people or the one baby.
    I was wondering what would you do?
    P.S.:It would be cool if one of the heroes of Atlantis would have to make such decision and it would have consequences on their personality
    P.S.S.: Thumbs up for season 10 of SG-1
    Bye and have a nice life Joe! 😀

  29. Salut,

    1: Est-ce qu’on va en apprendre plus sur la vie de “Mickaël” avant qu’il ne se fasse capturer par l’équipe du major Sheppard ? Est-ce qu’il avait une famille, des amis ou même des enfants…..un chien ? ??

    2: Est ce qu’on va voir comment l’équipe a fait pour le capturer ?(genre flash-back)

    3 : Pourquoi Mickaël et Teyla ont l’air d’être très liés dans les épisodes “Mickaël” et “Allies” ?

    4 : autre question sans rapport avec Mickaël. Dans l’épisode “Instinct” de la saison 2, l’équipe rencontre une adolescente wraith, Ellia, elevée par un humain.
    Est-ce que l’on va revoir des cas similaires ou alors inversés soit un enfant humain élevé par un wraith ?
    Est-ce que l’on va savoir ce que faisait une enfant wraith à bord d’un petit vaisseau qui a finit par s’écraser ?


  30. Can we see more Zelenka?? I think we should get ane episode that revolves around and has back story for him. He’s co cute! Oh, but please don’t make him married or anything…I would cry.~Kami

  31. “Quarantine” !! With a title like that I am sure it will be the episode I always dreamt of !!!
    But in my dreams Elizabeth was in the episode.

    Please Joe tell me if my dream will come true ?

  32. Was the story of the mythological Incubus an inspiration for upcoming episode “Doppelganger”?

  33. another question for you, I hope it hasn’t been asked/answered previously.
    Did you see Shaun of the Dead adn what did you think? I must be honest I laughed my socks off it was exactly what would happen in my local

  34. pouff!!! je suis épuiser!!!!
    je vient de commencer mon stage qui durera 3 semaine. et je suis résté 7h30 sans m assoir a méttre des bouteille de vin dans des carton(7000 bouteilles éxactement!)
    Donc je suis super fatigué!
    Avez vous fait des métiers avant celui de producteur? si oui lequelle?
    Voila !salut!merci!

  35. Hi Joe,

    Just wondering if you are happy with the ratings for “The Ark” and “The Game”.

  36. Joe, say someone would happen to see you and presumably your wife at a restaurant in Kits, would you be offended if said person came over to say ‘hi’?

  37. Joe,
    Fantastic pics – Is there any possibility at all of Daniel making a guest appearance in season four? Pretty please???

  38. Hi Joe!
    A question from the archives… some of us have been trying to figure out Carter’s age and birthday but we get conflicting info from different episodes. Entity’s military record says 12/29/68, Orlin said she had a May birthday, and one of the ID cards sold by MGM lists her b-day as 1965. Any clarity for those of us into continuity?! Thanks!

  39. Hi Joe
    Have to ask! Has there ever been a woman writer on SG1 or SGA?
    If not any reason why not?
    Love the pics. Pauline.

  40. While I enjoy a good cigar on occasion, I hate poker. I never could get into it… it’s slow, and everyone forces this serious demeanor so that you can’t figure out what they’re doing. I’d much rather do what you did–knock back a few (and a few more… and a few more…) and chill. “Chilling” is an art unto itself.

    In about a years’ time, I’m moving to Los Angeles to begin a voice artist career. You guys ever hire voice artists, or do you stick to the actors at hand and digitally alter the voice? Because I would have NO problem whatsoever flying up to Vancouver. None at all.


  41. Joe –

    After spending the weekend communing with nature (i.e. camping) I’ll ask….

    Camping – Yay or Nay?

    Methinks you are more of a 5 star hotel and room service kind of guy vs. someone who’ll pitch a tent and cook over a fire. Am I right?


  42. “We will see john and teyla training together in season 4? the last time we saw them was in conversion. “

    Please God, no! That Conversion assault was horrible and degrading. No more John and Teyla sparring scenes!

  43. I’ve been wondering is Claudia/Vala in continuum much?
    Haven’t really heard much about her in the movie or seen any pics. Is there some secret involving her part as Qe’tesh?

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