Well, this boy is settling in nicely.  So nicely, in fact, that I’m getting worried about our upcoming Japan trip.  He’ll be staying with our vet tech for two weeks, but he is so attached to Akemi that I have to wonder how he’ll do.  He’s a reluctant walker without her around and, when Akemi does her morning stretches, he sits on my lap and cries for her until she’s done.  I don’t know.  Hopefully he readjusts quickly and doesn’t think we’ve abandoned him (Something that is always in the back of my mind whenever I have to leave town).

To deal with Sharky’s separation anxiety, we’ve started to apply a lot of your great advice including his awesome new mansion which he seems to love.

The other day, he tried his first puppuccino…

Although mom wasn’t pleased with the consistency of his poop the next day.

He also sampled broccoli for the first – and possibly last time…

He much preferred fishies…

Sharky has proven himself surprisingly smart for a pug.  He’s picked up “Sit” and “foosay!” (sic?), the Japanese equivalent of “crouch” or “down”…

Akemi is thrilled and is teaching him “Crawl” next.  I’d love to teach him “Make dad a BLT!” but Akemi feels it’s too advanced at this point.  We’ll see.





7 thoughts on “November 19, 2023: Sharky Sunday!

  1. Wow. Sharky is going to be bilingual. That makes him smarter than 95% of most Americans.

    Nice mansion. Did he miss anyone from California when you first got him? Maybe he will adjust quickly to your vacation absence and just be happy when you come back.

  2. Speaking of Japanese, how are your language lessons coming, Joey-san?
    Are ‘you’ finally able to say please make me a BLT and matcha frapuccino in Japanese,
    and converse in whole sentences yet? or are you still just tossing a wanna-be, but not quite, salad consisting of scattered, individual, words?

    I’m surprised you decided to go with an actual crate for his personal safe space room.
    All the folks I’ve chatted with that have blind dogs simply opt for an open air corral in the living room via assembling plastic baby play pen panel fencing, so the puppers doesn’t feel like they are being caged and their human care takers can quickly and easily disassemble the panels and stack them against a side wall or in a closet when the pup doesn’t need to use it. Albeit, if he seems to really like it, and it’s been helping to keep him happy and calm, more power to him. xo 🙂

    As far as him crying whenever Akemi leaves his side to take a shower, exercise, or leave the apartment to go to the food market – Have you tried a recording of her voice talking directly to him, playing on a continuous loop? This may also help a bit when it’s time to leave him with your dog sitter.
    Also, when you drop him off at the sitter Akemi could leave him with one of her unlaundered t-shirts for him to snuggle up to. If the sitter hears Sharky whimpering they could place the shirt by his face so he can smell it when he’s lying down.

    How’d he do with his dental check up? Did the vet need to remove anymore teeth?

  3. It’s wonderful to see Sharky so obviously happy. I had wondered about your upcoming trip when you first got him. Now that Akemi is his security blanket, I’m afraid that it is going to be a seriously traumatic time for him. Perhaps you could acclimate him by dropping him off with your vet tech for increasingly longer periods of time before your trip so that he knows that you are always coming back. Also, don’t let Akemi be the one to pick him up. If you are the one seen as his “rescuer”, it will help strengthen your bond. Just some thoughts thrown out there.

  4. I was wondering about the emotional toll of leaving Sharky. It will be hard for Sharky but I bet your pet sitter can keep him busy for a while. I have a friend in a similar situation. They tried Facetiming the dog but it made things worse.

    How long is your trip?

      1. oh wow. didn’t realize you two were going to be in Japan for that long.

        Well, regardless of what works or doesn’t for him in finding new coping mechanisms
        I do hope you’ll keep in mind his separation anxieties will likely significantly ease once you find the perfect sweet constant support companion pupper to adopt for him.
        Also, I’m sure, no matter how he does at the sitters, he’s likely to have a grand time at your moms this Christmas surrounded by all the other animals. Has anyone tested if he gets along well with cats, yet??

        So, hey, I’ve been reading on multiple sites that you should place a bell on the collar of any other dogs in the house so their blind sibling will always know where they are located. In that case, If you get him a sweet sister sib you can name her Bella and call her Bell for short. xoxo

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