Joe Flanigan came by the office today and, over the course of our conversation, happened to mention his desire to travel to outerspace. No, I’m not referring to Atlantis character John Sheppard exploring the uncharted regions of the Pegasus Galaxy but actor Joe Flanigan actually flying off into the cosmic unknown on the Virgin Galactic. Personally, I would love to see it happen for many reasons, not the least of which being the terrific potential for publicity. SciFi Celebrity Sails the Stars! Given the buzz it would engender, I would personally pack him a picnic lunch and then light the fuse on the rocket ship that would blast him out to the farthest reaches of our solar system.

Sadly, every dream comes with a price. In this case, it’s about $200 USD (oops, I mean $200 000 USD – apologies to all those who read my earlier blog entry and rushed off to buy yourselves a seat), the cost of ticket for an orbital flight on the Virgin Galactic (scheduled to set sail on in 2009 which will coincide nicely with the show‘s 100th episode celebrations!). $200 USD may seem like a lot, but it’s really a small price to pay for one actor’s dream (and all that resultant press). WE can make it happen! WE can make a difference! Yes, WE can make Joe Flanigan’s dream a reality! And by WE, I mean you the fans (unfortunately, I’m not liquid as all my money is tied up in long-term investments). We’ve got two years to do it so let’s start the drive to Put Us in Space. Yes, the P.U.S. campaign starts here and now!

Besides chatting with Joe for the most of the day, I did get down to editing and get to work on This Mortal Coil, doing a little act end shifting while I was down there. The end of the Tease is no longer the end of scene one but the end of scene four. The first act end shifts to several scenes later, more definite in its ominosity (Yeah, it’ll become a word eventually. After all, “hoodies” did). The end of act two also shifts, from the surprise entrance to the revelation. Third act end shifts as well, causing the fourth act to shift leaving us with a thirty-three second fifth act. Hmmmm. I may have to rethink this tomorrow.

Today’s pics: DOP Jim Menard checks to make sure the coast is clear, setting up the next office shot, Director Andy Mikita presides, and a fuzzy picture tells a thousand words don’t it?.

Q&A –

Maiz writes: “Are you a cake person? what kind of cake is your favorite?”

Answer: Believe it or not – carrot cake, please.

Maiz also writes: “If presented with the chance, would you try a huhu grub? I hear they taste like peanut butter and chicken.”

Answer: Peanut butter and chicken?! Gross! So probably not.

Tom Foolery writes: “Does this mean you don’t think Atlantis will get another year??”

Answer: I’ve ceased making predictions and/or worrying about a prospective next season.

Stargate Groupie: “Have you ever had a guest star come on to the show and just blow away your expectations by taking a character you created to a level that you didn’t expect with their amazing acting abilities?”

Answer: Bob Picardo did such a terrific job as Richard Woolsey in Heroes I and II that he was invited back. And keeps getting invited back.

Patricia writes: “When you have guest stars in Vancouver and they have to be there for a while, do you generally look after them over a weekend, or do they do what ever they want?”

Answer: I’ll usually provide them with a list of my restaurant recommendations and send them on their way.

Yasmin writes: “Do you pay any attention to fan fiction?”

Answer: Nope.

Phil writes: “Do you ever read any of the stargate books, and wonder can be adapted to the TV series?”

Answer: And never read a Stargate book either.

Ben writes: “Is there ever going to be an explination behind the history of the 5th member of the SGA team, Ronan’s gun?”

Answer: Check out an early season four episode for a reference to this.

Ben also writes: “Have you ever tried Peking Duck?”

Answer: Yup. Love it!

Johnny E! writes: “Not that they would be as good as yours, but does anybody else on the show blog?”

Answer: I believe David and David blog as well.

76 thoughts on “June 5, 2007

  1. Joe,

    What did Rick think of “24 Minutes” and “You Kent Always Say What You Want” aka the 399th and 400th episode of the Simpsons? I thought 24 Minutes was freaking awesome.

