The books that made me love horror…

What do you think?

Must it really come to this?  “Gardner watches movies each week and doesn’t leave his seat. He prepares for long movies by adding more salt to his lunch, which he says helps him retain water. He doesn’t drink anything at the theater. “That’s the kiss of death,” he said. ”

Wow.  Came across this artist’s work today:

Thinking of commissioning some villains.  If I can decide on which ones.

Maybe instead of another dog, we’ll get Sharky a beaver pal instead…

Need one of these…

Off to the Farmer’s Market tomorrow.  Do any of you visit your local farmer’s markets and, if so, what do you usually pick up?

8 thoughts on “November 10, 2023: This and That!

  1. yeah, yeah. ok. So the beaver is kinda cute and can build a dam in the house.
    This skill could definitely come in handy if your apartment was suddenly flash flooding.
    So, yes, I’d say it’s at least worth considering, eh?!

    Albeit, ya might find yourself feeling a bit chilly waking up winter mornings
    because of him pulling the covers off the bed each night
    to use for building a dam in the doorway? Also, Akemi
    might have something to say about having to clean up a big mess everyday.
    And maybe it’s just me spidey senses gone awry in old age? but,
    I gets the strangest feeling Sharky won’t much
    care for having so many obstacles placed in his way
    while simply trying to navigate from room to room.

    HomerGirl was also rescued as a new born.
    Is many thousands times cuter.
    Won’t leave a mess all over the house.
    Makes for a much better cuddler at night.
    and at least she’s an actual puppers.
    Granted, A sea otter pup.
    But a puppers none the less, not “a rodent”.

    Besides the video Science Girl shared was taken 5 years ago.
    This is what that beaver looks like now!

  2. oops. my bad. wrong vid link. The baby beaver video is from last year , not five years ago.
    So he’d only be 75% the size of that R.O.U.S image, now.
    in that case … yeah, sure …. why not, eh?! beaver adoption it is! xo

    By the way: Have you considered where you are going to install
    the swimming pool you’ll need to get for him?
    He’ll need to be in it 4-5 times per day to stay healthy.
    Maybe you can convert your collectibles walk in storage closet
    into his personal pond space?

  3. I’m not sure if my comment will go through. The last one came back with “server not found”. If there’s a duplicate, please delete.

    I read “Interview with a Vampire” when it first came out and loved it! I’m reading the C.B. Strike novels and those are excellent! If you haven’t watched the series, you might put them on your mystery watch list.

    There aren’t any good farmer’s markets here but my mom has a few great Amish farms near her. There crops are excellent! The tomatoes are so good, they don’t need anything (salt/pepper). I miss them already.

    Our trip to Universal was fun! I’m trying to catch up on laundry and Lucy cuddles.

    Have a great Saturday!

  4. Not a fan of farmer’s market and its produce in the colder seasons. 😕

  5. Bruce and I buy local honey and (if it’s available) homemade cheese. We used to keep several hives, when we lived in the country, and I went through a period of making various cheeses. However, raw milk is extremely expensive here and we live in a residential neighborhood now. Farmers markets are our go-to and fun to spend the day walking through.

  6. That amber cup is beautiful! I love that fact that art has been a thing for so many thousand years. Almost give me hope for humanity. Then I go on the internet…

  7. Living in a rural area limits the variety of choices in produce and other food items. We are also limited mostly to seasonal produce and enjoy our local outdoor farmer’s markets in the summer for fresh fruits and veggies. We generally purchase our meats (beef & pork) through a local butcher shop, where we get large quantities at one time and freeze it already wrapped. It’s much more cost efficient and we have the space to store it.
    In addition to produce, milder weather also provides outdoor flea markets, many of which are on the same grounds as the food markets.

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