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4 thoughts on “September 8, 2023: Weird Deaths and pizza items!

  1. Perhaps it’s because I just watched the movie “Constantine” last night, but why does that calzone remind me of a crucifix? “For a limited time! Free stigmata with every side order of garlic fingers!”

  2. I’m loving the “news of the weird”. Just bizarre!

    Speaking of bizarre, do you like true crime stories? This is ultra bizarre:
    I saw a movie on this story. If it weren’t an actual news story, I wouldn’t have believed it could happen. Not sure I could convict the girl but what kind of life can she have now?

  3. I’m totally shocked about the 7,000 deaths caused by prescriptions with bad handwriting. First of all — isn’t it also the pharmacist’s job to call the doctor if they can’t read said prescription? Secondly, you know that is just way too low and there are likely so many more that died and they wrote it off to other things. Like “whoops, poor Sally slipped in the shower.” When it probably was, “Oops Sally passed out because she took 10x the dosage of [insert name of medication] because it was mislabeled.”

    And jelly fish? I’ve gotten very close to accidentally stepping on them. When I was down in Galveston (the beach), there were some ugly looking ones where I wasn’t really sure what it was at first. Gulf Coast jellyfish look very different from Long Island, New York jellyfish. I’ll upload it to your Twitter post for you to see.

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