In Montreal for 9 days and missing my girl(s).  The last time I was out of town, Suji didn’t poop for three days in protest.  From what I hear, she seems somewhat less upset this time around.

Suji visited the vet earlier this week.  We’ve noticed she’s grown a little more lethargic of late and a lot needier, especially if we’re not within sight (which, for her, is a very, very short range).  Picking her up and carrying her around calms her down.  She really enjoys the baby treatment.

We also brought her in to check out some recurring nose leakage and infrequent sneezing.  Pollen allergy?

She was prescribed some antibiotics and Akemi was told to keep an eye on her as the cause could be anything from a cold to an infection to a tumor in her nasal cavity.

Overall though, she remains in very good spirits – vocal, happy, and always hungry!



2 thoughts on “May 14, 2023: Suji Sunday!

  1. Glad to hear Suji is behaving for her mother. (maybe she was just constipated last time and it wasn’t about you at all) Lol

    Is that a plate Akemi made? From what I CAN SEE of it, it looks fab!

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