  2. Hiya Joe,

    USD200 to send a guy to outerspace? Well, if I was gonna spend that money, I might as well send myself to outerspace! Did I miss some zeroes? I thought it’d be more like $2 mil or something like that…

    (haha, I had a very fan-like thought when I read about Flanigan – I thought “Then he’ll really have gravity-defying hair!”)

    I wanted to comment on those food pics in your post yesterday – the Char Siew Bow is universal overall apparently.

    I was wondering if Peter Deluise is still directing any Stargate Eps? I haven’t heard his name mentioned.

    Take care!

  3. Wait…200 dollars to fly in space? Are you sure about that Joe?

    I think you’re missing a “k” at the end of those 200’s; as that’s what it’s said to be, here:

    Oh, and how’s that SG1 guest star coming along? Is he/she going to make the big-crossover episode you talked about?

    More importantly…is he scheduled for the “big-crossover” episode in the first place?

  4. Hey Joe…first time commenter but I’ve been reading for quite a bit. Enjoying your blogs emmensely. And AW the AT and DH chairs. AAAAAWWWW. Ok enough. HEH.

    $200? Tell me you mean $2 million. Or $200,000. Or SOMEthing. Cuz $200 seems like…um…nothing?

    Hmm…seems like that’s been asked already. Ok, ignore the silly CA girl here.



  5. Um… the cost of a ticket is $200,000 USD. Otherwise you would find me in the queue to go.

  6. Hi Joe:

    Stargate Groupie: “Have you ever had a guest star come on to the show and just blow away your expectations by taking a character you created to a level that you didn’t expect with their amazing acting abilities?”

    You said: Bob Picardo did such a terrific job as Richard Woolsey in Heroes I and II that he was invited back. And keeps getting invited back.

    I was sure you were going to include Cliff Simon in that category.

    Will Dan Payne be doing anything in Atlantis in the near future?


  7. I think you missed some zeros there. Here is what the website says: “Book your space ticket now to become one of the world’s first commercial astronauts. Virgin Galactic is planning to start propelling its first astronauts into space by 2009.

    With a set payment of $200,000, and a minimum refundable deposit of $20,000 you can now make your reservations to experience the ultimate adventure.”

  8. $200? Surely you meant $200 thousand or something? $200 is hardly more than a normal plane ticket.

    And on the subject of things expensive and unnecessary, have you ever considered having your car customized, like on Pimp My Ride…only less cheesy. (West Coast Customs, the shop from that show, has another show coming up, and it got me thinking.) What would you have done to it if you did?

    And regarding the whole flash-forward teaser thing…It’s certainly something that I like (heck, I used it in my SGA spec that I wrote during first season), but I did notice that a lot of people were rather critical of the use of it in The Ark, primarily that the scene that was flash-forwarded to wasn’t the most interesting, important, or teasing that could have been chosen. Is there any time Stargate (or any other show for that matter) has used this where you thought perhaps it shouldn’t have? And if you had to go back and do this to one past episode, what would it be?

  9. Thaks for the pics ! I spotted Sam’s pics in the office :Cassie, Daniel in tux and fishing !

  10. Joe –

    If all your time in San Diego isn’t spoken for, we’d like to treat you to corn tamales at Cheesecake Factory (or some other dinner of your choosing). We need a report on how your white angora is enjoying her new home. 😉

  11. Oh wow… this post is going is going to make a lot of us very, very happy!

    Because you’re right, huhu grubs are gross.

    Heh. One fuzzy little picture.

  12. joe… the pictures in sam’s office… sam & jack fishing… photo on sam’s shelf…


    sally 😀

  13. Can you post more pics of Joe Flanigan behind the scenes in your blog?

    Pretty please?

  14. Hi Joe,

    I was just wondering about the shooting schedule this year. With it starting later than usual, will you have the same summer break? And will it continue on when the 4th season starts airing in the fall?

  15. Maiz also writes: “If presented with the chance, would you try a huhu grub? I hear they taste like peanut butter and chicken.”

