Got the budget for the horror shoot.  Need to have some further discussions with my line producer and director prior to hopping on the phone with Team Bulgaria, but it’s looking good.  Now the big challenge will be getting those tax credit numbers, completing that comprehensive business plan, having it vetted, and then wowing the investors.  If it all clicks, we’ll be (hopefully) shooting in Sofia this fall.

About to option my cozy mystery pilot to a producer who absolutely loved the script (which is always nice).  He’s set up a number of similar productions, so this is looking very good.  Again, thanks for the notes, Rebecca!

I’ve finally gone through the dailies for both Wormhole X-Treme and Window of Opportunity.  Sadly, for some reason, the golfing-through-the-gate footage wasn’t included, I suspect because that (O’Neil doing pottery and riding his bike through the SGC) were late additions to the montage and may have been shot later, during the following episode.  There are plenty of fun alt takes and angles, but I ended up pulling out the funnier outtakes.  What I think I’ll do is, for the bigger sequences, I’ll send them to the cast members and give them the option of posting as their own exclusive – then follow up by reposting their original post (if they choose to make it public).

In the meantime, here are three more terrific outtakes from two of the franchise’s funniest episodes…

I’ve also discovered dailies from The Warrior, It’s Good to be King, Small Victories, and Revisions.  Hope to get those digitized and screens in the coming weeks.


3 thoughts on “June 26, 2023: Project updates! More Stargate BTS videos!

  1. Funny clips!

    Your projects sound exciting! 🤞🏼 If it works out, will you be onset for Bulgaria? Suji isn’t going to like that.

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