5 thoughts on “October 20, 2023: Recent Yes/No’s! Pick the Best and Worst!

  1. Best: Red Velvet Bagel Bomb or the Nutella Marshmallow Toast or, I love potatoes so the Potato Volcano too.

    Worst: Dancing Squid or the gross looking 1700 yr old Roman wine.

    I hope I just didn’t contradict what I said! Lol (I think I’m good.)

  2. The best is the peanut butter stuffed onion. If I only had several slices of that bacon, some cheddar cheese, and two pieces of rye bread to hold it all… Nirvana! The worst is a tie between the dancing squid and the Roman wine, which are equally repugnant.

  3. I’d yes to everything but nothing that moves, is a stuffed onion or has coffee.

  4. After reading what the Frappuccino was, I would definitely taste it although that black color would make me always hesitate. The Nutella-Marshmallow toast I would try.

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