    Answer: Peanut butter and chicken?! Gross! So probably not.

    Hehe, smart choice =D I wouldn’t either, they don’t sound too pleasant.

  16. Scrolling through the pictures you posted, I noticed some very pretty trees. Are they live, or really good fakes?

  17. Will the last two episode (4×19-4×20) be a two-parter or do you plan cliff-hanger at the end of season4?

  18. So, uh, where do we leave the donations for the P.U.S. campaign? After all, if 199,998 fans all donate US$1.00, and you and Joe Flanigan fork up the remaining $2, we’re set, right? Or, rather, Joe F. is. 🙂

    US$200,000 is a little steep for a ticket to space. Better than the ten million dollars US for a trip to the International Space Station, but still a little out of my budget. I think I’ll hold off buying my ticket until the prices come down a tad.

    Or, better yet, wait for Scalzi’s space elevator to get built…they’ll need civilians to man the thing, after all. I’ll be an elevator girl. “Doors closing, ladies and gentlemen. Going up. Next stop, space!”

  19. So it’s true. Carter’s crap is in Elizabeth’s office. And here I was hoping it was just a rumor. Another sign you really want Weir gone, and Carter’s there to stay. Another sign for me that I really don’t want to watch.

  20. “Vaberella: A bit worried about Teyla, right about now JM. Can you provide any reassurance that the season long arc for Teyla is still in place? That Teyla would see some great development not only in the first half but also second half of S4? “

    You do realise Rachel’s pregnant, right? You do realise that she may not be able to work to the same level she has before, right?

    You hear that she won’t be going to earth and you panic? Man, you’re lucky TPTB didn’t decide to off your favourite character like they did with Beckett and Weir. You’d probably die of a coronary.

  21. Beware of what you challenge the fans to do when you put out the PUS Challenge. Things could get wacky.

    And has Joe asked his wife about him going into space? Or is she the kind who’d be right along with him? 🙂

  22. will the identity of the person teyla has a crush on be revealed at all in the firsthalf of the season or the latter part?

  23. Joe-

    There’s another common misunderstanding in your blog entry. Virgin Galactic is NOT offering orbital trips into space. The $200,000 simply pays for a suborbital hop. Currently, if you want to get a trip to orbit, you are going to have to hitch a ride with the Russians; you are also going to have to add two 0’s to that price.

  24. Heya Joe! First time commenter, long time reader and Stargate fan. Love your blog – from the food and SF recs to those snarky spoilers. Thanks for sharing.

    Anyways, I’m all for the publicity of having a SciFi Celeb in Space. If you’re semi-serious about P.U.S., why not speak to SciFi (or any pro-space studios) to share proceeds from merchandise or syndication sales, or maybe get the actor(s) to donate $$ from their convention appearances to this instead?

  25. Hi Joe

    I think it’s a great idea re Joe Flannigan and the Space trip. If Stargate has money for promotions you can use this to send him into space. The publicity would be invaluable and would be worth the investment. If you start now you could milk it for all its worth. This is novel. We need ideas like this for promotion. I say go for it..

    By the way do you watch The Hour with George STrom etc.. He was saying last night that his favorite author was Chuck Palignuit (something like that). He wrote Fight Club (never saw the movie ..any good?). Have you ever read anything by him?

    It’s another wonderful day on planet earth. Thankfully we live in a nation at peace.

    Take Care


  26. Darn it, you didn’t answer my “shorts” question…:P Am I to assume, in that case, that the answer is “no”? 😛

    Love the pics, I can’t wait for season four. Seen Kavan Smith in the studio lately? 😀

  27. Mornin’ Joe…

    Are we to assume from the picture on Sam’s shelf that, even in the Pegasus galaxy she still enjoys…ahem…fishing?!

  28. Talking all day w/ Joe F.?!!! My poor brain short circuited after that sentence. You gotta convince the man, so you can take a candid shot of him and post it here. Please!

    Only 200k? That’s no big deal Mr. M., I am sure you can make your actor’s dream come true! We’re 100% behind you.

