Enemy (2013)

A man seeks out his exact look-alike after spotting him in a movie.

My thoughts: You’d be hard-pressed to find a more lethargic execution of this premise. Some of the character logic is hard to swallow; equally so the obtuse symbolism.


High Life (2018)

A father and his daughter struggle to survive in deep space where they live in isolation.

My thoughts: Style over substance in this pretentious sci-fi film that seems like it has a lot to say, but chooses to do so in opaque and lethargic fashion.


Annabelle: Creation (2017)

12 years after the death of their daughter, a doll-maker and his wife welcome several girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home, where they become the target of the doll-maker’s possessed creation, Annabelle.

My thoughts: I”m not usually a fan of prequels but this one bucks the trend, delivering a spooky stand-alone tale with some pretty solid jump scares.


Scream VI (2023)

In the next installment, the survivors of the Ghostface killings leave Woodsboro behind and start a fresh chapter in New York City.

My thoughts: As the kills grow increasingly contrived, the meta elements increasingly clunky, and the end-of-film revelantions increasingly expository and convoluted, it’s clear that this franchise is running on fumes.
P.S. Kudos to the ludicrous resiliency of stabbing victims.


2LDK (2003)

Two actresses who have auditioned for one part, sharing the same apartment with opposite personalities equals a night which either neither of them will forget – if they survive!

Thoughts: Top notch direction in this out-there thriller that makes efficient use of its lean runtime, building both characters and tension towards its gloriously over-the-top climax.


2 thoughts on “May 13, 2023: The Horror Marathon is back on!

  1. I had to laugh at your description of “Enemy”. I’ll skip that one. I think I’ve seen “High Life”. If it’s the one I was remember, I didn’t care for it either.
    I will check out ” Annabelle: Creation”. Thanks for the recommendation?

    HBO has “Parasite” now. Have you seen that one? It looks good but I’ll have to wait until I have alone time. My hubby doesn’t like subtitles.

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