Today, Akemi and I celebrated our wedding anniversary and my birthday by getting on a plane and flying for 5+ hours enroute to a very late lunch and hopefully early(ish) dinner at Akemi’s favorite restaurant in L.A. tonight.  Then tomorrow is the BIG day when we visit Pug Nation of L.A. to pick up the new addition to family, Sharky –

But, just in case, we’ve brought along a second pet carrier and booked two dogs in cabin for your flight back in the event another needy pug pulls on our heart strings.

We’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, check out my chat with Jeff Howard and Mizz Marsha as we discuss Stargate, Sci-Fi, and Screenwriting.


11 thoughts on “October 16, 2023: L.A.-bound!

  1. Happy birthday and anniversary! And good luck with Sharky… and a potential dog #2. Can’t wait to see pics of your new fur baby. Looking forward to listening to the interview as well; the movie theatre where I work was invaded by Swifties this weekend so sadly, I’ve been MIA from Stargate social media and life as we know it. Lol.

  2. Dear Akemi and Joe.

    May I extend my warmest best wishes to you both for your Wedding Anniversary and a hearty Happy Birthday to Joe.

    I hope you both have/had a good flight and I no doubt what so ever that when Sharky (and anyone else if that is what happens) will be loved and made to feel right at home.

    God bless you both and your new addition/s.


  3. Enjoy LA … and I’m looking forward to meeting the new old 1-2 pugs … LOL

  4. Not gonna lie, if you told me Sharky was Suji’s pup I would have believed you!

  5. Akemi and Joe, Happy anniversary and many more! Have a great puggy adoption. Happy birthday to Joe, too.

  6. Happy birthday Joe!!! Sharky looks adorable. Welcome to the family. Looking forward to his adventures and see his personality shine. Safe travels.

    Cheers Chev

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