    Any chance you posting where David & David blog?

    Have a peaceful & productive day.

  29. Well Joe,

    I’ve followed your blog since you blogged on Gateworld and have always enjoyed reading them, however, this time I have to talk about a couple of pictures that you posted – sorry ahead of time for the rant…..

    Alot of Atlantis fans and Sam fans have been concerned that Atlantis could become the Sam/Mckay show so why post a picture of their chairs side by side? Why not post a picture of Amanda and Joe’s chairs, Amanda and Rachel’s chairs, Amanda and Jason’s chairs or Amanda’s chair all by itself? I know that you don’t have to get permission to post a picture of chairs like you do the actors and I know that there just chairs but I also know that you are a very smart guy so…….

    As far as the pictures in Sam’s office, and yes I know Majorsal is all excited, I had already heard about them. Sorry but fishing does not mean marriage, living together etc. or I would be married and living with alot of different people. Sam having a picture of Daniel in a tux tells me that Daniel finally found happiness and got married again and Sam was at the wedding. Yes Majorsal I can spin too.

  30. Hi joe.
    Can you tell me if there will be any big battle like the camelot one in Ark of truth.

  31. Yasmin asked – Any chance you posting where David & David blog?

    David Nykl:

    David Hewlett:

    Kate Hewlett:

    Heck, if I had $200K to toss around, *I’d* be going into space (or more likely, Tahiti). If I win the Powerball jackpot of $32M, maybe I’ll consider buying the ticket for Joe F, although he’ll have to realize I’m grabbing the window seat on the flight 😉

  32. Joe,

    How did you pick the names for your dogs? My husband has promised me a boxer (as in the dog, not Mike Tyson) when we get a house and I’ve been trying to think of cool pet names. Any ideas. And please don’t say “Rocky”…

  33. It is right that Torri will be in “Adrift”, Lifeline and This mortal coil” ?

  34. Salut Joe,
    A quel personnage appartient le bureau dans les photos 2 et 3 d’hier ?

  35. Hi Joe,

    I have to admit that I was disappointed that you didn’t answer my question about Continuum and the friendships between the original team. Since the only spoilers out have Sam paired with Mitchell again, Teal’c with Vala, and Daniel ?(a secret I guess), My hopes of any interaction between the original team or between Sam, Daniel and Teal’c are pretty low. Since this could be the last time we see the original team together it would be nice if we could actually see them TOGETHER.

    Seeing pictures of Sam’s office was like saying that she is no longer a part of SG1 but a part of Atlantis now. Her chair sitting next to an Atlantis cast members chair IMO was like rubbing salt in an open wound. I think it’s great that Sam/Amanda is going to be on Atlantis but she was on SG1 for 10 years. Please remember that the Stargate franchise started out with Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal’c. If it wasn’t for the chemistry between the original characters, the original actors and the producers/writers understanding of this I doubt the show would have lasted long enough for there to be a Stargate Atlantis.

  36. Speaking of blogs, Martin Gero has a MySpace page where he cruelly led people to believe he would blog, but so far, despite some friendly reminders, nothing. Perhaps if a few more people wandered over there and expressed their interest, we could get a word or two out of him. And I wouldn’t look quite so much like a stalker. Martin on MySpace

  37. What an outrage! Here I’ve been blogging about Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis for nearly three years – diligently typing away in my hovel, carefully (and sometimes not so carefully) publicizing the show for the Sci-fi network, and stuffing myself with expensive chocolates – but when a golden opportunity comes for you to mention my blog and increase my readership… you conveniently came up blank. SHEESH!

  38. Any plans for more episodes with Elizabeth in the second half?

    Torri Higginson is plain awesome, man.

  39. salu salut!!!
    je vient de me rendre compte que je ne vous aviez jamais dit mon nom^^! Donc voila je m appelle Anais!
    ouff! dit donc encors un dur journée aujourd hui! demian encors plus je vais passé 8h dans les vigne!Connaissez vous la région de Bordeaux ou le Médoc?a vous déja été la bas?

