The books that made me fall in love with fantasy…The books that made me fall in love with science fiction…

The books that made me fall in love with fantasy…

23 seconds. That’s the record for the quickest I’ve given up on a show. In this case, the pilot episode opens with a dog being flung off a building. And I’m out.  Avoid the Indian series Sacred Games.

Out of the almost 70 shows I’ve checked out as part of my ongoing #CrimeBinge marathon, I’ve given up on 14 either partway through or after watching the first episode.  Life’s too short.

2 thoughts on “November 9, 2023: Books that inspired me!

  1. Did you get through John Wick? The dog being killed was shocking but integral to the plot. If it was his wife that had been murdered (no doubt that was probably what happened in early drafts of the story) then John’s response would have been equally justified but somehow would lack the emotional kick in the guts compared to the final version.

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