April 23, 2019: More from the Stargate trove!

So, last night I found myself with a window of free time between my two scripts and my episode 1 cut (that never materialized) and seized the opportunity to go through the various discs, DV’s, and hard-drives I’ll be shipping out to MGM this week.  I can’t access a good 95% of the material, but if the descriptions scrawled on the labels are any indication, fans are in for a real treat…


Interviews with Michael, Chris and Colonel Carter no less.  Also crash burn and explosion tests.


Oodles of Atlantis stuff: McKay playing with a wraith torpedo, Atlantean gadgetry, and…the SG mascot?


Burning Vala, Atlantis stunt coordinator James “Bam Bam” Bamford, the complete Atlantis set, and a cast read-thru.

THIS is gonna be fun.

Also a lot of fun is this short excerpt from that Stargate: Extinction script.

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 6.02.10 PM.png

Atlantis destroyed?

Future Todd??

WHAT is going on here???!!

The Suji Show!

Quelle excitation!  A few days ago, Suji got the first-page feature in a Japanese dog magazine.  The Aiken No Tomo profile offered insight into her past (rescued a little over a year and a half ago), ailments (some rear leg weakness), likes (treats and walks), dislikes (vacuum cleaners and loud noises), and her Instagram page (newoldpugsuji).

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 6.30.40 PM.png

At the same time, she was being spotlighted as part of a dog rescue pop-up event in at one of the major Shinjuku department stores.









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February 7, 2016: The Dark Matter noodle bar!


Yesterday, after visiting the alley set, Dark Matter Executive Producer Vanessa Piazza, Akemi, and I stopped by a nearby noodle bar.  How nearby?  Well, try two sets over from that alley set.


Following through on that Blade Runner vibe.  Steam and neon!


The place was new.  How new?  Well, when we walked in, they were still painting the tabletops!


You’re all aware of the importance I place on ceilings and floors?  Well, note the scorch and splatter details overhead, the mark(s) of a great greasy fry place.

IMG_3748 IMG_3746 IMG_3745

And signage is, of course, always key.  You have six menu items to choose from.


Our affable host: Production Designer Ian Brock.

IMG_0347 IMG_0346

Vanessa and I sample the ramen.


The magic of television!


VFX Supervisor/Head Chef Lawren Bancroft-Wilson argues with a Japanese customer placing her order.

BIG week ahead!  Starting a new script, rewriting another, locking episode 203, and reviewing the episode 204 director’s cut.  Production returns to our standing sets tomorrow, then shifting to Hamilton for three days before returning to shoot “in the bowels of the hideout”.

Also on tap for this week, YOU get to choose an episode title for the third episode of Dark Matter’s second season.  As my second grade teacher, Mrs. Vowels used to say: “Put on your thinking caps!”

August 17, 2013: The Japanese have a word for it!

It never fails.  We’ll be out walking the dogs or preparing dinner or working out when Akemi will turn to me and ask: “What’s the English world for…”.  And then proceed to lay out the most ridiculously detailed scenario like “What’s the English for when you’re trying to lose weight and keep at it for a while but, eventually, you give up and have, say, a piece of cake ?” or “What’s the English world for when you’re not hungry but you have something to eat because your mouth feels lonely?”.  I’ll inform her there is no English equivalent, word or phrase, that perfectly encapsulates such a comprehensive definition and she is, as always, surprised and disappointed.  Because, you see, the Japanese seem to have a word FOR EVERYTHING!

For example…

Age-otori: The state of looking far worse following a haircut.

Arigata-meiwaku: When somebody does you a favor you didn’t want them to do but they went ahead and did it anyway and, as a result, caused you a huge inconvenience but social convention requires you to thank them anyway.

Aware: The bittersweetness of fading moment.

Bakku-shan: A woman that looks far better from behind than from the front.

Boketto: The act of staring blankly out into space, devoid of any thoughts.

Happou bijin: The act of being ungenuinely nice to everyone out of fear of being disliked.

Karoshi: Death from overwork.

Kenjataimu: Period directly after the sexual act when a man is free of desire and can think clearly.

Kintsugi: The act of repairing broken pottery with gold.

Koi no yokan: The feeling, upon first meeting someone, that you will eventually fall in love.

Kuchi zamishi:  When you’re not hungry but you eat because your mouth is “lonely”.

Kyoikumama: A mother who relentlessly pushes her child to study.

Shrinrin-yoku: “Forest bathing” – visiting a forest for some R&R.

Tsujigiri: The act of trying out a new sword on some random stranger.

Tsundoku: The act of buying  a book and never getting around to reading it.

Wabi-sabi: A world view that accepts the transcendent and imperfect nature of life.

Yoko meshi: The stress experienced speaking a foreign language.

Familiar with any words in other languages that lack an English equivalent.  List away!