    Voila!Voila!merci! Bonne Journée!

  40. Don’t feel bad Alex because Joe forgot a few other blogs too like gee I don’t know maybe Michael Shanks!!!

  41. Hey Joe!

    First of all, you have a very nice blog, i really love it!
    I have been an Anonymous reader, till now, because i could have an interessting question for some other gaters out there too:

    In both SG Series, we are able to see nice Computer-backgrounds. In the SGC the Stargate-Control, and in Atlantis the shield- / biometric-activities of the city. I would like to know more about them. Do they change during the series, are they programms or just some sort of small video-clips? Who created them ?

    I hope you will answer…
    Thanks a lot, and sorry for my bad english 🙁


  42. Hi Joe,

    I know what you can do to make Alex Levine feel better, what my bosses are doing today & tomorrow—grilling hamburgers & hot dogs at lunch for the staff. They are doing it themselves, even wearing chef hats! I can just picture you in your black three piece suit with the chef hat. Alright maybe you’re not actually going to do this but the mental image is making me giggle. Or, it could be that I’m too hopped on all the ice cream bars I ate. We had ice cream bars & Popsicles.

    Back to Alex, just give him a plug when you post today, maybe an extra piece of chocolate and resist the super-villain urge to beat him for griping. You don’t want a grumpy underling.

    Oh yeah tell Alex he needs keep to blogging in between season 3 & season 4. I’ve been reading his blog on SciFi. He’s almost as entertaining as you!

    Have a good one!


    PS Where do we send our Monopoly money for the P.U.S campaign?

  43. Raise the money to send Joe Flanigan into space?

    Sheesh Joe M where is your sense of marketing?

    First you and Flanigan pitch the idea of getting him on the space voyage to Scifi and MGM. You tell they what great publicity this would be for their studio and network

    See the headline

    You make their eyes light up with tales of awesome network ratings of broadcasts of scenes of Joe in space that would run during breaks in an Atlantis episode and with sponsors eager to line up with money so that Joe F can be seen with their products while on his trip.

    Of course to cash in on this, the scifi channel would HAVE to keep Atlantis on the air for two more years.

    Just a thought

  44. Hi Joe,

    Will there be any Jack/Sam ship scenes in Continuum that leave no doubt as to the nature of their relationship (in this reality!), or is this something that only Brad and Rob can answer?

    Will there be any hints of a Jack/Sam relationship in Atlantis? If the photo on Sam’s desk is really of Sam/Jack fishing at the cabin (I can’t really tell from my screen), I hope that there will be something a little more definitive. There were some very minor hints in SG1 post-season 8, but nothing really definitive. I am hoping that, after 10 years, there may be something more concrete, making it clear that Sam and Jack are (hopefully!) in a relationship 🙂

    Love your blog, by the way, as someone who enjoys both good food and Stargate.

    A Fan In Ottawa

  45. Anonymous said…

    As far as the pictures in Sam’s office, and yes I know Majorsal is all excited, I had already heard about them.

    Sorry but fishing does not mean marriage,…

    Sam having a picture of Daniel in a tux tells me that Daniel finally found happiness and got married again and Sam was at the wedding.

    Well Daniel was at a wedding but it wasn’t his. If you check your itunes version of SG1 episode 200 you will find that the picture of Daniel was taken at Jack and Sam’s wedding right down to the bow tie and the flower on the lapel.

  46. The power of the net. Looks like fans of the show have made plans to drum up publicity for Joe F’s dream to go into space. The people behind it are doing as a way to gain attention to the show with such a price tag, but they already have a URL up.

    We shall see how the site grows, since they already have somone working on putting content up. What a neat idea to spread the word about SGA.

    Hehe. Once conversation and the PR spreads like wildfire. I love fandoms!


