Holy smokes!  What a productive day!  I completed the first draft of Issue #2 of my horror comic (Grand announcement forthcoming), finished a first pass on the overview for that small town supernatural mystery series, also completed a first pass on the Business Plan for my indie horror film, and bought an oilfield service stock on the dip.  All this while in Montreal with mom, entertaining family…

Pictured (clockwise from bottom left): Mom, Auntie Antoinette, cousin Evelina, cousin Leonora.

They stopped by for lunch on their way back to Toronto following their own Montreal visit.  ON the menu today: Capunti con Broccoli, crab mousse, pickled eggplant, taralli, and almond cake.

Make your own Capunti con Broccoli at home.  Mama Mallozzi shows you how!

As per routine, last night I sat down with mom to watch a double-feature of Murder She Wrote and a thoroughly implausible Columbo in which Faye Dunaway plays a flirtatious socialite who attempts to seduce the crumpled detective.

It’s all rather awkward, made all the more so by the fact that Columbo is married (to a woman who, it is revealed in an early episode, makes a habit of stealing restaurant ashtrays!) – though later divorced for t.v. purposes so they could launch the Mrs. Columbo (aka Kate Columbo, aka Kate the Detective, aka Kate Loves A Mystery) series starring Kate Mulgrew as his MUCH younger ex-wife (a show Peter Falk summed up accordingly: “It was a bad idea.  It was disgraceful.”).  At some point in the series run, they fiddled with the backstory so that rather than once being married to Peter Falk’s Columbo, she was married to an entirely different Detective Columbo, sorry for the confusion.  Ten years later when Peter Falk reprised the role of Columbo on ABC, he made a passing reference to a strange woman running around pretending to be his wife.

Today’s Yes/No…


5 thoughts on “May 12, 2023: Writing, Capunti con Broccoli, and Columbo!

  1. I’m a Columbo fan and I wasn’t a fan of the spin off. I mostly love his character.

  2. “Maybe can stay longer, maybe always?” …. LOL
    Good to see momma Mallozzi so genki. Enjoy home!

  3. There ain’t nothing wrong with your mama. No matter the ailment, she never stops! Does she even sit down to make her pasta? I’d have to go take a nap after rolling out the “snakes”. Your mom is amazing! Glad Andria is getting all her techniques and dishes on tape. I learn a lot watching her. Just wish I had her stamina.

  4. I love her cooking videos! Please tell her Thank you for that.

    I got back from The Smoky Mountains and it was fun. I’m beat from hiking/eating. I thought I had gained a bunch of weight from all the pancakes but the hiking must have burned them off.

    Oh and one weird thing that happened, is the hat I wore hiking kept getting smart ass comments. I randomly grabbed a hat from our impressive stack for the trip without looking. I had to ask my son “What’s with all the hat comments?”. https://twitter.com/jertam/status/1656651373394419712/photo/1 Some people take like too seriously. 🙄😂

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