It was a mini Stargate reunion of sorts last night as Robert C. Cooper, Alex Levine, Ivon Bartok and I assembled for a rare culinary journey – specifically, a pizza crawl that took us to four of Toronto’s top pizzerias.

The journey begins!

First stop was Prince Street Pizza, the latest addition to the Toronto pizza scene that, in keeping with its Big Apple roots, uses New York tap water in the preparation of its dough.  We went with the slice they’re known for, the square original, as well as the spicy vodka square and the more traditional veggie for Akemi who joined us for our first stop only.  Loved the kick of the pepperoni but have to admit I’m not as big a fan of the thicker crusted square cut.  The spicy vodka was very subtle in flavor in comparison to its pepperoni partner so it didn’t really leave much of an impression.  Akemi loved her veggie slice.

Our second stop was an old favorite, Super Point, where we stuck with the pepperoni theme but also tried the capocollo with hot honey.  The latter was, I felt, the tastiest slice of the night.

Our third was Pizzeria Baldiari, a place that tops many of the experts’ and, going in, I had my doubts.  We ordered the pepperoni, of course, and Ivon suggested coupling it with the Hawaiian – which I ate first because, as I sad at the time, I wanted to get it over with.  BUT, I was pleasantly surprised.  It was actually very good.  But not as good as the pepperoni.  The crust here was airy and crispy, superior to any of the others we had on the night.

Our fourth and final stop was, appropriately enough, Fourth Man in the Fire Pizzeria where we actually broke with tradition by actually sitting down and ordering a whole pepperoni pizza that we split between us.  Hot and delicious.  We ended our journey with a selection of donuts – an underwhelming chocolate, tasty original and Homer donut, and a terrific apple fritter.

In the end, although the Super Point capocollo with hot honey was my favorite slice of the night, we all agreed that the overall best pizza was Baldiari.  But, to be fair, they were all excellent.

9 thoughts on “November 3, 2023: Pizza Crawl!

  1. They all look great! And it’s cool to see you all back together in a group again. I hope the evening was filled with old reminisces and stories of new adventures.

  2. Oh yum! When I saw you were eating pizza with Ivon, Robert, and Alex, I thought for sure you were going to Robert C Cooper’s house since he has a pizza oven. (When I think of going to Ivon’s place, it’s for his tacos.)

    But all the pizza looks fantastic. And all I got is a frozen one in the freezer! And I see you found the desserts. Good boy.

    Everyone looks awesome! Thanks for taking pictures and sharing. (Are you testing Sharky being home alone?)

  3. @Tam – When my last dog died I cried for a solid week. It took 3 years to get another dog (crazy Maggie) and even with her someone made me go look at the house with all the beagle puppies. I am doing better this time. Maybe because I’m older now. I just need new carpet then I will get another dog. Older, not a puppy.

  4. Oh my… That looked like a fun day. Thanks for sharing this and y’all looked wonderful in the group picture!

    @Gforce will have a few great places to chose from on his visit.

    My boys and I are making a trip to Universal Florida afternoon. I’m looking forward to a Cheeseburger in Paradise in Margaritaville for lunch/dinner or as my hubby calls it “Linner”.

    Happy Sharky Saturday!

  5. What an awesome reunion for y’all! And a pizza crawl?! Omg, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of a better idea! The pizza looked so good, my mouth was legit watering. Great friends, great food 👍👍👍

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