Got some great feedback on my cozy mystery pilot (Thanks, Rebecca!) and made some tweaks.  Feeling pretty good about this one.  If nothing else, most who have read it to provide notes said it was a quick and enjoyable read, so here’s hoping the various execs and prospective decision-makers will be equally entertained (or, at the very least, not frustrated) by the experience.

Tomorrow, we have a zoom chat with The Bulgarians about the budget for that high-concept, low-budget horror movie.  I believe that, at this point, they just want to get on a call to discuss, clarify a few points regarding the schedule, and tick all the boxes before turning around that preliminary numbers.  I have a conservative estimate of what we need to hit BTL (Below the Line – not including producer, writer, director and cast fees, marketing and publicity, and music licensing) and if we get there – or preferably, well under – then things can move pretty quickly towards completion of the business plan and, eventually, a decision by the investors.  If the budget comes in high, then I’m declaring it an early wrap on this one.

With the cozy mystery set aside (for the time being), I’m shifting focus to a new pilot – an SF procedural with echoes of X-Files, Fringe, and Men in Black.  I’ll probably spend the better part of next week hammering out an outline after which it’s on to the first draft and smoooooooth sailing!

Had my weekly zoom session with my good friend and fellow writer-producer Alexander M. Ruemelin who has a BIG amazon series dropping this fall.  We’re spinning a couple of ideas for a possible collab and I’m really liking what we’ve come up with so far.  Now all that remains to be done is flesh out the premise, write an outline, write a draft of the pilot, pitch it, and sell it.  Who said this business was difficult?

Over on twitter, I’m about 220 ships deep into my ongoing Test Your Spaceship IQ thread.  Are you up to date?

Today’s Yes/No…

2 thoughts on “June 15, 2023: Updates and such!

  1. Been doing a lot of reading and research … And the “scary” thing for me is I now know exactly what you mean by ATL, BTL, etc… Something I was clueless just a month prior …😬😅

  2. Fringe was one of my favorite sci-fi tv series at that time. I know this will sound weird but I’d like to watch a sci-fi that combines Fringe and Dead Like Me tv series’ – I know, it’s a weird concept.

    Anyway, I look forward to hearing about the Amazon series – let us know what it is.

    Have a great week.

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