I’m doing a crime binge!  Recommend me a great crime series…

Have gotten a lot of recommendations over on twitter and my list is well over 100 shows.  I’ve started with the shortest and done Deadwater Fall (intriguing set-up but no surprises, a resounding meh), Collateral (sharp dialogue but some contrived plotting and wasn’t particularly engaging), Inside Man (the humor didn’t land for me and many of the decision defied credulity).  So, off to a stumbling start at 0-3.  I requested FANTASTIC and, so far, I’ve been underwhelmed. I may have to start muting accounts with awful taste because they have betrayed my trust.

New t-shirt shipment.  Which one is YOUR favorite?

Today’s Yes/No…

21 thoughts on “September 9, 2023: Recommend me a fantastic crime show!

  1. The t-shirt shipment arrival looks glorious! I’m torn between ‘The Umbrella Corporation’ and and the ‘Weyland-Yutani Corp’ shirts. Such a great haul.

  2. Well Joe, dare I suggest the Kdrama, Shadow Detective. Season one was good, but Season 2 was awesome. Superbly acted and the male veteran lead is one of of the best actors South Korea has to offer 😉

  3. “Law and Order: Organized Crime” has been interesting for the past three years. I’d like to see if you, Joe, will agree with my assessment of the first season. To avoid spoilers, I’ll share after you have binged.

  4. I nominate Foyle’s War. (again) There’s something wrong with you if you don’t like that one. 😉

    Someone else suggested Inspector Lewis. That was a good one, too. I remember Das got me watching that series. She had a crush on Hathaway. She always did like blondes.

    There was one with Martin Clunes that was good: Manhunt. It’s based on a true story about a hunt for a serial rapists/murderer.

  5. Not sure, but would THE OUTFIT (2022 film) work within your requirements. I really liked it. Directed by Graham Moore and screenplay by Johnathan McClain. It’s currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

    AN INSPECTOR CALLS is another one I liked, but definitely pre-2020. I’ve never seen the Broadway version but would love to.

    I’m going to have to go through everyone’s recommendations. There’s quite a few I haven’t seen.

  6. Did anyone recommend Mindhunter on netflix ? Season 2 is weak but season 1 is fantastic.

  7. “I may have to start muting accounts with awful taste because they have betrayed my trust”
    … … This quote of yours though … LOL
    Means opportunity for new project for you then …

  8. Hi Joe,

    First time poster but very long time reader. Great t-shirt selection!

    I’ve got a few crime drama recommendations.

    Happy Valley, Responsible Child, Line of Duty, Blue Lights. The Responder, The Missing.

    1. Welcome to the comments section, Andreas. I have Happy Valley, Blue Lights, and Line of Duty on the list already. Responsible Child is, I believe, a movie, so not really what I’m looking for. Adding The Responder and The Missing to my list. Thanks!

  9. I think it was someone here that recommended Mr Inbetween (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7472896/) a while back. I checked it out based on that recommendation and I really enjoyed the Australian take on the standard gangster trope. A lot of dark humour and even though the lead does some terrible things you can’t help but like him. It’s a bit of a slow burn but the seasons and episodes are short so it’s not a huge investment in time. Please don’t mute me if you don’t like it! You’re a fussy bugger! 😛

    Love the t-shirts! Where did you get them from? I might have to get some myself. I recognise all the companies except Globex Corporation. Is that a Simpsons reference? That’s what Google tells me. I’d probably go for OCP or Cyberdyne. But what I’d really like is a Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems t-shirt!

    1. Yes, Globex is from The Simpsons.
      And Yoyodyne is on the list – among a few others.

  10. As mentioned above, the UK’s Masterpiece’ Theatre’s Unforgotten. It is complex, well written and acted, and never ever obvious. One entire series/season (they just started season 5) focuses on solving one murder which is at least several years old (sometimes decades old), based on newly found old remains. Although you can watch each season by itself as a stand alone, the back stories and character development are tightly woven into the show, so I would recommend starting with the first series. I watch a lot of the Masterpiece shows, but this by far the best. I am sad when the series ends and I start counting the days until the next one is released. I also bought the DVDs because even though I know who did it, there is always so much that I missed along the way that rewatching them a year or so later is still satisfying. Happy hunting!

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