7 thoughts on “October 15, 2023: One more trip down memory lane with my gal!

  1. Beautiful SujiQ. The Q stands for cute! She was very photogenic. There will be a new dude in town next Sunday. Safe travels to you and Akemi as you go to pick up your Birthday and Anniversary gift.

  2. Adorable moon pie clip of Suji.

    Happy Birthday
    Happy Anniversary
    to you and Akemi
    and safe flight.

    Hope you get to meet Kami
    to see if you and Akemi can help her?
    and if she’d make an excellent companion for Sharky?
    She is a cutie pie and would definitely lend balance.
    Akemi would have Sharky on her side of the bed and you’d have Kami
    on yours. And Sharky would have a supportive sibling to snuggle next to during the day
    at home to help him feel safe. xo

  3. Suji will never be replaced. I like to think of her in doggie heaven bossing all the others around.

    Sharky is a new chapter and another gentle soul that can use a helping hand. Sharky is about to become a very lucky boy.

    Happy Birthday and Safe traveling tomorrow!

  4. Sweet Suji. 💖💖💖💖

    Have a good time getting y’all’s new bébé!


  5. So cute … and so sad at the same time.
    Looking forward to Sharky (and maybe another pug) filling the void.

  6. I hope your trip goes well. Wouldn’t that be great for Sharky to have a brother or sister to also come home with him? They will soon know they have hit the lottery and are about to become famous.

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