  47. Well I tried Joe but no joy on my question about Carter-whump. Thanks anyway.


  48. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the photos 🙂

    Since I noticed that you are starting to read Terry Pratchet (good choice too, with Going Postal, although I have an especailly soft spot for the stories featuring the Night Watch, maybe because Feet of Clay was the first Discworld book I read). And although I didn’t love the books featuring the Witches…

    Might I recommend his new series set on Discworld, centered around the character Tiffany Aching (books: The Wee Free Men, A Hat Full of Sky and Wintersmith).

  49. Please, Please, Please do not have any Sam/Jack ship in Contunuum. Just because Rick is in Continuum does not mean that the fans have to endure Sam and Jack’s love life. I’m sorry but alot of Sam fans and Jack fans do not want them to end up together they just don’t post *ad nauseam* stating it.

    And excuse me Oldone but the wedding scene in 200 was Vala’s pitch not Sams and I agree with Martin in that scene…”Sure if you want to bore the audience to death!”

  50. Ooooh boy, you really can’t win, can you? Who would have thought that posting a picture of two chairs would turn out to be a deliberate and malicious insult to all of fandom? The SGA fans aren’t happy that you’re rubbing their noses in the Carter/McKay thing, the SG1 fans aren’t happy that you’re taunting them that Carter is an SGA character now and not an SG1 characer… does your head ever start to hurt from banging it against that brick wall? 😉

    Anonymous said…
    By the way do you watch The Hour with George STrom etc.. He was saying last night that his favorite author was Chuck Palignuit (something like that). He wrote Fight Club (never saw the movie ..any good?). Have you ever read anything by him?

    Chuck Palahniuk is the author of Fight Club. Never read that book but have read two other excellent novels of his – Lullaby and Invisible Monsters. Highly recommend both of them.

  51. any plans to explore more of atlantis itself in season 4?

    do you know yet if we shep whumpers have more yummy whump to look forward to in the second half of season 4?

    also, you spent a whole day chatting with joe f in your office and didnt take a pic..shame on you!!:D

    still love your blog!!:D

  52. anonymous said: “As far as the pictures in Sam’s office, and yes I know Majorsal is all excited, I had already heard about them. Sorry but fishing does not mean marriage, living together etc. or I would be married and living with alot of different people. Sam having a picture of Daniel in a tux tells me that Daniel finally found happiness and got married again and Sam was at the wedding. Yes Majorsal I can spin too.”

    i guess i have my own fan club now? :p all i need now is a death threat and i’m set for… i was going to say for life, but…

    sally 😀

  53. Hi Joe,

    Can you tell me why it takes such a long time to bring the DVD Boxsets of Stargate Atlantis out surly when the episodes have finished playing in the states it should come out straight away onto DVD to buy it would make more sense.

    Could you tell me why there is such a gap in your showing season 3 i live in Britain and we got to see season 3 before the americans did could this be why the figures are dropping would’,nt it be better to show the season without a break in the middle of the Season it so frustrating to have a break even for us Brits.

    Denise a huge fan of SGA and Joe Flanigan. I also want to thank you for the pictures of Jo having a Teabreak it was great. Thanks.

  54. Joe,

    I’m one of the people that loved Carson and was very sad when he left. So I’m also very happy that we will be seeing him again, even if only for one or two episodes, at the back of season 4.

    Was on YouTube and found this

    I’m guessing no ones gotten on Acces Hollywood but if someone were too, would you consider more episodes for carson?


  55. Joe,
    Since you watch the Soprano’s…do you think that Paulie Walnuts is involved with the New York Family in destroying T’s crew?

  56. Oh my god! Now I know why you love your job. Had the first read through of my play with real actors, just to hear some one else say the words I wrote. And as I imagined them to be was mind blowing. People even laughed in all the right places! This is better then…ice cream….well perhaps that’s going a little too far but it comes a good second. I’m hooked. Best wishes Pauline

  57. No doubt Virgin Galactic would be delighted to offset some of their cost in order to send a publicity-garnering celebrity into space, if you asked nicely. However, I detect a fair amount of snark in your post. Is Mr. Flanigan aware of your eagerness to shoot him into space?

