4 thoughts on “November 2, 2023: Top 5 Kpop Songs of October, 20203!

  1. xoxox HAPPY 17th Blogiversary, Joe!! xoxox

    Oh, I see here, with all the free time you’ve had on your hands,
    in between writing scripts, traveling, adopting a new puppers,
    binge watching crime series and scouring the web for obscure space ships,
    you decided to construct a time travel machine.

    It’s nice to learn Kpop’s popularity has endured so far into the future
    and you are able to send your blog backward in time to us from the year 20203.

    There are probably no other humans in that time period.
    Albeit, hopefully the highly evolved androids where you are
    have been appreciating reading your entries and listening to the music.

    Do they at least still have, pistachio treats?? Chocolate chip cookies??
    and, oh goodness!, Nutella doesn’t have an expiration date, does it???
    I’m sure you can probably find some in the ruins of ancient supermarkets.

  2. @Ponytail: I know a lot of people are so broken after losing a furbaby that they go petless for awhile. Personally, that approach makes me more depressed. I have to adopt again and it helps to know I’m giving another homeless pet a good home. I hope you can adopt again but understand if you decide to wait. {{{{Hugs}}} We’ve all been there but know you gave Maggie a loving home.

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