So I’ve been going through dailies from my old Stargate days, specifically, recently, footage from production on two episodes: Wormhole X-Treme and Window of Opportunity.  I’ve been pulling various clips and posting them for fans to enjoy but, as I said yesterday, for more meaningful, dedicated clips, I’ve decided to send them to individual cast members so that they can have the exclusive.  Well, yesterday, I sent Michael Shanks three Daniel-centric clips and he quickly posted them over on his twitter account (over at – As if you didn’t already know) so I repost them here for your viewing pleasure…

Daniel at the chalkboard (Window of Opportunity)

Director Peter DeLuise cameo – running into Daniel (Window of Opportunity)

The many faces of Dr. Daniel Jackson…

4 thoughts on “June 27, 2023: Behind the scenes on Window of Opportunity – Daniel Jackson edition!

  1. I ADORE these BTS offerings that you’ve posted. It’s like getting fresh SG1 getting sent back through the wormhole. I will happily enjoy any and all of the rest that you have to offer 😊😊

  2. Shanks is very comfortable in front of the camera. The second vid made me 😂.
    Thanks for posting these!

    I had a new floor installed in the kitchen, through the foyer and to the front door. It’s almost finished! I have a lot of cleaning up to do but it looks much better. With my trip to New Mexico and the new flooring, it’s been hectic!

    Oh and it was very interesting visiting someone off the power grid. My friends have installed large solar batteries, so we had power for lights, TV and cooking. We had to be very careful what was plugged into outlets. Appliances draw power when plugged in but turned off. So, everything is unplugged or the equivalent of unplugged.

    They have water tanks, filled with rain water run off. Again, we had to be careful with water usage.

    They had internet, surprisingly. They are part of an “off grid” community that pitched in on a internet tower(?) It’s not a lot of internet but we could get email/texts. Cell service for AT&T was a dead zone but Verizon worked.

    It’s a much different way of life in the desert. “Drink a lot of water.” “Wear shoes outside. We’re in the migratory path for rattlesnakes.” I didn’t see any snakes but growing up in the country, it wasn’t a big deal to me. Not that I want to spend my vacation in the hospital E.R., mind you. 😉

    All in all, we (my travel companions and myself) had a great time but we enjoyed hotel conveniences the night before we flew back. We rushed to the power plugs to charge all our toys and took very long showers. 😆

    In short, I like living ON the grid but it was wonderful seeing my friends.

  3. Love this! Was a treat to attend the panel for Shanks and his missus at Shore Leave pre pandemic, SG has the best physicial comedy.

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