    Blue Rebecca

  58. Joe, you chatted with Joe Flanigan for “most of the day” & you didn’t take his picture? Nothing against Jim & Andy but seriously….

  59. So what chance do you give Tony to survive the last Sopranos ep (titled “Made in America”)? I think he has a 50-50 chance or better, thank god.

    Is the weak US dollar hurting your production budget?

  60. Dear Joe, first of all I loved your P.U.S. idea. I laughed really hard with the intials, but has Joe F. ever tried going those planes that go so high and then you get to free fall? Maybe he should go to space camp first. I wouldn’t doubt that the people involved in whatever space training can help him. Use as a tax write off or do a doctumentary. wink wink

    I agree with the peanut butter and chicken. Yuck! After my mom died, my dad brought a girlfriend over and she made pb chicken. I guess she thought young kid would like pb on anything. I don’t think so. I told my dad was full(I didn’t a thing) I think my little bro did the same. Thai pb sauce over noodle,ok, but only when it’s hot. Can’t reheat that in the micro.

  61. hi, joe,

    i’m asking your opinion on this because i know you like asian food (and try to take care of yourself). have you ever heard of someone dieting by eating nothing but rice? i need to lose about 15 pounds and *need* something to keep me focused on a diet.


    sally 🙂

  62. Yes, in the future, PLEASE be sure to photograph Amanda’s chair with each of the other cast members’ chairs, as I’m sure they must be awfully lonely. In fact, all inanimate objects belonging to the actors should be pictured together from now on.

    Perhaps it would be best if Amanda and David themselves stood across the room from each other throughout the season and communicated through interpretive dance, to avoid any appearance of impropriety.

    I gotta read the comments more often. It’s like dinner theatre. For free!

  63. So Joe, did the propsmaster raid your collection to find the books for that nifty shelf in Sam’s office?

  64. OK, I’ve read for a while here and never have been motivated to post something, until now. I just have to say (apparently as a minority) that I’m so excited that Amanda Tapping will be on Atlantis!!!! I think it’s great! Maybe I’m the only one in the universe? I believe that any TV show only gains by having fantastic actors join the cast. The more talent, the better the show. How can that be a bad thing??? Please don’t buy into the fact that everyone out there is complaining, it just isn’t true. Some of us are excited and expectant. I know that fantastic, unreal, and funny story lines are about to come to life. I can’t wait to see Carter and McKay interactions on a regular basis. What a treat! It will be great, and I can hardly wait.

  65. C said…
    …communicated through interpretive dance…

    😆 So awesome. You gave me a great big chortle to start my working day with – thank you! 😀

  66. Phil writes: “Do you ever read any of the stargate books, and wonder can be adapted to the TV series?”

    Answer: And never read a Stargate book either.

    I really would recommand reading ‘exogenesis’ by Sonny Whitelaw & Elizabeth Christensen. It’s incredibly well written and very moving. I admit i had tears in my eyes at one point and it takes alot for a book to do that to me. If you did an episode or two partner on itt, every fan would be hooked to their screens.

  67. RE: Joe Flanigan, cozy in the rocket

    It’s not an orbital flight, it’s suborbital, meaning it flies up to 100+ km, then comes right back down. Total flight time is about 10-15 minutes max. And yes, the cost is 200-250 thousand USD.

    Not really worth it unless you make millions a year (from my perspective), but if SCIFI wanted to sponsor the flight, I’d go in a second.

  68. Just throwing out suggestions for the episode title. How about:
    1. The Rise
    2. Rise of Atlantis Googlions
    3. The Risen
    4. Risen Googlions
    5. Googlions Ascention
    6. Googlions Ressurection
    7. Googlions Emergence
    8. Revolution de Googlions
    9. Googlions de Atlantis
    10. Googlions Risen

  69. In the upcoming season do you plan to divulge into Ronan and Teyla more?
    Also some have speculated that Teyla and Ronan have romantic tenison between them, will this be seen or explored within the show’s fourth season?

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